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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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heh...well I can see I'm outvoted on the orange! tongue.gif Oh, well.....

CH, the 140C / 220F below freezer's coming out of Microbial the study of bacteria and viruses and stuff like that. Supposedly it's been "decontaminated" though. Which is better than we usually get. I'm really anxious to see it. And...nobody's gonna stand in it, ever, Poods! I'd think you'd shatter. I think Mars gets that cold, doesn't it? Heh.

Oh, man, that sucks about the pay raises at the U of M. Things aren't much better here at UW...luckily it doesn't affect me, cause my contract is pretty good. But the AFSCME people are getting screwed, big time. They aren't allowed to strike, though...there's a no-strike clause in all of our contracts. I actually feel kind of guilty, getting a raise when they are getting screwed. They (maintenance mechanics) DO scab on us though. They're always trying to take our work, then they screw it up and we have to go fix it. Job security I guess. I DO feel bad they're getting screwed though. I keep telling them to start an apprenticeship and get into my classification. They don't seem to want to do it.

Catsoup, I have an ipod video and I wont watch videos on the bus, cause I'm afraid I'd miss my stop! I listen to music though. I have to keep an eye open to outside though, so I don't lose track of when I have to get off.

Kari, glad paco was okay. ~*~*neck relief vibes*~*~
Dayum!!! That IS Comcastic! mad.gif Using already-inflated tuition fees to finance their for-profit realestate and renovation shopping is lame in my book! Something's gotta change about the way education happens! They know they've got us with the question, "How much is your future WORTH to you? Your children's future?" Grrr! They're aware of the economics of the situation. They aren't pressed at all to compete on price of tuition, so they can almost charge at whim. It's like the rising gas prices. We need to get rid of greed at the helm of organizations that are there to SERVE the people! No longer should we drink from the nut sack of the rich! Let he or she who has committed no embezzlement throw the first snowball, and may that snowball grow BIG!... CRUSH!! CRUUUUSHHH!!!

OK, too much coffee, but those jackasses are running things wrong sad.gif
morning everybody. i had a really bad night last night. work went fine, and we got off a couple hours earlier than what we were supposed to, so i was feeling pretty good on the ride home. i was about halfway home when a great deal of something warm and wet hit my left side. i looked up to see a car speeding away with a guy hanging out the passenger side holding a large cup and laughing his ass off. i thought maybe it was a warm soda or something, but from the smell of my clothes this morning, he threw piss at me. some random stranger, for some random reason, threw piss at me. i am so fucking disgusted right now, and pissed off, and hurt. i feel angry and violated and scared. people at work are always asking me how i can ride my bike that distance at that time of night, and i always tell them not to worry, that nothing ever happens, i'm a big girl and no one ever messes with me. i don't even know if i can go in to work tonight, but i have to because we're shorthanded already. this is the first time in over a year that anything has happened to me on the ride home. i'm not worried about it or anything else happening again, but i am, and it pisses me off. i wish i'd reacted quickly enough to get a plate number and a description.
oh, grrrl! i am so sorry that happened to you!!!!!!! what the fuck is wrong with people?!?!


Kari, I hope that you feel better.

Hey catsoup, poodle, lore and FJ!

Tree, that's what I figured it was for, after I asked the question of course!

(((Grrrl))) are you okay? What a bunch of fucking assholes.

In terms of university stuff, I was very fortunate, the province had tuition freezes the entire time I was enrolled in my undergrad programme. Of course, other programmes weren't so lucky. It also doesn't help that Post Secondary institutions are grossly underfunded here. The city was helpful though, transit offered reduced fare bus passes and have a few transit routes that run non stop from the univeristy (which is in the southern portion of the city, and away from downtown) to downtown as well as the northwest portion of the city. There are quite a few dorms (not enough though) and the university is building more. Of course the univeristy I went to gets a bum rap (even though it's the oldest in Western Canada, and has one of the best Architecture programmes in the country as well as getting millions from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and so forth). It's just not good enough.

/end university sales pitch.

It's sad that universities are turning ito such large corporations, in fact here, there is an omnipresent Monsanto presence on Campus (which gives A LOT of money to agriculture). It's even worse when you think about how elitist University still is. And community college gets a real bum rap.

Well, I hope that everyone is doing well!

Later all!
Holy Cow! mad.gif I'm sorry that happened to you, Grrrl! You did NOT deserve that! Frankly, something that lame could have happened to anybody, and no matter how they were getting around. They could have chucked it into a car window or at a jogger. It just sucks that anybody would be so lame to other people sad.gif

Please don't let them change you doing things you want to do or how you want to do them. It would be like a troll chasing you away from BUST. They're dumb and pointless people who don't even have a sense of what's actually funny or fun, so they do dumbass things to try to make other people feel bad. Just don't let them get to you, and remember to get license plates and descriptions. (I've had instances where I kicked myself for not taking down plates, too. You just never expect to have to.)

And you KNOW those people are going to get themselves caught doing something lame like that later on, and they'll pay for it and have to own up to their own lameness. It is their destiny.
blink.gif mad.gif


I'm so angry on your behalf, Grrl, I can't even express it.
(((grrrl)) Wow, that makes me want to put on my fuck'em up boots and terrorize the assclown.

Okay, I need "don't do anything really stupid tonight vibes", please.
Oh my god. That is soooo disgusting. Sick fucker.

The other thing that bugs me about universities is their contracts with corporations. The U of M whores itself out to TCF Bank, Coca-Cola, and craploads of other companies that plaster their names everywhere and manipulate (almost force) people to use their products/services.

~*~*~*~vibes for minx~*~*~*~ What are you doing tonight? Are you meeting up with ex-minxman?
~*~*~*~don't do anything stupid vibes for minx~*~*~*~*~ what's going on???

~~~~~~~~~~~don't do anything stupid, Minx~~~~~~~~~~~ If it has anything to do with that asshole ex-Minxman, remember how far you've come. Do you really want to scrap it all and start all over when nothing good can come of it?

(((((((((Grrl))))))))) I can't believe someone would do such a thing! I want to bash that kid's head against the sidewalk. You don't treat people like that!

What I hate about the U is how I, a college graduate and average wage-earner, cannot afford to take classes there and can't even get admitted unless I commit to a course of study. This is a STATE college, not some private muckity muck. That's bullshit. I will never ever ever ever so long as I live ever give to an alumni fund which will be used to build some building they don't need and not make it any easier for kids to go there to learn. At this place where I used to work in college, one of our phoning projects was for the U of M alumni bridge. WTF? Nobody pledged anything for it, and I can't say I blame them.

Kari, thanks for reminding me that's on tonight! I love that show!

Hi, Catsoup!

Feh, Comcastic. I can't believe that asshole company coined a term for their own "greatness." I want to start using that word whenever something really sucks. That's the last company that should be touting their customer service skills.

Grrl, what happened to you was really Comcastic. Those assholes who threw that at you are Comcastic.


Yeah, not too long ago, the U decided that it wanted to be more competitive and "higher end," so they jacked up the tuitions and made it more difficult to get in. There are also way more fees. I feel lucky that I got out of there before the hikes.

I think I'm gonna call Comcast "Comcrap" from now on. "Comcastic" should really be used to describe crappy things.

Well kiddos, the meddler is out, so I'm gonna leave early today. See y'all later!!
Grrl, on the last day of school in the seventh grade some assclown kids passed a cup around the back of the school bus, not JUST a cup but a Big Gulp cup from 7-11, and filled it with as much communal piss as they could recruit. As if the insanity of that alone were not enough, the bus went full-on into Lord of the Flies mode when the driver herself somehow decided it would be fun to participate and slowed the bus down as it approached an elderly man riding a bicycle on the shoulder of the road. The driver opened the bus door while assclown #1 tossed the bucket of piss all over the man, making him lose control and faceplant into the curb. The goons and bus driver all howled.

I don't know how to explain why things like that happen. It's cruel and borderline evil. I'm sorry you experienced that but you can find at least some comfort in the fact that your decency and empathy for other humans is the result of a healthy emotional state that the folks who attacked you simply haven't themselves attained. They are worse off now than you.
Hi mr. FJ!! Yeah, that IS evil. I want to believe that most people are good, but it's really hard sometimes.

I hope the person that took my ipod likes Led Zeppelin, The Who, Tom Waits, and The Grateful Dead, because I have LOTS of their stuff. They'll probably delete it all and replace it with Kid Rock or Eminem.

I went to the DMV today and I was talking to this girl about car stuff and I accidentally referred to XRB as my "boyfriend." Ugh. It just came out that way. Stupid XRB. I'm hanging out with him tonight

ETA- Diva, I noticed that Memory Lanes has a Guitar Hero night!! We need to drag the giant out one of these nights. Y'all should take this guitar solo quiz. Sadly, I didn't score 100%. I don't know many Jane's Addiction songs. I didn't know The Police song they were talking about either.
100%. Suck it, bitches tongue.gif
What?!!!! You got 100%? I'm impressed. Ah well, 80% is like a B, right? I'm okay with that.
I'm not even going to try that quiz, Mr FJ....I am totally hopeless at knowing what stuff is. I may be able to sing along, but song titles and band names are often completely lost on me.

Well, its 8pm, and the contractor is still here....and its not quite done yet. Poor guy - I feel bad for him - our walls conspired against us...the wall the fridge goes up against on the side has quite a curve to it, and so while the fridge *should* have fit, it was 1" off because of the wall, so he had to cut down the base cabinet and granite, as well as the the upper cabinet. Oh well. Piccies will be posted later this hardware on the cabinets yet, though.

(((((((minxy, be smart vibes))))) Stay away from all the assclowns in your life!

(((((grrrrl))))) That is so terrible!! In college, turbomann lived on a floor with the football players, and at the end of the football season, when all the drug testing was done, they took their 2-liter bottles of "clean" piss and poured it down the hallway carpets. They had to close the floor for three days because it was a biohazard. Yuck.

Yeah, Comcast really makes my blood boil....unfortunately, we are stuck here, as the building has a contract with them, so we get basic cable for free.
I didn't do anything stupid. Yes, it had to do with Minxman. Sometimes I just get sentimental and need to remember good stuff, ya know? Thank you for the vibage, ladies. I've just got a case of the blues tonight. sad.gif

One thing that helped? Seeing Mr.FJ say "Suck it". That about made me wet myself.

I got a hundo myself...I loves me some Jane's Addiction.
Hi Minxy! I have to agree, that Mr. FJ really brings it with the one-liners. smile.gif

Well, the kitchen is DONE! ....Mostly. The contractor still has to come back on Saturday to finish up some things but I can start loading stuff into my cabinets tomorrow!

So, just to get the whole feeling of the journey, here's the BEFORE, and here's the FINALE! And ya'll are so right - I need me some terra cotta walls! The painter is coming over tomorrow to give us an estimate.

Cod, I am so excited to come home tomorrow and start making my kitchen my own!

And with that, my allergies are going crazy from cleaning up all the dust and sawdust, so I am going to take a shower, and hit the hay!

Tree, I am bummed with you that you're getting screwed out of the cool refrig job. Booooooooo!

And one more thing - (((((extra super-duper squishy booby hugs for minxy))))). Love you, babe.

Wow, that's gorgeous, turbo. I love the deep cabinets and the counter and the angled cabinet in the corner and....the list goes on. Can't wait to see it in person.

After seeing the inside of your fridge, I was shocked when I saw the Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce and came upon the realization that I've never brought you any of the BBQ sauce my dad makes. Yes, my dad created and sells a BBQ sauce. Well, at the next Chicago Bustie gathering at your house, I'll bring some. IMHO, it's so much better than just about anything else out there, and there's no high fructose corn syrup in preservatives, no oil, just good stuff.

I only got 7 of the 16 of the songs. I don't listen to a lot of that stuff, though.

(((hugs to all the okayers, especially grrl....that's just awful. Feel better!)))
A quick general lubbun' post before I pound some beers and act like a freak and then go to sleep.

Glad you're all O.K. smile.gif
*!Update!* I am now in Freak-mode!
Wow, Turbo! I want your kitchen! It is gorgeous! A real, honest to goodness, grownup kitchen!

No way in hell am I going to try that quiz. I'd be a big fat zero. 'course I have an excuse with my hearing.

Lore, glad to see you in "freak" mode!

Sooo...nothing new around here, although I woke up in the middle of the night and "got it"...I must have been trying to figure out how that -140 freezer works...and I thought of the bank for some reason and it all "clicked!" I just love Eureka moments. I feel like Dr. House. I'm going to talk to my co-worker and see if I got it right.

Oh, and I WILL find a way to get in on that job, at least to see it, a bit. I at least just want to see it torn apart and see the inner workings. I'll come back into the shop, "for parts".

The chiropractor is basically keeping me on the three times a week schedule for three to four weeks. The band I have to wear is restricting fluid and it's making my arm and fingers swell up, though. But if it's any looser it doesn't help the I guess I'll just suck it up and try to be able to take it off every now and then. I just am not supposed to move my arm without it.

Happy Friday, Okayers!


It's Fridaaaaaaaaaay!

I don't kow shit fuck all, being from Canada and all. But, Diva, I do like the sounds of crappy things being comcastic!

Poodle, that's really great that the meddler was out of office so you could get outta there early! And I hvae yet to try the quiz, I think I shall shortly. Have you picked up the new issue of Mental_floss yet? I finally got my hands on it.

Mr. FJ, that's fucking sick that the driver got in on that, I mean who fucking does that???? 100% eh?

Turbo, Ohmyfreakin' goodness. Your kitchen looks amazing! Wow!!!! It's beyoooooootiful!


Hey Polly and Lore!!!!

Tree, I'm glad that things are improving a bit. Sausage fingers though...

I've got nothing today. I took the og to the park, it rained and it was windy and I was COLD (I was dressed up, compelete with hat and mitts), I felt like a cold wet rodent. Then I worked out and went to bed. Look at me living the high life. Tonight I'm doing a mass de dogfurring of the digs. It's everywhere and it's driving me nuts! It's already a short trip. Aside from that, no big plans for the weekend.

What about everyone else? anything fun going on?

Later kats!


((((grrrrrl)))) I cannot believe the fucking stupidity of people. I am so angry for you!! Fucking assholes.

Jenn, your kitchen is beautiful! Oh my! Color me jealous. What's the first thing you're planning on baking in that gorgeous new oven? From the looks of your fridge contents, you love condiments as much as Mr K and I. You can never have enough in my opinion.

((minx)) Good for you on not taking any rash actions. I know it is hard.

I want to see Lore in freak mode too! Lore you always make me laugh.

I did not even attempt the guitar solo quiz. I would fail it miserably!

Tree ~~~arm vibes~~~~ That is rad that you figured out the freezer in your sleep! Did you write it down so you won't forget?

hi Poodle! Hi diva! Hi polly!

The U of M story reminds me of what a private school here is doing. It's a Southern Baptist college, if that tells you anything. They are basically taking over the neighborhood where they are located. Buying up all the land and building university shit. Their latest venture was to purchase a park in a somewhat lower income section of the neighborhood. They are trying to say they are going to improve the park, it's going to be better for residents, all can enjoy it....except that in the contract it is reserved from like 8AM to 8PM everyday for university use. What gets my goat is the way they are trying to portray the whole thing as for the "good of the neighborhood." Yeah right.

My neck is feeling better today, thanks for your vibes. I saw the chiro & went home & rested. I think I figured out what is causing the flare up though. At least in part. Paco! He has been pulling on the leash & I just realized on our walk last night how much it is pulling my neck & shoulders. I am going today to buy him a gentle leader & we're going to start some serious leash training. I refuse to have a sore neck due to a canine!

Hi, peeps!

Kari, what did you think of "Sunny" last night? I liked the dumpster baby episode more than the football one. Those scenes with Danny DeVito on acid were just creepy. Glad to hear you figured out your neck/shoulders problem so you can do something about it.

I'm going to take that quiz when I get home, assuming you have to listen to it and I don't have sound on my work computer. I'll probably do okay on it.

Wow, Mr. FJ, the cruelty of children is shocking. But the bus driver, too? I hope her sorry ass got fired.

Good for you, Minx. I'm proud of you.

Jenn, that's great that you can move your stuff back in and start using your kitchen again! I can't wait to see the pictures, but I'll have to do that when I get home since Flickr never works on my work computer.

Hi, Tree, CH, Lore, and Poodle!

No huge plans for us this weekend. The giant and I are going to do something with his brother and older niece tonight, so that should be fun. His niece is 9 years old and really fun. I can't wait to be her aunt. I wouldn't normally go, but since his mom is out of town this week, it's okay. I need a few more weeks before I can look at her again. Tomorrow, I'm going to see Marileen, then the giant and I might go to a BBQ for his coworker who moved into our neighborhood, actually down the block from my cousin. On Sunday, we've got no plans. I was planning on going up to my parents place to see Sam, but my mom is being such a cow that now I'd rather not even bother. She's so unwelcoming most of the time, like she's trying to hoard Sam for herself. It's really unhealthy. I've asked around, and other people's parents don't act like this, and the older people at work I've asked have said that they're always happy when their grown kids come to visit. Mom's just psycho, and I'm really sick of it, so if she doesn't want to see me, then I won't go at all. Screw her.

On a lighter note, I got turned down for the No-Coast craft fair. Oh, well. They had a lot more applicants than they did last year. And who knows, maybe they'll have a space for me after all. I didn't get into it last year until about a month beforehand, so I'm still holding out a little hope, but if I don't make it, it's not the end of the world.

Jenn, your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy for you! Really, I can think of very few things finer than new kitchen ANYTHING!
Hi diva!

Sorry to hear about your mother. So she ignores you while you are there or what? sad.gif

Sorry also to hear about the craft fair. I will cross my fingers that you get a spot!

That's funny, I liked the football episode last night better than the dumpster one. I was cracking up at the chick playing football w/ the fake goatee, at Danny Devito in the trash can, and at greenman. Oh man. So funny. I missed my other show, MadMen. Drat! I am going to see when they replay it.

Hi minx!

This day is not going quickly enough for my liking. Speed up!

Your weekend sounds like it's going to be fun, Diva. What about everyone else?

I am meeting a friend for an early dinner tonight. Then another friend and I are going to a ladies poker night at a 3rd friend's house. Tomorrow I plan to do some baking. A friend is having a game night tomorrow night. My weekend is game filled! Sunday I work at the hospital from 1-5ish.

Kari, good to kow where the source of the pain is from. Some dogs are just big ol' goof balls.

Diva, I'm sorry to hear that your mom is being difficult right now.

Hey Minx!!!

Well, I went out for lunch today and it was tasty. Now I'm just holding out for the end of the day. It's been eerily quiet here. I have to change Eugene's water this weekend. Tonight actually, how fun! Fish water can get pretty stanky and gross.

Later all!
mornin' everybody! today's looking a lot better than yesterday. it's friday, my bank account is newly replenished, my cute new chonies from torrid are here, and i'm buying a helmet on my way to work, cause i'm picking up my new scooter monday. happy.gif thanks so much for all the sympathy and commiseration. you know, i came here and told you guys before i called my mom yesterday. i wouldn't say i'm over what those assholes did; i glared suspiciously at every car that came up behind me on the ride home last night, and probably will for a while. but as one of my friends at work pointed out, it could have been worse: rocks, battery acid, paintballs, i could have wrecked my bike or worse. i came through relatively unscathed. after indulging in a few revenge fantasies-my favorite of which involved them pulling up next to me, me whipping a taser gun out (the kind with barbs and wires) and shooting the passenger in the head, and then he's seizing up and his friend freaks out and crashes the car, and the two of them require multiple painful surgeries, which the anesthesia doesn't work for, but they can't say anything because they're in comas and their families won't pull the plug, so they linger like that for twenty some odd years, miserable and in agony but unable to die-i figure they're going to get what's coming to them, cause karma's a bitch like that. anyway, thanks everyone.
'Morning all! (OK, late morning..) *arm-improvement vibes for Tree* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Tree, I can kinda picture what that arm band is about. I hope it stretches your tendons to the right proportions smile.gif

Grrrl, here's a minor Karma's-a-bitch story smile.gif My brother and I were watching a movie one time, and before the lights went off, there were three teenagers sitting up in the back, shooting spitballs of chewed napkin at people at the front of the theater, and we all kinda knew who among us it was. They weren't very good at being secretive on account of their giggling. Anyway, just after the theater darkened, we heard some really loud, alarmed-sounding coughing and gagging! EVERYBODY turned around, pointed, and laughed at him! He was trying to keep it down at first, but then must have really felt he was in trouble. He doubled over, and coughed, and coughed, moaning to everyone's applause and jeering. The guy had to leave the theater, still trying to heave out the spitball in his bronchial tube. People were yelling, "Serves you right, dumbass!" and stuff, and telling those in the audience who weren't sure what was going on about what had happened. That was more than likely more entertaining than the movie was.
Heh heh.

Grrrl, I've had fantasies like that! Bwaaaahahahahahahaha

Lore, that's funny about the shmucks fromt he theatre.

Well, that's pretty much all.

That's funny about that guy, Lore! I wonder if he was surprised that everyone was laughing at him while he choked, like they were supposed to feel sorry for him or something. Dumbass.

Grrl, my usual revenge fantasy is lighting someone on fire. Some people, IMHO, truly deserve that. I love the occasional revenge fantasy, sometimes I believe it's the only way.

Kari, no, she doesn't ignore me while I'm there, she just sounds so reluctant on the phone when I call to ask to come over. Maybe I should just start showing up without telling them, then see how she feels about it. She's like that with my brother, too, now that we don't live at home anymore. Sam's dad basically still lives there half the time, so he doesn't get guilt-tripped like my other brother and I do. But no, she doesn't ignore us, but it's sometimes clear that she'd rather we weren't there.

It's my parents' anniversary today and I don't even know if I'm going to call them because my mom is such a cow. I just don't want to deal with it at all, but I suppose I will.
"I love the occasional revenge fantasy, sometimes I believe it's the only way."

Diva that is awesome. I'm writing that down. I think I probably have vengeful thoughts every single week. That sucks about your mom being cow-ish. I agree that you should just start dropping by your parents' house, too - see what happens!

(((Grrl))) I'm glad today was a little better day for you.

Lore, that was a great story. I love karma stories.

The U does suck in so many ways. I temped there while finishing grad school and so I got to see the suck in multitudinous ways across departments. And I have a lot of stories I probably shouldn't share from my days working part-time at the alumni center there. Suffice it to say their shrine to the future football stadium in the building's gallery space left me with feelings of angry rage every time I had to go in there.

Jenn I love your kitchen and I think terra cotta paint will look fantastic (and not comcastic)!

Kari, gentle leaders help a lot but dogs sometimes hate them. We also like using an extend-a-leash on our dog - it has helped so much. He can dash ahead or walk beside me and I don't have to struggle with him nearly as much. Abe can get to the next tree at his own speed and then I can catch up while he's hanging out there sniffing.

Hi FJs! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!

Is it really Friday today? This has been the fastest week of my life.

I am excited about this weekend. We have a ton of stuff to do but some fun things too. We need to deal with our song list for the dj and I'm not too excited about that. It just seems really overwhelming and I've been putting it off. We've got to do it though so we make sure the dj plays only our kind of cheese instead of cheesy music we hate!
Good afternoon bustiers!!

Sounds like everyone is doing well on this lovely Friday!!

Turbo, the kitchen looks awesome!!! So what's the first meal that you plan on preparing in your newly completed kitchen? I think you should celebrate.

Sorry 'bout your ma and the craft fair, diva. My mom always wants me to come over. That's annoying, too. It's sweet though, I guess.

I love the revenge discussion. I don't really have anything to add other than that I'm pro-revenge, as long as it's not too crazy. Some people just need to be punished.

Culture, I bought the new mental_floss in the beginning of the week and I've read pretty much the entire thing already!! It's definitely my favorite mag.

Last night, XRB took the guitar solo quiz and scored 100%, which totally pissed me off because he guessed on most of them. Of course, he had to gloat about it the entire night. His guitar solo expertise sorta turned me on. Anyway, one thing led to another, yadda, yadda, yadda......I was super late to work this morning.

Heh, marileen, my sister had the same musical concerns. She made damn sure that the chicken dance wouldn't be a played at her reception!!

Hi kari, minx, grrrl, lore, and anyone I'm forgetting!!

Now if only the office meddler would leave for the day so I could get out of here. I'm hungry and sleepy.
hehehe, poodle just yadda'd sex! tongue.gif oh, i lurve a good seinfeld reference. funny that you called him boyfriend the other day. i guess it's sort of an easy way to describe him though, rather than telling the whole story. i guess fuck-buddy would work too.

diva, sorry about the craft fair and your mom.

marileen, what is going to be "your song?"

not too much going on today. went to eat lunch with mrfj, which was really nice. took jackaroo of course and everyone at the office ooohed and aaahed appropriately. we're going to a big outdoor mall tonight. i need to go to tarjhay to return a baby sling that i'd bought. i guess i got it too small or something because it just doesn't feel right and jackaroo hates it. we need some time away from the house. funny how our friday nights "out" have now turned into seeking out stroller-friendly joints to take the kiddo.

haha, i said joints. yeah, won't be seeing any of those for a while. just when i thought it might be safe to smoke out a little after all these months, i go and lose my job and need to stay clean for potential drug tests. phooey on that!

anywho, tomorrow we are going to go visit some friends (previously known as couple A) that just had their baby girl yesterday. i need some cooking advice: can you smartie-foodies come up with an easy recipe for something high in protein but easy to eat for the new momma? i know how hard it is to sit down to dinner in those first few days/weeks/um..months! and want to fix something up to take over there. any ideas? i thought lasagna that they could freeze but that just seems too obvious.

Bah! I got 81%! And I'm a freaking GUITARIST!!!!

This is quick - so hot, got to have a shower.

But turbo, that kitchen is AWESOME! Gorgeous! Wow! I'm stunned! And I can't WAIT to see the orange walls!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! Truly, it seems like it was worth the wait. (Oh, and the first thing *I* noticed in the fridge was the bottle of Carolans - what does that say about me? LOL!)

Ok, I stink. Off to the shower!
Moxie's Chicken Chili:

1 lbs Ground Chicken (turkey)
1 small onion, chopped
Cumin, Chilipower, salt, pepper, red peper, oregano, garlic to taste
1 can each: kidney beans, chopped tomatoes (large can), black beans OR white beans
1 box chicken stock (4 C.)
1 6oz can tomato paste
1.2 bag frozen corn

Brown the chicken in a pot big enough for all ingredients. Add onion, let soften.
Add everything else except the frozen corn.
Let simmer untildesired thickness (1-2 hours)
add corn.

Enjoy. Makes many, many, many servings. Freezes beautifully. Can also be made vegetarian using tofu and veg broth.

Also, muffins.
Hope jackaroo and baby girl like each other! smile.gif Have fun!
Ah, FJs, I think our Friday nights got dull a long time ago, and we don't even have a kiddo! On deck tonight - go to Home Despot for shelf paper and washers so we can put the hardware on the cabinets - exciting! We might have to stop at the Gelato place on the way. smile.gif

Thanks for all the kitchen love. I think I have a crush on my kitchen - its so purty! I just wiped down all the cabinet exterior and interiors, and put my favorite cookbooks on the counter - I love having all my favorite chefs close at hand. Strangely, I have no idea what I'm going to cook first, or honestly, when that will be - we are booked solid this weekend, there's no food in the fridge now (just all the condiments kari spied) and, of course, my LUSH stash. heh.

Polly, I think that BBQ sauce is a few years old - I would LOVE to have some of your dad's sauce...and of course the info on where to procure it. wink.gif

I'm going to be contrary to marileen - big fan of the gentle leaders and train dogs to properly walk on leash, and I am SO against the extendable leashes. Maybe they're fine in suburbs and areas where there aren't so many dogs out on leash, but turbo has been approached agressively on many occasions by dogs on those long leads, and several times the owners lost control and let go of the plastic handle thingy when the dog yanked the leash. I think its easier for your dog to either get away from you with those. *steps off soapbox* Mostly, I just wish everyone would be responsible dog owners. Doesnt seem too much to ask.

Speaking of dogs - time to walk mine. I'll be back later...
Good Evening everyone!

Diva, ahhh revenge. I never thought about lighting someone on fire, next time I think of revenge, it'll be that!

Marileen, I hope things with the DJ work out!

Poodle, I'm trying not to read mental_floss all in one sitting! I try and savour it, usually doesn't work out so well.

FJ, I hope you have a good time with couple A.

Hey Doodle!

Mox, that recipes sounds yummtastic!

Turbo, word on responsible dog owners!

So, I had a looong drive home, my car was pratically on empty, and I was pissed. Then I saw why Didn't see the event, but saw the aftermath. How awful. On a happier note the work week is OVER!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

I must go change the sheets and so forth!

Later all!
Turbo I can see where you're coming from about the extendaleashes for some dogs. If you don't know how to reel your dog back in on one if necessary, it can be a problem and you definitely can't just let them walk way ahead if you are around a lot of people or other dogs. Our neighborhood is pretty suburban with sidewalks so we can see who's coming in advance and adjust accordingly. Usually I just shorten it up and temporarily "lock" it when we meet someone but we cross the street when we see a husky because they are Abe's archenemies! Abe just has a natural gait that is faster than people walking (and I'm not capable of jogging for more than half a block to keep up with his pace) so it was constant frustration with a regular leash. He loves to be in front but frequently slows down or stops to sniff so a leash that automatically lengthens and shortens works great for us. He hated the gentle leader so much and never got used to it no matter how long we tried - I think we tried it for at least a year. He was almost seven years old when we adopted him so that may have had something to do with some of the difficulty in our efforts to stop the pulling. Or maybe it was just that he's the most stubborn dog in the universe. I don't know.

I've never read Mental Floss - what is it like?

FJ our song is going to be "My One and Only Love" by Sting. We both really like that song. It was originally performed by Frank Sinatra but we haven't heard that version.

I hate the Chicken Dance but Jfrito wants it so I'm giving in on that one. I'm starting to see why wedding dance music sucks with the whole pressure to appeal to the masses. I do have some do not plays already that I must insist on though - no Celine Dion Titanic song, no "I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll", no "Baby Got Back". I'm sure there will be more!

Marileen, mental_floss is so fun! It's got the tag line "where knowledge junkies get their fix" it's a useless knowledge sort of thing, but it's also got quirky, fun, and unknown information and articles.

I put away clothes tonight, that is all. No sheet changing, or fish bowl cleaning. Tomorrow for sure!

Ha ha! guitarboy got 75%! Ha ha ha ha ha!!
Good morning!!

Can I tell you how happy I am this cold, fall morning? Got up at 6am and took turbo for a long walk on the beach, and on the way back discovered that the fenced baseball files was unlocked for the first time in years, so turbo got to get some good laps in - its really amazing to see him run flat-out with enough space to really tear around! He's getting older though, now, so after about 4 laps, he was done running, but then did all kinds of helicopter spins and play bows - it was really fun.

Then, off to the farmers market where I bought everything that caught my eye - squash, peppers, apples, cider, eggs, goat cheese, pears, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, garlic, onions, raspberries, croissants, broccoli, good to be able to COOK again! Stopped at the market on my way home and bought a ton of chicken feet and bones for stock, which is now simmering on the stove! The first chick stock of the season - YAY! I'm going to make roasted butternut squash soup tomorrow - a perfect fall soup. Fall is my *favorite* season.

Now, I've got to clean this shit-pit up and get ready for our houseguests. Unfortunately, the contractor is coming this afternoon to finish things up, so it will get messy again, but I can work around him.

Doodle, I'm re-thinking the orange paint. I got a bunch of swatches last night, and when I put them up next to the cabinets, it felt like a lot of red tones in a small space....SO, I may go in the other Doodle-direction, and go with a nice olive green....what do the decor experts in here think? My two friends that are coming to stay this weekend are also graphic designers, so I'll get their input as well.

Marileen, Turbodoggie shares Abe's stance on Northern Breed dogs - seriously, its crazy - we have to cross the street too - my calm, sedate dog turns into a maniac and barks and jumps and goes mad...the strange thing is, he's never had a bad experience with a Northern Breed, its like he just decided one day not to like them. Funny critters.
Yaaay for image of a turboing TurboDog! smile.gif That's cute!
Congrats-o on yuor kitchen, too, Turbo! It's shaping up really nice! I gotta look into how to do my own chicken stocks. I just did French onion soup for a couple of friends last night, and it went over well, but it gave me some serious gas. Yikes! I forgot about that effect.

Oh, and I'm voting a Doodle color, too. I love green/brown contrasts.

Hello all y'all~! smile.gif
Just woke up (should never have let guitarboy put my number in his speed dial, grrrrr) not really coherent yet. BUT, yeah, turbo, I think olive green would be a great colour with all those warm tones in your kitchen, and also with your purple wall. [ETA: And I'm sure it would be wonderful to live and cook and drink wine/have random HBI in a gorgeous newly-reno'd olive green kitchen! wink.gif] BUT, don't forget to do a healthy-sized test patch first, because (as I've discovered from both painting and dyeing slipcovers) olive green colour chips can be very deceptive compared to what you actually end up with. mad.gif Good luck! Can't wait to see it!
Doodle, guitarboy calls you when he lives across the hall? That's cute. Thanks for the green tone advice...I will proceed with caution - and probably post proposed colors here when I have a few brain cells available to think about it.

I'm beyond exhausted at this point. I can tell that I need to do a detox, that I've used all my energy reserves, and there's not much left. But, I've managed to buzz around the house and get things cleaned up - I found the dining room! The house is pretty spic and span for the first time in two months, but I think I killed my vacuum cleaner in the process. And, our friends are due to arrive here in about 20 minutes - perfect timing, even if I would love a nap right now!

The contractor is finishing up the last details, and in a couple hours, we will officially be DONE!

Lore, here's how I make my stock - I use a 12qt pot (must put 14qt pot on xmas list), and dump in about 2lbs of chicken feet, 2lb wings, one onion, bunch of garlic cloves, 3 carrots, 3 stalks celery, handful of fresh parsley, a few whole peppercorns. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer. Spoon off the foam when it first boils, then just let it bubble away on the stove for 4-8 hours, depending on how concentrated you want it to be. You don't really need to spoon off the fat...once you're done, and strain the stock into another pot, you just stick it in the fridge, and skim off all the solidified fat the next day. Voila! Very little real effort, but it makes a HUGE difference in the flavor depth of your soups.
Good Afternoon everyone!

Turbo, that's really great that puppers was able to run to his heart's content. Mmmm soup.

Hey Lore and Doodle!

I've really got nothing going on right now. What a dreadfully boring day it's been. I slept last night, I don't know about tonight though. Blah.

Later all.
Ooooo!!! Mmmmmmm!!!!! Ohhhhhh!!!
Guess I'll look for some chicken feet, then smile.gif

What's hurting your sleep cycle, Culture?

Heya Doodle! Maybe I'll actually print a Porcupine Rebels T-shirt.

That's un-possible! ohmy.gif
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