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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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(((turbo))) food poisioning sucks. I;m down with the flu moxette had last week. I tried to be a trooper early in the week, but i have a pregnant co-worker and a soon as the fever hit tuesday, i was outta the office. I can't handle being a "tough it out" sick person and infecting others in the process. This flu SUCKS, btw. No wonder moxette was so down. Its juch achy and painful.

Ok, gonna have a cuppa and wait for the motrin to kick in.
Mornin' y'all!!

~*~*~*~((((((feel better vibes for mox and turbo))))))~*~*~*~ Having the flu in the summertime is the worst!! And food poisoning is awful. I hope today is better, turbo.

~*~*~*~housing vibes for PK~*~*~*~ Maybe you could negotiate with your roomies? Another month?

That's a cute BR song, doodle! I'm so impressed that you wrote a song!! I couldn't do that. I'm confused about the neighbor. I thought it was a guy that was in an abusive situation. Is this the neighbor with the kiddo that you're talking about?

Good for you for working out, culture. Ugh. I've been bad this week. I really should exercise, because it helps me get my mind off of things.

I talked to my realtor yesterday and she said that everything was moving along perfectly. Phew!! Now I'm thinking of cool stuff I can do to the house, other than the not-as-fun stuff. Doodle, my cats will still be indoor cats, but the back yard is fenced in, so I plan on letting them out regularly with supervision. Next year, I want to create a little "cat garden" with tall switchgrass and catnip. When Gus was at my parents' house, his favorite part of their garden was the switchgrass. I guess it's good camoflauge for stalking prey.

(((Moxie and TurboJenn))) Food poisoning and the flu suck ass so much. Especially in the summer. I only want to be sick when it's really cold out or raining. And thank you, Moxie, for being a "when I'm sick I stay home" person. I don't understand those people who show up when they're sick, just to get everyone else sick. You have sick time for a reason. Or at least, some of us do. That really is fucked up that you don't have any, Jenn, when working at an org focused on a health thing.

Poodle, I'm so happy your home-buying experience is going so smoothly. When's move in day?

Yay for Doodle writing music!

PK, that sucks about being told you have two weeks to move. Not much notice. And I'm with Doodle - who gives a flying fuck if YOUR room is messy?

Hi CH, Kari, Minx, Diva, anyone I missed!

The duplex people turned down the first applicants and yesterday I filled out a mini-application via email. We're waiting to hear her response about that. I'm a little concerned because right now on paper, TB and I may not look like a financially secure couple - I'm not working fulltime, starting school soon, etc. But we're hopeful. I totally hear y'all about finding a better place and it's happened to me before too. But, this place is really great. biggrin.gif I'm still looking for something else but not having much luck. We have time though. We don't have to be out until end of Sept.

They're showing our place again today. I told the woman last night on the phone that we need more notice next time and that the place will be messy today. We're going camping this weekend and there is camping shit everywhere. And most of TB's camping stuff comes from his Marine days so it's camoflage and intimidating looking (at least to me). Thank goodness he's done cleaning his guns. For the last couple weeks there's been gun parts all over our table while he was doing a thorough cleaning of his guns. Now that would be creepy if someone just came in to look at the apt and there were guns everywhere.
Good Morning Good Morning!

PK, I hope that your housing situation works out. I agree with Doodle, I mean, duh, there are doors. It's not like you are leaving used condoms and crud all over the place. Jeez. Yayon El Guapo though! ~*~*~*~*work picking up vibes for PK ~*~*~*~*~*~

Doodle, and ex in town eh? I say go for it!!!! Y'know! laugh.gif How are you feeling these days?

~*~*~*~*feel better vibes for Mox~*~*~*~*~ I agree, take the time off, no point in making everyone else sick right. Plus who wants to go to work when they feel like ass? Oh wait...I usually stick it out, because I must be an idiot! Hee hee.

Poodle, I'm so glad that things with the new homestead are progressing! I'm finding that I get really cranky when I don't work out, I've turned into a fiend. It's all good, it really is doing wonders on my overall health and so forth.

Catsoup, that is great that those people got turned down (well, you know, great for you, not for them). anyways, ~*~*~*~*~*super duplex getting vibes for catsoup~*~*~*~*~*~

I have nothing new. I need a name for the new friendguy. Hmmm, how about, I've no idea. Anyways, things are progressing on that end. we agreed on friendship, and I am actually happy that a long break was taken, as all we had in common was the psyho ex. So we were jazzin' each other via text last night. Still haven't heard from friendboy, but I'm letting troubles waters calm down, because of that lunatic woman.

Hope everyBUSTie is doing well!

Later all!

Good Morning!

((moxie)) eek, sorry you're sick! And you too, Jenn! That is terrible that you got food poisoning from Pad Thai! That's one food I wouldn't want to be turned off of. Bah.

Catsoup, good for you on telling that lady you need more notice before she shows the apt. ~~~~dulpex vibes!~~~~~~ That's rad that you are camping this weekend. Awesome.

((Pk)) Oh dear, I'm sorry about the living situation stress. ~~~~~new place vibes~~~~ Got any leads? Glad you & El Guapo are doing well.

Yeah, UH OH! Doodle's fav ex is coming to town! Doodles, so you are adjusting to guitarboy's new shorn haircut? Is it growing on ya?

Poodle, I am glad all the stuff with the house is going smoothly. Woo hoo! I know that takes a load off.

Things here are good. It's Thursday, which is a quiet day here. Excellent. I am still working on a couple of annoying work projects. Just want to get them wrapped up. One really should be being done by this other lady here, but she's an avoidant, lazy type & will never step up to do what is really her work. Sorry, that sounded mean, but it's the truth. it too soon to start talking about the weekend?? What's everyone going to be doing? Catsoup is camping. I don't have Friday night plans. I might go see a movie. Saturday...Mr K & I are going to drive out to this new winery near here. Sunday I am brunching with some girlfriends to celebrate my birthday. That's all I got. Oh, I guess we are going to my mom's house on Sunday night for dinner. Should be fun, always is.
That sounds like a fabulous weekend you have ahead of you, kari!! What movie are you guys gonna see? I still need to see Pirates 3.

That's great about the duplex, catsoup!! ~*~*~*~housing vibes~*~*~*~ You said it's around 50th and Penn, right? Hey, maybe you'll make friends with Crazy Mary afterall!! You can't miss the house. It's the colorful house on the 51st and Penn block. There are chairs piled up in the front yard. My co-worker lives a couple houses down.

A new name for friendboy....hmmm...I'll get back to ya on that. Howabout "assboy"? laugh.gif I just like the word "ass."

Hi, peeps!

Poodle, I'm glad the house stuff is moving right along. What other kind of stuff do you want to do to the place besides painting?

((((((((housing vibes for PK))))))))))

((((((((housing vibes for Catsoup, too)))))))) It'll happen. The giant and I (well, mostly I) looked at 23 different places until we found the one we wanted. That's an extreme case, but I'm picky, but it goes to show that if you dig hard enough, you'll find what you're looking for. That's funny about TB's guns and stuff strewn around. Next time they don't give you notice, he should just happen to leave them out for whoever sees the place.

Marileen, I saw your post in the wedding thread. Do you need some more help with anything? I love to help with that stuff.

(((((((Moxie and Jenn))))))) It's gotta suck being stomach-sick this time of year.

Kari, how old will you be, and when is your actual birthday?

Hi, Doodle and CH!

I had a pretty uneventful night last night. I went to the gym and only lasted 10 minutes on the treadmill at an insanely low speed before my ankles hurt worse than they probably ever have. It's so frustrating. I try and try and try, but my body just doesn't want to cooperate. Why do my ankles refuse to move my body through anything besides a mall? Anyway, I also made mini wild blueberry scones with lemon curd for a little shindig here at work this morning, and I didn't burn anything. I'm pretty proud of that. The scones are really cute, too, and hopefully not dry like scones tend to be. But that's why I made the lemon curd to go with - and I make some damn good lemon curd.

No plans for the weekend yet, 'cause I'm poor. We're probably going to visit the giant's family at some point, but no other plans at all. I wouldn't mind renting a couple movies and just nesting for a couple days after the weekend we had last week with the giant working both days (he's on Day 11 in a row of working).
Yellow All!!!! See I made it yellow! I'm such a dork today, can you tell that things aren't busy yet???

That's enough of that awful yellow.

Kari, that sounds like a good weekend!

Poodle, how about the original friendboy with the neurotic woman will remain friendboy and the other one can be niceassboy. As he does have a nice ass! I'll see what sticks. How about PRBoy! Aha, that's going to be it! Ohhhh Pirates 3!!!!! I haven't seen it either.

This weekend, hmmm. On Friday a friend and I are hitting up a big birthday bash, it's going to be like high school reunion, *gulp* if it sucks we can always hit up the bar next door. It's been a while since I've gone out with her, but I'm taking it easy. I'm not wasting a Saturday being hung over. Blech. Saturday, I've got no idea yet. I'll figure it out.

So, how's everyone's day going? I am currently groovin' to tunes on the iPod. I think some cards are in order.

*shuffles deck of cards*

ETA: X posted with Diva. Hmmm, what kind of shoes are you wearing when you work out? Perhaps they don't have enough support in them...maybe an aircast would solve that problem. Mmmm blueberry scones! Yummm!
Oops, double post!
Hi everybody!

Thank you for your offer of wedding help Diva! I am hoping we get them mainly finished tonight but I will let you know if I need more help with them. I may call on you for help with some other stuff though in the near future if that is okay! I have this idea for interesting table numbers that may be a little too ambitious...but I still want to do it. Wedding stuff in general is going okay except for two things: getting the invitations over and done with and fitting into my dress. The first part is almost over and the moment of truth for the second will be on Monday at my dress fitting. It was too tight last month and I've lost weight since then but probably not enough. We shall see!

(((more healthy vibes for Turbo and Moxie)))

Good luck with your housing situations Catsoup and PK! I hope things all work out.

Poodle, congratulations on the house! When are you closing on it? Let me know if you need help with anything. I am good at helping paint and Jfrito has lots of tools and is willing to tackle just about any house project (as you well know) and would also be willing to help.

Doodle, that is so cool that you are writing a song! That is something I have no talent for - I just don't know how people come up with music from scratch.

I had a grilled cheese for lunch today from the cafe at work and it was so GOOD. They used two types of cheese and it was very tasty. I'm really going to have to go work out tonight to burn it off though. Exercise really does help regulate mood but it is still so hard to make myself go!

Howdy to Kari, CH, Minx, Tesao, Treehugger and anyone else I've missed!

And last but not least a much belated CONGRATULATIONS to the FJs on the recent addition to your family! What a beautiful baby and you all look so happy and gorgeous. I am very happy for you!
Good Afternoon all.

Marileen, what is the date of your wedding?

I've not got much going on, I went out for lunch with the Dadster, that was nice. I don't really see my Dad all that much, nor my mother (and I live with her) that's just what happens when you get older. We decided that we are going to see a movie on Sunday, not too sure which one yet.

I've got a wee bit of a headache today, me thinks the cause is not enough water and too much cheese. Oh well, I'll just drink lots o water and be okay.

It's still cool here today, but the sun is out, so it'll be a good day at the park for houndish.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Later all!
Hi babes!!

Those blueberry scones sound great, diva!! I don't know what to tell ya about the ankles. Once you build up enough muscle in your legs and ankles from walking, things should get better. Of course, you have to put up with pain for now. It could always be the shoes, too.

It is a full-blown highschool reunion, culture? I'm supposed to have a 10 year reunion this year. I doubt it will happen though, because our class was pretty apathetic about that stuff.

RAAAWWWRRR!! I wish my insurance people would get back to me with a homeowner's insurance quote!! I hope he doesn't think that I'm a totally loyal customer like my dad. I have plenty of other people wanting to insure my junk.

As far as other projects, diva, I'm going to bring in a bunch of fill to shore up the north side of the house. It'll help keep the basement dry. Minneapolis ground tends to sink over time. This is especially true for South Minneapolis. There are a bunch of little inside projects, too. It's an old house, which means there's always something to fix or improve. I guess that goes for all houses.

ETA- Hi marileen!!! I can't believe the wedding is so far along!! How exciting!! ~*~*~*dress-fitting vibes~*~*~* I close and move in on August 29th. I can't wait!!

This morning had been busy and stressful at work. Poo. But! Only an hour and a half left in the workday. Wa hoo! I am so looking forward to going home to lay around. Mr K wants me to go see a band with him tonight, but he said they don't start til 10:45. I know it makes me sound grandma to say that's too late, but 5:15AM comes around early.

I just fought a serious urge to stop at starfucks to get a mocha. I am proud of myself. I am eating an apple at my desk. Not quite as good. I may venture down to the snack machine though.

Ooh, CH, I'm in for cards! Anything but work! *passes around Limencello and sodas* Aaaaah, let's kick back & enjoy ladies! Ch, the birthday bash tomorrow night sounds like it could be interesting. Hmmm. Might there be some fellas there?

Poodles, I don't even know what movies are out. I gotta check on that. Mr K is working so I'll be able to see whatever movie I want. heh.

Hi marileen! ~~~dress vibes~~~~ I am dying to know your table numbers idea! Do tell.....

Diva, sorry to hear about your ankles! ouch. And how annoying. I want some of those scones & lemon curd. yumm.

My birthday is Monday, I'll be 32.
CH, the shoes I wear to work out in are Sauconys. I've had them for probably 3 years now, which sounds like a lot, but I only wear them to work out in, so they sat there unused for over a year. I was thinking that maybe they place my heel up a little higher than it should be, so it doesn't give my ankle much chance to stretch, although I never had this problem when I first got them. This ankle problem is only a little over a year old. I'm halfway tempted to try the eliptical machine, but only when nobody's around to watch. I fear it'll look very akward.

Marileen, just let me know when you're ready to have me help you with stuff. My Yahoo email is the best one to reach me at since I forgot the password for my Bust account. Good luck with the fitting!

Hi, Poods. I'd love to help with some yardword, if it's nice out. It's way more fun than going to the gym.

I'd never go to a party if I knew peeps from my high school would be there. There's maybe one of them I'd even care to speak to. I really, really didn't like the vast majority of my class and don't much care for 99% of the rest of them. I'm still mad at my parents for moving to the sticks when I was in 6th grade. My brother still sees people from high school, but then again, the ones he knows aren't assholes.

Do you think I'm a little bitter about high school?

I just had a nice conversation with Sam. His favorite Simpson character is Apu. He said "thank you, come again!" So cute. He made some little friends in the neighborhood to play with, and was just in a parade last weekend with his other grandpa at a tractor pull (yep, we have those out in the sticks). He got to sit in the tractor with Gramps and wave at everyone. I wish I coulda seen it. And if you ask him who the stupidest man in America is, he says "George Bush!" I love that kid.

Why won't this day be over with yet? Why?
Awwww...Sam's so cute!!!

I'm an old lady, too, kari. 10:45 is waaay late for a weeknight!!

Dammit, I have cramps. I just want to go home and have a cold one instead of waiting for my boss to get off the damn phone. Only 2 hours left...
Awww....Sam is cute *AND* brilliant! At such a young age, he can see that GW Bush is a rock.

Divala - when I was living in the Cities, I couldn't STAND it when I would go to parties full of people from International Falls. My high school included 6th - 12th grades, so I pretty much went to high school with every kid in town whose ages spanned 12 years - (is that correct? I suck at math).

When I was in college, one of my roomies was from Int'l Falls. I didn't know her when we lived there, for some odd reason, but we met in college and got an apartment together. She always hung out with people fro International Falls. I effing hated it. We would go to parties, and it would be all Int'l Falls people. I know that Int'l Falls is an economically depressed town, and once you graduate high school, you must migrate, and most people head for the Cities, but c'mon! Take advantage of what a metropolitan area has to offer! Make friends from around the country (and the world!). Experience some culture that you can't get in a remote, redneck icebox town. Sheesh. Why try to make it just like Int'l Falls?

OK - I'm done ranting. It's just that - not only do I NOT want to see anyone from high school - I don't want a re-creation of my hometown.

BTW - El Guapo is sick of Tucson and wants to move. He keeps asking about Minneapolis. "Is it big? Is it cold? Are there any Mexicans there?" - " Yes, yes, and yes." Right? I mean, I haven't been to the Cities in a very long time, but I am going to assume that there are a lot of Mexicans there.

My question is - Can one get by without a car there? I don't know if or when or where I will move to (it's either Chicago or the Cities), but I want to ditch my car before I go. What neighborhood is the best one to live in if you don't have a car? And maybe when it gets closer to go-time, you TC-Busties can give me some idea of where to find a job, as I don't know about the fine dining restaurants in the area.

OK - doodle - I'm glad that guitarboy's haircut is growing on you. Hey - is that a pun? Well, almost, I guess. I have a crush on him on your behalf, and I, personally, was not over him when he got his hair cut.

marileen!!! I'm so excited about your wedding. I love weddings. I also want to hear about the table numbers. For my wedding, when I married Mr. PK, we used a Martha Stewart idea for the table numbers. We folded strips of heavy, pretty paper into the shapes of little chairs. On the backs of the chairs, we printed the guest's name, and on the seat was the table number. It was a fun project, but I distinctly remember getting stressed out because my sister was helping me. I had to be gracious and accept and appreciate her help, however, she has the worst penmanship I have ever seen in a female. She writes like a junior high boy.

~*~*dress fitting vibes for marileen~*~*~*

I gained so much freeging weight before my wedding. Three weeks before the event, I tried on my wedding dress and it wouldn't zip up. I had to take it to a dressmaker, who ripped out the seams and inserted gussets (I think that's what they are called) to make the dress bigger. I went from a size 6 to a size 12. Fucking shit. And I just kept getting bigger after that.

Diva - Have you tried using extra ankle support when you work out? I don't know what you call those squeezy-things that you put over your ankles to support them. Ankle braces? They look like ace bandages, but they are really tight and stiff. I used to use those when I was a teenager for ice skating and for working out.

CH - I sent you a message on CrackBook, in case you haven't checked yet.

OK - Banana is supposed to have picked me up by now. We were going to get coffee before I went to work.

I'll check in later. I hope you guys all have a great Thursday!

OH - BTW - Minxy, if you're out there: It was my pleasure to call you. I have wanted to call you more often, but felt nervous. I thought it was a good time to call the other week because I was worried about you, and I wanted to get an update on the bridge collapse, and I missed seeing you in the thread. Anyway - anytime you want to call me, please do so.

Good Afternoon, again!

Poodle, I hope those ass monkey insurers get back to you soon. Wankers. I also want this work day to be done! Hope you feel better though.

Kari, there are going to be some fellas there! Albeit some people I went to high school with, but I haven't seen a lot of these people since I graduated 7 years ago. Lots can change in that amount of time. I know I did. I got boobs. I mean, a lot of boobies! Well, that sounds wrong, I am not covered with breasts! Har har.

Diva, I have an elipitical trainer at home and I love it. I don't jog, but I use the rowing machine and eliptical trainer. I find it is a much better work out. Sam is the coolest kid EVAH!!!! and normally kids freak me out. But that is awesome!!!!

PK, I saw in my gmail that you sent me a message, I'll reply when I get home from taking the dog out. Work has banned crackbook access.

I normally can't stand some people I went to High School with, but this will be fun. I haven't seen or hung out with this woman since her brother drowned. That was 2 years ago. I've seen her in passing, but haven't actually done anything in a while. She's one of the sweetest people I know. It should be fun times.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Later all!


Bummer about the food poisoning, Turbo! sad.gif (That, and we're having Thai tonight.) I hope you're feeling back to normal really soon, and I hope this hasn't put you off Thai cuisine entirely.

D'oh! Mox is illin' too sad.gif *General health and sanity vibes for all* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

PK, I sure hope a better situation pops up about the housing! That bites sad.gif

Good luck camping, Catsoup! smile.gif I'm a goin' too! Yaaaay! Sorry to have been away for so much, but Goaty and I have been getting ready for a road trip down the coast to California, camping and bumming rooms from friends the whole way. Yaaaaay! We were supposed to take off on Saturday morning, and I even made campsite reservations for Saturday night. The next day, she got a call from a potential employer she didn't expect to hear from ('cause they never have their shit together) that they'd like to interview her for a full-time teaching position on tenure track and a much nicer salary with paid Summers off, *catches breath* benefits to come, and hand-job from the president (she says she'll let him give it to me instead, so now I'm all like, "Do I wear a tie?! What would Miss Manners say is proper for a presidential hand-job? I think I'll try to fake the orgasm...") So, anyway, on the downside, she's been interviewed by them before. She was impressive, but they ALREADY HAD THE POSITION FILLED! Yeah, these jerks have a policy that they have to keep interviewing people every year even if they know they're keeping the same person for that same position, and THERE IS NO JOB OPENING. They pretend there is, yank a whole bunch of hungry teachers' chains, screw up their travel plans by calling less than a week ahead of time, and tell them that it's not just an interview, but the candidates have to come prepared with a lesson plan to perform in front of the interviewers... on a topic they just informed her about on Tuesday sad.gif Apparently, this might not be a chain yank this time, though. She may really have a shot at this. Or, it may be determined already that they're taking NOBODY. Grrrrr! mad.gif

So, anyway, My dear friend the PrettyKitty and her boyfriend are going to go camping with me without GoatyGirl to keep me out of her hair while she prepares, and then Goaty and I can start our road trip immediately after her interview on Monday. Yaaaaay!

Ummm... hello to everybody I haven't addressed! smile.gif I'll have to try keeping up until I'm away. I missed you'se!

Ooh! And Doodle, I keep having random-ish song ideas come into my head, and I'll maybe post if any turn out good and I can remember them.

ETA: O.K., maybe I was joking about the hand-job.
PK, I went for a long time without being able to drive and it wasn't so bad. I live near just south of downtown and I work downtown, so it was no problem at all. The suckiest thing was going out at night and needing to ask for a ride. Unusual trips were a pain, too. My mom would always take me to the weird places. Oh, and yeah, there are lots of Mexican folks here.

Ugh. I hope my boss doesn't want to meet with me before the end of the day. I know she will. I can't focus on anything other than my cramps and headache. Stupid mean red grandma.

ETA- Hi lore!! ~*~*~*~interview vibes for goaty~*~*~*~
PK, there are still tons of Mexicans here, especially on Lake St. east of Uptown and all over, really. El Guapo will feel right at home. I've never been without car except when it was in for repairs, but I've never had a problem finding a bus stop near me when I've needed one. But Poodle's right, going out at night would be a little more difficult, and most other places outside of the first ring of suburbs. You guys should totally move here. In a couple years, you could work at my bar. Seriously.

(((((((((interview vibes for Goatygirl))))))))) I hope it doesn't turn out to be a load of BS. That's a lot of work to go through for nothing.

Kari, I wouldn't go to a weeknight show at 10:45, either, unless it was some big deal show like Pink Floyd or such, and then I'd still have to think about it (well, not for Floyd, but for anyone else). It'd be totally reasonable for you to skip it.

I always think of elipticals as something you don't go on unless you're already in shape, which I am not. But we'll give it a go and see how it works, maybe tomorrow. Not so many people go to my gym on Friday nights. I was one of 2 people working out there last time I went on a Friday, normally there are closer to a dozen of us.

I have to stay until 5:30 tonight. I don't know how the hell that is supposed to happen when I've been bored to tears for the last 7 hours.

Thaks smile.gif Good luck with the boss encounter!

"Red Grandma" he he! *pictures a Russki babooshka with a big, red scarf and scowl*

I've only been on an elliptical a few times. They're very low-impact for sure (unless your foot somehow slips off, and the momentum of it boots you in the tailbone). When I was on it, I kept picturing that Smurfs had invented it.
I'm not a big fan of ellipticals. I always feel like I'm walking through a mucky swamp or on one of those air-filled moonwalk thingers.
I used to hate the elliptical and now I like it. It gets my heart rate up pretty fast and is way easier on my knees than the treadmill so I alternate between those two machines now for my cardio. The comfort level of using it is worth the feeling stupid. Next time I use it I'm going to pretend I'm a Smurf!

PK, there are a lot of Mexicans around where I live in the St. Paul west side area. They have a lot of Spanish-speaking businesses and a pretty active community, I think. Community organizers put on a really fun Cinco de Mayo parade every year that's pretty huge. Public transportation here is really spotty - if you live near a downtown and work downtown it won't be too bad. If you live in a suburb it will be a lot harder. The way to do it is probably first find a job, then find a place to live that has a direct bus/light rail line going to it.

I dislike most of the people I went to high school with. I went to my five-year reunion and it made me kind of depressed at how so many people never really change or grow up so I haven't gone to one since. I have one really good friend from high school and that is all I need.

My wedding is going to be on September 29th. I want to make little paintings set on easels for the table numbers and will use green apples with paper "leaves" attached for the placecards. We aren't assigning seats, just tables. I wouldn't even do that but the space is pretty small and it is easier for the caterers this way and people don't have to worry about finding a place to sit and can just enjoy the cocktail hour that way.

Thanks for the wedding dress vibes - I need them! This is my personal payback for ordering my dress two sizes too small. It has been good motivation to lose the weight (36 lbs so far and counting) but I wish I had more time to do it in. It has come off slower than I had hoped but at least I've made some progress. At the first fitting in July it fit okay in the waist but I needed to lose at least two inches off of my "backfat" area to zip it all the way up. I think my bust (heh heh) has been shrinking over the past couple of weeks and my old bras definitely aren't fitting well anymore, so I'm hoping that's a good sign!
Congrats on the upcoming wedding, Marileen! smile.gif Be sure to give out a bunch of disposable cameras to guests! We kinda wish we did. We also wish we had hired a professional photographer. I designated my father as the photographer because he used to do weddings, and he even owned his own enlarger and stuff. Unfortunately, he lost his memory, and who'da guessed that his photography skills went with his memory. He went from perfectionist to semi-amateur with a point-and-shoot. sad.gif I mean, how can you lose an entire hobby and skill?
Wow!! Congrats on the weight loss, marileen!! I'm sure you'll look gorgeous in your dress.

There's some mercado over there that my parents go to a lot. They have huge containers of deeelicious fresh guac. Best stuff in town, I swear.
Good Evening everyone!

~*~*~*interview vibes for goaty girl~*~*~*~*

Lore, I hope that your road/camping trip works out!!!

Poodle, how are you feeling? At least you are enjoying the guac!

Diva, I think that you would enjoy the elliptical.

Marileen, congratualtions on that weight loss. I hope all goes well with your fitting and your wedding goes fabulous.

Le Sigh, I worked out and I'm feeling a little lethargic today. I just want it to be the weekend.

That is all.


Good evening, everyone!!

So...ha ha...I got a call earlier this evening from...guitarboy. Phoning from his balcony. You see, banjoboy has gone away for the weekend, leaving guitarboy alone in the apartment to cat-sit. And while he was out on the balcony, the gay ex-priest, down on the lawn, told him someone was stabbed down the street at the gas station today. So guitarboy heard noises inside, got freaked, and thought someone was in the apartment.

Me (trying not to sound amused - let me add here that I grew up in a very big city, and encountered my first real life stabbed person at age eleven, outside the Dairy Queen with my mother): "Do you want me to come over?"

Long pause.

guitarboy: "Well, bring a weapon or something with you. Do you have, like, a baseball bat?"

Me (carefully keeping the laughter out of my voice): "I'll think of something."

I take my time to tie on my sarong (having no intention of chasing ghosts in my underwear), put on my lipstick, and dig out my rolling pin before heading across the hall. As soon as I walk in, I know he's only hearing the wind in the bedroom blinds.

guitarboy: "Just...wait out here in the living room."

He takes off down the hall, brandishing the rolling pin like a bat. Posing fiercely, he looks through the bedroom doorways.

No one there.

Me: "I think it's just the wind."

But guitarboy is still, clearly, a little freaked, so I manage to keep my face composed.

Me (very seriously): "You know, I've lived here 10 years and no one's ever climbed up to the second floor."

For the sake of his mental health, I don't tell about the time the RCMP searched the attic for a fugative. I do leave the rolling pin with him, though. I never use it anyway.

I shouldn't laugh. But I am! Anyway, I just got back here a short while ago. We wound up jamming (of course). Don't tell anyone, but it's actually pretty cool to jam with just guitarboy, without banjoboy. I feel a lot more free with my voice, for some reason - and it's better, b/c I can feed his playing with vocal rhythms that I can't muster on the guitar yet. Half of the time tonight, I didn't even need an instrument for jamming. (I can't wait to get a bass guitar, though.) Oh, and he pulled the another memorable bit of melody out of my head, which goes with the bit from yesterday! We're totally going to get a song out of this, I'm sure of it!

Anyway, I only just got online, wanting to tell you about the ghost hunt while it was still fresh in my mind. wink.gif Now I'm going to catch up on today's archives! Happy Friday in advance!


ETA: just a few quick post-read replies before beddie-bye! And thanks all for the song-writing kudos! The jury's still out on whether I'm any good at it yet...

poodle: yeah, it was the abusive girlfriend who waylayed me yesterday, to tell me her fake stories of being abused. That's why I sort of fobbed her off - if she wants to convince someone she's the victim, then she can try it on the women's shelter staff and see what happens. I just can't listen to it, now that I know the real victim is the boyfriend.

CH: NO! I have no intention of sleeping with my ex! No, no, no. We broke up three times in total, and that's how we always ended up getting back together. No, no, no. doodlebug has left the building. (Which is why I'm evilishly looking forward to seeing her now - 'cause I'm way hotter than I used to be! Heh.)

kari and PK: yeah, I'm kind of getting used to guitarboy's new haircut. It's nice to see his face! smile.gif Oh, and he got the job! He starts Monday.

~*~*~*~*~*~housing and anti-sick vibes for everyone who needs 'em~*~*~*~*~*~

lore: but if you post your song ideas, I might steal them, and then you'd sue me, and it would be all like that Sarah McLachlan "Possession" thing where you take me to court but end up committing suicide (or getting mysteriously murdered - no one's too sure) in your pickup truck... JK! wink.gif
Good Morning. Thank goodness it's Friday!

Doodle, you're story made me laugh. So you are just going to make the ex weep and regret what they missed out on now that you are so sexay!!!!!! Excellent.

So, I told friendboy I can't deal with the drama, so I think that we should not talk for a while. yah, it sucks, I'll still send him the occassional message, but I cannot deal with being friends with someone and constantly have to look over my shoulder to look out for some crazy 22 year old. I lived like that for too long, and I refuse to do it again.

Last night was kind of rough because of that. On the bright side, it's Friday, and payday and I think I'm going to jam out of work early today.

How is everyone? Hope all is well.

Later all!
Happy Friday you ass munchers!!

Doodle, that story is funny! Oh my. I am glad you checked everything out for him!

CH, sounds like a good decision re: friendboy. You don't need the drama. Let him deal with the chick.

~~~~~vibes for goatie girl!~~~~~~

Marileen, the table markers sound so pretty! I thought about using apples for something in my wedding, green ones. Congrats on losing 36 Lbs! That's wonderful!

Hi diva! Hi poodle!

Well, I did end up going to the show last night. They started probably around 10:30, we stayed til around 11:30. Surprisingly, I don't feel too tired or grumpy today. I think I needed to get out. The show was very good too.

Here's to hoping this day goes by quickly. I'm ready for the weekend!
Hey assholes!

I'm cranky. I just got an email from the duplex person - we've been filling out the application via email and it was set to go today. She emailed and said, unknown to her, her partner talked to the 1st applicants, sorted out their credit problems, and told them they could have it. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck. Monday I was fine with us not getting it. But now she's been stringing us along (not maliciously I don't think) and we don't get it. I'm bummed and now it's back to the drawing board. At least I've been keeping up looking at Craiglist and have a couple places to contact about showings. But damnit. I wanted that place and in my mind was living there, figuring out where furniture goes, etc.

Okay, enough whining. I've got a lot of shit to do today before camping so I gotta move on. Sorry for the mememe post but I needed to vent.
Hi! It's me yet again!

Wow, it's 9:20 and all I've got to do is filing. Well then. What a day this is going to be!

Kari, I agree, here's hoping the day goes by fast!!!

Catsoup, I'm sorry to hear that things didn't work out with the duplex, but you'll find something even cooler! I hope you enjoy your camping trip!!!!

Well, I should go an appear to be busy. I need to see about leaving early!
Hi, peeps!

I'm about to throttle that annoying lady who sits by me. She's eating celery today, or at least that's what I think it is judging from the really loud crunching sound it makes when she bites it with her mouth open, like she's doing an ad for the crunchiness of celery. AAAAARRRUUUGGHHHHHHHH! And her phlegmy cough isn't helping matters, either.

Catsoup, I'm sorry about the duplex. That doesn't seem fair of them to string you along until they're all said and done with the other applicants.

CH, that sucks that you can't talk to friendboy for awhile because of his bitch of an ex. I don't know why it's so much to ask for people to act like grown-ups. She may only be 22, but that's no excuse.

Thanks for all the advice about my ankle problem. When I can afford it, I want to go to The Walking Room and have someone who knows about this stuff fit me for proper sneakers. I don't hurt this much in other shoes that have lower heels, but I'm also not walking as fast in those shoes, either.

Hi, Poodle, Kari, and everyone!

I can't believe it's not even 12:30 yet. Still another 5 hours to go before I can start my weekend, which won't really actually start until I get home from the gym (the gym counts as work since I don't enjoy it). I'm going to see if my video store has "300" in and a few other movies. I'm not in the mood to do much else besides read and watch movies this weekend.

OK, now to splurge on a little lunch at Subway. That's how poor I am, that Subway is considered a splurge.

I hope the sandwich of the day is a good one, Diva smile.gif I tend to like their tuna salad sandwich. I just made us some chicken salad sandwiches from what was left of a $5 rotissery chicken that I also made soup out of earlier. Damn, but I'm starting to get used to this less-expensive cooking thing! Uhhh... can't actually say that until I bring down the grocery bill, though. Goaty has expensive tastes in food, but they're healthy tastes, too, so I'm not complaining.

Oh, and about the celery-eater... YIKES! sad.gif That would get to me, too! Whenever I'm around people who don't know how to eat correctly, it just makes me disappointed in them. Did their mothers not tell them?!? I can understand if you've got a stuffy nose, and you'll suffocate if you don't breathe through your mouth while you chew, but some people just don't get how pre-pubescent trailer-trashy they come across. It doesn't help that it's like I can feel the sensations of their crappy chewing habits empathically. Inwardly, I'm like Johnny Depp as Sparrow when confronted by that guy without a tongue or Bootstrap eating a live hermit crab. I know this is my solution to most behavioral problems, but maybe you should consider squirting your officemate with a water bottle and firmly saying, "NO! BAAAD!" mad.gif

Bummer about the duplex, CatSoup sad.gif

Doodle, since I'm from the U.S. and you're from Canada, that could be the straw that breaks the camel's back for the tension between our nations.

Meh, so my friend the PrettyKitty is feeling sick, and the weather looks bad for camping this Saturday, so she cancelled. I hope she feels better soon. I'm a tad bummed that we're starting our vacation later. Thanks for the BUSTie vibes about Goaty smile.gif
Good Afternoon,

Diva, I'm sure that someone can help you out in terms of the ankle problems. Maybe all you need is a insole or something. That chewing would fucking freak me out. And a phlegmy cough. EWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Lore, that's crappy about your late start vacay.

I had the worst service at lunch, ever. I cannot believe how bad it was. we pre ordered, the server just assumed that we had everything so didn't tell ask uf if we needed bevvies. Then when we got our food, there was no cutlery and the hostess seemed highly irritated that we asked. This is not a trough and I am not a pig. When I asked the hostess for drinks, she promptly cut me off and said she didn't do that. I was thinking, wow, that is bang up customer service. Then we had seperate bills and it took the server (going on number three this time) three times to get it correctly.

Yup, no fucking tip for any of you. I work for an agency that is always busy and I've never given someone shit service like that. I am dumbfounded.


Well, I'm out of here in 2 hours, thank goodness. I'm done here for the day, no more! Mind you, I've not had much work in the first place.

later all!
Hi skankerellas!!

Yay!! It's Friday!!

Ugh, diva, I cringe just thinking about the celery lady.

That's some seriously awful service, culture!!

Funny story, doodle.

Sorry 'bout the duplex, catsoup. Damn, I hate when people take their sweet time on important stuff like housing, jobs, etc. It's so rude.

Hi lore and kari!!

Nothin' much going on in poodleland. I still feel crampy and I want to go home and take a nap. GARRRRRR!!!!

Skankerellas! That is a good one, poods!

I want to go home too. Yep, ready to go. Have 2 hrs left.

Diva, I count workouts as work too. Well, more like a task I guess. They are definitely not a leisure activity. Nope. I went at lunch, I am glad it's over with.

Ch, sorry about your crappy lunch service! Geez. People really get on my nerves sometimes.

I was in the elevator going to the gym and these 3 business ppl were in there. Two ladies and a man. One lady was talking about this little area in the park that they've equipped for dog walking, you know with plastic bags. The man says "heh, really, those are for the bums." (I work downtown). I was dumbfounded. Even more so when the next sentence he said was "I'd put 'em all on buses and ship them some where else if I could. That's what they should do." What an asshole. I had no response b/c I was so shocked. I mean, I stared with a disapproving look, but had no verbal response.

Lore, sorry about the camping being cancelled! That stinks.

My officemate is on a tear today, about something minor, as usual. Ugh. She's the type of person who enjoys working herself up into a tizzy.
Wow, that's awful!! It's especially awful that he announced it on the elevator.

3 hours left here. Maybe I'll whine about my cramps and leave early. Really, the cramps are keeping me from concentrating on my work. Well, that and YouTube, BUST, email, and so on. smile.gif
~*~*~*~*feel better vibes for Poodle*~*~*~*

Kari, what a prick! It seems that he sould be careful, because you just never know. One life threatening illness and his health insurance might say goodbye! I've seen former doctors and lawyers be enrolled on our program...

I'm out of here in 45 minutes! Thank goodness.
I know, that dude on the elevator was definitely a prick! I don't know how some people have the gall to say things like that. It's double bad b/c he obviously is not aware how offensive that statement is or he knows but doesn't care b/c he thinks he is right. Disgusting. My other pet peeve is when people refer to the homeless people as "street people." Like they are an alien race or something. Anyhoo.

I just ate a cream filled donut w/ chocolate frosting on the top. It was goooooood. And I have ice cream at home in the freezer. Uh oh!

He probably thinks he's funny.

Oh god, kari, why must you torture me with thoughts of sweets?! I would really like some (a lot) of Sebastian Joe's Oreo Cookie icecream right now. We're talkin' hugeass chunks of real Oreos and shitloads of 'em. There's so much Oreo goodness that the icecream has sort of a greyish-brown color from all of the ground up cookies. Mmmm....

Thank freakin' god, my boss is meeting with a couple people right now and it will probably take forever. That means I won't have to meet with her today. I hate having to meet with her on Friday afternoons.
Happy Friday, you Demon Witches of the Underworld! Very quick post...organicgirl is on her way over. Hi to everyone! Will check in again later!

kari, that is awful. His mother must be proud. I wonder who he thinks the next scapegoat will be once he gets rid of the impoverished underclass. "They came for the poor..." GRRR.

Whatever BFF was sick with, I now have. Double GRRR.

Right, got to run!!
I didn't realize 'street people' was offensive. I don't use the term much, anyway, though.

My father's one of those people who doesn't have any pity for the homeless. He's freakishly conservative, yet also athiest. He's the type who is conservative because he grew up during WWII and The Korean War, and was in the military. He also grew up in a poor neighborhood, but he worked his way up to being pretty rich. The riches didn't last, though. Now he's this terrible combo of having a low-class attitude but thinking he's better than other people who aren't rich. He thinks that because he was an officer, he's a 'gentleman' by default. Really, the opinions he voices make me cringe, though! He still thinks we should nuke the Middle East just to prove that we're "the Top Dog" as he would say, and he's willing to say so to people he's just met as if it couldn't offend anybody who has their head on right.


Sorry, I'm just grouchy that we're not camping tomorrow night.

ETA, Yaay for the boss-blocker! Boo for sick-a-Doodle sad.gif *Get healthy soon vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
An officer and a gentleman, eh lore?

I guess 'street people' is not inherently offensive. The people I hear say it do so with a certain disdain. I don't think I used to really think much of the term, but after hearing it from people 'round here, I don't like it.

That's gotta be tough w/ your father. Reminds me a little of the thing minx's mom sent her about the bridge collapse. ohmy.gif
I think it was her mom that sent it, anyhow. Don't quote me on that.
Sorry about the sweetness torture poodle!

YES! I'm almost outta here! Hot dog. I gotta go pick up my drowsy doggie from the vet. They called & said the cleaning went fine, but that her poor little mouth is going to be sore. They are providing us with some pain pills though, so I'll dose her up.

Have a great weekend you ho's!
Hi doodle!! "Demon Witches of the Underworld!" HA!!

~*~*~*~doggie recovery vibes~*~*~*~ I should really have my cats' teeth cleaned. How does that work? Do they give them some kind of sedative?

Sucks about the camping plans, lore. Maybe you can camp out in your backyard instead!!

I was watching the Smashing Pumpkins "Rocket" video on YouTube a little bit ago and I noticed that some kid posted a comment about how he wished he wasn't a teenager in 2007 and that he was there for the grunge era. Interesting, because I sometimes feel that way about the 70's. I guess it was cool being a teenager during the 90's. Lots of good music. I listened to Siamese Dream sooo much. Then Billy Corgan had to go off and shave his head and take all sorts of artistic license.
Yup, Kari, that was my very own mom. It's been horribly uncomfortable since they left. Mom sends me that rediculous christian faux-news, and Dad calls me up to tell me that I'm ungrateful and acting like a jerk. Isn't that cute? They come up to "support" me, and end up trying to fucking evangelize and berate me. Real. Fucking. Nice.

My father and I got into a little row at Targhetto when he was up here, wherein he was micromanaging me trying to find a pair of shoes that fit my daughter. It culminated in him deciding that he wanted me to "loosen up" and started slapping my thigh, and it totally startled me. After all of this bullshit with the ex-Minxman my PTSD all of a sudden burst forth. This doesn't happen more than once every five years or so, but this break-up and all of the humiliation and lies has just set me reeling.

So he slaps my thigh a few times (jokingly--gag), and I tell him calmly to not ever do that again.

What does he do? He does it AGAIN. Immediately. I fucking lost it. I stopped walking and told him in a low voice that if this was the way the day was going to go, then I wanted to go home. He looked like I punched him. later on I play nice (excellent family coping mechanism...let's just pretend that everything is okay--he used to be pretty physically abusive). Only he decides that after he got home, he was going to call me and "talk about what happened".

Uh-huh. (BTW, sorry this is so MEMEMEMEMEMEME again; I will get back to being an active participant on this board, but I feel like my "traditional" support networks are just fucking disintegrating before me this month).

He tells me that I am ungrateful (cute, the ex used to do that). He tells me that I take out all of my bad relationships with men on him (um...not quite, not at all, actually). He tells me that I need to read from fucking ROMANS IN THE BIBLE and watch a taped feed of a sermon his pastor gave last week (they belong to a super-rich megachurch) on FORGIVENESS. And also felt the need to tell me that he deserves more respect than I give him and that when he sees me acting like a jerk, he's going to call me one.

Seriously, can this shit get any more fucked up? I am considering telling them that I don't want to communicate with them for awhile. I need to talk to my brothers, because this is going to cause WWIII in my family, but I can't take this kind of behavior from them. I don't know what to do, and I don't want to take it out on Minxlette because she loves her grandparents, but they consistently do not respect my boundaries and talk religion with her. I HATE that.

Yoiks...what in the flying fuck am I going to do here? Everything's gone madmadmad.

P.S. Poodle, I'm way sorry about your cramps...Kari, I'm sorry you had to overhear that hate-speech bullshit the other day, Doodle, I'm sorry dudeman cut his hair, Marileen, CONGRATULATIONS on your overwhelming weight-control victory!!!! Turbo, I miss not seeing you as much around here, PK, Girl, you're the shiz-nitz, CH--have I told you lately that I love you? Lore, we need more men around like you. Could you please make a DNA replica of yourself and send it to Minnesota? Diva, I was really happy to hear about the pants-thing. I love it when unexpected things fit. Tessie, please make love to me by the ocean next to a turtle and coconut. FJ's--how's the peanut adjusting to the outside world?

And the last one goes out to Lurvpaint. Girlie, I am worried about you and your Daddy. Please call and let me know that you are okay, or need support. I love you. Been thinking about you a lot lately. (((LURVPAINT)))
(((minx))) Wow, I didn't realize that you're parents were such bible-bangers!! That would drive me friggin' bonkers if my family kept directing me to god and the bible as an explanation and solution for every problem. Crazy, whack, funky.
The funny thing about my coworker is that she's a stickler for manners. She gets all out of sorts if you make a tiny misstep. She's just generally a really irritating person. When she set up the "Ladies Who Lunch" thing, it's fraught with rules ("don't you dare come knocking if you didn't bring anything!"), so it's about as much fun as eating with one of my great-aunts. But the chewing is the worst thing ever. And when she talks, she doesn't enunciate very well - t's ALWAYS sound like d's, and you can see her pointy little tongue wagging around in her mouth. Seriously, it makes me want to choke her.

Enough about that...

Kari, I can't believe that guy said that OUT. FREAKING. LOUD. Oy, the nerve of some people. Even the nicest suit doesn't mean a person has an ounce of class. And it's even worse when they laugh at their own joke like it isn't classist. I suppose it's all okay as long as an actual homeless person isn't within earshot.

I don't usually say "street people." It gives me a visual of dusty urchin children from a Dickens novel in the 19th century.

I wish I could like Smashing Pumpkins again, but I can't. I never cared much for them to begin with, and I blame Billy Corgan for the Cubs losing the playoffs that one year when he sang "Take Me Out To The Ball Game." And after the grand mistake that was Zwan, I have no respect for the man.

Hi, Minx. Sorry your parents are how they are. No matter how grown up you are, they'll always treat you like a child.

I am continually amazed by all the cool Busties out there who were raised Christian/Conservative and came out the other side to be way cooler people.

Still over an hour left to go before I can leave this shithole. Grr. I wanna go home NOW!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick thing.

Minx, your comments about us made me burst into tears. I'm sorry that things are not going well for you. Talk to us as much as you want, we will always be here for you.


I must go work out now. Feeling confused.
wow, i am so very far i will just jump in....

grrlyouwant, CONGRATS on your job. I read about it before but I was in a poutymcpoutlurkey phase. But, anyway, I was pleased to see your success. smile.gif

(((minx))) chin up, you are SO MUCH BETTER than that knob. I am glad to see you moving on. My mom was religious, before the not so much.

(((jenn))) i'm so psyched about your kitchen redo...and i am drooling over your appliances! I'm wondering, are you keeping pretty much the same layout as you have, or are you totally shaking it up? And if you ARE totally shaking it up, how did you decide on your new layout?

CH, I live vicariously through you. Seriously, girl.

Poodle, let me know if you need any mechanical help on the abode, 'k? Some of it I might be able to help with.

Doodlebug, funny story about GB! And I'm glad his haircut is growing on you.

awww (((lorewolf))) it sucks to have plans fall through...maybe next weekend a camping weekend?

god, kari, that guy sounds like a total buttwipe!

And to anybody I've missed, I'm so sorry! I've been gone so long!

So, work still sucks balls. Really, I spend my days watching a pump circulate. A monkey could do the job I'm doing. I'm not pleased. The worst part is most of these converters I'm supposed to work on are in really nasty, dank rat-bitten cockroach infested hot inferno basement mechanical rooms. Yep. Like, two inch long cockroaches. Weird smells and drippy things. Pumps that turn on at the strangest times (like when I'm opening a hundred year old steam valve) and scare the living crap out of me. And there's a lot of weird drama going on at our shop that's got a lot of people pretty angry. It's not a good environment right now.

Butttt....I'm cheered up because I've scheduled myself a backpacking trip up at newport park for early october, right at the peak of the fall colors! It's gonna be kind of chilly but the scenery should be gorgeous, and I can just sort of decompress. I used to backpack all the time but I haven't gone in a while. So I'm hauling out all my old gear, dusting it off, and I'm finally excited about something again!

Prolly why I feel up to posting again, there's something to look forward to.

Oh god, I haven't even met your co-worker and already I want to punch her in the neck.

"It gives me a visual of dusty urchin children from a Dickens novel in the 19th century." Totally!! I can't really think of a better label though. It's such a broad label for the "underclass." They're not always homeless. They're not all panhandlers either. Some are mentally ill and some are completely sane. I hate to use the term "underclass" because it sounds so academic and elitist. "Poor people" sorta works, but then you have the "working poor," who are not spending their time sitting on the sidewalks. It's not politically correct, but I have to admit that I'm very annoyed by 90% of the panhandlers downtown. There's a particular set that hangs out in front of Walgreens everyday and they're always drinking Starbucks. The people who I really feel bad for are the mentally ill people walking around, not even asking for money.

What ruined Smashing Pumpkins for me was a concert I attended at the Target Center during the Mellon Collie and Infinite Sadness days. They jammed the whole time, and not in The Grateful Dead/Allman Bros. way (where you expect it). I was already disappointed with the album, and the reason I went was because I bought tickets for my friend Siah's birthday (he loved em). We were in the nosebleed seats and all of the pot smoke in the place rose to the top and made me feel completely stoned. I wanted to strangle Billy Corgan after that. It took me a long time to be able to listen to Siamese Dream again and appreciate it. Heh, apparently, they're having a reunion tour, but James Iha and D'arcy Wetzky(sp?) aren't even participating. There's no such thing as The Smashing Pumpkins without those two. It's just Billy Corgan with their old drummer and a bunch of other people--sorta like when Axl rose reformed Guns N' Roses with a bunch of unknowns. I suspect that Billy Corgan is an egotist like Axl.

Yeah, it is interesting how many busties have survived conservative Christian backgrounds. I guess most westerners have Christian backgrounds though.

ETA- X-posts!!! Hi culture and treehugger!! Ugh. I'm sorry work sucks right now, tree, but that trip sounds fantastic!!
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