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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I like to nap during the day on Saturday's. Then I'm all wide awake at night. I think weekends need to be three days long.
hmm...turbo, that's why I was not really liking the orange idea..too many red tones in one place. But I'm still sticking with my recommendation of the aqua-ish color, because with the counters and the cabinets you've got lots of tans/reds...and to me, to properly set it off, you need a clean color. To me, olive greens are kind of muddy and not as clean as you'd want for a color that's going to end up being a contrast color.

If you're looking to blend...then colors with more grays and browns mixed in them work fine...but if you're contrasting against your cabinets, I'd look for a nice clean jewel tone.

If you want to stick with the olive-ish greens, try to steer to the more blue ones.

And I echo Doodlebug's recommendation! Don't skimp on the test swatches. Make them BIG, live with them for a while, a week or so, observe them in different times of the day.

Don't rush into a decision. The right color for the space will reveal itself.

I'm exhausted tonight, myself. Went with Bear to Ikea in Schaumberg...he's never been in one. I really do like the Ikea kitchen cabinets, particularly the red ones.

So, I got myself some of those mobile carts, the ones you put wire baskets in and they have a solid top...and I got myself some of the Hol storage cubes..I'm going to put four of them together for a coffee table. Since I never did get up the motivation to repair the one I got out of the dumpster.

Well...I didn't need to say it twice. smile.gif
Heya beeeeeyatches!!!

I am officially guilty of a DWP---Drinking Whilst Painting. The funny thing is that I'm painting my living room walls an OLIVE color!! I love olive. I first painted the room a light sage color, but it just wasn't working for me. I needed something darker and warmer. Olive is always a great color. I could totally see that in your kitchen, turbo.

Chicken's feet...eeeewww...although I respect the use of all parts of the animal.

Culture, I looove the fact that you're a mental_floss addict like myself. My favorite part of the recent mag has to be the presidential stuff. I especially loved the Teddy Roosevelt info. IMO, Teddy Roosevelt is one of the most interesting U.S. presidents of all time. I suppose that's not as interesting to you as a Canuck. The Bulgaria stuff was pretty interesting too. Ah shit, the whole issue was great this time. Hey, I didn't realize that you were so close to Winnepeg. I've always been interested in Winnepeg, but I've never been there. Totally lame, I know, because I'm really not too far away. I'll have to make that my next road trip. Oh, and I'm all about the weekend naps, especially on Saturdays. I haven't had a nap yet today, but that's because I went to bed super early last night. Now that I have a house of my own, naps are sorta out of the question. My house is my baby, next to the furry beasts.

I love the FJ's as parents. That's all I have to say about that.

I spent time with diva today, and she put up with my errands that ended up being more complicated that I expected because of the shitty ass highway system around these parts. E'er since the bridge collapsed, it's been a huge pain for me to get to big-box retail land. My neighborhood is especially goofy because they put the light-rail train through and the lights aren't timed all that great. According to my hippie neighbor, it used to be a lot worse. I can't even imagine. Diva's a trooper, yes she is. Thank you diva. We saw marileen today, which was super awesome. That bridal bitch is lookin' damn good. She's always been friggin' gorgeous though. Blonde-haired skank. wink.gif

Yeah, heh, I did it with XRB...again. I promised myself ahead of time that I wouldn't, but it happened anyway. I don't even care if he's reading this. What can I say? I was impressed that he was able to identify the solo for The Song Remains the Same. Guitar solos turn me on, yo. He's not a boyfriend and he's not a fuck-buddy--it's somewhere in between. I don't know what you would call that.


Tree, I like your advice about not rushing into decisions. I know it's about paint, but I think it is good sound advice for any situation.

Poodle, I love all sorts of interesting factoids and dirt on anything. Canadian and American history gets a real bum rap, people think it's boring. Then there is sor of stuff! I did really enjoy this issue. I like them all, I just wish it came out more often. It would be really cool if you came to Winnipeg! Summer is definately a better time to come here, there is more going on and more to see. Winter is damn cold here! In summer there are festivals and walking tours and all sorts of neato things. If you ever decide to venture North, let me know, I'd be happy to show you around!

FJ, I meant to tell you, you should pick up the Abs Diet for Women, there is a whole section on post pregnancy stuff, I've not completed reading the book, but in the introduction there was a write up about that portion of the book.

I went to the bar last night, got home early, all went well. It's going to be super nice here today, so I'm going to enjoy the day.

How was everyone's weekend? I get to do Sunday grocery shopping. How fun!

Later all!

hey okayers!

isn't it just awesome when you've accomplished a few things on a sunday morning and look at the clock and it's ONLY 1:15? i almost feel like turbojenn!!! maybe it's so awesome to me because it surely doesn't happen very often around these parts. only reason we were up early (aside from a wakeful smiling baby) is that mrfj's parents were coming over. his dad built a pedestal for my front loading washer and dryer and brought it over yesterday. when i did a "test load", it sounded like a plane was landing in my laundry room - the balance was somehow thrown off. so, he brought over some shims this morning and now it's all good. quiet AND tall. YAY!

we are also in paint mode today! we're going to buy paint for the master bathroom that mrfj tiled. yes, we're still working on that bathroom. it's been tough to go out and purchase all the stuff we still need with me not really making any money these last several months. we have enough credit to buy it all now, but we don't wanna write checks we can't cash later. methinks we're going with a color called limelight (behr). it shows up a little greyer than aqua on my screen but it's sort of the color of the ocean when you look at it from the shore. sort of grayish greenish blue. i want to put sand colored towels and mats in there and finish it with a dark wood vanity and brushed chrome accents. don't worry, i won't be putting jars of shells on the shelves and sailboats on the walls. not carrying the ocean theme quite that far...

so, we're off to home despot to go pick up a can of paint.

be back later!
Where the heck is everyone?

And where on earth has Kel been lately?????

That is all.
Hellooooooooo Okayland! Very quick post again - sorry! So busy these days. Off in about 10 minutes, as it is BFFdottir's 19th birthday. I only JUST finished wrapping the prezzie...hell, I only just finished the prezzie....I did her astrological chart and painted it up in metallic acrylics, along with a big butterfly and some flowers and shit like dat, and stuck it in a nice frame. smile.gif

lorewolf, YES to the t-shirt! DO IT!

turbo, treehugger's aqua recommendation is an interesting one. Depends what you want the cabinets to will bring out the red tones, and aqua will bring out the orange tones (theory of opposites). I'm standing by the olive, though, personally. (Sorry tree! Forgive meeeeeeeeee!!!!)

FJ and poodle.....pooooooooodle!!! I want pics of the decorating!! It is my RIGHT as Provisional Mayor and Decorator-in-Chief of Okayland! biggrin.gif

Yes, guitarboy phones me a lot, I'm afraid. wink.gif I think it's more laziness than cuteness: this way, he doesn't have to get up off the couch and walk across the hall to invite me (or himself) over for tea or movie-watching or jamming! It was kinda cute though this week, though - he couldn't get ahold of me for three days and freaked out thinking something was wrong. He's as bad as Okaylanders! tongue.gif

Shit, gotta run! Love you all!
heh...well, doodle, actually what I'm thinking in terms of aqua versus olive warmth. Aqua will feel slightly cooler than olive green against those cabinets, but not overwhelmingly cool. In a space that's going to be plenty warm as it is with the beautiful deep cabinetry and the stainless appliances, not to mention the actual *warmth* created from the cooking that goes on in a kitchen...I'm thinking olive green will be a little *too* warm. Aqua doesn't seem to get as "hot" feeling as olive can. Just MHO.

Poodle, I wanna see pics of your new place tooo! Even if it's just to oppose Doodle on something decor related! wink.gif

FJ, that bathroom sounds like it's going to be purty! I'm glad you're not pushing the whole nautical theme too far. The colors sound amazing.

CH and Poodle, you're making me want to subscribe to MF.

Sooo, not much new here, got my storage cubes assembled and they are now functioning as a coffee table in my living room.

Went to the Willy Street Fair today with Bear and he pointed out a condo building and said, that one's cute...and I told him that was where my "second" favorite one was...the one I was going to get if I didn't get this one. OMG...I heard nothing else the rest of the day but, "this is a way better neighborhood for you", and "there's so much more to do on this side of town"...and, "there's so many more things within walking distance here"...

And I'm like, SHUT UP! Okay, now I'm wishing I had gotten that other condo. I wanna live on Willy Street! It's got so much more character than my pablum white far west yuppieville neighborhood does.
Good Evening everyone,

Doodle, question about the astro chart. I'm wondering how much something like that would cost? I'm all interested in what mine would say about me. Any guidance you can offer? Have fun at the b-day party tonight!

Hey Tree!

Well, I'm sleepy and it's only 7:30 here. How lovely. I think it's just about bed time. How pathetic! smile.gif

Well, have a good evening,

Later all!
Hey ya'll sorry for my absence this weekend - busy busy around here! And I'm loving the aqua vs green debate here....I'm definitely pondering, and I shall obtain swatches for both options, and see what we think. I'm still not done loading everything into the kitchen - I'm only maybe a third of the way there, but we ran WAY short on shelf lining stuff, so that kinda stopped me, and we've spent most of the last 24 hours with our friends who stayed with us this weekend, which was totally great. They're the kind of folks that it really doesn't matter that I'm unpacking, look like hell, allergies going crazy...they're like family, as much as anything else, so that's cool.

I did make brunch this morning in my new kitchen - which was so *awesome!* The new stove is super fancy, and I'm gonna have to read the manual to learn about all the neat shit it does. smile.gif Oh, and we rearranged our dining room, and just rotating the table 90 degrees makes the whole space feel so much bigger - I have no idea what we didn't think of it before.

FJ, I'm glad you had a productive morning! I did too...I love the quiet of Sunday morning and just jamming the errands and chores out and listening to NPR before turbomann gets up.

Poodle! Nice on the HBI! And Diva is indeed a goddess - any friend that goes erranding is a good one! Now, where's our pictures of the new poodlepad? I know I owe some more pictures too, but its all messy in there right now. Maybe tomorrow night we'll be more settled.

Okay, doodle, I can totally see where it makes sense for guitarboy to call from his sofa to see what you're up to...and I'm glad he's checking in on you too. smile.gif

Well, I guess I'm going to unpack a bit more before going to bed early...I guess I should call my parents too. ugh.

Sweet dreams, my dears!
So, because grandparents rock, my folk's took moxette saturday night. We just wanted to go out to dinner, but my dad and mom said "why not just pack jammies and pick her up tomorrow. We love bathtime." Um, OK! so, although I didn't sleep in on Sunday (i had to pee, and then was UP), I got a TON done around the house, w/o having to worry about waking a sleeping toddler. And, my dad took moxette to the Jain Temple (note: my family is Jain religion, and Sunday was our high holy day, so big shin0dig at Temple). I met them there to pick her up. Nice to visit with so many folks. I wish they had told me they wanted to take her on Saturday, tho...I would have packed a dress, not overalls! I guess it was a Sunday morning descision. Moxette was thrilled to see her cousins and her aunties and just run about with the other kids.

Saturday, we bought clothes, and looked for a coffeemaker. this is how lame-ass our dates are. But, we looked snappy while doing those things! Then, we came home, made fondue and chilled by the TV. We were WAY too sore from exercising earlier for rolicking HBI, though. Bummer. sometimes, cuddles just have to suffice.
Ooooh! Tree, I'm going to have to agree with the Bear on Willie Street...and BTW, I am super-jealous about you being able to attend the Street Fair. I remember when they still used to do the Mifflin Street Block Party before those beefsticks went all apeshit and started tipping cars over and starting them on fire. You and I should hit the Crystal Corner some night for many beers.

Moxie, that is so nice that your folks took Moxette for the evening and that she got to roll holy with her family on Sunday. For as much as I am atheist, that aspect is pretty cool. My therapist just the other day was talking about how the concept of "god" is really for children anyway who incorporate magical thinking into their daily routines. That makes me slightly less pissed-off when my born-again folks go off to Minxlette about the Jesus and angels and shit. wink.gif

Whoot! for Diva and Poodle working the streets for the betterment of the Poodlepad! I cannot wait to see that! Lemme know when I can bring over a sixer and work my magic on you, you sexay bitch. I need to find you a house-warming pressie.

Okay, is it just me or did the fucking humidity drop like an SOB last night? I know that I smoked too much last night, but not THAT much.

Lots of stuff going on here in Minxland. I have been busy cutting out the valleys and peaks...and getting curveballs. Suffice it to say that I am really glad to be going back to work this morning to further dement my beautiful babies. Asshattery is abounding again, but I think that it's okay this time around. I actually talked to his wife the other week, and she was pretty cool. What's up with that? Nary five sentences over three years and THEN a twenty minute phone conversation because Asshat wasn't in the house.

Love and kisses, all ma bitches.
Hey EveryBUSTie!!!!

Turbo, those sound like really great friends!

Mox, that's really great that your 'rents took bebe for the evening and you were able to have some along time!

Minx, a 20 minute conversation?? Cool!!!

I am also an athiest, to each their own is my opinion, but don't push your beliefs on me. Please! I will have a discussion about it, but don't try and convert me. I wasn't born like this, I used to believe, obviously something happened!

I slept last night, like the dead, I fell asleep at 8, and I think was up once or twice, or somewhat up, then promptly fell back asleep. It was lovethly.

That's all for now!

Later kats!

well, here's the thing about Jainism...(breif philosophy lesson ahead). Its not so much a "religion" perse, as it is a philosophy with some mystic underpinnings. The concept is very close to Buddhism (Budda was a Jain prince, actually). Every soul has multiple incarnations to achieve what we might call nirvana. different from hinduism in that Nirvana is not "god like", but rather simply divine. We each have the potential to be our own divine prescence. How one achieves that is where the doctrine comes into play. Basically, Jainism has 2 main tenets: Complete non-violence (Gandhi was also Jain!) and treating all faiths as one (which is why my Jain family celebrates Christmas...Jesus the "divine" being could teach us a thing or two). Here is the wiki on Jainism beliefs Anyway, over the centuries, as in all religions, stupid traditions/rights/rituals have emerged. The most "holy" is Perdition...its similar to Easter, I suppose. To "purify" the body of harmful karma ("killing" nutrients is bad karma), one fasts for 8 days, then there is a big ceremony at the temple, followed by a feast. All Jains are more or less expected to want to do this at some point. So, the thingy at the temple was the breaking of the fast/feast.

My dad is about as non-religious as one gets without being formally atheistic (he eats meat, he drinks, he doesn't attend temple regularly at all).He does, however, love a good party. So, Sunday morning, my folks decided to hit the Feast (they waited until after ceremony was done!). I like introducing moxette to the indian side of her heritage, too.
That's supercool, Mox. Thank you for the lesson! I love learning stuff like that.

I just ate one of those MEGASUPERHOLYSHITCANTHEYPUTANYMOREPROTEININTHISBAR powerbar. I feel completely gacked out by the amount of sugar in it. Normally, I eat those genisoy bars....LOVE 'EM! Oh well.

I had some really good beer last night...Le Fin du Monde. Yum. Normally, I don't appreciate beers that are slightly sweet, but for this I will make an exception. I'm a big fan of Fischer Alsace Amber whateveryoucallit. Big Belgian Beer Whore Standing.

Today is picture day, and OF COURSE, I wore the most retarded shirt that I own and didn't shower. YES!!
Gooooood Morning!

Is it Monday already? wink.gif

Jenn, I am so happy you are loving your new kitchen. The color debate....Hmmm. I am not sure which side I fall on. I am so bad at visualizing things like that.

We are planning to paint soon also. We finally chose a color for our bedroom. We are going to do it a green-gray. I think it's going to look really nice and soothing.

We bought Paco a gentle leader on Saturday. We've taken 2 or 3 walks with it. He doesn't love it, but I think he is adjusting. My neck definitely loves it, he doesn't pull at all! We used to use the extendable leash w/ Yuki, but one day she jerked & busted it. That made me uncomfortable with it, b/c she really wants to chase cars.

minx, I am glad to hear that you are rolling with the punches. I bet you are excited to get the school year going.

Poodles, sounds like your house is coming right along! It sounds like your relationship with XRB is nice. I say go with it.

Hi CH, doodle, FJ, diva, moxie, tree & everyone else!

My weekend was good, but man it went by quickly. Had dinner w/ a friend on Friday night, then went to the girls' poker game. I lost $2. Saturday we did a fair bit around the house. We did not get as much done as we would have liked, but that is usually the case. Saturday night we went to my friend's house for a game night she was having. Yesterday we did some yard work, I worked at the hospital for a few hours, then we ate Thai food & grocery shopped. It was a relaxing weekend for the most part. I hope the next one isn't as busy though. I'm gonna keep it open.
It's meeeeeeeee again!

Mox, that is really cool! Buddism and Eastern religion has always intrigued me. A friend of mine thinks I'm a closeted spiritualist, but in order to reach the conclusion I had to become an athiest first.

Minx, I have to say I abhor the taste of protein powder. I add fresh fruit and stuff to it, but I can still taste it. Blech.

Kari, I'm glad that Paco is adjusting to the new leash. Sounds like a good weekend!

Well, things are quiet here so far, that can always change at the drop of a hat.

IT'S SCOOTER DAY! in about five minutes, i will be leaving to go pick up my scooter. it's cute and red, and oh, i can't wait to get on it. i went and got my helmet friday, and it is prettyful.

don't know if you can really see it in that pic, but the flames? they are sparkly. happy.gif little more girly than my usual style, but fuck that man, i'm gettin' mah scooter! i am so ridiculously excited.

busy weekend. c-monkey and i had a birthday party to go to saturday for my bff's kid, and it was really fun. antagonist came with, and i got to see everybody from that party a couple weeks ago and their kids, and thank jebus, all the kids got along and had a really good time. and i thought ahead and brought a pack of playing cards, so we revived our poker rivalry and the adults had a good time too. you know, sans stripping and shots.
sunday c-monkey and i went to breakfast, then we came home and got some housework done. the last load of laundry is finally finishing up now. it's kind of neat having a washer/dryer combo and not having to move stuff back and forth between machines, but the things take for-fucking-ever. four and a half hours
Grrrl, that is a supercool helmut!!! Neatness!
Hi, peeps!

Jenn, I vote for aqua. Olive is all fine and dandy, but I'm thinking it's going to fade out with the granite and brown tones in your cabinets. Aqua will pop more and offset what you've already got in there.

I got 100% on the guitar solo quiz. Granted, I had some help from the giant, but he doesn't know shit about this stuff, so it wasn't really all that helpful, so I claim the 100% for me, myself, and I.

CH, how did your party go with the fake boyfriend there to psych out that other guy?

Moxie, I used to know a Jain girl in college (actually the girl my first boyfriend dumped me for, although he'd never admit it). Is it true that Jains are supposed to be fruitarians, too? That's cool that you got some weekend time to yourselves.

Kari, that's good that you don't have neck problems with the new leash. I envy your weekends spent mostly with friends doing fun stuff. I'm lucky to get that once a month.

Minx, protein bars are just weird. Was that one one of those where they basically mix the powder into some solid gummy form and then coat it with chocolate? I hate those. I'll only touch the ones made out of real food, not something created in a lab. The Atkins bars are the absolute worst.

Hellos to everyone else!

I had a pretty okay weekend, for the most part. The giant and I went to dinner with his brother and neice on Friday night, then around on some errands with them. I like doing things with the giant's neice - we get along really well. On Saturday, Poodle and I saw Marileen, then errands, then I crashed at home for the rest of the day and watched Arrested Development. Yesterday we were supposed to go up to my parents' place to see Sam, but we didn't because my mom is a bitch. I decided last week that I wasn't going to even bother since my mom is acting like such a baby and I'm an adult now so I don't have to put up with her shit. Nobody up there even bothered to call to ask if we were coming or not or what time. Screw her. Yeah, I would have liked to see Sam, but I wanted to stick it to my mom more, and then she didn't even bother to notice. I really don't think my mom was meant to ever have kids. Anyway, I mostly read yesterday while the giant watched his dumbass football games.

Anyone watch the Emmys last night?


Diva, I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with your mom. Any idea what's causing this or has she been hard to get along with for a while? I did not watch the Emmy's last night. Were the rumours about Britney apologising for her MVA performance true?

As for the friend, the plan was to do this for my birthday, we went out on Saturday, all was well, I bailed out early so I didn't have to drive him home. During the course of the evening I went and chatted with the owner of the bar, got his number and what not. I was also walking with a waddle because of the piercing, so some people I know asked why I told them.

Well, two days later and I haven't heard from him. I know he's busy, but I've my suspicions because I was haning out (and heavily flirting with, and exchanging numbers with some of these guys). Quite frankly I don't want to deal with this anymore. He's a "friend" who is getting all territorial about me. For starters, I'm not dating him, I dealt with this kind of shit and controlling behaviour with my ex, I don't need it with a friend. Secondly, if I feel like having an orgy with the people I know, it's none of his business. Clearly he's got some issues (and I'm not the only one who he does this to) and I'm not going to deal with this anymore.

CH, my mom is always like that. She's a very antisocial person and it's really starting to get on my nerves, especially since it seems like she's hoarding a child for herself. I see Sam taking after her a bit, and it scares me. He's got a lot of her mannerisms.

Nope, Brit-Brit wasn't on the Emmys. I hadn't even known about the rumor, but that's all it was in the end, I guess. They weren't great, but that really would have sunk them down to a new low.

Is it the bar owner you haven't heard from or someone else?

I've decided to stop working for the day. I think I've done more than my salary's worth today, so I'm taking a little breather until it's time to go home. Helps that all the people who would even care are gone for the day.
Hi everybody!

Culture, I've had those guy "friends" before - they aren't really your friend, they're just hanging around waiting to date you and if/when it doesn't happen they get mad at you. Yeah, some friend - if you won't sleep with me I want nothing to do with you! My best friend from college and I used to talk about this - we both attracted guys like that like flies way back then and she said it makes you feel like a big piece of meat and I thought that was about right. No wonder you're irritated.

I had a nice weekend. I got to see Diva and Poodle and hang out with friends on Saturday. We dogsat my parent's dog Lucy on Saturday night and that was a lot of fun. I wish we could keep her here all the time. Yesterday we went to Ikea and then Chapel of Love at Mall of America where I picked up my very cute wedding shoes and then came home and Jfrito watched football and I took a supernap and then we worked on our dj playlist a little. Today I went to the dentist for a checkup and then went to my parents' house where my dad made me lunch and then went on a major anti-war rant - he was actually hollering. I think my dad's turning into a radical on me!

Diva I'm sorry your mom is being such a pill. I hope she starts behaving better soon.

Yay for everybody painting or planning to paint! I still need to finish painting my kitchen. Turbo, I really like olive green but I can see the pro-aqua argument. Whatever you ultimately decide will be fabulous I'm sure.

Moxie, thanks for posting about your religion. I wasn't familiar with what Jain is about and it sounds really interesting. One of my favorite parts of grad school for art history that I didn't expect to like was how much we ended up researching and writing about religious history along with the art. I miss doing that. I also like weird and random facts too - they make research so much more fun. I think I'd like Mental Floss.
Just a quick fly-by here...Minxie,

They DO still do Mifflin Street, as well as Halloween. Stinkin' little riots don't stop the Mad City! smile.gif

Heyyyy...we should do a Bustie Madison State Street Halloween (riot) party! smile.gif
hey hey hey! happy monday all. sitting here on a very rainy day in sunny florida. we needed it though, so i guess i can't complain. we did some yardwork yesterday so it's good for the couple of lantana plants that i transplanted into other areas of the yard. they had sort of taken over my flower garden and nothing else was blooming.

well, fart. the paint that we chose is too light. when the guy handed it to us after mixing it, we hesitated but went ahead and bought it because we thought maybe it would appear darker once we got it on the walls in the bathroom since there isn't a lot of natural light... but nope. too light. it's just not saturated enough. so now, we're going to have to go back and buy another can of paint and do it all over again. poop. it's a nice color, just not what we were looking for.

oh, and i can see both sides of the aqua vs olive debate as well. i was all for orange at first, but yeah, i guess it could be a little warm for the dark cabinets. i just recommend that you don't buy a whole gallon of paint, but order a couple of samples first. otherwise you will wind up like me and have a ton of paint that i'll never use for anything else. *sigh* anyone want some pale pale aqua paint? i guess it could be nice as an accent color on one of the walls. we'll see.

and don't worry doodle, i've got the before pics ready, just waiting to actually be done before posting any afters.

so, moxie, that chili recipe sounds great but i didn't make it. i found out that my friend's mom was in town and she was also having her sisters and their children come visit for this week, so instead of cooking a meal, i made cookies. then, i told her i would make her some dinner next week or so after all her company leaves and she really needs the help. but i'm not sure if the chili would work... i know i still have problems eating hot soups and stuff while holding jackaroo and sometimes, well, he just needs to be held. he's getting better about staying in his swing or on his play mat while we eat now though. regardless, i'ma gonna have to make the chili for myself one day soon!

and the new baby was precious! can't believe jack was nearly that small 10 weeks ago.

turbo, you make me miss our good friends that moved to missouri a few years ago. we miss them so much and only see them about once per year now. i got an email from her this morning though that they're coming around thanksgiving so we can kick it old school. by then, i'll feel comfortable leaving jackaroo with the in-laws for an evening. getting together with them always = drunken video games and shatner on karaoke, all while making asinine middle school-type jokes all night. fun stuff.

ok, i know this is mostly meememememe right now, but i just found something out and have even more: i have not heard back from the job that i interviewed with a couple weeks ago and got the 2nd interview last week. so rather than just sitting around and waiting for them to call, i've been looking all day at new stuff and applying. among other things, i found one for a nat'l matchmaking service looking for an inside salesperson in their local office in my city. i got kind of excited and applied for it, and sent my former "friends"/employers a note to tell them that i was using them as a reference and would appreciate their help (they'd told me to do this). ok, so you won't believe this: the friends texted me back to say that not only is she working with this company, she'd be the one to set up the interview and to train me if i got the job! ARGH! this would be a different job and they don't own the company or anything, but are friends with the owner because their company used to handle their appointment setting. but it really deflated me because i am so ready to put that whole chapter of my life behind me and they represent the COMCASTICness that this year has been for me and my family. fuck fuck fuck!!!! this really sucks because i think i would like this job, but i hate the thought of her being in control of my livelihood, if even a small bit.


ok, i have literally been writing this post in bits all day so i'm gonna post it now.
*pokes head through the okay-kvetch secret passage*

I just had to pop in and tell y'all I was driving behind this semi today and it had a huuuge ad plastered on the back for Jackaroo Meat Sauce! (all I could find online was a cached page, so it may be discontinued...too bad!)

Oh, and turbojenn, I am envious of your gorgeous kitchen, esp. those beautiful countertops! I'd definitely go with something in the blue/green family.....

*fades back into passage shadows*
Hello all!!

I can certainly see the point being made for aqua - it could be quite lovely! But I think finding the right shade might be equally tricky as don't want an aqua that's too blue or too light in tone, I would think - maybe a very rich teal. Still, even though turquoise is my favourite colour (there's a surprise to all of you who've seen my apartment pics!), I'm pulling for the olive green! I think it's a more classic look and would be easier to decorate around. biggrin.gif

I almost wish I could be an athiest, but I can't somehow bring myself to go there. It's funny, but when I was in the hospital, it never once occured to me to call on god or anything supernatural for help, even tho' everyone says that's when you MOST do so...I put all my faith in medical science to save me. (Seems like the right choice in retrospect!) guitarboy and I had a long convo about this all the other night (prompted by planet-spotting on the balcony - we weren't stoned!)...we determined that we're both probably agnostic right now. Part of me wants to believe, and part of me just can't seem to....

Okay, I need some COOKING ADVICE please! Soonish, if anyone is around! I just started making a soup/stew kind of thing, and I'm not sure about something. It's got beef (floured and seared in a pan first), sauted onion and garlic, herbs (rosemary, thyme, basil), a bit of worstceshire (hey, I'm making this up), carrots, celery, and some yellow zucchini someone gave me. Oh, and a can of Budweiser. (Food is always better with likker in it!) I plan to add green beans and green peas later. I CANNOT digest potatoes well anymore, now that I'm on this medication (very unpleasant results wink.gif), so I am trying to decide whether to add MACARONI or RICE. Thoughts? Help? Advice? Which would be better? I'm going to let the beef and veggies simmer for an hour or so....

Will be back to read and post some more shortly! (Will answer your astro question then, CH!)
Doodle, macaroni!
Doodle, rice! wink.gif

Turbo, if you want to try a nice aqua, try the one I used: Mill Springs Blue, by Benjamin Moore. Damn, if you were coming into the madison area soon, I even have some extra left over you could try.

Thanks for all the paint advice...I think we're definitely leaning green, and we got a swatch tonight that I like, but gonna check the other paint store for some more options. AND, turbomann got new switchplates for us, thank cod - contractor put white ones on, and its just wrong in our warm cozy kitchen. We now have brushed steel, which looks nice with the appliances.

CH - that blows about your "friend." You do not need that, and I'm glad you're aware of what's going on and taking care of business.

FJ - how crazy that your "friends" are involved with your new prospect! I guess I wouldn't rule it out - would it allow you to continue working from home? Jackaroo is 10 weeks already?...craziness!

Thanks for the offer, tree....we are thinking of coming up to Madison later this fall, but the painter will be coming next week. 'doh!

Well, enough sitting on my duff - I have more unpacking to do in the kitchen!

Okay, I got two votes macaroni, one vote rice. This is the same debate going on in my head. I think if I add macaroni, though, I have to add some tomato sauce...don't y'all think? (I've got sauce in the cupboard, but no paste and no tomatoes.)

The astrology charts. They are actually easy to do, but you have to do a bit of digging to find out what it all means. If you go to, and click on Personal Portrait, you can get your chart for free by plugging in all your birth details (you need to know the time you were born). However, doesn't tell you much, 'cause they want you to PAY for the full interpretation. But you can just copy and paste the planet charts at the bottom into your own file and then look everything up on the wonderful world of teh internets. I like because it has a lot of detail without being too complicated. If you go there, click on Signs of the Zodiac - you can read up on the signs that come up in your chart for Sun, Moon, Rising (Ascendent), Mercury, Venus, and Mars. These are supposed to be the most important ones. Then if you want more in depth stuff, start poking around at

Yeah, that last paragraph totally conflicts with my last post about supernaturalism and agnosticism! LMFAO! tongue.gif But it's fun and harmless, and it keeps everyone entertained.

Hi turbo, CH, tree, diva, poodle, moxie, kari, lore, FJs, sixelacat, marileen, grrrl, minx, and the rest of y'alls!

Still simmering the basic stovetop brew....
I like that idea Doodle - if you go macaroni some tomato sauce would probably be good.

I'm Christian but I consider myself to be pretty openminded about it for the most part. It works for me but I can certainly understand that it doesn't for everyone. I figure if you can't even get people to eat the same foods, for example, how can you expect them to have identical belief systems? That's the part that makes me uncomfortable about the born again and missionary stuff. Who are we to say someone else's existing belief systems are wrong and pressure them to convert?

And I agree that astrology is pretty fun!

'Kay, I think I'm going with...macaroni! Based on the tabulated votes...

ETA: I think we now have minestrone...
haha, i'm a day late and a dollar short! i would have said rice. but i bet the macaroni will be yummy too!

sixela - that is so funny! i would love to see that truck! thank you for sneaking in to report. which reminds me, pollystyrene came in one day weeks ago (i'm pretty sure it was polly at least) and said something about the fj cruiser. hahaha, i WANT one of those. they're pretty cute. if only they weren't huge guzzlers. why can't they name a hybrid after me.

turbo, no, this job would not be working from home. instead of making appointments, i would be one of the 'closers'. i'll probably still go and interview (if they even call me - this whole thing is basically mental masturbation right now) but they'll have to offer a guarantee. like i said, she will be part of the training process which in some ways would make her a manager. i am not too keen on that. but i also know that she and her husband are trying to get their own biz off the ground and i'm sure she is just using this as a way to make some money in the meantime. it just really threw me off this afternoon when i realized they were involved. i knew the industry was pretty small and that they were very well-connected, but grrrr.

i am as close to atheist as possible but still call myself agnostic. like doodle, i don't call on any gods or divinities when i am at my lowest. i guess i just am not ready to completely rule out any possibility. i don't have enough information to do that. i certainly don't believe in magical thinking and honestly don't understand the concept of "faith". my favorite classes in college were my comparative religion courses. it was funny because, like in this thread, i found that many of us raised in the most religiously conservative of homes were the ones that labeled ourselves agnostic and or atheist. culture, my professor told me something similar to your friend - he thought i would eventually settle into one of the more spiritual eastern religions.

Things I Learned Tonight:

1) The amount of liquid a macaroni noodle can soak up is curiously deceptive.
2) Minestrone + hearty stew-like consistency = minestroope (pronounced min-eh-STROOPE-ay).
3) The amount of minestroope a young man can ingest in one sitting is curiously deceptive.
4) Young men who live on their own are so starved for home cooking that they will not only eat it after their (pizza) dinner, they will beg to take more to work for their lunch.
5) The amount of marijuana a young man can inhale in one puff is curiously deceptive.

Yeah, good call on the macaroni (and tomato sauce), everyone. guitarboy called to jam just as I was finishing up, so he got first sample and went orgasmic over it. Thumbs up from all three of us Porcupine Rebels. wink.gif Thank you for your participation! biggrin.gif

Hiya FJ!

It's funny - I grew up in a really non-religious home. My dad was agnostic at best. My mom embraces spirituality in a very general artist/gardener's sort of way, and was never religious. We weren't even baptized, b/c our parents wanted us to make our own choices about religion. I guess I could never just embrace one religion wholly. Nor atheism, I guess. I suppose I WANT to have faith of some kind, because I have hopes about the existence of an afterlife, and also I want life to make sense when it doesn't seem to. But I've spent years teaching myself to trust my instincts, and the whole near death experience really made it clear what my instincts are! So I'm on the see-saw at the moment.

I think music is my religion, actually.
You agnostic, not wanting to be atheist types (atheism really is quite devoid, I'd say), should check out some secular humanism. We researched it quite heavily when we got married, as our officiant was a humanist jewish rabbi. We realized that all along, we had a "ism" and just didn't know it has a name! Humanism implies just what it sounds to imply- that humans as a species are miraculous in our own ability to reason, hope, love, cherish and respect. So, we do have faith, in reason, hope, love etc. It works for us. Wasn't it MrFJ who has a Bertrant Russel quote up for a while? Russle was the "spirtual" part of the readings at our wedding. His discourses on deliberate marriage are awesome.

Hmmm...a not-hot meal. Pasta salad? I can give you my zuchinni bread rec'p too. And my "cheesey fingers" appetizer rec't. Taco dip? Hmmm...let me see about PM'ing you some of these.

BTW, when Jackaroo is a fussy no-veggie eating toddler, things like muffins and pasta sauce really do go a LONG way into conning the little ones. Moxette will eat as many muffins as I put in front of her face. smile.gif

So, I'm in early (got here at 6:30 thuis AM), and will be all alone until 11AM, at the earliest. Its lovely and quiet and wonderful.
Goooooooooooood Morning!

Diva, that totally sucks that your mom is like that. As for the one who didn't call, it was the "friend". The bar owner called me three times that night. Hehehehe. Maybe I should take advantage of that this weekend. Have you picked up the new case load yet?

Marileen, that's exactly it, he's upset that I'm not sleeping with him or dating him. Why on earth would I want to when he gets upset about this kind of thing and we are friends only? my ex was controlling like this, and I don't need that in anyone I hang around with. I think that's pretty cool about your dad! What kind of music do you have picked out for your wedding so far?

Tree, I wish I was close to you, I'd love to do a Hallowe'en thing!

FJ, I'm sorry to hear about the job situation. That is comcastic. I'm sure that something will come up for you that isn't shittay! ~*~*~*~*~*Great jobbity job vibes for FJ~*~*~*~*~*~

Hey Sixela!!!!

Turbo, did the colour swatch you picked out work well in the kitchen?

Doodle, what did you end up adding to your stew? I don't think that you would need tomatos for that. Oh, I read more, and see that you added macaroni! Mmmm it sounds so good! I'm excited about the linky's! The more I read about Libra's the more I realise how much of a Libra I am! I love your lesson's learned!

Hey Mox! Enjoy your alone time!

I think there is a certain portion of the population which equates being christian as being Evangelical and following Jimmy Swagart around like Dead Head's followed that Greatful dead. The media really portrays Christians as being intolerant and any Eastern religion (aside from Islam, which according to the media is full of fanatics...uhhhh....what are abortion protestors????) is calming and soothing and loving. To me the idea that the world was created in 6 days does not fit with my belief system. I'm an evolutionist. But, everyone has there reason for believing.

In university I took a class on the Anthropology of belief systems. It was about religion and went into theories about why religion came into existance. One of the constants was it gives people a meaning for explanation. Previous to a particular scientific discovery, it explained everything. Which is why I wrote a paper about how science is a belief system. It explains the same things. How the earth was formed, how humans came into existance, etc.

Science works for me, not that Zen Buddhism wouldn't.

So, that's pretty much it.

Have a good day all! Later kats!

With my students, I always preface a conversation about belief systems with "What would Oogga-Booga Caveperson have though?" You know, let's say that Oogga walked outside their cave one day only to find that it was thundering and lightening to beat the band...what would he think? How would he most easily be able to explain it in a fashion that set his garbanzo bean at some type of ease?

"Lightening God is Angry, UGH!"

Egads, these jackasses at school drive me nuts. I'm talking administration. One of the TEACHER administrators here had the brassy balls to take the effing newspaper out from under my hands just because he WANTED to. What really pissed me off was that I found out from an EMAIL that the weasel sent me. I have alliances with Saint Thomas University and they fostered our entire launch...with the exception of software that I bought.

Honestly, I'd like Kel and the rest of you all to punch this Irish Catholic Hypocrite in the neck.

A few times. smile.gif

Yep, that was me, FJ- I know, isn't it cute for an SUV?

Doodle, your beliefs seem pretty similar to mine. My dad's side of the family is Jewish, although he wasn't really raised religiously Jewish, just culturally-so. He considers himself agnostic. My mom comes from an Irish Catholic family, went to Catholic school all the way through college, but stopped going to church a long time ago. Humanist and I weren't baptized and were exposed to all sorts of different religions, but never forced into any of them. Our parents instilled good moral values in us and always taught us to treat people how we'd like to be treated. I believe that there is a god, but it's more of a formless ball of energy rather than a man or woman. I, too, have hopes about the afterlife, but I'm not certain about them and have accepted that not knowing is just part of faith. I'd like to find some kind of church-type group that shares similar beliefs....I'm working on that.

Moxie, my cousin/boss and her husband got married by a humanist rabbi and my cousin now goes to their synagogue. They sound pretty cool- they don't care whether or not you circumcise, eat pork, fast on holidays...they don't even care if you actually believe in God. They believe in the value of the rituals and history of Judaism, but they don't believe you need to follow them to be a good person, and that working at being a better person, not simply praying to be one, is what does it. My cousin just went to their Rosh Hashanah service last week, the first time she'd been to a service in years, and said it was probably the best one she'd ever been to. I'm going on a road rally-type scavenger hunt that the synagogue is sponsoring next month with her and some friends. It should be interesting.

Doodle, the minestroope sounds delish. I'm glad it's finally becoming soup weather here. Well, it was becoming soup weather- they were saying it's going to 80 today, so we'll see. dry.gif

((hugs to the okayers!!))
Hi peepers!!

Turbo, you can't lose with green. I'm really pleased with my olive living room.

I like discussions about spirituality and religion in the lounge. I guess I'm somewhere in between agnostic and atheist. The problem I have with secular humanism is right there in the title. "Human." It's too anthropocentric and I don't think humans are really all that special or miraculous. Actually, the universe would be a lot better place without us. The only meaning behind human life is the meaning that we've assigned to it in our minds. The "mind" is a function of the brain, which is a body organ. My theories on the universe revolve more around energy. I think there is a plane or many planes of energy that our brains are too limited to understand because we feel the need to isolate everything into separate entities. Even my use of the word "plane of energy" implies some sort of physicality, but I don't know how else to talk about it because I have a human brain.

My beliefs pretty much boil down to the law of conservation of energy--matter cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change forms. When we die, our "life energy" dissipates into a general energy supply that leads to new life and activity. Life is the result of recycled energy. I guess that's sort of like a uber scientific version of reincarnation. I also have a scientific view on karma, based on the laws of motion--for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. My "perspective" on existence is sort of an olio of physics, earth-based spirituality, and eastern philosophy.

Shit, I better get to work.
Hey Hey!!!

I'm really enjoying reading everyone's thoughts and beliefs here, very interesting!

I just irks me that if you follow one particular line of thought, that some other say that you can't believe in something else. Can't I just take a mishmash of what I believe in. I didn't think that believing in something restricted my entire thought process.

I just need it to be the end of the day because I just plain don't want to be here.

ETA: I also see at the bottom of the BUST lounge that one of our Okayland friends is celebrating a birthday! Happy Happy Birfday to Lore!!!!!
Admittedly, I don't know a whole lot about Humanism, but my interpretation of it is that when it comes down to it, we only have ourselves to rely on and to make the world a better place....praying to a god to help with personal or societal problems isn't enough. So, I don't see it as being a egotistical thing, or a celebration of our human-ness. I see it as trying to strive to be the best we can be to each other, our fellow animals and the planet.

P.S. Happy birthday lore!!
Heh...I'm also a follower of The Church of Rock. I believe that people such as Keith Moon, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Slash, etc., were sent to earth by the Rock Gods as prophets of song. Yeah, that's it. Screw all the energy stuff I was talking about earlier. I believe in ROCK.

The gospel according to the prophet Bon Scott:
In the beginning
Back in nineteen fifty-five
Man didn't know about a rock 'n' roll show
And all that jive
The white man had the smoltz
The black man had the blues
No one knew what they was gonna do
But Tchaikovsky had the news
He said -
"Let there be sound", and there was sound
"Let there be light", and there was light
"Let there be drums", and there were drums
"Let there be guitars", and there were guitars
"Let there be rock"
And it came to pass
That rock 'n' roll was born

\m/ \m/ \m/
Doh! Damn double post!!
Poodle, I like it!!! No, I LOVE it!!!!
Hi, peeps!

I like hearing about all these spiritual beliefs, too. I like the sound of secular humanism, maybe that's what I'll be if it doesn't require you to believe in a higher power. I guess the beef that I have with religions is that they seem to credit themselves with telling people how to live a better life. So may people say "I'm a Christian, so I believe that you should be kind to your fellow man, blah, blah, blah." Why do you need religion to tell you that? Isn't that already what you should do as a being on this planet? I wonder if those people weren't Christian, what kind of havoc they would realisticly go out and wreak.

So I prefer not to believe in anything but myself. I can control me, but why believe in something that may or may not exist, and if it does or doesn't, does it really even matter? Can anyone say they would've lived their life differently?

But for all that stuff you can't explain, I'm going to go with Poodle's stuff about physics.

Minx, that sucks that the paper was grabbed out from under you. You worked on that last year, too, right? How dare he, after all that work you put in! I hope the whole class quits or puts out a really comcastic product just to spite him.

Wow, FJ, what a small freaking world! I don't know what to tell ya, except I'm sure you can find plenty of other things out there without having to involve your "friends" if you want to.

CH, nope, no new files yet, but the girl who distributes them only does it once a week and she might be letting them accumulate. I'm in no rush to get them, either. I'd love to date a bar owner, if I weren't already with the giant. Hmmm... maybe I'll just be a bar owner!

Hellos to everyone else!

Not much going on here. We had a pretty relaxing night last night. I worked out and read my school book while I did treadmill (why didn't I think of that before? It saved at least 30 minutes of reading at home and I always read at the gym anyway), then did all of my homework when I got home so I'll have tonight completely free after I get home from the gym (but just a small workout since I did weights yesterday). The giant made us dinner of parmesan crusted chicken breast, baked potatoes, and garlic bread. It was so freaking good. Heaven is a hot, moist, soft baked potato with plenty of sour cream. Then he watched fool-ball and I read my book. Thank Maud there's not fool-ball on tonight.

I think that's what I'll believe in, that there's a place at the end that has unlimited perfect baked potatoes and sour cream.

pinkpoodle I'm gonna have to go pick up some potatoes.
<---- secular humanist.

that is all.
The Church of Rock is actually a little evangelical. It is our belief that the sound should be spread throughout the world at an extremely high volume.
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