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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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hola chicas!
i just went out for a wander and to buy a starfucks iced tea (so tasty. it's real tea, iced. i could make it myself, but it requires more time than the 15 minute round trip), but instead of a wander i ended up with an application form with the happy little 'referred by' box filled out 'cause a girl i used to play ringette with works there. she asked how it was going and i told her about my job woes, and she was just like 'here, take an application'. i'm thinking i have a better chance of getting a job with a referral, and i wouldn't mind working at fivebucks in the afternoons. plus, i could stop calling it fivebucks 'cause it would be free. it might totally not pan out 'cause of my availability fandangle, but 'tis okay. i got a scholarship cheque in the mail that will more than cover both my trips this summer and all my books for school, so i'll be okay either way. the more i think about it the more i just don't want to go back to the restaurant, even if i could manage to get shifts by sucking up to the boss. it's just not a good situation there. now i just need a better reason for leaving than 'boss is a psycho passive-aggresive bitchface'.

turbomann don't cook? oy vey! we should pitch in for lessons. that is just crazy talk.

moxie, that's so dumb people think they have business in your bra just 'cause you have a bebe. you should write a letter to the editor. i have no idea how it works with the ny times, but i know that for my paper every letter gets published so long as you sign the letter (you can ask to be anonymous, but for some reason they want your name to publish it)

last night there was a cougarlion/tyger excursion just like old times. wheee! we had frozen fruit-flavoured phalluses (the origin of that phrase was from the first such excursion. we were standing on a street corner waiting to cross, and i had a massive it'sakadoozie or some other popsicle, and this guy in a car was like 'that's right, you suck that popsicle, bitch!', which lead to the discussion of its lack of penis shape, which ended in a new name for popsicles). we gave all naughty bits of anatomy names from mexican food. so, for your enjoyment, the mexican sex code:
nacho=perenium(?i think. those two were from cosmo)
quesadilla=boobs. if they're fake they're 'deep dish chicked quesadillas

what in an enchilada, though? i can't remember, for some reason. we also decided that it's a good thing we never smoke up together, 'cause our ten-minute laughing fit while poining at each other and sputtering out 'enchilada' would have never ended had we been ahem, altered.

i'm chair-dancing to the song from the jimmy fallon/parker posey pepsi commercial right now.

oh, and maybe you guys have some suggestions for this: what do you get a 19 year old girl who likes anime for her birthday that isn't too pricey? the only presents i'm good at are the inapropriate ones, and she's not the kind of person who woud appreciate fur-covered handcuffs, erotic connect the dots books, or pink satin thongs with pompom tails, so i'm at a loss :P
I'm sure turboman could put together food pretty well if he needed to, he just doesn't because of my food obsession and love of cooking. And like I said, he's my sexy errand boy, and that boy just brought my beer and my favorite chocolate from Vosges...I think I'll keep him. ;)

tyg...I love all your adventures - fruit flavored phalluses - gotta love 'em.
well, turbo, i aim to please and entertain :P. i've perfectly mastered the art of making almost anything i say funny, due to timing and emphasis. kinda like my 'being mean in a funny way' talent, only without the mean. they're both fun to pull out when people are drunk or there's an awkward silence

you should get turbomann a shirt or pin or something that says 'sexy errand boy'. that or a sexy errand boy uniform
I want a sexy errand boy! I want him to leave after he's completed the errands though.

I don't know what you should get your friend, tyg. Honestly, I despise anime. I am of no help. :-(

My co-worker gets free starfucks coffee because his wife works for the company. I can't really complain.
tyger, eBay is a great place to get anime and anime-themed items. If you have a couple weeks before her birthday, and have an account, mosy over and look at the available bags/totes/purses. I'm sure that if she's a fan of anime, she loves Studio Ghibli films. eBay has listings for some -adorable- Totoro handbags from the also adorable Studio Ghibli film, My Neighbor Totoro.

pinkpoodle, for what reason do you despise anime? Try Studio Ghibli films... they are my favorite, and I recommend them to anyone, whether they are fans of anime or not. =D

Hope that helps!
Hi seraphine! Since you ask, I despise anime because of how frozen and cheap it looks. It also reminds me of the pre-epileptic visual auras that I had as a child. Besides, it's a miracle it I make it through anything over a half-hour without falling asleep. :-)
oh, i loathe anime, too, just on the principle of it all. i get enough bad tv without watching cartoons where a sweaty face equates to happy :P

just my luck, i asked her what she wants and she asked for (without knowing that i'm fond of this as a present) an erotic connect the dots book. bonus, i know it's on the clearance shelf at my fave bookstore.

oh maude, i'm watching house right now and i sooo want hugh laurie in my pants
But Poodle, didn't you eat paint as a kid? :-)

The giant is almost completely inept in the kitchen. I trust him to prepare steaks and eggs and maybe toast. That is all. I'm not that great with real food, but good enough that he thinks I'm a great cook. I love his ignorance. :-)

I can't stand anime, either. My first boyfriend in college was really into it and I thought it was the most boring thing ever. The closest I'll get to it are Aeon Flux reruns.

I have completed putting the mosaic tiles on the first planter, and I'm going to grout it in the morning. I don't know how I'm going to find the time to do a second one, though. It is turning out really great though, if I do say so myself.

I've never had a letter to the editor published. Usually I write them when a lot of people write in about the same thing, so I figure mine just gets burried in their stacks.
ok well what about this
hello all
dont know where to post but looking for feedback
someone in nigeria is trying to scam me out of 20000 twenty thousand dollars usd
i have caught on but desperately want to let the scam ensue and not send the money and just keep it for myself despite knowing that it is going to bounce
i look at it as an interest free loan
i desperately need this money
am torn due to moral and right and wrong issues
there will be nothing that can be done to prosecute this person so why not just keep the money and do what i need to do and just pay my bank back on one of their payment plans
if this happens i wonder if they will try to make ME go to jail
i cant get any loans credit is bad
all resources and help have been exhausted
what would u do?
thanks girls. I did write a letter to the editor, or to be more specific, the Public Editor (sort of like an omsbudsman). The bf nazis are always going to try their mostest to promote bf...that's their perogative. My little one is happy, healthy (no lead paint chips here!) and a giggle fest these days.

moxieman i'm sure COULD be great in the kitchen, if I gave him a chance. He is very precise, and would probably be a great pastry chef because of it. He does masterful bbq, though. the grill is "man land" at our little corner of surburbia. I can't wait to see moxieman and turboman grillin together...:-)
Okay, Okayers--my Minxlette starts a new afterschool/summer camp program today. Can you all give her no-anxiety vibes so that she doesn't hurt and/or maim anybody?

SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER (Doodle, that made me giggle). I made mixed CD's for my (gulp, yes I do have them) favorite students. I made sure to include a vast array of kick-ass woman artists, and oldie but goodies.

Okay, gotta run. See you back in a few.
((((minxlette HAPPY CAMPER vibes!!!)))

oldies from 1985? I heard Pat Benetar on our local oldies station last week. gah. i'm not even 30, and i'm old.
((((((minxlette rocks the camp)))))

Pat B. on oldies station, eh....yikes.

Minx is the *coolest* teacher - mix cds for favorite students - you so totally rock!!

Got an assload of work to do today...catching up still from the event on Monday, and preparing for another event on the 25th. June is always a rough ride...

How's everyone today?

Tyger, I love the Mexican sex word list.

((FJ)) I am sorry you are having such a tough week. I hope it gets better. :-)

Nothing much up here today. I worked from home yesterday, back in the office today.
hello again
no one has any views on my dilemma?
im not a spammer or anything
i have another busty name which many of you know me by
for obvious reasons i dont want that to be known
i really need some advice or imput
what would you do if you were in my situation
or where should i post my situation for more imput or advice?

If it seems too good to be true.....
where oh where is everybustie today?

Hi gloomysunday!
hi kari!!

I'm knee-deep in php installations on the website today. It sucks donkey-balls. No fun. bah. can't get things to work correctly at the moment, which is sort of terrifying and thrilling at the same time. And now....whoooosh - off to another meeting.
Happy Wednesday, y'all!

I'm really frellin' tired today because I stayed up watching Elimidate and talking about something stupid with the resident boy (I can't remember the topic). I also talked to my college friend last night, who both the boy and I know very well. It was nice to talk to someone (especially a girl) who knows the resident boy's "quirks." She gave me some information that possibly explains his behavior over the last few months.

Dirty connect-the-dots!!! Funny!

MRG has visited me for the first time since I stopped taking the pill. She's much angrier this month.

Good for you, mox. That article was a waste of ink.

I don't really know what else to say other than hi. HI!!!

happy wednesday...

one staff mtg. down....and database entries up next...bah.

aww...thanks poodle for your undying hair student support!;)

the issue with the friend and mr. gb is being resolved THANKFULLY due to my tactfulness (i sent her a note and she responded as i expected) so hopefully some fences will be mended today...
sadly, she is a bit out of it(depressed) and i believe, as do others, that it is due to her job requiring work on the weekends and she's worn out. also, she has 2 teenagers who constantly try things and a almost legal daughter who tends to get stalker boyfriends. talk about a full drama load! mr. gb isn't being as stubborn as i expected, which is good, and he likes tygers mexican food list. LOL

hi kari, poodle, turbo, gloomy, moxie, minx, diva, doodle, and tyger!

i got fresh strawberries and put them in the fridge and they actually froze instead and now are all squishy...perfect for pie but i don't have time to make pie...hmm....
I just read her blog entry about so-called friends, but I wasn't able to access the others. She got really pissed off about something that doesn't seem like that big of deal. It must have to do with her personal life right now. It's nice of you to be understanding. I'm glad that you took the first step and that the issue is being resolved.

Christ, I need a nap.
hey you guys. thanks for all the huggies and love you sent yesterday. i am doing better today. last night, i read about 150 pages in the assigned reading for my company presentation on friday. the book is sort of dry, but it actually wasn't that bad (it's called good to great and while it's geared toward CEOs and people actually heading up organizations, i was able to extrapolate some things that were useful to me personally.

i've set up a goal system for myself with the ultimate objective being self-employed as a freelance writer/editor. it's what i love, it's what i'm good at, and i feel like i can really make some money with it. i've just got to make myself some goals and a reasonable timeframe to get out of this job.

making matters worse: my assistant gave me her notice today. it's ok because she got a better offer and it'll be good for her. she's a great lady and i'm happy for her. but it's bad for me because i'll have more stuff to deal with on my own. it's nothing i can't handle, but with all the BS i have on my plate already, it makes it suck harder.

oh well.

i had a really good appointment last night with my new physical therapy *team*. hehe. i don't know how standard this is, but i had two very nice young therapists do the evaluation with me yesterday. they felt around on my back, did a few initial stretches and flexibility exercises to set some baselines and asked a ton of questions about my injury, my pain, etc. they told me that they were going to help me find my ab muscles again (they're literally non-existent right now from zero use; the guy had me doing pelvic tilts and we couldn't even feel the muscles tightening at all, which should be a natural occurence) and help me release the constant tension in my back, which should help relieve my pain. it's going to mean twice a week visits to see them, plus stretching at least twice per day, which is going to be hard for me to get used to. but i'm ready to make a change. i have ta!

so i guess i'm in full life-changing mode right now. change my health, change my professional life. only, i think i'll keep mrfj. i sorta dig him a lot.

\memememe rant

(((poodle, sorry about MRG being even M'er)))

yay for moxie's letter to the editor!!!!

yay for diva's nearly finished projects!!!

hi karianne!!

hi gloomy!

whocanjudgeme, can i ask why you did the scam in the first place? i've been getting those letters from nigerian royalty or whatever they are for the past five years or more. i thought everyone knew they were a scam. sorry if i come off as unsympathetic... i guess i just don't understand.

*******superstar camping vibes for the minxlette*******

um, minxy, you mentioned HBI. who is the lucky guy? anyone we'd know in here?

tyger, i love your stories too. you are who i wish i would have been in college. and cool on you about maybe working with starfucks. that wouldn't be a bad idea. i know what you mean about not wanting to go to work for the restaurant at all anymore after being mistreated. i wouldn't blame you, but only do it if you don't think you'd ever eat there! hehehe!

ok, so i've been writing on this since 1 something, so i'm thinking i've cross-posted out the ass.
Hi FJ! I'm so glad you're feeling better today. You've got a lot to think about these days! Take good care of yourself.

Okay, here’s a game that my friend taught me. Google “your name needs” and see what sentences you end up with in your results. Here's what I ended up with (in order of results):

Abby needs to be fenced-in
Abby needs help with her medications
Abby needs a new home
Abby needs to solve the case soon
Abby needs to finish her math
Abby needs to have a very expensive surgery
Abby needs a psychologist

Hahahahaha!!! :-) So true!!

PS- Don't tell anyone else my real name!!! ;)
Bwahahaha!!! This is what I got when I googled diva’s real name with “needs”:

Diva needs an agent to become an actress
Diva needs a night of blinding sex to get out of the coma that Bob left her in…
Diva needs prayers
Diva needs surgery help
Diva needs that abnormally thick facial hair to keep warm and dry in the winter
Diva needs the portability, flexibility, and speed provided by Braille ‘n Speak
And, finally, Diva needs our help!
OOOH! poodle, this IS fun. the crazy part is how true some of mine are! mine are in order too, leaving out a couple that made absolutely no sense:

autumn needs to be confirmed
autumn needs to be generally dry
autumn needs to get the fuck home!!! (my 2nd personal fave)
autumn needs to come home (ok, ok!)
autumn needs to be picked up or repaired (amen, brutha!)
autumn needs to present the Human Rights Act
autumn needs to be carefully managed
autumn needs to be more courageous, less safe and more concerned with cultivating a bold new generation <---that one's just too incredibly true
autumn, needs to be making preparations now
autumn needs to be treated due to a fall or injury (um, YAH!)
autumn needs to do so forthwithly. (heeee!)
autumn needs to come (yes, that's my personal favorite!)

thanks! that made me laugh. and is sort of surprising and true!!!
Those are great ones, FJ!!!

More!!! Somebody else do it!!!
Ok, so it has been for-ever since I posted in this thread but here it goes, I couldn't resist the game:

Elizbeth needs lovin' (Oh yea)
Elizabeth needs protection (Ha! After the 1st one)
Elizabeth needs to stick around
Elizabeth needs a nuk
Elizabeth needs to be loved, pursued and reassured
Elizabeth needs to be able to express her feelings to someone she trusts

That's so Hallmark, sunshine!
yay! sunshine, welcome back! :-)

i agree, more people should post! this is fun!
ya'll, I was all ready to proclaim this the tarot of google, but WTF is up with this:

Jenn needs to eat a meal - that girl is too thin! (mmm...notsomuch)
Jenn needs help filling out the capital expense report
Jenn needs to work
Jenn needs to learn how to wrap up in her afghan and learn to cry (WTFBBQ?)
Jenn needs to switch to decaf
Jenn needs someone to help her dial in her side of things as well (whaaaa?)

fj, I am so very glad that you are on the path to feeling better. And yes, you should keep mrfj around - especially if he keeps you centered and focused on making changes! Just keep affirming that positive changes are ahead for your career!

Your new physical therapy team sounds great!!!! My mom just started a program yesterday too - her for her left arm that has been useless since she got shingles a few months back, and is not going away.

Jenn needs better google responses. heh.
Hahahahahahahaa!!! I like the afghan one!!
Here's mine -

Catsoup needs to figure out if she wants to move forward, maintain old friends, or what.
Catsoup needs to "grow up" and give up the things of childhood.
Catsoup needs a real man, not someone who believes in aliens.
Catsoup needs to realize what she has gotten herself into! (um, yeah, my real name is the same as a gf and baby's mommy of a famous scientologist nut)
Catsoup needs to use the litter pan on her own.
Mommy Catsoup Needs Attention. (it's a phone sex site)

That was fun. I'm going to go do some other names.
bwahahaha!! "not someone who believes in aliens"

I'm loving the random nature of results here!
hey who..... i would question why you were dumb enough to fall for the oldest spam trick in the book. honestly, who would EVER think its a good idea to send money to someone in nigeria. NIGERIA of all places. i would get a lawyer if i was you. that also seems pretty obvious. and if you didnt post in such a bizarre way maybe we would take you more seriously.
Hey all...just finished reading today's posts.

I tried googling my real name but nothing came up. :-(

I've been having a bit of a fibro pain attack yesterday and today...paying for the work I've put in organizing/decorating my bedroom. *le sigh* So anyway, I've been doing work stuff on the computer all day, not sure how long I'll stay online...

Hi katie, poodle, turbo, diva, FJ, minx, 'soup, sunshine, miz goof, karianne, moxie, tyger, sera, and anyone I've missed!! *mwah*
OOOhhhFUUNNN.... after 4 hits just about Jenna Bush (and not Jamison...heh)...

Jenna will need to become more aware of the circumscription of her choices
Jenna needs a friend she can count on.
Jenna needs a new wardrobe (Stacey, Clinton...are you out there??)
Jenna Needs Mail!
Jenna needs to remember what got her to the top - cock! (Ms. Jamison, thanks.)

This is FUN! Have a great night, ladies!
im sorry that you guys think that i am a troll because of my situation and the way that i typed out my post. i know it seems silly, but i was trying to disguise my writing style. thats why i didnt use any caps or punctuation pixie. i was just looking for advice on what to do, seeing as how i have received the funds and know that it is a scam, he wants me to wire transfer a portion of the money back to him, which i have not done and dont plan on doing. i posted in ok thread because this doesnt fit in any other thread except "ok what about this". even though i know that this money is going to bounce if i dont withdraw and move it, i was asking you guys advice as i really need money right now and this could get me where im trying to go, although i know i would have to pay my bank back. i cant get approved for any loans or credit right now and need income asap. so in my mind i just looked at it like i will take the money, my bank will look at me to pay it back, and i would get on a payment plan with them. im sorry if it freaked you all out. i was just looking for advice and imput, not a bashing. i am a well respected busty on here, just got in a situation, thats another reason why i created this name, to not change any ones opinion of me. i am not a troll and many of you i speak to alot!!! and am always embraced and loved! well, i guess im going to resume posting under my original screen name!

I knew your success had something to do with cock, moxiegirl!!! And you call yourself a feminist... ;)

Alright babes, it's time for me to hit the hay. Talk to y'all tomorrow!

PS-Don't worry about it "who."
This is some kind of joke, innit? I'm not trying to bash you, but you didn't really fall for that did you? I thought everybody in the world with the internet knew that was total bullshit. It's basically an updated version of the Spanish Prisoner, which is a con dated back to 1588. It's four hundred & eighteen years old, fer the love of Mike!
moxie - your "needs" rock!!!

Mornin' lovelies! I think summer is finally arriving here today - its a little sticky out this morning, and its supposed to get up to 85 today...and I actually think that's nice. I'm ready for it to be a little warmer, and I've got the new AC unit on order, so its all good.

I need some more of those excellent BUSTie vibes this mornin, turbomama is in the hospital again, and we don't really know whats going on. I knew when I talked to her on Tuesday that she wasn't right - her voice was off again, but she brushed it off, as usual. Yesterday she woke up with her right eye swollen shut and a rash on that side of her face...could be the shingles again, which would be bad. Shingles on the eye is not good news. But she got really disoriented at her physical therapy appointment, and dad rushed her to the doc's office, and then on to the hospital. She wasn't getting enough oxygen again, which explains the mental disorientation, but her lungs are ok, her heart is pumping within normal range for her...the only thing they saw last night is a really elevated white blood cell count, which means some kind of infection. So, please send a little vibeage my mama's way if you would. Thanks! ((((turbomama)))
~~**~~**~~**Good Health Vibes for TurboMama**~~**~~**~~
((((turbomom and turbofam)))) So sorry, turbo. :-( Boy, your ma is one tough cookie for dealing with these issues for so long. She's also very lucky to have you guys caring for her and loving her during this time. ~*~*~*~health vibes for turbomama~*~*~*~

Grrr...I don't want to go to work. I already wasted most of yesterday, so that means that I have to be productive today. Ah well, hopefully that will make the day go by fast.
turbomama is one tough cookie! Where do you think msturbo gets it from? (((turbofam)))

Minxy- how is camp?

There are benefits with sharing a first name with a porn star, i suppose. heh.

Its too damed nice outside to be inside working, yet here I am. Off to it, then.
Aw, shucks, moxie...thanks. These little "adventures" as turbomama like to call them, are really starting to stack up a little too heavily for all of our comfort. She's at a better hospital than she was last time, but I would really have felt better if she'd been able to get into the city and go to the hospital where her cancer center is...its really hard for regular hospitals to treat someone like my mom who's case histories are so long and complicated. As it is, my dad will be schlepping in the binders of all her history and trying to explain to the docs everything that she's been treated for over the years and how the cancer treatments tie in. And I bethcha they'll still be standing there scratching their balls until they call her case manager at the cancer center.
Karianne needs to go again however and follows Amber's example by peeing in the drain. .

Lawyers: Karianne Needs Media Records

Karianne needs silence to reach from this world to the next.

Karianne needs to coordinate with Sue about tickets for the raffle

Karianne Needs Prince of Darkness!!!

These are too funny! Esp the first one. WTF??

((turbomom)) Jenn, I am so sorry to hear your mom is back in the hospital. I hope they figure it out really quickly and that it is ok.

Not too much up here today. Thursday. Work. Officemate is working from home today, so I will have sweet, sweet silence.
(((Turbo and Turbomom)))

Minxlette's summer camp went really well, although she complained of the people their being "freaks" and "weird". She's just like me...only smaller and smarter. Nah, her teachers are really cool and about my age and the YWCA does such a good job reinforcing and supporting girls and their self-esteem--I am really excited for her to be there in the company of such cool chicas. Plus, both the staff and the class are so racially diverse. That's awesome! In her last school, she was the only white kid, but she was really used to that because our neighborhood is mostly Chicano and black. :-) Sometimes I really love being in the city.
~~+^+^+~~positive, uplifting, healthy vibes for turbomama~~+^+^+~~

morning luvahs. i love all the "needs" in here. i was going to share that game with my gf, but i googled her name and it had horrible things!! like "S needs to die" and "S needs to get a brain transplant", so i decided not to share it. i don't want it to ruin her day!!!

nothing really going on today. just getting ready for my meeting with my manager at 2pm. i'm actually glad that i have this meeting with her today, before our big group meeting friday and saturday. that way i'll know where i stand where she's concerned. i mean, i already have the answer to that question really: i'm bringing in a ton of revenue for my company and that's the bottom line where they're concerned so she'll say i'm doing fine, but that i need to try to get MORE MORE MORE. and all that is part of the problem. i don't want to work for people who's entire reason for being is the almighty dollar. am i fooling myself to think that all companies are NOT that way?

"who", whoever you are, i'm not in the habit of refusing to let a post die, especially in these circumstances. but i have to say that even that last post reeks of spam. are you saying you actually got money from the scammers? and that you're just going to keep it for your own use? like we've all been saying, it's the oldest scam in the book: i've never even read enough of the scam emails to know the process of how they say these things work. but i have a VERY hard time believing your story. and part of me feels like you're part of the scam and that you're trying to lead us into believing that you were given $20k or whatever so that WE'LL fall for it. i'm sorry. if you are a real bustie, you should know that we WOULDN'T judge you and we WOULD try to offer sound advice in a loving way, without disapproval, etc. all that being said, if this is real, i really hope that you get an attorney, and fast. i guess it's not unheard of that people DO fall for these scams - if not, they wouldn't still be around - so i hope you get the help that you need. i have NO idea what to tell you outside of that.

sorry, i just had to get that out there.
fj, all companies are not that way. The company i work for, we want to do good work, and be well compensated. That doesn't mean explosive growth, or greed, though. A healthy profit for good job done. But more than that, we are all committed to seeing each other succeed, professionally and personally. There are companies out there (big ones, too...Costco for one) that don't just serve the $.
Hey bitches! What's gooooiiinnn onnnn??? It's thursday, and I'm bored at work. So I thought I'd check in.

Things have been super busy in my little corner of the world. I think I last updated right before I was about to have the old friend come by for a visit. Well, that was a hell of a weekend. The boy actually managed to get my attention. He's moving back here. So we shall see what this develops in to.

Then last weekend I went to Vegas. Saw lots of people getting married and wondered if any of them was our very own Miss Shuggah. Ladies, I realized that LV is a very very different place when youre single. Sigh!!!!! Crushes everywhere! I had way too much fun and am still recovering. I think I had a constant buzz the whole weekend. Cannot seem to get enough sleep this week. That will teach me to only get about 2hrs per night all weekend.

So I did your little NEEDS game. And I've gotta say that it really wasn't soo much fun for me. Maybe a year ago it might have been interesting. But now all I get is the hurricane mumbo-jumbo...

Victims of Katrina need your help.
Katrina needs may trigger tarif cuts.
Katrina needs your prayers and well wishes.
yadda yadda....

If I use my nickname it's much more interesting..

-Kat needs money to feed her heinous addiction to Gummy Worms. lol
-Kat needs to be Kat and be in a bad mood rather than happy suzy home maker
-Kat needs advice
-Kat needs to go home
-Kat needs to be exiled to the “Girls on Trampolines” segment of the long-forgotten “Man Show”

Ahhhhhh these are much more suited to me that the former. ;-)

So let me catch up a little.

Turbo- I'm sorry your mom is sick again. What kind of cancer does she have? (((HUGS)))

Minx-I'm glad that the minxlette is surviving the YWCA daycamp! I totally agree with your assessment of the YW and their positive reinforcement of the female variety. :-) Also, I'll have to jump all over this like FJ did and call you out--- did you say something about HBIs? Would you care to go into detail??? Oh damn, I have a HBI story I should share but it doesn't seem appropriate right now. I'll post about it later.

Geezz my head is spinning trying to catch up with the other post. But I want to say a big HIIII to Sunshine and LightBright. Please come back and visit again soon.

~~~~WAVING HI To Doodlebug, Divalla, MsGoof, Fj, Poodle, Kari, Moxie (how is that baby?), katiebell, and everyone else that escapes my mind at the moment~~~~~ Happy Thursday!!!!!!
thanks moxie. i KNOW they exist. in fact that book i was talking about yesterday was about just that thing. that the really GREAT and succesful companies out there are the ones that don't focus on the money. if you get the right people in the right seats on the bus, it'll just sort of happen that you're successful.

it's funny that my boss has us reading that, but shares in a philosophy that is completely opposite. one more illustration of the lack of integrity that i'm dealing with.
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