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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Happy Birfday, Culturrrrrrre!

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! smile.gif

*oggles her in her Birthday Shoes* WooooooooOOOooooooooooooo!
Thank you Lore!
Wooooo-hoooo! Happy Birfday CH!! I can't possibly top lore's celebratory wishes, though!

*looks under okayland chaise lounge for poodle* Hopefully, she's just busy with work and the poodlepalace.

Thank COD, tomorrow is Friday! I got pseudo chewed out by the asshole boss today, but really, I couldn't even take it seriously....he was in a pissy mood, and was looking for someone to hang, and it was my day. But, I did my job, wrote my communications plan for the stupid intranet re-launch....not my fault he doesn't read his email. I let him rant. Said my piece, and dropped copies of the emails, plans and documentation on his desk and left. Bastard is not going to abuse me.

Kari - that's so cool that Mr K's band did the themesong for that caveman show!

Not much else exciting going on real plans for the weekend, except, oh WORK. But, I'm sure going to the breast cancer walk will be fun, so its not so bad - and hey its been 77 degrees all week, so the weather should be freakishly nice. I think a few trees here are throwing their leaves down in sheer frustration, of their glory days being stolen by this false summer. smile.gif

Doodle, thanks for continuing to check in! (((((super-duper employment and songwriting vibes)))) And may all your drummer dreams come true!
I just wanted to send out a heart felt thank you for all of the birthday wishes from the Busties.

Turbo, you could tell me about something yummy you have made lately! I'm sorry to hear that your boss was such a fucker today.

I'm watching The Sopranos right now, so I'm going to get back to it, then head to bed, I've got a busy day off tomorrow!

Night mah busties!
Okay, CH, I'll tell you a story....tonight, for your birthday, I made my famous "chorizo pot." Which involves sauteeing a pound of chorizo, and then draining it between 4 layers of paper towel (no one needs all that grease), then dump it back in the pot, add two cans of black beans, a spoonful of chipotles in adobo, a cup of water, simmer for 10 minutes, then add a pound of lightly steamed and drained spinach, and use it to top tostadas! Makes a ton, so you get lots of leftovers for lunches....and you don't feel guilty because of all that healthy spinach! tongue.gif

For moxie, I made Ina Garten's Chicken Piccata, brown rice, and a yummy fall salad topped with sliced pears and bleu cheese.

So there's the food story of the week....gotta plan for the weekend cooking tomorrow night.
Driving by to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CH!!!

(I so want a happy cake like this once in my adult lifetime, don't you all?)
Aw shucks, I think I'm a little late with these wishes, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CULTURE!!!! [throws confetti around the lounge, passes out bowls of ice cream with jimmies] hope it was a great one, girl!

ETA: could i please get some good job-getting vibes from busties? tomorrow i'm supposed to hear back about a job i applied for earlier this month, that i really want. they've been putting off the decision for a while (it's been over 2 weeks since my interview, and 1 week since the original date they gave me as their decision point), and i'm really trying hard to believe that the lagtime isn't a bad sign... thanks smile.gif

~~~~JOB VIBES OCTI!!!~~~~~ I'll cross my fingers for you! I hate when employers drag their feet like that, it's so frustrating. Ugh.

*yawwwwwwnnnnnn* I am sleepy this morning. Stayed up too late. We went to a concert, so I didn't get to bed til around midnight. The show was fun though.

CH, How was your birthday? I know you are not at work today, have a great day!!

Jenn, man that really stinks that your boss chewed you out. That chorizo dish sounds delish! As does everything you make.

Well, not much to report here today. I plan on studying all day at work. Yes, yes I do. I am leaving early to meet with my supervisor at the hospital, another former intern, and a psychologist who is trained in a particular therapy we are interested in. So at least I'll get to cut outta here early.
Good Morning on thie Friday!

Turbo, that sounds absolutely delish!!!!

Doodle and Octi, thank you for the birthday wishes!

~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes for octi~*~*~*~

Kari, I've not done anything yet for my birthday. I'm celebrating tomorrow! Everyone had to work today. But, last night I watched The Sopranos on DVD and just rested!

I hve to go get ready, I've got loads to do today!
Hi, peeps!

It's payday! It's payday! I'm not broke anymore!

(((((((((job vibes for Octi)))))))))

Jenn, that sucks that your asshole boss chewed you out, and it looks like it was completely unjustified. What would have to happen so he could be fired? He sounds lousy on so many levels. Your chorizo dish sounds wonderful, though. I love anything with black beans in it.

My boss surprised me yesterday by coming in after his dumbass conference to chew me out for coming in late and not saying anything to the other supervisor. I wasn't aware I needed to broadcast that I was late since I walked right past her, and I know she saw me, on my way into the building. I feel like I'm being accused of stealing time here, when I have not, I just refuse to be babysat. And of course I was online when my asshole boss came over and he took me completely off guard so I forgot to be mean at first. But seriously, next time this happens I'm going to ream him a new asshole. I may be a lousy worker sometimes, but I get my shit done. He's a lousy boss all the time.

I haven't heard from Poodle yet, so I'm going to give her a call later on today.

And BTW, where's FJ been lately?

CH, have a lovely day off!

Kari, it sounds like you have a lovely day of studying ahead of you. I like studying at work, although I get distracted by The Cruncher.

Hi, Lore!

What's everyone got planned for the weekend? We're going to The Cheesecake Factory tonight for dinner, then grocery shopping tomorrow and maybe a few other errands since it's supposed to be nice out. Then we're going to veg out on Sunday, which is perfect because I can finish up the bottle I'm covering, study for my midterm, and make apple crisp while he watches stupid-ball. Or maybe his cousin will invite him down to watch his big NFL Sunday Ticket thingy and I'll get the house to myself. Who knows, but either way is fine with me.

Now that I have money again, I need to make an appointment to get my sealants done for my back teeth next week. I've been grinding again lately (thanks, asshole boss), so I want to get this done, and maybe buy a mouth guard to wear at work. My asshole boss isn't going to steal my pretty teeth from me, oh no siree!
Hi Hi Hi!

I hope everything is okay with Poodle. Keep us posted, Diva.


~$**~~Job Vibes for Octi~~**$~

Turbo and Diva, having to deal with fuckers for bosses is hell. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. Vent away and hopefully that helps a little.

Not much going on here except for school. I did really well on the first paper I had due last week and got a B+ on my biostatistics test so I'm really happy about that. I need to get my ass moving and run to the grocery store before class. Our fridge is bare and I don't want to waste what is supposed to be a nice day tomorrow in the grocery store. Tonight we're going out with one of TB's Marine friends and his fiance. They just got engaged a couple weeks ago and then this week they found out he has to go back to Iraq in a couple months. I feel so awful for them. They just started planning their wedding and now it's all fucked up and they're going to be getting married next month and then he leaves. And he's going to be doing a more dangerous job over there than he did last time. So we're going out tonight with them. Tomorrow we're having a date day/night and then Sunday there's a TB family function. Yippee.
Hi it's me again!

Diva, your boss deserves to be hit with a fish. Or a safe. Or a very large anvil. But yum on going to The Cheesecake Factory!

Thank you for the birthday wishes catsoup.

I'm celebrating my birthday this weekend!

That's all! Later kats!
Yeah! Hit him with a fish!

Diva, man, I am sorry your boss is being such a prick! What is wrong with bosses? At least you got paid, that's a plus. I like studying at work too. I did not think I'd be able to study here today, but then my work project got pushed back. That frees me up a bit.

Catsoup, congrats on the high test score! That's great! And the paper grade. Good work.

Hi CH!

Mr K called to tell me that Paco got a golden shower this morning. (I mean, technically it was not a golden shower, my dogs were not having sex!) Paco always gets up in Yuki's junk when she is trying to pee, he just can't wait to pee on top of it. I guess today he got a little too close. Mr K said it was pretty funny. Though gross. That gets Paco back for peeing on my foot the other day. THAT was nasty.

What are you going to do to celebrate, CH?

That's funny about your dog, Kari. And gross that you got peed on.

I don't think I'm going to go to class today. It's a big lecture and waste of time. But if I stay home I need to actually do something productive. I just got back from grocery shopping and now I might clean up the kitchen. And I need to do some homework. But first I need a little break. smile.gif
Kari, that is so funny that Paco got peed on! Turbo has definitely peed on other greyhounds who were in the way of where he wanted to do his business...makes me laugh everytime. Dude just can't wait for somebody else to get out of the way.

Diva, Cheesecake Factory (or Chacktory, as we like to call it) sounds SO good...we haven't been there in ages, 'cause its at the heinous snooty mall, and parking is hell. But, YUM.

I just made a stop at LUSH on my way home....needed one thing...walk out $70 poorer. Oh well, I got some gooood stuff - the Xmas goodies are already in, and they're my favorite, and I got a free tub of hair paste from a promo - YAY! A nice bath and face mask are in my future this evening.

Assy bosses suck. I'm sorry yours was on the rampage again today, diva. I have to say, I don't even take mine seriously, which is probably a bad thing, but I know I have job security, no matter what the asshole does, so I'm tellin' it like it is. I have my performance review on Monday - should be interesting.

Hihi catsoup! I fully endorse the skipping of class on a friday!

CH...tell us all about your celebrations this weekend!
Hi all!

CH, what did you end up doing to celebrate today?

Diva, I grind my teeth too, and my orthodontist made me an "invisaligner"-- those "alternatives to braces" things that do double-duty as mouthguards and teeth straighteners. I like it a lot, it might be worth looking into--? (I don't know what regular mouthguards look like, eg for wearing at work, but this one is super inconspicuous)

Kari, can you remind me what you do, exactly? I know you told me something about it before, but I'm afraid my memory's not grand enough to remember all the interesting stuff sad.gif

Thanks for the job vibes, cari, CH, diva, cat! it must have worked because i got a call today-- right under the wire, at 4:59!-- from the lady who interviewed me. she has talked to all my references and wants to hire me, she just has to get her supervisor's approval on monday morning before she can make an offer. i *think* her super is the other lady who interviewed me, and seemed to like me, so i think i'm in good shape! yay! as far as other weekend plans: i'll be moving to a new and more permanent housing arrangement- another yay! and then maybe just taking care of odds and ends that i won't have time for once i am again gainfully employed smile.gif

have a great weekend, y'all!

ETA: PS- i think i get to see puppykitty tonight! she invited me to a friend's concert at a local cafe. she's very cool, that lady.
Gah, it sounds like this place is full of work stress. Having a little stress, myself. I'm working on a project for a researcher who (I can't blame him) just moved into a new building and his stuff is all messed up, the systems in the building aren't appropriate for his research equipment. Sooo...the deadline for having this machine up and running is monday morning. I didn't even get the work order till Wednesday afternoon!

There was a missed communication and I was supposed to have gotten the work order on the previous wednesday. Blah. I worked straight through the day yesterday, no morning break, no lunch, and no afternoon break. And I forgot two fittings I needed. I'ma take them over first thing Monday. Startup is going to be at 9:00, so vibes will be greatly appreciated. It's a $35,000 machine, I hope my system works okay.

Catsoup, I end up doing a lot of work for the biotech industry but I've never heard of biostatistics. What is it? What exactly does that subject entail?

Divala, I used to grind my teeth at night, too. What helped me was eating a LOT of carrots right before bed. But if I'm reading your post correctly, are you grinding at work? That'd suck. I don't know if carrots would help that.

Octi, yay on promising jobs! Wow, they did really wait till the last minute, didn't they?

Bah on stupid jerk bosses. I have one, too. So far, he kind of leaves me alone, but he certainly doesn't do me any favors either. I don't think I'm one of his chosen ones...I don't get offered vehicles, or good tools, or good jobs. But, it pays well and I have job security too. So poo on him.

Kari, pretty funny about the golden shower dog. Gross. I s'pose he's gonna need a bath now.

I think I'm going to make split pea soup today. Why is so maligned? I really like it, I make gallons every fall and freeze it. I suppose The Exorcist turned a lot of people off of it.

Later, gaters!
Mornin' ya'll!!

Tree, I have no idea why pea soup is so unloved. Turbomann's got no love for it either, sadly. But, he loves my lentil soup, so its all good. I think I might make cream of tomato soup today...seems like that kind of day to me. Gonna have to get some fresh tortillas to make quesadillas to go with.

I slept in a little this morning (okay, so that's 7:15am for me - but that's 2 extra hours of sleep!), and just got back from a nice long ramble with turbo. Now, I need to ride my bike up to the farmer's market, and see what inspires me there.

YAY Octi!!! Congrats on the new job!! Wow - 4:59 on a Friday is truly the last minute of the week! Still, I hope you celebrate a bit this weekend!

And FEH on all our sucky bosses...but, best not to dwell on that today - its Saturday! ...And a gorgeous one here in the Midwest!
Good Morning!

Kari, that's kinda funny about the hounds, but ewwww about being peed on.

Catsoup, I agree, you need a reak now and then!

Turbo, ooooohhhh LUSH! What exactly did you get? Enjoy your day today!

Octi, congratulations on the job!!!

Tree, I hope everything goes well at work, and yummmmm pea soup!

Tonght is the celebration night! I'm going to watch UFC first, at a place next to the bar, then afterwards, heading to the bar I usually go to. There are quite a few people coming, so it'll be good times abound! Plus, the bar is a total meat market. Hee hee. I'm going to take the houndish out for a walk now.

Later kats!

Hi, peeps!

CH, did you have fun on your big night out?

Ewwww, dogs peeing on each other!

Tree, yeah, I've been grinding more at work and I get these headaches there that won't go away no matter what I try to do for them. And I'm not the first person that my boss has given health problems to. At this point, I'm just waiting for him to start it up again so I can give him a piece of my mind. But eating carrots might be a good idea, give The Cruncher a taste of her own medicine!

Wow, that sounds like a huge job for such a short time to do it! You are truly amazing.

Hi, Jenn!

I don't mind split pea soup, but it's never my first choice. My grandma used to make a pretty good one with ham in it, very country-ish, just like the rest of her cooking. I want to make some kind of thick soup soon that requires the use of my immersion blender that I've had since last Christmas but haven't broken out of the box yet.

Poodle is still alive and well. She called my ass up at 10:00 this morning and woke me up. We didn't talk long, but she's doing just fine.

Our weekend has been okay. We went to The Cheesecake Factory last night, which was expensive, but delicious. The only problem is that I think the slice I brought home, their triple layer Godiva cheesecake, is what's been making my tummy hurt today. I had some this afternoon, then felt vaguely nauseus, then I was fine and ate some more this evening and got that weird feeling again. Too bad, because it's delicious. We went grocery shopping and to Kohl's to get the giant some Star Wars dolls, er, sorry, "action figures." They aren't "action" figures if you leave them in the packaging and don't actually play with them and move their parts around. My mom called, too, which was weird because I haven't talked to her in over a month now. My youngest brother, Sam's dad, is moving into his own apartment next weekend (yay!) and he wants some Picasso prints, and she wanted to know where to go for them. Other than that, I've been working on covering that same bottle I have been since earlier this week and watching Metalocalypse special features, one of them featured the singer of the band trying to read Hamlet for 20 minutes and making a complete idiot of himself. Hilarious!

Have any of you ever had a strange dry feeling in the back of your throat, like it's a desert? No matter what I do, it keeps coming back. It even woke me up last night. The people I've asked so far say it could be a sign of diabetes. I sure hope not, I'm going to be opening a dessert bar named Sugar, fer chrissakes! I can't be a diabetic!

Good Afternoon,

Diva, are you feeling any better? Has that dry sensation in your throat gone away?

Last night was fun. The fights kind of stank, but the bar was fun. Stayed with the staff after closing, the cop wa there. But, we have to keep anything ont he down low, as we have a mutal friend, and it may cause trouble. I always get myself into this. This drunk woman was throwing herself on him, after she walked away I asked him if he wanted me to bring her along (as a joke, we had both been drinking), he said no, he was not impressed with her.

All in all it was fun times. I didnt get home until 4 this morning. I'm pooped out today.

I'm still watching The Sopranos. I need food.

hi ladies! thanks for the congrats on the job.

diva - when i have a dry throat (eg, after being sick, or just from living in a frickin' desert) i drink ginseng-oolong tea, which makes it feel nice and smooth. if you can't get your hands on that, maybe just try another tea with honey in it?

CH, i agree, the fights kinda sucked! i was halfway watching them last night, b/c they were playing them at the strip club i was at... so i tuned into the fights when the dancer onstage was not keeping my attention... especially the final fight was weak, because there was so much build up but then the white guy was no match for the badass brazilian!

(haha, maybe i was inspired by the fights because i was going pseudo jiu-jitsu on my fellow this morning in bed-- basically just attacking him and trying to flip him over and choke him! he thought it was shocking/ hilarious smile.gif i like the fact that he could have probably pinned me in 5 seconds but played along and let me have my fun!)

speaking of the fellow, last night he asked me to be his girlfriend. i said no, not yet. i'm not sure if i'm *afraid* of commitment or simply prefer not to have it- ?

~*~*~*~good work vibes for tree*~*~*~*~*

enjoy the rest of the weekend, y'all! i'm off to finish moving and then go to salsa class! smile.gif

Oooh, octi - UFC, strip club, and attacking a man in bed......YUM! What a weekend busties are having!

CH, sounds like you had a damned good birfday celebration, if you were up to 4am!

Our evening was cut remarkably short, but I had another bad allergy attack yesterday, so I slept for 4 hours in the afternoon anyhow. But turbomann came home from paintball and we went out to dinner, and as we're driving down our street....all the lights went out. Again...this has happened pretty much every weekend this month. So at 9pm, with no electricity, we went to bed. Which was fine really, since we had to be up early to go to the ACS Breast Cancer Walk.

...Which was, AMAZING. Today was one of those rare days where I feel like *this* is why I do this work. 12,000 people all walking for a cure, with 96% of the funds raised going to patient programs and other charity can say that. And we raised about $4million today. But all the survivors out there are so inspiring, and talking to a few, getting their was great. And a beautiful morning for a walk along Lake Michigan too.

This afternoon, I've just been in the relaxing. I made cream of tomato soup, sauce for making chicken tikka masala last night, salad dressing, and some homeade BBQ sauce to put on some grilled chops for dinner tonight. And, our friends are due to arrive in a few to share dinner with us, and enjoy this freakish 80 degree evening.

OH, and we decided to ditch our Ireland plans for next year since the Dollar sucks, so we're doing this instead. I am SO EXCITED....Great Big Sea, Sara Harmer, Guster, Gaelic Storm and Barenaked Ladies all on one cruise ship together....freaking amazing. We're going to take a REAL vacation - YAY!

Octi - be sure to keep us posted on your new job!!
Jenn, your cooking sounds amazing!

Many congratulations on the Breast Cancer Walk success.
you ARE going on the CRUISE!!! YEAH!!! I WISH we could come! (hmmm...puts thinking cap on....) Cruises are my absolute favorite type of vacation.

So, the weekend was BUSY and i don't feel rested at.all. But, it was busy with really great stuff, so I don't mind so much. Got my hair cut,color,hilighted...and cut moxette's hair! Well, just her fly-away bangs. We're both a little sad to see the natural feather hair go away, but it was starting to bother her, so bangs it is. She looks like a CHILD now...its weird. My hair, however, is NOT weird...its gorgeous. Nothing like a good, too expensive, hair salon trip to uplift a girl's spirits. That, and the 80% off pants I found at the limited in less than 2 minutes in the store! They need a bit of length tailoring, I think, but for $20 for the pants, I'll go to the tailor!

Yesterday, we met my co-workers little new bebe boy. What a sweetie peet. She is recovering quite nicely, too. And, her husband is taking 2 full weeks off work, which is awesome. Its a great trend I'm noticing around fathers taking a signigicant (1+ weeks) to be home from hosp with new baby. Its not paid leave, but its a good start.

I also made delicious cheesey bread, and brought my friend that and beer. What new mama doesn't need beer? She giggled, finished feeding the wee one (he was attached when i arrived) and cracked one open. I'm a good friend. smile.gif

Ok, the kidlet is waking up WAY too early, and to not hear her, I'm going to head upstairs with a cup of coffee.
Good Morning!

Monday already? This weekend went by too quickly.

Congrats Octi!! yay! I'm so glad you got the job! Well, almost...I am sure you will get it though if all she needs is final approval. Did you see PK? I miss that one. Oh- work- right now I work for the state government here, I am a research analyst. I'm in school for my counseling degree though. Almost done!
So dude asked you to be his gf? I think there is no harm in waiting, good for you for saying not yet if you are not ready. How long have you guys been seeing each other?

Jenn, good luck on your performance review! That cruise looks like a blast.

((diva belly)) so you think it's the cheesecake. Bah. That's no good! I hope your throat feels better too. I get that feeling in my throat sometimes. Tea is definitely good for that.

Moxie, your hair sounds beautiful! Was it Moxette's first haircut?

Ch, sounds like you had an enjoyable birthday weekend.

Tree, I hope work gets better. ~~vibes~~ I like split pea soup too. I rarely make it b/c Mr K does not like it.

My weekend was good overall, just short. I stayed in Friday night. Had my test Saturday morning. I think I did well. Well, well enough to pass anyhow. I think I studied adequately b/c there were not too many questions I was clueless about. After that I had to hang around campus b/c there was a module meeting at 1. It was short though, I got home around 2:15. That evening I went to my mom's house. Mom & I went out for sushi. Well, sushi for me, a Japanese dish for her. Then we watched a movie at her place with my sister & niece. It was relaxing. Yesterday we just did housework & then I went to the hospital for a few hours. Last night we met some friends for pizza. All in all a very nice weekend, just hoping for some more free time this weekend.
Heya All! smile.gif

*Sugar Tolerence-Vibes for Diva* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yay good testing, Kari! I hope they get you good results soon. Goaty had her interview last Friday, and we're pretty sure she's a shoe-in, but they're making her wait for an answer anyway. We were looking at apartments half the weekend, and we're needing their decision in order to know if we're actually moving, so I feel for you on the waiting for results thing.

80% off pants?!?... I thought the trend was just enough to show your boxers! wink.gif

Yah for cruises smile.gif

Rock on with the bed-jitsu, Octi smile.gif

Happy extended birthday, Culture!

Heya Tree, Catsoup, Doodle, and any lurkers!
Good Morning Good Morning!

Octi, I didn't even stay and watch the rest of the fights. I saw UFC 75 (in August) and that was amazing, but this was the craps. Feh. Any new news on the job?

Turbo, that is great about the funds raised for the walk! And a cruise!!!! Fabulous! The food! *drools*

Mox, yay on the haircut and majorly discounted pants!!! That is so great!

Kari, that sounds like a lovely weekend!

Hey Lore! ~*~*~*jobbity job vibes for goaty~*~*~*

I also forgot ~*~*~*~*working AC vibed for tree~*~*~*~~*

Well, I didn't do much last night. Watch The Sopranos, then fell asleep. You know you are watching too much Sopranos when you dream about it! I was going to get up early and work out, but that didn't work out so well! Today when I get home I'll get my ass on the elliptical trainer.

That's pretty much all I've got today!

*sweeps the swirling fall leaves out of the thread*

Good evening - YAY for Monday being over! You know, it was lovely to have no fear going into a performance review - that's a new one for me. I know I'm kicking ass at this job, no matter how I feel about it, and indeed the review was all love and snuggles! I even got a salary boost - a tiny one, since I was only reviewed technically for 4 months, but still a nice lift...and the bosses apologized for my salary 3x, realizing that they really did low-ball it in hiring me, and promising to get me more $$ next year, when I'll have a full year in...which is nice.

(((((jobby job vibes for goaty girl, doodle and octi)))))

Kari, I'm with you on the weekend feeling too short! Sounds like you had a good one, even though it was so busy!

Mox, you *know* I'd love you and moxieman to join us on the cruise! We invited my bro and SIL too, and they're seriously considering it as well. I'm just THRILLED to have a for-real, on-the-calendar vacation planned - its been too long since we actually went away for a vacation.

And mox, cough up some piccies of your gorgeous hair! I wanna see it!

Okay, time to get dinner started here - chicken tikka masala, broccoli and brown rice this evening. smile.gif
Turbo, congrats on ROCKING that performance review. Isn't it a nice feeling to know you're kicking butt at your work?

Well, start up was today, I stayed around till they got the water circulating; then told the researchers to page me if any issues came up. I never got paged, so I'm presuming it was smooth sailing. I always feel nervous when I find out how much the equipment cost. Some of the stuff I work on is worth a years salary to me! Eeek!

And now today, I went from THAT high pressure job, to today, fixing a drinking fountain. Heh. Oh, well, it's still refrigeration...and much less stress!

Split pea soup and bavarian rye bread for supper tonight. Yum. It got cold and poopy out!
Hi peepers!!

Just popping in to say 'hi' and that I miss my fellow okayers!! I've been a busy girl the past two weeks.

I'll be back!! Ciao!!
Hey Everyone!

Turbo, that is so great about the performance review! Cogratulations!!!!!

Tree, glad to hear that things at work went well.

Hey Poodle! So glad to see you in here! How have things been???

I had a bitching headache when I got home. So I've just taken it easy. Just got back from the dog park.

I think I'm going to rest more.

CH, hope your headache clears up soon!

Hi Poodle! Glad to see you're alive and kicking.

Tree, your dinner sounds splendid. I'm not a huge split-pea fan, but every once in awhile it really hits the spot. Were you the person who asked what biostatistics is? It's just statistics with a health emphasis. Woohoo. <---- extreme sarcasm

Turbo, how fun would that cruise be!! I'm super jealous. I've always wanted to go on a cruise and then one with BNL? Fun fun fun! Good for you for getting a vacation. And double good for you for your awesome performance review!!!!

Hi Kari, Lore, Moxie, and everyone else!

I've got my first Pilates session tomorrow morning. It's a private session. I'm going to try a few privates before the classes I think. I'm so out of shape and have zero coordination that any help I can get will be a good thing. And I think I can swing it for now financially.

I'm procrastinating on my homework big time. Just like I did all weekend. I wish there was a way to get paid to procrastinate because I am really amazing at it. smile.gif
((((soothing headache vibes for CH))))))

*waves to poodle* Glad to know everything is okay, just busy!

Good luck with the Pilates, 'soup! Be sure to take a nice hot bath tomorrow night - I remember being very sore when I first started yoga and pilates a couple years ago...haven't touched either in at least a year. sad.gif

Tree, I'm glad your system was up and running this morning! Oh, and I can't wait to see you this weekend! We'll be hitting Madison early afternoon on Fri, and leaving early afternoon on Saturday....would you be up for brunch on Saturday? I'm sure you know someplace tasty to eat. wink.gif

Well, I've got a clay mask on, and its time to take a soak in the tub and hit the hay a bit early.
i got the job! (and some cool new work clothes for it smile.gif ) i start on monday, hope i like it! thanks for the vibes and follow-ups about it, ladies (and gent)!

i DID get to see the lovely miss PK over the weekend. she and an equally cool girlfriend showed up and we listened to (surprisingly good!) music at a (surprisingly cool!) new cafe near the university. good times.

kari, me and this fellow have been seeing each other for maybe 3 or 4 weeks? he's great, i'm just not ready to be "tied down"-- that's how an official committed relationship seems to me right now. although i should probably ask him what exactly, in HIS mind, is the difference between being "boyfriend/girlfriend" and what we are alreay. we're already sexually exclusive, and see each other almost every day!

catsoup, good luck with pilates-- you should stop by and hang out with the "becoming healthy" busties in "our bodies"!

turbo, congrats on your review!

kari, what type of research analyst are you? like, what field/topics?
yea to oxinate!!! you got the job!! and bonus yea for new clothes!!
yea to catsoup for starting pilates!!
yea to turbo for the great review and extra bucks!!
ch ... how's the head now? hope you're feeling better.
treehugger, that split pea sounds yummy!

i'm up late doing more bookwork. later than i wanted to, but it's getting done.
catsoup - procrastination, i know what ya mean. i'm great at it.
Turbo, brunch on Saturday sounds good. I've never made the foray into the Madison brunch scene but I'll ask around for some recommendations! I'm looking forward to meeting y'alls, too. smile.gif

Octi, CONGRATS on the job!

Catsoup, you have my props for starting Pilates. I have a couple Pilates videotapes languishing in my closet. I wish I could motivate myself to exercise. And, yes, I was the one who asked about biostats. It seems that so many of the researchers I end up doing work for, have "bio" somewhere in their title...biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, etc. Lots of science here. Biostatistics sounds like a difficult subject, you have my props.

Poodle, I'm with Catsoup...glad you are alive and kicking. Busybusybusy, eh?

CH, ~*~*head soothing vibes*~*~, hoping you feel better today.

ETA: Turbo, what about this place? It sounds pretty good; parking might be an issue though, because it's close to the farmers market. Saturday brunches seem like they might be scarce around here. I'll check around today, though.
Good Morning Good Morning!

Catsoup, I may have to take biostats for my grad degree, it just depends on which program I get into. I'm absolutely looking forward to it. *vomits* Aaahhhhh procrastination, I was one of those people who started a paper the day it was due. I did all the research first, but in terms of writing it. I hope your pilates session goes well. How is school going anyway?

Turbo, that evening of relaxation sounds divine!

Octi, congratulations on the job!!!! *throws confetti* and congratulations on the almost daily portions!

Hey Jami! Good to see you back in here again!

Hi Tree!

I'm feeling mucho better this morning. I even dragged my ass out of bed this morning to do some cardio. This morning, I went kinda nuts on the drive to work. I got caught behind a ginormous truck, and tons of traffic. This city is doing a bullshit amount of construction. So there was a lane that was partially blocked off, then not, so I pulled into the lane. Then, I see that at the intersection, the lane is blocked off with one of those crappy (yet, highly unstable) metal blockades. So I'm pissed because there's no way anyone is going to let me into this other lane. Instead of waiting, I get out of my car, during rush hour at that, and pulled the baricade down so I could keep on going. People probably thought I was nuts. What's even funnier is that the other lane (where the turning lane was open) was closed off (if that makes any sense). So, that's my drive to work story. smile.gif

Yup, I guess I've always been a bit of a rebel! laugh.gif I probably created a disaster for other commuters. I don't really care today. I'm feeling rather self serving.

well, I should go and do some work!

Good Tuesday everybody! Well, ok, its a rainy cold tuesday, but I'm safely ensconced in my office, wearing my discount pants and petting my own hair. So, I feel good. And, has anyone had McDonald's new coffee? Its god.damned.delish!

Turbo, we're trying to figure out if we can afford the cruise...its mui expensivo, and we do feel a bit like we should do a family vaca next. Hmmm...

Diva, are you feeling better? I hate it when my tummy is upset. I'm actually going to my doc today to get some gut meds for the more accute attacks.'s hoping for goatie girl!


Ok, good things Tuesday:
1. Although away (not good), Moxieman got to Little Rock safely yesterday and called me to say he loved me.
2. Moxette slept like a rock.
3. McDonald's coffee.
4. Discount pants.
5. Goin for yummy salad joint for lunch.
6. My momma is making homemade mac and cheese for dinner!
Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I'm way too hyper right now because I'm guzzling coffee in hopes that it will help me get through all the homework I've been avoiding. As a result, this post will probably be rambling and pointless. tongue.gif And full of emoticons.

My first Pilates session was really good. I bought a package of individual sessions to start and then I'll do regular classes. I'm really bad in classes. I get all flustered and self-conscious which means I don't try very hard which means I really don't get much out of the classes which means I hate going. This package was very expensive but I'm okay with that (I think... gulp... too late now!) because it means I'll actually go. Everyone I've talked to (all four people smile.gif) says doing some individual sessions first will really help so I'm hoping that's true. It's amazing how such small movements can really be felt after class. I'll liked the instructor a lot and she didn't make me feel awful for being so out of shape. Of course, TB said that's her job and if she did make people feel bad no one would go back but I still appreciated it.

Moxie, I haven't had the new McDonald's coffee. What's so yummy about it? Is it flavored? I like my coffee to not be flavored and I need to have a lot of half and half in it. Mmmm... I got that from an old coworker/mentor of mine. Before that I always drank it black but since Kirsten I need the cream.

CH, biostats sucks. Mostly because it's statistics and math and I don't remember how to do it. Our prof is a very nice woman but she has been going way too fast in class and we're all a little lost. For my grad program we have to take 2 semesters of it. And I'm in the easy version of biostats (Fundamentals of it rather than the actual Biostats). Blech. I really like school though. It's so much more work than I imagined it would be though. I think that's becuase I kind of sailed through undergrad without much headache and this is actual work. Plus my study habits are really rusty. I'm getting better though. (That's what I keep telling myself. smile.gif)

Yay Octi on getting the job!!!!!!!!!!! Did you tell us what it is already and I forgot?

How cool that Turbo and Tree get to meet this weekend?! I think it's so groovy that people can make real-life connections from Bust. I've only met Diva and that was very brief at Pride but it was still neat. Any chance of another Twin Cities Busties meeting?

Good Things Tuesday:
*Lots of coffee pumping in my veins
*Had my first Pilates class today!
*It's no longer Monday and after tomorrow the week is easy
*TB said he'd make dinner tonight!

Okay, I suppose I should do some work. More later I'm sure.

Hi everybustie!!!

Catsoup - I admire you, and all the other busties, going back to school...I love the idea of it, but can't get my lazy ass behind the idea of homework, and not having time to read fun books. And biostats sounds like no fun at all! "brunch," I loosely mean anyplace that has good food. Could be anything. I probably do want to hit the farmer's market though, so if that place is nearby, maybe its convenient...parking aside. But really, anything works for us - take us somewhere YOU like. We'll give you a call on Friday to firm up plans. smile.gif

No worries on the cruise, mox...I know its pricey, and very luxurious of us to spontaneously go for it...but its about time we took a real vaca!

CH - that's an awesome commute story - you ARE a rebel! Just reading about your traffic frustrations made me glad I don't drive to work. But the real question is....did other people follow you into that lane once you removed the barrier?

I'm going to try and get inspired by you and get my arse on the elliptical tonight. Now that I'm not biking to work much, I need to get my cardio in.

Good Things Tuesday:
1. Tomorrow is my last day of work this week!
2. Meeting Tree this weekend - Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!
3. Seeing college roomie this weekend
4. Planning a real vacation!
Oh, my gawd. This is so off topic, it's even OT for here in the Okayers thread! But I just ran across this website that's so cute....

I'm not even sure what this company does, I was just enthralled with the website. Turbo'd like this I'm sure.

Square Toast

ETA: Xpost with Turbo! Well, if you want to hit the Farmers Market, that'd be the place to go, it's just a block away. There's tons of buses go down that could probably park further away and bus in. Or something. If you get there early there'll most likely be spots in ramps. And I've heard good things about it.

For more "lunchy" foods, Hawks on State Street has the *best* salad I've ever had.

Great Dane Pub is really close to the farmers market too...they open at 11:00. And even though it's a "pub", they have a little more upscale food than you'd expect. It's very good.

Most of the places I go to are afternoon/evening places.
Hi, peeps!

Congrats on the job, Octi!

CH, that rules that you pulled down that barricade yourself and went right through!

Jenn, that cruise sounds fun! I want to go on a cruise, but to Iceland. I'm not really a tropical kind of girl. But who'd have thought BNL would do a cruise? And congrats on the great review. Does it make you feel any better about the situation, or do you still want to leave fairly soon?

I'm jealous that Jenn and Tree get to meet each other.

Congrats on the cheap pants and haircut, Moxie. I don't remember my first haircut, but I'm told that my dad cried, not me. I had white blonde hair down to my ass, and it was beautiful.

Catsoup, that's good that the pilates went well. What kind of stuff do you do?

Hello to Lore and Poodle and everyone else I missed.

I had a dentist appointment yesteday to get my back teeth sealed up, so I took the whole afternoon off for what amounted to be a 35-minute appointment, so I went shopping. I found a pair of black pants I love that I'd tried on at another store but they didn't have in my size, but they did at the store I went to yesterday. I'll pick them up on Friday after they've been hemmed. Only $33 for a cute pair of black pants tailored is a great deal as far as I'm concerned. Then I got a shirt and some coffee and walked around for awhile. I worked out for the longest I have in years last night, mostly because it took me over an hour to read my chapter for class. I came home and took the midterm and got an A on it. I went out to lunch with a friend for Thai food. A word of advice: never get thai iced tea "to go" if they float the cream on top instead of blending it in. I got it back to work and it was sour and nasty.

Today was "employee appreciation day" at work. The bosses scooped ice cream for everyone and there were some lame gifts. I didn't bother going because no amount of ice cream will make me feel appreciated by my ass of a boss. I think he gets it that I don't want a thing to do with him.

On a lighter note, my brother, Sam's dad, is finally moving into his own apartment this weekend. It sounds pretty nice for the price of it, so we'll hopefully help them move and put together a ton of IKEA furniture. Maybe the giant and I are weird, but we like that stuff. Oh, and the giant's SIL is pregnant again. Yay! I hate to play favorites, but I hope it's a boy. All the little kids in his family are girls, so they could use a little guy.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) yummy lunch with a good friend
2) got my application in for another craft fair at work, just at a different building
3) wearing the new shirt I got yesterday
4) I still have money left over to buy truffle supplies with this week
5) taking Thursday afternoon off to have a fun day with gay boyfriend before I watch the giant play tennis again

OK, time for me to go now. Bye!

Ok, got me. That is one damned cute website. The navigation makes me a little crazy, but that's because I'm a little geeky on useability....but definitely amusing, for what could be a real snore of a site.

Tree, Sounds like we've got some options...we've definitely enjoyed a pint or two at the Dane...and they have some fine fish and chips, so whatever we feel like at the time is cool by me. My roomie and her hubby probably will come along too - you should meet her anyhow - she's an oncology vet at the Uni, and her guy is an excellent musician and guitar teacher.

Everybustie's buying PANTS! Me too! I *finally* found some khakis holy grail of the season...doesn't seem like it would be hard, but I have been to every sensible store on Michigan Ave & State St., with no luck, and finally, as a last ditch effort, went to Ann Taylor loft one last time - voila! The perfect khakis - low rise, ample room for my trunk-like thighs, and petite in length. YAY!

Diva, sounds like you made a fantastic afternoon out of your dentist appt! Shopping and coffee and a good workout too - nice!
Hello all...this post comes with my deepest apologies for not being around more. I wish I was caught up, but things have been so crazy, getting back into the swing of things, and songwriting with the guys, that I have barely been online. Perhaps I should have gone back to work sooner in the year - now that it's mid-fall, my body just wants to hunker down under blankets, digest homemade soup, and let my brain absorb novels about ancient times. blink.gif

I finally bought my precious old battered Fender it's own guitar case today. It's lined in padded black velour. Georgie is napping in it right now. Good thing his fur matches!

I miss you all dreadfully! Big hugs for everyone, and much love!! Will be back soon!

ETA: somebody sent me this (work safe)...I'm so going to print my own version!
I getting very sick. Blech. I've got a scratchy throat, and another vicious headache. I hardly slept last night. There is some nastiness going around. I'm taking the day off, now I'm going to beack to sleep.

Good Morning.

((CH)) Oh no, don't get sick! Rest up today. Very good idea to take the day off. ~~~health vibes~~~~

Hi Poodle! We've missed you!

You too Doodle! It's good to see you. How is work going? That's so exciting that you are writing a lot of songs!

Looks like everyone 'round here has recently gotten new pants. I need some myself, I was just thinking that this AM. I have several pairs that do not fit & I can't wear them.

Jenn, that is excellent that you got a raise, even if it was a small one. At least you got the promise of a larger bump in the future. Nice! It is a good feeling to know that you are kicking ass at work. So you are off work Thursday & Friday? woo hoo!

Hi Tree! That is funny that your jobs vary so much. Big scary system to water fountain. Keeps things interesting though, eh?

Octi-I work for the state government here, at a small government advisory agency. I research topics ranging from tax capacity to prison costs to illegal immigration. I like aspects of the job, but I don't like being at a desk all day. Hence, my schooling to become a therapist.

Hi diva! Hi Moxie!

Where the heck has FJ been lately??? I miss that lady.

Things here are pretty decent. I took off 1/2 of yesterday b/c my mom was having some surgery. Everything went A-OK with it, she should be able to go home today. So, most of my day yesterday was spent lounging around her hospital room. Got home around 8:30 last night, watched some tv, and hit the sack. Mr K and I went out for dinner Monday night for our anniversary. It was soooooo gooood. For an appetizer we had shrimp stuffed w/ manchego cheese, then wrapped in proscuitto, and drizzled with a berry coulis. I had paella as my meal, it was outstanding. And for dessert we had pear fig cake with homemade brown sugar ice cream. We throughly stuffed ourselves!!
Morning everybustie! Well, the great home cooked meal last night ended up being simple pancakes and bacon...but we all enjoyed it, so its cool. Moxette is GROWING, and had more pancake than I did! We also ended up sleeping in bed together after a 4AM wake up. I think we both made a good choice on that one. smile.gif

Khakis...that IS the holy grail. I may have to venture to Ann Taylor after I see if I have $$ left this weekend. GOtta purchase a wedding present...and that's pricey. We'll see.

Kari-glad to hear mamaK is going ok.

Diva- we love IKEA furniture, too! When moxette is ready for a "big kid" bedroom, that's where we're getting her stuff. By then, we'll probably need the nursury again for a wee one. Next year or two or three. Not now.

Doodle-HI!! How's work?

Ok, speaking of work...i'd best do some of that. Have alot to catch up on.
Hey all! Your BUSTie Vibes worked! Goaty got the job!!! smile.gif

Not only that, but one of her present bosses over here is trying to entice her to not move by creating a position and offering it to her, with the intention of sometime a year from now or so making it a full-time position. It's flattering, but we're really pretty sure we want to move south. The jo she's taking down there pays better, doesn't force her to do managerial paperwork stuff, and will allow her to pursue an MBA for free. That, and I'll have more work down there, there's better restraunts, I'll be able to see some of my best friends more often, we can participate in Seattle activities, and a bunch more.

The downsides are higher rent, giving up our great view, and a bit more crime. Also, I feel like I just made friends with Henry over here I'll miss hanging out and longboarding with him.

Glad your Mom's OK, Kari! smile.gif

Congrats on your raise, Turbo!

Glad you're relaxing with your fountain, Tree.

Diggin' the Hypno-Toad, Culture! I don't remember how I found that site a while back, but I love the sound and animation of it. All Hail!

Rock on, Doodle! I hope you attain comfort levels and positive income smile.gif

Good luck with trufflin' Diva!

Heya Catsoup, Moxie, Jami, Octi, and anybody I'm missing because I gotta scram.
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