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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Diva I hear you on the crazies. Although, I do have to say that with the people I've dealt with who are convicted of murder, or charged with same, are some of the nicest I've encountered. Not that you are a sociopath if you are a murderer, that's presumptuoous of me...anyways...Thats pretty messed up about your client.

I'd help out with moving and such, you know, if I were near you, but it is only an 8 hour car ride I suppose...

Diva, enjoy the Simpsons movie, I'm watching season 10 on DVD right now.

I worked out, took houndish to the park and I'm hoping there is a new eposide of MythBusters on tonight!

Later all!
Hi all!!

I just returned from my 'rents house. I really do love going over there. I dropped off some of my shit, washed some clothes, went to Gerten's with my ma, and then ate some of my dad's fabulous foodstuffs. I brought back a piece of grilled chicken for my cats and an empty cardboard box, so they're very happy right now.

I'm glad you had a good time, minx. I didn't realize that you hadn't been out in so long!! Getting out of the house is the best thing you can do in these situations, even if it doesn't feel comfortable at first.

D'oh!! Kel, I agree with diva. It's okay to slip up here and there.

Culture, that girl sounds pretty messed up. I'm sure you can handle her weird ways.

Have fun on your date tonight, diva!! I can't wait to hear your opinion of The Simpsons movie!!

Thanks for all of the help offers, ladies!! I could actually use some assistance with painting. Maybe we could have a drunken paint extravaganza. First thing to go: the dijon mustard walls in the living room. I'm going to do some wallpaper removal in the other rooms, so they'll eventually need new colors, too.

Hey Poodle!

when I was reading your post I was thinking, you fed your cats cardboard box, then I remember...oh yah! Cats like to play in cardboard boxes! laugh.gif

I just returned from an hour and a half long walk witht he houndish, she is very much pooped out. excellent! It's been such a wonderful day here today. Great weather, just did my own thing.

Hope all are doing well!

Later all!
CH, I thought the exact same thing when I read about Poodle's cardboard box. Obviously, I haven't had a cat in a long time.

Diva, I live in SLP and I've been meaning to go to that bakery by Trader Joe's. Now that it has such a good recommendation from someone who knows her stuff, I'm definitely going to go sometime this week. Anything especially good that I should get?

The duplex we love is over in SW Mpls, not far from 50th & Penn. I've still got my fingers crossed, hopefully we hear something tomorrow. I like NE but it's not convenient for TB getting to work.

I'm glad to hear Stardust is good. It looks like the kind of movie TB might like (he's a big fantasy nut) so maybe I can get him to go. He's not a big movie fan (he just can't sit still) and we've been to quite a few lately. I liked The Simpsons movie quite a bit. I hope you do too, Diva.
Good Morning!

*~*~*~*~ongoing duplex getting vibes for catsoup~*~*~*~*~*

well, I slept like the dead today, and so far this morning has been a good one. For a Monday and all. Blech. It looks as though it may rain outside, the weather network is calling for showers, but I want to sit outside and people watch at lunch today. Rain will make this difficult. Blarg.

No more texts from psyhobitches either. I thought she try and send me something on crackbook too, but then that means she'd put it in writing and that would make her guilty. I know that she's feeling a mighty bit scared and definately a few other things. If only she knew what really happened! Hee hee. I should stop bragging now.

I hope that everyone had a good weekend!

Later all!
Good morning all....I'm back on the wacky sleep schedule, still not feeling very well. Not feeling very social. NO it's not my kidney, but I have been too poor to buy weed for a few weeks and my fibro pain is going crazy without it. Going to try to get some more sleep in a minute or two.

tesao, yes, a moose is that big. A bull moose is about 6 - 6.5 feet tall at the shoulder (that doesn't include the head and antlers!). I never realized how big they were in real life till I saw a stuffed one (taxidermy, not toy) at the local museum. Gigantic! Scared the shit out of me, actually - I rounded a corner and suddenly the thing was looming quite literally overhead. I wouldn't want to run into a real one. They can apparently get quite aggressive. My ex told me that, years ago, she saw a bull moose jump up and literally attack an oncoming semi, rather than get off the highway....both moose and driver died. Seriously.

This is a really cool link I just discovered while not's a view of the world sunlight updates every half hour! I might be addicted to refreshing it...I keep thinking of busties 'round the world when I do! World Sunlight Map.

Right. I've just polished off a bowl of Corn Bran...I wonder if more sleep is imminent....

Love you all very much! (((((hugs all around to everyone who needs them)))))
good morning.

I just wrote a whole post and the computer ate it. Damn! I don't have the energy at the moment to retype it. Basically it said (((((Okayers who had crap happen this weekend)))) Esp Minxie & CH. Minx, you sound much better, I am really happy. I worry about you, doll. CH, don't let that girl get to you. She's wanting to pull you into some drama, don't let her. Having no reaction will incense her much more than getting upset & mad.

Jenn, sorry about your no patio access! All for a good cause! What is the ETA on your brand new, shiny kitchen?

Kel-that sounds like a sticky situation. Hmmm. What are your inclinations? Can you guys go back to being just friends? Is that possible?

FJ! I love your pictures! Jackaroo is soooooo cute! And tiny! I met my friend's one month old girl yesterday and thought of you guys.

Hi poodle, catsoup, tes, doodle, tree, & grrrrl (yay for all that cash!!)!

I am grumpy today. Monday + PMS + 1st day of school here-lots of traffic.

Officemate came in at 7:20 this AM and immediately started complaining. Some days I just can't take it. Esp not that early in the day!

I had a good weekend. Friday night I went to this "candle party" with my mom. She asked me to go b/c her friend who was hosting it needed more people. It wasn't too bad. We actually had a pretty good time. I got 2 candles. Saturday was uneventful. We did go to a friend's house that night to play games, and that was a lot of fun. Yesterday I went to lunch with 2 friends. When I got home, Mr K had cleaned the entire house! Including doing 3 loads of laundry, folding it, and putting it all away. I was very impressed.
Hi it's me again!!!

~*~*~*~*sleepy vibes for Doodle~*~*~*~* I've also heard that Moose can be mean motherfuckers! They don't take crap!

Kari, that is so sweet of Mr. K! And excellent that you've whipped him into shape to take incentive instead of sitting around!

I am now laughing at this woman's expense. She is clearly immature and fucked up. Who does that? So, anyways, I am no laughing at her and told friendboy whatever he does I will support him in his decision. If he chooses her over me, then so be it. But I will not judge him for it, nor will I hold it against him. A break up between them is inevitable and I told him that should they have an arguement of things don't work out, I will be here, again, without question without judgement. Once that seed of suspicion has been planted (particularly, because the pics she found were of my, ahem, vag) she'll never get over it. It's a toxic tree root that will effect her. He didn't tell her that we slept together, but that we made out. Anyways...I'm just sitting back an enjoying the ride now!

hellooooooo o o o o o o o

Where is everyone today? I'm hearing an echo!

CH, I'm glad you are feeling better about the situation.
Hi Kari!

I agree, where eeeeees everyone? All is well here, it's been quiet, it's cool outside, so it'll be good to take hounders outside in this weather and work out when I get home.

heard from Friendboy via crackbook messaging, he said we'll talk and thanks for being supportive. What else can I be? Anything else would be unfriendlike.

Hope everyone is surviving their Monday!

Later all!
Hiya, peeps!

I've been around, just doing other stuff. I got kind of engrossed in the book I'm reading, then had a client come in. And now my boss is gone for the rest of the week, so I'm freeeeeeeee!

Kari, that's great that Mr. K cleaned up around the house. I love coming home to a clean house when I didn't have to do all the work myself. The giant and I are pretty separate about stuff, but I have to admit that a lot of the mess is mine - I just have more stuff.

Catsoup, any news yet on the duplex?

CH, that's good that your friendboy has a decent head on his shoulders. You sound like an excellent friend, putting up with this crap that you shouldn't have to.

Jenn, I haven't been able to look at pics yet, but I promise I will when I get home and my computer isn't all weird about that site.

Poodle, I'd love to help you paint. I could probably rope the giant into helping, too. He's really good at it, and his height makes it much easier for him than the rest of us in the "Under 6'" crowd. He probalby won't even need a ladder.

Hi, FJs, Doodle, and all!

We saw The Simpsons Movie last night. I liked it, but wasn't overwhelmed with awe or anything. Then we came home and I sent in my application for a craft fair in December, which I really really really really really hope I get into again. I'm glad that's done, and 2 days early.

Hey everybody!!

Wow, not much catching up to do in here today! Been a quiet monday.

CH - yikes that's a lot of drama happening around you - I'm glad you're dodging it as much as you can.

((((doodle))))) I'm sorry to hear that your fibro is flaring up - I hope your green friend comes to visit soon.

Well, I got home this afternoon, and the contractor had managed to get the sliding glass door to work a bit better, so at least we can open it, and I could rescue my poor parched herb garden with some much needed watering. AND, we have new lighting - really warms the place up a lot! I'll take some more pics later this week when the dry wall is up. 5 weeks until completion for the project. Appliances were ordered today, and should arrive sometime between now and September 10! Woot!

Not much else happening here today - had a pretty good day at work today, so that's nice. The CEO asked me to photoshop some ACS exec's head onto Big Bird today....its not everyday that happens. Made me laugh.

Hi hi kari!! Glad you managed to have fun at the Candle party on Friday. When I hear about folks in here hangin' with their moms, it makes me wish I could do that with my mom...that's the downside of distance. But, my dad totally stresses me out, so the distance is necessary. I keep trying to talk my mom into coming out here for a weekend without Dad, but she won't do it....that, or I'd have to do a Dad-solo weekend sometime, and that would *not* be cool.

Okay, time to retrieve the dog from the neighbor's house and go for a walk on this gorgeous, blessedly non-humid evening.
Not much going on here either. No word yet on the duplex which is making me think the other people got it. Which is making me sad. sad.gif

Turbo, I hope the 5 weeks until finish go fast for you. We're not big cooks and even I can't imagine not having a kitchen.

Diva, I tried to go to that bakery today but it was closed. I was more bummed than I care to admit.

Hi everyone else!!

Good Evening from Upstate New York!!!

It's been awhile since I've even lurked on this message board...been busy as hell. got married and now I'm workin at a nudie club at night as a Deejay. LOL I can now say it IS possible to be in a strip club and not get excited. It's almost like working at your favorite resturaunt, you might love the food but once you realize what goes into the food you never wanna eat there's ALOT like that HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

At least I didn't end up with the jizz moppin' job at the adult store...LOL
Good Evening everyone!

Diva, I hope that you get into the craft fair! I am there for him, as when he broke up with his fiance, he told me he had no one. I don't want someone I care about to go through that again.

Turbo, oh thank goodness your door got fixed and you were able to salvage your herbs! And new lighting! Sweetness!

Catsoup, I'm sure that something will come up that you live and will be even better than place you looked at. I'm sorry things didn't work out for you.

Shawnboy, congratulations on your wedding! I guess it's a good thing that you aren't a gynecologist or something...sorry I couldn't resist sliding that in. Oh dear, that was a poor poor choice of words!

So, I took houndish to the park, where she decided to take it upon her self to partially rub herself in fresh liquidy dog poop. It was disgusting. I was like, why Emily, why do you do this?

Then I came home and worked out, now here I am. I need to go make some beans now.

Later all!

*Wolf-whistles even though the storm is covering it up*

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!


good riddance to ye!
Ding dong the witch is dead!
Which old witch?
The wicked witch!
Ding dong the wicked witch is dead!

Hi all....

turbo, pics! I want pictoral updates!
Good Morning All!

Woohoo! I read about that yesterday. Did you read that he thinks bushwacked will regain his popularity? Oh I'm sure it'll happen. When he's dead.

Hi Minx, Tes, and Doodle!

So I heard from this douchebag I used to be friends with, who was friends with the psychoex, last night. He sent a text, which I got at 4:30 this moring. Fuckwit. I want to tell him off so badly and tell him what a spineless fuckwit he is. But, I'm not too sure. Fucker.

Anyways, I actually got up and worked out this morning too!

Good Things Tuesday;
1. Karl Rove is outta here!
2. It's not super hot here, it's actually the perfect day for me.
3. I feel good.
4. Situation with friendboy is slowly improving.
5. Totally motivated to workout again tonight.
6. I get to have the last word.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Later all!
*sneaking into bustielândia during a laaaaaaaaaaaaate lunch break*



for clean houses (that someone else cleaned!)

and friendboys with decent heads on their shoulders

and screen doors that open (sort of)

and herb gardens brought back from the dead

and friends who help paint

and engrossing reads

and absent bosses

and executive's heads photoshopped onto big bird bodies

and candle parties that don't suck

and non-humid evenings

and time spent with moms

and jobs that don't involve jizz mopping


on closed bakeries

on not getting the duplex (another, BETTER one will come along!)

on draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama

on fibro flares

on douchbags who text at 4:30 am
Hi Tes!

*gives big hug*

I always heart your posts, they makes me tres happy!
Karl Rove looks like a turd someone ate and threw up later. I'm so glad he's gone.

Me post: I'm so freaking confused. My head is a shambles. How can one second I be totally into Friendboy and the next second I'm pushing him away? I do this with every boy ever...."Come here. Go away. Touch me. Get the fuck off me." What the hell is wrong with me? I have told him how terrified I am of losing our friendship. Sometimes I look at him and think, "Give it a try." Other times I think "Completely inappropriate for you." He has slowly evolved, over the past couple of months, into the person I want to call. You know, the person you call when something is good, bad, silly, ugly, funny, etc. He's second in line to BFF. I'm such a emotional train wreck now. The only thing I've done right in this situation is be completely honest about how I'm feeling with him. He seems unphased and supportive. It would be easier if he were a bit of a jerk. I know how to deal with jerks.

Gah. Mememememe. Sorry.

Yay for Turbo's kitchen, CH getting the last word, Kari's clean house, Diva's possible craft fair, Shawnboy's wedding and oh so fun job, Tes (just in general 'cause her posts make me smile), and all other good news.

Boo for assholes and fibros bothering busties.

I need a nap.
Hi, peeps!

We had a pretty good storm 'round these parts last night. A tree across the street and a couple doors down from us got knocked over onto a car, but it doesn't look like there's any damage. It's so sad when all these older trees die this way. The weather guy was funny, too. The very end of Hell's Kitchen was on, so they kept flipping back and forth, and you knew the guy was really annoyed that it wasn't all about him at all times.

Hi, Tes!

Kel, it sounds like you're doing precisely the right thing with your friend. I'm glad he's being supportive and not trying to force you into anything.

CH, so is the drama all over with now for good? And why would your dog want to roll around in another dog's shit? I just don't understand animals.

Catsoup, was the bakery closed for the day, or closed forever? Sorry about the duplex. I'm sure you'll find something even better. When the giant and I were looking, we got turned down for our first choice, then found our current place, which is worlds better than the other one was.

Hi, Shawnboy and Doodle!

I'm glad Rove is going (heard about it on the radio yesterday morning), but only if he will still be held accountable for all the horrible things he's done to so many people. I'd want to go after him for crimes against humanity (pushing an intolerant and anti-poor agenda), but that won't happen. I'll be happy not to have to look at him anymore. Dude is like a big, soft, paunchy, pasty, turd. He reminds me of a character from some horror/psycho movie, but I can't remember which one. He's one of those who's grave I'm going to seek out to tap dance all over it.

Not much doing with me. I went to the gym last night, we watched Hell's Kitchen, and made frozen gnocci for dinner.

*runs into thread and promptly hides behind okaycouch*

Don't make me go back out there! Fark is it ever busy!!!! I don't want to see any more clients, I don't want to see anymore freakin' walk ins. NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now that my little outburst is finished...

(((Kel))) Are you afraid of being in a relationship in general or afraid of being in a relationship with him because you don't want to lose his friendship? It's good to hear that he is being supportive of you.

Diva, it was disgusting when the dog started to roll, is liquidy and gross, and blech! I'd much rather clean up that then vomit though. ICK!!!!! hee hee. I like your comments on Rove

I am sick of the f-'in drama! I am sick and tired of all of this. Can't I just have somethign peaceful and quiet???? GAAAAAAA! First it was exboy and his shit, then friendboy and his psychobithc g/f, now exasshat friend. There better be a big FUCKING pay off at the end of all of this.


Okay, so I worked out this morning and I have to say that it madwe me feel great!!!! I want to do it more more more!!! La la la!!!!!

That is all, I must go now. I feel like I'm freakin' speed or something like dat!!!

Later all!

ACK!!!!!!! This homebuying stuff is so stressful!!! *rips chunks of hair from head*

I'll be back.
Okay, I'm back.

"Karl Rove looks like a turd someone ate and threw up later." HAHAHAHA!!!

~*~*~*~craft fair vibes for diva~*~*~*~ Where is it being held?

(((catsoup))) Sorry 'bout the duplex. Doesn't Crazy Mary live down by 50th and Penn? You don't want to live by her anyway. I have 2 instances of potential residences falling through and, like diva, I'm glad they didn't work out because I've found a much better place. I'm sure you guys will find something grrrrrrrrreat!!

I dunno, kel. My gut reaction is, don't get involved, but that's how I feel about romantic relationships in general (right now). I don't know what to tell ya. I think 60-70% of the relationships I see out there are more trouble than they're worth. Do you truthfully see yourself with this guy in the long term? If not, then you might as well spare yourself and keep things platonic. On the other hand, if you just want to mess around, then go ahead.

(((culture))) Sucks about the drama, dude. Those people sound toxic.

Hi shawn!!!!! Congrats on your new job!!! Hey, you gotta pay the bills. So what kind of music are we talking about? Is it the same stuff every night?

Hi doodle, minx, tes, kari, and turbo!!! Hi to anyone I forgot!!

Today I've been fussing with utility services and billing addresses for my upcoming move. What a royal pain. I don't trust these companies to get it right. *crosses fingers*
Hey ya'll!!

I'm home, and turbomann is currently enroute to the UK for a week, so I'm enjoying the solitude of my home, even if its under construction! I'm currently trying to decide what to do about dinner....go out, stay in...or just go get some goat ice cream? I think goat ice cream is definitely in the plan. smile.gif

Doooooodle....I'm so sad, but turbomann took the camera with him! He doesn't seem to understand that my peeps must be kept up to speed on the kitchen reno...and today I have drywall! No tape, or mud or anything, but still...its getting more and more real everyday!

Kel, I'm going to counter poodle's thoughts, and that if this boy is good to you, respects you, and you're finding that he's the person to call whenever you want to share something silly...maybe you should give it an honest shot. Just take it slow, breathe, and give those freak-out voices in your head some time to chill. I married the guy who was my best platonic friend, and I think its worked out nicely for us. So what if the romantic buzz wasn't our first feelings for each other? When it came later, there was none of that newly dating awkwardness.

((((escape the drama vibes for CH))))))

TES!!! *big squishy hugs for tes*

Tummy is rumbling, time to figure out something to eat!
Hi turbo!!

I order you to eat ice cream!!

Those are some wise words. Most importantly, both people need to stay grounded so that one or both of them doesn't end up getting hurt. I just worry about Kel.
Thanks for all the wise words, ladies. It's all been very confusing. I'm with Poodle on the not wanting a relationship because I don't know if I'm ready and it's all so confusing. I'm also with Turbo for seeing where things go. I wish I had a slightly more normal brain.

I sent him home and then all day I missed him. How weird am I?

And Soji cost me $97 at the vet. I love her, but she is so expensive. That's $300 so far in just over a month.
Kel, you just reminded me that turbo is in bad need of a dental - he's getting those bad greyhound toofers, and I can see that a couple of them need to come out. That'll hurt the pocket book...but they're so worth it, right?! I can't imagine coming home without a pupper to be happy I'm there.

I wonder how many people find love when they say "I think I'm really ready for a relationship." I think life is a pretty surprising place, and it keeps us on our toes....not to say you should, or shouldn't be in a relationship with friendboy...just that life is rarely neat and orderly, and the twists and turns keep things interesting.

Poodle, I hope you're weathering the home-buying stress okay...once those papers are signed, things will get much simpler. ..and you'll be able to create a space that truly reflects you!

Oh, and I got some ice cream. smile.gif I went Cherry Garcia - an old favorite, and if I eat a little bit at a time, hopefully my tummy will handle it.
Hell, I'd be confused, too. I can relate a little bit with my XRB relationship. Distance has definitely helped me get my own shit taken care of so that I can actually enjoy his company rather than overanalyzing it.

I made a list of things to take care of on closing/moving day in order of priority, so I'm feeling a little less stressed out now. Sigh...if only I could afford a perfect move-in ready house so that all I had to do was plug in my TV and kick back on the couch upon moving in. I've got a lot of handywork ahead of me. Fortunately (hopefully?), it's nothing I can't take care of on my own.

ETA- Mmmmm....Cherry Garcia...good choice!!

The good thing is that all of the documents on my side have been sent, so now I just have to work out the homeowner's insurance (hopefully tomorrow) and then wait for the closing. The waiting part is uber stressful though. Phew....*takes deep breaths*
Hello sweet busties!! I am still reading, but am expecting visitors and don't know how long I'll be online, so I'll post now just in case!

turbo!!! How dare turbomann take the camera! I am burning for pics of your reno! GRRRR! wink.gif

I was just talking with my neighbour downstairs - she is a single mom in a 1 bedroom. (Ugh, poor thing.) She is looking around for a cheap 2 bedroom with a backyard, but if she can't find one (and I don't think she will, everything is very expensive here right now b/c there's only a 1% vacancy rate), I'm going to help her turn her dining room into a small 2nd bedroom. I've been thinking about her dilemna for awhile, actually - her dining room is like mine, and you could totally squeeze a double bed in there and rig a curtain for privacy. She never thought of it - I'll bet she's sitting down there right now contemplating the space! Heh.

I need to find a way to make a living at this.

In good news, banjoboy is going to help find me a bit of green herb tonight for my fibro, and organicgirl will come visit later in the week. YAY! I love living in BC.

Also, I finally got the application to perform/busk at the Farmer's Market! Hopefully we'll still get a chance before the season is up!

In other news, I am totally addicted to Google Earth.

Okay, back to reading!

Doodle, I should send you some cookies!!!! Mmmm green....

Kel, how are you doing?

Turbo, enjoy your week by your lonesome!!! I am envious of your quiet time! I agree, it's hard when there aren't puppers to meet you. Emily didn't roll in poop at all today. Thank goodness!

Poodle, I hope all your stuff goes through!

Well, I tookhound to the park and then worked out. Now I'm watching Lewis Black and chilling! He's talking about hunting, it's very funny!

Quick drive-by....

OH NO, guitarboy cut his hair for a job interview! REALLY SHORT!

I think I might be over him.
Good Morning on this Wednesday!!!!

Hey Doodle!!!

Well, it's rainy here, and that is perfectly a okay with me. The sky was getting darker as I was driving to work. What else, oh yah, there was a frot end loader driving down a busy street, and was backing traffic up so some half wit tries to burn it up past everyone and encounters parked cars, so he promptly tries to get in, but everyone in traffic squeezed so the guy couldn't get it! Hee hee, made my morning because it put him back even further!

talked to the exfriend, now possible friends again. See, he's been trying to a hold of me for a while now, but because I had such high security up and such, he couldn't. So, I'm seeing where that is. He doesn't talk to the ex anymore, and the only time he came up was in relation to friendboy's psycho thing. So, that's that. I'm proceding with caution. But still, I better get some sort of payoff in the end.

That's what I've got this morning. Hope everyone is doing well!

Later all!


"Guitarboy cut his hair for a job interview. REALLY SHORT! I think I might be over him." Doodle, that statement made me giggle. The thill is gone, eh? I know what you mean.

Kel-Hmm. I am inclined to say that if entering a 9 relationship is causing you that much stress or distress, perhaps it's not the right choice at the moment. I think starting new relationships can spur some anxiety, but it should be a good anxiety. You sound like you are stressed about having to choose yes or no, and I don't think that is ever a good place to be. You'll make the right choice for you, I know it. (((Kel)))

gotta go, be back in a sec. boss wants to meet with me. sad.gif
alrighty...I am back. I somehow got stuck finishing a project that someone else started. bah.

Jenn, you've got the place to yourself for a while while your mister is out of town? nice! I appreciate time like that.

CH, heh, I like when drivers get what is coming to them. I cannot stand inconsiderate drivers, esp the cheaters. You know, the ones that try to go around & then butt in in front of everyone else. jerks!

The traffic around here is sucking this week, as school is back in session.

((poodle)) I know all the house stuff is stressful. It'll be worth it! What kinds of stuff do you have to do to the house? I don't think many people are lucky enough to get a move in ready house.

Things here aren't too bad today. Wednesday. It's my long day. I got a hair cut yesterday, feeling much better. I felt like I was getting the mushroom head. Not a good look!
Hi, peeps!

Doodle, that sucks about guitarboy's hair. Many a crush has ended for me when the hair was gone.

I like when bad drivers get what's coming to them, too. I never let in assholes who try to use merge lanes as passing lanes, or anyone in traffic who thinks they can elbow their way in by waiting until the very last second to merge. Traffic's getting heavier where I am because of the bridge collapse. It used to be so easy to get on and off the highway, but not so much anymore.

Jenn, that sounds so good to have the place to yourself to do anything you want. Sorry about Turbo's teeth, that sounds painful.

(((((((Poodle))))))) This will all be over with before you know it. Just focus on the good stuff and the awesome housewarming party you'll have. And you know I'm there to help out with whatever you want me to.

Where has RV been lately?

Hi, Kari, CH, Kel, and everyone!

Not a lot going on here with me. I stayed home last night and did a whole lotta nothing. I did manage to finish the book I was reading at work, "She's Come Undone." It was good, but not exactly an upper. I don't know why Oprah picked it for her book club. Work is sucking today. The girl who sits across from me, who I really like, is being moved to another part of the office soon, and the one I don't like who sits on the other side of my wall, who constantly laughs really loud at nothing (probably joke emails that really aren't that funny), sings to herself, eats loudly, and mumbles, is back. She was gone for a few days and I wish she'd go away again.

We all forgot about Good Things Tuesday yesterday, so here's the Wednesday edition:

1) my size 16 khakis fit me and are comfortable. They always do, but it's always a surprise because they're smaller than my other pants, but I guess cut in a way that's more forgiving. But I'm especially grateful now because I broke the zipper on my other ones last week.
2) baking scones and making lemon curd tonight - baking is fun
3) it's not hot out like it has been
4) I might just make it into next week without any overdrafts
5) my nephew is adorable

Hi everybody!

Long time no see! I am finally able to bust again - a little more free time at work and I got a laptop computer at home at last (replacing my ancient pc that died months ago) so I can bust at home, too!

I'll try to read some archives to find out what is going on with you all but I just wanted to say hi first.
Hello, it me, yet again!!!!

kari, that sucks about having to finish someone else's work. But, yay about the hair cut!

Diva, that is shit about a loud chewer being relocated near you. I'd loose it. It's one of my biggest peeves. But that is great about the pants fitting!!! mmmm baking.

Hey Marileen! Good to see you here again!

Well, I've not got much going on, same old same old really. It's a bit quieter here, for now, but I'll bet that will pick up this afternoon. Blech. Oh well, keeps me out of trouble.

I'm going to people watch at lunch, and it's still nice and cool here! Sweetness. I've also decided that I'm going off the green for a while. I just need a break, I'm really motivated to work out in the morning, to do cardio, I felt great yesterday after doing the same, and do a full work out after I get home from taking the dog out. Weed seems to put the kibosh on my motivation.

Hope that everyone is doing well today!

Later all!
Good afternoon, busties!!! Happy hump-day!!

Nice to see you marileen!! Yay for new computers!!

That lemon curd sounds muy fabuloso, diva. Congrats on the pants!!

Kari, I think you hit the nail on the head with blossoming relationships and stress. It should be good stress.

How often do you smoke, culture? I've never been a fan of the green. I like the smell when it's wafting in the breeze from afar.

Too bad about banjo-boy's hair, doodle. Ah well, it sounds like the crush was fun while it lasted. smile.gif

Today's better than yesterday. I feel a lot less stressed out about the house thing now that I've laid out a plan for the closing/moving process. As far as projects, I'll be doing a lot of painting, wall-paper removal, and basement stuff. Nothing too awful. One of the first things I need to do is "de-dog" the place by doing a thorough cleaning job so that my cats don't get all weird when they move in. The place doesn't smell like doggy, but there is evidence of canine activity that I'm sure my cats will pick up on. I'm not worried about Gus, but I worry that Oscar will freak out.

Good things Wednesday:
1. Less stressed out about the house and work
2. Sandwich fixings in da fridge
3. Listening to AC/DC on ipood
4. Seller lady is interested in leaving me her landscaping supplies

That's all I can think of right now.
Hi, Marileen! We should go out to lunch in a couple weeks, when I have a little money. How's the wedding stuff coming?

CH, no kidding, loud chewers are the worst. When she eats certain things like chips and vegetables, I can literally hear her teeth come down on it and all that goes on in her mouth, kind of like an exaggerated sound from a potato chip commercial. It drives me psycho. My brothers and I used to get in fights all the time over hearing each other eat.

My pants aren't really worthy of congrats. They fit like they always have, it just always stuns me that they fit at all. I love stretch fabric.

I'm going to work out this evening, too. I've been trying for Monday-Wednesday-Friday every week, for an hour each time. I still hate it, but it's necessary.

I want to go watch people for lunch, but I'd be too tempted to spend money I don't have. I should really bring in another book to read to pass the time. Maybe I'll work on decorating my cube some more.


Hi Marileen! It is good to see you! I'm glad you will be able to hang with us more.

Poodles, you're right, that house stuff doesn't sound too bad. When I do stuff like that I always think it's worth it, when I am able to enjoy the finished project. I am glad you are feeling less stresssed.

Hi diva! I have read that book, I remember liking it. That blows about the new office arrangements. Ugh. Same thing with Mr. Talky here....he starts laughing like a maniac at what is probably a very un-funny e-mail joke.

I am so jealous of you okayers that are getting cooler weather. We're still sweating here.

I am getting Yuki's teeth cleaned on Friday actually. They said it's gonna run me about $200. ohmy.gif

Good Things:
1. It's now 1 o'clock
2. No hospital tomorrow, so today is my only long day this week
3. New haircut
4. I parked in the garage today, so my car won't be 110 degree oven when I get in it this afternoon
Good Afternoon All!

Poodle, that would rock if you could get the landscaping supplies from seller lady!!! I smoke often. I went on a little binge with friendboy, as we were both so excited to find out that each of us smoked. I actually don't drink that often anymore either, maybe once or twice a month. I went through a big partier stage for a while, but really who doesn't.

Diva, I'm freaking out even listening to you explain how it is!!! I'd go mental.

Kari, I hope that things cool down for you soon!

Well, it's one, only a little while longer left in this day then I can take houndish to the park and work out. Then relax and enjoying my disinfo book! Hurrah!!!!

That's all for now.

Later all!

So my mother sends me THIS: Miracle of an Obedient Heart

I swear to NOTHING that I truly filled my pants. Somebody kill me now; I'm surrounded by fucking insanity.
Up to one hundred people were screwed by the collapse, but at least God saved Matthew!! If only 2-yr-old Hanah Sahal was christian, then maybe God would have spared her too.


ETA- Ugh. I just feel so crusty today and I want to leave already!! WHEN WILL THIS HELL END?!!!!!!!!! I have 15 more minutes and then it's time to go to the Wedge to get coffee. I can't forget otherwise I'll be coffee-less tomorrow morning and that's never pretty.
*crawls into thread and collapses* much for enjoying the solitude, I got food poisoning from the pad thai last night. So, I spent all night in the bathroom, and what royally sucked, was having to go to work this morning - because I have no fucking sick time with this job - just PTO, and I'm on deadline, so I needed to be there. I had to beg the train conductor to use the bathroom in the crappy station...I did leave work an hour early, and I took a cab home this time - no jolting train for my guts today, thankyouverymuch. I went and hung out with the neighbors (who have the greyhounds) for a couple hours, and laid on their sofa and drank ginger ale, and I feel a bit better now. My abs and back are just really sore from all the evacuating. oof. I see an epsom salt bath in my future tonight.

Minx....I'm sorry your mom sent you that - barf.

Yay for Kari and only one more long night this week!

One of my friends at planned parenthood invited me to a happy hour tomorrow night for the marketing and fundraising staff with PP and YWCA...should be a good networking opp, and I'm totally bringing my cancer peeps. smile.gif

Kel, when I got turbo's teeth cleaned two years ago, it was $400....count yourself lucky...or something. Either way, its damned expensive. I keep telling turbo he needs to get a babysitting job or something to cover his healthcare and dogwalker. He's a lucky pupper!

Hi poodle - I'm glad you've got your gameplan, and feel less stressed about everything.
Hi Hi Hi!!!

Minx, that is messed.up. I'm surprised no one pulled a Jerry Falwell and September 11th comments. That's just weird.

Poodle, your day is now done!!!

(((Turbo))) I hope that you are feeling better. ~*~*~*~*feel better vibes~*~*~*~* i had food poisoning once, and I was wishing for death.

Well, here I am. My ass hurts from working out yesterday, and I'm hungry, I need food. Check is later.

Later all!

I had a weird day. A couple of things happened:

1) My roommates told me today that I have two weeks to find somewhere else to live, because the reason they were letting me live with them was so I could get back on my feet. They said I'm not making progress, and my room was messy.

2) A guy I married when I was 22, that I only knew for two weeks before we got married, sent me a message on MySpace. We were married for a total of about 18 months, and we lived together for about four months. I haven't seen nor heard from him in about 11 years. It was so weird to get a message from him.

So anyway, I'm just sitting here eating soy ice cream and worrying about my potential homelessness. I know my friends wouldn't let me become homeless, but I am worried because the restaurant is so slow right now and I can't afford a deposit and first month's rent.

I just talked to Octinoxate. She's going to Japan in a week! Yay!

Turbo - What have you decided about the color of your kitchen? I'm excited to see the finished kitchen. Yayayay for renovations!

Culture - Boo for all that drama. Yikes.

Catsoup - Sorry that you haven't heard about the duplex yet. That stinks - but like everyone else said before - an even better place is out there for you guys.

Doodle - your post about guitarboy's hair made me laugh.

I just had three days off of work. Going back tomorrow. I spent my three days with El Guapo, which was fun. I like El Guapo.

OK, duders, smell ya later.
Hi everyone!

(((((turbo))))) I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this. Surely in time for Happy Hour! When is turbomann home? How's the reno going?

((((PK)))) Sorry you are having problems with your living sitch. I don't understand why they care if your room is messy, though. That's what doors are for.

minx, that article was terrible, I couldn't even finish it. Yuck.

poodle, you sound amazingly organized about your bit move into home ownership! I'm so happy for you! I can't wait for pics, after you get your stuff moved in!! Will you be letting Oscar and Gus go outside, or keep them as indoor cats?

CH and kari, OMG, drivers in Vancouver act like that lane chaser that ALL THE TIME, especially downtown. Makes me crazy. No wonder road rage is so prevalent down there!

Hi also to diva, kari, marileen, tes, 'soup, grrrl, moxie, FJs, and treehugger (wherever she is!)!!!!

I got waylayed by the abusive girlfriend downstairs today; she wanted to tell me about her latest "victim" stories. I was quasi-friendly, but managed to extricate myself eventually, by repeating versions of the message that she should call the women's shelter and discuss her options with them. She won't. But I hope it let her know that I'm not going be the one to "help." *sigh*

I think I'm almost over guitarboy's haircut. Hee! It was shocking at first, makes him look like a different guy. But I'll admit he does look more mature, in an interesting kind of way. wink.gif

We jammed today but banjoboy is totally not into it, don't know why. But it turned out kind of cool; guitarboy pulled this catchy blues melody out of my head, with just him making shit up on the electric guitar and me not playing, just humming and experimenting. I had to record it when I came home so I wouldn't forget - might be able to get a song out of it, if I can think of some ideas for lyrics. I also wrote a song of my own last night, but I need to tinker with the lyrics before I run it by anyone...even the boys! I did tell them I wrote one, though, so I'll have to come up with it eventually. wink.gif I've got to admit, it gave ME chills the first few times I ran the whole thing through!

ETA: in other "interesting" news for you soap opera fans, my favourite ex is coming into town in a few weeks and wants to meet up. Duh duh DUUUHN....(to be continued) tongue.gif

ETA again: oh fuck, this totally the reason I came online, to hear this...check out this audio clip, if you dare. Blue Rodeo's next album comes out September 25th! *squeals* I aspire to their genius. (Hmm, I'd better start prepping the boys now for the heavy rotation that sucker will be in, over here across the hall.)
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