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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Morning.

Hi Doodle!

I feel blah today.

Good monday, ladies.

For some sunny monday morning happiness, i present you with this tidbit.

Enjoy, and good riddance.
*dances around singing queen's another one bites the dust*
So this is going to make 3 attorney generals during Bush's tenure, 2 Secretaries of State, 2 Security Advisors, 2 Rasputins (Karl Roves), 2 Homeland Security whackadoos, 2 Secretaries of Defense and countless others. It's funny that NOBODY will stay in this administration, even Republicans. I guess even they can only take so much of the lies and hypocracy. I think the only one left is Cheney, and that's only because he's pure evil.

Hi, Tes! We're all fine up here in MN. The extreme stuff isn't around the metro area.

Kel, I'm sorry about Friendboy.

((((((((Tree's body))))))))) That place sounds like the set of a horror movie! Good on you for not getting lost down there. I'd be so fucking freaked out.

Poodle gets a house in 2 days!

Hellos all around to everyone else!

My weekend was pretty good. We had no plans as of Friday, but ended up pretty busy. We got a shirt and tie for the giant (light olive green shirt with a Jerry Garcia tie - none of that boring striped business if I can help it!), I bought a couple t-shirts since I wrecked my favorite white one painting because I'm an idiot. Then we had steaks and went to see Superbad. It was pretty funny, but it's basically a 2-hour long penis joke. Michael Cera basically played George Michael Bluth all over again, but with more swearing. I think the giant enjoyed it much more than I did. Yesterday I did laundry and we went to the giant's mom's house so he could clean out his car and find his tennis rackets. It was a good weekend, but short on sitting around doing nothing time, which we're not going to get next weekend, either.

Hey peepers!!

Yeah, I love how all those Bush admin asshats are dropping like flies. Next it's Tony Snow. I don't think Cheney's gonna go, unless he dies of a heart attack.

The giant got a Jerry Garcia tie? I didn't know he liked the Dead!! I loves me some Dead.

I just finished all of the continuing ed I need to update my appraisal license. The nursing home class was pure torture.
And even Tony Snow is the second press secretary. But after I saw what happened to the last guy after 5+ years of the job, I don't blame him for quitting. He looked like half the man he did coming in. And even Tony McSnowjob is going grey.

The giant only got a Jerry Garcia tie because I made him. I'm not a huge Dead fan, but I love Jerry Garcia's ties. I used to get one for my dad every year. This one is a subdued abstract watercolory thing with some greens and browns, but it goes well with his shirt and khakis. There was a more colorful one I wanted, but he wouldn't go for it. Far be it from the giant to stand out even a little bit. Oh, well, at least it wasn't stripes again.

Wow, all that continuing ed must've sucked! I can think of few things more boring than that.

Speaking of ed, I need to run into Minneapolis to school to see if I can snag a used book for my class instead of shelling out $40 more on a new one. I'm gonna go do that now.
Hello Hello.

Diva, that sounds like a rockin' cool outift, expecially the tie! Cheney is pure evil!

Hey Poodle! That is great that you are done the continuing ed stuff!

So, I've decided that enough is enough, I'm getting everything all ready to apply for grad school. I've talked to one of my former profs whoe said she would be an academic reference, so her and I are going to meet in a few weeks to get that ball rolling and see what she needs from me. I'm still waiting for a second phone call from my other prof and see where that goes. I'm sure he will. I just hope i can do this part time, and things work out with work, I can't go back to a p/t job, not in the cards. I may have some tough decisions to make, but ultimately a masters degree will open up more doors.

Still kinda pooped out from the weekend.

hope eveyone is doing well.

Later all.

ETA; Hi, again, Diva!
New textbooks are such a rip-off. Hell, even the used ones are overpriced. To add to the suckage, they only give you back about half of what you paid for it. Bastards.

What would you get a master's in, culture?

Continuing ed sucks indeed. The other classes were okay, I guess. Other than the nursing home class, it was nice to do something other than my normal work.

I'm anxious to go home and do more packing. Grrrr...I wish I could fastforward to Wednesday. I'm not gonna be able to concentrate tomorrow.
the cost of tect books is bullshit. If you hit up major book retailers you can usually get them for cheaper (or just photocopy what you need!)

and I just heard from another prof and he said that he would for sure be a reference for me too! He also advised me that I should go into Community Health Sciences. I'm looking at doing a degree in Medical Anthropology. I'll apply to both.

I'm so excited!!!!!

Poodle, when do you take possesion again.

Later all.

It was a gigantic pain in the ass, but I'm glad I went on my lunch break to get my book because I was able to find a used one, which is $30 less than the new one. Yay. I literally had to wait in line for 45 minutes just to get into the damn bookstore (they only let a few people shop at a time, which is just stupid). At least I saved myself some money for our trip and don't have to stress about it anymore. Since this morning, I've come up with more than $50 extra for the trip, between book savings and a refund that's due to me. Now we'll have money to actually go out and do something fun instead of just sit in our hotel room. And damn if I wasn't going to have any money for the bar at the reception. That wouldn't fly at.all.

CH, that's great that you're going to grad school! Hooray! I'd do that, but I have no interest in my undergrad field, so I don't want to pursue it any further. I hope everything works out for you!

Poodle, let me know if you need any help with anything this week. I don't even mind helping you clean, if that's what you need. As long as I go to my class and show up at the gym twice this week, I've got my evenings free, and I'm always looking for a reason to use a little vacation time.

Oh, and the offer of the giant to help you paint still stands. He can reach all the high-up places we can't.
Hi ya'll!!!

Sorry I was lurking all weekend, I just didn't have much energy to spare. I took lots of naps, though. That was nice. And I had one last farewell brunch with stargazer and sidecar, which was wonderful. Three girls in a boystown brunch shack surrounded by preening men swilling mimosas - it was too funny!

(((((Tree)))) Sounds like you should leave yourself a trail of breadcrumbs in that place - yikes! I could NOT do what you do in a million years!

CH - that's awesome that you feel ready to go back to school! I so admire all of our ambitious academic busties!

The weather is *perfect* here today, I rode home and took turbo for a long walk, got laundry in (which I need to go fold now - boooo), and dinner is ready to throw on the Grill.

**** kitchen update newsflash****

I got wall cabinets today - YAY!!!! They are SO gorgeous - the remodel really is starting to feel real now! I'll take some piccies later....laundry calls at the moment.
Okay, I'm gonna be totally me/me/me for a sec....

YEAH! We accepted an offer on Mom's House!!!! Yeah, Baby! I was pretty worried about being responsible for a vacant house in Minnesota through the winter!!!

Yes, Baby!

(does the Snoopy Happy Dance)

Diva, that's great that you were able to get your book used. What a bunch of wanks at the bookstore though. Glad the money sitch has improved a little!

Turbo, yay about kitchen! We needs pics soon!

Tree, excellent that you sold mom's house, sad that it has to go, but at least it's not another responsibility right now.

I'm very excited about this school thing. I've realised that nothing is going to change at work or in terms of my career unless I do something about it. I'm still not too sure what I want to be when I grow up, but does anyone ever really know?

I think I'm going to go chill now, it's month end at the office and things get a little wacky!

Later all!
Congrats on the house sale, Tree!! That is so exciting!!

I give you CABINET PICS! Yay! I just love them! We're getting base cabinets tomorrow.

omg turbojenn!! those cabinets are spectacular! wow. and the lighting. totally changes the appearance of your old kitchen. i'm so impressed. i can't wait to see it when it's done.

*back to lurkin*
Oooooh, so purty, Turbo! I love the lighting too...recessed lights are so clean and sleek looking! smile.gif Those cabinets are going to look great with your new appliances.

turbo! Real, grown up cabinets with doors! I can't wait to come see them! smile.gif

Moxieman and I had just a lovely, cuddly evening last night. We decided that once in a while, we need a "movie night" (or tv equivalent), with no laundry, no laptop, etc. Last evening, after putting a deightful moxette to bed, we got ice cream, watched Big Love and just snuggled. And laughed at the show, and enjoyed each other's company without anything else in the way. It was great.

Today, more work than I know what to do with.

tree...that's really sad about Mom, but great about her house!

Minx...any more maters?

HI! everyone else!
Good Morning,

Turbo, the kitchen looks amazing so far. It's going to look great when you have completed the reno's!

Hey Tree and Star!!!!

Mox, that sounds like such a wonderful, low-key evening. You definately need to do that once a week!

Well, it's Tuesday. How great. I want it to be Friday, or something. I don't know what I want today.

OK, so Gonzo is gone. Great. The guy who's being rumored to be his replacement? Chertoff. Yep... this guy.

Don't these idiots ever learn? I hope Senator Leahy, and his co-horts have the guts to do the job we elected them to do.
Well that headline alone makes me think that he'll fit in just fine with the rest of those assmonkeys.

La la la. I need to work out then get some lovely sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy time.
Did you guys hear that John Edwards wants to pass "Brownie Law" that would prevent unqualified people being put in charge of departments....named after Michael "Heck of a Job, Brownie" Brown, of course, the hack who was hired to head FEMA whose main area of professional expertise was horse breeding. Wow, he's so bad he's got a law named after him to prevent people like him from being put in a position of power again. ohmy.gif
Bwaaaahahahahaha! Polly, that's freakin' hilarious!!!! You know you screwed up royally when...
Turbo, your cabinets are divine!

Oh Moxie! I am glad your pukefest is over! Snuggling is so wonderful...snuggling with ice cream DIVINE!

I just went over to get more 'maters and nearly left bawling. The fucker cut down the remaining corn which was holding my pole beans (not much left, mind you...but I was waiting for the last to develop), and he UPROOTED MY FUCKING DELPHINIUM!! I felt gutted. I was going to take those at the end of the week to plant next spring in my community garden patch because it takes two years for them to bloom. That sunofabitch. They were three feet tall and would have been gorgeous next year.

Did I mention that I grew them from seed? Assclown.

That's fucking it. I've had it. That's the last time I'm going over there, and I think that's why he did it, to be perfectly honest. Little bitch. Maybe he didn't put that much thought into it. But get this: the bastard actually wrote me an email on Friday saying that he wanted to get together with me, that he was "so sorry" about so many things, and that he wants to explain a few things to me. I can't imagine what in the flying fuck he would want to talk to me about. Uh, "I'm psycho, told my ex-wife that I wanted to dump you and then ignored you because I have no balls."

That seems to be the extent of it. However, I am going because it might be amusing to hear him try to lie through his teeth. Maybe I should plan an ambush in the parking lot. Feh on him.

How's everybody else doing?
Minxy, careful. You are stronger and swifter than the last time, but little red blinking lights are goin off here...

That being said, let me quote Big Love from last night, as Nikki tells Sarah how to handle her man: "Protect your chastity, but show him what he's missing." smile.gif

Just finished lovely salad for lunch. About to dig into a fig Newman for dessert. Yum.

For that funny you win the official Wonder Woman Award:


Minx, I'd tell him I'd be some place then not show up. That mofo can take his wank and stick it in a garborator. Jerkwad. I heart the pic!

Het Mox!!!

I wanna go hoooooooooooooome! I just don't want to be here. Bah.
Jenn, I love the cabinets! So rich and grown-up! I like the reddish hue to them, and they look really smooth.

Congrats on selling the house, Tree!

Did any of us really think that Shrub would hire any kind of competent person for the job? Really? Everyone else has gotten their positions through cronyism, no matter how unqualified they were. Harriet Miers wasn't much of an attorney (and he wanted her to be a Supreme Court justice!), and look at how dismal everyone else is besides maybe Cheney (only because he's evil and is beyond description). Why would we think that Shrub would suddenly decide to do the right thing with only a year and a half left in office? He never has before.

Minxy, Minxy, Minxy. DO NOT go to see this motherfucker. What can he possibly have to say OVER A MONTH LATER to redeem his asshole self? I personally think that his actions have spoken loud and clear, so don't reward him by gracing him with your presence. He's only doing this because he knows he can get to you, and he can, as long as you let him. So just cut the asshole off and have that be the end of it. No good can come of this in any scenario. And why would you, a very smart woman, put yourself through this yet again? You're better than that.

Hi, CH and Moxie!

I'm a little cranky today. I got very little sleep the last 2 nights and yet still got enough sleep to have bad dreams. I hate dreams. Period. It was too hot in bed and I didn't want to turn on the a/c and make the giant mad, and the storms with constant lightning and thunder were keeping me up. Oy. Tonight will be a better night - it has to be. At least my day is going well. I got a bunch of work done already, submitted a new form for the office to use, and I'm having lunch with Marileen in about an hour. Yay! Other than having to go to the gym and stay late at work, today is shaping up to be better.

I think I'll even have a little alcie-drink for lunch.
Hi everybody!

Minxy, you be careful around that creepy ex of yours if you go see him! You know he will convince himself of whatever nonsense he tells you so he'll really seem like he means it and is actually not such a bad guy. Beware!

CH, good luck with grad school! It is a lot of work but worth it. I think it's good for your mind.

Congrats on the house sale Tree! And you are a brave woman to go work in such scary places.

Turbo the cabinets are gorgeous! I can't wait to see pics of when it is finished!

I get to have lunch with Diva today. La la la!

I had my first bridal shower (hosted by Jfrito's aunts) this weekend out in central MN. My mom and I drove out on Friday night and stayed in a hotel in Willmar (we gave Jfrito's aunt a lift and she stayed at her brother's house that night) and went to the shower in Clara City the next day at the community center. It went pretty well, although it was a little stressful for me because there were relatives and family friends there that I didn't even know! We had strawberry shortcake and I got some nice presents. Amazingly enough, I even liked the gifts I got that weren't ones we'd registered for - that was really nice. It was all very small town and as my mom said, kind of an old lady party - the guest list definitely skewed towards people in their sixties and seventies. I think I made a good excuse for the aunties to organize a get-together. It was hard for me to be in the spotlight and I got shy but I think I handled it okay.

I also got the cd of pictures from our engagement session with our photographer so here are a few along with some other pics I have saved in my album:
Faaaark, I'm in a HOT room in these catacombs! And there's a dead rat...

It's 115 in there and this stupid valve is arguing with me.....CLOSE, DAMMIT!

But, I'm getting used to it. And I found a light switch, so it's not pitch dark, it's just gloomy dim right now. I had to come upstairs in the student lounge to use one of the computer kiosks.

Okay, back to the catacombs.
(((((tree))))) I'm afraid of your worksite, and I'm not even in it with you!

Minxy, stay AWAY from that fucktard of an ex. You've let him "explain" enough, and you know that it is not going to end with you feeling better about yourself, or in a better place emotionally. What's in it for you, to show up to meet him. And if you do go, it should be with the pink mafia in tow, merely to punch that bastard in the neck. And that's all I have to say about that.

I have more cabinets! Base cabinets today...only, too many of them! The kitchen is feeling kind of small...I'm going to have the contractor take out one of the 24" cabinets, and replace it with a 12", and then I think we'll be good. Tomorrow, we get base countertops and a SINK! I am excited about having the sink back. Next week...wrap up - granite counters, floors, trim, more paint. Wheeee!

I'll be absent for a couple days here...I have to go to Hotlanta for work tomorrow afternoon, returning Thursday night. Not excited about it, but its a good opportunity to network with the National HQ staff.

Marileen!!! You KNOW I love the piccie of you and fiancee and Abe the best! Abe looks so happy for you guys, as he should be!

Okay, time to take a shower and wind down a was quite the sweaty ride home today.

Hi everyone!!

Turbo!! Those cabinets rock!! I'm glad you had some rest and that your kitchen is starting to come together!!

Congrats on the home offer, tree!! So are you still working in the dungeon building? There's a dead rat down there? Eeeeeewww!!

Marileen, those pictures are awesome!! They're all good, but I especially love the one with J dipping you by the fountain. The pictures of Abe and Sweetie are super cute, too.

So what exactly is this health anthropology major about, culture? Sounds very interesting.

Minx!! I got your lovely message!! Hahahahaha!! Yeah, I think it's probably best that you stay away from the fuckwad's house from now on. How dare he beg for forgiveness after uprooting your delphs!!

Hi polly!! That brownie law sounds awesome.

Diva, I'm glad you were able to scrounge up some dough. I'll get back to you in a day or so about the moving process. Thank you so much for your generosity!!

I went over to my house this morning and it's looking great. I met the seller and she was really nice. She's moving down to Alabama to live with her fiance. She told me that one of the neighbors is a very talkative, new-agey woman and there's a family w/ kids on the other side. The family has a huge black lab though, so I'm sure my cats won't like that. All of the furniture in my apartment is gone, other than my mattress and a couple chairs. Everything else is in boxes or in my parents' garage. I'm stressed out, but in a good way. I bought Bach's Rescue Remedy for Oscar, so we'll see how that works. The woman at the co-op said it works for her sensitive kitty during long road trips, so that makes me feel good. Thanks for the recommendation, tes!!
Girltrouble!! I know you're in the lounge!! Come out, come out wherever you are!!
Good Morning,

Diva, did you get a good nights sleep last night?

Marileen, sounds like your shower turned out good, and those are lovely pics!

Tree, I hope your day went better and you can get your work down in the creep catacombs done soon! How is your arm treating you?

Turbo, have a safe trip, and I hope that work goes well.

Poodle, it sounds like you are moving into such a great neighbourhood!

It was so busy here yesterday afternoon and my clients are a little wacky. To top it off, my phone has already started ringing. Ugh.

I took houndish to the park yesterday, then worked out, and I was tucked into bed by 8, and fell asleep shortly thereafter. It was wonderful. Except at 5:15 this morning my mom comes into my room and asks where my car keys are. *grumbles*

Well, I hope that everyone is doing well today!!

Later all!


I've tried to catch up, sure I missed some stuff.

minx! Listen to the other Okayers! DO NOT grace that assface with your presence. No good can come of it. I'm sorry about your plants. sad.gif

Jenn!! I am drooooling over your cabinets. They are beautiful!

Marileen...I love your pictures! Did you change your hair? I thought you were a brunette in the last pic I saw of you (long ago, when you guys did whiskey bake). In any case, you look fabulous!! And your mister is a cutie pie. And your house is lovely. And your dress.....beautiful! Glad your shower was fun. We had one of those types also....parents friends that I didn't know. It was a bit awkward, but not too bad.

Poodles!!! Moving date is getting so close! That's great that you got the heads up on the neighbors. I never did meet the people who we bought our house from, though I would have liked to. They had already moved out of state.

Moxie, your night with moxieman sounds really nice. Those kinds of nights are important, aren't they? I always feel much better after we do something like that.

Tree, yay! For the offer on your mom's house! That's got to be a load off your mind. Be careful at work girl! You have my props, I could never in a million years do your job.

CH, good for you on deciding to go back to school! That's great! Are you looking to start in the spring?

Hi Diva! I know, Superbad was like one long penis joke. I laughed a lot though. And yeah, Michael Cera did play George Michael, but I didn't mind b/c I love him. I must admit I have a crush on him. I checked IMDB & he's 19, so there! I still feel kinda squicky about it though. Kind of like finding Daniel Radcliff hot. Hmpf.

I am back in the office today after being out since Thursday. I drove to Savannah GA to see a friend of mine. It was a lovely trip. I was so ready to get out of town I didn't even mind the 7.5 hour drive each way. We hung at the pool, watched movies, and drank a lot of wine. It did me good, I feel about 100% more relaxed. I started back at the hospital last night after being away from there for a week. That break did me good as well.

Looking forward to the 3-day weekend. Mr K is off Sat, Sun, & Monday too. We already have a list of household maintenance tasks. I want to get a lot done. It's supposed to be in the upper 80's, low 90's this weekend. I hope that's true. Our yard is in need of much attention.

super quick fly by to serenade all of my homies here in okaylânia with

"leavin on a jet plane!!!"

2 weeks in madeira with mr hotbuns! woooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo!

boobah squishin hugs for everyone!!!
Hello Hello.

Kari, that sounds like a truly relxing time you had! I'm uber jealous! I'm applying for Sept 2008 admission. I'm pretty excited. I was looking at the course work, wowza. But that payoff would be worth it. Maybe this is the area I'd do a PhD in.

Tes, that is so great about some time with mr. Hotbuns!!!!!!

This month has been killer. I want to know why my old clients don't go to their new workers about issues they are having. I'm not doing anything for you!!! I need my phone to stop ringing. On the plus side, I'm feeling pretty good today.

How is everyone else doing today??

Hi, peeps!

My alarm didn't go off AGAIN, so I didn't wake up until 20 minutes before I had to be at work, so I didn't get to shower and I smell like ass. Grrr. At least I got some sleep last night after I begged the giant to put on the a/c. Sometimes a good night's sleep is worth a few bucks.

The Cruncher is at it again at work. I swear, Jaba the Hut lives in her mouth. I really need to bring my headphones in for her celery days.

CH, I have to same problems with clients who don't understand that cases move through the process and go from one worker to another. I get people calling me months and months (sometimes even years) after I've gotten rid of their cases. I think it's because I actually answer my phone, but it does them no good to call when I can't answer their questions anymore, not because I don't want to, but because I'm not qualified to answer financial questions, which is what they usually are. I should have a bunch of people coming in tomorrow to get their welfare money back, since it'll be my last day in the office this month. I should probably call them and let them know, huh?

Hi, Tes! Have fun!

Kari, Michael Cera is seriously only 19? Wow. I feel a little dirty now. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip to visit your friend, but geez is that a long drive. If anyone deserves a little break from work and school, it's you.

Marileen, I love your pictures, too! They're all so sweet and you both look great!

Poodle's moving today! Sounds like a nice neighborhood you'll be in. My aunt lives about 7 blocks away from you. I wish I knew my neighbors. We only know our landlords. That new-agey lady sounds fun. But yeah, give me a call tomorrow evening and let me know if I can help.

I miss GirlTrouble, too.

Today's my first day of class, and I'm very excited. It's Small Business Management, and since it's not an online course, there will be actual real live interaction with people in it, and it meets every week, so it won't feel like there are huge gaps. Tonight will be nice, too. The giant has his fantasy football draft for a couple hours tonight, so I get full reign of the TV without him constantly switching it to tennis for football or the music choice metal channel. Last night was Day 2 of the US Open, which of course we have to watch every night. Beats the hell outta football, though.

Ha ha, diva, I was relieved to find out Michael Cera was 19! I feard he might be like 16-17.

Jaba the Hut lives in her mouth. Bawahahahaha! That's a good one.

Good luck in class tonight! I bet it will be a nice change of pace to be in a real live class.

Our AC has been running nonstop. I am very, very afraid to see our bill. With 3 solid weeks of triple digit temps, there's not much choice though. sad.gif

Ch, sept 08? Cool!

Good Afternoon everyone.

Diva, to echo Kari's sentiments, Bwaaaaaaaahahahaha about Jabba the Hutt in her mouth. I would want to hit her with something dead and fishy! I'm glad that you got a good nights sleep. I leart month end, how has yours been? Mine has been chaos. And to top it all off, I'm dissolving my case load as I'm moving to a different office. *reaches for vodka*

Hey Kari! I hear yoiu and Diva both about the sweltering temps, although it's much cooler here.

I also miss GT.

And where's grrrl been lately? And doodle???

Well, I must go a return the rest of my phone calls.

Later all!

CH, my month end isn't too hectic since people have been getting their stuff done before the last minute. I thought I had an appoinment, but it's someone else's case. I don't know why the welfare people keep getting the child support worker wrong when all they have to do is look at who sent the email to sanction the grant. Duh! It's going to get way worse starting next month when I take a caseload of "who my baby daddy?" Ugh.

Kari, I feel kind of guilty about running the a/c that much, but when it comes down to it, I'm the one who pays the gas bill for 7 months of the year so we won't freeze, and that's way more than the electric bill gets to be for just a few months. I just can't deal with being hot, and will do anything to avoid it, no matter what it costs.

I just ate a black bean fajita for lunch and am slurping down an iced mocha. I'm so freaking wired right now from all the caffiene and sugar and carbs, but I'll probably crash really hard in a couple hours.
'allo all!

Well I had sort of a cranky crabby craptastic morning. I threw my pipe wrench across the room three times, and a channel locks pliers across the room once. Got all set up, cracked my head three times on this stupid valve that hangs down in the middle of nowhere, and find out the floor drain's plugged. Sooo..I had to call the plumbing shop and I got a reprieve.

I actually had a lurvely afternoon. Divala would have hated it though. I got to work down in the steam tunnels with a really nice guy...for safety reasons two people have to go together down there. So he needed help. And I got to go, yippee! It was nice to work with him. What sucked was the heat...but it's more bearable with a good partner, you know? We see eye-to-eye on a lot of things...Sooo, 145 degrees fahrenheit wasn't too bad. Believe it or not. And it didn't hurt that my partner has a CUTE butt. wink.gif

okay, yes...I'm crushing on him a bit.

For CH, that temperature'd be, um...let me get my conversion table out...63 degrees C! Hee!

Had my second accupuncture treatment today; just got home with it. Relaxing with an ice cold frosty beer and a tuna sandwich on pumpernickel rye bread. Can't beat pumpernickel for a sammich.

I miss GT tooooo! sad.gif Come baaack!

~*~*anti hectic vibes for CH*~*~

Divala, don't feel guilty...I keep my room as cold as I can, for sleeping. You just can't function without a good nights sleep.

Kari, just make sure you keep the outside part of it clean, it will help it be as efficient as it can be. Yes, I'm STILL preaching the benefit of a clean condensor! Kinda like TJ and the butt flushes!

TES, have fun with hotbuns!!!

~*~*good move vibes for Poodle*~*~

((((anybusties I've missed...))))
Good Evening everyone.

Diva, I feel your pain, my at also goes off to you for that soon to be case load. I've a fair number of single mom's on my case load...I feel bad and frustrated all at the same time. That lunch sounds delish! ~*~*~*survive month end for Diva~*~*~*

Tree, holy hannah, that's freakin' HOT! Damn. At least the co worker had nice ASSest. Sorry, I just couldn't resist. smile.gif I hope you have a better day tomorrow. ~*~*~*better work vibes for Tree~*~*~*~

Poodle, I hope that your move is going well!

My afternoon went much better, returned phone calls and got caught up. I went and bought shoes at lunch, I really shouldn't have, but these boots are fantastic! They are super chunky and brown with a zipper on the side. Slightly fetish, but I've got boots that are more fetish than that. And they give me a fair bit of extra height.

I worked out and took houndish to the park and even cleaned out Eugene's fish bowl, it was getting kinda gross in there. Now Eug can play around, and he's a fast little fish, darts around and plays in the plants.

I'm going to rest now.

Later all.

De-lurking to say HOLY CRAP, TREE!!!! 145?!?!? I would die. No exaggeration. Death would come for me. And hopefully it would be the Neil Gaiman version of Death because she's cool.

Tonight I broke in my new food processor by making a Bakewell tart for Mr. Steel. It is currently in the oven & it smells sooooo gooooooood.

[farts in general direction of Minx's ex & runs away]
Hee! I actually enjoyed doing that work yesterday even though it was hot; it was a lot more interesting than the job I'm currently doing. And easier on my arm. It was like detective work, there is a leak somewhere on campus in a heat exchanger...what we were doing was taking water samples of the condensed steam (which should be soft water), testing it, and sort of tracing back through the tunnel system (which is huge) trying to find hard water.

(hard water in the condensate means fresh water is coming into the steam system. They're getting hard water back at the they trace it back to find the leak.)

Kind of like a steam "whodunnit". I thought it was pretty cool. I wouldn't mind doing that stuff a LOT more. I like solving mysteries. And I'd rather be really really hot and doing something vaguely interesting and curiosity-inducing, than just being miserably over-warm and doing something mind-numbingly stupid and not quite feeling like it's worthy of taking more breaks. That and it's cool to open "manholes" and go down in them.

(we didn't find the leak a couple intriguing clues though.) smile.gif But I have to go back down in the catacombs today. Poo.

Rosev, that tart sounds delish!

Minx, I'm so sorry for your flowers! Asshat.

[sticks a dead rat in his car air intake]

oops, double taco
Good Morning.

an RV sighting!!!!! mmmm baking.

Tree, that does sound pretty cool! The catacombs, as creepy as they sound, would intrigue (and scare) me. I'm glad that your arm is doing well at this job.

Well, Friday is my last day at this office, I'm kind of glad to go, mainly because of the clients, I'll be sad to leave my friends. But I still wake up every day and wonder why I am doing this job. Looks like it's starting to effect me. Oh well, gradschool onward!!!!

I really need it to be Friday. Just because it's a long weekend, and it's payday and I'm having a girls night out on Saturday. Sweetness. So, that's all.


Tree, I am with Rose V, I would die in that heat!! I know what you mean though about doing stimulating work. It makes such a difference.

CH, do you know what office you are going to next?

Diva, so you pay the gas bills & the giant pays the power? I say run that AC baby!

We are FINALLY getting some slightly cooler weather here. It's only supposed to get up to 90 today. Thank cod. I think the heat was starting to get to everyone. And it actually rained last night! *gasp* It was nice.

Things here are decent today. I could have used about 3 more hours of sleep, but other than that, I'm good. The hospital was good last night. A friend of mine from school started there yesterday. We'll be there together on Wednesdays & Sundays.

Meeting up with 2 girlfriends for Thai food tonight, looking forward to that.
Hi, peeps!

Tree, 145 degrees? I'd melt, just like the wicked witch. There would only be my pointy hat and a pile of clothes left. Anything over 75 and I'm uncomfortable. I can't imagine anything worse.

Hi, RV! Quit lurking and come play with us!

CH, those shoes sound pretty cool. I need a new pair of everyday brown shoes, and a little heel never hurts, especially when you're short like me. I'm so jealous that you get to leave your office behind. Any idea where you're going to?

Kari, yep, he pays electric and cable/internet, I pay gas and phone. It works out well, except I wish we could get out from under Comcast, the worst company, except maybe Wal-Mart, on Earth. That sounds like a fun night you've got planned. Thai food sounds really good. And that's cool that your friend will be working at the hospital with you a couple days a week. Should make the time go faster.

I saw that The Cruncher brought celery again. Ugh. One day I'm going to walk over and punch her in the mouth.

So our trip tomorrow just got worse. The giant's mom is now riding down with us because 1) his brother and SIL are too stingy with their vacation time to take the afternoon off and get to Omaha at a decent hour; 2) nobody thought to put the room in the giant's aunt's name (she's rooming with his mom) so she could check in and not have to wait around for her; and 3) we're just that lucky. Grrr. That means no good music and debates about where/when we'll stop. The giant and I had this all figured out, down to each stop we're going to make (we hit all the Sonics both ways), but now it's probably going to all be changed. But I feel for his mom. It's not her fault she doesn't have a built-in date and ride everywhere at this stage in her life. Speaking of which, we're going to have to stop at the giant's dad's grave tomorrow, too. It's one thing to get weepy in front of the giant, but not his mom, too.

On the bright side, I love my new class. It's really big, which kind of sucks a little, but it's so nice to have a real class where everyone gets to talk and share ideas, and the teacher knows quite a bit about this stuff.

Hi all!

Kari, being in float pool, I know that I'm assigned to offices two weeks at a time. That's great that things are cooling down! Enjoy your dinner today.

Diva, I say that you should get something crunchy and go nuts, see how she likes it. either that or carry on a conversation about how rude and disgusting it is when people chew loudly, when she is eating or within earshot. I'm sorry to hear about the trip...maybe thigns will work out after all. At least your class is going well.

Well, it's almost lunch, I feel really bad. My mom has been doing a job at work for three months since her co worker left, and they had an interview for it, but she didn't get the job, they hired someone fromthe outside, who has no experience. She's feeling like she's not good enough to do the job she's alredy doing (doesn't this sound familiar), she's getting really down on herself, and she's having a hard time letting go. I know exactly what she's going through, but she's getting depressed again. I just want to get in her face and say "let it go", but not in a cruel way. She's been at this job for 30 something years, and can retire. She's living her life all in one day (now I know where it comes from!) and I just needed to get that off of my chest.

so, how is everyone else doing?
Hello all! VERY quick post to let you know I still reside amongst the living! Sorry I am not caught up at all...I have been spending my days taking the job hunt very seriously, and my evenings playing guitar/visiting with the boys/BFF/gay ex-priest....
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