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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Awwww...."bye water" cute.

Alright, I'm off to my local tavern for some beer and grilled cheese.
"Bye water!" heh heh...I used to hear "Bye poop!" coming out of the bathroom when Heikki was potty training.

Banana and I just went to see the first five minutes of the Parks & Recreation Department's production of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night", which is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, but we left right away after it sucked so bad.

Hey guys - did I tell you that Heikki and his father and step-mom are moving to Phoenix? Yep. I'm really really excited and nervous. I feel so sorry for Heikki for having to be a new kid again, right in the middle of junior high. But he will be so much closer to me - about 65-70 miles! Yayayayay!!!

I can't wait to spend more time with that kid. And I hope our spending more time together will be a good influence on him - not saying his dad is a BAD influence, but he is a Republican Bush-supporter, and I would like to have my influence on Heikki as well. If nothing else, than to counteract the conservatism. Not saying Heikki has to be radically liberal - just not a Republican Bush-supporter. Not acceptable. And I think, as of right now, Heikki is pretty free-thinking and independently minded. But he has a few areas that seem to be purely Fox News Channel reflected. For example, Heikki loves to "Support Our Troops", and he is always talking about "supporting our troops", although I don't think he knows what that means, really. He doesn't do an ACTION to support our troops, but he seems afraid to be thought of as NOT supporting our troops. And now he wants to join the Army when he grows up. Ugh.

Anyway, Heikki seems pretty positive about the upcoming move. He said that, although he doesn't want to be a new kid again, there are good things, like being closer to me, getting a house with a pool, and never having to shovel the driveway again. Yay!

I haven't worked in almost a month, and my money is out out out. No cigarettes for the past two days, and I have ants in my pants really badly. El Guapo might spring for some cigs for me after he gets off work, but otherwise, I am screwed.

OK - Hope to be in again soon to see you guys again!

Turbo, how was your angria filled evening?

Poodle, that's great that the furbabies are doing well at the PoodlePalace, and the yard of the Palace!

Mox, awwww Bye water. That's adorable!

PK, that is so great that Hekkie is going to be closer to you!

Well, my last night was great, but today sucked the big one. The morning was fine, but on my way back to my friends house, my car died. It started to slow down then I pulled over and that was that. Fuck. So, I got it towed to my mechanic, who isn't in until Monday. Here's hoping it's something smalll like the alternator. Thing is, it didn't even give me any sign that it was on the outs. It just went dead. the battery is new, too. It's not a big deal if I have to get something else, but with grad school planned and all. My mom has a standard, and I can't drive standards for shit. Well, at least I live somewhat close to my friend. Crappy. I know everything will be fine though.\


So, how has everone's weekend been so far?
I need to get my eyes checked. I skimmed over CH's post & thought that she asked Turbo, "How was your vagina filled evening?"

Sorry to hear about your car, CH. Hope the problem is cheap to fix.

PK, congrats on Heikki living closer to you!

The opera last night was fun! J & I have vowed to have more fun, girly nights at the theatre in the future. Yay!

I think today is going to remain very quiet. Sheff and I ran out to our favorite gourmet grocery store for a wee bit, but now we're back home & Sheff is reading the final Harry Potter book. Something tells me he won't want to do much more than read today. You can hardly blame him, though.

I just wish somebody wanted to go to the Parade of Homes with me. Le pout.
(((((car vibes for CH)))))) That totally sucks, CH...but I'm glad that you are safe, and that you weren't in an accident or something. It does, however, sound like an excellent time to learn to drive standard. smile.gif I kind of wish everyone were required to drive a standard - I think it would really cut down on the multi-tasking that goes on while driving today - its really hard to talk on a cell phone and drive standard. heh.

CH, the sangria and burger are killing me today....super-duper fun last night, though. And its not that I'm hung over (this is the magic no-hangover sangria, afterall), but I think I have reached my personal max on total body toxicity with eating foods I should not eat (wheat, likker, dairy), and I'm dealing with a massive allergy attack today...just took a 3 hour nap, to give my body a histamine break. No fun. So, its just a little reminder for me to do a cleanse (YAY butt flush!!!), and get some religion about diet again. *sigh*

PK - that is SO excellent that Heikki will be living near you!!! Are they moving down there specifically to be close to you? I'm just so excited for you to be able to spend time with him again!

Okay, time to walk the dog, and then run a couple more errands. Cod, I wish my nose would stop running.
Good morning everyone! It sounds like reasonably good weekends are being had by all. We had a spectacular family day yesterday...lots of fun, no tantrums, errands accomplished, etc. We also ran into the BFFs at the gym, so I had a great work-out buddy. Today, I'm trying to be optimistic for. We're going house-hunting with my parents this morning, which might be tense, at best. At least we're taking seperate cars.

They had this nutters potential renter (renter is great, this guy is a nut) who loved their house, and wants 3 days! Nut. I mean, even 2 weeks is more reasonable. They could stay with us for a few weeks, or with my Aunt, or whatever. But, sheesh! I wonder if he will come back with a areasonable offer. Hmmm...

At any rate, looking at houses today. Moxette is a great way to get things moving from house to house, as we have to keep her occupied. smile.gif

OK, off to get some grub before heading out.
Good luck house shopping with the 'rents, Mox!! You are very brave for helping them choose their next home. Are they still looking close to where you live?

I'm feeling a little better today, thank cod. Still feel a little foggy from all the antihistamines, but my nose has stopped the faucet action, and though my nose is rudolph red, I'll make it. I've already been to the grocery store, made salad dressing, cleaned veggies, and have a pot of chicken tortilla soup simmering on the stove, so I must be feeling better! Next, I need to make some marinade for salmon for dinner. Yum!

Other than that, I'm just gonna hang with turbomann today, hopefully squeeze a nap in this afternoon.
Okay...not much time, but I just wanted to let you all know that Marileen's wedding was wonderful, and that she was STUNNING AS ALL GET-OUT!!! Holy shit, does that girl have kickin' curves. Fer serious.

Anyway, it was beautiful, she's now officially married to Jfrito, and I got to drink with Diva and Poodle.

Ah...good times. smile.gif
Happy Sunday!

~*~*~*Feel better vibes for Turbo~*~*~*~* I know what you mean about stuffing your body with bad food. I feel like a marshmellow with clothes today. Doesn't help that I'm expecting my period. I hope that you feel up to par soon!

Mox, how did the house hunting go?

Minx, I'm glad that you had a good time at Marileen's wedding!

Well, I had a friend look at my car, and because the car isn't dead, the engine just isn't starting, or catching or whatever, chances are it's the alternater, starter or fuel pump. It can get fixed tomorrow. It's actually written that I need a vehicle as a condition of employment. It is what it is. What else, I had a friend over last night, he didn't leave until 3:30 this morning, so I'm absolutely beat today. I'm also excited, PostSecret and Warhol are showing at the gallery here! So, him and I are going to check both of them out.

That's pretty much all, having a small chicken for din din tonight.

Talk later!
Hi all....

So I came down with a NASTY cold yesterday. We were doing a fundraiser for a mutual friend and, around 3:00 PM I was completely exhausted and came home. I got into my pajamas and went to bed...I didn't even realize it wasn't bedtime yet! So I crashed for four hours, woke up with a headache and I am currently a snot factory. (sorry).

I went to that open house today. I'm glad I went. I realized there was a reason that the only thing they were showing was the kitchen. It was so cute....and nice view, but the bedrooms and the "closets" in said bedrooms, completely unacceptable. I can't go back to having my entire wardrobe fitting in four linear feet. Not happening. So, yes, I do feel validated in not being able to buy that place at this time.

It's kind of bittersweet because my BFF lives in that neighborhood...she doesn't drive so we've gotten out of touch, but it'd be nice to live close to her. I miss her.

I guess if the time is right and the right place opens up I'll be available for it.

Our A/C broke at the condo, the community room/swimming pool unit. Yours truly is being the knight in shining armor. I'm installing a new compressor for a FRACTION of the cost of what a contractor quoted I'm thinking that might be worth a couple months credit on condo fees. Or a credit towards the next assessment.

~*~*car vibes for CH*~*~

~*~*feel better vibes for TJ*~*~

Moxie, hope your house hunting trip went smoothly!

Ooooh, minx, fun times, weddings and drinking likker. Yum...

Well...I'm turning in EARLY tonight. I hate summer colds. Or would this be a fall one? I'm thinking.

(((nighters, Busties)))))
Tree saves the day!!!! WOW, I'd say your condo association should give you a few months' credit!

Sorry about the cold...I hope you're on the mend. I'm feeling better today, but not prepared to go back to the cubicle tomorrow. All I know is there's a helluva lot of pollen and crap in the air, and it seems to be hitting alot of us with allergies or colds. I can't tell you how many people I've seen while walking the dog this weekend with my same watery eyes and swollen red noses.

Congratulations to Marileen and JFrito!!! That's awesome that we have busties representin'!

We're watching "My Super-Ex Girlfriend" - its kind of dumb, but light enough fare so that I don't feel bad cooking dinner while its not - its not exactly hard to figure out what's going on.

I'm glad your car will be getting fixed tomorrow, CH!
Tree! You ROCK! I often feel my professional services aren't worth much to "regular" people...but, yours! WHOOOT!

House hunting went ok. The homes near my place weren't great, to be honest. They saw a place about 1.5 mile from where they currently live that is great. Great, in that it seriously needs some redecorating, but, structurally and space-utilization wise, its perfect. Plus, its right on the "commons" for the subdivision...with a park in the back yard! Moxette saw that and was OFF running! We'll see what they decide to do. I've pretty much decided that if this gig goes belly up, real estate is in my future. My aunt is the broker for my parents, and she keeps telling me I have the "knack." and that she would train me up right good. I can't get away from family business! I think I'd love it, honestly...but the hours (weekends and evenings, ya?) are something I'd have to ponder seriously. I can't be spending all the family time away. Hmmm...

Marileen is married! WHOOO HOOOO!

We're all fighting off the first fall cold/allergy here, too. Moxette's eyes are all red underneath, but no pussy stuff, so I'm presuming allergies. She also has a tiny cut on her finger that looks red and puffy on Sat and Sun, so I'm putting a call into the doc today. I think a 2-fer appt might be necessary.

I made a delicious lemon-garlic sauce for the rotisserie chicken we bought yesterday. You know...i may never roast a chicken for "use during week" (as opposed to "I want roast chicken for dinner") again. I love rotissiere. Tonight, I'm making chicken-parmesan cakes...think chicken Parmesan, but done like a crabcake. And, I apologize for my abhorrent foodie spelling.
Good Morning!

Tree, that rawks that you fixed the AC for cheap! I hope that you feel better soon. ~*~*~*~*healing vibes for tree~*~*~*~*

Turbo ~*~*~*~more healing vibes~*~*~*~*

Mox your dinner sounds delish! A future in real estate eh? I say go for it!!!

Well, I fell asleep at 5:30 last night and slept until 5:30 this morning. Slept through the whole night, with the occassional wake up. I had killer cramps last night. that sleep certainly tells you what kind of Saturday night I had. laugh.gif So, now I'm at work, really early, as my mom is using my parking pass (it's really cheap for us government employees to park. $40.00 a month, as it is subsidized. For everyone else it's around $110.00 a month. And this is right down town...) so, she drove me today and she's driving me home. She's been really great during this crappy car thing.

So, that's what I've got this morning. Nuttin' too extraordinary.

Later mah busties!!!

Good Morning!!

Congrats to Marileen! I am so glad the wedding went well & I cannot wait to see pics!

It does sound like everyone had nice weekends. Except ((CH Car)) I hope it can be fixed quickly & for not too much dough.

Pk, that is wonderful that Heikki is moving closer! yay! Sorry to hear about your money troubles. sad.gif What's the latest scoop on the job you mentioned last week?

Tree, I am glad you went to the open house & found the place to be not all that. Don't you feel better? That is so rad that you are fixing the unit at your condos!! They'd better give you some props for that! Saving on condo fees would be nice!

Hi minxie, moxie, diva, rose, poodles & everyone else!!

I am feeling good today. Mr K & I were asleep by 10 last night, so I got about 8 hours. We had a good weekend. I went to my mom's Friday night. We just chilled out and ate pizza & ice cream. Saturday Mr K & I went to the flea market & the farmer's market. He went to work at 3, I cleaned the house. That night we went out to meet some people. We intended to go home fairly early, but ended up staying out til about 3. Oops. As a result, I was quite tired yesterday. I met some friends for brunch at 11:30 then headed to the hospital. All in all it was a good day, despite being tired.
Hey babes!!

That's great that Heikki will be so close by, PK!! It'll be good for both of you.

((((culture)))) Sorry 'bout the car probs. That shit is always such a pain in the ass.

I need treehugger around as my official handy-person. Although, I don't really have any refrigeration/AC problems right now. Still, tree, you rock!!

I had bad allergies yesterday, too, turbo. I suppose it didn't help that I was spooning with Oscar and burying my face in his fur.

~*~*~*~feel better vibes for all who need em~*~*~*~

That's great that you're getting started on homebuying, Mox!! I think that houses in need of light cosmetic work are great buys, as long as everything else is normal and in working order. One thing to note about the real estate industry--you're bound to work long, inconvenient hours.

I hope you're feeling well-rested today, kari. I was exhausted on Saturday, so I went to bed relatively early and slept in yesterday. I feel great now!!

Marileen's wedding was beautiful!! I was most amazed by marileen's curves!! The table-settings were super nice, too!! And don't even get me started on the cream-cheese wontons!! Minxlette was there and had me laughing all night long. She's gonna be an "interesting" one later on!! Heh...she said she wants 523 children when she grows up.

Taloo, diva, and I made plans to hang out yesterday, but the timing and communication didn't go very smoothly. Ah well, it woulda been fun, but I was super tired and miserable from allergies. We'll definitely hang out next time, taloo!!
Hi Hi Hi!

Well, I found out that it's my timing belt that's gone all phuckered. I also need a new waterpump, which could wait, but in the long run would cost double the labour. So, I am getting it all fixed, parts, labour and tax included, for 498 dollars and some change. That's no so bad. I'm also using my payday pool winnings to purchase some shoes. To hell with pitching that to car repairs. I want to have fun with that money!

Kari and Poodle, it sounds like you have lovely weekends! Poodle, that is so cute about Minxlette!

Is it the end of the day yet? I'm sleepy and I just plain don't want to be here!

Today is the kind of day that should be spent napping and curling up with furry friends. I'm almost tempted to go home "sick."

Minxlette also made it very clear that she and her momma don't believe in God. I made some sarcastic comment about God, and minxlette recoiled and grasped her mom as though I was talking about Satan. laugh.gif
That's ma girl!!
hi hi all!

oh, i'm so glad to hear that marileen's wedding went so nicely. i bet she was gawjess! she'd better post pics when she returns! did they go on a honeymoon right away? i wish them all the very best. and i'm way jealous that you guys got to go. minxlette sounds like such a great kid.

ch, sorry your car is all fucked. that really sucks, but at least you can get it fixed quickly. that's a lot of money, but good for you for buying some shoes with your extra windfall. yeah! i love shoes. my mom and i went shopping a bit on saturday and i found some great shoes that i'll go get if i get a job soon. they were over $100, which for me is a lot of money to spend on shoes. i know diva would disagree. smile.gif

my rents were here from thursday until yesterday. mrfj finally got home yesterday afternoon so things are back to normal around here.

i didn't go back for a second interview yet for the dating service but spoke to the director and she said she feels good about the potential of getting me what i'm looking for in a salary guarantee and just needs to talk to the regional dude and get back to me. she said what she'd like to do is start me as the inhouse telemarketing lead, which would be a supervisory position. the best part? the company i used to work for has been setting the appointments for this office for a couple of years and she said she would love to take the business away from them and just let me run the telemarketing side inhouse. i would LOVE to get that kind of revenge on those assholes that just let me go with no notice or real reason except they didn't want me working from home. i still think it was personal - that they were afraid i'd try to steal leads or something to give to my "friends". anyway, i guess i'll just wait to hear back from her.

i decided not to do the phone interview thing with the seminar company. i kept thinking about how disrespectful they were in the interview and decided that i was better than that. i think i got so caught up in selling myself and even though i didn't really WANT the job, i wanted THEM to want me to do it... it was like i wanted to WIN that job so i was almost willing to ignore my gut. thanks for your advice, BUSTies!! i think prospective employers forget sometimes that they're being evaluated just as much as the potential employee in an interview. i called the woman that had originally contacted me about the job and told her that i had decided that it wasn't the right opportunity. i wanted her to ask me why but she didn't - she just wished me luck and said she would let them know not to expect my call this afternoon. i could hear that she was disappointed though. i feel confident that they would have offered me the job after my sales call. in a way, i feel like she should know how they acted - but then if she interviewed with them as well, how could she not already know how unprofessional they are. eh, i'm over it anyway.

wow, tree, you are a goddess. seriously. i envy you not only for having the skillz but that you actually enjoy what you do and seem to get excited about work and finding out new things about your field. thats my biggest problem with work: i have no real passion except the generic "working to help people". i wish i had tons of money and could just start a foundation or something. i've been thinking lately that i would love to start a fund for working women that need affordable, reliable childcare to fit their needs. if i ever win the lottery...

hi puppy! geesh, i hope you're taking care of yourself. sorry to hear you wound up in the hospital.

ok, must go get some lunch. jackaroo is sleeping in his swing right now so i'd better take advantage of it. wonder if i can get a shower too? oh, and i'm proud to announce that he slept in his crib in his room (across the hall from ours) last night from 9pm to about 2:30. he's been sleeping in a cradle by our bed up till now, so it was a big deal for him to sleep in a different room. i moved him to our bed after he woke up though. he was wide ass smiling awake when i went to get him. maybe i should have just let him lay there and play in his crib but momma needed some cuddles. rolleyes.gif
Hi, peeps!

FJ, I know it's late, but I can't believe that interview with the nail clipper and dude on the computer the whole time. Way to make a person feel important, huh? Maybe it was to test your nerves. I know I can't stand the sound of a nail clipper at work, like nails on a chalkboard. But wow, what a couple of assholes. Good luck with finding a nice job with non-rude people. BTW, I don't think I answered when you asked how I make asparagus - exactly like you do with olive oil, salt, and pepper, but under the broiler for about 7 minutes.

CH, that sucks about your car clunking out on you. It doesn't sound like it'll be difficult to fix, though. I know I've been there! Just one of the joys of owning an older car.

Tree, isn't that kind of cool how it worked out that you didn't want that other place, anyway? And I'm so in awe of you for fixing your building's a/c system. You're amazing.

Moxie, do you think your parents are going to put a bid in on this place? With a little work put in, it sounds ideal. I don't blame you for not wanting to go into real estate. The market sucks right now, and with the kidlet and already working full time, you've got enough stuff on your plate.

Sorry your allergies are flaring up, Jenn. Speaking of cleanses, have you heard anything about the Blueprint Cleanse? I just got an email thingy about it. I guess it's an all-juice cleanse. They deliver it in NYC, but wondered if you've heard of it around your parts. I'm halfway considering doing something like that.

PK, that's great that Heikki is moving way closer! So does that mean you're going to stay in that area, or are you still thinking of moving back to the midwest? And sorry about the job and repo and general craziness of your life right now. But at least something's going right with Heikki coming closer. And good luck on that job! You'd be perfect for it.

Hi, Kari! Sounds like you had a really nice weekend. I finally got around to watching "It's Always Sunny..." a couple days ago. Hilarious! I loved the one about the girl from AD owning her own boutique. SUCH an underrated show. I'm glad it's on FX, though, because I think it's too edgy and gritty to survive on the larger networks.

Congrats again to Marileen! She looked so beautiful, and everything was wonderful. The reception started with an open bar, cream cheese wontons, and jelly beans - who could ask for more? The giant's family should take note of how to have a classy wedding.

Hi, Minx! It was really fun to see you and the kidlet the other day. If you ever need a babysitter for her, let me know.

Hi, Poodle! That sucks that brunch didn't work out yesterday, but it's not our fault. You're right, this is a good day for staying home and ignoring that it's 70 degrees out. Where the hell is our fall weather, anyway?

My weekend was really good, too. We shopped for tennis racquets (that's how the giant spells it) on Friday night for the giant (not me, I'm too fat to play something like tennis. Ping pong is more my game) and picked up yucky Pizza Hut drive-thru pizza on the way home. We went to Marileen's wedding on Saturday, and it was one of the nicest I've ever been to. Minxlette is growing up! She's really an amazing little girl. You all should have seen her cringe and say "but we don't believe in god!" Such a cool, cool little girl. The giant told me that the 2 of them discussed their favorite jelly bean flavors, and they like and hate the same ones. So cute!

I got the house to myself yesterday. I had to run out and interview the guy who owns my gym for my class assignment (he's the only person I know I can talk to who owns a business - this is his 3rd one and he's only 25!), bought some groceries, and made peanut butter cookies and watched TV and The Devil Wears Prada. I got pretty lonely, though, because the giant didn't get home from watching stupidball with his cousin until 9:30 and I was getting really weird calls before that. Dumb boy never even called when he left his cousin's, so I was left to worry about him and what those weird calls were all about. I even went to far as to call his brother and ask if he'd seen him and then talk to his cousin to see if he was still there. Now the giant knows not to just leave me hanging like that or I'll get really worried about and mad at him. We got another one of those weird calls at 3:30, so I'm waiting until I get home to call back whoever it was sending them (texts to land line) so I can chew him out.

but momma needed some cuddles.

See? Its good when we recognize that we need the kidlets as much as they need us. My BFFs son is 20 mos old and still crawls into bed with momma and daddy at 5am most mornings. You're working on adjusting him to his own space, and its a big adjustment for you both, too! I strongly suspect a reason we never had moxette in our room/bed is b/c i didn't want to deal with the re-adjustment. She's 18 mos old and still taking a baba at night. She's not quite ready to go to total "big girl" status with bedtime, but I DO love the cuddles and snuggly time, and I know its only a couple more months, at most.

I just ate a huge cajun chicken sandwich and the most.delicious.fries.ever for lunch, and am suffering food coma. *zzzzzzzz*

Ok, speaking of my kidlet, we finally bought a new camera and tested it out this weekend. I think some of the pictures are grainy...anyone got experience with kodaks? we have 90 days to return the we're playing for a bit. So, besides the requisite oooohing and ahhhing and such (FJ! more jackaroo pics!!), i'd honestly appreciate some comment on the quality of the images, as displayed onscreen. THanks!

Moxette at 18 Mos

Ok, x-post with diva...

SO, the thing with real estate. If I'm already not pulling an income b/c my current gig goes bust, and I can claim unemployment, its actually an ideal time to learn. My aunt's been in the business 30 years, and I do honestly feel that if she had the confidence in me, I know I could learn it. But the timing away from my family (flex time=good; weekends=bad) is what seriously gives me pause.
holy crap, that moxette is farking adorable!!! that reminds me... new pic of jackaroo coming right up!

FJ, I totally agree with your choice on the work thing. Anyone who is so disrespectful. That's not so cool. It's so inappropriate. Even if they were testing you. That's pretty awesome about the dating service! Your "friends" deserve a punch in the neck (speaking of which, were in the hell is Kel???)

Diva, I hate getting weirdo text messages and phone calls. Freaks me out. Yup, the joys of an old car. I should have it back by Wednesday at the latest, unfortunately my mechanic is understaffed right now, so I can't complain. It's not like I live out of the city or anything. That would suck.

Mox, moxette is sooooooooo cute!

I have a headache from hell, stupid period crap. I don't even think I'm going to work out, it's just going to be sleepy time when I get home. Maybe I'll smoke a bowl, it'll help.

Well, only an hour and a half left in the day, then I can get my ass home!

Later all!
Both kiddos are so farkin' cute!! Oh, and everyone needs cuddles. I don't know what I would do without my squishy fur babies.

~*~*~*~anti-pain vibes for culture~*~*~*~

I could really use a slab of cheesecake right now. Pretty much anything sweet will do. Maybe I'll treat myself to a cookie.
OMG, the CUTENESS in here!!! And, ok, let me just say that I cannot believe that moxette is 18mos old!! Holy crap, time flies!

And Minxlette - what a smart girlie - just like her momma!

I'm glad your car is fixed, CH, even at that cost. Its no fun, but a safe car is a necessity in your line of work.

And good for you, FJ, in deciding against the second interview with the seminar company....I really wish I had listened to the wee tiny noise in my head during interviews when my now supervisor warned me that the asshole VP gets in trouble with HR everytime he interviews, for asking inappropriate questions....really, I was desperate to get out of my old job, and now I'm feeling compelled to tune up the resume and start casually looking again. This place is BAD, and the VP gets dicier everyday with his inappropriate comments and unreasonable expectations. I can't live like this. I'm getting tougher, for sure, but this is not a long term solution.

Mox, I dunno about real estate...there's a major job bust going on in your area, and not enough buyers for all the empty houses....that'd make me really pause. You have kick ass skillz at what you're already doing, don't you forget it!

(((((head soothing vibes for CH)))))

Okay, time to walk the pupper...
Hi, all!

Yes, I still have a terrible cold. It's the first major cold since my nostril piercing. It's interesting, and that's all I will say.

OOooh, cute bebes! I like them if they are not mine. Heh. I'll snorgle em to bits.

Poodle, I've been known to call Mojo in the middle of the night (he's one of those rare cats who will occasionally come to being called)...just so I can snuggle with him. Oh...and for personal handypersons...have you checked your furnace for fall/winter? Was it inspected as part of your sale? I'm sure it must have been.

Man, turbo, I'm so sad that your job is causing you heartache. sad.gif

~*~*anti headache vibes for CH*~*~...glad your car problems are fixable, at least.

FJ, I have to agree with Turbo, I'm glad you told the seminar company where to go.

hehe, divala, I have no idea how to spell tennis "whatevers".... wink.gif and, OMG on the weird calls. That'd really piss me off.

Soo, yes, I went to the condo board meeting today where they approved paying me to fix the A/C. Soo, I've saved them about $1200.00. Not too shabby. After getting a lot of BAD news...this was the last thing on the agenda...everybody stood up and APPLAUDED. I will get a big head.

but that you actually enjoy what you do and seem to get excited about work and finding out new things about your field.

Thanks, FJ! Thankfully work is getting better, cause I'm pretty much done with the stupid deliming water heaters job. One late night on Wednesday and I'm DONE! Back to refrigeration I go! Yay!

And, oh, yes, am I ever glad I went to go see that place in person and see just how crappy the bedrooms and closets it being a third floor walk-up...I mean for now it'd be okay but with the kind of work I do, how would it work when I throw my back out or break my leg? No thanks. I'm spoiled, I guess. I like my walk-in closet and the elevator!

(sigh)...if only it weren't so frigging expensive...and far out...oh well. I'll keep looking.
Hello all! This is a quick post, forgive me! I killed the laptop, I think! Happened last Wednesday or Thursday. Haven't been online since. Just hooked up the old PC and stuff...

I DID get to see turbo's pics really quick, somewhere in the stages of the laptop screwing off....absolutely GORGEOUS! turbo, EXCELLENT colour selection, my dear! I'm going back to take a quick peek tomorrow, but it's 4 in the morning now...

Oh, news...guitarboy and I have finished writing a song - an entire, complete-to-the-finish, song...and it's REALLY FUCKING GOOD! I got shivers and goosebumps tonight, when we played the final version through the second time. We are hoping to get the chance to record it very soon - a friend has a small home recording set up - and then I'll try to find a way to get it online for my Okayers! (Funny, though, how internetless boredom drove me to write the actual lyrics, finally....)
tree..thanks for the reminder! *mental note to call furnace guy* This year, I think we're gonna splurge and get the ducts clean too. Yeah, I'm a big what?

So, my company's best client is MGM Grand Detroit. Think what one will about gambling in general...but the casinos have been a serious economic boost for the 313. Anyway, the big, black-tie VIP gala preview of the new casino is tonight, and I'm going! I'm really looking forward to seeing the inside, as I'm usually the one outside, digging in the dirt. Our company got an invite for 2 people, and my boss (my dad) thought it best that I go! He's going too. So, technically, I'm working, but still. I think its gonna be super fun.

And, then tomorrow, we have both kidlets again. The BFF's have a 2-parent dealo at their older son's school. I love having both kidlets! At this point, its mostly to act as audience/safety guard. Its great.

doodle...where is that song? I can't wait to hear it! Youtube, maybe?
Happy fucking Tuesday!

As you all know, I abhor Tuesdays. smile.gif

Poodle, cheesecake sounds delish, so does a cookie. mmmm cookies.

Hey Turbo, how are meeting the deadlines going, or dare I ask?

Tree, that is so great that you got the recognition you deserved! *applauds Tree* and and and I hope that you feel better soon. ~*~*~*~healing vibes for tree~*~*~*~*

Doodle, that rawks that you wrote a song!!! I wanna hear!!!!

Mox, I hope that you have a great time this evening! What are you going to dress up in??

Well, I'm feeling much better today, I smoked a bowl, it totally helped, then crashed. I even woke up early and worked out today. If all goes well, my car will be ready today, if not, tomorrow at the latest, but that's okay! I'm saving on gas. which is funny when in the grand scheme of things, there is the whole repair dealy. Oh well, it is life, right. heh heh.

Good Things Tuesday (it's been a while since I was able to report good things on a Tuesday!)
1. As usual, it's not Monday!
2. Worked out this morning.
3. Car isn't dead, it's repairable!
4. GST refund this week!
5. My birthday is also this month!
6. My new rocking pair of boots I bought yesterday. Tall and black with a killer chunky heal.

that's all I can think of today, I'm sure there will be more later.

Later mah busties!
good morning all!

it's raining here today and will be all day looks like.

wow! tree! i hope you got the standing o you deserved! that is so cool. i bet they are so impressed, as they should be! i wonder if now that all the condo folks know that you got skillz, you might get some more side jobs out of it? would you ever want to go into business for yourself?

diva, i hate it when i sit and worry about mrfj if he doesn't get home when i expect him. logically, i always KNOW he's most likely safe. but my illogical brain takes over and i focus on all the horrible things that could have happened to him. i couldn't imagine how crazy i might be if i were getting odd phone calls too! that reminds me, have you guys had any visits from that strange guy that was knocking on your door a while back?

moxie, i guess i missed that you had edited/added to your post yesterday. i love all the new pics of moxette! she is just becoming such a little, well, person! hehe! i don't think the pics are very grainy. we have some issues with our camera sometimes (a sony) making the pics grainy but it's usually a lighting thing. we don't have the best lighting in our living room and that's where we take the most pictures.
oh, and i've thought about real estate too but have decided against it (for the moment) for the same reasons you listed. i don't want to be at someone else's mercy where my schedule is concerned. it's not like i can just not go show a home or whatever if i don't feel like it! well, unless i just want to be broke!! we have some friends that are in real estate together and it works better for them since they share the work, but they're not able to take vacations very often and have had to break plans a lot because of a last minute call. i'm not sure i'm ready to do that.

oh oh! and yeah, whatcha gonna wear tonight??

poodle, did you get yoself some cheesecake? that sounds so good right now.

turbo, i'm sorry you are having a shitty time at work. it's actually what you said that made me really rethink the seminar job. i sure don't want to regret any decisions when i don't have to. i wouldn't blame you at all for pulling out your resume and seeing what else is out there right now. you don't want to wait too long and start feeling trapped in the job. how is turbomann's gig going?

hi doodle-doo! way cool that you finished a real original song! we wanna hear it!

ch, i am jealous of your new boots! i need some hot new shoes. i'm glad it's getting fall-ish outside finally (at least not in the 90s anymore). i've been living in flip flops for the past several months, which i love, but i'm ready for something different. i need to toss all my flops out this winter and buy new ones next year. i'm also jealous of your bowl you smoked.

good things tuesday:

1. closer to the weekend, which is always good
2. another day without a job is another day i get to spend with my little guy

Happy Tuesday, chicas! Good lord, there's a hell of a lot of cuteness goin' on in here.

I have never been a fan of Elmo, but Moxette's cuteness may be powerful enough to change all of that. LOVE the pics! And they don't look too grainy to me.

~~~~~~ soothing, healing vibes for Tree & Poodle & CH & all ~~~~~~

Tree, I'm glad to checked out that condo. I found it a bit suspicious that there were so many pics of the kitchen & not much of anything else. Thanks for the heads up on the seasonal HVAC inspection! I need to make an appointment for that.

Doodle, can't wait to hear the song!

Diva, let us know what you find out about the weird phone calls.

Turbo, sorry to hear that the VP is such an annoying ass. Go ahead & polish up the resumee. Maybe it'll inspire you to start the hunt.

FJ, hooray for baby snuggles! And for following your gut and saying, "No thanks," to Mr. Fingernail Clippers.

CH, glad to hear that you'll be getting the car back soon.

Good Things Tuesday
1. I finished scraping the dining room ceiling yesterday. Now I just have to prime it & paint it. I was originally thinking we'd just go with a creamy white that matches the crown mouldings & chair rail. We're going paint the walls while we're at it. We have agreed on green, but we havent found quite the right shade yet. Suggestions ...?
2. One of Sheff's work colleagues is giving him a new aquarium, complete with stand, lights, & all the other necessities. If we had bought this it would have cost about $700, but it's all free for us! He's even going to deliver it. Woot!
3. I found a range that I like that is somehat affordable (ie not $5000 like the gorgeous retro red one I posted here before). This baby is by Jenn-Air & I'm totally unfamiliar with their products. Research is in order!
More good things Tuesday!

The tow for my car only cost $52.70!!!

Hi chickadees!!

Wow, mox, it sounds like you have a fun evening ahead of you!! What are you gonna wear?!

Glad you're feeling better, culture, and that the car situation isn't hopeless!!

Turbo, I'm so sorry that the job sitch isn't going well. I hope your new kitchen provides a distraction from your work woes. Or maybe a sparkly clean colon would make you feel better!!

Congrats on the dough, tree!!

Hi rose, doodle, and FJ!!

Nothin' much going on today. I just wanted to stop by and say hello!!

Good things:
1. Yummy vegetarian biscuits and gravy for dinner
2. Dancing with the Stars results show
3. Land valuation analysis pretty much done

Poodle, you are SO right - I bet a sparkly clean colon sure would make me feel better about my job! (seriously, it would, as I would likely feel better and be less moody)

Yeah, polishing up the resume is certainly in order, and when I'm done with this job, my already ass-kicking resume is going to be fucking awesome - I'm managing a global brand, baby! Wheeee! I'm barely making my deadlines this week, but I am delivering the goods, just maybe not with all the perfection and polish that I would like. I did receive a silver service star today at staff meeting for rocking at my job, so that's nice. Its good to be appreciated and admired for my skillz, for sure, but working for CRAZY people is no good. A pile of cold hard cash would have been nicer than a paperweight, though. With the totally un-PC intro to the award by the Veep, it took all my willpower not to chuck that fucking star at his giant forehead and bad 80s feathered hair. Would've made a nice dent, too.

CH, I similarly detest Tuesdays - its the big meeting day in our office, which today totaled 4 hours in meetings, which was a total waste of time.

Oh, Diva, on the cleanse front, I am anti-juice cleanse, or anything really extreme...I just think its really hard on your body, and hard emotionally to not do anything but drink juices all week, or that stupid lemon-cayenne-maple syrup + water cleanse that people seem so giddy about. I use a product called BioCleanse when I do a cleanse - its a powder, and you blend it up with some frozen fruit and water as a meal replacement - I do that for breakfast and dinner, and then eat raw veggies and maybe some brown rice for lunch, and you can snack on veggies in between meals too. The BioCleanse keeps your energy stable, so you don't feel all weird or lightheaded or low-energy, and allows your body to rest. The trick of it is that you *cannot* eat any sugar, processed foods, or meat products when you're using it - you will get a hard gas belly, and trust me - its unpleasant.

Rosie - our old stove was a Jenn-Air, and we had one growing up as well. They're solid products, long-lasting, and decent quality - just remember that when you buy one, if you're interested in any of their accesories (grill attachment, griddle, etc), you're locked into buying their stuff, and it is expensive. We mainly got rid of the old stove because it only had 2 burners and the other half was a grill - which is pointless on an electric range - it never got hot enough for a good sear, and was a PITA to clean. But buying another cartridge with two more burners was $450!

Okay, I need to think about dinner here....
Hey Hey!!!!

Poodle, that dinner sounds delish!

Turbo, mmmm clean colon. Ugh, a four hour meeting, I think I'd kill myself. Bah. *punches veep in the groin*

I'm having a Simpsons moment. I just finished working out, now I need to have a grossy protein shake and also figure out din din.

Later kats!
Mmmmmmmm ... biscuits & graaaaaaavy. Sounds fab, Poods.

CH, HOORAY for the cheap tow!

Turbo, I am picturing a big, silver star imbedded in Donald Trump's forehead right now (because whenever you mention the Veep, that's who I imagine). It's a good look. Perhaps you should try it. wink.gif

The Jenn Air range I like has 4 gas burners on top and 2 electric ovens on the front (one of the ovens being much smaller than the other, of course). Love! I won't be getting it any time soon, though. Our current stove still works fine & there are other things we should do with our money (like pay off the washer & drier).

Today was sucky because Sheff realized that his green card expires in TWO DAYS. Can you say massive, mutual brain fart? So to prevent him from being deported, we ran around & got all the important shit together & mailed it off today. It should arrive just in time. [wipes brow]


Quick post before I even try to tackle archives (thoug I HAVE been trying to keep up all this time): It's Goaty and my mo-versary, so what can I cook that will be romantic? I've got some steak stir-fry strips thawed out, but I can try nabbing other stuffage.

I might be able to do Oriental-ish dishes. I have Nappa cannage, snow peas, green onions, and fresh ginger...

Perhaps a stir-fry?
Silver Service Star?! What the fuck? Do they think you're in 2nd grade or something? Geesh, at least they could give you a gift certificate or coupon or something.

Happy anniversary lore!!! How about cooking.....BACON? Heh...

Have any of you been watching Dancing with the Stars? I swear that the race-car driver "Helio" guy is Nile's long-lost Brazilian twin. Oooh!! It's on right now!! *runs off to veg in front of TV*
Yaaay for Marileen's WEDDING!!! Awesome! smile.gif I hope there was a lot of happy revelling going on, and some serious honeymooning!

Actually, it's not Goatie & I's ANNIversary, it's just a MO-versary wink.gif But we like to celebrate with wine, perhaps deliscious dinner, and maybe a very good pumpkin donut each (a custom of ours). Oh, and if I'm good and clean and there's time, there might be fun activities that should, yet do not involve bacon.

Heya to everyBUSTie! smile.gif
Gaaah! double-post!
You celebrate every month? Cute. smile.gif

My cats are totally trippin' on catnip right now, especially Gus who is flopping around on the breakfast bar.
Trying to find those kitchen pics again........

Oh there they are!

TURBO!!! I cannot TELL you how much I LOVE that shade of green with that purple! It is DIVINE!!!! Goddamn, your kitchen looks STUNNINGLY AWESOME! And I love how you did the bulkheads, with the white and green....that looks terrific! Excellent decision! And the peekaboo purple in the kitchen window thingies is wonderful! It looks like a fun and happy place to be! Where did you get that ceiling fan? I love it! Are those mesh light screens? The dining room looks terrif too...that splash of green wall is inspired! TERRIFIC JOB!!!! WOOT!!!!

Okay, other than that, I still need to catch up on everything I've missed....god, who knew being offline for a week could be so emotionally devastating? wink.gif Hi to everyone! You know who you are!! wub.gif

But for now, I've got to go write out some new lyrics and scotch tape them to guitarboy's door....
the casino was gorgeous, the food divine (I met wolfgang puck!), and the music rockin. The gaming wasn't open yet (their official opening is today), but the machines ,looked pretty. All in all, it was a fun evening. Made some good contacts, too. Missed the bejebus out of being home for bedtime with the bebe, though. Hmmm...i guess she's not really a bebe anymore, eh? I wore a burgundy halter dress.

FJ, thanks for the comments on the pics. I'm picking up the prints from chez target tonight or tomorrow. So, that'll really be the deciding prints look.

Our "real" anniversary is coming up (when we started dating, as oppsed to wedding...). Somehow, it still seems more important to us. It'll be 10 years this year! I think its b/c we were together for SO LONG (6.5 years) when we got married, that a significant chunck of our relationship was pre-legalized marriage. Anyway, we're celebrating by doing a big dinner somewhere. I wanted to go to Boston with moxieman (he has a conference he's supposedly attending...but hasn't registered for yet), but my co-worker will be on maternity leave, adn I don't really feel right taking a week off while she's out too. We're a small company, and all need to shift weight when we need to.

doodle, besides being a songwriter, how's the job hunt?

I am getting ready to paint our stairwell...and I think I'm either going with a light caramel or shade of green. It has to blend with eggplant/mocha in the basement, and a TBD shade in the kitchen. Here's a question for you all... if we are painting a stairwell/entrance to the house, should that color be carried through the hallways/trim in the rest of the house? Or just be able to blend into the 2 rooms it "touches"? We have a little bungalow house. I'm taking a couple days off before end of october to do this project.
Good Morning!

Lore, that is really sweet. Awwww.

Poodle, awww kitties!

Doodle, I'm so glad that you aer back and posting, I was a little worried that you hadn't been here for a while.

Mox, sounds like you had a really great evening. Oh jeez, as for your paint question, I've no idea. I'm not very good with that kind of thing.

I worked out and played with the dog yesterday. Not able to take her to the park as it's a bit of a drive and CH is still sans wheels. Oh well. Passed out early last night. Today I've got crappy cramps, but I'll work out again tonight and I should be okay. It's a little chilly here today, tis that time of year.

I'm going shoe shopping with my mom today, as she takes me shopping for my birthday every year. Even though my birthday isn't for 15 days yet, I kind of buy as I see things.

I hope that everyBUSTie has a good day.


Moxie, your girl is adorable! I can't believe how much she has grown. I love the pic of her tipping that juice box up to get every last drop. Cutie pie!

Fj, good thinking on avoiding that job with the two asshole interviewers. Their behavior is no doubt a sign of things to come. Jerks! The other job sounds promising.

CH, that rocks that your car tow was only 50 bucks! That shit can be expensive.

Hi Jenn, doodle, poodle, rose, treehugger, lore, and everyone else!

Happy MO-versary, Lore & Goatie!

Our wedding anniversary is this month too. 2 years. Can you believe it? I can't.

I'm doin' pretty good today. Mr K is out of town, so I've been home alone. Well, me & the dogs. I have had a busy couple of days, for some reason, all of my appts fell on Monday and Tuesday: dermatologist, chiropractor, hair cut, and dentist. Phew! At least I'm done for a while now.

Gosh it's quiet in here so far.

(is that a little bettah?) laugh.gif
i's here. just reading and entertaining the kiddo... just had to give him a much needed bath. i will spare you the details...

i shall return!
Mucho better Minx!

Hi Fj!
*sorely wishes HE had two cats to get all whacked out on goofballs*

Culture! Have a great time getting your Birthday Shoes! (Oooh! That sounds kinda Victorian-racy! wink.gif "Gaylord found himself overcome with passion at the glimpse of Culture's bare ankles, but then punished himself for the impropriety of catching her unawares in her birthday shoes.")

Kari, 2 years?!? Crikey! Where'd the time go? Do you still feel like newlyweds? I think Goatie and I haven't felt like newlyweds for a good while now. Perhaps it's just that we're in a situation that's so "gotta get these things done!" that we haven't been exploring each other as much as I know we'd enjoy. Instead, we've been encouraging each other a ton, which also feels very, very nice. I hope your anniversary rocks! smile.gif

Moxie, I bought some of Wolfgang Puck's organic beef broth, and I noticed how he looks really skinny in his picture. Was he like that in real life? Somehow his picture reminds me of people I've met who lost a lot of weight for medical reasons, as opposed to dieting for the sake of slimming down. Strange, but I actually found myself worrying for someone whose picture is on food packaging.

Doodle, this RAWKS that you're writing songs together! Wooooo! I really have to get my hands on a decent printer so I can make shirts for you, or if you'd prefer, I could transfer onto some canvas cloth so you can iron or sew it onto a jacket.

Rosiev, good luck with the red tape! *red tape lubricating vibes for Sheff* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

*Resume Kung Fu vibes for TurboJenn* EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyAh!

ETA Mass, cross-postings! Heya FJ! smile.gif
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