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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi, peeps!

((((((((((FJ))))))))) Sorry about the job situation, but just look at it as a kick in the ass to find something better. You never intended this to be permanent, anyway, right? But still, what a shitty way of letting you know you've been laid off. That doesn't sound like a company anyone would want to work for.

Moxie, it sounds like the two of you have quite a time together. I can't wait to do that sort of stuff. It'll be nice when Mr. Moxie gets back, though. I'd love to travel for work, but I wouldn't want my spouse to.

Why does a microwave need a hood? I've never seen one with any sort of accessory needed for it.

((((((((Shawnboy))))))) Is your dad still there, or did you bail him out? That is ridiculous for that little money to waste the time, money, and resources to even put him in jail. I'm sure it cost more for them to put him in there than the amount he actually owes. Oy.

Thanks for all the sympathy for the Road Trip From Hell. I do have to admit that it was marginally better than the Kansas City trip, if only that the drive is shorter and there was booze and music at the reception. But I definitely need at least a month off from his family. I haven't seen my family in over a month, and I miss them. But even still, I don't like being around them for more than a day (the only exeption being staying overnight for Christmas), and I'm actually related to them!

CH, it does feel good when karma comes around, doesn't it? I don't know why someone would want to make enemies with someone they see on a daily basis.

*waves goodbye to Poodlepad and sheds a tiny tear - that was seriously a great apartment* But I can't wait to see the new place!

Hello to Tree, Fiddler, Kari, RV, and all!

Can I say again how great it is to have things back to normal? I didn't do much of anything last night. I worked out, did my homework, then settled in for a big night of tennis with the giant. I swear, I've given a month's worth of evenings up to watching this sport, and I actually don't mind it. I have as much respect for tennis players as I do for hockey players, which is saying a LOT, since I hate all sports on principle. All that running and stopping and changing direction for hours on end! Oh, and it's quite entertaining that Roger Federer, the current world #1 player, looks almost exactly like my youngest brother.

He's playing tennis with a guy from work tonight, so I don't get to enjoy having the house to myself this evening because I have class tonight. But if they play again next week, I'm going to go watch. Apparently the giant used to be an incredible tennis player back in the day. Not surprising at all, since he's so tall and skinny and coordinated. You'll never see the man make a clutzy move.

Good Things Wednesday:
1) the weekend is OVER
2) class tonight, which I'm really enjoying and getting a lot out of
3) life is back to normal, which makes me profoundly happy


Moxie, if you liked the Electric Dreams number you should check out their other videos on YouTube. Byron Garcia, the gov't security consultant that came up with the concept for the CPDRC, has posted about a dozen of them (from Thriller to Radio Gaga to....YMCA. Seriously.)


FJ, that sucks donkey balls what they did you. Mofo's. I'm sure that something will work out for you. ~*~*~*job vibes for FJ~*~*~*~*

Diva, I'm so glad that things have improved and things are getting back to normal. I still can't believe that road trip. My hat goes off to you for being able to tolerate that. That woman is one of the reasons I left my original position. I'm much happier now anyway.

Hey kiss the fiddler and sixela!

Well, I feel like I've had the life sucked out of me. I'm tired, I'm a little cranky and a little sore. I wandered off to get the piercing at lunch. It didn't really hurt, it's just feeling a little tender right now. I'll be fine in a few days.

Must go home soon.

Later all!
totally selfish mememe drive-by! i have been feeling the most incredible sense of ennui lately. work's not sucking, my friends are all great, my finances are secure, and things in general are just going swimmingly, but there's just something off and i don't what it is. i just can't motivate myself to be really excited about anything. saturday my mom and c-monkey were out of town. they left friday to go to disneyland over the labor day weekend, and i couldn't go cause i was working. i did for once get off early enough to do something with my friends though saturday night, and that was a blast. a friend of mine has this guy she'd been talking to and hanging out with and trying to hook up with, and at first i thought he was this total asshole, and i was all prepared to hate him. well, he was there saturday night, and even though we disagree on just about everything, he's actually a pretty down guy. we went to school together and know a lot of the same people, and the thing i thought i was going to hate him for, well it turned out to be just a big misunderstanding, with my friend as the go-between fanning the flames either inadvertently, or on purpose because the last guy she wanted to hook up with asked for my number when the three of us hung out, and this guy already told her he's not interested in being more than friends with her. it's just a bunch of bullshit high school drama cockblockery that i can't believe she's still doing at our age.
well, the party was really fun, and the guy, we'll call him antagonist, thinks i'm pretty damn cool, and at some future point we might hook up. at a party with drunkenness and strip poker and my friend sulking in the background just wasn't the place. for now, we're both just enjoying having someone that lives here in town to hang out with, since everyone else lives in different cities and the two of us don't drive. monday c-monkey was back from disneyland, so the three of us went to the park to feed the ducks, then he came back with us to go swimming and we ordered a pizza, and i walked him home after dinner and putting c-monkey to bed. yesterday i went over to his place before work and we watched a movie and hung out, and it was just very chill and laidback, and we're going to do it again tomorrow. so that's the one bit of excitement in my otherwise dull dull life, which is why i haven't posted lately boring you all to tears with it. off to read the archives and catch up now.
Hi peeps!!

(((Shawn))) Sucks dude. I can't believe they would waste the time and effort on jailing a guy for $145. I'm glad to hear that you don't hate your dad. You could easily hate him. Geesh, I remember how mean baby mama was to you sometimes--all the time, actually.

Turbo, I'm soooo jealous of those countertops.

I heard bad things about the prison dancers videos. I heard that they basically do it out of fear. I guess they're not even prisoners--they've never been convicted of anything. They're just detainees, many of whom have been there for years. Hopefully the videos will bring some attention to these guys who have basically been unjustly cast aside by society.

I'm gonna try to come back to the lounge again tonight if I can get my comcast shit sorted out. Comcast=poop
Hi everyone!!!

Mox - I hope tonight goes smoothly for you - that's so rough being without moxieman this week, and rough for moxieman with all the travel for work.

Well, I came home tonight to a kitchen now with a tile backsplash!! I feel like its Christmas everyday this week, as all the big stuff is happening now...the tile isn't grouted, but it sure does look nice. Our contractor has such a good eye for design, its nice to see it all come together.

Shawn, that sucks about your dad - I've never heard of incarceration for such a low fine!!

Kari, the microhood we're getting is a whirlpool too - it was $500, though we got to use our buddy's family discount, so we paid about half that. Seriously, we can't leave this house for a very long time, because I'm getting the kitchen of my dreams with fancy-pants appliances that we certainly wouldn't be able to afford without turbomann's BFF. We're very lucky.

Diva, I'm glad life is back to normal for you - that's important after a stressful weekend. I'm really looking forward to having a working house again in a week or two here - I am tired of dishes in the bathtub, plastic all over everthing, and either eating out or grilling everything in sight.

Watching tennis just makes my knees ache....that's some high impact sporting!
hey again everybustie! sorry for zipping that last post up so quickly but mil was a the door and i knew if i didn't post when i did, i'd never get it done.

diva, i'm with rv... the giant's mom was bugging me so much just in your post, i can't imagine being in a car with her! glad to hear that things are back to normal for you. i've never been one for tennis but i definitely respect their athleticism. cool that you might go watch the giant play! have fun at school!

((((minxalicious)))) look at this as the closure you obviously needed and move on. i'm sorry you're hurting though. how was your first couple days back to school?

oooh, culture! a new piercing? oooh lala! which reminds me, grrrl and tree- how are yours doing? are they living up to your expectations?? i surely hope so!

doodle, i'm right there with you on the job hunt search! i hope you find something worthwhile soon (and me too!). and wow! more crushes? i'm convinced that guitarboy is smitten with you and honestly - can anyone blame him? you are one sista' got it goin' on!

turbo, your kitchen pics have me soooo green! i really want to renovate our kitchen but it's just not a priority right now. maybe in a year or so. and i'm sort of like you - if i put that much money into this house, i think we'll have to stick around in it for a long while to make it worth our while. how is your job front? sounded like you were having a rough week last week. at least i think it was last week, they're all running together lately. wink.gif

moxie, i feel for you with moxieman being away. mrfj is going to cinncinatti at the end of this month and i have not been looking forward to that at all! only good part is that i talked to my rents this evening and mom asked when would be a good time to visit the boy and when i asked if they could come that weekend, she said sure. so at least i won't be alone for four days with a still relatively new baby. plus, my rents will be able to see him and how much he has changed over the past month since they saw him last.

poodle has a house! poodle has a house!!

kari, i have to admit that i'm a little jealous of all your dinners out with friends. i don't have many local friends like that. must be awesome.

well, i went to job interview number two today. i got a really bad feeling from it. the dude wouldn't tell me the expected compensation structure but wanted me to come in for a second interview and spend the day shadowing tomorrow without being paid for it. wtf? besides, it wasn't really what i expected from the ad. i think it is far too entry level and he knew telling me the $$ amount would have scared me away. i told him that i had another interview tomorrow and he said i should cancel it!! i told him i might do it on friday but really i have no intention. if you can't give me an incentive to take the job, there must not be one! and how unprofessional to treat my other interview so shitty. bah!

ok baby is awake and hungry. must stop there!
(((fj jobby job vibes))) FJ, after all the shittness you've endured, I think you owe it to yourself to wait for the absolute *right* opportunity to come to you - and I know it will. You need a job that will give you the flexibility you need for jackaroo, and pay you for your mad skillz. Don't even take a step toward a job that gives you a bad feeling.

Ah, my job sucks a lot of the time, which is disappointing. I've got two bosses who are so dysfunctional in their relationship to each other and our staff, it just makes it really hard to get things done when the direction and rules change every 5 minutes, and you're constantly trying to determine the emotional status of the bosses. Its not what I expected at all, and I'm sad for that, but I'll put my year in and get the hell out. I feel so much more confident about my skills now, and that's a gift. So I'll take that and move on when the time is right.

Okay, well, I think its time to unwind with a book, and probably go to bed early again...the job and 20 miles on bike a day wear me out pretty good.

BUT, at least I'll be coming home to a freaking awesome kitchen! That makes me happy!
Hey all! We had a great road trip! smile.gif

Goaty didn't get the job, but it sounds like they were deliberating over the choice for a long time. I think she made a good impression, which could lead to good stuff later. Thanks for all the vibes, guys! smile.gif

Jackaroo is awfully cute! smile.gif I'm glad you're having such a good time with him, but it really sucks sphincter the way that company treated you sad.gif Why can't we all just start BUSTco! Then we could work with people who aren't pricks and don't chew like decibels were flavor.

Congrats on the sweet kitchen renovations, Turbo-J! Looks like good work and good choices smile.gif Best is to read your excitement about it!

Sorry to hear about the trips of my fellow road travelers! sad.gif I just recently got invited to be a groomsman in my cousin's wedding next year smile.gif Sounds like we're going to Hawaii again! Yaaaaay! Instead of stressful road trips with family, Goaty and I get to fly together. Honolulu being my hometown, I'm sure we'll be able to run off and do our own stuff whenever it's deemed a good idea. I'm sorry your Labor Day weekend wasn't better than that. I'm really glad nobody was hurt (except the deer sad.gif ) in the crash.

Heya Grrrly! I'm glad that most of your life is swimmin' along groovy smile.gif Just reach your arms out, and close the high school drama curtains. That's one of the best things about graduating. You get to interact with everybody in a different backdrop.

Shawnboy, wow! The way you can take all that in and still care about him is pretty heroic, I'd say. I hope other parts of your life are going well.

Big heya to everyBUSTie else! ... Hmmm... Well, I'm feeling kinda lame at the moment. I just got a call from where I've been working at, and they want me to go back to work on the casino again tomorrow and Friday. That's good for our money situation, but I DON'T get along with one of the guys in charge at that site! He's totally out to make me look bad, and he's important enough to the company that his dislike for me gives stress to the guy above him. It's just a bad situation. They're hoping to send me to do a dickwad-free job next week when some parts come in. Anyway, it just makes me hate the idea of waking up tomorrow (and Friday) and going to work. And you know what?! This is EXACTLY the type of conflict that makes me feel the crappiest! I worry enough about my ability to be a good provider, to be a responsible worker, to find and keep a career... FJ, I can totally sympathize with you and with anybody who has to look for a job again after a bad work experience. Job search sucks! Goaty is super wonderful to me, though, and very supportive. She's cheering me on to start into the art world. For my birthday, she's signing me up for a novel writing class. Hopefully, I can get involved in some sort of art community around here to have a support group. Some people to keep me on-target and to inspire and advise enough so I can actually make some sort of art product. I have a social sci-fi novel series idea I'm jotting stuff down about... *sigh* Anything so I don't feel like my job is to put up with sadistic assholes.

Sorry, I just had to vent that. I think I'll have my last toke for a long while and watch an old Arnold movie, Total Recall, before early bed.

I missed you guys!
omg, OMG, Oh My God! OH MY GOD!! OH My GoDDDD!!!!!
*grabs green megaphone* Children of the 80's in the world, I speak to you... Even beyond the BUST community, so spread word! If you have any affection for the 80's era, loved it, tolerated it, were scarred by it, please listen! You MUST rent and watch the movie Total Recall sometime this month or even year!!! I just rented it, and it's the most 80's-ish shit ever! Not that it was filmed entirely in the 80's. It's a 1990 release based on a Philip K. Dick story. Philip K. DICK, MANN!! That just means that it's what the 80's culminated in!!!! His stories hatched Blade Runner, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report, Paycheck, even influenced The Matrix. It's got everything! It's the last of the 80's special effects. It's Sharon Stone before Fatal Attraction. It's Arrrrnold as you knew him!!! You have GOT to rent and watch this film!!!!!
<OMG You found Meee!!!!!>
*This message brought to you by the highly-droned*
but did you like the movie lore? tongue.gif
*drags ass into okayland*

Hi everyone.

I'm exhausted today, I had a rather unpleasant anxiety attack last night, I had to get my moom to come lie down with me. this happened early in the morning and I'm still feeling weak from it.

I must go now.

Later all!

*promptly falls asleep at desk*

((CH)) I am sorry to hear about your anxiety attack. Could you identify the trigger? ~~~relaxation vibes~~~~

Lore, you crack my shit up, yo. "....a dickwad free job......" ah, wouldn't that be nice! I'm glad goatie girl is such a wonderful lady. A novel writing class is perhaps the best gift I have ever heard of.

((FJ)) Ugh, you got so screwed by your job. And that's really lame of the interviewer to want you to shadow for a day before he's even offered you the job. What a tool! If he suspects the salary is too low, why wouldn't he just go ahead & tell you. Who knows, maybe he's got lots of time to waste. I'm glad your parents will be there part of the time when Mr FJ is gone. That'll be nice.

Grrrrl, my my, that does sound quite interesting. I'm glad you and the antagonist are having a good time. Sounds like you've been working your ass off, you deserve some R & R!

Jenn, that is so exciting that the backsplash is in! yeah! Can't wait to check it out.

Nothing much exciting here today. Work. No hospital tonight, which is awesome. I plan to lie around. Oh shit, I just remembered I had to go to a meeting at school at 6. Well, it shouldn't take too long. Then I'll go home & watch some MadMen. oh! That reminds me...did anyone watch the preview episode of Tim Gunn's new show? I watched the first 20 mins or so. I really liked it, but I had to get to bed. It's so good to have Tim back!

Hi hi.

Grrrl, that is cool about your friend! It's good to see you back. I know what you mean about everything going well yet still feeling unsettled.

Hey Poodle!

Turbo, I'm with you on the job sucking! I'm super excited about your kitchen and I don't even get to see it in the flesh.

Lore, I'm sorry Goaty didn't get the job, I've seen Total Recall a few times, sooooo bad but sooo good! I distinctly remember the three breasted woman. I must say, again, that I heart your posts. They make me feel good!

Hey Kari! I think it's a combination of me fucking hating my job (serisouly, I wake up every morning and wonder what the hell I'm doing. It's usually my first waking thought of the day. Not a good thing), and the fact that I got a new piercing (adrenaline fucks with you that way dry.gif ) and being all emotional from what is turning out to be a horrible horrible period. So I'm uber emotional, I've still got killer cramps and today I just want to crawl under a rock and die. That's awesome that you have a mostly free night.

Okay, so FJ and Grrrl have made appearances, we just need Kel to come out and play! Kelllllllllllllllllllllllllllll come to Okaylaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand and play with us! Oh that sounds perverted. laugh.gif

Only a few more hours of work, then that's it! I'm leaving at 3:30 today going home and promptly going to bed.
small crowd today, eh?

CH, well it sounds like most of those things (except the job) are fleeting. Which is great. I'm sorry about your job. I've had times like that too. I still have them here, though I don't hate it here like I have some of my past jobs. I am just not 100% thrilled with it. I'm maybe 45% kinda happy with it. Which ain't too good! Hence, my schooling. Speaking of, have you thought any more about school?

I'm ready to go home too. My neck is killing me today & my back doesn't feel too great either. It makes sitting at the desk difficult. Maybe I'll pop some Advil & spray on some of my Biofreeze stuff.
Hey ya'll!! Boy, am I SO glad tomorrow is friday - even if my weekend feels a bit over-scheduled. I think I'd go with Kari on the 40% Like rating on my job....the work is fine when people get the fuck out of my way and let me do it, but I seem to spend 10+ hours a week in inane meetings that waste my time, and make me stressed, as that's time I could be actually WORKING. I had no bosses today, which meant a good day, and time to accomplish great things. Too bad I have 4 hours of meetings on the docket tomorrow. Ugh.

Lore, I'm with CH - your posts just make me happy! You might just have inspired me to watch TR sometime! Bummer about goaty's interview and your work suckage...(((((jobby job vibes for all who need 'em)))))

I meant to go shopping for a dress this afternoon for the wedding we're going to Sunday night, but I got too busy at work. I really don't want to buy something dressy...there's plenty of other clothes I'd like to buy, but a cocktail dress ain't it. I'm trying to decide if I can get away with my favorite print skirt and a nice-ish top. I'm sure I can, I'm just not sure how dressy everyone else is going to be. It is at a fancy-schmancy hotel downtown...gonna have to poll some peeps who are going, me thinks.

Oooh, I came home to a freshly grouted backsplash today! I'll take piccies tomorrow, though, as the contractor forgot his grout residue removal stuff (who knew there was such a thing?!), so it looks a little sloppy right now. OH, and I can finally use my sink - YAY!
Hihi guys.

Sorry I haven't been around. I got home last Wednesday night, and all my stuff was packed and in the garage. Someone else had moved into my bedroom. I was pretty shocked, since our deal was that I would stay until Friday. But, they packed my shit and booted me out. I still don't know why, as my friend won't answer my calls or my texts.

I feel so bad, because this woman is one of my best friends, but she is obviously pissed for some reason and won't talk to me about it.

So, I put all my worldly possessions in my car, and drove to my friends' house. They were in LA, so they said I could spend the night at their place (I have a key to their house). After that, I stayed with El Guapo until Tuesday, when I moved into my own apartment.

It's a cute little studio with hardwood floors, right upstairs from my friend, Pickle.

Everything is moved into the apartment, but I don't have much (any) furniture. My bed was stolen in the burglary, and I haven't bought another one yet. One of my friends said he's got an extra mattress and box spring (no frame) that I can have. Yay!

So, having no computer of my own (again, the burglary), I won't be able to check in here as often as I would like to. But I can still go to the library and use my friends' computer from time to time.

~*~*job vibes for FJ~*~*~*

Sorry some of you are not liking your jobs. Actually, my pastry chef got fired a couple weeks ago. It sucks, because it's just me and the assistant pastry chef (who was *NOT* made the pastry chef), and she treats me like garbage sometimes. But I do get to work more hours and have more resposibility. Last week, I made two kinds of ice cream bases. One was a Cinnamon Spice creme anglaise base (really rich - cream, egg yolks, sugar, and spices) and the other was a different base made of milk, cream, sugar, and yolks. When I cooked the milk and cream before adding the yolks, I soaked some lemongrass and lemon peel in it, infusing it with their yummy fragrance and flavor.

I didn't get to run them through the ice cream machine, though, because I was too busy doing orders. I'm sure the assistant was pissed when she got to work and saw that I didn't test them.

Guys, honestly, without going into detail, I have had a fucked up week. I think my mental illness is aggravated right now from all the stress of getting kicked out of the house, being dead-ass broke, and moving. I feel like a piece of shit, and really depressed. I have also been making some very poor decisions. I called my therapist today and talked to her a little bit. She's on vacation in Montana right now, but will be back on Tuesday. I'm going to see her on Wednesday.

Anyway...well, I did go to the farmer's market today. I got some Terra Cotta squash, fresh sage, Tohono O'Odham Peas, and some Comice Pears. Those are my absolute favorite pears.

Next to my new apartment, there is a large patch of yard with nothing growing in it. I asked my landlord if Pickle and I could put a garden in there, and she said we could. There's a store here called Native Seeds that sells seeds for plants native to this area. A lot of heirloom stuff, too. Maybe they will have information about what is in season, and then Pickle and I can grow some stuff. I know that onions are coming up soon, I think. I don't know what else one plants in the fall down here.

OK - hope everyone is well, and I hope to see you again in here soon.
Awww! You guys make me sooo happy! smile.gif That made my day smile.gif

*Hearting the BUSTie-Clan*

(((Culture))) Make yourself comfy on the Okayland Couch. I'll make ya some strong Kava, a Polynesian drink that's like a magic potion/drug that tempers your emotions so that you can think clearly. Various Polynesian tribes share a bowl of Kava before starting tribal meetings so that people can discuss stuff more fairly. Unfortunately, the stuff tastes like soap water. Ugh! But a wine chaser would be excellent.

Yaaay for back-spash and sink-usage!

Kari, WOW! I love your job satisfaction rating concept. I'm kinda afraid to rate mine. I feel like putting a number to it would make me think of how much it's stressing me, yet it's a sacle that forces me to be honest with myself instead of deliberately tricking myself into getting up and biting the bullet, pretending that it's chocolate chip cookie-coated. Whenever people, usually Goaty's relatives, ask me what I think of being a carpenter, I can tell that I'm playing it up as a good choice, or at least call it the "Don't-Quit-Your-Daytime-Job day job". I like the idea of learning carpentry, but the truth is that all of the companies I've worked for were kinda stressful, and I keep feeling like I'm not being productive enough even though I'm reall trying hard. It's the construction culture, I think, that I'm not at home in. I must say, though, that I'm kinda traumatized by early experiences of hating jobs and feeling out-of-my-element in them. My first long-term job, working for my school's tutoring center, was my best and most-competent ever. I'm sure this trauma comes from school days when I was a pretty bad student. Well, I COULD find a company to work for that doesn't stress me out, like hopefully a cabinetry company, but the casino I've been building at really sucks! I'll give the casino workplace a 2%, but Carpentry overall... Gee, 45%? and that's cushoned by hope. I sure hope my Bingshot invention and maybe my writing take off. </end mememe> Kari, and alla youse, I sure hope you find careers that make you happy!

Grrly wink.gif He he he! Mary Jane and Charles Shaw gave it two thumbs up!

ETA (((PuppyKitty!))) Oh nooo! Poor critter! Sorry to hear that life's treating you so bad right now. *Feel-inwardly-stronger-vibes* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Oh, and I would LOVE to try your lemongrass&lemonpeel icecream concoction!
Oh, and Kari, they make a spray-on BioFreeze? Cooool!
Good Morning ass monkeys.

Kari, I am absolutely going back to school. A grad degree will open many more doors and it will get me the hell out of this job. Hmm job satisfaction rating. I think it's around 30-35% This is the deal with work, I feel as though I'm maintaining poverty, and I'm dealing with people who have way worse problems than I do. But it feels worse. The other reason I'm feeling shittay is that I'm a smidg-y lonely. I think I've projected my feelings for friendboy onto PR. Ugh. Howis your neck today? Are you feeling better?

Turbo, I'm soooooo excited to see pics of the kitchen!!! I'm sure that would be an okay outfit to wear. What's the point in buying something new that you are only going to wear once?

(((PK))) That is so shitty that your "friends" did that. What a bunch of douche bags. At least you found a place close to a friend and you can plant a garden. And you have real friends who are there to help you out. If I was closer to you, I'd so help out! I hope that your mental health situation improves soon, too.

Lore, that sounds wonderful, I'd be all for drinking something soapy tasting if it meant that I wouldn't be such a fucking loon right now. I totally hear you about the work thing. I think part of my job stress also comes from the fact that I was comfortable at the previous office, I made friends there, I knew the clients well. Here I feel isolated. I miss the previous office.

Well, I did nothing but relax last night. I turned the TV off and went to sleep at around 6:30. Slept on and off (mostly off) until 10:30, talked to PR for a few minutes then was done with it. I just want to be alone this weekend. My other concern is that I'm just not hungry and only want to sleep. I think these past few weeks of partying hard is having an effect on me, or it's finally catching up with me. Or both. LIke I said, I'm also a little lonely. Hmmph. Aside from that I've got nothing.

Later all.

Good morning, you corpulent turds who ooze so viscously through the bowels of a fevered fruit bat.

Sharon Stone was in "Fatal Attraction"?

It's a good Friday. The most ridiculous milf ever is in love with me. My son smiles at me all the time. My job doesn't suck. My car is clean. My team is undefeated. And we're going to the Art Walk tonight. I hope you all have as nice Fridays.

My plan for the weekend is to collect the last few gold bricks in Lego Star Wars II. Wish me luck on that. Maybe watch Mutiny on the Bounty. Brando man-crush still in full effect. Expecting my copy of "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72" to arrive sometime this weekend. Good times.

a Mr. Fj sighting!!!!

Sounds like you have a lovely Friday planned, glad to hear that everything is going well. smile.gif
Hi, peeps!

Mr. FJ, you do Lego Star Wars, too? The giant plays that game. I swear, Star Wars has it's fingers in everything.

I'd put my job satisfaction at around 40% or so. I don't love my job by any means, but I know it could be far worse, and I can kind of see an end to it, though it won't be for another 2 years, 8 months, and 5 days from now. That'll be my 10 year anniversary here, at which point I'll be vested in my retirement. Since I was going to stay for 2 more years anyway, I may as well stick it out if I'm going to be getting that much extra money at the end of it. Anyway, my job satisfaction would be much higher if I had a better boss and didn't get stuck with a caseload full of "who my baby daddy?" bullshit. It was never my dream to work here, and never will be.

CH, that's great about your mom retiring. Once you get to that point, it's better just to leave on a high note than put up with any more bullshit at the office. Has she set a date yet?

PK, that sucks about your "friend." She couldn't have given you a week's warning? And now she ruined a friendship over this. I hope things get better at work for you, but great that you're getting more hours. Sorry all of this is so stressful for you.

Jenn, I'd probably just wear something nice I already had. That's what I did for the Kansas City wedding, and all was fine. A nice black wrap shirt and a funky skirt sure did me well. I can't wait to see pictures of the finished sink area!

Hi, Lore!

Are you feeling better today, Kari? I watched Tim Gunn's show last night. I like it. It's like a combination of WNTW and Queer Eye, what with all the little presents and surprise guests. I'm just happy to get my fix of Tim Gunn.

Not much going on this weekend. Going to Poodle's new place tonight to check it out and help her pick out some paint colors (I'm extremely pro-color and anti-beige) and have some drinks. No plans at all for the rest of the weekend, except to go grocery shopping tomorrow. It'll be a nice, relaxing weekend full of rest.

Some of us from work are going to go over to the U of M one day next week to picket with the workers who are striking. I actually can't wait because I want to piss off the giant's mom. She's very anti-union and I want to rub it in her face. I just don't understand how a woman who raised 2 boys on her own and worked her way to a master's degree can be so elitist. It's not like she's rich or anything. It's like being a gay Republican or a poor Republican - why would you want to believe in something that is so against your self-interests as an employee? Granted, she's not represented by a union anymore, but it's like she doesn't remember when she was just a lowly clerical worker and needed the help in ensuring she made enough to raise her kids on her own. Sorry, this just really sticks in my craw. It's all about what's immediately convenient for this woman. The union makes it hard to fire her assistant, so now she hates the union on principle because it doesn't serve her immediate needs. I just don't understand her. Smart people can be such idiots.

On the upside, I got to talk to Sam for a little bit last night. I had to tell him that his dada looks just like Roger Federer. He's going to start pre-school on Monday, so my mom got him new shoes and a backpack yesterday. He's not looking forward to it now, but I think he'll like playing with all the other kids. I told him about the day when I was in pre-school that I hit every kid in my class. He thought that was quite something.

Hi Diva!

I love the fact that you are going to picket with striking workers! I hear what you are saying about the Ginat's mother, too. And the case load crap! My mom is retiring in March of next year at the latest. What is fantastic is that she can work some place else (she is actively seeking other employment) and collect her pension at the same time. So she'll be pulling in some good coin and not dealing with all the bullshit at work.

Have a great time at the Poodle Palace tonight!

So, I've been talking with a friend about my slump and I'm feeling a bit better about things, he is so blunt about things that I can't help but not feel better! It's nice to have someone like that in my corner.

So, that's my deal so far.

Later all!
Hello Bitches!

I too am super stoked that it is Friday. Wa hoo!

((PK)) Girl, I am so, so sorry you are having such a rough time of it lately. I cannot believe how those people moved your stuff out. What utter assholes. I am really glad you have a new place, it sounds really nice. Please take care of yourself. I am really glad you called your therapist. Are you going to see her when she gets back to town? The garden idea sounds great!

CH, are you feeling better today?

I saw my chiropractor today, so hopefully my neck will start feeling better. Stupid neck.

Diva, I know, I don't get that either...when people who seem to be struggling financially support Republicans. Uh, hello! I just do not get that.

Hi mr FJ! Give your wife & that adorable baby a smooch for me. I'm happy to hear things are going so well.

My day is alright so far. Of course I've only been here about an hour and a half, due to the dr. appt. I am scheduled to work out at lunch, but I really am wanting to bag it. Trying to work up some motivation.

I went on a Target spree last night. I bought a Dyson vacuum. The one that is good for pet hair. Mr K and I have been wanting to get one, and they had a promotion where if you bought one, you got a $100 Target card. I figured that made it as good a time as any. I used it last night & it works like a dream. I did my floors, rugs, furniture, and baseboards. Whoa Nelly did it pick up a lot of shit! Very satisfying.

What is everyone up to this weekend?
Hey Hey!

Well, I got dragged out for lunch and had a really nice time, and on the way back I saw a truck full of some cutie firefighters, made it hugely obvious that I was looking, and caught them looking back. smile.gif

I had good conversation with my friend at lunch, and I'm feeling much better now!

Kari, I'm excited about your vacuum cleaner! I have loads of dog hair every where at home. And I do mean everywhere. Stooopid hardwood.

Only a little bit longer in the day and that's that!

What is everyone doing this weekend??
If I had the money to spare right now, I'd totally buy a Dyson if I got a gift card to go with it. Granted, the house has hardwood floors everywhere except the bedrooms, but it'd still be cool. I want a vacuum cleaner designed by a gay clean freak.

CH, that's really cool that she can still work after she retires. Since she'll be getting her pension, is she going to work full-time or part-time? Lots of people do that after they retire from here, just to keep busy. My friend's wife just retired at age 55, and I'm so incredibly jealous.

I now have a bunch of leftover key lime whipped stuff and graham cracker pretzels at my desk. I'm going to try to resist them as much as possible. A lady at work is quitting, so I got stuck with some of the party leftovers at my desk. Great.

I'm really not into this work thing today. My jeans are fitting tighter than I'd like and I'm bloated from my period and the potluck lunch I ate. I wanna go home, but I can't because I want to clean up my caseload for the lady who's taking it from me on Monday. She's really nice and I don't want to overburden her with stupid crap and get on her bad side. If it were someone I didn't like, well, that would be different.

Hi all, please forgive these total fly-bys! But after last February, I don't want anyone to think I'm holed up it's better to post something than nothing! wink.gif

Having dinner with the ex tonight, she just got into town....
Hi doodles! Have a fun night! Thanks for checking in, I had indeed noted your absence.

Diva, we have hardwoods too, but that vacuum sucks everything off of them. Love it. Looking forward to going home & vacuuming some more. How sick is that??

That food you have on your desk sounds gooooood.

CH, glad you had a nice lunch that cheered you up. smile.gif
Hi everybody!

Kari I am totally jealous of you for getting a Dyson. We really want one (and need it to fight the pet hair). We have hardwood floors but I still use the vacuum for the big rugs and corners and all kinds of stuff. Our old vacuum stinks and sounds sick when we run it so we can tell it's on it's last legs but we're putting up with it as long as it still runs.

Diva that is so great that you are going to go help picket next week. My friend works at the U and is on strike right now. She got to meet Al Franken on Wednesday and got a picture with him but missed the big rally that day because she got sun poisoning and had to go home. She said the whole thing is very stressful. I'm maybe going to go with her on Monday if she pickets because I have that day off.

((PK)) I hope things get better for you soon. The apartment and potential garden sound great!

(((Jobby job vibes for FJ (and all the Busties really)))))

I like my job quite a bit - I'd say about 75%. I have a lot of freedom and flexibility and my boss is pretty great. It gets boring sometimes but that is just a normal work hazard. I just wish I made more money because I don't make much. I don't really want to go anywhere else in the near future - I feel like things are pretty good for me here. It was such a struggle for me for so many years before I got this job that I think I need to stay put for a while.

Lore, your admiration of Total Recall was so funny. I remember going to see it when it came out and we all thought the special effects were good. Years later when I saw it again, it was so obvious how cheesy they were. I went to school with a guy who's dad works in movie special effects and he had helped build the Mars landscape for that movie (back when they used tiny models instead of CGI) and he'd said it was fun to work on.

CH I'm glad your mom is retiring too. Just having a specific timeframe for when you are going to leave takes so much pressure off because you know for sure you're leaving and just don't care anymore about all the bs.

Turbojenn I can't wait to see pics of your kitchen with the backsplash installed!

I'm so happy it's Friday. Jfrito is supposed to be going on a motorcycle trip with his best man this weekend so I'll have the house to myself - yay! I have a whole bunch of stuff I want to get done. Unfortunately when Jfrito and I hang out together we end up doing things like going out for lunch and a couple of errands and then just drive around and waste the whole day and then don't want to do anything productive when we get home because then we're tired. So with him gone I hope I can keep my productivity streak going so I can feel like I'm not so terribly behind on everything!
Marileen, turbomann and I are just like you and Jfrito....we can putter around all weekend and not get a thing done...but when he goes out of town, I power up and take care of bizness. smile.gif

((((PK)))) Your "friends," no, lets call them UNfriends...are total shitheads. I cannot believe they did that to you!! I can only think that they just must not be mentally/emotionally mature enough to handle sharing their space. I feel bad for the new roomie. BUT, I am thrilled to hear that you have a new space, and that it's in the same building as your friend! ((((good things happen to PK vibes))))

Well...I just got home, and the contractor is still here - finishing putting in my new floors - Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! (In the famous words of lore) I LOVE them! Turbodoggie is very perplexed and is just standing around watching the guy put the floors in. Funny. A full pictoral account will be posted later. smile.gif

Doodle, thank you for checking in, love. You *know* how this crazy band of bitches worries about you!

Mr FJ - good to see you! Life sounds like its working out pretty well for the Fabulous FJ Family!

Wow, Diva, that's awesome that you'll be vested in your retirement in a mere 2.75 years! Even if the work isn't *exactly* what you'd like to do, having a significant investment in your retirement is HUGE. Nothin' like that will be happening for me in the NPO game. Oh well...I feel good about my job and some shit like that, right?

Speaking of the job, I had an out-of-body experience this morning whilst meeting with the boss to go over my 2008 Goals, which I wrote, and even writing them, object to the sheer volume of work I'm expected to produce. But bosslady just kept going on and on about how thrilled they are to have me, how talented I am, and organized, and able to parse both technical, creative, marketing and web skills was seriously strange. And good, too....It felt so contrary to all the frustration I feel at this job, but just goes to show you how out of it bosses can be. I guess its nice to have bosses that really like me and the work I do - haven't had that before. smile.gif
Hmmm...job satisfaction? It depends what I am doing within my trade. Back when I was doing welding installation it was around 90%...seriously.

Lately its around 60% as a whole but if I just take this summer into consideration its' about 20%.

Wow, that Dyson Vac sounds pretty powerful! And CH, I feel your pain about the dog/hardwood thing. Back when Lady was around (rip), I'd have hairball tumbleweeds rolling all around the hardwood! Of course, she was half cocker spaniel. The hair on her breeches was over 18 inches long.

Kari, your old vac might just need a new belt and a good cleaning...that'll make them stink and sound sick.

Divala, as a union gal myself, I take my hat off to you. Thank you for supporting a picket. *wipes tear of joy from eye*

ooh...and before I forget..FJ asked how my vch piercing was going...well. I'm not disappointed. I'm glad I got it. However, it has not given me the elusive orgasms that I had hoped for. But...things are much more sensitive there and pretty enjoyable, so I'd call it a plus, overall. I'm a little disappointed that it didn't push me "over the orgasm edge"...but, it did improve things.

I think I'm just not terribly orgasmic...

Marileen, I've never heard of sun poisoning. I'm gonna have to Google that.

(((PK)))) all i can say is GAH. What terrible "friends". I hope things get better for you soon!

Wow, Mr FJ...what an eloquent Friday Insult. You did well. *curtsies*

Sooo...I'm thinking about making love to Mary Jane tonight. I'm not sure though. Meh.

ETA: Crosspost with TurboJenn! *waves*
Hihi guys. Thanks for the support and sorry for the me me me posts.

I was a crying mess today. I went to work, and promptly got sent home. Embarrassing. But it's nice that they are worried about me and care about my health.

As for El Guapo...he doesn't get it. I told him about my mental illness months ago, and he seemed fine with it. But lately he has been asking me a lot of questions, like am I normal? Who else knows about this? So they think I am normal? It's just questions that make me think that he's not so sure he understands. He also told me not to let anyone know I have this condition, and don't let anyone know that I take medication. I think he is ashamed of it.

He also asked me to marry him last Saturday. First he said it was because he loved me, but when I asked why the hurry, he said it was because he was worried about his status in this country. So, that has me freaked out. We talked about it later, and agreed that it was too soon to consider marriage, and there are other avenues he can take to keep working in the U.S. He's worried about the new law going into effect that imposes sanctions on employers who hire undocumented workers.

Finally - my glasses are broken and they keep sliding down my nose. They're too big now for some reason. And it pisses me off to no end. Maybe I can take them in to an eyeglasses store and get them adjusted. They're really really cool glasses, dude. I love them. El Guapo hates them; he thinks they hide my eyes, and he loves my eyes. I think he just thinks women are supposed to look sexy instead of brainy, and I find that offensive. But I don't know for sure. At any rate, he really hates my cool glasses.

Turbo - I can't wait to see pics of your new kitchen!! That's so exciting. I'm so jealous. Er..envious.

FJ and Mr. FJ - Jackaroo is so bee-yoo-tee-foool! You guys are so lucky. And I know you know that. I had two pregnant sisters. One of them had a boy last Saturday and named him Eli. My other sister, the one who had all the miscarriages, is due in a couple of weeks. That baby already has a name: George. I'm finally an Auntie! And I will have two nephies by the end of the month!!!

Heikki quit football. I'm really worried about him, because he loved football. He asked his dad if he could quit, and he said no, so Heikki skipped practice for several days and got kicked off the team. I'm so worried about him, because now he has nothing in his life that he gets enjoyment out of. He is camping with his father and step-mother this weekend, then I am going to phone him on Monday afternoon and talk with him some more about this.

I'm at Banana's place right now. I took his doggie, Luna, to the park earlier while he was playing soccer. It was so nice and relaxing to be playing with Luna at the park. Now, we are going to have dinner with his brother and his friends. So, I will check in here later, whenever I can.


PS - I really really really want a Dyson vac!!!!!
Good Afternoon,

Diva, I'm sorry to hear that your Friday didn't go well, but that's very sweet of you to clean up your case load for this woman.

Hey Doodle! How did the dinner go?

Marileen, I hope you enjoy your weekend. I'm also highly jealous of your job satisfaction!

Turbo, that is great that you got recognition at your job!

Tree, hardwood and dog fur = my nightmare. dog fur tumble weeds. Word!

(((((PK))))) I'm sorry to hear that you are having a hard time right now. I'm sure that things will improve soon.

I'm already stressed about work on Monday. Need to get out of there. Things are what they are, I suppose. I have to stick it out until something better comes along. I really don't have much going on. Reading and taking it easy this weekend.

Later all!

hi culture! sorry you can't shake the work stress today. that's never good. try to enjoy your weekend while it's here. but yeah, take it easy!

i'm posting from our car. we're headed to gainesville to watch the florida game. yes, we are those kinds of people. mrfj went to school there and we like to go support the team. plus, we got free tickets to the game. so we're going to drop the boy off at sil's house for a couple hours. as soon as we get there, i plan to feed him and commence drinking beers. i will probably get drunk off two, so don't be too impressed. but i've been pumping my boobs all day long to make sure he has enough food for the evening, so...

interview on thursday was with a local college that teaches massage therapy among other things. the position is with their admissions dept, wherein i would be calling on prospective students and trying to recruit them, as well as following them throughout their schooling to make sure they're attending, etc. sounds like it could be fun. i got along well with the director, so maybe i have a chance. i definitely didn't walk away with the creepy feeling i did after wednesday's interview. and she seemed to think the money i was asking for was reasonable. so there is that. i still feel pretty good about my prospects and now that the unemployment office has granted me eligible, it takes some of the strain off. i want to find myself something i can truly enjoy. or hell, at least not hate.

oh, i have some bad news. mister boots is no longer with us. actually, he disappeared shortly after i told you all that he was sick and since he hasn't returned home, we're thinking he sort of took himself out someplace in the woods near our house. i miss my big boy kitty, but i guess he knew it was his time. rip, mister boots. you were/are very loved and i hope you knew that.

pk, i was wondering about your sisters and their babies. that's so cool that they're having them so close together. i hope you are feeling ok. i am with the other busties - what your friends did was unthinkable! that is not friend behavior at all. are these the ones that were worried about you last month or so? and i'm not so sure about el guapo. be careful with that one... is he living with you at your new place?

marileen, ikeep meaning to wish you all the best with your wedding. just a few more weeks, right??

yeah, doodle, how was dinner with the ex?

ok, baby is crying in the carseat beside me. gonna focus on him a bit.

smile.gif bye for now!
I think there is something in the water or in the cosmos, but a lot of people I know are having a really hard time right now. It is odd, but I am hoping for a turnaround soon.
((((((Puppykitty and anyone who needs hugs))))))

Turbo that is great about your bosses! I remember you feeling somewhat out of sorts there. I am so happy that they know how smart and talented you are! Yay! I also would like to see the new kitchen!

I am petsitting for some friends and their downstairs neighbors are seriously annoying. They have a fan that squeaks and squeaks a very loud squeak, but it still is not drowned out by the NPR they are blasting. I loves me some NPR, but seriously, blasting it? Huh.

Treehugger, you got a vch piercing? I have always wanted one, but I never trusted piercers around the lady parts. I had a nipple piercing, but it fell out when I lost a cap on it and that was my last piercing.

I'm about to go ash my hair, which is starting to dread. It is going to hurt and I seriously want short hair again!
oooh! I got back online! I thought I'd never be able to again!

Okay, what I wanted to post yesterday before my internet connection crapped out, is that I saw the coolest thing EVER on State Street yesterday.

What was it you ask? was an older woman, okay, I'm being polite. She was OLD. Like at least 75 but probably closer to 80. With a mohawk. Dyed pink and blue. And tattoos. Arms and legs.

I'm like, "Yeah, you go Sistah!"

It was so cool seeing an older woman feeling free enough to express herself like that.

Okay, sorry about the me/me/me but I wanna get this posted before I lose the connection....

Oh...(((((mr. boots)))))) they do that, fj...they go to hide somewhere when it's time. RIP, Mr. Boots.

Okay, posting this now!
((((((relaxing vibes for CH))))) I totally know how that goes, when you can't unwind from work. A strenous work-out, followed by a super hot bubble bath with some nice music and a glass of wine usually does it for me. I do think that a 2-day weekend just really isn't enough to actually fully relax and refresh before the new week.

FJ - have a wonderful time watching the game - sounds fun, and you guys deserve a couple hours of cheering for your team! It was the first football game up here today too, for Northwestern, but its pretty funny because the uni isn't back in session yet, so we rode by the stadium, and it seemed pretty empty. I'm still having a hard time believing that its September!

Dander - nice to see you in here! I hope those crazy NPRers turn it DOWN! I'll blast it a bit here if I'm vacuuming, but that's about it.

We've been busy here today - got up early for the farmers market - got the first apples of the season - SO good! Then turbomann and I whisked off to the schmancy mall to go to Ann Taylor to find something decent for me to wear to the wedding, and I got a total score - Really pretty swishy skirt and a sexy top for $70 - not bad, and I think I will get a lot of wear out of both pieces.

We're having dinner this evening with our friends from Ireland, who are in town this week for the wedding - should be fun.

I'll get some more kitchen pics up here before the weekend is out too, but I think it might just be naptime. smile.gif

((((rip mr boots))))

ETA: *x-post with tree*
That is SO unbelievably awesome that you saw such a confident older woman expressing her own style - love it! I'd love to be just as sassy at her age!
Damn! I always forget to get to the farmers market. Did you go to Green City Market Turbo or another one? OMG Apples! I am drooling, I love apple season!

I wanna be like that awesome lady with the mohawk when I am 80. if you can't have a mohawk when you are that age, really when can you have one? Maybe when I am that age my curls will have calmed down a bit and a mohawk won't look silly on me.

(((((((Mister Boots))))))) I did not know you, but I'm sure you were a nice kitty.
Good weekend overall, but a very rough afternoon.

You'll have that.
Hi hi!!!

(((FJ))) I'm so very sorry to hear about Mr. Boots. on a happier note have a great time at the game!!!!

Hey Princess_Dander! VCH's aren't so bad, no pain. I heart mine! as the lovely BUSTies now! smile.gif It was a walk in the park. Speaking of piercings, my labia is a little irritated, but no worse for ware. It's healing up nicely.

Tree! Hi!!!! I hope that you are doing great today! That is awesome about that woman!!!

Hey Turbo! I'm feeling better about things now. Had a nap, did some cleaning and then went for a walk. I'm even thinking of turning of turning my phone off tonight. I hope that you have and excellent dinner tonight!

(((Minx))) hi!

Well, I'm doing much better today, going to finish reading abou protein powders and stuff, and finish reading my horrible tacky, trashy, poorly written romance. It brings me pleasure!

Later all!

Hey all y'all!

Oh yeah... Sharon Stone wasn't in Fatal Attraction. It was Basic Instinct, with Sharon Stone as The Beav.

Glad you're feeling a little better, Culture smile.gif I hear yas on the loneliness. I've just started to hang out with a couple of people I can relate with recently, and that's after a pretty long dry spell (at least of people who live nearby). I'm glad you have a blunt friend. It's certainly good to have a blunt friend smile.gif

(((Minx))) I hope you reach an even goodness this weekend. Something relaxing and reassuring. You're a good one smile.gif

Princess D, good to see you in again smile.gif Maybe NPR just really turns your neighbors on, and the squeaking isn't coming from the fan ohmy.gif

Turbo, I love good apples too! They're my favorite fruit, really. Not exotic, but very satisfying and versatile, and they make me happy. There's also something great about knowing that they were bought at a farmer's market. I like that feeling from supporting the people who actually grew the stuff. Oh, and I'm also really glad to hear you got appreciation at work smile.gif

Tree, that's awesome! smile.gif I can totally appreciate such encounters/sightings. *raises fist to mohawk grannies*

(((PK))) I hope El Guapo and you really work out how you feel about each other. Yeah, marriage is a big thing, and it ought to be approached with honesty about motivations. Still the legal time limit can't be ignored either. That's a tough one. How do the other people you're close to feel about him? *Emotional strength and warmth vibes* OMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

*Rewarding job-getting vibes for FJ (and all of us, really)* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Heya Kari! Heya Doodle! Heya Diva! smile.gif

Marileen, best of luck with wedding prep!

As for me, yesterday started out sucking. I got up kinda dreading going to work, and that guy who doesn't like me was making snide remarks whenever I walked by. He even lobbed screws at me occasionally. At some point, he decided to antagonize me like he has a reputation for doing to apprentices, figuring I'd just quit. Thing is, the guys back at the office actually like and trust me. I do what they ask me to and never complain. Because of that, I never quit and never got fired, and I kept on showing up at work. This just pissed that guy off more and more because I was foiling some kind of victory for him every time I returned. My strategy was always to just let it roll off my back because A- What he wants is a reaction from me. If I were ever to goad him on, I'd just get fired because he's like the 2nd in command on that site. and B- The more professional and nice I was, the more the other guys started to take my side... Well, a bit before the end of the work day, Dick Dude got fired! He apparently was being a dick to somebody ABOVE him.

I don't really feel like gloating. I think it really did feel good to me that I got to witness karma sorting things out, though. I had to repress a lot of anger on that job site in order to remain professional and employed. I was looking for another job while still working there, but I'm glad that he was fired on a day that he was really in true form and I was there rather than me not knowing if or why he got fired. After he told the workers around me what had happened to him he came by and dropped a T square into a puddle next to something I was working on, splashing me in the face a little. I just looked up a little, then went back to work smiling. I had a job to do smile.gif I was a tad concerned that he'd do something to my car in the parking lot, but he didn't.

Normally, I'm someone who can stick up for myself, and I'll never put up with someone else being abused. It's just different when I'm actually trying to stay employed, and I can see how few other eligible jobs there are out there in my trade at the time. Well, after work, I took care of a few things, and then I got a message from my friend and his wife that they had invited me to have fajitas and a campfire! Yaaaaay! Campfires ROCK! I brought over a selection of nice beers, and their fajitas were tasty, and we all got pretty drunk and high! Ahhhhhh.... I had never smoked out with either of them before, and they're super comfortable to be baked around smile.gif So yesterday was a nice day.
Oh Noooes! I for borked the Lounge!!! sad.gif
Hey Lore, you totally didn't! I've just got a wee headache today.

I'm going to rest.

Hppenings, not to burst your bubble, but that is so completely irrelevant to this thread. There is a favourite bizarro websites in mediawhores, perhaps that would be a more appropriate place to post that.

Thanks, Culture smile.gif
*headache alleviation vibes* Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....
((((anti-headache vibes))))

Lore, Dick Dude is the perfect example of the universe responding to the vibe you put out there...there is simply no reason to behave like an asshole to your coworkers. Ever. I hope that your daily experience of this job site will be vastly improved.

We've been running errands a bit today, and we're trying to be excited about going to our dear friends' wedding this evening, but its just. not. happening. A wedding on Sunday night at 6pm is just a BAD idea. And sadly, it just won't be a late night for us, as I have to get up for work tomorrow, and actually go in extra early, as I have 3 deadlines hitting, and will (as usual) be spending half of my day in meetings, so I have to get in even earlier than my usual 7am, to get some shit done before the meet-a-thon. Ugh. At least we've decided to drive, and avoid an hour long train ride on each end of the evening, so that will help.

Other than that, not much happening here. Turbo's going to sleepover at the other greyhounds' house tonight, so we won't have to deal with him when we get home tonight.
Hey Hey!

I'm feeling better, I think I may have slept a little funny last night.

Lore, what a fuckwad that guy is! Damn, I mean, who does that? Looks like he got what was coming to him.

Turbo, a wedding on a Sunday evening. How bizarre. Well, I hope that you get home early enough.

Well, I went and bought me some Protein Powder. Now I'm just chilling at home, salmon is marinating in the fridge. I've even had my phone off most of the weekend as I just need some me time! It's doing good. I finished reading the first in a fluff series, and of course it turned out to be okay, and i'm a little excited about the next book, which doesn't come out until October 16! I've got plenty more to read, but I want to read this series!!!! Hee hee.

Well, I hope that everyone is surviving there weekend.

Later all!
Good Morning,

Ugh Monday. It also appears that I killed the thread.

Well, I hope everyone survives their Monday.

Good Morning. Ah, it's Monday isn't it?

I woke up to a refrigerator that Mr K didn't shut all the way last night. And I'd just done the grocery shopping. Goodbye dairy. I bought Mr K all of this meat, b/c he is starting South Beach. He is insisting it's ok to eat. I am really worried that he is going to get sick. It still felt cool this morning, but I'd toss it. I am not eating it. The USDA website said if it has been above 40 degrees for 2 hours or more, toss it. It's hard to say whether the meat was that temp or how long it hadn't been as cold. Anyhoo. That's how my Monday started!

Lore, that is so awesome that dick dude got fired! He got what he had coming to him it seems. Here's a tip: don't be a dick to anyone, especially people who rank higher than you!

((PK)) I am sorry you are having such a rough time right now. I'm glad you and banana talked about his marriage idea. That sounds like pressure you don't need right now.

((minx)) Sorry about the rough afternoon.

Hi CH, Jenn, doodle, diva, and everyone else!

Not too much going on here today. Work as usual. That's about it. I'm sort of in a downer mood. I think it has to do with drinking too much on Saturday night. I hate when I do that. It makes me feel guilty & depressed. Though I didn't do anything bad or anything. I think it's chemical. Alcohol is a depressant, after all. I did blow off the hospital yesterday. Not really due to hangover, but due to sinus pain & cramps. Oh well.
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