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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Dammit, now I want to go to a fish fry tonight. It's not nearly as popular here in IL- mostly tavern-type places. The classier places call it fish & chips rolleyes.gif Probably because about 90% of the tavern-type places down here are Irish-owned. I'm sure they do it more up near the IL/WI border.

Guess what--I just came back from a hearty, greasy meal of fish 'n' chips!!! I feel like I need to take a shower and a nap now. 'n' chips sex.... laugh.gif
Pastafarian!!!!!! Bwaaaaahahahahahaha.

Oooh fish and chips! Yummers! I had some yummy Chinese soup today for lunch.

Is it 4pm yet????

Mr. FJ, there are bacon flavoured rolling papers!!!
how awesome that when I read pastafarian I think of the Davey Jones? character from the Pirates of the Carribean movies, except with big rigatoni dreadlocks?
and i had pulled pork for lunch cause all this fish and bacon talk, well led me toward pork products.
Mr. FJ, there are bacon flavoured rolling papers!!!

I can haz mac n cheez flavuor papursz?
Eeeew!!! Bacon flavored papers?!! Bacon-flavored anything is creepy.

I'm ready to go home and take a nap. Maybe have myself a beer.
This thread is hilarious today! I like fish and chips, esp with lots of malt vinegar. OMG yum. A couple of places around here do fish dinners on Friday, but I don't think it is a big thing. Probably b/c they do it all week long at the meat and threes.

I have a good lunch today also. My sister works at this cafe here in town, there are about 4 locations. She gave me all of these free sandwich cards, so I went by there after my doctors appt this morning & got one to go. Eating it right now. Pulled roasted turkey breast, thick bacon, bleu cheese, granny smith apple slices, and aioli mayo. Delish. And some kettle chips on the side.

Minx, who'd ya get laid by? Hmmmmm? Tell us!

I too cracked up when I read about the FJs cock blocker. Too funny.

Yay for getting paid, diva! Sweet!!

Poodles, good for you for playing hooky. Everyone needs a day off sometimes.

Hi Tree! How's your arm doing?

Hi walking bitch, FJ, moxie, and anyone else I've forgotten!

Things are pretty decent here today. Despite one of my bosses being difficult & mean. She actually told my co-worker and I in an e-mail "You are big girls, figure it out." W.T.F. So ridiculous. So we do it our way, and of course now she wants to nit pick it. Other than that, everything is A-OK. At least she's working from home today & not in the office. smile.gif
i am considering a nice chilled beer myself right now. hey, i'll have to get a job eventually so i had better take advantage of the situation...
any of you guys taste the miller chill yet? I think it is probably one of those enjoy only on vacation beers
Miller Chill: the first one is good. The next eleven are like drinking carbonated fruit loop milk. But drink them I will.
wb, i fully agree. that was the first beer i had after jackaroo was born. it was pretty tasty, but a little sweetish for my beer tastes. i can't see myself drinking a whole sixer (not that i normally down a six-pack in an evening, butyouknowwhatimean). but maybe on vacay...

this afternoon, it's a nice frosty heinie. YUM.

hi kari! wow, i don't like your boss lady. that really makes me not wanna go to work again ever. (don't worry mrfj, it's just a WISH)
I have had Miller Chill. I enjoyed it, though I did just drink 1. Definitely think it is one of those "only drink occasionally beers", and then only have 1. I feel that way about some other beers though. Blue Moon Belgian for's really good but too heavy or something. It's a one-beer beer.

yeah, that boss lady gets in her moods. Most of the time she is cool to me, but not so much to my coworker. She works more closely w/ her though. I am lucky.

Hi kari!!

What does "pulled" mean in the meat world anyway? Heh...

Shit, I could totally down a sixer of Blue Moon in one evening. I love beer. I have some Summit Oktoberfest sitting in my fridge right now. I'm reeeally excited to crack one (or six) open.
You mean that cheleda style miller? Tried it...could taste the lime, couldn't taste the salt. It kind of reminded me of mineral water, and I'm agreeing with the whole "it's okay for ONE beer" thing...I definitely couldn't drink a sixer of it.

Sooo...I'm making myself some ground beef/potato casserole. I got nobody to go to fish fry with tonight! Waah!

But, I'm old and to me, a good friday night is being in bed by 9:00. I'm THAT boring.
Tree, I'm with you on the in bed by 9pm. I'm sitting here listening to NPR on my Friday night - now there's excitement! I made a fantastic omelet for dinner - green onion, tomato, avocado, mushrooms and goat cheese - Mmmmmm.

The painter just came over, so we're all set for her to start on Monday - all I need is paint!

Turbomann decided to go spend the weekend with his BFF this weekend, so I'm all on my own - YAY! I totally need the weekend of absolute ME time to relax, and take a lot of naps...and finish stripping the damned 40 year old wallpaper off the formerly mirrored wall. Ugh.

Ya'll had so much fun in here today! And YEAH, I want me some fish fry! As polly said, we mostly get ours at good Irish pubs here, but then you can get curry sauce to dip your steak fries in, and there's few things greater than that!

I'm also sipping ice cold apple cider from the farmers market....cod, I love fall (even if it was 88 degrees today).
well, it's not fish and chips, but I made garlic butter shrimp and angel hair pasta primavera for little boy.
I'm snuggling under a blanket, watching tv reruns. that's my 'me' time
I don't even want to think about what bacon-flavoured rolling papers are like. Ewww. Damn, banjoboy keeps buying ones like grape and raspberry, and that's bad enough! I just don't understand the allure....

And yeah, hi everyone!

Ooh, turbo! Painter!! Have you picked the colour yet - or narrowed it down?

kari, I can't even believe your boss called you "girls." Way to be a strong woman in a position of power. *rolls eyes*

Hi also tree, diva, poodle, CH, moxie, lore, FJs, WB, minx, polly, raisin, and the lurkerbees! (ETA: cross-post...and jami!)

Soap opera update: guitarboy just popped by, he's coming over later, after he helps his mom move some furniture. (Such a nice boy.) He's been here almost every night this week. Last night I caught him watching me while he was out smoking on the balcony. Damn, every time I think I'm over my crush, he does something else.... wink.gif
i'm a bit hammered.... but i just came back from dinner where i had....

fish fry!!!!

snorts. so much for i don't know any place local that does all you can eat fish fry
Yaay! Got my dose of Doodlebug livevicariouslythrough smile.gif (it's like a vitamin!)

Hello alla you in Okayland! smile.gif

Yum! Fish-n-Chips! That's a 2 or 3 times a year craving for me. I kinda get over-lubricated by all that oil, and I feel all starchy, but yummmm! Malt vinegar and tartar, and fries, fries, fries!! This thread definitely swayed my cooking tonight to make some oven-baked beer-battered salmon, home fries, and corn on the cob. I sure hope it turns out well. It's in the oven now.

Miller Chill, I ended up hating simply because I bought a whole 12-pack of the stuff. Boy, by #12, I was drinking to get rid of it, but I vaguely remember not thinking the first was so bad. My present favorites of beer are Drop Top Amber, Hazed & Infused, and Wolaver's IPA. I love me some hops!

As for rolling papers, I'm an inventor at heart, so I basically go with whatever pipe I've made. I don't even know how many of THESE I've made and given away.
Goooooood Morning!

I am not lying bacon flavoured rolling papers. In my opinion that sounds icky, I've got watermelon, grape, green apple and blueberry flavoured papers. I suck at rolling though. dry.gif

Ooooh beer! I had two last night (that's it!) I''m a fan of Labatt Light.

Went to the bar and it was so boring, I'm very bored of the bar. And I wore a skirt and someone thought it appropriate to try and cop a feel. Mofo, I just about ripped his arm off. Why is it that when I dress up some people think it's apprporiate for sexual attention. I won't get into this rant. Fark.

Lore, I remember you posting instructions to make your pipes and stuff previously, I think I'm going to make one. Some day. smile.gif

Doodle, I'm living vicariously through you! How is the job hunt going anyway?

Turbo, I have the perfect dog park near my house, where the season change is amazing, and you could let houndish run to his heart's content there. It's a wide open space. I should take pictures today so y'all can see!!!! I'm so going to do that!

Hey Kari!!!

Tree, I enjoy being in bed early, too! Mmmm good full night sleep.

Poodle, so glad the iPoodII is working well.

I think I'm going to buy some new jeans today.

Hi also to Diva, WB and Jami!

Later kats!

That is all!
i'm just poppin' in to tell turbojenn that i meece her!

we don't frequent the same threads. so i thought i would do a drive-by.

hello and goodbye okayers!!
Awww, I *meece* you too, star!!! We are very bad busties here in chicago since you left, and haven't gotten together since! But we will, because we need to, and we know you'll wag your finger at us if we don't! tongue.gif

I've had such a lovely saturday, enjoying having the house all to myself. Got up early to take turbo on a nice, long walk, and then rode my bike up to the farmers market, whence I loaded my baskets down waaaaay too much, and wobbled my way all the way home with the heavy load. Then, I made roasted butternut squash soup, marinade for chicken thighs for dinner, and roasted garlic-mustard vinaigrette. And then, I spent 5 hours stripping wallpaper....ugh. But, I put on a really good audio book, so it wasn't so bad, and was almost meditative.

Now, I've finally sat down with a glass of wine, and a couple friends are going to come over for dinner to see my new kitchen, and enjoy the bounty of fall. YAY!

CH, I do love to see turbo get a good run in, but now that he's aging a bit, its like 2 laps around the baseball diamond, and he's done. Still fun to see. This morning, he was showing off on the beach, and showing his siberian buddy, Cota, how to dig (as if Cota didn't know)...but really, turbo digs in the sand about once a year, so I always stand there dumbfounded that my dog actually knows how to dig!!
Good Evenin okayers. I'm back to work after 3 REALLY short days off, which of most I slept thru and kicking myself for it as I type.

Bacon flavored rolling papers are indeed nasty....IIIIIIIT"S BAAACOOONNNNNN!!!

No it's not.

Neither are the cookies and creme flavored papers....I smoked half a joint with the bacon paper. I couldn't get the bacon taste outta my mouth for a day and a half. WAAAY worse than that tequila-lime chicken they used to serve at Applebees. (which only took 6 or 7 hours to brush kleen with a wire brush)

By the way Poodles, I remember you asking what kind of music we play at the club here awhile back (i seem to be on a three week tape delay).

Mostly it's alot of justin timberlake, rhianna and ne-yo. I didn't know 2 out of 3 of those bands until I started work here. I'm ready to host a top 40 countdown now.
After a few weeks I've adopted a set-list of my own here.
I'm keepin it old school for the most part. here's a few songs I like to play:

Billy Squier : The Stroke (club remix)
Prince: You got the look, gett off, purple rain, let's go crazy
AcDc: Let me put my love into you babe, dirty deeds.
Bob marley: Turn your lights down low.
Type O negative - black #1
Color Me Badd - Thinkin' back
Joan Jett - Do you wanna touch me
Young Mc - Bust a Move.
Lenny Kravitz - Can't get you outta my mind, Believe.
Motley Crue: If I dide tomorrow, Girls, Wildside, Livewire, Primal scream.
Poison - frst two albums LOL
Tito and Tarantuala from "Dusk til Dawn"
Rush: tom sawyer
Loverboy, Foreigner, korn and Boston round out the last of the set-list, and yes I have played "The lapdance is better when the stripper is cryin"" by the bloodhound gang.

ahh...good times...NAWT!!!

Speaking of being a media whore, I ended up buying my own website, video camera, joined the local public access group and am working on a public access teevee show for my podcast. (something I said I was gunna do and the ppl that were to be involved are really baaad potheads so nothin' happened. I hate to be someone who says I'm gunna do something and then doesn't. Especially as I get older....I'm gunna be 29 in a few weeks...damn!
So I enrolled in a membership at channel 16 and am doing a half an hour info-mercial about the show and next week the freaks and I will be going over to the studio to choose our props and a rough set-up to see how we want it to go. I'm invisioning a cross between a talk show/Variety show/Local "best week ever segments" complete with a game show every few weeks with the local trivia company in town. Now all I have to do is find sponsors so I don't have to pay for it all. 70$ to produce a one hour show complete with our own tv producer...not bad. I'm super psyched about it.

I wish I had the same feeling about my radio career. LOL No one is hiring and it's killing my vibe about it, which is why i'm doin the tv show, plus maybe the powers to be in town might take me a little more seriously.

Happy Sunday!

Turbo, that sounds like an absolutely wonderful Saturday! Aside from the wallpaper bit.

I bring you the off leash park where I frequent with the hound;

behind the hell is more off leash space and off the the left there is more. There is much off leash space at this park.

Where many a hound go for a dip

Hey Shawnboy! I have to say the Dusk Til Dawn Soundtrack is pretty damn good! I've got it on my iPod. I'm horrified with your bacon rolling paper story. Yet another reason not to try them!

Well, I've had a quiet day, did a little grovery shopping, went to the park and have lounged around mostly!

Later all!

CH - that looks like an *amazing* doggie park! I'd be super afraid of turbodoggie getting into trouble in that kind of space - he's too fast for me to catch up with!

Another lovely day up early (with a wee hangover) to walk turbo on the beach, and then rode my bike to the grocery. Out to a fabulous brunch with BFF and much gabbing, then chilled at our house for awhile. Then I had to go run some more errands on bike, wherein I learned that riding with a gallon of paint in one of your saddle bags makes for precarious stopping, with the uneven weight - good resistance training, though. smile.gif

Hopefully turbomann will be home from MI soon, though, as we have to run out and get more paint, but at a store that's not bikeable - damn me for liking the green paint at the store farthest away. Oh well!

Oh, and I made some molasses cookie dough, just 'cause I can...they are my favorite cookie, by far.
Turbo, the great thing about this park is that there aren't really any major roads nearby. There is on the other side of the river, and on nice days there are a lot of people with their puppies there, so there'd be a lot of dogs for Turbo to play with.

What isn't off leash open area is this;

I'm going there later, I'll get more pics! I've been going a little nuts with the digital camera.
Gorgeous! Yeah, with turbodoggie, its actually the other dogs that are what worry me most - he's getting quite crabby in his old age, and if a puppy bugs him (or any other dog for that matter), he'll try biting them...he doesn't have any canines, so the potential for harm is minimal, but its not nice, and it mostly results in turbo getting his ass kicked, as he has no instincts to defend himself if another dog gets aggressive on him.

I saw this & it made me think of the OkayGang:
Bacon-chocolate bar

Sounds scary. And yet, a dementd part of me wants to try it ....
That sounds disgusting. Yet, I also want to try it.

ETA: X-posted with Turbo! *waves* Hi Turbo. Mmmm choclate.
Rosie, you *know* I've tried that one!! heh. Actually, I'm a huge Vosges fan, so I try all their bars and I love to stop by their shop and pick up a truffle or two as a treat. The bacon bar was just OK, the bacon bits were not big enough to register as bacon, it was just like hard salty grit in the bar. Very disappointing. On the otherhand, the Barcelona Bar, which is dark milk chocolate with smoked almonds, and grey seat salt - YUM!

I just took the molasses cookies out of the oven, and they are fabulous! *passes a plate of cookies, with tall frosty glasses of milk around the lounge*
Turbo, that's so disappointing that the bacon flavor didn't come through in the chocolate bar. Suppose they used Bacon Bits? That would suck. sad.gif

As for molasses cookies, I looooove them! So soft and rich and wonderful. And the name has "ass" in it, which adds to the charm, of course. Care to share the recipe?

Poodle, I told Sheff about your suggestion that somebody out there should have sex on a layer of bacon & report back to you about it. He didn't sound too interested. I pointed out that we could put down a plastic tarp between the bed & the bacon if that made him more comfortable. Afterall, we own a tarp. And I bought bacon on Friday. So all of the necessary tools are at our disposal. He chose not to dignify that idea with a response. Hrmph. Sometimes my husband is no fun.

CH, that park looks wonderful! What a great place for the houndish to play. And it looks like the leaves are already turning where you are. Amazing! Granted, it's the right time of year for it, but we've been going through such a terrible drought & heat wave down here that autumn is sneaking up on me this year.

ShawnBoy, love the song list. Especially the "Color Me Bad" bit. Killer. When you post your show on-line, you better provide us with a link, ya hear?

You know what I wish? I wish that dance clubs in the states didn't take themselves so damn seriously. The clubs I went to in England were totally different. They played newer top-40 stuff, but they also played cheesy shit like Debbie Gibson and old Bon Jovi stuff from the '80s. It was hilarious & wonderful. Why can't I find a place like that here in the states?

Our weekend has been pretty mellow. I managed to get Sheff hooked on the Harry Potter series (he hadn't read them before this week), so he hasn't wanted to do much more than curl up on the love seat with J.K. Rowling. So we've enjoyed tons of reading with a few trips outside the house sprinkled in. The biggest thrill was when we went to the hardware store & bought a 6 foot ladder for me. Yup, for me. Because I have some big plans for this house. Tomorrow I plan to scrape the popcorn ceiling off in the dining room. Hopefully it will go as smoothly as when I scraped off the ceiling in the half-bath. It's an easy job, but super messy.
Rosie - sounds like you've had a lovely weekend - I got into Harry Potter in June, and I binged on all 7 books straight through - it was delightful!

Here's the cookie was originally posted on, which really should be a daily "view" for all foodies - its delicious food porny-ness.

Oh, and the bacon chocolate definitely has real bacon in it - Vosges is all about real ingredients, just the bits were too small for my personal taste.

Okay, its past my bedtime, so I'll see everyone tomorrow night!

Good luck with the popcorn, Rosie!
Thanks, Jenn. I hadn't seen that site before. I'll definitely be reading the archives.

Here's my favorite food porn site:
I love to just scroll through & look at all of the photos. Soooo lucious! And it looks like they're featuring those molasses cookies on the main page. What a coincidence! smile.gif
A quick suggestion for those of you who want to follow the recipe Turbojenn linked to, try putting dollops of dough next to each other two-by-two. That way you'll get Molasses Ginger Asses wink.gif

And Mmmmmm... Ceiling popcorn....

Hey all BUSTies!! Hope you're having fun (or fun dreams). Goatie and I had a wonderful hike today up in the Mt. Baker area. We saw a pika, which was really cute. They're like what rats would look like if they were given multi-million dollar plastic surgery to be in children's cartoons.
Pika piccie
The call of the wild pika!

I also made my best Mexican restaurant-esque enchiladas to date. I got a can of Wolfgang Puck's organic French onion soup and added some Food Co-op instant refried black bean and thinly sliced pickled jalapeƱos to it. Then, I sliced up some chicken into very thin strips and marinated it in a tad of the enchilada sauce. I basically cooked the chicken in the hot black bean stuff with some red bell peppers and cilantro, and used that with Cabbot chipotle cheddar for the enchilada insides. I did sides of Mexican spiced rice, shredded lettuce, home-made guac, and sour cream. Mmmmm! I'm finally making it taste like restaurant stuff.

Anyway, sorry for mememe. I'm just post-hiking pooooped!

And yes, I'd try a bacon chocolate bar, especially if it tasted like bacon smile.gif I might shun Spam & white chocolate, though.

ETA Wow! THat's some hard-core food porn, Rosiev! Thanks!
Doh! Rosie, I was trying to post the link to Tastespotting below, where I found the cookie recipe - looks like I must've hit delete!

Ooooh, lore, the pika are indeed darling little creatures!! ....and those enchiladas sound yummy!

Okay, off to work...grrr - the sun has not yet thought about rising yet - I hate riding my bike in the dark, even though I do have plenty of blinky lights.
Goooooood Morning!!!!

Turbo, I understand what you are saying about the hound. I know that Emily getst a little skittish when there is someone new, and some dogs are so dopey and friendly that they don't get that some dogs don't want to play. *drools at thought of cookies* Hope the ride goes well and safe!

RV, that is some serious foodporn, I'm eyeing out those delish apples! Autumn is indeed here, once a person goes outside the city, it is the image that people get of fall. There aren't a lot of reds in the city, but outside, it's amazing!

Lore, that sounds like a great way to spend a day! hiking! I'm jealous of that. Being from the prairies, there aren't a lot of mountains to hike up! Although there are some very large hills, and some good spots to go to, so I suppose I should complain!

I had a great night sleep last night, got woken up by a thundeerstorm, but then promptly fell back asleep. Now I'm at work, ugh. Heard from someone I know on crackbook, he's moving back here, so that's pretty cool. He's not a drama type though, so that's a relief! I don't really have the time, nor the patience (especially the patience!) for drama.

Well, I hope that everyone is doing fantastically!

Later my BUSTies!!!!
Lore, I'm so jealous! I love pikas, but I've never seen one in person. I have to be content with cute videos from David Attenborough.
Listen to that squeaky call! So cute!

I am not jealous of Jenn, however. I hate having to leave the house when it's still dark out. It feels unnatural.

CH, glad you got to sleep through the night!

I have cleaned all of the furniture and art out of the dining room. Now it's time to tape rosin paper over the windows and the french doors & get scraping. Wee!
Good morning! How is it going today, everyone?

Lore, those enchiladas sound gooooood. Yum. Goatie girl is one lucky lady! I have never seen a Pika, but OMG, so cute!

CH, that park is gorgeous. It looks very peaceful. I would go there often if I were you too.

So, no takers on bacon sex yet? Hmmm. That bacon-chcolate bar.....I'd probably try it.

Jenn, are you thoroughly enjoying baking in your new kitchen? I'll have a molasses cookie, thanks. *YUM!*

Hi Shawnboy!

Hi Rose, stargazer, doodles, poodles, and everyone else!

I am pretty good today. Despite waking up at 5AM to doggie diarrhea. Gross! At least he did it on the floor, not on a rug. I might have wrung his neck, since I just cleaned the living room rug on Saturday. We had a good weekend. I went to a friend's Friday night for Thai food & then we played Rook. Saturday I cleaned my house & went to my mom's. Yesterday we did some yard work in the morning & then I worked at the hospital from 1 to 5. Grocery shopped last night.

That's the round up!
happy monday!

this is just a fly-by as i need to go start getting ready for my day. i have two face to face interviews and a phone interview today. jackaroo is sleeping right now so i'd better take advantage of it and at least get started with a shower.

wish me luck!

Hello again!

RV, have fun with the reno's, I'm not so jealous of your scraping and stuff though!

Kari, are you feeding the hound anything that may be upsetting his stomach?? Could he possibly be getting into anything outside? you know how nosey dogs can be!

FJ, good luck on your job interviews! ~*~*~*~*~*~interview vibes for FJ~*~*~*~*~*~*

The park is where I go to unwind and rejuvinate. I love it there, even in the blistering cold of winter, you forget that there is anything around you.

well, I should get back to work! Later all!

Good luck, FJ. No pressure! It's just that Jackson's livelihood is riding on this. And our financial solvency. And our retirement. And our debt/equity ratio. But seriously. No pressure. Just have fun (and get the job). smile.gif

CH, your park looks awesome. We have some nice parks too except that they have a few too many alligators and mosquitoes. We could use a few more grassy, snake-less parks with brown, crunchy leaves blowing about.

We had some friends over Saturday to watch the game and got FJ hammered for the first time in the Anno Jackini era. Karaoke and silly hats ensued. What we learned this weekend: nobody brings their A-game to karaoke like FJ when she does "Gold Digger".
Hi, peeps!

CH, those pictures are gorgeous, especially those last couple. Makes me want to go for a walk, even though I only enjoy nature in theory.

Kari, what a rotten way to wake up. Sounds like you had a nice weekend, though.

I'm totally loving all this food porn RV posted! Did anyone check out the purple potato gnocci? I want to make that just to freak the giant out. He actually likes gnocci, so maybe he'd eat it.

RV, I do not envy your having to scrape your popcorn ceiling. What are you going to do with it when you're done?

I'd like a cookie, please! I was going to make peanut butter cookies for my next baking project, but maybe I'll try the molasses ones instead.

((((((((((interview vibes for FJ)))))))))))

Shawnboy, did you see that Metalocalypse has started up again? Last night was the premiere. Not so much the usual funny as really gory and kind of creepy, especially at the end.

Hi, Poodle, Lore, Jenn, Doodle, WB, and all!

I had a really nice weekend, for the most part. I got my car fixed on Saturday, so now it doesn't rattle anymore. It cost me less than I budgeted for, too, or it will once I get back that $192 they overcharged me. Too bad I didn't look through my mail first, because I had a coupon I may have been able to use. We went out to a local "pasta bar" for dinner on Friday, and I was not impressed at all with anything other than the drink I ordered. Our table sucked (high top in front of the stage so we couldn't hear ourselves think), I had to send back my asparagus (they didn't bother to do anything besides warm it through, not even any salt or pepper or anything), and even the bread they brought out at the beginning of the meal was bad. How do you screw up bread? It was heavy and spongy and tasted mildly of detergent. Anywhoo, Saturday was way better. I got my car dealt with and got to see the giant play some tennis and play with his tennis partner's 2-year-old daughter for a bit. Then we ran around and did a few errands (Target, Williams-Sonoma, Best Buy). I got a couple DVDs and CDs for myself, which is a rare occurence. We didn't leave the house at all yesterday. The giant watched fool-ball while I did the dishes and sorted mail, and then we made dinner.

Did anyone else see the new Family Guy? That was pretty awesome. Whoever would have thought that the neighborhood pedophile would be a sympathetic character?


Will keep the fingers crossed!

CH, I don't know what is up with Paco. I had taken him to the vet last time this happened & they didn't find anything wrong. I'm going to feed him some canned pumpkin tonight & hope it clears things up.

Hi diva! Sounds like you had a relatively good weekend. That restaurant sounds awful. Detergent flavored bread? Blech!
So the giant plays tennis? Did you get anything at Williams-Sonoma? I love that place. Rarely actually purchase anything though b/c is costs a pretty penny. Glad you got your car taken care of. I know that is a load off!

Hey Mr FJ!

Well, I went to the gym at lunch. Not sure if it was a productive workout, but at least it was something. Now only 2 more hours of work for the day. Today has gone by pretty quickly.

Awww, a client called me a dirty cunt bitch of a whore! Bestill my cold black heart. I started laughing hysterically when I heard that. Then forwarded it onto a supervisor and started laughing even more.

that makes my day!
Hi peepers!!

OMG, culture!! That's insane!! I probably woulda laughed too.

~*~*~*~interview vibes for FJ~*~*~*~

Hi shawn!! I'm trying to imagine someone stripping to Tom Sawyer and it just ain't happening in my brain. ex-boyfriend used to strip to support his cocaine habit. His main act was set to "When Doves Cry." Hahahaha!! No, he wasn't doing this while I was dating him.

Rose, I'm glad you at least made an attempt at bacon sex. Maybe sheff would be more into it if there was chocolate involved?

Did you go to the Loring Pasta Bar, diva? I hate that place. It's too scenestery, over-priced, and the food is just plain "blah." I'd be happier eating spaghetti with Prego sauce in my own kitchen for a fraction of the price.

Oh god, my dad bought this calamata olive ciabatta from Breadsmith bakery yesterday. Holy crap, it was good. My sister and I practically ate the entire loaf.

Nothin' much going on here. I've spent 90% of the day in my boss' office. Fortunately, she let me free a few minutes ago. Phew!! I'm anxious to go home and make pizza.


I LOVED the new epi of DethKlok. MOST BRUTAL EVAR!!!! Pelvic Thrust Mace Belts for everyone!!

I thought they did it just right. even if it was a little creepy. That's what made it for me. I'm a sick ticket when it comes to humor. Besides, that creepy old man will get it REALLY bad this season. That's why they kept Dr Rockso alive. Kuh-kuh-kuh-yeah!!!

One more day tyil Dethklok Dethalbum!!!!!!

Oh....since I'm on geek mode, MC Chris (MC Pee Pants, Sir Loin, MC Hesh) is performing in Albany this week too!!!!

DethDVD next week!!!!!!!!


Here's that link Rose (NSFB) Not safe for Busties LOL
Click on THe Puddcast and hit play for the talkshow we do.
Good Evening!

Poodle, that's great that your boss let you go early!

Hey Shawnboy! I'll have to take a listen when I get home from errands!

I bring you more park porn!!!!

I'll be back later!

Mmmmmmmm ... park porn ...

~$~$~$~$~ money & jobby vibes for FJ! ~$~$~$~$~

~~~~~~~~ soothing & healing for Paco ~~~~~~~~~~~

Diva, which DVDs & CDs did you get for yourself? I also rarely buy those sorts of things for myself. I've been thinking about picking up "Moulin Rouge" for years, but I keep forgetting.

Poodle, when you imagine bacon sex, is the bacon still raw or is it cooked? I think that Sheff's biggest problem with the idea of bacon sex is that he really loves bacon. I think he'd much rather eat it than, uh, enjoy Business Time on it.
Mmmmmmm ... Business Time ......

ShawnBoy, I am soooooo going to listen to your podcast while scraping the popcorn off my ceilings tomorrow.

I suck. I was feeling blah today so I spent most of my time resting and watching episodes of "The IT Crowd" on YouTube. Eventually I finally got up and fully prepared the dining room for ceiling-scrapeage. I put rosin paper on the floor and taped it over the windows & french doors while listening to old episodes of the Savage Love podcast. But tomorrow! Tomorrow I have no more excuses!
Good Morning on this Tuesday!

Mr FJ, that's crappy about the mosquitos and gators. Although we do get mosquitos very very very bad here as well. Ugh.

Diva, that's great that the repairs for your car didn't cost as much as you thought they would! I was going to watch the new Family Guy but I fell asleep early Sunday night!

Kari, how is Paco today?

Hi again Poodle and Shawnboy!

RV, I hope that you can get motivated to do the reno's!

So, it's dreary again here today, but that is quite alright! That's pretty much what I've got today!

Later kats!
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