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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Mornin' peeps!!

Great pictures, culture!!

Rose, the bacon would definitely have to be cooked and the whole point is to eat it during the act!! Sheff should totally be into that!!

The new Family Guy was great!! I love the part when the old molester man danced to I've Had the Time of My Life. I also loved Brian as Chewbacca. Hell, I love Brian, period. I think it's awesome that Seth MacFarlane does the voices for Brian, Stewie, Peter, Quagmire, and the news anchor. How amazing is that? In real life, he actually sounds like Brian.

I came home from work completely soaked last night because I didn't have my umbrella with me. It's not unpacked yet and I'm not sure where it is. I warmed myself up with some chili and a baked potato though. Mmmmmm....

Good Things Tuesday:
1. Got my rent deposit back and it's a lot more money than I expected
2. Also get my expense check today
3. My basement is dry even after the storm
4. All my laundry and dishes are clean
5. Boss is gone this morning
6. My new paint color is awesome
7. iPood II is working great
8. I remembered to bring lunch

Hi, peeps!

I've decided that today is a good day. Here's why:

Good Things Tuesday
1) The Cruncher is gone for the week
2) I got an excellent night's sleep last night after the 3.5 hours I got on Sunday night
3) The sky looks really cool, all dark in a way that makes other stuff look more vibrant
4) I'm wearing a new shirt today that surprisingly makes me look curvy in the right way
5) I'm not broke anymore so I'm going to buy some new khakis on my lunch break. My only other pair really aren't meant for colder weather
6) Seeing leaves blow around on the street
7) Only 2 more days until Ugly Betty returns!

RV, I bought myself the new Dave Gilmour CD/DVD (not sure exactly what it is, but it doesn't really matter that much to me because Wish You Were Here is on it, and that's all that matters), The Devil Wears Prada, Lilly Allen CD, and an Ella Fitzgerald CD I found for $5. Now the trick will be to get the giant to put the CDs on my iPod. Or I could just put them in my car to listen to since that's the only CD player I really use.

Good luck with your scraping. Sounds like you've got some good stuff to occupy your brain with while you're working.

Shawnboy, you're just like the giant. He's eagerly awaiting the Dethklok Dethalbum, too. It's all I've been hearing about for the past 2 weeks. I'm really looking forward to the 1st season DVD coming out next week so we can erase them from the DVR. But that episode from Sunday... you can certainly see that that member of Cannibal Corpse is involved in this project. And I can't wait to see the creepy old guy get his, and funnier if Dr. Rockso can do it.

Poodle, yep, it was the Loring Pasta Bar. I thought it'd be different from the Loring Cafe, but no dice. At least the drink selection was better. The place looked so cool from the outside, I thought it would be much better than it was. I don't think I'll ever go there again, it sucked and made me feel old and crotchety.

CH, you're killing me with the park porn! Must... resist... urge... to... not... avoid... nature! That's pretty funny that your client called you that. That happens around here every once in awhile. We hang up on them when they pull shit like that. I love being in a job where you're allowed to hang up on rude people.

FJ, how did the interviews go?

I'm trying to decide if I should stay late tonight or not. I have to take vacation time anyway because I'm leaving early to get my hair cut (just got the call a minute ago about my appointment), so maybe I should just stick another 45 minutes onto that and make it simple. I think I just talked myself into it.

Ever notice you can't spell the word "crotchety" without spelling "crotch"? What's up with that? It sounds like an old person feeling like he/she can scratch anywhere, anytime.

Ooo! According to Webster, it apparently comes from the word "crotchet" which is "a highly individual and usually eccentric opinion or preference." so you apparently feel like an old free-thinker, Diva smile.gif I'll have to use "crotchet" in daily life. (It also is a hooked implement, and is possibly where the knitting style came from... Knitting, free-thinking, itchy genitalia, conspiracy theories... THE MIND BOGGLES! wacko.gif )

Oh, and the Lorewolf Pasta Bar would burn Loring to the ground! *paints face half blue, half white* PASTAAAAA!!!!

Go get 'em, with the jobbies, FJ! I hope it's the right one that you find, even if it means a longer wait.

Yaay for new I-Pood & PoodlePalace!

Cool park porn, Culture smile.gif It's getting my squirrel up. Oh yeah! He's a twichin'!

Good luck with the ceiling scrapeage, Rosiev! Crank that music while you're at it smile.gif

I'm about to click on your radio show, ShawnBoy, as soon as Frank Zappa shuts up. Lumpy Gravy Part 1 came up on Pandora.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) I finally started writing part of my Scale novel and have a character going.
2) We'll be able to pay bills even though work has been scarce for me.
3) My brother set me the two prequel books for Order of the Stick , a truly genius funny web comic about D&D.
4) Freshly picked blueberries!!! Goaty and I gathered a big Tupperware of them while hiking, and I'm going to see what goodness I can bake with 'em.
"Lorewolf Pasta Bar" HA!! I'd definitely dine there!!

Yeah, the Loring dude is a shrewd business owner. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a republican. What really irks me about the Loring Pasta Bar is that it's not in Loring Park. You can't move the Loring name to Dinkytown. That's cheating. It would be like moving the Uptown Bar to Near North area. Sigh...I remember the days when the Loring Pasta Bar building used to be Grey's Drugstore. It's all trendy over there now and the Purple Onion even moved to a new building. That's just wrong. Sigh...I feel old.
Lore, I was waiting for someone to notice the crotch in crotchety. : ) Your pasta bar would certainly kick ass, and actually be fun to go to!

Poodle, you're absolutely right about how you shouldn't be allowed to transfer neighborhood names to other neighborhoods. I can tell the owner is shrewd. My martini was small, the bread was low-rent, the entree wasn't worth the $14 I paid for it (although if it were sold frozen at the grocery store, I'd buy it), and they didn't waste a drop of gas on the grill or a speck of spice to cook and season my asparagus. I actually had to make my own damn asparagus on Sunday night just to cancel out theirs.

I noticed that the Purple Onion had moved. I didn't know if it was an expansion or a new location. I'd like to go in sometime and see what they've done with the place.

Time to do a crossword and go shopping. Yay! 2 of my favorite things!
I went to a party hosted by the Loring guy once and he charged $15.00 at the door, but the only beverage available was Miller Highlife from the keg. I would give that guy an earful if I ever ran into him.
OMG! $15!?!?!

I would have made it my mission (if the Miller were free) to drink that entire keg and puke on his floor. When the bouncers drag me out, I'd scream, "Now THAT was worth $15 you asswhipe!"

(ETA: O.K., maybe I wouldn't, but if somebody else did, I'd cheer.)

Poodle and Diva, I'm so jealous of your good thigns Tuesday's! You both sounds like you are having great days!!! And DIva, the fact taht the cruncher is gone for a week!!!!

Poodle, 15 for miller? Blech.

Lore, I'm glad I could awaken your squirrel! Heh heh.

I think I'm going to take a walk on my break, I'm a little sleepy and it's cool outside, so that cooler weather will wake me up! That woman said I had shit for brains! Awww, that's the best!

I had a much better post typed out, then I accidently closed explorer. Crud.

Later all!

hi hi hi!

ooh, rosev, i'm so jealous of your ingenuity! i have wanted to scrape all the popcorn off our ceilings ever since we moved in here but haven't tackled it yet. i thought i would start with the downstairs bathroom since it's small and enclosed. the living room and dining room are open to each other and it would really require doing all of it at once. i'm reallly not looking forward to cleaning that mess. i dunno, we might not ever actually tackle that. there are so many other ways to update this house before we sell it. but then again, we vacillate between wanting to sell this house in the next couple years and just doing all the renos we want to do and just staying here. we don't want to spend too much money on it if we're going to move, but need to make a few more improvements to make a good profit.

diva, sorry about your less than fab dinner out. i mean, come on, how hard is it to make decent asparagus? toss it with some olive oil, salt and pepper and stick it in the oven for five minute. comes out in-CRED-ible every time. yummers. i think i might have some in the fridge actually. how did you make yours on sunday?

ch, that is a great park you have there. no wonder you visit so often.

poodle, got any pics of the new paint yet? i'm dying to see it!

hi lore... heehee, your squirrel is twitching. hehe... i love the fuze pipe. way cool. i'm still waiting to become employed before smoking up. i would love to be stoneded right now though.

the interviews went well yesterday. i know i killed in them. but now i guess i just wait. one was a seminar company and the other was with the local dating service. i know i did well in the dating service one: the guy was throwing mock objections at me to see what my comebacks would be and he actually wrote one of my comebacks down. smile.gif he said they rarely get someone of my caliber in the office but also indicated that my guarantee expectations might have been a little high. i knew it would be, but i need to know that i'm going to bring home a certain amount of money each month and that's all there is to it. i know there is potential to make double what i asked for in commissions, but i can't do that right now. the phone interview was for a headhunting firm and would pay me $500 per person that i placed. but there is no guarantee on that one, either. i'm not so sure i want that anyway. too close to staffing. so now, i just wait and see if anyone from yesterday comes at me with an offer. the tough part is that i really thought i nailed the interview with the massage school, but i never heard ANYthing back from them. WTF is that all about!? why not just send me an email and say thanks but no thanks. instead, i saw that the job had been reposted on careerbuilder. wankers.

good things tuesday:

1. i walked out of the interviews yesterday feeling very good about myself. very much like a professional and like i'm going to get a good gig out of this.
2. my unemployment benefits have been approved and i got one payment so far, so i've got time to be choosy.
3. jackaroo is going to have his college paid for! we are starting his fund next week due to an unexpected windfall from the sale of my great-grandmother's house. it's not a huge amount of money (the house was more like a shack and it's located in a very backwards rural town in northern louisiana) but it's enough of a downpayment to make monthly payments quite manageable. (plus we're going to keep a little bit to stuff into a savings account and maybe do a small, well-needed shopping spree).
Congrats on the interviews and the extra money, FJ! A dating service, eh? Now that would be interesting.

I'm eating chocolate-covered caramel corn right now. It's so good, but I'm beginning to feel a little sick. I'm still gonna eat it all.

ETA- No pics of the living room yet. I don't have a camera. sad.gif
FJ, sounds like some excellent offers should be coming your way! Hooray!!! And hooray again for all the cash.

Diva, I didn't realize that Ugly Betty is starting again this week! EEE!!!

$15 for Miller is seriously wrong. I would have cheered right along with Lore.

I only managed to scrape off 30% of the ceiling in the dining room. It's taking a lot longer than I thought it would. Plus, it's SO messy! I wore protective glasses, but I still got dust & crap in my eyes. When a ball of fake popcorn stuff got in my left eye & I couldn't get it out, I decided I was done for the day. Note that I also wore a paper mask over my face so that I wouldn't get dust & crap all over my face. That was a big help.

I can't believe it's going to take me another day or two to finish this. And that doesn't even count priming and painting it! I guess I figured that since I managed to do the half bath so quickly, that the rest of the house would go fast, too. Not so! I hear that we could get the downstairs ceilings scraped off & painted for about a thouand dollars. That's starting to sound pretty cheap.

What ain't cheap, though, is the cooker I found on-line that I desperately want. Check out this kitchen porn: Northstar ranges.
If I had a ton of cash & didn't care about resale & shit like that, I would want the candy apple red range with a gas stove top. And a matching hood. Oh yeah, baby!

Good Things Tuesday
1. The bit of ceiling that is done looks better already.
2. I have plenty of Green & Blacks chocolate in the house.
3. I also have plenty of bacon in the 'fridge. Heh heh.
That is sooo cool, rose!! I loves me some vintage appliances--the way they look anyway.

Yeah, I thought about scraping the popcorn stuff off my ceilings, but I don't dislike it enough to do all that work. It was awful powersanding the walls (she had done faux venetian plaster finish). I was covered in gold-colored dust and it took forever to clean up the mess, even though I put plastic sheeting over the doors. My next interior project is to remove the wallpaper from the "den." Fortunately, it's in poor condition, so it shouldn't be too difficult. The bad part is gonna be resurfacing the old plaster walls so they're smooth.
Hi Hi Hi

I've been lurking but haven't had much to say. Now I'm avoiding homework.

Rose, that range is so lovely. It would be so much fun to have a lot of money and redo a kitchen in all retro. Well, it seems like it would be fun. I'm far too lazy and design challenged to ever actually do that.

Poodle, I hear you on not being able to find items needed after moving. We moved the weekend before last and I have boxes everywhere. TB has been great about unpacking but I'm too tired and busy with school and work. Maybe this weekend I'll get some done. I had to print a paper for school the other night and we couldn't find paper for a few hours. Now if I could just find a stapler. But I don't know if we actually own one. smile.gif

I ate at the Loring Pasta Bar during the first year it opened and was very disappointed with it. And it was so damn expensive for what I ate. Haven't been back since. I haven't been to Dinkytown in forever. I'm back at the U but haven't headed over that way. I've been on the bus through it and it's all weird to me. Friday I think I'll have some time between classes and might head over there.

Okay, must go back to homework.

Hi catsoup! How are you liking the new place? Are you guys gonna paint or anything?

More good things about this Tuesday:
1. New cozy hooded sweatshirt
2. Excellent goat cheese pizza for dinner
3. Talked to nephew
4. Dancing with the Stars!!
Hey everybody!!

First of all - YAY for FJs great interviews!! And heres some (((((get the *right* job))))) vibes - you are so talented - time to get something that really works for you, and the whole fam this time! And congrats on the financial boost!! That rocks! ((((thank you FJ gramma!))))

Ah, news of the PoodlePalace projects just makes me happy! You have been very busy already in your new place! Now where's our piccies? *taps foot impatiently*

Here at casa de turbo, our friend is doing a fabulous job painting the kitchen - I'm so glad we decided to hire her for this job - I'm no good at the detailed stuff, and she is doing an immaculate job! When its done, you know I'll post piccies - We're using valspar paint this time- they had much nicer greens than Behr, but its looking very nice with the purple wall...purple and green are so divine together, as our doodle knows!

I have to say, I'm not ready for the fall TV season to start...maybe its because it still feels like summer out, but I'm just not ready to watch TV yet...maybe I'll be less of a pod person this year, who knows...

Rosie, I LOVE those ranges - such bright, candy colors! Definitely worth drooling over.

Okay, I need to make some granola now...I really gotta cut my wheat intake again, its making me feel all oogey, and I don't need that....the job makes me feel oogey enough on its own.
~*~*jobby vibes for FJ*~*~

See, I do look forward to fall tv. I hibernate and become a homebody this time of year. Except for my upcoming backpacking trip. I should really start wearing my hiking shoes to work to get my feet ready.

Turbo, I'm glad you're liking the paint. Your place will feel so much more Zen with such calming colors.

Catsoup, here's some ~*~*settling into the new place*~*~ vibes.

Poodle, yum for goat cheese! I still wannt to see pics of your palace!

So I'm kind of disgusted with myself. I do this to myself every fall. I get dissatisfied with where-ever I'm living and start trolling real-estate ads. I want to move into town more~I'm too far out in the pablum white bread west side~ (thank you Bear for planting the suggestion) dry.gif Anyway, my current fantasy is this one. I wish I could snap my fingers and instantly sell my condo for what I paid for it. (drool)

Rose, that popcorn scraping doesn't sound like fun at all. I remember when I was selling the shack I decided to put a textured ceiling in the dining room and living room...(NOT POPCORN)...but a sand texture and even THAT was a mess. Cute ranges! We have some pretty old refrigerators at the UW...but they're all beat up, not that cute at all.

Oooooh, gah. I have to run!
Gooooooood Morning!

FJ, I think you'd be great at a dating service!!!

Hey catsoup! How is school going? your new place?

RV, those appliances made me excited! Gorgeous!

Turbo, what recipe do you have for granola? Or is it a top secret turbo family recipe? I'd like to make me some granola. I'm glad to hear the painting is going well, we need pics soon!!!

tree, that is a gorgeous condo!

So I went to the park last night. I was going to clean, workout and doing some baking, but I didn't. Tonight I absolutely have to! First thing I have to do when I get home is change Eugene's water. It's been a week and a half, and I dont want a poor stressed out fish. So, that's that. It's chilly here this morning, but that's okay. My birthday is coming up so I'm going to buy some fall clothes.

That's all for now!

Later kats!


Treehugger, that condo is nice! It's so well priced too. I hear you though, now would be such a tough time to sell.

Rose, props to ya sister, removing popcorn celings sounds like a job. I looooove that range you posted. I would love to redo my kitchen like that.

FJ, ~~~~~job vibes~~~~~~ I am happy the interview went well. yay! And double yay for starting Jackson's college fund. That's awesome!

Diva, you do crossword puzzles? me too! I love them. "Low-rent bread" omg, that is so funny.

Hi catsoup!

Hi CH!

Paco...he is still having some issues. No more in the house, thankfully. I got him some pumpkin yesterday. I am also going to shop for some easier to digest dog food. Poor guy.

I'm doin' ok today. I am grumpy. I slept badly. Paco kept waking me up & in my fear of him doing something gross in the house, I kept getting up to let him out. Mr K was no help, except to tell me what to do..."why don't you just leave him outside..." etc. Then I found out he did not walk them when he got home yesterday evening, which is probably part of the reason Paco had to go so badly. Ugh. It was extremely irritating.

Other than that, things are decent. We have commission meetings today. I don't have to attend, just do a couple of tasks for them.
Hi, peeps!

Tree, that condo is sweet! I love the wood floors and kitchen island. Too bad it's a shitty time to put your place on the market.

Kari, I hope Paco starts feeling better. I'd be so mad if anything woke me up in the middle of the night to tend to it, except maybe a baby. Yeah, I do crossword puzzles. Not really hard ones like the NYT weekend ones, but I go to, one of the only interactive ones we can get into at work anymore.

Hi, Catsoup! Glad to hear you guys are settling in. I can't believe it's only been 2 weeks since you moved! And only 3-ish since Poodle moved!

Poodle, no way in hell would I go to a party for $15 if I could get a decent drink. The guy must think he's awfully cool if he expects people to pay that much for the pleasure of his company and shitty beer.

At that wedding I went to in Omaha, all the beer was free, but you had to pay for sodas and real drinks. I thought that was pretty funny.

Hi, CH, Jenn, and all!

I get to leave here in a few hours to get my hair chopped. Yay! It's just hanging limp in the back and I'm really over this whole long layered thing. I'm halfway tempted to get a long bob, just something nice and clean that makes it look a little thicker and healthier. My hair's really healthy (I never do anything to it, including combing it), but the bottom part doesn't really look that way so much. I guess I just want my hair to have some kind of shape, not just long blahness.

ooohhh Diva, I have hair chopping envy! I have been growing mine out, but I think that train has passed. (waits for lump of cash...)

FJ! Great news on the interview!

Tree...we've been helping my parents house hunt...its made me REALLY want to move.

Turbo...we're painting a hallway this weekend. Not as exciting as a new kitchen, but its progress.

Ok, working from home today. Which is WONDERFUL. not having to get dressed or talk to anyone. I don't even have a radio on. And, laundry is getting done. and moxette's room is cleaned up. and i'm in my PJs. And, i've gotten a shit-load of actual project work done. I love this.
I need to get my hairs cut, too. I've got serious hair BLAHS.

All of this talk of appliances and painting and remodeling is making me tres jealous. I love it! Those old-school looking fridges and ranges were amazing!

Sorry Paco is feeling wonky, Kari. sad.gif
Count me in on the hair cut jealousy! Mine is driving me a little crazy. I wonder when my next appt. is. I need to check on that. I hope it is soon.

Hi Minx! Hi Moxie! moxie, that's awesome that you are working at home today. That was me yesterday. I love those days.

Where is everyone today?

My day has been going well. I have made some real progress on my study. That's good.

I am now drinking a Starfucks soy latte. It is pretty tasty.
Oh wow! Goaty and I are considering moving also. The job and living situation in Bellingham really bites! She's had to put up with a lot of crap for work, like the unapologetic use of part-time teachers as regular teachers just so they don't have to pay for your benefits, for DECADES in many people's cases, gargantuine pay diferences between jobs here and comparable ones in other towns, and reliance upon very last-minute or even late decisions to find out how many classes she's teaching. Anyway, perhaps we'll move south toward Seattle. Good luck to all youse considering busting a move.
hehe, bust a move...

hiyas. been surfing around today, not able to type much since jackaroo refused to nap much until now. we had to take mrfj to the airport this morning. he's off to cincinnati until sunday and i'm feeling sort of misty-eyed now. it's the first time he left since the boy was born. it'll just be me and the little guy tonight, but my parents are coming in from the panhandle tomorrow and hanging with me for the weekend. so it'll be nice to see my parents, but i'm gonna miss mrfj for sure.

thanks for all the vibes on the interviews. i got a callback on the seminar company for a second interview. actually, her words were that i should meet with the owners of the company to discuss career opportunities. so, i'll be going to meet them tomorrow at 2pm. i felt really good about that interview and the job itself seems like it could be okay. it'll be a little bit creative since it's helping people like financial planners and insurance agents market their seminars. i would be involved with selling the services as well as helping through the process. i just don't really know what the comp structure would be like. i know what they're willing to pay and that meets my needs, but i would like there to be a bonus or commission structure involved as well. i guess i like knowing that hard work will be rewarded and even harder work will be rewarded more. if they give me an offer, i'm going to tell them that i have some other things on the table and that i'll let them know monday to buy me some time in case i get offers on the other interviews.

i do like the idea of working for the dating service and i know i would do a good job since i have the appointment setting experience in that industry. but i am pretty sure i asked for more money than they're willing to pay for a base salary. eh. that was the one that my "friends" are affiliated with so maybe that will be a good thing...

anyway, at least i got one callback!!

ooh, i got my haircut on saturday. i left the baby with mrfj and ran to my normal place to see if they could fit me in, but they said it would be an hour wait. so i made a crucial mistake and went to a "walk-in" type chain. oh man. i'm not happy with my hair at all. i think it looks better than it DID, but not great. it's cut in long layers and the top layer just seems too heavy still. i even trimmed it when i got home that day. and she cut my bangs too short. i knew she was as she was doing it, but it was too late. grrrrr. oh well. it'll grow. dry.gif

poodle and ch! mrfj brought home a copy of mental_floss last night. i've read it before, but it's been years. ok, so HOW did i not know there were two gallaghers? the un-funny watermelon-smashing comedian had a twin that did his same exact act? hehe. that's the first thing i read about when i opened the magazine. i was also dong that geography quiz thing again that one of you posted months ago. i still suck, for the record.

rose, i also love that range. i would love to go all retro, but it wouldn't go with the rest of our house. how did your de-popcorning go today? what are you using? just a scraper?

mox, i wish i could find something that would allow me to work from home once or twice a week...

hey tree, diva, catsoup, kari! (((paco belly)))

hi everybustie else!

Hi guys! I'm Soooooooo glad to be home tonight - I'm having the most stressful, frustrating week at work that I can remember in a very long time, and I am SO ready for the weekend. BUT, I got three major projects off to press, which is a very good thing (even though one of them went through 24 rounds of revisions - UGH)...and tomorrow should be a bit easier - I'll be getting back to my HTML roots, and its kind of meditative work for me. And then Friday both bosses will be gone - so that's even better - I feel a loooong lunch coming on!

Kari, I would recommend picking up some metamucil powder, and sprinkling about 1Tb on Paco's food, along with your pumpkin, and maybe a little plain yogurt too. I hope he feels better!

CH - there are no secret recipes in my repetoire....I did develop my own recipe, but I am more than happy to share....I will post it over in Barefoot, Precocious after I finish here.

FJ - congrats on the second interview!!! I hope the job turns out to be good, but I think you're in a good position to really find the right position for yourself.

Diva, I'm jealous of the hair cut too....I called my salon this afternoon, and they told me my stylist is doing hair for a movie right now, so she's only working one day a week. Boooo! I have to wait three weeks for my haircut....this makes me ever so sad! Oh well, I'll have more hair to work with in three weeks, so I guess that's okay. Its getting cooler now, so I can handle having a little more hair on my head.

OMG, I am LOVING my new green paint - it'll be done tomorrow, and then I'll post piccies! The painter made a mistake and painted the two walls in the dining area green instead of beige, and I think it looks absolutely gorgeous - doodle would definitely approve. You can see the purple wall and the green one from the sofa - so nice.
Hi babes!!

(((paco))) Dogs are just like babies--at least in my mind. I treat my cats like they were my own offspring.

I need a haircut, too.

Congrats on the call-back, FJ!! Yeah, I didn't know about the 2 Gallaghers either! Did you enjoy the presidential stuff? That's the premise of mental_floss--to teach you stuff that doesn't really matter a whole lot, but can be used to annoy people at parties. I love that shit. I wish I could work for them. I think culture and I would be a great addition to their male-dominated staff.

Green paint is da shit when it comes to interiors. I can't wait to see pics, turbo! I promise I'll try to take some pics one of these days!!

Lore, you and goaty should move to Minnesota. That's all I have to say about that.

Tree, that condo rocks, and it's!! Actually, the condos around here are pretty cheap these days, too. Developers got way too excited and overbuilt. That's America for ya.

Diva, yeah, the Loring guy thinks he's hot shit. I want my money back. My ex-boyfriend is a turd and he convinced me to go.

I've been buying some fall clothes, too, culture. It's fun to buy cold-weather stuff. I hate buying springy/summery stuff though.

Nothin' much going on in poodleland today. I fucked around all day because my sis wants to know what her house is worth and it's fun to do residential appraisals every once in a while. I usually do really hard, boring stuff like commercial buildings and land. I haven't done a residential appraisal since the market went to shit though, and it's actually somewhat challenging.

Turbo, sorry to hear you're having One Of Those Weeks at work. Sheff is, too. unsure.gif What color of green are you using on your walls?

Lore, that sucks that the school system has treated Goaty Girl so poorly! Seattle is beautiful and there's so much to do. It's a shame the real estate is so expensive, though. Tacoma might be a good option, though! You'll be closer to the Ikea at least. biggrin.gif

Divala, add me to the list of people who are envious of you and your haircut. I am LONG over-due for a trim.

Note to self: renew subscription to Mental Floss.

Tree, that condo looks fabulous! You sure you don't want to try? The real estate market hasn't tanked everywhere ...

~~~~~ soothing for Paco ~~~~~~
~zzz~zzz~ good sleep vibes for Kari ~zzz~zzz~

Moxie, glad to hear that you had such a great day!

Poods, I don't envy your job one bit now. It must be hard to do an appraisal when the market is sending up so many strange signals.

Hooray for the call-back, FJ! Good to see that others are noticing your fabulosity.

As for the ceiling, all you really need is a spray bottle full of water and a spatula/scraper thingy. I have two scrapers: one that is 1 inch wide for the tight spots along the edges and one that is 6 inches wide for the rest. There are other things you need, of course, like a ladder and junky clothes and such, but the actual tools are very basic. Just spray the ceiling lightly and scrape the stuff off. I've had to make a few passes at each area just to smooth it out. I'd like to avoid as much sanding as possible, ya see. I have to be careful how much water I spray on because I don't want to soak down the drywall & risk gouging it.

I didn't do any scraping today. My eye is still really sore from getting that one popcorn ball stuck in it. Plus I was just feeling sad and pouty and self-indulgent and blah. I'm going to eat left-over Thai food, cuddle up with Sheff, & try to perk up.
Quick post to once again confirm my not-deadness! biggrin.gif

Cannot WAIT to see the pics of turbo's new paint job!

Also still dying for pics of the PoodlePalace!

How funny everyone is talking about their hair when I am SCREAMING for a haircut myself! ARGHHH!! Another week and a half till I can afford it....

Taking the resume to this doc's office tomorrow - apparently she is desperately unhappy at the state of the stenography done by her spelling/grammar-challenged staff, and I could do it from home....she spends $50,000 a year for stenography; it would be nice to tap into even SOME of that! Plus, I need a JOB! REALLY VERY SOON!!!
Heh...I can't afford a haircut right now. At least, I don't think I can. My roots are starting to be pretty obvious...I think I'm going to have to go back to my natural brown (sob).

Yes, isn't that condo CUTE? The bedrooms sound pretty small, and the kitchen is a bit smaller than mine, but the thing is the layout is better in that kitchen, so, it seems bigger.

That one won't last long enough, at that price, for me to even THINK about getting my place sold in time. sad.gif

But, because I just can't keep myself from doing it, I'm going to torture myself even more, and go to the open house this Sunday. Maybe I will figure out why it's so cheap...the neighborhood is a pretty good one. It's not Willy Street, to be sure, but it's nearby, and I will never in my lifetime be able to afford a place on Willy Street, anyway. I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open for more in that neighborhood to open up...I may "casually" put my place on the market...if it doesn't sell, no biggie. I'm not going to make the same mistake I did last time in buying a new place with the anticipation of the sale of my old one...I really got myself into a pickle and had to accept an offer that was $40,000 lower than I had hoped.

I would really like something more affordable than the one I have now...and I'd prefer to live in central Madison, than way out here on the far west side...the public transportation is much better downtown.

I'm gonna take a mental health day today, I've already decided. I'll be less mememe to do some decluttering now! (clutter doesn't show well in a house on the market, does it?)
Good Morning on this Thursday! Thank goodness it's Thursday!!!!

Kari, did you sleep better last night?

Diva how did your haircut turnout?

Moxie, that is so great that you got to work from home! Le Sigh.

Lore, that is shitty about Goaty's work situation. Assholes.

FJ, sorry about the haircut dealy. But yay on Mental_Floss!!!! I read in the lastest issue that Winnie from The Wonder Years (aka Danicka McKellar, who is also in the new BUST) is a mathematician and shes got a Theorum named after her! That is so freakin' cool!

Turbo, I'm sorry to hear about your stressful work week. Thanks for posting the recipe, I'll have to go check it out when I'm done here. We needs pics soooooooooooooooooooooon!

Poodle, I agree about spring/summer stuff. all the stuff is made for girls (certainly not women) who have no ass, muscles definition and certainly no breasts! If I wore some of that stuff it would be plain wrong. I like to show of cleavage but no one needs nothing left to the imagination.

RV, how is your eye today??? No more popcorn balls in there I hope!

Hey Doodle! That would be great if you could get the job for the doc!

Tree, you absolutely deserve a mental health day. If I could take the day off I so would! I'll live through you.

Well I got a lot accomplished last night. Cleaned (sort of), changed Eugene's water, worked out, took the dog to the park. Tonight I must tackle the dog fur in the house and do a good vaccuming. This weekend I'm house sittnig and possibly buying an external hard drive.

what's everyone else got planned for this weekend?

Good Morning!

I did sleep better, CH! I feel so much better than I did yesterday. Less tired & less grumpy.

It's a rainy day here, which I am enjoying. We are just now getting out of a drought, so it's nice to have the rain.

Plus we got our new chimney cap installed on Tuesday, so we don't have to worry about moisture getting in when it rains.

FJ, that sounds like an interesting job. That's wonderful that you got the call back! Good plan on waiting til Monday. Sorry that Mr FJ is gone. sad.gif When do your parents get in?

((rose eye)) ouch!

treehugger, don't torture yourself! But, like you say, maybe you will find something wrong with it. Kind of like when you realllly want an item of clothing, but can't afford it & try it on anyway. Sometimes it doesn't fit right & then you feel fine about not being able to get it.

Hi poodles!

Hi Jenn! Can't wait to see your new pics! I am itching to paint our bedroom, but am trying to wait til winter. Right now we have so much other outdoor crap to do.

Doodle, that sounds like a nice job opportunity!

Hi Lore! That stinks about the way they use the part-time teachers. It's like Wal-Mart. So you are thinking of moving?

Hi minx! Hi moxie!

All is well here today. The office is quiet. We have our commission meeting today. I am not scheduled to attend & I already did my errand for it earlier, so I'm free & clear. I do have to go down the hall and watch the telephones for about an hour, but that's not too bad. They rarely ring. I am going to a session at a conference later today, which includes a free lunch. So, that's nice. I have a meeting at school tonight, then I plan on going home, making spaghetti, and watching my Thusday night tv: 30 Rock, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Mad Men. Oh yeah.

I don't have too many weekend plans yet, which is wonderful. I may see a movie tomorrow night. Go to the flea market Saturday day, hang out with mr K Saturday night. He is leaving on Monday for a week. Sunday I might have brunch with 2 friends at my favorite restaurant. It is looking like a good weekend so far.
Well, its not so much that I "get" to work from home, but that I was so god-damned distracted earlier in the week, that I am VERY far behind on a couple projects. I informed my boss that to be effective and catch up, I needed peace and quiet. Then, I took a huge amount home, and finished it.

okey dokey, here's a hair quetion. My hair is in almost-desperate need of cut and color. I have a wedding I'm attending on Nov 3 (1 month hence). My choice is either to go get my hair done the week before, or the day of...which would you ladies do? If i get it cut earlier, I'll still probably do something regarding a blow-out or up or somefin for the wedding...its a super fancy one.
I got my hair cut and so forth on the day I graduated from high school. I suppose it depends how much time you have. Given that you need a cut and colour, I'd go a week before.
Hi, peeps!

I'm going to have to take a look at this Mental Floss you all love so much. Maybe an evening at B&N with a coffee and an issue is in store for me tomorrow. The giant is going to make us go out tomorrow to look at tennis racquets after work, so it's well within my rights to make him spend some time at the bookstore with me. He can find some Star Wars something or other to read.

RV, that sucks about your eye. Even with safety glasses on? What color are you going to paint the ceiling when you're done scraping?

Kari, it sounds like you have a very nice day and weekend planned. Free lunch rules.

Moxie, I'd make the appointment for a week before, just in case you aren't thrilled with the results you'll have some time to make corrections.

Hellos to Jenn, Poodle, Doodle, CH, Lore (that insurance situation BLOWS!), and all!

My haircut went really well yesterday, and I'm glad I called for it when I did because my guy is going to Barcelona on Friday for almost 2 weeks, part vacation, part hair show/conference. He's really into the industry. My hair looks nice and neat now, with no messy layers, and it looks so much thicker now that the ends are somewhat even. He took off at least 3 inches, and could have gone with a little more if he wanted to. It was so nice talking about old times at our old job where we met and old friends. I swear, he blow dried my hair for half an hour. Never again will it look that shiny and gleamy. After that, I came home for a little bit, then went to class, then at burgers at home. It was a pretty decent evening.

We've got a bit of a weekend planned. We're shopping for racquets at some point (tomorrow or Sunday, but probably tomorrow since I don't have to go to the gym after work). On Saturday, we're going to Marileen's wedding, and then on Sunday, I have to interview the guy who owns my gym for my small business class, since he's the only small business owner I know or have access to.

I'm going out to lunch with my gay boyfriend this afternoon, but not until 1:30. That'll be fun. I've been having a craving for lasagna lately.

*shooes crickets out of thread*

Dude, where IS everybustie today??? Have we all been busy?

Well, I have PICTURES to lure you all busties, busties, busties! *anyone?* I know doodle will approve of the colors! hee.

Mox, I'm with everyone else - go with the haircut a week before the wedding...actually, I always find that two weeks is my magic number to really hit the sweet spot on a new haircut.

Kari, sounds like you have a wonderful weekend coming up - I have no plans either, and that's just what I need after this week.

Diva, are you going to learn to play tennis with the giant?

Tree, good for you for taking a ME day!

I have a slight chance that I will have a boss-free day tomorrow...that thought is the most exciting I've had all week. And if asshole VP comes in, I'm seriously going to have to shut that fucker down. I'm now keeping an "asshole file" on him for HR, in case I need it - all inappropriateness logged, emails saved, etc. Fucker tried to massage my shoulders today, and I gave him the LOOK and told him explicitly to STOP. He was trying to be pandering and cute, coming to my cube, asking me to do yet ANOTHER project, when I'm already underwater, without hope of meeting deadlines...and my direct supervisor had already told him not to bring anything new to me for 2 weeks. I think I prefer ex-bossbitch to this set of fools - at least she had marketing expertise, and though her people skills were lacking, I'm coming to appreciate her managerial sense. Who'da thunk it? Oh, did I mention that the asshole VP is a born-again freak, and that language creeps into everything? How did I end up working for two uber-christian republicans?

Okay, time to stop ranting, and start winding down for the evening...
hey! what happened to everyBUSTie!? dang! it was busy in here this morning, then not a PEEP!

moxie, i'd do what diva said and get it done a week before, unless you really trust the person doing your hair and that it'll be done right. if it's a fancy wedding, you surely don't want to have to show up wearing an unfortunate hat.

oooh!! marileen is getting married this weekend! woohoo! *~*~**~*~happy wedding vibes~*~*~*~*~

i meant to tell you guys that i heard from kel via myspace and she said to send her love and virtual neck punches to those who need them. she's been busy with school starting and was a little sick last week.

kari, i love what you told treehugger about trying on an outfit, finding out it isn't right and feeling justified for not being able to get it. i've done that several times. i hope you find something sucky about the house, tree!! tongue.gif

so, i went to my second interview today and i'm pretty sure i'm going to get an offer. i met with two of the three owners and they were much younger than i thought they'd be, maybe in their mid-thirties. i liked them ok i guess. one was sort of casual, almost too much so actually and the other was more professional. it was almost like they had a good cop, bad cop schtick. it's hard to explain but as an example, casualguy clipped his fingernails during the interview and professionalguy was on his laptop during part of it. it was like they weren't paying much attention while the other was talking to me because they each had their own questions and didn't care about the other one. i might be making it sound worse than it was - i didn't hate them or anything... just was sort of an odd interview. i'd like to think it's better than the straightlaced corporate job i was at before the telemarketing thing. anyway, the job would pay more than what i was looking for, plus some commissions and there is a very good potential for growth. at the end of the interview, professionalguy told me they'd be in touch but then casualguy gave me an assignment: he wants me to buy a magazine, study it and then call them on monday and sell them on it. i guess it's a test of my skills. the good thing is that i would be working at a different office from these two guys and would only come in semi-regular contact with professionalguy. so there is that.

then! when i got home, i had a message from the dating service wanting to meet me for a second interview! i didn't get the message until after 5pm, so i haven't talked to them about it yet. i don't know when i'd be able to do it since my parents leave on sunday and mrfj's parents are out of town until the following weekend, so i don't have any childcare. i might have to arrange for mrfj to take care of the little guy for a while so i can go meet them next week. i can't wait too long to meet with them but i really don't want to do it tomorrow. i was sort of looking forward to spending the whole day with my parents and jackaroo.

so, i KNEW i had done well in the interviews and i feel really good that i got a callback from both jobs. i think the dating service job would be the most fun and rewarding while at work BUT would require evenings and weekends, so that would be less time with mrfj and jackaroo as a family. i would be able to spend mornings with jackaroo though and that would mean less time for him in daycare (and potentially allow for someone to come watch him here at our home for several hours each day instead of a center). ah, now i am getting ahead of myself.

i haven't had a chance to pick mental_floss up again since we got it the other night. that's part of my plan tomorrow. with my mom and dad here, my hands won't necessarily be full of baby all day long. wink.gif

eta: HI TURBO!!! i thought i was in here alllll alone!! *hugs turbo just for no reason* OOH! LOVE the kitchen! soo pretty! i love the green!
FJ, Darling!!! Both jobs sound like very promising opportunities, but I will say - heed your gut instincts on the good cop/bad cop sitch and professional/casual deal. I had the same reservations when I interviewed with my two bosses, and I spend a lot of time thinking about whether I should have waited for other offers. BUT, I think not working with the guys directly would take away a lot of the edge there. Time with mr fj and jackaroo is certainly a HUGE factor to consider too....but hey - prosperity is in your corner, so ride the tide, baby, and see what comes out on top!

Thanks for the props on the kitchen, FJ...I keep getting up and peeking through the window cutouts and staring adoringly at my new culinary creative space!
FJ, I told Sheff about Mr. Fingernail Clippings and Mr. Laptop. He said that you should ask for an addition 5 grand a year just to deal with those fools. biggrin.gif Definitely follow your instincts, hon. You're a very very smart person & I know you'll make the right decision.

Turbo, the kitchen looks GORGEOUS! Hooray! Have you rolled out any pie crust on that wonderful countertop yet?

Moxie, I agree with everyone else. Get it done early just in case.

Divala, your hair appointment sounds blissful! An old friend of mine used to do my hair in Tulsa. Now she lives in Baltimore & I'm in NC. Sometimes I think about taking a trip up north just so she can work on my hair.

My day was slightly busy. Talked to a few people on the phone, ran some errands, talked to AT&T about my crappy phone reception, had some photos developed, blahblahblah. I made shepherd's pie for dinner which was sooooooo yummy. And I watched the season premiere of Ugly Betty! So it's been a pretty good day.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night because I'm going to go see The Marriage of Figaro with a gal pal. It's going to be SO much fun!
Hihi guys!

I'm just using Banana's computer for a while tonight.

BTW - I really need a haircut, as well. It's short, but shaggy.

So...I moved into my new apartment, got really sick, was in the hospital, and never did go back to work. There. Long story short.

My car is getting repo'd, that's why I quit my job at the fancy-pants restaurant after I got out of the hospital.

So, I have been looking for work in my neighborhood, which is downtown Tucson. I have one very very promising job opportunity. It's at a lunch cafe downtown, that is also a vocational rehabilitation program for people recovering from mental illness. My position would be Job Coach, someone who teaches the trainees how to cook, wash dishes, serve, and cashier in the cafe, and I would also act as a coach, mentor, counselor, etc. I'm really excited about this job, because it's a blend of two things I am very passionate about: working in social services, and working in a kitchen.

I had a meet 'n' greet with some of the staff, including the executive director, on Friday, then I had a very formal interview on Tuesday. Both events went exceptionally well. The said that they would check my references and do a criminal background check, then get back to me next week. I'm so anxious and excited - I hope I get it, and I can't wait to find out!

I did find out from one of my references, though, that they called her yesterday and had positive things to say about me. For example, the woman asked my reference at one point, "So, what else can you tell me about PuppyKitty, besides her wonderful sense of humor?" So, I think that's a very good sign.

I'm still with El Guapo, which is good. Me likes him.

I've been working out with El Guapo 3x per week for the past week and a half. It feels really great. I thought, before the first workout, that I would be so tired and crabby, and would want to take a nap afterward, but the effect was the opposite. I felt energetic, and uplifted. My mood was positively euphoric. I love working out! Well, actually, I still hate the working out part, but the after effects are enough to motivate me.

El Guapo still wants to get married so he can stay in this country. I'm sweating a little.

OK - I read the last page of archives, but not any farther, so I will get up to speed on you guys, and keep your fingers crossed on the jobby-job for me, if you please!
FJ-you rock those interviews, lady!! I don't envy finding fast childcare, though. We had months to think about and choose what felt right for us. Have you visited any centers or spoken with in-home providers? My neighbor is interviewing daytime nannys (not live-in), and they're like 4X expensive as our daycare! Trade home, less kid-germs; pro in favor of daycare: state liscensing, regularity, socialization, exposure to kid-germs. And, a very clear sense of who MOMMY and where MOMMY is. I was always uncomfortable with the idea of extra-special bonding with anyone but me.

Anyway, turbo...holy cow! That green is PERFECT. I can imagine your sofa and other furniture pieces, even going into the pleasure palace, totally being pulled together with that color as an anchor! Seriously, all...that kitchen is a total transformation. Its GORGEOUS and perfect!

Moxette woke up 15 min before our "allowable" time this morning (yes, if we don't have an "allowed to get up" time, she pushes the limits badly), so I went in and snuggled her a bit, and wouldn't you know, she fell back asleep! Its now 25 min past the "allowed to get up" time, and about 5-10 min before i go get her up for school. She handled the "no baba" pretty well too...only cried for about 30 seconds. Then, just wanted mama snuggles. What a darling kid I have (sometimes, I just big "L" love her!).

PK...good to see you! I'd be wary of the "married for immigration" too...isn't that something you could get in trouble for, too? That job sounds awesome! And, I hope you're feeling better.

Oh, I also have some spectacular news that I can't wait to share, but have to. Argh...its killing me not to say anything, too!
Good Morning!

It's Friday. Oh thank goodness.

Diva, how was your lunch?

Turbo, that kitchen looks great!!!! What a pervert motherfucker the VP is. I'm glad you are keeping all inappropriateness logged. That's waaaaaaaaaay out of line.

FJ, that is so great about the interviews! How odd that one was clipping his nails. that's a little wierd. ~*~*~*~interview vibes~*~*~*~*~*

marileen, I hope your wedding goes amazing (yes, I know you aren't here, but... you know!)

Hey RV! Enjoy the Marriage of Figaro tonight!

Hey PK!!! I'm sorry to hear that you weren't so well for a while. It sounds like you are doing better now. That job sounds really great! I hope you get it. ~*~*~*jobbity vibes~*~*~*~* working out is a great thing, I'm glad that it is helping you out!

Mox, when can you tell us the news????

I'm tired and I want it to be 4. I want to take the hound to the park, then goand house sit. Alas, emily has to stay home, I don't think she'd react very well to being on another dogs territory. I'll zip back home tomorrow and spend some time with her. she'll be with my mom, but I think this will be a touch stressful on her.

later all!

Good Morning gals.

And dudes, if lore, shawnboy or Mr FJ are hanging around.

CH, I echo your sentiment...if it were not Friday, there would be a serious problem.

This week has been a doozy.

FJ, Congrats on the good interview! And the callback! But....are you fucking kidding me? A guy clipped his nails in an interview???!! I find that truly appalling. *shudder* The laptop use is also terrible, but not quite as bad as participating in personal hygiene. I think Jenn is right, listen to your gut. If your bosses have issues, it could make for trouble later.

Jenn, your kitchen looks fabulous!! Wowzers! Would it be terribly, terribly rude of me to ask you the neighborhood of the cost? I want to eventually re-do our kitchen, but I honestly have no idea of the cost. Just a ballpark figure would be helpful. If it makes you uncomfortable, I understand.

Hi PK!! It is really good to see you! I am sorry to hear that you have been going through such a rough time. ((PK)) It sounds like some good things are on the horizon though. That job sounds really cool.

Diva, your haircut sounds quite chic. Excellent. How was your lunch with your gay boyfriend?

Moxie!! What is the news?? I want to know!

Things here are decent today. I am really tired. This week....oh my. Work as usual, 2 nights at the hospital, one of which was late, commission meetings at work, a conference I had to go to yesterday, a meeting at school last just never seemed to end. Next week is slightly better, but only slightly. Ok, I will stop whining now.....I did get to watch my tv shows last night. Diva, did you watch It's Always Sunny last night? I thought both episodes were fucking hilarious. I was laughing out loud a lot. MadMen was good too.

I'm going to count down the hours until 4. 7 hours to go.
I can't share b/c the person it relates to has The person has some details to figure out as relates to said issue, so the good news is right now like a pregnancy (no, i'm not pregnant!) in the very early stages. But, its killing me not to share the good news.

Today is CRAZY. That is all.
a little under 2 hours to go!
Dang moxie! Now I realllly want to know the secret.

15 mins to go for me. Thank cod.

I'll see you ladies on Monday....Have a good one!
11 minutes!!! And and and I won our pay day pool at work! I am $74.00 heavier in ye olde pocket. I think I should play the lottery tonight!
Ahhhh......secrets kill, me mox!!! I do have two ideas of what this could must tell us as soon as you can!

Thanks for all the props on the kitchen color - I love it!!! Kari, I'll PM you on the costs, etc.

PK!!!! Good to see you, doll...even though life has been pretty chaotic for you, you sound good - and that coaching/cooking job sounds SO perfect!!! ((((get that jobby job vibes))))

FJ, so did you do a second interview today, or just hang with your 'rents?

Well, I have to get turbo out for a walk, and then we are going to our fave pub for copious amounts of sangria and the best.burgers.ever.
Hi peeps!!

Oh my god, mox!! You MUST tell us!! No fair. Shit, for a moment I thought that turbo was preggers, but then she posted later on!! laugh.gif

Turbo, that green looks excellent with the cabinets. Like I said, green is the perfect interior color!!

FJ, that's so disgusting that the guy was clipping his nails during the interview. I hate being around people when they clip their nails. The laptop thing is also incredibly rude, too. I really wouldn't know what to do in that situation. Being the blunt ass that I am, I probably woulda said something about it, blowing my chance at the job. Or maybe I'd say something about if they rejected me. Yeah, I'd definitely say something if they rejected me.

I can't wait to see your haircut, diva!! I can't wait to see marileen all dolled up!!

(((PK))) That sucks so bad about the repo. I'm glad you have a place to live though, and that job sounds muy interesante. Now don't go marryin' guapo anytime soon!!

Hi culture!! Hi kari!! Hi lurkers!!

I've been a good appraiser the last couple days and I've finished a lot of crap that has been sitting on my desk. I'm good at my job. I'm working on a high-rise apartment building right now. It's a nice change from my usual commercial/industrial stuff.

I took both fur-babies outside this evening. Oscar's getting more confident about the outside world. No freakouts yet. He still doesn't like to be out there very long though, which is fine. Gus is totally opposite. I have to chase him around and he throws himself all over the place when I try to carry him inside.

no, i really can't say, i'm so sorry I brought it up. No one is pregnant. Its just that cool. I am sorry. As soon as I can say something, I will. I'm just a shitty ass secret keeper.

Ok, i hear "bye water" coming from the bath...which is my cue.
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