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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey gang! I'm surprised it's so quiet in her tonight. How was Poodle's day? What's the latest on Turbo's kitchen remodel? And did Tree do more detective work in the catacombs? We needs ta know!

Diva, I suggest you bring in some grapes for the cruncher. If she manages to eat those loudly, then there is no hope.

((((((hugs for CH's mom)))))))

Doodle, good luck on the job hunt!

My day was crap because I did not taking the driving test I need to take (my old license expires tomorrow). Plus I got pissy with Sheff. I thought he said that he would do something & then he didn't. Bah. Plus I really really wanted to go out to eat because we never ever ever go out to eat, but he was too tired. So, again, bah. And I was snippy when he took too many mashed potatoes at dinner. Seriously. I'm acting like a cranky 5 year old. Not at all attractive.

In happier news, I talked to an old friend for the first time in about a year. She just got engaged. Aaaaaaaaw. Ain't that cute! But secretly I'm hesitant because this same guy has gotten engaged a few times to other women but never actually got married to any of them. I fear that this could be the beginning of the end for that relationship ... but I'm not going to tell her that.

And lastly, I found a cat on Petfinder that is tugging at my heartstrings. He's an old male named Sherbert, but I think I would shorten it to Herbert. He's white & orange & fat & laid-back & lovely. Sigh.
treehugger, that was just a temporary reprieve, for one day. I'm back to the stupid job that I dislike. Hopefully it ends soon. At least it's not quite as hot. But no cute partner. Bah. I'm so tired of looking at that stupid pump and circulating stupid acid. I wanna go back in the steam tunnels with the cute guy! wink.gif

RV, good idea for the cruncher! smile.gif Sorry you were feeling cranky yesterday. I hope your friend's engagement goes through to the marriage.

CH, that is sad about your mom. sad.gif

~*~*tolerable trip vibes for divala*~*~..I hope it goes smoothly, at least. I'm glad this class is going to be more like a real class.

kari, YAY for the reprieve from that heat. And it's cool about your friend coming to work at the hospital.

I'm tired today, went out last night for a friend's birthday. It always ends up getting too late for my early-riser self.
Good Morning on this Friday!!!!!

RV, I'm sorry that you are feeling crancktastic, I'm sure today will be a better day. I say get the cat.

Hey Tree, I hope that work gets better soon. ~*~*~*work improvement vibes~*~*~*~

Hi Doodle! It's good to see you here, although briefly.

Well, I'm doing Good things Friday, because I haven't done good things Tuesday for two weeks.
1. It's Friday.
2. It's a long weekend.
3. It's payday and my cheques are all better now!!!!
4. I slept like the dead last night (although, no work out...)
5. It's supposed to be nice all weekend.
6. Should be seeing PR this weekend to catch up and shoot the shit.

Thanks for the vibes for my mom, she's actually going to retire, she's had it and has been working a while, so she's much happier now. I'm glad.

Well, I should do some work here, and finish up as I'm done at this office as of 4pm today.

Have a great day everyBUSTie!

Happy Friday butt munchers!

Rose, I get in moods like that too, where everything Mr K does bugs me. And then I get mad at myself for being such a jerk.

Diva, that blows that the giant's mom is riding with you! I know that is not something to look forward to. I am glad you like your class though, that's great!

((CH's ma)) That's got to feel awful, to get passed over for the job. sad.gif Why do you think they hired someone from outside? Is it an education related thing? That can really mess things up sometimes.

Hi Tree!

Well, we didn't go for Thai last night. One of my friends has been having a hard time of it lately & she had a really long day yesterday. We're going to do it another time. Which actually was fine by me. I had a headache and just wanted to chill at home with Mr K. And that is exactly what I did. I think I'm going to meet up with the one friend tonight for Mexican instead.

How about a Good Things Friday Edition?
1.) I called to find out what my power bill is for the month. I was really scared....but it's only $175! Woo hoo! I told Mr K last night that I would be happy if it was $250 or less.
2.) Went to Starfucks to get a bag of coffee for me & officemate. I guess they have a new thing where if you buy a pound, you get a free cup of coffee. Nice!
3.) Get paid today
4.) Our CC balance is lower than I thought it was
5.) We've booked our flights & hotel for our Mexico vacation in January
CH!! We are reading each other's minds today with Good Things Friday! How funny!
Good Things Friday!

1. I should get moxieman's paycheck today...
2. Despite having moxette's pinkeye, I already had eyedrops, thanks to our awesome pediatirican who gave us 3 bottles
3. Working from home
4. Coffee
5. Working from home
6. My kidlette now knows how to (every night for a week!): set her place at the dinner table AND feed the cats!
Good morning everyone!!!

Good things friday:
1. I'm at home, no work today!!!
2. back home safely from Hotlanta
3. Kitchen is almost done!
4. Perfect 70 degree and sunny day....time for a bike ride!

RV, how can I not comply and give you kitchen pictures?! We're almost there now! The subcounters were installed yesterday, and the granite will be installed on Tuesday! Unfortunately, our appliances have been delayed by 2 weeks, so the kitchen will be done before the appliances come, but that's okay. Our contractor will come back to install them all for us, which is nice.

Hotlanta was flight was delayed three hours on the way in, so I didn't get to my hotel until 11pm, which sucked. I had originally planned to get in early enough to see the King Memorial, so that was scuttled. But, I had good meetings yesterday, and was only delayed an hour on the way back. And today, I'm off work, so I'm just chillin' at home! Yay!
Hi Hi!

Kari, great minds think alike! This is a good Friday you are having! The people are just idiots where my mom works.

Mox, I hope your pink eye clears up a.s.a.p.

Turbo, that is great that the kitchen is almost done, but shittay about the appliances being delayed.

Well, that's all. I'm covering for two people at work on top of my own crap, but aside from that, I can't complain, this afternoon may be different, but there isn't much I can do about it. Besides, it's just work.

Later all!
Happy Friday everyone!

I'm going to pretend Jabba the Hut lives in my mouth!! Hahaha!

Turbo your kitchen keeps getting more beauteous every day! Oh, you are going to be so happy when those appliances come in. You never realize how broke down the old ones were until you get replacements. We still marvel at our new kitchen appliances even months after getting them.

Diva I'm glad you like your class! I hope the drive goes okay - I know you were really looking forward to going with just the Giant.

And I can't believe little Moxette is growing up so fast she's doing chores already! **go away pinkeye**

((CH's mom)) That really sucks about her job. It is so difficult to not take that stuff personal but it's usually because of stupid politics and has nothing to do with the person rejected.

Kari you are so lucky to be going to Mexico! I wish I was.

I was a sad, crabby girl yesterday and it was hard just getting through work all day. I was worrying about pretty much everything. But Jfrito and I have been taking a few dance lessons and so we went to our lesson last night and it made me feel much better. We totally suck on the dance floor but still have fun anyway. Pretending you are Ginger Rogers really does make you feel better and I highly recommend it!

Howdy to Treehugger and Roseviolet and Doodlebug and Minx and Poodle and everyone else!

*scuttles like a crab into okay land*


Marileen, your dance lessons will go great!!!

I need this day to be 100% totally over. It's been a rediculous month end. GAAAAAAAAA!!!!

I must go now

*scuttles out*
Dayum, but it's been quiet in these here parts. Guess Poodle locked into her maxi-pad! WHOOT!

Yeah. So, tonight with ex-Minxman didn't happen. We met on Wednesday night. Just as an FYI, he has a login for BUST and was on here checking out my posts (yes, he admitted this, and I confirmed with his login). Great.

We met on Wednesday night. I won't go into any details because it isn't anything you all haven't heard before.

He left and I went to bed smiling and slept like a baby for a couple of hours. He left crying; ain't that a strange role-reversal?! I can tell that he's got something else going on, not that it really bears speculation, but there is something going on behind all of it. I don't know...I mean, yeah, I love him still, but who can ever trust someone who revises history? It's just too weird right now. I'm glad I met with him, but I don't know if it even really matters anymore. He says that he still loves me.

After all of that, he still loves me. Color me confused.

We went out to Psycho Suzie's tonight...a few teacher friends of mine, including MB. That was pretty excellent. I love the One Eyed Willie!
Good Morning,

Crappers, it is quiet in here.

Minx, what dorks those two are. At least he let crying and you smiling. He's a douche bag, always will be, and you have come out the stronger person, and you always will be the better person.

Well, I'm going shopping, that's all I've got today.

Later all!
Wow, it is really quiet in here, isn't it!! I hope everybody's enjoying Labor Day weekend. I'm going to be marching in the labor day parade in Milwaukee, then going to the Madison Labor Fest, here. Busy day, monday will be. It's a big deal for us blue-collar types.

I'm glad the weekend's here...sigh.

(((minx))) I'm glad you slept like a baby and he left crying. Too Kewl.

Poodle, you getting settled in??? Poods?

((((huggs to all Okayers))))
Hey *has* been quiet in here lately!

Tree - sounds like you have a good weekend planned! Enjoy your celebrations!

We've been busy was nice to have yesterday off to chill. Today, we were off to make the last round of decisions on the kitchen this morning - picked out cabinet hardware, sink faucet, ceiling fan, and then we had an appointment with Andersen Windows about our sliding glass door....which gets more expensive everytime we get a quote. BUT, even though its going to cost about $2500 with Andersen, I know it will be installed correctly, good quality, and it will have a 20yr warranty on parts and I think its worth it to go with the experts. The ceiling fan is a stickier one - we need a tiny 36" one, with a low profile that hangs tight to the ceiling...I'm hoping the internet is going to help me on this one. The stores have nothing. Oh well.

Tomorrow, I'm brunching with my friend, then I have to go shopping for a dress for a wedding next weekend. I'm dreading it. I *hate* shopping for dress clothes. gah.

((((minxy)))) just 'cause. Hope you're enjoying your long weekend.

CH, that's great that your mom is able to, she can pursue whatever her heart desires!

Well, time to watch my beloved Alton Brown eat delicious fried foods on his "Feasting on Asphalt" show. How sad is it that I stay home on Saturday night to watch the show. What can I say, I'm a big AB geek. smile.gif
I don't know, ladies. I was smiling because it felt good to have resolution, you know...and it was good to see him again even though it kind of really sucked too. I felt really horrible actually that he did go crying. The tears actually meant something to me. That perhaps he understood? Who knows...I spent a good deal of the next morning crying myself. It was a weird aching.

There's just no good negotiating the situation, you know? He's gone. There's little anyone can do about it. I don't feel vindictive, just really fucking confused. I also realized he probably has been reading these posts all along, and probably still is. Shit...the last thing I need him to know is how fucking much I've missed him.
((((minxy)))) I don't think there's any shame in someone knowing how much you miss them. You're clear on your intentions, that this is not the relationship for you, no matter how much it hurts both of you right now, and that's enough to hold on to. Times of transition are hard, and you're being honest about your feelings, and doing everything you can to care for yourself and minxlette....I'm damned proud of you!

Well, that's about all that I can sputter out of my brain this morning....must go grocery shopping. ugh.
Good Afternoon,

Hey Tree!!

Turbo, that is steep for window, but like you said, at least you'll know it's good quaility and there is a good warranty on it.

Minx, I agree with Turbo. I know in my experience with the ex, that I heard things happened to him and I felt bad for him. I didn't feed off of his misery. At least the douchbag knows that it'll be verbal assault if he posts in here. And honestly, any man who follows up on an ex and sees what they are posting is a real winner *voices oozes with sarcasm* seriously, who has that little of a life that they need to register on BUST just to see what their ex is up to. Seems a little pathetic to me. Okay, a lot pathetic. anyways. (((Minx)))

Well, I went out last night and has a really great time, went out with a friend who really hasn't been out much since she got married, at least not to the bar. It's nice that the staff where I go treats me so good and what not. I didn't get home until late, then was up early, and went back to bed. So, here it is 3:30 in the afternoon and I'm lounging around in bed still. I love it!

I hope everyone's weekend went well.

Later all!
I'm not going to lie. This was one of the hardest weekends since I initially moved my things out of his house. I think that I screwed myself by opening up the scab. I put the little one to bed and cried sitting on the kitchen floor. I get so pissed off when I become vulnerable like that. To be sussinct, I was very calm when I listened to his side of the story; I had to hear him say it, you know? Him falling off the face of the earth ripped me up so badly that I had fucking anxiety attacks for about two weeks. Ridiculous! I guess that I didn't have all of the venom out like I had initially thought. I thought that I could go into that meeting and be cold and direct and walk out unscathed.

Then I woke up later that morning. Game over. Reality wins. I don't get a supergirl award this year. I was too angry and hurt to give all the gory details. It was too much, and I grossly underestimated my abilities to ward off old feelings. It's partially my fault. I tempted fate by trying to be too bold...and drinking a little too much. Totally let my guard down.


So, in a nutshell...I'm a dumbass. Somebody should get me a toiletseat halo. It was too soon to wrestle with that dragon.

And in that, he was correct. sad.gif

Oh yes, and weirdness upon weirdness, I received a postie from a BUSTie that I do not know this morning. It's making this whole damned story REALLY bizarre. I thank that individual for the information, but please do not send me anything else about him. It's really hurting right now and knowing what he's doing isn't helping that. So thanks, but no more please.

Honey, you had to do what you had to do. You are a smart, strong woman, and you will grow from this woman. You will come out on top. Look at how far you have already come. You aren't a dumbass you aren't nuts. Don't say that.
*pins supergirl award on minxy's bodacious bosom* You *absolutely* get the supergirl award this year, minxy, for surviving this, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, accept your mistakes, and realizing that your life is not with this partner. Its damned hard, and you're doing it. Be kind to yourself, my dear, and if you need us, all you have to do is holler, we'll support you in any way that we can.

Turbomann and I have had the *best* day. Rode our bikes into the city to meet my co-worker for brunch at M Henry (best brekkie spot ever), then headed further into the city to the bike shop to get turbomann some proper cycling shoes with SPD clips...then, all the way back north to the suburbs to another bike shop, upon realizing that he could not re-cycle the clip pedals I had, as they were missing a screw, and the hole was stripped out. Then, we kep0t riding north to the gelato shop in evanston (YUM), and finally back home. 25 miles round trip today - we earned that gelato! Then our neighbors invited us to their BBQ on the patio downstairs, so we just stuffed ourselves with brats and baked beans. I am a happy girl.

And YAY for another day off tomorrow!!
Yes, minxy, you DO get the supergirl award this year, I'm agreeing with TJ. (((minx))) She said it so well, I can't say anymore.

I'm thinking about you, chica.

And, wow, TJ, I think you should get "buffgirl" award this year! 25 miles! Who's a hardbody?

Soo...I treated myself to an REI shopfest. I (maybe prematurely) invited Bear to go backpacking with me when I go in October. I'm starting to wonder why I did this...anyway, he has no backpacking equipment, has NEVER backpacked. I have an old (mens) backpack that I bought back before the times when they made different equipment for women. Sooo...perhaps because I could use as the excuse "bear doesn't have a backpack", I got myself a brand new REI Ridgeline women's pack at a mere 4# 2 oz. Yay! And now Bear can use my men's pack.
Tree, having a women's pack makes *all* the difference! Good for you - you'll get tons of use out of it. I do not believe in grown-up luggage with wheels and such for air travel and vacations - I just take my pack - it hugs my hips perfectly, and I can get through an airport so much faster with it. However, you will no longer be catching me camping these days...I'm all for day trips, but I need a bed and shower at the end of the day.

I had a little REI spree yesterday too, funny enough - I just got a cool-weather cycling jersey, and some wind/rain blocking shoe covers for my cycling shoes. I'm such a cycling whore....there's always more stuff you need. BUT, we went to 2 cycling shops today for turbomann, and I didn't buy a thing - so there!

And I wish I was a hardbody. heh. smile.gif My legs are awesome, but I've been eating waaaaay too many carbs and sausage like foods in the last month of the kitchen demo, and the food-baby tummy is back. Oh well. Once I have my kitchen in order - back to South Beachin' it.

I hope poodle is making her new poodlepad her home!!!
Hello all, I am just posting quickly again...

...but a quick scroll thru the page showed me the link for turbo's kitchen pics....AWESOME!!!! I love the cabinets - beautiful wood! - and the breakfast bar is terrific! I can't WAIT to see the final pics, with all the fancy schmancy new stainless appliances in, and the finished countertops! turbo, you must be so thrilled it's almost done, and you are going to have this fantastic new kitchen!! Are you going to have a dinner party to celebrate when it's done?

Oh, in interesting news, the couple downstairs, with the abusive woman and the abused man? SHE just moved out!! HURRAH! I hope my interventions had at least a little to do with it....

That is all I have time for my lovelies! Will try to check in tomorrow....
Happy Labor Day for all the stateside busties! May we all have a gloriously relaxing last day of summer! The weather is perfect here this morning, turbodoggie and I just got back from a long walk on the beach - the water is perfect temp too - turbo just sat right down in the water this morning, it was funny!

Doodle, that is *awesome* news that the woman downstairs moved out - now lets hope they stay away from each other.

We're just going to chill at home today...maybe do a little cycling, maybe just sitting on the balcony reading. Definitely doing some grilling. smile.gif
Good Afternoon on this Labour Day.

Tree, you're getting started for your trip! I'm excited for you!

Turbo, sounds like you had a lovely weekend. How's the reno's going?

Hey Doodle! That's awesome that she moved out! How are things going with you?

I went out with PR last night, we had a good weekend and whatnot. Today, I'm just relaxing around home, going to do some housework, again. This morning we got hail! And a pretty intense thunderstorm, thing is when it was hot, there wasn't hail, and here it is, September 3 and hail! It was pretty neat, good thing there was a tree that was somewhat sheltering my car...

That's pretty much it.

Later all!

Alright! Happy Tuesday, ma bitches!

I've been doing yoga, reading emails, and trying to wake up with this badass cup of java for TODAY MINXLETTE AND I GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!! WHOOT! What am I gonna wear?! Just kidding...

Yesterday, we met a few really good friends at Bunker Beach in frickin' Coon Rapids, but that is a pretty rad smallish waterpark run by the county, so I don't feel really guilty guilding the pockets of seriously rich assholes. We both got some great sun, and went down the slides numerous times...she just squealed. It was too fun.

I think that the vast majority of my sadness has dissipated. Thank you all for the very kind words. I think that No Contact is the way to just hurt too much to see him knowing the futility of all efforts. Although it did satisfy some curiosities that I had, and confirmed a lot of suspicions. Oh well, live and learn and other cliches. smile.gif

Okay, I need to hop in the shower. I think that I'm going to head to the YWCA tonight after work and do the stationary for about 30 minutes before taking Minxlette home. New patterns, new habits. Maybe I can snake Nile from under Poodles captivating smile and bosom. Hahahahaha!!!

Have a great morning, all my supergirls.
Good Morning.

Minx, I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better about the whole situation. Good luck with being back in school!!!!

Well, it's Tuesday and I'm at work, how can this day get any better? *voice oozes with sarcasm* you know, every morning I wake up and wonder what the hell I'm doing at this job. Bah.

Let's see if I can come up with good things Tuesday.
1. Short work week.

That's all I can think of.

I should go to work now.

Later all!
Hey ladies!!! I survived my move!! I'm gonna read archives 'n' stuff and I'll get back to ya.
Poodle, glad to hear that you are doing okay after yer move!
Hi, peeps!

Yay, Poodle's back! Hi, Poodle!

CH, where have you gotten moved to and what do they have you working on now?

Minx/lette, good luck on your first day of school! I wish I was back there. No job to have to show up to, no bills, no grown-up problems. I wish I were 9 again.

Jenn, I'm really loving your cabinets. I like how the grain of the wood isn't really dominant. What kind of wood are they? What kinds of handles are you getting for them?

Hello to everyone else! I read archives yesterday, so I'm all caught up, but can't remember everything.

I am SO glad to be back in good old Minnesota. This really is the greatest place ever, though my opinion is biased. I swear, I'm never going to another wedding for the giant's family ever again.

On Friday, we had to get the giant's oil changed, which cost way more than it should have (the boy is so damn suggestable with these things when they try to get you to take all the upgrades). His mom wasn't even home when we got there to pick her up. The trip down to Omaha kinda sucked, since I was in the back seat the whole time because I don't need as much leg room as the giant and his mom do (she's really tall, too). His mom points out every. damn. thing. on the way down. "There's Cracker Barrel!" "There's Quik Trip!" And she taps on the window as she does it. Maud help me. And then later on, she pulled out the gum. The giant took mercy on me and turned the radio on to drown it out because he knows how much it gets on my nerves. Add to that all the prattling on and on about nothing, and her stupid WRONG opinion about unions (she hates them, thinks businesses should be able to do anything they like and the workers should just leave if they don't like it) brought up by the U of M strike that's probably going to happen tomorrow, and I'd had just about enough.

Mercifully, the giant and I got to spend that evening alone wandering around Omaha, which was loads of fun. We found this shopping area where you had to walk outdoors from store to store. There was a band playing and lots of outdoor restaurants and cute shops. Seriously a fun evening. But before we went out for it, we were in the hotel bar with his mom and the most AWFUL singer I've heard in my life was "entertaining." The boy played guitar well enough, but his voice was terrible. He sounded like he was trying to be a cross between Norah Jones and that weird singer guy from Maroon 5, really high pitched and whiny and tried way too hard. Why do people like to listen to noise like that?

Later on that night when the giant's brother and his family were driving down in the pitch black of middle of nowhere Iowa, they hit a deer with their rented minivan. No people were hurt, but the deer died. They had to spend the night in norther Iowa, but did make it down on Saturday for the reception, which was nice. I don't know what I'd do without them sometimes. The giant's brother is a really decent guy, although he and I don't agree on much.

The day of the wedding, Saturday, we had to cart the giant's mom and aunt around everywhere, so I was stuck in the back seat again with his mom while she chewed gum and prattled on and on and on. AAARRUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!! The ceremony was in this tiny country church in Iowa, which was really sweet. They put me in the family pictures, too, which was nice. The giant's cousin is SO sweet, she makes a point of making me feel included even though I'm not technically part of the family yet. I like her. But then came the reception. The 8 of us who went together (everyone in the giant's car plus his brother's family) got there late, so we couldn't find a table to sit together because the damn place (which everyone had said was "such a nice place!") wasn't big enough to seat everyone who showed up and the tables weren't assigned, so our group got broken up. Oh, and the centerpieces? Bowls of Chex Mix and peanuts. Yes, bar food as centerpieces, how classy. The food was pretty bad, too. We traveled to Omaha for what amounted to be a BBQ beef sandwich dinner at a freaking wedding for 2 middle-aged people, one of which is a successful business owner who could've done far better for all of us who drive for hours and hours to be there.

Later on at the reception, the giant's mom asked to take the giant's car to the local casino for his aunt so she could gamble. I swear, that woman has an addiction. That's where I put my foot down and told them no, or at least made the giant tell them that. How rude! After carting them around all damn day, they thought they could just take his car to quench his aunt's thirst for gambling.

The next day, we were supposed to have a big picnic at this really beautiful lake they all used to go to when they were little. This lake is seriously beautiful. This was planned at the same time as the wedding, but the groom wouldn't pony up the cash to actually reserve a shelter for us, so our group of 30 people had to drive all around the lake, getting out numerous times to find out all the shelters had been reserved (come on, this was a gorgeous day on the last weekend of summer, did they think they'd just find an open shelter at noon?) and squatter's rights don't apply after someone else, who was much wiser, actually made the plan to reserve the damn thing. We all had to pull a bunch of picnic tables together under the hot sun and eat the leftovers from the wedding that nobody wanted the night before (who knows why they thought we'd want them the next day when we'd all chipped in for real food). After a little bit of that, we shoved off with the giant's mom in his brother's SUV (the replacement for the minivan that hit the deer, not comparable, but will do in a pinch), and the giant and I had a nice, quiet ride back up to Minnesota.

We stayed home yesterday, slept for 14 hours, and did not a damn thing once we did get up. A perfect Labor Day, all in all, after the wretched weekend we had.

Thank Maud for the giant's understanding brother. I don't know what we'd do without him. Seriously.
Hi it's me again.

Diva, I'm sorry to hear about your weekend. I know if I was in your situation it wouldn't be nice. I think by the end of that I'd go mental.

Indeed I am at a different office, I'm still working in the downtown area, it's quiet here today, which scares me given it's right after month end. *shudders*

On another note, I'm excited, not only is PostSecret showing an exhibition the gallery here, an exhibition of Andy Warhol is also coming!!!! I was so excited when I saw that. I'm not missing any big showings here. I went to Rodin last year, but missed out on Van Gogh.

That is all.

Hey Diva, can I commiserate with you on shitty weekends involving road trips to partner’s family’s weddings? We went to Missouri (12+ hour car ride) for TB’s cousin’s wedding. It was hell. We road with his parents, who are high on my list of worst drivers. They both swerve around their lanes, and into other lanes, and like to multi-task when driving, which just makes the swerving worse. We survived the ride down, thanks in large part to the fantastic audio book Turbojenn recommended (Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!). Upon arrival, our room was right next to TB’s cousin (TBC) and his wife, whom I adore. TB’s parents were in another part of the hotel (thank god for small favors). Friday, TB was gone all day playing golf with the other groomsmen and I hung out with TBC’s wife and two of TB’s aunts. (Unknowingly, Catsoup makes Strike One against TB’s mom and dad. Apparently I was supposed to hang out with them all day and not have fun with someone my own age.) It was fun but not as much fun as it would have been if TB had been there. TB and I got a quick nap in before he had to go to the rehearsal. I rode with TBC and TBC’s wife to the rehearsal dinner. (Catsoup unknowingly makes Strike Two against TB’s parents – apparently I was supposed to ride with them to the dinner.) Saturday, TB and I had breakfast with TBC & Wife. We get back in time for TB to leave for wedding pics. I hung out in our room, enjoying the break from all the family. TB’s mom calls and asks if I need a ride to the wedding. I tell her I’m riding with TBC & Wife (and unknowingly Catsoup makes Strike Three against TB’s parents). At the reception, later that night when I finally get to see TB again, he tells me that his mother just told him that I’ve been avoiding her (and his dad) and asked him why I don’t like them. AARGH! I had been drinking a little, so I excused myself, and went outside to cry. I just can’t win with his fucking parents. And then Sunday we drove back with his parents. Blech. Yesterday, I slept most of the day. Oh and did I mention I had my period and cramps the whole time?

I’ll post a less mememememe post later.
((((((((Catsoup))))))))) That really sucks that TB's parents got so offended that you didn't want to spend every minute with them. At least the giant's mom didn't glom onto us when we actually got where we were going, and the giant isn't a sucky driver. They've got to understand that you're going to want to spend some time with people your own age, not with a bunch of older people you have to worry about screwing up in front of.

My coworker is back at it again. Jabba the Hut is alive and thriving in her mouth, feasting on (listens for a second...) celery again. Would it be rude for me to go over to her desk and chop up her celery into little bite sized pieces so she has no reason to chomp on it with her mouth open?

Hi, CH. They had an Andy Warhol exhibit in town here a couple years ago and I happened to catch it (no intention of seeing it, just decided to see the museum that day even though I never had gone before). Some of his stuff is really cool.

I'm baaack!! I read everyone's stuff!!

(((catsoup))) That sounds awful. I'm sorry about TB's parents.

Diva, you have a "mouth/chewing noises" complex like I do. I think you should grab her celery stick, break it over your knee, and toss it in the trash. laugh.gif I love your wedding weekend story. Chex mix centerpieces? Ha! Wow, that's bad.

I have this image in my mind of treehugger dressed up as Velma from Scooby Doo, walking around the catacombs searching for clues to solve the mystery. smile.gif

Hi marileen!! Can't wait to see you later in the month!!

I'm so jealous of tes!! I hope she's having fun with her man!!

Awww...moxette is such a big girl!! Good work, mox!!

Turbo, I'm lovin' the bitchin' kitchen!! It's really coming together. It looks so grown up!

Minx, walk away and don't look back. That's it. As Mary J. Blige would say, "no mo' drama."

Get the kitty, RV!! Herbert needs an awesome mama like you!!

Hi doodle!! So are the neighbors officially over? That's good that she's outta there.

Those shows sound excellent, culture!! I haven't visited the post secrets website in a while. I should do that. I haven't sent a post secret either.

Well, babes, poodlepad is out of my life and I am now living in a poodle palace!! I'm really enjoying the new place (especially the yard) and I'm relieved that the moving process is overwith. I'm exhausted. The kitties are having a blast, too (surprising, I know!!). They were a little scared at first, but now they're running around like they own the place. Gus has gone out in the backyard a couple times, too. I still have lots of unpacking and little home improvement projects to take care of, but nothing too bad.
Is it the end of the day yet???


Catsoup, that is really shitty. I can't believe that TB's parents got so offended. Who doesn't understand that some people need alone time?

Diva, that is shittay about the chewer. I think I'd say something. Or maybe you should listen to some tunes, headphones, but loud enough that it makes that irritating sound of bass. Or smack her.

Well, I wandered over to my friendly neighbourhood peircing joint to get another piercing, I'm thinking of Saturday at the latest. I'm excited! I want to do it now, sooooo badly! Alas, maybe I should.

Later all!

ETA: Hey Poodle, that is really great that the move went smooth and that kitties are doing well in the Poodle Palace!!!
(((((major sympathy vibes for catsoup and diva)))) road trips to a wedding definitely ranks among the lousiest ways to spend a weekend. And it sounds like you BOTH had your hands full with the in-laws. 'Soup, I'm so glad you did your own thing, regardless of the rents....try not to let them get to you. I think its important to chart your own course, and be your own person, and not to babysit family at stuff like that. I know it caused some tension in turbomann's family too, but I like them just fine, but I can't spend 100% of any weekend with anyone - you've got to spread it around. You'll have a whole life ahead of you to create the relationship you want with them. Don't sweat it. And I'm glad you liked the audio book!

Poodle, I am *thrilled* to hear that you are all moved in to the poodle palace, and working on making it your own! Pleeeease give us some piccies when you get a chance! And how awesome that the kitties are already enjoying the new space!

Okay, time to go take some more pics of the kitchen - counters installed today - OMG is it gorgeous!!!

ETA: KITCHEN PICS..I am SO happy with the new counters and cabinets - yay! Tomorrow...tile backsplash! Oh, and the cabinets are maple, with a darker stain on them, and we'll be getting some nice, clean brushed steel handles for everything - they'll be up soon. Supposedly, this is the final week of work...I'm not so sure - there's a lot to do yet. Oh, and there's some gold glitter in the counterops that doesn't come through because of the flash, but it catches the light nicely.
Good Evening,

Turbo, you always give the most amazing, sound advice! The kitchen looks amazing, and you can see the gold in the counter tops, which are gorgeous! I'm absolutely loving what you are doing in there!

Well, I'm feeling a bit off today. I think it's because of my crappy period. It's throwing me for an emotional loop. Fark. I'm sure that a good night sleep and more sweaty work outs will help.

I hope that everyone is doing well and surviving this week so far.

Later all!

Totally drivin' by again, forgive me! It's my brother's birthday, so I called him, and he made me hate him all over again within the first three minutes of conversation. Had I not just spent two hours enthusiastically singing along to old Blue Rodeo albums (my version of zoloft), I probably would have let him have it. Thus prevented from open communication, however, I had to stop by the Lounge to post in the Confessions thread that I hate him. Anyway, will check in again soon!

ETA: oh, newsworthy...[just for your soap opera followers]....

That recently-separated male from downstairs? The guy who was in that terribly unhappy relationship I interfered with? I think I just figured out last night that he's got a bit of a crush...on me. Uh oh.

He's also guitarboy's supervisor at guitarboy's new job. Uh oh.

Also there is a $50 bass guitar in the pawn shop down the street. Hopefully it will still be there next Tuesday when I have some money!

ETA again: FUCK! I almost missed the turbos' kitchen pics!!!! OMFG, so much awesomeness!!!!! That wood is so gorgeous with that countertop....turbo, I can TOTALLY see nice warm orange-toned walls in there!!! Maybe like a burnt orange...
Delurking to say a few things ...

1. Jenn, I love those countertops! Maybe that's what Sheff and I will get. I'll have to show him your fabulous pics.

2. Divala, please forgive me, but I couldn't read your entire post. The Giant's mother was just annoying me too much. It is REALLY saying something when just reading about her behaviour is too annoying to bear. All I can say is welcome home, hon.

3. I must confess ... I adore QuikTrip. It's the best chain of convenience stores ever. I miss it dearly and I bet that I would have gotten really excited by the sight of a QT, too. But I wouldn't have tapped on the window with my fingernail. That's just irritating.

4. We will not be getting Sherbert the cat. Sheff said that (1) he isn't ready to get a cat yet and (2) he doesn't want a male cat. When the time comes, he would prefer a female - preferably two sisters so that they can keep eachother company. So no Sherbert for me. Sigh. But this weekend Sheff got some panda catfish for our aquarium and that's my very favorite kind of fish. So that's nice.

5. HOORAY for PoodlePad!!!

6. CH, what piercing are you going to get?

7. ((((((((hugs for Minx)))))))) I haven't read all of the archives. Just felt like pressing my boobies against you.

8. This weekend Sheff and I managed to kill the microwave/vent that hangs over our range. It started with a broken latch on the microwave door & quickly went downhill. So now we need a new hood (we have a 2nd microwave & I want something that vents better than what we had). But I know NOTHING about hoods! The prices range so widely - from $30 to $3000. Jenn, do you have any advice?

We're talking about doing a wee bit o' up-dating in the kitchen, anyway. We have this awkward kitchen-desk-thing on one wall that is useless. I want to replace it with proper cabinets. Sheff wasn't so sure, but I argued that the kitchen is my room & I should get to have the final say. biggrin.gif

Edited to add ...
9. Doodle, sorry to hear that your brother was so shitty. I think siblings know how to annoy us better than anybody else on the planet.
~~~~~~~Walks into the room, Sets up Mirrorball complete with Pink spotlight and throws on Bob marley "turn your lights down low" and inhales deeply on a Camel~~~~~~~~~~~

First I forgot my deadbeatdad's birthday, and then after 4 angry voicemails, each one angrier than the other I reached him, where he proceeded to tell me how his baby's momma been ridin' him and getting on his case, I proceeded to tell him I'd call him back, a few moments later I got a call from said baby momma and was told my deadbeat dad was arrested and taken in. She wouldn't tell me why right away and I have a deep....deep....deeeep resentment towards this baby mammajamma so I braced myself and told her thanks for the call and hung up.

I called the police station and was told by a nice police lady he was booked for unpaid fines totaling $145 and 80 cents, so he can either pay it, which he can't cos he's on disablity so he'll have to spend 3 days in the pokey. He has 2 children with said baby momma and can't even begin to understand the ramifications this has on the kids to take the father from the children...My father may be a deadbeat but he does care afterall and will always be on my good side as long as he's there for the kids and spends time with them.

I'm in disbelief mostly cos $145.80 is a bit trivial to be taken to jail for...debtors prison anyone??
I also can't believe he couldn't pay it. I make 145.80 a night, give or take the 80 cents..

OOOHH!!!!! RUSH is on VH1 Classics....Video For Distant Early Warning. Thank god their music rules, cos they weren't going anywherte on their looks, check out the mullet on Geddy Lee BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

(Actual Link to video can be found at you tube and can't be embedded thanks to misers over at universal)

My old man would take me for rides in the car to duluth to get himself some pot and would always be jammin' out to Rush Cronicles....ahh good times...I always thought we were just driving around...hahahahaha

Speaking of A.D.D., A few of my friends and I have decided to try to get my best friend a "date", he's gettin a little cranky and hasn't had any since the reagan administration. He doesn't want a wife, or even a girlfriend, and likes to be left alone. This should be easy!
((((shawnboy)))) sorry about the family troubles.

I think I may have a touch of ADD myself...hehe

Turbo...OMG, those countertops are BEYOOTIFUL!!! I wanna re-do my kitchen too, isn't going to allow it for a while.

Poodle, I'm glad you survived the move!

Alas, the mystery-solving is over. It was fun, though. Back to the stupid boring do-nothing-job. Which sucks. I'm bored out of my skull.

oh, man..(((catsoup and divala))) it sucks when something that's supposed to be relatively enjoyable ends up being a torture fest.

~*~*guitar vibes for doodlebug*~*~

Hey alls!

Shawnboy, man, what a shitty set of conversations to have. Yet, he is still the papa.

Poodle has a PALACE! WHOOOOOT!

Jenn has counters! Girlie, I may just show up one day to see them. Y'a never know!

Diva and weekend rides. Ick. One reason we didn't go to my cousin's wedding in KY, is to avoid just that. And, it was MY family, to boot. Imagine, some 30+ Indians caravaning 3 states for a weekend of extended family fun. Ugh.

So, I have lots on the "memememe" front, but its all very disjointed and muddled in my noggin right now. Moxieman is out of town, and I have a very turbulent 18 month old at home. I was SO happy when she did a normal bedtime last night, and I could drink my wine in peace. That more or less is representative of the whole muddle-ness.
Good Morning!

Doodle, a few men have crushies on you eh? smile.gif Sorry to hear that your brother is being such a douche bag. ~*~*~*~*bass guitar staying vibes for Doodle~*~*~*~*~*

RV, that's not so good about the cat, but yay for the fish!!! I'm contemplating getting my labia done. I'd get just a wee little ring. Hurray on possible kitchen reno's!!!!!

Shawn, I'm sorry about your family situation, too.

Tree, the mystery tour is done? Poop, I was living vicariously through you and your travels through the catacombs. ~*~*~*~*job improvement vibes~*~*~*~*

Mox, I hope everything goes okay today! Excellent about good sleepy time for Moxette. ~*~*~*good sleepy vibes for Moxette~*~*~*~

Well, I have to say, last year there was a woman I work with who was talking trash about me and is a general shit disturber at work. She's very threatened by other strong women, who are good at their job (which she is not). She's a big ol' bully (whom tried to have it out with me, but I got it taken waaaaaaaaaaay up). Anyways, the supervisor who she was all cuddly with is leaving, so she know has no one. When she found out he was leaving, she started to cry. I'm secretly happy about this, (okay, not secretly) because the woman is a cow and karma is a bitch! That is all.

I slept lovely well last night, and things are alright on this end.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Where the heck are Kel, Grrrl, and PK???


It has been quiet in here! I haven't been in since Friday, and there was only 2 pages of archives. Sounds like everyone had busy weekends.

Diva & Catsoup, I cannot believe the shittyness of your weekends! OMG. They sound awful! Glad you are both back now and can put the memories behind you.

Jenn, I am drooollllinnnngggg over your kitchen! It's so badass! Love the countertops. I bet you can't wait to cook in it.

((Shawnboy)) sorry about the crappy interactions w/ your dad and babymama. Bah. That does seem like a small amount of money to be taken to prison over. Geez. Is he out now then? Or does he have to wait?

((Minx)) Sorry about the minxman meeting this week. It sounds like you've worked through it and are in a good place with things. I know it was really hard to see him again after everything that has happened. That blows that he's been reading your posts here. I realize this is a public forum, but even so, that's quite an invasion of privacy. It's one thing to stumble across the forum, but another altogether to seek it out and read it deliberately.

(moxie) how long is moxie man out of town?

Poodles! I know you are relieved to have the move over with! Are you gonna post some pics of your place one day? I hope so! I know you probably want to get unpacked and all that though first. I'm glad your kitties are happy there too.

Hi tree, doodles, CH, rose, and everyone else!

Yes, where have some of the other missing Okayers been? PK! Grrrrl! Kel! Come out come out wherever you are!

I'm doin' pretty good today. I worked at home yesterday, which was a nice end to the long weekend. It was slightly stressful though b/c we were trying to resolve a situation and that's difficult to do over the phone. Sometimes it is just much easier to be in the office. Mr K and I had a good 3 day weekend. We did some relaxing, some housework, and some yardwork. Got a few things checked off the list. I worked at the hospital for about 4 hours on Sunday, that went well. I also was there last night. I am doing lots of sessions lately, which is great.

He has the craziest schedule this week...poor guy. In tuesday morning, leaving for NJ from DTW. Home tonight, around bedtime. Out AGAIN tomorrow for northern MI, back either tomorrow night or friday morning...depends on whether the group he's carpooling with decides to get a place up north or not. I'm just trying to enjoy the time with moxette. Poor kidlet cried out last night, in a dream, "dada? dada" Usually, middle of the nights, its "mama". We did have a 45 minute long bath last night, though. I can indulge too! smile.gif When he's gone, I try to plan as many "mom-daughter" things as I can. Tonight, groceries and cat food shopping, followed by the park and dinner. I try too, to enjoy having the "big" TV all to myself, and filled my evening last night with all the Food TV I could handle!
Rose, we replaced out microhood last year. We went with a Whirlpool model- they ranked at the top for repair records (I tried to find the model #, but I'm away from home and can't find it online.) There's an industry standard measurement; I think it's 30" across, but you may want to check that. Also, I could be wrong, but there may be a difference in the depth measurement. Ours sticks out just a smidge beyond the cabinet- as long as it doesn't interfere with opening the door, it shouldn't be a problem.

I've heard that wattage levels don't make a whole lot of difference, as long as you don't go super-high or super-low. We just found one that wasn't too expensive (around $275, if I remember correctly) and had the features we wanted- turntable, quick-minute button, where it automatically times 1:00 and starts.

As for installation- I don't know how mechanically-inclined you and Sheff are, but it's a little complicated. LeBoy and LeDad put ours in and once they figured it out, it wasn't bad. The way the venting worked was a little weird. If you're not comfortable with dealing with it, it's probably worth paying to have someone install it for you. I hope that helps!

a sympathetic *ugh* to catsoup and diva- MIL's are a pain. We went over to LeBoy's parent's on Monday and she's just so obsessed with the grandkids, we may as well not exist. We've taken one roadtrip with them, and it was a mess. We were going to his aunt's house in Detroit and getting out of Chicago was hellish enough, then there was a semi vs. SUV accident that caused traffic to come to a dead stop on the highway for about 3 hours around midnight. When we were moving, his dad was driving and his mom was constantly gripping his shoulder, and screeching "Mike! Slow down!" even though he was nowhere near the car in front of him. I don't understand why she doesn't just drive and not be able to complain and raise anxiety further- she's perfectly comfortable with highway driving. It was awful. Thank cod for ear plugs, eye mask and an iPod.

turbo, the kitchen looks lovely- can't wait to see the tile & hardware!

Gawd, CH, sounds like an episode of The Office!

((hugs to the okayers))
Seriously, this the greatest thing ever. Dancing Prisoners The inmates, warden, et al seem to say that since the dancing started, all anger has dissapated and prisoners are actually working better at rehab.
Hey Hey!

Kari, it has been a mighty bit quiet in here lately. A relaxing weekend sounds lovely!

Mox, I'm sorry to hear about how things are at home. That dancing prisoners was pretty neat!

Hey Polly! The office I originally came from was a joke. That's not even the half of it. At least that woman is getting a Karmic kick in the ass.

That's all I've got going on. Aside from the fact that I don't want to be here, but that's nothing new.

Later all.
hey all! i've read all the archives, been doing my reading while jackaroo is in my arms, just not responding.

much ado in the fj household. in a nutshell, jackaroo is a joy. just a lovely little guy and even though we're not on much of a schedule yet, we are all getting decent amounts of sleep on most nights. i guess i can't ask for much more than that. in other news, my job was eliminated last week. my "friends" (who have actually come out of their dark corners to apologize profusely about the situation over the past year) have been in a dispute with their partner since oh, about january (when i started working with them) and it finally culminated in a separation - they no longer have any affiliation with the company. two days later, my login was invalidated and several days and several messages left later, i finally reached the new director, who told me quite cavalierly that i was no longer needed. they were no longer going to offer work from home opportunities. nice. he only let me twist in the wind for three days before filling me in on it. so, i am unemployed and am now seeking employment. i have had one interview so far on last friday which didn't pan out because they weren't offering enough money.

i have another today at 4pm and another tomorrow at 10am. right now, i must go though, as i have to get jackaroo to a followup with the ent. i will be back soon!

love to all!!!
fj, That sucks ass about your job. Gees. I hope you get something way better right away. Best of luck to you.
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