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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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~*~*~*~doggie vibes all around~*~*~*~ Where's sheila?! I think you should let your uncle have it. Kari, does Paco seem okay otherwise? ((((poor Paco))))

That sucks big wank about the ticket, PK. Once I got a ticket for the morning after my tags expired. That's so mean. Ah well, I guess that's how they make their revenue. Assholes. I think it unfairly affects lower income people who don't have the luxury of a private parking space or garage. I couldn't afford a parking space at the time (or tabs!!), so I parked on the public street. I hate how cops hunt for stupid parking and plate violations. It seems like such a waste of time.

Doodle, that cider sounds deelish!! I think you were wise to not participate in the acid experience. I've always been afraid of it, too, because I'm almost certain that my already epileptic brain would freak out. I've already seen enough weird shit during seizures and I don't really care to experience it again.

Good for you for working your ass off, culture!! My arms and shoulders are sore today. It's a good thing though.

I met Nile's 12-yr-old nephew yesterday. What a cutie!! He's like a mini-Nile!! He'll be a handsome man someday.

Grrrr...not so great news about the repair money. The seller is being a beeyatch. My last request is that she fixes the garage door so that it's in working order. I'm not gonna back out of the sale, but I'm still a little annoyed. She better fix the garage door or else I'm gonna find out where she lives and then repeatedly slam my car into her garage door.
Hi everyone!

PK, that guy is a world class wanker. I know there are such things as cultural differences, but to say you disprespect his sofa for having feet on it is a little odd. If it truly is a cultural diffence, then he is an ass for assuming you know that. And he certainly could have told you in a more tactful way. There are ways to tell people things without being a bag of assholes about it. *delivers punch in the neck to nasty wanker roommate*

Doodle, I want a banjoboy. I love the banjo! Ever since Harold and Maude, I've wanted a banjo-strummin' boy. Who drives a hearse.

Turbo, your boss also deserves....*a big old punch in the neck* If you wanted someone giving you shit, you would have stayed at your old job.

Culture, how's tricks with the 7/7/7 boy? Making his heart bleed yet?

Poodle, a very belated congrats on the new digs. Did you post a pic that I can't find buried in the very intimidating archives?

Kari, he might have colitis. My dog has that (it flares up every now and then). They have a hard time controlling the poop because the colon is inflamed and irritated. I hope it's nothing serious.

Not much going on in Kel-land. Went to Ocean City for an all day drink-a-thon with old college friends. Good times, but felt like ass warmed over all day yesterday. And I know a boy who deserves a big old punch in the neck for being a taker, but not a giver. 'Nuff said. Wanker.

well happy hump day sluts!~

i've been hibernating a bit with jackson, so i haven't caught up on the archives. just wanted to check in.

thank you all for all your well-wishing and happy thoughts. yes, i must admit that i DID make one unbelievably cute baby boy! he is amazing and i can't stop staring at him and checking out his little hands and feet. you'd think he was the first baby ever born the way i ooh and ah over him! he's been sleeping in 2-4 hour chunks in the night and took to nursing very quickly, thanks in part to the neonatal rn that brought him into my recovery room shortly after he was born, as well as the lactation consultants that came to my room each day. i was in the hospital from saturday the 7th around 1pm until tuesday the 10th at 1:30p. they normally keep you an extra day but my doc said i was free to go if i felt up to it.

there will be no prizes awarded to diva and kel for picking 7/7/07 because he was actually born at 12:28am on 7/8. he weighed in at 7lbs 8oz and was 21 and 1/4 inches long. as you saw from the photos, he has a full head of dark brown hair that shines with red and gold in the sunlight.

i will post new pics when i can and catch up with you all soon!!!

gotta go feed the 'roo!
allo allo!

Poodle, I hope that everything works out with you. I know that here, if anything happens within the first three months, the previous owners are responsible for fixing the repairs. So, if a puipe bursts (and they knew abou it) they get stuck with it.

Kel, I'm being a meanie. Well, truthful is a better word for it. I am telling him that I have a few suitors around, and I'm busy so he better hope to it or else he's s-o-l when it comes to portions. Bah.

FJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you are here, and that everything is going well! Awwwwwww, listen to momma raving about bebe!

Well, it's almost lunch, thank goodness, then only 3 hours. It's going to be hot here today, maybe I'll see some hotties at lunch!

later all.
FJ! It's so good to see you! I am glad that you and baby are both well. He is absolutely beautiful!!! Are you feeling ok? Able to get up & around a decent bit? Jackson is one lucky baby to have parents like you and Mr FJ.

Well, Mr K took Paco to the vet, they think he just has a bug of some sort. They didn't find any parasites or anything. Other than the messy dookies, he is acting fine. Running around like normal.

Poodle, man, I'm sorry that lady doesn't want to fix the garage door. That sounds like a pretty easy/basic request to me. It's not like you're asking for something special. Is she just not willing to fix anything? Or is that her one holdout issue?

CH, ditto on the "is it Friday yet?" I'm definitely having one of those days where I just pine for the weekend. Sigh......

At least it's noon. I can take lunch soon.
Hi mama FJ!! Glad to hear that things are going smoothly!! Give jack slobbery kisses for us!!

Hi kel and kari!!

Thank goddess Paco doesn't have parasites and that he's doing well otherwise!! Poor baby!!

Seller lady is just a bitchface. She's covering some of the required repairs (by the city), so that's good. I'm actually amazed that she agreed to that. She probably wouldn't have if there were more people putting in offers at the time. The people I was first competing disappeared while I was making my offer. I guess a whole new batch of folks have expressed interest in the place and that's probably the reason why she isn't willing to budge with me. Oh well, I'm still happy with the whole thing. I'm not gonna be all that friendly at the closing though. I know I won't be able to resist being sarcastic. "Thank you so much for being so flexible with the closing date and even making sure that the garage door opens and shuts for me!!" I don't know why I even bother trying to be considerate of other people when so many of them behave like asses.

Grrrr...I'm crabby today. I think mean red grandma is gonna arrive soon. That makes sense, because I'm also feeling a little randy.
Just about to head to Canada. Will catch up later.

I just had this idea for a bumper sticker:

I hope your magnetic ribbon falls off
and hits a Republican candidate in the face
and he sues you for it!

*fondness vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Bwahhhahahahaha!!!!! laugh.gif

Okay, I'm still sort of, meh.I guess I live for being a knight in shining armor...and I don't really want to taint this thread with my apathy...but I'm still silently vibing everybody while I'm feeling sorry for myself lurking.
((((tree)))) Don't worry about tainting the thread!! We all have days (years?) like that!!
Poodle, ugh.

(((((tree))))) no worries! chat all you need.

Lore! Heh heh heh.

Kari, so glad Paco doesn't have parasites.

Bleh, I want it to be Friday, well, more Saturday so I can I read HP!

Later all.
[lumbers in & gives FJ a big kiss on the forehead]
I'm bleeeeeding. So that's all I have energy for right now.

[cuddles up with fluffy cushions & a bottle of ibuprophen & flips the TV over to the Travel Channel]
Can't talk. Samantha Brown is on.
omg omg omg...I just saw the news...

linky here

fahk, the UW has steam pipes just as old and just as big and just as high pressure as the one that blew up in NYC...I was just saying that whole tunnel system is an accident waiting to happen.

I'm freaking out now....I WORK in those tunnels sometimes....

Nightmares tonight.
Awwww, it makes me so HAPPY to see momma FJ in here, and hearing that everything is going so well!!

Annnnnd, we've all gotten through hump day. *passes cocktails 'round the thread*

Well, its hot as balls up here too, and humid, and there's a wicked thunderstorm outside right now, thank cod. Which means I have three very nervous hounds panting in my immediate vicinity.

Oh, and I snagged a last minute hair appt this afternoon to perk up my frustrating week, so I got all my hair cut off, and its short short now, and there's nothing left to get sweaty on my neck. YAY! I just can't handle long hair in the summer. This'll be much better for biking.

Poodle, I'm sorry the seller is being a complete bitchface. It'll be over soon, though, and then the house will be all YOURS to poodle-up!

(((((tree)))) I'm with ya, my dear....not loving the job right now. Not at all. At least the good boss comes back tomorrow, and she's a good buffer to assface boss.

PK - Guapo's roomies are SO rude - I can't believe they said that to you guys - and WTF do they mean by "the only thing in the apartment that's his, is his room." Since he's moving out in a month, I'd just go over there, lock yourselves in his room, and have really loud sex. dry.gif

Okay, I gots to go do some consulting work now - documentation for the old job. I'm going there to train some more people tomorrow night...I'm not excited about it, as I'm feeling like I really miss it there lately.
Hi turbo!!! It's amazing how much a simple haircut can boost one's morale!!

That is freaky, tree!! Rare though, I'm sure. Still, y'all risk your own bodies everyday, even if it means a hurt wrist or whatever. I think there should be a holiday honoring all of our repair/maintenance workers.

I did some calculations and it turns out that the seller is barely making any money from this sale. She bought it back in 2002 for $126,000 and I'm paying $140,000 for it now. That's an average annual appreciation of about 2%, which is shit considering that South Minneapolis homes were appreciating between 15-20%/yr. in the early 2000's. She bought her house at perhaps the worst possible time within the past decade. After selling commissions, etc., she's probably only making about $8,000 from the sale. It's no wonder that she's being a crabbypants. If she gave me any more money, she'd barely make anything!! My realtor says that a lot of her clients who are sellers are losing money big time. For any of you Minneapolitans who would like to buy a home for the first time, NOW is the time to do it. I never thought I'd be able to qualify for the interest rate and loan amount that I'm set up for.
H'lo everyone! Good evening!

Eeek, treehugger, how frightening!!!

*hands treehugger a stiff medicinal brandy*

turbo, YAY on the haircut! My haircut is scheduled for tomorrow, hee!

Hot as balls. Hee! (worksafe)

FJ....awwwwwwwwww....I think we all knew you'd disappear for awhile into mamalalaland. smile.gif

ETA: whoops, I hit post before I finished writing!! Sorry about that. Shit, now I forget what else I was going to write. Hmmm. Well, anyway, let me at least say HI to poodle, kel, CH, rose, lore, kari, and everyone else!

It rained ALL FREAKING DAY here. Serious rain - Vancouver-type rain. It's still raining off and on. I went and helped the gay ex-priest a bit more this afternoon, but I didn't do much...seems my presence is inspiration enough for him to start de-cluttering! I guess 'cause if he asks me about an item, my usual response is, "If in doubt, throw it out!" I did get his CD collection (sooooo very gay) out of cardboard boxes, though, and a few more things sorted out. Yay!

Saw the guys for a bit, too. There is a random couch out in the hall, standing on one end, waiting for one of the managers to haul it away. So anyway, the boys knocked on the door....and when I opened it, I discovered they had put the upended couch right in front of my door! All guitarboy's idea. Very amusing. rolleyes.gif guitarboy wanted me to come downstairs and hang out with them and another neighbour, but there is a slightly complicated pre-boys backstory for me regarding the neighbour's girlfriend that would have made it awkward, so I just demurely bowed out without disclosing anything. unsure.gif

Shit, well, I can't remember what else I was going to write....

I can't think when I'm going to have time to take on a job. My every day life is so busy already! wink.gif

ETA: this is kinda cool: 101 10-minute summer meal ideas
Hello on this Thursday!

(((Tree))) *hands joint* So, now that some time has passed, how's the VCH treating you?

(((Turbo))) I'm sorry that work is not so well right now.

Poodle, wow, that woman isn't making a lot off of the sale. I saw on the news that housing sales in the states are lackluster. I wish that'd happen here. They are saying in Winnipeg that the avergae home price will be $300,000, which I find confusing, because so many houses are selling for $350,000. Bah.

Doodle that was a great strip. Heh heh.

Fuck, did I ever pick up some potent drugs. Wow. I am impressed. I still wish it was Friday and I want my copy of HP!!!!! I am not going online for spoilers either. *grumbles at the jerks who put it there*

That is all.
Mornin' peepers!!

That's a cute strip, doodle!! That list of simple recipes is great, too.

Hi culture!!

Nothin' much to report this morning.

ETA- About 15 minutes ago, I heard all of this racket outside, about a block away. There was yelling and then a car horn and then some weird nose that sounded like a firecracker. There are now 2 firetrucks outside. I can't tell what's going on, but it sure is interesting. My neighborhood is so noisy, and not in the cool "urban" way. Oooh, the cops just arrived.

Ugh, and the planes are so fucking loud lately. You'd think I'm sitting right under flight path.
He, he, I had the same initial response as the guy in the strip smile.gif

General hello to everyone is all I can muster this morning.
Mornin'. Anybody got toothpicks? I need to prop my eyes open. *yawn*

Poodles, sounds like that lady is having to be tough with the repair $ so she can make some profit. That's unfortunate. I wonder why the value has only gone up 2-% annually? That's not much at all. Did she buy when prices were high? In any case, I'm sorry that she can't come off more money for you. Boo.

Doodle, I love that cartoon. That's funny! Haircut tomorrow? Woot! Are you still thinking about getting color soon? I think that's going to be my b-day gift to myself next month.

Tree-geez, that's got to scare the pants off you when stuff like that happens! Props to you, girl. You do a tough and dangerous job.

Yay for short hair Jenn! Sorry you are missing your old work. Is it mainly the people you're missing?

((rose)) Sorry about the bleeding. I'm right behind you.

Hi CH! Hi Lore!

I'm doing alright today, aside from being tired. This week has been rough for some reason. I think not getting enough sleep on Tuesday threw me off & now I won't be able to catch up til the weekend. Mr K was not feeling well this morning, I hope he's ok. He said he felt like he was going to barf. Ugh. That's the worst.

Hi, peeps!

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I was hard at work on Tuesday, then took a sick day yesterday because I had angry tummy, but now I have no bosses here today, so I can play!

((((((((FJ healing vibes)))))))) Your little man is so adorable, and perfect, and cutecutecute!

PK, what an ass! That's the kind of thing you hash out with your roommate, not his guest! Rude, rude, rude! I wonder, in his culture, if they consider it polite to kick guests out of the house and tell you you can't watch TV because it's his, not yours. Even stupid stingy freshman year college roommates aren't that mean. And sorry about the tabs. It happens to all of us.

Poodle, that sucks about the repairs, but I can kind of see where she's coming from, since she's barely making a thing to begin with. If this was such a concern to her, then why didn't she ask for more?

I know this was a couple weeks ago, but whoever said "Howard's End" is the most boring movie ever was totally right. I walked in on the end of it when my parents rented it, and the 20 minutes I saw bored me to tears. Literally, the kind of bored where you want to tear something apart out of frustration.

Tree, I heard about that burst pipe story on the radio this morning. Wow. But after 85 years, you'd think someone would think to do some maintenence on it. ((((((((no nighmares vibes)))))))))

Lore, you're funny! The giant's mom and SIL have those magnets all over their cars. At least they can get rid of the "bring my husband/son home safe" ones since he'll be here tomorrow.

Banjos remind me of that inbred kid on Deliverance. So does pretty much all bluegrass music.

Jenn, sorry again about the veep. He sounds like he has a lot of problems dealing with people and never learned tact. I feel a little sorry for people like that. But hooray for new haircuts! I want to get mine done, but I don't have the dinero for it yet.

Hi, Kari! Sorry about Paco. Could it still be settling-in anxiety? When do you move in with the loud man at work?

Hi, CH, Doodle, RV, and all!

So I sucked it up yesterday and officially joined a gym, and it's only going to cost me a lousy $15/month as long as I go 12 times every month, because my insurance picks up the rest of it. I worked out for a little over an hour yesterday, familiarizing myself with the machines and walking for as long as I could tolerate it on the treadmill. I am bound and determined to get my right ankle/shin in shape so it doesn't hurt after 5 minutes of fairly brisk walking. That's just not right. My arms are pretty sore today, too, but it's that good kind of sore. I'm going in again tonight for an orientation session. I need to figure out how to do the ab and leg machines better, and some of the other ones I've never seen before. It was weird, though, working out with so many men around. The only 2 other gyms I've belonged to were female-only, so this will take some getting used to.

I tried to sell my book back from my class because my final was on Tuesday (I don't think I did as well as on the other ones since this was all about accounting and stocks/securities - dry and boring), but they won't buy it back until next Wednesday. Feh. I kind of need the money right now.

We've decided what we're doing for our anniversary this weekend (Sunday). We're going to stay at the Sofitel and have their famous brunch, then see the new Harry Potter movie and have a nice day. We were thinking of going far up north, but it's too much driving, we don't have that much money, and it'd be too hot out to do anything we'd want to do anyway. I'm debating if I want to go to his mom's AGAIN tomorrow, since that's the day the giant's bro will officially be back (he's been getting de-brainwashed, or brainwashed, or something in Wisconsin for the last week). I'm leaning toward no because the weekend after that is their big family reunion, and I'm kind of sick of his family right now as it is. I miss my own family.

I should do some work now. Gay boyfriend is picking me up in 45 minutes for lunch, then I'm leaving early to get a couple cavities filled, then to the gym. But I really don't feel like doing anything at all.

Well, see, that's the scary thing about that burst pipe, Divala...lack of maintenance. Here, it used to be the standard practice to periodically shut down sections of the system and go through and systematically repair anything that was getting "iffy". But, as time goes on, and more things become dependent on that steam (like AC which people take for granted these days), it gets harder and harder to shut things down. And, then, tax cuts and budget cuts (I'm sure that happens in NYC just like it happens here at the U, the maintenance gets dropped.

It's been at least ten years since ANY real serious preventative maintenance was done on our system. And to make matters worse, back in the twenties when it was first installed, the older parts anyway, they were only running about 80 PSI steam so that's what pressure valves and stuff they put in. But, as the campus grows, they have a hard time adding powerhouses, so they just crank up the steam pressure. It's up to 185 PSI now, and much of these valves and flanges are 80 years old and only rated for 100 psi at best.

It's frightening, indeed. And there are so many things about the NYC system that is exactly the same as the U. The working pressure is approximately the same, the temperature is approximately the same, and the age of the system is about the same. The only difference is ours is on a little smaller scale and our pipes are only about 18 inches in diameter rather than 24 inches.

And, I guarantee, if anybody was working in that tunnel in NYC within about a three mile radius, they are dead, no question. Not necessarily by burning, but by suffocation. Steam displaces all the oxygen in the tunnels, when lines burst like that. I really hope nobody was down there that we haven't heard about.
Good lord Tree! You are scaring me ~*~*~*~*~safety for tree and fellow workers*~*~*~*~*~*~

FJ!! So glad you are doing well and loving that beautiful baby so much.

Diva, I'm right there with not wanting to do a damned thing. I have the summer off and I'm really getting quite comfortable with days full of nothing. I need to get busier.

CH, I'm excited about HP, too! However, funds are short. Probably need to wait. *sigh* I can't believe that wanker put stuff online. This is the world we live in, apparently.

Poodle, what went down in your 'hood? Any news?

RV, I'm bleeding too. We are all cyber-syncing up. Blech.

Not much going on here, as usual. Went last night to see Cracker perform at a micro-brew pub in Rehobeth Beach. Great show, but we didn't get home until almost 3 a.m. I'm getting too old for this. But Johnny Hickman, the guitarist, is sex on a stick and I got lots of pics of him, so yay for that.

Today I have a check in with my therapist. I haven't been in a month. Things have been okay, but my head is getting a little weird. He's good for a reality check every now and then.

Allo Allo again.

Poodle, did you find out what all the hubub was about?

hi Lore!

Kari, I hope you can catch up on sleep soon.

Diva, that's really great that you are working out all the time! That's awesome that your insuance will cover the costs if you go 12 times! Boo about cavaties.

Tree, oh dear. That is highly highly worrisome.

Hey Kel! I will not discuss HP at all, only in the HP thread.

Well, I went to the doctor, I'm having unexplained abdominal pains, like cramps, doc thinks that it's stress related, but she ordered a bunch of blood work and I got STD testing done, again. She doesn't think it's an STD as everything looks healthy. Yup, why I need to find a new job. Feh. It's funny because the cramps don't happen on weekends. coincedence? I think not.

I hope everyone is having a good Thursday.

I'm not exactly working out all the time. I just joined yesterday, so that was my first workout in a year and a half. And I'm not the kind of person who derives any sort of joy from exercising, so I'll put in my 12 days a month, but probably not a whole lot more, since that'll be 3 days, which is decent.

Time for the dentist. Yay. Is it weird that I'd rather have a drill in my tooth sans anesthesia than be at work?
Diva, you'll get addicted to it. at least I did, but then I'm not your typical bear.

I went and bought myself the neatest bag. It's a small bag but it's got zippers so it can turn into a big bag! It's really neato!

Well I'll check in later.

Later all.
Afternoon babes!!

Good for you for joining the gym, diva!! Just be sure to take it one day at a time and don't be too hard on yourself right away. I actually prefer working out with a bunch of guys around rather than women. I don't feel as self-conscious because it doesn't make sense to compare myself to the men. I always feel more competitive with women in the gym. It's hard to avoid comparing yourself to other women while working out.

Diva, the seller can't really ask for more money because it's not worth more. She already knocked it down $10,000 from the original asking price. She could have left it higher, but it would sit on the market forever and ever. She's lucky that she even got her discounted asking price. I've concluded that sellers are just crabby these days.

It turns out that some dude's engine blew up about a block away and that's why the fire, police, etc. were there. Nobody was hurt though, so it's all good.

~*~*~*~anti-sick vibes for culture~*~*~*~

I would rather sit back with a drill in my mouth than sit at my work desk, too. Actually, the best thing that happened to me last year was my gall bladder surgery because I was able to get out of about 2 weeks of work. Vacation!!
Hi babes!

Well, work was better today - good boss came back from vacation, and first thing she did was sat down with me to make sure I was okay after asshole veep blew up at me. It was nice...I might be okay there after all. I think I'm just really hitting on how hard job transitions are, and missing all of my old friends at the last job, knowing that I had to go back there to teach some people how to do parts of my job tonight. It was good to see all my old friends from work tonight, but really, it held no sacred attachment, and spending time teaching people to do all the stuff I built, really just seemed tedious.

Diva, congrats on joining the gym! Going 12 times a month seems like a lot to me - good for you! I still need to break up with my old gym. Breaking up is hard...I loved that gym. Good sauna.

(((((culture)))) I hope you feel better.

Kel, I am so jealous of all your free time this summer - its so healthy to have summers off - I wish more of us could do that.

Tree, that is SO scary about your job. I will continue to send you good job vibes (((((safe, good work for tree)))).
Hi everyone! Haven't read yet, as I JUST woke up, but I will shortly. I fell asleep on the sofa last night, and when I woke up at 11:30, I was still so tired I took myself straight to bed. Anyway...just had to pop in and say hi first, 'cause I didn't yesterday!
Good Morning biznitches.

Well, it's Friday, thank goodness. My pay cheque was $200.00 less than I normally get because of all the deductions HR forgot to take off, only $400.00 more to go. sad.gif Oh well. It is what it is. At least the HR woman felt really really bad about it.

Hey Poodle!

Turbo, I'm really glad that your boss made sure everything was okay have that prick did that.

Hey Doodle!

Well, tonight I'm supposed to be going out for dinner with my friend, and it's going to be hot as hell here today. I'm having some issues with the dog, lately she's felt the need to herd perfect strangers, so I've not been impressed with her as of late. Now it's off leash in the off leash part of the park only, then I will promptly put her back on leash. I gave her such shit yesterday she knew she was in trouble. At least the jogger saw that I was not impressed.

And then tomorrow is Harry Potter! YAY!

That is all.
Buenos Dias!

How's everyone? It's FINALLY FRIDAY! Wa Hoo!

I called into the hospital last night. I feel guilty about it, but I just could not deal with the idea of going all the way out there last night. I was just too tired. It's the only time I've called in & I probably won't do it again, so I'm trying to make myself feel better with those facts. Sometimes you just gotta take a break.

Jenn-I am really glad your boss met with you & that you feel better. ((Jenn))

Diva, good work on joining the gym. $15 a month is awesome! Your insurance covers part of gym membership? That's wonderful! It sounds like you & the giant have a really nice anniversary day planned. Enjoy!

Kel-I hope you had a good therapy visit. I love Cracker, btw!

Tree, all that stuff with the pipe explosions scares the beejesus out of me. Yow. I guess the danger of the work comes with the territory though.

((CH)) sorry about your paycheck mess ups. Man. So they didn't take deductions & now you're having to make them up? Ugh.

Hi Doodles!

Though I feel bad about calling in to the hospital, I must admit I feel much less tired. Went to bed early. Mr K is still sick. Poor guy. I hope he is feeling better today. I've got the ol' MRG cramps. I've taken 2 Alleve, waiting for them to kick in.
Hi you slimy bags of jizz...

Kari, yay for days off! Don't feel guilty. Just go with it.

CH, I chased a dog around yesterday (not mine). I wasn't impressed with her either. She almost got hit by a car.

Turbo, glad the nice boss had some encouraging words.

Diva, the gym is a good thing! Enjoy it.


Last night I'm talking to friendboy on IM, and here is the exact conversation that ensued:

Me: It's quite simple. Do you like being my friend?
Him: Yes, I do.
Me: Then be my friend.
Him: But I want to make out with you SO BAD IT HURTS.
Me: Wow. Not what I expected to read at all.
Him: Why?
Me: Because that's crossing a LINE.
Him: Sorry.
Me: I'm a big fan of LINES.

Seriously? WTF?
Hellooooooo all!

Kari, don't feel guilty! I hope the whole K household feels better soon.

Kel Oh.My.

Well, my armpits smell like watermelon gum, thankyou deoderant! It's rather lovely really. I'm sleepy, and there are no supervisors at work today!!!! And it's Friday. This is going to be a doing shit fuck all day today, sprinkled with maybe do work if I get bored. Hee.

later all.

Happy fucking friday, beeyotches!!

That's all for now!!
Hi, peeps!

Jenn, that's great that your nice supervisor apologized for the meanie veep. It's always nice to see when people have a sense of decency and try to make things right, instead of just following bad examples.

Kari, don't feel guilty about skipping last night. Everyone's entitled to at least one skip day, and you've been sounding like you really needed it.

Kel, it sounds like you've got some very good boundaries. Good on you for being firm about them and not letting things get messy.

Poodle, that's good that nobody got hurt. I can't imagine how it sounded.

Hi, CH and Doodle!

I went to the gym again yesterday and learned how to use some machines I haven't seen before, and did a little walking on the treadmill. It's good reading time for me. I'm really not the kind of person who enjoys the gym. This is my 3rd gym membership, and I can truthfully say that I take no joy from it whatsoever. I will never be one of those enthusiastic gym bunnies that go "doesn't working out make you feel SO GOOD?" It makes me feel achy, sore, tired, sweaty, and like I need to take a bath in ice water and then sit in front of a fan. I HATE to sweat, and I will never be addicted to it. I feel no endorphins, sense of accomplishment, well-being, or extra energy. It is only a necessary evil and nothing else. I signed up fully understanding that I'd hate it, but it needs to be done.

I've got a night to myself tonight. The giant's with his family, and will be all day. He should have been with his brother now for an hour or so. That gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside. I bowed out since I think this should be for family only. It's nice that they're all together.

I thought my boss was starting a new office trend by being the first man to wear sandals. Turned out he just broke his toe, so it's only temporary. Still, it would have been funny to see my gigantic lumberjacky boss (could easily be a pro wrestler if he had muscles for it, he's definitely got the size) start a mandals trend.
I'm baaaaaack!!

Nonsense, kari!! You've been working your ass of lately!! You deserve a day to yourself!!

Yes, diva, exercise is somewhat evil. I hate cardio soooo much. Exercising has had a huge impact on my mental health and energy, so I've come to appreciate it.

Funny convo, kel!!

I'm glad things are better at work, turbo!!

Hi culture!!

Nothin' much to report today. I'm done with my work and I want to go home and drink beer. This morning, I was hit with the dreaded tree valuation analysis. I was hoping that the tree thing wouldn't come back to me for at least another 5 years. Stupid trees.

ETA- Get this--my boss asked the office manager to pick up the new Harry Potter book for her daughter. The Prada-wearing devil works in my office.
Wow, Poodle, a scene from that movie right before your very eyes! It doesn't even come out until tomorrow, right (or tonight at midnight for all you fanatics who can't wait until morning)?

I'm re-wallpapering my cube now. I need some new colors, since I've had the last ones, in pretty much the exact same configuration, for 6 years. Now it's a lot brighter and happier, not so much with the dark marbled papers and black/red textured snakeskin paper (though I'm keeping that particular one for another use TBD because I love it so and I haven't wrecked it yet).

Tree valuations again? Oy. Almost makes me grateful for my job. No go out and hug that tree!
Hi Hi Hi!!!!

Well, it is Friday and the day is almost done. I've done some work today, I also played Mah Jong and SpongeBob SquarePants Collapse and BUSTed. So, I've no complaints so far. Maybe I'll leave a few minutes early today, as management is gone for the day!!!! YAY!

Diva, I hear what you are saying about the gym. I've not been easliy motivated as of late.

Hey Poodle! *waves*

Blah. Oh and where the heck has Grrrl been???? Grrrl I know you are out there! Please come back! and and and where is the daily porn??

That is all.
Yes, sometimes I feel like I'm in that movie. For example, a while back, I had to take my boss' daughter's crappy necklace to a jewelers to have it repaired. The jeweler looked at me like I was crazy for wanting to spend $40 fixing a necklace that wasn't worth a dime. Of course, I clarified that it was for my boss' lil' princess. I still get mad thinking about it. She doesn't ask me to do stuff like that anymore because I protest right away. Every so often, she'll ask me to get her coffee, but she treats me to my own beverage these days, so it's worth it. I always order the largest, most expensive drink on the menu. Sometimes I wish my boss was just straight-up easy to hate, but she's got this generous side to her that gets in the way.

I wish the office meddler would leave already so I can leave without having to deal with her glare.
Hi everyone!!

I am SO glad its the weekend...its been rough getting through this week. Today, I had an extra special type of hell to endure at work - 5 HOURS of diversity training. Gah....those kinds of seminars are so fucking lame. I don't think that anyone who works in NPO really needs diversity training - we're all pretty aware, that's why we're sacrificing salary to do good in the world, right? Oh well, its over now.

Kari, good for you for taking the night off last night - gotta give the brain a rest, if you're going to have enough energy and compassion to keep going with your clients.

My parents' dog still hasn't come home. Poor Sheila...I feel so bad for her. I hope she's okay, wherever she is.

Kel - WTF - friendboy needs to get a grip! You've been very clear about things, he needs to get with the program!

Poodle, I'm sorry your boss asks you guys to run errands for her - that is so lame. Cool if you get a coffee too - but getting shit for her kids - NOT cool at all.

Diva, I think you've inspired me to get some new cube paper too...I think its time for something a little bolder in my cube. smile.gif

Hi CH!!
Hey all! I've been workin' this week, which means that perhaps we'll be able to take that road trip after all. Maybe, anyway...

((Turbo!)) sad.gif Sheila Come Hooooome! sad.gif That's really bumming.

Grrrl!! Plz write!

Poods, Goaty is getting out of a job with a sucky-ass boss, too! She's at her last hour or so there as I type this. He did stuff like tell someone working for him that he was denying her her maternity benefits RIGHT AFTER SHE GAVE BIRTH!!!! She fought it and won, but she should have never needed to. Oh, the stories of awfulness about that guy... I hope your boss wises up, Poodle. And I hope The Meddler loses a contact lense.

Culture, Sponge Bob Collapse sounds fun smile.gif

Diva, I hope the gym works out as a fun place to be smile.gif

Kel, I hope the boundaries training goes smoothly. I hope you don't have to resort to a spray bottle with water in it or something smile.gif Really, though, I hope the friendship turns out good.

*comfort & health vibes for Kari* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Oh, and for the record, I felt that the bumper sticker should end a tad differently, like:

I hope your magnetic ribbon falls off
and hits a Republican candidate in the face
and he sues you for it
and our troops come home safely

It's a lot to cram onto a bumper sticker, but there's a nice roundness to it.

So, for Goaty's birthday, I hid various stuff around the house, each with a clue as to where to look next. Her card, which was under our live-in Christmas tree, waiting with birthday cards from her family, said to check the calendar for today. The calendar said to check the salsa. The salsa cannister in the fridge, which was cleaned and dry, had some comfey green fuzzy socks in them and a note. The clue on the back was that I was giving her a shred of a clue as to where to look next. The paper shredder had a vibrating massage device in it I can use on her (usually her back), and the clue to check under 'B' for 'Beautiful Birthday Girl'. In our hang file, I created a tab saying "Beautiful Birthday Girl" and had a Dagoba chocolate with cocoa nibs and a clue to look somewhere between "Prejudice and Lost." So, between Pride & Prejudice and LOST in the DVDs was another Dagoba 100% cocoa chocolate and a note that was the hardest yet. It said that though she is a July Baby, she should look in what we would run if it were Jauary. That one kinda stumped her, but she finally figured out that it wasn't in a radiator, but in the de-humidifier reservoir. It was a piece of pottery from a local pottery place. It's an oil dispensor, which is something she asked for. She loves bread with oil & vinegar. Anyway, 'twas fun and inexpensive to do because we're in kinda lean times right now.[/bragging]
Happy Saturday!

Poodle, that is really rude of bosses to expect that. Just because you are the boss doesn't mean you can't run your own fucking errands.

Turbo, oh fuck, diversity training. Some training is fantastically beneficial, but then there is crap like that which is a waste of agency funds. Bah. ~*~*~*~sheila come home vibes~*~*~*~*~*Sheila, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase come home.

Lore, what you did for goaty girl is so sweet! Awwwwww. you aren't bragging, it's really great. Bestill my cold black heart. SponceBob collapse is a lot of fun, you can play it on shockwave.

Well, I went out for a late dinner last night with my friend. It had cooled down nicely, and the patio was a really great one. It had little outdoor chritsmas-y type lights trees and flowers and it was so mellow. Then we had some on the drive home and chilled to some tunes, got back to is place and watched a movie. It was a really great evening.

Now it is today, and I am eagerly awaiting my delivery of Harry Potter.

The wind howls mournfully through Okayland. The sofa collects dust. A tumbleweed rolled by, a lonely traveler in this desolate land. Above the sadness of the wind a coyote howls..."Wheeeeerrrrreeee iiiissss evvvveryooone?"
Kel, I suspect that many have been reading the new HP, I just finished reading it.

Now I am exhausted and am going to bed.

Developments over the weekend, I'll tell you that much! Check in tomorrow.

Later, Kel!
[howl]I'm over heeeeere![\howl]

[howl]I'm drinking a beeeeeeer![\howl]
*stumbles into thread. Looks around. Sees no one*


Well, since there is no one here, *makes self comfy, scratches self, burps loudly*

Hi Lore!

*Lies back on couch, and grooves away to tunes on iPod*
Driving by to be counted amongst the living!!!

Will catch up later!!!!!!!!!

ETA: oh yeah, I broke down, sprung for the hair dye, and finally did the thing. Food? Who needs food when you can have shinier, redder hair? wink.gif Weirdly, guitarboy had the urge to dye his hair on the same day. He wanted to go blond like Kurt Cobain, but (fortunately) he didn't know he needed to bleach it first, so it turned out a nice caramel colour. I think I have convinced him it's better this way, much more Leo-esque. Not sure what possessed us to dye our hair at the same time, but we are both Leo Rising (Leo Rising = hair vanity), which leads me to believe there really IS something to this astrology stuff after all!
Heya Doodle!

I've go nothing else to add. Did a killer workout, and am exhuasted, going back to sleep now. Talk tomorrow all.

Hi Doodle, Culture, Lore.

Yay for freshly dyed hair! I dyed mine a couple of days ago. When the cycle comes, the hair gets dyed. I dye it red and of course it fades quickly, so it's a monthly endeavor.

Culture, how was HP?

Lore, how was the beer?

God, I have another weirdo boy after me. He seemed really cool and then he got freakily attached to me in a matter of about 2 days. Whoa, kid. Back off. I'm wrangling with him now on IM. He "just doesn't understand." You know, when I WANT a relationship, I can never find one. When I DON'T, they come crawling out of the feckin' woodwork. Bah!
Well, it's over between Minxman and I. Honestly, I don't really know what happened. He's just done.

And I'm really having a difficult time right now. Guess that there won't be anymore garden porn. The garden was at his house. All of that fucking work, all of my beautiful plants and flowers...shit.

Dammit. I've been a fucking wreck for a week. I'm not doing well.
*sigh* Really sorry to hear, Minx. I sure hope things get better for you soon.

*hands Kel a spray bottle* Just hit 'em with this. He'll think it's an act of Cod or something.

Yay for workout, Culture! It's too low barametric pressure over here to have motivation to exercise. Glad you're workin' it.

Doodle, it's cool that your band is so pal-ish. I can picture you guys doing weird hair stuff for a performance, or just for kicks smile.gif

Pics of newly-made file cabinet to come...
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