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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey thread-killah. smile.gif

I am having a bully good morning getting ready for my classes. I really didn't do much of anything in the way of preparing this weekend, but that's nothing rare. I nearly NEVER take schoolwork home as a policy. I don't let home bleed into work, and work doesn't bleed into home. A fair compromise, I think.

Anyhoo, my senior world literature class (one section...these are kids that I have had two years in a row already, some of them I had as eighth graders!!) is studying The Canterbury Tales, and all sundry aspects of it. We are really only going over the general prologue and "The Miller's Tale", but that's because this is going to be more of a survey class than anything.

My juniors (four sections) are studying the Salem Witch Trials, and reading Arthur Miller's The Crucible. I've already managed to piss off one SERIOUSLY fundie christian chick from Missouri with the history aspect. I actually had to write a disclaimer on my board stating something about how they might take some of this personally as christians, but that they need to get over that fact and look at the real events which WERE horrific and WERE perpetrated by christians. Whatever. I mean, I get that these kids are young and's when their parents are OLDER and STILL MYOPIC that really gets my dander up.

It ain't like I'm laughing about Romans throwing Christians to the lions or something (snort). wink.gif

Well, haven't heard anything from the ex, and that's probably a good thing. My guess is that he read one of my last posts on here, got really pissed that I hung him out over coming here in the first place and that I am now painted entirely black.

Anyhoo, I miss the good times, but reality's a bitch.

During the weekend I made a shitload of beef barley soup, canned beef broth, chili and spent some time with a very old friend (Wes) that I hadn't seen in well over a year). We drank Stella, ate Indian food, and talked for hours and hours. He even made me oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to take home. Very delish!

My seniors are now hanging out in my freshman's kind of amusing because the frosh are completely deer-in-the-headlights. Freshmen are funny.

Alrighty whities, I'm out of here. Time to eat my apple and finish the note outline.

Hey Kidlets!

Kari, I know what you mean about the booze. I don't do heavy drinking anymore, because I just can't handle the after effects. I wish for death when I'm hungover. hell, even for my birthday I'm not getting shit faced. It's fun for a while, then you start to think about all the bad things. I'm sorry to hear about your fridge and food. sad.gif

Hey Minx! I remember reading the crucilble. If the fundie gets pissed, she can bite it. Too bad for her. When I studied it, I don't remember anyone getting upset about it. Hmmm.

Well, I'm walking with a waddle today. I know it'll improve, it's just the current discomfort. Feh.

Well kats, I should get back to work. Bleh.
Heya Minx, Kari, Culture, & Turrrrrbo! smile.gif (& lurkers, all!)

Miller's Tale, eh? Ahh, the potty jokes of old! smile.gif Be sure to point out a few of Shakespeare's naughtiest to those who were surprised by Chaucer's jokes. I remember cracking up the first time I read Romeo & Juliette. I'm sure you're also pointing them toward the movie, A Knight's Tale. They'll even get to see the author's nakey bum! wink.gif

Oh, and I hear ya about the depressive qualities of alcohol. Friday night's celebrations left me a bit of a zombie most of the weekend. I suuuuure hope you guys do't get food poisoning, Kari.

(X-Post with Culture! Heya!... Bleh indeed!)
besides, the Crucible isn't really even about the Witch Trials, its only SET amongst the witch trials. Its about McCarthyism. So, tell them its a cricisim of republican values. Isn't that better? rolleyes.gif

We had a really great weekend. Lots of family together time. Went house hunting with my, I wish we could move NOW. Saw a couple of awesome houses that I'd love to live in, but are totally impractical for the 'rents. I also went to a baby shower yesterday for my dear friend here at work. It was surprisngly fun, the food was awesome, and I met some really cool folks. The daddy-to-be acted as Emcee for the games, which was hilarious, as he didn't know what about 90% of the baby stuff was, but is a great speaker, so it equaled out.

I also made the yummiest zuchinni bread yesterday. I can feel serious fall cooking vibes coming over me. I may banish moxieman and the kidlet one day this or next weekend, and just go bonkers in my kitchen. I'm totally looking forward to moxette's involvement in food making...its such a fun thing for me, and will hopefully make some winter days go faster!

Anyhoo...hope everyone has a smashing week!

Moxie, I had the urge to bake this weekend too. It's getting to be fall! yay!

Minx, oooh, the reading lists sound very interesting! I am glad the ex hasn't contacted you again. Sounds like you were treated like a queen this weekend by your friend. smile.gif You deserve it.

Lore, this chica is not eating any of that food. No way. I am not fond of hanging my head over the toilet for hours and hours. I hope Mr K is ok. I wish I could discourage him from eating it, but the only way would be to just throw it all out before he gets home. Which isn't a bad idea.....
I am really surprised he is planning on eating it b/c he had food poisoning a few months ago from chicken. That would have made up my mind.


Yeah the mental after effects of booze are terrible. Which makes me even the more irritated, b/c I did it to myself!

Hi it's me again!

Hey Lore!!! Oooh a bum. *grins sheepishly* I like ass.

Mox, I'm so jealous of your cooking skillz!

Kari, you have to have fun every once in a while! I've learned the very hard way to listen to my body.

Word on the food poisoning. It's no fun to have liquid coming out of every orfice of your body. I had food poisong around Chirstmas, and all I wanted was death. Heh heh. It was horrible. But I lost a few prounds in the process, so I'm not complaining a lot. Hee hee.

Speaking of weight, I picked up the book the Abs Diet, and it's soooo not a diet book, it gives tasty recipes and so forth. I just want highly defined and toned abs. Anyways, it motivated me to pick up protein powder (which I did yesterday) and now I'm so freakin' psyched! I'm already getting on good ass shape! (woohoo! size 6!), but I'm doing this because I want to be cut, not for weight loss.

That's all about that. This day is half done, it's dreary outside (which is fine by me) and I'm hoping the new issue of mental_floss is out today and my local book seller!

I hope everyone is doing well today!

Later kats!
Hi, peeps!

I remember reading The Crucible in school. I really quite liked it. Poo on that fundie Xtian girl who doesn't like it because she can't see past her dogma. I think my favorite part of AP English was the British Lit part, mostly because I loved The Canterbury Tales so much. So vulgar, but in the most flowery-written kind of way! I think The Hadmaid's Tale and the one about the rooster were my favorite, but it's been ages since I've read them, so I can't be sure.

I had the urge to bake, too, but I didn't. We've still got banana bread left from the last time I baked, and I had homework to read for class. But I'm SO freaking happy fall is coming around. It's my most favoritest time of the year.

Lore, that rocks that Dick-man got fired! Yah! What comes around goes around. I envy your calmness, though. There's no way I could have not strangled that guy if he'd splashed me.

I think I'm the one person I know who's never had a hangover. Maybe it's because I drink a little bit all the time. I've been drunk a few times, but never had a hangover. That's one thing I like about my body, that it's never done that to me.

((((((((RIP, Mr. Boots)))))))) I wonder why they hide when it's time? Oh, and I read about that awful interview, FJ, just forgot to comment. What the hell kind of asshole would make you work without pay before you even got hired and would tell you to cancel another interview? Sounds a little shady to me.

CH, glad you're feeling better. I'm the same way about fluff books. I'm reading this one that's terrible, basically a cheap LA-style ripoff of The Devil Wears Prada (which had it's own problems with whinyness), and it's awful. And yet I can't stop reading it.

Jenn, congrats on getting some recognition at work and scoring on that outfit! Any more progress on the kitchen? I can't wait until you get your new appliances in there and it's FINISHED.

Kari, I'd be so mad if that were me, especially since I just paid for groceries on Saturday. Heads would have ROLLED.

Hi, Moxie and all!

I had a really nice weekend. I went to see the new Poodlepalace on Friday night. It's a really cute place, and will be much cuter once Poodle gets settled and paints everything. It's even got a yard! I'd love to have a yard. Poodle made us pizza (seriously, I choose her pizza over pretty much anywhere else's, it's so good), then we went out for desserts at the place I'm kind of modeling my business idea on. I want it to be kind of like this one place, only fun and not sterile and neutral and better dessert choices. On Saturday, we went grocery shopping and watched the women's tennis final. It's so much more fun to buy groceries when I'm paying, since I don't have to justify anything I want for myself. Yesterday, I cleaned the bathroom and watched the men's tennis final (the guy who looks exactly like my brother won, of course), then read my homework chapters while the giant watched stupid football. I hate football. At least truffle-making time is coming around, so I'll be able to occupy myself with that, plus the giant's cousin just got a huge TV with the big NFL package, so maybe he'll go over there a lot to watch so I can have the TV to myself, for once.

Overall, it was a very relaxing weekend, which is exactly what we needed after the hell that was last weekend.

Oh, I just remembered that today is Sam's first day of pre-school. My special guy is growing up! I'm not sure I'm entirely happy about that, but I guess I'll just have to get used to it.

Hi everyone!! Been quiet in here this afternoon, eh?

Well...we're in the home stretch - the kitchen is supposed to be DONE wednesday night....I sort of can't believe it. Really. AND, the appliances are coming tomorrow!! I don't have to tell you all that this weekend I will be locking myself in the kitchen and making chicken stock and soup, and apple crisp and any damned thing I please! And then, it will be time to get back on track diet-wise here, too. I've got my carb tummy back a bit, so South Beach will be on tap here, too.

The wedding last night was beautiful - the Rabbi was really wonderful, funny, charming and really did a good job bringing in Lutheran and Jewish traditions. Bride and groom were stunning...particularly the bride, of course....who is a buyer for Neiman, and her dress was among the nicest and most fitting I've seen. We know both families pretty well, and about 20 of our friend were there, so it was truly a GREAT time. Got home way too late, only got a couple hours of sleep once the coffee/liquor combo hit my bloodstream and fucked up my sleep patterns...but it was so worth it.

Minxy, I LOVE it when you come in here geeked about your work, and tell us all about what your kids are studying! How pathetic that you have to put disclaimers on the board about not being offended to teach literature. How else are you going to teach kids to use their brains for themselves?!

Yeah, kari, I'd be all over tossing that meat too, as much as it sucks. Food posioning is SO much worse. Our fridge is currently empty, except the freezer - I'm hoping I can preserve my beloved frozen fruit that I bagged all summer by stashing it in a cooler with lots of ice all day.

Okay, I need to see about dinner here, and drag something from the freezer to enjoy. smile.gif
Hi everybody!

Yay for Turbo's kitchen! I'm glad the wedding was fun, too.

Hangovers...I get them so easily these days and I feel a lot like you do Kari - vaguely paranoid and sort of depressed. It has to really be worth it for me to have more than a single glass of wine because I will pay the penalty the next couple of days. Diva you are a lucky woman not to get them.

And word on questionable food. If I have any doubt I throw it out. If I didn't I'd keep thinking I tasted badness while eating it and wouldn't enjoy it anyway. I am a packrat and a saver in most things but not when it comes to food.

And I love trashy fluffy books. They are practically the only things I've read this summer. My concentration is nil these days so their predictable easy to follow plots are perfect for me!

Lore that is so great that justice came around for Dick-guy and you don't have to deal with him anymore. Hopefully he'll learn not to be such a jerk to people in his next job or will end up being treated badly by a jerk himself so he sees what it feels like!

I like your school stories Minx. I can tell you're a good teacher just by the way you talk about your students and your curriculum.

((RIP Mr. Boots))) And good luck with that second job prospect FJ - it sounds tons better than that first horrible-interview job.

Well, one of my worst pre-wedding fears came true yesterday. I fell down my basement stairs! I missed the last step for some stupid reason and totally wiped out. It was really scary and hurt, especially since I was home alone since Jfrito wasn't back yet from his trip. But fortunately I only twisted my ankles a tiny bit and am just sort of sore today but have no sprains or breaks or anything. I am going to be super-careful in the near future and I hope my klutziness yesterday takes care of my accident-prone karma for a while.

Today I didn't have to work so I went and got a facial and then got my eyebrows waxed (which I've never had done before). My eyebrows have never been so thin and pruned looking. It is weird looking at myself with them and I'm not quite sure what I think. They look like they belong on someone else. I hope I get used to them soon. But I could really get into doing the beauty treatment stuff all the time if I had more cash. It is so relaxing.

Hello Hello!!!!

Hey Diva! I'm so jealous that you got to see the Poodle Palace! It sounds like you had a really great weekend!

Turbo, I'm super excited about your kitchen!!!! I'm glad that the wedding went well and you had a good time!

Marileen, I hope that you are okay from your stumble. I'm also very accident prone. It's pretty funny! Until someone looses an eye! hee hee. ~*~*~*non-falling vibs for marileen~*~*~*

Well, I worked out focused on my abs and upper body. I'm feeling good. I also had my first ever protein shake thing. It wasn't so bad. It tasted something like chocolate. All is well. I think I'll sleep well tonight.

I hope that everyone has a lovely evening!

Later kats!
(((((safety and health for marileen in the wedding run-up))))

True story, Marileen....the week before my wedding, I was out on the beach for several hours playing with our pastor's kiddos (they were staying with us the whole week prior to our wedding, as our pastor was unicycling across country, which is a much longer story)...but anyway, I neglected to reapply sunscreen third degree burns. My back was a blistered hamburgery mess for my wedding, and SO painful. So the moral of the story, apply sunscreen. Often. Fun cancer factoid: did you know..that when they say "apply sunscreen liberally" they actually mean 3 micrograms per square inch of skin, which works out to about 3oz of lotion for your whole bod, and you should reapply every 2 hours....most lotion bottles only hold 2 servings of sunscreen at that rate. These are the lovely things that clog my brain at the new job.

I've been spending the evening steaming off the wallpaper mural in our dining room so that the contractor can paint tomorrow. Its sucking big donkey balls. 1964 wallpaper, adhered to unprimed drywall = no fun. Turbomann's taking a turn now, but he's a bit slower than I, so I may have to rescue him here soon. I did clean out the fridge and freezer, and...threw out a whole lotta meat. BUT, we've been eating out of the freezer for weeks, and what was left was VERY old stuff, so I don't feel too bad about it. Still always sucks to throw out food.

Sleep well, CH! I know I plan to, this evening!

See ya'll tomorrow...and I *promise* piccies of the kitchen tomorrow night!
Marileen! I am so excited for you!! Holy shit, that must be coming up here really soon now. I will send Steve the Tooth Fairy (yes, our resident fairy is a man named Steve) and he will protect you from all pre-marital harm.

He cannot, however, save you from the honeymoon sex-fest and all groin pulls. Steve don't play that.

CH--glad you found ye olde protein shakes. I like mine with fruit and our beloved Ass Queen, TJenn, I have a freezer full of fruit that I use. I am currently ripening one last batch of peaches from the co-op. YUM! I had one yesterday that nearly made me fall out.

Jenn, yeah smile.gif I dig geeking out on school-stuff. What I like even more right now are the copious amount of people that I have to hang out with there that I consider very good friends. MB and I talk nearly daily (some weirdness abounds, but I'll get to that at another time) and I have a group of uppity women friends that I play cards with once a month. The SERIOUS harpies of the's good to be in distinguished company. They kick ass and don't bother taking names.

One of them was actually regaling me with a lovely tale of tagging a friend's ex-husband's garage with all sorts of true nasty quips. Fatherfucker totally deserved it, and I don't give two squirts of piss how juvenile that sounds. Some assholes deserve nothing but divine retribution because playing nice doesn't really work...and since I don't believe in god or karma, this idea works for me. Sometimes.

Errgh...the last time I was hungover was when the ex came over a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't drank THAT much in a very long time. Which is why I ended up in bed with him...yeah, there's the truth. We fucked. I don't mind so much, and have no plans on even contacting him...kind of a nice, fond farewell fuck. Although I am still convinced that he's still talking shit about me. O well...that would only really matter if his opinion of me mattered in the littlest bit--well, actually somebody informed me that he was....that was an interesting thing, and I'd thank whomever sent me that information, but apparently they don't want to be contacted. Hahahahaha!!! [insert personal joke that only three people in the world would understand]

Lore--I'm joining in on the chorus of COOL! The DICKMAN got canned!!! I'll start a congo-line for you.

Diva, I'm totally jealous that you got to see the Poodle Palace. And WOO-HOO on Sam starting pre-school. I think that's just grand...even though it means he won't be little for very much longer.

Kari--sorry that you're feeling like a cosmic shitstorm. I am sending you calm seratonin vibes.

Speaking of seratonin, I will be quitting my SRI's this month. It's kind of nice, actually. I realized that I had to start taking them again when the ex started acting like that again and began drinking again (I had gotten off of them for a very long time before this...actually, after the last time he dumped me by disappearing), and now the serious anxiety is gone again. Hmmm...situational anyone? He was shocked by how calm I was the whole time, and I realized that it was because I was no longer having to worry about guessing what mood he was going to be in, or whether or not he was going to disappear or accuse me of something bizarre.

Don't get me wrong, I still cry every now and then. I have this small-ish pile of letters that I have written him that I haven't sent...some of them actually have stamps on them! But I'm okay now.

Holy shit! Did I just say that?!

Yep. Sure did smile.gif
Good Night all my lovely okayers. Sleep tight.

*pulls blankets over self and falls asleep listening to Nine Inch Nails*

Silly CH, double post. Hee hee.
Good Morning on this Tueday!

Turbo, I feel so bad for you about your burns you had to deal with at your wedding. On a happier note, I'm excited about pics of your kitchen!!!! Post as soon as you can!

Minx, I'm a fan of the protein. I feel like I'm able to take me work outs to the enxt level now. I pushed my arms and abs to their limit and it was great. My arms are a little sore today, but nothing I won't survive.

The piercing is doing well, I made a new friend at the drug store yesterday, too. She's totally into piercing and told me about her experience. What else can I tell you. Ugh, oatmeal for brekkie this morning, and granted I'm full and it's good for me, but it has the consistency of vomit. Blech.

I just coughed and spit gum out on me. Heh heh.

Well, I hope that everyone is doing well!

Later all!
Heeya Culture! (didn't want to leave you high & dry smile.gif) Rock on about a new friend! That's awesome!!

Minx, Yeaaah! Punk friends!!! It's not like you tell them what to do, or anything. You're just friends with them, and they like to kick ass wink.gif that's all...

Turbo, bummer about the sunburn wedding story. That's a bad burn! And yeesh! That's a LOT of sunscreen they're recommending.

RIP Mr. Boots sad.gif

Divala, your hangout at the Poodle-Palace sounds awesome! I tend to not get hangovers either. It doesn't take me a lot of alcohol to get drunk, and I get sober again pretty quickly. I HAVE had my drink spiked with 151 rum by some friends when we were playing quarters. We were just a bunch of punks.

Heya Kari! Heya Moxie! Good luck with the house-hunting smile.gif

Lore, no worries! And you a punk? Nooooooo! heh heh! As soon as you said the item about quarters! I totally forgot about that drinking game. Ahhh the things we all did when we were younger! I still get like that sometimes! Although I try and stay away from the booze now. As stated earlier I don't like feeling like a douche bag.

It's almost lunch and I'm going out with my mom. mmm there is a place that serves delish salads! Yummers.

Well hope everyone is surviving this Tuesday!

Later Kats!
hey ya'll. i've been reading as usual.

lore, let me add to the chorus: hell yeah! suck it, dick dude! that's awesome and it does renew my faith in karma. and i've been meaning to tell you this and somehow forget every time: lore, you make me smile with your posts. i know a lot of us feel that way, so thank you for coming in here and spreading your brand of bustielove. smile.gif

oh and thanks everyone for the mister boots love. he will surely be missed around here, the little fat boy.

kari, i am coveting your dyson, although i have to admit that i am not the vacuum user in our household. mrfj handles that for us. still, i was checking out the dysons at the store the other day and thought of you. so what happened with the meat? did mrk relent and let you throw it away? man, that is frustrating when things like that happen.

turbo, that is crazy about the sunscreen! i know i don't use nearly enough, but i do make an effort, especially on my face. i read that you should put a shot glass size (hehe, terms i can understand) on your body every few hours. i also heard recently that you shouldn't have leftover sunscreen at the end of the summer - if you do, you aren't using enough and besides, it expires after a while. when i heard that, i went to my beach bag and threw away all the sunscreen i had in the trash. i realized that i'd had a few bottles for several years. eep! guess i have to be more mindful of buying sunscreen now that we have the jackster around.

speaking of, i finally uploaded a shitload of pics on flickr. keep in mind, this was designed for the grandparents, who LOVE seeing tons and tons of pics. so if you want to see them, just clicky-click but it won't hurt my feelings if you lose interest before you are done. hehe! but damn if he isn't just the cutest kid i've ever seen. smile.gif

minx, i'm happy you seem to be feeling better. good for you for not having to take the sri's anymore. now, just work on keeping that stress to a minimum! i know that's easier to say than do. but we are all here for you and love you very much! you knew that though, didn't you? mmmm, barley soup sounds yummy. i know you've posted the recipe before, but i'ma ask for it again. it's too soon still to cook it here but that is such a yummy fall/winter food.

eeek! marileen, be careful girlie! ~*~*~*~safe vibes before, after and during the wedding~*~*~*~*~

ch, i am glad you're feeling a bit better too. awesome about the ab workout! i need to get started on that soon, but i still have some pain near my incision site. i need to get out and start exercising a little more though since it's not as hot as it has been lately. it's only 89 today. blink.gif

so diva, are you enjoying your class this semester more than the last one? i hope so. if you are going to go to school, you should def feel like you are learning something!

well, the interview from last week with the college is still in the air. i got a call yesterday from a guy at their corp office and it was basically a second interview. so that is something, i guess. i wasn't thinking it would be such a process to be hired, but that sort of makes me feel even better about the job - that they have a corp office for backing and support. i told him how much i was looking for and he didn't seem like it was a problem. i guess if i was asking for too much, they would have simply told me. so that's good at least. and the job does sound like something i'd enjoy. it'll be 60% phone work but i'll be setting my own face to face appointments, which will be about 30% of the job, leaving about 10% for admin, etc. so keep your fingers crossed for me. my only concern is that the guy said often the appts don't show up when they should and if i am ready to walk out the door at 6pm and my appt shows up, i have to stay to take care of them. so i guess that could throw a curveball where daycare is concerned, but mrfj can always go pick the boy up and if he isn't able we can probably count on his mom to help with that. i can't imagine that happening every day or anything. he said i should hear back from them "in the near future" whatever that means.

i just ate some sauteed spinach with mushrooms and pine nuts for lunch. good cod it was good! and, i have some beef in the crockpot with some taters and carrots. it's smellin' good up in here! but what i reaaaaaly want is chocolate. mm, yes. brownies would be good.

or CACK!
oh, and i was also going to say that i haven't been able to drink much in so long so i haven't had a hangover in a while. but on saturday, i did have a couple of those seagrams watermelon flavored malt bevvies before the game and was feeling quite light on my feet for the first half of the game! then, because our team was kicking ass, we left at halftime and went to a pizza pub and had a couple slices and shared a pitcher of amber bock. yummm! (hey, i wasn't going to waste all that pumped breastmilk!!) we had a great time just hanging out with each other, but i never really got drunk. just giggly. but sunday morning, i was groggy and slow. i guess i am getting old. blink.gif
Not to take anything aaway from the kidlets, but I DO relish any "date" activity with just moxieman and myself. I reslished it especially at the beginning. Seemed to help the transition.

Anyway, swampped here in moxieland.

I remember TJ's sunburned back...I had to pretend it wasn't so bad. It was bad. But, the ceremony was awesome. And we had great girlie fun getting ready for it. So, that more than makes up for the back. This is the line I'm sticking to for the next 50 years.

Minxy- GOOD for you for recognizing: 1. the need for the SRIs, and 2. The time to get off the SRIs.

Ok, lunch is done, gotta jet back to work. Awesome.
Awww, THANKS, FJ! You and Yours have made me feel somewhat better about the whole having-a-kid concept, and that's something coming up really soon for me. It's kinda scary, but the way you guys would joke around and support each other and still be a couple of hornkey monkeys gives me hope that it can be done in a way where we're still ourselves throughout... I hope that makes sense... In your guys' case, it's a good thing, anyway.

I'm glad I have the BUST community already, but when Goaty's preggers, I can imagine that escalating quite a bit! Any suggestions for books to get for us to bone-up on the subject? (heh heh... I said "bone-up!' heh heh...)
I come online to catch up a little bit, and the first thing I read is, "I said 'bone up!' heh heh..."


I love this thread. I miss it at the moment. But I can't even try to catch up now, after reading that. biggrin.gif

So anyway, yeah, looking for work, hanging out with folks (or not!), staying mostly offline, practising the guitar, and reading actual physical books. Jane Austen, for starters. Unreal, huh? Got to get back to work soon! laugh.gif This week, I applied for an administrative job with a property management company that seems very promising, and I'm thinking of applying to run Safe Spaces for a year-long (maternity leave)'s a program for queer youth, run by a larger social services organization. Still unsure about the whole non-profit thing, and not sure I can tolerate youth that well, but it is intriguing. At least I know I'd have a fair shake at the job, with my experience and reputation, which is more than I can say about a property management company! (All that political shit on my's starting to scare me! wink.gif) Also putting in a great deal of effort trying connect BFFdottir up with organicgirl at the university - not for weed! For academic mentoring. (And political alliances...heh...*meddle meddle*)

So hi to everyone with much love!!!! wub.gif I hope you are all well, and if not....

Where else could I possibly report this?

George just caught a bat! I just woke up for a pee and saw both of them playing with it in the hallway. (At first I thought it was a toy, but they were SO intent...I had to put the light on.) I'm pretty sure it was dead, but I tossed it outside right away, just in case. (Just in case it might be only stunned...and RABID!)

I can’t believe they got a bat! Fucking George, what a cat! He doesn't even get to go further outside than the balcony! (I feel bad for the bat, but not that bad. Circle of life and all that. I'm more impressed that George has superpowers.)

Okay, I’m back off to bed now. This has been your 4 AM Bizarreness Report....
George! The BAT-CAT! ROCK. My cats look very impressed with themselves when they catch flies. I'm gonna have to share the BAT with them. They're gonna need to bone up! smile.gif

Lore-bone up (heh, heh) on what aspect? Pregnancy, how to get knocked-up, parenting? I bet minxy, FJ and I all have good suggestions. It really was important to moxieman and I to remember that we are a couple, and that our love for each other is a thing seperate and non-seperate from our love for our family. That being said...had the best 2am, accidental portions last night. Gah, the middle-of-night, roll over and go at it kind. Sigh...i love my man!

So, here are my recommendations on books:
Pregnancy (from a "dad" perspective): "The Expectant Father" by Armin something...
How to get Pregnant: "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Wexler (sp?)
Parenting: 2 choices here for me - "Baby 411" by Dr. Ari Brown and "Touchpoints: Birth to Three" by T. Berry Brazelton.
You also might want to check out "" as its a set of super cool dad-video blogs that we both watch regularly.
Goooooood Morning!

Doodle! A bat! OMG! I would have been scared to touch it, but I'm a scaredy cat. How did they get it? It must have somehow gotten inside your apt?

~~~~job vibes for FJ!~~~~~ I wonder how often that happens, that people have to stay late when the appts show up late? The Jackaroo pics are so adorable!! I can't believe he is already 2 months old. He is quite a little man! Did your cat pass away? I think I missed that. (( FJ ))

Marileen! be careful! I am glad you are ok & didn't hurt yourself too badly on the fall.

Jenn, I know you are getting stoked about your kitchen! It's almost done! Woo hoo!

Hi minx, moxie, CH, diva, Lore, and everyone else!

I am feeling better today than I was on Monday. I think I'm gonna limit myself to 2 drinks a week for a while. I don't drink a ton, but we do enjoy our wine. I want to see what taking out all of those extra calories will do. Anyhoo.

Oh-the meat update....Mr K ate the chicken & the turkey bacon & no illness. I'm still staying away though. He has yet to eat the steak & the ground beef. We'll see. We went to the store Monday & re-bought all of the dairy.

Well, I picked all of our remaining cherry tomatoes yesterday & roasted them. The weather is starting to cool down a bit, it's so nice! I love fall. It was 59 this morning. That's cooler than it's been since last spring.
Oh, GAH. (shudder)..I hate bats. Doodle, how do you know it was George and not Carmella? ~*~*job vibes for Doodle*~*~

Sooo, nothing much to report here but I am on a decluttering binge. And now I am going to a chiropractor for my arm, cause the accupuncture wasn't covered by insurance, but the chiro is. I hope it helps. This is getting old.

CH, glad you are feeling better.

I was happy to read about the dickhead bully. Kewl, Lore! Yay for instant karma.

I drink way too much. 'nuff said.

Wow, turbo, that's a lot of sunscreen! I probably have some left over from FIVE years ago! I better throw it out, and be more liberal with using the new stuff.
*rolls self into okayland*

Hi Hi!!!

FJ, awwww bestill my cold black heart. Those are beyoooooootiful pics! I hope everything works out with the job, and I'm so glad you had a great time!

Hey Mox!

Lore, bone-up. Heh heh.

Doodle, good luck with the job stuff! You have soooooper cats!!!!

Damn, it's busy in here this morn! During the course of my reply, Kari and Tree both posted!!!

Kari, I'm glad you are feeling better!

Hey Tree, I hope that your arm feels better soooooooon!

Well, I worked my legs yesterday, and my quads are soooooo sore. Gaaaa. I need a massage.

Well, I should go to work.

*hobbles out of okayland*

AHHH! I just looked at the jackaroo pics! He is gorgeous! The perfect blend of the FJ's, who are the two most photogenic people ever! Keep em coming!
I HATE APPLE AND COMCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey babes! Just dropping in to say hi and express my disgust with evil corporations. I miss the lounge!! I'll be back later to chat. I hope everyone is doing well!
poods...if you need some apple/comcastic advice, PM me. Moxieman is an expert and making the goliaths talk.
My ass and legs hurt!!!!!

Hey Poodle!!!

Hi again Mox!!!
((tree)) sorry your arm is still hurting. I hope the chiro helps.

CH, you have a sore ass? heh Good for you on working out. I am gonna go tomorrow.

Poo on apple & comcast for poodles!

Mr K e-mailed & said Paco had diarrhea this AM on the walk. I really hope I do not come home to a house full. I'll be pissed.
Hi, peeps!

I played hookey from work yesterday. I slept in a little, watched a bunch of TV, worked out, made fruit salad and apple walnut muffins, and did my homework for class tonight. It was a lovely day, all in all.

I am scared to death of bats. When I was an usher at Cirque du Soleil, a bat got in the tent, and with all the music and lights doing weird stuff, it flew around like crazy. I guess it came really close to my head once. Creepy. The only thing I hate more than rats are rats with wings. Who would put such a creature on Earth on purpose?

FJ, good luck with that job. It sounds a lot like what you were doing, but with a more legitimate company. Oh, and thanks for asking about school. I really like my class this term. The professor actually uses class time to teach us, not just to proctor tests and then leave like in my last class. He looks a lot like Kevin Kline, too, which is entertaining. If it's too long before I open up shop, I even might take it again to refresh myself, it's such a good class. Your littl man is so beautiful!

Sorry about your arm, Tree. Is there still no chance of getting put on a job that isn't so stressful on it?

Kari, that blows about having to buy all new dairy. I hope there wasn't a lot that got wasted. I'd probably still eat that meat, except for the chicken, but that's just me. I'm weird about chicken not being stored and cooked really specifially - scared to death of salmonella and e.coli. I hope your dog feels better real soon.

Poodle, we should storm the gates of Comcast. Evil bastards! You still don't have your internet up and running yet?

Hi, Lore! How soon do you think you guys are going to get pregnant? I kind of want to, but it'll have to wait for probably 4 years until I've got the bar up and running, but definitely before I'm 35 and my eggs start to go downhill. Anyway... yay for you guys!

((((((((Marileen's bod))))))) That fall sounds nasty, even if it was only a couple steps. Any bruises? I hate walking down steps ever since I fell down Minx's at her old place several years ago.

Hi, CH and Moxie and Minx!

I should probably do something today since I played hookey yesterday. I don't have my paternity caseload yet, so I have plenty of time to do the stuff here I actually like, which is prepping the modification orders. Sounds boring, but it's low-drama and no babysitting or hand-holding like paternity cases. These people have their poop in a group.

Tomorrow's the day we're going over to strike at the U of M. Should be fun!

hi hi hi bustarinos, happy hump day!

so i think i caught c-monkey's beach towel on fire at the pool sunday. well, it was a good smolder anyway. i was lounging by the side reading and smoking, cause september is almost too cold even for california, and i could smell something burning, but i couldn't find it. the first thing i thought was that i flicked my cherry somewhere it shouldn't be, so i frantically checked my towel, my shorts, my shoes, looked all around and couldn't see anything. the smokey something's-on-fire smell wouldn't go away though, so i kept looking around every once in a while. then on one pass i noticed, "oh shit, there's smoke coming out of c-monkey's towel!" so grabbed it up, and sure enough, one whole corner had this huge smoldering hole in it. i dunked it in the pool and broke the news to c-monkey. wow, such a bawling and wailing i haven't heard since she left her favorite edward gorey book at great-gramma's, and this wsn't even her tinkerbell towel. i got her calmed down, explained that maybe her glasses, which were sitting on the towel, acted as a magnifying glass and got the fire going, which is equally plausible since i'm pretty sure i was flicking my cherries in the other direction. which led to a diatribe on how her glasses were "evil" and she hated them and was never wearing them again, after which she got over it in about five minutes and decided she wanted to try to use them to set something on fire. rolleyes.gif
work's going okay, and i'm not working crazy overtime lately. last night i actually had to sit upstairs goofing off in the lab for a half hour to get my 8 hours in, cause the line was already done. it was kind of nice to get home before 2 am, but i sure do like the hefty checks that come with mass amounts of overtime.
in other news, i've started the apartment hunt. there are a couple places with potential, but people around here mostly rent out houses, which i can't afford. and the places i can do easily (what, three times the amount of rent? no honey, my income is about five or six times!) are mostly in these white trash ghettos that i have absolutely no desire to live in. there are quite a few reasonable places in my mom's neighborhood, so i'm going to be picking up applications this week, making the rounds. i thought again about asking the roomie to move out and just rent me this whole place, but she's got it pretty customized for her needs, and i don't think she'll budge. and it is kind of far from work now that the buses have changed their routes and i'm riding both ways.
anyway, that's all my news, heading over to antagonist's to watch jay and silent bob strike back. later everybustie!
I'm baaaack!! I skimmed the archives. I haven't had home internet access since my move. I finally worked it out last night. The comcast woman on the phone was actually very helpful. Still, I shouldn't have had to deal with all of the B.S. leading up to the call. Anyway...

Apple walnut muffins...yummmm....

I loooove bats!! They're really cute and cool. We had one hanging outside our office window for a while, so we were able to get a really good look at it. Very neato. Cute little ears. I especially love flying foxes, which are just like dogs or cats with wings. There's a refuge for them somewhere in Indonesia(?) that I would like to visit someday.

I lost my ipod yesterday. sad.gif I asked a shitload of businesses and security people if anyone turned it in, but no luck. There are lots of lameass weirdos around here, so I'm sure some fuckwad just pocketed it. I went to Target and bought a new nano, but later realized that it needs OS X 10.4 to operate and I have 10.3. Bastards. I refuse to upgrade until my computer is absolutely useless. Anyway, I did some shopping online and found a used 30G ipod like my old one. Losing my ipod is like having a life-sustaining IV ripped from my arm!!

The new ipod nanos are too damn small. I'm reminded of that SNL skit with Sean Hayes working in some mod hipster store and he has a cell phone about the size of a thimble.

ETA- Haha!! I take that back. It's Will Ferrell with the phone. God, check out this video. Heeelarious!

Seriously, how could you not love that face?
ahahahaha! poodle, i love that skit! we have it on the best of will ferrell snl dvd (the first one - second one isn't nearly as funny). that makes me wanna pull the dvd out in fact. there is a HIGH-larious skit with will as harry caray with jeff goldblum (yummm) that makes me laugh every time. i could use some good laughs right about now.

little guy had his two month shots today. they gave him FOUR shots. and now, i've been surfing around the internet and am scaring the shit out of myself reading about accounts of children dying shortly after getting their vaccinations. i keep reminding myself that i got mine at 2 months, mrfj got his at 2 months. he did really well though, considering. he cried at each injection but nothing like what i imagined it would be. i even had mrfj come with me just in case. he slept on the way home and for the next hour or so here and then woke up crying one second and looking at me and laughing the next. i think his injection sites hurt. doc told me to give him tylenol for the rest of the day. i am even feeling guilty about that. ugh!

diva! cool about the class. good luck with the picketing tomorrow!

((((((((paco's belly))))))))) hope it isn't too bad when you get home. hope mr k doesn't get sick from the meat.

ch, you have inspired me and mrfj. we are going to try the abs diet. it should help me since i can't do a lot of ab work since my back surgeries. anyway after checking it out, it doesn't look like it could hurt in the least. so there is that.
hehe, poodle, I used to say the same thing about bats. Then, one night while I was in the shack...remember that I'm stone deaf...hearing impaired with hearing aides; stone deaf without them. Sooo, my cat is on my bed and it's in the middle of the night. She was an older cat, and I was wondering why she was jumping up and down. Silly me.

Turn on the light (a pull chain on a bare bulb) and a bat swoops right at me! So I let out a bloodcurdling scream and dive for cover next to the bed. Then, wussy me, CRAWLED out of the room, shut the door and went to sleep downstairs.

(I had the attic hatch open which was in my bedroom, so I was asking for it.)

So, dumb me thinking it'd find its way back up to the attic during the day, when I got home the next evening (I bought a butterfly net..hehe) I closed the hatch. After poking around all the curtains.

Sooo, it must have hidden well, cause next night, it was back again.

Same scene, I'm downstairs trying to sleep on the couch, hoping it doesn't find it's way through the lathe that I've removed the plaster from.

So, yes. I ate my words.

Bear had to come over and chase it out of the house for me. unsure.gif

Then, in the winter I found one in my ROBE which was hanging on a coat tree in my bedroom (no closet). It was HIBERNATING!

And I still had to call one of my friends to drive 30 miles to come throw it out the window for me. I wasn't going to ask Bear again, cause I knew he'd tease me.

I'm a wimp. rolleyes.gif

Oh, and I *do* still think they are cool. But not in the house with me, or anywhere within 20 feet.

Okay, I gotta do some work before I can play!
Bats! Ooooh, I like bats! We had some living in our attic for awhile when we were kids (and squirrels in the walls too), but in the summer, we'd lay on the hill and watch all the bats come out of the old barn at night. Then there was the time freshman year where there was a bat in Moxie's dorm room, and I wrangled it outta there in a towel.

BUT, turbomann went to walk turbo the other evening and saw something small on the ground in our driveway....and it was two bats fucking!!! Funny shit.

Well, the kitchen is inching toward completion here...supposed to be done today, but isn't - we have purty new appliances, but so far only the fridge works (and it is AWESOME). I'm really questioning whether he's going to get everything done tomorrow. Ah well - we're close. Very close. I do realize that I HATE the wall color (or lack of color, really)....I should have bucked turbomann's fear and gone for the orange in the first place, but that's what will be happening next. And I'm too damned tired to do it myself this time, but we have a friend that does painting for a really reasonable rate, so we'll have her do it in a couple weeks. I'll take some piccies tomorrow night - its a bit of a mess in there still right now, with plastic up all over and such.

(((((jobby job vibes for FJ and Doodle))))))

Poodle, I'm so glad to see you back!! I hate comcast with the white hot heat of the sun. I've actually given up hope on having cable TV that doesn't cut out, pixellate, lose sound and the internets are always slow here. I can't afford to take time off from the new job to wait around for comcast not to fix shit.

FJ, jackaroo is sooooo adorable!! Thanks for sharing the piccies! There's one in there where he's yawning, and I just might have to print that one out and hang it in my cube - so friggin' cute!

Diva, that's awesome that you like your new class - you'll be on your way to your new business so soon!

((((arm healing for tree)))

Okay, time to eat dinner pastor tacos - YUM. Cod, I love delivery.
Hi Hi!!!!

Kari, how is paco doing?

Diva, that sounds like it will be a much better case load. I'm jealous of your day off.

Grrrl, I hope that you can find a cool apartment. That's great about work, too. As quiet as is it, at least you are bringing in more cash.

Poodle, that sucks ass about losing your ipod, I'd cry if I lost mine. The nano is way too small. The 160 gig is the same price as the 80 gig.

FJ, I am also doing the abs diet! It's not a diet, it's a total life style change! It works out well. I'm doing it more for the stuff regarding protein. You don't even need to start working out right away.

Tree, I'd probably freak, too. It's that whole unknown thing, too. Bats get a crappy reputation. People seem to think they are blood suckers.

Turbo, we need pics of yer kitchen!!!! Mmm tacos.

Well, I attempted to work out today, but my muscles were having none of it. So, I had to stop. I don't want to hurt myself. I did take the dog to the park at the least, and squeezed in 15 minutes before my body started to rebel! Hee heeeeeee. I'll get back at it tomorrow. The piercing i doing well today, it's going to another fun one. smile.gif

That's pretty much all!

I hope everyone has a good evening.

Later all!

Hello again all! Just got home, still got to unpack groceries...

The bat. I know it was George because Carmella barely has a clue how to catch a bug, and hardly goes out on the balcony unless I'm there. smile.gif Plus he was so obviously damned proud of himself. (He almost got a bird last week, but I saw in time and ran out yelling his name and waving my arms - which made the bird fly away.) I'm pretty sure he got it on the balcony - I saw a bat flying around outside Friday night. Our complex has attics AND small "belfries" (some kind of venting system that looks like small pointed church spires) on the top of the buildings.

I'm not scared of bats, but I'm nervous about any animal that might possibly be alive and totally freaked out, while maybe rabid at the same time - bats are bigtime carriers; most rabies cases are caused by bat bites. (I guess this incident is proof that even indoor cats need their rabies shots!) Which is why I used the (long) kitchen tongs to put it in a tupperware before I threw it (the bat, not the tupperware) outside. tongue.gif

Bats fucking on the driveway is kind of hilarious. biggrin.gif

turbo, I can't wait to see the pics of your completed kitchen! I had a hunch about the orange, lol! I can't wait to see THAT when it's done! What shade do you think you'll choose?

Okay, I gotta go unpack the groceries! I AM determined to get through SOME of the archives tonight, I promise!

I feel a little resentful over them sticking me with this stupid job. I just found out that the refrigeration shop is getting a -140 C freezer in. These are so exotic and challenging that most people buy a new one...they run at a minimum of $15,000. But we're actually getting one to repair! I can barely understand the principle of how it works, it's like no refrigeration cycle I've *ever* seen...and the refrigerant alone runs at over $1,000 per pound.

And I'm going to miss out, cause I'm flushing dirt out of water heaters. Blah.

I'm lucky enough to work with one of the most renowned refrigeration experts in the Midwest...seriously, refrigeration techs all over the Midwest call him for advice...and he's only ever worked on three of these.


I think I'm going to take a day off and go in the refrigeration shop for FREE just to see this. I dunno.

The thing gets down to 220 below, fahrenheit!

In other, more positive news, my arm is feeling a bit better. The chiropractor is helping, I think. It also helps to get it treated THREE times a week.

Jenn, I sort of thought you'd not like the neutrals once you got your cabinetry in. I'm going to buck the orange and vote for aqua, like what I have. I mean, my entertainment center is about the same color as your cabinetry and it looks *so* nice against my wall color. It makes the deep brown of the woodwork *pop*...and I just don't see the orange doing that. Here's a linky link to refresh your memory...forgive the crappy television and the demon kitty in the corner.

CH, I wish I had your motivation to work out. You're going to be so buff! Glad the piercing's going well.

Why is everybody putting up with Comcast? Do they have a monopoly where you are? 'Cause I'd want to switch providers if they were that bad.

FJ, I'm echoing everybody else...jackaroo is SO cute! You're all so photogenic!

Divala, have fun picketing! What's the gripe?

Poodle, I'd really be upset if I lost my Ipod too. Sucky. I'm glad your internet's up and running.

Grrl, here's some ~*~*apartment finding*~*~ vibes for you.

Kari, I hope Paco is feeling better.

Later, Okayers!
Turbo, you KNOW that's the incident I was thinking of when I read of George's bat! Bats=BFF? Hmmm...

FJ- don't worry about the tylenol. Its better than little jackaroo feeling like crud. Our pediatrician has made us stop feeling like we're "drugging" our kid...his motto is "why should they be in pain?" Good point, my man. Just dose it properly and he'll be fine. Eventually, the tylenol/motrin combo will be your best friend. And shots are good for him, too. Its how he doesn't get polio or pneumonia or TB. Our favorite so far has been the chicken pox vaccine...moxieman and I both had the pox as older kids (11+), and it was BAD, so to know that moxette is protected against that is a big sigh of relief.

Tree- that refrigeration system sounds hella cool (yes, pun totally intended...sorry).

So, my computer (or the posting software?) has spell check. I love that since I: 1. Can't spell worth shit; 2. Can't type accurately worth shit. Spellcheck at least alerts me when something is afoul.

Ok, loads of meetings this morning. At least its thursday already. I have recurrent pink eye (me=dummy who didn't sanitize GLASSES), so now I'm paranoid moxette is gonna get it again. If she does, hope for today or tomorrow. I really, seriously don't want to shell out for urgent care on a saturday.

Also, we are supposed to be meeting moxieman's 85 year old grandmother's "suitor" this weekend. She goes on month+ long RV trips with him...they've known each other for like 50 years, and after both spouses passed, became friends...etc? Whatever it is, I'm totally looking forward to meeting this gentleman who seems to make Grandma's heart flutter. i want a man suitor at 85+ (moxieman's men don't live that long...sad to say). But, like grandma, I want one on my terms! I just hope that typhoid mary isn't all goupy gross on sunday, too.

Ok, long-ass sorry. Off to gather my suit (first appearance of fall suit this year), and work boots. yes, one meeting is a hoighty-oighty networking thing, followed directly by a demolition bid walk. Fun times. Actually, it IS fun times.
Good Morning Good Morning,

Doodle, it's so funny how pleased as punch animals are when they do something. It's kinda like when I throw a ball for Emily and she brings back...a stick!!! She's so impressed and happy.

Tree, that freezer sounds so freakin' neat! I'd love to see something like that! May I ask why someone would need a freezer that cold?

Mox, I probably wouldn't have thought about cleaning glasses either. That's really cool about your grandmother and her suitor! Awwww.

Well, it's Thursday and thank goodness the week is almost done. I have to say I'm a little irritated with someone I am friends with. He has feelings for me and they are NOT reciprocated, he's going on about wanting to see the new piercing and so forth. I'm just ignoring the comments, but I am not too sure how to deal with this. It's also crappy because we know the same people, and I'm becoming friends with them, independent of him, and I feel like I'm slightly in high school. I think I'll just ignore the phone calls for a while. And he's coming out for my birthday, so I'll bring a man so he'll leave me alone.


I just had to get that off my chest.

Aside from that, all is well. My legs are still a little tight, but I should be able to get back to a work out tonight, and hopefully get back to cardio soon.

Later all!

Mornin' babes!!

I just ate a gigantic glazed donut and I feel a little guilty now. Ah well, it made me happy for about a minute.

Awwww...mox, that's sooo sweet that moxman's grandma has a boyfriend!!

220 below?! Yikes!! It seems like it would be impossible to stand in there for more than a minute without getting hypothermia. It's getting cold here. Usually I welcome the cold, but not so much now that I have to walk more from the transit station and pay for my heat. Anyway, glad your arm is feeling better, tree. And, yeah, those are pretty freaky bat stories.

I vote for orange, turbo!!

~*~*~*~calmness vibes for mama FJ~*~*~*~ I'm sure everything will be alright with jack. That sorta thing is pretty rare.

That sucks about the unwelcome crush, culture. I suppose bringing a date to the party would get the point across. You'd think anyway. Guys are so dense when it comes to their hormones.

Hi doodle!! I like having little hunters around. Right now, my boys are taking care of trespassing crickets in the basement. Those are tooo fun!!

Well, it's Day 3 of no ipod. My life is It's driving me crazy and I'm not gonna "enjoy the silence" like Dave Gahan suggests I do. Screw that. I've become accustomed to walking down the street with Honky Tonk Women as my soundtrack. I can't wait for iPood Deux to arrive. It'll be about a week though. I'm sure I'll get used to this in the meantime. Ugh. I think I have a cd of The Who around here somewhere.

In other news, I bid on a used iMac on ebay (1-2 yrs old). Hopefully someone will outbid me because I really can't afford a new 'puter right now.
Hi, peeps!

Poodle, that picture only freaks me out even more. That blows about iPood. Those things aren't cheap, either! A guy I work with just happened to find one a few weeks ago on the ground. It had a bunch of rap and hockey videos on it. Whoever got yours is damn lucky, 'cause your taste in music rocks.

Tree, the gripe the U of M people have is, I believe, over a cost of living raise. Everyone got it except the clerical/technical/healthcare workers, which is bullshit because the state allocated money for this raise and no the U wants to give them 1% less than what the state was planning on. The whole thing could be over with if the stupid U would just pony up the 1.1M it would take to solve this problem, but I guess they need to build a new stadium or alumni bridge or give a bigger raise to those who don't need it or some stupid shit instead.

Glad your arm's feeling better, but 3 treatments a week?! Oy. At least your insurance will cover it. That new freezer sounds amazing. Your bat stories gave me the shivers.

CH, that sucks about that guy who has a crush on you. It'll fade in time, probably. I'm still sore from my last workout, too, in the fronts of my thighs (don't know the name of the muscle), but I'm going to suffer through another one tonight. I'm trying to go 4 days this week.

Aw, that's cute about your grandma, Moxie! Old people need a little romance, too. I guess my old uncle Bill, before he died, had a "lady companion" with him for many years that I never knew about. I think it's sweet. ((((((((vibes for Moxette to feel better before the weekend))))))) I hope you don't get pinkeye, too.

Jenn, I vote for the orange, too. Or was it terra cotta? My parents have a deep melon color in their kitchen, and it's beautiful. They've got similarly colored cabinets and counters as yours, so it might look good.

Not much going on with me. I'm going to go picket in about an hour, then back to the grind. The only thing is that nobody in my building is planning to go but me. Oh, well. I'm still going to do it, anyway. Class was good last night, but I'm really looking forward to next week's class to see if I can start opening my bar while I still keep my current job so there won't be over 6 months between jobs. I'd rather not take out loans that I don't have to, since there's the issue of paying them back plus interest, so if I can make a quick and seamless transition, that'd be ideal.
Hey Hey! *does best Krusty the Klown impression*

iPood! I love it!!!! I could not imagine life without my iPod. I am inviting a few men, and I'm hoping that one of my really good friends of 7 years will come out, and I'll be with him that evening. Then the man who is crushing will get it. I don't need this.

Diva, that is really great about the workouts! It's hard to work through that pain, but the pay off is totally worth it. That's great that you are enjoying your classes.

Well, this day is dragging. That's pretty much all I've got.

Later all!

hey babes.

poodle, that stinks about you losing your Ipod! Ugh! We are without one too, ours stopped working. I am going to get one of the new ones when they come out, with the touch screen. I've never had my own, the one we had was more Mr K's.

Diva, man, what jerks! The state intended for those people to get the bigger raise, but the school is trying to jip them?

Ok, the bat face is kinda cute. But the rest of the body....nope. It gives me the willies.

tree, glad your arm is feeling a bit better. How long do they think you'll have to do the 3 times a week visits?

~~~job vibes for doodles & FJ~~~~

FJ, I bet it was hard to see Jackaroo cry b/c of the shots. Poor little guy.

CH, sounds like a sticky situation with your friend. If he won't take hints, you may just have to be direct. That's irritating, what he is doing.

Moxie-that's very cool that your grandma has a suitor!

Well, I am happy to repor that Paco did not have any accidents yesterday. yay!

Not much going on here today. I am leaving work early, in about 20 minutes to go to the chiro. Something is up with my neck, it's killing me. I have no idea what's caused it to flare up like this. I really could use a massage, but am not willing to part with the cash for one. Esp since they only help temporarily. I need to get Mr K to give me one. At least I don't have to go to the hospital tonight. I think I'm going to go hang at my mom's. I am stoked b/c the new season of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is starting tonight. Does anyone else watch that show? It's hilarious.

It's been too long since I've been able to post. I've been trying to read when I can but things are a little nutty around here what with school, work, and moving this weekend.

Kari, I've seen commercials for that show but our stupid apartment cable doesn't get the channel (FX right?). After the move we're getting Comcast so we should get the channel. I'm going to plug my ears and sing "la, la, la" to all the unhappiness about Comcast. I've never had it before and we're doing the whole cable, phone, and internet package and I'm praying it works.

I'm at the U so I see the strike every day. The first day of the strike I bought some bagels and wandered around giving them to the strikers. My mom is a member of the same union at a different college so I just keep thinking it could be her (and it has been her before) out there. I wish the U would stop being such an asshole and give them what they want and deserve. I heard the president of the school is getting something like a 10% scheduled raise this year, yet the workers can't get they're 3.5%. Fucker.

I've only just started using my iPod nano since the Road Trip From Hell. I had it for over a year without ever putting any songs on it. And then last spring I won a video iPod. I sold it to a friend. Now that I'm going to be riding the bus almost every day, I wish I had kept the video one. Oh well, I like my nano. The new ones look strange but I do like that song they use in the commercial for it.

I don't like bats when they're inside. Outside I'm fine. We had them in my house when I was in high school and it wasn't fun. One time there was one laying on the floor of the living room in the middle of the day and I almost picked it up. I thought it was a dead leaf from my mom's plants. I screamed, she came running and went into complete Mama Bear mode. I had never seen her go after something with that much aggression before. It was a little scary.

Hi Kari, CH, Diva, Poodle, Moxie, Tree, Doodle, Jenn, and anyone I missed. I gotta do more packing and more homework. Aren't you all jealous?
The U of M has basically become a giant greedy corporation like Comcast or Wal-Mart. They barely give a shit anymore about their academics. They're more interested in research and real estate development. They've ditched the whole concept of the U of M as a public institution serving and educating the people of Minnesota to improve the quality of life in our state. When I was there, they were constructing and upgrading all of these unnecessary buildings and over-priced, for-profit apartments. Meanwhile, students were living in dormitory lounges because there wasn't enough housing. Then, of course, they charge student fees to finance all of their real estate development projects.
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