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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi, peeps!

((((((((health vibes for Turbomom))))))))

Poodle, I laughed so hard last night at that stuff you pulled for me that I literally cried. Just ask the giant. That is the best game ever!

Good on you for making decisions about your future, FJ. And good luck with the therapy team.

I wish I could have gone to camp when I was little.

Well, I'm back at work today. :-( I had considered calling in, but I don't want to burn up all my vacation considering I want to take 2 trips within the next 4 months. I got one long side of one planter grouted and scraped, and it looks awesome. I've got less than half of the other one to put tiles on, then I have to grout that, too. I'll be so happy when this is all done.

I made some jewelry, too. I made a large flower pendant out of other beads and put it on a couple simple strands, made 2 pairs of earrings, a few more necklaces, and, um, that's it. To my credit, I did bring a lot of stuff with me to do while I'm on my lunch break, so we'll see what I can get through.

Okay, now that we're allowed to call people again (we have mandatory quiet time until 10:00), I can call my mommy. Yay.
Hi everybody!

It's been too long since I posted - we have had house showings like CRAZY all week - like 2 to 3 showings every single day crazy. (And we got an offer which came in way too low for us to take - they couldn't qualify for more and we couldn't afford to drop our price that much - but they wanted it enough to try for it anyway, so that was encouraging.) And I have been trying to be productive girl at work so I feel much more secure - especially since I've been scooting out early to grab the doggie and take him to the park during house showings, etc. I met with my boss today to give him a progress report and he told me I'm doing good so that's a relief.

I played the game, here's what I got:

Marilyn needs too many Ping-Pong Balls.
Marilyn needs to fertilise her front lawn.
Marilyn needs a representative for a meeting to plan the Oversight agenda.
Marilyn needs to increase his Thorazine intake. [I think this is referring to Marilyn Manson]
Marilyn needs your help!
Marilyn needs to fulfill a definite and specific purpose.
Marilyn needs softcopy to get this started.
Marilyn needs a home with a lot of love and patience to offer.
Marilyn needs a hero...
Marilyn needs all the help she can get.
To live a more whole and peaceful life, Marilyn needs to resolve her feelings through therapy or other means.

Hee hee!

Diva, it sounds like you are making lots of progress with your projects! What days are you going to be selling your stuff at Pride?

FJ - I'm glad you're getting good therapy for your back and good luck with your job stuff. The problem with just focusing on immediate profit-chasing is that it is so short-sighted, and ultimately costs companies in the long run. You are talented, so with a little time, I'm sure you'll find a better and less stressful place to be.

~*~*~*~health vibes for Turbojenn's mama~*~*~*~

Hi to yummymum, minx, karianne, moxie, poodle, doodle, catsoup and everybody else I probably missed!


this is from someone else's blog page..funny, eh?
Laura Needs...

I saw Sara doing this. I believe she got it from David. So here are 10 things google says when I type in "Laura needs":
1. Laura needs... your support. (support is always good)
2. Laura needs... a son to carry on his name (huh?)
3. Laura needs... advice on her combi boiler (I don't even know what that is!)
4. Laura stop (ummm, stop what?)
5. Laura needs...Plastic surgury. (I don't think so)
6. Laura talk to someone.
7. Laura needs... our help. (yes, with packing and moving!!!)
8. Laura needs... to obtain air transportation (where am I going? Sara and I are driving to MT)
9. Laura needs... a boob job (again with the plastic surgury. I don't like this message!)
10. Laura get a man. (I hired three of them to move the heavy stuff. Thats all I need!)

i haven't altered a one of them...hehehehe but i agree with all of them!

yay fj is feeling better and has a 'team' to help her on her recovery!


hi yummy, diva, moxie, minx, doodle, sunshine, catsoup, poodle, turbo, whammy, and fj!

after class, i got home and got a nice HBI...its been awhile and the whole time i was laughing cuz was talking mexican food but using the wrong words...i kept cracking up...he would say 'nice enchiladas you got there' and then grab a boob. i start laughing and he's like 'what?' and i said, 'thats quesadillas you're holding'. mexican food will never be the same with this man.
Oh MsGoof, my ex used to do the whole mexican food/sex thing all the time. Although, it was mostly just the same phrase.... something about wanting a soft taco supreme. LMAO! Wow, what an ass he was. I wonder what he'd do if I referenced that the next time I saw him. Do you think he could resist the urge to laugh? I couldnt. I mean, seriously, how could two people hate each other so much after saying such silly things in privacy? Just doesn't seem right.

Personally, I always thought the poker/sex references were the funniest. Hey, wanna see me flop a pair? I'm all in!!

Enough. Enough nostalgia for today!
hi ya'll! wow its busy in here! And I am finding much amusement with the google game - thanks poodle!

no word on turbomama yet.

BUT, I did just send over my resume and cover letter to planned parenthood, and can I say just for a moment, how *kick-ass* my resume and cv are?! Damn, I have skills! After sitting here in this desk for 6 years, I kinda forgot that I think. Even if nothing comes of this one, I feel good about my skills and what I have to offer.

cuss words so put on your earphones.

i'm a bad busty. i don't even peek in here anymore. busy
Hahahahahaha!!! I'm having a really hard time not laughing my ass off while reading these "needs." Diva, every time I read the "abnormally thick facial hair" my face starts to hurt and my eyes water from holding in my laughter! Oh god. *takes deep breaths*

I have a wedding to go to tomorrow night. I hate Friday night weddings. This means that I have to get up early to do my hair and then leave early so I can haul ass to the suburbs by cab. I'm a little pissed because my good friend said she didn't have time to pick me up. I can't force her to drive me, so I guess I'm gonna have to deal with it. The resident boy might be my plus-one, so that would resolve the driving issue. Grrr...I'm really not looking forward to having to wear a dressy shirt. Besides my standard work attire, I pretty much just wear jeans and crappy t-shirts these days.

Hi lurvalicious!!! Where the hell have you been?!

I'm just gonna ignore the HBI talk because I'm back to incel status. Sex is foreign to me once again. :-(
*runs up and hugs lurv* How are ya, doll? We meeece you!

Ok, sorry for all the mememe posts in here today, but I got some news on turbomama. She's had a small stroke, sometime in the last month - they've got enough films on her to take a look and see when it might've happened, but that explains some of the slurring in her voice that I've heard, and she says I'm imagining. It appears that she had a BIG allergic reaction, made much worse by her very depressed immune system....they had giant sea scallops for dinner the night before, and while she's never been reactive to shellfish before, my brother is highly allergic, and with the state of exhaustion she's in, it just probably took over. But the docs are fighting over whether its an allergy or infectious disease that may have invaded her brain. Comforting, eh? So they want to do a spinal tap, but my dad's fighting that, 'cause she'll have to come off the blood thinners which help her weak heart keep pumping. So, its a watch and wait kind of situation, but dad says she's lucid today, and is speaking and answering questions just fine, so we're hoping for the allergic reaction. This all doesn't quite explain the blood oxygen drop, but they're going to see some specialists and get some more opinions. Looks like another summer of fun ahead for turbomama. ((((((turbomama)))))
Poodle, I hate Friday night weddings, too. Between end of the week tiredness, fighting traffic and organizing transportation to get there, organizing party clothes in advance, etc. it takes a lot of the fun out of it (and that doesn't even take into account that you are then pretty much forcing your out of town guests within driving distance to take time off of work just to get there in time, when they wouldn't have to if it was on a Saturday). It is sort of inconsiderate of your guests in most cases to schedule a wedding on a Friday night, imo. (Can you tell I'm still bitter that I missed my cousin's Friday night wedding a couple of years ago because I couldn't afford to take work off to go and missed it?)

I love the "needs" game. The bizarreness of what you get is so funny.

Hi Lurv!!!

Turbo, good for you on getting your resume and stuff done. I hate doing that stuff with a passion, but it is a good feeling to have it all in order. And now you'll have it all updated and ready for any opportunities that come your way!

Hmmm, I'm going to go forage myself some lunch.


Oh, Turbo, I'm so sorry about your mom. I hope most of it is just an allergic reaction that passes quickly and her symptoms go away fast. (((turbomama)))
I really hope it's just an allergic reaction, too, Turbo. How old is your mom? And what an awful time for it to happen, in the middle of summer and you've got so much going on already.
(((((((more health vibes for Turbomom)))))))))
But good on you for seeing exactly what you can do on paper. Resumes are great that way.

Hi, Lurv! I was just thinking about you last night and wondering where you were.

Hi, Marileen! I'll be selling in Loring Park on the 24th/25th, all day both days (we're kind of under contract to be there the entire time). It usually starts getting good early afternoon Saturday and after the parade on Sunday.

I think I've found a printer for the awesome sign Turbo made for me! Squeee!!! And it's almost even in my price range! Squeeee!!!!

Poodle, I had no idea Friday night weddings were so inconvenient. I rarely ever go to them. I've had maybe one friend (and we aren't even friends anymore) get married, not including my BFF's wedding that I had to miss.

Do you wanna come over on Saturday and be crafty? I'm going to be grouting the planters, so I won't really have time to be away from home, but I could pick you up if you want to come over.

Hi, MsGoof and Yummy!

I just talked to Sam for probably half an hour, just listening to him go on and on about "business." He's so sweet. He talked about burrying dead crows, told me not to go out in the rain because I won't be safe, asked where the giant works and what kind of car he drives (he's obsessed with cars), asked me to bring more jewelry for him to try on, and all kinds of little things. He's so much fun to talk to, like a little person. That boy has got a vocabulary!

I'm going to go forage for food now, too.
Hi by...

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ vibes for turbomama ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Turbo, very sorry to hear about your mom's situation and I hope her recovery is complete and quick or barring that, considering the unsypathetic will of the divine force behind the universe, that all you find peace with whatever transpires. I hate suffering and consider it proof of the non-existence of God, Baby Jesus, Superman or whatever its being called.
Amen, my brotha.

Oh yeah...the HBI...he, he, he...
(((((hang in there, turboma))))

Hi mr. FJ!

Saturday night's alright for crafting! *to the tune of the Elton John song* We're on for Saturday, diva. I'll bring all my crafty junk over.

Friday night weddings suck, indeed. I'm happy about the wedding and I think it will be fun because I get so see some of my college gal pals. Even still, I'm really pissed that I have to get ready so quickly. It also pisses me off that I have to leave work early for this. Grrrr....
Turbo, I am so sorry to hear all of that. How are you feeling? I think "mememe" is fine when you have all of that going on.

I did the google game and I really think the results are funny.
Jennifer needs:
- a smack daddy
- a passion knit
- to slap Abby ASAP
- flatware
- to be a biatch
- a cold shower
- to sex it up a little

Except for the fact that I don't know an Abby and I don't know what passion knit is, these are all pretty true.
"- to slap Abby ASAP" Wha??!!! I hope that's not referring to me!

ETA- It turns out that the wedding starts at 5:00!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have to leave work early and deal with the meddler. Dammit. Okay, I'm done ranting about the wedding for today.

between brutal heavy loads of fussing at work and at home I feel fussed out. But it will be nice at home soon -- DONE!!
and the job busy season is just a few months..

so I will wake up with MONEY in a beautiful apartment and then buy a nice macbook

2 weeks to four days in ptown

Hi to everyone and glad pinks doing well!!
Hmmmmm, so I DO know an Abby...
Please don't slap me, kitten!

Hi whammy!

Fuck. I have one of those deep, painful pimples developing in the center of my chin. So, not only will I look like crap tomorrow because of not having enough time to get ready...I'll also have a nice red pimple on my face to complete the package!!!
why is the kitten smackin' the poodle is all i gotta ask!?!


my 2:00 meeting with the manager didn't happen. true to form, she didn't answer her phone and then called me over an hour and a half later to tell me that she was running behind with something else. so we're meeting tomorrow, this time it'll be face to face rather than on the phone. which is fine i guess. i just need to be sure i can hold it together. i'm really angry with her.
Dude, that sucks. Do you want me to leave a flaming bag of poo outside of her door?

Ladies, I present my most recent video upload... Come Sail Away. I had a lot of trouble uploading this one so you better watch it and like it, dammit!
I also present the Cher classic, Turn Back Time.
yes, flaming bags of poo are definitely in order. i didn't mention that because she changed the schedule on me, i will not be able to come to work at all here tomorrow, which means i have to stay here late to finish things to be ready for the group meeting tomorrow. did i also mention that i have to ATTEND ANOTHER MEETING ON SATURDAY??? argh! i really am not in the mood to be glad-handing with these people right now.

and i CANNOT watch the styx video. i shan't do it. you can't make me.
Aaaaah, but the part when Tommy Shaw rocks out and Dennis DeYoung sings about aliens climbing aboard the starship is the best!!! You just have to make it through the first piano part!! Hehehehee!!!

Right now I'm trying to upload the You Shook Me All Night Long video. All of my previous attempts have failed. *crosses fingers*
Where is there a Styx video? Which song?
The only reason I am slapping poodle is b/c the Google game said I needed to.
I just wasted 2 hours in an educational presentation by an adoption expert, who I very much respect, and I Guess I must be an expert, eh??? Time to get out of this bizzneezz is what I say!

I'm f eeling very twitchy about turbomama, and I don't like feeling twitchy, as that usually means something serious is up. I think I'm gonna go home, order some take out sushi, and sit in my bathtub.
Click on my link, kitten. Is it working?

By the way, FJ, there's more where that came from! (If you check out the videos link in my profile, you can watch my Journey videos!!!)

((((turbo))) take care of yourself, babe.
I'm sorry about the Turbomama.

I'm so clueless about what is going on in here. Is everyone alright?

I'm hanging around work a little late this evening waiting for my friend Jeff - oh! here! he is here.
((((((turbo)))))) that sounds like a very good plan. the fj's will be thinking very good thoughts for you tonight.

sorry your meeting blew chunks.

kitten! i was just jokin'! i know you'd never swing on the poodle! heheh!

yeah, poods, you know what you can do with those journey videos too. funny you said that: my office is adjacent to the weld shop and they just blared "open arms" about ten minutes ago.

confession: my ex asshat LOVED journey (and so explains my hatred for it today). in my stupid "last will and testament" deal in my senior yearbook (in which all the seniors left stuff to the rest of the poor saps still stuck at school as well as boyfriends, family, etc), i gave him my heart and said something like *gag* "i'm forever yours, faithfully" *total gag*

that book must be burned. i hate that i did that. the only reason i put those particular lyrics is because the fucker always doubted my fidelity. did i mention he was a fucker? by the way, i've embraced my emotions on his death and am now perfectly content to feel good about it. and i don't care if that's seen as *wrong*.
Oh gosh, lurv. Everyone is doing okay 'cept for turbomama. There's just your normal life stuff going on amongst the Okayers. Both good and not so good stuff. Where have you been?

Grrr...I want to go home, but my AC/DC video is still uploading. I'm thinking I might dye my hair at some point tonight. I'm probably gonna try for a little darker, redder color. Tonight is gonna be a girlie night since I don't have time to make myself purdy tomorrow.

Man-oh-man...the Asshat is up to it again. I really think he needs to get back into therapy or have his meds switched up or get bitch-slapped because the shit that he is haranguing about today is about as RETARDALICIOUS as it gets.

Seriously, he is carrying on about how I am to put this sanely...evasive about how me and the Minxlette feel about her new school.

Umm...NEWSFLASH!!! She has been at the school for all of about 12 hours total!!! What in the fuck other than "the day went well and she didn't have any major complaints" can I possibly say?! And now he is actually trying to punish me by telling me that "Even if I had an opinion about it" he doesn't want to hear it now. I will have to remember to continue my parsimonious interludes with him if it merits this reaction. :-)

Oh, boo-fucking-hoo. I feel so rejected. No please, really, listen to me!! I need your validation!! I am a mewling 29-year-old milque-toast mailroom clerk!!! WAAAAAAAH!!

Sorry about that...had to get it out of my system. And if I must indulge, I am still, on occasion, hanging with my prior. Don't know what's going on. But I do still have a mega-crush on another English teacher at my school. He put his hand on my shoulder for no apparent reason yesterday and I just melted. SWOOOOOOON!! I really need to find out if he is single before I end up in another Sexy Socialist situation.
FJ...I'm hoping you'll see what your love means to me...
hi lurv! bye lurv! ;)

i'm considering blonde highlights in my hair. i was a total blonde babe when mrfj met me and i know he liked it that way (although he loved it when i went to brunette and red as well). and it is summertime, so blonde would be cool. and with highlights it wouldn't be too hard to maintain or too harsh of a root line if i got pregnant and couldn't color it... it's just so damned expensive to have a professional do it and lightening my hair requires professional. otherwise it goes all ronald mcdonald on me. and not in the yummy greasy french fry way.
minx - another thing the Google game said I needed was a slap-daddy. Since I don't know what that means, why don't we pretend that it means that I have to smack your ex around.
fj....ya know, I think haircolor is something I could *not* give up for a fetus...a girl's got prioroties! And besides, you could always go henna like me. There is nothing more fantastic for my damaged hair than LUSH's henna products. Speaking of which, I need to do that this weekend.

thanks for all the vibes ya'll. I just called the hospital again, but there were 3 docs in the room, so I've gotta call back later. So I'm having a beer now to take the twitch off.

Oh and guess what????? SAME DAY RESUME CALL BACK BABY!!! I'ma gonna set up an interview for myself for next week, yo!
I just cracked my jaw (I've been getting a lot of tension/compression headaches lately and cracking my jaw helps the pain) and now I can totally hear the bones in my head. Ech.

Congrats on the resume call-back, Turbo! I hope those 3 docs help your mama out lots and figure out what's going on with her. With 3 of them in the room, you'd think there'd be some positive outcome.

Poodle with the Styx again. Of course. It would only make sense.

A cool thing happened at lunch today. I went to Starfucks, ordered my drink, and didn't even notice it was taking a really long time for them to make it because I was looking at CDs, so they gave me a free one. Yay!

I could probably leave work now if I wanted to, but I think I'm going to stay a little bit longer and make up the time I came in late that I'm paranoid about because nobody caught me, or at least put me on the late/absent list this morning. Covering the ass is always a good thing.

I haven't dyed my hair for at least a couple of years. I used to do it all the time, but I'm trying to make my hair virgin again. I've got a nice color, so I figure why try to cover it up?
i never noticed how full and active this thread was with some of my favorite busties. i am TOTALLY excited:-)
ok i just did the google game and its hysterical

the first thing

Katie Holmes:your source for all your katie needs (EW)

katie needs a real man
katie needs to use the litter pan
katie needs help
katie needs henry!
katie needs to say NO
katie needs gas money (no shit!)

and when i google my first AND last name it says i need to use a catheter. yikes!
oh katie, I'm so sorry your needs came up with *that* katie first. ick. And I sincerely hope that you do not need a catheter!

I did talk to turbomama, and they do not think she has a brain infection, which is a very good thing, but there's definitely a small stroke in there. She was really slurring tonight, and having a hard time finding the words she wants, and she was getting frustrated. Poor mom. She's hoping to get out of the joint tomorrow, and then follow up with specialists next week.

I did decide to ditch the sushi plan, as I am broke. So spelt pasta and marinara it is! Which is really fine by me anyway.
Hahahaha!!! That's funny as hell, katie! I love the litter box one!

You have a great hair color, diva. It looks especially nice in the sunlight. I've been doing the "virgin" thing with my hair or at least trying to keep it as close as possible to my natural hair color. I'm getting bored though, so I bought a warm, dark brown color darker than my own. This is the first time I've had to buy two boxes per dye job since highschool. That means that I need a haircut. The problem is that I'm in love my long, wavy hair in that Janis Joplin sort of way. I look better with medium length hair, but long hair is just so fun.

*sips beer along with turbo in honor of turbomama*

Minx, I'm sorry about Mr. Turdpants. It sounds like everything else is going okay though. (((minx and minxlette)))

Congrats on the callback, turbo!!!! That's means you fucking rock when an employer calls you the same day you send in your resume!! That reminds me--my boss did a second interview of a lawyer with a little single-family residential appraisal experience. From what I hear, she's really cool.
Hello all....

turbo, I'm really sorry about your mama. I hope everything works out ok, and that your mom's not affected too badly in the long run. I know it's kind of terrifying watching your parents go through this kind of stuff, because...they're your parents! I think there's always a little kid inside that still believes parents are invincible. I'm very excited to hear about the call back! GOOD LUCK!!!

minxie, I've always secretly wanted to do that Xena vigilante thing, where a group of Amazon-wannabes duct tape a naked abuser to a lamppost in the middle of the night. So just let me know, hey? I just need airfare and a place to hide from the cops sleep. :-)

poods, I feel I should tell you. When I was 12, Journey inspired me to start making plans to run away from home and become a rock star. But then I discovered U2 and I became this instead.

Hello also to diva, karianne, lurv (peekaboo! come back!), katie, whammy, tyger, the FJs, kitten, marileen, yummy, moxie, miz goof, 'soup, AP, and oh lordessa, who am I missing...? Anyway, YO-DE-LAY-HEE-HOO, y'all!

I've given up on having virgin hair like I've given up on having a virgin vagina. I wanted to be a redhead my whole life. So I am one. I'll have to figure out a plan for "retiring" the colour around whatever age I'm supposed to go grey. 'Cause when I go grey, I'm going purple. It's already a done deal in my head.
"I've given up on having virgin hair like I've given up on having a virgin vagina."


Okay, time to go dye my hair.
doodle, you just made me spit water on my keyboard!! Good thing I have a keyboard condom on my laptop!

Ya'll are making me want my vibrant stripes back in my hair, but seriously, my hair is soft and healthier than its been since I was 14 and started dyeing. So I'm gonna stick with the henna for awhile, until I get bored, and after I get my new job. ;)
Gawd, when I was 12-14, I sprayed Sun-In on my hair, so it had the color of Golden Retreiver fur. I spent so much time outside in the summers that my hair literally matched my dog's fur. I was pretty tan, too, so I had that awful Girls Gone Wild color scheme going on. I didn't wear bikinis or show my tits though. I was a Catholic school girl afterall!

Well, I'm waiting to rinse my hair now. At first I was worried that the color would have too much ash too it, but it's warming up now. Geesh, I shouldn't have done this tonight. I have to get all my stupid dress clothes ready, pick out some jewelry, and make my feet look decent enough for strappy heels. I used to love dressing up. I don't know what happened. Oh yeah, I gained 40 pounds!! The funny thing is that I see all these other fat girls on the street or wherever, and I think they look so cute. I wish I could see myself that way. I don't think I'm nasty, but I don't think of myself as "cute" either. I'm so stressed about about having to dress up.
turbojenn, i forgot to mention, i hope everything works out with turbomama, she has all the busties on her side!

hiiiiiiii doodle i feel like i havent seen your smart ass in awhile:-)!

and yes, i am with you on how virgin hair is about as much fun as virgin vagina.
Good morning you virginal vaginas!!!

Its Friday Bitches!!! And thank maude for that! And, summer has finally arrived here in our corner of the midwest, we're going to crack into the 90s here today, so fire up your AC ya'll!
Hello you moist discharge covered panties!

That used 3 words a friend of mine hates - moist, discharge, and panties. Are there any words you hate?

Turbo, how's your mama today? And that's so cool you got a same day call. I'm jealous.

I really need to get my ass in gear and start getting ready for work.
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