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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hmmm...didja all notice that right now, the Okayers thread has 666 pages??? So perfect for October, dontcha think?
That is *perfect*, tree! Do you think it will ward off the nasty trolls from leaving jesusy messages on our profiles?

Octi - thanks for sharing your strip club experiences! I'm certainly not opposed to going, myself, but I cannot stand to go to any establishment where there is smoking, and from the way turbomann smells when he has occasionally come home from them....woof. I make him shower and put his clothes on the balcony immediately. smile.gif

Tree, that's so nice of you to go out there and try and fix that door for free - I hope the heat gun works! And no need to clean your place for our visit...I'm severely allergic to cats, and pretty much have an immediate reaction to their presence. But it is confirmed that we'll be up in Madison on the 26-27!

Oooh, I got myself a nice haircut tonight too! Not hugely shorter than it was, I just had her shape it up into a nice shaggy bob, from the almost mullety look I was had prior to the cut. I've been waiting for a month to get into see my stylist, since she's only working 1 day a week right now while she's the head stylist on a movie set! Very excited for her, but super sad for me, as I think she'll be moving out to the west coast next. sad.gif
Hi-ya, all.

I'm so glad this week is over. I had a paper due and an exam in biostatistics. I haven't written a paper or taken a test in years. I haven't taken a math-like test in even longer. I think they both went okay. We'll see...

Jenn, just reading about your "days off" exhaust me! I wish I could be like you. I wish I could be one of those people who gets stuff done but I'm a procrastinator and lazy. I spent my afternoon napping. wink.gif

Have any of you ever done Pilates? There's a place just down the street from us and I've been thinking it might be something I would like. I really am out of shape and would like to get in better shape. Of course I'd like to lose a little weight but mostly I just want to get toned. I've decided not to COBRA my insurance and instead use the insurance the school gives us and thus I have a couple hundred bucks I could use for pilates. I think I'd do a few private lessons and then try the classes. Apparently this place does really small classes which I think is what I would need. Any thoughts?

Tomorrow I think we need to go buy some of that plastic to put over the windows in our new place. It's chilly in here and I can just feel the drafts by the windows. I've never lived anywhere where I had to use that plastic stuff. It feels old-ladylike to me. smile.gif

Oh, and for the Twin Cities Busties -- We moved to Linden Hills, right by the park. I LOVE it.

WHOOT!! Catsoup! You live within blocks of me! PM me so's that we can coffee or wine it some time here in the future. smile.gif

I feel tremendous. I've had lots of sex, lots of really good food (Mac's for fish and chips and this sezchuan place for the most amazing kung pao and green beans!! WOW!! Plus I got my hairs cut yesterday over at Olive. I love that place...I love Jonica. That righteous babe takes care of me.

So now I'm just sitting here having my coffee and doing laundry. This is the first real alone time that I've had in three weeks and I am DRINKING it in.

Oh yeah, I've been watching "Dune" the last couple of days as well. HOLY SHIT! It is the Sci-Fi one and it is SOOOOO good. I think that I'm officially a believer in sci-fi now. (yes, I was a non-believer before).
YAY for sexin' and alone time for minxy!!

We're just waiting for the parental invasion to show up here this morning, which is making me a very crabby person this morning, and I've been a little snippy with turbomann this morning, poor guy. I hate when my 'rents come visit. Too stressful, and I've had too much stress lately. At least its only a one-day visit. 9 hours with them, and then I'm free.

I'll be back tonight, beauties!
Good Morning!

Tree, I noticed the same thing about 666 pages. Hee.

Turbo, hurray for the hair cut, boo that your stylist may be moving. A good stylist is hard to come by. I'm sure you'll find someone else who's just as good. Could you ask her for a recommendation? I hope the visit from your rents goes well. ~*~*~*~*calming vibes~*~*~*~*

Catsoup, I've done pilates, and enjoy it. Not as much as a crazy sweaty workout. But in conjunction with, I think it's pretty good.

Minx, yay for portions!!!! Enjoy the rest of your day!

So, I ended up doing NOTHING last night. I was pooped, so I fell asleep. Got way too many text messages and phone calls, but I was KO'd. So, I woke up early today, took hound to the park, which was wonderful. I squeezed in some cardio, now I have to do something about this bedroom.

Later kats!

Hey ya'll....I must've had some bustie vibes working, because my 'rents are already GONE!! My dad had this really weird idea that he wanted to get out of the city before it gets dark, but they left at 3pm - 4 hours before dark, and really, its never actually dark in the city anyhow. Old people are weird. My mom was totally bummed to have to go so soon, that, and she had to share me with my auntie, and I think auntie got more of my attention, because we only see each other 1-2 times a year. But, it was a pretty painless trip, all in all. Country bumpkin auntie was just *amazed* at all the people out walking dogs, biking, chatting, playing sports....uh, YEAH, we actually LIVE in our communities in the city, not strictly within the 4 walls of our suburban homes...she was pretty funny in her amazement of big city living.

CH, a quiet Friday night is one of my favorite things - sometimes you just need it after a long week of work.

And now I have all evening to do whatever we want - YAY!

Turbo, that is so great that your rents left early. We all know how parents can be sometimes.

I didn't really do a whole lot today. I went and bought some, ahem, toys. Didn't do a thing about the bedroom. I'm hungry and need food.

Be back later.

Bye bye!
hola ladies! Hurray for parents leaving early! AND Hurray for me coming to visit the turbos this week! I'm so glad you get your Sunday to yourself, turbo. Y'a think you can convince turboman to go play paintball or somefin? lo

We've just had a mostly delightful day here. Found the yummiest pasta sauce at Tjoes tonight, and we pigged out on pasta. That is something that makes a whiole day great. Ok, so jarred pasta sauce is a shortcut. If its yummy, and the ingredient list is tomatoes, 3 cheeses, basil, garlic salt and pepper...who am I not to take it?

Miss moxette was just now being disciplined, being givin a little talking to my me, and to get out of it, she tounge kissed me! It worked, as I was so taken aback with laughter, that she totally wins. She can learn about standing on the sofa tomorrow. Therein lies the joy of parenting...knowing that sometimes, they make you laugh so hard you cry.

So, we also watched "Monsters Inc." today with the wee one. I was amazed at how rapt her attention was, and how she was actually scared by the scary monsters, and thought the silly monsters were, well, silly. We got about 1/2 though. Those fuckers at Disney are evil, but genius evil.

Ok, gotta go do the mom thing. catch y'all laters!
Oh, you *know* turbomann is planning on paintball tomorrow - after putting up with my parents, he definitely deserves a fun day! And I'll have a day to putter around in my kitchen. I'm gonna make granola and roasted apple sauce, and for dinner - roast chicken and potatoes. YUM. That's pretty much the plan for the day...maybe make some chicken stock too.

And YAY for mox coming to visit me! Hooray! Too bad we both have to work while you're here. Boooooo!

Mmmm, nice on the new toys, CH...I was just thinking some new gear was in order too.

And soon, our friends are coming over to drink wine and order take-out. NICE.
Good Morning!

Mox and Turbo, I hope that you had a great time together!!!!

Turbo, I have a little collection of toys going. Hee hee. Spices things up that's for sure. Mmmm toys. I could have spent so much money there yesterday! New to the collection is a whip. I just want to carry it around a whip someone who is pissing me off. No one would mess with me if they knew a stinging sensation was on it's way.

Well, I took the dog for a nice long walk at the park this morning, given that I was up at 7:30 this morning. I've now got all my clothes put away, it's another gorgeous day so I have the blankets outside. It's stil really nice here for mid October! Which is good, I never want smow before my birthday. With this global warming thing, I don't think that there is going to be a change.


I'm going shopping today.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend!

Well it appears I killed it.

I'll retell my day to...myself!!!

I went shopping today for my birthday present, I got a silver necklace with a big chunk of amber for the jewellery. Also picked myself up a few dvd's. Got Monster Squad (total guily pleasure, so bad it's good!), Kung Fu Hustle, and Bednobs and Broomsticks (no one say a word about this one). It was so beautiful here today, I sat outside and took some pics, then I went to the park again. Had meself some steak for dinner, and and and Turbo, I made that granola, and it's fantastic!!!!

So, all in all it was a good day.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!
Hi CH! I was *just* coming in here to wake the thread up, and I'm glad you beat me to it!

That amber necklace sounds fab - I luuuuurve me some amber. And I'm glad the granola turned out for you - I just made a batch this morning house smells amazing!

Its been an up-and-down Sunday, but overall good, because of much time spent playing in my kitchen. smile.gif Woke up sooooo tired, but met up with our greyhound friends on the morning walk, so I had tea with them first off. Then, granola making. After that, we had to go to our other friends' birthday party for her greyhound. rolleyes.gif It was silly, but worth it just to see her amazing condo - one of those HUGE gorgeous vintage chicago apartments - 3 bedrooms, plus this cute maids' quarters in back...but all the oak woodwork was lovingly restored. I didn't know our friend had a cat though, so we had to dash after a half hour, as I was having a major allergy it took me a couple hours and a long steamy shower to get the crud out of my lungs. Then, the power went out...but only for an hour, thank cod.

And finally, the late afternoon, I spent in the kitchen...I roasted up some apples with a little cider, cinnamon and maple syrup to make applesauce. Then I roasted a chicken with root veggies underneath, and stuffed the skin with all kinds of fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil. SO YUM. Oh, and I made molasses cookies again. A lovely close to a weekend.

Bummer I have to go back to work tomorrow, but I'm consoling myself with moxie's visit - YAY!
So, we have a set of good things Sunday:

1. My best friend at work had her baby boy! WHOOT. Welcome, little man. He's a lucky duck..his parents are just awesome people.
2. My parents found a friggin house! Only a mile from sounds really clsoe, but they don't walk much.
3. I made a delish dinner for the fam: pork loin (with moxette's help on the glaze!) with maple syrup/mustard/garlic glaze, roasted potatoes and onions, rosted broc and peacans, and herb bread. And pears roasted with vanilla and pumpkin pie spice.
4. I get to see the turbos tomorrow!

Ok, off to pack, and to sleep.

ps...turbo, please email me the latest cell no...i think I have an old one. See you for late (or late-late,,,traffic...) dinner!
Good Morning, Good Morning!

Turbo, your cooking has inspired me to cook. Not that I didn't before, but cook more often.

Minx, that is a good things Sunday!

Hmmm, I did nothing last night. This morning I woke up and did some cardio. Now, I'm at work. Le Frown. I have my meetings on friday with me academic references, however, the faculty at the University is set to go on strike on Thursday! Happy birthday CH! Good thing I'm not doing any degree work this year. From what I hear, the administration are being pricks. It's enough that the support staff is on strike right now, they've been on strike for a week, so there is no food service, maintenance, cleaning, etc being done on campus right now. All the unions here really back each other up. Even thee teamsters. I wouldn't want to mess with the Teamsters! it being the mob and all....eeeep. smile.gif

Anwyays, Diva, i will absolutely post pics of the boots when I get home tonight.

How was everyone elses weekend?
Buenos Dias!

I am back from my weekend with my girlfriends in Atlanta. It was a nice time. We ate, drank, and shopped. Perfect! I drove back yesterday, got home around 3 in the afternoon. It's Mr K's birthday today, so last night we went to my mom's, they had a birthday dinner for him. We had cack too! It was good! Yum.

Poodle.....this is for you....I was in the wine shop here in Nashville on Thursday night picking up a few bottles to take with me on my trip. Guess who walks in? ROBERT PLANT! I couldn't believe it, I did a serious double take. I was not sure it was him by the appearance alone, but by the wine shop guy calling him Robert & his English accent response, it was definitely him. Wowza!

Anyhoo, that was my brush with fame.

((diva)) I am so sorry you are feeling crappy lately. It sounds like work has just been miserable. sad.gif

Jenn, I want to come to your place for dinner! That food you made sounds so delicious. Yours too mox. Jenn, yay for your parents not staying too long!

Minx, you sound happy. And that makes me happy.

Moxie, that is great that your parents found a house near by.

Ch, I agree with Jenn, that necklace does indeed sound lovely.
Good Afternoon!

Crap, it's been quiet in here.

Kari, that's really cool that Robert Plant was in the liquor store! That's great thay you had such a good weekend.

it's monday, the day is almost done.

That is all.

It is quiet! Where are all the Okayers today? Perhaps they are being good workers....

I have been busy today too. This study I'm working on is starting to stress me out.
Hi, peeps!

I'm playing hookey today. I couldn't sleep last night and I've had the same headache for the last 4 days (and I know it's from work), so I blew off work today. It's not like I have anything there to do anyway, and I don't feel like looking at my boss (asshole).

Kari, this is for you, I sure hope you watched Sunny last week so you get it:

Day Man, aaah-aaaahhhhh
Fighter of the Night Man, aaah-aaaaahhhhh
Champion of the Sun, aaah-aaaaahhh!
Master of karate and friendship for everyone!

Tree, I'd do the tape recorder thing, but I want to be more intrusive if he ever hauls me in again, and having someone sit there would do the trick a little better. It wouldn't be the first time this ever happened to him, just recently a big union action was brought against him for another worker, and she had a NAACP lawyer involved. She took another job on a different team, which was probably best for her. My boss brings it on himself.

I hope your trick with the heat gun or hair dryer works, but if it's on a refridgerator, wouldn't it cool down again?

Moxie, the little one sounds so cute! Kids have a way of manipulating so you can't be mad at them.

Jenn, I'm glad the parental visit went well.

I've never been to a strip club, and probably never will. It's not the giant's thing, so I doubt it would ever come up. I've been invited before, but never gone.

CH, that necklace sounds pretty!

Hi, Catsoup and Octi and everyone else!

We had an okay weekend. We went out for dinner on Friday, and gave the kitchen a really good cleaning on Saturday. All out counters are bare except for what really needs to be there, the fridge is gleaming (and rather empty after our purge), and there's actually a bit of an echo in there now that the clutter is gone. Yesterday, we went to the giant's mom's for dinner and stupid-ball.

I got a couple DVD sets, too: Metalocalypse and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I've been wanting them for awhile, and the bonus stuff on the Metalocalypse set is plentiful and really funny.

I'm not doing much today, just finishing up my 4th polymer clay covered votive holder (I'm doing mod squares in 2 different color schemes) and watching crap TV. I'm going to try to talk the giant into letting me make beef stroganoff for supper, since I'll be done with the gym and my homework way earlier than usual, and we won't have to eat at 9:00. I've had a real craving for it lately. It'll be either that or teryaki beef skewers with onions and peppers.
Hi there Okaylanders! Just a very quick post again to say hello! Am still trying to get back into the swing of thinking and working...verrrry difficult after all this time! wink.gif And still looking for a more "regular" (i.e.: full-time, regular paycheque) to get something soon, dangit. Also, car shopping. Also, just finished writing the 2nd Porcupine Rebels future hit song...this time all three of us were involved. It's even better than the 1st! Waiting for permission to use the home-recording set-up....soon, my dears, soon!


If business meetings were like internet comments (NSFW):
Hey ya'll!

Moxie made it to our house safely - YAY! And we've just returned from a most delicious dinner at our favorite Irish pub...Mmmmm fish & chips. Moxie had their fab chicken pot pie. And now, its time for some serious vegging while we digest, and then hit the hay. Need to show mox where to go for her conference tomorrow.

Diva - I'm glad you were able to play hookey today, and make a productive day of it, to boot.

Kari - your weekend sounds FAB! So Perfect! And Robert Plant was the bulge? heh.

Okay, time to get off the puter and hang with mox!


Greetings ALL!!

I had to stop in and give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who wished me a happy birffday.
It seemed to come when I needed it the mostest. After 4 years in radio, it was my first without a gig. reeeeeally depressing to say the least. But thanks to the love I pulled myself up by my chin strap, dusted myself off and went shopping laugh.gif

I picked up the Stephen Colbert book when it went on sale, funny stuff although I've only read 10 or so pages. I'm trying to make it last, once I start I usually can't stop and end up finishing it in a few hours.
I also picked up Season one of Jericho and Metalocalypse. I'm a bit dissapointed in the lack of commentary by the creators of the Dethklok show, and even picked up the DethAlbum Exclusive Red cover THAT'S BRUTALS!!! Too bad they couldn't add the Dr. Rockso song, or the others like "Sewn back together wrong", "Underwater Friends" or the other one with the wheelchair kid..LOL

Which brings me to Sunny in Philly...that is the SHIT!!!! That show is soo over the line...I love it...the public access show episode was great, I feel much better about my own public access situation and know I am doing the public access cable channels justice here in Upstate Ny. LOL My fave episode is when the kids try to go on welfare and become crack addicts. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

P.s. Thanks for the listen Lore!! It's truly the best radio show not on radio, at least in the immediate area where we do it. LOL I was thinking about getting a CB and do a trucker show...the upstate ny thruway toll booths are literally in my back yard. I think I'll stick with the public access show for now. I have a mission, and it's to go after these idiot politicians, especially those who want to give the illegalz drivers licenses. (and trust me, they think they're entitled...ask any DMV worker)
Hi Hi!

Diva, you absolutely deserved a mental health day. Your boss is a fucking idiot. What did you end up choosing for dinner last night?

Hey Doodle and Turbo!

Shawnboy, I'm sorry to hear that you were feeling a little bit down. but, you picked up the Colbert book! I've been eyeing it, but there are a few others on my list first.

good Things Tuesday.
1. Today is my Wednesday as I've taken Friday off.
2. Short Work week.
3. My birthday is on Thursday
4. Appears that the faculty strike at the University has been averted, so my meetings are still in place.
5. The weather has been amazing lately.

That's all for now.

Later okayers!!!!
So, i had a wicked bad gut attack last night. i'm skipping the conference, and sitting here recuperating on turbo's couch. I'll tell ya, she's a great friend.

Sigh...this is clearly my body's evil way of expelling evil stress. When I get home, I need to have a serious conversation with my doctor about getting a reference for a stress-related therapist. I need some better coping mechanisms beyond breathing then having panic attacks followed by gut attacks.


I hope you feel better asap!

~*~*~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~*~*

I think I'm going to bail on work early this afternoon.
I'm having a very bad fucking morning. It was fine until I got to school and then there was this communication fuck-up and now everything is up in the air. I, too, am on the verge of a fucking panic attack which could be very alleviated with a phone call on the part of this other person, but they are being reticent.

I've made the decision to just go on with my life as I cannot control this portion. It doesn't make it any easier right now, and my heart hurts, but what else is there to do other than change my reaction?

Glad I did some yoga this morning. It's about the only thing other than Minxlette's million dollar smile that is keeping me feeling whole today. sad.gif

~*~*~*~*work improving vibes~*~*~*~*

On a completely different note, I'm thinking of taking up Brasilian Ju Jitsu.

that is all.

Where is everyone???
Yeah, this is a wicked pissah. I feel for you Moxie. I don't get gut aches, just a horrible twisted-up feeling like a spring ready to uncoil at any second but no relief. I'm glad that you can be around Jenn when you're feeling all craptacular like that.
yoga, eh? Hmmm.... i have a therapist i;ve seen, but she's more of a counselor, not a medical person. I'm wondering, though, if a medical person will just give me meds, which i seriously doubt will help this kind of thing.

Minxy, i hear you on million dollar smiles. This morning, i hear this on the phone when I called home "hi momu". I cried a little. Yet, I'm very glad i don't have to be momma while recuperating.
((((((Moxie)))))) My tummy gets angry when I'm stressed, too. And I get really tired and start stretching and yawning all over the place. At least you've got a friendly couch to veg out on.

Sorry things aren't working out so well, Minx.

My day's been comcastic so far, too. My alarm didn't go off and I got up 40 minutes later than I needed to, my checking account is negative, and I have to stay really late at work since it's my late day anyway plus the 30 minutes late I came in this morning. But on the upside, I do have enough cash for a good lunch in my wallet and enough gas to last me the rest of the week, but I can't go out with my friend like I wanted to on Thursday. Oh, well. Who'da thunk my parking check would actually be cashed within a week of when I wrote it? It usually takes them 3 weeks to do that.

Shawn, I'm holding out on the Colbert book until X-mas. I'm going to ask the giant's mom for it, since I'm scraping for stuff to put on a list and I've got so many other books ahead of it anyway. Was the red Dethklok CD the special one from Best Buy? The giant ordered it weeks ago and hasn't gotten it yet. I'd love to see the Toki/wheelchair kid song, and they've got to have Dr. Rockso singing about how he does cocaine! I'm looking especially forward to the extreme brutal coffee jingle.

On Sunny, I love how Sweet Dee always gets the shaft. Did you know Charlie and the waitress he obsesses over in the coffee shop are actually married IRL? I thought that was kind of cute.

CH, that's great that they didn't go on strike. You've gotta feel for people who quit working to prove the point that they aren't being paid fairly. Now that's putting your money where your mouth is.

Hi, Jenn!

Holy crap, Robert Plant in the flesh!?

We had beef stroganoff last night, and I didn't even screw it up with too much mustard, so it was pretty good. I got a bunch more polymer clay patterns ready to go so I can cover some more glass stuff I've got laying around. I've got 6 wine glasses, a Kerr jar, a really cool ocatagon jar from some icky southwest dip I bought, a wide vase, and one of those bottles with the attached cap, the kind that latches like a flour canister. I figure that one will make for a really cool oil candle. I'm trying to knock as many of these out as possible since the show I just applied to will accept me if less than 1/3 of my booth is jewelry, which is understandable because EVERYONE makes jewelry. At least I've got several other things going, too, so I don't have to depend on the beaded stuff.
The Little Boy and The Rattlesnake

The little boy was walking down a path and he came across a rattlesnake. The rattlesnake was getting old. He asked, "Please little boy, can you take me to the top of the mountain? I hope to see the sunset one last time before I die." The little boy answered "No Mr. Rattlesnake. If I pick you up, you'll bite me and I'll die." The rattlesnake said, "No, I promise. I won't bite you. Just please take me up to the mountain." The little boy thought about it and finally picked up that rattlesnake and took it close to his chest and carried it up to the top of the mountain.

They sat there and watched the sunset together. It was so beautiful. Then after sunset the rattlesnake turned to the little boy and asked, "Can I go home now? I am tired, and I am old." The little boy picked up the rattlesnake and again took it to his chest and held it tightly and safely. He came all the way down the mountain holding the snake carefully and took it to his home to give him some food and a place to sleep. The next day the rattlesnake turned to the boy and asked, "Please little boy, will you take me back to my home now? It is time for me to leave this world, and I would like to be at my home now." The little boy felt he had been safe all this time and the snake had kept his word, so he would take it home as asked.

He carefully picked up the snake, took it close to his chest, and carried him back to the woods, to his home to die. Just before he laid the rattlesnake down, the rattlesnake turned and bit him in the chest. The little boy cried out and threw the snake upon the ground. "Mr. Snake, why did you do that? Now I will surely die!" The rattlesnake looked up at him and grinned, "You knew what I was when you picked me up."
My cod...where has everyone gone off to?
(((((minxy))))) I'm sorry you're having a rough day - I wish you no more rattlesnakes in your life. Only fuzzy bunnies. And good sex. Lots of it. heh.

I was so glad to come home from work today and see moxie still here, napping on my sofa. Better to rest up before a drive like that. And she seems to be on the mend, so we've enjoyed a lovely dinner together. Cod, I miss having mox 6 hours away. Good friends and good dinner - the perfect antidote to a fucking awful day at work. smile.gif

Shawn - I am *def* going to download the Colbert audio book...looks like good stuff.

I don't have much else to say...too ground down here from the job. Time to kick the networking into high gear.
Minx, I'm having a rough-ish time, too, but please remember that you've got BUSTiefriends! Step away from the rattlesnakes, take yer antidote, and play amongst the BUSTies (and 'ers). BUSTies are big squishy things that are parts of your chest rather than against your chest like a rattlesnake.

Yeah, and most of my problems are either my fault or at least I should have known better.
awwww, thanks jenn. I miss you guys too. There is something to be said for friends who were your friends during the time "you" became "you," ya know? Not that more recent, everyday friends aren't awesome, but there;s an almost sibling-like innate understanding with the friends who were together during a very formative time. For us, it was close through college and beyond...a very critically formative time for both Jenn and myself.

Anyway, its beautiful here at chez turbo. the sun is rising over the lake, and my gut feels awesome. I am still having angry dreams, tho...i think a re-start with the therapist is most definitly in order. Clearly, i've reached a wall of being able to deal.

Minxy...i was just so sad after reading about the rattlesnake...we've all had a rattlesnake, and know of which you write. I don't know about fuzzy bunnies, but I think you need a good, loyal pupper. A shepherd, perhaps.

Hmmm...that gets me thinking. If we were an animal, what would we be?

My first inclination is a cat, but I think I'm more like a Robin.
Good Morning!


Hey Turbo, Lore and Mox.

Where's Poodle been at lately?

I worked out, took the dog to the park, then crashed last night. At 8. I'm going shopping tonight for my birthday, tomorrow's the big day. Meh. I also bought a few books yesterday, including one from another sex shop.

That's pretty much. I'm not living the most exciting life.

Later busties!
Hi, peeps!

Yeah, where has Poodle been lately?

Moxie, you're so right about friends like those. I've only got a couple who knew me back in the day, and they're 2 of my best friends (gay boyfriend and my BFF in CA, who's known me for 11 years now). I don't know what I'd do without them.

Hi, Lore, Minx, CH, and any lurkers!

The rest of this week should be pretty decent. My asshole boss is at a seminar today and tomorrow (The Cruncher is there, too, which means I don't have to see her, hear her, or smell her until Friday), then off on Friday. And since I don't have a lot of work to do today or tomorrow probably, I'm going to fun stuff, like decorate my cube. I went to a presentation on genetic testing today and saw the DNA profile of a real live chimera, just like on that episode of CSI. They're people who have 2 sets of DNA in their bodies resulting from, I believe, 2 zygotes fusing in the womb. Cool, cool, cool.

I had a lousy evening last night. I had to work until 6:15, which is over an hour past my normal get-off-work time, then had to go to the gym, then make dinner, then do homework, which took me until 11:00. I feel like I was robbed of an evening. Tonight I have class, but I'm not going to do a thing after that except make scrambled eggs, which isn't exactly difficult. I want to just veg in front of the TV and work on covering a really cool bottle I have in polymer clay. I haven't been sleeping well and I've got this really terrible soreness in my lower back, so I don't want to do anything requiring much movement. I may even leave class early tonight because I'll probably be really tired, cranky, and hungry by then.

Is anyone else here watching Cavemen and Carpoolers? I think I'm one of the only 2 people out there who are. The giant has some lousy taste in TV and it's rubbing off on me. At least I got Sunny... and Metalocalypse out of him, not to mention Arrested Development, so it all evens out.
Hi ya'll! Sort of sad coming home to a moxie-free home tonight. boooo. But, in spite of gut issues, it was so good to spend some chill time with mox.

I just got home from mentoring tonight....was a pretty quiet night there - the kids were pretty good about actually doing work tonight, so that was good. I really question whether they will *actually* get to the point of making a website, but we'll see. I'm starting to get the itch that I could run the group a bit better than the two women in charge, but 'tis not my place.

Pooooooooodle! Come out, come out wherever you are!

Oooooh, CH - are you taking your birfday off work? I always like to do that, though this year since I was newnew at my job, I didn't.

Today was a bit better at work....any day withOUT staff meeting is a better day. And I didn't talk to asshole boss at all, which definitely improved things. I learned that I would not be getting comp time for the seven hours that I have to work on Sunday for the breast cancer walk. Grrrr. So I told bosslady that I would be there for an hour, and that's all I could commit, given no comp time. Fuck 'em.

(((((diva's back)))) Sorry its sore - be sure and take care of that, so that it doesn't get worse. And yay for assboss being at a conference with the cruncher!
Hello all! Sorry to be MIA again...trying to get my life moving again in the outside world is taking up a lot of time! *sheepish grin* Still working on the contract, still looking for something more regular. Oh, think I may have found a car to buy, through a friend. Also, the Porcupine Rebels have finished writing our second future hit song, and tonight we decided we're going to try performing both of them in a couple of weeks, at an open mike night here in town. Eek! But the only way we're going to find a drummer (who is NOT a damned heavy metal drummer - why is there such a glut of heavy metal drummers??) is to get out there mingling with other musicians, and we've definitely decided it's drummer time. tongue.gif

Ok, that's it for the Me Report! Promise to catch up soon!
Happy Birthday, CH!!!! Have a good one!

May you find your joyful toy quickly and pleasureably. wink.gif
Good Morning Good Morning!!!!

Diva, so glad to hear that your dickboss and the cruncher are gone for the next few days! Sorry to hear about the craptastic evening, was last night better? How is your back today?

Turbo, I did not take today off, but tomorrow I am. I still have to come downtown as I've been reassigned to another office. But it's the really great office, so I'm very okay with that!

Hey Doodle! What kind of car did you find?

Tree and Minx, thank you for the birthday wishes! I'm hoping for toy fun of some sorts, either of the boy or battery operated! laugh.gif

Well, I didn't find anything when I went shopping yesterday, so I'm hitting up a place at lunch today with my mom. That's pretty much what I've got!

No wait, I'm doing a good things Thursday edition!
1. It's my birthday!
2. It's also my Friday as I've got tomorrow off.
3. That means a long weekend!
4. I worked out this morning.
5. Feeling pretty good today!
6. Shopping for the birthday present at lunch!

Later kats, I'll check in later!
Driving by to say ...

Happy birfday, CH! I hope all your birthday toy wishes come true!

Last night was better than Tuesday night. I left class early, then had supper and started working on a bottle I've been waiting to do. It's looking really, really cool so far. I even made the giant take pictures of my new stuff so I could email them out to the lady in charge of this one craft fair I applied for. I guess my back is feeling a little better, though not what it should be. I seem to have acquired a neck ache, too. I can't wait for Saturday and Sunday to just lay in bed really, really late. At least tonight will be an easy one, a quick trip to the gym then a whole night of good TV. I really look forward to Thursday nights, and will more so when my class is done and I can go back to doing the gym on M-W-F instead.

Jenn, that's good that yesterday was better at work. Still, I can't believe you don't get comp time for the walk, that's a load of BS. If an employer requires you to be at something outside of work hours, you should either get overtime or vacation time to make up for it. You're an employee, not a donor.

Thanks RV and Diva!

Diva, would your insurance cover massage therapy?
I doubt it. The few times I've gone in for massages at my old gym (I had gift cards to burn up), it never really did much for me.
FUCK! I had a whole post & made some combination of key strokes that erased it. UGH.

I will try to recap, not sure if I'll do a good job though... Basically...


((minx)) sorry things are rough. Hang in there.

Shawnboy and Diva-I LOVE It's Always Sunny. So sick & wrong. And hilarious. Which gal is Charlie married to? The blond or the brunette?

I have not seen Carpoolers, but I really want that show to do well b/c the band Mr K manages does the theme song. I wish it would take off so we'd make some money. I am not helping the cause though by not watching.

Hi Lore, Rose, Mox, Jenn, and everyone else. Where the heck is poodles?
Kari, I sang you the song from last week's episode, on Tuesday. That's got to be the stupidest song in human history, and it's stuck so far in my head now I can't get rid of it. BTW, Charlie's married to the brunette, but the guy who plays Mac is dating the blonde. Such an incestuous cast.

Really, Mr K's band does that song? I guess I've never really noticed it, but then again, we always watch it off our DVR and fast forward through that kind of stuff. It's not a terrible show, at least it's way better than Cavemen. It's got that guy from Brothers and Sisters in it (the one that doesn't have Sally Field and didn't get a second season), who I really like, so I hope they at least get a few seasons. I'm sick to death of Jerry O'Connell, though. He's aggressively handsome, and it creeps me out a little.

I'm going to email Poodle. She usually doesn't go more than a couple days without posting, even when she's being extra specially good at work.

Good thinking, Diva, e-mail the poods.

I heard the song you sang me last week! That song is indeed dumb. But so funny. Dennis's outfit and dance had me in fits.

I heard Carpoolers is bad.
Diva, any idea what's causing the pain?

Kari, thank you for the birthday wishes!
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