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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi everyone! Quick post - I'm just on my way out to drop off a couple of resumes.

TESAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI!!!!!!!!!!!

*throws self into tes's arms*

poodle, you should totally be the one hanging out with guitarboy. Honestly, I can't wait to show him that pic of Robert Plant, just to get his reaction.
Hi doodle!! I wish I had never seen pictures of Robert Plant in his current state. I'm just gonna pretend that he has retained his 1974 look.

In contrast, check out this pic of Roger Daltrey from a month ago:

The hilarious thing is that Daltrey is OLDER than Plant, by like 3 or so years. Not shitting ya--Daltrey is 63. Today's lesson: exercise regularly and don't abuse drugs.

So where are you dropping off those resumes, doodle?
I couldn't open the Robert Plant picture, but I can just imagine how he looks.

Roger Daltrey is some specimen. Dude must spend 6 hours working out every day and eat nothing but vegetables. When I saw The Who in concert a few years ago, he was shirtless, and he was so well-muscled that I thought he was wearing one of those gag shirts with the drawn-on muscle tone.

Did anyone see him in that episode of CSI last season where he had all the disguises? I loved that episode.
The shirtless thing is sort of annoying, but hell, I'd do the same thing if I was 60-something and ripped. Yeah, I wonder what his secret is.
It doesn't really bother me much when they go shirtless, because those stages have got to be hot, what with the lights and running around. At The Quest, several bands I've seen have complained about the heat and played shorter sets because of it, just part of the reason I'll never see another show there again.

But, OTOH, female performers can't get away with going shirtless because of the heat, so why should the men?
That's true. I don't want Robert Plant to take his shirt off though.

Ugh. Yesterday some guy at the gym was doing arm stuff while wearing a tank top and his icky, sweaty armpit hair was hanging out all over the place. I don't care if you get hot working out--cover your nasty pits!! Or shave em!! I think guys should start shaving their armpits.

ETA- I'm gonna sneak outta here early again. I have to take advantage of boss/meddler-free days.
I, too, wish it were more en vogue for men to shave their armpits. I always threaten to shave the giant's, just because. The only ones that seem to are pro wrestlers, swimmers, and some gay guys. That's just not good enough. I don't mind them not shaving their legs, but if I have to shave my pits, so should they. It's more as a courtesy to others than anything else.

I wish I could leave early, but I've got a little over an hour left. I think I'm going to skip the gym tonight because I have housework that needs to be done and I don't want to be up until midnight again. And, after a venti black iced coffee, I'm still drowsy from this morning.
Hi honey, I'm home! Good heavens, it's a diva/poodle-athon! Hi girlies!

I had a big discussion with the gay ex-priest about armpit hair, because he was once shocked by a female server in a restaurant, who wore a tank top with her hairy pits....but he had to admit that a male server in the same attire probably wouldn't have troubled him at all. (And men's hairy pits are a usually a LOT grosser than women's.)

Okay, everybody discuss your armpit hair situation! (I love how we go off on tangents.) I don't really have to do my pits often, b/c the hair is pretty much blonde and sparse. Hey, does anyone else have different coloured body hair on different parts of your body? I don't understand why my body hair is so light, except my hair down there, which seems to be going darker as I age. It's dark brown right now! It's not even the same colour as my natural scalp hair! I used to think it was because the sun bleached my exposed body hair, but if that were the reason, my pits would match my bush, right?

Is this gettin' too personal? biggrin.gif older woman (who said she used to do makeovers) sitting beside me outside today said I have "lovely skin." Awww. I didn't tell her how hard-won it was, but it WAS hard-won, dammit, and it still requires hypervigilance, so it was nice to hear. smile.gif (I owe it all to the miracle of Cetaphil, Vichy NormaDerm, and the ten million gallons of water I drink in a day.)

And now I need a nap....
*hobbles into thread and plops down on couch*

Damn, I'm gonna have to lay off the leg exercises for a couple days. Oofda!!

I agree that male armpit hair is way ickier than female armpit hair. As far as my body hair colors, everything is very dark brown/black except for the hair on my head, thighs, and forearms. I make sure that all of the dark brown/black stuff is in control. I'd have eyebrows like Eugene Levy if I didn't pluck like a maniac.

Doodle, what is Vichy NormaDerm?
How exciting to come home to a TES SIGHTING, diva's got roses and a cutie pie ring bearer, doodle's passing out resumes....and an armpit hair discussion!!!!

Poodle and diva, you are truly my sisters. I have been begging turbomann to shave his pits forever. Seriously, there are few things that squick me out more than manpits....especially the manpits coated in deoderant. Eeeew. I just can't even look at 'em. Two swipes and its clean. He did offer to shave his pits if I tried a brazilian wax, but no fucking way....I am all about natural nether regions. Pits are a whole other thing, and it doesn't hurt to trim them up with a razor.

Poodle, can I just say how much I love coming home to the reposts of the pictures from all of our glamrock days?! You made my day! Those piccies just crack me up!

And Daltrey is indeed smokin. *fans self*

Tessssss! Come back, darling!! Are you all recovered from your malaria?
Hi turbo and poodle!

I never napped.

Brazillian wax!! EWWW! No way! (That phenomenon actually came up during the discussion with the gay ex-priest. Hee!)

Vichy NormaDerm. I would never have believed it's claims if I didn't use it, but it's amazing shit. I gotta say, those Frenchies know skin.
You know me, doodle...I'm all about the skincare products - do you have to see a doc to get the products? I'm not seeing anywhere to order...
turbo, I buy it at the drugstore (it's one of the pricier lines, but so worth it), but it's not prescription or anything. It looks like you can order it here. (It was hard to find these links, 'cause their website is all FLASH. ARRRRGGGGHHH!!)

Mmm. Beans on toast for dinner. Poverty is fun.
Good evening everyone.

I worked out waaaaaaaaaaaay too hard, my arms already hurt. Tomorrow is going to be interesting.

Armpit hair grosses me out. Blah. I was "involved" with someone who used nair on his whole body, except he had a goatee. It was so bizarre, I found it creepy. I get if you are a body builder, swimmer or wrestler.

I don't wax the snatch, razor yes, creams yes. I had my eyebrows waxed exactly once. That was the first and only time. I can't imagine anything else! Gaaaaa!

It's still super hot out there, but I playeed with poochy in the back yard, then took her to the park where she promptly laid down and started to snooze. I coulda done that at home! Hee hee.

Doodle, I must agree with Frenchies knowing products. I am a clarins whore and I'm using a biotherm creme. Although I do also use Dove and and nutrogena.

I must go rest now. I am expecting a visitor for a little while.

Later all.
Good Morning Me!

I guess I killed the thread last night. I'm kinda pooped today, but there is a chance of rain, so that will help cool things down a wee bit.

That's all I got.

Good Morning!

TES!!! Welcome back!! It is so good to see you! How goes it???

Doodle, funny you should mention that product line, I read about it the other day. I read that the Reti-C line was really good. I am considering getting some. I was sorta depressed yesterday. I hung out with 2 girlfriends on Monday night and they are both getting skin treatments now. One has had botox & two gylcolic peels. And she uses Differin for wrinkles. Her skin looks AMAZING. The other just had her first dose of botox. It made me feel like I looked like an old hag. And it makes me feel pressured to start getting stuff done. Which is very very irriating. I'm only 32! Geez oh pete.


Diva, I can't believe you and the giant have been together for 2 years! It sure doesn't seem that long. You're talking marriage? Excellent! That's exciting!

((minx)) How ya doin', sister?

Poodles, I LOVE those pics! They make me laugh every time!

Hi CH, Kel, moxie, and everyone else!

Things with me are pretty good today, all in all. Work is ok. Had a good session at the hospital last night. I believe my client intervention skills are improving. Also, my teacher came to my site for her visit & met with my supervisor. It seemed to go well.

Mornin' skankerellas!!

Beans on toast? I've never heard of that before. What kind of beans?

I need a new skin care regimen. Lately, I've just been using stuff I have laying around (samples, etc.). I'm trying not to accumulate stuff before I move. What I really need to do is stop fucking with my face.

Nonsense, kari!! I'm sure you look gahgeous!!

Ugh. I really want to slack off again today, but I feel like I should do something. I have to take these online courses to renew my appraisal license. Boooo. Oh, and the meddler is back. sad.gif

How's everyone this beautiful Wednesday?
Botox scared me, I mean you are injecting botulism into your face! How messed up is that?

Kari, you are only 32! You aren't old!

Hi Poodle!

I don't want to do any work today. Bah.

Thank you for asking, Kari. I'm really not feeling all that hot. The wind is totally out of my sails and he is playing little fucking games with me by dragging this out and being vague. I have an appointment tomorrow with my therapist, which is a really good thing because my anxiety is just about through the roof and I can barely eat or sleep. I don't like shit hanging over my head and this was such a shock and being dumped VIA FUCKING EMAIL has made me feel pretty insignificant.

The upside? I'm finally beginning to really hate him. I hate that he made such a huge overture to get me back. I hate that he obviously isn't capable of sympathy and pretended just so that he wouldn't feel lonely. I hate that I totally fell for it and hurt that much more resultantly. The fact that he cannot tell me to my face that this is done lets me know how much of a fucking selfish, cowardly little worm he is.

Sorry about such negativity. I got an email from him that didn't answer any of my questions, but he was kind enough (laflaf) to "let" me come over to the garden and get stuff. He's very benevolent. This right now is the ONLY thing keeping some of my friends wanting to come over and putting atrazine all over his lawn. Honestly, I am just keeping them at bay, they are so pissed off. This, however, is making me laugh hysterically (has audio, not worksafe):

Kids in the Hall--Accused of Being an Asshole
Hi, peeps!

I don't understand why someone would want to inject a disease into their face, either. There's nothing wrong with having a little character. Airbrushing is for magazines, not real life, and using Botox is like trying to airbrush yourself. It'd freak me out if I met a 65-year-old woman without a few lines on her face, it's just not natural.

I've got pretty good skin, and I'm not sure exactly why. I don't do anything special to it, just wash once every day with a facial brush and whatever cleanser I have around. I do only like cleansers that make a nice thick lather, the kind that doesn't foam up doesn't feel like it works. I exfoliate once a week, rarely wear makeup, and that seems to do the trick. I don't even moisturize unless my skin feels really tight from dry air in the winter, which is very rare. I got really lucky with my skin/hair/nails. Speaking of which, I need to find a new facial cleanser, since the one I'm on is almost out. I'm going to get something different, since I didn't really like this one. The smell was great, but it doesn't seem very effective.

I'm impoverished right now, too. I had to bum $20 off the giant just to get gas so I can make it home from school tonight. I have to stop by and sell back my book. Can I get some vibes for a good sellback price? I paid $136 for it, and I'd like at least half that back.

I'd probably get a brazilian wax if the giant asked me to. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me. Women do lots more painful things to themselves than waxing.

Not much going on today. I'm about to cancel my Dayton's card if these assholes call me one more time at work about my bill. I swear, they've called me 4 times here and have gotten the same response every time, why would they keep trying? My boss is still gone, which is good, but I want to get a lot of work done anyway because stats are due next week.

sad.gif oh minxy. I am so sorry he's being a prick. Like you said, him doing this over e-mail is indicative of HIS problem! I mean, seriously. Grow a pair and break it off with your gf in person. Don't let his inability to do this impact how you feel about yourself. I am glad you're seeing your therapist tomorrow. Always a good thing. (minx)

Thanks for the backups on the skin/aging thing ladies. It makes me angry that I care about this junk. My skin is actually pretty good, which makes it even more ridiculous that I let this stuff upset me. I can be really bad about comparing myself to others & trying to keep up sometimes. It's something I am working on though.

~~~book sell back vibes for diva~~~~~~ Give her some money, fools!

Get to work Poodles! No slacking! I need to apply that same thing to myself though. I have got to work on these county profiles today. I finally got some of the data that I've been needing though, so that will help.
That is a great video, minx!! Ah yes, it's way better to be pissed off at a guy rather than sad. He dumped you via email?!! Now I want to sneak into his garden and cut the blooms off of all his plants. Or maybe I could dig up the plants and transplant them into my new yard. Ah yes, revenge. REVENGE!!!

I think the best way to get revenge is to find him in public (preferably in front of friends) and when he pretends that he doesn't see you (he will), approach him and call him a piece of shit. Then throw a drink in his face (something awful-smelling like cheap tequila). This is not illegal and it's unlikely that he'll dare sabotaging you later on. I did this to a guy, except for the drink-throwing part. I wish I could go back and do the drink thing. Ah well, next time.

My BFF was dumped by a guy via text message. Damn.

~*~*~*~financial vibes for diva~*~*~*~
Oh! You just made me laugh, Poodle!! Apparently, there are some bars that you and I should go to soon. wink.gif

Thank you, Kari! wub.gif
Yes, I think we should dress up all trampy and then go out and get totally bombed.
You and me, Babe. Friday or Saturday?
Minx, what a motherfucking asshole. He'd better be careful because Karma is going to tap him on the shoulder one day and give him a big boot in the ass. You know my ex picked up and left without telling me, then he had me arrested. Karma's payback you ask? Well, a tree fell on his brand new car, then he fell down a flight of stairs while drunk and he had to leave work. HA! So, prickboy will get it back.

Diva, you are lucky. I need moisturizer, I'd not be in a good place without it. crappy combination skin. This humidity is wreaking havoc on my skin, it's oily and gross.

Poodle, that's good revenge!

Ahhhh fuck, I just want to go home. I'm beyond sore today and my joints hurt from that intense workout. Bah.

"Well, a tree fell on his brand new car, then he fell down a flight of stairs while drunk and he had to leave work." Hahahahaha!!! That's frellin' heelarious!! Assclown.

Both days would be good, minx. I'll prolly work out on Friday, but ye can join me if you like!!

I'm at home now. I'm gonna try to work. Ya right. I have online classes to take. They're showing my apartment at 3:30 today, so that's a good excuse to leave and procrastinate s'more.

Hmmm...I think I'm gonna drink beer while edjumicating myself.
Oooh! I would love to join you! Would you show me some of your sweet moves (totally worksafe, with audio)?

Sweet Moves
Bwahahaha!! I was totally dancing like that a couple weeks ago at my friend's party. I'm sure I looked much dorkier though (if you can imagine)!! laugh.gif

Well, I've successfully started the beer consumption, but not the online education. Big surprise, I know. I can't log in to the site for some reason. I suppose I should do the responsible thing and go back to the office--not until I've had a couple beers though.

I'm never taking the online version of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice ever again. It's far to boring to do alone. The great thing about actual in-person classes is that I get to leave the office and, thus, my education isn't interrupted by my boss who wants me to do all of this other shit.

Ya know what really gets me about my dumbass ex? When we got back together (pre-public confrontation), he said "you were always the one that got away." I said, "Dude, YOU were the dumbass that screwed it up!! I didn't go anywhere!!"

I'm never doing the break up and get back together thing again...unless it's Johnny Depp.

The other thing: I can't help but laugh when guys say "you're, like, the coolest girl I've ever met." I've heard that enough to not take it seriously. Poopy men.

What can I say? I'm a man-hater!! I admit it!!
Haha!! I'm double-posting because I can!!

Where is everyone?

You can probably tell that I'm still at home, still drinking beer, and still avoiding my online edjumication.

ETA- Minx, what's your number these days? I tried calling you, but no answer. Maybe you're just being a bitch and ignoring me. Ah well, that's okay.

Shit, I just smeared cat food across my face and now I smell like chicken livers and wheat germ. Spoiled furry bastards. I swear, this stuff is still clucking when I open the can. I should go buy them some fresh livers and hearts. They love that stuff. Yeah, I'm a vegemetarian because, like, I don't eat meat, but my cats are ravenous carnivores and deserve some good bloody hippie shit.

ETAA for the 5th or so time- Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna go back to work.
Poodle, whatcha doing with kitty food on your face? Is this a new facial I haven't heard of? smile.gif Seriously, there are few things that smell worse than canned pet food. Eeew. But the furbabies do love it. Turbo won't even consider eating dinner if there isn't a dollop of wet food in his bowl.

Minxy, you know what I'm gonna say...That you are an intelligent, sassy, gorgeous woman who deserve and EQUAL partner who is up to the task of being in a relationship, and who will make you feel loved and respected. A partner who can appreciate minxlette, and be a positive force in both your lives. No more men who unpack their baggage and leave it on your doorstop. Mature, sexy men who've worked out their issues and have self-awareness need apply. Period.

I think its time you write your relationship mission statement...all the things you desire in a partner, and stick to it. Accept no less than your whole-hearted desires, and make it happen.

Kari, that's awesome that you're feeling like you're gaining clinical skills in your internship! Even though your weeks are very full, I'm glad that you're getting skills out of it.

I'm having a much better week at work now...last week was a nightmare, but everything has leveled out now, I convinced the bosses that I should be in charge of the website (YAY!), and I'm very busy this week. I really have an attitude problem if I don't have enough work to do...boredom does not suit me.

Thanks for the linky to the cleanser, doodle!
Good evening everyone! This is a quick post.

I haven't been feeling too well'll never a spectacular bit of good timing, my fourth and final wisdom tooth decided to poke through my gumline. YEARGH! I thought I was all safe from that now, since the first three came through before I was 25, and I've never heard of anyone getting wisdom teeth at this age (but a quick bit of research on the internets has shown me that yes, it is possible). I have been taking tylenol with codeine, which makes me verrrrry sleepy. It's just a tiny corner of the tooth, and the worst seems to have passed (I hope), but GODDESS I need a job, with dental. If it becomes awful, I'll have to ask doodlemama for help, which I HATE, because I've already asked for help twice now. Damn, damn, damn.

One of the boys just knocked as I opened this post up, but I'm soooo not into seeing anyone tonight. I'm sitting in a stanky old cami and my underwear, with no makeup, no bra, and ratty hair. And oh yeah, the MRG arrived this morning, too. mad.gif So yeah, I'll just be "not home" tonight. (Too bad, 'cause banjoboy's girlfriend arrived on the bus for a visit, late Monday night - I want to meet the amazing young woman who can keep a 20-year old boy loyal while still living an entire province away. Actually....I suspect it was a suddenly-lonely guitarboy at my door tonight....)

Anyway, this is a long way of saying sorry I haven't read today's posts yet.

(ETA: more door-knocking...must be a serious case of loneliness...)
Good Morning all.

Turbo, I'm glad that work is so much better for you this week.

Minx, I second what Turbo said.

Poodle the ex has had a shitty string of luck. I do feel bad for him. I'll never talk to him again, but he's got some issues that he needs to deal with. Wanker.

Doodle, ~*~*~*feel better vibes~*~*~*~*~*~

Well, we got a nice rain storm here when I got home from work and during the night. I kind of woke up to hear it, then promptly fell back asleep. I was so tired last night, killer workout on Tuesday and friend over, I was KO'd last night. Took puppy for a quick walk at the park, as there as still active thunder and lighting. Then came home and was asleep by 8! Hee hee.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well.


((doodle)) Ouch! I am sorry to hear about your tooth! Hey, if you have to ask doodlemama for help, I am sure she won't mind. You don't want to be in pain! I didn't know banjoboy had a girlfriend.

Poodle! "Shit, I just smeared cat food on my face...." That made me giggle, I hope you don't mind. smile.gif You are right though, canned pet food reeks to high heaven. Paco just had to have some when his stomach was messed up. The smell. ICK. And the apperance. Gross. The mere thought is making me gag.

Ch, I am jealous of your early bedtime! I tried to go to bed earlier last night, but I couldn't fall asleep. Then I finally did fall asleep, and Mr K came home & woke me up. Grrr.

Jenn, I am really glad your week is better than last week.

I am ok today, pretty tired though. Have had 2 cups of coffee. Plan on having a Red Bull later this afternoon. I am developing quite the caffeine addiction, but I can't help it with this wacky f-ing schedule. I am planning to change my hospital schedule starting next month. I'll be going there 2 weeknights & a Sunday afternoon. I think that will be better than 3 weeknights. The Sunday should be pretty easy, since my boss won't be there. I love working with her, but it always adds in a bunch of extra tasks.
Hey all.

I just got an email from him this morning stating that he doesn't want to have a conversation about WHAT happened, and doesn't want to speak to me for at least several weeks. Cute, huh? I get NOTHING. Two years and apparently (in his fucked up universe) I am not even deserving of some simple truths. That makes me feel so wretched right now, and I think that's the intention. To pull some bullshit powergame wherein HE gets to call all of the shots.

Oh, and get this: he re-cored his lock on the house. He must have done something really interesting to protect himself like that, because there is NO WAY I would go into his house after I removed my things and he fucking knows it. I get to feel like shit, and he does exactly what he wants. Great.

So, I'm sitting here bawling my eyes over a fucking creep. A creep who STILL hasn't bothered asking whether or not I got laid off. What a joke.

The upside is that I am fucking LATHERED. These tears will dry up eventually, it's just really hard right now.

Thanks for listening. And thanks for the beer and conversation yesterday, Poodle. That really meant a lot to me. Your pad rocks, and so do you.

Okay, so he hasn't given you your stuff back? I'd either callt he police and ask if they could give me an escort to his door or call a lawyer and get an angry letter written (if possible).

Do you even want closure from him? wanting closure got me arrested... When he's ready to talk, fuck him. He can take his peanut dick and shove it up his ass. You know what would get his goat, blocking him from your e-mail.

Remember, you are a smart, beautiful woman. You have a beautiful daughter who adores her momma. You deserve someone who will treat you like the queen that you are, and who will worship and love you. Someone who will love ze bebe. Take things hour by hour, not day by day.

Hi, peeps!

((((((Minx))))) Please just don't foget that this man is an ASSHOLE. He's been pulling this crazy shit on you for 2 years now, and he WILL NOT CHANGE. You've given him plenty of opportunities, and he's failed to make any real changes. If it were me, I'd leave it as it is and never speak to him again. If you can financially afford it, let him keep the stuff he has over there and break ALL ties with the bastard. Don't let him talk his way back into your life unless you want to deal with all this stuff AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. I personally find closure to be very overrated, and there's no point in trying to be friends after how he's treated you. Friends don't treat each other that way. He's proven that he's an asshole and you owe him nothing. You did fine without him before, and you will again. He's a man, an ASSHOLE, not freaking oxygen, not food, not water, just a stupid little man who deserves to be treated as such.

Delete his emails, block his calls, and don't have anything to do with him. Not in a passive-agressive way, but in a I DON'T NEED YOU, YOU'RE NOT FUCKING HEALTHY AND I'M BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU kind of way. Not malicious, just self-preservation. Just PLEASE don't be charmed by whatever he says later on to get back in your pants. He's done this before and don't think things are going to turn out any differently. To do anything else would be rewarding him for his awful behavior.

Poodle, I wish I could ditch work to drink beer and take an online class at home. Well, maybe not the beer, but still.

My work people are so stupid. My friend who quit last winter to sell motorcycles wants to get us all together tomorrow. Fine. But what was supposed to be a happy hour in a location convenient for us has turned into a trek to fucking Fridley (from St. Paul? Oh, hell no!) to the VFW to see a co-worker's band play, and they don't even go on until 9:00. His band plays at least 3 nights a week pretty much all over the place every week, so it's really nothing special. So now it looks like my Friday night has opened up because I can't think of a worse way to spend the eveing than at a freaking VFW with a bunch of people from work. They're lovely people, but I'm not committing a Friday night to them. It's enough that I stick around an hour and a half after I'm off work to meet up with them. I'm about to just scrap the whole thing and say screw it.

((((((((Doodle's toof))))))))) Ow! Get that fixed right away! I'm sure your mom wouldn't mind helping you out, since this is a health/pain issue. Nobody wants their child to be in pain.

Jenn, any word on your parents' dog coming back?

Hi, Kari and CH!

I never did make it to sell my book back last night because I left work too late (a whole 15 minutes late, big whoop), but traffic was so awful I'd never get there on time, park, and walk to the building 2 blocks away. Oh, and I didn't have enough gas to get there. So now I'm going to do it on my lunch break. I kind of have to now because I left the $4 I've got to my name (which I borrowed from the giant) at home and I've got nothing to eat here. I came home so mad last night I didn't even go to the gym, so I just slammed a bunch of doors, stomped around, and did the dishes. Then we watched Spinal Tap.


I am so so sorry. I can't believe he is being such an ass. Like I said yesterday though, that's HIS problem. HE doesn't know how to treat people. I know you expect more out of him, after the time you spent together, but honestly, I think what he is doing is reflective of his inability to act like an adult.

In the meantime, I'd do what CH says & block him from all forms of communication. Don't let him do what he wants. He's made it clear he doesn't want to talk, make it so that even if he changes his mind, you are unavailable. You decide who you want to deal with and if he is causing you nothing but pain, distance yourself. Don't let him run the show.
Hi, it's me, again!

I've decided that I don't like this work thing anymore. Boo! I need to do something fun. I think that being a reviewer of resorts and spas will about do it. Now, to find the person who will support this endevor.

Hmmm, or I could be a super hero. I haven't even smoked drugs in a while, where is this weirdness coming from? *shrugs* oh well.

Diva, I agree, I don't do work things because, well, I work with you and see you for at least 40 hours a week. If I wanted to hang out with those of you I really wanted to, I'd let you know.

Hi Kari.
CH, my old roommate, Bitchcream, worked for one of those companies before, checking out hotels and such. I hear she didn't really care much for it, but you get to travel some. Still, it's better than sitting at a desk all day.

There are a couple people going out tomorrow who I'd hang out with outside of work, but only a couple. Most of who'd be going, I barely even talk to at all. I don't want to begin my weekend with going out with work people. And one person going, who sits directly kitty-corner from me, I try to avoid as much as possible. Why would I volunteer to put up with that for a night?

I wish it'd hurry up and be noon so I can deal with selling back my book. I just wish it weren't hot as Hades out, but there's not much that can be done about that.
I finally did my book-selling-back fiasco, and it wasn't bad. I got half of what I initially paid for it, so I'm satisfied. Now I can eat and pay one of my bills, and still have some to spare for tomorrow.

I don't understand how people can live without air conditioning on a day like today. On days like this, I really feel sorry for cars, having to be out in the sun driving around. It's weird, having feelings for inanimate objects, but I do in the case of cars.
*slinks back in sheepishly* hola oy okayers. how long have i been out, two, three weeks? yeesh, it feels like forever. i don't know what happened. it's not like i've been hugely busy or stressed out or anything. just skipped a day, then told myself i'd catch up the next day, and next thing you know, it's weeks later and i have about a bajillion pages of archives to go through and it's totally overwhelming. and i'm thinking i should go back and start catching up now, but that might take about another month. but i'ma do it anyway. (((((ch))))) thanks for reminding me.
(((((Grrrl)))) hello! *leaps on and gives big hug*

Okay, in a nutshell, yes I'm speaking for all here.

the big news. FJ had a baby. Doodle's hair is growing back, Turbo is doing well at work, Diva is rockin' in school, Poodle bought a house, Kari is doing awesome, minx borke up with minxman (((minx))), mox is doing well, and I'm okay too.

It's good that you are back!
I've been lurking for months and finally feel like posting. I'm slowly trying to get back into things like Busting. And now I'm not working (more on that later) so I have more time!

((Minx)) - What an incredible asshole. You are a bazillion times better than that shit and Diva and CH speak the truth - fuck closure.

((Doodle & Her Tooth)) I'm loving all the stories of you and your band. It's all so exciting!

So my last day at my shitty job was Friday. I'm taking a month off before I start grad school this fall (fall sounds so far away). I'm really happy to be done with that job. And now I'm starting to look for a new part-time job for while I'm in school. In fact, I'm in the process of applying for something online right now. I just called the place to ask who to address my cover letter to, being a good little job hunter who always has been told to call and ask cuz it gets you bonus points to address the letter properly. I spoke with a very nice woman who put me on hold to double check who was doing the hiring. She came back and told me the woman doing the hiring wants letters addressed "To whom it may concern" and doesn't like it when people call to ask who to address it to. WTF?! I've never heard of such a thing before. It's an online posting and online application process but it does require a cover letter. The posting doesn't say "no calls" or anything like that so it didn't occur to me to not call. Whatever, weirdo.

It's yucky outside - all crazy humid. Thank the goddess for air conditioning.
Hi, Catsoup!

What kinds of jobs are you applying for? And what are you going to school for? How about the wedding plans?

Hi, Grrl! Any word on the promotion yet?

I think the whole thing with people wanting closure is that they want a Hollywood ending, but those don't happen in real life. Or maybe people are afraid to throw out the trash in their lives, so they try to make friends with it. If it's bad enough to break up with, it's not worth keeping around for friendship. My personal rule is that I don't maintain friendships with any of my exes. There's nothing wrong with throwing out a bag of stinky human trash as soon as possible and then moving on.

I'm looking for part-time work, ideally on campus. I'm doing the Masters in Public Health program at the U so something related to public health would be good.

Wedding plans are going well. We've got most of the major stuff - location, caterer, photographer, my dress!, dj, officiant - and I'm hoping to get bridesmaid dresses and a florist in the next month. It's less than a year away but we're totally on top of the planning which is great.

It's exciting that you and The Giant are talking about marriage. And very good that you're on the same page about timing. I felt like TB and I were in sync with that (although he did shock the hell out of me when he did propose) and that made all the difference. There's nothing worse than feeling like you're waiting for your partner to catch up to where you are or vice versa.

Does anyone else watch this sitcom called "Still Standing" in reruns? It has Jami Gertz has a mom and I just really like her. Her and her husband are typical sitcom dumb parents but I like it for some reason. Maybe my brain is just completely done working by 6pm and it's all I can handle.
Hey all...another quick post...thanks for the tooth healing vibes and such! It feels mainly okay right now...I think it's going to be alright.

I started this day doing housework, but lo and behold, there was guitarboy on the doorstep. I think I was right about the girlfriend issue making guitarboy feel like a third wheel. But now banjoboy and the girlfriend are having an argument. Oh, I don't know. (I still haven't met her, btw.) Anyway, we jammed all afternoon, and are taking a break. banjoboy took his instruments home - I suspect a make-up is in the works - but guitarboy left his guitars and his amp here, and the djembe is still here, too. Heh.

We might try busking again tomorrow, I think....we said we are, anyway.

I know guitarboy - the Leo - is probably napping, but I just had a ginormous salad (with raw sunflower seeds for protein), and now I'm listening to my beloved Iron Maiden and working the free weights. (Iron Maiden + iron = overclocked muscle power, yeah!) Which I need to get back to! Which is why this is a short post....

The local AIDS society is looking for a tenant's rights advocate. Deadline to apply is tomorrow. I can do the work, but I'm trying to decide if I should....
Good eveing everyone.

Catsoup, I'm glad to hear that things are going fairly well! ~*~*~*~*job finding vibes~*~*~*~*~

Diva I agree, particularly about the stinky human trash!

Doodle, I'm glad that your toof is feeling a bit better. Ooohh! Iron Maiden and working out, awesome!

So, I took houndish to the park for a good walk and run, but at the start I broke my sandal (which has since been fixed! Thank you superglue!) then I came home and worked out for an hour and a half, cardio legs, ass and abs. My legs are going to be killing me tomorrow. But I feel great! I went shopping at lunch today and bought this really wonderful shirt. It's a dark green dress shirt, but over top is a brown cropped sleeveless sweater. It's very perrty, I'm excited about wearing it! I'm kind of in a dress clothes binge right now.

Well, I'm going to header to bed soon. Later all!
Good evening my dears!

Well, minxy, Diva said it all. Listen to her, she is one wise woman. You do not need that shitbag for anything, and I think an end to communications would be an appropriate step - but you do it for yourself. He's not doing it, or anything else, to you anymore.

I finished the new Harry Potter tonight too - wheeee! Now I can finally go into the HP thread, as I've avoided it, having just read the entire series in one month. Now I'm going to have good book hangover.

Diva - how did the giant like Spinal Tap? Such a classic.

Turbomann and I just got home from finally going out for our anniversary dinner at our fave organic northern italian bistro...its not uber fancy, but one of those places that is really welcoming, and the servers really know how to take care of you. After my years in restaurant service, I really appreciate skilled servers almost as much as the food. Its such a relaxing pleasure to go to places like that. We had saffron & pernod mussels, wine, and a big bowl of the most *amazing* papardelle with luscious bolognese. I don't go in for pastas much, but this stuff....unfuckingbelievable. Hand-made pasta, and slow simmered sauce. Mmmm...I'll probably be digesting it until next tuesday, but whatever.

Doodle, I'm glad your toof is feeling a bit wisdom teeth are making their way out too, finally, and unfortunately are shoving my front teeth all over the place, but I'm very hesitant about seeing about removal. There's something energetic that I don't like about removing bone from my mouth.

And doodle, what's your gut feeling about the job. If you feel inclined toward it at all, I say apply. You can always seek info, and back out later if it feels like a stressbomb. You know this work is in your blood, so I'd hate to see you not even consider it. Just keep your life boundaries firm...I'm doing it, so it can be done. I leave the office at 4pm, and I don't care what shit is falling from the sky. period. smile.gif

Oh, and the last member of my old department at the last job quit today. Serves bitchboss right, I'd say.

And with that....bedtime!!! Sweet dreams to everyone!
Morning y'all! Its raining here, and its FRIDAY!!! This week has been a bit stressful, so I haven't wanted to dump on y'all...cause its not as shitty as the fucktart that is exminxman, or as sore as wisdom teeth.

My parents, who are straining financially, put their house on the market wednesday. Can I have some FAST house selling vibes? Between finances being tight, the house needing some touch-ups leading up to the market day, and my parent's health (not great all the time), the last couple weeks have been ROUGH in moxieland.

This weekend, is my college roomie's wedding. I get to see one of the nicest, sweetest persons in the world marry a partner well suited for her,AND party with the whole college gang! WHOOHOO!! We'll definitly post pictures. Moxette is staying with my parents tonight and tomorrow, but at my house, i think. They aren't sure what they want to do...whatever is fine by me.

Yesterday, we took the BFF's 2 kids and moxette to the "big" mall (it has a gameworks for the older kids) for an outing. We all had loads of fun...the 2 little ones were saying each other's names all afternoon (after we got home!). Anyway, my shoulder is SORE from carting the 2 kidlets around in a wagon! But, really, its the best kind of sore. smile.gif

Ok, off to get moxette up for school, pack,and head off to the wedding locale! Turbo...we'll both have our when you get into town tomorrow to hook up!
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