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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey! Happy Birthday, Shawnboy! I actually did listen to your radio show recording. You guys are funny. I also had the Read A Book! song stuck in my head for a while after.

Cool that you've got the double-short work weeks lined up, Culture. And police portions! smile.gif

Woot for Minx portions plan in many installments! (Goaty's got a cold, so I'm glad if other peeps are gettin' portions.) And when I red "pot of cream of broccoli soup" I just somehow mentally threw pot into the soup and thought, "I'd like to try that!"

Diva, what a dick for even mentioning where you sometimes go on your own time! Seriously, does he want your productivity to go up, or down?

Heya Kari! smile.gif We're likely to move right around Christmas, actually dry.gif Luckily, we don't have all that much to move compared to a lot of people. We have like 7 pieces or biggish furniture, like the desk, dresser, table, etc. Some of it can be taken apart easy enough due to their Ikea origins. We're actually going to check out renting nearish the Univ. of WA district in Seattle, but not with high hopes of affordability.

Heya Catsoup! smile.gif Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Remember to have a TON of fun planning... Not only can it be fun for you, but people helping you will be a lot happier to help if they can see you're intent on enjoying the process (and business people want to get as much money out of bridezillas as possible as a tax for putting up with them). Seriously, though, good times!!

ETA Cross-posted with half the board. Heya Jan!

Jan, I try to get up in the morning to do cardio, I save weights and such for when I get home from work. I actually find that I am much more energized in the morning and have good work days when I work out. My thing is that I am well and truly addicted to working out. My body and mind love it. Sometimes it's hard to do anything, but at the very least I go out with the dog.

Diva, that's really great that your body is getting stronger and you were able to kick ass on the tredmill! The cop thing is what it is. I'm playing it up, too. I know he's not looking for anything, nor am I. Aside from a good time that is. I hope your douch bag boss backs the fuck off. Moron.

Hey Lore! I took that quote of my shoes and gaylord and put it on my facebook profile. Quoted as LW, just because it was freakin' hysterical. Makes me happy to read. I almost shot water or V* out of my nose when I read that.

Well, I went and bought some socks at lunch. Fun socks. One pair has monkeys, one pair has owls and the last pair has something which looks like a Picasso-esque pink whale on it. I also bought some hand cream and purple eye shadow.

So, that's that.

I'll check in later kats!

Hi everybody!

Yay for CH getting some cop "action"! And yay for fun socks too. I wore sandals all summer and well into September so it still feels weird to me to put on socks in the morning. Maybe I should get some funny ones to make it more interesting. It would at least make it easier to match them up after doing laundry.

Happy Birfday Shawnboy!

Diva that is really great that you are noticing results in the gym. I found for myself that getting stronger and just plain feeling better preceded anyone (including myself) noticing any difference appearance-wise for a really long time. So keep it up and one day in the near future all of a sudden you'll find all your clothes will be too big on you! I need to get back on the workout train myself. I took the last week off from deliberate exercise and feel like I need to get back into it. Morning is the best time for me to exercise but it is so hard to do - I am not so good at getting up unless I absolutely have to.

And boo on your sucky boss. That is the worst - getting on your case about things that have nothing to do with your actual job performance or getting your work finished! Hopefully he'll stop looking over your shoulder soon and you can get back to your normal routine of entertaining yourself between work tasks. Let me know when that happens and we will schedule a nice long lunch with drinks on a day when your boss is gone!

Lorewolf good luck with your move and apartment hunting! It sounds like there are a lot of good things about the move so I hope it all works out well for you.

I am back at work today for the first time in what feels like a million billion years. It sounds like things were pretty quiet while I was gone, which is good. I thought it would be hard but it feels kind of good to be back - I was getting a little restless and paranoid at home yesterday so it was definitely time to return to work again.
Hey ya'll!

Thank cod this day is over....when this week is over, I shall be ever so happy - a ton of my projects are all related to a big conference coming up this weekend, so after that, hopefully work won't be *quite* so hellish. The shitty thing is that everyday, assbosses are coming up to me with yet MORE projects they want me to tackle for this fucking conference - how many ways do I have to say THERE IS NO MORE TIME!!! Seriously, its getting ridiculous.

Diva, I think the majority of bosses these days do not truly know how to create workplace happiness. Here's a couple blogs you should add to your Google RSS reader (if you use it), I keep a whole stack of 'em that I read for personal development stuff. Brazen Careerist and Chief Happiness Officer. I certainly don't agree with them all the time, but the comments can be as good as the posts.

CH - Mmmmm....I'm a little jealous of your law enforcement portions! I do love a man in uniform! ....If only turbomann still fit into his army uniform...serious hotness. smile.gif

Happy Birfday Shawnboy!!! Hope you're having a good one!

Jan, I'm not a huge fan of the morning workout, but it is nice to get it out of the way. I think CH and I are pretty lucky to have some exercise equiptment at home, which makes it easier, and I commute to work on bike about 7 months of the year - 22 miles a day.

Okay, time to work on prepping for dinner - grilled chipotle skirt steak for tostadas, homeade refried black-beans and salad. YUM!
Hi, Marileen! As much as work sucks, sometimes it feels nice to get back to normal with things. After I take my traditional half week off for Pride (which I will do no more because I lose money), it feels so good to get back to work. And I hope you're right about the exercise thing. I just wish that day where my clothes all fit again would hurry up and get here. I'm wearing one of my favorite button-down shirts today, and it just barely fits. I still can't fathom that I'm that much larger than I used to be, but I am. Put it this way, if I were facing the other way where you could see into the gaps the buttons make when I sit, I wouldn't be wearing this shirt today.

I'm thinking my boss will cool off in a few weeks or month. These things always go in waves. I just really want to find his little narcs and give them really rough noogies. It just really bothers me that people are watching what I do and reporting back to that bastard. Reeeeaaaal professional around here.

And to justify my screw around time and long-ish lunches, I now have not a single thing left to do today or tomorrow morning, unless I got a heap of mail waiting for me, which I seriously doubt. At least there's a meeting tomorrow morning that'll eat up some time. I'm going to just piddle around all day tomorrow and stare at the clock on my screen, if I'm not allowed to engage my brain in anything but work. Helps that I'm leaving early tomorrow, too. I only need to fill up maybe 4 hours with work. The meeting will take at least an hour, then piddle around, then lunch, then a couple more hours of piddling. Yep, that'll be my boring-ass day tomorrow because I actually got shit done early.

Wow, that's a bunch of random purchasing, CH. Sounds fun!

Hi, Lore! Would you move before or after the big holiday? Is it as rough to move in the winter out there as it is in Minnesota? I had it pretty good last time I moved - it was the middle of fall, so nice and cool with no snow, pretty much ideal. That certainly beats moving in the dead of winter (February 1st) like I did the 2 times before that. Frostbite was a serious concern.

Okay, does anyone in here ever have those weeks where you know the overdraft charges are piling up and there's nothing you can do about it so you just don't bother checking? That's where I'm at. I get paid on Friday, and I should have some serious fucking reimbursements coming in during the next week, but the child support came ONE DAY LATE and blew everything to smithereens. Some of you out there might be wondering, but MINXY!! Why in the hell didn't you check to see when it was coming in? Uh, because it's come on this day for the last three years-ish. Blowage.

Ah I read things like CH's random purchases and get a little green (don't tell CH I said that). It's not like I really-o truly-o need anything. I had a benefactor *ahem* give me $60, so that got me groceries and gas, and there's enough asswipe and toiletries so I'm not hurting, but sometimes I want SOCKS! Sometimes I want a CANDYBAR! Sometimes I want LIKKER!!! laugh.gif Anyone who thinks that people who receive child support are rolling in it are fucking high. Okay, maybe people who had sex and reproduced with people that actually MAKE MONEY, but that would not be me.

The jackasses in my building have not turned the damned heat on. It's COLD in here.

I made capellini with my homemade red sauce and chicken meatballs. Good stuff.

I can't wait for this weekend. I am so blowing Friday off. I already put in for the day off and have a sub. I've had the daughter for nearly three weeks solid and my head is going a little bonkers. I plan on taking a couple of major biking trips, which should be awesome. And that way I can eat a shitload of something really bad for me. I'm thinking naughty pastry from somewhere would be divine.

I think that Diva's boss and Turbo's boss should get together and go bowling. Shitheels.
Good Evening!

Marileen, I hope that things at work continue to go well at work.

Turbo, MrTurbo has a uniform. I'd so be putting that into use!

Diva, ick, staff meetings, at least that'll keep the prick boss off your back.

Minx, I hope that the heat gets turned on soon. I'm sorry to hear about the overdraft woes.

So, I also failed to mention that the socks are knee high socks. So, they are fun!

Alas, I did not get to see the cop tonight. Feh.

I think I'm going to have a bath then go to bed.

Later mah busties!
Good evening, peeps!

I want to say right now that I'm very disappointed that I'm not at the Shadows Fall and Static X concert at this moment. I couldn't talk the giant into it, after all. He asked me earlier, "do you really want to see 3 Inches of Blood?" I had to laugh at that. He said it so matter of factly. I wanted to see Shadows Fall, though, and Wayne Static is quite the amazing. I've never seen a man who's hair, voice, and name went together so well with each other.

Minx, I know that most parents receiving child support aren't getting rich off it. (((((((((Minx)))))))) Although there are those few that are, and they have the largest files because they continually harass each other through the courts to scam more and more money. They're obviously very happy and well-adjusted. Not. It's kind of sad, really.

I've been there with the bad week in bankingland. Last June, I ran up probably $400 in debt to my checking account, including overdrafts because that idiot EZ-Up company didn't refund me promptly. Went and fucked up my finances for the better part of a month. Could you see if you could get some of those overdrafts forgiven or reduced? It's at least worth a shot.

Jenn, I want to order those books and drop them on my boss's desk with a nice little note. I'd probably be questioned by "security," though. Whatever. I just find it amazing that the man who several union complaints have been lodged against, the same man who wasn't even allowed in the building for 6 months, is criticizing me. At least I never got kicked out of the freaking building!

Knee socks, CH! Cool! Do you wear them with skirts or hide them under pants?

OK, time to play some more Guitar Hero. Because of Sam's suggestion last week, we hooked it up and are playing it again. Soooo much better than that dumb RPG the giant's working on. I just beat my first song on the hard level tonight!

Porn Star
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Oct 9 2007, 11:46 AM) *

anyBUSTie out there.

Hi. Welcome here. I hope you'll find what you want.
Good Morning,

*looks down* uhhhhhhh, okay.... blink.gif

Diva, depends on the outfit. I usually wear knee high boots, regardless of outfit. I still need to post pics of the boots. Provided I have time tonight, I'll do it when I get home.

Only a few moree days until the weekend!

How was everyone's evening? That's all I've got.

Good Morning!

I am sipping on a Starfucks double latte, b/c I am soooo sleeeeepy.......

Happy belated birthday Shawnboy!!

Lore, my sister lives in Seattle. I may have already mentioned that. Moving right around Christmas eh? Well, that is exciting!

((minx)) sorry to hear about the overdraft fees. And all b/c of a late child support payment? Sheesh. Good for you on taking off Friday. You deserve it, sister. I wish you much relaxation.

Diva, man your boss sounds like a real prick! Ugh. Good for you on your gym activities! I think it is really great that you are recognizing the comprehensive effects of working out. I think it's really easy to just focus on the weight loss aspect.

CH! You've got yourself a cop! smile.gif

Hi Marileen! Hi Moxie! Hi Jenn!

I am alright today, except, like I said, very tired. I was at the hospital til around 8:45 last night. Got home, ate dinner, tried to go to bed, couldn't fall asleep. Couldn't turn the brain off. Then Mr K was late getting home, and I was kind of waiting for him. So, not enough sleep for me last night. Hoping this workday is easy.
Oh Kari, that makes me want to have a peppermint mocha from starfucks. mmmm peppermintylicious.
Mmm...I love yogurt with berries and my homemade granola!! Also, last night I decided that I needed CACK!! So I foraged around in my cupboards and found enough stuff to make a delicious carrot CACK replete with cream cheese frosting. Dude, it was sooooo gooooood. Minxlette totally wanted one of the little cupcakes I made with the leftover batter this morning with her brekkies. smile.gif Ha! CACK in the morning! It's better'n that Bill Cosby sketch. "Dad is GREAT! He gives us chocolate CACK!"

Well, my financial issues are solved. *wipes forehead* A reimbursement finally arrived today!! WHOOT!! I can finally get some new boots. Mine have holes in them and are ready for the knackers.

CH! A cop?! Fun! I had one of those "back in the day" at the U of M. 'cept mine had a poster of John Wayne over his fireplace, an arsenal scattered all over his apartment, empty cans of Hormel chili and St. Pauli Girl beer bottles all over the place. There was even one in his shower, if I recollect. Oh yeah, and he showered with generic lemon-scented dishsoap (also used for shampoo). Oh yes, and his livingroom window was covered with a Bambi sheet. Frickin' weird, no? Ha! I remember that he came into the Harvard Market (where I was working at the time) and told me to lock it up because he had something "really important" to tell me: apparently there was a "rash" on his dick. I told him it was rubber-burn from the condoms, but he wouldn't believe me. The dude always tried to be such a power-fuck, so the endless boring hammering HAD to have rubbed him raw. Whatever. I went over to the Red Door to get checked out (he had a case number...can you believe this shit?). I told the doc what I thought, she laughed and said she told him the same damned thing. I got checked out anyway and had a complete clean bill of health.

Some men are just so damned sure that some of us are disease-ridden whackbags out to get their precious little dicks. laugh.gif Ah well.
Minx, so glad that your financial problems are solved!

as for the cop, this one is very well established. He's got a house (which, alas is for he's going through abitter divorce, which has previously been confirmed...I'm not looking to marry, just have fun with), and we play safe. He didn't even ask otherwise, just wrapped up right away. He's not a huge power trip cop either. But still, it's a cop, and the portions are fab!

That's not very surprsing that a cop thought he may have something, they can be whores!

Hi, busties! I wish I hung out in here more, 'cause there's always such happy friend vibes in this thread. It just moves too damn fast for me to keep up with!

I just wanted to delurk and say, minx, i feel ya! i'm in the same situation right now (though it's just from being unemployed, not from a late child support check). glad to hear you've resolved things, now! you know how many times you can actually get overdrawn before your bank drops you or something? last time i got really overdrawn (about 2 months ago), they cancelled my debit card. eep! (hopefully i'm getting a job soon and won't have to worry about it-- i'm supposed to hear back by tomorrow about a position that i recently interviewed for. and then once i've landed this social work position, the big bucks will be rolling in! Right?)

oh, and, count me in on the cop-portions club! mine's an ex-cop, but it counts, right? smile.gif

happy wednesday to y'all!

p.s.- i'm going to a strip club tonight with the aforementioned gentleman. what does one wear to a strip club?? i usually dress pretty conservatively, or even kinda "soft butch", but am i gonna look like a nun going in there wearing jeans and a track jacket?? smile.gif
Hi Octi!

Hmmm, an ex cop eh? Yummers. As for the clothes to wear, you'd be okay in jeans, but I'd forgo the track jacket. What about a cute sweater or something? A good friend of mine is a server at a strip club, I usually dress up a bit. ~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes for octi~*~*~*~*

Well, I have a ton of things to do,

Later mah busties!
CH, thanks for the dress tip and the job vibes! Maybe I'll go with the jeans and bust out my sparkly tube top smile.gif (It's a weird situation, because I don't want to be dressed way too casual and conservative, but I also don't want to look like I'm trying to compete with the dancers! Ya know?)

See you later, ladies!
I like the idea of a sparkly tube top!

Hey everyone....ugh - been another rough day here in turboland. Had an allergy attack all night, so didn't get much sleep, which made dealing with the drama between my fuckwit bosses even harder to take. I'm certain that I'm having my worst allergy season in 5 years because this job is TOXIC. BUT, at 3:30 when my boss was dumping yet another project on my lap that is due by 9am tomorrow morning, she took a look at me - swollen eyes, flaming red nose - and told me that I was not to come to work on Friday, and that I would receive a free vacation day. YAY! I really need it, much as its going to fuck with my deadlines that are backlogged behind all this conference bullshit.

Wow, lots of cop n' bustie action in here - awesome!

I'm with CH, with the sparkly top, octi! So nice to see you in here - stop on by more often!

OMG, diva - I forgot about your assboss' run in with the union - its really amazing that he still has a job, let alone a supervisory position!

Minxy - that cake sounds FAB! *steals a slab of cack*

I'm a big fan of yogurt with my homeade granola - that's pretty much what I have everyday for brekkie...though it is goat-gurt.
Hiya Okayland! Need to catch up, but wanted to say a quick hello! I have been spending the last few days grinding my brain back into gear to work on this contract. Whew! Working on women's issues feels like a whole other lifetime ago, right now - like it all happened to someone else! Maybe I'm still a little feels a little like dating again after leaving a bad marriage! tongue.gif
Yes, but now you are dating for the good of all womankind! smile.gif

No pressure.
Good Evening Okayers.

((((((Turbo)))))) I'm so sorry that things are so shitty at work. A vacation day, though. I wish I could help.

Doodle!!!! It's so good to see you in here! All the best with work!

Hey Lore!

Well, I'm sleepy, I worked out, took the dog out, had the security tag removed from a shirt. And it was busy today. So, I'm off to bed!

Later okayers!

Waaah! I went and got my teeth worked on for the first time in years last week, and they re-did a couple of fillings. They didn't bother me really before last week, but now, after the visit, they're bothering me! Aren't they supposed to make your mouth HEALTHIER? They didn't succeed in that aim sad.gif

Heya allayouse!

Sorry for brief and mememe, but it's bumming and bad timing, since I'm going to go off benefits soon, or at least have to start paying for them temporarily sad.gif

Oh, and according to, Renton is a scary place with scary people sad.gif Granted, you mostly hear from people who are disgruntled about where they live, but it's depressing to read. Actually, I'm considering this place:
I love me some Queen Latifah.

Good night, my lovelies!
CH and Jenn, thanks for the welcome smile.gif I ended up going a bit classier and girlier for the strip club: golden-tan pencil skirt, lacy black sleeveless top, pretty necklace. Weird, fun date! And DAMN, those dancers like female customers! The only down side to it was that we had to leave early because my date had a panic attack... which he later explained came about because he had a stressful day... because he was on trial... for assault. Though it might sound a little freaky, I actually feel totally fine about it. He explained the backstory, and I know him well enough to trust him. (And besides, I work with prisoners, so it takes more than that to intimidate me nowadays smile.gif )

turbo, I hope you feel better soon! At least your work is being cool about it. Yay for that!

Lore, the same thing happened to me at the dentist recently. You'll feel great soon. The nerves a just a little sore from the drilling and poking, now that the novacaine's worn off, ya know? I never really know how much I should trust dentists, though.... cuz my teeth won't be bothering me or anything and they'll let me know that I need $1000 of new fillings... whah?? I don't want to be suckered, but even more so I don't want to fuck myself over by waiting til a problem is waaay bigger than it needs to be before i take action on it.

Happy thursday, all!
Good Morning!

Lore, CH likey very much!

Hi again Doodle!

Octi, so glad you had a lot of fun. That sounds like a really great outfit! I actually don't mind going to strip joints, the high(er) class ones at least. I do enjoy talking to the dancers when they are all done. I also like seeing how amazingly muscular some of the women are. That is motivation to work out hard core! I don't care for the fake boobage, but I like seeing dancers who have body piercing and ink done. So it was a date eh? Give us the details!

Well, I slept good last night, kept on dreaming about a bar boy I know. Probably because on Sunday night, cop had his kids over, so full portions were out of the question so I was all wound up and called him, but he was not available. Le Sigh.

Then I got up early and worked out. It was hard this morning.

That's pretty much all I've got today!

Later mah busties!
Good Morning!

Hi Octi!! It's good to see you! The thread does move quickly, but feel free to pop in anytime! Glad you had fun on your date, sorry to hear about the panic attack though. sad.gif

CH, good for you for working out today!

Doodles, you are going to do great!

((Jenn)) Sorry about the allergy attack. Ack! But that is very cool about the free vaca day. I hope it helps.

Hi Lore! Those apts look nice. It is stressful trying to find a place to live.

I am doing ok today. Less tired than yesterday. Yesterday I did not know if I was going to make it. I ended up being at the hospital til 9 again last night. Gaaaaaahhhhhh! I don't have to go today though, thank sweet goddess. And Mr K was off from the hotel last night, which really helped. When I finally got home, he had made dinner and taken care of the dogs, so I didn't have to do anything. I'm feeling so overwhelmed lately. This month is just too busy. Well, I guess it's the 11th today, so that is good. We're getting there.....November is much better.
Hi, peeps!

My asshole boss is gone today, and the other superviser is leaving at 1:00, so I can play with you guys today.

(((((((Jenn)))))))) I hope your allergies get better. That's good that you finally have a guilt-free day off. It's been too long since your last one, hasn't it?

I always find that my teeth hurt more after I see the dentist, too. Speaking of which, I need to make an appointment in a couple weeks to get my back teeth sealed and have a cavity taken care of. I don't have the problem with novicane wearing off, since I rarely ever let them use it on me, but it always seems like my mouth is more out of whack after I've seen my dentist. There's a girl at work who told me about this dentist she used to go to - the hygenist was so rough that she actually created cavities when she did scraping and other stuff.

Hi, Octi, Kari, Doodle, CH, Lore, and everyone!

Not a whole lot going on here today. I've got nothing to do here today... again. Same as yesterday. I'm almost done decorating my cube again, though. I had my class last night, we learned about creating business plans. I got signed up for the craft fair at work next month and am going to call about another one or two today. I need to get all this stuff set so I have an idea of how much work needs to be done and by what date(s). Then I've decided I'm liquidating everything I've got. It's going on Ebay and to consignment stores.

What a shitty ass boring day.

I went to go get some flavoured popcorn, and the place is closed. Crud.

Kari, that is great the Mr. K took care of everyting last night!

Diva, I hope that the craft fare goes well.

I think I'm going to go and appear to be working.

Later kats!
Aww! Flavored popcorn sounds yum! Hope you find a good snacky substitute, CH smile.gif

Thanks for all the dental feedback. Basically, it's been a week now since the filling, and I'm kinda biting on stuff gingerly on that side, plus it feels like there's a spot between teeth that food can get stuck in... like a CAVITY or something sad.gif Wasn't that what they went in to fix?!? Good luck with your teeth, Diva! Octi, welcome in! smile.gif Yeah, I always feel nervous about trusting dentists, too, because I had a couple of bad ones in Hawaii, and this one doesn't seem all that great either.

Oh, and from the Say Cheese! thread, here's an awesome time-wasting toy!
Hello, hello.

Lore, good luck with your teeth. If they still feel icky for a few more days, go get a second opinion - you don't want to mess around when it comes to teeth!

((anti-stress job vibes for Kari and Jenn)))

Diva I hope you sell a lot at the craft fairs this year. Are you not going to be doing craft shows anymore and that's why you're going to be liquidating stuff?

Octi that outfit you wore sounds cute. I've never been to a strip club before. They have a place here that you can go get pole-dance lessons at and stuff and my friend and I might go there for fun after we're in a little bit better shape. I'd like to lose another 20 lbs before trying to do pole acrobatics of any sort!

Hi Doodle! What project are you working on now?

So we took the bulk of our wedding gift money and decided to buy a Dyson with it! I have never been so excited to go home and vacuum in my entire life. I can't wait to get done with work today. It is sick!
Hello EveryBUSTie!!!

Lore, that looks like way too much fun! I'm so going to play with that when I get home. Oh dear, that was a loaded statement!!!1 laugh.gif I'm going to load a picture into the link. Get your minds out of the gutter! Anyways, I hope that you feel better asap.

Marileen, I'm jealous of your Dyson!!!!! Ooooooh! I waaaaaaaant one!

Well, 20 minutes left in the day!!!

Later kats!!!
Thank godess, its the weekend for me!!! WOOT! I cannot tell you how happy I am to have tomorrow off work. I'm meeting old work friends for lunch, gonna go on a binge at Ann Taylor Loft, and then get my hair cut - can you think of a better day than that? Oh, and I'm going to clean the closets out, since our building garage sale is Sautrday, and as doodle knows, this is oddly fun for me.

Today at work was the kind of "last straw" day - frustrating from every corner, not a moment to think, just workworkwork, and then re-working projects to the Nth degree. Time to start networking and looking for a better gig, for sure. I feel so disconnected from who I am at this job, and so stressed out most of the time - its time to find something better for myself. I understand my talents more this time, and what they're worth, so that's a good thing. Fuck the asshole bosses of the world!

Hey octi - that outfit sounds gorgeous!! Sorry your date had a panic attack, but it sounds like he had a rough day. yeesh.

I'm also suffering the post-dentistry sensitivity too - I had tender teeth for the last three weeks after getting some old fillings repaired, but now two *other* toofs are really bugging me. ugh.

CH, how did you know our minds went straight to the gutter?! tongue.gif

I hate Hate HATE doing freezer door gaskets! To quote minxy from a few months back, it MAKE HULK ANGRY!!!!!!

Okay, that's out of my system. Heh. But seriously, I think from now on if somebody requests a new door gasket, I'm going to sell them a door latch that will pull the door shut tight. The new gaskets always are WORSE than the old ones! I feel like shit charging somebody $75.00 (our cost) for a new gasket and then it takes me THREE hours (at $75.00 per hour) to get it to "sort of" close..and it's worse than before??? And it's not even an ultracold? It's just a stupid little domestic fridge that they could buy a NEW one for like $400.00?? Ugh. Just send the old one to me, I'll recycle the refrigerant, and get a new one with a nice new warranty and all. I'm gonna say that from now on. It sounds wasteful, but...c'mon.

So I'm pretty psyched. I found out where my FAVORITE Madison area chinese chef is now working...and it's close to my house and, yes, I am going PRONTO to get myself some fragrant beef. Yummmm.....fragrant beef and greys anatomy. Can't get better than that.

Lore, I've gotta check out that website when I get a chance. I hate toof problems. I had gone for over fifteen years without seeing a dentist (no money and no insurance), then I finally went and I had one cavity and I think he messed up the filling cause I can't floss that tooth correctly now. There's like a lip of the filling and the floss gets caught on it...I can get it down in there but I can't pull it back up vertically, I have to let go of one end and slip it out between the teeth. I am not sure it's getting very well flossed that way. I really do need to get my teeth taken care of, for once and for all.

I've never been in a strip club. I don't know how I'd feel about it. Although I've been to Bennett's smut and eggs breakfast, it used to be a bar here in Madison if you went Saturday or Sunday mornings they'd have breakfast and porn. Like, six different porn movies playing on all the different televisions. Heh. I felt sort of weird cause I'd usually be the only female in the bar. They went under when the smoking ban happened. Guess lots of porn-in-the-morn fans were smokers.

Divala, I'm glad you got a reprieve from the a-hole boss. It sucks that he's going in one of these power spurts. It's like he's got a boner and nobody to have sex with so he's pissed at everybody. My boss is like that too. We had QUITE the meeting a few months back. I swear I thought froth was going to form at the corners of his mouth. Our shop is pretty disfunctional. And I am so proud of you and give you lotsa lurve for going to school. I should go to school again and go into business for myself. Ummm...well, maybe not. Heh.

CH, yay for cop portions! I've always thought there'd be something about that, that'd be cool, but I sort of have a problem with authority. Heh. I bet he's cute in his uniform though. There's some sort of cop pulling over the woman to give her a ticket and she...uh..."buys" her way out of it...heh. Handcuffs could even be involved.

Okay, I'm gonna go read the rest of the board and then get me some chinese food!

ETA: Wow, the fragrant beef is SPICY. Now I know why my father, upon tasting it, said, "how can you EAT that?"


(breathes fire at Okayers)
Goooooooood Evening!!!!

Turbo enjoy your superfabtabulous day tomorrow!!!! That sounds like a great time.

Tree, I wish there were more honest people like you out there, especially in the traditionally male domintated careers.

As for the cop portions, yup, I was thinking of role playing, but you think he gets that a lot? The handcuffs would be fun. The reason I like cops is that there is the authority thing, I'm a total sub. Ahem....

Anyways, I took houdish to the park for an hour and half, it was great. Met up with her puppy friends, it was nice. Chilly out, but once the warking started I warmed right up.

I'm going ot make some popcorn now.

Yay!!! I'm all caught up!!!

Hi everyone!!! It's Thursday!!!

Happy birfday, Shawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lore, that's so cool that you listened to Shawn. Isn't his voice delicious? Smoking is good for something!! wink.gif

Damn, all these boss stories are making my boss sound like an angel!! My boss is an elitist workaholic, but she's always very generous and praising. I'm an expert at kissing ass, too, so that helps. The other day, she came into my office and said, "So how's my favorite?" Well, she's gonna have to put her money where her mouth is, because I'm gonna ask for a review (raise) in the not too distant future. Our health insurance costs are going up, and that's just not gonna work for me.

That sucks so bad that your co-workers tattled on you about the internet, diva. At some point, the people in my office decided we don't care about each other's internet use (because EVERYONE does it), and now we watch YouTube videos together and look up stupid shit. I can't believe your boss was giving you shit about your lunch break activities. Who the fuck does he think he is? Assclown.

(((Turbo))) It pisses me off that such a hardworking, skilled person like you is getting the shaft. I'm so sorry that this job turned out to be shitty. I'm so surprised with the organization!! I woulda never guessed. It sounded so cool at first. You need to go work for McDougal Littell or something. I'm sure it's competitive as hell, though. I loved that place when I visited it back in the days when I wanted to be an graphic designer/art director.

My dream job right now would be to work for The Onion doing shitty cut and paste graphics. I'm very skilled at cutting out people's faces and sticking them on other people's bodies.

Octi, you should seriously drop in whenever you want!! It's our pleasure!!

Marileen, that's sooooo cool that you guys went to Mickey's!!!!! Did you guys get take some pictures there?? Oh my god, I can't wait to see all of your pictures!!! I wish we could've stayed longer, but I was so damn exhausted that night. It's my own dumb fault for staying up too late the night before. I loved all of the Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Michael Buble, by the way!! And the cream cheese wontons were a great idea!! Thanks for the veg-head dinner!! Oh, and I'm super jealous of your Dyson!! What a great way to spend that money!!!

Sorry 'bout the gasket suckage, tree. I don't know a whole lot about that, but yeah, a lot of that shit isn't worth hanging on to. There's a place here called The ReUse Center that has lots of salvaged parts 'n' stuff, so you can donate construction materials and mechanicals that still have use. For the first time, I've actually have a reason to shop there. It's a mess, but it's so cheap. I should really stop by there this weekend.

Doodle, that's so funny that you feel like you're "dating" again!!! I agree with lore---you're dating for womankind!!!

Culture...a cop?!! I love how you've got a thing for men in uniform!!

~*~*~*~energy vibes for kari~*~*~*~ Damn, girl, I'm impressed!!

Glad you're not in the hole anymore, minx (heh...I said "hole"). I know how it goes. I haven't had those problems for a while, but now that I'm paying a mortgage, I have to be really good or else I'll be there again. No more Jimmy Johns, Aveda, or Summit seasonal beers for me. It's bag lunches, Jason's cheap-ass hippie products, and Pabst for me from now on.

Catsoup, that's so rad that you're getting married at Como Park!!! Where did you guys end up moving anyway? How's that working out for ya?

I've been a good appraiser this week, and I've been hammering away at this huge ass report for a high-rise public housing project. It's 102 pages so far. Ack!!! I can't say that I've been totally productive though. I've been screwing around on YouTube so much that I neglected my bustie pals!!

A sucky thing happened to me over the weekend. I mowed my lawn on Saturday and it was so hot that I turned on the hose and sprayed myself with cold water. I forgot to turn the fucking hose off, though (it has a sprayer that closes unless the handle is squeezed). I left it on overnight, and sometime in the morning, the hose burst a leak. It basically turned my sidewalk into a moat. I swept all of the water into the lawn, but it was still too close to the house and water ended up seeping into my basement. It crept into the worst place of the basement--the finished room with carpet. Anyway, I borrowed my parents' shop-vac (love those things) that evening and managed to suck 2-3 gallons of water out of the carpet. It was still pretty wet though, so now my basement smells like wet, dirty socks. The smell came upstairs too, but it's not so bad. I'm gonna rip the carpet out of the basement this weekend. It's super ugly mauve carpet though, so I don't care all that much. It's just a pain in the ass to deal with.

On a more positive note, I bought the new Stephen Colbert book, "I Am America (And So Can You)," and it's super hilarious!!
((((poodlepad basement)))) That totally sucks, poodle. Sounds like its time to invest in that classic midwestern basement appliance - the de-humidifier! Check craigslist, I bet you can score one there for cheap. I love cruising craigslist.

Tree, sorry you had a crappy job to do today, but at least you're off that awful flushing thing you were doing all summer (sorry, I have no brain for technical terms). And your takeout sounds FAB!

Yeah, poodle, I wish McDougal was the answer - they always have a ton of jobs open, and its a 10 minute bike ride from home, but I've had several friends work there in graphics/web, and all report that its a pretty slavish, workaholic experience - that's why they burn through staff all the time. 'Tis a bummer. The right thing will come along, and I may have to wait awhile, but I've at least got a job, and my bosses love me, even if I can't stand them.

OMG a hundred page appraisal report?! Yikes, that's HUGE!!!
hehe...poodle, consider yourself lucky. A burst hose CAVED IN MY BASEMENT WALL. Yup. That was oh, sooo FUN. Not. That was about when I decided to give up on the place. (that would have been The Shack.)

Poodle, ugly mauve carpet should go anyway. And, I'll keep my eyes open for a dehumidifier for ya. There's refrigerant and compressors in them, so they do show up at our shop. I just fixed one last week. Unfortunately somebody owns it. Heh.

Turbo, I'm sorry your job is turning out to be sucky. sad.gif I hope things get better soon!
BOOOOOOO!!! YouTube just told me that I've exceeded my comment limit!!! No fair!!! 1st Amendment!!!!!!! The Internets is all about America anyway!!!!!

Oscar is going crazy. It's a combination of heavy doses of catnip and me not giving him all of my attention.

Yeah, I'm gonna have to buy a dehumidifier. I was gonna get one anyway, but now I have to do it sooner than I thought. Sucks, because my basement was super dry after my soil-fill efforts on the north side. Ah well. The woman who lived here before the seller built up a concrete curtain on the south side that doesn't allow water to permeate. The unfortunate thing is that the water now collects on the adjacent sidewalk instead of spreading into the lawn. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Actually, I'm not surprised that McDougal is so demanding. If you're a workaholic career-climber, it's a good place. Not me. It would be great on a resume though. Heh, I always bring up the Google work environment to my boss because they get to bring their pets to work and play during their breaks. I also bring up the "nap room" concept a lot, but my boss said she wouldn't be willing to do that unless we each brought in 2,500 billable hours per year (not gonna happen). I really shouldn't complain, because I'm pretty spoiled at my job. The latest news is that we're getting booted out of our office (the building wants larger companies), which means we lose our premo location in the heart of downtown MPLS. It also means that I lose my badass office with excellent views of the ghetto.

Turbo, I think you and I should move to WI to work for The Onion. You can work on their web page and I'll do my amateur Photoshop work. I'm sure we wouldn't get paid for shit, but I'll give you $100/month to sleep on your massage table. wink.gif It's a win-win situation.
*shudders at the thought of mauve carpet*

Yeah, tree, the job thing is disappointing, but the suckiness is mobilizing....I think I can make a year there, no problem, without going too crazy, and make my resume look respectable, but I'm a lot tougher than I thought, and I stand up for myself, and I know that I'm good at what I do. It'll all work out fine. I've already been there 5months, so another 6 is no biggie. And casual job searching is a lot like casual home shopping on the web - kind of interesting to imagine your life somewhere else. And yeah, poodle, I'm sitting in this chair for the resume - the job may suck, but it looks damned fine on paper!

Mmmm....nap rooom. We had those at the last job...okay, so they were belonging rooms for birthmoms to spend time with their babies, but they made damned fine nap rooms when I needed it. wink.gif
*Job-Endurance Vibes for Turbo* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!$$$$$

Aww crap! about the water damage sad.gif That's bumming & scary! Yeah, I guess you'd need to keep a dehumidifier next to it for a good while just to wick away what moisture keeps coming through. We run a dehumidifier over here in the winter time. It makes a big racket, but it makes a big difference mold-wise. I hope the damage is minimal. Bummer about YouTube, too!

I wish I had puppyfriends!
Actually, according to their website, The Onion has a twin cities office:

Twin Cities Offices
212 3rd Avenue North, #445
Minneapolis, MN 55401
All Inquiries 612-370-1372
Fax 612-333-0444
E-mail (all departments)
For advertising, e-mail

And a chicago office:

Chicago Offices
47 W. Division St. #385
Chicago, IL 60610
All Inquiries 312-751-0503
Fax 312-751-4137
E-mail (all departments)
For advertising, e-mail

Unless it's a joke......but the phone numbers would be 555 numbers then wouldn't they?
Happy Friday...uhhhhhh......yeast infection covered used condom lickers. That makes no sense. I need to go back to bed.

Poodle, that is craptastic about the basement, but at least you get to rid the PoodlePalace of mauve carpet. Blech! Do you know where the office is moving?

Turbo, you will find something that is great for you, where you don't have douche bags for bosses and no sick time.

Tree, the wall caved in?? Shittay.

Lore, you can be the hound's internet friend. She loves attention.

I'd love to work fo The Onion, that would rawk!

Well, I was having a really great drive home from work yesterday, then I pulled onto a main road that gets me onto another rodad (which gets me close to home), was backed up all to hell. See, for the past little while, the city has been doing construction in between the east and west bound lanes of traffic. This road was done max 15 years ago (and constantly gets resurfaced...the bridge, however, is another story. There has never been any structural work on it. Ever. I guess it's due for maintenance). They are building a road in between the east and west lanes. So, traffic, I'd say was backed up probably 2-3 kilometres (not even rush hour), and thing is, it was for maybe half a kilometer that was blocked off. What made me irrate was that there were no warning signs letting people know that one fucking lane of traffic was closed off. Hey assholes, couldn't you give the public some warning that you've closed a lane of traffic, and not have us discover this once we drive by or have to merge????


so, what are everyone's plans for the weekend? I was thinking of going out tonight, I think I'm just going to sleep. I'm tired. Plus I really want to see the Andy Warhol exhibit which is showing at the art gallery. I don't want to be hung over for that.

I'm now bored with the cop. I've used him like a cheap peice of meat. Question is, when will I actually ditch him. I've got needs! laugh.gif

On the other side, the mexican devil hasn't been in contact with me. Not that I care, it's driving him insane that I'm not responding, just keeping a record, telling my lawyer and the cop. (that way I can't be accused of not telling the police. Hee hee).

Well, I'm going to go read the paper before starting work (which means I'll start work in a few hours). Well, maybe I'll work for a while, then read.

Later kats!
Mornin' ya'll! In typical turbo-day-off fashion, I have done 6 loads of laundry, including washing all the dog bedding, cleaned the kitchen and living room, and scrubbed the bedroom floors with Mr Clean and Tea Tree oil, to kill any potential moldies. Now, I've just got to put everything back together, and move along to closet cleaning! Wheeee! The house smells really nice like tea tree oil too.

Poodle, I ride by the Onion offices on my way to work everyday, and believe me, I've looked at their jobs, and talked to someone who worked there - I can't afford to work for them...they pay shit, because they can - everyone wants to work for them. Oh well.

Well, I need to hop in the shower, put the house back in order, and get ready to meet my old work buddies for lunch.

Wow, Turbo! That's waaay more that I'd ever achieve before lunch unless I was helping a friend move or something. Funny how if it's for me, I'm lazy, but if it's to help someone, I'm happy to work. It's probably a pack instinct thing.

Hey Houndish! FETCH! . - - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - - .

I need to be more productive.
Hi, peeps!

Poodle, that sucks about the flooding. It sounds like the previous owner didn't know shit about houses. And that blows about your office moving. Any idea when or where to? I hope you guys can find another good space in downtown. You probably need to be near the courthouse and government buildings, right?

Hi, Jenn! Hooray for your guilt-free day off! I can only dream of accomplishing what you do on your "down" time. Martha Stewart must model herself after you.

CH, that's good you haven't heard from ex-asshole lately. Is he still trying to contact you?

I read through everything, but can't see it all on the page, so ((((((((hugs)))))))) to those who need them and hellos all around to everyone!

Where's FJ been lately?

So I left work early yesterday because I don't have anything worthwhile to do and I had a headache. I was going to watch the giant play tennis, but his partner had the flu, so they cancelled that. At least I got almost 2 hours at home alone. Then when I got to work this morning, I got a little nasty-gram from my boss about leaving without giving notice (it was for barely over 2 hours and nothing ever happens anyway and there was plenty of coverage), but he's going to let it slide because I don't do it very often. How freaking GENEROUS of him. Assclown. It's my vacation time and I'll take it when I please, thankyouverymuch. I've decided from now on that if he ever asks me to go to his office, I'm going to just say no or make sure a union rep comes with me so I've got witnesses. Anyway, we spent the night watching TV and eating leftovers, and I went to the gym.

People at my gym are slobs. Why is it so much to ask for people to wipe off the machines they use when they're done? What makes them think I want to touch their yucky sweat?

My headache is back again today, worse than before. It didn't start until I was on my way in this morning. Sometimes I get really bad headaches when I'm driving to places I dread going to, and work is one of those lately. At least it's lunchtime now and I can go outside for a bit. I got to waste some time visiting an old coworker friend of mine who moved to a different part of the building. I don't get to chat with her much, but she had a form I needed that I can't seem to find anywhere else. She's got 3 of her 4 kids living with her, 2 grandchildren, and her mother all in the same house. I don't understand how she hasn't gone completely nuts yet.

No big plans for the weekend. We're going out for dinner tonight somewhere (no idea where, but I only ask that it not be for fast food because it's unhealthy and I'm sick to death of it), then cleaning the kitchen tomorrow from top to bottom. It could really use the attention, and I'm going to need clear spaces for making my holiday confections. On Sunday, we're going to the giant's mom's house, since we haven't seen her for about 6 weeks now. Other than that, it'll be a cheap and low-key weekend.
Good Afternoon,

Turbo, damn woman, you've been busy! Enjoy your lunch!

Hey Lore! *emily follows, stis down and promptly expects scratches*

Diva, I've not heard from that asshat. Just the text on Monday. What does he expect, it's been a year and a fucking half! Moron. Your boss is a prat. That's great that you got some alone time last night though. Ewwwww other peoples sweat. Blech.

Well, that's all I've got right now.

Later kats!
Just a quick flyby here, I'm tired. may want to invest in a pocket tape recorder. At least here in Wisconsin (why would Minnesota be different?) it's legal to tape a conversation without the other person's knowledge as long as you are a part of the conversation. So all you have to say is, "yes, sir" and your tape is legit.

I keep saying I should get a tape recorder. I really wished I had one a couple months ago, that's for sure. Wow. What a meeting we all had, and there's no documentation. Blech.

Jenn, did you have a good day off? I'm thinking I need to get to work on my place, like you did yours, just in case YOU and Mr. Turbo want to see my place! I've got nowhere NEAR your energy, I'm thinking. I'ma shove all my stuff into closets I think.

And...I think I may be hosting my first Thanksgiving. Perhaps. We shall see. I'm looking forward to it, if I am. Yay!

*pets CH's houndish Emily* I just love puppies...if they're not mine. I mean, I really like them, but just like being childfree, they're so much WORK! But, if there were ever a dog who didn't have to go outside to pee, if you could train em to use the toilet (and flush, eew), I'd have one in an instant. I lurve dogs. I just hate going outside if I don't have to. Heh. And...CH, I'm surprised the road construction is going so far into the year up where you are. Of course, it's still going here, too.

ETA: And...I did some internet research on stupid fridge/freezer door gaskets. I've found some information that suggests that perhaps if I shoot a heat gun (or a blowdryer) at the gasket it will expand to fill the space.

The honest part of me really, really wants this to work, cause I can't stand leaving a customer with a crap job. I'ma go out there for free.

The self-righteous/arrogant part of me wants this to fail, cause it just can't be that simple, or I woulda thought of it before. Heh.
Hi Kari, Divala, and CH! Hope y'all are gearing up for a great weekend. I'm hanging out with my best girlfriend in San Francisco. I don't get to see her much now that we live in different states, so this is a real treat!

Diva, your experiences with the dentist are reminding me of something my massage therapist said: according to practitioners who do cranio-sacral work, getting drilling and other dental work done will mess up your body's energy vibrations or something, leading you to feel all out of wack like that. Wonder if there's anything to it.

Re: strip club details- basically, the guy I've been seeing for a week or two suggested it as a date idea, and I quickly accepted. Mostly out of curiosity, and wanting to try new stuff. But also, I wondered if it might be a sexy date (as I wouldn't mind spicing up the mostly-vanilla sex life a little bit)-- and I've always been a bit bi-curious, so that piqued my interest, too. Anyway, we went to a pretty classy place, that had lots of different types of girls dancing. And yes, CH, some of them were really impressive in how athletic they were! Others were boring, and bored. One or two were cute/sexy to me. My fellow bought me a dance from a girl I was a bit into... and damn, she was all over me! They say you're not supposed to touch the dancers, but if you're a female customer, WHOLE different story! She was grabbing my hands and putting them all over her. And putting hers all over me. And at another point in the evening, another dancer just walked by and grabbed my tit. Damn! Convenient place to explore this bi-curious stuff, I guess! And, it's a good opportunity to explore my own sexual politics and my own feminism a little deeper, you know? To challenge certain assumptions or beliefs I have...

Happy Friday, all!
Good Evening!

Tree, I totally hear you about dogs. the way I see it is I don't have to talk to a dog (well, carry on a conversation), I don't have to change diapers, etc. But I can see how dogs are like children. Added bonus of dogs, they can usually amuse themselves and having such a high energy hound gets me outside, too. I've made some good friends at the dog park. That's really cool about Thanksgiving!

Octi, that's a pretty cool date! The first time I went to a strip club was for my birthday, I was 22 or 23, and I thought how long could I take it. Then I saw how psychological it was, and how much men just drooled. It was highly amusing to me. Then I got bored after a while. You see one vagina... Enjoy San Fransisco!!!

Well, I took puppy to the park for a walk where she played. The cop called me, I'm going to stop over there, then afterwards, I'm not too sure yet. Tomorrow I'm going to some weight lifting seminar dealy thing.

That's my story!

Later kats!
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