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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I am a rock star.

I got that A/C in. The condo's clubhouse is now nipple-hardening cool. One of the board members was doing the hemming and hawing thing about "you saved us so much money and we really, REALLY appreciate it"...and I said, "I'm partial to barbecued ribs, myself."....hehe

I've made TONS of hard boiled eggs. I did the low carb thing a few years ago. I really should do it again, but I can't give up my second lover, beer. I swear it will be my downfall.

Jenn, that is SO creepy about gang people hanging around when it's girls night. WTF?

Divala, mmmm, truffles. Do you do any really dark chocolate ones? 'cause I just love those and I want to torture myself imagining 70% cocoa dark chocolate truffle goodness. smile.gif

Which reminds's soon going to be time to start soaking my cherries. I make drunken cherries every year for christmas season...get a huge jar of maraschino cherries with stems on, dump about half the liquid out and then top it off with brandy. Soak for a couple months. Then I take them out and dry them and dip them in dark chocolate. They turn out so boozy, it's fun to take them to work christmas parties. It's like incognito drinking.

kari, now I've got the Eagles' song "taking it easy" stuck in my head...hehe. And, I would have been so pissed at those middle school punks. WTF is up with that shit?

Rose, I think you've won today's "nastiest insult" contest. I hope you feel better soon.

Ya know, all this egg talk is making me crave quiche lorraine.....
Guess how bored I was today....I made a rockstar crotch quiz!! laugh.gif Those of you who have been paying attention lately should get #5 right.

I suck. I got 40%.

But, yes, I did get no. 5 right. And vince niel. He was my boyfriend in high school. He just didn't know it. And DON'T show me any current pics, I know he hasn't aged well.

Kewl quiz, Poodle!
I wish quizilla would post all the answers. I had to type them in manually below the score, but they're hard to read. Ah well. #10 really grosses me out. You can see every detail of his junk.
I got 50%. I'm more of a crotch groupie than tree! Whoo?

I did get #5...who wouldn't? And the infamous Robert Plant prick. And Vince Neil. And Axel Rose. And Prince. Not a bad assortment, eh?
50% ain't bad!! It's not supposed to be all that easy. I was thinking "educational" more than anything. tongue.gif
Fuck Fuck FUCK.

CH is not impressed right now. my douchebag ex, the one who had me arrested, called my fucking house tonight. I don't know why, he didn't call me cell, he called me fucking house. My mom comes flying into my bedroom telling me it's him. I wonder why on FUCKING earth he would be calling me after a year and a fucking half. What the hell. I tried texting the one person we know, PR boy, he hasn't texted me back. I need to know if he's also contacted him. More motherfucking drama. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Son of a bitch. That has me all worked up. I have no intentions of ever talking to him again. Uhh, what would I hae to say. NOTHING!

Okay, I feel somewhat better now.

I'll go take the rock star crotch quiz!

Be back in a bit.
*stretches* Mornin' ya'll! Having a lovely Saturday morning here - woke up early and took turbo for a long walk, including a trip to the ballfield so turbo could run a few laps. There was a homeless guy sitting on the bleachers, and he stood up and started cheering turbo on, and turbo actually ran faster! I chatted with the guy for awhile, he really loved turbo. I may bring some breakfast down to the park for him tomorrow...and if he's not there, I'll leave it for someone else.

Then, off to the farmers market and loaded up on the bounty of fall - cider, apples, carrots, garlic, dried cherries, chard, fresh eggs, mushrooms....good stuff. I am planning a goat cheese and mushroom omelet for dinner.....YUM. Maybe I'll make some more molasses cookies too.

Turbomann's BFF is here this weekend, so we went to our favorite pub/beer garden last night with our pug-owning friends for burgers and likker again, and thank cod, no allergy attack this week....I think the worst of hayfever season is hopefully past. Not sure what we'll do today, but this evening the boys will be taking off for the annual Oktoberfest celebration in the German 'hood....just about everyone we're even loosely friends with saves this date months in advance to attend this spectacular evening of drinking and german food. I pass on the evening, as beer makes me extremely ill, so I'll have a nice quiet night at home, so I can catch up on the season premiere of Friday Night Lights. Cod, I love Kyle Chandler.

Poodle, I opened the crotch quiz, but I had to avert my eyes, faced with so much bulging manhood. It just wasn't going well with my cherry scone for brekkie. wink.gif

CH, I'm sorry the ex called you. Ugh. I hope you explicitly tell your mom never to pass you the phone if he calls again.
Good Morning, Good Morning!

My mom knowns Iwon't talk to him, she also wouldn't allow it. She was asking me if I wanted her to talk to him. I've heard nothing from him since . That's a good thing. I slept last night, today I took houndish to the park, now I'm deciding what I want to do with the rest of my day.

I think I'm going to clean, there is dog fur everywhere.

Turbo, enjoy your evening at home!

I'm going to de dog fur now!

Later all!
Hey y'all. This indian summer fucking sucks. I like 75 deg indian summer...not 90.

Anyway, we're going out with the bff'd sans kidlets tonight! to a fancy fondue restaurant! YUM. When we can all arrange sitters, we totally big-stuff it. I always miss the bebe, but i totally love nights out. Its a bit of a double edged sword. We may even go out after dinner. I know. Big fancy pants, eh?

Tomorrow, cider mill in the heat and a bridal shower. At least that will be air conditioned.

NICE, Mox - sounds like a great night out!!!

Turbomann and BFF are off to the great Oktoberfestation, so I'm all on my own - YAY!

Word, 90 degrees in October is strange, indeed.
hey, 90 deg indian summer works for me! It's a good test for my new a/c! Anyway, I'm totally amazed. I've gotta buy my own internet. The internet I've been stealing at my house crapped out so I came to work to use their wireless. Whee! I gotta buy internet like this! I'm downloading an episode of Greys Anatomy in like 13 minutes! It was going to be 4 hours at home!

I'm liking this.

Hi bustiers!!!

Ugh, word on the hot temps out there. I mowed my lawn at about 3:00 this afternoon and I literally felt like barfing because of the heat. It had to be done though, because we're gonna continue having wet weather. I'm so glad I have a small yard.

Culture, that's so lame that the asshat called you. Don't even bother giving it another thought.

Both mox and turbo have fantastic evenings ahead of them!! Enjoy the childfree outing, mox!! Fondue sounds like a lot of fun. And, turbo, I'm feelin' ya on the low-key solo night. I'm all about that. I have had no desire to leave the house this weekend.

Mmmmm...cider....I bought some last week, and although it wasn't the best I've had, it was still really yummy.

I don't know how you can live without fast internet access, tree!! I get huffy if a page takes more than 5 seconds to load!!

I rented a couple DVD's tonight, but I can't find the remotes for my DVD player and VCR. I tried everything to do it without them, but no luck. GARRR!!! Ah well, I guess it's syndicated TV and internet fun for me tonight. On nights like these, I miss having a decent cable package.
*hands poodle a cold, refreshing brew*

Yeah, its funny, 'cause it was hot this afternoon, but not so bad because of a nice breeze, but now its cooler, but the humidity is back, and my clothes are sticking unpleasantly.

I've got DVDs too, but don't feel much like watching 'em. I've got a clay mask on, and I've downloaded a new audiobook to entertain me while I take a nice soak in the tub. I meant to make cookies tonight, but vegging on the couch took priority. smile.gif

Even though mowing sucks, poodle, it makes me so happy when you talk about doing stuff in YOUR home!!
heee...poodle, I guess I'm just stingy. I just get what I can steal borrow from my neighbor's wireless. I guess, after two years of that, I didn't know the possibilities. I think I'm going to go into the shop whenever I want to update Itunes, for sure. Sometimes Bust takes me a full minute to load. Of course, that's on a bad day.

If I wouldn'ta been so big in the britches when I bought this place I might be able to afford my own internet...geesh. But the place is purty, I gotta say that. All I can do is hope my car holds out.

So, the clubhouse a/c is working great! The condo board is duly impressed. Even the weird asshole apologized to me. I think there is a barbecued rib dinner in it for me, along with the $500 for installing it. Kewl. Plus there's the whole "you're a heroine" factor too.

I really should have been a Leo. Heh.

I'm sitting on my balcony enjoying what will surely be one of the last (sob) beautiful nights, listening to Queen. I do lurve me some Queen. I'ma stay out here till I wanna go to bed. It's GORGEOUS out here.

And I'm reminded of college. I went to a pretty small college (winona state university) and there was one really tough professor (I had him for three classes, OMG. HIs final exam was one question. really, really HARD essay question taking at least four hours to answer)...and we'd find out when his tests were. We'd blast Queen's "another one bites the dust" out into the courtyard about the time the dejected test-takers'd be walking out. We were asses....hehehe
Awwww...thanks, turbo!! Yeah, lawnmowing sucks, but at least it's MY FUCKING LAWN than I'm mowing!!!!!!!! Yeeeahhh!!! *does best Howard Dean scream impersonation*

I haven't done a mask in a long time. I take that back--I have a tube of Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask, which works wonders. I liked it a lot more before they added more water to it and put it in a tube. It used to come in a jar 10+ years ago. That's how I kept my young porcelain goth skin baby-soft and flawless back in the day. I miss having great skin. My face is a mess these days. It's most likely due to years of obsessive-tweezing and just plain aging. Still, I get a lot more zits these days. I think it's public transportation. laugh.gif Shawnboy can vouch for my gorgeous highschool skin. Remember shawnboy? Oh weren't looking at my face... wink.gif

ETA- X-POST w/ tree. That's so rad that you got paid for your skillz, tree!!! Damn, I don't think I could get that much if I freelanced my appraisal skillz. I'd be breaking commerce laws anyway. For some reason, the Dept. of Commerce is way more into scrutinizing appraisers than realtors, brokers, and lenders. I'm not sure why, because realtors, brokers, and lenders have fucked over way more people than appraisers. Just look at the current foreclosure crisis. I think the state likes to keep an eye on private appraisers because we're often working against them in legal cases for highway takings, etc.

You went to Winona State?!! That's so awesome!! Everything comes back to Minnesota in the lounge.

I plan on making my nephews a Queen CD, because they absolutely love the song, "We Will Rock You." I put it on their last CD, but I was afraid that my brother would get all poopy about it. Not so!! I think Queen is actually good for kids as a segway into the harder stuff. Same with The Beatles. My favorite Queen song? Fat-Bottomed Girls. Fat-bottomed girls make the rockin' world go 'round!!!!!!

Gah, you can tell I've had a couple glasses of wine when I start to type page-long posts!! Sorry.
heee...poodle, "fat bottomed girls" is what's playing in my ipod at this very second!

And...the $500 is cheap compared to what they were going to pay an outside contractor...1800.00. Yup. For a lesser job. So, they're happy. And I'm happy. Whee!

And, I used to use that masque a LOT! I didn't know it was still around! I love the minty smell.

ETA..yes, I'm slow on the uptake tonight. It sucks about the difference in scrutiny of appraisers versuse the realtors and lenders and brokers. I mean, I know a LOT more shady realtors, lenders and brokers, than I do appraisers. I mean, seriously. Especially the lenders. My "uncle" is a high risk mortgage guy. I'm not sure of the proper term, but I'm not proud...he seems like a shark to me.

OH...and everything coming back to minnesota? I grew up in Willmar. Heh. Spent my entire life until about age 24 in Minnesota.
It's funny how Minnewisconsinites either end up in the Twin Cities or Madison!! Both places rock. I guess lots of 'sconsin folk end up moving to Chi-town, too. I've never lived anywhere but the Twin Cities, and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything at all. I'd totally be willing to move to Madison though, if it had something to do with employment or school. I have a friend from Appleton, WI who just moved to Madison, so that means I'll have to make a visit soon!!! Funny, I know many Appletonians. XRB is also from Appleton. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Minnesota and Wisconsin should form their own country. Chicagoland can have Milwaukee though.

So, besides Willmar, where did you live in MN? I don't know if I coulda gone through my teenage years in greater Minnesota without going crazy. I grew up in the skirts, but at least I was able to escape to Minneapolis in my teen years.

ETA- I can't remember what I was gonna say. Sorry.
Poodle, it was just Willmar and Winona. I guess I liked the W's . Then I got divorced (I got married in Winona) and as part of my prelaw classes at Winona State I went to Madison to do some legal research for some term papers (no internet at that time..I feel so old) ...and I fell in love with the city.

It kind of sucked growing up in Willmar. They "thought" they were a big city but they were really a small town. Filled with really, really old people. I mean, the only bar in that town, at that time, was the legion. And you needed a special card to get in. OMG. Yes, I was insane.

But, yes, I lived in Minnesota till I was about, I'm thinking 24 or so. Is it really bad that I can't remember my exact age?

And, yes, I do think Milwaukee doesn't belong in our Miinnesconsin country!

ETA...I think your visit should be for a state street Halloween/Riot! smile.gif
Tree, that ROCKS that you're getting the glory and some extra cash!

Did I mention that turbomann and I are planning to come up to Madison the weekend of the 25th? We need to make a New Glarus run, see our friends that live there ....and YOU! If you'll be around, let us know!

Okay, off to beddy-bye for me!
Turbo, I"m gonna PM you my contact info...that weekend looks great for me and I should be around. I'd love to meet yous guys!
Well, Madison sounds like a good fit for you, tree. I'm surprised you weren't drawn to the cities like so many, though. Although, over half of my older cousins from nothern MN never bothered to move to the cities and don't plan on moving. On some level, I can't blame them. Actually, out of all of my gigantic extended family (Catholic on both sides), we were really the only ones who lived here because my dad was a chef (the chef career wasn't all that lucrative in greater MN). The "rich" family within our family ended up moving here in recent years, but that's about it. I always have fantasies about living in northern MN though. I know I'll always have people up there.

ETA- There's a State St. Halloween riot?!! I've gotta make some plans...
Y'know, Poodle, I probably would have been drawn to the TC. It's just that when I was in Winona State, my professor, (actually the one I posted about who had the really really hard class with the one question final)...he always talked about how Madion had the best law library in the area. And since I wanted to be a lawyer at that time I went to Madison to do quite a bit of legal research for papers and stuff.

If I had gone to the TC, the same prolly woulda happened. I just, one day walked down state street and I was like...omg this is where I belong.

Mighta happened in the TC too.

Poodle, talking about northern Minnesota, my ex husband lived in Ely for a few years. And I worked up in the split rock lighthouse area for a while. I love northern Minnesota.

My favorite park for backpacking is actually Crosby park in Minnesota which is by Tettegouche state park.

When I was in high school I was picked in a pool to go work in state parks in minnesota as part of the convervation corps. I had so much fun. Crosby was my favorite, for sure. I built trails there. Maybe thats' what butched me up, I dunno. laptop battery is flashing red at me. I guess I better go charge it up. 'nighters everybody!
Blergh. I bought Blue Moon beer's seasonal, Harvest Moon (has a pumpkin taste), and it's very disappointing. I was hoping the pumpkin taste would be subtle and not take away from the original Blue Moon taste, but not so. That's my beer snob opinion though.

Yeah, northern MN (up nort) rocks tha shit, yo. Ely is an anomaly though. The land is relatively pricey around that area. I was able to get a vegetarian portabello mushroom panini up there once, which means that you're in a totally different world. I've had my eye on land in northern MN forever and, in my dreams, I will still find a good chunk somewhere between 10 to 40 acres. I don't think I could maintain my sanity and lifestyle without the internet though. They don't sell organic fair-trade coffee at the Orr, MN grocery store.

ETA- My bro's dog was named "Ely" after the town. Old girl was just put to sleep. She had stomach cancer even though she was only 9-yrs-old. It's the pure-bred thing, I tell ya (golden retriever). They have a new puppy named "Millie" after Lake Vermillion. Same breeder. My sis also has a dog (Lena) from that breeder. When I told my brother that he should adopt a shelter dog, he got all pissy and said that they weren't good for anything. I love my bro and he's a great guy, but I still want to strangle him for saying that.
Hey Hey!

Damn, there's been lots going on tonight!

I'm jealous that you all are getting together. I want to meet the okayers! sad.gif

Speaking of nice weather, it was cold here during the day, but it warmed up this evening. It was nice sitting on the patio at the bar.

I was talking to a cop this evening who told me that he could check on the progress of me having my finger prints, etc with the police destroyed. He works near me, so when I see him downtown, I can ask him and he's going to check in on it for me.

Tree and Poodle, it sounds like you had really great evenings!

Well, I'm pretty pooped out, so I'm going to bed.

later kats!
Holy crap I killed it!

Well, how's everyone's day been? Mine has been good. Was a little hung over this morning, but all is well now! Had dinne over at my grandmothers and tonight I'm going to see a new play thing.

That's all I've got.

Later mah busties!
Hi everybody!

I'm back and I'm a married lady!

My wedding to Jfrito was just wonderful. We had a really, really great day. I loved my flowers and our reception was so pretty and we had all our friends and family there. So many happy memories - I was just a big smiling pile of mush all day. I wish there would have been 5 of me so I could have been all over the place more - it went by so fast! It was great to see Poodle and Diva and the Giant and Minx and Minxlette a little bit, too! Thank you so much for coming! I wish you could have stayed longer - you missed some crazy dancing. Our DJ turned out to be fantastic (he stuck to our playlist unless it was a specific request - someone did ask for "I'm Too Sexy" but that was pretty much the only bad song that I remember) and it was really fun. After it was all over Jfrito and I and a bunch of friends went to Mickey's Diner. Jfrito and I sat at the counter in our wedding outfits and got free milkshakes! Then we went back to our hotel room for a little lovin and to crash. We're still waiting on most of our wedding pictures but I'll try to post a few of the table camera ones we've gotten back already this week - we're developing those in batches so there are still more to see.

The next day we were pretty tired and entertained a few of the out of towners until they had to go to the airport and then we opened presents which was a lot of fun. Monday we packed up Abe and brought him to my parents and then drove up to Duluth for a few days. We got an excellent deal on rooms at the new Sheraton downtown and our room was very nice and they have a pool so we did a lot of swimming and sat in the jacuzzi. We cruised around a lot but didn't do much walking because Jfrito hurt his foot (doing too much crazy dancing at the wedding, I suspect) and couldn't walk on it much. We were pretty lazy but it was so much fun and really relaxing. I didn't want to come home but alas we had to. Since then we've been freaking each other out by referring to each other as "husband" and "wife" - we are SO not used to that yet! I really like being married - for the most part it doesn't feel all that different but in little bitty ways it does and I like it!
Marileen, I'm so happy that your wedding was a wonderful day! Congratulations!
YAY Marileen!!! I'm so glad to hear that you loved your wedding and honeymoon! A few days to relax sounds just perfect! 5 years later, it still feels weird sometimes when we look at each other and say "we're totally married." Marriage is for grownups, and I still don't feel like one, most of the time. smile.gif

We've had a really nice day here (in spite of 85 degree heat and 100% humidity). Turbomann's BFF was already gone when I got back from walking the dog at 8am, so we had the day to ourselves, which was perfect. I did my menu planning for the week, grocery shopping, cleaned veggies and prepped for dinner a bit. Then, some most excellent portions with turbomann, and a late morning snooze. Rode bikes a bit and grabbed a late lunch, and then turbomann went to play Wii at his buddy's house, while I washed floors, and read on the balcony a bit. Perfect. Oh and I made the Barefoot Contessa's Chicken Piccata for dinner, with brown rice and a simple salad, and it was freaking amazing, and only took 20 minutes in the kitchen!

And, I am SO not ready to go back to work tomorrow. feh.
Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! Yep, it's Canadian Thanksgiving!

Congrats, marileen!
I LOVE that chicken picatta. Its one of the few chicken dishes moxette will eat!

We had a delightfully obnoxious time with the friends saturday night, and spent yesterday hanging as a family. I was going to make a new chicken cassarole, but it was 90 fucking degrees outside. So, we went over to the MIL's house, where we had pot roast and veggies. Prior to picking up moxette, though, we had "kid free" (read, LOUD) portions. What fun!!

I've also discovered that moxette knows where in the grocery store her favorite items (Cheese and Cereal Bars) are located. What a good little helper!

Now, back to work. I wish I were Canadian today.
Good Morning!

It's hot here too. ugh. I am so over it. Where is fall??

Hi Marileen!!! CONGRATS!! Sounds like you had a wonderful wedding and reception. I am really happy for you!

I got 40% on the crotch quiz. Pretty much all the crotches made me gag. Ick.

Jenn-I just saw the Barefoot Contessa episode w/ the chicken picatta. If it's the same one she made on the show...yum. Everything she does is delicious though.

Tree, that is so cool that you have a BBQ in your honor for fixing the AC! Wow! And 500 big ones? Extra nice.

Poodles, it's not so bad doing yard work right? When it's your own yard and not your parents' or someone else's.

((CH)) I am sorry that ass called your house. Any idea why or what is going on?

Hi moxie! Woo hoo for afternoon portions! smile.gif

I am doing alright today, I suppose. I had a nice weekend. Friday night I went to my friend's house. We ate pizza and watched tv. Saturday I took my dogs on a long walk, ran some errands, and studied. I had a meeting at school that afternoon, which did not last too long. That night we played ladies poker. I lost $1. Yesterday morning I cleaned like a banshee & then worked at the hospital from 1-4. I picked up Mr K from the airport after that. We had Thai food for dinner, watched tv, & conked out early.
Does Canadian Thanksgiving include turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing? Because if so, I'm in. I love me a turkey dinner.

How cute that Moxette knows where her favs are at the store.

CONGRATULATIONS TO MARILEEN AND JFRITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad everything went well for you! Can't wait to see pictures! And I have to ask, who was your florist? I'm meeting with one today (Colleen's Flower Cellar) but have just started looking. Any recommendations you (and other TC Busties) can make would be great. What other vendors did you use?

I'm really ready to be done with this humidity and rain. It just makes me so damn sleepy.
I"m an ass...i got on to congratulate Marileen! WHOOO HOOO for weddings, fun, family, friends and love! And a relaxing honeymoon!

OK, last week I mentioned that we got some great pix of moxette and BFF's little one... Moxette and BFF's son...BFF-ettes! Honestly, if it were't a little gross, I'd totally want these two to hook up someday. Ah, we'll take what we can get.

Ok, off to work. RIght. WOrk.
Good Afternoon!

Turbo, that chicken sounds delish!

Doodle, Happy Thanksgiving!

Kari, I never did find out why the Mexican Devil called. He hasn't called since.

Catsoup, our Thanksgiving is the same as yours! Mmmm food.

Mox, how freakin' adorable!

Well, I swumg by the cops place last night, but his kidlets were up and about, so that put a damper on things. Afterwards I just drove around the city. Did some thinking. Remember the guy who called me a few months back. Well, I've made an executive decision and I don't really want him kicking around anymore. At least, that's the way I am leaning right now. i hope I can stick to it.

Well, I need to clean up, eat some breakfast then run some errands before I go for dinner at my dad's.

Later kats!

Moxie, those pictures are so cute! I can't believe how much Moxette has grown.

Catsoup, I've heard good things about Colleen's Flower Cellar, especially their prices. I absolutely adore my florist Marah Cole (Marah Cole Designs) though! She is so nice and easy to work with - we had some late in the process order changes due to the guest list and wedding party and she was so accomodating. Her prices were very reasonable and the flowers were just fantastic - a couple of people told us they thought they were fake at first! She took the ideas I brought her and just ran with them. I almost started crying when I saw my bouquet it was so pretty. I just can't say enough good things about her. I also was really happy with my photographer Emily Steffen (I think her website is She is so calm and nice and made me feel not weird getting my picture taken all day long. She showed up at 10 am and stayed all the way through our first dances. She has a great eye and her prices were amazing, too. I was pretty wigged out in the morning and running behind and she helped keep me from really freaking out. She was definitely the best deal I found on photographers and I don't think we compromised on quality. Those were definitely my two favorite vendors.

The cake came from Buttercream and was very yummy - I've heard they can be difficult to work with if you want something more original but we just wanted a pretty cake that would be tasty and that's what we got. I splurged on renting a totally unnecessary silver cake stand from them and am glad I did - no one else probably cared but it elevated the cake a little higher and made it look more special! Brian Splatt our dj from Midwest Sound and Light was great. Embassy Suites St. Paul did a good job on the food and although I had some problems with the coordinator and communication (they didn't let us know there was another wedding happening in the tiny room next door that shared our hallway/bar area space and restrooms even though they had promised us when we booked that we'd be the only wedding/event going on and had a million opportunities to warn us of the change and there were a few issues of nterference but I called them afterwards and complained so they sent us a small refund so I'm not mad at them anymore) the room looked just how we wanted and they did a good job of setting everything up (chaircovers, favors, etc.). The church was wonderful - everyone there was so nice and the ceremony went off without a hitch (even with a much longer than expected sermon) and the music from our good friends and Jfrito's mom was even better than we could have imagined. And my personal attendant Tessa was just a lifesaver - I didn't think I needed a wedding coordinator but she ended up acting as one for me and that helped me all day long more than I could have ever imagined. I had good luck with the Wedding Shoppe for my dress and alterations and bridesmaid dresses. Jfrito had a good experience with getting the tuxes at Heimie's Haberdashery - they looked so good. Oh, and don't go to Juut in St. Paul for a manicure - they are very overpriced and don't do a very good job! My pedicure from them was good and held up though, so I'm not sure what their manicure issue is.
/end my long vendor reviews

Catsoup, just pm me if you ever need help with anything wedding-related - I would be happy to help you and I got so immersed in the wedding industrial complex this year that I still like talking about it!

The weather sure has been sleep-inducing lately. I went to Como Zoo with my friend and her two little girls yesterday and after walking around there for an hour I was just beat from the heat and humidity and had to go home and take a nap.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!!

Moxette, the super-cutie? If only he'd be so lucky. When I was her age, she woulda been way out of my league. I had such a pug nose that my nostrils were like a window to my brain.

Yaaay about the smooth & awesome wedding, Marileen! Kickass that fellow BUSTies could make it, too smile.gif

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Heya Kari! (Why, in MY day, I used to be quite the ladies poker, myself!) *baDum, ching!*

Heya Turbo, Doodle, Culture, Catsoup, Poodle, Diva, & Tree smile.gif

Well, over the weekend, Goaty & I visited generic Hell and decided to move there. (I considered typing 'Hades', but that would imply a culture of some sort.) Renton is like this: get one of those old conveyer belt backdrop props that make it look like you're moving and moving, yet the same scenery goes by over and over, and paint a strip mall on it. What it does have that Bellingham is lacking is a decent-paying, salaried, reasonably work-loaded teaching job for Goaty, and consistant employment for me. I've been on the out-of-work list for so long that I'm going off benefits at the end of the month. Oh, and Renton is less than an hour away from Downtown Seattle! I'll be even closer to where my BFF and his family will be moving. We already have a friend who Goaty will be working with, too. The best part is that Goaty will be able to go for another degree, on-the-house, at The University of Washington, Seattle! These are awsome plusses! I'm really hoping that they'll offset the fact that the town we might live in is run by Dementors. (I'll have to bust out my hill-billy a lot.)

So... um... who am I moving near? happy.gif
My asshole boss is throwing his weight around again. Back later when everyone at work has left.
Bummer, Diva! Some people should be labelled 'unsuitable for authority'.
Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadian Busties! I'm happy to know that it includes turkey. smile.gif I hope you are all taking lovely naps after eating too much.

Marileen, thanks for all the vendor recommendations! I just left a voicemail for Marah after reading your post. And thanks for offering to answer my questions. I'm sure I'll have more. It was exactly eight months until the big day yesterday. We've got most of the major stuff done - we're doing both the ceremony and the reception at Como so it's funny you mentioned it. The ceremony will be outside and the reception inside the visitor center. I got my dress at The Wedding Shoppe (how much did your alterations run? I'm a little nervous about that) and we'll probably end up using Buttercream for cakes since the caterer at Como uses them. I want to do cake centerpieces so we shouldn't need a lot of flowers beyond bouquets. We're using Serendipity for our photographer.

/end wedding talk

Diva, I hope your day goes well with the boss issues.

I'm trying to write a paper and just can't get started. It's a very short paper so it shouldn't be this much of a problem but it is. I'm all hopped up on caffeine which isn't helping.

Ha! Lore, oh, if only they could stamp people with that label! Geez that would be the best.

So you & Goatie are moving? When? I bet you were quite the ladies poker, Lore! You naughty boy.

Good for you on that decision CH. Hold firm, girl. Stick to that decision. Mexican Devil...*snicker*

Marileen, you have now made me crave a big piece of CACK!

Moxie, those pictures are so adorable. Oh my, the cuteness!

(diva) sorry about the boss. Poo on him.

okey dokey, I am ready for the workday to end. Alas, I have 2 more hours.

Hello Mah Busties!

Marileen, that cack sounds sooooooo yummy! I'm going to have pie today! Mmm Pumpkin Pie!

Lore, that's great that you are moving closer to your BFF! I can tell you, unfortunately, that you won't be moving close to me. you'd have to move to North Dakota or Minnesota for that. Wel, if you were to stay in the states that is. I mean, if you moved here, that would be fun too.

Diva, sorry to hear your boss is being such a douche bag.

Catsoup, you'll get motivated to your paper! This coming from me, I'd start my papers after they were due. Or the day they were due.

Kari, my fried coined that term last night, and I just thought it was so funny, I had to use it!

It's rainy here. I took houdish to the park, and we both got soaking wet. Oh well, she needs to go out, or she gets a bit nutty. She is already nutty, she gets nuttier.

Wel, I'm going to be off soon, I have to stop by the store to get some things for lunch tomorrow.

Hi, peeps!

All the asshole NARCs of the office are gone now, so I can post. Hooray!

Lore, that's great that Goatie and you will have consistent work if you move to this new place. I guess it can be like that when you're a teacher looking for a school - you pretty much have to go to where the work is, that's why my BFF and her husband bounce around California a bit. It sounds like the city sucks, but you'll be closer to Seattle, which sounds really cool, but I've never been to Seattle, so what would I know.

Catsoup, only 8 months. Wow! Como Park sounds like such a cool place to do a wedding. I'm partial to parks, since you don't need so much in the way of decor.

Wow, CH, I read about the ex calling you up. Anything else on that? I hope he leaves you alone now.

Kari, only losing a lousy buck in a night of poker ain't bad! I was supposed to get into a little ladies' poker group, but they only played once and I couldn't make it that day. Yay on Mr. K getting back tonight!

Hi, Moxie and Marileen and Tree and everyone else I missed!

Poodle, I took your quiz (ew! so many stinky man-parts!) and only got 20%. Actually, I'm kinda proud of that.

Well, it's Monday again. Blerg. We had a nice weekend of not doing jack shit, which was exactly what we needed. We went to IHOP for dinner on Friday because we didn't want to spend a bunch of money on food when the giant can't taste it so much right now with his sinuses flaring up and rented Deathproof and Knocked Up. Both were good, but I wish Tarantino films didn't leave so many ends of a story hanging. He wants to shoot witty dialogue and big action scenes, but not anything else. I don't think he's all that great (Pulp Fiction aside). Then we stayed home for the rest of the weekend. I did a little laundry, but otherwise we just hung out.

The giant's mom's cat died on Saturday night. He had a stroke. RIP, Checkers. But still, he was the best looking 19-year-old cat I've ever seen.

Anywhoo, my boss is an asshole. He decided to go on a tear on me today about "usage of time." He got on me about being online at work screwing around (I'm no worse than others, who don't seem to get picked on as much as me, and even thought I have an internet window open it doesn't mean I'm actively on it), coming in late (I always always always make up my time, I just don't think I need to be babysat about what time I come in and leave. I've been here for over 7 years, goddammit), and taking long lunches (yeah, sometimes I do). But then he got on me for going out to "shopping centers" on my lunch break. Okay, I've done that very few times, but what I do with my lunch hour is my own damn business. If I want to drive to the suburbs for lunch, that has nothing to do with him or anyone else at work. Forgive me for keeping my car in the close ramp so I can go out and do those things, there's no rule that says you can't. I could just throttle the asshole. Normally, I'd be online looking for new jobs now, but since I've decided I'm going to stick it out for 10 years before I open my own business, I'm kind of stuck. Dumbass will just have to live with my flaws. He always says what great work I do, so he can't really fire my ass since my work is good and plentiful and I'm not on probation. Stupid fucker. And then, of course I had to run into him in the break room while I was waiting for my dinner to finish cooking and he tried to make lame conversation with me. The asshole just doesn't get it. I've got a good mind to just not show up tomorrow, but he's not worth the vacation time wasted.

Diva, your boss is a big, flaming asshole. I'd like to give him the what-for and the hoo-ha. Fucker. I have half a mind to pick you up for lunch sometime here dressed up like a hockey player.

I made a couple of loaves of whole wheat/oatmeal/flaxseed bread and a pot of cream of broccoli soup. The broccoli was starting to turn, so it seemed like a good solution. Anyway, Minxlette is chowing down and has requested it for her lunch tomorrow. WHOOT!

Life's been five different flavors of weird lately...nothing substantial to report right now, but I am getting a quasi-consistent piece of ass. tongue.gif It's been awhile, so I appreciate it.

BTW, Catsoup, where in the hell do you live down here now? You should PM me your digits and we should do some coffee sometime soon.

CH, your ex needs a visit from the Pink Mafia...and a clue...and a shut-the-fuck-up.

Moxette could NOT get any cuter. It makes my cute detectors run amok.

WHOOT for Mr. Kari coming home!!

WHOOT for MONTHLI-VERSARIES at the Lore household. I go bonkers for random acts of cute.

Oh yeah, I talked with Lurvpaint the other day...her daddykins is doing okay, but one of her beautiful cats died. sad.gif
Good evening, everybustie!

Lore, that is SO exciting that Goatie got a gig, and that you'll be able to work more steadily...sorry the town isn't more your speed, but like you said - an hour from Seattle and BFF ain't bad....and besides, WA state overall is far more beautiful than Illinois as a whole, I'd say. At least you have hills. And mountains. 10 degree grade is purty steep around here. wink.gif

Really, I just don't feel like I live in Illinois at all. I don't claim the rest of the state. I live in Chicago, and try to avoid the rest as much as possible. heh.

Portions, eh, minxy? Niiiice.... And homeade bread and soup - you are quite the goddess of all hearths this week! We were supposed to have leftover soup for dinner, but since it was almost 90 fucking degrees, we skipped it. Omelets and salad instead. Its finally cooling off here, thank cod.

YAY for Mr. K coming home!

Diva, I'm sorry that your boss is such a used-up douche bag...what exactly does that kind of treatment inspire in employees? Motivation - uh, NO. Resentment and more wasted time and energy is what it buys you...I just don't get it. I'm especially sorry that you're stuck with it a couple more years, but the rewards for time given are significant. Its really going to be difficult for me to hit a year where I'm at...pisses me off. But not having control of my work-life as I am used to is killing me slowly. Sucks, but I'm trying just to get by, pass the time, and take advantage of what this is going to give me on my resume.
Minx, you should totally come over in a hockey costume (complete with stick) and kick my boss's ass! And then we can go out to lunch and drink. He's pretty huge and tall, so you'd need sharp skates and a stick to take him down.

That broccoli soup sounds amazing, as does the bread. I wish it'd get cooler out so I can experiment with some soups. I really want to make potato soup, since I think the giant might actually eat it.

Jenn, you're so absolutely totally right, once again. Why can't you live in my brain when I need succinct and compelling answers to my boss's jackassery? But you're right, what kind of motivation is "work work work for 8 straight hours and if you need a break, walk to the copy machine and stand there for 20 minutes while you make copies of ginormous court orders IN TRIPLICATE as your "downtime"? I feel like he'd chain us all to our desks and tape our mouths shut if he could. I don't think he understands that this kind of treatment breeds resentment, not motivation to work. I've been so unmotivated for many years. I actually wake up in the morning thinking "I really don't give a fuck if I'm late, so I'm going to just stay in bed for 10 more minutes." My job hasn't been challenging for a long while. I really think I'm above it. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in my classification on my team with a B.A. But seriously, I'd rather get teeth pulled and wait around for Comcast to not come around to the house when they said they would if it means I can get out of going to work. I just really don't care anymore at all. I'm so over it.
Good Morning Good Morning!

It's Tuesday, and the start of a short work week! Sweetness! And next week I'm taking a day off, so it's another short work week.

Diva, what a cock sucker your boss is. I hear you about waking up in the morning...

Hey Minx! Mmmm baking.

Hey Turbo!

well, the ex bastard sent me a text message telling me to tell my wannabe friends to stop bothering him at the bar. uhhhhh, WTF is he talking about? For starters, my friends who know him don't go to the bar, and the people I do know from the bar, don't know him. I told me newest play thing about it, as he is a cop (what happened after that is one for the portions thread...I'm just excited that I finally got a cop in the sack, ongoing too! The last three days!) Anyways, I have also called my lawyer and kept the message. I think he's starting crap because it's my birthday. But, he can go right ahead, I'm banging a cop now who can look into things for me. Speaking of which, I've also applied to have my photo id and finger prints destroyed with the police.

What else can I tell ya? I worked out this morning and feel great! Ummm. I'll make a good things Tuesday list.

1. It's Tuesday and a short work week.
2. It's a short work week next week.
3. Fabulous portions for the past three days.
4. Portions tonight.
5. Feeling good after the work out.
6. Clean house.
7. It's not month end at the office, ergo, not crazy busy.
8. I should get my GST cheque today.
9. Not worried about the ex douche bag.
10. My birthday is coming up next week.

diva, I'll post pictures of my boots soon! I need to free up some room on my hard drive, mind you, I could just take the pics upload them, then delete them.

Well, I'm going to go!

Later kats!

ETA: I see that one of the okayers is celebrating a birfday today. Bottom of the lounge indicated that Shawnboy is celebrating a birthday! Happy Birfday shawnboy!!!! *throws glitter and snaps fingers, man slave comes in with tray of assorted baking, liquor and coffee*

anyBUSTie out there.

Just sayin'...I admire the shite out of anybody who can get up IN THE MORNING and WORK OUT. You people amaze me...(share your secret?)~(ooh, I think I just figured it out~new boytoy~surely that is motivation enough!!).

Furthermore, you bagged a cop...DAMM girl rolleyes.gif
Just sneaking on here for a wee itty bitty second before my slavedriver boss catches me.

Happy Birfday, Shawnboy!

CH, a cop, huh? I personally try to steer clear on all uniformed/authority type peoples, but if you can get him eating out of the palm of your hand, you're a goddess. That sucks about ex-asschop. Sounds like he's trying to feel wanted and important. Some people need to stir up shit to feel good about themselves.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) not Monday anymore and that awful day is behind me, although I'm still mad
2) I've barely got a thing left to do here at work since I'm not allowed to play on the internet and I got all my shit done besides a fair bit of loose filing, which isn't exactly a priority
3) great workout last night. I went on the treadmill for longer and faster than I have in the last couple years. I may not be losing weight, but I am getting stronger. I read my whole homework chapter at the gym, too, so I don't have to spend time on that tonight
4) chapter for school read
5) yummy dinner of baked potato and pork chop last night. I finally kind of cooked something with oil and didn't smoke up the whole house!
6) I'm going to do nothing for the whole afternoon because I have nothing left and I'm not going to tell my boss to find me something to do. Hah.
7) I got all the days off over the holidays I asked for.

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