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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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The High Bridge is so freaking scary! I try to avoid it when I can, especially since there are other bridges very close to it that aren't so long and narrow. There are some people around work who walk it every day. I just don't understand people like that.

Everyone I've heard from says the movie is good, so I want to see it. The giant's really gotten me into it, I even make him tape the reruns for me on weekdays, since I haven't seen most of what they're playing right now.
I was reading on another forum I post in that the bridge was designed to handle 15 cars per minute crossing it. I would guess that there's A LOT more than that travelling across it 47 years later. So scary, so glad you're all okay, even if your commutes are not.

FJ's, you guys are adorable! Glad to hear that's only a temporary problem that will hopefully work itself out. I don't know if you've seen these before, the Toyota FJ Cruiser:

But I must confess, everytime I see one, I think of you guys! laugh.gif I think it's a cool car, especially for an SUV, especially in the eggplant color.

Turbo, prepare yourself for the mounds of sawdust. It's been more than two weeks since we did our flooring and I'm still wiping it off of places. With your allergies, I'd highly suggest sealing off one room in your house so it will remain dust-free. Put up plastic sheeting, don't wear any shoes that have dust on them in there. It's awful. How long do they anticipate the project will take? Good luck and I can't wait to see the new and improved turbo kitchen!!

Diva, Sam's message is so cute! glad you get to spend some time with him on Sunday!

I paid a bunch of bills today and we're almost caught up and still have a little money left! Yay!
Diva, that's the cutest thing ever regarding Sam's message. I would totally do the same thing.
"FJ Cruiser" Ha!!

That is sweet of Sam. I'd listen to it a zillion times, too.

I'm hanging out with XRB tonight. I suppose we'll just go out for drinks and maybe food. If his cock-blocking roommate doesn't get involved, then there might even be a little HBI action in store.
Hi hi hi!

Diva, that is really sweet. I used to keep messages. But since I now cannot stand some people in my circle of friends (I'm going through one of those things where you are contemplating if you really want to stay friends with some people). I agree that if he was so into her, then he certainly wouldn't have jumped into bed with me. Especially after he said that he had to be good, then what happens the next night? Feh.

Poodle, I, for the longest time hated getting stuck on a bridge for fear of a bridge collapse.

Polly, that is freakin' cool! The FJ cruiser. heh.

Hey Minx!

Ugh, finances, I've had a few of those arguments. Glad to be single right now.

well, only 3 more hours to go. I picked my mom up a cool mug for her birthday (it's not all I'm going to get her). Anyways, it's got Van Gogh's self portrait on it, and when you put hot liquid in it, his ear disappears! i got one for myself as well, but it's got the disappearing wives of Henry VIII. It's rather cool.

What's everyone doing this weekend?

lovin on the FJ cruiser, the sweeter than pie Sam Sam the travellin man message, and the disappearing ear and wives! do any of them just lose their HEADS, culturehandy???

count me amongst the busties who have had tiffs with partners regarding finance. i figure that if you don't have at least ONE of those, you aren't communicating with each other. so we're all healthy.

i'm still at work, which sucks. (it is 8:30-ish at night here)

i'm going to go and check my email to see if all of the pieces of a huge powerpoint presentation have gotten through to the NYC office, and if they have.....i am off to 18 yr old glenlivet and piripiri chicken pizza with artichokes, feta, mushrooms and garlic.

Tes, the heads disappear! It's really freakin' cool!

I'll see if I can find a linky...

*scurries off to find link*

AHA!here it is.

There is a shakespearian insult mug too! Neato!
Those mugs are hilarious, culture!! I like the "heads" one.

Hi tes!!! At the risk of sounding like an uncultured mid-westerner, I have to ask, what is "glenlivet?" Is that some kind of cheese?

I was just robbed at the pharmacy. Those fucking anti-convulsants cost me $70 a month. That's like 10 sixers of beer down the drain. *shakes fist at evil pharmaceutical companies for cutting into likker funds* Oh well, I suppose I shouldn't be drinking that much beer as an epileptic anyway.

Culture, I hope you're not getting emotionally involved with this guy. If he keeps going back and forth with a girlfriend and screwing around on the side, he's got some issues. Men don't change.

It's amazing how similar men are to dogs. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs. Some are born loyal and good-natured. Others are trained early on to be loyal and good-natured. Then there are the dogs that are still lovable, but have behavioral issues. Then there are those dogs that are way fucked-up and considered "unadoptable." All dogs need lots of attention and they're also very dependent on humans, whereas cats can usually fend for themselves by nature. All dogs stink (some more than others). You can shampoo and rinse a dog multiple times, but it will still smell like a dog. The old saying, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" definitely applies to men. I guess it depends on how old this guy is that you're talking about, culture. Most of the guys I've dated were over age 28 and a person's "ways" start to stick around that age. I don't know what I'm talking about.

Ugh. I'm glad to be single, too, culture. I have a really hard time imagining sharing my finances with another person unless they make exactly the same salary as me and have the same debts and assets. I certainly wouldn't want to get involved with someone who had ridiculous amounts of debt beyond your average student loan debt.
Poodle, I was reading your post, and was like, you got robbed, ohmygoodness, did they have a gun! Then I was like, mofo's that is expensive for meds.

Here's the deal, friendboy and I go back. Way back. 12 years in fact. He used to like me, a lot. When we in high school. We went to grad together, hung out together all the time. In university we drifted apart, he got engaged (didn't work out) and I got involved with nutsy ex. anyways, that history totally made us throw his relationship out the window. He told me he's going to tell her. Sometime.

We already are emotionally involved.

I see what you mean about dogs. I am a dog lover though. Hee hee. Although, things are getting better he told me they were hanging out and it didn't hurt at all. so, I know I'm on the road to improvement here.

He's 25 and I have to say his parents raised him very well. like opens the car door for you well and lends an ear no matter what well. He really is an amazing person and I'm glad I have him as a friend. Honestly, I don't know about the relationship deal though, I am not ready for one. Anyways...


I hope everyone is having a good day!

later all.
FUCK fuck fuck fuck FUCK.

I've got to look at the astrological issues for the current lunar month we're in, but it must be financial. workfriend's ex-asshat fucked up her credit some more this week. Me, I get online this morning to check my bank account and find that my financial identity has been stolen, and someone cashed a forged check emptying my entire account, leaving me $25. What a fucking mess. Had to close all of my accounts with this bank (5, including a mortgage), open new ones...the mortgage is going to take some time to straighten out, but at least its frozen for now. Being that this is the beginning of the month, I have to now go chase down a bunch of bills and stop payment on them. Grrrr. This makes me so ANGRY...I've been pretty unglued all day, and thank cod my boss let me go straight to the bank to fill out paperwork, and then I spent an hour or so filing a police report. Chase will return the money to my account by sometime next week, since it was their fucking bank that cashed the check - clearly forged, with errors on my address. And I have no money, no credit until next week. blerg.

And, I've got FIL and BIL on there way here right now for the weekend, and I do NOT fucking feel like playing hostess, my house is a shit pit from packing up the kitchen and there are boxes everywhere....I need a weekend to myself, and I'm just not going to get it. I'm so not prepared to deal with my life right now.

I have to say though, turbomann and I are that rare couple that never have tension about money. Our financial lives are entirely separate. What's mine is mine, his is his. No mingling of finances whatsoever. At the end of the month, we transfer money into a household account, and I pay the bills. When extra expenses come up, we chip in according to our percentage of total household income. So its not such a mythical thing...we just figured out what works for us.
((((((((Jenn)))))))) That sucks SO bad! I've been there with my brother, but nothing like what you've got on your hands. That's good that your bank will replace the funds, but it does suck in the meantime. Any idea who would've done it? I'd go light them on fire. Nobody fucks with my money! But you're a calmer, gentler person, so maybe a punch in the neck will do.

Kel? Your services are needed!

Poodle, what kind of drinker do you call yourself? Glenlivet is a very, very good scotch. Single malt, I believe, and comes straight from Scotland, not some knockoff produced here.

The giant and I are going to do like the Turbojenn/mann family when we get a house, we've already planned it out. Right now, we both pay 50% of the rent, plus our designated utilities. Beyond that, we really don't mingle finances much since we haven't bought anything for the house, although we're going to get a dishwasher when we've got the money for it. Gawd, I can't wait for that day.

Culture, I want one of those mugs! It might even get me to start drinking coffee regularly.

Speaking of gifts, my BFF's birthday is coming up. I'm already giving her a pair of earrings I made that she asked for if I didn't sell them, and some shower gel. I don't know what else to get her. Gag gifts and kitschy stuff is lost on her, and I'm sick of always getting her bath/body stuff. It's hard to be thoughtful with gifts all the time.

Thanks for the vibes, Diva. Well, I just called turbomann bawling, to tell him that I can't handle all this shit right now - money, parental visits, home remodel, job I'm not enjoying....bless his dear soul, he called his dad and asked if it would be okay to reschedule. And thank cod his dad is a reasonable sort, and was totally fine to reschedule, even though he was just about to hop in the car. This makes my life SO much better this weekend. The house is a serious mess, and that makes me more anxious than anything...this is going to be a looooong month.

I actually have a print out of the forged check, cashed by one Jocelyn Gordon, but I'm sure that's a fake-o name too. Just fucking sucks - especially since I NEVER write checks out of this account - I use it solely as debit/atm....last check from that one was cashed sometime last'd think Chase would say...."hmmm, now that really is strange for a check to be written for this account in such a large sum." Apparently not.

At least I have my weekend back, so I can pack my kitchen and make this place as liveable as possible for the next month.

Diva, I think what you've already got for the BFF is great - just go with that, maybe take her out for drinks. I can't even muster up the energy for gifts for friends....
Holy shit, turbo!!!! That's awful!!! I'm so sorry!!! I'm always worried about something like that happening, especially considering the digital age and how nobody seems to check signatures anymore. It seems like today's technology would make it extremely difficult to deposit a fake check. I guess all you would have to do is make a mock check with the account holder's name and account # and then create a fake bank account, which isn't all that hard. You'd think that banks would be on top of something that basic. They're probably putting too much faith in technology to keep that stuff in control.

Geez, what the hell is wrong with people? That's just so evil. I hope karma gives em a big kick in the ass someday. I just don't understand how people can justify stealing from average people.

I really like your financial arrangement with turbomann. I could see myself doing that very same thing. If there were kids involved, then it probably wouldn't make a lot of sense though, because the expenses are variable and incalculable.

That's very sweet of turbomann's dad to offer to reschedule. You definitely need the weekend to yourself!!

Culture, I guess if you've known him that long, that it's a little different. I don't know. That's a very complicated situation. I wish the other girl would smarten up and get out of that relationship.

I think bath/body products are always a good gift!! I love that stuff, even if there's not a lot of thought behind it. My mom, sis, and I can't resist buying each other bath/body stuff.

ETA- Oh, and culture, I also love dogs!! I have a love/hate relationship with men. The weird thing is that I have more male friends than female friends (not including the lounge). I relate to them for some reason. I realized that a lot of the reason why I become friends with men instead of lovers is that I position myself as a friend from the beginning, as a self-protective measure. This only occurred to me about a month ago when I was hanging out with my Vibro Champs friends.
Thanks, poodle. Yeah, I don't get stealing from people like this either - maybe its just easy, or the fact that you're not violating anyone face-to-face, but it sure makes me furious. I'm glad the bank will be able to return the funds quickly, but we'll be dealing with the fallout for a couple months to come, I think.

Oh, and on the finances with kids, front - we have friends that have the same set-up we do, they just put more in the household, and that's the budget they have to stick to. They have much less spending money, but I like that they still hold something back for splurging on themselves - that's important too.

I'm SO thankful for turbomann's dad canceling...I'm just feeling crazed this week, and this month is going to be insane between the remodel and way too much stuff going on at work. Oh well.

I gotta clean out my butcher block now - our cutie-pie dogwalker is coming to take it home with him tonight - one less thing we have to worry about. If anyone needs an electric stove, and happen to be in Chicago this weekend, let me know. I can't seem to get rid of the sucker...and its a JennAir - very nice stove. I'm only getting rid of it, because it has 2 burners, and a grill on the other side. I need 4 burners, dammit.
(((((((turbo))))))) As shitty as it is, this situation is a great example of how a family can benefit from multiple accounts. So how do you and your friends do groceries? Is that worked into the household account, too? What stuff is put into the separate accounts? Clothing? Miscellaneous?

ETA- Dammit. I wish the XRB would call me back already, because I'm hungry and I don't want to eat until I know where we're going. I don't have a lot of food here anyway. Plus, as a 9-5'er, my "performance skills" start to decline around 11:00 PM. His schedule is totally different, so 11:00 PM for me is basically 6:00 PM for him. There is a strong likelihood of HBI tonight, but who knows. The proposition will most certainly arise at some point around midnight. He might pull the "mature" thing and decline, but hopefully he'll be as horny as I am. I haven't had any action for months, so tonight is crucial.
Oh Turbon ((((((((((Turbo)))))))))) that's terrible. Do they have anything on who did this? At least the bank is getting on this. HAve you checked with credit angencies and stuff, just to make sure nothing can be done?

I got myself a fun new book. That's what I've got.

Later all.
Yeah, I don't have anything from the bank on who did this...pretty likely that the "cash to" name on the check is just a false name on an account somewhere. Thank cod for the days of electronic banking, where they can re-claim the money pretty quick. I'm feeling SO much better, now that I'm not having houseguests. We've been packing the kitchen a bit, just waiting for our beloved dog walker to drop by and relieve us of the butcher block piece, and then show him the neighbor's house where turbo will be stashed this week to avoid the demo mess.

(((((gettin' some vibes for poodle))))

And, I'm glad to see pam grier back. smile.gif
((((even more hugs for turbo))) Yeah, you're gonna need tomorrow to get shit in order. You're always having guest doggies and humans on the weekends. Things sound stressful right now, so take good care of yourself. I don't need to tell you that though, because you're an expert at self-care. You're too generous on the weekends though!!! Take a bath with some lush, my dear.

So XRB ended up working tonight, which sucks, but at least that explains why he hasn't called me sooner. He's gonna go home and change, which I'm sure will take him for fucking ever, because he's a turd like that. Ah well, at least we have a chance to hang out before I expire. Very rare these days. It's good and bad, I guess. Things are definitely better for us right now with him living in his own place. We're still very close even though we don't see each other regularly. It would be a lot better if cock-block wasn't in the way, though.

By the way, cock-block is probably gonna live with me. He'll be staying in the mauve-carpeted basement room for a while. I want his money. He won't be any more of a cock-block than he already is, so it's no biggie. If anything, it will provide more opportunities for HBI with XRB. The motivation is cash, though. I'll take money over sex any day.

I'm glad you like the Pam Grier avatar. I think it's my favorite.
Mornin' everybustie.....I'm still SO exhausted, but woke up at 5am sharp this morning, just like every other day. Booo. My body is really tense and sore too, so I might just splurge, and see if I can get a massage. I think that would be a good pampering self-care kind of thing....and then see about getting some friends to go to the beer garden tonight for burgers and sangria. Sounds like a plan to me.

Poodle, I think you're plan with XRB's roomie is a good one - might as well get some money out of the cock-block! What's the countdown to new poodlepad at right now? I can't wait to hear about all of your homeowning adventures! If anyone asks you about housewarming gifts...ask for Lowes/Home Despot gift cards...very useful. smile.gif

Oh, and my money is back in my account this morning. smile.gif I think that's what probably woke me up this morning. Still have no way to access the money, as its in my new account, for which I have no card, but at least its there. I can live off Mother VISA for a few days.

Okay, time to walk turbs, and then off to the farmers market (so long as I can swipe some cash from turbomann). I just gotta say, I love turbomann so much for calling off the weekend visitors. He's a good one. And he's going off to paintball today, because he knows I just need some space. cool.gif
Wow, turbo, that sucks. I had a similar thing happen, but it was my fault- I got phished in one of those PayPal schemes. Yep, I was dumb. Had to close all my accounts (no mortgage at that time, thank cod), put a flag on my credit reports, my license #. That was about 3 and a half years ago and I haven't seen any fraud on my accounts. Phew!

One thing I've heard you can do is on your checks, just have them print your first initial and last name. If someone tries to forge your checks, they probably won't know your first name and they won't know if you sign with just your first initial or your whole first name. Obviously, if your bank missed errors in your address, who knows if they'd catch that (I've heard of people in signing "Mickey Mouse" in fraud stings, when they're trying to catch the bank's mistakes and getting it passed through) but maybe they can put a flag on your account that comes up to double check the signature, since they have it on file.

Oo, I gotta leave for work- I'll come back later!
Ugh. I think I must have a cosmic "KICK ME" sign taped to my back this week....our appliance sales fall through, my identity gets stolen, and now Drunk Janitor (ya'll remember his charming character, right?) calls me to tell me that our re-model plans aren't going to work, that the wall we want to take out between the kitchen and dining room is a supporting wall. Grrr. So, likely no breakfast bar for me. Bummer.

Well, I'm gonna walk turbo, and then ride up to Evanston and get a least something nice will happen to me this weekend. smile.gif
((((((((((Turbo))))))))))) That sucks big time. All of it. I hope the rest of your weekend gets better.

We just got a call from the building manager that they're showing our apartment tomorrow at 2pm. I guess 21-hr notice is the same as 24-hrs in their world. It's not a big deal but I hate this building so much. Gotta get back to cleaning!
((((urbo)))) I'm sorry to hear how things are going.

Poodle, that also stinks. What is it with these mother fuckers?

Catsoup, I hope your showing went well.

Well, I went shopping today and got myself an amber ring, I've ben eyeing it for a while. I went with a good friend of mine and I haven't seen her in a while. I cleaned house, less the washroom, but I cleaned the fridge and dedogfurred the house.

That's all I got today.

Later all!

'soup - at least they gave you notice - our old landlords never did. One Saturday morning, I was up early baking cookies in my underwear, and there's a knock at my door - at 8:30am, and its the landlord, with people who want to see the apartment. Didn't call ahead, and I figured that if they were knocking on my door at 8:30am, they deserve to see me in my undies. They were all very uncomfortable. I was laughing. And then I offered them cookies. They didn't rent the apartment that day. wink.gif

Well, we're headed out to dinner with BFF and her fiance shortly here to get pretty likkered up. I think that shall put a different spin on the weekend.

CH, I love amber....I used to have a bunch of amber jewelry, but it disappeared with various roomies, and I never replaced it. Oh well.
Turbo, I am so sorry that the universe handed you a shit sammich this week. I just want to remind you of what a super-fabulous person you are. You have been here for all of us on so many occasions, and I often "hear" your words when I am stressing--guess that you could say I've been hearing LOTS of voices lately, so perhaps that dissolves my efficacy, but STILL! The kindness and love that you send into the world will come back to you again.

Why don't you make with the sweet, sweet lovin' with Turbomann tonight? That can cure a great many ailments. smile.gif

Hey, could you all vibe my good buddy Kim? She is in her 8th year in the district and fucking got laid off. I hate what my district does to some of it's finest. *growls*

I did garden therapy yesterday. I really tried not to, but began to cry anyway. I'm sure I looked super amusing with dirt-laden tear tracks as I kept wiping my face with grody fingers. But my pole beans are going nuts!! That was really exciting. The morning glories are tremendous, but the ex isn't taking care of them or training them so they are pretty unkempt, but that is no longer my problem, I guess. It just makes me really sad. I pulled a few 'maters, and after I had watered it on last Tuesday some things actually started growing again. There are flowers all over the hot pepper plants and zucchini! As much as it kinda rips me up going there, watching it to the end is really satisfying and soothing. I am beginning to think that maybe...well, it is of no real consequence what I think regarding the ex. When it's all said and done, I know I did the right thing. I just wish he would have. sad.gif

Anyhoo, I've now lost 5lbs. The HARD way. wink.gif

that entire thing with the bank SUCKS THE BIG GREEN WIENIE!!!!

turboman really came through, though. i'm happy that you won't have weekend visitors. and sorry about the wall. sad.gif maybe you can rework the plans somehow to have a breakfast bar some other way????

divalla, you are SO thoughtful with all of your gifts! your BBF will love the earrings, hell, you MADE them! you could make some of your world famous truffles to send, is so sweet of you to all of that. i'm sure that she will be happy happy happy with anything you send. she's your BFF!!!

on the bank account front: mr. hotbuns and i have three. i have one, he has one, and we have a joint one for household stuff. sure, if we really need something, it all winds up comingled anyway, but at least this way we can feel that we have SOME money that is just our own....and after reading about all of this identity fraud stuff, i'm happy that we have more than one account!

another really nice thing about my bank is that it is SMALL, and everyone knows me. when i used my debit card to pay for neiceoid's vacay here in africa, they put the transaction on hold (it was for 3K) and sent me an email before releasing the funds, just to make sure that i was reall the one who was behind the transaction. gotta love it.we've come up with weird little questions that only they or i would know the answers too, as well, since they are in the US and i'm in africa....for example, when i ask for bank transfers.....the woman i deal with asks me what color her wedding dress was (it wasnt WHITE, or candleglow, or any of those silly variations on cream)

i was supposed to go out for a late lunch/early din din with a friend -- i needed a nap, so i took one. i went to sleep at noon and JUST woke 3:34 am. whoooooops! i hope that she isn't too pissed. i got up early yesterday to drive outside of the city to see the progress on my inappropriate driver's house that he's having i was up on a sat morning at 6 am. i guess i needed the sleep..... i have to work on sunday (today, frell it!) starting at 9 am.

can NOT WAIT until the end of the month when i see mr. hotbuns!

i am such a nerd. when i saw that jenn had written "glad to see pam grier is back", i thought that she was talking about the L Word. *blush* took me forever (well, at least until poodle responded!) to figure out that she was talking about the PHOTO of pam!!! next to poodley's posts...

minxie, i'm so so so sorry about all of your heartache. (((((((minx)))))))) you know how awesome i think that you are, and how you DO NOT DESERVE this!! even more, how much the ASSHAT FUCK CHOP did not and does not deserve YOU. and i know that your little one liked him, too. where the frell does he get off, ruining her trust in men and messing up other people's lives as if they were just dirt under his boots? i have news for him.....HE is the SCUM. you let me know if you want me to jet up ther and tell him exactly what i think -- in SEVERAL languages!

i hope my sleep deprived state isn't too obvious. ifeel like i'm babbling...

POODLE!!! how many days till poodle pad time?????

jenn, looooooooooooooved the undies/cookies story!!! laughed my ass off! served them right! betcha they didnt try to show the apt without advance notice again, did they??? heh.

~*~*~*~*~*~*huge vibage for kim!!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

culture, what fun new book did you get? now that you have dedogfurred (bwahahahahah!) the house, will you be able to kick back and enjoy it????
dear okayers: remember the IGNORE command and to keep it WHOLELY!!!!

believe me, you will thank me. steve is on the rampage again. have sent an individual email regarding the asshat to debbie. that should take care of "it".
Thank you, darling minxy, I am feeling ever much better after copious amounts of sangria and good conversation with BFF and fiance over dinner. I still feel a lot of loss now over the old job - mostly just my good friends that I no longer see everyday...can't pretend that I was still enamored with the job itself. But tonight was very good therapy after the rough week.

Minxy, I'm still so glad that you're able to go to the garden, even if it is hard, an emotionally taxing at times, there's just something so satisfying about working with your hands in the dirt. And definitely harvest as much as you can while you're there!!

I think I caught minxy's 5lbs....I weighed myself at the gym today for the first time in 3 months, and I've gained 10lb. Oof. My clothes are a teensy bit tighter, but I think most of it is just the muscle growth in my legs from biking 100+ miles per week.

Tomorrow, we have to do some hard core packing up to evacuate the kitchen for the demolition on monday. I talked to our contractor tonight, and he reassured me that he will figure out some way to create the breakfast bar that I'm hoping for. I'm hoping that he's right.

And now, its bedtime. *keeces and sweet dreams to all*


ETA: Xpost with tes!!! Hi darling! Thank you so much for the kind words, I truly appreciate it. All shall be well here in the turbo household, very soon. I am so thankful for turbomann and his dad for being so understanding about re-scheduling their visit....I really could not have handled it this weekend. I need rest, quiet time, BFF, and time to pack.
Tessie!! Dammit! Get on IM!!

minxie, doll, i'm on IM, just invisible!
*blows kisses to Tes* I've missed you, baby!
*squeezes catsoup tightly in booooobah squishy hug*

i've missed you too, baby!!!!
Good Morning Good Morning!

I have to say I heart the ignore feature. Asshat was trying to post comments on my profile, too. What a loser.


Tes, the book I bought is Everything you know abou God is Wrong. The Disinformation guide to Religion. I am enjoying it thus far. It is a controversial little number, but that's okay. The essays certainly make you think and back up the arguement with many a citation.

Turbo, I'd say that it is muscle mass for sure. That is a lot of leg work you are doing.

Minx, how are you feeling? Are you feeling better from day to day?

So, here itis Sunday. Blah. At least I'm off tomorrow because of a holiday! YAY! Tis makes me ever so excited. All I have to do today is work out and go grocery shopping.

Took houndish to the park already and now she is chilling out quietly.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Later all!
*sigh* Steve, you pathetic dumbshit, don't you have a life? This earns the National Newtork of Abortion Funds bonus dollars, you realize that, don't you? And they're not like Planned Parenthood, who can use the funds for sex ed or pap smears or condoms or new campaigns. No, my dear. These bonus dollars will go straight to aborting fetuses. And they'll be in your name. smile.gif

Steve thinks he's both Jesus AND me. Or maybe he thinks I'm Jesus. You can never tell with the poor fool. You can click on this link to ignore Jesus, and then type in "Faereitails2" to ignore Wannabe Me.

CH--I'm doing alright. I've found that I'm seriously cranky this weekend. Must have slept about 9 hours last night, which is, I suppose, an improvement. I made the first of the season's romas into a little pint of marinara, and am getting ready for a full-on can-o-rama in about a week and a half. It's kind of hard explaining it to Minxlette, however. I mean, how do you explain someone disappearing to a 6-year-old who loves him? Fuck, I'm 33 and can barely explain it to myself. I am trying to make sure that she understands that it had nothing to do with her, that it wasn't her fault. However, I had a lovely IM conversation with our Tessie last night.

She's like a Brazilian Kali Ma with awesome boobs. wink.gif

Anyway, I suppose that it is getting a little better everyday. There won't be any real closure for me until the growing season is done, but that's alright. I don't feel like dating...and (I can't believe I'm going to say this) sex just isn't appealing at all right now. I'm just going to seal up for awhile until I get my bearings again. I had an offer this week (well, and last week) and I just can't go there. I feel like a big, gaping wound.

Maybe I'll go donate some money to the NNAF.
Hello all...quick post, got to catch up!



((((anyone else who needs 'em))))

Ok, I'm going to read you all!
Minx, it's not weird at all. When me and the ex broke up, I didn't even feel like a sexual being at all.

Hey Doodle!!!

Well, I need to make some food and then take houndish to the park.

Later all!
Ok, I still need to read, but holy shit, I have to post this....I just got given a fresh pineapple, and I realized I've never had anything but canned pineapple my entire life....and WOW!!!! Fresh pineapple is the most AMAZING THING EVER! (Or it was, you know, after I figured out how to break into the damned thing.)

I know, I know. I'm a dork.

Right, back to the reading.
Hi ya'll!!

Doodle...I love fresh pineapple too, but it gives me nasty sores, so I have to watch how much I eat...or, I grill it, which mellows the acid a bit, and that is really yummy....chop it up, toss it with some red onion, cilantro, olive oil and bleu cheese...delicious salad.

Well, I've spent the whole day unloading the kitchen...turbomann helped in the morning, but had lunch plans with the guys, so I just powered through and finished it all this afternoon - probably faster without him. And, I'm pretty damned impressed with my packing and storing skillz. I moved our pantry shelving unit to the second bedroom and put everything on it that I will need in the next month - a little make-do kitchenette. I think it will work just fine. All I have left is to cover all the furniture in drop cloths.

((((minxy)))) Be gentle with yourself, my dear. And holler if you need us - we're here. Wish I were closer.

doodle, fresh pineapple is my FAVORITE stoner munchie!

To properly get at it, split it in quarters the long way, slice each quarter down the middle core part, and then kind of slice along the skin on both sides, and cut slices outta your remaining chunks.

I have very, very fond memories of my father, cause he's the one who first gave me fresh pineapple to eat. RIP, Dad! smile.gif

I'm sorry I've been so self-absorbed...I've sort of gone into a shell. I'll come back out, I promise. I just need to get back to doing the kind of work I enjoy doing.

(((turbo))) hope your financial stuff gets better. And, even though it's a supporting wall, there are ways around that. You may need to put some columns or some posts in, but they can be made to be uber-cool. I'm sort of seeing a column that's hexagonal, and covered with mirror mosaic... wink.gif

(((minx))) Fie on the's some peaceful thoughts for you.
((((((tree))))) I hope your job sitch clears up soon, and that they hold their promise that this post is temporary.

And thanks for the wise words on the load-bearing wall contractor basically said the same thing, that with a couple of creative looking posts, we'll still get the effect we're looking for, and I'll still get to have my breakfast bar. We just picked out appliances online this evening - I have very expensive taste - eeep! Ah well, its going to be beautiful. smile.gif
(((((((Huge hugs for Turbo))))) Here's hoping that the new week is 1000 times better than last week.
So tell us ... which appliances did you pick? Tell all! Are you getting stainless steel or something else? Which brands?

And have I told you all how much I adore my LG Tromm washing machine? Holy mother of god, that was some of the best money we have ever spent. It has managed to remove every stain I've thrown at it without scrubbing or soaking or bleaching. It even removed some old, set-in blood stains on some sheets that I had given up on after multiple attempts. But now? Now those sheets are spotless. I swear that thing performs miracles. There is no other explanation.
[/fanatic gushing]

Minx, I'm sorry you're going through all of this. And I'm sorry I can't come up with anything to say that is more insightful or helpful than that. I'm afraid all I've got are bad cliches like "Time heals all wounds" and other such crap. Maybe we should change that to "Time scabs over all wounds. And because humans are weird, we like to fiddle about with those scabs & reopen them a couple of times before we finally learn to leave the damn scab alone. Only then can Time actually heal those scabby wounds."

Faerietails, you may not be Jesus, but your awesomeness is certainly worthy of worship.
[nods sagely]

((((((((Tree)))))))))) Sorry your still stuck in the Pergatory Division at work. sad.gif

(((((((((((CH & Tes & Poodle & Doodle & Catsoup & Divala & PK & Kari & Moxie & FamilyFallJackets & everyone else who isn't a troll)))))))))))

Life is good here. We had a dinner party on Saturday night and I made these amazing smothered pork chops. The recipes is from America's Test Kitchens & it is fabulous. Yum.

We also hung out with friends today and on Friday night, althought the people on Friday night are new friends. They're sweet & kinda fun & we have things in common, but they're also far more conservative than we are. When we pulled up to their house, we noticed that on the husband's car, he has a bumper sticker of a "Truth Fish" eating a "Darwin Fish". Hmmmmmm. Sheff & I are more liberal, "Coexist" types who get drunk & swear occasionally, so I don't know how well this friendship may hold up in the long-term. Oh well.
Good morning everyone! We had a lovely weekend, scuttled a bit by rain, but made up for with cuteness. We had the BFFs over for dinner last night, and it was the first time both kidlets were in booster seats at the highchairs...and both behaved themselves...and, it was just great fun! OUr little babies are growing into really funny kids.

We also got some good pics posted up from our friend's wedding. Look at the set noted as "Gwyn's Wedding."

Friday night, I went as my sister's date to her oldest friend's wedding. It was a lovely ceremony (only a very short God Commercial...). The priest used his observations of long-married friends as his base for the homily...i always appreciate it when the catholic priest openly admits to not having the experience himself. I ended up with a wicked migraine, though...luckily it really hit after i got home, but feh still!

Saturday, we pretty much had family fun day all around. First swim lessons! Lots of outside play! Extra long nap!

Yesterday, well, we were going to hit the water park, but since it was raining outside all day, we hit the mall and watched videos instead. Rainy days are exceptions to the "1/2 hr" tv rule.

Minxy, sweetie, you sound so much more certain this time around. I think that clairity will provide you with strength and the answers you are looking for. In the meantime, tend your garden, and squeze she who runs nakey extra hard.

((((tree)))) Still doing the shite work...suck ass.

Okeydokey folks, i have a LONG week coming up.

Good Morning!

((jenn)) geez, you've had a time of it, haven't you? I am so sorry. Planning your kitchen sounds like A LOT of fun though! I am really glad the money is back in your acct too.

Hi Moxie! Sounds like you had a really fun weekend.

Poodle, so XRB is gonna be RB again eh? Cool. I don't blame you, if you've got extra room in your house, may as well get some help with the mortgage. Esp if it's someone you know you can live with without too many issues.

Hi Doodle! My sister had the same pineapple awakening recently. It's good stuff, isn't it?

(((TREE))) I am so sorry you are in the dumps lately. Please don't feel bad about not posting lately & being reclusive. You know we love you!

((Minx)) I'm glad you got to look after the garden, I know it must have been really bittersweet though. You'll make it through this, doll.

Hi CH, Rose, & Faerie!

On the financial front....that's what we do too, 2 accounts. However, pretty much all bills come out of my account. Mr K has a good deal of cc debt. I initially agreed to pay the bills & let him work on the debt. Fast foward 2 years. Debt is slightly lower, but not much. I think I need to broach the topic with him again tonight. The stress & pressure is starting to build. I am starting to feel like I'm being taken advantage of. I know that he doesn't mean to do that, it's an unintended effect, but it's there. I think these are the sorts of issues that can seriously fuck up a relationship if not dealt with. Anyhoo.

I had a lazy weekend. It is so f-ing hot here. Too hot to do anything. It's been around 99 degrees w/ 67% humidity. That, my friends, is very uncomfortable. It's gonna be that way all week. I saw a movie Friday night...I saw Talk to Me, the new Don Cheadle movie. I thought it was well done. Saturday and Sunday we sat around the house. Well, we did get out Saturday night to go to some art galleries & play poker. That was about it though.
Good mornin' all!!!

Fucking trolls. Why here in the okay thread where people talk about kitchen remodeling and garden porn? Is there anyway to block avatars, too?

No, kari, XRB will not go back to RB status. His cock-blocking roommate might move into my basement room though. I'm really reluctant to share the main level with him though (besides the bath and kitchen). I think he thinks that he's gonna get to move all of his shit in and spread it all over the house as though it's a common household when, in my mind, he's just gonna have a room to himself in the basement. Yeah, we're gonna have to chat about that.

I can't wait to see pictures of your remodel, turbo!!! I suppose it's gonna be a while though.

Mox, those are some cute pics!! Of course, I can't get enough of those moxette pics!! She has the funniest facial expressions!!

I hung out with XRB on Friday and we went to get some food at a neighborhood restaurant/bar. We ran into some friends there, which was fun. Then we ran into the cock-blocker and I thought for sure that any possibility of HBI was out the door. The 3 of us went back to my apartment (sigh) and watched TV and then cock-blocker became bored, so he left on his own and the HBI was on. Heh.

Sorry for the self-absorbed post. I read everyone's posts. I just need more caffeine.
Good Morning on this Monday.

I've got the day off, but there is noting but tension in the house. My mother has been acting like a child since yesterday. Bah.

(((tree))) I hope tha work improves soon.

Turbo, I hope that this week goes better for you.

RV, that sounds delish! YAY for the successful dinner partay! How's things going at the new homestead?

Mox, enjoy your tome off!

Kari, that is freakin' hot.

Poodle, that sounds like a good weekend.

Well, I've not got much going on. It was a quiet weekend, didn't really do much I didn't want to. And it would be great if my mother wasn't being such a cow. *grumbles to self*

Later all.

Hi, peeps!

((((((((Jenn's lousy last week)))))))) Here's hoping this week is much better. What day does the construction start? And I'd love nothing more than to take my BFF out for drinks, but she lives in California. We have to do all our gifts by mail.

Hi, Tes!!! Mr. HB is coming down to see you again? So, when this job ends and goes back on probation, are you still going to stick with it, or move back home? Oh, and I only make truffles for the holidays, I don't want to deal with melting chocolate in August, or work over a hot stove if I don't have to. I love my BFF, but not that much.

Wow, Kari, how do you people survive in heat like that? I'd melt, or take the whole freaking week off to sit at home in the a/c-treated air.

Poodle, when would XRB's RM be moving in with you? I hope you can at least get a month or two alone in your house to enjoy it. Have I mentioned how jealous I am of your house? Gawd, I'd love to live alone again in my own house, just for a little while.

Hi, CH! What holiday is it for you today? Sorry your mom's being a cow.

(((((((Minx))))))) Wow, that sounds like some garden the asshole has given up on! You should take everything out of it and leave him no good vegetables to harvest. And you should pick all the flowers.

(((((((Minx's friend vibes))))))))

Hi, Moxie, RV, Doodle, and all!

I had a really good weekend. I worked out on Friday after work, then we just chilled at home and watched TV. On Saturday, we slept in, then went to the Uptown Art Fair for a bit, then out for pizza and wings, then tried to get a good view of the bridge wreckage, but couldn't get close enough, and we weren't about to walk because it was raining out. Then we came home and played Guitar Hero and watched SATC. A lovely Saturday, all in all.

I had my big visit with Sam yesterday, and we had a blast. He played with all my bracelets and held the Swarovski ones up to the window to see if they "sparkle in the sun." He was quite scientific about it. We read some books and cuddled a little, went to the park, out for ice cream, played a little soccer, and drew with chalk on the front step. As it turns out, he actually chose me over his mom yesterday. She wanted to pick him up early in the day, but he said "no, Aunt Angie is here and I want to play with her." Awww. We're good friends. He's such a ball to be around. He repeats the funniest things, too. For dinner, he was "the gertin in the curtain", and the cutest one ever. When he saw an almost-accident on the road he said "it's time to make the world a safer place to drive." Everyone thought that was all poetic until he said "you're in good hands with All State." Hehe! I also helped my mom set up a page on the computer to type in her poems, and Dad gave me $100 for our trip to Omaha in a few weeks. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon/evening.

I'm going to do some political work tonight. : ( I really don't want to, but I really should pony up and help out at least a little. It's phone banking for a St. Paul city council candidate, and I'm only staying for 2 hours, they are NOT getting my whole evening. But if the candidate is a Republican, then I'm cancelling. I may be a union member, but I'm a Democrat first.
Phone banking sucks. If it's union, does that mean you're only calling union members? That's a hell of a lot better than cold calls but still not great. You're a good person for doing it, Diva. I haven't done that in years and frankly am in no hurry to get back into it. I haven't worked on a campaign since Wellstone died. His race was the last one I helped with and I haven't been inspired to do it since. Maybe the next presidential election.

I'm waiting for a call from a friend about what we're doing for lunch. I'm hoping she's hungry soon cuz I'm starving. I need to get better at eating breakfast.

I'm only doing this tonight because I feel somewhat guilted into it because the guy who's coordinating it is kind of a friend. But then again, I don't want to do it and make him think he can go to me every time. I'm sorry, but I guess I don't care as much as he does, as he has a lot more invested in the political arm of the union than I do. I hope it is only union members, but I'm not sure. Cold calls do indeed suck, but I've done them before - at least they're better than door-knocking.

I don't know what I'm doing for lunch yet other than that I'm going out somewhere. I should really email Marileen to get together, we haven't had lunch in ages.
"it's time to make the world a safer place to drive." Hahaha!!! That's soooo damn cute!! It sounds like you had an excellent weekend, diva!!

(((culture))) Moms can be so awful sometimes (or a lot of the time). My mom drives me crazy about half of the time. The rest of the time, we're laughing our asses off.

Grrrr...I have so much paperwork to fill out for the house. What a headache!! I just really wish someone would rent my apartment already so that I can relax about that.

I wonder how Marileen is doing. It's been a while. There are a lot of MIA busties. Where's girltrouble?
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