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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Holy shit.
((((Minneapolis Busties))))

(((catsoup))) I hope that your dad is okay.
Who's left to check in? Diva, Poodle... How many Twin Cities Busties are there besides them, Minx, and me?

This is scary shit. I don't even know if I should start calling people or just wait.

The local news just made a "homeland security says this is not due to terrorists" announcement. My brain didn't even go there, we're so sheltered in the midwest.
I think that's about it. I'll try to call Poodle and see if she has talked to Diva.
((((Mpls busties)))

NPR just did a huge series here on how the country's infrastructure is crumbling, and needs huge investment to continue carrying the traffic and all the shipping. In chicago we have these lovely sink holes that just randomly appear, and there will be like a 2' round hole in the middle of a lane of traffic, and it goes like 2-3' down. And they don't seem to fix them. There's one on our block, and two on my commute downtown, and I've nearly ditched in them many a morning, when I'm not paying attention.

Grrrrrl!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! *Passes champagne around*

Now, we just need poodle to get her raise!!

Hi hi catsoup....sorry to hear about your is rough to see parents aging...and care for them, and wish they would make choices to support their health...sigh.

Hi hi tes!! I hope your meeting went well!

I seem to spend way too much time in meetings at the new job, that's for sure. phoooey. Really hard to get creative time in. Oh well....I need to give this some time to settle in.
(((((((((((Minneapolis Busties)))))))))))
Just saw the video of the wreckage. Scary scary shit.
Yowza!! That's a major bridge. I used to take it a lot when I lived up by the U. Anyway, I'm alive. Diva's alive. It's all good.
Right on. smile.gif

Apparently there are 22 wounded at HCMC, six with critical traumas, and one that died from drowning. I suspect there shall be more considering the footage I've seen on the net (I don't have teevee reception).
Glad to hear Poodle and Diva are also ok.
Heyyy...I know I've been AWOL. But I wanted to check in on the (((MPLS Busties)))!

And, apologies for being noncommunicative. My life is a little sucky right now, and when I get periods like that, I don't seek out conversation, I tend to withdraw. But, I saw the news and I HAD to delurk!

OMFG, I just got online and saw this! How frightening! (((((Twin Cities busties)))))

Aren't marileen and lurvpaint also from the TCs?
Holio Shit! (((TC Busties))) I hope you are all OK, and all your loved ones, too. I read about the collapse on the 'net, and it looks horrifying!

Yes, Marileen and Lurvpaint are also from the Twin Cities, but I think that Lurv is in Indianapolis right now. But I may be wrong.

I hope they check in soon.
just coming in to check on the TC busties. i hope you and your loved ones are ok. i'll check back soon.
so we have minx, Pink, and diva accounted for. that's a relief! hopefully the other girls are good too. rubyredslippers is ok also
ohmygods. i just logged into the compu this morning to check my email and saw the bridge collapse! ran right over here to make sure everyone in okay was okay.

shugga, querida, muchas gracias por la informacion de sam!

(((((divalla, minxie, poodley noodley, marileen, lurvely, anyone else i've missed)))))

will be back later, i hope.

today our desk officer leaves (booo!)

we have senate foreign relations committee members here to visit one of our clinics (double booo!) and i have to go and play tourguide (triple boo!!)

the big potato arrives sunday (quadruple boo!!)

you go, grrrrlyouwant!!!

~*~**~*~ treehugger, i hope your life gets less sucky ~*~*~*~*

catsoup! yayayay that your dress is in!

(((((puppykitty))))) moi! hope that all is well and that the jail incident does not recur and has left no lasting ick. let's hear it for el guapo and nonstop youngsters and HBI. i'm jealous. wish i was all about the cock!

*gladly snags a glass of champers from turbojenn*

thanks, darling! i, too, am enamoured of the idea of putting a job on probation. i'm here until the end of my two years -- or through january. THEN, my job goes on probation, TOO. more later.

love to all of you. stay safe.

Mornin' peeps!!

Welcome back MIA busties!!


Yeah, the bridge thing is freaky. It went down in 2 seconds!! Thank god there was only one open lane on the bridge at the time though (construction), or there woulda been double or even triple the number of cars involved.

I wish the news media would stop making this into some huge national tragedy like Katrina or whatever. I was watching CNN last night and it seemed like Wolf Blitzer was fishing for gore stories.
I haven't heard from a friend of mine who lives over on Stinson. I think she takes 35w home from work. I'm not freaking out yet because she was supposed to be on a camping trip sometime around now. Other than that, my loved ones seem to be accounted for. Thank goddess. I hope other Twin Cities Busties can say the same.

Poodle's right - if it hadn't been for the construction they were doing (just surface work, nothing structurally) a lot more would have been hurt or killed.

This is going to really fuck things up for a long time...
The first thing I thought of this a.m. when I heard the news on the radio was "gotta get on Bust and see if the MPLS Busties are accounted for..."
Good Morning everyone.

I'm glad to here that the TC's busties are safe and doing okay in light of the collapse.

Tree, I hope that you feel better soon.

Hey Sugga and Tes!

Wolf Blitzer needs to be thwacked with a rubber chicken.

That's all I really want to say today.

Later all.

It almost seemed like Wolf was hoping there would be more death and gore.

The first thing that occurred to me was that it's gonna be a totally pain in the ass to get around town and that traffic is gonna be all fucked up for 2 years until they get construct a new bridge. The work they were doing on that bridge and near the U area already made it a pain in the ass to get around up there. Thank frellin' god this didn't happen during the wintertime. Craziness.

Maybe I'll walk over to the Stone Arch bridge during lunch and take a look at the wreckage.
Hi, peeps!

I took a mental health day yesterday because I was depressed and my eyes were all puffy from crying.


Congrats on the job, Grrl!!!!!!!

Sorry about your dad, Catsoup. It happens to all of our parents eventually, but it's not supposed to be so soon. I hope he can still manage okay and remain independent.

Jenn, sorry to hear the job is less than spectacular. But after a year, you can say you gave it the best try you could and did all you could to make things better. You're absolutely right, if the job can't be done in 40/week, then the job needs to be fixed, not the employee.

Poodle, I was talking to Sam yesterday, and he specifically asked if you were okay by name.

Hi, Shuggah, Tes, Tree, CH, and all!

I guess there's some video out there of the bridge collapsing, but I haven't seen it yet because my computer here at work is so restrictive about that stuff. I can't even imagine. At least it seems like a minimum of lives were lost, it could have been much, much worse. Still, it's going to leave a gaping hole in the middle of the city.

Because of it, my commute got fucked up. They've closed off the alternate route to traffic from my street. I take their suggested alternate every day, but since they're making it a freeway, I need to jockey around weird to get to a place where I can get on. But I shouldn't complain, many people have it far, far worse.

It was kind of nice, though, that all the giant's family and my family called. We're pretty much the only ones in our families that live in the city, and somewhat close to downtown, so they all wanted to make sure we were okay. My parents rarely ever call, so it was nice to hear from them. The giant even got to talk to Sam for awhile, so says that this bridge was his favorite one. That kid is funny.

I'm going to go up and visit with Sam all day Sunday. I can't freaking wait! I haven't seen him in over a month, and I'm jonesing for some fun with the munchkin. He left me a message at work asking if I'd bring all my bracelets up for him to play with. Maybe he'll turn out gay. That'd be fun. Then he could live with his cool auntie Angie.
Diva, baby...why were you crying so hard? sad.gif I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well.

wolf blitzer is an ass hat.

((((((divalla))))))) was it because of the bridge scare, querida? we all love you!!! i hope you're feeling better!
I didn't hear a whole lot of what Wolf Blitzer (is that even his real name?) had to say, since I was at the gym when it happened. But compared with when that bridge went down in the bay area in California, this one doesn't seem nearly as bad.

It was nothing, really. I was just depressed again a couple nights ago and I let it get the better of me. It's best if I just don't talk about it. Forget I even mentioned it.

Sam is such a friggin' cutie. How sweet of him to ask about me.

God, I'm hungry, but the line at the sandwich place is going out into the hallway and I'm not willing to stand there forever.

Istanbul was Constantinople
Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople
Been a long time gone, Constantinople
Now it's Turkish delight on a moonlit night

Sorry, I just can't resist breaking out in song sometimes. I'm sure you all know that by now.
Poodle, I have a newfound NEW respect for you and the work you've been doing working out and junk. Seriously. I have been busting my ass for the last two weeks, and am FINALLY seeing the results. I'm doing about 2lbs. per week, but it seems to be gaining momentum now that I've amped my workout routine this week AND got done with my period which always makes me retain water like a mofo. How often do you go to the Y? I saw your Niles yesterday when I went (for the very first time) to go do an endurance program or something on the stationary bike. He has a sex-ay accent.

How are the FJ's doing?


Diva--it is forgotten, but you are still hugged. I hate that seems to creep (sometimes) out of nowhere, can come from anywhere, and just plain blows.

I found myself weeping again this morning for a little bit. Maybe I'll head to the garden tomorrow for a little bit and cavort amongst the plants. That always makes me happy. That's been one of the hardest things, next to being dumped in such a harsh manner, because that garden really balanced me out. It was the focused nurturing, I think.

I dunno. Sometimes, I just get really fucking sad. PTSD is a bitch.
ooooooooooooooooooooooo, poodley, are you gonna get an egg salad sammich???? YUM. maybe i need to make some egg salad.

diva, spending time with that adorable sam is just the ticket! he will make it all better. that kid, is, as poodle says, so friggin CUTE!

poodle's pretty damn cute her fine self, singing about constantinople!

makes me start singing about turkish delight:

rah ha-a-a-a-a-at lohkum

is sweet with the meat of the lechee nut
combined with a kumquat and rind
the kind of confection to drive a man out his
Messsss o po taaaaaaaaaaa miiii an mind!

(really obscure reference to really old broadway song)
Hahaha!! I don't know that one, tes!! Sounds cool though!!

2 lbs a week!! That's great, minx!! 2 lbs of actual fat per week takes some serious exercisin' and healthy eatin.' Have you been pumpin' your guns, too? A lot of times the fat loss won't be show up on the scale if you're building muscle. It's almost not even worth it to step on the scale more than once every couple weeks.

Hell yeah, Nile has a sexy accent!! It's very Borat at times, too, like when he says words like "bling" or "jiggy." Super funny. Minx, what times have you been going down there? I'm there almost every weekday after 5:00. Come on down!!
which bridge diva? the big big collapse was to the san jose bay bridge during that huge earthquake we had back in the, what was it, mid- to late 80's? i still remember being pissed because the quake knocked out our electricity in some manner right when i was about to pass this super tough level on nintendo super pitfall that i'd been workig up to for weeks. and yeah, that one was nasty. and then we had another that made news just a couple months ago, when a gasoline tanker crashed and created a super insanely hot fireball that melted the steel and concrete supports and took out a major section of I-5. man, shit like this makes me glad i don't drive. and i especially don't drive in the bay area. did it once, horror story from beginning to end, won't do it again if i can help it.

but anyway, i'm so glad to hear all our busties in the area are accounted for. scary, scary shit man. between this and the steam explosion in new york last month, you'd think some elected officials *cough*george*cough* would be taking some money away from their golf buddy corporations and that mess in iraq and allocating the funding to an emergency sweep of the infrastructure of all major cities and roadways to determine if maybe some those 70-plus-year-old structures could use a wee bit of reinforcement or replacing before we have another disaster on our hands.
Word. I blame it all on the republicans.
Yeah, I've been burning about 2500-3000 calories per week and limiting my intake to 1250-ish. I do some intense vinyasa/ashtanga yoga, and decided yesterday that I wanted to supplement that with some additional cardio. Honestly, I don't have much interest in pumping iron...I gain muscle mass WAAAAAAY too easily and the yoga is a lot of resistance work anyway. Perhaps if after I trim down to my expected weight level by December I might be more inclined to do weight-lifting...until then, it's those silly cardio machines for me!

I'd love to join you, however. I could probably meet you for about 20 minutes this afternoon. I am really only available on Thursdays AND Fridays every other week when the Asshat has her, unless I can come up with alternative arrangements. However, after school has begun next month, I will be in there nearly every night, but a bit earlier. What is your work schedule like? Is it at all flexible?

Speaking of the Asshat, he is up to his narsty tricks again. Now he's quibbling about the DAYS that I fucking put Minxlette in the fucking program that he made me cough up $650 just to argue about it and over $500 just to have her in them. He can go play hide-and-go-fuck-yourself. And as a result of this? He wants to use this online scheduling system that costs MORE FUCKING MONEY because we had a "miscommunication". Fuck him. If he were running around with her as much as I have been this summer, he'd be a bit more fucking lenient with his definitions.

WHAT IS WITH ALL OF THESE LITTLE PETER PAN JERKOFFS WHO HAVE POWERTRIPS?!!! I love the irony. The Garden Usurper used to complain about how asinine Asshat behaved, and now both of them are acting equally passive-aggressively. Not that they are completely comparable, but you get the idea. Hell, I could probably find parallels with them and particle board right now simply because I am so fucking pissed off, so my comparisons cannot be trusted. wink.gif

I wish that he'd start fucking his wife or something, because all of this attention from him is really starting to eat my fucking colon. Bitchboy. Harumph.
Hi Hi Hi!


Hi Tes!!!

Poodle, I heart They Might be Giants.
Particle Man Particle Man
Does whatever a Particle Can!

Grrrl, I also hope that George and his Canadian cousin, Stephen Harper, get sucked into a giant wormhole and they come out in a land where everyone is gay, and gay marriage is aloud and there are abortions allowed, and free birth control and and and there is comprehensive sexual aducation, and maybe, just maybe, it will be run by athiests! Hee hee.

Minx, good for you on the working out, but the ex will have karma stick it in his ass! Mofo.

well, I feeling much better now, was having a shit day before, but will take houndish to the park then work out myself. I've been doing such intensive workouts that I usually work out every other day. But I'm going to kick it up a notch, again.

Bah, only one more hour to go and I'm really getting sick and tired of this the lounge taking so freakin' long to load at work.


CH, I'm glad your day is getting better. What kind of hound is Houndish?

((Diva)) I'm glad you took a mental health day when you needed it. In my experience, that helps a lot.

I just made a pan of chocolate peanut butter cup bars. I'm going to try my hardest to not eat all of them. All this talk of exercise in here doesn't help - it just makes me more hungry.

Had an interview this morning for a great part-time job. I hope I get it. It pays well and is just about the right number of hours.

Okay, off to more cleaning. Today is my mommy's birthday. She's coming to town tomorrow (with my dad) and we've got a couple days of fun planned. The big task is to go visit Como Park, where the wedding will be. They also want to go with TB to the firing range and shoot guns. Not my cup of tea by a long shot (heh, heh, shot) but if that's what they want to do, we will do it.

Where is everyone? Isn't this place more hopping usually?
Catsoup, I have a Border Collie.

It's also my mommies birfday today!

Okay, so my day just got shittay again. Friendboy (whom I've got feelings for) has a g/f. They are on again off again, so here him and I are, stuff happens. And he just sent me a text telling me she's back tonight. I feel like i've been punched in the gut. Fark. I am totally going to work out when I get home. How does this crap happen. I've knownhim for a long time, 12 years, and this shit happens. How could I be some dumb. I should clearly know how thigns are between them ifwhat happened between up happened. (I promise he's a really sweet man, y'all know how I feel about assholes and such).


See, now I feel better. How odd. As soon as things come out of my trap, they are gone. It's like the kiss of death! Hee hee. As soon as CH readily admits something, it goes away! Har har.
hey ladies!!! just checking in today to make sure all of you minneapolis lovelies are present and accounted for. you were the first ones i thought of last night when i heard the news and i've been thinking of you all day! glad to see that you are all ok.

we're still doing really well here. i'm holding the jackaroo right now, so typing is difficult. we did have a bit of a scare over the weekend. after a routine visit to the pediatrician for his 3 week check up, she was concerned that he wasn't gaining enough weight and that his breathing was a little louder than it should be. he has been a "noisy baby" since he was born and at first she wasn't concerned, but coupled with the lack of weight gain, it scared her so she sent us to the emergency room. we were there for a few hours and they decided to admit him to the children's hospital for monitoring, so we spent the night there with him on friday night. i am sure i don't have to tell you guys how freaked out i was over it. turns out he has a condition called laryngomalacia, which basically means that his larynx is a little floppy. it's something that he should outgrow by the time he is two. there is no treatment for it and it isn't life-threatening, but causes him to make a lot of noise when he breathes. i had to take him yesterday for them to put a scope down his throat to make the final diagnosis, and i have to take him in a month to have an xray done to make sure it's only in the larynx. but he seems to be doing really well and is still the cutest baby since moxette! oh, and the weight gain issue was because the little dude gets so lazy after breastfeeding that he falls asleep halfway through it and i didn't know that i was supposed to be waking him up to eat. he seemed satisfied to me, but he just wasn't getting enough. i'm happy to say that he gained 8oz in four days and is now at his optimal weight. it's funny how just a few ounces can make all the difference!!

ok, i'm gonna read some archives. i feel so cut off from you guys! i haven't been getting online much but today was the first day of me and jackson here together alone and i'm trying to get a little bit of a routine down. we've had family practically living with us for the past month and i'm ready to get back to normal. or at least get to our NEW normal.

i miss and love you all!!

Mmmm...chocolate+PB=party in my mouth!!

Sucks, culture. Stupid girlfriends always gettin' in the way!! *pouts*

Boooo ex-asshat!!! Minx, instead of working out, I'm gonna walk o'er to the Stone Arch bridge to get a look at the collapsed bridge. Then I'm gonna buy beer and go home and drink it. You're welcome to join me if you like.

Happy birfday to catsoup's mama!!

ETA- Hi FJ!!! That is scary!! Thank goddess he's okay!!
oh, and here's a newer pic. we haven't uploaded the even newer ones yet. i will put them in an album at some point soon! i promise!

ok, /mememememememe smile.gif (for now)

Awwwww....that's super cute!!!
Oh my god, how cute is the FJ Family? They look so happy. Thanks for sharing the picture and update, FJ! We've miss ya!!

I must say, cute pictures, especially cute family pictures, aggravate my baby fever.... smile.gif
Awwwww the FJ's!!!! What a beyooooooootiful family!!!!

I guess I forgot to mention, I knew he had an on again off again g/f, but that still didn't stop things from happening between us, which makes me wonder how much he really cares about her, if, well, you don't need deets!

I'm in a mucho better mood, I took houndish to ze park and it was very nice, and tomorrow is payday and and and it's a long weekend!!! YAY!!!!

That is all for now folks!

Later all.
Oh, FJs, you have brightened this hot, sticky, sweaty day with your unbearable cuteness!!! Ya'll look SO happy...and jackaroo is a beautiful little guy!

We just got back from our friends' daughters' first birthday...daughter is ridiculously cute and charming, and a very good spokesperson for her kind. smile.gif These particular friends have 3 cats in a 800sq ft apartment, so we had to clear out fairly quickly. I just took a scalding shower and rinsed my sinuses to help recover. I'll probably go to bed early here.

Minxy, I'm glad you're still able to find some joy in the garden, given the circumstances. And I'm super duper glad to know that all of our Mpls busties are safe. And minxy, your post is the second time today that friends have uttered the phrase "what is it with these peter-pan jerkoffs" - how crazy is that? Anyway, I hope all the jerkoffs in your life punch them selves in the neck and knock some sense into their thick heads.

We started unloading our kitchen last night, as demo in our kitchen starts feels clostrophobic in here already, and we've done maybe 1/4 of it....and FIL and BIL are coming this weekend, which I'm not really thrilled about, but whatever. I get so cranky about guests, come this time of the summer. blink.gif
Good Morning!

Where is everyone?

Hey Turbo! Did the shower keep sneezes and allergies at bay?

Anyways, I slept really good last night. Friendboy called me last night, couldn't talk for long as he was still at work. I sent him a text and I told him I was in a mood, so he got concerned. At least I know he's a good friend.

Bah, I've not got much going on today, excpet for this whole long weekend business. I need the extra day! I'm excited about that. Well, I must go do some banking here.

Later all!

Sorry I've been MIA, they replaced my computer at work & it's been fucked. I could read posts, but if I attempted to reply, it'd kick me off. Anyhoo.

HI FJS! The pic is too too cute. I am soooooo glad our little man is ok! How terrifying that whole ordeal must have been.

I am also soooooo glad our MN okayers are all okay. thank cod.

I am gonna just post this to see if it works....will come back if it does. *fingers crossed!*
yay!!!! I think it worked!!! I think I figured out the deal with why it was kicking me off. Ugh. It's been frustrating.

So.....I have been reading the boards over the last days, but now have no memory of what I read.

((CH)) Sorry to hear about your sitch with friendboy. Booooo. I am glad he was concerned though.

Hi catsoup!! Are you still job hunting? How is it going?

I see Tes was here! HEY TESSSSSS!!!!!

Nothing much happening with me today. This week's been ok. Well, Wed. was shitty, but the other days have been ok. No real plans for the weekend, which I am thrilled about. Woo hoo! We had planned on going canoeing tomorrow, but now two people can't go, so we're going to do it another time. It would have been fun, but I'm happy to have the day free. Mr K is off too, so that will be nice. maybe. There's been some tension in the K household this week....of the financial sort. I had a "discussion" with Mr K about it. We'll see what happens.
Hey FJs! Your family looks just beautiful! How's the recovery coming along? Enjoy the time with little jackaroo!!! MORE PICS! smile.gif
Hey Kari, is everything okay now? Situation with friend boy will improve, I just am riding this one out (no pun intended!)

Hi Mox!

Is it the end of the day yet?
Heh. No pun intended, eh? You are right, things will get better.

Things with me & Mr K, yeah they are fine. It's a serious topic, but not one that can't be overcome. I think all couples have tension over finances. At least all couples I've known.

hi Moxie!
Oh god, finances. Yep, it's one of the two things TB and I have tension over (the other is me not changing my name when we get amrried but let's not talk about that). Why is money such a hard thing to talk about?

3 cats in 800 sq. ft.? Wow. I hope your shower helped, Turbo.
Hi, peeps!

Jenn, I can't even imagine how your allergies flared up. That's a bunch of cats for that space!

The giant and I have finance tensions sometimes, too, especially when it's his turn to buy groceries. He always gets in a mood over it, because his last marriage is eating up almost half of what he's got. I just hope that, in a year and 10 months when he's done with his alimony, that we'll both be flush and can think about getting married and buying a house.

Aw, the FJ family is so sweet! I'm glad Jackaroo's condition isn't hurting him and that he'll grow out of it. That must've been a big scare!

Grrl, I was talking about that bridge collapse that happened sometime in the '80s during the World Series.

CH, that's good that things with you and friendboy aren't weird. He should just break up with his girlfriend. He can't be that into her if he'll sleep with you when she's not around.

Poodle, I've got annoying songs in my head, and I think you might be interested: "Seventeen" and "We've Got The Beat." It's from the Guitar Hero '80s version that we got last week. You should come over and play it with us tomorrow.

(((((((((Tes)))))))) Since I forgot to hug you yesterday. : )

Hi, Kari, Catsoup, Minx, and everyone else!

I think I'm weird. I saved the message Sam left for me on Wednesday. He called himself "your traveling friend, Sam Sam." So cute. I've listened to it probably 4 times. It's like a little shot of sunshine.

No big plans for the weekend. I'm going to work out tonight, then no plans for later. No plans tomorrow, but we might go see The Simpsons Movie. I'm going up to play with Sam on Sunday for a very long time. I'm going to run out and do a little shopping for my lunch, even though I don't have the money for it. I need beads (yes, yet again) to complete this necklace I'm going to make and take pictures of to submit for craft fairs, and I'm about out of face wash, so I need some of that.

I got some good news at work yesterday. My boss is going to fill the position I've had to take over doing interstate crap with someone who will do it permanently. Whew! There's an end in sight for this crap! He says 2 months, I say 9. No way is anyone who already works here going to want to take the position. Interstate sucks and nobody wants to work with my boss. So they'll have to hire outside the office, which means a long interview process and lots of training before that person can take over. But still, at least it's a guarantee of getting rid of this sometime within the next year, so that's good.

Bonjour bustiers!!!

Nothin' much goin' on here today. I finished my analysis, so now I'm just waiting for the corner office lady to get here so that I can have her look at it.

That's great about work, diva!! I'm sorry you have those songs in your head!! Do you need me to come up with a substitute? *rubs hands together devilishly*

I heard The Simpsons Movie is actually good. Usually movies based on TV shows are disappointing.

Yeah, finance is a major thing in a relationship (not that I'd really know). I've heard that financial crap is one of the top 3 reasons why people get divorced.

Last night I hiked to the riverfront on the eastern edge of downtown so I could get a look at the bridge. The police had blocked off pretty much all of the walkways around there, so I wasn't able to get very close. I could see the parts of the bridge that were shooting up into the air though. I forgot how big that bridge was and how wide the river is at that point. After that, I had to go over to my parents, which involved crossing the Mississippi River twice (and twice back). I was totally paranoid driving over the St. Paul High Bridge, because I thought it was scary before the bridge collapse thing. It's totally unreasonable, but I'm neurotic and I can't help it.
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