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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Thanks all for the welcome!

It's so funny cause I was just having this conversation today with the bossman. He is Israeli, jewish, (not orthodox, speaking of swine, ate tons of it at the pigroast wedding he attended of mine, lol) and I am Catholic, hardly practicing because I studied it for so many years, and waiting to get struck down when I even see a church steeple in the distance.

We were discussing dietary rules, and the ten commandments and such.

His take? "Moses went up a mountain was gone for 40 days cause he was chipping away at two big pieces of stone, came down saw people partying and very pissed threw the stone tablets and said FUCK YOU, I've been starving on a mountain hallucinating" He followed it up with, "Zuba, Jewish slaves!, leading them from Egypt into the desert! He needed to set up rules so he did to control them!" lol

Shabbas in his opine was started because the Egyptians were told by the slaves in charge that their workers would work better faster etc., at lugging huge stone blocks up a very steep angle if they had a day of rest, the LORD'S Day. No working, no cooking, no playing, no traveling unless they were going to worship. Had to make sure they didn't run off and all.

It's like the Catholic Church. No meat on Fridays was because the pope wanted to give the fisherman a fair shake on their wares. Build in a weekly, huh no meat? LET'S EAT FISH day, and watch how those fishermen give alms to the church. Win Win situ.

We even spoke about the pork, no refrigeration, worm thing, same with seafood... if you think about it, almost all of the forbidden foods for keeping kosher are things that spoil and turn rather quickly and can make you very very ill if not properly stored, etc.

The pissed off moses thing though? I wish y'all had seen it. I was laughing so hard I may have peed.... but just a little.

Poodle, you know I would have bacon sex for you. Hell, I'd have bacon sex WITH you. wink.gif But right now I feel like I have emphysema (caught the little'uns cold) and I am seriously wheezing. This is bad. It would even make the sexiest bacon sex look unsexy.

Uhhh...I think that I'd want to be a polar bear. A big fucking swimmy badass polar bear.

How come it is so fucking difficult to deal logically with men? More to the point, the men that I DATE?!!
How come it is so fucking difficult to deal logically with men? More to the point, the men that I DATE?!!
psst... cause they are mens. and mens are not wimmens. nuff said.
I will only vote in favour of the Johnny Depp question if we can also recruit Colin Firth.

Hello everyone! And welcome, WB!

Y'all should hang out at the food bank for a day and eavesdrop on conversations about what animals people have eaten when they were really hungry. I'm serious.

I hate it when people call me Mrs. - often cashiers do it when they read my name off the store card. After all the years of fighting for Ms. it strikes me as weird how common an assumption it is, especially if you reach a "certain age." But maybe it's 'cause I live in a smaller community where progress is a little slower. When I was a little kid who didn't know feminism from a hole in the ground, I thought it would solve everything if sons took their fathers' surnames and daughters took their mothers' surnames. I don't get why some men get so uptight about it. Name-taking is a choice, yeah, but it's also a historical symbol male ownership, and if a woman doesn't want to take a man's name (basically the man keeping his identity and the woman taking on a whole new one because of marriage), why should there be any objection?

Historically, when men started figuring out sex causes babies - that's around the same time women started losing the right to own property and maintain maternal inheritance/naming rights. That's all I'm saying for now.

Okay, reportage: supreme majikal jamming with guitarboy last night...the kind where you want a cigarette afterwards. wink.gif Plus we definitely have the makings of an ENTIRE song this time. WOOT! AND I have totally effed up the painting I am working on for BFF's birthday (tomorrow) which means it will be late. And I keep changing my resume because I'm getting a little nervous now. And I desperately need a haircut and can't afford it for another 3 weeks....
Doodle, I have such a crush on Colin Firth (of course, we share the same adorations!)...I can't tell you how many times I've sat through "What a Girl Wants" and "Love Actually" because they always seem to be on HBO. *swoons*

Double that *swoon* for JD, of course. heh.

WB, this is for you:

I think I love you so what am I so afraid of
I'm afraid that I'm not sure of a love there is no cure for
I think I love you isn't that what life is made of
Though it worries me to say that I never felt this way...

You hawt-assed bitch...coming in here like you own the place. Good on ya, Captain. wink.gif
Dudette, I'd eat some pork for you, girl...especially if it involved chowing chorizo off your belly button. *hangs catholic head in shame* I hate ham though. I've always hated ham. It's No ham, please.

I would really be into the bear thing, especially the polar bear. I think I'd be a panther or a leopard though (barring the human threat--let's pretend that humans aren't involved). I'd sleep in trees most of the day and then hang out in the grass when I was feeling a little hungry. I couldn't see myself being a part of a pack like a wolf, even though they kick ass. I could also see myself being a bird of prey or maybe even a scavenger bird though. I'd have to be in a solo position.

When I got married, I changed my last name. My parents were divorced, it is very very Arab in this crazy post 9/11 world... (don't tell me that there isn't racial profiling when my name was on highlighted! lists in every airport after 9/11 when I flew. Seriously, what a nightmare it was traveling by air for awhile)

My sisters actually begged Ed and I to get hitched after, JUST to change my name, because they worried about the AMERICAN PRIDE RETRIBUTION! surge that was occurring. (By the way, what did happen to all that flag waving, magnets on cars, patriotism that everyone clamored onto the proverbial boat to join? Must no longer be cool to be patriotic, better go out and buy some crocs and a Wii.

Anyway, when we did get married, 5 years later I changed it. I didn't and still don't have any close ties to my father's family, and the reason my own mother never reverted to her maiden name or even her former married name was because she didn't want me to feel like "I was the only one".

Less so because I "belong" to him, I looked forward to changing my last name, (which is now official as I have just received 2 years later my revised SS card, heh) because now my name, (well when I don't use my proper given name which I have never used except for on legal documents, 1st day of school etc.) actually sounds like I'm some Italian chick from the ass-ends of Brooklyn, instead of just looking and sounding like one.
lmao minx. I'm not trying to own anything, I just like to get a lil comfy with fellow rambling ranters like I have now encountered in these here parts.... stretches out my legs and wonders if I have ever said / typed out loud my crush on Mr. Cassidy. 70's David tho, not the botox balding circa 2000 version.

I'd love to come back as a big ass Bahleen (sp?) Whales. They are the size of a NY skyscraper, K not so much but y'all know how I write at this point, lol scare the piss out of fishermen and eat KRILL. No harm, no foul, well except when I release a huge ocean fart. Talk about self made hot tubbin!

So my daughter and I are riding in the car tonight, and she begins to regale me with a tale from her day of being a first-grader. Apparently, there is this guy in her class and he called her "DUDE!" Minxlette says to me, "But Momma, that's not right!! It should be DUDETTE! Guys are dudes, girls are DUDETTES!"

That made me so happy I nearly shat myself.
Shitballs!! I lost my post!! Ah well, I didn't have anything cool to say anyways.

Dudettes....iPood Part Deux is on song 2,245 of 2,926. I'm already proud of her. Dudettes rock. That's all I have to say about that.
Minx.... my youngest was in Jr High, and there was a new PE teacher. Now this was a small town, the new teacher was from 'big city', and he was offended that my son called him 'dude'. (get real!) so during a conference, he spat out ... how would you feel if your son called you dude!?! "why, I'd correct him, of course! it's 'dudette'!"
Teacher had it in for us after that.
He finally got fired the next year. made a student pee in a jar instead of 'disturbing the class' by letting the child leave the classroom to use the bathroom.
Good Morning,

On the social assistance note, I loathe people who abondon their children with the other parent then go and fuck off somewhere else. Diva, just like you I see see it way too often.

Turbo, that is an interesting bit of information! The kitchen looks great! I'd also like a pet pig! I'd name it, hmmmm, what would I name a pet pig? I can't name it Eugene as my fish is named Eugene, how about...Bella? I like it. If it was a male pig Ferdinand! That is really cool about the cattle! Cows are cute. And you can train them!

Poodle, Oh dear. What a horrible sounding name!!! I think, no wait, I know fundies do worse than that. If I could be an animal, there are a few I'd want to be.
1. A Lioness (Queen of the Jungle, well Savana!) Well a big cat of any sort.
2. A dog
3. Oh this is too hard, I think I'd want to be able to morph into any animal.

mmmm Johnny Depp. Hey Walkingbitch, Mr. FJ, Minx, Doodle

I will not change my last name, at most I'd hyphenate it, even though I have one of the most ubiquitos last names in the world, I'm not changing it for anyone. I'm no one's property.

Word of the FJ's and bacon. I'm not a big fan of bacon, so I won't be the person to report back. I actually find bacon to be kinda gross *dodges things being thrown at her*

Ugh, Mrs and Ms. I've been called Ma'am.

Awwww crap I missed International Talk like a Pirate Day? Poop.

Jami, the teacher would let someone use the washroom??? I think I'd go and piss on their desk for that. Prick.

Well, I went shopping yesterday, bought a fun wool skirt and some fishnet thigh highs. I think I'll wear it tomorrow if I go out. My piercing is pinching today. Blah.

Is it Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday yet??? I want to be at home, in bed. Or at least at home and not at work.

I am going to go now.

Mornin'. *yaaaawwwwwn* I am sleepy today. Could.not.get.up. I hate that time of year when it is pitch black out when I get up.

jenn, your kitchen looks wonderful! I love the cabinet with the spices in it. That's the best! Looking at the finished kitchen, I think green will look really nice in there. Olive green, you say?

Bacon sex! Ick!

yes, Welcome, Walking Bitch!!

Poodes, did they fix your Ipod or did you have to get a new, refurbished one?

Hi doodles, minx, diva, Mr FJ & anyone I've forgotten!!

I kept my name when I got married. I recently informed mr K that when we have kids, their names will be hyphenated. It just irritates me that women can choose to keep their names when getting married, but then when kids come along, it is understood that they will be getting the husband's last name. I don't think Mr K was thrilled, but he agreed.

I think men set up religion because they finally figured out that women can run the world pretty much without men, we just need their goo to make more people.


Poodle, if we can substitute homemade mac and cheese for bacon, FJ and I will make your food kink dreams come true.

I'd love to come back as a baleen whale except that I'm allergic to enormous metal harpoons. And sharks. And killer whales. And barnacles. And shipping lanes. But all that aside I think it'd be lovely. I understand their songs and whatnot echolocate (to mangle sceince-y phraseology I barely understand) off the continents which tells them where in the world's oceans they are. Pretty sweet. FJ and I saw dozens of them from high atop Big Sur moving south along the coast a couple of years ago. It was thrilling.

Yesterday Jackaroo mimicked his mama. She stuck her tongue out at him and he stuck his out back at her. I imagine he'll be doing algebra soon.
Last thing about religion, religion has exhisted for ages, and women and men lived together, in an egalitarian society.

Kari, that's cool the kiddies will hae hyphenated names!

Mr. FJ, awwww that is so sweet about Jackaroo!

Well, back to my project!

If I came back as an animal, it'd definitely be a sea creature. Either some sort of whale or one of those turtles that live for hundreds of years on the bottom of the ocean, not bothering anyone and getting along just fine. I think it's amazing that there are some living organisms out there that have been alive through the major turning points of the last half millenia.

No bacon sex for me, thanks. I wouldn't want the grease spots all over my nice sheets. : ) Seriously, they're really nice sheets. I saw a little bit they did on Real Sex on HBO several years ago about sex involving food and it grossed me out to no end.

Hi, WB! I love that Moses thing you said.

I think Marileen's planning on hypenating, and I am, too. Normally, I'd just keep my name as is, but the giant would be really hurt if his name weren't in there somehow, too. His ex never took his name, actually she kept her married name from a previous marriage (she'd been married 3 or 4 times), and he felt a little unimportant. So I'll add to my name, but I'm not taking anything away just because I get hitched. The kid(s) will get his last name, though, since he and his brother are the end of his dad's family line, so it's more in the name of family name preservation than anything else, and there are a whole slew of kids in my family to carry the name.

I wish it would be tomorrow already. I have $2.90 cents to my name at the moment and I needs ta get PAID!!!

OMG, Minx, that reminds me of my high school gym teacher who called everyone "boy" whether they were or not. He was a total jackass, never bothered to learn anyone's name, so from September to June we were all BOOOOOOOOOY!. Teacher's first name was Dick. I shit you not.

I love the Jackaroo stories!
I'd love to come back as a baleen whale except that I'm allergic to enormous metal harpoons. And sharks. And killer whales. And barnacles. And shipping lanes. But all that aside I think it'd be lovely.

See if I wasn't so tired and lazy last night I would have spell checked my whale reincarnation spelling. lol

Ohhh barnacles... cool shit. I wonder if they would itch, cause that would be a bitch seeing as I doubt one could get a decent scratch on with flipper like appendages.
oh yay! i love it when the conversation turns to whale farts! YES!

and wow, all of a sudden, i sure could go for some bacon right now. and sex. yeah... sex with a side of bacon.


we had some crazy excitement in the fj house this morning, and not of the pork persuasion... let me preface by saying that i had a dream about a week ago that a squirrel had come into our house (only it wasn't THIS house) and that i had to chase it out. when i told mrfj about the dream, he asked me why on earth a squirrel would want to come inside a house anyway.

well, why indeed?

more baby squirrel porn here

YES! a baby squirrel came in the house this morning while i was feeding jackaroo!! i have the doors and windows open since it's a mild 80 degrees outside and i guess the little guy just decided to come on in! i waited a few minutes to see if he would find his own way back out, but he was so frightened that he just stayed in the corner. i couldn't find abigail boots and was afraid she'd be too curious a kitty for the squirrel's liking, so i sort of guided him back to the door with the broom and he hauled ass back up a tree. funny thing, the whole time he was in here, i could hear what i presume was his momma barking outside.

and while i'm posting pics, here is one of a sun spider that took up residence on our front porch. yes, i'm the arachnophobe posting a pic of a spider. but even i have to admit that he is beautiful:

and while i'm posting pics, here is what jackaroo is doing right now:

ok, off to do laundry and shower while he dreams away. fun's over. smile.gif
That baby squirrel is so cute! And I love spiders. They're my favorite kind of bug-thing. It's bugs with exoskeletons that really freak me out. And centipedes. Can't forget the centipedes.
Gaaaah! gottacatchupgottacatchupgottacatchup!!!

Hello everybodeeeez! smile.gif

Welcome in, WalkingBitch! You'se funnay! smile.gif

Us having more female relatives than male means fewer males impregnating multiple females each, like in a harem. That's not quite my ideal social structure. (I'm a 'Wolf, and therefore monogamous by nature wink.gif ) It at least used to be an Alpha Male's world out there, especially sexually. (Not Alpha Wolf, mind you, but more like the male lion or bull who topples all the other males for exclusive rights to impregnate all the females. Us 'Wolves have Alpha PAIRS who are the exclusive moms & dads of the pack. Non-alphas, male or female, must leave the pack if they wish to mate.) Anyway, this 'Bull' mentality can explain the male rejection of weaker guys, the need to establish pecking order, etc.

Thing is, we've LEGALLY limited it to monogamous marriage. This is recent and localized, if you look at the bigger picture. It's not absolute, either, by a longshot. Tons of people have extra-marital, pre-marital, and never-even-considering-marital sex all the time. What I mean is that much of the present world's society frowns upon the harem family structure. This is the 'recent' trend toward even numbers of male and female ancestry.

I've read that there are natural forces that push in both directions, toward monogamy and toward the harem structure. On the monogamous side, human babies are born absolutely helpless, and human females need outside support right after birthing, too, especially with post-partem depression. I suppose it doesn't HAVE to be Daddy who helps out, but it's wired into at least SOME of us guys to want to help out. We're not those penguins from March of the Penguins, but we do share some of the same factors. On the other hand, there's a thing called the Coolidge Effect. Males of many mammal species, including primates, get less motivated to mate with the same females after a while, but their interest perks up when a new female comes along. Livestock farmers noticed this. (Sheep-swappin' pervs!)

What does this all add up to? These are just sources of urges, and different people feel different urges differently. Some guys are affected strongly by the urge to stick around and be devoted to their mate, and some vote Calvin Coolidge as the President-for-life of their penises. Some feel drawn in both directions equally, and some just aren't sexually motivated at all. Anyway, urges are urges and actions are actions. Social pressures, laws, opportunities and education all play their hands in what actually happens, too. Nurture AND Nature. It's up to us all to steer this boat.

(OMG, I can go onandonandonabouttthis!)

Oh, and GoatyGirl did the hyphenated name thing when we got married. Absolutely cool with me. I LOVE her family! They rock! Besides, her name sounds better this way. The only place I run into trouble with that is at Crazy Mike's Video rental. Our account is under her name, and they keep trying to look it up under my last name, and it takes a few times for them to understand that Berry is not the first name Barry, but the beginning of a hyphonated... just give me the damned DVD already!!!!!

ETA Cross-postorama! *Squeeeeeeee!!!* Cute, cute, and cute wub.gif
Good Afternoon, all.

I took the afternoon off, i was having some issues with my stomach, so I left at noon.

FJ, great pics!!!!!

Raisin that gym teacher sounds like a wank.

Hey Diva,WB and Lore!

That's all I have to add, really. It is rainy here and I must go to the park soon.


Hello dudes and dudettes!

I want to come back as a cat owned by someone exactly like me. Or a killer whale. Or a stinking rich person. (Hey, a human is an animal!)

I can't speak to David Cassidy, but I saw Shaun Cassidy in concert when I was 10.

I had a dream about the FJs last night! I dreamed I was visiting them, and we were sitting on this SUPER-long vintage red couch. Me and Mr FJ were playing guitar on either end of the couch, and FJ was in the middle feeding li'l Jackaroo! I also believe a big purple glass bong was involved, which is really funny, 'cause I can't smoke off a bong for the life of me. biggrin.gif

All I really know about marriage is that I'll be damned surprised at myself if I ever do it, 'cause I've never really had that as a goal in my life. Not that I'm anti-relationship - I just don't believe marriage is right for me. It would have to be a pretty damned special person for me to even be able to live with them. If I ever do it, there would probably have to be some legal entanglement to persuade me, like maybe if I was living apart from a life partner, which would nulify any common-law rights. And hey, I can marry a man or a woman here in Canada, so it's not even about that anymore! (Though when I had extended health and dental benefits, BFF and I used to joke that we should marry so her kids could be covered!) So what I'm saying, in a round-a-bout way, is that the last name issue is moot for me anyway! But I'd still keep my last name. If nothing else, my entire public reputation is built around it.

doodlemama kept her married name after divorce, only because it was my name too, and - in the '70s - she would have lost all her credit rating if she went back to her birth name.

turbo, Colin Firth is something else, isn't he? You must see Hope Springs if you haven't already - it didn't get great reviews, but OH, Colin....*swoons* Plus it was filmed in British Columbia!
I also believe a big purple glass bong was involved, which is really funny, 'cause I can't smoke off a bong for the life of me.


lmao. My mom kept her name too after divorce for the same reason, in the 70's! heh
I can't tell if it is thundering outside because it is nearly constant, but I CAN TELL that someone in this building fried a whole assload of something and now my place smells like a fucking Catholic Fish Fry.
QUOTE(minx @ Sep 20 2007, 06:34 PM) *
now my place smells like a fucking Catholic Fish Fry.

I can honestly say in my 13 year Catholic School career, NONE of the schools I attended or the affiliated churches had a fish fry. Maybe it's a midwest southern thang?

either way? FUCKING EWW. Want some of the feathery chicken from last night?
Okay, I'm not Catholic, but I used to see big banners on churches "advertising" Friday night fish frys in PA. A little bit of Jesus, a little bit of tartar sauce, and a squeeze of lemon? Diryt.

ETA: It might have been during Lent.
See, I think the Friday Fish Fry is strictly a Wisconsin thing. Here, you aren't even a restaurant if you don't have a fish fry for friday night. I mean...even the mexican restaurants have it!

It's a cult thing, here. I'm not even Catholic and I enjoy it, well, just cause I like fish...but ya know??!!

I think Minx is remembering her Madison days when she's thinking of fish fries! smile.gif

I personally, until I moved to Wisconsin, had never heard of them.
How can the FFF be strictly Wisconsin when I saw it in PA?

And how sad is it that I can't remember the 2-letter abbreviation for Wisconsin?!
Ok, FJs, pack up! Party at WB's house!

Please don't bring fried fish, though. Just the thought of the smell is making my stomach curdle.
Well..I shouldn't have said "strictly" a wisconsin thing. I just think it's gained a cult standing here, in WI, because of the fact that it's not the CHURCHES having's the restaurants. Pretty much ALL of them. And not just during Lent.

Fried fish, usually cod or haddock, but some of the better ones have better choices...french fries and coleslaw. And lots and lots of beer.

Hmmm fishy friday.

That's pretty much it. Seriously, I think I live a rather quiet life right now. Blah.


Isn't it WI raisin?

Come on down, I got some feathery ass chicken to serve y'all, then we'll drive toward my sisters in Jersey for some FISH FRY.

gags. too early to talk about eating fried fish.
Okay. We're packing but... we're confused. When we get there are we fucking on bacon strips or doing bong hits on the red sofa? We need to accessorize accordingly.
We've got the fish fry thing going on in Minnesota, too. Pretty much all the restaurants where my parents live have it, and a lot of the places around where I used to live in the 'burbs with my brother. Or maybe it's because I grew up Catholic that I even notice, having to observe Lent and all, and I still do even though I'm atheist.

Anyway, we used to go out for Friday fish fry all the time when I was little.

Today is a very good day because I got PAID!!! It's like a giant exhale, having some cash to spend to get things caught up and finally bring my car in to get fixed tonight. I just hope they can have it done before Monday.
Mr FJ, why not both?

Diva, I wish it was payday.

I also wish I was on vacation!

ETA: Hi Minx, you got fucked eh?!?!?!?!? Good for you!
I got laid last night.

It was goooooooooooooood. wink.gif

Yeah, Friday night fish fry at the local tavern was the shit when I was a kid. I still LOVE going to those things when I go home. Actually, I wouldn't mind that tonight, but I still sound like Typhoid Mary (the dextromithorphan managed to hold it off so that I didn't sound like a dying woman in coitus). Tree, you are dead-on. Maybe next time I come home, you and I and the bear and my brothers can run out to, say, Reilly or Blanchardville and tie on on with the locals and eat FISHYFISHYFISHYFISH!

I wonder if the Flying Spaghetti Monster likes Fish Fries?

i got laid last night too. we let the little cock-blocker sleep in his swing while we went at it in the guest room. yes! and YEEES!
moxieman has his religion on his myspace profile set as "pastafarian." We're of the red sauce sect. Alfredos are simply heretics.
WOW! Everyone's out to play this morning! smile.gif

And, BTW FJ, I just about blew chunks of Cliff Bar at my monitor while proxying this test in my classroom. I started coughing and laughing when I read "the little cock-blocker". Nice to have honest parents around for a change. I like the parents in this thread.

I'd be a red-sect, as well Moxie. I get enough of the white stuff during other indoor activities.
Happy fucking friday, you greasy bacon sex whores!!!!!!!

I played hookey yesterday. I spent most of the day sleeping. Sleep rocks. \m/

The fish-fry thing is definitely not just a WI thing. MN's all about that shit. MN and WI are basically the same except for the drinking laws. I've always thought they should separate from the union and form a new country named Minnesconsin.

I think Minnesota is the best damn state in the nation. I mean, really, we're #1 or at least in the top five for just about everything cool and important. A recent study shows that we're the most charitable state in the nation. Once again, we manage to kick all of the other states' asses.

"Pastafarian" Hahahaha!! I love it!! I think Italian food is worthy of its own religion. Hell, food in general. I think I would join a church that revolved around the worship of food. I wouldn't want to give up rock though, so it would have to be "The Church of Food and Rock."

Yay for diva's fat bank account!!! I hope the car repairs don't end up being too spendy!!

Great pictures, FJ!! I especially love the spider one. Spiders are so neato.

Yay!! My boss is gone today!! Plus, iPood II is working perfectly!!
QUOTE(mr_falljackets @ Sep 21 2007, 09:42 AM) *
Okay. We're packing but... we're confused. When we get there are we fucking on bacon strips or doing bong hits on the red sofa? We need to accessorize accordingly.

um bong hits at my house, but no bacon sex. Unless you want to go that on the leather couch, which could use the conditioner.
"the conditioner" Hahaha!!
hehe, Minx, the ABSOLUTE best fish fry I've seen around these parts is in Deansville. Nelson's Crossings. Good stuff!
Oh god, tree, that seriously makes me want to go down the street to the Irish place for some fish 'n' chips.
Forget the fish, I want steak fries!
Dude, I KNOW! Have any of you been to Mac's Fish and Chips over on Larpenteur? Holy shit!! Nectar of the gods. Tons of vinegar and I am the happiest woman alive.
I've never been to Mac's, but does anyone remember Arthur Treacher's on Larpenteur, somewhere near Snelling? We used to go there all the time when I was little.
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