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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Mornin' All,

Oh Minx, sweetie, I'm so so sorry. (((((((minx))))))) We are here if you need.

Kel, I agree with Lore hit 'em with a spray bottle. Or bricks.

Ooooh Lore, homemade cabnitry!!! Sweetness!

The workout made me sleep so well last night, I am feeling good today, too bad it's going to be hot as hell here today. It's going to be 39C with the humidity, that would be 102.2F. That's way to fucking hot. Thank cod for AC! I just feel bad for houndish, it's going to be hot like this into the evening and I can't take her out in weather like this. And she doesn't swim. Hmmmph.

Where the heck is everyone? Turbo, Grrrl, Mox, Poodle, Diva???? Hellooooooooooooooooo
Oh minxy. ((minx)) I am so so sorry. Take care of yourself, doll & let us know if we can do anything, even if it is just listening. sad.gif

Lore! It sounds like you made Goatie's birthday so nice & special. I'd much rather have an experience like that than get some expensive gift. So much more meaningful. If Mr K did that for me, I'd swoon.

jenn, I wish your parents' dog would come home. They must be worried sick. How long has it been now? ~~~~shirley!! Come home!~~~~~

CH, Developments over the weekend, eh? oooh! Do tell!

Poodle, I can't believe your boss used to send you on those fucking errands! Geez. That's not what you're paid for! What's the latest with the new poodle pad?

Doodles! Good for you on treating yourself to hair color! Got any pics? I have decided to do mine for my birthday next month. There are just too many grey hairs now. I can't pluck 'em all. Sounds like guitarboy's hair is looking good too.

Hi Kel! geez, you are attracting all sorts lately! I hope this one gets it & buggers off soon.

I had a lovely weekend. Mr K & I went to dinner Friday night at this place here that has really good burgers. Yum. Saturday I got up early, hit the gym, hit some yard sales, took a long nap, and went to a birthday party. Yesterday we took the dogs on a hike & chilled at home. Mr K went to see the new HP movie, I went to the mall. I am so proud of myself, I didn't make one purchase. I am looking for brown shoes, and there did not seem to be any. I need closed toe, we're not allowed to wear open toe shoes at the hospital. Maybe once the fall shoes come out. Anyhoo. It was a nice weekend.
Mornin' bustiers!!

((((minx)))) Call or email me if you need to chat.

I don't really have any interesting weekend stories to share this morning. Let's see, I went o'er to my mom's to drink beer and wash clothes. We also went tree-shopping (for my new backyard), which was lots of fun. I'm finally able to relax and daydream about my new house and decorating/landscaping possibilities. I'm really excited to start a compost heap!!

Heh...I had a dream last night that I was starting a campaign to elect Keith Moon for president. You can tell that I've been watching too much CNN and listening to too much of The Who.
Hi, peeps!


((((((((((Shirley come home vibes))))))))))

Jenn, I hate those trainings, too. I think they're wasted on a lot of people in non-commercial industries (though plenty of people in my office are old school and don't understand that times have changed, but us open-minded people outnumber them). It can get to be overkill sometimes.

Doodle, what kind of color is your hair now? I'm starting to get greys, too, but I just leave them alone. I used to dye my hair, and it's just too much maintenance. I've got it back to virgin status, and I'd like to keep it that way. I just hope I'm not like my mom and go mostly grey before I'm 50. Then again, I don't intend to have the kind of children she did. I firmly believe children create greys.

The giant got the new HP on Saturday, he's about 1/4 of the way through. We aren't going to do anything but readreadread for the next week at my house. I've got my own books to get through, and I'm not about to start a new series.

We went to see the new HP movie yesterday. It was pretty good. The villan lady was evil, but also fabulous. It was pretty dark, but not as dark as #3, I think. I rarely say this about movies that top out at over 2 hours, but it could've been a little longer. I hope they get to making the last couple films right away before the cast gets so old you can't disguise them as teenagers anymore, and they're already dangerously close.

Hi, Kari! Your weekend sounds really nice.

Aw, Lore, that sounds so sweet! It's not about what you spend, it's about the effort, and you put in so much extra. It sounds like you made Goatie's birthday extra special. I hope you can make that road trip after all.

Hi, CH, Poodle, Kel, and everyone!

I had a pretty excellent weekend. I had the house to myself on Friday night, since I wanted the giant to have time alone with his family. I rented 4 movies: Volver, Margaret Cho - I'm the One I Want, Spinal Tap, and Pursuit of Happyness. I have't watched the latter 2 yet (Spinal Tap is for the giant since he's never seen it and I think he'll love it), but Volver was really good, and I think this Margaret Cho performance is my favorite yet (I hated Notorious C.H.O.). The giant had a great time with his brother and family and came back with lots of stories from his brother. I'd never realized it before, but his brother has a really good head on his shoulders. Anyway, we slept in on Saturday, read for awhile, then checked into our hotel to start our anniversary celebrations, which was gorgeous as always. We went out for dinner, then came back to the hotel to hang out in bed. We had brunch at the hotel yesterday, and it was amazing as always, especially since I didn't overdo it and make myself sick this time. Then we saw the movie and came home and read some more. We spent the majority of our weekend in bed, just how we like it. But dare I say it, I'm happy to be back among the upright today.

I've got all my new wallpaper up, but I need to buy some more since these sheets are smaller than my old ones. It's so much brighter in here! Now I need to start putting my pictures back up. I'm thinking about taking all my color ones to Kinko's and making B&W copies. It'd be a nice contrast to all this color.
Poodle, maybe your subconscious was telling you there's a debate on tonight.

6:00 CST on CNN for all you political junkies like me.
Yeah, I'm excited for the YouTube debate tonight. Too bad Keith Moon's not alive to participate in it!! laugh.gif
Yeah, too bad he's been dead for 30 years and was a Brit anyway. ; )
Hey Ladies and Not-Ladies.

Doing much better today. I had a serious hard-on to be miserable last night, but I'm getting over the initial shock. This really just happened on Friday after he gave me the silent treatment for five days AFTER I spent the previous week helping him get ready for his parents to come in from out-of-state and summarily entertaining them. So when I say that NOTHING happened, I really mean nothing.

I'm pissed. Actually, I found out that he has been in contact with his ex-wife again, as well. Fucker.

So I did the typical post-breakup bullshit this morning by tearing up photos, putting some away, and getting everything visibly reminding me of said individual out of sight...and I had to talk to Minxlette. That sucked. She actually took the news fairly well because "I know that you will always love me, Momma." smile.gif

I went to the Whore this weekend after extricating all of my things from his house and spent the weekend decompressing. Minxlette had excellent company and was chased all around by her younger cousin.

Sorry about the mememe post. Poodle, I'd love to take you up on your offer. Actually, will you be in town this weekend? Diva? Lurv?
The visit to Mount Whore sounds like it helped a little, at least for minxlette. That's so sweet (and smart!) that she responded with that comment. Gimme a call and we'll get together. Maybe we'll finally get around to the karaoke we've been talking about for so long!! It's a cheesy phrase, but it's true: laughter is the best medicine in these situations.

I don't care if Keith Moon is a dead brit--he'd still make a better president that our current one!! Okay, maybe not. Electing the current ass was like giving a teenager keys to a corvette. Electing Keith Moon would be like giving an alcoholic keys to a Rolls Royce, only to drive the thing into a swimming pool a minute later. laugh.gif The funny thing is that he was deceased in my dream, but I was still trying to start a presidential campaign for him.
I've got family stuff for the giant to do all weekend, and there's a chance some of his relatives could be staying with us. They're having a welcome home party for his brother, so we'll probably be booked up all weekend. Too bad none of his fun relatives are coming (the good ones live in Omaha, the boring ones live in Kansas City), but we'll see them in about 6 weeks at his cousin's wedding, anyway.

Where is this Mt. Whore place?

Poodle, Poodle, Poodle. If I didn't know you don't have VH1, I'd tell you to lay off it for a minute. But that's why I loves ya.

I'm going to resist temptation to skip the gym and watch the debate tonight and just have the giant tape it for me. But my arms and shoulders have quit aching, so I'm going to lift weights again tonight. The politicos will just have to wait.
((minx)) purge, my dear. That helps. I mean, purge his stuff, not purge like you know, barf. I am glad Minxlette took things ok. I know she'll look after her mama.

Diva, it sounds like you had a lovely anniversary weekend. yay! How long has it been now? That's nice that you had some time to yourself too. I get antsy for that. So the Giant had a nice reunion with his bro? I'm really glad he's home. I am impressed that you are wallpapering your office! Mine is so blah, but I never do anything about it. I may as well not now anyhow, since I'll be moving down the hall.

Poodles! Have you been bitten by the landscape bug? I have! I'm addicted to buying plants. I want to put in some more, but I've got to figure out where to put 'em. Hmmm.
Good morning y'all!

((((((((((minx)))))))))) That sux, that's all I can say. If you need it, we still have the option of bringing together the Feminist Vigilante Unit....aka, the F-Team. I like your new avi, btw...

How's the rest of y'all today? Hi to poodle, turbo, moxie, CH, RV, PK, kel, diva, kari, lore, and....oh, anyone I'm missing, and I know I am, for shame!

lorewolf, forgive me if I missed it in the archives, but how was the Vancouver trip? BTW, I can't see the Porcupine Rebels effing with our hair colour TOO much, as we all consider ourselves hippies of a sort. Well, I never considered myself a hippie, necessarily, but guitarboy assures me I am one. tongue.gif

diva and kari, and other hair dye lovers, I used the L'Oreal Couleur Experte "ginger twist"....the first step makes it kind of a medium-dark reddish-brown, and then the second step highlights it with coppery tones. I like it 'cause it's not as obvious as the one colour stuff (and the roots don't look gross when they grow out a bit), but it is more pricey. But since my hair has been a bitch lately, between illness and it falling out and now the "fuzzy" bits growing back in, it had lost a lot of it's natural shine. Anyway, my hair stylist said I could either spring for shine serum, or hair colour, and either one would have the same effect (restoring shine) for about the same price, so I made an executive decision to return to redheadedness. wink.gif (I NEED red hair. In fact, I'm sure that's part of Maslow's Hierarchy.) I could have used my spa gift certificate, but I somehow can't bring myself to waste it on salon colour when I know darned well they use the exact same products you can buy at the drugstore! Besides, I still want a massage.

(Hey, speaking of drugstore vs. pricy stuff, you know the woman who wrote the book, Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me? She has a website, and it's really cool. She is selling her own products, but there is also lots of free advice and very even-handed product reviews - look under the "Learn" section on the left. I spent hours there reading up on stuff!)

In the good news, my stylist says my hair should be back to the way it normally should be sometime around December. A birthday present! She actually showed me spots where entire little chunks are growing in, not just fuzzy bits. Also, she said to bring some stuff on PCOS to the salon for the staff, so they can recognize the symptoms in their clients - a lot of the signs are hair and skin-related.

This is a very hair-raising post. BWAHAHA!

The weekend party wound up not happening, which was actually kind of a relief, although I did get to talk about the acid issue with guitarboy first. I hung out with the boys on Friday and Saturday and then didn't answer the door yesterday. Found banjoboy some banjo tutorials online as well, so he has thus far learned "Good Night Ladies." guitarboy and I often crack jokes that banjoboy was born about 50 years too late. And then we play Neil Young's "Old Man." tongue.gif Which actually has a great banjo part, and I think I've figured out a cool Natalie Maines-esque way to sing it (if Natalie Maines were an alto) - it could become our signature song, when banjoboy's playing improves! BFF/manageress is going to try and get us some coffee house gigs, and maybe at the farmer's market, too.

In the meantime, I need to start taking the jobby-job search more seriously. I have loads of time left on unemployment, but trying to live on the amount is killing me. *sigh*

Wow, this is a very chatty post....
Hi doodle!! The hair sounds purdy!! Like diva, I am sort of virginizing my hair, or at least doing less shit to it colorwise. I have my mom's early greyness and I need to accept it. I haven't done box dye forever. I decided a while back that I'm leaving it up to the Aveda professionals from now on. Their dye is truly better than any box stuff. It smells nice and leaves hair uber shiney. Plus, Aveda is cruelty-free.

"If I didn't know you don't have VH1, I'd tell you to lay off it for a minute." Wha?!! Why, do they have some kind of Keith Moon/Who thing? Heh, a couple weeks ago, I watched the Flavor of Love marathon on VH1 while hanging out at my parents house. I was reminded of why I chose to get rid of cable.

ETA- By the way, according to Roger Daltrey, the Rolls Royce thing never happened. Just a rumor. I hope that clears things up. wink.gif
Hah! I refuse to accept greyness. My 69-year old mother does not accept greyness, and nor shall I. Actually, I don't have a problem with being overall grey - it's the fade-to-grey part in between I dread. Amazingly, though, my stylist said she couldn't see any other grey hairs (and she was lookin' hard, 'cause she was also checking for re-growth), so I guess it was just that one I found. That's not bad, huh? One little grey hair by 38? (O hair vanity, thy name is doodlebug.)

It is true, though, that salon dyes and drugstore dyes have the same formulations. What you pay for is the hair colourist's time and expertise.

Man, I've got to stay away from other forums. I am so tired of reading stuff like, "Eww, I'd rather have/eat/wear something 'natural' than some chemical." Oh honey, EVERYTHING is a chemical substance. Air. Water. Herbal tea. Bananas. People. Even the crushed bugs they use to dye your makeup. *sigh*

Maybe I'm feeling too arguementative today. Maybe I'll gussy up and go for a walk.
"Eww, I'd rather have/eat/wear something 'natural' than some chemical." Oh honey, EVERYTHING is a chemical substance. Air. Water. Herbal tea. Bananas. People. Even the crushed bugs they use to dye your makeup. *sigh*

Doodle, honey, you just win the prize for best said anything, ever. I always feel compelled to reply: "I buy CFR light bulbs, shop at responsible merchants, buy local (but not organize) meat, poultry, dairy and eggs, AND I let my kid eat chocolate chip cookies, have tv time and try to figure out the whipped cream bottle."

Its all about wise choices and balance, folkes!
I'm sure that most salons use the same ingredients that are found in boxes, but Aveda dye is truly different. The formula is almost 100% plant-derived, which leaves hair feeling and looking great. Aveda is actually known for their color specialty. I wish somebody would come up with an affordable boxed version of a "natural" dye.

I guess I'm not sure what forum you're talking about. They should have used the word 'toxic' instead of 'chemical.' I'm sure that's what they were going for.
I understand the whole food thing with wanting purity and keeping it close to home. I blame all the chemicals they use for keeping mass-market foods on the shelf for years and years for giving people cancer. Did people back in the olden days get cancer like we do now? And I blame high-tech lifestyles for more children being autistic. It's just me and my little conspiracy theory.

It bugs me when people think that herbal remedies are better than real medicine. Maybe it's how I grew up, but everything comes from somewhere, so real medicine and herbal remedies can be very much the same thing. And the real medicine doesn't taste as yucky and the size of a horse pill. The "all-natural, herbal" pills I've taken throughout my life have the worst side effects of anything. Sorry, but I want the chemicals, and all the testing and FDA regulation that goes with them, when I'm broken and need to be fixed.

Now I want to get my hair done, but I gots no money. I've got $6 and change to my name right now. Maybe next month I'll get it cut. But I will never perm or color my hair ever again. I've learned my lesson. Everything's fine for about a month, then your roots show and you've entered into a viscious cycle of having to do maintenance every month, and your perm goes flat on the top. That's no good for anyone. Sorry, I'm a hair purist.
I heard that same thing about autism, diva. Asthma and allergies have gone up, too. And yeah, preservatives are freaky.

I don't take any herbal stuff. For most herbal treatments, you'd have to take high doses for several weeks before they'd have any effect. I guess it depends on the condition. Herbal treatments work for the little stuff like headaches, upset tummies, etc.
Hey poods, I hope you didn't think I was trying to be arguementative with you! smile.gif It's just stuff I see generally on a few other forums, usually stuff written in ignorance about scientific processes. I am sure they meant "toxic" too, but most people don't seem to know the difference...some scaremonger describes something as a "chemical" and people do this knee-jerk freak-out. This particular discussion was about fabric dyes, actually! Most fabric dyes are still plant-based (or bug-based!)....which is still a chemical!

I don't know much about Aveda products....I'd love to read some comparative research on the hair dyes, if you know of any.

Ok, I'm gussied! I'm going to walk up to the post office and mail doodlemama's birthday present. A touch late, I'm afraid, but she already knows that. I painted her a wooden box, and threw in some purty candles, and I also did her astrology chart and wrote it up on a piece of parchment I painted. (She also knows that I'm v. poor right now! biggrin.gif )

Gotta fly!
That sounds like a great gift, doodle!!

There have to be some other not-as-toxic boxed dyes out there (other than henna). I'll have to do some research. Gah! Now I want to have my hair done, too!!
My local union president just asked me to take over as union secretary or treasurer, or run for political liason. I'm flattered, but I really don't think I'm up for it. Since I'm on track to get done with school in roughly a year or so, I don't want to commit to anything. Somehow I got tapped for this stuff, and I'm not sure exactly why.

Kari, yesterday was 2 years for the giant and I. Who'da ever thunk I'd last this long with someone? We're talking marriage and all that good stuff. He told his brother about it on Friday, and I'm basically one of the family (like it or not).

I worked in the Aveda factory once on a temp gig for a few days, and man, did it suck! I believe in the company, but I really wish I wouldn't have seen how they run a factory.

oh, i LOVE aveda products! I just stocked up on shampoo and conditioner, as a matter of fact. I just meant that the holier-than-thou tone of some message boards, especially those related to food and children, piss me off. they make me want to be snarky.
That is flattering, diva!! Too bad the timing sucks!!

I forgot to congratulate you and the giant on your anniversary!! 2 years. Wow. I can't even imagine what that would be like. I have a hard time imagining myself with someone for more that a 2 months!! I'm bitter.

I use Aveda Self-Control stick on my hair. I loooove the smell.
Fuck, what a day it's been. Looks like month end is starting already, and I have a small case load. *grumbles to self*

Kari, what a lovely weekend. Good luck on your hunt for shoes. The developments, I heard from exboy and ignored his text. Get together with friendboy was really lovely, stuff happened, and it was really good. Gaaaaa!

Poodle, that is a way cool dream!

Diva, sounds like my Saturday and Sunday as well.

Minx, that is so sweet that minxette said that. That mofo ex can go and die now. *hands rubber chicken AND smelly rotting dead trout*

Doodle, that is so great about your hair! YAY!!!!! *hands joint of organic Jamaican* I had some this weekend, fucked me up damn good!

I feel really left out of this debate about Aveda, haven't used it in years. I did however go and buy myelf some biotherm cream. That is all about that.

Is it friday yet? I split my time between offices today, and I have had waaaaaaaaaaay too many phone calls today. BAH! GO AWAY PEOPLE!!!!! Grrrrr. Must go and chip away at this last less than an hour now. Poop.

Hey, YEAH CH! Where the fuck is Kell so that she can punch him in the fucking neck?! mad.gif
Hi culture!!

Today sucks, indeed. The meddler and the boss are gone, so I think I might sneak outta here. I'm so bored. I have stuff to do, but I just don't have the energy.
*hands minx a dinosaur femur* go get him in the virtual fight club thread. Then throw flaming dog poop at him. and I do mean AT him.

Poodle, I know, this work day and it's only Monday. *bangs head against wall*
OMFG, some creepy angry drunk/meth-ed/whatever-ed guy followed me all the way to the mall, THROUGH the mall, and to the bathrooms. I finally lost him in Shoppers Drugs. Damn. All because I couldn't tell him where there was a working pay phone along the street. When he started following me, I started booting it. He said, trying to sound like he was some casual friend or something, "Don't worry, I'll catch up with you." I started walking even faster. He said, "You know what god would say?" I shouted, "Yeah, he'd say fuck off and stop following me!" Which is probably not what god would say generally, but I'm pretty sure in this case, it would be valid.


My heart was pounding by the time I got to the mall, from walking so fast, and because it's so warm and muggy on top of it...and probably from fear, too. sad.gif I'm still kind of damp. I think I need to change my bra.

Yes, those Red Zones are certainly making it a lot safer for women around here. mad.gif

Anyway, I consoled myself with a nice big container of fresh blueberries, and I'm going to eat some right now in a nice big bowl of vanilla yogurt.

I hope my ma likes the prezzie....doodlemama collects unusual little boxes, and when I was travelling around for the Coalition, I always bought her some funky one wherever I went, usually something carved or inlaid. I got the best ones in Ottawa - it being the nation's capitol, the shops bring stuff in from all over Canada. But this year, it's homemade! (The candles are from George and Carmella, of course. tongue.gif)
((((Doodle)))) SCARY!!! What the fuck is wrong with people?! Geesh.

Dude, I'm so sore right now. I worked my muthafuckin' ass off at the gym. The best part about tonight: I got to grab Nile's ass!!!! We exchanged ass grabs. Wow. Seriously, folks, I've never groped a finer ass in my life. His ass looks good, but it feels even better. Oh man. I need to take a cold shower.

I'm gonna have an egg salad sandwich for dinner. My mom sent me home with some eggs. I'm usually a little creeped out by eggs, but every so often I get cravings. It probably means that I'm protein deficient, since I'm a veg-head and I haven't been eating well lately. I'm craving quiche, too. Mmmm...quiche....

Minx, that jerk needs more than one. When I was reading about it, I thought, I'll have to punch his neck and then I saw your request and started laughing! Sorry I'm so late! Glad CH's rubber chicken, trout, et al could suffice until I made it into the thread.

Diva, congrats on 2 years! I made it a year and a half with Kel-man. Longest ever for me. Longevity is not my strong suit, it seems. I have, however, gone an entire month without speaking to Kel-man. Another record, albeit a sadder one.

Doodle, the hair sounds great. I too, NEED to be a redhead. Period. Sorry for the asshole following you around. I'd have been freaked out too.

Well, in other news...Friendboy and I went out today and he actually managed to behave himself and not say or do anything out of line. There is hope for him. The other schmoe who was freaking out over me has gotten the point (I think) and will be leaving me alone. Geesh. This sort of thing NEVER happens to me. Suddenly I'm putting out "attract a freak pheromones" or something. Just when I'm finally getting happy being just Kel, no man, no desire for one, men come a-calling. Ain't it always the way?

I am developing a bad carpal tunnel problem in my hand and wrist. I got an ergonomic brace to wear when I'm at the computer that is helping a little. Maybe this is a sign that I need to get off the damned computer. But I'm learning Photoshop and editing pics and stuff. I can't very well do that without the computer. *sigh*

Okay, that's fucking IT!! I am sooo going to work out with you, Poodle!! tongue.gif Are you planning on going Thursday or Friday?

Doodle, what a fucking freak. I'm glad that you are okay. Obviously, he is killing himself already so you won't have to worry about doing it yourself.

Shweeew...glad you stepped in with a can of whuppass, Kel! He turned into a real fucking creep over the last month. I wouldn't doubt it if he came in to check this thread for his narcissistic needs. I actually found a login for BUST that he created last September before the last big swoop. I think that having fun with MB was a little much for him to bear.

And yeah, the fucking freaks come out when it's the least convenient. That lawyer I used to bang has been trying to get me to come over and get narsty for over a month now. Jebuss...
Hello All!

Doodle, that is scary! Fucker.

Poodle, congrats on the ass grab!

Kel, I'm glad that friendboy is staying in line.

Hey Minx! Do tha nastay!

Well, I worked out and feel good. Now I am watching the news. It's still hot as motherfucking hell here. Ugh.

Later all!

Hi everybustie!

(((((Minxy)))) I am SO glad Kel came in with the neck punches, and CH with the rubber chicken! Minxy, take good care of yourself, and love that wise little minxlette extra good.

Ya'll know how I feel about herbal and alt medicine...changed my life in ways that western med didn't. All I got out of 20 years of allergy treatments was a broken liver and years of migraines. Its all in finding reputable doctors or alternative practitioners to care for you. There's good on both sides.

Diva, sounds like you guys had a wonderful anniversary weekend - 2 years!! Time flies!

We had a lovely weekend too...lots of time with friends, and picked out stuff for our kitchen - tile for our backsplash, granite counters, and flooring - its really going to happen! Eeeeee! Of course, 6 weeks without any sort of kitchen at all will be a challenge, but we'll get through it.

Doodle, your gift for doodlemama is beautiful! I just mailed my momma's gift as well - not nearly as creative as yours, but I sent her the new Rick Bayless cookbook, and a whole box of mexican chiles and ingredients to go with it. She loved it.

And, doodle, I am SO glad you slipped that asshole...gah - what is wrong with people?! I saw the beginnings of a gang fight on my ride home from work today - I saw a kid pull a gun, and I just rode on past as fast as I could, and called 911.

Kel, you need this mouse for your carpal - moxieman gave me the tip on this one a few years ago, and it has saved me SO much wrist pain....its the most expensive mouse you'll ever buy, but it is totally worth it.
Good Morning on this HOT Tuesday.

Hey Turbo, A gang fight on the way home. What is it with guns, over the weekend, 5 people were shot outside a nightclub here. As soon as that happens, you can kiss your business goodbye. It was a violent weekend in Canada this weekend. *deep sigh*

It is going to motherfucking hot again here today. It is not even 8 in the morning and already it is 32 with the humidity, so 90F, it's going to be such a great day. *voice oozes with sarcasm*

Where has everyone been at lately? It can't be my smelly feet, becuase they aren't that stinky yet. *frowns*

Hmmm Good Things Tuesday
1. It's not Monday (as is the standard on Tuesday)
2. There is AC in the house
3. Good full room clean tonight.
4. Did a good workout last night.
5. Poodle got to grab Nile's ass.
6. Doodle is safe after yesterdays incident.
7. This is my last day of splitting my time between offices!

That is all I can think of, must go drink buckets of water as it is too damn hot.

Later all!

bom bom bom
bom bom
bom bom bom bom


i am too excited!!! i came in to say hello to my homies, and divala is talking about getting married. MARRIED.


*already imagining cutest NEPHEW EVAH in baby tux with ring pillow*

*zooms out of thread to find other FAB tidbits from okaylândia!!!!*
TES! Where have you BEEEN????? (Runs up and SQUISHES TES)

How's everything, chicka?
Hi, peeps!

TES!!!!!!!!! How are you???????

Yeah, we're talking marriage, but it'll be a few years yet until we can afford it. But yeah, Sam will definitely be the cute little ring bearer in his own baby tux.

So, I figured my grade for my class, and I'm going to get a 'B'. Feh. Except for the 2 assignments I didn't do because I thought we could skip up to 4, and the one I got 80% on, every last thing I did in that class was the top score in the whole freaking class (except the final exam, and I was only one point short of the top grade). Grrr! I deserve an 'A'. Maybe the professor will overlook that stuff and give me one anyway.

Doodle, wow, that sounds like it was scary! Who the fuck follows someone through city streets and into a mall? I'd have been very scared. I hope you can get a car again soon.

Jenn, a kid with a gun? I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm still shocked whenever I hear about kids with guns. I hope it didn't go anywhere ugly, and that the police got there on time.

Poodle got to grab Nile's ass! Hah! I can imagine it must be quite something. My favorite ass is the giant's. You wouldn't think that a skinny guy would have much of an ass at all, but his is so freaking cute. I even told Sam to whisper to him once and say "you have a cute butt!" It was pretty funny.

Kel, that's just the way it goes sometimes, getting the freaks around for no apparent reason.

Hi, CH and Minx and Moxie!

Good Things Tuesday:
1) boss is gone all week
2) the giant bought me a dozen red roses for our anniversary yesterday and totally surprised me
3) decent workout last night
4) the debate last night was pretty good, and the questions were better than usual
5) I'm planning to get a lot of housework done tonight. Doesn't sound fun, but it feels so good to have clean dishes and clean laundry.
6) I'm going to make the giant watch Spinal Tap tonight, since he's never seen it, and when I watched it at Poodle's, I was busy making jewelry, so I didn't actually SEE much of it. There's nothing on TV anyway, so we may as well.

Someone at work just asked if I'd make her wedding cake. Hah! It's flattering, but I wouldn't trust me at all with that. Hahahahahah! That's a hoot and a half!
Happy Tuesday wayward hotties!!!


Awwww....that's so sweet that the giant got you roses, diva. He's a keeper!!

The turbos are redoing their kitchen!! How exciting!! Granite--awesome.

"attract a freak pheromones" Hahahaha!! I hear ya, kel!!

Of course you can join me at the gym, minx!! I'm sure I'll be there both days. Who knows---if you're lucky, you might get to grab Nile's ass, too!! Oh man, he has one of those succulent soccer asses. God, it's so hilarious that you know Nile. This town is too damn small.

~*~*~*~stay cool vibes for all~*~*~*~

Good things:
1. My hand is still tingly from feeling Nile's ass.
2. Sore muscles from last night's workout.
3. Boss is gone until Thursday.
4. Meddler stayed home again today.
5. Fresh strawberries to snack on.

Holy Shit a Tes sighting!!!!!!!! *runs up and hugs*

Awww Diva, roses! That is really sweet!

Poolde, it sounds like you are having a truly fantastic work day! Fabulous!

Hey Mox!

Well, it's still hot and I'm still at work. That is all. CH is living the life of excitement!

Later wll!
There is no such thing as a good work day in poodleland--only "less sucky" work days!! smile.gif

Culture, didn't you mention getting AC?

ETA- Hey diva, I'm listening to Unskinny Bop again in honor of you!! Now that would be a great karaoke song.
My Maud, I hate that song!
You know you like it. I bet you've been watching that Rock of Love show, too, and thinking, "Man...I wish Bret would sing Unskinny Bop for me."
Thank cod I do have AC. I had to get the AC in my car fixed, I did that while ago. I don't know what I would do without. Most likely cry.

It is 11:15 here, it is 29C, which is 84F. It is going to fell like 45C with the humidity, that is 113F. It's too warm here. I, however, am going out for ice cream at lunch. So it all works out.
He may have been slightly hot before he got a crappy VH1 show designed specifically to throw VD-infected girls at him to raise his self esteem.

I don't like blondes, anyway.
I can't stand how all of those old rockers have plasticy faces, fake tans, and highlighted hair that they have obviously paid a shitload for. It's so sad. I admire David Lee Roth for cutting his hair and becoming an EMT. I fear that he'll attempt the aging rocker look with the VH reunion thinger though.

By the way, here is the Motley Crue bathtub picture I was telling you about:
Ahhhh aging cock rocker who still think that they are in their glory days.
I find it really funny how so many of these cock rock bands back in the day were homophobic, then they go and pose together in a bathtub, basically in drag. Because that's not homoerotic at all, is it?

I think I'm going to have a taco for lunch. One steak soft taco from Chipotle with whatever I want on it. Not exactly healthy, but I'd usually get 3 until I found out you can buy singles.
Bwah!! Remember these?!

The FJ's during their Quiet Riot days:

Kari in Van Halen before Michael Anthony took over the bass (I accidentally shrunk the photo!! Sorry!!):

Diva with Cheap Trick:

Diva and I back in the early Journey years:

My personal favorite (marileen, minx, and lurv):

You had quite the pecs back in those days, Poodle!
Thanks!! You had a great bod, too--almost like Roger Daltrey's!!

I'm glad that Roger Daltrey hasn't done any weird shit to his body or face. He does have an old man face these days, but at least his skin isn't pulled every which way. He was never really a drug/alcohol user and it shows.

Ya know which rock star desperately needs plastic surgery and a haircut? Robert Plant. I can't even look at pictures of him in his current condition. I refuse. Ugh. It's so sad.

ETA- Sorry, I couldn't resist. It's like a car accident. At least he's not wearing such tight jeans these days.
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