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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hihi guys!

Poodle - congratulations on the house! ~*~*great inspection vibes~*~*~*

Going to the dentist is poopy. I hate it, too. And I really really need to go soon, now that I have insurance.

Yesterday El Guapo and I saw Ratatouille. It was so cute. A rat who is a chef.

Tonight we are meeting some friends at the hookah lounge. That should be fun.

Last night, I sang "La Tortura" by Shakira at karaoke en espanol. It was fun and funny.

Today is my grampa's funeral. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it up to International Falls on short notice because I am broke broke broke.

I am loving the baby videos. They are so sweet. Jackaroo and Moxette seem so content. Heppy little people because they get lots of love.

Seeing those videos makes me miss Heikki as a baby. He was so cute and content. I held him a lot, so I think that's why he was such a good boy. It makes them feel secure and loved, therefore content. I remember bringing Heikki home from the hospital when he was 2 weeks old, and the first night, he slept from 9pm until 5am. I thought that was pretty good. Of course, he was absolutely starving when he woke up. Oh, I miss my beebee. He's 13 now, but still my little pumpkinhead. And he let's me call him that. And although he's a teenager now, he is still very affectionate. He loves hugs.

Oh, I'm getting a little misty-eyed.

It's so frelling hot in this house today. I might go for a swim just to refresh myself. Last night, El Guapo and I swam, and the pool water was so warm that it didn't feel refreshing. Ugh. But I had fun anyway. I love swimming.

Diva - yay for an A! You smartypants. And Yay for the giant's brother getting home safely! What a relief, right?

Doodle, you should definitely try the sock idea. You need some time to yourself, and it sounds like you aren't doing very well with ignoring their knocks.

Turbo and Culture - Feel better!!!
Congrats on the "A" diva!! That's great! I know, that's my issue with the dentist too. I can handle the actual shot to numb my mouth and the drill if it didn't take so damn long to wear off. I mean really. Why can't they make something that wears off quicker?? Like 2 hours instead of 6.
I am jealous of your clean house.

I often look forward to going home & doing nothing. Doing nothing is one of my favorite activities. I've got to go to the hospital again tonight. I am going to try to see the client that I saw last night & possibly do another video tape. I've been reading up on stuff relevant to her condition this afternoon. I feel like I've got some direction now. Good. It's hard learning, I end up feeling so incompetent sometimes. Them's the breaks I guess.
Maybe my hot boyfriend will be working there today. smile.gif

CH, it sounds like this suitor has his work cut out for him!
Pooods! Congrats-o! You've got a HOUSE!!!! (now, now... you and Doodle stop champagne fighting. Do I have to call a time-out for you two in your wet tee-shirts? wink.gif)

Pugs, mebbe wait for that 13th year...

Moxie, sounds like a kickass day you had! (a couple days ago, anyway... still catching up here smile.gif)

New Starburst flavours I'm waiting for are: Funk-berry (it's a bit salty/earthy/musty/sweet) and Raspberry Porn (has bubblegum inside so you can watch people blow it).

Yaaay for Giant's Bro! *does umpire hand signal* SAAAFE!

Yay for the 'A', Diva smile.gif

PK, Hookah Lounge sounds waaay too cool! biggrin.gif

Hey-o to anybody I'm missing.

Umm, as for me, I'm laid off again dry.gif and because of the timing of it, we're probably not going to take our 2-week Summer road trip sad.gif Though I AM kinda proud of some furniture I've been making for the appartment. I'm making a sorely-needed file cabinet with a place to store the computer CPU and some CD clams. The teachers at my carpentry apprenticeship training facility, where I took my lumber to mill my parts, were pretty impressed at my ability to dream up, sketch up, price, and make a cut diagram. I'll have it ready for Goaty's birfday (the 18th). Oh, and do any of you B.C. BUSTies know of a decent place to eat Italian or something for the Goaty's birthday dinner? We're busting out of the country for her dinner. It would have to be close to the lower left of B.C., and something nice, yet affordable. She's a picky eater, and I'm laid off sad.gif
Hello, hello, hello everyone! Good afternoon!

diva, congrats on the A! WHOOP! *throws arms in the air*

PK - is that a REAL hookah lounge, or is that just the name? ohmy.gif wink.gif

poodle...heh. Now I've got a mental image of your ma hovering around your bedroom door waiting to burst in on you and your unsuspecting suitors....heh.

kari, YAY for the Ann Taylor score!

Clothes shopping. *sigh* I can't even talk about it without getting in a rage. Thank GODDESS I have a fave sales lady now, who knows what I like and can find it for me really fast (i.e.: the last blazer I bought). What really frustrates me, though, is in SO MANY men's stores, there is FREE TAILORING, while we women have to pay through the nose for it. Seriously. (Ditto dry-cleaning costs.) mad.gif

Hi also to CH, moxie, turbo, jami, raisin, pugs, and everyone who is lurking!

(ETA: and also lorewolf! Sorry to hear about the layoff, that sucks. If you can get up to Vancouver, there is an old "Little Italy" community on Commercial Drive, near and around East 1st Avenue. Lots of fantastic and inexpensive little places along there. You could eat appies at one place, dinner on the next block, and have your dessert or special coffee right next door to that. Then walk/drive down towards Hastings and enjoy visiting the funkiest lesbian neighbourhood, and also *ahem* if you're looking for an extra-special birthday gift, the best [women-run] sex-toy shop on the planet is along there, Womyn's Ware. NOT on Commercial, but not too far away, there is also my FAVOURITE place to eat Italian food, but maybe not quite so special or fancy. It's the Italian food I grew up on, though, and the best pizza EVER...they've ruined me for other pizza, actually...I always buy an extra pizza just to bring home with me. It's called Columbus Pizza, but of course they do other great stuff like pasta and steak and so on. It's at the corner of East 49th Avenue and Elliott Street, right next to the apartment I grew up in. DAMN, if my car were running I would SO come and meet up with you two, 'cos Commercial Drive is SO near my ma's house! There's actually a great, cheap Vietnamese restaurant down there, too, which I also always seek out when I visit.)

Ok, I don't mean to go all fangirlie, but I just "discovered" this fantastic fiesty-women webcomic this past weekend, and I DID go all fangirlie and wrote the artist a quick e-mail! She wrote me back - she's a very cool woman. So now I have to share this strip with y'all, 'cos I'm pretty sure these characters are BUSTIES at heart:

Girls With Slingshots

(Seems to be fairly work-safe.)
Hi everyone!!!

*raises beer bottle* Here's to hundreds of Minnesota troops coming home, including the giant's brother!!!!!!!!

Congrats on your A, diva!!! I remember working so hard in my first couple years of college until I realized at some point that all I had to do was fulfill the basic requirements for a project to get an A. I guess it's hard for most people to do a decent job. Not for busties though.

That's a cute site, doodle!! And yes, my mom did hover around when there were people up in my room. She still doesn't realize how much bad stuff I got away with in that house though.

Sorry 'bout the lay-off, lore. You seem so okay about it. I guess all you can really do is look at it as an opportunity for something better. I'm jealous of your furniture-making!!! I wish I had taken more interest in woodworking, etc., as a young woman. That's definitely something I'd like to become more skilled in. I'm afraid of power saws and nailguns though.

My god, PK!!! I can't believe that Heikki is a teenager now!!! Time flies so quickly!!! It's funny how we busties have been through thick and thin together for several years now, but we rarely, if ever, see each other face to face. I don't know what I would do without you guys!!

Yeah, diva, I don't know what's up with Lane Bryant making all of these unflattering clothes for big girls. I wish they didn't try to be so trendy. I'm at a really shitty size right now in that I'm a little too small for plus-size shirts, but I'm too big for "regular" size shirts. All I can do right now is buy t-shirts for working out. I tried to find some work-appropriate shirts, but that just ain't happenin' right now. Kari, can we switch Targets? I rarely ever see XL's around!! It seems like there are only smalls and mediums. At Lane Bryant, there are always size 26's left. At this point in my life, I've come to accept that I'll never be able to buy anything on sale.

Thanks for all of the house kudos everyone!! I dig the paint, too. There's a part of me that wishes that the kitchen wasn't so updated because I love 50's kitchen stuff and I have tons of it. Ah well, I'll make it work.
Poodle, I am SO with you....I don't know what I'd do without Okayland in my life - we've all grown and our lives have changed so much over the years in here - weddings and moving, and houses and babies and decorating....we're doing it all!

I find that in the summertime especially, the only tops I'm finding that fit me well are ones with flutter arms do NOT fit in tops that fit the rest of my torso, and I'm not going to buy something three sizes too big, just to fit my arms. Booooo on the clothing designers - I think every size woman has got a fault with the industry!

Diva, I hope you have a calm and relaxing night at home, and a good nights' rest. I slept the dreamless sleep of the Nyquil last night, which was much needed. I'm feeling much better today.

I, for one, cannot believe that Heikki is 13...yikes!!! I love that you call him pumpkinhead, PK!

(((((job gettin' vibes for lore))))) So sorry to hear about the layoff - good things are around the corner for you.

I'm in full-dread mode now about my parents coming to visit this weekend. gah. Its so hard to entertain them...they're not so mobile, and Chicago is not a city for the less than able bodied, they have no interests, and 3 days of small talk wears really thin by Sunday. I really wish I could have taken Monday off, but I've got two meetings. Oh will be over soon enough.
turbo!! OMG, will the twin phenomenon EVER cease to amaze me? That is TOTALLY my peeviest fitting problem with tops and shirts - my arms are the biggest part of my body! I think they are a full size bigger than the rest of me. Man, I am so sick of trying on clothes that fit my arms and look like shit everywhere else!!!

When do your *shiver* parents arrive? (Many sympathies....)

Ha ha, poodle! I love that you prefer a '50s kitchen! I wish you could've seen my first apartment. Hey, you said you might paint the bathroom...what are you thinking of? Are you going to keep that Tuscan yellow, too? Is that red trim in that room?

Man oh man, I just went out to the store, and it's farking HOT. Bleargh. The kind of hot where you have to take your pants off as soon as you arrive home (but still keep them strategically near-by, in case of surprise neighbourly visits).

Okayland rocks. Where else can you disclose pantslessness without a dozen perverts PMing you with skeevy porn? tongue.gif (ETA: of course, minx isn't online yet this evening. biggrin.gif)
Someday, doodle, I'll make it up to BC to visit you...I simply MUST. smile.gif I really don't get blouse construction - couldn't they give us a little more room????

The parents arrive Friday. Oh, and its my 5 year wedding anniversary. Yeah, not too thrilled about celebrating with them.

Poodle, are you watching So you think you can Dance????? You know I am!

*sends cooling breezes up to doodle*
It was so hot here earlier this afternoon, I thought I was going to pass out. I went outside to talk on the phone and smoke a cig, and I started seeing spots. So I went inside, drank a bunch of water, and then took a cool shower. I felt much better after that. Then a little while ago, I went for a swim with the roomies and the little girl. We played Shark again.

(((lore))) Sorry to hear about the layoff. What sort of thing are you looking for next?

My roomie is cooking Chinese food right now. I can't wait to eat it!

I haven't heard from El Guapo yet today, and we were supposed to meet up with friends at the hookah lounge tonight. But that's not going to be for a few more hours yet, so I'm not too worried.

I feel bad, because I'm kind of in hiding right now from the little girl. She wants to play dolls with me, and I don't feel like playing right now. I'm hot and tired and a little cranky.

I've just started reading "Not Enough Indians" by Harry Shearer. I'm only a few pages into it, but so far, it's funny.

OK - El Guapo just called. He's going to take a nap, work out a little bit, then shower and come and get me. Yay!

My shoulders are very wide, and I can never wear dress shirts because they are either too tight in the shoulders, or too big everywhere else. I think we all agree that clothing designers need to get their heads outta their asses.

Luckily, I wear uniforms to work and don't have much need for dressy shirts.

Hey - you think YOU GUYS can't believe Heikki is 13??? What about me? I can't believe it! I don't feel old enough to be the mother of a teenager.
Doodle, you diryt whore, you flatter me. laugh.gif
Minxy, I *knew* talk of hanging out sans undies would bring you out of hiding!

Now give us our garden porn, woman!!!

PK, I don't know how anyone lives in the southwest....way too hot down there for my pansy northern ass! And good for you from hiding out from forced dolly playtime.
Oka-ley doka-ley...I bring you:

Sweet Pea Porn

and Roma Porn!!
Ha ha, minx! I would expect nothing less from you.

It's 40 C today, which is about 104 F.

The guys are here, gotta go make music....
Yay poodle! Congrats! Btw, I love that plate rack thingie above the sink...I want one!
turbo....oh noooooooooooo! You're parents will be with you on your anniversary! How terribly UN-romantic! Ugh! Yes, I'm sure you will make it to BC...perhaps the next time your folks start hinting about a visit! tongue.gif

PK, you were so obviously VERY young to become a mother. wink.gif

Hi faerie!

Aww...those silly boys. Both of them got food poisoning last night! guitarboy is still kinda queasy. Oh yeah, and neighbourboy is getting a banjo! He's wanted one since I met him. It had to be special-ordered, and arrives Friday - the waiting is bringing out the "boy" in other words, it's killing him! smile.gif This ought to make band practice interesting. I guess I'll have to start calling him "banjoboy" instead of "neighbourboy." But now we're going to need a drummer.

BTW, have I mentioned that I so totally want a bass guitar? I think I'm gonna take the plunge when I'm working again, though I might try renting one first. I've always hankered to play the bass, actually, and now that I've become the default rhythm section of the band - and now that I know my heroine Natalie Maines plays the bass (in addition to the guitar) - I'm getting even more intrigued. biggrin.gif

PK - didn't you say you started to learn the bass? Why didn't you like it?

Ugh. I simply HAVE to fight the urge to sleep in tomorrow, so I can go get groceries and my medication before the superhot weather breaks loose I think I'm going to try hitting the hay shortly....

ETA: oh fuck. I just smoked part of a cigarette one of the guys left in the ashtray on my balcony. WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!??? Please, somebody, chastise me, quickly! My descent into badness just went too far.

ohmy.gif huh.gif blink.gif unsure.gif sad.gif

I will not start smoking again.
I will not start smoking again.
I will not start smoking again.
I will not start smoking again.
I will not start smoking again....
Quick relpy before I sleeeep....

Thanks for everyone being supportive about the layoff. It's not so bad. It's par for course, being a Union Carpenter. The Union's like a big employment agency, and almost all carpentry jobs are temporary. I just hate this phase of things, knocking on doors and getting rejected. I can't wait for my friggin' Bingshot patent to come through so I can propose my idea to Hasbro. It's scary, but my dream, and could actually make me rich or at least employed in the field I really want to be in: Toy Designer. I also have an idea for SONY, if you know any Chief Big-Wigs in that company. Soon, though, I'll have my patent on the Bingshot (and be another step toward quitting the day-job).

Thanks for the neighborhood suggestion, Doodle! I have SO gotta hang out with you one of these days! Let me know if you're taking that wild concert tour bus down South a smidge. As for Goaty's birthday, we're thinking of La Rocca Italian Dining Lounge. Is that a good one?

Minx, does your digital cam have a 'Macro' mode? The icon for it is usually a tulip or somesuch. It's to help it auto-focus on subjects that are really close up to your lense. Succulent tomatoes, might I add wink.gif
Happy Thursday Busties!!!!

Turbo, that's too bad that your parents aren't much fun. Are they staying at your place or in a hotel? It would be nice if you and the man could have a little time alone to celebrate your anniversary. 5 years!! Awesome!!

Doodle, I like the name "banjoboy!" I play some mean air drums, by the way. Heh, I actually had a dream last night that I was impersonating Keith Moon's drumming.

PK, I think you're very young at heart!!

Hi faerie!!

Damn, minx, those sweet peas are gorgeous. I can't really do much gardening or landscaping at my new place because I don't get to take possession until September 1.

What is this Bingshot you speak of, lore?

Shit, once again, I'm running late for work. I need to get my ass in the shower stat!!

heh heh, minx, those pics are naughty. Just how we like it around here!

Good Morning, all.

(Lore) so sorry about the lay off. Bah.

Poodles, yes! Let's switch Targets! Then we could both find what we need.

Bad Doodle! Put down that ciggie! *swats doodle on the ass*

PK, no, I cannot believe Heikki is 13! Wowzers. He's growin' up, isn't he?

(Jenn) That is so unfortunate that your inlaws are coming on your 5 year anniversary. boooooo! Are they staying 2 nights?

I am doing pretty decent today. I am a bit tired, but other than that all is well. Did my hospital thing last night, I think it went well. Mr K had gotten off work early, which meant he'd already walked the dogs and all that by the time I got home. That's always nice. The closer I am getting to being done with school, the more angst I'm having over it. I just don't know what to do career-wise. I like counseling, but I keep asking myself "why didn't you choose to go back to school for something with more salary potential?" Now that I got that raise here at work it's going to be very, very hard to leave. I don't know how big of a salary cut I can take, esp with Mr K doing so poorly financially lately. sad.gif

End work rant.

I will figure something out.

Anyhoo. Something scary happened last night. I woke up in the night, Paco was scratching himself like crazy. I think he has allergies. I got up to check on him, he was in the upstairs area by the top of the stairs. He's pretty skiddish & I guess he was so busy itching, he didn't hear me get up. I scared the poor guy half to death, he skidded over to the top of the stairs, and then started to fall down them. He went all the way down to the 1st floor. I was so scared b/c the stairs are wood and there are about 12 or 13 of them. He seems ok, he's not limping & he's acting normal. I really hope he didn't hurt himself. I just felt so bad for him. We let him get on the bed after that, even though usually he's not allowed to. Poor Paco.
Bad, doodle, bad! I'm so glad I never even tried smoking.

You drill-phobic ladies need to find a dentist who uses a laser for fillings, like my cousin, who I work for, does. No shots, no drill- the laser just disintegrates the decayed part while numbing the area without anesthetic. Then they fill it. If you lived around here, I could probably get you a Bustie discount!

We have a patient here right now who hasn't seen a dentist in 40 years. Holy crap. Her daughter is a patient of ours and called because the mother was in so much pain she was trying to yank her tooth out herself with a string and doorknob. Now she's going to have to have them all yanked and get dentures. I would have a cleaning every 3 months if I could- I can't imagine going 40 years.

Ech, turbo- parents on your anniversary? ~*~*~*~calm blue ocean vibes ~*~*~*~

((hugs to all the okayers))
how come I can't see any of the photos you all are posting?

Poodle! you got a house? did the inspection already happen or is that pending?

(((Kari's dog)))

Yea! Diva!

Lore - my last job was eliminated and I had to scramble to get this one.... best thing that ever happened to me. BUT it was stressful and demoralizing before I got my present job. I'm sorry you have to go through that. We will brainstorm with you....

I think I'll be hanging out with you all for the next couple of weeks. I'm headed down/over to Indy to take care of my dad. He was just diagnosed with blood cancer (multiple myeloma) and he'll be starting chemo tomorrow. My sister is there now because he was in the hospital from Friday until yesterday afternoon. He had a 'cardiac event' and his kidney's are still only working at 20%. I only learned about this on Sunday night and his cancer diagnosis was confirmed yesterday.

His wife has a ruptured disk in her back so their house is in shambles. They haven't unpacked anything since his job in Ohio ended in Mid-June. They need some help. I wanted to go down right away but thought it was best to have people there in shifts. Poor Daddy.

ANYWAY! I think I'll have some computer time while I'm there.

Maybe some vampires will come and suck all the bad blood out and we can give him some fresh! (I watched Lost Boys the other night). I'm going to see Harry Potter tomorrow so maybe I'll have some new solutions after I see that. I'm sure professor Sprout (herbology) or Snape (potions - in this movie) will have a solution.

Doooodle! Don't slip back into smoking again! (at least not tobaccy!) We worry enough about you & your pet rock. Maybe you're supposed to influence the boys to stop the cigs? Just casually mention that you could never date someone who smokes (not suggesting one of them, but I bet it'll ring in their ears anyway).

Sorry for smokerBUSTies; I'm not trying to be holier-than-thou. I'm just way supportive of people trying to quit, 'cause it's a noble and tough fight.

*can't believe he finally used a semicolon: the the bastard mutant extra-chromizome shame-child between the comma and the period*
((LURV and Family)) Lurv, I am so sorry to hear about your father having cancer. I know he and his wife will appreciate all the help you and your sister are able to give them. ~~~healing vibes~~~~ I know that has got to be really scary. sad.gif

I am really happy we'll get to enjoy your company in the coming weeks. You are missed around here.

Polly, OMG that would be a dream! To have a cavity filled without having to deal with the novocaine (sp?) and the drill. I like my dentist, but I do wish they had some more modern technology. A friend of mine sees a dentist who does a water power wash every time she gets a cleaning. She says it takes a lot of stains off of her teeth. My insurance won't cover me at that dentist, however. poo.
Lorewolf - I have bad memories associated with semicolons. I had a highschool english teacher freak that none of us were using them properly and then spent about two or three classes drilling it into our heads!

Doodle - I just spent waaaaaay toooooo much time reading all the girls with slingshots comics. I love Jamie! and McPedro!
Lurv! Sorry to hear! (cross-posted with you) Are his health problems sudden, or has he been around hospitals a lot? Either way *health & goodness vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Oh, and glad to have you around smile.gif I'll be around a tad more whilest laid off, too.

Speaking of, I'm just back on the out-of-work list at the Union hall. It's like a temp agency. Even if my knocking on doors doesn't land me anything, I'll get a call eventually from a company looking for an apprentice carpenter. It's way cushy compared to being laid off in the non-union realm.

Heya MissJoy! cool.gif

Heya Jackarooo! smile.gif

Heya Everybodyelsei'llgettolater!
Good Morning everyone. I sure am late getting in here.

Diva congratulations on getting an A!!!! That is really great! I also agree about teeth, my parents spent a lot on ortho work so I don't blame you for wanting to keep in tip top shape. And bad teeth are a turn off! I mean rotten teeth, blech.

Kari, did you enjoy your evening of nothing? The suitor is irritating me, he's working far too hard, and he's not playing dirty back. Booooooring! How's the puppers doing????

Hey pugs!

Lore, that sucks about being laid off, if you go to BC, I think you should come to Manitoba, but make sure that it is in summer! It's really nice here. That goes for all BUSTies!!! I'm lonely here! Not that there aren't people, but I show you good times!

Doodle, I like the comic!! I saw how hot it was in BC, that is motherfucking hot! Gaaaa! I feel your pain, it was like that here a little while ago. At least it's cool here now. DON'T START AGAIN!!! Think of your health, and your teeth!!! NOOOOOOOO! Food poisoning, ugh, I had it around Christmas and I had liquids coming out of every orfice of my body, raunch!

Hey Poodle!

Turbo, word on the shirts. I hope that the visit goes okay this weekend. I agree about being lost in okayland. I come here and tell you all what's going on in my life.

PK, I'm glad that all is going well with El Guapo.

Minx, that is great!!!

Polly, that's a helluva a story! DAMN!

(((Lurv))) I'm sorry to hear. Oh gosh. Try and enjoy HP.


I'm at two different offices today, tomorrow, monday and tuesday. I don't mind, it's quiet at this one though. I'll be glad to go back and do some other stuff. I must go now, I'm out of here in 30 minutes. Later all!


(((lurvpaint and family))) I'm so sorry to hear about your father. Isn't he a minister or something? I remember something like that, and I also remember him having RA. Poor guy. I wish him the best, and I send many (((hugs))) to you and your family.

Doodle - When I was about 14, my dad bought me an electric bass, and while I stayed with him for the summer, I took lessons at a guitar shop. The guy was teaching me scales and shit, when all I wanted to do was rock out. I practiced and practiced, and when I did a good job, the instructor would teach me a bass line from a Skid Row song or Def Leppard or something.

After I went back to my mom's, I would try to jam with the guys from school, but I really sucked. In college, I took lessons on the stand-up bass from this jazz lady in Minneapolis. We played "Little Brown Jug" and "Good King Wenceslas" and when I was good, she would bring her guitar and we would improv some simple jazzy stuff and rock out. It was fun. I dropped out of school, and that was the end of my lessons. I couldn't afford to buy a stand-up bass. I was really proud of my blood-blistered fingers and callouses.

It's not that I didn't like it. I was just impatient and undisciplined.

culture - sorry your suitor is such a bore. Is there anything you can do to shake things up? I'm sure you are already doing what you can, though, you hard-to-get little vixen. BTW - anybody remember the band Vixen?

kari - poor poor Paco!!! Aw. Well, last night, El Guapo called to tell me he was out in the driveway, so I grabbed my phone and my ourse, shut off my bedroom light, and stepped out of my room into the dark hallway, where I tripped over Oreo the dog, who was laying down in front of my bedroom door. Poor dude. I kicked him so hard. He just moved out of the way and layed back down. I felt bad for the doggie.

Last night, El Guapo and I went to the hookah lounge with a couple of my friends. It was fun. El Guapo was nervous, though. But he did fine. He gets nervous because he struggles with English. But one of my friends is Palestinian and still wrangles with the English language at times, so I think that gave El Guapo some comfort. And the Palestinian guy's wife speaks Spanish fluently. But we didn't speak Spanish so as not to leave the Palestinian guy out. Also, El Guapo wants to practice English as much as he can.

I have to work today. Ugh. Poor me. I hate going back to work after having two days off. It sucks.

Turbo - why did your parents decide to go down to Chicago during your anniversary? Is it a coincidence, or do they want to celebrate with you? Do they like to eat different kinds of food, or are they finicky fuddy-duddies? There must be *something* in Chicago that they would enjoy. Maybe they would enjoy a play. Heikki and Mr. PK went to "500 Clown MacBeth" at the Steppenwolf and thought it was great. I don't really know what that play is all about, though.

Hey - where is kelkello? Is she on vacation? Or just MIA?
I was going to ask the same thing. Where DA heck is Kel. I think she was going to Baltimore to visit friends.

Is the day over yet? *bangs head against desk*

I'm sleepy, but I did see some cutie firefighters. I was going to say I did them. I wish!

I hope that everything is going well for everyone.
*pictures 500 clowns dying in dramatically tragic ways through deception, betrayal, passion, and perhaps one being shot from a cannon at two or three others*
Hi Guys! I'm not dead. This is going to be a driveby, but I saw some worried folks, so I'm checking in real quick. I'm attending a weeklong conference in College Park, Maryland on integrating the arts into my curriculum at school. It's very cool, very demanding, very inspiring and very draining. I'm loving it, but I'm ready to go home!

I've briefly scanned some stuff and have seen the beautiful Jackeroo (Mr. FJ also post a video on MySpace...did he link it here? That bebe is gorgeous!) And NOT born on my predicte date of 7/7/07 but almost! I'll give back the case of Rice a Roni.

Hope all is well. I'll read the archives and catch up soon!

sha la la la.

I'm tired, and it's really starting to get to me.

Need sleep.

Ahh Kel, it's good to see that you are around.

Hey Lore! Are you havin' a shmoke? Mmmmm.
Nope, Culture, smile.gif that was my imagery from reading about how Heikki and Mr. PK went to "500 Clown MacBeth". Last I shmokt was 3 weeks ago, which is necessary because I'll probably have to piss clean for my next employer. I thought I'd be jonesing, but I'm really not. I think I'll save the Cheez I've got for an outdoor concert or somesuch. According to the all-knowing Erowid, I'm safe after less than a week if I only partake rarely. Any fun shmokage on your end?

*envies PK and Doodle for having Jazz skills enough to jam* A project I've got milling in the back of my noggin is to make a combination 1-string steel-can bass/thumb piano. The thumb piano part will be on the bottom of the insturment's body for easy reach with the strumming hand. That way, you can pink with your digits and strum with your thumb cool.gif

Heya Kel! smile.gif Safe trip home!
OK - I have been trying to post a picture of Heikki from a couple weeks ago when he was in International Falls. It won't work for me. Dagnabbit!

So, I'm going to try to post a link you guys can follow to look at his pictures.

Photos of Heikki
Ooops. Sorry. You have to log in to Facebook to see those pictures. Hmmmmm. What should I do?

flickr? i think you can get a free flickr acct pretty easily.
Doodle, I know I wasn't here last night to break your fingers, but put down the ciggies!!! I hope you listened to lore's stern talkin' to!

I think this week was the first one at the new job where I've been really questioning whether this was the right decision...I think I'm just having a rough week, and the cold doesn't help, but the job certainly is not the description I was hired for. I think we can definitely straighten things out, but so far all of the e-marketing and webstuff has been dumped on my co-worker who has never done this stuff before - she's our chief writer, and she's an amazing writer, but getting overwhelmed at learning the backend of online systems. We're both frustrated, and I've got open time on my hands, and I'm just itching to bail her out, and I keep getting my hand slapped. I know it'll work out eventually...just sucks right now.

I wanna see heikki piccies!!

Hi kel!! Glad you're getting all inspired at your conference!

Okay, time to get myself to bed, and curl up with some Harry Potter...I'm halfway through #5.

Hi mox!
Hello everyone!

Okay, okay, I promise I haven't had another nic-slip! Even though I enjoyed the smoke, I really don't want to be a smoker. Plus it's very expensive to smoke in Canada (cigs are highly taxed). And after I smoked it, I couldn't get the smell off my hands, either, or the taste from my mouth. BUT I couldn't do the hint thing with the boys, either - smoking is not a deal-breaker for me when it comes to the people I date. Yeah, I know...some of you might think that's crazy, but it doesn't bother me much. As an ex-smoker, I have great empathy for the nicotine-addicted. And I'm fine with it as long as no one smokes inside my home or my car (mainly b/c I don't want my personal spaces/stuff to smell like stale smoke)....and as long as breath fresheners are involved before smooching. My last g/f smoked cigarellos, in fact.

I am up at this weird time of day, because I fell asleep very early, after coming home from a heat-baked women's protest earlier in the evening. Yeah, somebody had the idea that we should all be women in black, in July - *gasp* - and for some reason forgetting that, hey, isn't it usually somewhere around 35 - 40 C (95 - 105 F) in the 'Loops at this time of year? mad.gif

Anyway, organicgirl persuaded me to go....a group of women were protesting the new "Red Zones"....which are being used to supposedly prevent prostitution in certain areas but in fact are forcing women underground into reduced safety, and also giving police and so-called "citizen patrols" an excuse to harass women, young people, Aboriginal people, and generally alternative-looking people when they walk down the street. AND "Red Zones" are being promoted to give people the impression that increased policing is somehow better than providing the services that have been cut (like the women's centre, just for starters). This particular Red Zone is about six blocks from my place, on the same street.

We got harassed badly by a couple of men. One of them, a local business owner, came racing out of his vehicle and tried to wrench the protest sign out of a woman's hand - a woman nearly 60, btw - and twisted up her arm in the process. And shouted, "This is MY neighbourhood!" Like only privileged white males like him were entitled to be there. I went up to him yelling, "This is MY neighbourhood, too!" He said, "And it's safer now, isn't it?" "Not for ME it isn't!" I snapped, and added, "We aren't even free to protest without violence from guys like you!" He was such an ass, talking like he had done nothing wrong in basically assaulting this woman, because he was "only" trying to take her sign. (Which read, ironically, "Safety for ALL Women" on one side, and "Red Zones for Pedophiles, not Prostitutes" on the other.) I was so pissed. Luckily, a member of the press was inches away, plus, the folks in the nearby coffee shop saw everything, and when they saw him racing out of his vehicle in a fury, they were afraid he was coming after THEM so they called the police. Then another guy, another "business" owner (who, ironically, operates a "front" by selling medicinal supplements but secretly makes his money selling street drugs) got in his truck and started going up and down the street with his megaphone blasting, going, "We don't want hookers and drugs here! This is a safe neighbourhood - go home!" I was halfway in the middle of the road yelling, "I LIVE HERE! I've been here for ten years!" But he didn't even try to hear me. I was sooooo pissed.

On the up side, our local federal NDP candidate (also a social work prof) protested with us - the only male in the group.

Anyway, so yeah, it was my first protest since leaving the women's centre. I came home and crashed before 8 PM. I've no idea if the boys were even around - I was dead to the world.

lorewolf, I think I have been to La Rocca....if it's the place I'm thinking of, they do a fab spaghetti carbonara. Mmm...carbonara. *drools* (Carbonara on the menu = my personal measure of restaurant quality! wink.gif)

Okay....hmm....think I might try and get some more sleep now while it's still the wee hours (i.e.: not raging hot)....
Good Morning on this Friday everyone!

Doodle, what an a hole that guy was. That's a really shitty deal about what's going on in yer hood. I'm glad that aren't going to start smoking, because if you feel tempted I'm going to have to smack you with a large, dead, smelly, rotting tuna (and nobody wants to smell like rotten fishes) and then a slap with a rubber chicken shall be in order.

(((Turbo))) I'm sorry you are having a rough work week. At least you are enjoying Harry Potter! Book seven is out in 7 days!!! *squeals with delight*

Hi OK, Lore, and Moxie!

I got together with a guy I was friends with in high school, rekindled that friendship and it was so great to get together again. It's like we never stopped talking for a few years. We picked up right where we left off. It was really wonderful. I had a good time. And fuck did him and I get high! Shit! It's a rainy day here today, and I'm happy about that. Put in my time in this office in the morning, then go from there. I was so going to go out tonight, but I think that I'll just chill. Need sleep!

Well, what does everyone have planned for this weekend?

P.S. Where's Grrrl been lately? CH is wondering about the job she applied for!

Doodle - that does sound awful. There was a picture on the front of our paper here a couple days ago of a protest going on in a neighbourhood where there was a needle exchange. The picture I believed showed a woman who worked for an AIDS prevention organization and a woman holding a sign *screaming* at her - she had the most awful expression on her face.

I need to get help to get through today. I'm the only one in my office so it is dead quiet - the work I'm working on isn't particularly thrilling, and I didn't get a good nights sleep last night. Urgh... 6 hours to go...
so, the NAACP's annual convention is in the D this year. Earlier this week, i happened by the convention center. As always is the case, multiple protesters for various causes (No "N" Word!, "Ni%%@&s Unite for Freedom"!, etc.) Well, by far the most craven were the anti-abortion crowd, ya? With the aborted fetus signs, "Choice...what choice?" etc. Well, right next to those folks, were a group of Peace protesters with a picture of a blown-up iraqi child on their poster. Not blown-up as in bigger, but as victim of explosion. And people were actually looking at THEM as if THEY were the distasteful ones. The hypocrisies of the "pro life" crowd never fails to amuse me.

So, its Friday! WHOO HOOO! We're going to see Harry POtter tonight, getting hairdo's tomorrow and doing the Ikea thing sunday. SHould be a good weekend all around, eh?
Gooooood Morning!!

Doodle, that guy is suck a dick! Geez. People drive me crazy.

Yeah, I want to know about grrrl & that job too!

((Jenn)) sorry you are having doubts about the job. I feel like so many jobs are sort of falsely advertised. Is the problem mainly that you aren't being given enough to do? And what you are given isn't really up your alley?

I want pics of Heikki!

CH, glad you got to reconnect with an old friend. That's always nice.

~~~~~~~day flyby vibes for missjoy~~~~~~ I'd better keep some of those for myself, come to think of it.

I am so full. My coworker brought in Dunkin donuts today. YUM. To compromise with myself, I ate half of my shredded wheat & then half of a donut. Well, maybe 2/3 of a donut. So delicious.

Things with me are pretty good today. The week is winding down, yay! I have some stuff planned for the weekend, not too much. Tonight I'm hanging with a gal pal. Tomorrow, must get up early & hit the gym. Feeling rather chunky. The rest of the day is open tomorrow, I may see a movie. Sunday I am going to a craft fair with my mom & then Mr K & I are having 2 friends over to our house for dinner.

Thanks for the vibes kari.

It's still an hour till noon and I'm spending my time deciding if I want veggie chinese takeout for lunch... spicy peanut lo mein... mmmmm....

I don't know what is up with me for the weekend - definately some sleeping in time, that's for sure.

I guess there must have been mosquitoes in my room last night because I am covered in bites - the ones driving me nuts are on the back of my thighs... so itchy... can't scratch...

Hi, peeps!

Happy Friday! (and payday - squeee!)

Doodle, don't you dare pick up another cigarette! You're a strong woman to be able to put up with your partner smoking without smoking yourself. I couldn't do it without becomming a smoker again (I only really gave it up for the giant, though I do like how fresh-smelling my hair stays now that there isn't any smoke around it). I actually find the smell of other people smoking oddly comforting... Anyway, good on you for getting in that bastard's face! Stealing a sign from someone who could be an AARP member? For shame! Rednecks are so disgusting.

Moxie, are they having a contest for the most disgusting sign? And how the hell do you protest the NAACP? What did they ever do to anyone?

People baffle me.

I'm so jealous of the giant today, he's at home sleeping because he needs to use or lose some of his vacation time. He's taking more time off next week when his brother's bus comes in, probably next Wednesday or Thursday. I'm making myself scarce that day, since I think it should be family only, and his brother knows my opinions about Bush and the war. I'd have a hard time not making political commentary, so I'd better just not go.

PK, I had a dream about you last night. We worked together in my office, which was different than how it really is. We all made a LOT of coffee. Anyway, you and I were out for our lunch break, walking around an ethnic part of the city, when we found a golf cart that the construction people were using. We stole it and drove around until we found this craft store. You left without me because I was running really slow.

Lore, sorry about the layoff. But that's great that your union will be able to hook you up with something eventually. I love unions. I'll be sad to leave mine when I open my own business, but I want to hire from the union, 'cause they're awesome.

I'd kill for a Dunkin' Donut right now.

Jenn, I hope everything gets worked out with work. Rarely ever is the job you got hired for the one you actually do. You'd think they'd want to use your badass web skills as much as possible and give this other girl more time to do what she's good at. Oh, well. Shame on you for trying to help. : )

Hi, Kari, Poodle, CH, and all!

Not much going on this weekend. Poodle and I are drinking Latin Lovers and seeing Sicko tonight, then maybe I'll go up and play with Sam on Saturday or Sunday, I'm not sure yet, but I really want to see my own family because the next couple weeks will be family overload on the giant's side. I should probably go to my brother's place and watch him while he climbs on his roof to cut the walnut tree branches that bang up against it so he doesn't fall and kill himself (not that I'd be able to catch him, but I'd be able to call an ambulance so he doesn't lay there for dead). Other than that, I've got no plans. Those are the best kinds of weekends.


Diva - that's so funny! I'm honored that you had a dream about me.

Hey - are you guys going to do another Whisky Bake? I thought that was so fun - although I couldn't be there. BUt I thought it was *GREAT* when you guys called me. I love to be drunk'n'dialed. Minxy - do you still have my number? I have yours.

Doodle - dood - I'm glad you aren't going to start smoking again. Smoking stinks!!! And I am a smoker. I like smoking. I'm not ready to quit yet, but I wonder how long I can keep this up???

kelkello - I'm so glad you popped in just as we were sondering about you!

Last night at work, this insane lady that works the hot appetizers station (I really loathe her) left early. At about 9:15, when the restaurant closes at 10:00. I was in the back making pizza dough, so I didn't even realize she left until about 9:30. I asked the guys where she was, and they kinda looked at each other strangely and said she went home. Then they told me that she had told them that I said I would watch her station in case any orders came in. Fucking liar! Aaahh! That makes me so mad! She could have asked me instead of just sneaking out, and you know what? I might have said NO because I was busy with my own work! I'm so pissed.

Luckily, she didn't get any more orders.

Turbo - I hope your job works itself out soon. I would hate for you to be unhappy there. (((turbojenn)))

OK - I took moxie's advice and got a Flickr account so you guys can see Heikki in all his teen glory. There are also pics of him with Mr. PK, and my pregnant sister. Well, ONE of my pregnant sisters. And there are a couple of me as well.

Heikki photos

OK - I hope it works this time.
Hi ladies!

Thank you for all the well wishes for my dad and fam.

PK - you have an amazing memory. You are right on all counts about my dad.

I'm fixin' to leave work. We get to go home at 2:00 on Fridays in the Summer. I need to pack, pay a bill, and buy some cat litter.

What happened with Poodle's inspection?

I'm so out of touch. When did Jenn get a new job? oy. I hope I get a chance to do some catching up in here while my Dad naps.
Ooh! Ooh! I x-posted with the lurvly lurvpaint!

How are you, my lurv? You know, I have missed you.

he is so Hansome! PK, you must be mui proud of the kidlet!

Why, oh why, isn't it 5 yet? Anybody got a good answer for that one?
Heikki is adorable, PK!! And you are pretty cute yourself. wink.gif I forgot that you said you had a pic of your sister in there. I somehow saw that pic before the one of you and thought "whoa! I had her totally wrong!" I think I've seen a pic of you before, so I was confused. Then I figured it out. Mr PK is a cutie too.

I really need to put some pics up, I so enjoy looking at everyone else's.

Lurv, that is possibly the best policy I've ever ending at 2 on Fridays in summer. Brilliant!

Moxie, I feel your pain. I want to leave so badly. I only have an hour left, but it is feeling like an eternity.

Diva, what, pray tell are Latin Lovers? That sounds like somethin' I want.

I am going to dinner with a friend tonight but for the life of me can't come up with a restaurant. I want something healthy b/c I'm feeling cow-ish today. And something not too expensive. Hmmm.
20 minutes to parents. I've already had a cocktail, so my brain is a bit looser.

PK!!! Heikki is such a handsome dude - and looks like a good Finn! smile.gif

Yeah, I hope my job settles out, too. I don't think I'm gonna be here seven years, like the last place, regardless. The job is fine. I don't have enough work right this second, but I know I'll be up to my armpits in a week or so. The main issue is a maniacal marketing VP - seems like my wonderful boss' main job is to wrangle his mercurial ass into line, and its just really frustrating...for all of us. He's an arrogant ass with no filter in his brain to cast aside inappropriate things he probably shouldn't say. Most of the project plans look like this: create strategic marketing/communications materials to raise money to fight cancer and please our internal clients. Route to VP who fucks it all up, changes direction at the last minute, and berates you in the process. Booo. But, I'm no doormat at this job, and I stand up for myself this time. They don't like it - tough shit. I'm not scared of moving on and finding something else if it comes to that. I just hope it doesn't, as I really do love my direct supervisor.

Moxie - your weekend sounds wonderful - wanna trade? wink.gif

Doodle, that guy is an ass, and we all know it. Gah, I hate entitlement. And WTF about the natural supplements fuckwad? Does he think the neighborhood's blind?

Speaking of blindness, while walking the three puppers last night we walked into a drug bust on the open air drug market down the street being run out of an abandoned building. 'Bout damned time. 'Course, kids were out front dealing at the same place 6:45am this morning as I was going to the train anyhow. Oh well.
That picture of Heikki with the broken hurdle? PRICELESS!!!! Gave me the giggles. smile.gif

So hi, gang! Hope you're all okay. I need to get back in the habit of hanging out on Bust. Sadly, I don't have much time right now - just enough to send out a sprinkling of vibes.

~!~!~!~ fabulous inspection vibes for Poodle's house ~!~!~!~

^^^^^^ sharp kicks in the shins to anyone pissing off our Doodle ^^^^^^

(((((((loving hugs for sweet, wonderful Turbo)))))))))

I hope the FallJacket family are having a wonderful time together. Just thinking about that video of the Jackeroo makes me melt. smile.gif

((((((((((((((Diva & CH & Kel & PK & Kari & Moxie & Lurv & Polly & Lore & MissJoy & eeeeverybody ))))))))))))))

Tomorrow night we're having a dinner party! It's our first dinner party since moving into the house, believe it or not. I think I'm going to try my hand at "chicken & 40 cloves of garlic" ( here's Alton's take on the recipe ). I've been wanting to try this recipe for years and years. I'm not sure what to serve with it, though. Well, other than some nice bread to eat with those scrumptious garlic cloves!
How 'bout gespacho?

'Spacho, 'spacho maaAang!
I want to eat ~ gespacho, mang!
'Spacho, 'spacho maaAang!
I want to eat GESPACHO!

Well, actually, I made some. First batch of the summer. Was tasty!
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