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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Well, it is now Monday afternoon, which is an improvement on Monday morning. smile.gif

Poodle, I know, it is annoying having people come by & look at your place. You always have to keep it clean-ish.

Diva, it sounds like you did indeed have a great weekend. Nice! I saw my niece for a bit on Sunday, I love nieces & nephews. I can't believe Sam chose you over his ma. heh.

CH, sorry your mom is not the happiest right now. That's nice that you have the day off today. Even if you are just chilling.

Poodle, oh, oh, you're not going to live with XRB, but his current roommate? I see. You & XRB are havin' HBIs? Ooh-la-la!

Hi catsoup!

Mr K just e-mailed & said it's supposed to be 102 on Friday. YIKES!!! That is TOO HOT!
Hi kari!! Yes, this afternoon is much better than this morning. I haven't really done any work, but I've accomplished a lot of personal stuff. 102?! Yowza!!

I'm cool with keeping the place sorta clean, except when it comes to the dishes. I usually let dishes pile up, but I can't do that now. The main reason why I'm anxious to get my apartment rented out is that I'm legally bound to my lease until May 2008 or until someone rents it. I highly doubt that it will sit vacant for more than a month, but it's annoying to have to think about it. Just a minute ago, I created my own Craigslist ad for it, because I felt like the management wasn't being aggressive enough in their marketing.

ETA- Yes, kari!! XRB+HBI=Good times!!
Good Afternoon all.

Diva, I'm glad you had a good time with Sam.

Catsoup, did you go for lunch?

Poodle, normally my mom is alright, but yesterday she threw a major hissy fit, then gives me the most patronizing apology ever; I'm sorry, you're right, I'm the worst mother ever. I never said anything about her being a bad mother! But, seriously, what the fuck is that. I don't expect and apology, but don't pull that bullshit on me. So today, I'm attempting to be civil to her and she's still being daft. Fuck that. I'm doneplaying nice. So, I'm just going to ignore her.

Kari that is hot. It's much cooler here today, but I feel you're pain when it comes to this hot weather.

Blarg, this home situation has me irritated. On the plus side, I've found more friends on crackbook. Damn crackbook.

ETA: X posted with Poodle, to the minute! hee hee. ~*~*~*~apartment renting vibes for Poodle~*~*~*~*~

When I moved out of my old apartment, I got zero notice on when they were going to let people traipse through. I don't know how many Saturday or Sunday mornings I was woken up to the caretaker banging on my door with a couple in tow to see my place. There really ought to be a law about that. Not everyone is up and productive, or even clothed, at 10:00 on a Saturday morning. Feh.

So far, the guy at work who wanted me to help phone bank hasn't said anything yet. If he doesn't make an effort to come over and see if I'm on board, I'm going to just skip it guilt-free. As much as I hate going to the gym, I'd rather do that than phone bank.
We ended up not going for lunch. She's anxiously waiting to hear about a job that she's had three interviews for and wasn't in the mood. Which I totally understood but I wished she had called a little earlier. I ate more of the leftover chicken enchilladas I made last week. Yummy.

Good luck finding someone to rent your place, Poodle! And I hear ya on having to keep the place clean for showings. We're in that stage too. Yesterday we left before the showing took place. But TB wanted to stay behind and give the potential renters a piece of his mind about how much we hate it here. smile.gif
Poodle, you should have no problem getting your apartment rented out. It's in an excellent location, a good size for 1 person, and has lots of original stuff you can't find in more modern buildings. If I were alone, I'd strongly consider renting it. If only they'd put a/c in it, it'd be perfect.
Ha! That's funny about TB, catsoup!! I would probably give the whole scoop, too, if I didn't need to unload the place. There's really not a lot of bad stuff about my apartment or building though. I just really hate the neighbor who tore down all the trees next to our building and built an ugly, monstrous hardboard pile o' shit there.

Yeah, it would be cool if apartment had AC, but it's an old radiant-heated building, which makes it very difficult to install. You'd need to built a duct system. That's part of the reason why I refused to buy a house with hot-water heating. I actually love hot-water heating, but that usually means no central AC.

~*~*~*~no phone bank for diva vibes~*~*~*~

I'm really not in the mood to go to the gym either, but it has to be done. I lounged around the apartment all weekend.

ETA- Catsoup, where is that line near your avvie from? I love sarcasm!!
Catsoup, that is awesome about TB tellin' it like it is. Not many people have the guts to, at least not in front of their landlord.

Still haven't heard anything about phone banking yet. Fingers crossed that I don't so I can go home, work out, and have a normal evening. I barely saw the giant at all yesterday, so I don't want to spend the whole evening out of the house. I kind of need to do some laundry, too, and I hate getting a late start on it.
TB only wanted to, I wouldn't let him. I made us leave and go to a movie. I didn't want to get into it with the person showing our place. I did do that in one shithole I lived in back in college. I was sitting outside the building, waiting for a ride, and the people showed up before the landlord. They asked if I lived there and I let them have it. They got scared off and left before the landlord showed up to give them the tour.

Poodle, the line is from Little Miss Sunshine. The dad says it to Steve Carell's character. I want to get it on a t-shirt.
That's awesome, catsoup!!

I haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine yet. *runs off to netflix queue*

Diva, you should back out even if he does get ahold of you. I don't think it's unreasonable to want to spend time with the giant and do some laundry on a monday night.

Ya know, I really love The Rolling Stones, but I can't understand half of the shit that Mick Jagger is saying. Still, it's some good shit.
Good Evening all!

I just had an absolutely yummtastic dinner! Black beans, in a recipe I"m impressed came out sooooooo good! Basamati Rice and some chicken with a lemon pepper sauce on top. It was delish!

Diva, did you end up having to go?

Poodle, I heart the stones.

Catsoup, enchilladas, yummers!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Later all.

Hey ya'll!

Diva, I'm so glad you got some quality time with Sam this weekend - he is such a cutie!

CH, I'm sorry your mom is being less than cooperative.

Poodle - I hope someone rents your apt. soon - yikes! That's one stress that you don't need! Still, I can't wait to hear and see how you create your new home for yourself.

And here's some photos for ya'll:
day 1

Oh, and we did pick out appliances, and turbomann's BFF works for Whirlpool, so we're saving $1500 on the lot! WoooT!
oven (drool, bitches!)

Whew....that was a lot of work...enjoy!
Wow! So much for one day!

So, we think moxette has pinkeye, again. I picked her up from school, her eyes were all puffy...i thought she had gotten into some grass or leaves or some allergen. Get home, she's HOT (101.6 fever!) with no other symptoms. After calling the doc (motrin, water...morning visit), we cuddled and watched tv. The motrin and water (she downed 12 oz in 45 minutes( kicked in, and you;d never know she was sick. Until...pus. Outta the eyes. Gross. Its not at all how I wanted to spend my day off this week. I was gonna pick out bathroom accessories. Pheh...such is motherhood. will admit to feeling particularly motherly when she was all pluuurrrby and shite...despite the 95 degree day and the fact that she and i were both sans clothing, i was gonna make her soup. She preferred zuchinni bread. smile.gif

sorry for the mememememeness.

Gak! Sorry about the pink eye outbreak mox!! And the wee moxette is no longer wee! Holy crud, she just keeps getting cuter! And I do believe that I can see more of you in her appearance these days, especially in some of her expressions. You've got a real cutie-pie there..even if she is oozing pus.

Well, I'm beat, so I'm going to turn in early. See ya'll tomorrow night.
(((((moxette))))) A fever in 95 degree weather?!! How awful!!

Those appliances rock, turbo!! With all of your cooking, you definitely deserve a swanky kitchen.

I'm cleaning a little so that people can look at my apartment tomorrow. Chlorine bleach is a guilty pleasure of mine.
ello, ellow! just checking in for a minute. i've read all the archives and am somewhat caught up on the goings on around here, but now i am BEAT and have no time to really post much worth anything but didn't want to log on without sending all my love and thoughts to you all!

turbo, i am totally jealous of your kitchen renovation! you SO deserve it though! you've waited a long time for this!

moxie, you've got a cute cute cute petutie there! sorry about the pinkeye. i just dealt with my first projectile spit-up tonight, for the record. i felt a little guilty afterward, when i realized that i'd held the poor little dude at arms length when it happened - he was probably scared to death of what was happening. but he seems fine now. i guess i just fed him too much.

ok, i'm going to go eat some fresh pineapple and watermelon now. i was planning it even before reading doodle's post from a couple days ago and now i MUST.

i'll be back soon!
Hey all!

turbo!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO excited about the kitchen reno!!! And those appliances are to DIE for! I am def. drooling!


Pineapple Awakening sounds like another great new band name.

poodle, when do you move into the new house?

Oh shit, someone at the door, gotta run....
Good Morning everyone!

Turbo, those are fantastic appliances! You're kitchen is going to look fabulous!!!!

Mox, how's moxette feeling??? ~*~*~*feel better vibes for moxette~*~*~*~*~

Poodle, I hope your showing goes well.

Hey FJ!!!!!

Hey Doodle!

Well, I just chilled last night, my mother is still being a prat, but whatever. I'm just going about my daily business. Seriously, the woman is 53 and she's acting like a 2 year old. I can't wait to move out!

That is all.

Later all.

Hello Okayers! I feel like I've been away forever. I stopped by, took one look at the archives I've missed, and ran screaming for the Okayland sofa where I buried my head in the cushions and weeped. I gotta quit going away.

So once again, and probably for the last time in a while as summer is winding down, I'm saying hello and jumping headfirst into the Okayland pool. If anything BIG has happened, someone point me in the right direction. Otherwise, I'll try to use my skills with context to pick up on what's going on.

Life for me bleh. I've been having a really bad time of things lately. Pretty bad depression. Just feel like I was holding myself together with bits of cheap glue and tape and the whole thing just recently fell apart. I'll be fine, I always am, but it's rough getting through it all.

Hope life is great for everyone!!!

I hope you are doing okay sweetie.
Okay, have read 5 pages of archives.

Big old bruisin' punches in the neck to:

*the asshat who stole Turbo's identity
*Minxy's dumb-as-a-box-of-hair ex
*the troll that was trolling
*any other asshats lurking

*Dances into okayland shakin' groove thang*

Kel, dumb as a box of hair!!!!!!!! Bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha.

It's almost lunch time! I have leftovers, beans and rice! yummers. But, I'm eating that after, as I'm going to people watch at lunch.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Later all!
HI all! Thanks for the moxette wishes. Turns out, just a wicked cold. Glad i took her in, though...this morning a 102 fever! All tests and signs of anything else are motrin, cuddles, triaminic and loads of liquids. She was thrilled when we got to my mom's house, adn gramma was waiting with a popsicle. smile.gif I wish I were 1 year old, and a popsicle could cure my woes. smile.gif

FJ...i always had moxette at arms distance for serious vomit...its just gross. My MIL said one time when moxieman was wee, he projectile puked so badly that she had the FIL CUT her shirt off of her while she continued to hold 5 month old moxieman away. It happens. smile.gif

Ok, now, since i have moxette with gramma, i'd better get some work done. *MWAH*

edit...where IS everyone???

So, i have a totally ME post here. A month or so back, my company was contacted to do a promotional video with this networking org. we belong to. The video is done, and might i say...we look good! I'm just really proud of how it turned out. So, look if you want to see a blatant marketing piece, but I just love you all too much not to share.
Hi, peeps!

I've been lurking today, but not much time to post. I had to bust ass this morning, then other crap to do after lunch. Whew!

(((((((Moxette get over your cold and quit worrying Mom)))))))

Hi, Kel! (((((((Kel))))))

I don't know how some of you people went without fresh pineapple for so long. It's the best! It gives me sores in my mouth, too, but they're worth it. The canned stuff is fine, but not as good as fresh, with all it's juice and acid.

Jenn, those are some gorgeous appliances. I couldn't look at your before/1st day pictures, though, because anytime I try to use Flickr to see pictures, it automatically closes my session.

Hi, FJ!

Hi, everyone else!

I've been having a decent day. I didn't go to phone bank last night, since that guy never caught up with me to give me the deets. If he doesn't care to do that, I don't care to go. Fair enough, right? I had a really decent workout last night, then settled in for some leftover pizza and Hell's Kitchen. How dare they say it's the finale episode when it's just an hour of fluff!

Today's been good. My friend who gave me that awful "gift" a couple weeks ago picked me up and we had Mexican buffet. I got to do some venting about my job, which was sorely needed. I just keep getting dumped on with more and more work that isn't mine to do. Why should I have to do someone's mail for them when they're perfectly capable? It's not my fault she let it pile up for 4 months without bothering to do it. It's not my job to fix her problem, and I know nobody would help me with mine if I asked because we're all busy (though my boss doesn't think I am, for some strange reason). Feh. I wish I could just quit this place, but it ain't going to happen for at least another couple years.

Hi guys!! I'm feeling a little better. Friendboy has been acting right lately and we've been hanging out a lot. It's been nice.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Jobby job vibes for Diva*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Sorry you are having a bad time!

Mox, I'm glad it's just a cold!

Hey guys, vibes for my mom, okay? She's battling this horrible cyst on her face that she had surgically removed last week and is already coming back. Yuck-o.

Oh, my Philadelphia pictures are really cool!! You can see them on my Myspace at
Just click on pics and click the Philadelphia album!

Okay. I need to bitch for a second...sorry about the upchuck factor on this one, ladies...but I've had it.


*spits on the ground and passes out*
(((((minxy))))) You have said it all, my dear. What a fucktard. SO glad you are free from his bullshit, however much it hurts right now.

Kel, I'm glad you're feeling a bit better now.

*calls all busties to the comfy okayland sofa for a cuddle puddle*

(((jobby job vibes for diva)))) I'm sorry you're getting dumped on...that is most certainly no fun, and it happens way more when you're competent at your job, because you make it look easy...I know how that goes, for sure.

Not much exciting going on here...more demo in the kitchen today...and its hotter than hell here, and very humid. gross.

Whoot! Kitchen demolition!! BTW, your appliances are RIGHTEOUS!

Oh, and I have one more thing to say that brings me great happiness:


I'm so happy I could wet myself. I'm so glad that I could barely eat today so that I can have more than my fair share tonight!!!

(((((Minx)))))) Damn. I also have to say that made me feel better and I'm not even angry right now. Furthest thing from it. I know that you will feel better, and remember we are always here for you. *passes cement filled rubber chicken*

Mox, I'm glad Moxette is okay and it's not anything but a bug.

~*~*~*~work vibes for Diva~*~*~*~*~ I'm sorry that work isn't going so well.

~*~*~*~*health vibes for Kel's mom~*~*~*~*~

Hey Turbo.

Well, things are better at ye olde homestead, so that's good. I am sleepy and I had a ery bad headache today, a period headache, combines with stress means this is going to be a peachy week. Fuck. Mmmm,

*falls asleep and snores softly*


Oh, sorry about that, I think I'm going to bed now.

night everyone!

Hey all...quick post, I am STILL not all caught up, and feeling a little guilty! But I haven't been online too much. I've just been SO sleepy over the past week...I think I have been a little sick. BFF tells me tonight she is really sick, so that confirms it. I think I prolly did the right thing just staying home, lying low, and sleeping endlessly.

Anyway. MINX. I totally said this dude is undiagnosed BPD, right? Totally - everything you're writing, even though it's not the same events or words at all, rings SOOOO familiar. I can remember so many things my ex twisted around and made so hideously weird when we were breaking up. Yeah. I share your pain, babe. I know it feels awful. It will pass, that's all I can say. So sorry it's hitting the minxlette, too, though. I'm grateful I never had to deal with that, too. ((((big hugs))))

turbo - tell me what is happening with the kitchen! What colours are you going with, did you decide? What is the breakfast bar going to look like? Are you having the cupboards replaced, or are you refinishing them, or what? WHAT??? I need to know!!!! The decorator in me is practically salivating! How is your temporary kitchen working out? I remember having to do that when I did my counters with melamine paint....drove me a little crazy by the end of the 2nd week!

diva, so sorry things are shitty at work. That feeling I also know. ((((diva))))

Ok, that's all I'm really caught up with....will try again tomorrow!

Up and at 'em, ladies!

((minx)) vent away, my dear. I am sorry this asshole is still causing you so much unnecessary grief. sad.gif

Jenn!! OMG! Add me to the list of jealous peeps over your new kitchen! I am so excited for you! Can't wait to see the progress. Turbo does look a little nervous.

((doodle)) get better! what do you have?

Ch, I am glad things with your mom have chilled out some. That's got to be a relief.

Welcome back, kel! I'm really sorry you've been feeling so bummed lately. I think as unpleasant as it is though, it's important. You've got to go through that crap to get to the other side. I'm glad friendboy is using his manners now. When does school start back?

Moxie, sorry to hear about the pink eye. Booooo. Poor little moxette. ~~~speedy recovery vibes~~~~~

Hi FJ!! It's so good to see you! I think I'd have the same instant reaction to projectile puke. Even though babies are babies, it's still squicky.

Not too much doin' here today. I actually have a lot of work to do. I'm heading up a new report here at work, it's on illegal immigration. Should be interesting. I had a good night at the hospital last night. My friend, the other intern, finished up the term & is now done. That means I'm there by myself for a bit. Even though I miss her, I'm much more productive without her. In a few weeks a friend of mine from school will be joining me there. Anyhoo. After the hospital I went home & made the most badass Thai dish. It had strips of steak, mint, cliantro, shallots, fish sauce, lime, etc. Omg it was good. I know I've been bitching about how hot it is here, but I can't help doing it again...It's too FUCKING HOT! It's going to be 100 degrees again today. And it's so humid your nose stuffs up 10 seconds after being out there. bah.
Good Morning Good Morning all.

Ahhh Wednesday, it's been a long week, and I've only been at work for two days.

Hey Doodle, I hope that you feel better soon! ~*~*~*~*~*recovery vibes~*~*~*~*~*

Kari, that report sounds really interesting!

Well, I slept like the dead last night, the headache is gone. And it's rainy here today! YAY! This makes me happy on so many levels. I was feeling a little blue this morning, but it appears to have passed, given that I saw it was going to be rainy today, and so far is rainy!

That's all I got.

Later all!

Blaaaaah...yesterday was crazy....I'll be back
Okay, I read everybody's stuff.

(((kel))) I'm glad you're feeling better though!!!

(((minx))) "Fuck you and your organic co-op, no-smoking, bicycle riding trip that you are on." Heee...that made me laugh.

~*~*~*~stay cool vibes for all busties in the heat wave areas~*~*~*~

ETA- Oh, and mox, that video is excellent!! You're lookin' hot, too!! Now I see where moxette gets her gorgeous looks!!
hi there! jackaroo is sleeping on my chest for the moment, so i thought i would check in!

(((((((minx))))))) damn! i can't believe fucktard is back to his old weasely ways. but can i just say that the next time i need to write a seriously badass letter to someone, i'm calling YOU! hell yeah!

oh, poodle, i meant to tell you: your line about men being like dogs "don't get me wrong, i LIKE dogs", made me laugh my ass off! hehe. i got what you meant though. and it made me think that most people are like dogs actually. we all get set in our own little ways.

doodle, i hope you are taking care of yourself. did you ever go to the doc again to see what is up with dorothy? sorry if i missed it. i didn't read ALL the archives. heh. how is the band?

(((((((kel))))))) hope you are feeling better. sounds like you and friendboy are having a good time though, so that's good! ~*~*~*~*~vibes for kelmom~*~*~*~*~

hi diva! i just love it when you talk about sam. he sounds like such a sweet boy!! sorry your job is so suckified lately.

moxie, i love the video! great job! oh, and i love the way moxette is in the video too- all cute in the pictures behind you and your dad in the scenes by your desks. hehe. so cute!

hi culture! hi catsoup! hi kari! kari, that thai food sounds awesome!

oh crap! that reminds me! i was going to put a chicken in the crock pot. better get it done fast!

in the meantime, i'm uploading new pics from the camera now, so i'll post some soon!
Good Afternoon everyone.

well, here we are, only a few more hours in the work day, and I'm ready to throw in the towel now.


Hey FJ! I'm excited for the pics of the famille!

Hello Poodle! How's it going? Why was your day so busy? Hope things are better today.

I went out and bought season 10 of The Simpsons, and I think I'm doing buying now, given the show stinks now. I'm also slightly excited that radar magazine is being published again.

and that is all. The day is a day and that's that.

Hope everyone is doing well.


You can make it CH! I wish it was rainy here. It's bright and sunny. Which is good, but sometimes I just want a rainy day. A girl can dream....

Hi FJ! Oooh, can't wait to see new pics! I can't believe how quickly the time is passing.

Hey Poodles! Work is busy lately? Hmmm. Sometimes that is good & bad. Good b/c you're not bored, bad b/c it can be stressful.

Well, I worked up a new outline for my immigration study & got approval from one of the exec directors. The other is out of town, back tomorrow. Hope he likes it too.

I just got back from the gym. I am proud of myself, I reallllly wanted to blow it off today but I made myself go. Yay! Now I am eating watermelon at my desk.

hi, everyone. i'm here lurking. i just got home (it is almost 22:30 here). i'm glad that the idiota troll is history. minx's ex is an asshat. the kitchen redo sounds amazing. the jackaroo is SO CUTE, as are the photos of the Jacket family. doodle is dead on regarding the pineapple; i am eating fresh ripe yummy yellow goodness as i write. kel, you crack me up (dumb-as-a-box-of-hair, bwahahahaha!), muito thank you.

and the awwwwwwwwwwww award goes to divalla and sam, as always. that kid has got to be the most adorable nephew in bustilandia herstory!

i'm in a funky baddass mood. i'm picking fights with mr hotbuns, not really sure why....but i think it is about money and the fact that he waited too long to make reservations at the Estalagem that we stayed at last year and now he wont pick hotels for our vacation and then when i do they are too expensive and damn i am just tired. i can't make any more decisions right now, i just can't. i actually just told him to go on vacation alone, it would save us money. \end memememe post

sorry for being such a downer.
30 minutes left inthe day, thank goodness! Woot!

Kari, that is really great that your report got approval!

(((((tes))))) Mondo huge hugs for tes. I sorry to hear you are fighting. Boourns to that shit.

Well, I'm going to clean up my crap make some notes and get the hell out of here!

Later all!
Tes, you want I should punch him in the neck???
(((tes))) You're never a downer!

That immigration study sounds like it will be muy interesante, kari!! So what issues are you gonna cover?

Hi culture!! I've only seen one or two of the latest season of The Simpsons. I don't recall them being very good.

I crown kel our official "neck puncher."

Can't wait to see the new family pictures, FJ!! Heh, I have to admit that before I noticed your name, I saw your avatar of a pink, curled up baby, and I thought we had another troll running around posting pictures of aborted fetuses again!! I was relieved when I looked closer and saw that it was jackroo!! laugh.gif

I'm listening to Boston right now. smile.gif Did you know that the lead singer, Brad Delp, committed suicide earlier this year? Too bad, 'cause his voice was great, even if his band was a little on the cheesy side.
I haven't seen the new seasons of the simpsons in probably 4-5 years. it's just not funny. It was great when Conan O'Brian was writing and producing. at least I think he was a writer for the show. How about just when he was involved!

I second the motion to crown Kel official neck puncher!
The last 4-5 years have sucked big time. I agree that there was a noticeable difference in quality when Conan left. I loves me some Conan.
Shiny had her baby! Healthy shiny-boy born at 1425 this afternoon. All doing well. I'm sure she'll post when she feels up to it. Hooooooooo-ray for Shiny!!!!
Moxie - you were WONDERFUL in the video!! Your work is SO impressive! And thank you for doing your bit to save SE Michigan. smile.gif

((((tes)))) Just go on vacay - doesn't matter where - you need it, mr hb needs it, and you know the time to reconnect will be good for you both.

Congrats to the shiny family! New busties are arriving all the time!

FJ, darling, its always wonderful to see you here! And I'm definitely looking forward to the new jackaroo photos!

Okay, time to upload new photos for our very demanding mistress of decor...back shortly.

ETA: Back with photos of the progress on the kitchen - mostly he did electrical work today, but you can see the start of the framing for the breakfast bar. Day 3 photos

Doodle, I may need some assistance this weekend with colors....stay tuned. I can't decide if I want to go with blue, or a terra cotta kind of has to play well with the purple, whatever we decide. smile.gif We're also keeping our closet in the dining room, which is cool by me. We're just going to lose the mirrored walls and door in there.
Hey all...god, I am NOT caught up yet! I am SO sorry! Damn. I need to take some time to read. I only just got any alone time this minute, just finished dinner (more beans on toast!) and am sitting down at the computer!

guitarboy was away at his dad's for several days and just got back late Monday night (long weekend in BC). Apparently the boys knocked "a dozen times" yesterday, but I must have been out or else napped right through it. This morning guitarboy spotted me out on the balcony, all happy to see me, and wanted me to jam, but alas, I was already promised to BFF for the day. He was really disappointed. Aww. When we got back, though, BFF (who is still sick) started to crash out on my sofa. I snuck across the hall and knocked on the boys' door to give banjoboy an info package I'd picked up, and I heard guitarboy yell, "Get your ass in here and jam!" Heh. So I did. That was fun. (It's not even much fun playing music without them anymore!)

banjoboy has been learning Dueling Banjos while guitarboy was away - well, the beginning part. It's the first thing he's really learned, and I'm supposed to be learning it with him (playing my bit on the guitar), so we played it for guitarboy...though it took quite a LOT of coaxing to get him to play it in front of the ├╝ber-talented guitarboy. It helps that I'm a rhythm guitarist and NOT a picker, so banjoboy and I both kind of suck at the same level on Dueling Banjos. Heh.

I got to drive BFF's car all over town today so she could run her "mom" (shopping) errands. She was just too sick. She also bought me some groceries - isn't she funny? She was all worried the real reason I'm losing weight is because I'm poor and not eating! (Um, no, it really is the medication.) We had Subway for lunch, and then she took me to Sears to show me the new furniture that she bought - arriving in a couple of weeks, heh. And then after she crashed on my sofa (she was out for HOURS, while I jammed next door AND watched part of a zombie movie with the boys), I made her hot tea with lemon and honey. Her daughter came by to meet her for a ride home and stayed for a bit, all piercings and eyeliner and ripped black clothing and pink hair, totally like the cover of BUST or something...she is starting university this fall, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! That child was just turning SIX when I met her!

And that brings us to right now! So I still need to catch up. Sorry for the ME ME ME post - it's my excuse note!

But turbo, I DID look at your photos, and WOW! Talk about a demolition!!! Is it making you nuts yet? Well, give it time. Heh. I think terra cotta would be fab in your kitchen, but blue might be great, too. I've read somewhere that blue can dull your appetite, though, so I'm not sure if you'd want it in your kitchen or dining room. Mind you, I have blue in my kitchen, and I love it - but it's not the main colour.

Orange! I vote for orange!

ETA: oh! Poor George! Give him love vibes...I locked the poor darling out on the balcony for almost 4 hours while galavanting around with BFF today! Don't call cat welfare on me! (It wasn't hot, anyway.)
Mornin' chickadees!!

Hooray for shiney!!

Hi doodle!! That's very sweet of your friend to buy you food. Sounds like you had fun!!

(((george))) I hope he didn't have any flashbacks!!

Wow, turbo, what a huge difference!! Is that a granite countertop I spy?

Not much going on here this morning. Oscar woke me up an hour early, so now I'm just sittin' around, watchin' Saved by the Bell and drinkin' coffee. Gus is "hunting" Oscar. He keeps hiding and then pouncing on Oscar as he strolls by. Cuteness.

My apartment looks so barren right now. I hate having to keep it clutter-free.
Good Morning

Turbo, your kitchen is going to look amazing when you are done.

Doodle, sounds like you've had a good few days, aside from not feeling at full capacity.

Hey Poodle, any takers with the apartment yet?

Congrats to Shiny!

I am tired today. I hit a squirrel on the way to work, it was horrible and I feel like the most evil person on the planet right now. Ugh. I always try so carefully, but this was on a nice busy stretch of road. So I cried all the way to work after that happened. Oh lovely. So, now I'm pooped out because of the crying.

Oh and to make things even fucking better, exboy seems to think that I have a relationship and/or friends with benefits going on with friendboy. Okay, so stuff happened. number one, we aren't dating anymore mofo! and second, it's none of your fucking business. So there was never any chance of exboy and I reconcilling, but now there's not a chance in hell of it. Good thing there have been no feelings for some time. Fuck wit. I told friendboy that nothing would ever come between him and I again. So that was that.

I must go now.

Later all.

((CH)) That feels awful, to hit something with your car. It happens though, esp with squirrels. Those things play chicken with cars. sad.gif

Jenn, I like the engineered granite you chose! Very very nice! And the backsplash tiles! woo woo!

Poodles, have lots of people been coming by to look at your apt? Maybe it will rent really soon. When do you close on your house, btw?

HI TES!!! I would be irritated too, about the vacaton situation. I am sure you will find something wonderful. It must be really difficult to have those types of issues when you are so far away from Mr Hotbuns.

I asked Mr K this morning if he'd booked our flights & hotel for our vacation yet. He said no, but he will do it by the end of the week. Yay! I just want it on the books.

It will be a quiet day here. Mr Talky is out as is my officemate. She's out tomorrow too, sweet! I made the mistake this AM of looking at my accumulated student loan balance. Yikes. It's getting really high. This stresses me out.
kari, I'm sorry to hear about your student loan crap. I like how you get fucked five ways from Sunday. I was very fortunate, I had most of my university covered, however, I still took out a line of credit, so I've got a few thousand dollars to pay back.

Stupid university still being elitist.... *grumbles to self*
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