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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hello everyone! Sorry I've been lurking the last couple of days...much like tree, I've been a little pissed at my job, and today was the grand prix of WTF did I do, with a full day "2008 department work plan" meeting....5 hours straight. Shoot me now. If I could have slipped out to the bar in the pedway downstairs for a shot of vodka, I would have. The expectations of this place lack in any sense of reality, or the environment and clients that we have. But anyway, tis friday night, and that means - no time to think about crappy jobs!

(((((minx)))) My dear, I am so sorry that this shitstorm is raining down on you right now, and good for you for seeking support where you'll get what you need. Forget the friends who don't get it and your 'rents, until you re-center yourself again. My 'rents at least have never read the bible to me, they go more for passive aggressive, guilt inducing comments about how I need to attend services....though, that has lessened a bit, since I took them to the Unity Center I was attending for awhile, and they found themselves surrounded by the 80% LGBT congregation, which made them squirm a good long while...that shut them up. heh.

((((tree))) So sorry that your job is sucking....may the drudgery end soon, or a new opportunity present itself - PRONTO!

I'm now on "weekend retreat" at our greyhound neighbors' condo...its kind of nice. No turbomann, 3 puppers, and I don't have to answer the phone or do anything I don't want to do. AND, they have a very well-stocked fridge and pantry, which is awesome...they're the kind of friends that when they say "help yourself," they mean it. Turbomann, the shit, is in Dublin right now with our friends who live there. *pouts*

((((CH)))) Glad you're taking a rest from do not need to put up with that crap.

Diva and Kari, this article is just for you guys, with your office mate woes! I thought of the two of you immediately when I was reading. I certainly have some very loud cube neighbors now too, but if I stick my ipod in one ear, I can tune it out, most of the time. Does make it hard to focus on creative work, though.

Oh, and I ordered one of these cool sunrise alarm clocks this week...I've wanted one for a couple of years, and its getting harder to get up in the morning already, with the later sunrise, and I do like to wake up to the light, as I scoff all things caffeinated.
Hi Hi Hi! It be me again!

Okay, now that I'm no longer cofused.

I am also amazed what people come from and survive!! My mom tried the church thing with me, but it didn't work out so well. However, with that said, she believes in a god and such, but doesn't do the church thing. I think deep down she is sad that I am an athiest, and she keeps on referring to me as agnostic. It's cute.

Poodle and Diva your work day is done!!!! Poodle, I hope you feel better. I actually liked mellon collie, not nearly as good as siamese dream, but I thought it pretty good. I saw the pumpkins live and thought Billy Corgan was a dickwad. The performance stank. Ugh, Axl needs to stop living out his glory days. New GNR is also shite.

Tree, I'm so glad that you are posting! I am so sorry that work is sucking big floppy donkey dick (YAY south park reference!) *blushes* I honestly thought I lived kind of a boring life, but it seems otherwise lately!!!! That is really wonderful about your trip, that is a wonderful time, seeing the seasons change and such vibrant colours, it's an amzing time of year.

Turbo, ugh what a day. How are you feeling? Recovered from the food poisoning I hope! What a great weekend you have in store!!! Enjoy the silence and solitude!!!

Doodle, enjoy organicgirls company!

Hi Lore!

Well, I'm doing better, friendboy and I ahve sorted things out (he came over, cried, and discussed that we will always be friends...) however, at this moment, some soul searching and alone time is heavily needed. So, we pretty much reached the conclusion that I did early this week. I feel better about that!! But, I don't need the drama. Ummm, I am a social worker!! I have client drama, that's is enough to last 10 lifetimes!!!! All I keep telling myself is thatthe payoff is that I come out a better stronger person. (oh dear, how cliche, I thkn I'm going to puke now!!! laugh.gif )

Where is everyone?

I stayed out far too late last night and am super tired today. Spent most of today napping.

I need food.

Later all.
Hey, I'm here. I couldn't sleep last night; barely got three or four hours again. Very grateful that today was so cold and gray...I canned tomatoes with Minxlette, blanched pole beans, cut corn, and sliced strawberries, and then took a nice nap on the couch while we watched a movie together. So, I've gotten domestic things done, but nothing of substance. I really hate this part of the pain...where it is so sharp that introspection becomes fleeting and vapid.

This thing with my parents could not have come at a more emotionally horrid time, although it cemented some of my thoughts about how I operated with the ex. I am becoming of the opinion that it will be time to shut the doors on those relationships for awhile until I can get my heart screwed back on tightly. The bullshit evangelizing and degradation offered to me by those two is more than I can take right now. I didn't realize how truly sick our family system was until I walked right into the eye of the storm with my rose-colored glasses sitting on the nightstand.

I've been so depressed that I cannot even do my yoga. Well, I CAN do it, it's just that my motivation to do so is nil. Minxlette and I do things together, and that brings me joy. We've had a very peaceful co-existence this last week. A veritable campaign of kindness.

One good thing? I saw two hubbard squash growing in my corn patch. I hope the ex doesn't rip everything out and kill them. And my zucchini has begun to take off (planted it late to replace the peas). Looks like my beautiful Otts morning glories are dead and dying...most likely thanks to the moles. I've taken out flowers here and there that have begun to die. It feels metaphoric and less earthly. The cucumbers are on the way down, the peppers have just begun to pepper, the tomatoes are about half-way through (I've canned about 16 quarts thus far), the corn is dead, the beans are waning. I cannot even get myself to take pictures anymore. I cannot even look at my photo account because of all the pictures of us and the garden know the drill.

I know this will pass in time. And coming in here seeing support from all of you really, truly is keeping my buoyant. In lieu of being able to be activity-heavy and surrounded by family, coming in here and seeing your comments brings tears and gratitude. I hope that you all know how much you have saved my ass and made life better for the Minxlette and me.

Lemme know if anybody wants tomatoes!
Hi Minx!

I find it so horrible that your family can't be there for you during such an emotionally difficult time. I don't know what I would have done without my parents after my break up. You do have us though, that whole family is thicker than blood thing is b.s. If someone is toxic why keep them around?

you will get through this, when I went through the break up, I had a friend who went through a horrible marriage with a man who physically abused her and she gae me the best advice. Take things hour by hour, and slowly things will get better and one day, you'll look back and you will feel better. I know that it seems far away right now. But for me, taking things hour by hour really did work. You can't get over a break up quickly.

With that said, that's a lot of tomatoes! The plants my mom and I had grew really large, but the yield stank. the problem here was that there was too much rain, then it got hotter than hell and no rain. It's a big load of crappy crap crap.

I also had someone send me this, I think I may have posted it before, but it never fails to put a smile on my face.

linky linky
Hello, hello.

Minx, I truly hope you feel better soon. Culturehandy's advice is very good. Just try to take care of yourself and know that we're rooting for you.

CH, that link was cute!

Kari I hope your doggie is feeling better today.

Hi Lore ((vibes for Goaty and the job- I hope its real and she gets it!)) That's too bad about what happened with your wedding photography. Memory loss is a strange thing. My grandma pretty much quit doing all of her crafty and cooking things she used to love to do and blamed it on her eyesight years before her alzheimers diagnosis occurred. After the fact we realized she knew she couldn't really do that stuff anymore due to her memory and was just covering. I am really happy with our photographer so far - my mom knows her and she's just getting started building her photography business which is a little over a year old. So her prices are good and she's not burned out or anything. Our engagement pictures turned out really good. She's mailing me a cd so I'll post a couple when I get it.

Turbo and Treehugger I hope you enjoy the weekend and a nice break from your job stresses. Turbo, it sounds like you have some nice neighbors. What all are you doing with your kitchen?

I've never been a big Smashing Pumpkins fan. I always just liked them okay. I just remember Sharon Osbourne saying, "I had to quit being their manager for health reasons. Billy Corgan was making me sick!" I thought that was pretty funny.

It's a rainy Saturday night and I'm just lying low. Jfrito and I were going to go to a movie but decided to stay in instead.

Yesterday was my birthday (I am now 35 and can't believe I'm this old) so I took the afternoon off of work to celebrate National Marileen Day. I'm going to be taking a ton of time off next month so I didn't take the full day as I normally would. Jfrito and I went out to I Nonni for dinner. It was so nice and I felt like I finally relaxed for the first time all week. We did a 5-course tasting menu and it was so yummy and our wine was tasty too. It cost the earth but was so worth it! Man, I wish I could eat like that every week.

We were a wee bit hungover this morning so we ran and did errands and then came home and took naps. We are going to paint our kitchen yet again - first it was vitreous green two summers ago and then a pale yellow last winter and now it will be a pale bluish color. As we completed things we realized that our initial color didn't work and once we picked a green instead of a gray countertop the yellow just didn't work either. Hopefully this will be it for a good long while!
Hapy belated birfday Marileen!!!!

I'm going to bed now, I'm exhausted.

Hope everyong is having a good weekend.

Happy Birthday, Marileen! Don't you DARE say 35 feels old! Anyway, 38 feels young, so you've got lots to look forward to.

(((((minx))))) If you want to talk, PM me and I'll send my digits....

Hi also to turbo, diva, poodle, CH, treehugger, kel, lorewolf, kari, and the rest of the gang!

I've just been playing around on the guitar with the stuff that came out of goddess, I think I may have something! Barely, though...but something possibly very good! guitarboy starts his new job tomorrow; I hope he doesn't get TOO swept up in becoming Responsible Mature Guy, that he gets too exhausted for jamming. (And all this time, I've been wondering who the bad influence really is. Heh.)

Have y'all seen Little Miss Sunshine? I just watched it this weekend and I loved it! I also still have Becoming Jane to watch...I heard it wasn't very good, but I soooo crush on James McAvoy! Ever since Mr. Tumnus. *sigh* I know, I'm a weirdo.

Well, being desperate for more than beans and rice, despite the financial sitch, I've had a cheap cut of sirloin marinating in a weird cider/worcestershire/garlic combination I invented, so I think I'm going to go grill it now while I blast some Blue Rodeo...oh the simple pleasures!
Hello Everyone?

Helloooooooooooooooooo *echoes* Holy crap, where is everyone today??? Or even yesterday???

Anyways, hi Doodle! I've got a sweet recipe for refried blackbeans! Mmmm very tasty, eaten with basamati rice, it's even better! I hope your steak was yumtastic!!!

Well, I did a bog load of shitfuck all for the rest of the weekend, Sunday I tok houndish to the park twice, read a book and enjoyed the nice weather. I bought Eugene a new fishbowl, which tripled his living space. I also got him a little skull to play in and another plant, which bubbles if I had a filter to plug it into. He seems rather content and has been exploring his new space. If I could do this for Emily, I totally would! But her space is my space, and all the dog fur shows the same!!!

Later all!!!

Good Morning! How's everyone? It's Monday! It's also my birthday, which makes the part about it being Monday not so bad.

I had a lovely weekend. Friday night actually was kind of boring. I was really tired of being in the house, but at the same time couldn't think of anything to go do. I ended up going to the bookstore. Saturday was nice. Mr K & I went to a winery, played poker, and went to a kegger that night. Sunday Mr K & I went to see that movie Superbad. We had dinner at my mom's last night, which included the most delicious cake. Chocolate with chocolate ganache and icecream in btw the layers. YUM! My mom & sister went in together and gave me a Banana Republic gift card, which I am super stoked about. Guess what my sister sent me for my birthday? A diva cup! Isn't that the best gift? I was really excited about it.


((Minx)) I didn't know your parents were coming to visit. I'm really sorry that they are a source of stress and not a source of comfort. Geez. sad.gif Take care of yourself, doll. I think you have the right idea about taking a breather from relationships for a while. Take some time for you and only you. Sounds like the garden is doing really well!

Hi Marileen! Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a nice one. A 5 course tasting menu? YUM! What was the best thing you tasted?

((Jenn)) man, I am sorry your work is sucking lately. You too, Tree! Tree, girl, you have my respect for what you do. I could never do your job. Jenn, thanks for the salon article! I think that is correct-the part about the longer something like that goes on...the sympathy goes down, the annoyance goes up!

I wasn't ever a big Smashing Pumpkins fan either. I liked the first album, but they sorta lost me after that. I think it's Billy Corgan's voice.

Hi diva! hi Doodle! hi poodle!

CH, so you & friendboy have made amends? yay for Eugene getting a bigger apartment!

Happy Birfday Kari!!!!!

Sounds like you had a really great weekend!

Indeed, the drama is over. For now. smile.gif Everything always has a way of working out.

Hey Minx!!!!

Damn, it's almost lunch time!!! WOOHOO!!!! I'm going shopping to this cool little shop with a friend at lunch!

Later all!
Thanks Ladies!

Minx, that pic is hilarious. Poor kitty!

Happy lunchtime shopping, CH! What sorts of stuff do they have?

I guess I will mosey on over to the gym on my lunch break. Start the week off on the right foot. I'm not working at the hosptial at all this week, so I may try to get in some evening workouts. I miss those.
EXPECTO PATRONUM!!! *a silvery glowing hillbilly hobbles across the Okayland Lounge, scratching itself*

Gotta get me a different patronus...

Happy Birfday, Marileen & Kari! Yeah, me going on 37, 35 wasn't so bad. I suppose the mathematically harsh part about turning 36 was that I'm now twice the age of legal adulthood sad.gif Still, You're a young-un, Marileen! I don't know Kari's age, but if you're invited to a kegger, it must be a good age wink.gif

*toes ground* Aww Minx! You're really sweet! I'm truly sorry that your parents are being so screwy and having bad timing about it. Never feel bad about unloading on us here. We're rooting for you. As for clones of myself everywhere... I don't know how I'd react to that. I'd either feel like I'm not doing as well as some of the others of me, or for those of me who aren't doing so well, I'd feel responsible. Hmm... Maybe mid-life crisis IS creeping up on me... One of me would be happy to hang out with you, though smile.gif

Speaking of road trips... We're pushing our departure date back another day. Goaty's come down with a cold. Thanks so much for all the BUSTie interview vibes for her. Now she has to interview with a cold sad.gif Hopefully, she'll be feeling well enough to hit the road early tomorrow. I made us a big pot of garlicky, oniony, chicken noodle miso soup. Any microbes that can survive in our blood stream after that must be a race of super-microbes... hopefully benevolant. I promised mine a kegger if they would kindly kick the ass of any viruses.

ETA Bwahaaah! Like the pic, Minx smile.gif
Good Afternoon everyone!!!

Kari, I hope your workout went well. The store has clothes from all over the world, and some homemade stuff, too. It's kind hippie stuff. I bought a pair of pants, made out of hemp, for $20.00!!!! Then when we were walking back to my car, I found $10.00!!!! SO, really they only cost 10!

~*~*~*~*healing vibes for goaty girl~*~*~*~*~

Lore, that soup sounds delish!!!!! Is it a secret lore family recipe or could you post it here? I heart your patronus!!! I think mine would be something sexual! *grins sheepishly*

I want the day to be done so I can take houndish to the park and then work out!

Later all!!!!
Hi, peeps!

Happy Birfday, Marileen! That dinner sounds fabulous. I'd love to do that kind of thing, but the giant is so damn picky, it would never work.

Doodle, how'd the steak turn out? That marinade sounds very interesting. Funny, I could really go for some black beans right about now. Maybe I should make some black bean and corn salad to bring in for lunches.

Kari, that cake sounds magnificent. And congrats on not having to go work in the hospital this week. If anyone could use a work break, it's you.

Can you guys tell that now I'm trying to be healthy, all I want to talk about is food?

CH, are those hemp pants comfortable? I've never had hemp clothing, so I don't know what the texture is like.

Hi, Lore! ((((((((health vibes for Goatygirl)))))))))

Now I want to make chicken soup, my grandma's recipe to be specific. I think it died with her, though, so I'll have to ask my dad to tell me what to do.

Today's a crappy Monday. It's rainy and gloomy out, and will be for much of this week. I didn't shower this morning, so I smell like ass. I just couldn't drag myself out of bed to do anything besides brush my teeth and put some clothes and deodorant on. The people at the gym are going to love me this afternoon! I had a Trader Joe's quiche that I microwaved for lunch. WAY too salty, won't get it again. I'm trying to save my money and not get any overdrafts before Friday, which means I have to bring in and eat all the weird stuff in the freezer that the giant won't touch.

We had a decent weekend. We watched 300 on Friday, did nothing on Saturday except read and watch the Reno 911 movie, and yesterday we went to the giant's family's house for dinner. It was pretty nice. I'm so happy the giant's brother is home and things are normal again.

No big plans for tonight, just going to the gym and picking up my clothes in the bedroom while the giant washes dishes. Eagerly waiting for the day to be done, since I can go home on time tonight because I wasn't really late this morning. Just 3 hours left.

well, am back from the workout. It was pretty lame, but I guess better than nothing.

Hi Lore! poor goatie girl! A cold, bah. When is her interview? That soup does sound good. I think I'm probably a bit past kegger age (32), but it sure was a good time. The host was trying to talk me into doing a keg stand, I declined. I did do a few shots of Makers though. smile.gif

Yay on the pants, CH! That's a deal! AND you found 10 bucks in the parking lot? It must be your luck day.

Hi, Diva! Sounds like you had a relaxing weekend. I like the Reno 911 movie. How was 300? It's on my list.

Mr K and I have decided to have Thai food for dinner. Can't wait!
Diva, I love hemp clothing. This is a roughter texture of hemp, but it's very comfy. I've got a hemp hoodie, and it's amazing. Warm, soft, and it lasts forever!

As for the healthy eating, your body becomes addicted to salt, sugar, etc. It takes time to break the "addiction", but it will happen. Are you denying yourself these things altogether? There are other alternatives. For example, if you are craving chips, make yourself some air popped popcorn (I put a half tsp of margarine on it, and a wee bit of dill pickle seasoning, maybe a teaspoon) If you want something sweet, I suggest angel food cake with jam. Or there is always dark chocolate, which as some added health benefits.

only an hour and half left in this day!
CH, thanks for the tips, but I know what I'm supposed to do to be healthy, and I spent enough time in Weight Watchers a couple years ago to have enough tips for a lifetime. I eat what I want when I want, just less of it now.

I've never been to a kegger, then again, I don't drink beer. That's a whole part of the college lifestyle I missed out on.

Kari, 300 is good, but that's it. The special effects are cool, but I don't think the story was very strong. I feel like I was only told 90% of the story, so it left me unsatisfied in that right. But if you're looking for blood and special effects, then that's your movie.

Hi everyone!!

Ugh. I feel like I could totally blow chunks right now. I felt like that all weekend. I'll try to get back to the thread today at some point. I just wanted to stop in and say hi!!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Marileen and Kari!
Happy Birthday to You!

((Poodle)) Feel better, hon. Can you go home early? I just set up a duplex showing that's near Crazy Mary. Other than the crazy house (which I think is pretty) is there anything else to know?

TB is obsessed with 300. He saw it twice in the theater, once in IMAX. And of course he bought the dvd when it came out. I haven't watched it yet; I don't like watching a lot of violence. I have a feeling I'll end up watching it sometime soon though.

Our camping trip got rained out. We arrived after dark Friday and then Sat morning it started raining. And raining. And raining. We bailed around 6pm on Sat and I'm glad we did. We were near Red Wing so it didn't stop all weekend. Blech. We were all disappointed but it was nice to sleep in our bed Sat night. Yesterday was spent napping and watching What Not To Wear. An okay weekend I guess.
Who's Crazy Mary?

(((((((Poodle))))))) Are you at work today? I sure hope not. Today's a good day for staying home.

We watched some WNTW at the giant's mom's yesterday, but mostly we watched Ice Road Truckers. That show is awesome. I have such huge respect for anyone who makes a point of going about their business in -40F weather. I love the cold. Listening to all those guys on the show is like witnessing a whole room full of my ex-boyfriend, Bikerboy. It's fun in small doses when you aren't actually a part of it.

I think I'm going to come back in my next life as a polar bear, or maybe a penguin.
Poodle, I hope that you feel better soon.

Catsoup, that sucks about your camping trip being rained out.

300 was a fab movie.

Diva, I've always wanted to check out ice road truckers, I always seem to miss it though. Ihear you about WW, I just have a beef that some of the food they are telling you is healthy isn't always. With special K bars, which are two points or of the main ingrediants is corn syrup! I think it all boils down to reading food labels, and common sense of course. I say, ultimately, do what works for you. If I had my own personal that would be awesome!
*pokes head out of cave and squints into the bright Okayland light*

I've been hibernating. Sorry. Will catch up.

Friendboy has become Boyfriend. What do I call him now? Taking suggestions on this.

*pulls head back in cave to read archives and kiss the soon to be renamed Friendboy*
YAY Kel!! You could just call him BoyFriend now...just switch it up, right?

I have to admit that I kind of have a tiny crush on Hugh, the big burly boss man, in Ice Road Truckers....just seems like he'd have a good story or two to tell over a pint. Makes you realize there's no "conflict free" diamonds, though - it pisses me off that these guys risk their lives on the ice just to help people dig out rocks and make bazillions of dollars...and then they charge more to sell it as conflict free....yes, its better than the practices in Africa, but still sucks. I'd rather we leave all the diamonds where they are and not strip the earth for them. *gets off soapbox*

I had a pretty low-key weekend....still wasn't feeling 100%, so I hung out with the three greyhounds, read a lot, watched some WNTW. AND, I met up with all the chicao busties yesterday, to bid farewell to stargazer...*sniff.*

Happy Birthday Marileen and Kari!!!

Turbomann came home from the UK today - YAY! I'm so glad he's back. I got a little lonesome this weekend.

Oh, and the contractor took down the mirrored wall today....and, we have our own little discovery - the mirrored wall was covering up.....A FLOCKED faux-greek mural!!! Eeeeeee! So fucking funny.....oh, and of course, its wallpaper! I'll take some pics and post them for ya'll....this must be preserved for posterity!

(((((minxy))))) Hang in there, my dear. Do not engage in the dysfunction around you....cling to what makes you feel most like yourself, and stay there as you heal. I'm glad minxlette is there with you.

ETA: Here are some NEW PICS of the kitchen, and our lovely newly discovered mural!
Turbojenn that mural thing you found is awesome - who would ever expect something like that to be under there? So funny.


And thanks everyone for the birfday wishes! I guess I don't really FEEL old, I just find it hard to believe I am a mid-thirties person! I don't feel like it in my head. All in all it was a good birthday. I think my favorite parts of my birthday dinner were the cheese course (a fancy italian cheese whose name I can't remember with fig marmalade and crostini) because I've never had that before and it was really good and the dessert which was a vanilla bean sorbet with blackberries. Yum.

I'm back on the diet train today and it isn't too fun. I think avoiding processed crap really is the best way to go but it is soooo hard to stick to. At my fitting my dress finally zipped (yay!) but is super super tight so I still need to lose some more weight over the next few weeks so I can do things like breathe and sit down while wearing it.

All the talk of the 300 movie makes me want to see it now! I actually like a lot of violent movies.

And I want to go see this Crazy Mary's house. Now I'm really curious about what it looks like.

((Poodle)) I hope your tum feels better soon!

I've watched some of the Ice Road Truckers show - it reminds me a lot of that Most Dangerous Catch show where the guys go fishing for king crab in risky high seas.
Hi everyone!

Happy birthday, kari!!

*throws confetti*

turbo, thanks for the pics! I'm SO glad you documented the faux-grecan mural! I love it!!! I can't wait to see what that breakfast bar is going to look like, too, and how great it will be with all those fancy new stainless appliances...*drools*

diva and CH...the steak was brilliant...the marinade was (alcoholic) apple cider, extra virgin olive oil, worcestershire, minced garlic, and a bit of soy sauce, and after marinating, I made a reduction sauce out of the works! Yummy!

Speaking of yummy, I think guitarboy may be trying to addict me to chai lattes while banjoboy is away. I never taken to very many teas, but I've got to admit, the man knows what he's doing. (This Grown-up Guy thing he's doing is kind of interesting, too. wink.gif)

~*~*~*~*~all kinds of asskicking vibes for goatygirl~*~*~*~*~

kel - maybe hold off re-naming the boy just yet, till you figure something truly appropriate out?

Hi also to poodle, marileen, lorewolf, catsoup, minx, and anyone else who might be lurking....(treehugger?)....
*drags ass into okayland and plops down on couch*

So tired today.

Kel, yay on friendboy becoming boyfriend. A name, I like Turbo's BoyFriend.

Turbo, so happy that the mister is back from the UK safe, and I see that the reno's are coming along. Did you ever decide on the colour scheme?

Mari, ~*~*~*more dress vibes~*~*~*~*

Doodle, that steak.... *drools* sounds delish!!!!!

I worked out last night, and I slightly aggravated my left hamstring, I just kept on pushing the cardio. Sore, too. I also didn't sleep that well. tonight should be different. I just want this work day to be over!

That's all for now.

Later all!
*plops down on couch next to culture*

Blergh. I stayed at work until about 9:40 last night. I don't feel sick today--just really tired.

Happy belated birfday, kari and marileen!!!!! Congrats on the fitting, marileen!!

Awwww....the kitty in that picture looks like Oscar!! Po' baby!!

What is 300?

I like the cold, too, diva. It gives me a sense of place.

Wow, kel!! Friendboy to boyfriend?! Is it really that clear cut now? I'm reluctant to suggest the name "boyfriend" for his new lounge name. Does he have a really nice feature that you could make reference to?

That mural thing is funny as hell, turbo!!

Good things Tuesday:
1. Dumb spreadsheets are done
2. No food here, so I have an excuse to eat Jimmy John's
3. Have time to go to the gym and the grocery store this evening
4. Just about one week until closing!!
Poodle, that's crazy that you stayed so late at work. Not right.

300 is the movie based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller. It's about 300 Spartan Soldiers which take on the Persian Army. It's full of violence and some delish muscular man scenery.

Is this day done yet?
Ah, it's not so bad. The good thing is that I can comp the time so that I don't have to use vacay time when I move next week. I'll be putting in extra time all this week.

Sounds like a good movie.
Hi, peeps!

Congrats on the fitting, Marileen! You must look gorgeous.

Poodle, really, 9:40 last night? Oy. The latest I've ever been at work here was 7:00. But that's good that you won't have to use so much vacation. How much time are you going to take off for your move? I took a week when I moved into our current place, and I'm glad I did.

Kel, what made you make the switch from friends to a couple?

My favorite Ice Road Trucker was Jay. He seemed nice, and I liked his Canukian accent. That other guy, Polar Bear, was pretty cool, too. I just really wonder why, though, these diamond mines don't just buy a fleet of planes and such to get their equipment back and forth. It's not like they don't have more money than god or anything.

Hi, Doodle, Tree, CH, and all!

Not much going on today. I worked out last night for awhile, and man was it busy! At no point have I ever had to wait for a cardio machine, but they were all taken up for a good while last night. I guess Monday's the popular day to work out, and I got there a little earlier than normal. I did try the eliptical last week, and while it wasn't awful, I can't do it for more than 5 minutes or so because it makes my thighs burn. I do other exercises for that, I don't want it in my cardio. But hey, I tried. Then we just hung out last night and watched TV. I finally got my clothes put away so they aren't in giant piles anymore. It was just a nice low-key evening. Tonight's going to be another one of those, but we're making steaks for dinner. Oh, how I love steak and baked potatoes, especially after a day of Slim-Fasts.

I'm going to take my car in to have my brakes looked at on Friday. Fingers crossed that it isn't anything more than $300 or so. I think it's just the rotors, but it could be something like wheel bearings (which I really hope it isn't). I've got a coupon for the place I usually go to for a free inspection, so even if I am just crazy and I don't need to get them fixed immediately, it won't cost me $100 for them to tell me that. I'm not too pissed about it since I've had the car for over a year, so it's not like I'm paying to fix something I didn't create myself, like when I got my old car.

Good afternoon all.

Poodle, that's cool that you cn bank time, but it still seems like it would be stanky to work so late at the time.

Diva, mmmmm steaks. I hope that everything is okay with your car and it doesn't cost you a kidney to fix. ~*~*~*~cheap car repair vibes~*~*~*~*~

Only 3 more hours to go, but this day still blows donkey.
Jenn, that mural is kinda kitschy-cool. But I'm a dork like that.

Diva, I dunno what made me make the switch. Things had sort of been heading in that direction and I just didn't want to admit or deal with it. I'm one of those "trial by fire" kind of girls. I put guys through hell to get to me and if they can stick around for it, they win. Then I'm nice and sweet and stuff. I'm messed up, have trust issues (like almost every girl I know). Anyhoo, the formerly known as FriendBoy stuck around and I realized he might be someone I shouldn't pass up. We'll see how it pans out. I like him. I'm trying to quit projecting into the future and just enjoy what I have right now.

Culture, unfortunately, no, the day isn't over. I've had a million errands today and I just feel like sleeping. Up late last night. Heh.

Doodle, now I want a chai latte. Yum.

Marileen, it sounds like you are making really good progress with the dress. You say you have a few weeks left? You'll make it and be gorgeous, dahling!

I'm holding out on the renaming. Not sure yet. I should just give him a symbol, like Prince.

In other news, Soji's ears have now cost me $400 this summer. But I don't think they'll have to knock her out and flush them anymore, which should save me $200. I look at her left ear and see a telephoto zoom lens; I look at her right ear and see a wide angle lens. *le sigh* She's my baby. She's worth it.

I am going to have to agree with you there, Kel. It was total kitsch.

I am also going to have to agree with CH on "300". It was, as they say, "MAHN-CAHNDY!!" And it had that element of graphic novel, like "Sin City"...except no wankery, whiney emo-boys in it (sorry, I just think Elijah Woods is too ridiculous for words).

So, Minxlette and I canned about 8 quarts of romas this weekend, and yesterday I made 3 pints of marinara. I picked another basket of romas today, and there should be a vast quantity on Friday, so this weekend I think will be spent making another crapload of marinara. I could use one last harvest of basil leaves to have enough pesto for the winter, and perhaps one more week of good tomatoes and I will be satisfied. Honestly, when I do shit like this, I like to have enough to hand out to friends. It's kind of like when Diva put that box of truffles on my porch a few years ago. I nearly wet myself for pleasure. Homemade gifts are the best, and FOOD?! Oh, hells yeah!!

It was kind of funny going over there today, though. The garden was SO WET. I got soaked just going through the tomato plants. The Loon was makes me a little sad, because she always thinks that I am going inside and will let her in. *sigh* Ah well, I have little squashlettes all over the place! They are so stinkin' cute! Ah...the divine harvest! I have been a canning and freezing freak. I am, however, running out of time because we start inservices at school next Monday. Tick-tock...back to the urban jungle.

This whole losing weight thing is kind of aggravating. I've been exercising about five times a week and really watching what I am eating, but I've barely lost a pound in over two weeks. I think that it's been a gain in muscle-mass. And for as much exercise as my thighs get, I haven't lost an inch on them. BLARGH! I am doing calorie-cycling, so maybe this has something to do with it, but I didn't want to hit a plateau from doing the same thing over and over again. Dammit!! Ah least I am actually doing something, even if it isn't showing up in measurements that are tangible right now.

Jenn, I love the wreckage that is your kitchen! That is so stinkin' exciting!

And Ice Road Truckers? Uh, HELL YEAH! I watched that at my parents about a month ago when the shit hit the fan with the Crap Weasel. I was riveted. It was SICK! I really liked the Most Dangerous Job one, as well, with the crab fishers! That was just burlyman porn for chicks who hung out with Hessians in high school. WHOOT!

Kel, I'm glad that you are happy with where things are going with BoyFriend. I agree that pets are like babies and totally worth it.

Minx, mmmm cannery!!! I loved Sin City, but I cannot stand Elijah Wood, I remember seeing him on Leno one night and he was talking about he was going to have breakfast in Rome, lunch in paris and dinner in new york, or something like that. I was thinking, wow, you certainly are rubbing int he fact that you have money. Schhhhhhhhhmuck!

I think that thighs are the worst place to tone and loose muscle from. Bah.

ETA: I meant to loose inches from.
Wow, Minx. I'm really impressed with the amount of canning you've done. That's a lot of work. I sort of remember helping my mom and grandma with that when I was young and what I remember most is that it was so damn hot.

Kel, good luck with the boy thing.

Anyone have any tips for a road trip that could possibly be from hell? TB and I are carpooling with his parents (usually asshole dad and prim&proper mom) next week. It's an 11 hour ride to a family wedding. I have motivation now to finally put things on my iPod (that's over a year old, yikes) and will be loading up on books. Any other ideas for how to keep my sanity? I don't do well when I have to ride on a roadtrip (I like driving) and I know we will be stuck in the backseat like little kids. I went to Two Harbors with my parents weeks ago (about 4 hours from their house) and wanted to kill them by the end - and I really like my parents. I'm nervous. I've been pulling for us to drive separately but I can't justify it anymore or come up with any more excuses why we can't ride with them. So it's a done deal. I just need help maintaining my sanity.
My grandma used to can stuff in the summer, too. She made the best canned pears I've ever had in my life. The overpowering sweet syrupy smell really got to me, though, so I went out to play when she did most of it. I was probably 10 the last time she did it. I really miss those pears.

Minx, I want your pesto! I've tried making it before, but yours is probably much better. I envy all the fresh stuff right there for the picking. The closest I get is Byerly's produce section - good, but not the same.

Catsoup, can you guys all pool in to rent a vehicle, so at least you'll have some extra leg room? Maybe one of those newfangled types that have the movie screens, so you can stay occupied for a couple hours at a time without actually having to talk much? Or a book on tape that you can all listen to? I wouldn't want them to get the wrong idea that you were avoiding talking to them, so stuff you can all do together without actually having to interact would be ideal. There's a very good chance the giant's mom is going to want to ride with us down to Omaha, which is about half the distance you're going, so I try to think of things for us to do. She's a nice lady, but sometimes I don't want to make polite conversation.

I never saw Sin City. My brother said it was even too violent for him, so he walked out 20 minutes into it. I do want to see Grindhouse Double Feature, though. I'm not a huge Tarantino fan, but sometimes I like his stuff. Okay, make that usually. I loved both Kill Bill volumes and Pulp Fiction.

My thighs are usually the first place that slims down a little. Granted, there's a whole lot of mass down there to get rid of, so it's probably easier for me. I just wish I could get rid of some inches around my middle. That area bugs me more than any other part of my body because it makes my clothes look funny.

Kel, the boy does sound pretty nice. Perseverant, but nice. I wish you luck with it.

I'm listening to Helmet do a cover of "Army of Me." It's so freaking hilarious. The singer sounds like he lost a drunken bet in a bar and had to sing this song. He spits out the lyrics, it's so funny.

Diva, those pears sound delish! The way sin city was made was amazing, it was like a graphic novel. I didn't find the violence too much. the movie I found was too much for me was Reservoir Dogs. Couldn't take the pseudo ear cutting off scene.

Catsoup, I agree with Diva's suggestions. I don't really have any suggestions, as I avoid long drives whereever possible.

this afternoon is dragging and I keep on getting freakin' walk ins. Bah.
I found Sin City a bit much with the violence, but because it was done in such a graphic novel style, it was tolerable. I'm with you CH. Reservoir Dogs was too much for me. So was A Clockwork Orange. That rape scene in the beginning was too much to handle.
I refuse to see all the recent movies infused with sexual violence and torture. Not only because of the sexual violence, but movies like hostel, and saw and all that, I know I couldn't tolerate. I think it would be too distrubing and demented for me.
Egads! Canned pears! My mother used to do those, and peaches and tomatoes when we were whipersnappers. My dad always ate an entire jar with buttered toast. Good stuff. I need to get another ten pounds of peaches from the co-op and can some of those. Dayum, Diva, you totally have me jonsing now!! Oh, and BTW, you are MORE than welcome to have some pesto from me, even if I cannot get another really good crop from this Friday of basil. Name the time, and I will bring the baggie! (oh, so much like college...).

Diva, if you haven't seen Grindhouse or Sin City yet, I'd highly recommend them both. Yep, they're violent, and yep, they're totally laden with misogyny, but they also have some female protagonists that make me want to take kickboxing and put posters up in Minxlette's room.

*confession: I actually got a Grindhouse t-shirt...the one with the chick who has a machinegun for a leg!*

Helmet does "Army of Me"? How hilarious!
Hi minx and catsoup!!

I've always been sorta grossed out by preserved fruits other than jams. It's the syrup factor that bugs me, especially with peaches. I'm sure your goods are delicious, though, minx!!

I can take lots of violence in movies, etc., as long as it's not sexual in nature and isn't directed towards animals or kiddos.

Well, I guess it's time to leave this joint. I was gonna work out, but I'm feeling so sleepy and I'm anxious to go grocery shopping, so screw it.

Ciao babes!!
Hey ya'll!!! Thank the gods that I am home! It was a hellish day at work two co-workers were in tears over the bullshit swirling around us in the office, and I was doing my best to counsel, but I have my MRG migraine today, so I felt just as vulnerable and pissy about the whole mess...but this job will not make me cry...its just not emotional to me. It sucks, but I'm going to do it, and go home on time, dammit. A martyr for this place, I shall not be.

On Movies, I'm not usually an action/violent movie fan, but as an artist (okay, and lover of Clive Owen and well greased muscle men), Sin City and 300 are stunningly beautiful movies. On the first watching of both of them, I'm not sure I really watched the movie from a story perspective at all, I was just basking in the visuals.

Thanks for all the grecian mural love...really, I do feel a tiny bit sad that I don't have more time to enjoy it, before its flocked glory leaves us forever. smile.gif

Minx! I am *droooooling* over all the canning you and minxlette are doing. Some of my best summer memories are of helping my mom and aunt can pickles, and peppers, and tomatoes, and stewed tomatoes, and marinara, and apple sauce, apple butter, jams, jelly, pie filing, pear butter....amazing stuff that I really miss about growing up in the country. My mom had a huge cellar in the basement just for all the canned stuff - it was a wonder to behold. *sighs wistfully*

Marileen, you know what my reco is if you need to drop a few pounds fast - do a cleanse and colonic, baby!!! bwahahaha! You all knew that was coming, it has been far too long without a butt flush mention! I use a medical food supplement called BioCleanse that I blend with water and frozen fruit to make smoothies...but if you need to drop ten in a couple weeks, that's what I would do. And I still can't believe the wedding is coming up so fast! So exciting!

Catsoup, I have two words for you Shadow Divers. I'm pretty sure your local Borders or B&N would carry it on CD, but it is the MOST gripping audio book I have ever listened too, and everyone I've recommended it to has loved it...the kind of book that makes you sit in the car listening, long after you've arrived at your destination. You will not be disappointed.

OMG - Poodle's moving next week!! We shall expect full reports, and a photographic album of the journey to your new home!
how in the world am i supposed to lose all this baby-booty when i come in here and read about yummy food all the time!

what's up ya'll? i've been here, sort of hiding out and lurking for the past week or so, mainly because i'm usually holding jackaroo and typing a post one-handed just takes too long!

i just wanted to pop in and say hi! i have read everything and feel a marathon post coming on but no time right now.

jackaroo is wonderful. simply wonderful. he smiles! c'mon! you knew i would post a pic!
Hi FJ!! Nice to see you!! What a cute pic!!

((((((turbo)))))) Sucks big wank, dude. You need a week away or a massage or both. You're such a trooper. I miss having you around in the daytime!!

Well, I think it's time for me to retire to my boudoir. 'Night all!
Oh, a jackaroo pic and a Shadow Divers recommendation! I think I reccomended that one to turbo, and she recommended the "Time Traveler's Wife" to me. Both are amazing audio books. One, all about crazy-ass deep sea divers, the other perhaps the most romantic novel (in the true sense of Romance) that I've ever read/heard.

We've been out of commission the last 2 weeks with illness, but all seem to be back on our feets now. AND, we have another lovely little lady on our block at home, whom I can't wait to go meet. I'm taking lasagna and perhaps zuchinni bread. Yum. Babies satisfy my need to cook for large groups of people w/o having a dinner party. smile.gif
Good Morning,

Hey Minx!

Poodle, are yuo feeling better this morning?

Turbo, I agree, you are a trooper. you will survive and get something better than current employment.

Awww FJ!!!

Moxie, glad that you and bebe are feeling better.

I'm tired today, PR and I were texting each other last night, and I was sleeping so soundly, too. I really need to learn to turn my phone off at night. I do believe that exboy is out of the picture, as he hasn't gotten in contact with me at all. Thank goodness. Ummmm, that's all today.

Need sleepy time.

Later all.
Moxie, you are so nice bringing food to your new neighbors. I have always wanted to live somewhere where people did that. I guess it must be a homeowner thing though. No one brings lasagna to your apartment neighbors. smile.gif

FJ, Jackaroo is adorable. It's so nice to get little updates from you.

Thanks for the audio book recommendation! Shadow Divers looks good, something that TB's dad, TB, and I might enjoy, which is a tall order considering TB's dad is very conservative and opinionated about everything. If anyone else has any recommendations for audiobooks, I'll gladly take them. (As much as I would like Time Traveler's Wife, I think both TB and his dad would object.)
oh, the neighbors aren't new, but their wee girlie baby is! New baby, old neighbors. Still deserves a lasagne, i think! smile.gif
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