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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Wow...when it rains, it pours. My computer took a shit on Tuesday.

And so did my car. sad.gif

The computer is not salvageable. Something happened and the thing is fried. The car is going to be okay after a very expensive repair. Unfortunately, it's a problem with the brake job that I got last year by the recommendation of the X. Fucking hell. It's like the relationship that keeps on giving.

I couldn't be too much lower right now. mad.gif

I'm really sorry to hear that things are less than stellar right now.
((((minx)))) That totally blows.

Sorry 'bout your boy trouble, culture. I don't really have any good advice.

~*~*~*~anti-stress vibes for kari~*~*~*~ Just look at that debt as part of an investment.

A lot of people have been through my apartment but no one has applied. The woman doing the showings told me that I need to do more cleaning, decluttering, and fix a couple things. I bought some paint last night and touched up spots on the wall and I also got rid of more stuff to make it look bigger. My bedroom actually looks like a real bedroom rather than a crappy room with a bed in it. I realized this morning that I should have done this to my bedroom long ago. The good thing is that I have a whole new bedroom to work with. Oh, and I close on the 29th of this month.
Doodle, I'm telling hom to hit the road. He's a prat and no man is worth me ending a friendship. Actually no one is worth ending a good friendship.

That is really exciting that you close soon! You'll find someone to get the apartment.

Turbo - I agree with Doodle. I heard that blue dulls the appetite, and that it is the least appetizing color for a kitchen or dining room. The most appetizing colors are supposed to be corals, reds, stuff like that. So maybe the terra cotta is in that color family.

Doodle - sounds like you've been having a great time with your neighbors and your BFF. BFF's daughter sounds great - I wonder what Heikki will be like when he's that age (he'll be there before we know it!). I'm waiting for him to develop some kind of style or join some kind of clique or group. I hope he doesn't, but what if he becomes Goth, or a Rocker, or a Greaser, or a Preppy? Just kidding. I have no idea what teenagers call each other anymore.

In high school, I was called a Dirtball. I hung out with Dirtballs. Most of my friends were not Dirtballs, though. They were nice, NKOTB fans.

So anyway, I'm curious to see where Heikki will fit in. He starts 8th grade in just a few days.


Boo! for tesao's vacation problems! I hope things work out and you and Mr. HB can have a marvelous getaway and reconnect!

Poodle - I can't believe you close on your house so soon! Wowzers. This is very exciting! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

culture - Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders when it comes to the two boys. You're so right about nothing coming between a good friendship.

kari - I never check my student loan balance. Never. I'll cry and puke, I just know it. But, then again, I am what you call a reality avoider.

minxy - Sorry the asshat is such a fucking asshat. And your computer blowing up sucks as well. At least your car is fixable, although expensive. Shit, dude, I wish you weren't having such a rough time right now. You're one of my favorite people, and when you are hurting, I feel stressed out. I know you're a busy lady, but you know you can call me whenever you feel like it. OK?

Last night, we had some friends over for dinner. I cooked vegetarian Swedish Meatballs, and my roomie cooked beef stirfry. It's a weird combo, but good nonetheless. I also made these carrots for a side dish that I used to make for Heikki all the time. They are fresh carrots, cut into rounds or half moons, cooked in butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon, until they are a little bit soft. Yum!

Morticia went to Cost Plus World Market to pick up some wine to bring over for dinner. While she was browsing for pretty labels (she knows nothing about wine), a saleswoman appreoached her and asked her what she was looking for. Not expecting a sommelier (wine expert) to be working at Cost Plus, Morticia said she just needed a couple bottles of wine for Swedish Meatballs and Stir Fry. The wine lady thought that was weird, but she suggested a Guwurtztraminer to go with the meatballs, because she assumed they would have allspice in them (she was right), and a dry reisling for the stir fry.

So anyway, I thought that was weird ONE - that a furniture store that also sells wine has a knowledgeable staff, and TWO, that the wine lady at the furniture store knew I put allspice in my meatballs. Traditional Swedish Meatballs do not contain allspice. The Finnish variation contains allspice. Finns put allspice in a lot of meat stews. Shit - Ikea Swedish Meatballs don't have allspice. Do they?

Anyway - I know that was a fascinating story. I just thought it was weird.

Oh! I made another dessert that we ran as a special last weekend. It was an almond tart, but not just any almond tart. The tart shell was made with lots a butter and almond flour, so it was tender and buttery. The filling was a rich, moist almond filling with some apricot brandy in it, so it had this fruity zing to it. It was so good.

OK - I have missed you guys! I have to work later today, but I'm around for a couple hours more.
I don't have any time right now but I saw PK mention the wine people at World Market -- I have always been impressed with the wine they recommend for me. Their variety is good and the prices aren't bad. Of course, I'm no wine expert, I just like what I like.

Hi to all! More later.
PK that dinner sounds delish! Mmmm tart.... we miss you too!

I have my moments of sanity. I've learned the very hard way, and I'm very sensitive to picking upon what I consider controlling behaviour. Exboy even made some comments about the car I was going to get. I'm getting a Honda, they are good cars and will last my a looooooon time. Anways, he made a comment along the lines of why I was buying a honda. dude, I'm the one who's going to drive it, not you! so fack off.

I hope everyone is surviving their day.

Mine is almost done, so I'm going to wrap up a few things.

Later all!

ETA: x-posted with catsoup! Hi!
Ugh, I just spent two days crunching No Child Left Behind test data in meetings at school. It's horrible and demeaning and it boils children down to numbers. I hate it hate it hate it and I would punch George W. Bush so hard in the neck for passing that law if I could.

Speaking of neck punches, Minxy's ex and CH's asshat ex-boy need them.

Doodle, I want a friend who plays the banjo! My friendboy is good at pickin'...maybe he'll get one. He's impressive on the guitar and piano.

PK, I want some of those carrots. And that almond tart. And everything else you describe making.

Kari, I am terrified of my student loan. I just write the damned check and never look at it. It's better that way. I'll be paying it off the rest of my life, and that's okay. It got me out of the life I was in, so I look at it as a necessary evil.

Aside from the damned number crunching, life is okay. I'm getting a little freaked by all the free time, finally. I knew it would hit eventually. But school starts in a month, and I'll spend a week and a half getting ready for it, so really, my vacation is almost over. It's been good. Weird. But good.

Afternoon y'all!!

Thank friggin' cod that the workday is almost done. Unfortunately, I have to go to this 1st-time homebuyer class (a requirement for my special loan) from 6:00 to 9:00 tonight, and then again on Saturday from 9:00 AM to 3:45 PM. How sucky is that? Booooo....I just want to kick back and drink some beers tonight.

Nice to see you, PK!! That dinner sounds delish!!

Ugh, that NCLB number business sounds like a total pain in the ass, kel. I'm sorry that you have to deal with that suckage.

Hi culture and catsoup!!

Okay, well I suppose I should figure out where this class is taking place.
*wipes drool off of keyboard*

PK, that almond tart sounds incredible! I would love to eat some of those incredible creations you make!

((((minxy)))) I'm sorry that you're taking some more financial hits....ugh.

I'm a bit in the same boat here...I went to the dentist last night for the first time in 3 years (bad TJ, I know), and I have to have all four wisdom teeth surgically removed. Gak! They're pushing my teeth around now, and cutting off the roots for other teeth, so I've no choice. Its going to be expensive, even with insurance, and I will pay whatever they ask, to get them to knock me the fuck out. I hate the sound of drills and people having their hands in my mouth.

Wow, poodle - you are going to be a homeowner soon soon soon! How exciting! Is there some test involved with these classes, or is it just face time? You shall have to give us the full scoop on this class...sounds like it could be pretty useless for intelligent people who know how to pay their bills. Now, if they taught you how to change out plumbing - I'd totally be down with that.

Hi kel!! Good to see you - we've meeced you! And 'soup too!

Time to give the dog a back later.
Good evening everyone!

Kel, that blows about the number crunching.

Poodle, you have to go to a class? Ugh, what a load of puke.

Turbo, if your teeth are impacted, then I don't see why they wouldn't knock you out. I had my top ones done in the Dentists office as they were in straight and good, it wasn't an issue (except I don't needles in my face and gums! Ick!), the bottom ones were very badly impacted and I was put under. They did the procedure in the oral surgeon's office, I looked like a cherub after I had the bottom ones done, I didn't leave the house at all that weekend. You'll be okay though!

I'm trying to detremine if I want to work out, I worked out yesterday and took houndish for a walk, so here I am now. I think I'll just work out tomorrow morning instead, Just some cardio.

Well, I hope that everyone is having a good day.

Later all!
Working in a dentist's office, I can tell you that getting your wisdom teeth is not as bad as it used to be anymore, turbo (though I'm still not looking forward to getting mine out.) In most cases, the pain won't be anything more than ibuprofen can't handle. If you're interested, I might be able to get a recommendation of an oral surgeon for you.

I'm baaaack!!

Well, the class wasn't all that horrible even though I pretty much know everything. I learned a few tidbits. The teacher guy is nice, too. I really don't want to spend all day Saturday sitting through a class though. Thankfully, there are no quizzes or tests.

Good news!! Somebody rented my apartment!! My decluttering efforts and craiglist ad worked!! Now the only thing I have to worry about is the closing and all of the paperwork leading up to it. Having my apartment leased for september means that I'll have all sorts of money saved up before I start making house payments.

~*~*~*~turbo's teef~*~*~*~ They put me under when I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. Heh...actually, I was more miserable after having my teeth removed than after my gall bladder surgery. My head hurt so bad. I think any surgery involving bone is more painful. When I broke my nose, they shaved off a bunch of bone deep inside my nostrils and that was awful. The wisdom toof thing ain't all that bad. The best part is shooting water into the sockets to clean them. All this good stuff comes out. smile.gif

I bought a new boyfriend today.

He will be more reliable, cheaper in the long run, and definitely not a pain in the ass. laugh.gif
Hahaha!! Good for you, minx!!

Heh...I've been watching Styx performances on YouTube for the last half-hour. Once, I was singing "Lady" so loud in my apartment that my neighbor pounded on the wall!! laugh.gif
Saweeet! I got your PM earlier...wasn't that SCABBY?!!

BTW, I am totally happy for you in getting that apartment leased! Dayum! The bitchez got skillz.
The dude is a total turdo.
Yeah, there was worse shit, but...he ain't worth the airwaves anymore.

Anyhoo, what are you doing on Saturday night?
Hey all...not sure if this is going to post, as I'm having probs with my connection tonight. mad.gif ANYHOO! This is a quick one anyway, to say HI!

(((((turbo))))) I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled - it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, honestly, and I'm a bigass WUSS when it comes to dentistry. And the last one had abcessed! You'll feel so much better when it's done and you've healed...even your overall health will improve, I'll bet. Mine did! It's amazing what havoc a few teeth can wreak!

There are roofers working on our apartment complex this of them wolf-whistled me today, as I was walking back inside from taking the garbage out. Totally creeped me out! If it happens again I'm complaining to the manager. Actually, I'll probably mention my irritation without waiting for a 2nd time. What on earth makes some guys think that shit is okay, in 2007? Am I supposed to be flattered? I live here, jackass - at least let me feel safe and secure at home! /rant

Georgie seems none the worse for his 4 hour stint on the balcony yesterday. I went and sat out there with him today and he was all lovey-dovey as usual. (When I go outside, he gets this cute attitude like we are comrades-in-arms, surveying our mutual territory together.) I guess his kittenhood trauma memories weren't tweaked, thank Bast!

Love to you all!
Good Morning!

Poodle, that is great news about the apartment!

YAY Minx!

Doodle, I'm glad that Georgie is okay. Ugh construction workers...I used to work with all men, don't get me started on that!

Well, my attempts to work out this morning, didn't work out. I figure I'll just get back on board tonight. Then all will be well.

Thank goodness it's Friday! I get my hair cut tomorrow, and then I'm going to hang with some people I used to work with, then later in the evening, maybe getting together with friendboy. The feelings have left the building as well. Also haven't heard from exboy, aka control freak number 2. Hee hee.

anyways, that's all I've got right now.

Later all!
Happy Friday Assholes!

I am glad this week is winding down!

((minx)) damn, I'm sorry to hear about your car & computer. Poo. Glad at least one was able to be salvaged.

PK! You know, I was just thinking last night that we hadn't seen you in a while. I'm glad you are doing well! That almond tart sounds delish! Yum! I love putting spices in meat. Just last night I made some meatballs that had cinnamon in them, mmm mmm good. The recipe said they are Moroccan.

Poodle, yay! For getting your apt leased! I know you'll be happy to have the place to yourself again, w/o people coming to look. That blows that you have to go to the homebuyer's ed class on a Saturday. Bah. When I used to work for the housing agency I actually helped them to develop their homebuyer's ed course.

Jenn, I'm so sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth. Ouch! Definitely get doped up. They'll give you pills too. Oh yes.

hey CH! I am glad you haven't heard from the control freak. Stay away, loser!

Things here are pretty good. It was SO nice not to have to work at the hospital last night. I went to the chiropractor, watered my plants, cooked dinner, and was able to watch some tv. Is anyone else watching that new show Mad Men on AMC? It's really good. It's another HOT day here. The news last night said the high yesterday was 104. Can you fucking believe it? It's terrible. It's supposed to "cool" down this weekend to 95, then Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday back up to 100. Ugh.

I don't have a lot going on this weekend. Tonight, my mom roped me into going to this candle party at her friend's house. I guess they need more people to attend. I just hope I don't have to buy anything. I've smelled this particular lady's candles before and I don't care for any of the scents. Too strong. plans whatsoever. Sunday I am meeting up with a friend & her new baby for lunch. That's about it.
Happy fucking Friday you truck-stop hookers!!!!

Spicy balls of meat...heh heh...

I'm totally late for work. Ah well, the bossy lady is gone and it's friday. Nobody cares.

Sorry you have to go to the candle party, kari. Will there at least be good food and drink?

Culture, that's great that ex-boy is staying away!! Hopefully things will stay that way.

Wow, doodle, I didn't think that construction workers still whistled at women.

Minx, I don't have any plans for tomorrow, 'cept for that class during the day. Give me a call in the evening.

~*~*~*~stay cool vibes for all~*~*~*~

I suppose I better get ready for work. Sigh...

Oh, by the way, it turns out that god caused the bridge to collapse because he hates sodomy (according to Fred Phelps).
Poodle, that is far too fucked up. Funny I didn't think this was the Renaissance again.

*walks away confused*

Phelps is an incurable assclown. Him and his raving battery of anti-choice marionettes can lick me where I pee. I remember an encounter with him on the UM-TC wherein I thought that I was truly in a was so surreal. He really believes this fundie bullshit. I don't believe in violence, but I honestly wish someone would gun him down.

I'm sick of toxic people.

Anyhoo, Poodle...I will give you a call tonight. There's a big thingie going down in Saint Paul that I want you to come to. My friend is in a band and they are great fun. Diva should come, too, if she can. And Marileen. And anyone else. LIKE LURVPAINT!!!!!!!!!
Hi, peeps!

Fred Phelps is a giant boil on the ass that is Earth. I wrote a 15 page paper on him and his evilness in one of my speech theory classes. I'd love to gun the man down myself, but he's not worth a life in prison. Those fundie freaks freak me out - and they can't dress for shit.

Jesus would bitch-slap him if he could.

Jenn, I think the terra cotta would look really nice. It'd bring out the purple and offer some contrast.

Hi, PK! I wonder the same thing about Sam. My gay boyfriend and I were talking about high school reunions (I didn't go to mine, of course) and cliques. I wish they'd go away, but it seems like kids are getting meaner and more elitist.

CH, why are you still even talking to exboy? He sounds like he doesn't have a clue.

Poodle, you really have to sit through 9 hours of class on how to buy a house? Oy. I hope the class tomorrow morning is worth getting up for. And congrats on finding a taker! Woot! That must be a load of worry off your head.

I want to go to World Market. I always think about it, but when I'm in the area, I never have any time to.

Anyone watch the LOGO debate last night? Bill Richardson kind of burried himself and Mike Gravel actually came out pretty well. He's not nearly such a cantankerous old man when you give him a chance to speak.

I've had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out, and it wasn't bad at all. I wasn't even put under for it. Gas never really works on me anyway. It was really weird though, because my dentist's daughter, who was in my class, was there watching. Loads of fun, huh? Anyway, I took penicillin and percocet for several days after and was just fine. I think a lot of people go under because they don't like seeing the drills and hearing them, but it really doesn't bother me in the least. It's nothing compared with getting braces.

Sorry you have to go to that thing tonight, Kari. I used to have a roommate who did that stuff, only her weapon of choice was Home Interiors. Our apartment was full of that cheap-ass shit. But a bad smelling candle is bad, and they're around for ages until you toss them in the Goodwill pile or regift it.

Holas all around to everyone else!

I've been okay the past couple days, just busy with work. I had a couple good workouts, started on some new jewelry, talked to BFF, and did my regular stuff. I ditched work at noon yesterday to see a movie with the gay boyfriend. We saw Hairspray. I don't think it was quite as good as the original, and John Travolta's accent is just weird and nobody else in the cast does it so it was especially out of place whether or not it's a Baltimore accent, but it was cute. Then we had stir-fry and I shopped for a dress for the wedding we have to go to in a few weeks. I didn't buy one, since the only one I was interested in is more than I want to pay, but at least I've got some ideas.

Anyone have weekend plans? I'm taking a National Divala Day tomorrow to shop more for a dress since the giant has to work all day tomorrow until 6:00. I'm going to go to some of my other usual haunts, since I've got a little cash to burn and plenty of time on my hands. I still can't believe the giant has to work a full 8 hours tomorrow. His company is doing their annual tent sale, and it's a big deal, and since all the money stuff goes through him, he needs to be around. At least it's a whole lotta overtime for him, which will be welcome for our trip. I'm going to catch up on some TV and reading, too. We've got no plans on Sunday, but the giant has to go in to work for a little bit in the morning. If my spirit isn't completely broken and i don't have a dress yet, more shopping may be in order.

I'm going to buy more pretty papers for my cubicle on my lunch break and get a smoothie. I've been craving one lately, and they're good for me, so no guilt.

Nice to see you, diva!! I wondered what happened to you. Glad you had a nice day off!!

"Jesus would bitch-slap him if he could." Hahahaha!!!

Where in St. Paul is da show, minx?? I can't stay up too late because I have to get up early for a day of homeowner education. Blaaah.

I wish my new kitchen wasn't so "neutral." It's not totally boring, but it's not really my style. I like bright kitchens. I'm for sure gonna paint the walls a lighter shade, but I'm gonna leave the natural oak cabinets alone even though I don't want to. It's gonna be really hard to resist painting then white. For kitchens, I like lots of white with primary colors as accents. It sucks that I don't get to use my formica dinette in this house. Ah well, maybe in the next house. With this kitchen, I'm gonna go for the earth mother hippie-type look.
Happy Friday all you shit-eating gutter sloos. How do you spell gutter sloo??? Slew? Slough?

I don't believe in Hell, but I think Fred Phelps will have a very special afterlife where it's just him, burning in a lake of fire on stage at a gay bar. Every night. No cover.

I just had to go to court to take care of that ticket I got for having expired tags. I didn't have to pay a fine, because I got new tags on time, I guess. Yay!

Now I just have to get that license plate light fixed.

I called Banana to see what he was doing when I left court, since I was downtown, and he didn't answer his phone. So I stopped by his place, and he wasn't home, but I really really really had to go to the bathroom. I found where his spare key was hidden, used the can, and now I'm using his computer. I called him again and left him a message saying I was at his house so he wouldn't be freaked out. Although, I have never seen him angry or freaked out. The most I have seen him do is *soft voice with a Colombian lilt* "Hey...what are you doing?"

One of my old students from the ESL class in Chicago called me about a half hour ago. He's not studying English anymore because he is working a lot in construction. He said in the fall he can return to class. He asked when I was coming back to Chicago to be his maestra again (teacher). I said never. Hee hee. I said I live in Arizona for now, and that I can't afford to take a vacation to Chicago until maybe the Fall. That satisfied him a little, but he kept saying, "Why don't you have any money? You're American!"

Because all white Americans are rolling in cash.

Anyway, it was good to hear from him, although challenging to talk on the phone in Spanish.

Poodle - I'll go to your homeowner's class in your place if you will go to my Traffic Survival School for me. It's on a Sunday from 7:00 AM until 5:30 PM. That's just fucking ridiculous. I'm not sure why I have to do it - I got a letter saying I needed to go because I had accumulated 12-16 points on my driving record. The letter arrived shortly after I got that ticket for having expired tags. So maybe that's it.

Oh, and poodle - I read that the "earth-mother hippie" kitchen can really stimulate the appetite. Especially if you hang that poster that says, "War is harmful to children and other living things." War dulls the appetite. OK - I didn't read that, but I think it sounds like a good idea.
happy friday, you mustard-poop diaper lickers! (sorry, that's the best i can do right now)

i'm proud of myself because i've read all the archives since i was last here.

poodle, i missed the pics of your new place if you posted some. the last i had heard, you had decided against the first place because of the inspection. but that's super cool that you rented your place out and you will have some money saved up before you have to pay your mortgage. you'll probably want to buy some new things once you get in the place to make it a true poodle-pad!

kari, it's been super hot here lately too. we've had heat warnings for the past week. i really want to get out and get some walking done, but it's just too hot to take jackaroo outside with me. i keep thinking it'll cool down in the next couple weeks. i really hope so at least. i hope mr k gets your reservations on the books soon!

((((((((((minx))))))))))) sorry you're caught in a shit storm right now. i'm sure it'll look up soon. i wish i was in your neck of the woods. i'd love a night of live music with the pink mafia!

doodle, i'm glad georgie is ok. my kitties have both lost some weight recently. in fact, mister boots is thinner than he's ever been. we took them to the vet and after a fecal scan and blood work, they found nothing wrong with either. i think the new baby may have affected them more than we thought he might. i've been watching them both to make sure they're eating and they are. but they don't seem to be gaining at all. i will be taking them back to the vet in the next couple weeks to see if they have.

diva, good for you for taking the day off. i need some new clothes. i went last week and bought a pair of pants for myself. they were three sizes larger than i normally wear (pre-Jack). it sort of depressed me but then again i realize that i needed to put on that weight for his sake. and i know i'll keep a little extra on while i'm breastfeeding. but i weigh more than 20 lbs more than i did. anyway, i got the pants because i didn't want to wear maternity pants anymore and i didn't have anything else to wear besides yoga pants and loungers. i also bought some cute new nursing-friendly tops and a dress. good luck finding what you're looking for and enjoy diva day!!

culture, poop on exboy. that is what i say. is your mom acting her age again? oh, and i hear you on the simpsons sucking the past few years. i tried to remain loyal and watch but just can't do it anymore. however, mrfj and i are going to have our first night out tonight and have chosen to go see the movie. i REALLY hope it doesn't suck monkey balls.

yay for shiny baby!!!!!

turbo, you're really moving on the kitchen! i hesitate to say that the terracotta would be nice, but only because of my bad experience with the terracotta painted room in our house. it's painted green now. which reminds me... i need to post some pics of jack's nursery. it's not completely done yet but definitely a TON better than it was. we have all the basics done and just have some organization stuff to do now.

but, speaking of pics... we took jackaroo to the beach yesterday for the first time. here are a couple of pics that we got:

for the record, i didn't realize that my dress was open in them (had been nursing) and yes, mrfj DOES own another shirt. that's just the one i'd brought for him. cool.gif
Good afternoon all.

Hey Minx! Phelps really is a peice of work.

Diva, I was just kinda keeping him around. Stringing him along I suppose. when he calls I either don't answer or just don't listen. Then go on about what is going on with me. I just don't give a flying fuck about him.

Poodle, why not jazz up the new kitchen?

FJ, I've heard the movie is good. And I can't view the pics at work, I'll view them after I get home from taking houndish out.

I just want this day to be over. It's horrible these last 45 minutes on a Friday. And I've a bit of a headache from fucking around online most of the day. I've not done a lot of work. It's Friday and it's government, so to hell with it! hee hee.

as for tonight, it appears that friendboy broke up with his g/f or something massive happened, so I'm hoping that I can make him feel better, just maybe have a smoke and chat. tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut...oh wait, haven't I already posted what I'm doing this weekend. I think it's time for me to go home. smile.gif

Later all!

*gasps at the sheer beauty of the FJ family*

OMG, FJ, those photos are so great - you have one gorgeous family - all of you! Looks like a relaxing first outing to the beach!

Poodle, congrats on leasing the apartment - YAY! When you mentioned having it leased for September, my brain immediately thought that Sept. is Soooo far away - eeep - its not! September is a mere 2 weeks away! What happened to summer?

Thanks for all the wisdom tooth advice, I'm reassured by all your experiences, and I love that poodle thought all the gunk coming out is cool. heh. I'm still not looking forward to it, but I'm going to get the ball rolling with the surgeon soon. But I am NOT having them out until after the kitchen is done! *stamps foot* There's only so much I can handle at one time.

Diva, you reminded me that I, too, need to go find a dress for a wedding. I'm just not someone who gets excited about dressing up. Or wearing a dress. Oh well. That's great that you'll have the day to yourself tomorrow, though. Always nice.

Turbomann's going to the UK for work next week, so I have a whole week of TJ Time - wooot! 'Course its not quite as much fun with a torn up kitchen, and knowing that I have to watch all three greyhounds by myself for 5 days...but it'll still be nice to do my own thing.

I think turbomann and I will go see Stardust this weekend, but that's about the sum of our plans. Neil Gaiman wrote the book, and we've got to support our favorite author, yo. smile.gif
holy crapole! Those pictures are beautiful! All three of you are just gorgeous!

So, we have a busy-busy-busy weekend here. Family visiting from out of town, moxieman's b-day and housework. Fun, eh? Not.

Ok, off to the races to get moxette's diaper bag packed to head to her great-grandma's for dinner. This is a woman with lots of nice things. I'm very nervous. Hopefully, "papa" (her grandpa) will run her ragged outside. smile.gif

Awwww FJ's! Those are wonderful pictures!

Turbo, a week to yourself! Lucky!

Moxie, not such a fun weekend.

Well, I took houndish to the park and now here I am. I'm tired today, haven't worked out in a few days, maybe I'll try and do that soon.

Later all.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.....FJs!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet!

In that spirit, I have some pics to post also. I just got these in an e-mail titled "You Know It's Hot in Canada When...."

Happy Friday, Yankee Scum! (There, I got my Friday insult in!! smile.gif)

Doodle, I love it. So true!

Although, I'm hoping that it's not too hot tomorrow as I'm hitting up a patio in the early evening.

It just never STOPS!!!! Now the ex-asshat is on the fucking rampage! He is a toxic bastard. I am SOOOOOO FUCKING SICK OF PEOPLE DECIDING THAT THEY WANT TO USE ME AS A FUCKING HUMAN PUNCHING BAG!

Fuck the philandering ex-Minxman who wants to badmouth me to get into people's pants.

Fuck Minxlette's father who thinks that it's okay to make mean-ass remarks about ex-Minxman dumping me. Oh God, it was so hateful and mean. I just read his email and burst into tears.

Fuck all this shit!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo fucking sick of sitting at this computer watching my life turn into a pile of shit within three weeks. I'm broke. My car takes a shit. I got ditched by two friends today (I honestly don't know what happened to them). I'm dumped by a fuckhead who didn't have the balls to tell me and instead sets me up for the fall so that he could ultimately blame me for LEAVING HIM. My daughter's father is a complete asshole hellbent on making my life completely miserable and then takes STABS at me when I'm at my lowest.

DOES ANYONE ELSE WANT TO THROW A PUNCH AT ME?!!!! I am so fucking done right now. I just want to die.
Oh ((((((((((minx)))))))))))

friendboys g/f found pics of me on his phone...she's going through his stuff and posing as him via text message to me. Oh dear. What a fucking crazy ass beeyotch....

Not a god day. Had horrible night. Fill you in later.
oh, god... ((((((minx))))) sad.gif
(((CH))) I hope your morning is better than your night.

(((Minx))) Sorry things are so shitty.

Doodle, I really like those moose pictures. I might try to send them to my dad, who's a nature nut.

Turbo, 3 greyhounds all by yourself? That sounds crazy to me. But you're the greyhound expert so I know you can handle it.

FJ, those pictures are gorgeous! You all look so happy and healthy! I'm so happy for you.

Can I please get some Bustie vibes? We looked at a duplex to rent yesterday and absolutely fell in love with it. It's perfect! Unfortunately, another couple has already started the application process. We're next on the list and definitely got a vibe that the renter likes us more. If the other couple doesn't get their app in by Monday, we get to submit ours. So if you could all work your OK Bustie magic, I'd really appreciate it! smile.gif

~*~*~*~*duplex vibes for catsoup*~*~*~*~


well, turns out his what ever she is, is a crazy fucking insane bitch. Which in turn gave me a motherfucking anxiety attack. She went through his phone...what an insane woman! She, pretending to be him, said that him and I weren't going to talk anymore. Holy fuck, what the fuck is that?

I must go to the virtual fight club thread now.

I did however get my hair cut and it's really cute. It was my one happy moment this morning.
hey everybody, quick drive by. this is the first time i've been home in like three days. work has been fucking crazy the last week. i've been putting in 12 hour days all week, and even with that, we've got so many orders that we're coming in for another 12 hours today. thankfully i only have to be there for about 7 of those hours, but still. i'm used to getting paid weekly, but with the new job i switch over to the qc pay cycle, which doesn't pay out til next week. so i'm kind of bummed about not getting a check this week (which would be on the new pay rate), but i did the math, and when i do get paid next week, it's going to be the tune of upwards of $1400. for two weeks! that's almost twice as much as i was making before. i am so fucking stoked. got the weekend off for a wedding next week, but we might flake on that and just veg at home.

promise i'll catch up with the archives later!
Congrats on the new job, and kick-ass raise, grrrl!!! Woot!

(((((minx))))) I hope that you are making a commitment to yourself right this second, that these two are the LAST men who abuse you and take advantage of your generous heart. No More! Only men who have your highest good in their hearts may enjoy your beautiful spirit from now on. Got it, my dear? (((((much, much love to minxy)))))

Turbomann and I lazed around this morning, and then went out to see Stardust this afternoon. They changed a bunch of stuff for the movie, but for once, I didn't mind, as it didn't detract from the heart of the story at all, and all the actors were really wonderful. I would highly recommend seeing this one.

CH - why are you tolerating the drama mama? You're not dating the dude, right? That emotional baggage need not belong to you. Wave 'em off!
Hi, peeps!

(((((((((((((((((Minx))))))))))))))) Sorry about your car and your computer and asshole men. That all just sounds no good. At least you can cut Minxman out of your life, if not ex-asshat.

I like those moose pictures! I think it's cool when giant wildlife walk into your yard. My parents get more than their share of deer and such in the yard, but no moose.

(((((((CH))))))))) This woman sounds like a jealous, vindictive, bitch. If she and friendboy broke up, why's she using his phone? What does your new hair look like?

I wanna get my hair cut, but I ain't got money to get it done right right now. It's getting very long, and I'm itching for it to have a shape/style again.

Hi, Tree, Doodle, Grrl, and Catsoup!

Catsoup, where's this duplex you're looking at? There are a ton of great ones in my neighborhood, if you end up still looking if this falls through. (((((((((((((duplex application vibes))))))))))))))

Hi, Jenn! I saw a preview for Stardust. I kind of want to see it, too.

Today was just a day. I did a little reading, watched some TV, mailed off my BFF's birfday present, and bought a dress. It's in one of the kooky swirly patterns that I love so much (more Pucci than psychadelic), and doesn't make me look pregnant. Plus, it was pretty close to what I wanted to pay after the discount. It's hard as fuck to find a summer dress that isn't sleeveless that doesn't look like something my grandma would wear. Not all of us love our upper arms and want to show them off to the world, dammit. Anyway, now that's done. I also surprised the giant at work for a little visit, got some cool stuff at Trader Joe's and visited the Cutest. Baker/Chocolatier. Ever. right across the street from Trader Joe's. Everything they make is absolutely gorgeous. They're even open until 10:00 pm every day but Saturday, which is unheard of for a bakery around here. I really hope they do well.

Now we're chilling out at home. The giant can barely move after having to stand around in this heat for over 8 hours, so he's napping, and I think I'm going to join him.
*tip toes oh-so-quietly into thread so as not to wake sleeping giant......*

*flings sparkly confetti into air*

*waves magic wand three times counter clockwise*

~*~*~*~*~*~ magic bustie get-that-duplex-catsoup! vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~

((((((((((minx, babe)))))))))))

you KNOW you are so far above this fuck chop that he doesn't deserve to lick your toes. don't let him get to you. *i* love you and think that you are tastier than chocolate covered mango and more valuable than spun gold. screw the shrimp head and the new bicycle he rode in on. look into your heart and see yourself the way that we do and love yourself.

!$!$!$!$!$!$!$! gooooooooooooo grrrrlyouwant !$!$!$!$!$!$!$

the long hours suck the big green wienie, but congratumalations on the more moolah!

jenn! i am soooooooooooooooooo envious of that fabu new kitchen! especially the granite counters. the backsplash tiles are also awesome. here's hoping that the remodelling doesn't take THAT long and doesn't drive you crazeeeeeee. i'm having some difficulty picturing purple and terracotta together, so i'm of no help there. i'd have to actually see the paint chips (or whatever, just see the colors side by side)

so, stardust is a remake? i can't remember the original, and we haven't heard about the new release here in the bush.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. there are these HUGE oreo cookie crows hanging out RIGHT outside my window, cawing and carrying on -- mimi the african attack cat is mesmerized. they are BIGGER than she is, but she wants to keeeeeeeeeeeeeeel them! wowee!

speaking of HUGE animals -- YOWZAH! those moose picures! are they really that BIG??? ZOUNDS! the photos are hysterical! it MUST be hot in canada!

diva, that sounds like EX-ACT-LY the kind of day off i love! quiet and fun and productive and full of things i like to do. glad you found a dress!

culture, ignore this whacko. she isn't worth your attention or time. let HIM deal with her. if she calls again, hang up on her sorry ass. and tell your friend that you won't answer any text messages unless you are positive that they are from HIM and not this lunatic.

*runs up and pounces on tes, knocking her to the ground in a big smooshy hug*

darling!! Its soooo good to see you in here! So has mr hb arrived yet for your vaca? Did you work out plans?

I think the kitchen remodel just reached new heights of annoyance this weekend...our sliding glass door to the balcony no longer works....which means, no grill, no chillin on the balcony with a book, and my herb garden is withering in the heat! Boooo! I'm really at a loss for cooking options without the grill. We went to order a new sliding glass door yesterday, but of course its an odd size, so we have to have one custom built, which is both more expensive, and will take two weeks to get in. Waaaaa!

Stardust is not a remake, so far as I know....I'm sure there's other movies with the title, but its a fantastical adventure movie based off a Neil Gaiman novel from the 80s - it was such a fun film, and there's lots of fun cameos in it. DeNiro plays a pansy-cross-dressing-simpering sky pirate who captures lightning - 'nuff said. Totally fun flick.

I think turbomann and I might hop on our bikes and take a long ride and go out for brunch this afternoon...should be fun.

But now, I've got laundry to go fetch and fold. booo. I really need a house elf to do my laundry for me. smile.gif
Mornin' babes!!

Hi tes!! It always warms my heart to see your gigantic purple font!!

Congrats on the raise, grrrlyouwant!!

~*~*~*~rental vibes for catsoup~*~*~*~ Where is it? Diva's right about there being some good duplexes/triplexes in Nordeast.

((((minx)))) I sent you a PM last night. I can't find your digits.

((((culture)))) Sorry 'bout the psycho bitch.

Awwww....those are some totally gorgeous FJ fam pics!! And I looove the moose pics, doodle!!

Ugh. Sorry 'bout the remodeling woes, turbo. Just keep reminding yourself that this is all gonna result in a rockstar kitchen sometime soon!!

Diva bought a dress!! I can't wait to see!! I think I've only seen you in a dress once.
Ooooh Diva! That's really close to where I live! I always wanted to go into that chocolatier, but just haven't made the short journey. Any time you want to go over there, let me know because I'd love to join you.

Sorry Poodle...totally forgot that you were getting shit ready to move. Let me know if you need any help moving or remodeling. I am aces at painting and throw a mean hammer. I'll PM you my digi's. The show last night was really funny and at a total dive bar in the Midway area. It kinda made me physically ill when we first went over since the exfucktard lives right over there, but my friends were kind enough to drive me to the bar so that I wouldn't give in to a perverse wont to go over to his house and be stupid and start bawling. Again. You'll have to come with us next time, though. It was at Big V's. We met a couple of my old friends that live about kitty corner from ex's house; I would highly suggest that the ex not address them. Hell hath no fury like old friends.

I'm trying to look on the bright side. Last night was the first time in about a month that I have gone out, and I had a fabulous time. I am thinking about rearranging my apartment with a new paintjob in the horizon. I start back to work in two weeks and that will keep me occupied. I'm swearing off relationships for awhile. Probably a long while. tongue.gif But I'm pretty content with that. The ex just looks retardedly desperate going out looking for new love when his bed is scarcely cold from my body. Am I in mourning? Yes. Desperate? No.

PK, I totally forgot to thank you for calling me. I know it was an abbreviated conversation, but it meant a lot to me that you would give me a ring. I have to tell you, if it wasn't for the friendship and kinship on these boards, I'd be pretty sunk. This has been a harsh reality to swallow, and it gets really easy to want to hide in my closet curled up in a fetal position rocking back and forth until my daughter comes home.

(((Tessie, PK, Culture, Poodle, Kelkello, Diva, Kari, Moxie, Turbo, Doodle, and anyone else I might have forgotten...thank you)))

BTW, I'm still working on the manifesto. smile.gif
Hello hello hello everyone!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Duplex vibes for Catsoup*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Drooly-drool over the fantastic photos of the most gorgeous family on the planet! The FJ's really should just model for family magazines or something. And FJ, if you hadn't said anything about the dress, I would have just thought it was meant to be that way...layered with a tank under it or something. But my powers of observation aren't always the best.

Diva, I'm with you, sister, on the no sleeveless dress thing. I HATE my arms and only have them out in public when I'm walking for exercise. Other than that, I keep them wrangled inside of sleeves. And hurray for days of just piddling about, getting stuff done. They are some of my favorites.

Mondo-mucho neck punch for CH's crazy psycho stalker girl. What an assclown.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((Minx)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I'm so sorry things are bad for you right now. I wish I could fix it for you.

Doodle, I find that when I'm catcalled that if I heckle back it stops them short. They never expect it and don't exactly know what to do with it. It's like when I smile at the bands of thugs in my neighborhood. They don't expect a smile, so they get completely baffled and leave me alone.

Poodle, congrats on getting the apartment rented. And boo to your neighbor who doesn't admire your Styx singing ability. I'm about to get an upstairs neighbor, so my loud singing will have to simmer down a notch or two.

Turbo, my mom has been going through renovation hell at her house. It's about done, and looks great, but what a hassle. It will be gorgeous in the end and I anxiously await descriptions of the lovely things you make with your fancy new appliances!

Life in Kel-land is getting weirder by the minute because Kel is making some bad choices. Friendboy. I made out with him. I KNOW I KNOW BAD IDEA. But it was really nice. He smells so good. Good kisser. I don't know what the hell I think I'm doing. I've been very clear that it doesn't mean anything, I'm not his girlfriend, yadda yadda yadda. But I think I've started a potential shitstorm I don't need. Stupid stupid stupid Kel! The thing is, he's a great guy. He just has problems I don't want to deal with. And I don't want responsibilities towards him. What to do, what to do????
Good Morning Good Morning all! Hee hee, at first I put al, then everyone was going to think Who the heck is all!

Grrrl, that is really great about yer cheque and yer job!

Turbo, I heard that Stardust was amazing. Some people I know went to go and see it. That blows about your sliding door.

Diva, that is really great about the dress. I live the swirly style.

Tes, I've always adored your posts! Did your vacay stuff get sorted out!

Hey Poodle.

Okay, so I'm feeling much better. My hair cut just took off maybe an inch and a half, I'm leaving it long, but the stylist syled is straight and did a side part, I felt cute, particularly after the previously mentioned shit morning.

Well, see, I've talked to him, briefly, he told her that some things had happened between him and I, so of course, she's out for blood. I think mostly mine...(I've always wondered why people get mad at the third party...why not mad at the cheater???) Anyways, I was so exhausted from what was going on, but I did tell him that she was texting from his phone trying to bait me and so on. So, he was not impressed with that. I'm hoping the psychobitch gets in contact with me, as not only will I forward anything on from her to him, she's got no idea who she's messing with. I've got clients who are scarier than her and I don't take shit. People like her are easily threatened, suffer from low self esteem (her sister is a bikini model, so to compensate for her curvier figure, he parents bought her a now you have a better picture), and if she wants me to get in her face, then bring it the fuck on!!!!

I went out for dinner and drinks (mostly drinks) with some people I used to work with, and had a really wonderful time. It was a night of mostly laughs and really great coversation, and I totally forgot about the situation at hand. That was exactly what I needed.

How has the weekend for all the BUSTies?

ETA: X posted with Minx! I'm so glad to hear that you had a good time last night. And snap on him being desperate! Ha ha!

Hi, peeps!

Poodle, I'd love to help you with moving, too. I'm going out of town Fri-Sun of Labor Day weekend (Omaha for the wedding), but I can help out that Thursday, even if it's just packing, or I'm completely free on Labor Day.

Minx, I didn't know Linden Hills was over by St. Louis Park. Hmmm. The place isn't so much of a chocolatier (only a small case of truffles - and mine are better), but the pastries and cakes are amazing. I hope that little shop does well. Good on you for not going to whoever's house that was and having a good time. Nobody should rob you of that.

Hi, Kel! Don't beat yourself up about your friendman. We all slip up sometimes, and he seems like a really decent guy.

Hi, Tes!!! You should post some pictures of the view from your apartment. It sounds so different than what we've got here.

CH, I hope this crap ends for you. And you're so right, more of the anger should be directed on the person who cheated, not the third party. I've been there, and it's no good. And I hear ya about scary-ass clients. I've got a guy with an FBI file who's threatened to put a hit out on his baby-mama if he doesn't get his child support lowered. I'm totally serious. This wouldn't be the first time that's happened on one of the cases where I work. I just hate to put my name on anything in case this guy gets the idea to shoot the messenger (literally).

We're going to see The Simpsons Movie in a bit, and then Perkins for supper. I've had a craving for eggs benedict for awhile that needs to be addressed. It's one of those things that's easier to just go out and pay for than prepare yourself.
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