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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Buenos Dias!

OMG! Jackaroo is SO CUTE, FJ! What a little doll baby. smile.gif It's good to see you!

Minx, I too am jealous of all your canned goods. Everything you are jarring and making sounds delicious.

Kel! That's exciting news about BoyFriend! Wa hoo! I'm happy for you.

Poodles, I can't believe you had to stay at work that late. That blows. At least you get to comp the time. That does not blow.

Jenn, that mural you found in your kitchen is so neat. I like finding stuff. I kinda like the mural too. Sorry you were feeling cruddy at work with MRG migraine. bah. Hope you are better today.

Catsoup....that is a brave undertaking, being in the car that long with the 'rents. I think the suggestions you've gotten are good ones. When do you guys leave?

Hi CH! Hi Moxie! Hi Diva!

Where's PK been lately? And grrrrl?

Things are ok here today. I could not get to sleep last night. I feel asleep til around midnight, then couldn't get back to sleep til alomst 2. A bit tired today. Other than that though, things are good. I finished up a task for my boss this morning, glad to have that off my desk. Hoping it doesn't boomerang right back. Can I get some vibes for my grandma. She went to the hospital last night w/ chest pains. They said they are almost positive it was not a heart attack, but they kept her & are going to do a stress test today. She just has so many health problems now. Colon cancer, emphysema (Sp? no idea). Now this. sad.gif

I had a nice conclusion to my birthday on Monday. Mr K & I went out for Thai food & then we went to my friend's house. We had wine & cupcakes. It was really lovely. Mr K gave me a spa treatment of my choice for my gift. Trying to decide btw a facial & a massage. Think I'm going to go with the facial. I'm much less likely to get that for myself.
Hi, peeps!

I couldn't sleep last night, either. My idiot landlords had company over last night and they decided it would be a good idea to play foosball in the living room (adjacent to our bedroom ceiling) at 11:00 last night, which was a Tuesday, not a weekend. I had to bang on the ceiling with a broom wrapped in a washcloth (in my anger, I was not going to mark up the ceiling - how Martha Stewart of me, huh?), and it eventually stopped, but neither of us could sleep for awhile after that. Grrr. Dumb boys.

Jackaroo's so adorable. Awwwwww.... I want one, too.

Hi, Moxie, CH, Kari, Catsoup, and all!

Jenn, I finally had a chance to look at all the pictures. Wow, that's a transformation! I can't wait to see the end result. Have you decided on terra cotta or blue yet?

Not much going on here. I got some really good news about work today - someone in the office, probalby the single best person in my classification, took the interstate job, so I'm going to get rid of it really soon since there's no learning curve to accomodate for. Yay! That means I'll either have to do some medical support stuff or paternity, but either one sounds much better than interstate. Hooray!

I did some painting last night, for the first time in a long time. I'm doing a swirly pattern on some of those $2 IKEA mirrors with the thick wood frame. It's turning out okay, I guess. I'm doing it a little differently than I used to, and am regreting it. It's way better when you start at one point and work out from there instead of creating 4 different points to work from. I'll keep that in mind next time.

Hi all. I'm not doing well. More on that later.

First off....Awwwwwwwwwwwww! FJ, what a sweet smile Jackeroo has! I'd be unable to do much posting either with a little face like that looking up at me.

Turbo, sorry for your migraine. And for the loss of the oh so fun mural. It's a shame it can't be taken down and used in some forgotten corner of your house as a piece of fun kitsch.

Diva, that's good news about your job! It's always a relief when you don't have do work you dislike. I love those IKEA mirrors. I used to paint and decoupage them and give them as gifts. At $2 a pop, it's not like the mistakes are tragic.

Kari.....~*~*~*~*~*~*~*health vibes for your gramma*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

CH, glad the drama is winding down. That kind of crap is so ridiculous and I can't believe you've had to be party to it.

My news. Kel is freaking the fuck out. As usual. Yesterday everything was fine, was totally about the former friendboy. Then I get this weird message from my good friend who said Kelman messaged her on MySpace and asked her to say hello to me. Now, Kelman has only met my friend once. WTF? So, I called her and asked what was up, and he had sent this drunken rambling to her about how he was thinking of me but didn't want to disrupt my life. I called him and told him he is NOT to be messaging my friends. We are not in fifth grade. And I told him I'm seeing someone else and he needs to only contact me if there is some dire emergency and I'm the only one he can call. But for some reason, this has sent me into a tailspin. Full of self doubt, full of doubt about friendboy, full of self hatred for being so confused and for confusing friendboy. I don't want Kelman back. That was such a dysfunctional relationship. Friendboy waited for two months, very patiently, for me to come out of my cave, and when I did, it was wonderful. Now I just want to crawl back in the cave and not come out. I don't know how this is possible. I'm so confused and my guts have turned to goo, and I can't eat, and I just want to crawl into my bed and not get up again.


Soooooo sleepy.

Kari, a spa gift cert!!! That's awesome!!! I'd have a hard time picking what I'd want. ~*~*~*~health vibes for kari's grandmother~*~*~*~*~*

Diva, what a bunch of douche bags your LL and friends are. Seriously, do people forget about the time? Morons. The ikea mirror paintings sound really cool!

Hey Catsoup!!!

Moxie, that is really sweet of you to do!

Kel, deep breaths. CALM DOWN. Sweetie. Kelman lost out, to hell with him. Don't let him bother you or disrupt your life. I know it's hard, but you can do it.

I must go nap now.
((((((((((vibes for Kari's grandma)))))))))))

Kel, have you tried to see this thing with KelMan texting your friend as separate from you and your new guy? They don't have to have anything to do with each other. KelMan was months ago, don't let him effect what you've got now, on your own and free of him. If you and KelMan will not be getting back together, then forget him. He has nothing to do with you and your life now if you don't let him.

hello guys!

Sooo...I'm home early because...well, I better back up here...

My arm is NOT doing well. All those cortisone treatments wore off. It is now officially worse than it was last winter. But I can't take anymore time off work, so I'm going to try acupuncture. I have an appointment in an hour or so. I've never had it before and I'm nervous...vibes?? Anyway, I'm giving up on doctors for the time being....gonna try this.

Jenn, let me get on the mean appliance lady soapbox and just remind you when you're remodeling, to keep your refrigerator condensor coils clean! All that remodeling dust can wreak havoc on the fans and the coils! Even if you are planning to get rid of it don't need melty stuff right now! wink.gif And, what a great mural! Is that wall going? Why are you losing it? Could the drywall where it is be just cut out in a big square and put in a frame?

My brother escaped the great Kickapoo Valley flood last weekend. Thanks to the dam above him holding tight!

Mom is NOT doing well...she deteriorated really really fast a couple weeks ago and has forgotten how to even WALK now. She's totally incontinent too and has been moved from assisted living into a nursing home. I had bought a ticket to fly out there for christmas...but i'm doubting she'll make it that long.

Oh, and I got my nose pierced. It's cute. My friends all want one now! Well, the female friends anyway. Their husbands have all been adamantly opposed. I dunno can always be removed if it's really bad, and the hole will close up and just look like a pore. Maybe it's because these women are in their late fifties and early sixties.


Hi CH!

FJ, I have to say, you have a very handsome little boy there! What a cute smile!

I'm hungover today. We were out planning a benefit for a mutual friend (sad story...she's about to lose her house, her husband is wheelchair bound because of a stroke, and she has Crohns disease....and a host of other problems. I saw her the other day pushing her husband in a wheelchair, with one hand...and she is using a cane with the other!)

Anyway, I vaguely remember one of my female friends grabbing my boobie! And she's totally straight..LOL. The bartender was cracking up. Heh. But we have a good benefit plan going. Luckily one of our friends (the one who felt me up) is a professional fundraiser organizer.

Wow, $2.00 mirrors at Ikea? Divala, have you ever thought of coming to Madison for the "art fair on the square"? It's always close to July 4, so this year's out...but they have tons of artsy booths up, big crowds. I saw a big mosaic sculpture (maybe about five feet big), but it wasn't really "anything" specific... it was just kind of an abstract shape...could have been made with chicken wire and plaster...mosaic'ed with broken mirror pieces and tiles...the price tag on the thing was $15,000!

Kari, YAY on the gift card for the spa! And, belated Happy Birthday! ~*~*kari gramma vibes*~*~
Hi everyone!!

"in my anger, I was not going to mark up the ceiling - how Martha Stewart of me, huh?" Hahaha!! I love you, diva.

~*~*~*~health vibes for kari's grandma and tree's mama~*~*~*~ I'm so sorry guys.

(((Kel))) ~*~*~*~peace of mind vibes~*~*~*~ Don't even waste your brain cells on stupid B.S. with ex-kelman. Don't call him, respond to texts, etc. All it does is create unnecessary drama, which is not healthy. Don't seek drama. I think you need to get high or something. Culture? Doodle?

Save a slice of that lasagna for me, mox!! I hope you and the babe are feeling a little better today!!

I accidentally slept in this morning and ended up getting here around 11:00. Oops!! Oh well. It's justified after Monday night's work. Now I'm eating some PB & J and screwing around.

(( tree )) girl, I'm so sorry, it sounds like you have a lot going on. I am really really sorry to hear about your mother's health. ~~~vibes~~~ Also sorry to hear about your arm. ~~~~acupuncture vibes~~~~~ I'll be hoping for the best.

((Kel)) Listen to diva. Sounds like your resolve about ending things with Kelman is still there. You still feel good about the decision. I think sometimes things like interactions or discussions with someone we haven't spoken to in a while just throw us off. Take some time for yourself. Just take it easy. You don't have to decide anything right this moment.

My mom called & said grandma is doing ok. They think it might be angina. In other news, my mom saw her own doc today b/c she thought her thyroid meds were off. They took her bloodpressure & it was high. The doctor wants her to buy a blood pressure cuff & monitor it for the next month. My mom, who's always had very low bp, thinks it may be due to stress. Her job is stressing her out. She works too much. M-F and then almost always goes in on Saturdays. I told her if she has that much work to do, where she can never catch up, they need to hire someone else to help her. ((mama))

While we are talking about health problems...I've been freaking myself out. I've been having this dull pain in the left side of my chest for a day or two. It seems to move, and it extends to my arm joint sometimes. I feel like it is probably muscular, but it's got me worried. Everything I've read says that if it were a cardiac thing, you'd know it. I'm gonna see how it feels over the next days. It's turned me into an anxious lady. Which is probably not helping the situation.


Poodle, you deserve soem exra sleep!

Diva, sorry to hear about your stupid neighbors keeping you up! But, YAY for your work hiring someone to do that nasty job. And good for you for painting last night. I am sure that was refreshing.
Good Afternoon.

Tree, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom and your arm. ~*~*~*acupuncture vibes~*~*~*~ and ~*~*~*health vibes for mom~*~*~*~ That situation with your friend is also horrible. ((((((Tree)))))) Cool about the nose ring!

Diva, that is really great advice.

Hey Poodle! You stayed late, so to heck with coming in late.

Kari, that's good that your grandmothers health has somewhat improved.

I came home fromwork early today. Not only was I super tired, but my stomach also started to act up. So I came home and promptly slept. I'm still sleepy. So it will for sure be early to bed for me tonight. No work out either. I need a break.

Later all.

It's probably just the muscle, kari. Once, I strained a muscle in my chest and it almost felt like it was something with my heart or lungs. Put some ice on the area and see what happens.

~*~*~*~feel better vibes for culture~*~*~*~ This has been an overall "sleepy" week, I think. I could have something to do with the weather.
Kel, darling, listen to Diva and Kari and Poodle, and all the wise ladies in here...this exKelman thing is a brief flare up, just to affirm for you that you do not want that relationship. It is totally separate from your relationship with FriendBoy....breathe, and allow yourself to find center again. We all get triggered from time to time.

(((((tree & tree's mama)))) I'm so sorry to hear that your arm is worse...and that your mom is declining - two very difficult things at once. You know we're here if you need us. Which reminds me, I really do need to plan a fall trip to Madison. wink.gif

Thanks for all the work vibes...I had to work an event at 6am this morning doing photography, ugh. I hate doing photography, even if I am fairly decent at it...and doing it at 6am, and leaving the house at 5am to get there is even worse. Oh well....I'm really aching for the 4 day weekend next week. Oh, and speaking of massage, my CS/massage therapist from Atlanta is working out of our house tomorrow and Friday, so tomorrow - massage and cranial sacral work for me - yippeee! And I NEED it. My body is totally screwed up this week between stress and post-migraine soreness.

The kitchen is painted today - at least the first coat....its totally boring, but we went with a light khaki from Behr called Belvedere Cream for paint...after looking at what we're putting in - dark cabinets, dark granite, and no natural lighting, I felt we needed to keep the walls light. Its disappointing to be so grown up and blah about color, but I think its the right thing to least initially. I can always change it later....its not much surface area, anyway. I'll take some more pics in a bit. The wonderous thing about this whole thing is how truly few decisions we've had to make...our contractor is so wonderful, and knows us so well, its been really easy, all-around.

((((kari's grandma))))

Poodle, you obviously needed the extra sleep after all the hours you're putting in! And I miss being here during the day so much too. sad.gif

FJ....that is one handsome little dude you've got! Glad to know you're all still doing great!
Good Evening.

Turbo, you deserve a vacay and that massage!

Hey Poodle!

I'm feeling better, had some pancakes for dinner, nice and neutral on ye olde stomach.

That is all.

Hie-dee-ho, neighbours! How is everyone this evening?

jackaroooooooooooooooooo!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! sorry this job is turning out not so dreamy for you. I guess non-profit hell is truly the same wherever you go! But YAY for the kitchen reno rolling on! I am sure the colour you picked is a great way to start - having neutral colours will be like a blank canvas, and you can decide from there if you want to add more vibrant colour. Sounds like the smart way to go!

I am totally on the rag, too. I think we are synched.

kel, poodle is right, you need to get high. *passes the joint* Unless you are one of those folks who gets paranoid when you smoke. Erm. Anyway, kelman is an ant. He is an ant beneath your shoe. He is not worthy of getting more attention than an ant underneath your shoe. Just think of him that way. Squash him or side-step him (your choice), look back up at the beautiful sky, and walk on!

diva, what kind of paint are you using on the mirrors? Are you painting the frames or the mirrors yourself? Are those the little square ones? I think doodlemama bought some of those.

tree, sorry your arm is still all fucked up. Ugh. How did the acupuncture work out? Sorry about your mom, too. That's hard. I remember watching my dad deteriorate, and it was so sad, like it wasn't him anymore. You probably feel a bit like that, too, huh?

~*~*~*~*~kari's grandma~*~*~*~*~

Hi also to poodle, CH, 'soup, moxie, minx, FJs, and anyone else who is lurking about!

Spent the evening at BFF's. She has new furniture, but still has TONS of clutter everywhere. She wanted me to make her new furniture fit. I gave her a good plan, but bluntly told her she had to get rid of lots of stuff first, or it would never work. Tough love. Yeah. tongue.gif

Came home to a message on my phone from guitarboy: "Answer your friggin' door!" I guess chai lattes are the new evening ritual?? wink.gif So I went over for a short visit, but I skipped out early, as I know guitarboy has to get up super-early for his new job. Also, because banjoboy is home tonight from a family reunion in Alberta, and he's got that energy of happily sinking back into his own private space. (I know it well.)

Okay, okay, I'm definitely liking the grown up thing guitarboy's got going on recently. It's......intriguing. And that's all I have to say about that tonight. biggrin.gif
Good Morning on this Thursday.

I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally need it to be Friday. I need some quiet, alone time.

Hey Doodle!

I've got nothing today. I need some quality time with me. In fact, I think tonight, I'm turning my phone off.


Good morning!

Doodle, intriguing eh? Hmm. wink.gif You are the perfect person to help BFF with the furniture arranging and decluttering. My sister helps my mom with that sort of thing, and yes, you gotta be brutal sometimes. My mom keeps too much junk.

Jenn, you had to take photos this morning? I know what you mean about paint colors....neutral is so much more sensible sometimes, for certain rooms. Like you said, after you live with it for a while, if you feel it's too neutral, you can change it up.

Ch, I say do it! Turn off the phone and just spend the night doing what you want to do. I did that Tuesday night, it was really nice.

Tree, how did the acupunture go?

My chest is feeling better today, I am pretty sure it was the muscle. The more I think about it, I think it might be from running with Paco & Yuki the other day. They were pulling me like ski dogs for a while there. He may have strained my muscle. In any case, I'm glad it's feeling better. I get freaked out about health stuff, esp things that potentially could be serious.

I met up with a friend last night for wine. It was a lot of fun, but I didn't get home til 11, and didn't get in bed til 11:45. I'll be drinking the java today.
Hello Hello.

My mother also has a lot of junk. Mind you, so do I. Mine is mostly in the form of books and DVD's.

I so plan on turning the phone off.

Kari, that's good that the muscle pain is gone.

I still need it to be Friday.

Mornin' sunshiney chickadees!! sounds like doodle may be crushing on guitarboy again!!

Turbo, I'm sure that your bitchin' cabinets will totally make up for the not-so-exciting walls. I can't wait to see more pics!!

I hope you enjoyed your alone time, culture. I often ignore the phone at night, which I'm sure drives people crazy, but that's just too bad. I need time pretty much every day just to unwind and be selfish.

Glad your chest is feeling better, kari, and that you had a fun evening with your friend!! I haven't had wine in a long time.

Today is pretty uneventful for me. I'm trying to get into an online class so I can learn some strategies for appraising Quickie-Marts. smile.gif Thank you, come again!!

Hi, peeps.

Oy, I'm tired today. I got plenty of sleep, but my body doesn't want to move at all, and I can't quit yawning.

Doodle, yeah, they're those square frames with the plain unfinished wood. I'm painting just the wood part. I used to do them this way all the time, but not so much lately since I mainly make stuff to sell, and one of these can take a couple days. I think I have 3 dozen of these frames, but most of them are painted in solid colors or solids with irregular stripes, and I had them all up on a wall in my old apartment butted up against each other. They're so versatile. Oh, and I use acrylics for these and don't bother with primer.

I've been tempted to try a chai type drink, but I just can't bring myself to it. I'm really not a tea person, most especially when I can have any kind of coffee I want just as easily.

Jenn, I just remembered that the granite you're getting is the exact same that my parents have in their kitchen, and it's gorgeous. They've had it for a couple years now with no complaints. Sorry about having to do neutral walls. I personally hate neutral colors, but they are sometimes necessary. At least you're not covering a whole lot of space with it.

Kari, so your grandma's doing better? That's good. And that's good you figured out what that pain was. I hate when I hurt somewhere and don't know why. It's the not knowing that freaks me out.

((((((((((Tree))))))))))) I hope the acupuncture helped out some. That's stupid that you can't get disability time off for this, or at least be put on something you can actually do with your limitations. It really doesn't seem fair to you at all. I hope your mom's okay, or at least not in pain. Can you go visit her soon?

Hi, CH. I envy your pancakes for dinner. I love pancakes.

I need today to be Friday, too. This week has taken too freaking long. At least my gay boyfriend is picking me up for lunch today, so that'll put a nice break in the day. I'm going to have lasagna for lunch because I'm starving and stressed out. I can't afford to take my car in to get fixed for at least 4 more weeks because I just got handed a bill for $210 for parking for 2 months. Grrrr!!! Between that, and having to pay some for my class that starts next Wednesday (Small Business Management) so I don't get kicked out, and all the other nickel and dime shit, and our little trip next weekend, I'll barely have anything left over for myself. So I came home from work yesterday crying because I just can't afford to do everything right now that I'm expected to. At least the giant finally gave in and said we could take his car to Omaha. Yeah, I'd rather take mine because it's more comfortable and newer, but a good long highway trip can be very good for an older car that rarely drives more than 30 miles at at time. His engine could use the exercise more than mine, and this is all for his family anyway. My rule is "your family, your car." So now I get to put even more wear on my already rattling brakes, or whatever the hell it is, before I an afford repairs. I hate my life sometimes.

But on the upside, the giant notices some changes since I've been going to the gym, which I've been doing for about 5 weeks now. He says I feel smaller when he cuddles me. I don't notice anything, but I didn't last time, either, until my youngest brother (who never notices anything) asked me if I'd lost weight. Since I'm not using a scale for this, I really have no concrete numbers, because it would make me crazy, so I'm relying on the giant to tell me what he sees.

Hihi! Sorry I have been MIA for the past several days. I have been off with El Guapo, and he doesn't have a computer.

First off, JACKAROO SMILES!!! Awwww....his lips looked like a little rosebud opening up. What a looker!

Tree - I am so so so sorry about your arm and about your poor mother. Where is she? When do you think you could go see her? I hope the accupuncture helps your arm. Let us know how it goes. At my doctor's office (it's a community mental health center), there is also a methadone clinic and substance abuse support groups. Every day, Monday - Friday, three times a day, they offer Accu-Detox, which is accupuncture targeting cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It's supposed to help users relieve the stress of detox-ing. They put the needles behind the ears.

Anyway, since this service is offered at my doc's office, and I am a client, they said I could take advantage of the accupuncture for FREE! As many times as I want! My doc said that even though it is meant for people trying to overcome substance abuse, it would benefit me by relieving stress, and can even help me cut down or quit smoking. I thought that was pretty cool, but I still haven't gotten around to taking advantage of this service.

So, tree, let us know what it is like and how your arm feels afterward. I'm so curious, as I haven't done it before. And I hope it is just the thing your arm needs. What is the problem with your arm. exactly, anyway? Because I know of some other alternative treatments that may help you. For example, there is the Feldenkrais Method. Mr. PK is a Feldenkrais practitioner in Chicago, so I happen to know a lot about this from him. It is a method of movement in order to teach you how to use your body more efficiently in order to reduce pain and to prevent damage from getting worse. It is also relaxing and fun. If you have any questions about this (I know it sounds weird and confusing) feel free to ask me. You can also check out

Diva - That mirrir project sounds cool. You're so crafty and creative. What's the deal with the Chai? Have you had one before? They're pretty good. I know what you mean when you say you can just get a coffee drink, but sometimes ya just need some chai. To me, it's very comforting and relaxing. My former MIL was addicted to chai - maybe she still is. It was so funny, because she thought modern coffee shops were so weird. Why would anyone pay this much for coffee? Then she tried a chai, and it was all over. I have been drinking a lot of tea lately. Yerba Mate is my favorite, but I have been trying all kinds of different ones. Yesterday, I had an Earl Grey latte, made with soy milk. It was tasty, but unfortunately, the tea's flavors were competing a little too much with the soy milk's kind of "beany" taste.

kari - I'm glad your chest is feeling better. Once, when I was 18 or 19, I went to the doctor because I thought I had lung cancer or a tumor in my lung. The doctor just laughed a little bit at my panic. It was a nerve near my ribs that was irritated or something. Everytime I took a deep breath, I felt pain. The doc said it would heal in a few days, or even faster if I stopped breathing for a while.

My sister is very dramatic about aches and pains. WHen she gets a headache, she swears it must be a brain tumor.

kelkello - I'm so sorry that kelman opened that wound that seemed to almost be healed. I agree with everyone else, who said that he is not worth the negative energy. I know this is going to sound like something your mom told you in grade school, but it's best to ignore. He's looking for attention from you, and, like a small child, he doesn't care if it is negative or positive. He just wants your attention. If you ignore him, it will send him the message that he can no longer disrupt your life (even if he has, he doesn't need to know it), and that you have moved on. It will also probably make him feel insignificant, which is an added bonus. But I think he will leave you alone if you ignore him from now on. Does this even make sense? I hope so - sometimes it is hard for me to get my thoughts organized.

I've got an idea. OKAY-fest at the new Poodlepad!! It's a work party. We all donate our muscles to help poodle fix up her new house, and we also have a team of decorating experts on hand - DOODLE!!! Turbo - and isn't Treehugger also good with this stuff? I think it sounds fun, anyway. But it's all a crazy dream.

I'm going to try to get my BFF from high school to pop into the thread and introduce herself. She moved to the Cities a few months ago from Washington state, and is feeling down about her lack of friends. She is always on MySpace, so I thought since she is an internet-fiend, she should get into this thread and meet you guys. And a lot of you are in the Cities. So maybe she would make some girlfriends, too. She's really cool. I have known her since grade school, we became inseperable in high school, and we are still friends!

OK - I had more, but this post is getting astronomical in its length, so I will wait to see what everyone else says.

I have to go to work today, too, so maybe I will catch up with you guys tonight or tomorrow.
Good Afternoon

Diva, I hope that you had a good lunch, that's shitty about the car too. (((((Diva)))))

PK, how is everything goin on with your living situation right now?

Almost time to go home. I just want to lay around and do nothing. I have to take banditry for her obligatory walk, then I'm going to do shit fuck all. I've also done a whole lot of nothing at work today. Ask me if I give a shit.

Later all.

"the Cities" It always makes me giggle when outstate-Minnesotans and Wisconsin folk say that. I mean, I guess it's the most logical term, but it still sounds sorta funny. Your friend should come hang out in the Okay thread, PK!!

((((diva)))) Sucks, dude. I'm sure you'll figure out a way to make do. Thank god you have the giant to help you out. I'd help you out if I could. I'll buy you a drink or something.

Hi culture!! I plan on doing absolutely nothing tonight, too. I had plans with my college friend, but she wanted to reschedule. That's fine with me, because I'm lazy and tired.

I now know how to appraise a Quickie-Mart!! Thank you, come again!!
I grew up calling it "The Cities," at least when we moved out to the country. That's when I truly felt like a bumkin. It sounds kind of cute, though, in a quaint sort of way.

Poodle, I'll take you up on that drink offer. After the last couple days and the next few weeks coming up, I could use one or maybe five.

I, too, plan on not doing a damn thing tonight, which is just the way I like it. I'm going to eat my hamburger and sit my ass in front of the TV for 4 hours and watch reruns.

Hi, PK!

I just talked to Sam for a little bit. He's sick. I tried to get him to say "thank you, come again!" for me, but he wouldn't. That kid is weird. The turtle eggs in the yard still haven't hatched, so I'm thinking they're either not there anymore (I guess they were burried underground) or one of the crows ate them. Oh, well. Speaking of nature, we have this huge spider, not a daddy longlegs, that is spinning the coolest webs all over our front porch. They're gigantic, and so intricate. I had to order the giant not to rip them down unless they started getting in our way. This spider has made webs that go across the stairs we use, so we have to rip it down, but it has other ones off to the sides that I won't let him wreck. He's just a spider being a spider, and as long as it doesn't get in my way or come in my house, he should just be left alone to do his own spider things.
hehe, poodle now i'll be talking like apu for the rest of the night. i already talk to jackaroo in dr. nick's voice, "hi everybody!" when he wakes up. (hey, what do you expect... i'm at home alone with a newborn all day! i need some way to entertain myself~). oh, and we did see the simpson's movie on our first "date" without the baby. we both thought it was good, although it didn't live up to mrfj's expectations. i've come to expect less from the show over the last few years, but the movie made me laugh out loud several times, so it was worth it for me.

diva, oddly enough, we watched 300 this weekend too. our friends came over and brought the dvd. i thought it was a pretty good movie, and definitely provided the man candy! damn! i'm sorry to hear about the lack of funds for your car repairs. could you still go in and use your free inspection coupon just to find out how bad it is? i mean, i guess it wouldn't matter - if the funds aren't there, they aren't there. we are in a rough place right now too. i just started working again, but all our money is spoken for over the next few months unless i start making some real cash soon. and, as much as i've paid lip service to it, i just can't bear the thought of leaving this little guy yet - he's only 6 weeks! it's hard enough to shut myself in the office for mrfj to take care of him!

and today, i am super depressed bc it looks like we might have to put mister boots to sleep. sad.gif he started getting really skinny a couple months ago. he used to weigh 18lbs, but over the past few years had lost a bit. but in the past several weeks, he has lost down to about 8lbs. his bones are protruding and he is refusing to eat. we took him to the vet and after $400 tests, they found nothing wrong, they said i could bring him back in for more tests, like mris and such, but i honestly have NO more money. i don't know what to do. he is nearly 16yo and i've had him since he was only a few weeks old. i don't want to give up on him. i thought he might have been depressed or feel displaced by the baby and have been trying to give him more attention, but he isn't responding. he has urinated on the couch for the past two nights - directly on my nursing bra the first time...i just wish he would eat...he is eating only the juice from the canned cat food. this really makes me sad.

i have more to say but i need to tend to jackaroo for a few minutes before getting work started.
Hi FJ! I've been talking like Apu all day long. I never realized how much work Apu had to do behind the scenes, making sure that his net operating income at least meets the replacement value of the property. Since there are no other convenience stores or "hypermarts" (Wal-Mart) in the area, I suspect that the location factor for his operation is above 1.00 and he has excess earnings. laugh.gif

((((mr. boots)))) Po' baby. 16 years is a ripe old age for a kitty, so it's probably just his time. You should just probably spare him anymore discomfort and put him down. It's so hard to lose pets. I think about my cats getting older and it makes me sad. They're still pretty young (or at least middle-aged) right now. Gus is around 7 or 8 and Oscar is 5. Both still act like kittens though.

Awwww...FJ and mr. FJ had a date. Cute. Actually, my college friend cancelled on me tonight because her husband had already made plans for the 2 of them without her knowing. That's okay with me though, because they're seeing a marriage counselor and weekly "dates" are part of their "treatment" (for lack of a better word).

Yes, diva, we'll have to go out for drinks soon (my treat) before I start making mortgage payments.


Yay, both FJ and PK made appearances today. Always a good thing.

I grew up calling it "The Cities" as well. I never thought about until I moved here to go to college. I guess I figure, people outside of "big" cities always call the major metropolitan area "the city" - we're just doing the same but we have two together.

PK, did you find a new place to live yet?

((FJ and Mr. Boots)) I had to put my kitty to sleep almost three years ago. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but it was the right thing to do. She was old, in pain, and there was nothing they could do that would guarantee her getting better. I wasn't going to put her through a surgery (an expensive one at that) that *maybe* would help a bit. R.I.P. Catsoup's Kitty... One of TB's cousins was just telling us how they've spent like $8,000 on their dog in the last two years. A few surgeries and weekly accupuncture. Yep, weekly accupuncture for their dog who's old and falling apart the way old beings do.

We signed a lease yesterday! Hurrah! We're moving to a cute duplex in Linden Hills next month. I forgot how cute Linden Hills is. Doesn't Minx live in those parts?

Hi catsoup!!! Wow!! SEEEEE, we KNEW you would find the right place!! Linden Hills is awesome!! You're right by the co-op!!

Where did you grow up, catsoup?

We didn't even really talk about "The Cities" when I was a wee lass out in the exurbs (Prior Lake, which is now a full-blown suburb). It was St. Paul or Minneapolis if the topic came up. St. Paul was totally foreign to me since I was livin' in the southwest. I sorta knew Minneapolis, because my Mom and I would go to the children's hospital regularly for my seizures. The cool thing about that is that I've been able to witness the change on E. Lake St. since the 80's. It was super ghetto back then. I still feel uncomfortable with St. Paul. My realtor asked me if I would consider looking in St. Paul and I was almost insulted!! St. Paul?! Are you kidding me?! I might as well move to Iowa!! When she suggested Eagan, I practically shat myself.
Hey, PK, I'm totally up for an OkayFest at Poodle's new abode! And, yeah, I don't think I'm too bad at the decor-thing myself. Not to step on Doodle's toes or anything. I mean, She's the decor-queen around here! I prefer to just think of myself as...oh, maybe a knight. smile.gif

I'm listening to Harry Nilsson's "coconut" song, on repeat over and's such a goofy song! It makes me feel happy. We have to play that song at Poodle's decorating bash!

So...the jury's still out on the acupuncture, but it's promising. Right after the treatment my arm felt strained, sort of, like if I had strained it exercising, but in the muscles around my arm...but then I was watching TV and sort of cleaning during the commercials..and I noticed, around 8:00 PM that, arm feels a little better than it had for the past week! So...I've got another appointment for next week. It was weird. The acupuncturist put needles in my feet, for my arm...hehe. But there were also some in my arm too. And on top of my head. And right between my eyes. Heh. My feet itched afterward, where the needles were.

Oh, and it isn't "painless". I mean, it didn't HURT, like "hurt, hurt"..but there was a slight discomfort occasionally when he'd pop the needle in. But mostly I couldn't feel them. Except when I tried to wrinkle my forehead and felt the one between my eyes. I bet I looked funny. He had Buddhist chanting music going on in the background.

" there nothing I can relieve this bellyache??""

Yes, I'm seriously getting into this song! smile.gif

I grew up in Willmar, about 100 miles straight west of the t/c..and we always called it "the cities" out there.

My auntie, a very cool person lives in St Paul! Hey!

Oh, ((((fj)))) on ((((mr. boots))))) that's such a hard thing. Houdini started losing weight and I just thought he was reacting poorly to my moving (this was back in 2000), and he turned out with kidney failure. Mr. Boots is older than Houdini was, he was 12 at the time.

Just got home from another fundraising planning session. The fliers look good! Now we have to go to local restaurants and stuff to get them to donate gift cards and stuff we can raffle off. smile.gif

"she put the lime in the coconut...drank the bowl up..."

PK, I have a bad tendon...tendonitis, seems to be becoming chronic. It started in my wrist, they put my arm in a really rigid brace, practically a cast, for 2 1/2 months which sucked, cause it's hard to Bust with your arm in a cast...but then I developed tennis elbow which actually involves the same tendon. I got two different cortisone treatments on my wrist and one cortisone shot in my elbow..and it all started wearing off a couple weeks ago. Mom's in Fort Collins, Colorado. And, damn. I'd love to go, cause I'm afraid if she still is alive at Christmas, she won't know who I am...and it'd be nice to see her when she can still feel the comfort of her daughter visiting her. Damn. (sniff) I mean, I don't take it personally when she doesn't recognize me...cause I dyed my hair...but, damn, it'd be nice to be able to comfort her, if I could.


Divala, chai doesn't really taste tea-ish. It's more of a spice kind of flavor. Like nutmeg and cinnamon and milk and such. It's tasty. Not my favorite though. I'm a straight black coffee girl, the stronger the better. I'll go to Starfucks and have them throw a couple shots of espresso in my dark roast coffee. Yup.

My neighbor is cute. I mean, not in a physical way, but in sort of a personality way. He knocked on my door last night to ask me to borrow a corkscrew. I got him one and said, "have fun!"...he blushed beet red! Heh....

Diva, is it a wolf spider? A really, really ugly hairy one with fangs? They can do some amazing webs...they sure are fugly though. And, congrats on being smaller to hug!!! Sometimes it takes somebody else to notice changes.

Ch, I hear you on the not wanting to do nuttin thing!

"and you call me in the mornin....oooh hooo"
Tomorrow is my last official day of doing nothing. sad.gif I shouldn't bitch, but there I am. Bitching. Fortunately, I do have the weekend to myself, and am not wallowing in sadness due to asshattery. There are a few things that I have reconciled in myself about things. I have slept well for nearly four days in a row!! Happiness is coming back and little things are bringing me joy again.

Don't get me wrong, I still want to punch the fucker in the neck, but I ain't cryin' over the damned thing.

Wow, there is still so much hard times going on around here. Sorry about the fucked up cars, and shoulders, and loved ones getting ready to pass over. I drink a glass of wine in their honor.

And punch everything else in the neck.

Catsoup--yep, I totally live in Linden Hills! I LOVE it over here. It is so quite and beautiful. Beats the shit out of Chicago and 32nd! I actually found it very comforting to have peaceful surroundings when my job is so fucking urban and stressful at times. Plus there is a kick-ass yoga studio close to my place.

Won't you please?
Won't you please?
Please won't you neighbor?

Hello neighbor!!

Hey, you skank, Poodle!!! Uh, I WOULD LIKE TO GET DRUNK with you this weekend? Are you game?

The cats woke me up early this morning. Gus kept sitting on me (he's big) and pawing at my face. I try to hide under the covers, but he still manages to get his paw under there. Annoying, but kinda cute.

Dude, minx, drinkin' sounds awesome, but I've got plans with the BFF this weekend. We should definitely have a drunkard fest though--at my new pad!!!

Sorry you have to go back to work. Poooo.

~*~*~*~anti-pain vibes for tree~*~*~*~ I'm curious to see what happens after a few acupuncture treatments. How much did the session cost?

The office meddler won't be in this morning, so I intend on dragging my ass into work late. I have the comp time anyway. Today, I'm taking an online class on appraising nursing facilities. Yawn. This online continuing ed is such a joke.
Good Morning,

Diva, congrats on loosing some weight.

(((FJ))) I had to put down my first dog, he was 16. Same situation as yours. Vet didn't do any tests though, he pretty much said we could take even thr youngest dog and have them be in this situation and but it's not good. He was very kind and gentle about it. It is hard, we felt why keep the dog alive for our benefit when he was suffering. (((Mr. Boots))) I'm so sorry to hear.

Poodle, all I can think about is Apu now! Warty anuses!!!! Bwaaaahahahahaha.

Tree, the acupunture sounds promising so far. I hope you can see your mom.

MInx, I'm glad that your situation is starting to improve!

Catsoup, yay on the lease!!!!

Well, I'm glad it's Friday. I am supposed to go to a house party tonight, but I don't know if I'm going to. Feeling blah. I need a vacation. All I do is work. I get weekends off, but I've not had a real vacation in years. Like since the beginning of university. And now I'm looking at going back for a second degree, so a vacation is a long way off. Cruddy.

Later all.

Happy Friday, you day-old jizz-stained gams!

Apaprently I fucked up in some of my canning. I went into my cupboards last night to find four slightly foamy jars of 'maters!!! I laughed; it looked so ridiculous. So, unfortunately this is a wash. However, I am going back over there this morning to collect more, so screw it. There will be 'maters on the vine for at least another three weeks, although I think that I am going to call it done at the end of next week.

That is for my own mental health. biggrin.gif

Hell's bells, Jackeroo is too cute for color television!!

Poodle, you whore. How dare you go out with a BFF?! Lemme know if you need any help with moving or whatever. My guns are getting totally cut and I want to impress you. Hahahahaha! Anal warts. You are such a skank!

CH--girlie, I loves ya. Thank you so much for being a cheerleader. I imagine you a la those cheerleaders on the Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video, so that means you must be HOTT.

Tree--HEY!!! I am so sorry about your shoulder. I really do love acupuncture, though. Good course of action. You should consider massage therapy on top of it if you can. And maybe a BUTTFLUSH!!!

Turbo--it was really cool to hear you utter BUTTFLUSH one more time! It has been awhile since the Buttflush Queen has graced us with her ropey perils!!

Okay, I gots to get cleaned up and pick stuff.
Hi, peeps!

Tree, I'm happy the accupuncture was somewhat effective. Can doing that aleviate the pain completely, or will you have to keep going indefinitely? Wow, that's really sad about your mom. I dread the day that happens to my parents. I almost hope they die before it does.

I don't know if it's a wolf spider. It's got a pretty large body with grey/black flecks and thick legs. I don't know what kind of fangs it has. I've grown to like it quite a bit. I check around for him every day to make sure he's still alive and doing his spider thing.

(((((((Mr. Boots)))))))

Jackaroo is such a cutie. I love the avitar pic of him. It reminds me just a little bit of Zoolander's baby at the end of the movie. He looks like he could go into a look at any moment.

Poodle, we should go out in a couple weeks, then. I'm gone all next weekend to Omaha, so maybe the weekend after that? Sucks, though, because I got paid today and have no plans whatsoever for this weekend.

Congrats on the lease, Catsoup! What's the new place like?

Hi, Minx and CH!

Today's full of a whole lotta nuthin'. Boss is gone, so I'm slacking. I made a down payment on my class, so I can show up for it next week without problems. I'm really looking forward to it since it doesn't look to be an online class, so the teacher/student contact will help a lot, I think. The last class I took felt like a bit of a joke, being all online and all. Anywhoo, I think I'm going to spend my lunch break at the ghetto Target and get some ballet slippers they have on sale. They're made with ribbons, which I like way better than the usual sequins (I've hated sequins ever since I had to take tap dance when I was little), and maybe a few other things since I was very judicious with my money the last couple weeks and have a tiny bit to spare.

No plans for the weekend, except to get the giant a new shirt and tie for the wedding. He owns exactly one button-down shirt and one tie, both of which I gave him and are the wrong color for a daytime summer wedding. I'm thinking of getting him a blue/white striped shirt with a white collar and some kind of funky tie, though not too funky since he doesn't really like to stand out. Otherwise, I'm going to do a whole lot of sitting around and reading since it costs me nothing.

Hi everybustie! I left work early today, since I've put so many extra hours in this week....and I had my session with the cranial sacral therapist last night, so I'm just wiped out and exhausted today. I came home, took a nap, and now I'm just waiting for my friend to finish up her session with the therapist in the other room (she works out of our house when she comes into town), and hopefully she'll have time to visit for a bit.

WOW - a PK and FJ sighting all in one day! Wahooo! FJ - are you working again already? I hope jackaroo is helping you snag lots of commissions...or aiding your search for a new gig. smile.gif

I don't have any real plans for the weekend - turbomann is out doing bachelor party things all day/night...the events of such seem to get tamer everytime one of our friends gets married - today it was golf (cancelled due to flooding), lunch at the fave hot dog spot, kite flying in the afternoon, and dinner at the brazilian steak house downtown. I'm actually thankful to have the afternoon/evening to lie around like a slug, as I don't have the energy to do much else.

So, this is poodle's last weekend of landlord life, right? That is SO awesome....I can't wait to hear all about your adventures!

Tree, I'm glad the acu seems to be helping...I've had a lot of acu work, and its always really been helpful for me....I think I may have to get back on the self-care alt-healing bandwagon here, to help deal with the draining stress of this job.

Minxy, I'm sorry about your 'maters...its so sad when that happens. I remember a couple times when I was a kid, going down to our basement, and hearing a pop or two from the cellar when canning went bad, and it scaring the bejesus out of me!
*runs into Okayland and hides under the duvet, shuddering...

OMG. I was in the SCARIEST place today. It's the next place I have to go to do the converter flush. The guys kept telling me how horrible it was so I decided to get it over with. I gotta get a hold of Stephen King...I think I have the set for his next book/movie! *shudders*

The labryinth under Bascom Hall. A 150 year old maze of tunnels and mechanical equipment, drippy things, I kept waiting to find a body! I'm serious...I wanted to make a video so I could post it, it is THAT scary. I've never been that terrified walking in a mechanical room EVER!

My job sucks, right now. I get to spend three days in that hellhole. Maybe I could write a horror book in that time????

Actually the scariest part is there are so many turns and so many jogs and it all looks the same and it's tunnel-ish...I thought for sure I was gonna get lost, cause it's underground and there are no landmarks...and of course cell phones don't work underground so I wouldn't even be able to call for help when the monsters of the dead came to life and started sucking my eyeballs out of my skull......

But...enough of that. Moving On!

(((turbo))) yay for getting off work early, you've earned it with so many extra hours!

Divala, the acupuncturist seems pretty confident that he will be able to resolve things. I'm hoping that means more or less permanent healing. At least, until I ruin it again..heh.

Awww, minx...foamy 'maters. I've done that. I miss canning. I should go get me a bushel or two of some maters. How do you do em, just open canning or do you use a pressure cooker? I use a pressure cooker, myself.

*makes mental note to search the ads for 'maters...

I had a rough day today. I was moving all my equipment over to Bascom Hall *shudder*, called the campus truck service...was loading the stuff on the tailgate of the truck (it's a power one, it goes to the ground, you push your cart on it, it lifts up and you push the cart up onto the truck. Sooo...the wheel breaks off my (overloaded) cart, and I'm fighting it, the tailgate has a chain support on it and I TRIP over it and fall flat on my stomach on concrete. Spraining my already bad wrist, and landing square on both knees. I filed yet another "incident" report with the boss. Heh.

Oh, well. It could be worse...I didn't smack my nose on the sidewalk or anything...that would have just sucked. I'm gonna have a hellofa bruise tomorrow though!
Good Evening!!!

Awww Minx! I heart you! That's cruddy about your tomaters.

Diva, I hope you enjoyed your work day!

Turbo, enjoy your evening alone! I hope that you are nice and relaxed!

Tree, that is creepy! I'd be afraid of stumbling across some sort of asylum equipment and such.

I'm unsure if I want to do anything tonight. I've committed to a house party, but I'm pretty tired. Not too sure. Going out tomorrow for a friends birthday. Maybe I'll make an appearance. Le Sigh.

Work was boring as hell today, I left early, then went to ze park with houndish. That's pretty much all.

Later all!

I feel ten shades of worthless right now.

I fucked up with Friendboy and broke his heart. Because I'm an emotionally stunted idiot.

And now I don't even have a friend anymore.
Holy hell, Kel! What happened?
Kel? What happened? Are you all right? Talk to me, Goose!

The housing situation is not looking good. I have $0 for a deposit and first month's rent. I can't find anything close to downtown within my price range. And I only have until the 31st to get out of here. I'm a little stressed out, and this is showing on my skin. My face has many volcanoes on it which are erupting. It's ugly and it hurts.

El Guapo was supposed to move in with his friend's BIL (he's here from Mexico) on the 1st. He changed his mind and now wants to live with me. But he's not been much of a help in finding an apartment. So, he is going to ask the friend's BIL if we both can move in for a month. That will give us more time to find a place, and the BIL time to find another roomie. I hope he says yes, because it is getting down to the wire.

Bad news at work - my pastry chef got fired on Thursday. Why? I dunno. The owners said it was for "Economic reasons". This is bad for me because the pastry chef and I were pretty tight. The assistant pastry chef and I are *NOT* pretty tight. The owners decided not to bring in a new pastry chef for a while, so the assistant and I are it. We are the pastry department. So I guess, in a way, it could be good for me in that I will be getting more hours, and I will have the opportunity to show what I can do.

Yesterday, I had a little extra time, so I made Prickly Pear sorbet with lime and tequila in it. Wowzers. It was a kick in the pants, like a margarita.

I need to take a shower, but I really don't want to. I'm one of those gross people that can go without a shower for a few days. It doesn't bother me. Sure, it bothers everyone else, but not me!

catsoup - congratulations on your new place in Linden Hills! It sounds lovely. Linden Hills....ahhhhh.

Sorry to sound like such a bumpkin, calling the TC "the Cities". I *AM* from International Falls, ya know!

Last I checked, I had $1.15 in my checking account. I need gas and cigarettes. Without cigs, I will be crabby. Without gas, I cannot get to work. OK, I need gas. I *want* cigs. I don't get paid again until Friday. That's one week. And that check is already spoken for.

treehugger - you should definitely check out The Feldenkrais Method . I think it would help you prevent further damage to the arm, and help you find comfortable ways to use your arm. Especially at work.

Hi Turbo! What is cranial sacral therapy? Is it good to have this therapy in conjunction with a butt flush? just kidding.

minx - sorry about the tomaters. What does it mean when they're all foamy? Botulism? Something else bad? I've never canned anything before.

okayyyyyyyyy...maybe I will take a shower today. Shit. I don't wanna.

Good Afternoon,

PK, I'm sorry about the housing situation, I mean, I can't believe these people are actually doing that, at first they seemed like a great means of support. Now they are just being prats.

Kel, what on earth is going on????

Hey Minx.

Well, I slept last night, and that's it. I slept through a few phone calls and didn't get them until this morning. I don't really care, I was sooooo tired. But I got a fair bit accomplished today. I cleaned, worked out, took the hound out to the park and went shopping.

I hope that everyone is doing well.

Later all.
((((kel)))) what's going on, chica??

((((pk)))) I hope the money thing works out soon! And the housing thing! Yikes! Can you get a short-term loan? I'll read up on the Feldenkrais thing.

CH, if you slept through all that, you obviously needed the sleep. I fell asleep early too...that fall took more out of me than I thought. 40 year olds don't fall well, I guess.

Sooo...I have sort of a bittersweet thing about know she's got the Alzheimers and her mind's pretty well gone and she's declined a LOT lately...well...

She's convinced that there is a man who wants to marry her and she needs to go upstairs to go meet him so they can elope! Awww, I'm glad she can at least be having something positive going on in her mind instead of something scary. I dunno if it's Dad, or if it's an old high school suitor...but I'm happy nonetheless. Poor woman needs all the joy she can get...even if it isn't really true...she thinks it is.

I'm really, really sore from the fall. Of course, I landed on my bad wrist/arm. Ouchie.


Good Evening.

Where is everyone at???

Tree, that is not so good about how your mom is doing, but I think it is sweet about her eloping. I also say that I went back and read your post, and I, again, laughed out loud when I read the part about monsters sucking eye balls out of your skull.

I did need the sleep, things have been a little much lately. I slept for 13 hours.

Now, I'm going out tonight, I don't plan on going out hard though, I really don't want to be hungover tomorrow. So, that's that. I have a feeling it'll be dead tonight anyway. It's been a beautiful day here.

Alas, some of the leaves are starting to change colour sad.gif not okay, as I don't want to think about that yet!!! But, this is my fave time of year.

that's all!

I'm here! I'm too old to go out! smile.gif

Yes, CH, I feel the same way about the trees changing color. I hate winter, and this always reminds me that it's coming. But it sucks, cause it's so darned PRETTY. The crisp air, the smell of the leaves, the apples and pumpkins....the cool nights, the nice's a pretty time of year, that's for sure.

I'd just like it if it could just go straight from fall to spring...maybe a week or two of winter.
Hi peepers!! Right now I'm laying on my mattress in the living room. I have pretty much zero furniture in here after this morning. My dad and bro came over with 2 trucks and a trailer and hauled all of the big stuff to my parents' garage, where it will stay until Wednesday. BFF also helped carry stuff. I'm so lucky to have these people. I didn't expect any of this. God, I love people with trucks. I never thought I'd say that.

BFF is gone now and I'm drinking some wine that she bought me. We had so much fun last night. We went down to the river to try to get up close to the bridge collapse. We got really close to one of the ends of the bridge that was above land. Crazy shit. After that, we went to Annie's by the U of M and had malts. Then we drove around singing AC/DC at the top of our lungs. It was like old times.

(((PK))) These people have to give you another month to prepare!! It's only reasonable. I hope things work out smoothly. You'll be okay. You have great friends down there. If you were up here, I'd let you stay in my new pad for a bit. I've certainly been in your place before.

Sorry 'bout your 'maters, minx!! You're just gonna have to go back to the assclown's garden and do some more pillaging!! That sucks that you have to go back to work, but it must be a little exciting, too!! What are you starting the kids out with this year? What grades/classes are you teaching? I can't wait to see your guns, by the way. I've been bad about maintaining the guns lately.

Awww...I'd love to see the giant all dressed up, diva. He's a handsome lad. Does he have a suit? I could totally see him in a swanky suit. He's lucky that he has you to help him out in the fashion department!!

It sounds like you needed the rest, culture. A real vacation would probably do you some good, too. Everybody needs a week off at some point. What would you do if you had a vacation period? I'm really looking forward to having 6 days off next week. Of course, I'll be pretty busy, but it's all good.

I'm glad you treated yourself to some cranial sacral therapy, turbo. You definitely deserve it. I'm thinking that a buttflush is in order, too!! So how's the kitchen coming along this weekend?

(((tree))) Damn, girl!! That would be scary!! You must be ripped from your job. I'm sorta jealous that you get to move around all day. I'm sure it's exhausting though. I'm so impressed by your skillz. I wish I could do repair-type stuff. Hopefully, I'll learn some stuff with my new house. I'm gonna have to.

By the way, that is a really sweet story about your ma. I'm sure it's a relief to see her feeling a little joy after all of this hardship, even if it isn't totally based in reality. (((tree's mama)))

(((Kel))) What happened?

Po' Oscar got a little scared today from all of the moving commotion, but he's doing well now. He's been aggressive towards his brother though. It sounds lame, but moving Oscar is the one thing that I'm really stressed out about. I'm still trying to come up with a strategy that would minimize any trauma.

Gah, I need to take a shower. There's stuff strewn all over the place in here, but I don't have the energy to do anything about it until tomorrow.

kel! what happened?? <3<3 kel <3<3

poooodley noooodley!!! SO cool about moving into YOUR pad!!

you aren't lame for worrying about oscar! he's your baby! find some bach's rescue remedy and give him a few drops. it will help calm him.

also, if you can find someplace calm to keep the kitties while the move is happening, it will be better for all of you. if you don't have anyone you can leave them with, put them in the bathroom or some other small room away from the craziness. once everything is in the new place, and only then, bring them over. that will help minimize the stress for them.

moi, PK! your housing sitch SUCKS the big green wienie! and WTF about the pastry chef!?!? hope all works itself out.

jenn, i just found a craniosacral therapist!!! sooooooooooooooo exciting!

i know there are a thousand other peeps i should be hugging and vibing. i suck.

(((((((keeeeces to minxy and divala and culture and tree and lore and everybustie else i'm forgetting))))))))

Good Morning Okayerz!!

Hey Poods, Don't forget to talk to the kitty cat...My not-so-smart wife decided to bring our cat down to delaware with us when we go for a weekend....problem is, it's a 7 hour drive...and the cat doesn't like it much so I'm stuck with the cat on my lap for the whole trip and he won't get better until he's back home. I'm the one who comforts him with my voice during the trip.
okay, i just read about the tornadoes and high winds and flooding and power outages in ohio and illinois and minnesota.

just worrying and hoping that everyone is all right.

*wrings hands*

Sorry for yesterday's post with no explanation. Was in the middle of a grande mal freak out that didn't really end until I drowned it in a bottle of wine. Long story short (too late!), Friendboy said something (I wish I could go into details, but this is not the place as it deals with sensitive issues) that deeply hurt my feelings beyond recognition. It was inadvertent but it was the sort of comment dealing with an extremely sensitive issue that made me freak out. I'm the kind of person who once I shut down, I shut down permanently. Because I'm an emotionally stunted idiot. But also because I don't think the Friendboy as boyfriend was such a good idea although I had myself truly believing it was. I don't trust any of my own decisions and I don't think I'm completely honest with myself.

So, I told him we couldn't do this anymore, we needed to be friends, he freaked out, I freaked out, I kicked him out of my house. He called me 10 times, told me he loved me (?????a little soon for that????????), blah blahblah. I had a massive freak out yesterday and felt more guilty than I've ever felt in my life for hurting him. Hurt myself a little. Drank a bunch of wine.

I think, despite it all, we might be able to salvage the friendship. Once the freakouts cooled down, we managed to talk like humans. I think it will be difficult considering how pushy he was when we'd never even hooked up, but maybe I'll still have my friend in the end. Time will tell.

Me me me. Sorry. I have actually read everything, but I'm exhausted. I walked 3 miles yesterday in the heat and suffered from heat exhaustion that gave me a horrible headache that lasted more than 12 hours and I passed out after my shower for 5 hours. That was a bad experience. This weekend has been once bad experience. I never thought I'd say this, but thank maude I go back to work tomorrow.
Afternoon all.

Tree, I know what you mean about the change of seasons. It's a love hate relationship. You love the time of year because of the scenery, the smell, the weather, but you know that it's going to be over soon and winter is on it's way.

Poodle, I hope that the move goes well and that Oscar is okay with the move.

Hey Tes and Shawnboy!

Kel, you got upset because of something he said about a sensitive issue. He has to understand that somethings are sensitive subjects and there are certain ways of going around it. I know that there are somethings that are sensitive with me. Maybe you to just need a heart to heart, be honest with yourself in this whole thing, your happiness is the most important thing.

Well, I went out last night, got home really late, and I'm just exhausted today. I need some down time, which is what I've taken today.

I'm going to lay down again.

Later all.

Hey all, quick post to say hi, will catch up later this evening!!

(((((hugs for everyone who needs 'em!!)))))
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