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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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'soup...that is gross gross gross!!! Good one!!

No word on the mama yet today....we're hoping she gets discharged today, even though they really haven't figured much out - a hospital is no place to be on the weekend...*nothing* happens all weekend.
Eeeew!!! Moist and panties are my least favorite words, too!

Shit, I gotta go to work! Bye!
Good Morning you CumSluts!

((TurboMa)) Turbo, I really really hope your mama is ok.

Jenn, CONGRATS! Same day call back is fucking awesome.

Hi Lurvely! Good to see you, gal.

Doodle, you crack my shit up. "I've given up on having a virgin vagina..." bwahahahaha!!

Poodle, you crack me up like a golden retriever's fur. I too was a victim of Sun-In. Bad stuff. Orangy.

Yummy, did I read yesterday that a special someone is moving to your city? That is exciting!!

Hi FJ, minx, kitten, katie, diva, whammy, marileen & anyone I missed.

Where's PK been lately?

Not much up here today. Friday! We are slow here at work, so I am planning on studying today. Have a final tomorrow. What is everyone doing this weekend? My sister & my friend are going to dinner tonight, but I think I'll have to pass. My checking account is hurting & won't like that. Tomorrow I have class, and we might be playing poker at night. I hope we are. Sunday I think we are going to look at some more houses.

moist and panties, i HATE those words. lol. my sister hates toenail. yeah weird i know. is it supposed to be a nice weekend weatherwise for everyone here? i know it is on the east coast!
moxiegirl college roomate hates that word. I try to use it around her as much as possible. :-)

Turbo- SAME DAY!! WHOOO HOOO!!! I KNOW you're perfect for the PP job. Rock! (((turbomama)))

the bebe is doing great, diva. I think she's hitting another growth spurt, as she's a bit fussier and less "sleeping through the night" than usual. We're upping her food to see if that helps.

I love summer! I can't wait to take the bebe for long, early morning walks and to our farmers market. These are summer activities. sigh.
It's Friday, you belly-up gutter sluts!

((((((Turbomama getting out of hospital vibes))))))

I've never succumbed to the lure of Sun-In. I think it's because my mom would've killed me. She's kind of a control freak about that stuff, and I didn't want to get yelled at (and yet she made me get several bad perms). So medium brown it is. I learned not to dye my hair anymore after having to grow out black dye so many times, and peroxide strips from where I did bright colors.

I'm excited because today is payday. Woot! And I have 8 hours of overtime on this check, so even after my car payment, it's my biggest one yet (except for the one with the backpay from last year). I'm going to try my damndest not to spend it all because I want to save it for a trip out to see BFF in CA next month. I just hope I make a lot of money next weekend so I won't have to wonder how I'm going to pay for the trip.

My feet are burning right now. I wore sandals with a high chunky heel, and now the balls of my feet are burning from slipping around a little - and these have a really cushy base on them. I love my sandals, but I'm not sure they love me.

No huge plans for this weekend. I'm working on mosaic tonight, crafting with Poodle tomorrow, and the giant and I are going up to my parents' place on Sunday. It'll be a nice easy weekend, except for all the work I have to do. Feh.
Hey laaaaaaaadies!!!

I reeeeeeeaaaally want to go home right now so I can get ready without feeling rushed. My hair color turned out really nice and I'm anxious to see what it will look like after I curl it, because I haven't done it in so long. I'm sure my hair will look like crap once I leave my air-conditioned apartment, though. I wish I had another girl around to put my hair up in a twist or something. Maybe I should leave a little early so I can pay to get it done. That's actually not a bad idea!
i used sun in, except my hair was more irish setter than golden retriever. either way NOT ATTRACTIVE. oh well, the perils of being 15.

divalla-i dyed my hair b lack once and it took 4 hours of some sort of process to get it out.

pink poodle, i am trying to find it, but i am missing the reason why you need to dress up tonight? cant find it in any post.
"irish setter" Ha!

I have a wedding at 5:00 in the 'burbs. I'm sure it'll take at least 45 minutes to get there. I decided to get a last minute updo instead of fussing with my long hair, only to have it ruined by sweat and humidity. I figure an updo will keep things under control. Besides, I'm just too lazy to do my hair these days.
Gah!! The English teacher has a girlfriend. Bummer on that front; I mean, good for him and her and all those happy horse apples...actually, he is really just very cool and we had some interesting conversations today at the district conferences (we are both teaching summer school). He's sardonic and funny as hell.

Looks like we've got another friend!

Okay, I got about four hours of sleep last night due to some heavy debauching and massive dose(s) of HBI. Yum! Twice within a couple of hours! And very quality, I might add. We had a nice fire in his chimenea, drank too much Jim Beam, smoked too many cigarettes, and participated in adult contact sports.

And go figure about this one: I have fucking RUGBURN on the side of my foot from said adult contact sports. Never in my life have I had a foot injury via ACS. Reminds me of when I was a senior in high school and caught a softball during phy-ed right between my boobs. I mean, why do these things happen to me?!!

Hey, KittenB and Doodle--I would still SO love to sic the pink mafia on his ass. But he likes aggressive women...we would have to make it VERY unappealing.

A wedding on a Friday? What a silly thing. But Ms. Poodle has awesome hair and a killer smile--maybe you can steal away a moment with the DJ or the Best Man?

Has anyone heard from Tesao lately?
Too bad about the English teacher, minx. I guess another woman is "Hot for Teacher," as well. Hehehe...

I'm kind of excited to get an updo. I haven't had a professional one since highschool.
The last updo I had was when moxie and I went and got 'em before my wedding, and I have to say that if the salon uses aveda products - make them use the Aveda spray - it brushes out so easily later, its amazing! For women with heavy, thick hair - that's a good thing.

Turbomama is doing much better - thanks for the vibes ya'll! She is hopping to get released today, so she won't be stuck in the hospital for a boring weekend. She was lucid today, and speaking much better than yesterday, just a slight slur - I think exhaustion was part of her speech issue yesterday. She's on 'roids, and that's making her feel pretty good, and they've decided she had an allergic reaction, so that's a good thing. And she'll follow up with all kinds of dr. ologists in the next month. Oh, and she says she has a cute neurologist! ;)

minxy, I'm sorry about the teacher, but at least you'll be working with someone fun this summer.

And I never did sun-in, I was more of a manic-panic kind of girl. Purple, of course.
turbo- what hosp. is she at, might i ask? my next door neighbor is a VERY cute neurologist. I have a little crush on dr.frank. heh. its ok, cause moxieman lusts after his cute wife, too. Even crushes, right?

I'm really excited- we're going to see "Inconvienent Truth" tonight! My folks are watching the bebe, and my dad is really excited, b/c he "never" gets time with her...he's jealous of mom. hehe. grandpas are funny.

i have zero work ethic today. Anybody else have a game? huh?
poodle, i would totally do a french chignon on ya...complete with little curls...i can see it now...

hi my fanny-slapping hobags!!

ever since i saw 'funny girl' with babs's 'fanny' character, i've hated that word.

i would like to clarify the myth of dyeing hair whilst preggers...its perfectly fine and won't harm the bebes. However, the fumes might be too much for the mommas. So no reason to look drabby while a buns in the oven.

my mrg should be popping in today around noon...i am guessing. bleh. i have 4 different colors of nail polish on my left hand to try them

((((turbomama vibes))))

divalla, i found these little skull head beads that are awesome! i plan on making some swingy earrings with 'em.

love the videos poodle, i just added you on myspace btw.

Hi minx, turbo, doodle, katie, catsoup, fj, mr. fj, kari, and anyone else i missed.

anyone have any good recommendations for mascara??
My favorite mascara of the moment is Benefit's Bad Gal. It thickens/lengthens, and curls. Not waterproof, though.

I should find some really funky beads like that, MsGoof. I'd try to make some kind of woven bracelet out of wire and put them on at random. I saw someone do it on the DIY channel once, and it was really cool.

I've never had a professional updo. The most I've ever had was a down style for my senior pictures 12 years ago.

Yay for Turbomama doing better!

Now I'm really glad I never did Sun-In if it makes you look like a dog. Phew!
i say definitly go with the updo, not only will it be ruined, but having hair stick to your sweaty back is NEVER conducive to free-alcohol induced

as i was reading msgoofball's question about mascara i was thinking about how much i lurrrrrv mine which is.....benefits bad gal:-) my skin is oily so it tends to run a bit once in awhile but damn it makes your lashes luscious. truly lives up to its name.
Hey you people... I need some help. I'm putting together CDs for my kiddos. The theme is "girl power". I want songs that are inspiring in a girlish sort of way. Does that make sense?

Any suggestions? TIA. :-)

Yummy- how old are your girls? If its age appropriate, I think "What A Man" by Salt N Peppa is an AWESOME song for chicas. Also, anything by the Indigo Girls-- you can't get much more grrl power than the Girls!
i use full 'n soft. well, that and a bunch of others, but full 'n soft is my favourite.

cougarlion is such a horrible influence on me. i bought makeup post lunch with her yesterday. but it's sooooo pretty.

i am feeling flubtastic and gross, so i think i will walk up to the uni and back today. plus, i need a letter confirming i went there to get another scholarship of mine.

i didn't read any of yesterday's stuff 'cause i had a weird thing going on with my eyes. i had these blind spots all over one side of my vision range thinger. i had a nap and they were gone, but it led to no reading.

poodle, make it clear that you don't, under any circumstance, want an updo that needs to be teased up to wazoo first. my prom hair was gorgeous, but for some reason the hairdresser teased it all before putting it back/up, even though i don't think it really needed extra volume everywhere. sure, it still looked perfect the morning after, after i had slept in my car at a bush party, but i also used a whole bottle of conditioner while spending hours combing it out.

i'm getting bored and my hair wants to be a different colour, but i actually had to sign some shit piece of paper at work saying i'd adhere to the dress code, one of the things being my hair had to remain a natural colour. that's it, next summer one of the things i will look for in a job is the freedom to put holes in my face and dye my hair bubblegum pink with blue bangs.

~*~*~*~*~get the PP job, turbo! and get better turbomama~*~*~*~*~

okay, time to break out the lime green and bright purple eyeshadow...i guess i'm okay with cougarlion being a bad influence on me if i end up with sparkly bright makeup, after all

yummy, how old are the childs/what kind of music do they like?
Oh! I almost forgot Biffy...Bif Naked, a Canadian artist, is a SUPER girl power voice. My favorite song by her is "Tango Shoes", which should really be the bustie anthem! Can y'all tell i don't want to work?!? and, of course, that means the afternoon is crrreeepppinngg by....
ETA: On second look, this list is very far removed from things appropriate for chillens. OOPS!

Girlie, huh?

1. Gwen Stefani "Holla Back Girl" or "Bubble Pop Electric"
2. Liz Phair "Girls! Girls! Girls!"
3. Peaches "I'm the Kinda"
4. Nina Simone
5. Aretha Franklin "Respect"
6. M.I.A. "Hombre"
7. L7 "Shitlist"
8. Bjork "Hyperballad"
9. Emiliana Torrini "To Be Free"
10. Kate Bush "Running Up That Hill" or "This Woman's Work"
11. Melissa Etheridge "Like the Way I Do"
12. Missy Elliot "She's a Bitch" or "I'm Really Hot"
13. PJ Harvey "50 Foot Queenie" or "Me Jane"
14. Seven Year Bitch "I Want It"
15. Babes in Toyland "Handsome and Gretel" or "Won't Tell"
16. Sarah McLachlan "Possession"
17. Sinead O'Connor "No Man's Woman" or "Mandinka"
18. Suzanne Vega "Left of Center"
19. Yeah Yeah Yeah "Maps"
20. Janet Jackson "What About"

Okay, I'll shut up now. :-)
Well the oldest is 10. Some of those might be ok for her. The little ones are really not going to be getting the CD just yet. It's something I want to have for them for when they get into music. You know- something I made just for them to listen to to get their "girl on". I have some picked out already that are more country. That's not a necessity. But it just so happens that they fit the bill. "She's somebody's hero" Has anyone heard that one? I love it. Martina McBride "This one's for the girls" Of course you have to have Cyndi Lauper "Girls just wanna have fun" and Madge's "Material Girl"

I'm just not really good at knowing/remembering the name and/or artists of songs that I hear. Minx, your list is a good start. I'll download them and screen for appropriateness.

Keep the ideas coming! And ... ~~~~THANK YOU~~~~~
maybe not all child appropriate, but damn, minx - that is a FINE list!!!

Ok, ya'll, so the planned parenthood gig is off. I had a great phone interview with the hr director, there was this whole casual vibe going on because I already work with them, and know all the shit to be known, so it was cool, he was very impressed with my skills, and I am way overqualified for the position as they have it written now. Then he asked me the dreaded salary question, and I had to shut him down. They're offering 40% less than my target salary, and trust me, the number I'm shooting for is not inflated and well adjusted for the NPO sector.

So, all in all, I'm actually feeling really good about it - for really feeling the value of my skills, and for holding the line on what I need creatively and financially in my next job. So yeah, its all good.

Oh, and turbomama should be headed home shortly!! YEAH!!!
40% is huge. way to stand your ground and know what you want. also yay for turbomama going hooooooooome.

yummymum: ani difranco has tons of girl power stuff, as does tori amos. much of their stuff is fine for a younger kid to hear and its great music! also no doubts "i'm just a girl", amy mann and alana davis, ani's 32 flavors is a GREAT girl power song. "hunter" by dido, fiona apple is always good. i think you get the drift.
Hi Busties!

Turbo, good for you for standing up for your financial worth! If they know what's good for 'em, they'll revise their salary and come back to you with a worthwhile offer.

Poodle, you're going to look gorgeous in your updo! When I went to my cousin's wedding in Phoenix several years ago, the salon I went to was going to do the hair for all of the Fiesta Bowl princesses shortly thereafter so I got to be a guinea pig for one of the styles they were going to use on a princess. They tied my hair in elaborate little "knots" and it looked awesome and stayed put all night. Once they are done and sprayed, they are definitely "no maintenance" for the night!

I like Lancome mascara but that Benefit stuff sounds pretty good!

Diva, I've watched that DIY jewelry show before and some of their projects look neat. I think they're supposed to have instructions on their website, too.

Yummy, I'd put some Luscious Jackson and Ani DiFranco (esp. Not a Pretty Girl) on the girl power CD.

Minx, that sounds like a good mix cd! Reminds me of music I forgot about, too - I haven't listened to "50ft Queenie" in forever.
mmmm....ani, I still love much of the classic ani stuff, and 32 flavors is a goodie.

Yeah, its a good day. Now if it were just time to leave the office...
Aw, Jenn, that sucks. I second marileen though, you're worth more.

Yummy, I will try to think of some good songs. What about some GoGo's? Joan Jett? Pretenders?

Mascara: my fav is Loreal Voluminous. It's about 7 bucks, but works like the pricey stuff.

I wish it was time to go home!

Poodle, your hair will look maaaahvelous!

Jenn, I am so happy your mom is doing better.
Ah yes, you can't forget the Ani for girl power. I love her to death but haven't listened to anything of hers in forever. I've got everything of hers up to Revelling/Reconning. I really need to get my girl power on, too. All I've been listening to lately is Avenged Sevenfold and In Flames - lots of testosterone. I wish more girls would get angry and ferocious like that.

Marileen, I'm totally addicted to that jewelry show. I've actually adopted a lot of the ideas. She had a demo for a bent silver wire and pearl cuff, of which I've made many. The host is such a fun lady, too. She tries a little too hard sometimes, but she's sweet.

Poodle's getting her hair done! I can't help but have an image of Poodle under a giant avocado green chair drier with a beehive. Just say no to the beehive, Poodle!

Jenn, that's so great that your mom's doing better and that you got an interview right away, even if they didn't offer you enough. You're awesome at what you do.

By the way, I've sent the sign to the printer. I'll see how it looks on Tuesday!

Tyger, you've put me in the mood to buy wacky eyeshadow. I have to go up near there anyway, so I may as well... my favorite combo is MAC's bitter (chartreuse) with electric (blue) used as liner.

So, what's everyone up to for the weekend?

Hi,ya'll, just checking in before the weekend!! Next Wednesday is the solstice and the longest day!!

Aw, it's so sweet to be all sunny here after all the rain (here in the northeast) and we have the new air conditioner which will have to be RUNNING by Sunday night because it's supposed to be in the 90s!!

My cool artist friend is going to drop over that night and while she knows everything won't be perfect, I really want to get rid of thee last of the boxes and polish the furniture and stuff. So, fussing fussbot.

But the windows will be open and my guy finally got the stereo set up. So still very nice. He also made KILLAH stew last night we can still eat. All whole bulghur grain and spicy and chicken vegetable tomato eeee.

so -- I m hearing you on wanting to get all lighter brighter for the summer and get your CUTE on and get your groove back. I feel the same way. I'm supposed to see my hairdresser this Sunday and I am kicking myself for not asking for highlights this time around.

Cuz I see my friend that night and because we go to Provincetown in two weeks -- I also am dying to drag out some really nice vintage dresses I have, cotton, one toile and one with a big bright flower pattern and a self belt . They are now back in style and would cost some serious moolah but I got them for free when 40s stuff was uncool.

Alsio!! I thought I saw a good place for some cute shirts.


not the time to be spendy on that because we're spendy on the house, we have to pay july stuff on time and Ptown is a lot more fun with money to spend on restaurants, cocktails and the occasional nice purchase -- they've got pretty good deals on really cool jewelry, watches and whatevah.

mmm spring makes me greedy for glamma!! summer! I mean!!

turbo, maybe they will call you back once they see you can't be lowballed.

Oh divalla!! eyeshadow yes!! I've been setting my stuff up nicely but -- I want to try the new cake mascara and eyeliner (contact lenses make clean up of heavy duty stuff more difficil. And my doctor gave me total snootitude for having black flakes left on my eyes. Well, dude, makeup remover in the lenses doesn't seem that sensible, does it?

hi whammy!! Ooooh, your house sounds sooo fabulous!! No opening windows here tonight, its 90 degrees, and my poor plants are all wilty out on the balcony...poor things.

PPCA can do what they want, I'm fine with it, I deserve to be paid moderately well, and if they want to hire me, they've got to change the job to be more challenging too. It sounds like a lot more admin work than the posting mentioned...I'm looking for something creative and challenging, and financially sustainable. It'll happen, and the nice thing is that I don't need to hurry about it. I've got a good job already.
Hello all! Didn't mean this to be a drive-by, but I read the girlie song list stuff and wanted to post before I forget....

yummy, what about:

Nellie Furtado - Baby Girl
Wynonna - Girls with Guitars
Cyndi Lauper (with Ani diFranco and Vivian Green) - Sisters of Avalon

Ummm...the rest of my feminist songs are kind of rated "mature" or stronger...
I'm getting my WNTW fix here tonight, and looking forward to The Soup coming on in a few...its guilty pleasure night!

Turboman and I went to our favorite thai place in the 'hood for yummy dinner, and the owner brought us some veggie potstickers for free, which were very excellent.

I just talked to my dad, they're keeping my mom in the hospital until monday or tuesday. Since she's refusing the spinal tap - and rightly so - they're treating her as if she does have the brain infection, just in case. But she was lucid today, and they have pinpointed that she had a stroke 6-8 months ago which affected her left side, which is where her shingles are, which is making some sense. With all the 'roids and antibiotics she's on she was actually able to make a fist for the first time in months, so that's good. And my dad is holding up pretty well this time too, so that's a good thing.
I so totally miss WNTW. It's pretty much the only thing I still miss, five months after giving up TV. *sigh* I should just get somebody to tape it for me.

turbo, I really hope your mom is going to be fine. Are you going to get time to go see her?

Last night I finally got the sketch down the way I want it (it was my third version), for my next painting. Tonight, I've been transfering it to the 4X2' board I'm painting it on. Hooboy! What a lot of work! I've pretty well got it now, though. I'm just fine tuning it. Taking a break right now. YAY! Very excited about this one.
Yoiks! I am cleaning out my closets and whatnot, preparing for this move next month and the amount of shit I need to throw away is astounding. I bet that nearly half of this stuff in my house will be tossed in two weeks time.

Note to self: stop being such a fucking packrat.
that's one good thing about living in a small space - you really can't accumulate too much stuff and still have a reasonably tidy living space....that, and I *love* to purge the closets....turboman is not as eager to purge, but when he goes camping, the closets get cleaned. shhhhhh.

Good Luck with the cleaning minxy!
Okay...three and a half city garbage cans and various items out for pick-up and I am NO WHERE NEAR done.


I've been feeling poopy lately and haven't been able to post. I've been lurking here and there, though.

I second Benefit's Bad Gal Lash as my fave mascara. Although, as katiebelle mentioned, it can be messy. I love it. I have been using it for a couple years, but I think I need to find something I like just as much that is less expensive. There is a lady at work who sells Avon, so maybe I'll try an Avon mascara.

I got my plane ticket to Denver for July 13-18 to visit Heikki! Yayayayay! I also got reservations at a Marriott in Denver for only $69 a night with my associate discount.

Mr. PK will be joining us that week also. It will be so great to see both of them.

I'm so bored and lonely here. I can't wait to take a vacation.

I have been going through some hard times, mental health-wise, and my doc is tweaking my meds, so things have been rocky this week. I feel a little better today, though. And I have the weekend off of both jobs. I don't know what to do with myself.

Miss Shuggah called me last night, but I wasn't able to answer the phone. I called her a little while ago and left her a message. I hope she calls back soon - I can't wait to hear about the wedding!!!

BTW - did you guys get her a gift yet? Because I wanted to go in on it with you all. But I might have missed my chance. Where are they registered?Does anyone know?

OK - I think I'll be around today if anyone wants to chat.
Okay, here's my bit for mascara: MAC's Lash Out. Love it. Have worn and bought nothing but MAC for the last six years. I love that they support HIV research...all of the cutest gay men in the twin cities work at the MAC counters and one of my gay students just got a job working for MAC. He was super excited about it, too. He won a full ride to Hampshire College from the Beat the Odds Foundation (Dr. Phil's gig...whatever...).

Yup. MAC.
Hello all...sort of a drive-by! Working on the painting today, but I think I need to go to the grocery store before I run out of things to eat! (Milk? Drained. Bread? Done. Cheese? About 1 square inch left. Fruit? All gone, gone, gone. Pretty soon I'll have to resort to eating dry Quaker Corn Bran out of the box...)

Mascara: I like Rimmel mascaras, and currently I'm using Rimmel's Volume Eyes. I like it 'cause it comes with a comb applicator, instead of a brush. Nice definition. Not waterproof. I've never actually used waterproof mascaras.

That is all!
I had a wonderful lunch with our Lurvpaint this afternoon! She had these kick-ass greens and made this vinaigrette with rice vinegar--WOW!! I brought over a good loaf of "Freedom" bread and cheese and we had a lovely chat.

You know, I am SO lucky to have met these cool BUSTies. Seriously. I think that most of you have, at some point, eased me away from the brink of insanity several times over. I am listening to David Bowie's "Queen Bitch" and thinking of all of you and our fictitious OKAYLAND. Do you know how rad it would be for Minxlette to have ten mommas as cool as you?

My goodness. It gives me the shivers. :-)
Yay for lunch with Lurvpaint! Sounds like you guys had a great time.

I just went to a friend's house and went swimming, ate snacks, and watched "Anaconda". Such an awful movie.

We also went to the mall and I bought Heikki some CDs. He really loves to rock out these days, so I got him some Avenged Sevenfold, Angels & Airwaves, and Gorillaz. I think he's old enough now to listen to cds with a Parental Advisory sticker. Although I think maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. I have only heard their radio songs and I don't know what else is on the CDs. Shit. Maybe I effed up on this one now that I think about it.

puppy, you could always listen to them for yourself and decide. how old is heikki? mostly parental advisory means 'they say fuck', i don't think angels&airways, gorillaz, or avenged sevenfold are going to be talking 'bout smacking hos and shooting at the popo, so you're probably okay. plus, gorillaz is on my 3-long list of rap artists i will listen to/that i like. the other two are outkast and k-os. that reminds me, i need to download gorillaz and angels & airwaves.

anyways, i'm of the mind that as long as the kid is smart 'parental advisory' can kiss my round bottom. cutest thing ever was my 4-5 year old cousin singing 'without me' by eminem on command. but he knew what was appropriate where, so it was all good. and with a momma like you heikki will be smaht, so don't you worry your pretty head.

oh, how i wish i could afford mac. i'd seriously max out my credit card if i started looking at their stuff seriously.

yay for swimming and lunches with friends and finishing drawings!

i'm tired, which is silly 'cause i had a nap this afternoon and it's not even midnight. crazy. and i have to do up a review for my tutoree tomorrow. i don't know why i said i would. he doesn't like to try any more than the bare minimum, so why should i? and yet, i'll get it done, because that is just who i am
hey all, happy sunday.

PK, i think the gorillaz CD is ok - i have it and i don't think there's too much on it that could be corrupting. of course, i haven't listened to it with parents' ears. also, i'm with tyger that kids only get so corrupted by this stuff. it's the real-life influences that are most important.

how's everyone been doing? I've been greatly enjoying beig back in Mpls: spending time outside, going to shows, hanging out with friends, and my internship is interesting.

last night i went to this dive bar in Seward that is getting so hipsterfied! Wow! My friend's band played and they were really good and i got to see tooooons of people i hadn't seen in a year. fun.

i love mn in the summer - there's such a celebratory feeling in the air. minnesotans really appreciate summer.

so, hey, when are we gonna have a bustie gathering here? i know some of y'all hang out. ::grins:: can i tag along sometime? maybe we can do something when remorra's in town at the end of the month.
YO POODLE!! Dude, I TOTALLY found my Journey's Greatest Hits piano book!!! Best. Photos. Evah.

Plus I just gutted Minxlette's toy collection. HUZZAH!! Next big project is the clothing donation separating which is gonna be huge. Two years of Minxlette clothing to give away and a ton of my dowdy, shitty fat clothes from back in the day. Not that I have a problem with fat necessarily, but my choices in clothing were pretty fucking sad.

I'm so glad to be embracing my inner whore. She's much cuter. :-)
Hello! Quick drive-by! *hoooooooooonnnnnnnkkk*
Happy monday ladies! I'm trying to be bright and sunny...i just want my bed back, though. Its a cryin shame that Deadwood is on Sunday nights, right at the bebe's bedtime, so we watch it after. So I'm up late. But, motherfucker, is it fucking worth it!

Embrace the whore! That's should be a motto, no?

PK, Heikki is 12, right? I seriously doubt he hasn't heard any cussing that's on those CDs, and if he likes the music, go for it. I think those stickers are meant to make parent's aware, not to prohibit the distribution. Maybe you could listen to them first, and tell Heikki you wanted to "share" his music?
Twelve. Wow...that's some crazy-ass business.

AARGH! MOXIE!! I am SO stinkin' jealous! I LOVED Deadwood and only got to see season one. That's right, cocksuckers!! Heh.

I should really get going and look presentable. I teach summer school starting today and am NOT in the mood, so I have to find my zenplace and it's looks more like Constantinople. Plus, I had one of those horror moments this morning while taking a bite of cereal this morning and realized that the milk had turned. Ewwwwww...
hi minxie and moxie!!

I'm loving ther new season of Deadwood, but so far, I'm finding that I need to watch each episode at least twice, because that fucking swerengin keeps speaking in the queen's english, and it is fucking hard to follow, cocksuckers!

I for one, do not want to work today. Got quite a pile of it to do though...another damned fundraiser to go to on Sunday. Blech.
Happy Monday!!

It has gone from being sideways gusty rain for 6 weeks to being 93 degrees everyday here in Boston. Go figure. But we have good ac at work and the home one is working (in our bedroom) and it is awesome!! Cool, dehumidified, and of course the white noise keeps other noise out -- and with the door closed it is dark in there too. North window to a lightwell-courtyard thing.
so the bedroom is dark and quiet and the living room is south and southeast and southwest and bright and sunny, how perfect!!

eh, minx, we are STILL sorting, cleaning, and throwing stuff away. We finally hung some art and polished the furniture because our artist friend was coming over. Cool beans. We had a good talk and went out to a local hangout that just ain't happnin any more. too bad.

PK, I wanted to tell you -- your description of that guy kinda creeped me out. I think a guy that is that much into money, has an "ex" family and is macho and is hitting on a server is going to be all about controlling his next "woe-mon"

Just an impression I get, so guard yourself till you're sure.

Diva and all- hey, I always thought dogs were pretty darn cute!! Guys in Junior High would say to girls, you're a dog! and I was like -- oh, is that supposed to be BAD?!
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