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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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how about some bustie meanie vibes here??? last night there was no water. ex-to-be lives 100ft from son and I. same well, same pump. I know he has no water also. this morning - he leaves! not even trying to help son and I. (I warned lawyer he was like this)
send some evil eye rays to that nasty man!
rant done. ...for now...

yea to lorewolf and goaty!
moxygirl, you've got me hungry now!
kari, glad that mom's better.
ch, you get better now, ok?
doodle, glad that you got that case. mine's mouse nibbled and couldn't do without it.
Hi Jami! So sorry to hear about your water. What a pain! And sorry your soon to be ex was acting like such an ass. Booooooo!

Congrats goatie girl!!! Woo hoo! That's wonderful! And a free MBA? That alone is reason for taking the job. Sweet!

Diva...the thought of your homemade truffles makes me salivate. The flavors you listed sounded so delicious.

Well, I worked out at lunch and am feeling slightly less bloated. I've eaten out so many times in the last two weeks. It's been fun and delicious, but my ass is feeling it. I am going to work out tomorrow & Friday. Everything should be good after that.
Her ex has been a professional asshat, whereas mine is a rank amateur. Her soon-to-be-ex and my ex should get together and go bowling.

Better yet, take a flying fuck off of a tall cliff. wink.gif

I had students arguing with me about how "ain't" is a word. Fuck that. I don't care if some moron decided to put it in the dictionary, AIN'T is NOT A the very least conceded that it is non-standard English. NO! I won't!! I refuse to acknowledge AIN'Ts existence. It's like trying to tell me that BO'FUM is a word, or FINNA. It is contracted slang, ergo not PROPER ENGLISH!!

Kill me now. And honestly, I don't want to hear any bullshit about how it's racist of me to say those things. It isn't. Deviation is deviation and I don't have to give validation to something that is INCORRECT. I think, as an English teacher, I have that latitude.

Ick! Ick! Ick!

My brother and sister-in-law are coming into town this weekend!! Great fun! I'm wondering if I should take them to Psycho Suzie's on Friday night for a nightcap...any suggestions? Anyone wanna hook up with us and give them a grand Minneapolis welcome?
Good Evening, Good Evening!

Mox, so glad that you had a good Tuesday!

Catsoup, I hear you on the biostats, depending on which grad program I get into, I'l also have to take evil biostats! Yay on good Pilates!

Turbo, no idea if anyone followed suit into that lane, probably though! Heh heh. And a short work week! Nice! Woohoo, good pants for you too!

Hey Tree!

Diva, that is grat about the pants, afternoon off, good hard workout, and an A on your exam! Congratulations!

Hey Doodle! That is a great card, I want one! I think I'm going to print out as well. My mother gave me a card like this. I'm going to photocopy some of them.

Hey Kari! Glad to hear that your mom is doing well after the surgery!

Lore, I was watching Futurama, and they have the hypnotoad on there, so I thought it was time for an avatar update. So glad the goaty got the job! YAY goaty!

Jami, what a douchebag ex. I think that my ex needs to get in on this asshole bowling league.

Well, I slept most of the day, finally buckled and took some advil, and that seemed to do the trick. Along with some home made soup (thanks to my mom), a huge amount of OJ, and a hot water bottle for my back. I'm still not feeling up to par, but at least I'm feeling much much better than I was yesterday.

Back to it tomorrow I suppose. Blech.

Gaaah! All Glory!!
Bwahahahaaaaa!!! That is so funny, lore! Nice score! I am definitely a fan of the hypnotoad...and futurama, in general.

Well, I just got home - been a long day. Work, and then I went to a Young Non-Profit Professionals Network social at a local pub tonight to see what kind of connections I could make, and well.....they're really all too young to really be of help to me. When did I get to be a grownup, and not in the "younger" set? Still, met some cool people, and I think I helped make some connections for other people, so that's good. Now, I'm just exhausted. BUT, I'm on vacation!!!

Congrats to Goatygirl!!! WOoooot for new jobs!

*passes champagne around thread in celebration of Goaty and Octi's new jobby jobs*

OMG, Kari, that dinner sounds amaaaaaaazing. YUM!

(((((CH feel better))))) Glad you got to stay home and rest today - and homeade soup too!

hi minxy - sorry your students are being obnoxious - but you have the ultimate veto - if ain't and other such tripe show up in their papers, you can mark 'em down for it! Yeah!

Well, time to go to bed for me. See ya'll tomorrow!
lore! ch! love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Morning!

CH, are you feeling any better? I hope so.

Minx, I am in 100% agreement with you re: ain't. I guess one could argue that it is a contraction, but what are the two words it's made of?

Lore! I love the hypnotic toad!

Yesterday was a quiet day in here, I hope more Okayers will be in today. I need distractions, I don't want to do my work!

Have you guys ever ventured into the "Take it Outside" thread in the ladies who lounge forum? Gaaahhhh. I just went in there for a sec to see what it was. It's like a fucking soap opera in there. Seriously. Check it out. If anyone does frequent the thread, I hope I am not offending you. It just caught me off guard with its intensity.

Not too much going on here today. I am really looking forward to the weekend. I feel like I have not had a second to breathe lately. I have not even been able to get to the grocery. I am considering having a cook fest this weekend. I want to make a few things to stick in the freezer. Anyone got any ideas about food that freezes well? For instance, certain soups I have tried freezing do not reheat very well.

Good morning all! We slept very well, in our own beds, last night. I love the kiddo-cuddles, but she's a side-sleeper. I hate to say it, but that was the primary reason, even as an infant, that she did not sleep in our bed. I don't do side-sleepers.

Anyway, while staying at my folks, I picked up a book my sister had reccomended, Middlesex

What a lovely tale! I'm about 1/4 through, but the writing and nostalgic description of my hometown (Detroit) and the immigrant story here is just capturing my whole imagination. I very highly reccomend it.

Ok, that was my whole thing. I have a TON of work to i'll be lurking, and wanting to get back to reading!
Good Morning,

I'm still feeling ass-like. But, I'll do what I can. I probably won't make it the whole day.

Lore, I was looking at that sight! It's the same sound that is on Futurama, too!

Turbo, what do you have planned for your vacation?

Kari, I have been in there, it stemmed from a thread in the F word.

Hey Mox and Jami!

Okay, I must go back to work now.


g'mornin all. slept well last night. got the right ambien this time. yes!
we have water. he went and turned it on - because he needed to use the water. could have done it earlier for us, but, no, it did not bother him then. <sigh> looks like the settlement is not working. have to gear up for trial!
Ch - poor thing. go home. sleeeeeeeep. and a hot chocolate.
hiya to Moxie and Kari and all the rest!
Evenin' all!!

I'm just gonna jump in. I hope that's okay.

Congrats to diva's brother and to giant's SIL!!!

Congrats to goaty and octi for new jobs!!

~*~*~*~feel better vibes for culture~*~*~*~

I'm jealous of all the new clothes!!

How's your new kitchen treatin' ya, turbo?

Mmmm...pancakes for dinner...sounds excellent, mox!! I love having breakfast stuff for dinner.

Kari, I'm always stressed out for you!! You need a month off or something.

Hi jami, lore, doodle, and anyone else I'm missing!!

I wish I could sit in on minx while she's teaching. I'm sure you're one in a million, minx!! As far as "ain't," I'm gonna play the devil's advocate and argue that it's common enough and widely understood, which makes it a word. An undesirable, slang word, but still a word. It sounds good in a bold sentence though. For example, Richard Pryor's "I ain't dead yet!!" sounds way cooler than "I am not dead yet!!"

I've been a busy girl at work, lately. My high-rise public housing project is finally done and now I'm working on a veterinarian clinic in the sticks. Sorta interesting, I guess.

My BFF visited last weekend and we went to my niecoid's 2nd birfday. So cute!! She got a doll house with a little mouse family, so I played with her for a while. Of course, the mama mouse was wearing a big dress with an apron. I took the mama mouse and said, "Okay, mom's gonna go off to work now as an animal rights lawyer while dad stays home and cooks vegetarian chili!" Later, when she was playing by herself, I heard her say, "mama go work." Ahhhhh....a bustie in the making.
Hi poodle!! Good to see you here - we *meece* you when you're not around!

That is sooooo incredibly cute about your niecoid!!! Awwwww......

(((((CH feel better))))

I *have* been enjoying my kitchen, poodle! Tonight's dinner is homeade cream of tomato soup, which kicks ass! We're even eating dinner most of the time at the dining room table these days - no more coffee table dinners!

Didn't do much today with our first day of vacation...turbomann got the car serviced while I did laundry...then we went out to lunch downtown at one of our favorite upscale mexican spots, and then to the mega-wine/beer store, which is always fun to browse. But we didn't really buy anything because we're headed to Madison tomorrow, and definitely need to stock up on our favorite New Glarus brews. After that, I came home and slept for 2 hours...allergies are still keeping me down in a big way, and sleep is the only answer. Its been 20-30mph winds all week here, which just stirs up all that pollen and mold.

Tonight....plopping myself on the couch for Ugly Betty & Greys - YAY!
Hi again all! I am posting again, and have only done a quick skim....forgive me! I'm going to have to take the tesao approach to posting for awhile and just jump in where I can!

Working is going good, thanks for asking. I like getting my brain working again, even though it's not what I most want to be doing for work. (I still need a "real" job...I think I'm going to head down to the temp agency tomorrow and see what's up.) I have gotten to get out to a couple of local orgs and the uni, though, to gather a bit of research and do a couple of interviews, so it's been fun connecting with old colleagues. At least it's familiar, so not too difficult. I do most of it from home, though, on the phone and computer, which is a bit of a bitch, b/c the boys think that me being around means they can come over and harangue me to jam and smoke weed. I'm having to set up stricter boundaries.

This is compounded by the fact that an old childhood friend of guitarboy's just moved into the apartment below mine, so I can't just pretend to not be home! Eek! I don't like this friend very much - he's a bit of an asshole, in that alpha way that very young men can be. I don't much like the way guitarboy acts when he's around him, either, like he's trying to be someone he's not. It's all very high school. We were starting to get really close, like "on the brink" (especially once the songwriting started), before this guy moved in, but now my crush is evaporating again, for good this time, I think. I've been distancing quite a bit. Sad, but true. Shallowness doesn't appeal to me at all. I think if anything could ever happen between us now, I'd have to see guitarboy grow up a bit more first. Hasn't affected the music-making too much, but I'm worried that it might.

But in other news, this week I've realized I'm embroiled in a flirtation with a guy who works in one of the stores up the road. He has curly black hair, lovely sparkly eyes, a great sense of humour, and jumps to assist me even when there's another worker closer by. wink.gif I am thinking of inviting him out for coffee...which means I am thinking about whether or not I can work up the nerve to invite him out for coffee!

Also I've been walking every day, just to walk, which is very good for me, I know. I'm getting some good distances - and also attempting to combat my fear of heights (fear of falling, really) by going over the bridge on occasion. And I have the new Blue Rodeo album now to make walking that much sweeter. (It's AWESOME!!!!) Also, more recently, daily walking gives me an excuse to stop in at a certain store and explore a certain flirtation. tongue.gif

That is all! Back again soon! Love you all!!!!
Good Morning on this FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness!

Jami, how goes the situation with the ex?

Poodle, that is so sweet about neicoid! Awwwww, indeed a BUSTie in the making.

~*~*~*~*feel better vibes for Turbo~*~*~*~*

Hey Doodle! I'm so glad to see the long post! I'm glad that work is going well for you and a cutie in the picture eh? I say ask him! and great about tackling your fears!

I'm feeling okay today, I feel asleep at 8 last night, and had some really bizarre dreams. It was different that's for sure. So, this weekend I'm going to take it easy, with the exception of going out for dinner only tomorrow evening with my dad and step mom. They are taking me out for my birthday dinner. We're going to a steak house. So, that'll be yummy. And it's Friday. And it's payday today.

That's what I got kats!


Good Morning. It is FINALLY Friday! This week has felt long for some reason.

CH, glad you are feeling better. I am sure getting a lot of sleep last night helped out. Your dinner tomorrow night sounds fun. And delicious.

HI DOODLE! It's good to see you! That stinks about the dude moving in below you. Hmpf. That also stinks about guitarboy changing when he is around dude. Man. From what you said, it does seem like stricter boundaries are in order.

((jenn)) sorry about your allergies. Mine have started acting up here lately too. Headahces. I am considering going to the allergist. Fall is usually a miserable time for me allergy wise.

I am feeling ok today. Really happy the week is almost over. I plan to get some R&R in this weekend. Oh yes. At least I finally made it to the grocery store last night. Stocked up. And then I watched It's Always Sunny, which always makes me laugh. It was a good night all in all. I did have a meeting at school, but was out of there by 7.

I'm going to go hang at my mom's tonight. Tomorrow Mr K and I are hitting the flea market. Hoping to start our Christmas shopping. October is supposed to be a good month at the market, lots of vendors. I plan on bringing some cash.

Mornin' everyone!

I'm feeling better this morning too - the winds have finally died down here, which makes a big difference. And, like CH, I got a lot of extra rest yesterday and last night, so that's good. I'm hoping the worst of the allergies are over. Personally, I'll never go back to an allergist...20 years of weekly shots and pills did nothing for me but kill my liver and toxify my body. I just take the Claritin D for a couple weeks in the fall when I get a flare up, and the rest of the year, I'm pretty much fine if I take care of my diet and stress level, and make sure I take my vitamins.

Well, we're heading up to Madison now - YAY! It was nice to sleep in a bit this morning, and just take our time in getting out of here...and I think we've been low-key enough on packing, that *hopefully* turbodoggie won't go batshit crazy when he sees us leave with a bag. Our pug friends are stopping by to pick him up this afternoon, and I know he'll be thrilled to go hang with his puggy friends, and most exciting - watch their cat. There is nothing so fascinating to turbo as having a cat to watch. smile.gif

Doodle, its so good to see you in here, and to hear that you're making some work connections bit by bit. Boooo on your new downstairs neighbor! Any progress toward a drummer for the Porcupine Rebels?

Okay, we're hitting the road, I'll see ya'll tomorrow night!
Hi, peeps!

I've been reading, but not finding much time to post, what with asshole boss looking over my shoulder and such.

Jenn, sorry about the allergies, but yay for Madison! I've never been there before, but I hear good things. I'm jealous you and Tree get to meet up.

I'm itching to travel again, but it's not to be 'cause I got no cash.

Minx, you're completely in the correct, "ain't" isn't a word. It is slang, not proper English, and therefore should be ignored in an English class. It's just laziness, people not wanting to bother with that big second syllable. Good on you for laying down the law.

CH, I'm jealous of your dinner. There's nothing I love more than a big slab of red meat.

Kari, did you like Sunny last night? I was very, very impressed. It's one of the better episodes they've done, and that guy who played Mac's dad was creepy.

Poodle, that is so awesome that you taught the girl that women can go to work and men can do the house stuff, too. It's good to see her set in the right direction.

Hi, Moxie, Doodle, Jami, and all!

I miss Tes. I hope she's okay, since I don't think we've heard from her since before Mr. HB came for their trip months ago.

I've been pretty good lately. I took my midterm for my class and got 49/50, which is better than I thought I'd do, had class on Wednesday, then left work at noon yesterday because I had some vacation time I had to burn up or lose it. Gay boyfriend and I went to the fancy schmancy mall and walked around and had lunch, then I went to watch the giant play tennis. I got to talk to Sam for a little bit yesterday, too, which is always a joy. We're going to see them all tomorrow when we help his dad move. We're not going to be doing so much hauling as putting IKEA furniture together. The giant and I have gotten pretty good at that. This is my brother's first real place, so he doesn't have much.

What are you all doing for the weekend? Other than helping my brother move, I'm going to a little party for a guy here at work who has to go back to Iraq for his second tour of duty, and his son is going with him this time. I'm not planning to stay too late, just for a little bit. I was hoping to start truffles, but I really don't have the money to throw at them right now since my little spree yesterday. I guess it'll just have to wait for next week. I can still make other stuff, though, so that'll keep me away from the stupid-ball marathon that are our Fall-time Sundays until the Stupid Bowl in the winter.

Did anyone else love Ugly Betty last night?

Divala, you should really look into getting a spot in our art fair on the square. You'd like Madison, I'm sure.

Sooo, I want to say it's a good things Friday for me 'cause I get to meet Turbojenn tomorrow! Yay! And it's going to be a CRAZY weekend in madison's homecoming weekend for the Badgers, And it's the last Farmers Market (one of the largest in the midwest) plus it's our annual Freakfest...Madison's version of Mardi Gras. I wonder if I can talk Jenn and Mann into just going and experiencing it once. I mean, I don't have to go, but I think it'd be a fun thing for them. But it sounds like they want to leave before that.

Hopefully there won't be a riot this year.... unsure.gif

Man, I am TIRED. I had insomnia last night, I've been awake since 1:30 AM. It's going to be an early night.

Minx, I am reminded of that stupid saying when I was a kid..."ain't ain't a word so I ain't gonna say it"...heh

You know, I feel like such a stick in the mud, but I just can't get into Ugly Betty. It just seems Disney-ish to me. I dunno why. (ducks)

Doodle, it's nice to see you! Boo-Hiss at your downstairs neighbor.

Jami, I'm glad you got water. Not so glad that it was only cause HE wanted it. That part blows.

Poodle, it sounds like your niece is definitely a future Bustie. Or even a future Bitchie. Heh.

CH, have fun at your birthday dinner. Mmmm, steak. And I'm glad you are feeling better.

Soo, this insomnia is kicking my butt. It's the whirly mind kind, where your brain won't shut off. I get this every time I go back to refrigeration work, I end up obsessing over technical refrigeration problems, and often, I do solve them...but it wreaks havoc on my sleep. I went to community pharmacy and had them do me up a Bach Flower blend for me after I did some research. Hopefully it will help. I'll try it tonight. Although, I'm so whipped I can't imagine NOT sleeping through the night....
Diva - great midterm scores. whoa.
tree - sleep vibes for you tonight. I couldn't do without my ambien

ex is off the property for a few days. I like it that way. I have been having strange anxiety lately - racing pounding heart and all. haven't been like that for 7-8 months now. don't know what's up.

tonight his the school halloween carnival, and son is looking forward to it. glad he's getting out with friends.
hello to all!!!!!!!!!!
QUick post, just to say - treeeeeeee! Call me, I'm an idiot and wrote your number down wrong, and have been annoying some poor man all night by calling! rolleyes.gif We've enjoyed a lovely day in Madison, have a trunk full of beer and wine...we're ready to roll.

See you tomorrow my dear - call me in the morning or soonish tonight (bedtime for me very soon, hee), and we'll figure stuff out.
Good Afternoon!

Kari, [did you get anything good at the flea market?

Turbo, I hope that you have a wonderful time in Madison with Tree!

Tree, did you sleep trough the night?

Jami, glad the ex is gone for a while, did your son have a good time at the carnival?

I'm just having some home made soup and relaxing, and I'm watching The Monster Squad on DVD. I went and picked up a book about abortion on attack. It looks good. Tonight I'm supposed to be going out or dinner. Aside from that, I'm just going to relax. It's month end at work, and it'll be busy around the office. I don't want this illness, or whatever the hell it is, to drag on for any longer.

HI! I just got back from meeting the Turbos! What nice people they are. smile.gif We ended up talking about the Lounge. Heh. tongue.gif

I got some bach flower remedies and I slept till 4:00 AM. Which is better than normal so I'm happy. Hopefully I get another good nights sleep in.

I do believe the Turbos are headed back to Chicago now.

GAH. Double post.
*flops down on okayland sofa, with a plate of Wisconsin cheeses and beer to pass around thread*

Hi ya'll! We're back from Madison, and we had SUCH a great time meeting tree...who is just as smart and fun and kind in person as she is here! And, I think we fall a bit more in love with Madison everytime we go was such an amazing fall day today - clear skies and shinshine glinting off the lakes and the golden trees setting everything off. Tree took us around their amazing farmer's market, where I stocked up on cheeses and jam and bread, and then we went to a great brewpub for lunch. YUM!

Friday, we also ran up to our favorite brewery, New Glarus, and pretty much filled the trunk with beer - for us and for friends and family....anytime someone we know runs up to WI, orders are taken for their local beers. Good stuff.

And, we're happy to be home too...the full moon is shining bright over the lake, a beautiful golden color, and the lake is roaring.

Oh, and my dog is an asshole....I went to pick him up this afternoon (he didn't want to leave the pugs' house, as it is SO much fun there with a cat to watch all day), and on the way home, he got all riled up barking at his arch-enemy, the rottweiler who lives in the building next door and lays on their balcony all day....well turbo was barking and carrying on, and jumped up, and fell hard on his ass, and now has a 1/2" round tear in his fanny. So we called our dear friend the Vet (who we were visiting in Madison), to ask whether we needed to go to the e-vet for stitches. She didn't sound concerned, so we cleaned it up, shaved the area, and put butterflies on the wound. We'll re-measure the wound tomorrow morning, and if it gets bigger, we'll call the e-vet. Ugh.
Hi Hi!

Turbo and Tree, so glad that you two had a good time. I think next time y'all should come up for a visit. Up North. It's fun here!

I had a wonderful dinner this evening with my dad and step mom, I'm still not feeling that fantabulous, so I'm just going to chill. That and everyone around here that I usually go out with is sick. Nasties going around.

Later all!
awww, Turbo. (blushes). I had SUCH a good time meeting you two, and your friends too! I am sure that I will run into the veterinarian in my work eventually. Heh.

Anyway, you guys are great, I'm glad you found your way out of town after I steered you wrong. 'twas a nice day for me.

We just had the Lamest. Halloween. Party. Ever. six people, watching "Halloween" on television, I was almost the only one in costume, except that then U & C came in costumes too. I took a LOT of effort to look bloody and gruesome too! Wah!

But, at least I have some scrumptious taco dip left over. Mmmm.

(off to curl up in front of the television with taco dip)
hey tree, i just wanted to drop you a note-- i'm just about finished on a painting i was commisioned to do, after that, i'll have enough time to work on that tattoo design if you still want it...

ps: hi everybody!!!
Good Morning,

Mmmm tree, taco dip. I tells yah what, when I get my own place, I'l throw a Hallowe'en partay and all the busties can come!!!!!

Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeteeeeeeeeeeeeeee! You need to come in here more often.

Well, I had funk ass dreams last night, and I didn't even do drugs. Today I'm going to purchase me an external hard drive.

Later folks!
Ooooh, yay! Of course I still want it. smile.gif

ETA: Xpost with CH! *waves
GT!!!! Come back, darlin'! We *meece* you!!! I actually asked tree yesterday if she had heard from you know us busties, we worry when we don't see one of our tribe around for awhile. smile.gif Have you finished the welding program? What are you up to these days?

Well, I decided to try and make gluten-free sesame crackers this morning....they're in the oven now, but I'm really not sure they're going to turn out, since I'm kind of making this up as I go along. I'm using brown rice flour, corn flour, sesame seeds, salt, pepper, olive oil, and eggs to bind....Ok, I just took the first batch out...nope, definitely not great. Oh well...experimentation will continue on this front....

Sorry your halloween party was lame, tree....bummer.

I think I'll make a little brunch now...fried egg sammies, maybe some fried apples, and maybe even some mimosas. All made with lovely stuff we bought in Madison yesterday.
hi turbo! *gets warm fuzzies* well, have finished the welding program, and i am indeed welding. i took a lower paying job a mile away(at what is essentually i pipe factory-- tig welding 6'6" pipes-- awesome!!!) so i can get experience with exotic metals, and ride a bike to work, got a car (white saab) this last week, and i am working on a painting for a friend, and am thinking about jumping ship to a job that pays up to 6 bucks more, and the chance to help build coast guard boats... thanks for asking. i wish i could post more, but no 'puters at the pipe factory... sniff. actually it's kinda nice. but i miss the busties!!!
ooh, GT, I am glad you are making use of your welding training. I think it'd be cool making coast guard boats.

Exotic! I have never worked on anything other than copper or steel. If you can learn to weld aluminum well, I will so respect you! Well, I already respect you, but you will fit into a class of welder I've rarely seen, if you can weld aluminum. You'll be way farther than I ever hoped to be. smile.gif

Hey, hon, don't be a stranger, we meeese ya.
well, tree i owe you a lot for all the swell encouragement.
Awwwwww, all the bustie love in here this weekend is so divine!

GT, I am *thrilled* to hear that you are not only using your welding skills, but moving forward to become an expert in your field - BRAVO!!! I do hope you'll keep popping in here from time to time - okayland is not the same without you, and your ability to realize your dreams and plans is truly inspiring - much love to you, my dear!!

Now, speaking of MIA busties....where are the falljackets? I worry about them when they drop off for a few days. Let's hope fj has been busy interviewing for, and has been hired for a great job!

The Sunday night of it all is settling in, and I'm trying not to be bummed about the impending work week, so I'm going to go hop in a bathtub, and then turn in early. G'night!
Good Evening

GT, so glad to hear that things are going well with you! Come and play here more often!

Hey Tree!

Turbo, I know how you feel about work. Chin up darling! You are amazing, and the absolutely *perfect* job will come along where you are happy, appreciated for your talents and you get sick time.

I'm going to go and scream at iTunes some more, like it can hear me. I am also worried about the FJ's. I hope things are okay.

Night all!
Good morning!

It's cold here! 41 this morning. brrrrr. I had to pull out the coat, gloves, and scarf. Chilly. And dark! Though I will hate to lose the daylight at the end of the day, it will be worth it to not feel like I'm leaving the house in the middle of the night.

GT! It is good to see you! Your new job sounds great! I hope it provides you with a wealth of new knowledge and experience.

Tree & Jenn-that is too cool that you guys got to hang! Excellent. Jenn, it sounds like you & turbomann had a lovely visit to Madison. ((turbo bootie)) I hope he is ok. ohmy.gif

I know, WHERE are the FJs?? I miss them! And I really hope everything is ok w/ them.

Hi CH! How are you feeling?

Tree-man, that party does sound lame. Oye. But yes, yay for taco dip. I love that stuff.

I'm doing ok. My weekend was not as wonderful as I wanted it to be. Friday night was nice. I went to my mom's place to hang out. It was fun and relaxing. Saturday was pretty good. Mr K and I went to the flea market, we bought a very odd assortment of items. Local honey, some cool vintage buttons for my sister, and a yardstick. Saturday PM I saw a movie-Darjeeling Limited. I thought it was good. I think my expectations were low b/c others had told me it was bad. I liked it though. Yesterday kind of sucked. I got no relaxation in, I had to run around all day. Helping Mr K go pick up a rental van from a place 25 mins from our house, sitting for 45 mins in football game traffic trying to get to brunch, being an hour late to the brunch due to helping mr K & the shitty traffic, then working at the hospital from 1:30 to 6. Ah well, what can you do. I decided I am not planning any more brunches/lunches on Sundays. It just makes the day too busy. Anyhow, end rant. It was just very annoying.
Goooood Morning,

Kari, I'm sorry your Sunday was so great.

I'm doing pretty well today, last night I had a headache that Advil just didn't cure, so I popped a T3, then I started feeling sniffly, so I had some neocitran. If I was hurting, I was passed out and couldnt feel it. Still have a bit of a sore throat today, but much better than previously.

I have a huge stack of paperwork here, I should get to it.


I have to say, I am so impressed with GT and Tree and the work they do. I don't know how to do anything like that. Work like that scares me some.

Yay for Busties meeting!

I've never been to Madison either which seems silly since it's so close. I've driven past it but never actually stopped. Halloween is big over there, right Tree?

Boo for busy Sundays, Kari. I like my Sundays to be relaxing so I know what you mean.

My weekend was good. My parents came to visit for the weekend which was great. I really like my parents and enjoy hanging out with them. Yesterday we went for a long walk in my beautiful neighborhood. It was a gorgeous sunny and crisp morning. We also saw Dan in Real Life which I liked a lot more than I thought I would. TB left Saturday morning for a duck hunting trip and won't be back until next Sunday. It's weird being in our new place without him. It's strange, I lived alone for 5 years and loved it. We've lived together for just over three years and it's made it really hard to be alone. Of course, when I lived alone I had a cat which helped a lot.

Anyway, enough rambling....

Anyone heard from Tes lately?
Hola bustiers!!

It really feels like a fall monday today. It's cold, my nose is running, I feel sleepy, etc.

That's so neato that tree and turbo got to meet in real life!! I'm jealous!!

Nice to see you, girltrouble!! Stay and play!!

Sounds like everyone had decent weekends. My weekend wasn't all that eventful. I was so, so physically tired (I need to exercise) and cold, so I stayed home and watched the tube most of the time. I think I watched Road Trip twice and Old School three times (I have the bare minimum cable package).

I went to IKEA yesterday. I hate that place.
Hi, peeps!

This is just a fly-by since I don't have much of my lunch break left over, but I'll come in later after my boss is gone. He's being an asshole again today.

Big news on the family-ish front: Sam's mom is in jail! Yes!!! On Labor Day weekend, she got busted with meth, then never went to her court date, so she got arrested yesterday. I really hope she does some time and is court ordered into treatment. The day after she got busted, she also caused a 4-car accident. Several people went to the hospital, but I don't think there were any major injuries. She was probably high at the time. This all sounds awful, but my family and hers are all very happy this happened so she finally has to 'fess up to everything and start dealing with her problems, and it's doubtful she'll get custody of Sam for a long, long time, which is really for the best. This has been a really long time coming.

My landlord also got arrested, but we don't know what for. He's such a cool guy, too, but I could see him getting caught with pot or something stupid. We got a call from his lawyer on Saturday asking what our relationship is to him, but he wouldn't give us details because we aren't close friends or family. But still, I hope it wasn't anything huge and that he can come back to the house soon. He's a really decent person, always fun to talk with, though we don't see him a whole lot.

Anyway, the giant and I helped Sam's dad move into his new place, which reminds me a bit of my old apartment. We put together a whole bunch of furniture and just enjoyed hanging out for a bit. My brother's turned into a pretty cool guy over the last couple of years. I wish Sam's mom would take a note from him.
Hi catsoup! Glad you had a nice visit with your 'rents. I know what you mean about getting used to living with someone. I like spending time alone in my house, but I am always happy when Mr K gets home. I want to see Dan in Real Life.

CH, are you getting lots of work done? I need to, but I am experiencing severe lack of motivation lately.

Hi Diva! That is indeed some news about Sam's mom. I know what you mean about it being a good thing though. She needs a wakeup call. Hopefully this is it. It is always hard to tell. I am really happy your brother is doing so well. smile.gif

It turned into a beautiful day here. Sunny, low 60's. I am considering running with the dogs later on today. I skipped my lunch workout, so that probably would be a good thing to do.


Hey, gang. Just wanted to say hello to the residents of OkayLand. Since I post here so rarely, I don't feel like a permanent resident here. It's like I have a vacation home in OkayLand that I get to escape to occasionally. smile.gif

Turbo, I was thinking of you yesterday. I watched Nigella & then I cooked all sorts of lovely things - homemade bread and a lovely dinner straight out of Gourmet Magazine - & it reminded me of how you like to cook on Sunday afternoons.

It's so cool to think of our GT welding things! They grow up so fast, don't they? (sniff sniff)

Divala, here's hoping that this wake-up call will end up helping Sam;s mm in the long run.

Catsoup, I haven't heard from Tes lately, but I think she'll be back in the states in a few weeks. Sheff & I are going to her house for Thanksgiving, so she better be there! biggrin.gif

Poods, why don't you like Ikea? I've only been there once & I found it totally overwhelming. I was on sensory overload after getting just 2/3rds of the way through. I caught my second wind in the kitchenware section, but overall I found the experience to be a bit much. Makes you wonder how long the average trip to Ikea is for the average customer. Two hours maybe?

~~~~~~~ soothing for CH ~~~~~~~

I had a pretty great weekend for a change! I finally painted the ceilings in the dining room and half bath. And I baked a ton & had friends over. And Sheff got a puffer fish which is super cute. And on Saturday night we went to a great Halloween party. Good times, y'all
Hi, again!

RV, that's great that you finished the ceilings. It sounds like a pretty rough job to do. And baking! I'd love to spend a day baking, but I don't know who'd eat it all.

I'm so jealous of the RV/Tes Thanksgiving.

CH, I hope your cold goes away fast.

I'm itching for a good long trip to IKEA. It's been a little while, and I like wandering around there, and I always stop for a slice of their apple pie. I need to learn to make that myself.

GT's a welding professional! Wow!

Catsoup, would you recommend that movie? I've been kind of wanting to see it, what with the Steve Carell and all, and everything else out now looks like it sucks.

Kari, you should take a day off, just to get a break from your hectic weekend. Nothing sucks more than sitting in traffic for some dumb sports thing you're not even going to.

Hi, Jenn, Poodle, and all else!

I'm glad this stupid day is done with. I was greeted this morning with my asshole supervisor asking what time I got in (it was maybe a whole 3 minutes after the 15 minute grace period, which means I can leave in 2 minutes now), then never heard anything else about it. I talked to Sam for a little bit. He just learned about hard and soft p's in preschool today. Awww. I'm going to go to the gym when I get home then hopefully eat some pasta, because I'm starving. I've got to start on my homework, too, but that shouldn't be too bad since I do all my reading at the gym so I don't have to try to concentrate at home, which can be impossible.

Oh, I also finished off the polymer clay covered bottle I was working on, and it's fab-you-less! It's got something like 960 tiles on it and I kept all my columns perfect so none of my lines got broken up. I'll really have to take a picture of this one to show you guys what I mean by all this. I think I'm going to have to price it really high, though, because it took me weeks to make and it's really cool. I wouldn't mind keeping it for myself, though. So now I get to move onto some wine glasses or martini glasses with the same pattern, which only take a few hours apiece, so I can charge a reasonable amount. I've got to get all my non-chocolate crafting done in the next couple weeks to be ready for my first holiday show, so I'm dedicating all free time to that for awhile.

Hello all my wonderful Okaylanders!!! How are my lovelies today?

In general news, my broken tooth is in the middle of abcessing. It swelled up overnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning, and I was in major pain Sunday. My jaw is all swollen and hard. Went to the clinic today and got some antibiotics. Now I HAVE to deal with the tooth. Bah.

Also, it looks like I got the call up, while I was out today, to go to Vancouver and have the kidney stone blasted at last. I have to phone back tomorrow.

Now, more seriously, I just got home from the gay ex-priest's apartment. He called me downstairs to help him deal with a problem. I was right about the new downstairs neighbour - bad boy. Apparently into cocaine. (I suspected.) Apparently guitarboy has done it with him, which is why I got called in, as guitarboy's friend. None of us want to see guitarboy go down. Anyway, gay ex-priest got guitarboy to come over and we had The Talk.

He didn't seem surprised by the way the conversation went, and even seemed relieved to be talking about it....but it's hard to tell, since he covers up his true feelings a lot - he's a lot like me, actually, especially when I was his age. He admits to doing coke, says it was only once, and says he doesn't want to be that guy, doesn't want to go down that road, etc. He knows he's been screwing up and acting weird lately, and knows hanging out with the new neighbour/old friend isn't good for him. He seems genuinely remorseful and regretful about it.

Gay ex-priest asked him to promise both of us not to do it again, which he did. (I wouldn't necessarily have gone that route - I think you can only ask people to be accountable to themselves when it comes to drugs and alcohol - but maybe given he's still at the age of peer pressure and experimentation, and given his need for caring people in his life, this was the right way to go.) He said banjoboy's already given him shit for it, too, and made him promise not to do it again, and he thinks his mom suspects, too. So. We'll see where this goes. Explains a lot, though.

Me: my earlier instincts, towards pursuing other romantic avenues right now, seem even more appropriate in retrospect. As I said last time, guitarboy needs to do some growing up. But I still love him like a brother, and I will fight to keep my dear friend sane and healthy and moving positively forward with his life.

guitarboy and I might go trick-or-treating on Hallowe'en. He suggested this AFTER the conversation tonight, so I hope that's a sign that he wants to re-normalize his life....I'm going to have to think up a cheap costume in a damned hurry though!!

Well. Interesting times. Isn't that an old Chinese curse? "May you live in interesting times."

That is all. Kind of a shocker, I know. But I know you all love this soap opera-esque shit.
Gooooood Morning!

Catsoup, glad you had a good weekend!

Poodle, I love Road Trip, and I also have to confess, I really don't like IKEA either. I just don't get it.

Diva, that is horrific that Sam's mom is on Meth. I agree, it is a good thing that she got arrested and can start to deal with the addiction. It's a horrible one, I've seen it with clients. Sad. Your boss is a cocksucking douchebagger. I say you call him that on your last day!

Kari, all I had all day was phone calls about people bitching about their cheques and where they were. I don't return those phone calls.

Hey RV! Pop in whenever! Sounds like you had a good weekend, too!

Doodle, that's good that you are going to get the kidney stone taken care of. I'm glad that you and gay ex-priest had a heart to heart with guitar boy, it's shitty to see someone you care about going into self destruct mode. I hope that he sticks with it.

Anyways, I'm feeling much better today. Yesterday I had a bitch of a headache and didn't want to work out, but I made myself do it and felt much better. Went to bed early and dragged myself out of bed this morning to do some cardio. Aside from that, it's month end and maddening around these parts. Tons of phone calls, blah blah blah. It's supposed to be nice here, especially for the end of October. The dog is enjoying it thoroughly.

That's all for now! Later kids!

Count me in on the "I don't like Ikea" bandwagon. Every time I go there I have such high hopes that maybe this time will be the time I love it. And then I don't. Don't get me wrong, I've gotten a few good things there. But it's just so much work and so exhausting. TB and I bought a couple lamps there a few weeks ago. One of the lamps is broken - it works fine but it's crooked and not standing straight. But we both dislike going to Ikea enough to keep putting off the return, all the while using the crooked lamp. I wonder if we'll ever actually return it.

Diva, I liked the movie; it was just what I needed - sweet, funny, made me feel happy, but it was very predictable.

CH, what kind of cardio do you do? I like the pilates I've been doing (I wish I could afford private sessions forever! I feel like I'm really getting something out of it) but I think I need to add some cardio. I have no idea what I should be doing though. I'm a complete exercise virgin (other than the 2 months of water aerobics I did a few years ago).

I'm forcing myself to stay inside and write my damn paper rather than enjoy the lovely day outside. I did allow myself to walk to the Co-op and get some coffee from Dunn Bros but now I must write this fucking thing. I've closed all the blinds and curtains so I don't daydream out the window. It's so gorgeous out. Too bad the kids can't go trick-or-treating tonight. Tomorrow it's going to be cold again.
Hi everyone!!

Dooooodle, what drama there is in your life right now! Yikes! I'm with you - you can only ask people to be honest and accountable to themselves...promises oaths to other people isn't a balanced way to move forward. Still, I'm glad that guitarboy has such good and caring friends nearby. Have you figured out a costume yet?

I'm not doing anything tomorrow night, other than my usual mentoring gig - I'm sure there will be NO focus on work tomorrow, but oh well. I'm just hoping to make it home safely...its in a dangerous part of the 'hood, and halloween could be worse than usual. Maybe I'll have my neighbors come pick me up, since turbomann will be out.

RV!!! I am SOOooooooo jealous of your turkey day with TES!!! Give her a big squishy hug for all of us, and you must force her back here to give us all a big Booooooom Dia!

Well, I went to my gym last night for the first time in 5 months, and OMG, they totally remodeled in my absence, and its even more gorgeous than ever! Went to my favorite spin class, excellent as ever, and discovered just how totally in shape I am - I ROCKED that class, and my legs never got tired, and I wasn't getting winded at all. Guess all the biking I've done worked!

Sadly, though, as soon as I got home, an awful migraine hit...the kind that kept me up all night, fevery and puking. Ugh. I know its a result of a month taking Claritin D, which I just stopped taking on Sunday because my liver is really sore, and this is the withdrawl/detox migraine....nasty one. Today, I'm just drained and a little bit of a mess.

Diva, I sure hope Sam's mom takes this turn as a wake up call...sounds like she needs it, and she's beyond the help of her family.

Okay, time to start dinner and walk the dog. Oh, turbodoggie's behind is healing up nicely - he hasn't licked it at all, amazingly!
awwww ~*~*anti tooth pain vibes*~*~ for doodle

~*~*anti-migraine vibes*~*~ for turbo

I actually had a migraine on Saturday just before I met you. It was an optical migraine though; no headache, and pretty much those always clear up within a half hour. It just cleared up about ten minutes before you got there. I was hoping it would. It makes my vision funky. I durn near go blind. Good thing I was already at the farmers market and not driving! And, YAY on rocking the spin class! I remember when I was first considering going into the trades, I decided to go to a health club and sort of get a physical fitness assessment...I had been riding bike to work for the past four months...and they put me on a stationary and couldn't get my heart rate up. They said I had fitness equivalent to a typical triathalon athlete. Not anymore, though I bet.

Yes, catsoup, I have to agree with you, Ikea is exhausting. It's not exhausting enough to make me dislike it though. Probably because there's not one close enough for me to experience, I've only been to one twice in my life.

Oh, diva, that meth is a horrible thing. I have an ex-roomie who's on it, she doesn't have a tooth left in her mouth. This is after maybe six months or so. It's awful.

CH, I am glad you are feeling better!

GT, if you are lurking, I almost got a chance to strike an arc (weld something, for you non-welders) today! It's been almost eight years! Just as I was getting ready (I was gonna build a screw jack to install a valve eight feet in the air), my boss showed up and he gets his nose into everything, asked me what I was making...he then took me to a dark dusty corner in our store-room and showed me a whole bunch of jacks. Heh. I was sort of hoping to strike an arc again. I was talking to a building manager who used to do a lot of welding and he said something priceless. He said, "welding is kind of like a mini acid trip". Maybe that's why I enjoy it so.

I'm still gonna weld something tomorrow. It may be ugly. Heh. It's just going to be welding a chunk of angle iron on the end of a piece of pipe. I hope it's like riding a bike. I doubt it though.

RV, congrats on getting the ceiling painted! That's the kind of job I dread, just cause it's a PITA.

Sooo, I am getting some overtime this week. I have to work on a job where we have to shut down all the steam feeding a whole building, and it houses a hotel and a kitchen, so it can't be done during the day (it'd kill the dishwashers and the showers) so we are doing it from 11 PM Thursday night to 5:00 AM Friday morning. And I'm planning to work my regular Friday shift from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM. I'ma make sure it's an easy day.

(waves to Okayers)
Hi Hi!

Catsoup, I have an elliptical trainer and rowing machine at home, so I hop on both. I also drag my ass out every day to take houndish to the park. ~*~*~*paper writing vibes~*~*~*~*

Turbo, I hope you feel better soon! ~*~*~*anti migraine and soothing vibes~*~*~*~* yay on the awesome workout!

Hey Tree! That's cool that you are welding! My dad was a welder for the longest time, but then he got a fleck of metal in his eye. Now he sells welding equipment. How is your arm treating you?

I'm quite hungry today, seems like all I've been doing today is eating. I know my metabolism has increased because of my working out, and if i eat any more fruit, I'm going to puke. Feh. It all works out, except the puking part! laugh.gif

I'm off to get some grub. Later all!
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