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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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hello all. good morning to you. I love this thread. everybody just popping in to say hi and how's it going. and sending good vibes and all.
love the pics of little ones. they're amazing.
got a verbal offer on my place. waiting for it in writing. one step closer to divorce being over with. he could still mess with it, but think that would look bad, as he agreed (in front of witnesses) that he would accept the offer.
getting cold here, too. should snow by tonight.
hugs to all.
lore- he's a diminutive sized man. Not particularly skinny, but small framed all about. I honestly wasn't all that impressed...had it been Alton Brown...lesigh.

Anyway, i'm on the verge of a freaking meltdown here at work. Honestly, when the last guy left and stuck me with his projects, i presumed he ha d the fucking thing organized. WRONG. Now, i'm almost a month behind on my biggest client, she's rightly pissed, i'm not charging my time to get caught up to speed (i wouldn't feel right) and we're damn near out of dough on the budget. FUCKKKKKKK. I'm totally having a "i've totally failed and fucked everyone" panic moment. I want a drink. But i shouldn't have a drink.
(((((((((((((mox))))))))))))))) breathe! you are doing a fantastic job. you are a professional and your "important client" should remember that she is lucky to be working with you.

oh, and a drink wouldn't really HURT would it? tongue.gif
Moxie--me and FJ won't tell a soul.

*passes Moxie a margarita*
i could go for some maker's mark myself. it's been a loooong time.

eta: i added some new pics up on flickr. i finally put some before and after pics up of his nursery. of course, it's still a work in progress and probably will be for a while but this is where he lives right now. we don't really have a theme, just COLOR!

Lore, fuck, did that ever make me laugh! I think I'd like to put that on my facebook page of fave quotes! laugh.gif

Jami, that is great that things are working out! Snow??? Damn, where you at? Snow! is too early for dat.

(((mox))) you will be okay, things will work out. You are a smart, amazing, professional woman who is great at her job!

Hey Minx!

FJ, I'm loving the progress! Terra Cotta walls and sports figures...who would have thought.

Well, I got my boots! They are pretty fun, again with the chunky-tastic heal. It's beyooooootiful here today, I'd much rather be sitting outside and playing with houndish. Gaaaa.

Only here until 3:30 today which makes things mucho better!

Later kats!
you know what helps when one is having a work-induced panic attack? I'll share:

1. Venting on Bust
2. Venting to 9 month pregnant co-worker/girlfriend who often vents to me;
3. Leaving said office with said co-worker for afternoon snack of starbucks and rice crispie treat.

Now, I am able to say that I can work the remainder of my day.

ps...FJ...those pics prove there ain't nothin' a few coats of paint won't cure!
Jackson is so adorable! I love his room. The green is lovely. Holy shit, did the previous owner actually have that cross painted on the door??? Wowzers.

((mox)) I am glad you got an afternoon treat. Everyone needs a little afternoon delight. smile.gif heh

Lore, I see what you are saying about Wolfgang Puck. He does have that look, slightly drawn in the face.

oooh! Ch! New boots! That's the best. Feels like fall, doesn't it?

Hi Jami! ~~~~smooth divorce vibes~~~~~

Well, I went home at lunch to check on my doggies. And let them out to pee. I was sad I had to leave, I really wanted to lay down and take a snooze. Alas.

Did I tell you guys I saw an estranged friend out on Saturday night? I had had a couple, so I was much more friendly than I would have been. Now wishing I hadn't been. I guess that's better than being meaner than you liked and feeling like an asshole. When I was leaving, her husband pulled me aside and said "Please call her." Yeah right. I told him to tell her to call me instead. It'll never happen.
Hi peepers!!

Yeah, that cross on the door is awful!! I loooove the "after" pics, FJ.

((((mox)))) Ugh, I've been there.

That's funny about the old friend, kari. I get too nice sometimes after I've had a couple. I did that on Friday at the Cardinal Bar, actually!!

Hi turbo, jami, doodle, minx, lore, and culture!!

Not much going on today. I did lots of work and I intend on eating fried eggs and toast for dinner. That's about it.
okay, time to play catch up. maybe a good things/bad things post?

good thing: pep boys took the scooter back with no problem. never mind that one of the wooden tie-down rails in the uhaul broke and it fell over and broke one of the side mirrors en route. they didn't even check the thing over, just started scrambling through registers to come up with the $950 in cash, cause i paid with my debit card. woot, no wondering how long it as going to take before the money was back in my account! and here i was so pissed off at uhaul when the tie rail broke and i thought pep boys wouldn't take back damaged goods. you can bet i made a damn speedy exit once the money was in my hot little hand.

bad thing (mebbe): i got the title for the scooter from the dmv in the mail last week, and now have to spend precious sleeping time navigating the bureaucratic maze of making sure they know the thing's returned to the store and not have it in my name anymore.

bad thing: the first really cold day of fall happened, and it was overcast and windy and miserable. i actually really like fall and cooler weather, and look forward to being able to get my cute winter clothes out of storage, but the first day always kinda depresses me.

good thing: i found some really cute thermals and a huge black hooded sweater at kohl's, and they were all on sale. so at least i ave something to hold me over until i can get out to my storage unit.

good thing: i had such an awesome time hanging out with antagonist these last few weeks. far better to get up in the afternoon and chill out on the couch watching movies and arguing about everything and having fun with someone than to do my usual routine of get up in the afternoon, bitch about my neighbors being all loud and annoying and listlessly surf the net and watch downloads until it was time to go to work.

bad thing: antagonist moved out of state last week. he had the opportunity to move closer to his sons, and i think that's awesome and don't begrudge him that at all. but it really brought home the fact that other than the guy at the convenience store where i stop for cigs on the way to work, i have no regular human contact outside of work, which doesn't really count since i literally can't hold a conversation with more than 95 percent of my co-workers since i only speak english and a little basic spanish that i've picked up since working there. i desperately need some real life friends that don't live so far away we only get together for a weekend every few months, if even that. i'm thinking about putting an ad up on craigslist in the strictly platonic section, but i don't want to have to wade through a bunch of freaks.

good thing: we finally hired anew back up at work, and she starts today. once we've got her all trained, it will hopefully ease my hours up so i'm not spending all my time working and sleeping and not having any kind of life.

bad thing: i was kinda looking forward to the long hours of fresh and the money that comes with it.

well, i think that's about it of any significance. sorry for the mememe, but i promise i'm paying attention to everything else too and keeping up with the archives.
hi ya'll!

Wow - mox met Wolfgang - that dude can COOK....I especially like his soup recipes. Glad you had a good time at the shindig! And boooooo for all the stress....I feel you on that one, sister. I'm just holding onto the thought that this insane time is temporary - and I hope it is for you too.

Thanks for the mad props on the kitchen doodle!! I'm so glad you like it! It does indeed feel like a fun *and* grownup space, and I am so happy with the purple and green playing together! Now, of course, I desperately need to paint the living room, but it will have to be more of a neutral color with the other two strong colors - maybe a coffee with milk kind of color...I need to get some swatches, I think. smile.gif

I'm with you, Kari, on the overly-friendliness when consuming likker...that's a hard sitch with the friend, though. I've got a couple like that, and I'm just letting them lie. Sad, but its hard to spend precious free time with people you're not really into sustaining connections with.

Poodle - fried eggs sounds fabulous for dinner - I'm a huge fan of eggs and omelets for dinner - simple, good protein, and oh-so quick to prepare.

Hi grrrl!! Glad you returned the scooter, and have someone to give you some relief at work.

Lore, your "birthday shoes" story totally cracked me up!
its cool. We had the BFF's younger son over tonight, and the two kidlets at the park were enough to melt any stress away. They played tag. I shit you not. And, someone thought they were twins. And I said they were cousins, cause they are...just not blood related cousins.

Turbo, please check your email.

grrlll...why'd you return the scooter? Did I miss something?
WOOT! I got offered some work today!!!!!! It's just a small contract - I'll be helping an organization to prepare a workshop on "the intersections of poverty and violence against women" - but it's something! Maybe enough to get my name back out there, and let other orgs. know I'm open to contracting. (I think I'd be happy enough doing the work if I wasn't responsible for an actual organization.) WOOT!!!!!!!!!

*dances around in the thread*

So yeah, HI everyone! Hi poodle, turbo, kari, FJ, minx, lore, moxie, CH, jami, grrrl....hey, where's diva? Man, I gotta catch up on the thread!

Thank you all for the songwriting kudos - maybe you should wait till you hear the song first. biggrin.gif But I do think it's pretty freaking awesome. Started on something else last night, that came out of our last jam....but someone apparently complained about me playing my guitar after 11. *sigh* First time I've ever been complained about, too. My reputation is totally shot since I joined a band.

lore, I'd take any Porcupine Rebels memorabilia I can get my hands on! You are so sweet to be thinking of us...I can't believe we have a groupie! wink.gif

(((((moxie))))) Venting IS good. I don't think you have to carry on the colour into other rooms if you don't want to. I've found in small spaces, sometimes using different colours helps to break up the "boxy" feel of spaces. I've got white walls and green walls in my entrance hall, and in my kitchen, I have white and charcoal on different planes - plus the different coloured counters and cupboard doors. It seems to make it more interesting and take away the closed in feel.

FJ, jackaroo's room ROCKS! I love the green and the black together - very cool! And the Beatles poster is just awesome! I also love that floor lamp - I have been on the brink of buying one very similar, several times, but I just can't think where to put it, so I've held off. Awesome job, FJs!

turbo, what about a neutral with a very soft grayish-green base? That would pull the two colours together nicely, and wouldn't make your room feel smaller - greens tend to be expansive, and if you picked a more neutral one, it wouldn't compete with the purple and the olive, but it would make it feel very unified and planned. You might prefer it to a coffee tone, which would be bringing in a third colour plane. Just a thought!

poodle, you just inspired me to make fried eggs on toast for dinner! biggrin.gif
WOOOOOT!!!!! for our dear doodle's contract work - AND that its in your field! I'm so glad for you, my dear! Now we learn that you've become a hellraiser in your rocker days too - I'm *lovin* it! And I am waiting for the bustie debut of the first Porcupine Rebels creation!

Word on the venting....honest to cod, I could not get through my days at this job without my sisters in arms, as we take pretty much every lunchhour together to detox from the madness, before we dive back in.

Oh, and I love your color idea for our living room, doodle - thanks so much!! And our ceiling fan is seriously, the cheapest one on the market - $40 at Lowe's, and was basically the ONLY 34" wingspan fan in the greater chicago area - we looked everywhere, and were lucky to find one that matched so well. 1" longer, and we wouldn't be able to open one of our cabinets.

Okay, to bed with me...see you all tomorrow!

ETA: I forgot to tell ya'll that tonight was my mentoring night, and they shifted the schedule so that I would be the mentor assigned to the fledgling Web Grrls group for 6-8th graders from the math/science charter school down the street! It was cool, and rowdy, and fun to share my experience with them, and show them that what they're learning can lead to a career! I'm so excited to get to work with these kids all year! (need I say that there is a lot less brawling with 20 girls than 20 boys?)
Yaaaay Doodle-Gig!!
It's Thursdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Grrrl, that's grat that you got your moeny back, shitty about friend leaving and the cold weather.

Turbo, that is really great about the mentoring!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Doodle on the contract work! *throws confetti*

Mox, I'm glad you are feeling better!

Hey Lore! *lifts bottom of floor length skirt and shows ankle, with NO socks!* heh heh.

Well, I got the car back yesterday, and it was cheaper than they anticipated, so that was good stuff! I then took houndish tothe park and went shopping. I got two turtlenecks, a really adorable denim jacket and some hose, all on sale! except the woman at the store forgot to take the plastic tag dealy off one of my shirts. Oh well, I'll go back today. To top it all off, due to the lack of driving, I still have a full tank of gas! And and and it's GST tomorrow at the latest! free money, one can't complain! I also worked out last night. I was going to get up early this morning and work out, but my abs are a little sore, so I'll save for this evening.

Hope everyone is surviving their week! Any special plans for the weekend? It's thanksgiving here! Mmm Turkey!
Oh...blerg. I worked 19 1/2 hours straight yesterday.


Tree, fuck that's crazy.

*fluffs pillow and hands tree a steaming cup of tea and a chonger*
hey dudes.

19 and a half hours, tree??? I might have died. Did you get some good sleep afterwards at least?

yay doodle!! That's wonderful about the job! Woo Woo!

Ch, yay for your car repairs being cheaper than they thought. smile.gif Your new clothes sound mighty nice. Getting them on sale is even better.

jenn, your new mentoring group sounds really wonderful. It is so great that you do that.

moxie, I am glad you got some relaxation and stress relief last night.

hi grrrrrl! It's good to see you! It seems like you've definitely had some good n' some bad. Sorry to hear antagonist moved away. sad.gif

I'm makin' it today. I really think it should be Friday! It feels like it should be. This week has been a bit tiring. I was in a decent mood til I talked to Mr K. I haven't spoken to him since Monday when he left for London. I had been looking forward to his phone call, but it was a downer. He said things went well with the band and their shows, but on the financial front, he sounds frustrated. What with the exchange rate over there & them not having much money to start with, they're broke now. It is not a tragedy or anything, but he sounded down.

Anyhoo. On to better things. It's almost the weekend, peeps! I am reallllly reallllly happy about that. I really just have to study, but at least I won't be at work.
I am trying SO HARD to take tomorrow off. At least tomorrow afternoon. If I were a pastafarian, the great monster would be plied with loads of mozzarella right now.
you are too funny, mox! I hope you can take tomorrow or part of it off. How's it looking?

I was considering calling in sick tomorrow, but I'm going to call in sick 2 weeks from now. My state test is coming up & I need a study day. Not feeling a study day tomorrow, so I'll probably be better off waiting.

Hi, peeps!

I've been around, just being a good county worker and keeping my head in my work. I got a tremendous amount of stuff done over the last few days, but I've been keeping up.

CH, can you post a pic of your new boots? I want to start shopping for some footwear. Believe it or not, it's been awhile, and I can really use a new pair of standard work shoes that go with everything. And that's great about your car, getting it back and it costing less than normal and the tow being relatively inexpensive. If I can find a place that can fix my car over a weekend and a tow company that doesn't financially rape me, I'm forever loyal to them.

Moxie, that casino night sounds like it was wonderful, probably because the machines weren't on yet (I hate gambling machines, I think they cheapen up the place). I hope hope hope you can get tomorrow off. You sound like you could really use some time for yourself.
(((((((((((Moxie day off vibes))))))))))))

Tree, get thee some sleep! You must really love your work if you're going to spend that much time on it.

Congrats on the contract work, Doodle!

Jenn, I finally took a peek at your big kitchen reveal, and it's gorgeous! I love the backsplash and the green with the purple (although it looked more cobalt on my computer). I was a proponent for aqua, but since this is a lighter olive green, it works well to brighten up the place. I didn't know you were still mentoring. Hopefully the gang violence outside is done, eh? And congrats on your silver star, but it sucks that that asshole VP had to present it to you. He sounds like a royal douchebag.

Hi, Kari! You should take tomorrow AND that other day off. When's Mr. K coming back from England? Is he going to start traveling more again?

Whoever asked about that homeless guy who kept banging on our door and window, he's gone now. I spoke with him last spring and got it into his head to quit trying. We haven't seen him since.

I haven't called that guy who's been sending weird text-to-voice-mail messages, but I guess we got another one yesterday, so I might call when I get home. Dude can't possibly be so stupid to text the same person 5 times with no response.

Hi, Poodle, Lore, Grrl, RV, and everyone I missed!

Last night, I got a VERY pleasant surprise... Sam came to visit! My brother actually tried calling while I was at class but wasn't planning to do anything since I don't get home until 8:00, but I called him back anyway just to talk to Sam for a little bit, so they just came over. Yay! I missed my little traveling friend so much over the last month or so. He was all smiles and giggles and he ate half my cheeseburger. Then he tried playing Guitar Hero, which didn't work out so well, but that's okay. He is only 4, after all, and can't reach anything. I'm so glad his dad brought him over. I showed my brother how much he looks exactly like Roger Federer, and he told us that we're not the only ones who've made that comment. So we showed him a picture of Federer, and my brother was a little shocked at the resemblance. Then he looked on our computer for apartments to rent while I played with Sam. My mom might be a giant cow who hoards him, but I've got to give my brother credit for actually thinking to call to see if we want to visit. That was really decent of him. Mom would never do that in a million years. Over the past few years, my brother's turned into a really decent guy, and it's all because of Sam. Man, do I love that kid!

Anyone watch the Top Chef finale last night? What do you think of the result? I didn't think that Dale had a chance, but he almost won. I didn't exactly like Hung, but you've got to admit that the man can cook.

The chomper just walked past me. She must've had fish for lunch because she reeks of it.

Diva, I'll for sure post pics of the boots later tonight!

Well kids I'm off home!

Later all!
Hey Diva! That's so fun that Sam came over last night!

I am on my way out the door, but had to respond...I am so pissed that Hung won! He's such an asshole. I thought Dale did a wonderful job too. I did notice that Marcel from last season is a fan of Hung's. How does that not surprise me? Two narcissists.....

Check ya ladies tomorrow.
Happy Thursday, hot babes!!

I love Thursdays. I know I've said that a million times before, but it never gets old (for me).

DIVA!! That's so awesome that you finally got to see Sam!! It's been so long. Dude totally looks like Roger Federer. Sammy's gonna be a handsome man someday. So did he say anything cute and/or funny this time?

Awwww....I wanna play tag with moxette. Mox, you should totally take the day off. You deserve it. Hey, isn't tomorrow a Pastafarian holiday or something? You could use that as an excuse.

Turbo, that's awesome that you have the mentoring thing going on after work. It's so MEANINGFUL!! I hope it makes up for the job suckage.

Congrats on the contract, doodle!! Who cares if it's a small job--the world needs your mad skillz!!

Oh my cod, tree. I hope you have a day to yourself after that ridiculously long shift. I'm amazed that you even have enough energy to sit down at the computer and type!!

Kari, I totally know what you mean about this week dragging. That sucks about mr. K's finances. When is he returning? You must be getting a little lonely!!

That's great that the car didn't cost you too much, culture!! More money for boots and other apparel!!

Nothing exciting going on in poodleland today. I've been on an egg kick (I'm glad I've inspired so many of you!) because I was starting to feel a little protein deprived. I also had eggs for breakfast and a huge egg salad sandwich for lunch. Good stuff!!

I think I'm gonna have beer and cigarettes for dinner tonight. Yeah.

Well, when he came in the door he said "something smells veerrrry familiar." It was the McDonald's we picked up for supper. He likes McD's. Then he told me how he and my parents tried to go to Canada last month but they wouldn't let them in because Sam didn't have his birth certificate with them. Then he talked about Grand Marais like he's been there a million times before (which he probably has, my parents drive up so often). He was dressed up all cute in a blue and red polo shirt because he had school pictures. He's a preppy little guy, but doesn't act like it at all.

I wouldn't mind having some eggs for supper, but we have steaks thawing out right now, so I guess we're stuck with those. I love breakfast for supper.

Do you guys have any idea how hard it is to find a creme brulee truffle recipe? There are several places that make them, but I can't find the recipe. I guess I'll just have to make it up as I go along, like so many other things. I am getting a book from Amazon, though, that has a bunch of other cool truffle recipes in it. This year, I'm going to make:

classic chocolate truffles rolled in cocoa powder, nuts, and powdered sugar (not all at once, of course)
dried cherry/kirsch truffles
passionfruit truffles
creme brulee truffles
lemon cream truffles (I'd like to find a way to incorporate lemon curd if at all possible)
raspberry truffles
tiramisu truffles
orange rind/grand marnier truffles
coconut truffles
nutella truffles with hazelnut centers
chocolate malt truffles
bailey's truffles
candy cane truffles
salt caramel truffles
maybe I'll try champagne ones again, but I'm not sure
cinnamon truffles

I'm going to try a few other chocolate confections like chocolate dipped bite-size brownie squares, fudge and toffee (I tried last year but neither turned out like I wanted them), and maybe a few other things. I'd like to start now, but that would mean most of my efforts would go to waste. I've got about 4-6 weeks before I can really start on stuff.
OMG, it *cannot* possibly be time for Diva to make truffles!!! But here it is, October, and it is indeed nearly time (even if it is 85 degrees here today). blink.gif

Poodle, I want eggs for dinner even more tonight - or egg salad! But, I have tons of tortilla soup in the fridge that must be eaten! *sigh* I have to confess that I have never made hard boiled eggs...I totally need to do that sometime soon - I love 'em on a good spinach salad.

(((((rest vibes for tree))) - You must be WIPED, my dear - 19.5 hours of physical work - yeesh, that's killer! ...But good for the cash.

I'm still on quite a sleep dep tear right now - went to bed on time last night, but then at 2:30am, the power went out. Ugh. Had to get up, check the breakers, call ComEd, and then, the damned dog was licking his balls in a most undignified and highly audible way for 2 hours, and would *not* stop. I really should have kicked him out of the bedroom, but my bleary mind did not think of it...I just kept telling him NO! which makes him lick all the more vigorously. Dude is *gross.*

Yeah, I think the mentoring will help me get through the worse parts of my job....its so cool to see little girls excited about learning web stuff. The gangs are still there, actually the worst I've seen. Last night, I was mostly a bouncer at the door- girls night only at the center apparently brings all the thuggy dudes out to stand on the stoop, leer at them through the windows and try to get in. We had to call the cops twice. They spit all over the front door too.

Okay, time for dog walking. be back later.

*wipes drool off screen, after reading of diva's divine creations*
Eeeewww...I hate it when dogs do that. I swear that they like it. Cats are usually really discrete about cleaning their nether-regions. At least mine are.

Well, I decided against beer and cigarettes for dinner. I'm having wine and cigarettes instead. wink.gif I bought a bottle of red called "The Big Red Monster." I pretty much only bought it for the label with looks like an old school horror movie poster. It actually doesn't taste all that bad.

Mmmmm...Bailey's truffles...

Oh, diva and minx, remember when I was saying that Keith Richards was hot? I'm talking young Keith--from about 1968 to 1975 or so. Is Keith not hot in this picture? I think so.

I'm gonna name my next pet Keith after two of my favorite rockstars, Keith Moon and Keith Richards. In effect, the pet would end up being "Keith Richards" because of my last name. Maybe I could hyphenate: Keith Moon-Richards. tongue.gif
Poodle, Keith Richards is indeed in "hottie range" in that picture!

heh...right after I finished writing that post where I stumbled in and mumbled something about 19 1/2 hours of work, straight, (I swear I had not even hit the "add reply" button), Bear showed up wanting to go hike at Devils Lake. I have some great piccies. I've never tried to upload pics from my Razr phone to my computer, I hope it works. And that my computer doesn't crash. Or die permanently.

Anyway, we went to Delaney's afterwards (a weird surplus store where you can practically buy ANYTHING)

Anyway, I bought a sort of mannequin thingy of a woman's, uh, pelvic region. Almost life size. I'm gonna use it for art. I wanna blatantly copy a thing I saw in a gallery and this is just the key. I'ma go to Art Fair on the Square if I get this right! Oh, and I also got, tin snips, a pruner, and a weird vase. And a cast iron skillet which I am seasoning right now.

Delaney's is weird but cool. I could spend hours there.

Okay...I'm going on 48 hours on maybe 4 hours

We're (Bear and I, I recruited him) installing my condo's A/C unit tomorrow. I called in sick today and I had previously requested tomorrow off, for the backpacking trip. Uh, yeah. NOT gonna happen. After the week I've had, plus, I'm thinking MRG is gonna visit tomorrow plus rain in the forecast for that backpacking for me. And I don't feel guilty. Next year will be fine.

I presume Bear will want sexual favors in exchange for this installation help. Heh.

Yes, I know I'm rambling all over.

And..yeah, I'm too tired to format this post the way I usually do.

Yeah, I can barely focus. 'nighters Okayers!
Dude, you went HIKING and SHOPPING after all that, tree?!! You're friggin' insane. You definitely deserve a day off, even if it doesn't involve backpacking. Shit, if you go backpacking, I'll be hella impressed. I could never do that.

The mannequin hips piece sounds sooo cool!!! Hell, I'd probably just put it on my shelf. We don't have any cool stores like that around here (at least not that I know of). There's Ax-Man surplus, but they'd never have a set of hips. If they did, it'd be gone within an hour or two. The staff would probably take it before it went out on the shelves. That's definitely the place to go for "garbage art" though.

I'm glad someone appreciates young, hot Keith. He even looked hot when he was passed out. I'da totally taken advantage of that situation. Shit, look at that belt buckle!! It's asking to be unbuckled!! I'd be hot for Mick, too, but I read that Keith said he's "all balls" and has a "thumb" for a prick. That ruined Mick for me. Keith has done nude pics before in his younger years, and he's not at all disappointing.

/Keith Richards photos...for now....

Turbo wasn't "Cleaning".

Because Turbo could... wink.gif
Wha?! I'm confused, lore. Are we talking about colons or other "parts" being "cleaned?" Huh? Have you been smoking crack?

ETA- GARRR!!! Cats don't sit around licking their crotches like crazy, but they do spend a lot of time knocking shit over, like boxes of newspaper!! ARRR!!! Furry bastards!!!
Good Evening!

Diva, that it so wonderful about Sam! Oh.My. Damn, those treats sounds amazing. *drools, heavily*

Poodle, enjoy your evening. Mmmm, now I'm craving eggs! Mmm, Keith Richards. I'd lick that spot right about the belt, then...Ahem. Sorry 'bout that.

Jenn, I know EXACTLY the sound you mean when a dog licks itself. Fuck, it is disgusting and irritating! I hope you get a better nights sleep tonigt. ~*~*~*deep, looooong sleepy vibes~*~*~*~*

Tree, enjoy your time off, you need to rest after all that work you've done. ~*~*~*~*~*sleep and rest vibes~*~*~*~*

Hey Lore!

Well, I enjoyed a nice long time at the park, talked with a friend while our dogs played. I worked out, too. now I'm watching the news. Think I'm just goingto listen to the Ipod and go to sleep.

Later all!

Don't go to bed, culture!!!

Somebody needs to talk to me about rockstar crotches. Shawnboy?

Heh, I'm listening to Def Leppard's Hysteria right now (the song). Ah...memories of being a parents stopped caring about MTV 'n' shit when I came around. My sister and I were discussing songs that I should burn into a CD for my neice and nephies, and my mom commented on the "questionable" content of the songs. Hell, I was exposed to the "Like a Virgin" video at age 6 and I turned out just fine. wink.gif It's funny that she pays more attention to her grandchildren's music!! When I told her about the songs/videos I was exposed to, she was shocked. Hahahaha!!!
Poodle, I'll have you know that I had a spinach, scallion and cheddar omelet for dinner with a salad - it was SO good. Mmmmm.

Lore, I'm stumped, but then I have a total blind spot for poor husband is a world class joke teller and I not only don't get 'em, my mind immediately wanders. *shrugs*

Tree, you get the Wonder Woman award for working a double, and then hiking!

Poodle, I adore your love of the old geezer rockers! I can't get wit' it, but I totally respect it. smile.gif

Can I say how excited I am that tomorrow is Friday?! WooT!

I haven't had dinner yet. Maybe I should make something with....chicken zygotes?!!! I'm not ambitious enough to make omeletes though, as appealing as it sounds. I wish I brought some of that egg salad home. Ah well, I guess I'll eat some soup.

Ah yes...old geezer my mind, they haven't changed. I try to avoid images of them in their current condition, 'cept for Roger Daltrey, who is always a friggin' hottie. He's not my favorite member of The Who, but I still love him and he still looks pretty damn good for a 60+ year old. Hell, he looks good compared to your average 40-year-old!! I'd do him. He probably has a thumb for a dick, but I'd still be into that action.
turbo, how on earth have you made it to this age without ever making hard boiled eggs? I'm totally stunned! wink.gif
Gooood Morning!

It's Friday. FINALLY! Sheesh!

Poodle, I think the first pic of Keith Richards is kinda hot, but I think he looks dirty in the second one. Or maybe it's b/c I just know what he looks like now. I think young Mick was really handsome. What Keith said about his crotch is really funny.

Jenn, I too am astounded you've never made hard boiled eggs! How can that be, for a woman of your culinary prowess?

Tree, did you get some zzzzz's? I hope so!

It took every ounce of willpower to drag myself in to work today. I made it. Albeit 15 minutes late, but whatever. The end part of this week has just been difficult. It's ladytime, which means migraine time, and moody time. Bah. If I can get through the day, I'll be in good shape. I am hanging at a friend's house tonight to watch DVR'd episodes of It's Always Sunny and Madmen. So that will be fun & relaxing.

My dogs are irritated with me, b/c they haven't gotten as much attention as usual, since it's just me at home this week. And I left them inside today too. There were these punk kids walking around the neighborhood yesterday tormenting all the dogs in fences. I heard one of them joke about shooting a dog, and though they may just be kidding around, I'm not messing with that. Esp since I pissed them off when I was walking my dogs. They were walking really close behind us, laughing really obnoxiously, whistling at my dogs, trying to make them turn around. I asked them if they had a problem. They said no, but later when they passed me on the opposite side of the street, they yelled out a profanity. Little punks. I mean, they are middle school age.
Good Morning all of you miserable ass licking cum guzzlers.

It's Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay and it's the first of two upcoming long weekends for me! Well, this one because it's thanksgiving, then the weekend of the 20th, I'm taking the 19th off so I can have a long birthday weekend! Although, my bday is the 18th.

Poodle, I would love to talk about rockstar crotches. Who do I think is hot in the world of rock? Well the young Keith Richards. Who else, Jim Morrison! Too bad he's dead, I'm not into corpses. Who the heck else is there? Of course now that I'm put on the spot I can't think of anything. As for Craptv, music videos are a helluva more suggestive than they were when we all were growing up. The lyrics when we were growing up were a little more intelligent.

Turbo, that omelet sounds amazing! Yum! Did you sleep better last night???

Hey Doodle!

Well, it's Friday, and that is all that matters. I'm having dinner with my mom and grandmother on Sunday and Monday I'm doing dinner with my Dad and stepmother. So, I'l have a full belly this weekend! I could drag my ass out of bed this morning to work out, but I'll do it tonight. Saturday I'm making an appearance at the bar with some friends. That's my weekend. tonight, I think I'll do the usual walk at the dog park work out, I'll try and clean, but I may also fall asleep pretty early, this being Friday and all.

How is everyone else?

ETA: X posted with Kari! I would do the same thing with houndish, I would never take a risk with her.
Happy fucking Friday, you bleached anuses!!!!!!!

Blah, I feel crappy and tired today, presumably because of last night's wine and cigarettes dinner. Ah well, at least I don't have a hangover.

"I'm not into corpses." Ha!!

Why would someone make fun of dogs? Weird. Those guys need to come up with some new hobbies.

Poodle, I hope you feel better soon! you know what will help? More likker of course!

There is only one supervisor around here today. Now, I'm listening to the song High School Confidential on my iPod. Talk about guilty pleasure!!!!!

high school, high school confidential
High school, high school confidentual
teenage brando's stlk her in the halls, they tease her with cat calls...

Oh dear. *blushes*

As soon as I get this one last thing off my desk...I'm OUTIE.
The day is half done. I'm going out fo rlunch today, and from there, I plan on doing shit fuck all for the rest of the afternoon. It's Friday and it's government.
Dang, where is everyone today? It's quiet in here.

I just got back from a lunch time workout. I think it helped my energy level. It usually does, getting there is just so hard sometimes!

CH, I may do some more work, but then am gonna follow your lead....takin' it easy.
Blarg. Is it home time yet?
Howdy, you bunch of .... of ... ladies' room trash cans ... crammed full of ... of ... month-old maxi pads.
Ummm ... yeah.
That's the best I can do today. Blame my crampy body.

Turbo, you are not alone. I've never made hard boiled eggs, either. I'm just not an egg person.

[pulls blanket back over head & waits for day to end]

Ewwwwwwww month old pads!

Is it home time yet?
Ewwwwwwww month old pads!

Is it home time yet?
EEEEEEEEEWWWWWW!!! NASTY!!!! Good insult, rose!!
Hi, peeps!

I don't think I've ever made a hard boiled egg, either. Never had much need to, I guess.

Tree, you must've been crazy to go hiking after working 19 1/2 hours. I hope you finally get some good sleep in this weekend.

I tried to find Keith Richards attractive in those pictures, but I just can't do it. The man's full of drugs and VD nastiness. And he's OLD and looks like a germ. He looked a little better when he was younger, but still.

Wow, Jenn, the gang people loiter around when there are girls in the building trying to learn? WTF is that?

Hi, Kari, CH, Lore, RV, and all!

Not much going on over here. I had Japanese food for lunch (non-sushi) and am puttering around with work. I ordered my first Christmas present (2 Walter the Farting Dog books for Sam), a truffle recipe book (doesn't have creme brulee truffles, but does have a lot of other stuff I want), and the Metalocalypse DVD set. I can't wait for it to get here because there are some funny-ass episodes on it that I've only seen once, where they all have endorsement deals and another where they accidentally kill their chef and attempt to reanimate him. We just hung out last night and watched the TV.

Anyone have plans for the weekend? I've got not a darn one, and that's lovely.
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