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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Ahhh, I'm feeling much better now - thanks for all the vibes! My neck/back muscles finally unclenched about an hour ago, so all is well, and I even ate some real food for dinner....I'm very much looking forward to sleep tonight, though. smile.gif

Oh, and the show "Everest: Beyond the Limit" is on Discovery in a few minutes, which makes me very excited...its one of those stressful, adventuring kinds of shows, but I LOVE it. Still don't quite understand why people want to risk death to climb that dead rock, but its fascinating to watch, and go "damn, these guys are craaaaazy!"

Nice on the OT, tree....I hope you have a piece of cake day on friday - and no welding while working a double. wink.gif

I think I'm a little more motivated again about working out, now that I really can feel that I'm in shape...gorgeous club helps too...I think I'll definitely have to try out the new sauna this weekend. Mmmmm.
hey ya'll!

sorry i've been mia for a couple weeks now.

*bends over to receive spanking from okayers*

huh? no takers? dang...

all is fine here at the fj house. i have been sort of keeping track of you guys every couple days just reading the posts but not writing, but i saw tonight that you guys were wondering where we were a couple days ago, so i thought i'd better come out and say hi. most of my computer use these days is of the "point, click and read" persuasion while jack is awake, and when he is sleeping i do my job-searching and resume sending. yep, still unemployed here. in fact, i haven't had an interview since the fingernail cutter. i've applied for several things but it seems like it's just the same jobs posted over and over again each day and nothing really juicy coming up. but, i'm taking advantage of the time i get to spend with jackaroo and trying to be the best i can for him while i am able to be at home.

jackaroo is doing great! cute as a button! ok, here's a pic to prove it:

ok, maybe two:

he's a happy guy. i get to wake up to that smiling cuteness every day! he is reaching out and playing with his toys a lot now, loves to touch mrfj's face and has even taken to giving me KISSES on my face. i wasn't sure that is what he was doing at first but now i'm positive. he's just a little lover! takes after his daddy all the way. smile.gif

anyway, there really isn't much to report here. i think we've finally gotten used to having the little guy in our house and lives. he's such an easygoing kid that aside from the obvious, he's just sort of blended in and just goes along with us. we had an excellent weekend. had bff and her boy-toy over for the fl/ga game on saturday. our team lost but we made the best of it by bringing out the silly hat box and the karaoke machine. jack is sleeping through the night now, so i can have a drink or two before putting him to bed and then catch up to the rest of the crew after he's down (i always have some extra boobie-milk in the freezer in case of wakeups). we'll probably to the art walk this weekend. we've planned for it or the past two months but just haven't felt up to it once the time came, so hopefully we'll be able to make it out this week.

oh, and we're painting the house! YAY! we started last wednesday but (thankfully!) the painter's sprayer busted on him. i say thankfully because we'd chosen a color called new avocado and it came out looking like lemon-lime. eek! so, we have a small painted section of the front of our house (why oh why did he start on the front??) and the rest is the same old icky teal. and, since it's been raining here for the past several days, the painter hasn't been able to come finish the job. eh, i know he'll be back soon (not tomorrow, 70% chance of rain). and we've picked a new color that is more of a mossy green. argh! i really hope it works. i was actually glad that it started raining because mrfj was out of town last week for a couple of days and if it hadn't rained, i would have had to make the paint decision on my own. i'm FINE making paint decisions INSIDE the house. but the outside is a whole different animal.

so that's what's been going on with us. we're doing well, just sort of consumed by general day-to-day happenings.

i have never been to ikea. sad.gif
doodle, i hope guitarboy stays cool. i hope dorothy gets lost.
i am jealous of tree and turbo for meeting each other.
girltrouble, i am so proud of you! glad you showed up in here again!
same for you, rv! and i'm jealous that you'll be seeing tes.
ummmmm, what else... i know i've been thinking of more as i've been reading.
OH!, i have been channeling our resident ethical slut culturehandy here lately. well, i don't know if i can say i'm a slut but mrfj and i have definitely been making up for those first couple months after the boy was born (WITH EACH OTHER i might add...).

ok, promise i won't be gone for too long again. hugs and vibes all around! i gotta get!
Tomorrow, I am thinking of wearing a black turtleneck, black trousers, black blazer, black shoes, flat ironed hair, no jewelry, and a black Zorro mask....and when anyone asks me where my Hallowe'en costume is, I'll put on the mask and reply, "I'm a Minimalist."

Dorothy is being evicted from my kidney on December 6.

Had guitarboy here most of the day, and banjoboy for a big chunk of it. Took today off of everything to jam - figured it would be good for us after last night's convo. It's like we're family, awwww. The new neighbour came up a couple of times, but guitarboy wouldn't go off with him, and the 2nd time he came up, guitarboy was rolling his eyes at me. So...hopefully that feeling lasts in him! Made the guys dinner, too, though not an exciting one, due to my abcess (though the swelling is going down, thank heavens). Baked chicken, rice, peas.

We are working on a cool, new song - it sprung out of a new (to me) strumming pattern guitarboy came up with. I gotta stop listening to that new Blue Rodeo CD for awhile so I can think about lyrics! I put the idea in the guys' heads about doing all original songs at open mike night, so now we need three really good ones ready, just in case they actually get over their performance anxiety. (To be fair, it IS nerve-wracking, thinking about performing your own material for people.)

I thought I accidentally insulted my cutie-pie store clerk this afternoon (my stupid Sagittarius foot-in-mouth disease), so I went back later and apologized to him. He had no idea I'd insulted him - or he was nice enough to pretend. He was quite sweet about it. I felt like such a dork! When I went back for the apology, three of his co-workers were there, and no other customers. I AM a dork.

Must not toke and shop/flirt.
I'm being a drunk poster with bad grammra listening to the barenaked ladies - on my husband's compter. He is drunken/asleep right now. He has been away from home for two weeks (normal for a sailor), but than had to stay for one mor week, so I came to visit in Kinsgston (way cool) and we've drunk much and now he is passed out.

love busties muchl = even much drunk
hello busties.
things are good here. just got one big package of documents off to lawyer, so that's off my mind. made 130 copies today at the library for the next pkg of docs for lawyer. ex-2-be is here, but he's staying away, so that's good, too. my darlin son now has a mohawk. long and dyed. (so cute). he had a good time at halloween carnival. mine was the next day, and met new people and that was real good.
(waving hi to everyone) have a fun Halloween!
FJ! HI! Glad to see that the wee cock blocker hasn't gotten too much in the way! And that you're painting! We're working on finding a color for our bedroom.

Had a ROUGH night last night, as all the stress from everything seemed to crash down around me. Just sitting in the living room sobbing. the SIL came over to watch moxette for a bit, so I could spend QT with my man. I feel like a schmuck, but I guess that's what family is around for, right? I think starting to see the therapy lady again is going to be good. Next week. And, all said, sobbing is better than anxiety. Ya?

I'm trying to be not-crazy Scarlette IS another day. And Halloween at that! I hope moxette consents to wearing her costume...its just friggin adorable. Hopefully, we'll have pictures in a day or two.


Turbo, I agree a club can be super motivating, especially one that is esthetically pleasing!

Hello FJ!!!! So glad that you are in here again! heh, ethical slut. I like that! Awwww cutie pie jackaroo! glad you are getting some portions!

Doodle, I agree on toking and talking, I usually make an ass out of myself. That is, if I'm trying to carry on a conversation with a person I'm not comfortable with. YAY Dorothy begone! We need to have a dorothy begone partay!

Hey Missjoy, hope you aren't hurting today!

Jami, I hope all goes well with the lawyer.

(((Mox))) I hope you are feeling better.

I did fuck all last night. I decided to for go the work out this morning, I'll do it this afternoon when I get home. It's snowing here today, but it's melting right away, so that's a good thing. I have worn the wrong shoes for slippery weather.

Well kats, that's all for now. Month end is almost done! Squeeeeee!
Yes, Happy Halloween everyone!

Doodle, I like your minimalist costume idea. Very clever!

FJ! Oh my goodness. Jackaroo is so cute I can't even stand it. His eyes are beautiful. I am so happy to hear that you & your fam are doing well! Mr K and I were just talking yesterday about painting our house. It's brick, but the brick is old and crappy looking. It'll probably be quite a while before we can afford to paint though, there is a lot of other stuff that needs doing. ~~~ job vibes for you!~~~~

Tree, that is mainly what I get too....the optical migraines. I hate them. I mean, I am thankful I get those instead of the terrible full blown migraines that Jenn describes, but the optical ones are annoying too. Mine are usually accompanied by a day long, dull headache.

((moxie)) girl, I am so sorry. I am happy that your SIL was able to come help though. You are right, today is a new day. Feel better. ~vibes~

Hi jami! Sounds like things are moving right along. Excellent! Oooh, a mohawk! What color?

Jenn-that's wonderful that you kicked spin class's butt! yeah!

Hi Miss Joy! Sounds like you & your man had a good time!

Things with me are pretty good today. I am having some allergy problems, but that is typical for the season. I've taken Sudafed & Claritin, so hopefully the situation will improve. I am hoping to get off from the hospital early tonight so that I can go home to give out candy. Otherwise we're going to be stuck with it! It was slow there last night, I left super early-6:00. It turned out well though b/c Mr K also got off early. We had a nice evening together at home.

Dayum, it's really good to see the MIA Falljackets. That Jackeroo has the most seriously intense blue eyes I have ever seen on a child. Wowsers. And if you still want/deserve/need that spanking, just lemme know. I can always help a girl out. wink.gif

Folks, I feel like warmed-over dogshit. I've been home with the Minxlette for the last two days (after two days of entertaining my bro-ham and SIL). Minxlette had strep was pretty narsty. She vomited all over this quilt I have. she's feeling quite a bit better now (is back at school) and now I am feeling gross. You know, like I'm vibrating or something and my eyes are watering.

Mox, I'm sorry about your mini-nervous breakdown. I get like that once or twice a year when everything just piles up and I want to hide in the bathroom and sob. Just remember. you're reacting to the nuttiness in your life; you are not THE nuttiness. It feels fucked up because it is. I think talking with someone about it is a super good idea, but I'm one of those people who feels like nearly everyone in the universe would do well to have an impartial third-party to bounce things off of.

Jenn, your DAMNED LIVER!! I want to massage it for you. Sorry lady.

Jami, does your soon-to-be-ex have BPD? He's sounds like a certifiable whackbag.

Speaking of certifiable whackbags, the exAsshat is up to his old tricks again. He actually gave me some retarded line of illogic about how (and this is paraphrasing) "if she doesn't have friends outside of the children of my best friends then she doesn't really have friends, because school friends don't count." HUH?!! Bakingpowder?! Faggabeefy?! Apparently friends that she meets at swimming lessons don't count either, so I'm trying to ascertain WHAT IN THE HELL he might think the definition of "friend" is. Not that it really matters, mind you...but I'm dying of curiousity. Does he expect her to put out an ad in Craigslist and hook up for shooters? laugh.gif

Oh, and he drops me an email at 7AM to tell me that he wants to take her trick o' treating. You know, not like I didn't have anything already planned for her with her friends. Cock-knocker. Oh wait, I forgot...she doesn't HAVE any friends when she's living with me.


Okay, I'm done with my rant. I'm going to go back to reading the article about a 50-pound muskie caught at Mille Lacs.
minx said: Just remember. you're reacting to the nuttiness in your life; you are not THE nuttiness.

amen, sistah! you know, it seems so obvious but i never really thought of it that way. sorry about your dumb exasshat. what a douchebag. and i hope you feel better soon. (((anti-sickie vibes for minxie)))

((((moxie)))) i am sorry you had a little freakout, but you are a rockin' mamawifeyprofessionalwoman and you carry a lot on your shoulders. you deserve to take some time out for yourself and moxieman. i really hope you're feeling better. and YES! thank goddess for family. well, when you NEED them at least, heh.

culture, when i read your post, i thought you said you fucked all night last night. i was like DAYUM! i had to reread it to understand what you meant. oh, and i can't take credit for the ethical slut terminology. i'm reading the book by that name right now. it's been mentioned several times here in the lounge and mrfj picked it up for me last week. i'm enjoying it so far and it's funny because it's really helping me to understand more about who i am and who mrfj is. we have had an open relationship for just about seven years now but i guess i still had things to learn about - the whys, hows, and that jealousy and stuff is perfectly normal and OKAY! we're on an fj-imposed hiatus from our sextracurricular activities right now because i was (and still am a little) insecure about my body and my sexuality right after jackaroo's birth. not only is there the extra weight still, but my mind wasn't in it. i just didn't have the same appetite for sex as i used to, even just for me and mrfj, so i didn't even want to think about having sex with anyone else. and i didn't want him thinking about it with anyone else either. but even the first couple of chapters of this book have reminded me of why we got into this in the first place and that his actions with other people really have nothing to do with me. regardless, i'm feeling less overwhelmed with jackaroo now and i can see my body changing a little bit. i don't think i'm at a point that i'm ready to get my groove on with anyone else, but i might be ready to lift the ban and see what happens.

hmm, sorry. tangent. funny how that happens.

doodle, i'm glad to see that you have an appointment set to finally say good riddance to dorothy (and her little dog, too!)! awww, doodle has a family! that is really cool that you guys can take care of each other. sorry about your toofie. i have the same thing happening, i'm afraid. i broke a wisdom tooth several years ago and it rarely bothers me. but i know i need to do something about it. i really hate dentists. but i have to get myself in there and just take care of it. i'm sort of waiting to get dental insurance again. i don't know why i didn't just do it when i was working before.

turbo, good for you for rockin' that spin class! very cool! i've never done spin before and have a feeling it would KICK MY ASS! really? your liver hurts? i don't know that i would know if my liver was hurting.

kari, we weren't sure if we could afford to paint either but we went on craigslist and asked for estimates. we had two people come out and one asked for nearly 3K but the next one offered less than half that. both were licensed with references, etc. you might be surprised. but yeah, i hear you on having more things that take priority. we've waited nearly two years to finally attack the teal monster.

thanks for the job vibes. i got a response from a resume i sent yesterday but it turns out the job is entry level (funny how they forgot to mention that in the ad, huh?). i'm going to respond and ask them flat out how much the job pays before going any further. no need to waste anyone's time.

missjoy! i love drunken posts! do you mean kingston, jamaica? if so, i'm super jealous. smile.gif

jami, i'm happy that you are making progress. i hope i'm not confusing you but i was following your posts in a different thread and i'm super glad you are almost done with that asshat!

Hi peepers!!

Awwww...jackaroo is a mini-mr. FJ!! Cute.

I don't have a whole lot to say this morning. I read everyone's stuff, but then I got distracted and I can't remember what I was gonna say!! Anyway...

I declare today, "Good Things Wednesday" since we forgot to do it yesterday.

1. Week's halfway over
2. Talked to crazy cousin-in-law (also an appraiser) and caught up on family stuff.
3. Slept well last night, so I have some energy
4. Mac 'n' cheese for lunch
Hi, peeps!

I'm busy doing my homework on my lunch break, so no time for a real post. I just wanted to pop in and say:

Happy Halloween! We're not doing anything tonight, but hopefully our Guitar Hero III will have arrived, so we can play that tonight.


Baby FJ is gorgeous! That top picture is so wonderful, with those big clear blue eyes!

I'll try to pop back in before I leave for class, but no guarantees.
hello m'ladies. Happy Halloween!!! Son won't be back till late. I told him to have fun, and I don't wanna know what you're doing!! just don't get arrested!!! <g> I've got a bowl of BIG chocolate bars and a dvd to watch, so I'm set. oh, his mohawk is glow-in-the-dark orange. his dad hasn't seen it. <G>
I have wondered for awhile if ex-2-be bi-polar. antisocial even. (funny how others see it so quickly. I just was used to it.) He's trapped and boxed up the neighbor's dog and taken it out and shot it 'cause it barked at night when *he* wanted to sleep. that's when we lived in town. wish I could say it's close to being over. Maybe trial in April.
hoping the GH3 arrives, Diva. have a blast
how's Minxlette doing now? poor thing. poor minx getting it, too! btw - love your rants!!! you're a strong one.
(((Moxiegirl))) we're here for you
~waves to everyone~ have a fun one tonight y'all.
OMG! We had a GREAT Time! The neighborhood kids were awesome, and moxette loved being an elephant! She especially loved that I let her have 2 chocolate bars (well, 1 mini milky way and 1 choc. sucker), and juice. Its halloween, sue me parenting gods! smile.gif She was OUT when we put her down. Now, a nice quiet evening with a book, a cookie and a glass of vino. Lovely.
Awwww...I hope you took pictures, mox!!

I had several kids come by, actually. I ran out of candy and had to turn all my lights off. Heh...I shoulda given condoms and cigarettes to the older kids.
Awwwww....I'm so glad you had a blast, mox!!! Sounds like a good time had by all! And I cannot wait to see the piccies of your little cutie!

And jackarooooooo! What a charmer he is, with that smile and bright eyes! Thanks for checking in, fj, we were just about ready to send out the search teams - glad to know that all is well in the falljackets fam! And we'll continue to give you ((((perfect job vibes))))) anytime you need 'em!

I'm kicking off the networking/job hunt thing myself, here. I switched over to Gmail yesterday from Comcast, which was a good excuse to send a message to everyone I know, and some key folks that may be able to help me emailed me right away to reconnect, so I was able to email them back and set up some meetings to talk about networking and job stuff. And I have an appointment next week with a search firm that places staff exclusively for non-profits, so that's cool...mostly, I'm looking for the recruiter to give me some feedback on my skills and how I match up against the field. But making the efforts to keep moving forward feels good.

Hi minxy!! I'm sorry you're experiencing an asshat flare-up again...gah, he really needs to learn to parent minxlette when he has her, and respect your parenting time with her, and step the fuck OFF!!! And I hope you got to have a perfect halloween with your girl. What kind of costume did she create for herself?

Hi poodle and jami and doodle and everybustie else!
Happy Halloween to all my Okayers!
Yay for Halloween! I had a bunch of trick-or-treaters. I wasn't sure if any would come even though I bought a ton of candy. So once they started coming, I went overboard giving it away. I love kids dressed up in costumes. Can't wait to see pics of Moxette!

Good for you, Jenn, for putting the feelers out. You deserve a job that you enjoy and that appreciates you.

FJ, you have an amazingly darling baby. My baby fever is very high today with cute Jackaroo, elephant Moxette story, and kids at my door.

Minx, sorry your ex is being such an asshole (again).

Hi Marileen, Kari, Poodle, Diva, Jami, and all those I missed.

I think it's my bedtime. I'm missing TB and feeling sorry for myself.
OMG! You guys definitely deserve more than a tipsy Halloween drive-by! Sorry for not being more involved lately. You guys ROCK, though! Happay Halloween!!!

FJ-let is REALLY photogenic! How cute!
Halloween was fun... there were two cars of children. 12 total. the first 7 got an entire bag of the small hersheys. the last 5 got the large chocolate bars. lots of goth girls this year.
son chopped big firewood into smaller firewood so that we could have a fire tonight. ex-2-be came to see him, but son had a beanie over his mohawk! <g>
goodnight all busties, ghosties and the rest.
Good Morning Good Morning!

Kari, how are you feeling today? Are your allergies still giving you trouble?

Minx, I'm sorry to here exasshat is being such a cockbadger. How did things go last night?

FJ, I totally here you on the jealousy thing, I don't know if I could handle having an open relationship. Friends with benefits works much better for me. That way, no feelings get involved. At least on my end. ~*~*~*ongoing job vibes~*~*~*~*

Hey Poodle! I was thinking about you yesterday when I was doing some rock related quizzes on the MF website. That would have been awesome if you had given out condoms and cigs! Heh.

Hey Diva! Hows your cock boss being? Is he dead yet?

Jami, damn. I'm glad that douchebag is your soon to be ex.

Mox, do you have pictures of moxette in her elephant costume?? It sounds so cute, I would love to see... *hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink*

Turbo, I hope that you can find something great!

Hey Marileen!

This is turning into a long post.

*musical interlude and intermission*

Catsoup, I'm sorry you are feeling a wee bit down! Are you doing better today?

Hey Lore!

Well, last night it wasn't that busy with trick or treaters. That doesn't surprise me, seems every year we get less and less. Then my mom freaked because the dog was barking, well she hears things, I said no one else was going to come around so I'll turn of the lights. My mom got in a fit then went and hid in her room. Look, I've done candy patrol for the last few years, I fucking know what the deal is. Gaaa.


Anyways, I have an appointment at the bank tonight to start putting away for investments. I'm starting this more adult responsibility. I'm only going to take off $25.00 a payday, but at the end of the year, that still amounts to a bit o'savings.

So that's that. Worked out yesterday, and wore my new fleece lined warm pants to the park yesterday, they are going to be great in the blistering cold winter. Only one more day until the weekend, thank goodness!

Later all!

We had a blast. Yeah, here are Halloween Pictures

Everyone, its only one more day until Friday. That, is a great thing.
Good Morning!

Ooooh! That is a cute little elephant, mox! What a doll!

((Catsoup)) are you feeling better today?

I am feeling better today, CH. Thanks. I got to bed early last night b/c my head was killing me. The sleep did me good.

I got home too late to have an trick or treaters. Now we have lots of candy at home. I am having book club at my house tonight, I will see if I can pawn it off on some of those ladies.

Ch, good for you on putting away money each paycheck! Nice!

Hi Lore!

Jenn, so you are starting the job hunt?
AAWRRR!!! *bites hand* Mox is so cute!! I love those elephant footies!!

Mornin' all!! Boss lady is here. I better get to work.
Mox. Soooooo cute!

Kari, good to hear you are doing better. Yup, in addition to the savings account, I'm doing the retirement thing, too.

Hey Poodle.

Is it Friday yet? Bleh.
Ah retirement.....only 33 years away. Just kidding. Thinking about retirement depresses me for some reason.

I know, it should be Friday by now!

I decided I'm leaving early today. I have to go by the grocery to pick up some food for book group. I think I'm going to make an antipasto platter, hummus w/ pita, and this eggplant confit dish. And maybe purchase some cookies. Then I have to go home & make all the stuff before 7. I don't want to be rushed, so I'm blowing out of here at 2:45. Yeah!

Mr K is thinking of going back to school. He met with someone at the school today about prerequisite classes he would need. It is exciting!
Oooh!! Good for Mr. K!! What does he want to study?

Wow, culture, how grown up of you to do all this financial stuff!! Ugh, I also get depressed thinking about retirement. Mostly 'cause of our crappy social security/national debt situation. Damn republicans!!!! *shakes fist*

Rachel Ray is leering at me on the back of a Triscuits box right now. Ack!! She's on the front, too!! Evil, evil woman.

I might be hanging out with XRB tonight after he's done with class. It's the only night we can hang out because of his weirdo airport schedule that is totally opposite of mine. XRB is gonna meet my extended family on my dad's side in about a month because he's my plus-one for my cousin's wedding reception. He actually sounded enthusiastic about it, which was strange.
*sweeps all depressing thoughts of retirement under leopard lounge rug*

Hi everyone! Tomorrow's Friday!!!! Eeeeeeeee! And I have the weekend all to myself, turbomann's going to a wedding in MI, and I'm planning lots of ME time - hooray! Oh, and I have to silly little pugs coming over for a sleepover tomorrow night. Its nice to have cuddly dogs around every once in awhile.

Mox, moxette is just the CUTEST!!

I wanna go to kari's bookclub tonight - good discussion and tasty food...Fun!

Okay, time to make dinner. Chicken parmesan and salad tonight.
Hello all! Wow, I'm lovin' the pics of li'l jackaroo and moxette! Holy CRAP, I can't believe moxette has gotten so BIG! And FJ, we must've crossed posted last time I was here, or I would've seen those amazing blue eyes earlier!

Well, I never went trick-or-treating...I never did even pick up a mask! I wasn't into it. Anyway, it worked out, b/c guitarboy's mom wanted him to come look after the trick-or-treaters at her house while she was working, make sure her house didn't get egged, that sort of thing. wink.gif guitarboy is out tonight, clearly avoiding downstairs neighbour, who just came up here looking for him. God, what a dickhead that neighbour guy is....I can't stand him. He offered me a beer just now, but I lied and said I was working.

I saw my cutie-pie store guy earlier today - I think I make him nervous now, after my weird stoned apology fiasco on Tuesday! He fumbled another customer's purchase when he realized I was watching him (how could I not watch, he was right in front of me), and he never screws stuff up. I wonder if that's a good sign or a bad one? I think I'm about ready to issue the coffee invitation, but maybe he thinks I'm some freaky stalker or something. tongue.gif

Ooooh, I hear a cat barfing...better go...
Cat barf? Ew.

Just got done watching Thelma and Louise. God, I love that movie. I should have gone to bed or done some homework, but I didn't. I can sleep in tomorrow before pilates and then class. Hopefully I do. I haven't been sleeping well without TB around.

Twin Cities Busties -- My mom and I are going shopping this weekend for a Mother of the Bride dress for her and wedding shoes for me. Any ideas where we should go? Neither of us do this kind of shopping very often. We're more bargain hunters.

Okay, I'm going to force myself to sleep. 'Night!

In the spirit of Cleveland on Family Guy...HEY YALL!!!

I had to poke my head in to see how everybody was. Sounds like a crazy coupla weeks for everybody here.
I read the cocaine/meth posts Diva. I swore to myself and to goshdarned that I'd never do un-natural illegal drugs such as coke, meth or anything else that warrants more steps to making it than A.A. I was a bad boy and ended up trying coke a few weeks ago...totally NOT worth the high letmetellyou. I spent a day and a half sick as a dog, gassy and unable to take any nourishment from food, especially my mountain dew. All i could drink was water. I will tell you that I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't my best man. He calls me up at 1:30 AM....AM...this guy is in bed before 9pm every night, so I knew something was up. He asked me if I could pick him up a pack of newports on my way from work...I tell him I wouldn't get out til 5am cos it was a saturday night. He's all like "I'll be up". I walk in and he's got the good china out with an 8-Ball of coke out on a plate. He never does coke. Idiot ended up getting more than he wanted, and is still payin for it physically. He offered and I stood my ground, I saw him do 4 more "bumps" and offer again. So I did a bump..he juss did four bumps and he was cool so whatever...he'd been doing bumps all i took one..then another...and then scientific experiment. I was done with the third. My right lung went numb and it tasted like some chemical I've huffed when i was much younger. Again I spent a day and a half feeling hung over and can tell you THAT won't happen again. I'm not promising you or anyone else. I juss know. I don't put my hand on the burner for the same reason. Shit. I barely drink for petesakes.

I finished the TV show and delivered it to public access....I'm still tryin to figure out when it's on. We did another show the other day and it's gunna be my first opus. LOL I've even offered up a cash money prize for best original snail mail letter. A 2$ bill. I'm Rich!!!

Did anyone notice the sooper dooper full moon the other night??

The Mrs and I got an offer on an apartment for 500$ a month including everything, except cable. (Ceiling fan/light, lots of windows, berber carpeting, cute little computer area, and tracklighting in the kitchen!!!
the landlord is a good friend who actually wrote a song about me 4 years ago and has several different bands. So there will be an assortmant of crazy bastards runnin round the place. Big plus, we can paint the walls whatever, bigger plus, I can get a dog!!!!! Not a big dog...but a smaller dog...I wanna get something smaller than the cat, so the cat will still feel like boss.
We even took a tour of the park and pub right around the corner. The landlord is workin on having them run an open mic/Karaoke with us as hosts for beer and food. The owner is open to the idea, plus landlord guy is famous in the local scene and can draw a crap load of people.

By the it me or is being a "rockstar" finally gone out-of-style??? I saw some commercial on nickeloden for some guitar hero knockoff for young even comes with a dvd that shows you how to "pose" and do the "windmill" made famous by pete townsend. I was about to be REAL sick when I saw that. Just pick up a REAL damned guitar. Mommas Don't let your baby become plastic guitar heroes. Please. Don't Do it. If I had the money, I'd come in and smash ALL those damned yellow guitars like a REAL ROCKSTAR!!
Jive turkeys.


Hi, I'm Shawn and I like to occasionally smoke a bowl and watch Intervention on A&E demand.
Everyone (excluding my BFFs and the people in this thread) are D-bags. I don't even know if coffee will satisfy my inner bitch today for the GODDESS HAS BEEN OFFENDED!!!!

Okay...I'm getting to cup numero two, and the seething has stopped, but I had one of those evenings where my brain held onto one or two things that I'm pissed off about and just kept spinning the dialogs around. That hasn't happened for a few months now, and I regret its coming to pass once again. The asshat is getting asshattier...NOTHING placates him. I bet you dollars to doughnuts that he is having difficulties at home. I really have a difficult time believing that he could create a healthy marriage knowing what I lived with for three years. Hell, I wasn't a fucking angel, but he was really mental.

Shawnboy, sorry to hear about your coke experience. Those are the types of things that keep me from doing anything other than drink beer and wine.

Minxlette was really cute as a black cat in her homemade outfit this year. I'll post something as soon as my friend sends the photos.

Will someone rub my shoulders? I have a feeling that another situation will only get worse this weekend, but that is my pessimism and spidey-senses speaking.

Anyone wanna go get a drink tonight?
minxie...if you need us to, um, cleanse everything, we'll all be happy to be d-bags. Its friday, anyway! smile.gif

Sorry the asshat is being asshatty-ier than normal.

I had to refrain from calling my biggest client a biatch on the phone yesterday. And, I've sworn off alchehol for the time being (as I don't really need another depressant), so I couldn't even drink when I got home.

But, Its Friday, you douche bags! Enjoy!
Good Morning,

Kari, I'm jealous that you got to leave early. What is Mr. K looking at taking in school?

Poodle. looking at the jokers face on triscuts would make me puke. I'd loose my appetite for triscuts.

Turbo, what do you have planned for your weekend?

Doodle, I think because he's frazzled, he has a crushie on you.

Catsoup! Shopping! Fun stuff!

Shawn that is really great about the killer deal on the appartment!

Minx, I'm sorry you're having a shitty day.

Hey Mox!

Well, I hardly slept last night. I'm taking the afternoon off to go and sleep. I'm going to a fundraiser where there will be firefighters. So, I need all the energy I can get. That's all.

Must go plug away at the next three and a half hours.


Mornin' peepers!!

You're so funny Shawn!! That's great about the apartment, but what the frell are you doin' snortin' coke?!!! I've always been worried about how I would react to hard drugs. Lord knows that I have enough weird shit going on in my brain with the epilespy and all.

Sorry 'bout the asshat, minx. Sometimes it's good to indulge in those pissed off thoughts where you imagine yourself telling someone off or kicking their ass.

You and your firefighters, culture!! Funny.

Hi doodle, turbo, and catsoup!! Shit, I have no idea where to get a MOB dress or shoes, catsoup. Marileen is probably the best person to ask about that stuff.

Last night was sooo nice. I went out with XRB to Matt's bar and had some beers 'n' food. Then we went back to my house and did some smooching on the couch. It was totally not a fuck-buddy type situation. We have such a strange relationship and I don't quite understand why or how it is that way or where it's going, but it feels really natural and comfortable. I really wish I could see him more often. It was cute--Oscar totally recognized XRB and was rubbing up against him and snuggling with him.
Poods...totally sounds like XRB is a right guy, wrong time thing. Hmmm...

Catsoup, not that I know the TC area, but any nice department store (Macys, Daytons, etc.) should have a wide selection of both. I remember way back when we got married, that I got my shoes at DSW, and mom got her dress at Marshall Fields (now Macys here). Have fun!

Tonight is going to be a total gong show.
Poodle, the only HARD drug that you need is the good ole fashioned H.B.I. laugh.gif


Ugh...I could totally go for a Juicy Lucy and a Leinie's!! That sounds like ambrosia.

CH, why is tonight going to be a Gong Show (BWT, love that phrase...I wanna repurpose it!!)

I don't like Macy's. I think it sucks ass. I liked Marshall Fields! Hell, I liked it when it was Daytons.

Moxie, you can call me Biatch if'n you wanna. It will be kind of like my open enrollment for spankings regarding the FJ's. Chez 24/7 for licks and tricks.

I jest...I haven't had the HBI for some time now. I think that my vagina is giving up and throwing a rummage sale.
Minx, you crack me up! A rumage sale... tongue.gif That is a good one. I am really sorry asshat is being an asshat. Geez. He really needs to get a life.

What's up bitches n' ho's?

Poodle, I think your relationship with XRB is cool. If it makes you both happy, I say go with it.

I like Macy's shoe department.

Doodle, good for guitarboy staying away from the downstairs dude. That guy sounds like nothing but trouble. You should definitely issue a coffee invitation to the other guy!! He is definitely into you if he fumbled that customer's order. No doubt about it.

Catsoup-I don't have any store recs b/c I don't know what you guys have there. Probably lots more than we have here. I ended up getting my wedding shoes at a Nine West outlet store. They were goldish and a sweet 20 smacks. I am sure you will find something good.

Hey Shawnboy! That night sounds like a bad experience. I did my share of that kind of stuff when I was younger. Ick. It gives me the willies to think about it. The after effects are horrible. Very depressing.

I am doing ok today. Book club last night was a lot of fun. My food was a hit. I went to the allergist this morning. He gave me some nasal spray and some migraine medication. I am going back next week to find out if what I have are truly allergies. They're going to do the tests. I hope they can help me. I am very tired of my head hurting.

Oh-Mr K & school...He is thinking of studying pharmacy.

What's everyone up to this weekend? I don't have a lot going on. Tonight I'm meeting up with a friend for a quick dinner. After that I'm going to another friend's house to hang. Tomorrow I have a facial booked for 1 PM. Can't wait! Meeting up with 2 friends from school for dinner.
Rummage sale....bwahahaha! Minxy, you crack me up!! Now where is Kel, so she can issue the requisite neck punches to ex-asshat?! Personally, I think all the ex-asshats in the world are up to their worst tricks this week on account of the full moon early in the week, and the wacky Halloween energies floating around. Both my friends who have nasty asshole exes have had flare-ups this week too.

Shawn, I'm so glad to see you stop by again!! I dunno if rockstardom will ever go out of style with the kiddos, but I agree, mamas should not let their babies grow up to be plastic guitar heroes! There is so much funnyness in here today, I love it!

Well, I've got the weekend to myself...sort of. I've got the two pugs this weekend, and those little bastards are cracking me up! They're standing at the door barking everytime the elevator dings...which at 6pm, is about every two minutes. Funny. Turbo keeps getting up and looking at them like they're crazy. I am, however, already having an allergy attack because of these smelly, oily little dogs. Still, I love 'em. Wouldn't want to have my own - they need too much attention, but they're fun for a weekend.

Poodle, I'm glad you got some lip lovin' last night....the XRB sitch just seems to be evolving organically, which is totally cool.

Catsoup, all I can recommend is to avoid the mother of the bride dress genre all together....our moms don't dress like that! And everytime I see a mom in pastel sequins, I just shake my head. Our moms should really just be looking for a dress that looks stunning on them, fits well, and look beyond the sequins, and especially the pastels! tongue.gif

Okay, time to try walking the pugs and turbo....always an interesting proposition, those pugs bob and weave like little drunk men! hee.
QUOTE(turbojenn @ Nov 2 2007, 05:50 PM) *
Catsoup, all I can recommend is to avoid the mother of the bride dress genre all together....our moms don't dress like that! And everytime I see a mom in pastel sequins, I just shake my head. Our moms should really just be looking for a dress that looks stunning on them, fits well, and look beyond the sequins, and especially the pastels! tongue.gif

Turbo/Catsoup, I'm so not looking forward to one day having to help my mom pick out something for my wedding. She is not a pastel/synthetic fabric/beaded/sequin/evening gown person. I think we're going to end up hitting one of the Indian fabric stores on Devon Ave. and picking out something to make an sari-inspired dress out of.

LeBoy's mom is into those kinds of clothes and it will make for some interesting wedding pictures. rolleyes.gif

((hugs to the okayers!))

Good Morning all!

Minx, heh, rummage sale!

Kari, enjoy your facial! Sounds wonderful.

Turbo, I hope that your allergies don't get to be too much for you this weekend.

Polly, a sari-inspired dress would be great!

Last night was lots of fun, the firefighters that were there were fantastic and all good sports. Two of the younger ones who I was chatting with most of the eveing had to work this am, so I could drag them out afterwards, which was a good thing, the bar stank. I had my fun, bot them to sign my calendar, and got pics, I'll post 'em here. Lots of people came out.

I toook yesterday afternoon off, because I was so tired, I couldn't stay awake at work, I came hom slept all afternoon, was home by one last night, but I'm still absolutely bagged. And I'm feeling kind of cranky today. I think it's because I didn't work out yesterday. Tonight, I'm heading out again. Or I should be.

That's all for now.

Hey CH! Glad you had fun with the firefighters last night! Sounds like a good time!

Well, I have decided to do *nothing* today...really! The weather is perfect and crisp here today...I slept in (sadly 7:45 really is sleeping in for me!), then took the canine trio for a long walk on the beach, which was lovely, and the puggies loved romping around on the beach, and at times I was a tangle of leashes, but it was a good time. On the way back, we saw some dead animals on our beach, perhaps sacrifices? Either way, gross.

My allergies have settled down fine, after I took some meds last night, thank cod. I've just been watching episodes of the Anthony Bourdain show this afternoon on On Demand...a worthy lazy afternoon, if you ask me, which leaves me the questions of what do I want to do for dinner. smile.gif

Polly, I love your idea of the sari fabric for a dress - those colors are like eye candy!

ETA: Just checked the Men's Olympic Marathon results, as one of my friends was running - he came in 18th, which is great, but not good enough for his Olympic dreams, but even of his friends died on the course. He was 28. sad.gif
Can I be a Media Whore? Is this the place to do it? I'm rocking a new blog about how crazy my life has been the past two years (lost job... boyfriend... mother lost her mind) and how I'm toally trying to pick myself up and dust myself off. My latest entry is called, "Oh My Got You're So Fat! Congratulations!" I hope you guys check it out.
Good Evening,

Turbo, I'm sorry to hear about your friends friend. I read about it on yahoo, as well. Aside from that, it sounds like you are having a good weekend.

I took hound to the park, didn't see the cute boy there though. I've seen a gent there a few times, and I've talked to him, but just small chat. And now, it's getting dark out and so forth. Harrumph.

I also worked out, and cleaned. Now I have to make the bed and change the sheets. I'm supposed to be going out tonight, but I've not heard anything yet. Doesn't matter either way.

Hope everyone is doing well.
kayla, welcome! I'd suggest you hop over to the Newbies thread (which forum is that again?) and introduce youself. Its a good place to ask around aobut where is what, etc. But, we'll gladly make room on the OKAYlandcouch for new friends!

We had a total.blast. at the wedding last night. There ceremony was in this 150 year old church, which was gorgeous. The cermeony itself was boring, but the reception was awesome. Good bar, good food, good friends, and dancing. What more could a lady ask for?

Today, moxieman is off for 4 nights (almost 5...he gets home at midnight thursday) in Boston. Bastard. I want to go to Boston! Its ok, though...while it'll be nutters w/o him, my in-laws are taking the bebe 2 evenings, and the remaining time, I suspect we;ll be helping my folks, perhaps crashing there, perhaps not. I'm trying a new "1 day at a time" strategy for this trip. We'll see...

Anyway, gotta go shake the sleeping hubby.

Sounds like everyone is having a good weekend. Turbo, that is very sad about the ff...was it the heat? I've not read anything of substance all weekend...
*clangs cow bell around thread* Did everyone remember to set their clocks back this morning?

I just crawled out of bed at 7:25, thinking I should've gotten up an hour ago, and lookee - it IS an hour ago. Sweet! Turbodoggie seems to be telling me I owe *him* that hour. hmph. smile.gif

Mox, I dunno what happened to the runner, heart issue, I think, but he was dead on site...very sad. It wasn't any sort of heat related thing, just devastatingly sad. And this race was really my friend's last shot at the Olympics, and he'll be retiring from being a professional runner soon so that he and his wife can have kids, and this is a sad way to close a career.

Bummer about moxieman's trip, but I know that you will have all the help you need to make this week work, and like you said - one day at a time, and ask for all the help you need - you know your family loves helping with moxette!

Well, time to get the pupper out, and then see how many groceries I can crap into my bike bags, since turbomann is away this weekend.
Good Afternoon!

Mox, so glad that you had a good time. Sorry that the mister is gone for a while.

Turbo, I totally did remember to set my clocks back. How did you manage shopping?

I went out again last night, it was another total gong show. I saw exboy there, the spaceship beam me up weirdo. He sends me a text asking why I didn't say hello to him. Dude, you can see that I'm flirting it up with other men. And we ended, I'm not obligated to say hello to you. At all. So he came and hunted me down and said hello. I totally blew him off, too. I was chatting it up with another cutie.

It snowed a little here today. It's melting right away. Which is good, I always hate the first drive in the snow. Makes me nervous. I'm going to do a room clean here today.I'm currently watching futurama, and will tackle this mess of blankets.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

so i come back to catch up on okay, and we're having a troll invasion? the fuck, dude. back to post after i skim the archives.
Grrrl, you should have seen the topic that was started in LTAS. It was by far the funniest thing I ever read in my life.

The fire fighter pics are up online! Squeeeee!

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