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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi everyone! I'm not dead, just away from home again. Went to Philly with my gay boyfriend and then flew to Cincinnati to see the family. I'll be home on Wednesday and will park it there for the rest of the summer. Whew. This traveling stuff is fun, but tiring.

I'll catch up as much as I can. I miss you guys! Punches in the neck to any idiots bothering Okayers.

Hi, it's me again.

Minx, I could not give up cheese. And if cows don't get milked, they actually can get an infection in their udders called mastitis (sp?), anyways, it's akin to a bladder infection in humans. Not so fun.

KEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pounces on and gives beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg hug* glad to see you aren't dead. That's great that you are keeping busy.

Well, it's just about bed time, so later all!
Dude, I've had mastitis. I had a MILD case of it when breastfeeding Minxlette. It burned and my breast was so sore that I cried when she ate. That is no fucking treat.
aarrgh, some asshole in the parking lot gunning his engine and being a big ol' dick about it cause his friends are there even after i asked nicely to keep it down cause i work nights. okay, i yelled "shut up!" out my window first, but that was just "i just got my ass woke up at what amounts to 3 am" crankiness which i am so allowed. i reported his stupid fratboy ass to management. oh well, guess i've got time for another episode of weeds as long as i'm up. and if he gets back in his shiny black oversized teeny tiny dick compensation before i leave tonight, there are some rotting duck eggs in the bushes close by....
Cheese was not a huge issue for me when I gave it up, it was ice cream that was hard to let go of. I can deal with soy treats except when it comes to root beer floats, then I miss ice cream a lot.

Yes, cows can get infections if they are not milked, but I really hate the fact that the dairy industry keeps them constantly pregnant to produce milk and then they need to be milked all the time. Oh and the veal that comes from the dairy people's unwanted male calfs was enough to get me off the stuff. Plus the pus, the yucky pus. But I would play the drum or the game that was made out of a goat's head. I just prolly wouldn't buy them in bulk and give them as gifts.
Okay, trying here with my smoke picture.


I give up.
Quick post on my way to bed....

princess danderemorra!!! SO awesome to see you back here!!! wub.gif

Yeah, minx, I felt the same about the drum - I can understand choosing not to buy leather and stuff like that, but the drum already exists. But the girl is only just 19, and still has some life experience to gain, ya know? I'd probably make her cry if I got into it with her....

Anyway, the vegan banana bread WAS pretty good with big dollop of fresh, dairy butter on top. wink.gif

I can't think about the pus/milk issue. I can't think about a lot of issues around commercial livestock, actually. I did try going vegetarian for 2 years, for ethical reasons, but it was too hard for me - I can't eat like that, and as someone who used to have an eating disorder, I especially can't spend that much time thinking about food. And I can't afford free range organic meat, even if I could find it easily in this damned town - though I do buy free range organic eggs, at least. (Ironic that you have to have some measure of wealth to access food that isn't riddled with toxic stuff and/or that involves animal abuses.) So now I just can't think about it.

Anyway, I'm a lot more concerned about human rights abuses in this world - shopping with that in mind is my priority, and I do believe you can't fight every battle. It disturbs me when I discover how many "ethical" vegans I know IRL have little political awareness or human concern about other products they buy - including foodstuffs, but also clothing, flowers, home products, and so on. Human beings are getting sick/injured/dying and/or being enslaved/beaten/murdered to produce that stuff. I think it's important that activists keep fighting for improved conditions for animals, and I support that, but at the same time, personally, I don't put animals on the same level as humans. I guess I used to, but working in the human rights field for so long changed that for me.

turbo, so great you had a nice, family-free trip!! YAY! How is turbodoggie - has he forgiven you yet?

Hi also to CH, poodle, lore, moxie, kel, diva, grrrl...and everyone else I know I'm missing, but I need to sleep now...............
*dashes in*

interview done. went well. know if i got it later today or tomorrow. still want stiff jack and coke.

*dashes back out*
Good Morning Good Morning,

I'm a little bitched, my work computer is not liking the lounge right now, hence the non purple writing. hmmph.

Anyways, am feeling much better today. Mostly.

Minx, motherfucking ouch! That's terrible. I couldn't imagine.

Grrrl, what is with the motherfuckers in your building? *smack assholes with dead, stinky, rotting halibut* Let us know how the interview went!!!!!

Princess, I totally hear what you are saying. Organic and all that ethical raising is what counts.

Doodle, I agree completely with what you are saying. The shitty thing is that when you buy ethically is still costs you. Look at what capitalism has driven the world to. Slave labour to produce en mass, and when something is produced ethically you still pay for it. There is no winning.

So, it's Tuesday and here I am. I wish it was Friday, among other things. *frowns* shot going on, must work out tonight. That's all it comes down to.

One of my friends did her thesis for grad school on christianity and veganism. The point of it all according to her? That God wants us to be vegan. She is the most relaxed vegan in the world. She has many "honorary vegan" food that she enjoys when she want to. That just means that they are not vegan, but eating it isn't going to sway her beliefs. So if say I want ice cream she would say "eat the ice cream and make it an honorary vegan day!

The milk/pus issue is fun for me because I am not grossed out easily. I love how PETA will go to that length in their lit. They have no shame!

With all that being said it is impossible to be 100% cruelty free with everything that is going on in the world and yes, our choices impact that, but you can't go crazy over each choice. You just do the best you can. I mean if you are not supporting sweat shops, then you are supporting that sexist guy who owns American Apparel.

((((((((((((((((Hugs Doodlebug))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I love you Doodlebug! You are so awesome! Just wanted to get that out.

Good luck Grrrlyouwant! I hope you get the job!

Grrrrrr I have to go argue with my last school to get my transcripts so I can transfer to another school. I think my last school was a community college that was a mob front. The teachers left mid semester, the ones who stayed had no idea what they were teaching and or were horrible, no one ever knew what was needed in order to get anything done and financial aid was impossible to get. It was hell and since I have quit therapy I can't afford any nonsense from any person, place or thing that can not get its shit together. No more nonsense from any nouns! *growl* I feel so empowered! But still I would rather shut down they deal with them, so any extra vibes you got, they would be appreciated.

I hope everyone has a great day!
Mornin' babes!!

Welcome back princess, fiddler, and grrrl!!

I used to be vegan. You get used to it. I'm a vegetarian now and I try to buy as much "cruelty-free" stuff as possible. At the same time, I try to balance this with my stong beliefs in environmentalism and human rights. For me, it's about keeping consumerism to a minimum and making all-around "responsible" purchases. When it comes to unneccessary products like cosmetics/household cleaners, I'm not ashamed to say that I'm an animal rights nazi. There's absolutely no excuse for that shit. On the other hand, I think leather shoes are more durable and environmentally friendly than non-leather shoes. I've had the same pair of birkenstock sandals for at least 5 years now. They would have maybe lasted 2 years and ended up in the trash if they weren't made from leather. One pair of biodegradable leather sandals vs. 2-3 pairs of non-biodegradable vinyl sandals? The choice is obvious to me. IMO, it pretty much all comes down to treatment. If the use of an animal is absolutely necessary, then fine, but that animal should be comfortable, cared for, and free from distress.

I love animals...more than humans in many cases. They don't do nearly as much stupid shit.

Oh god, I heard the most awful songs yesterday while walking past an aerobic class at the gym:
-We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off (To have a good time)
-Come Baby Come Baby Baby Come Come!!
Whoever came up with that playlist should be shot!!

Good things:
1. Boss is uber busy all day long
2. Yummy iced mocha
3. I'm rich, beeyatch!!
4. Nice, tight leg muscles from yesterday's workout

ETA- 5. I bought a fucking house!!! Alone!! No man!! Poodle don't need no man to get shit taken care of!!!
I want an iced mocha right now. Yummy!

I like animals more than people too PP.

I just got an email from my boss asking me to meet her in 15 minutes. I am so not going out of my way for her b/c she never has it together.

I need to start working out again, I miss it. I have been smoking so much pot to deal with all of the stress of late and working out never seems like a good idea stoned. But I want nice tight muscles like PP.
(((princess))) Yeah, for the last month or so, I reverted to drinking, pigging out, and smoking to deal with all of the home-buying stress. I'm finally getting back into the groove these last couple weeks. It feels good.

Sigh...why do I engage in arguments with dumbasses on sites like youtube? I often watch music videos on youtube and, unfortunately, I fell upon Limp Bizkit's version of Behind Blue Eyes. I can't believe that anyone would think that this shitty version is better that The Who's original. Of course, all of the comments at the bottom of the page are inflammatory, including mine. My god, I wanted to puke during that video. During the part of the song where they should be rocking out, Fred Durst is making out with Halle Berry. Yup. There's also another part of the video where Halle Berry is lip syncing and a tear rolls down her cheek. *gag*
yeah smoking pot and pigging out. That has been me this past week. I watched a docu on medical marijuana and I like to think of it like the subjects in the film. It makes me less anxious and I am more productive in terms of finishing stuff I start (cleaning, short stories, conversations) so why not say that I am taking my medicine? My very fun medicine.
Hi, peeps!

((((((job vibes for Grrl)))))

(((((((school figure their shit out vibes for Princess Remorra)))))))

Not much going on today. My muscles are tight/sore today, too, because I worked out yesterday. It doesn't sound like much, but I put in over 30 minutes on the treadmill. My ankles ached after 10 minutes, so I stopped, lifted weights for awhile, then went back to it and I was just fine for 20 minutes, when I had to go home for supper. The giant made dinner, which was so nice. I'm making him do it a lot more lately. I've taught that boy well. : )

I try to buy cruelty free/organic whenever possible. With cleaning/cosmetics/hair/skincare products, it's mandatory. There's such a range of choice out there, and it really isn't any more expensive to go the cruelty-free route there (and all the best stuff is cruelty-free anyway). But with food, it's harder to do. Way harder. Some day, I want to be one of those people who buy only fresh produce that's locally grown, only free-range organic meats and dairy products, and nothing from the middle aisles of the grocery store, and still have time to cook it all before it goes bad. Unfortunately, I'm not wealthy, and neither is the giant, and my name ain't Martha Stewart. I really worry about the giant, because he's got a family history of cancer, and I know that eating boxed potatoes and rice and Pop Tarts with all their chemicals and preservatives isn't helping him. A trip to Whole Foods wipes out my entire grocery budget, and we don't get as much stuff. It shouldn't be this difficult.

That said, I could never ever be vegan. Vegetarian, sure, but I will not give up eggs or dairy. They, along with sugar, are what make life grand.

Poodle, if you listen to the LB version of that song and close your eyes, it isn't so horrible. Not better than the original by a long shot, but not completely unbearable. I've never seen the video, but it sounds stupid. I've heard both bands do it live, and LB's performance actually didn't suck (Fred Durst ran all the way around the Metrodome to sing to the people in the back, which I thought was pretty cool). But Halle Berry shedding a tear? Come on!

I'm the same way about leather products. They really are the best, and friendlier to the Earth. I will not buy shoes made out of man-made products. No vinyl or plastic here! They've either got to be leather or a kind of fabric I've actually heard of.

Hi diva!!

Yeah but, the Limp Bizkit version omits the entire "rock out" part!!! That's the best part of the song!! Never freeeeeee....*air guitar* bowowowowowowww!!! *grabs mic* When my fist clenches, crack it open, before I use it and lose my cool!! *Huge smash on cymbal* Fred's voice is too whiney. The song is supposed to sound angry!! RRAAAWWWRR!!! Sorry.

Boxed mashed potatoes, eh? Does he eat them with butter or gravy? I'm so jealous that he can eat all that stuff and still stay thin. No fair. If I ate like the giant, I'd gain 10 lbs. in a week.

ETA- Speaking of food, I'm feeling the need for some nourishment. I don't have anything decent though. I have a Smart Ones in the freezer. Boo.
Fred Durst is a douchehammer. He shouldn't even be able to sniff Halle Berry's plastic seat sweat. What a nard.

So, I went to the garden today and had my obligatory weep. It doesn't look like he's been weeding or watering or anything. It made me so sad. I took the fatherfucking hose out and gave everything a soak. I didn't work that hard on the thing just to lose it because he's all self-obsessed now.

Double douchehammer.

I've been doing yoga this week, but one of the Edina Lesbians told me that I should try kickboxing now. I think that's a rather good idea. Although I really should start eating's been a couple of days with nearly no food. My appetite is shot to hell. But hell, I lost three pounds. Fuck it.

Good Things:

1. Minxlette is home this week. Yeah!
2. The Mick called me this morning to see if I was okay. We are getting together tonight.
3. The Edina Lesbians that helped me move my shit out of xMinxthing's house invited me and Minxlette over for drinks tonight. Ani likes her double Beam on the rocks while watching Spongebob.
4. I will probably get laid this week. I'm feeling more up to a grudgefuck now.
5. I got to see my plant and flower babies this morning and play with the Loon for a few minutes. I have sweetcorn for freezing, cucumbers, raspberries, and a few cherry tomatoes.
6. I won't have to go back there until next week. That was emotionally draining and now I have time to recoup and hopefully sleep. I think that I got two hours last night because my head was just spinning.
7. I got two yummy bottles from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab yesterday. I look and feel like shit, but I smell fantastic.
Trying again with the smoke picture.

Yeah, boxed potatoes. My mother would have a heart attack if she saw a box of potatoes in my cupboard. That was one of the many foods banned in my house when I was little. Those, mac&cheese, ramen, Lucky Charms, all sorts of stuff. But she swore by that damn Rice-a-Roni, which I cannot stand. Anyway, now do you see why I've gained all this weight back since the giant and I have been together? It's hard to eat healthy when you have someone like him around to feed. But I've finally gotten over his skinniness, so I've quit trying to fatten him up. He does it to himself, and me, in effect.

Minx, could you transplant those plants into pots/planters to keep for yourself? It seems such a waste for such a selfish, self-obsessed, jackass to have them.

You should go to the boxing gym by my house. I hear they've got stuff for women there, so you wouldn't be the only one or anything. Classes are $10 or $20 a pop.

OK, back to my book. I'm reading "She's Come Undone" and am a little over halfway through. And then a frozen burrito for lunch. Yum. Not. I just can't bear to go out in this heat, and I shouldn't spend any more money, anyway.
I would need a few hands to remove what I have there. I have OODLES of tomato plants, tomatillos, zucchini, hubbard squash, more sweetcorn, pole get the picture. sad.gif There is this retarded mechanism in me (which has probably been the deciding factor in me getting completely screwed in all three of my major LTR's) where I really, honestly DO NOT WANT to be malicious. The problem now is that I am beginning to feel like it is a fake humility.

But maybe I just spent too much time with someone who was genuinely fake (oxymoron?) and wishy-washy and now I have fleas. I feel pretty shallow even dogging on him, but I just don't know how to let the anger go. It feels petty, and it's compounding the misery so I think this will be my last post ripping him a new asshole.

Unless he really pulls a good one again. Were this the case, however, there is an entire militia replete with pitchforks that I have been keeping at bay just WAITING for the opportunity. I'd be really fucking careful if I were him from here on out. Basically, if he tells me that I can't go into the garden, he'd better guard his testicles because they won't tell me when, how, or who, but something will happen and it won't be pretty, and I won't have any knowledge of it.

I have very good friends. Hell, some of them don't even live in-state.

ETA: I want to make sure that it is understood that I will not fuck with him, his home, or his property. That isn't my style. Just to be perfectly clear. All I want is to finish out the growing season and complete the massive amount of work and money that I put into it.
Screw that, minx!! That fucker threw away all your meat!! I'm with diva--dig up all those damn plants and take 'em home. Even give some away to your friends and family. You put in all that work. I'm sick of men getting away with all of this shitty behavior. They need swift and clear punishment. He was totally unreasonable, why should you be reasonable? And don't give me all of that mature move-on/closure B.S. Moving on and achieving closure involves sticking it to the asshole who screwed you over.

Heh...can you tell I'm feeling angry today? Angry in a good way, though.

Boxed potatoes were never allowed in my house either. Same with hamburger helper.
Y'all should check out this article/study about gender and salary. Very interesting.
Ha ha ha ha ha!!! The first thing doodlemama ever taught me to cook was....Kraft Dinner (mac and cheese)! With cut up boiled hot dogs in it. YUM! Heh. But I've said it before: doodlemama never liked cooking. I can remember her trying to make Napoleons for a special event when I was little, and she ended up sitting on the kitchen floor crying 'cause the pastry kept breaking.

minx. Kick his ass and dig up all the plants. Oh, btw, I went through an ugly break-up once with someone with undiagnosed BPD. I feel yer pain. I couldn't eat, either...I wound up drinking cans of Boost just to keep going. And yeah, with BPD, it doesn't matter HOW you act towards them, they will perceive it as a wrong and you as evil (they go from idealization to demonization, and nothing in between) - so you might as well do what you want. Fuck "rising above."

*hugs (((((princess danderemorra))))) back* Yummy, I lurve hugs!

diva and poodle - I do totally hear you on the leather shoes! I can't stand that fake crap - and it's extra bad for me; I have flat, wide feet (clown feet, ha ha) and will go through cheap shoes within months. Even with good leather shoes, I'm lucky if I get more than a year out of them. That being said, I have such a hard time finding shoes that fit, that I usually only have one good, nice-looking, comfortable pair (pricey, too - usually Josef Seibel or Clarks or something like that), which I end up wearing ALL the time - likely the reason they are time-limited. Usually they start to split along one of the sides. Sucks to be me. What pisses me off is even though I'm losing weight on the metformin, which will make clothes-shopping easier, my shoe size will NEVER change, no matter what. *grumble* Diva, I so envy you being able to buy those designer shoes....*swoon*

Hi also to CH and fiddler!

Phew...looks like I'm JUST going to make rent this month, without asking anyone for help, and with about $20 to spare....hoorah for stubborn independence!!!
The only time I've ever eaten Hamburger Helper was when I ate over at friends' houses. It wasn't allowed in my parents' house, and it won't be allowed in mine.

Minx, Poodle's right. Why should you be reasonable if he's not going to extend the same courtesy? The time for playing nice is over. As long as you've still got access and don't actually have to talk to him to do it, take your garden back! Don't reward him by tending to those plants while they're still on his property. And once you do have them back, that'll be one less thing to go back for and keep him somehow attached to you.
I swear, the whole "rising above" thing is a bunch of propaganda fed to women to keep them quiet and subservient. I think men fear the wrath of women, and they should, because women are capable of a lot more evil than men (if you think about it). Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn!!

Seriously, women are coached to rise above and view relationships/break-ups as "lessons." I don't want any more lessons!!!!!!! I'm sick of learning from relationships!!!!!!!!!!


I feel like buying a watermelon and smashing it to bits with a baseball bat. Just for fun. I have this energy that needs to be released. Hopefully pumping iron tonight will help out.
Hello Hello everyone!!!!

Man what a crazy motherfucking afternoon, holy busy batbusties!

Minx, want me to fly down and cause a ruckus? I'd be more than happy to! I say steal the plants, he can take his wank and shove it up his asshole. I say do the kickboxing and pretend it's exjerks crotch.

Processed food scares me. I admit that for a while, I was eating really unhealthy, but that changed a while ago. Now that I work out I don't even like to eat sugar. Oh dear, I've become fanatical. Eeeeep, but seriously diabetes runs in my family, best be trying to live healthy now.

I'm currently listening to some Eurotrash electronic musique and totally grooving here at my desk. I'm feeling good about life.


Fiddler, that's some pretty crazy smoke. DAMN.

Diva yay for the good work and training Giant!!!! Excellent work!

Doodle, yay on rent!

That's what I got right now. I've only got 40 minutes left in the day. WOOHOO!

That is all.

later all!

My goodness, and here I thought that I was going to come back to a firm talking to for being so vile and threatening!

smile.gif Not what I expected, and that was a great surprise. The Pink Mafia. Gotta love it.

I love you fucking females. My Edina Lesbian friend said that it was time for me to switch teams. Hee hee...I told her that I had done that before, but perhaps it was time to revisit. I've been hanging out with the Pole Man Oppressor for too damned long. Although a good boning from the Mick might at least redeem boys for awhile. wink.gif Anyone else get really hot when four chicks got all pissed off in here? Anyone? wub.gif


"Seriously, women are coached to rise above and view relationships/break-ups as "lessons." I don't want any more lessons!!!!!!! I'm sick of learning from relationships!!!!!!!!!!"

Word PP. Fucking WORD!

Pink Mafia!!! Fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!! \m/ \m/ \m/

Just yesterday, I was telling Nile that I wanted to go lesbian. He told me I would miss cock too much and I agreed.

I want to strangle the office meddler right now. There's a report that has to be processed and fed-exed tonight, and she has tickets to some "event," so she asked me to stay for her. My boss isn't done with the report and, knowing my boss, that could take hours. RRAWWWWRRRR!!! Apparently, I'm the only other person who knows how to process a report (not that hard), so I get screwed. It's not even my job--it's the hippie woman's. Grrrrr...

I'm still gonna leave and go to the gym to pump my guns. *kisses biceps*

ETA- I really like that gold brar
Oooooh fancy boobies!

I think I could live without cock. We are talking real cock right? I could live without that and if I decided that I really needed some cock-y or cock-like goodness (I can't believe it's not cock!) I could settle for a drag king. I'm kinda really in to the ladies right now.
Wait a second...I've been living without cock for a while now. I did get "let's do it" vibes from XRB a couple weeks ago, but his roommate was the cock-block. I guess XRB has friday night off. Is there HBI in my future? *reads magic 8 ball* Hmmm...reply hazy.

ETA- News Flash!! Office meddler is showing hippie woman how to put together the report. Hippie woman still wants me to stay though, to help her. Grrrr....not my problem, beeyatch.
I've gotten to a point where I don't care if I get it or not. Most times I'd rather not. I guess I'm asexual. It's just so much energy to put into something that's just so-so, and it could be put to better uses. I don't think I'd feel any better about the ladies. I mostly just don't want to bump uglies at all.

I'm going to go do a crossword puzzle now. Almost everyone is gone and I can't be expected to do actual work at this hour anyway.
"could be put to better uses" Ha!! It burns calories if you really go at it though, which makes it a great alternative to the gym!! I don't need regular sex either, but it's nice every so often. XRB is a good lover though, and looks nice nekkid, so I'm left wanting more. Damn him and his yak-sized appendages!! wink.gif
I remember HBI! Doodlebug got a letter from HBI insurance company that one time! Tee hee! I still laugh randomly at that at times!
I think I need some HBI insurance. Heh.

Well, I went to the gym for a bit and now I'm back at the office, waiting for the boss lady to finish the fucking report so that I can hold hippie woman's hand while she puts the pages in order (numerical! Who'da thunk?!). Sigh...maybe I'll go downstairs and gets me a beer or three.
Poodle, I'm so sorry you had to go back to work - that sucks.

I think the new job is definitely on probation. I'm giving them a year before I really seriously start looking for something else. I'm having to fight WAY too hard to do the job they hired me for. I'm totally having to "manage up" and recommend my insights on how best to run the department, and its not being received all that well, but I *have* to do it, if I expect to retain my sanity, and that of my co-workers. And I will NOT work the insane hours that my two cohorts feel compelled to. If the job can't get done in 40, they need to retool the positions. period.

Minxy, I love it when you're all definitely is hot. smile.gif And I would definitely agree that kidnapping some of those veggies is in order - its emotionally taxing each time you go back there, and you did the work to raise them with love. If you think they can handle a move at this point in the summer, I think you should find a friend who has a welcoming yard where you could re-home them, and share responsibility for them with a new person. Seems fitting.

I also think anger is a really good place to be in as you heal and move on. Anger is a mobile feeling, intense, and can lead to productive changes, as well as relief from the grief, and a natural shift into a better emotional center. Ride the wave, baby!

Well, I'm down to my last week before the kitchen remodel, and in a bit of a panic - I need to find a charity that I can donate all my current appliances to, give away a bunch of stuff, AND turbomann's dad and bro are coming this weekend, which I'm more than a little irritated about, as I would rather spend the weekend getting ready for demolition. Oh well.
Hi Hi Hi!

(((turbo))) I hope things get better at work. this will make you feel better!

Bwaaaaaaaahahahaha the Pink Mafia, AWESHOME!

I don't know about cock. I think I'd need a substitute. hmmmm.

I worked out hard, and that was really great, still hot as hell out there. I need food now.

Later all.

um. i had all of these great things to say while reading the archives and then i came across those amazing pink mafia breasts and i am reduced to a babbling idiot. oh, MY.

that smoke is outrageous. forest fires are so horrible.

i don't think that i really want to know the answer to this, but.....WHAT on earth is "hamburger helper"??

minxie, babe, did that ass hat REALLY throw out all of your meat???? i fart in his general direction. and then some.

i am supposed to be at work. i am not. i am working at home. and soon i am going to go and take a nap so that i can go to yet ANOTHER idiotic meeting this afternoon. on HIV/AIDS laboratories. ask me what i know about HIV/AIDS laboratories. right. zero. however. i am going just in case there are questions about our presentation because i have the best english. this makes sense in some bizarro alternate universe.

did i mention that laura bush was here last month and went to one of the facilities that we work with?

sorry i'm so blah. i'm really exhausted.....

hugs to jenn and lore and divalla and minxie and kel and culture and flanker and doodle and poodle and dander and everyone else that i am missing!!!!

ETA: i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO behind the bashing the watermelon to bits with a baseball bat idea! bring it on, poods!!!!
Hello everyone! Well, Tes!

I hope that you got a good nights sleep.

It rained like a somebitch last night. I am doing well today, friendboy came over for a little while last night. The feelings are gone. Mostly.

Here I am at work, happy times are here again! My freaky opposite shadow is still lurking, but I've informed LL of this, because, it's, well creepy.

Hope everyone is doing well,

Later all!
Wow! Multiple Tes sightings! Yippee!

I was up by Duluth and Two Harbors for the last couple days with my parents. It was a lot of fun but it was so hot. I've never been by the lake when it was so flipping hot - 90+ with no wind. I've been spending more time with my parents over the last few months. My dad is on medical leave from work. He has fibromyalgia and hasn't been doing too well over the last year. And there might be some other stuff going on, more with his brain and memory and cognitive stuff. My dad is only 55. He's too young for me to be worrying about his health. It's a little bit much for me.

Now I've got to go distract myself and read the archives. More later.

Hi peepers!!

Dude, turbo, I'm sorry that things aren't so great at work. Here, have a margarita. *drops umbrella in glass and passes to turbo* I like the idea of putting a job on "probation."

Hi tes!! Hi culture!! Hi catsoup!!

I'm jealous of your trip, catsoup!! I love Duluth. No wind up there, eh? Sucks.

It sure is slow in here today!!

Nothin' too exciting in poodleland. One of my co-workers is leaving, which is sad. He's the guy that I went to the CSNY concert with. I'm gonna miss him a lot. He lives in the same general area that my house is in, so I'm gonna force him to come over and drink beer.

The good thing about today is that my boss told me that I'm doing great and that I'm due for a performance review. Is there are raise in my future? *flips 8 ball* As I see it, yes!!

Where is everyone?
ahem. pardon the mememe moment, but i just stopped by to say


right then, carry on.
Congrats, grrrl!!! How exciting!!!
Seriously, where in the hell is everyone? YouTube is busy or something, which is really hampering my work day. The videos keep stopping. Grrrr...
word, poodle. here i am, unable to sleep in excitement over the job and pissyness at the one bitch who tried to take the wind out of my sails over it (see letters you'll never send"), refreshing between 'weeds' episodes expecting to find shiny new 'you go grrrl!' posts of adoration, and being cockblocked by the rest of you out there actually having a life. *sigh* what is this world coming to?
Hihi everybody!

Sorry I've been MIA. I was in jail a couple weeks ago, and I couldn't deal with anything for a while. Not that it was very traumatic, I just had to decompress.

Now I'm feeling fine, sipping a nice, frozen guanabana smoothie. Guanabana is a fruit from South America that is white and creamy tasting and a little bit sweet and sour. I just put the frozen pulp in the blender with some water, ice cubes, and Splenda (or agave nectar) and blend it up. Yummy. I also have some frozen Lulo (another fruit from South America that is brownish orange colored and tart - each serving has 130% of the USRDA od Calcium!), and frozen Cherimoya. I haven't tried the Cherimoya yet, but it's whitish, and has 80% calcium.

Grrl! Felicitaciones on your new jobby job! That's so great!

I hate to be a party pooper, but I am loving the cock right now. El Guapo gives great HBIs. I actually have to tell him when to stop because I have had enough and he wants to keep it up forever. Maybe until he dies of the exertion. Poor guy. He's like a goldfish - they'll keep eating as long as there is food until they die.

I got to meet El Guapo's family yesterday. They are all really sweet people who don't speak English. I found out that I know a lot more Spanish than I thought I did.

Mr. PK is going on a silent retreat starting tomorrow until Sunday. Weird.

Heikki said the funniest thing to me the other day: "Did you know that Taco Bell uses the same meat that they serve in prisons?....And that's gooood meat!" Totally losing the point - that Taco Bell uses low grade meat, and instead thinking that there are some damn lucky convicts in prison.

OK - doing laundry and then taking a shower. Smell ya later.
Hey everybustie!

Hey Poodle, that sucks about your coworker. Bust isn't loading for shit at my work so things suck ass and hence my absence.

Grrrl congratulations!!!! That is really great!!!

(((PK))) I'm sorry about what happened, but yay about El Guapo!

Well, I took houndish out for a walk, it's much cooler now, and it appears that friendboy and I may get together later. Here's hoping!

Later all.

Congratulations, Grrl! Very exciting!

PK, hope things are okay now. And I think being in jail counts as traumatic, so decompress away.

Our apartment is such a mess right now. I wish I was motivated and would get cleaning. We gave our 60-day notice yesterday and so they could show our place at any time with 24hrs notice. This should be motivation but it's not. And I want TB to help, even though I'm the one not working right now. I hate cleaning. I have always wished I was a neat freak but instead I'm a hopeless slob. Luckily TB is too.

I got a note in the mail that my wedding dress is in!
HOLY SHIT! Did you all see that 35W at University Avenue fucking COLLAPSED?!!!!!

35W Collapse in Minneapolis
((((Minneapolis Busties)))) I hope you're all okay and check in soon! unsure.gif (If you're not watching the news, a huge bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed and many cars fell in. It just happened a little while ago, so there's not many details yet)

ETA: Cross-post with Minx- glad you're okay!
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