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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good evening all! Hi turbo, diva, kari, poodle, lurvpaint, CH, RV, PK, missjoy, moxie, lorewolf, and anyone lurking!

Aw man, I would LOVE to get a drunk-dial from diva and poodle tonight!

I just got home from a late-day trip to the store...we had a weird storm earlier today, in that it rained a bit and the wind blew around but it didn't really cool down at all!!! But it prevented me from getting groceries. Dang! Anyway, I don't think anyone will come around this late, but it's still gonna be another no-door-answering night...I walked home with a heavy backpack full of groceries, and with the "citizens' militia patrol" behind me (translation: I was bootin' it), so I'm kinda dead on my feet again.

Thanks for the protest support...I haven't looked at the papers yet...I'm kinda scared to.

Actually, turbo, I don't think the guy's supplements are "natural" at all...I think it's one of those mega-chemical supplement things, the kind where people get sucked into multi-level marketing (pyramid) schemes....except this guy appears to be "successful" at it because it's a front for his meth lab or whatever the hell is going on in his universe.

Hmmm....maybe I should start a marijuana grow-op in my spare room, and front myself as a Mary Kay lady (Mary Kay = one of the biggest MLM scams going). I'll buy up unsold MK inventory cheaply and give it away as a bonus with my weed....and when I get my pink Cadillac, I'll totally pimp the hell out of it....heh.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~turbo stay-sane-around-the-'rents vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*~

PK, I'm gonna go look at those pics now!

(ETA: lorewolf, how long ya gonna be in Vancouver? Planning to see anything else while you are there?)
Mornin' ya'll. *YAWN*

You know, I really wish I enjoyed spending time with my 'rents, but I don't. We made it through dinner last night, but then they didn't leave our house until around 9:30, when we basically said that we needed to walk the dogs, and we'll see them in the morning. Oh, and they're staying in town Sunday night too, so I'm stuck with them until 9pm tomorrow...UGH. Normally we're free of them by around 3pm. I'm strongly encouraging them to head back toward Michigan Sunday afternoon to stay in the B&B they like on the other side of the lake. I know the weekend will be over soon, but not soon enough. And really, all I want is to spend the day reading and napping. My body desperately needs it, after having a cold all week, and not being able to take a day off to rest.

Sorry for all the whining....I can't seem to help it.

Well, I guess I had better get to the farmers market and scamper back here so I can shower, before they get here around 8am. At least I talked them out of going to the farmers market with me.....really, its not that interesting, and they've done it 7 times before.

Okay, really. I need to stop complaining, buck up and just get through the weekend. Gah.

Have a wonderful dinner party, RV!!
Good morning everyo......ah......turbo!

Heh. wink.gif

turbo, I'm sorry you have to deal with the 'rents right now, when you're not feeling well. I just made another huge pot of homemade potato soup....I wish I could tuck you back into bed and spoon feed you soup through the DSL line....

Oh yeah. That's why I'm up early. 'Cause it's TOO FARKING HOT to cook at any other time of the day! (Especially where bacon-frying is involved.) I just finished the soup. I know hot potato soup isn't really a summer food, but my version is very filling, very nutritious, and not too expensive to make...and I'm kinda poor-ish at the moment. *shrugs* I'm posting while it cools a bit, and also, I'm about to sample a very small bowl of it. *insert jaw-cracking yawn* Aaaaannnnnd then I'll probably go lie down and sleep for awhile longer.

Hey, I have a question for you kitchen genius types. Is it okay to freeze milk that's just about to expire, so that you can still use it (for cooking, not drinking) later? I know I should know the answer, but doodlemama hates cooking, so I never learned basic stuff like this....

Good Morning everyone.

MIssjoy, I hope that your work day went by fast yesterday.

Moxie, that is rediculous! Ahhh yes aborted fetuses are much better than bown up Iraqi children. Asshats. How was the HP movie? Did yo enjoy it?

Kari, how was your evening with your girlfriend?

Hey Diva!

PK, those are really sweet pictures!

Hey Lurv Hi Lore!

Turbo, I hope you survive weekend with the rents. ~*~*~*~*~*survive visit vibes for turbo~*~*~*~*~* I'm sorry to hear that they are here all weekend.

Doodle, do it! That would be awesome to have a pimped out pink Caddy! Hee hee.

RV have a good dinner party

So, I had a bunch of offers to do stuff yesterday, I did nothing. I slept, today I took houndish for a walk and cleaned. Now, here I am. That's all I've got going on.

Later all.

Yikes! I just finished a long, eloquent, post and it was eaten by something. I think I was typing too fast and accidently hit a combination of keys that earased the whole thing! Shit. Where were ya on that one, Jeebus?

*buzzes out "Low Rider" on her mouth trumpet*

Yes, I have a mouth trumpet. My lips can buzz like a horn/kazoo.

Doodle - you should totally go for the Pink Cadillac. You could even get those hydraulic thingies that make it bounce up and down in the front. And slather the rear end with cheesy bumper stickers: "My Other Car is a Broom". And, my personal favorite, "Jesus Loves You. Everyone Else Thinks You're an Asshole."

Oh, the possiblities for desecrating the sacred MK Pink Caddy.

Turbo! ((((TURBO)))) Remember, when we weather the storms in life, we come out of them much stronger. Every time your parents visit you, it enhances your personal development. So, you should have them down to Chicago more often, then by the time you're 35, you can write the Great American Novel or some shit. I'm sorry, Turbo. I know you're not feeling good and it's your anniversary. Only one more day. Ask 'em to go see "500 Clown MacBeth", I tell you.


We have a new Executive Chef whom I call Pinche Greg. I shit you not - I actually call him that. He likes it. For those of you who don't know that word, "Pinche", [PEEN-chay], is Spanish. It means something like "Fucking Greg". I think that's the equivalent.

Pinche Greg started on Thursday. We all already know him because he used to be our Sous Chef a few months ago. He quit to work at another restaurant, and now he's back to take over as Executive Chef.

On Thursday, Pinche Greg was asking me a million questions and which desserts I know how to make, if I think I can do it by myself, and stuff like that. He also asked me which sauces I made, and which were made by the Assistant Pastry Chef. He tasted two of my sauces, one by the APC, and one we ordered from a company. He said the one we ordered was crap and probably expensive, the one by the APC "is what it is" and my sauces were "very very nice".

I think Pinche Greg has something in mind for me. He didn't say anything, but all his questions make me wonder if he is thinking about moving me into production. Right now, I make sauces, garnishes, and pretty much just plate the desserts to order during dinner service. Boring. If I moved into production, I would be making all the desserts, and I would be working during the day. I might even get a pay raise.

I don't want to get my hopes up, but he did have a lot of questions that make me curious and hopeful. I would love to use and develop my pastry skills more. I don't know if or when it will happen, but I have a feeling he's got something planned.

El Guapo just called me all worked up because he is angry with his mother. He was so pissed off and worked up, that he was speaking very rapidly in the worst English I have ever heard from him. I don't know WTF is even going on, because I couldn't understand him and he was getting more and more frustrated trying to get it out. Poor El Guapo. I just talked to him for a while, trying to calm him down, and then after about 30 minutes, he said he had cooled off enough to give his mother a call back. I thought that was good, since at the beginning of our conversation, he said he was never speaking to her again.

I think I am homesick for Minnesota again. I had a dream that I was going back to college. But I was enrolled in the wrong college. The one I really wanted was considered the northernmost school in the United States, and even though it was small and not that great, that was my college of choice. I was trying to get enrolled at that school. I think it means that I am yearning for the Great White North, and that I don't feel that I belong down here in the desert.

I know I will never move back to International Falls, but I still have my mind on moving back to Chicago. When I can ever afford it, I don't know.

Doodle - I know you just made some potato soup, but it's so farging hot, I would rather turn it into a nice, cold Vichyssoise. Is that OK? We just add some leeks, blend it all up in the food processor, and chill it. There. Cold French Potato Soup.

As for you milk question: I don't think so. If you freeze the milk, it will break. When you thaw it out, it will be curdled, like curds and whey, and it will taste bad. I know this sounds icky, but when Heikki was little, I used to keep a box of dried milk in the cupboard for emergencies when we would run out of milk and I couldn't/didn't wanna go to the store. As long as you chill it well, it tastes like regular milk (almost) and you can certaily cook with it. That way, you can keep it on hand for lonf periods of time without it going bad. You only have to make what you need.

I hope that helps you, and I hope I didn't crush your dream of saving your milk.

OK. Smell ya later.
So I'm belated, but CONGRATS poodle on the house! And I have to say I like it a lot better than the old lady house from before. Yay Poodle! And a dishwasher...score!

I was just feeling a little too...uh, pissy, with my new work assignment to post here, cause I was afraid my somewhat negative downer mood would put a damper on such good happenings. But....on the upside, my new work assignment is a lot less stressful and I can sort of consider it a summertime "vacation". They CLAIM I will only be doing this during the summer and that I will go right back to refrigeration once the summer's over. We'll see. If it goes like that it'll be okay. I guess.

PK, when I had my arm in a cast I always managed to delete my posts halfway through. I dunno what I was hitting, but it was magic, sort of. Try the "undo" thing in the edit option at the top of the screen.

I'm loving the idea of a pimped out pink caddy. Shit, I'd even pay money to see one.

~*~*peaceful serenity vibes for turbo*~*~

heh, doodle, I always have to <snork> when you speak of being up early and it's like 8:30 your time.....uh, yeah...I can't remember the last time I slept past seven. Sorry. But, then again, I'm usually head-nodding by about 9 or so. I have no social life...hehe

Rosev, you inspired me, I clicked on the link for that recipe and I thought to myself, "damn! I've been wanting to try that FOREVER, too!"

So I went this morning (at 6 AM, doodle!) and got some chicken and garlic...and, oh, so yummy. I definitely recommend the recipe. But bad, baaaad breath afterwards. But I was just standing over the pan out of the oven scarfing down chicken. I used all thighs cause they're cheap. OMG...and the bread dipped in that carmelized garlic oil...yum!

So, yeah, I'm way behind in Okayland, and I will try to get more caught up this weekend!

I have this new job now, deliming converters. Basically a converter is just a huge gigant-o water heater, it is a cylinder that has tubes in it and there's water in the tubes, and then they take campus central steam and heat the water with it, then that water is used to heat the building. So they build up with lime.

My, (oh, so exciting) job now consists of shutting these beasts down (don't get me wrong, they ARE pretty big, like the size of a short schoolbus sometimes)...tapping into the pipes, and circulating acid through the tubes for a prescribed length of time (it's all in charts). Yay. So, once I get the pump circulating I am just a babysitter. Ugh. The most exciting part of my day yesterday was when I finished circulating acid through this one, it had to circulate for four hours, and then I flushed it back out with clean water, put everything back together, opened all the valves, turned on the circulating pump, and it blew the breaker. Yup, I almost had a "real steamfitter" moment there. But I shut it back off, waited a bit, turned it back on and it went right off. I didn't even get a chance to avert a crisis! I feel so.....I dunno. Meh.
First of all. Happy Anniversary Turbo's! Some best lady I am, eh? Day late, dolla short. Hope things are marginally better with the folkes tonight.

So, what was supposed to be a low-key day, turned into this:

7am: moxette up and ready to PLAY
8:30 am: we finally make it to breakfast, where my toddler eats like i've never fed her before
9:30ish am: moxette's first trip to the farmer;'s market and "town square"
10:30am: we take turns walking kidlet around the mall while moxieman and i each get haircuts
noon: gratefully, naps all around
2pm: wake up! Color, Blues Clues, snack
4pm-6:30pm: Bank, park, booze store, wedding present store, dinner (where agian, toddler eats like a lumberjack and manages to smooze everybody in the restaurant)
7pm-8:15, play outside, play inside, pretend we aren't exhausted, fall asleep before we're done with baba.

I am now going to have a glass of the wine i bought today at the booze emporium (ok, the real name of the place is WINE emproium) and snggle with my man.

Oh, CH...I liked HP much more than moxieman did. I think, as with book/movie #3, reading the book filled in gaps in my mind while i was watching the movie. I will agree, though, that those kids are turning into a good little acting squad.

Awww, thanks mox and everybustie for all the love and vibes.

We're surviving here, but it got dicey a bit this afternoon. Dad decides he doesn't feel like any of the many entertainment options I've offered so set us off for an old fashioned "adventure day." These were the horror of my youth - open-ended journies with no particular destination in mind, dad setting off with map in hand. Dad, of course, insists on driving today, and he's a terrible driver - swerves all over as he's ogling the surroundings, and jams on the brakes...this makes me very car sick. After an hour, I had to take things in hand - he was headed to Wisconsin, with no plan in mind, and I have no clue when it comes to northward entertainments, outside of the Madison area, which is farther than I wanted to go, with dad at the wheel. Thankfully, he turned around without much drama, and we took them to our favorite divey pub with a kick-ass beer garden and had some good burgers and sangria for lunch, and spent the afternoon sitting by the lake - so mostly, I read HP. YAY! And now we're free for the evening, as Dad wasn't feeling very well.

Oh, and we convinced them to head out tomorrow afternoon for an "adventure" of their very own, instead of staying another night here. Woot!!!

Tree, I'm sorry you're stuck at this mundane job for a few months, but I have NO doubt that you will move on from there in a couple months....or they will feel your wrath!

Mox, your day sounds busy, but very good. And I am jealous of the new 'dos. I am in desperate need, myself.

PK - I hope you continue to WOW Pinche Greg, and that you get that promotion you're angling for. Keep that as your focused intent, and I know you can make it happen!!

Hi hi CH!!!
Good evening everybustie!

(((pk))) I'm sorry to hear that you are homesick.

(((tree))) that's really shitty about work, I agree with Turbo.

Mox, that sounds like a lovely day.

Turbo ~*~*~*~ongoing vibes~*~*~*~*~ Thanks goodness the rents are going out so you get some alone time! Happy anniversary as well.

Well, I'm getting together with a friend tonight. Exboy has texted, he wants to chat. Confession, I talked to him on Wednesday night. Deep sigh. I was bored with that. I'm thinking of having some fun and then washing my hands of him.

Well, that's all, have a good evening everyone!

Hi, peeps!

Just popping in before I start studying for my very last test for my class. Woot! I'll be really surprised if I don't get an 'A' for the whole class, even though I didn't do 2 lousy little assignments and didn't participate in all the online discussion bullshit. Then we're going to have some breakfast for dinner, then do a DQ run, since we have't yet this summer.

((((((((((((((((Lurv's dad)))))))))))))))))))) Is it curable? Anyway, that's great that you'll be there with him for awhile and have a little break from work at the same time.

Happy anniversary, Turbos! Sorry about the parents being around, though. I love visitng with my parents, so I can't imagine what it would be to not like to.

Hellos to everyone else!

It's been a good weekend so far. Poodle and I drank too many margaritas (BTW, Kari, Latin Lovers are passionfruit margaritas). I think my favorite kind is the cactus fruit one, and the color is gaw.jus, so vibrant and dark pink and juicy. I have to admit that I got a tiny bit drunk, which never, ever happnes. Then I let it wear off while we watched Sicko. Very good movie, BTW. It's amazing to see how these other countries (Canada, England, France, Cuba) deal with sick people - they see the people's need and treat them, no questions asked. It was amazing to see people actually helping each other. Yesterday, the giant and I went to his mom's (Sam wasn't with my parents, so I didn't go up to play) for dinner, then to the mall. I got a new bra that I sorely needed (and didn't have to trapse the whole Twin Cities area looking for my size - I wear one brand/style of bra, and will go to just about any length to get it and pay through the nose for it - it's the only thing that keeps the girls where they need to be and doesn't hurt in the process), and some Crocs (only for cooking at home, not for going out of the house in). We ran into my aunt and uncle at the mall, which was kind of cool. Today, I've been reading and watching TV, now about to study.

See ya tomorrow!
HI Diva! We're having breakfast for dinner too! I made a big lunch for the 'rents, so I just didn't feel like cooking again tonight, and I could eat breakfast anytime. For lunch, I made grilled jerk chicken, mango avocado salad with lime-garlic-pumpkinseed vinaigrette, fresh sweet corn and tomatoes....Soooo yummy.

The parents left around 1:30pm - much earlier than we expected to send them off! Unfortunately, right before they left, my dumbass-thief uncle called to say that my parents' dog escaped, and he couldn't find her. Sheila (the dog), NEVER leaves the yard. I'm guessing that dumbass came over with his girlfriend of the week, let Sheila out, and then left - leaving Sheila in the yard. Something scared her, and she escaped. She's never left out in the yard without someone home to let her in, so I'm sure she panicked. (((((Sheila come home vibes))))

Diva, your weekend sounds perfect - from 'ritas to movies to breakfast dinner!

CH, I'm just starting HP6 - I might just get it finished by the weekend!

((((Lurv & Lurv's dad)))) Take care of yourself, sweetie - being a caregiver is very hard work. And come play with us when you can!

So after the 'rents left, turbomann and I salvaged the weekend by getting out for a nice bike ride - the weather is perfect here right now. We went out for ice cream, went shoe shopping (turbomann: 2, jenn: 0), book shopping, and then rode home. It was wonderful. I gave turbomann my old bike, and it surprisingly fits him ok, so it was nice to get out there together.
So, we took moxette to ikea today. Here are the pics from the last couple weeks...moxt are from this weekend's activities. It was a LONG one, but so worthwhile and really quite fun.

Ok, i'm BEAT and its time for snoozies-poozies.
Holy CUTENESS!!!! Thanks for the piccies, mox! I *cannot* believe how big moxette is now! Seriously, she's growin' up SO fast.

That is all...time for bed for me too.
Okay, I'm thoroughly intimidated by missing over a week of archives, so I'm just going to jump in here and pretend I wasn't gone. If anything amazing happened (besides Jackeroo being born), let me know. I will try to catch up on the archives...

The conference was GREAT. Had a blast but was ready to come home.

Got to see my friend with benefits and finally had portions worthy of mentioning. *ah!* At last. Yum.

Got home and went out with friends...karaoke and beer. Yay!

Just ate cream cheese, smoke salmon and tomatoes on crackers. *Full belly good*

Hi everyone!! I've meeeeeeeeeced you! ((((((((Okayers))))))))))

Moxette is sooooo cute! Holy ovaries!

Happy belated anniversary to the Turbos! Sorry you had to deal with the family. I guess you'll just have to continue to celebrate for the rest of the week. smile.gif
~*~*~*~*~ come home vibes for Sheila pup ~*~*~*~*~

Welcome home, Kel!

Diva, what color of crocs did you get? Perhaps orange as a nod to Mario Batali?


Doodle, all this talk of pink cadillacs has put Aretha Franklin music in my head. Ordinarily this would be a good thing, but it's driving me mad! blink.gif

PK, you go with your saucy self!

CH, which ExBoy is this? Certainly it isn't 7/7/7 Man, is it?

Tree, sorry to hear that things are crappy at work.

I'm glad you enjoyed the chicken, though! My guests ate every single scrap of it (I managed to save only 10 garlic cloves from the pan). Yummy! Sheff wants me to try making it with boneless chicken breasts next time. He hates messing with the bones. rolleyes.gif

And in case any of you are curious, there was no gaspacho on the table at my dinner party (Sorry, Lore!). I served the chicken with some sauteed tomatoes, green peas, mashed potatoes, and some fresh bread from the local European bakery. All this & white wine, too! Yum! The biggest hit of the night, of course, was our house. Two of our friends who came had not seen the place yet, and both ladies loooooved the house. Now everbody wants to buy a house in our neighborhood. biggrin.gif The only down side is that poor Sheff had too much to drink & has been suffering from quite a hang-over today. Poor baby.

So is everyone in here getting the new HP book on Wednesday? I can't wait! We're also going to see the film this week with friends.
Good evening, my fellow (sororal?) heat-stroke sufferers!

moxette and heikki = cute! I particularly love the ones of moxette trying to haul around an Ikea bag that she could actually be hauled around in herself. wink.gif

(Oh ya...PK, I've wound up eating most of the potato soup cold is too farking hot!)

turbo, YAY for the 'rents being gone and enjoying the rest of your Sunday!! Hoorah! I'm sorry your job is turning out to be disappointing...can you talk with your boss about your issues? You seemed pretty impressed with him when you first met him....

tree, if it matters, I WAS up at 6 on Saturday...but yeah, even when I was working at the women's centre, we opened at 10, so I only ever had to wake up before 9 if there was a special meeting somewhere. tongue.gif

~*~*~*~*~"A" vibes for diva~*~*~*~*~

Hi also, CH, kel, and RV!

The boys just left....neighbourboy's banjoboy's banjo has not arrived yet, due to a mix up at the music store, and he's ready to pitch a fit. Poor thing. Anyway. guitarboy is very excited that I'm seriously thinking about getting a bass. Heh. We wound up looking at bass guitars on E-bay....did you know Fender makes a Hello Kitty bass guitar? *shakes head with sad wonder* I just about creamed my panties over these two, though: 1, 2.

Did I just write that last sentence? Lordessa, those boys are a bad influence on me.

Oh yeah, speaking of the guys were leaving, we were yakking and my door was open long enough for Georgie to peek out into the they opened their door across the hall (at which point George rushed right back inside) and we let our kitties introduce themselves. It took some time - the cats all started out eyeballing one another from about 10 - 12 feet inside their respective front doors. But banjoboy's kitty (Spooks Garfunkel) eventually came all the way inside my door (just) and touched noses with Carmella. She hissed at him of course, but she didn't chase him off. Georgie stalked around the edges of the room....guitarboy said he looked like a black jaguar creeping around! biggrin.gif
thanks ladies. I really enjoyed every moment those pictures were taken, too. I think this age, or stage, or whatever we're at, is just wonderful. She throws the occasional tantrum, sure, and she is stubborn and willful, definitely, but the fact that she's a little kid so much more thana baby and that we get to know her personality more and show her things (ok, even if "things" are the different kitchens momma likes at Ikea...) is just absolutely fulfilling. I still wouldn't ever advocate this for someone who didn't really want it, though...sleepless nights, cock-blocking and temper tantrums are still regular occurrences.

Ok, i'm off to work on this pheh Monday. We're having a rather intersting day today...a video crew is coming to film our office/company, and I'm the contact person for the whole day. When the video is up (its for a networking organization we belong to...they're doing B2B type profiles on various members), i'll let y'all know.

Ok, really gotta jet. Smell's ya later!
Good Morning all!

Diva, sounds like you had a divine weekend! I hope your test goes well!

Turob, good about the parents! What about their dog???? ~*~*~*~doggie come home vibes*~*~*~*~* That dinner sounds delish!!!! *drools* You will finish book6 by the weekend! I'm so excited for book 7!

Moxie, ohmygoodness! So freakin' cute!!!!

Ohhhhh kel!!!! Portions! yummy!

RV, indeed it is 7/7/07 exboy, it's funny, because now that I don't give a shit he's coming a knockin'. I blew him off bad on Friday night. He called me around 10:15 and he asked me if I wanted to get together later, I said no, I had plans with a different man (which I sort of did, nothing set in stone at all), and I had to let him go, he could call me later, but I probably wouldn't be home. Hee hee hee. Then I gave him shit the next day about not calling. Bwaaaahahahahahaha. laugh.gif and and and he felt bad about it.

Doodle, that is really great about te positive cat meeting!

Well Saturday I got together with my friend, and he's still the person I remember, it was really good times. Sunday I went grocery shopping and then got my ass back to working out, after hbeing off for a week because of this stupid cold. It felt good to work out, but I ws just exhausted! So I watched mythbusters blow up something then went to bed, and now here I am.

Hope everyone is having a good day!


Good Morning!

Moxie, Moxette is simply beautiful. And she is getting so big! I feel like she was just born. Those pics are really fun.

PK.....~~~~wow 'em vibes!~~~~~ I am so glad that guy is taking an interest in you & recognizing your mad skillz. I'll be hoping that things go well!

((Jenn)) Ugh, sounds like the weekend with the 'rents was less than fun. I am sorry. Are things peaceful now? They're gone right?
Good for you on standing up for yourself at work, sister. You're nobody's doormat! That VP sounds like a miserable person.

Hi CH! So did you get with dude at all? Sounds like you had a really nice weekend.

~~~test vibes for Diva!~~~~ Ace it! Passionfruit margaritas?? YUM!

Rose, that dinner sound delicious! Sorry about sheff's hangover though. sad.gif

Hi doodle! That is so sweet that the kitties are getting to know each other. Georgie the Jaguar!

Welcome back Kel!! Glad you had fun! And got some hot portions. Yowzas.

I'm pretty good today, for a Monday. I had a nice weekend all in all. Friday I met my friend for sushi, then Mr K joined us, then her new beau joined us. Then we went to a bar where heavy drinking ensued. Then Mr K & I met up with another friend & we hit the gay dance club. I haven't done that in years! It was a good time, but we spent a lot of moolah. Now we're on restriction for a couple weeks. No eating out, no boozing out. That's actually a good thing though. Saturday I got up around 9:30, despite staying up really late. Paco had had nasty diarrhea on my dining room rug. Ugh. It was SO GROSS. I finally finally got the odor out of the house yesterday after washing it 3x with Oxy Clean carpet, dumping a whole bottle of Nature's Miracle over it, and scrubbing it with a baking soda paste. Seriously, that dude has some nasty dookie. Radioactive. Yesterday, when I wasn't trying to get the poop smell out of my house, I was cooking and cleaning for the dinner we were having. We were supposed to have another couple over. They called at around 5PM and said they couldn't make it. The lady is pregnant & having a tough time. She wasn't feeling well. While I completely understand, I sort of wish they'd called more than an hour and a half in advance. Oh well. Mr K and I now have a clean house & had a delicious dinner. I made adobo marinated flank steak with a corn and tomato relish, grilled romaine lettuce with homemade roasted garlic dressing, roasted spaghetti squash & for dessert I made a lemon vanilla cake with a strawberry whipped cream filling. Those peeps missed out b/c it was gooooood. I heard Mr K on the phone with the dude trying to figure out when they could come over in the future. I told Mr K, no offense, but when they come over, we're just going to grill burgers or something. Hmpf.

Mornin' peeps!! I'm too lazy to say anything else!!
Kari, I want some of that dinner you made. Yum!!! And gross about the dookie. Soji gets bouts of colitis sometimes and it's horrific.

Culture, make him eat his heart out!!

ETA: cross post with Poodle! Hi Poodle!
Hellooooooooooooo! It's me again.

Kari, that sounds yummers!

Hey Poodle!

Kel, I've got every intention of using him. I'm not getting back together with him, as I am not into dating, nothing says that I can't have fun! He is well aware of that as well.

I just want this morning to go by so I can do my thing and go back to the other office. Although, I have to say, that splitting offices is doing wonders for making the days go by faster!

Hope everyone is surviving their Monday.
Hi, peeps!

Kari and RV, I want to eat at your houses!

Kari, your night sounds really fun. I've been wanting to go one of our local gay bars and see the drag show, but nobody will go with me. I used to have no problem getting a little group together for that, but now it never happens. The giant is open-minded, but would be too intimidated.

CH, I wish I could go between offices, too. Maybe my days wouldn't drag so much.

Poodle, how was the inspection?

Jenn, that's good that your parents left much earlier than expected and you could at least salvage part of the weekend. Sorry the job isn't all you dreamed it would be, but good on you for sticking up for yourself.

Hi, Kel, Moxie, Tree, and Doodle!

Today's a-draggin'. This is my last long day until fall term starts because I have to make up the time I'm leaving early tomorrow for my test, so I've got more than 5 hours left. Nothing going on. Going to get a salad in awhile since I'm craving vegetables. Blah, blah, blah.
Afternoon y'all!!!

Happy belated anniversary, turbo!!! Glad to hear that you survived the weekend and had some special couple time!!

Awww...cute kiddo pictures!!

Yes, diva and I saw Sicko and drank several deceptively strong beverages. Diva got a little sloppy!! Sicko was actually pretty funny. It begins with the clip of Dubya saying "too many OB/GYN's don't get to practice their love with women all across the country," which never ceases to crack me up. I seriously can't believe he said that. I mean, that guy says a lot of dumb things, but that's waaaaay stupid.

~*~*~*~safety vibes for shiela~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~vibes for lurv's papa~*~*~*~

PK, that's cool about the potential position shift at work!!

Awww...poor Paco. God, that musta been awful to clean up!!!

The inspection went fine, but I'm asking for some money off the closing costs to do some needed repairs. Fortunately, there's nothing in the house that requires major effort or money to fix. I'm waiting to hear back from my realtor on the verdict. I wish all of this B.S. would be over so I could relax.

After the inspection, I went over to my parents' to water their plants while they were out of town. I ended up watching VH1's Flavor of Love marathon and drinking almost all of their beer. Ha!! Good times. I need to take advantage of their pad more often.

My parents' neighbors have a pomeranian puppy that has to be the cutest damn thing I've seen in a long time. I'm always excited to see her when I visit my parents. She's a little poof ball with a big heart. Not yippy at all. She had just had a bath when I saw her on Sat., so she was extra poofy. It makes me want a puppy so bad!!!!!!!!!

Oh, that reminds me, my sister is pregnant with her second bebe. I love having nieces and nephews, but I'm still thoroughly disturbed by the thought of my family members being sexually active. My sister being pregnant means that she's had "relations" recently, which just grosses the hell outta me. is icky (unless it involves me and Johnny Depp). Anyway, I called her a slut (in jest, of course).

ETA--I get to leave early to go to the head shrinker. Fortunately, it shouldn't take to long, because it's just to check in on my progress as I cut down on my meds. I can't wait to get this guy outta my life. Really, I don't understand why I'm seeing a psychiatrist. I'm probably one of the most sane, self-aware people I know. Everyone else is crazy!! I think he's insane!! Heh, I sound like Joni Mitchell in Twisted.
Hi Diva and poodle!

I went for a walk at break, and it sure is a meat market around here, with the law courts (and thus men in unifrm) around here, plus all the business-y types *drools*

Yes, I'm a little boy crazy right now.

Poodle, I'm gald that your home inspection went fairly well!

Diva, I hope you do well on your test!!!

Only 30 more minutes.

That is all.

*takes a shot of tequila before settling in on the okayland sofa*

Oof. Today was one of those days that you hope never repeats. A huge print job came off press today, and there's an error on the piece. An error that's my fault, even if not totally my fault. I wouldn't reprint the job if it were my choice, as the detail is pretty small, but the field offices want it reprinted. At our department's cost. So I had to take the fall for it, go to crazyass VP, since my boss is on vacation, and tell him what happened. Oh, did he rant and rave....he said this is my job to catch these things (duh), we were asleep at the wheel, yada, yada...whatever. I have a hard time feeling his sense of drama and fury about this. It sucks, totally, but it happened, and its our job to fix it. I'm sorry its going to cost us $3K, but the approval process on this piece was ridiculous, and was broken from the start, and I failed at fixing this as the total newbie, thrown into the deep end. I think the VP was really trying to make me cry, but I'm just not buying that shit. Its not emotional - its business, and we've got to move on.

So, with that, I'm sipping a strong 'rita. smile.gif

Doodle, that is so cute that you introduced the kitties. Sounds like it went alright! And those basses are indeed lovely. When you get that fabulous job, you'll have to get one of those gee-tars.

Poodle, I'm so glad the inspection on your house went well!!! YAYAYAY!!!! So when's your closing?

Okay, time to cook dinner. I'll be back later.
Oh Turbo, I'm sorry to hear about such a craptastic day.

*slams shot glasses down and pours some Tequila*

I took the dog to the park and then worked out. Here I am, as per usual!

That is all.
*grabs a shot glass and slams it back*

Thanks, CH, I needed that. Actually, I'm feeling the day pleasantly softened after two 'ritas. Mmmm....Zzzzzzz....

And, I just filled my tummy with a big bowl of chicken vindaloo curry and fresh sweet corn. Yum.

Oh, and my 'rents' dog, Sheila is still missing. (((((sheila come home))))

Dumbass-fucktard-internet perv-thief uncle actually SAW her leave the yard and actually sat down at my parents' table and ate lunch with his girlfriend and her son before looking for her. Asshole.

Hi kel, diva, minxy (where's my garden porn?), moxie, kari!!
Comes into okayland

*snaps fingers and slaveboy comes in wheeling cheesecack, treats, and most importantly liquor and weed*

Turbo help yourself! ~*~*~*Sheila come home~*~*~*~*

I'm sleepy, going to lie down now.

Oh dear, I've killed it.
Grrr...I am so angry with your fucktard uncle for you! Damn, and double-damn. But a very merry happy anniversary to you and the Turboman. In honor of your anniversary, I bring you phallic and vaginal garden porn.

Climbing the Corn Pole:

The Wet Lily:
Wow! That really IS a yannic (sp?) flower!

*wishes he could tequiliate and cheezilate with Culture & Turbo*

*doggie-come-home vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (ultra-sonic!)

Sorry to hear about the crappy day, Turbo, but I'm proud of you being professional about it and not falling for the alpha type-A crap. Good for you!

Poods, your thing about the shrink reminded me of a time when my BFF OtterMan and his brother and I were heading out camping, and we took a rest on a ridge on the way up to toke and have some beers, and OtterMan's brother was saying how the people "down there" in their houses would shake their heads at us smoking out and drinking beer up here. OtterMan stood up, pointed at the city in general, and yelled, "YOU'RE the ones with the problem!!" with such... conviction... It was wonderful. I needed that smile.gif *bets the rest of the population should be more like Poodle rather than the other way around*

As for me, my previous employer needs me again tomorrow smile.gif Yaaay for a tad more employment! Oh, and we have reservations for italian at 7:30, but much as I really, REALLY ought to visit Doodlebug, the point of us getting so far out of town on Goaty's birthday is because she doesn't want anybody around on her birthday. Still, I shall HAVE to head up North sometime to be a proper Porcupine groupie.

Hey-o to anyone I've missed! Smell you on the flip-side! cool.gif
Good evening all!

*emits jaw-cracking yawn*

Effing hell, I don't know why I'm so tired these days...I'm getting tons of sleep!

turbo, I'm sorry you had a shitty day at work, especially after putting up with your parents all weekend! Good for you for not succumbing to the cry-inducement. God, it's one thing to provide constructive criticism to a staffer who makes a mistake - especially a noob - but another thing altogether to behave like an abusive boor. Ugh. Like he's never fucked anything up on the job...

~*~*~*~*~*~doggie come home vibes~*~*~*~*~*~

poodle, when did your realtor say you'd hear back about the money off for house repairs?

Hi also kari, diva, lorewolf, moxie, minx, CH, kel, and any lurkers!

I *heart* garden porn! biggrin.gif

guitarboy was at his momma's tonight, so neighbourboy banjoboy was lonely and came over for awhile. (Still no banjo.) We tried introducing the cats again. This time Spooks came right into the apartment and tried to make friends with George, who was definitely the more submissive one. But then Carmella got her nose into things - I don't know what happened, but Spooks wound up chasing her down the hall! (I think he thought she wanted to play - Spooks is about 9 months old and kinda lonesome.) They are still a little traumatized, but it's good for them - keeps their brains busy. I gave banjoboy a spare ostrich feather duster I had, which should be good for wrastlin' with the lonesome young tyke. (That's what I used when Georgie was a kitten, to keep him from mauling poor old Bunny.)

I made homemade baked mac and cheese tonight - yummy! I had to ask doodlemama how to do it, though. I was just gonna throw some grated cheese in with the macaroni and stick it in the oven, but apparently you make a white sauce first....who knew? (Probably all of you - but not me!) Luckily, even mamas who don't like cooking like to be asked for advice. smile.gif Plus it's her birthday today, so I needed to call anyway!

good morning y'all! We had a typically lovely evening last night. Introducecd quiche to moxette, and she LOVED it. WHOO HOO! Now, I just have to get to figuring out how to make it (not from the frozen ones...even though they were YUMMY). I should have know, the kid loves eggs. and cheese. But, this is a way to get veggies into her. Typical for a toddler, she'll eat veggies IN something, but not always alone. Also, we had amazing portions yesterday. Being a girl rocks.

Speaking of amazing portion havers, where ARE THE FJ's?? Y'all are home and OK, ya? We're thinking 'bout you! And post up some more jacakroo pics when you all get a chance!

OK, I don't quite have anything for good things tuesday yet...i'll come back at lunchtime.
Mornin' ya'll!! Thunderstorms are forecast all day here, so no riding for me, so I have a few extra minutes this morning. AND I have NO BOSSY BOSSES in the office today! Asshat is away at some bigwig meeting for the next two days, so the next day he's in the office, my good boss will be back.

I tell you, if he were my direct supervisor, I would be looking for a job right now. Oh, and he fucks up all the time - last week, I'm in a sponsorship meeting with one of the big TV networks and asshat announces, "Oh, did you hear that your anchor has breast cancer?" This was confidential info passed to him by another VP, and the TV network exec starts to get really distraught, as the named anchor is her best friend, and she didn't know. Fucktard.

Minxy, thank you for the garden porn - I knew I could count on you!!! smile.gif

Lore, I'm *so* jealous that you can even consider a drive up to visit doodle!

And doodle, your mac n cheese sounds *awesome*, and I'm glad you're continuing with the kitty introductions.

((((sheila come home))))

Ooooh, mox is right - I hope we get an FJ update soon!

Okay, time to head out - I'll see you all this evening!
What-things-what day? Too bleary...

'Morning Mox & Turbo! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

Hmm, well,
- There's a few chocolate, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies here from a double-batch Goaty baked for her students.
- I'll be making flourless choco-cack tonight for Goaty's birthday (gotta remember candles!)
- Reservations for tomorrow night to celebrate said B-day
- I have a job again at least for a couple more days
- aaaalmost done making the file cabinet, and it's looking nice
Good morning all!

Hey Lore! Like I said make a stop in Winnipeg, I've got special cookies! Well, so does Doodle, it's her I got ze recipe from! Heh heh.

Minx I do have to say the flower does look like a Vagina! It's perrty!

Hey Mox!

Turbo, that man sounds like an absolute moron! Schmuck. *kicks asshat in shins with point POINTY boots*

I've got nothing new to report on. Living a seriuosly boring life.

Hmmm, Good things Tuesday.
1. As per usual, it isn't MOnday!
2. Payday on Friday!
3. Harry Potter 7 is out in 3 days and some hours!!!!!!

That is all I can think of.

Later all!
Hello, quick buzz-by! Woke up at 6 unable to get back to sleep. Ugh. Am going to try again shortly.

lorewolf, maybe when goatygirl has a taste of Canadian life a la Vancouver, she'll be more inclined to want to drive the extra 4 hours through the mountains to the home of The Porcupine Rebels. wink.gif

That is all.
Is it Friday yet?
Hey, kids! FJ is peachy. Still recovering. Spending every waking moment with Jackaroo who is ridiculously cute. He's a quiet baby, overall, but makes silly adorable baby noises when he's not sleeping. Only seems to cry when he's hungry or when we have to strip his diaper off which happens about once every 2 hours. He sleeps between us at night in this little protective thingy that's supposed to keep us from rolling over onto him. I guess it's worked thus far. FJ's sutures came out last Friday and her tummy is about half its size from a week ago. She thinks she might be up for a brief stroller push through the neighborhood this afternoon. She hasn't touched the laptop since before the delivery but she wanted all of you to know she misses you and she'll be back soon. smile.gif

Hi peepers!!!

D'oh!! Turbo, that sucks about the supervisor dude being an asshole. There are soooo many people who shouldn't be in those types of positions, because they don't know how to deal with mistakes, etc. It's not like someone died because of your error. Dude needs a reality check.

~*~*~*~sheila come home!!!~*~*~*~ you have any leftover mac 'n' cheese for me, doodle?

Happy birfday Goaty!!

Those pics are gorgeous, minx. Heh...when I read "corn pole" my dirty mind immediately thought of "cornhole." Hahaha!!! I'm such a 6th grader.

Hi mox, culture, kel, and kari!!

Good things tuesday:
1. I should hear back from my realtor on the repair cost thing today
2. Jimmy John's for lunch
3. Get to see Nile again
4. Uber clean apartment and possibly a new renter (they're showing poodlepad today)
5. First part of day went fast, boss is at meeting for the rest of the day
6. Found out that my future neighborhood gives interest free, deferred loans for home repairs. I don't consider the immediate neighborhood 'ghetto,' but I guess it's just ghetto enough to qualify for special repair programs.

ETA- Hi mr. FJ!! Glad to hear that things are going well so far!!

MR. FJ, I'm glad to hear that all is well.

Poodle, Im' so glad that things are, so far, working out with your house.

I just want to go home. I'm bored here, I think I'll duck out a few minutes early as supervisors are away today.

Later all.

Hi culture!! I'm super bored, too. Fortunately, I only have 2 hours and 10 minutes to go.

Another neato thing: Nile taught me how to write my name in Arabic. Arabic text is so beautiful.

It's read right to left, so the very last figure is actually 'A' which is the first letter of my name. It was really weird to watch him write backwards. Them evil-doers do everythin' backwards over there. They should just give up and do everything like Amurrika since we're the best kuntry 'n' all. wink.gif
Hi there everyone - poodle, CH, Mr. FJ (and FJ and Jackaroo, vicariously), and everyone I didn't say hi to this morning!

Man oh man, there is nothing quite like an ice cold cider on a hot sticky day.

*glug glug glug*

Cider anyone? I gots pear or apple-lime.

Shhh, don't tell anyone I went to the non-gubermint likker store....because their cider is COLD!
Poodle, that is really beyooootiful!

Doodle, I'll have me some apple lime *sips* mmmm taysteeeeeeeeeeeee!

Well I am home now. I'm going to take houndish to the park then work out. Jeez, how predictable eh?

That's all for now.

Later all!

Poodle - ask Nile to how to write PuppyKitty in Arabic. He won't think you're weird. Really.

I have had the SHEET-iest day ever. Last night, on my way home from work, I got pulled over by the sheriff for having my license plate light out. He ran my plates, and said that the plate number did not come back to my vehicle, so he thought I was driving a stolen vehicle. I showed him my registration, but it was expired. I knew it was, but I planned on getting new tags on Friday (payday). I know I should have done it earlier, but I've had some financial problems lately, as the restaurant is very slow, and I'm not getting many hours.

So, Deputy Barney Fife wrote me a ticket for having expired tags.

I went home, took a shower, then El Guapo came and picked me up. We watched "The Pursuit of Happyness" for a while, then went to bed. This morning, El Guapo went to his job to pick up his tips and grab some food, and I stayed in his apartment and talked on my phone while he was gone. His roommate asked me to get off the phone so he could talk to me, which I thought was weird, so I did.

El Guapo's roommate told me that he and the other roommates (his bro and pregnant sil) didn't want me in the apartment anymore. I was so embarrassed, so I just said "fine, I'm sorry - I didn't know there was a problem." The roommate said that nothing in the apartment outside of El Guapo's room belongs to him, and the roommate said that last night we were sitting on HIS couch, watching HIS tv.

The roommate then told me that in Mexico, no one would ever THINK of putting their feet on someone's couch. He said, "It's disgusting, it's rude, and it's disrespectful. I want respect in my house, and you don't respect my house because I saw you with your feet on my couch." Earlier, I must have been sitting with my feet tucked under myself, because that's how I sit sometimes. Just habit. I thought nothing of it, and I don't remember it, but if he says he saw me do it, I believe him. So embarrassing. But what an asshole.

So, now El Guapo and I can't go to his place anymore. Which sucks. El Guapo says this is his last month in this apartment, and he is getting his own place in August. Thank Maude.

Good Things Tuesday, though:

- I made a Star Anise cake with Raspberry Almond Cream sauce last night that tasted really good.
- I saw a tarantula fight last night, which was a cool nature show right before my very eyes
- I'm finally cleaning my room and doing laundry, which makes me feel productive
- Oreo, the dog, is my buddy
- I have a cool new friend of Facebook (hi Culture!)
- I got to play with a 9-month-old baby today. He smiled and giggled a lot. Cute cheeks, fuzzy head, and a pronounced cleft chin. He was such a content and adorable beebee.

Turbo - sorry about the assface VP. He sounds like a poop pocket. I can't wait till your supervisor gets back from vacation. And how are they going to find Sheila? Poor Sheila! Your uncle is a fuckbrain.

Kari - poor paco. Mr. PK's dog, Casey, used to make squirt poop in the house when she was very stessed out. Which usually happened when we would go out of town and have to get a dogsitter. Poor dogsitters.

Minx - I wish I could take my computer into the bathroom with me so I could look at your garden porn in private. Hee hee.


Doesn't anybustie live in the desert Southwest? I want to hang out with some Busties IRL! I want to go to Porcupine Rebels Country, or WienerPig! Well, I DO have Octinoxate. We chat on the phone every once in a while, and hang out sometimes, too. I used to have Miss Shuggah, but she moved out of state. Boo!

Thanks for the update, Mr. FJ! Now we have Jackeroo to add to our cuddle puddle. But he needs his special baby protective device so he doesn't get loved to smithereens.

Moxie - Moxette is cute-a-toot-toot!

OK - smell ya later!
awwwwww pk! *blushes*

What a prick El Guapo's roommate is! My ex is from Mexico and I'd lounge around on thier furniture and his parents didn't give a shit. It was always make yourself at home. Barney Fife, of jeez...that is a loaded name.

I must go workout, my mother kinda pissed me off just now, so I must go get rid of stress now!

Later all!
Good evening everyone! Or good night...or something like it.

The banjo arrived. Hurrah! Now neighbourboy banjoboy is officially banjoboy. He won't let go the banjo. He hugs it close even when not trying to pluck at it. (Truly like a boy on Christmas morning.) He seems to have a natural affinity for it...I think he'll do well.

guitarboy got invited - and in turn invited us both - to a party on the weekend, where we can jam with some other musicians, but I said I'd think about it. Some of the people there might be doing acid, and I'm honestly not sure how I feel about it. Not that I'd do it. I've never done it, but even if I ever decided to, I would never do it around strangers. But I've never really been around people who are doing it, either, so I don't know what to expect. I guess I should just talk about this with guitarboy and banjoboy. unsure.gif

This all feels so ABC Afterschool Special. Except without the peer pressure 'cos I'm 38 now and I do what the fuck I want. tongue.gif

OMG! Remember me posting about the Society for Creative Anachronism and the sword fighting on the lawn? Turns out, one of the swordfighters is engaged to an old friend of mine....we went to New York together for the World March of Women in 2000. And she was watching the sword fighting tonight! I haven't seen her for years. I abandoned the boys for awhile, I admit....then had to make hasty introductions.

/Me Report *blushes profusely over personal level of self-involvement* wink.gif

Hee! See what happens when you refuse to leave home for awhile!? The universe brings everything right to your front door!!!!

I predict lorewolf and goatygirl will be up here before the end of August. biggrin.gif
Good Morning, babes!

((PK)) What a prick! Seriously. That guy has no tact whatsoever and what he said was just plain mean. Fuck 'im. What does El Guapo say? Sorry to hear about the license plate difficulty. sad.gif

Jenn, speaking of pricks, I cannot BELIEVE that guy divulged such private information in an open meeting. Who raised these people???? Sheesh.

Doodle, I don't blame you for being cautious about the party. Sounds like it may be fun, but may be weird if everyone is doing acid.

Lore! Yay for having more days of work!

Hi MR FJ! Thank you so much for the FJ and Jackson update. Please give FJ my best wishes. I know you are being your usual wonderful self & are helping her recover as comfortably as possible.

~~~~repair cost vibes for Poodles!~~~~~ That is rad about the no interest financing for home repairs!

Hi CH, Moxie, Minx, and Kel!

Things with me are decent today. It is hot and humid as a MoFo outside. Really gross. I am going to stay inside as much as possible. I had a good work at home day yesterday and my hospital gig went well too. Then I had book club last night, which was fun. But...I came home to more Paco poopie. On yet another rug. I guess I'd rather him do it on the rug he used last night than my nicer dining room rug. Mr K is going to call the vet today. We were looking at him last night and we both think he's lost some weight too. ((poor Paco)) I hope it is not anything serious.

Good Morning on this Wednesday!

Doodle, that is really cool that you met up with an old friend!

Kari, I hope puppt is play. ~*~*~*~*get better Paco vibes~*~*~*~*~*

It is also hot out there today, and it's only 7:47, it's going to make for a miserablly hot day today, which means no park right away after I get home from work. My ass and thighs hurt today because I was being a cocky little shit while working out and did lots of sqauts and some leg work. I'm paying for it today.

It is Friday yet?

Ohhhhh, cross over from the HP thread, but only 2 more days (and some hours) before the book comes out!! *squeals in delight*
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