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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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okay, i'm all caught up on the archives, so i can now make a guilt-free mememe post. happy.gif the highlights:

no word on the promotion sitch yet. the hr lady has been in interviewing people, but i'm not among them. which isn't necessarily a bad thing, cause the last post i interviewed for was less than six months ago, so they usually don't do another one that close together. and the fact that i've been doing the job in that specific department for the last several weeks pretty much speaks for itself. we're going through this big audit right now, so the upper bosses haven't had time to interview anyone personally, and it doesn't sound any decisions are going to be made until after it's over. in the meantime, i'm having some doubts. not about whether i deserve the position, because i totally do, or whether i'll like doing it, because i love my job and i love the production people i work with, and the night shift is totally kick back and relaxed. i'm wondering though if finally having the position permanently will be worth it. it's really bothering me lately how little time i'm spending with c-monkey. the long hours during the week are expected, and it means that i haven't had to put in a lot of saturdays lately. but since i don't get off until 4:30, 5:00 am saturday morning anyway, i end up sleeping away half the day anyway, and more often than not, i'm surly and cranky when i am upright and about. it wouldn't be such a big deal if i was still living with the momster, cause i could get up with c-monkey in the mornings and go back to bed once she's off at school. but my work hours affect my off hours, and that's just not cool. i'm seriously considering looking for a regular nine to five office type job even though it would be way boring and not offer the cool perks of this one, like not having someone hovering over my desk 24-7, getting to play with turkey parts and assorted chemical goodness in the lab, dying my hair funky colors whenever i feel like it, and chowing down on any product i can snag from the floor if i forget my lunch. if i could do this job with regular daytime hours, everything would be gravy, but unfortunately, that's not how the departments are scheduled. i've got a lot of hard career-type thinking to do.

i'm leaving my bike at the shop tomorrow for some basic check-it-over maintenance. my front forks were spitting grease the other day, my seat's got this kind of wobbly side to side thing going on, my brakes need a bit of tightining, i want my tubes replaced with the slime ones or put in some no-flat liners, and my grips need gluing down before i twist them off completely.

c-monkey's b-day was the 18th, and we went out on saturday to celebrate. kid made out like a bandit, as usual. i got her two new outfits and couple of shirts, we went to lunch at her favorite hot dog place downtown, then we went to the bookstore and got her the klutz giant bubble book she's been eyeballin' and a few others (and my dad's sending her a giftcard for more). then we went to the mall, where she got a giant coldstone sundae in the waffle bowl with chocolate and sprinkles, and she got my mom to rack up nearly $70 at build-a-bear, then to chuck e cheese, and finally home where we had a huge cake (our local bakery has this deal where you get 15% off if you pre-order so many cakes for the year; you just let them know when you want them), most of which got sent home with me and was the bulk of our eating on sunday.

so yeah, that's all caught up now. oh, and i totally blame a good bulk of my absence on doodle for posting that link to girls with slingshots and making me have to go back and read the whole thing from it's two hundred odd strips beginning. biggrin.gif
Good Morning!

Thank goodness it's FRIDAY!!!!!!

Turbo, so glad that you finally got to celebrate ye old anniversary!!! YAY! And here's a collective fuck you to bitchboss, looks like Karma is coming around and booting her in the ass. I'll have to hanker on over to the HP thread to see what you thought of the book.

Mox, have loads of fun at the wedding, and have fun partying it up with old college pals! ~*~*~*home selling vibes for Moxie's parnets~*~*~*~*

Grrrl, that's a tough situation, would this new position still be the same hours?

Well, it's Friday and that's all I care about. My legs aren't actually sore today, which worries me, because I did a bazillion squats yesterday and 50 minutes of cardio, too. Hmmmm. Exboy called last night and I ignored it. Heh heh. I'm going out with friendboy tonight.

What is everyone else doing this weekend?

Where the heck are Kel and Poodle?

Buenos Dias!

A catsoup sighting!! Hi CATSOUP!!! Sounds like you have a lot of exciting stuff happening in your life! I am really happy that your wedding planning is coming along. And wa hoo for starting school!! Are you going for an MPA? ~~~~job vibes~~~~ I'd be irked about that lady not wanting you to have her name to address the cover letter too. Sheesh. Oh...and I like that show Still Standing too. Something about it is funny. I like both of the people who play the parents.

Hi Grrrl! It's good to see you. I've got my fingers crossed for you for that position. Oh yes I do. Happy Belated Birthday to C-Monkey!

((moxie & fam)) Mox, that sounds really stressful. ~~~vibes for your 'rents~~~~ I hope their house sells quick & things work out. You know how magical bustie vibes are! Have fun at the wedding this weekend!

Jenn...I am glad your week has been better. Your anniversary dinner sounds amazing! I was thinking that same thing about the pasta...I know you rarely eat it. Everyone's gotta treat themselves!

Diva-that's cool that you got at least 50% back for your book. I tried to sell some books a few months ago, they wouldn't even take most of them. I think I netted $25 for the 2 they would take. Fuckers.

CH, your new shirt sounds mighty nice. No sore legs today? Maybe that means you are getting into kick ass shape!

Hi Doodle!

Things here are good today. I am SO happy it's Friday. Yesterday felt eternal. I had a good night at the hospital though, I think I may have done my most effective session yet with client. smile.gif That makes me happy. I also saw cute guy that works there (that I have a crush on!), he was sort of standoffish. Whatev. I got a man! (Anyone remember that song?? "I got a man." "What's your man got to do with me?"). Anyhoo. I am feeling refreshed today, which is odd b/c I didn't necessarily go to bed early or anything.

What's everyone got going on this weekend? I have no plans tonight. Hope to keep it that way. Tomorrow I think I'm going to go to the flea market early. Meeting my sister & her NA sponsor at noon for lunch. Have a meeting at school at 3 that will probably go til about 5ish. That's about it.
Hi, peeps.

I am sooooo tired. I don't think I've had a decent night's sleep since Monday. I'm actually considering leaving in a couple hours to take a nap before I have to go out again tonight for happy hour with the work peeps. I'd ditch, but my friend has a present for me, so it'd be rude not to go.

Kari, is your sister still doing well? I sure hope it is. What she's doing is incredibly difficult.

CH, I'm scared of squats. I know they're so effective, but it's hard to sit down and stand up for a week afterward. You've got to have some really good muscles if they don't hurt afterward.

Jenn, that sounds like you had a nice evening. Are you going up to see Moxie this weekend? The giant liked Spinal Tap, though no huge laughing moments. My favorite part is the 18" Stonehenge with the dancing midgets.

Hi, Moxie! ((((((((house selling vibes for Moxie parents)))))))))

Catsoup, you really do sound on top of this wedding planning stuff. Where are you going to have it? I want DETAILS! (sorry, I'm a little wedding-obsessed lately, even though I don't even have a ring yet, just a promise that I'll get one in a couple years).

Where's Poodle?

I didn't do much last night. I had a pretty decent workout, then ate lasagna and watched "The Pursuit of Happiness," which was really touching. Then we went to bed early and I barely slept at all. It's not like we even went to bed late and I can use that as a reason for not getting much sleep, there's just something wrong with my body lately. The bagel and Diet Coke I had for breakfast are helping a little, but I still expect to crash in a couple hours.

I'm going to have a slightly busy weekend. I've got happy hour tonight, which I'm probably going to leave early, around 7:00 (I'm only having one quick drink after my friend gets there, then I'm gone), then possibly down to the giant's mom's or aunt's house for his brother's birthday, but nothing is set yet. I wouldn't mind going down since the giant's cool neice will be there. I really like her. Nothing planned for tomorrow, but Sunday is the big-ish family reunion/party for the giant's brother, so we'll be busy with that.

Thank freaking Maud it's Friday, and a payday. This has been the longest week ever.


*sigh* I had work for a week, but then the middle of this week, they didn't need me. I'll be working the beginning of next week, though. It just sucks that I can't really relax on these forced days off. I DID put some of my time into two projects, though: the file cabinet and a bootleg Porcupine Rebels poster smile.gif (Hope you like it. Hope you don't mind I took the liberty.)

I hope everybody is doing well. I haven't really caught up with the thread. I read a bunch last night, but I'm just not in a comprehending mindframe at the moment. I needs me a morning nap or somesuch.

Hi all!!!

I spent yesterday doing online education, so that's why I was MIA.

Hi catsoup and grrrl!!!

~*~*~*~job finding vibes for all who need 'em~*~*~*~

The VFW in Fridley!! That sounds like loads of fun, diva!!! wink.gif

All y'all are crazy with the wedding planning stuff. Ah well, just make sure that some of that bill goes to an open bar. I hate that when people have weddings and want expensive gifts, but don't even bother to give me a few drinks. The whole point of weddings is to get crazy. It's all about the reception, and a good reception involves lots of good music and free likker.

I'm so sick of having to buy wedding presents for people. From now on, I'll just give a card and a gift certificate to Denny's. tongue.gif

~*~*~*~anti-tooth pain vibes for doodle~*~*~*~

Kari, I totally laughed my ass off when you brought up the "I Gotta Man" song!! I believe that's by Positive K.

(((minx))) I'm glad the chat helped you feel better. You're so fine, minx. Remember, you're gonna be somebody's only light, gonna shine tonight. laugh.gif

Turbo, I like your idea of a relationship mission statement!! I'll have to think about that one.

Lore, those are very cool projects you have there!!

Hi culture!!

Hi to anyone I missed!!
Hello hello.

Kari, ugh school crud on the weekend. No fun. My legs ahve always been quite strong (was a swimmer, played volleyball, ran track and for at time was into rowing), but I did so many, I was expecting some soreness! Oh well, maybe tomorrow, but I really hope not.

Diva that sounds like a good weekend! What time are you working out? If you are working out later at night, this may be keeping you awake. What about your diet? I also agree that this week has been way too long. Bah.

Lore, that is so cool! I love the furniture and the uber fabtastic poster! It rawks! Bummer about work.

Heya Poodle!

Well, the day is almost done, I'm going on a visit to a clients home this afternoon so that'll get me out of here for a while, and if it takes a while, I'm just going to go home after! Sweetness. I'm going to go buy some pants to match the new shirt.

Later all!
HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lorewolf, I LOVE the poster!!!! That cabinet is bee-yoo-tee-ful too! Wow! I'm terribly impressed!

Am I Che? You know, guitarboy will try to say Che looks most like him....but *I'm* the big socialist politico, after all.

Damn, I wish I'd seen that 15 minutes ago, when guitarboy was over here. (OMFG, I actually let him see me without makeup.) But I'll definitely show him later - we're still going busking. We were just sitting on my balcony having a morning chat. (God, I just love that I can tell him pretty much anything. Stuff I haven't even posted here! Heh.) Last night, I hung out at the boys' place with them and a couple of other neighbours. I met banjoboy's g/f...she is very shy. She sat colouring in a mandala colouring book the whole time we played music. I thought she was pissed off or something, but guitarboy assured me this morning that it's just shyness.

Okay, I wanted to post some other responses....but I have a kind of dilemna to post for input....forgive the self-centredness, but I'm kind of at a loss and need advice.

Okay, so about 2 or 3 months ago, the gay ex-priest asked me to come downstairs - knowing my history of working with women - and meet with a woman who had come to him with some emotional problems. (This is actually how the gay ex-priest and I got to know each other.) The woman was a new tenant, and had moved into the building with her boyfriend (they've been together 4 years). After a long conversation, I asked, and she told me that she was abused by her boyfriend. But over time, through different sources, I'm learning that the boyfriend is probably actually the one who is being abused - verbally and emotionally, and I don't know about any other kind yet, though the g/f is physically larger than the boyfriend. The gay ex-priest (who lives across the hall from the couple) has also told me that he's now become convinced it's the boyfriend who is being abused. I just had the convo with guitarboy this morning, and he agrees. Anyway, last night, the boyfriend (who is friends with the guys) was hanging out with us, and the girlfriend came upstairs looking for him and proceeded to yell at him for 10 minutes. (They were out on the balcony, so I don't know the content of it, but it was basically her yelling and him not saying much.) She was also kind of shocked to see me there (she had no idea I'm a musician), and I guess I'm on her shit list now, too. After she left, the boyfriend left too, implying that there was no choice in the matter. Afterwards, banjoboy seemed to feel that it's best to stay out of "private matters," but I disagreed - I don't believe in staying out of other people's domestic violence, because that's one of the ways it's allowed to perpetuate. But I feel kind of unsure about how to approach this. It's not that I wouldn't intervene in a case of abuse just because it's a male who's the victim - it's that I don't know what to do, considering I've already had this other (false) conversation with the girlfriend. (I should also say that my defenses are already up in other ways with this woman, since last week when I learned - from her lips - that she doesn't like guitarboy because he "talks too much." I also fear that if I - a female - try to help her boyfriend, she might pull out the jealousy card.)

Thoughts? Anyone?
I'd just come out and ask him personally. There is no point in beating around the bush (seriously, no horrible pun intended). He may feel embarrased about the whol situation given male abuse is still considered kind of taboo. Maybe have some resources available to him in case he needs.

I agree that staying out of the situation is bad, and I think people say things like that because they are shy and uncomfortable about the whole thing. Or maybe you and gay ex-priest could approach him about it?
Hmmm...I probably wouldn't intervene, but I might comment on the "fucked-up-ness" of the situation. I really wouldn't know what to do other than tell it like it is and leave it at that. I've told guy friends before that their girlfriends treat them like shit, but they don't listen or do anything about it. Same thing with some of my female friends.

If any guy ever tried to hurt me, I'd kick him in the ass so hard that his rectum would be up in his throat. I don't understand why people don't defend themselves. Swing a lamp or a machete or something. I think about half of a person's "strength" is in their mind. If you have the will to kick ass, then you WILL KICK ASS, no matter how small you are.

I'm going out to Psycho Suzi's with my parents tonight for my dad's birthday. Tiki drinks!! Yayayay!! Of course, my dad wants to eat at 5:30 because he's old like that. I'm still feeling full from the sandwich I had around noon. I usually don't feel hungry until 6:30 or 7:00.

I'm done working for the day/week. The next hour will be spent playing on YouTube.

ETA- KARI, look what I found!! laugh.gif I forget how old the song gets after the first few lines. I think it's the girl's voice.

You got eyes but they not fo' me
You betta use 'em what they're fo'
and that's ta see!!
Hmmm....I'm not sure it's so simple, poodle. Physical abuse doesn't just happen in a vacuum. There is usually a long period of emotional/psychological/verbal abuse that takes place first, for months and even years. Often by the time an abuse victim gets hit, their self-worth has been beaten down by the abuser for so long that they don't know they are being abused, and/or they come to feel like they deserve the way they are being treated. It's like being brainwashed by a cult - it can be so pervasive, so subtle, that a person doesn't realize what's happening at all. Ditto many women are so controlled financially by their spouses, that they have to choose between staying, or fighting back/leaving and not being able to feed/house their children...and maybe even losing custody to their abuser because of that. It's not black and white. The questions "why doesn't s/he leave" or "why doesn't s/he fight back" can't be answered easily - and I think with men especially, they often DON'T fight back or defend themselves physically because people WILL automatically see them as the abuser. And abuse can exist without the physical violence too, which makes it MUCH harder to recognize what's going on. When I was working in the women's centre, most abuse victims I met were much more destroyed by other types of abuse were a lot worse than by the physical. In fact, the physical attacks were often reported as a relief, because the victims knew that after the blow-up, their abuser would feel released and move back into the "honeymoon" phase, which in turn would stall off the emotional/psychological/verbal abuse for awhile. Or the physical abuse, when it finally came (after months/years), would be the wake up call to start making a move out of the relationship.

Anyway, thanks for the input poodle and CH. I only just met the young man for the first time last night, so I don't think I can just jump into a conversation with him yet. Neither the girlfriend nor the boyfriend are people I've spent any time with, though since our initial conversation at the gay ex-priest's apartment, the girlfriend does occasionally try to make passing conversation with me, i.e., when I'm coming in and out of the building. (I've tried to stay pretty aloof.) I'm sure that will stop now! Who knows, though...she might try harder to get me on side, now that it's known I hang with the boys. (It ain't gonna work, though....nobody disses guitarboy behind his back and stays in my good books! mad.gif) I guess if they've been together 4 years, it won't matter if it takes a little time to approach the issue.

Waiting for our ride so we can go busking......dum de dum dum.....

lorewolf, I know who Che and Billy Idol are, but who are the two other rebels in the poster? I feel I should know this...but I'm old, so I don't.... wink.gif
No, I know it's a complicated thing, doodle. It's just extremely frustrating to think about. That's all.

ETA- I don't know the other 2 characters either. Anyone?

ETAA- Okay, my mom just called to tell me that they're here early and they're waiting downstairs. family is irritatingly early for everything. Now we're gonna eat even earlier. I feel like a senior citizen.
Enjoy your early bird special tiki drinks poods! tongue.gif

Doodle, the universe is asking for you to intervene? Why else would both sides be presented to YOU, who have the skills to assess the situation, and really help someone find the resources they need to make their own choices. Your activist self is coming back to you, and I think this is just a part of ushering you back into a professional position that you'll feel ready for. The Sun is in Leo right now, baby, so its a fine time for you to apply your skills. smile.gif Its definitely a hard situation, as you live there, but toss the girlfriend out of the equation, and just think on what you would advise this guy to do if you hadn't met her and had that conversation. I think the opportunity will present itself for you to gently open this fellow to considering his situation.

Lore, I LOVE that cabinet - and the Procupine Rebels poster is simply GENIUS!!!

I'm with CH and Kari, and being ever grateful that it is Friday. I'm currently sipping a 'rita.

AND I get to see the moxies and all of our other friends tomorrow, AND see a dear friend get married...a very good weekend, I'd say.
Ahhhh...I'm freaky on tiki. I'm so glad my 'rents aren't teetotalers. Well, not my ma anyway. My dad just drinks a beer here and there. My mom is so cute. She's never really seen tiki mugs in person before, so she bought a couple.

"toss the girlfriend out of the equation, and just think on what you would advise this guy to do if you hadn't met her and had that conversation." Very wise, turbo!! Yes, if anyone is fit to help out in this type of situation, it is our doodle. That's why I have no good advice!!
Allo Allo.

Doodle, it is a sticky situation, that is for sure. Having come from an abusive relationship, it was hard for me to acknowledge it, and it was hard for me to realize that I was not doing any better to the ex, however I felt driven to do it. It was so horrible. Anyways, as said earlier, I think he may b more comfortable if you and gay ex priest both talked to him.

Poodle, enjoy your evening!

Turbo, that sounds like an absolutely wonderful evening.

Well, I went shopping and goy me a really purrrty skirt, it's brown and matches th shirt I bought. I feel so grown up in it! I'm going out with friendboy tonight. Took houndish to the park, and that's all I got now. Aside from that, thank goodness it's Friday!!!!!

Later all!
Wow! I'm not sure what advice to give about the couple, either. You really DO seem to be the right person in the right place at the right time, though, Doodle. I'm sure you'll handle things great. If you have any songwriter in you, maybe you can channel this into some music, too.

Hope you're having a good time with your parents, Poods! I was once on a bit of a mission to find the perfect tiki mugs. I ended up getting four lathed wooden goblets instead. They're extremely simple, but that's a big part of what's cool about them.

Yaaay for BUSTies hanging out with each other smile.gif Hope it's a balst, TJ.

Thanks for the encouragement about the cabinets smile.gif I bet I can do something even cooler next time... sometime when we need something... and when I can afford the lumber. As for the poster, I bet the boys will know who they are. I was most worried about you recognizing Billy Idol. As for age reference, I'm pretty sure I'm older than you, Doodle wink.gif (though only a year or something). By the way, if you're interested, I have a considerably larger version of the poster in PSD format. The dofferent characters aren't meant to represent any of you individually. They're just all 'Rebels' in their own way for their own reasons... and I gave them porcupine hair... with the exception of Billy who needed no help from me.

Tonight, I've got some steak and zucchini and corn cobs and a few whole garlic cloves all sitting in a gallon ziplock bag with a bunch of butter, garlic, Italian spices, liquid smoke, sea salt, black pepper, and olive oil. It's grillin' at the park time! We're just waiting for my friend to arrive with some beer. *does the impatient Homer hand-shakey dance* Hurry up alreadyyyyy! I'm sober over here!!
okies, i have no idea who the pinguin is, but the fishy guy is from star wars; admiral ackbar, of the rebel alliance (and, if memory serves me, of the Mon Calamari race).

here endeth the history lesson.

((((((minxie)))))) babe, you know i've got your back.

and.......i just skimmed the archives.....POODLE BOUGHT A HOUSE?????????????

wooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

hiya, hiya, hiya to everyone!!!

catsoup, you are SO on top of the wedding thing! go you!

doodle, you will know what to do with this sitch. you, of anyone i know, will know exactly how to handle this. you rock. in more ways than one!!!

i agree about the botox. but i am seriously considering a lifestyle lift when i am in the states for thanksgiving. seriously. no more old lady jowls!!! getting old SUX.

underarm hair, eh. i used to not shave my pits. but then i decided that deodorant does not work with pit hair. so it is GONE and has been for decades. i do, however, have leg hair. haven't shaved or waxed or anything since i was 17. believe me laydeees, that was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago! and i personally think that women with no pubic hair look like barbie dolls or worse, skipper dolls. adults are supposed to have pubic hair.

that said, i'm with diva. if it were about a partner who wanted me to get a brasilian, i probably would. hot sex is hot sex, and hair will grow back. (much better than these horror stories about women who get all of their teeth pulled because some man thought it made for better blow jobs!)


i have to work today, and it is saturday. booooooo hisssssss. not looking forward to this. at least it isn't until noon o' clock. unfortunately, it is almost 11 am.
I just wanted to announce that:



In lieu of my dysfunctional relationship I have taken on a heavy regiment of vinyasa yoga and am contemplating pilates. I dropped a couple of pounds this week (even though I am in heavy PMS mode and retaining water like an SOB). My goal is to drop about 10-15 pounds before school starts so that all of my clothes (pre-dysfunctional relationship) fit.

I also got (finally) some fucking sleep last night. I have been subsisting on 4-6 hours for the last nearly two weeks, so the 8.5 I received last night was a real relief. Although, I do have to admit that I cheated...kinda. I broke down and went to my co-op for some Rescue Remedy Sleep formula. That shit works like a charm. Seriously. I remember giving Minxlette some homeopathic stuff for her teething when she was a baby and the results were nearly narcotic; this was equitable.

Alrighty whities, I need to go shower and am going to get fitted for contacts. I've had enough of this glasses sliding around shit, then it's off to the co-op and farmer's market to get supplies. I think that I'm going to clean the crap out of this apartment later and maybe go to a friend's tonight for SitC and popcorn.

This week I am thankful for all of my friends who have gotten me through this horseshit. Tessie, Poodle, Diva, CH, Moxie, Lore, Kari, and Turbo--mad love your way, ladies. I am certainly thinking on my "Mission Statement".

Kisses Bitches!!!
Hello on this Saturday.

Hey Lore!

Tes, I agree that hot sex is hot sex. Speaking of hot sex, I'll have to pop into the portions thread.

Minx, nothing wrong with cheating to get some sleep!

Friendboy and I went out last night and had a really great time, when to visit a friend of mine at work, then went and got food, then went back to his place. now I'm even more confused than before. Le Sigh.

Later all.
Yaaaay! A Tes sighting! I hope you've been living happily smile.gif And you're right on all accounts about Admiral Ackbar. The penguin would be easier if you could see the whole body. Still, I bet someone'll get it due to context.

Minx! I'm glad you're channeling your energy and time into stuff that's good for you. When Goaty Girl did some pilates at home back in Japan, I started doing the exercises with her. It was Winsor Pilates on video. I remember always making fun of Dagney because she's being forced to represent the less-flexible, when I'm sure she could bend herself into a pretzil. Anyway, it was good for flexibility and muscle stuff smile.gif

Heya Culture! Uh oh, Friendboy in the portions thread? Hmmmmm.... At least you're sayin' it was hot wink.gif
*grabs lorewolf by the shoulders and shakes hard*

Don't. Know. Who. Is. The. Fucking. Rebel. Penguin!!!!?????

ARGH!!! Doodlebug ANGRY! Doodlebug SMASH!!!! YARRRrrrr...rrgh...guh?


*drops lorewolf to the ground, shrinks back to David Banner-esque size, and jumps on tesao*


*covers tesao with smooches*

Ok, I be right back as soon as I disappear into the closet with tes for a bit wake up a bit more.
*tes' arm shoots out from closet*

*grabs doodlebug*

*doodle falls backwards into closet*

*closet door smacks shut*
wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

(ETA: *sticks head out closet door* Oh wait, it's the Linux penguin, isn't it?)
Lore, indeed it is Friendboy. I just posted about the portions, too. Gaaaaaaaaaaaa! What have I got myself into? *smacks self with rubber chicken* must walk away before I get in too deep. Oh dear.

*paces nervously*

He's got an on again off again gf, and he's not a player, fuck this emotional shit that gos back so far, and fuck all of this. *throws temper tantrum*

Tes and Doodle. Hi!

I worked out pretty hard, you think that would help, but nope, it so doesn't.

*clamps into box-mode in fear in corner*

Errgh...I hate this shit. I spend five hours doing just fine, and then I got home and just crashed. Sat down at my computer, started thinking about how I would be working in my beautiful garden right now, and I just started weeping.

I get punished for doing nothing. He gets EVERYTHING we worked on, and I GET NOTHING. No explanation. I just sit here in limbo waiting for some semblance of normalcy to return, but it just isn't happening this weekend in large chunks. Sorry for the pity-party; I'm just trying to keep myself from breaking down.

Can you all tell it's my first weekend alone? sad.gif
*steps back out of closet, fixes clothing disarray, smoothes hair*


Sorry about that, lore.

*picks lorewolf up off the floor*

I figgered the penguin thing out, didja see my last post? I'm okay now. wink.gif

I edited this one just for you, minxie. You can save it and use it as your desktop wallpaper till you feel better. (ETA: *ahem* *I* get to be Wonder Woman. Always.)

CH, WHY must you walk away before you get in too deep? What are you afraid of??? Enquiring minds want to know.

*peeks back into closet*

tes? Honey? Y'all coming out? Or do you need to rest some more...?
(((minx))) he will end up with nothing, he doesn't have you anymore. Just continue to take things as they come. You've made it a few hours and soon you will make it longer and longer all the time. Then one day, poof, you will feel amazing.

If you need to cry, then cry. If you want to scream about how angry you are then do it.

Doodle, here's the deal. Me and friend boy have known each other for 12 years, he was one of my best friends in high school, he also had feelings for me, which at the time, were not mutual. We both met our nutsy exes while we in grade 12, our break up situations are similar, eerily similar. Friendboy and I start talking on facebook and start haning out again. He has an on again off again girlfriend, who is currently off and is coming back from Europe. If they do break up permanently, he will take some time for himself, which I agree he really needs. He also admits that he didn't take time for himself, nor self improvement before he got together with pseudo gf. So, here I am, realising that I missed out in high school. That and I also don't want to lose his friendship, as I am so glad that he is back in my life. As things stand, currently, I don't want to get fucked over. I know he would never EVER do anything like that, he is one of the most kind hearted amazing, non-player people I know. Then last just seems right.


So, where has Kel been lately???? I haven't really seen her kicking around the lounge at all! Kel where are yoooooooooooouuuuuu????

How is everyone else's weekend going?

O.K. here's the combo tonight: I've got a Wallace & Gromit shorts video, a plate of crackers and cheese (Swiss, though I do say I fancy me some Brie), and Goatie not a fan of W&G but trying to finish Harry Potter in time to watch some Harry Potter tomorrow night... Oh, and a blender-full of pina colada made with 151 proof rum! I'm a tad wankered, a dash knackered, and ready to fuck a book if I must, I'm tellin' ya! wink.gif

Minx, I'm really sorry to hear you're going through this, but you're going THROUGH it. You'll pass out the other side. We're here with you, too. Okayland has crowned you a Princess, alrighty?

*presses the Kel button a few times* Damn it, it's jammed! Well that's just peachy sad.gif
*blinking sleepily and rubbing eyes with fists*

hmmm? doodle?

OH! you didn't tell me that we had company!!! maybe i should have put on some clothes!!! blink.gif

mmmmmm. swiss cheese. lore, it takes a lot to top some reaaaaaally good gruyere! only if the brie is really ripe and gooey and running out the sides....

AHA! the LINUX penguin! i like it! nicely done!

(quizzes are FUN! more, more! okay, i know it wasn't a quiz, but still!)

(((((mixie))))) querida, you KNOW how i feel about this asshat. he isn't fit to clean your toilet. he doesn't deserve you. he is a L-O-S-E-R. come and visit, doll. i'll make you forget him so fast your eyes will water! and just think how much your sweet daughter would LOVE to see LIONS!!!

poooooooodley, i must must must hear more about your house!!! how excitimous!!!

culturehandy, shagging a friend is okay as long as you don't fall in love with him. or confuse lust and post-coital glow with love. good, long-time friends are hard to find. talk it out with him, it will be fine. he sounds like a really great guy!

so, i have to work again today. it isn't awful! the guy who is here from NYC is a friend....the one who thought of me when this job became available! so he's coming over here this morning, we are working on renewal narratives for the next year's work, and then we are going out to lunch at 13:00. so i can bear it.

must be off, though, to pick up a bit before he shows up!


there goes the guard station phone from downstairs ringing! too late!


Lore, sounds like a lovely weekend!

Tes, you are so right, I think I'm trying to adjust, but what a situation. CH won't walk away from this friendship, not after 12 years. He is a really wonderful person and I'm rather have him as a friend than nothing at all. Enjoy your lunch!

Well, I'm off to master the fine art of Sunday grocery shopping then I'm meeting a friend after that.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

okay, would have stopped back by sooner, but work hours are crazy again. i got off around 330 saturday morning, went back at 1700 to midnight, and then tonight i have to go in at 2200 until 900 tomorrow morning, after which i'm back to my regular schedule as of 1630 tuesday. why all the bouncing again when really, my hours have been pretty damn steady the last few weeks? cause one, two of my coworkers who should be splitting weekends with me are lazy bitches who are blowing through their vacation time requesting every saturday off, and my boss has no logical reason to deny them. and two, one of said lazy bitches, who should be working the overnight tonight since it's first shift and the one she's assigned to and is instead taking over my second shift monday, threw a huge ranty fit and flat-out refused to do her job. i have no idea how she's getting away with it, and i'd better hear some serious damn reprimanding in the meeting tomorrow morning, cause that just ain't right, yo. but in the meantime i have to remember stuff for this stupid department that i haven't worked in weeks and not only work it, but work the shittiest shift. and they know i'll do it, because i want my shift and my job permanently so badly. you know, sometimes i worry about someone from work finding all this shit, since i do bust from work from time to time. then i think, fuck it, ain't a damn word of it untrue. and to answer your question ch, yes, the hours i've normally been working the past few weeks are the hours i'd work if i got the permanent position. which in comparison to the overnight are actually not looking that damn bad. and the coworker i took over from yesterday when i came in pointed out a very good side benny: once i go home and get some sleep monday after the meeting, i'll have until i go in tuesday afternoon to spend some time with c-monkey. so she's going to spend the night monday, and we'll go see hairspray and do some other fun stuff tuesday, and i can drop her off at the momster's office on my way in. so at least i get some extra time with her this week, which is way cool.

in other news, one of my neighbors (i'm assuming) tried to have me arrested for checking my mail last week. it was the most bizarre thing. i'd gotten off at 330, and i hit the mailboxes on my way in since it wasn't there yet when i left that afternoon, and i had my headphones on, so i wasn't really paying attention. next thing i know, some asshole's behind me in a car yelling "hey, get away from there, you don't live here!" which i found an idiotic thing to say cause hello, there's one open mailbox and i've got keys in my hand. so i yelled back at him, and i was like "excuse me, who the fuck are you?! and why would i be checking my mail if i didn't live here? do you live here asshole?!" so he takes off in his car all slow like, and i'm like "hey, asshole, i'm talking to you! do you live here, cause i sure as hell do!" and then like a dumbass, i took off after him on my bike. i almost caught him at a stop sign, but he slipped off. so i chalked it up to stupid nutcase, took my bike upstairs, and settled down on the back patio to call a friend of mine about it. then i look over the rail, and lo and behold, there's a police car cruising through the parking lot. so i told my friend the cops were here, and rushed out the door to wave him down. he looked a bit puzzled when i asked him "scuse me officer, are you looking for a suspicious person loitering by the mailboxes?" and he said "yeah, did you see the person?" i laughed and told him, "officer, i am the person, and i live here. i've got the getaway bike upstairs, in my apartment, if you wanna check out the escape vehicle." so he asked me to tell him what happened, and i did, even the bike chasing part which i admitted was kind of stupid, but who the hell was this asshat telling me i didn't live here anyway, and maybe they could go pick him up for harassment and loitering, cause he sure didn't identify himself as a resident and could have been just some random asshole cruising the complex looking for someplace to break into. in the meantime, another police car with two more officers had cruised up, so i went over it again, and they told me their own shit you get when you work graveyard hours stories, and we all had a good laugh about how this guy was probably at work or a friend's house right now telling everybody what a big hero he was. then they wished me good night and left, and i went to tape a note to the mailboxes: hey asshole in the blue car, you might check your mail at 4 am if you worked nights too; but thanks, the cops and i had a real good laugh at your dumb ass.

i found my mp3 player under the couch at the momster's yesterday. my impenetrable armor of unsociability is once again restored, and the ride home has become bearable again.



lore, the rebel porcupines poster is awesome. though i have to admit, i thought the alien dude was supposed be chupacabra or something. biggrin.gif

minxie m'dear, i have no idea what to tell you that everyone else hasn't already said better

hi hi hi to everyone else!
*stands over the thread with a shotgun* yup, good and dead. go me! i'm looking at my download folder with the first season of weeds in it and debating another ep before i take a nap before going in to work tonight. but i know i won't stop at just one, cause that's really a good show.

Hi all. I'd like to post a picture of the smoke we see from our house. How do I post a pic? Help?

Thank you.

morning lassies! we had a lovely saturday with our friends at the wedding, and a great brekkie with the turbos yesterday. We'll post some pics lata, promise. Kidlet is waking up...tty'all later!
Good Morning All,

where has everyone been?

Grrrl, that's really fun that you had a laugh at fucko's expense. But what an ass hat!

Hi Mox!

Well, I'm beat today, didn't sleep afor shit. Exboy called and I was kinda high when he called, so I don't remember much of that conversation, and then friendboy called and is having issues witht the g/f, then I didn't sleep much. So I am going to bail out of work early today.

Later all.
Mornin'. How is it already Monday again?

Hi Fiddler! I have no idea how to post a pic, but I know some of these tech savvy peeps can help. are a riot! I can't believe you chased that guy down! I'd never have the balls. That story is hilarious. Sorry about all the hours you've been having to work.

((minx)) Are you feeling better today? You are right, first weekends can be rough. Real rough. I hope you're feeling more tip top today now that you made it through the weekend.

Poodles! That video is hysterical! I GOT A MAN! Oh my that is a good one.

Yes, where is the Kelster?

Hi Lore! I love the cabinet & the painting!

Hi CH!

Things here are good today. I actually don't hate Mondays as much as I used to b/c they are short days for me now. Short in that I only go to work, not the hospital afterwards. I had a nice weekend. Went out for Persian food Friday night. Saturday I had lunch with my sister & her NA sponsor. Oh-Diva, my sister is doing GREAT! Thanks for asking. She's got a new bf-one who is very different from her past partners. I met him last night, I really liked him. He's in recovery also. He's at about a year, my sister is at about a year and a half. Anyhoo-Saturday I also had to go to school for 2 meetings. Boo. At least I won't have to go to any more of those for about a month though. There is a break btw semesters. I am taking off one of the weeks from the hospital, but will work the other 2 or 3. Saturday night I went to my mom's to hang out. Mr K was out of town & I was bored. Yesterday we went to the flea market, cleaned the house, and went back to my mom's for my sister's birthday. A lovely weekend, just short!
Kari, I am feeling a little better, thank you. Doodle--thank you so much for the wallpaper. It is adorning my screen, and Minxlette loves it (BTW, SHE is Wonder Woman). Poodle called me that afternoon, which was SO RAD BTW, to make sure that I was doing alright. I had called a friend and hung out with their family for the afternoon. Yesterday I caught a movie with MB which was fun and decidedly non-stressful. I've been doing daily yoga for about an hour and lots of reading about xminx's N/BPD (no, he's not diagnosed, but he exhibits about 8 of the 9 DSM benchmarks so I'm just assuming. I'm trying to unmesh. I love Paul, but I hate his behaviors and take responsibility for feeding into them and reacting to them. It's like being lost in Oz at times.

Anyhoo, Minxlette's home now. I did yoga, we had really yummy blueberry/strawberry smoothies and now I have to think of something interesting to do with her today. Maybe a trip to the science museum or something.

Hope you get some zzz's, CH. People can be very draining. smile.gif
I can hear my bed calling my name!
Heya Fiddler! smile.gif
To post a pic, you need to host it somewhere, like on photobucket or geocities or something. Host it anywhere that you can just put in the right URL, and a page will come up with just that photo on it, and you don't need to sign up for membership to view it. I use Geocities because I just started to use it a long time ago, but Photobucket is a very common one. Anyway, open the page where you can see the picture (and just the picture) and copy the URL "" and then come to the BUST lounge. When you want to insert the picture, give it its own line of text, and then hit the "Insert Image" icon. If you have a program filtering your browser, you might have to click on a yellow bar that will appear at the top of your browser window and tell it to allow an Active X control. Then click on the Insert Image button again (so it knows you really mean it) and paste the URL into the field provided. When you click "Okay," the image should appear or some tags will appear "." You could also just type those tags before and after the image URL in your text if you want instead of activating the Active X control. Either way, it's good to have a fairly small image, like 640 x 480, or else the Lounge will shrink your image or perhaps not post it. If it's important that the image be large, then just post the URL to the picture in your post and leave it up to readers to visit the site to view your large pic (as in the case of Doodle's Feminist Vigilante wallpaper.

Culture, my bed keeps calling other people's names, and I'm like, "Who's Hank?" and I feel cheap and used sad.gif
Hi, peeps!

Lore, you're so funny! Your bed calls other people's names. Hah!

((((((Minx)))))) You will get through this. Just focus on getting over this wretch of a man and don't question yourself about if you should break it off or not.

Grrl, that's a funny story about the police-cops! I didn't know they actually had that kind of spare time on their hands in LA for such trifling matters. I hope you can find that blue car guy and kick his ass.

Hi, Tes, Jenn, Poodle (I'd never get my parents to go to a tiki motor lodge for drinks in a million years), Moxie, Kari, and all!

CH, I think that lack of sleep was probably because of my diet. I only worked out on Monday and Thursday of last week. I usually get there around 6:30 and work out for an hour or so, then come home and eat really late, usually between 8:30-9:00. It was worse when I ate sandwiches for dinner, or lasagna. I've got to try not to eat so many carbs so late, although I thought they were supposed to make your body want to fall asleep. Anyway, it just made me uncomfortable.

I could sure use another day of weekend. I came thisclose to calling in sick today, but by the time I woke up, I'd have to have actually spoken to my boss (he comes in an hour before me and would have been there 30 minutes already), which I try to avoid at all costs. I ditched work early on Friday afternoon because I was so sleepy, so I didn't want to do it again today.

That Friday night happy hour wasn't so much. Pretty boring, actually. After I tried to take a nap at home, I headed over to the restaurant, and could barely get a word in edgewise (my friend is very Hollywood, always with the dramatic stories and having to control every conversation - I think that's how he finds his machismo - really irritating, especially since he considers himself so liberal and enlightened). I bit my lip really hard because I was trying to talk so fast before anyone cut me off (like my friend is apt to do). Oh, and that "gift" he had for me? It was a USED stocking cap with one of those stupid bills on it (like a visor) that said System of a Down on it. Yes, I used to like that band (still like them, but only the old stuff before idiot germ of a guitarist decided he was a singer), but I would never in a million years ever wear this. He pulled it out of the freaking LOST AND FOUND BIN where he works. Grrr. I thought it was maybe something special, not a glorified dumpster dive item. Feh. The man just doesn't get it.

Anywhoo, after the happy hour that wasn't, I headed down to the giant's aunt's house for his brother's birthday party. It was kinda fun. We did nothing on Saturday except go to the grocery store. Yesterday, we went back to the giant's aunt's for his brother's welcome home party. That was fun, too. We played frisbee golf, bocce ball (my favorite), and this dumb game where we had to throw metal washers in a PVC tube piece, kind of like horseshoes. After that, we went to the giant's mom's to show everyone the new Guitar Hero game (80's version, really fun songs), and didn't get home until almost midnight.

Well, time to go to Dayton's to pay my bill so they'll quit hounding me. I hope it's not too hot out.
morning bustarinos! ch must be contagious, cause i is muy sleepy. oh wait, that's cause i've been at work all damn night. blink.gif and i might have to go back tonight. the person i was covering for last night is supposed to come back tonight, but she's not going to know for sure until her doctor clears her, and the person who usually covers for her, who i was assuming was out just last night, is actually going to be gone all week, so if anyone's going to be doing the covering, i'm it. *le sigh* i really really really do not want to be stuck in that department all week. i told my boss to let me know asap, and seeing as the person's doctor's appointment was at noon, i'm giving her the length of one weeds episode to get back to me before i hit the sheets and hope for the best. in other work-related news, i'm getting my interview tomorrow. i am so incredibly nervous. i mean i kind of wanted one, to give them a refresher on all my good points and all, but now that i've got one, everything i practiced and how i was going to present my case just went flying out the window. i interview really well as a general rule, but i've been interviewing and working really well all the other times when i didn't get the position. man, i wish i hadn't left all my hard liquor at the momster's right now, cause i good i could use a good stiff jack and coke. and i could have it guilt-free, even though it's barely 11, cause technically, it's the end of my day. i'm just going to chill, and watch my episode of weeds, and set my alarm for a five o' clock check my voicemail call, and try not to go out of my mind with nerves and crazy resentment.
Hello Hello.

I am much better now, at home and relaxed!

Lore, my bed as a sock stuffed in the mouth so it doesn't say shit.

Diva, ugh. That was pretty rude, to say the least.

Grrll, isn't that just great about work. Boo on work.

I'm just laying around watching Futurama and replying to some crackbook messages. I'm so glad to be home.

That's all for now.

Later all.
*stumbles into thread, exhausted from lack of sleep and 6 hours on the road*

Hi ya'll!! We just got back from MI, and it was a rare trip out there that was totally, and completely fun! (read: no family visit) The wedding with our whole college gang present was really and truly lovely, and made us realize how much we miss getting together. Spent the night with the moxies, and then a lovely brekkie on the St. Clair River, hungover, and watching the boats go by. We then hopped down to Ann Arbor to stay with some other close friends yesterday - ate alot, drank some more, went to see the new Harry Potter movie, and generally just lounged around their place. Very nice. And today, we headed back to Chicago, stopping half-way to meet turbomann's BFF for lunch - a nice break in the drive. Now, we're just wiped out from all the excitement, and should probably go get our dog from the neighbor's house.

((((Minxy)))) Glad to hear that you're making it through, and calling friends when you need to. And tes is so very right about the deserve SO much better. The next man in your life had better toe the line to your new relationship mission statement. wink.gif *mwah*

Kari, really, I don't know how you're keeping up the energy for your crazy schedule!! I'm sure you will be SO glad when its over, and you can contemplate your next career move.

I'm sure I'll pop by a bit later, but now - dog must be retrieved, and I think I'll need a nap. smile.gif
Hi everyone!!

Nothin' much to report today, so I'm just stopping by to make sure everyone's cool.

Kari, I'm glad you liked the video!! When I was searching for it, I came across "I'm Not Havin'" by Positive K and MC Lyte. Remember that one?! No, I'm not havin'!! laugh.gif It's basically the same song!!
Good afternoon all! Just a quick post to say "HI!" and that I haven't finished reading, but I just finished grrrl's mailbox story, so I also had to say....BWAHAHAHA! I can't believe you chased the guy on your bike!!!

banjoboy just brought over some vegan banana bread he and his g/f made today...she is VERY vegan - won't even play the djembe with us because the head is an animal skin (goat, I think). Anyway. The bread is okay, but I think it needs the animal products....maybe I'll smear it with some real butter....

Anyway, I'm going to finish reading now!!
work just called. i'm on shitty shift the rest of the week, my interview is when i get in tonight, and i am feeling so incredibly bawly after calling the momster about the schedule change and being told c-monkey got her clothes packed for tonight before leaving for her summer program this morning, i might just tell them to go fuck themselves and their policy of shafting me for about the half the pay and no personal time. i'll see how i feel after the several more hours of sleep i'm going to need now.
Doodlebug, you crack me up!

I'm trying to jump back in here. I'm so rusty at posting!

I hope everyone is well.
Hello Hello!

Turbo, what a lovely weekend! *fluffs up pillows* lay down and have a lovely nap.

Hey Poodle!

Doodle, that is hardcore vegan! I'm impressed with someone who has that much dedication to something.

Grrrl, I"m sorry about the work situation. But ~*~*~*~*interview vibes~*~*~*~*~* I know you'll wow 'em.

Hello Princess_dander.

Well, I had myself a lovely nap, and now I'm just lounging. Forgoing the workout and it's not hot for houndish out there, so inside sleepy times for my this evening.

That is all.
This might be a ridiculous question, but what in the fuck does it prove when she refuses to play a drum? Is that kind of a "more vegan than thou" type of thing to do? Honestly, I'm not trying to be inflammatory but that seems to be taking it really far.

I've been doing more vegan cooking lately, but it has more to do with a challenge than anything. WAY back in the day (when I was engaged), my fiance and I decided to try a vegetarian diet. It was kind of hard because he was 6'6" and weighed about 250, but we gave it a go for awhile. I got to romance my vegan buddies with carrot cake and banana bread (I played with soy and tapioca products). That was kind of fun, but GIVE UP CHEESE?!! Not in my fucking lifetime1 I'm not interested in the least in giving up meat, although I won't buy shit that hasn't been ethically raised. I'm spoiled on that front, however. Dad raises some beef cattle and I get to partake in that bounty.

BFF and I are going to the Midtown Farmer's Market on Saturday. The other ones in Minneapolis are a disappointment, and include a bare minimum of locally grown stuff. And I'm going to take the Minxlette to a raspberry patch in a couple of weeks to pick a few quarts for freezing. I may even brave going over to the garden will probably reduce me to tears, but I need to put my feet there and wrangle some produce.

Maybe I can come up with some garden porn. It might be therapeutic.
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