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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Wa Hoo!!!! CONGRATULATIONS FJ FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so happy for all of you. Mr FJ, thank you so much for updating us and posting the pics! FJ, girl you and your bebe are gorgeous!! Sorry to hear about the difficult labor. sad.gif I am sure it was well worth it now that you have a snuggly baby in your arms.
smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

~~~~~~~vibes for poodles~~~~~~~~ That is nerve wracking! Have you heard anything further? How long do they expect to take?

Grrrrl, love your pedis! Very nice. Yay for new kittens! That's exciting, I am sure C-Monkey is thrilled.

Doodles, please tell me you didn't find your first grey hair ever? I have so many of them already. I am going to have to start with the hair dye soon.

((CH)) I hope you're not getting sick. Booooo. Sorry you've been feeling down lately. Do you have any idea of the cause? Is it hormonal by chance?

((Tree)) I am so sorry to hear about your job woes. That really really blows you got pulled from refridgeration. I'm sorry.

Hi diva! Hi jenn! Hi moxie! Hi minxie! Hi Pk! Hi Polly! And everyone else I've forgotten!!

I am doing pretty good today. Had a really nice weekend. I ended up coming in 3rd Friday night in poker, meaning I just got my money back. Better than nuthin'. Saturday AM me & Mr K got up early and hit the gym. It was nice, I love starting the day that way. I told him we should do that more. The rest of the weekend I pretty much just lounged around. I did meet up with some friends Saturday night & two others for Sunday lunch. It was good re-connecting with everyone. I had to go to my lady doctor this morning. It was relatively painless. Glad it's over though. I am thinking about getting an IUD. Anyone got any experience with those?
Good morning everyone! Yes, I made it here in the morning! Woo hoo!!

I love how many folks are stopping by Okayland to congratulate the FJs! FLOVE! Yay!

I hope FJ is doing okay today. I'm sure Mr. FJ is taking fantastically good care of her.

Hello to everyone! Hello turbo, diva, tree, kari, poodle, moxie, mouse (!), rose, PK, CH, 'soup, grrrl (toes = cute!), stargazer, kel, lore, minx, GT, bunny, polly, sixie, pixie, mornington, kitten, syb, medusa, mando, candycane, and all those lurking!

kari - technically, I don't KNOW if it's my first EVER grey's just that I stopped dyeing my hair when it started falling out, so now I actually get to see what's up there. Although I've avoided going very closely looking, ever since I found that first one.

I still have that $200 day spa gift certificate......I'm thinking of throwing it all away on a pro dye job....

Anyway, I am up early today because I have no fucking clothes that fit me anymore and I'm tired of it. I'm sick to death of wearing the same "new" jeans and camisoles every day, and now even the those are too effing big. How am I supposed to get my mojo on like that, I ask you? And no money for new clothes. So it was time to drag out the sewing machine and start taking stuff in - and I've started to reach the eyesight age where these tasks must be done by daylight. *sigh* What a pain in the ass. I wish I were a better tailor.
Oh, FJ, he is so pretty! and oh my, you look so fabulous in you pic! i am so happy for you! i still have amonth left. congrats to the whole beautiful family!
Hellllo o o o o o o o ......(echoing)

Where oh where are all the Okayers today? Well, we know where FJ is, and maybe Poodles (house stuff?) but where is everyone else? I've missed having something to distract me from work today.

Doodle, Oh..gotcha. I've got lots of grey. I think coloring at the spa using your gift card would be wonderful! Have you been taking in clothes all day? That's an awesome skill, I know nada about sewing. Wish I did.
Maybe everyone piled into a van and is off to Florida to see the new baby buster.

But they forgot us!!!!!!!!!!

I don't like sewing anymore. When I was in my early 20s (read: poor as dirt), I sewed a lot of my own clothes...basic stuff, like skirts and simple tops, and these weird kimono-style jackets that I always used to wear. But now, I feel about sewing like my mom feels about cooking: don't do it if you don't have to. I don't really get any pleasure out of it anymore. I guess the financial incentive has been gone too long! (Till now, durn it.) Anyway, so far today, I've taken in 3 camisoles, 2 tops, and a pair of cords. And I put a couple of small darts in my "new" jeans to keep them from falling down. I still have 3 more camis to do, and after that, well...I'll see if I get sick of this by then...there are still more too-big clothes in my closet, but I don't think there's much more summer gear worth spending time on. (Thank goddess for sarongs or I'd be completely hooped this summer!)

I promised I'd go downstairs and get the gay ex-priest started on his apartment de-cluttering this afternoon. I'm just waiting for my eyes to uncross from the sewing! wink.gif

What are you up to today, kari? Did you find out anymore info on the IUD? I was thinking about that after the gyno told me the BC pill was now off limits b/c of the kidney...but then I decided I'm going straight for the tubal!

Hi shiny!
Kari, I've been looking at pics of fur babies in Kvetch. smile.gif Plus I'm wasting waaaaay too much time surfing the internet. Must buy groceries! Must!

I wonder when FJ will get to go home. For those who've been there, how long were you in the hospital after your c-section?
Hi everyone!!

My head hurts. I'm making an offer on the house tonight, but there's a couple and another girl who are also putting in offers. I'm definitely in the most advantageous position, but I'm still losing my mind over this. Real estate is poopy.

CONGRATULATIONS FJs!!!!! FJ, you look mahvalous. Sorry you had such a rough time of it, and I'm glad you all pulled through all right.

~*~*~*healing vibes for FJ~*~*~*~

I have some bad news, though, I'm sorry to say.

Yesterday, I called my cousin out of the blue, just to say hi. I was thinking about him and his family because they had a big 4th of July party, and his wife posted pics on the internet for us to look at. I miss International Falls, and I miss my family, so I decided to call my cousin. He answered the phone, and I started going on and on about his boat, and how much fun it looked like to have a lake party with everybody. I told him I'm sorry I missed it, and I'd like to get up there one day soon.

Then my cousin said, "PK, have you talked to your dad?" I said, "Sure - I talked to him on Thursday for about 5 minutes." My cousin said, "Uh...well, Grampa Wally passed away on Friday." I was stunned. Not only did my poor grampa die, but my fuckin' shit parents didn't call me or my sisters!!! I was so pissed off, upset, hurt, and sad. I didn't know whether to cry or fly up and punch my parents in their necks.

I phoned my one sister and told her about it, and she was also pissed. We didn't know how to get a hold of my other sister because she just moved, and we communicate mainly through e-mail and MySpace. I called my mom and asked her why she didn't call. She got enraged, clenching her teeth and snarling at me over the phone, "You WERE going to find out AFTER we found out about the funeral arrangements." I say bullshit. I told her to call my sisters, and she again growled, "They WILL be called, when I goddamn get ready to call them AFTER we find out about the arrangements."

Fucking bitch! I told my mom I was done with her, and hung up. 20 minutes later, my sister calls me back and says Mom just called her and our other sister to tell them that Grampa Wally died.

So, AT LEAST she did it. Even though she was pissed about it.

OK, gotta go to work. Just wanted to get that off my chest.
well, i imagine it varies by patient and doctor rv, but i was in for 5 days. mine was a lfe or death thing; c-monkey was doing fine (wedged in in an odd position that her kicking right at my kidneys), but my blood pressure, which had been fine all through my pregnancy, had rocketed up and i was about to stroke out.
*drags ass into okayland and slumps down on couch*

I fee like FUCKING shit! I've got a cold and it came out of no where. Yesterday afternoon I was fine then around 4 pm it hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't sleep for shit last night, so now I'm cranky exhausted sick and I'm getting my fucking period! I just hope the temperature skyrockets to 40 degrees so it makes things even better *voice oozes with sarcasm*

I've had a bath and now am medicating myself with neocitran, I need to sleep. And now I am groggy. Good!

(((pk))) I'm sorry to hear that.

Doodle, I say splurge!

~*~*~*~vibes for poodle*~*~*~*~

I must go now, my apologies for not saying proper hi's to everyone.

*waves goodbye and promptly passes out*






*chanting* SO HAPPY, SO HAPPY!!!!



i sound stupid i know, i'm sorry!

Gotta go all!

The standard hospitalization for c-sections is five days. It is a rare case when they will let you go earlier since it is abdominal surgery and quite invasive. I was in for five, but I was up and walking about within seven hours or so post-surgery. I have a gross pain tolerance, but an even lesser tolerance for being incapacitated. Read: I'm a little thick in the head. Generally speaking, with the absence of infection, they wait for you to have good healthy bowel sounds since your intestines get moved around quite a bit and it can cause severe constipation (which, uh...I had really badly...I mean, we are talking a MONTH to really take the wickedest poo evah plus an...uh, anal fissure).

Minxman's parents come into town from Vermont tomorrow night. It's kind of exciting. He bought a co-op membership and is putting me on the "household member" list smile.gif Hey, I ain't moving in with him anytime soon, but it's still nice to belong somewhere, ya know?

Anyhoo, Minxlette's birthday party was really nice yesterday. The beach weather was perfect until about 2:30 when the winds picked up, and thusly so did we. She got kickass pressies, and tomorrow when she wakes up for her official birthday she will find a brand-new bicycle in her bedroom. Minxman and I picked it out today. I am way excited for her to wake up!

And Sunflower Porn!
Video goodness of Jackson
Oh my goodness, FJs, he is sooooo SWEET! *disclaimer: I don't usually think newborns are all that cute (I think they're cuter after they learn to talk)* but Jackaroo is exceptionally ADORABLE! Congrats again!

~~~~quick-healing vibes for FJ's abs~~~~~
I like the baby 'cos he's so quiet.


He's adorable, of course.

Here is the astro chart for the FJs' spawn, based on the video T.O.B. as 12:28 AM, born July 8, 2007 in Jacksonville (I'm assuming):

Sun: Cancer
Moon: Aries
Ascendent (Rising Sign): Aries
Mercury: Cancer
Mars: Taurus
Venus: Leo

See, don't let the soft, emotional, homebodied Cancer thing fool ya. I'm seeing triple fire signs already, and there's more in the chart.

Jackson is going to be a little hellion.


Anyway, we know about the Sun signs, which are supposed to be the overall personality of the person; the Moon sign rules the person's emotions, the Ascendent is basically how the person presents him/herself to the world, Mercury is supposed to be the sign ruling how the person thinks and communicates, and the Mars and Venus rule the person's love life, especially the Venus sign. You can read more about Jackson's different planetary signs here - just click on the sign and scroll down till you see the planet you are looking for.

I'll send the whole chart to the FJs via PM, but I don't really know much about what the rest of the planet signs mean, so FJs, you're on your own after that! wink.gif
squee, baby video!

that is all.
I was released mid-morning on the 4th day...does day of surgury count? Born wedndesday afternoon, home saturday afternoon. I think. It might have been sunday...i was so drugged and just happy to be home at all! Moxette was in great shape the whole labor, too...but after 4 days of no progress, even after my water broke (on day 4), my doc decided it was time. I could'a told him that! Honestly, though, i had a pretty great recovery...up and walking around late that night, and walking unassisted the next day.

So, mr.jackaroo is a beautiful baby boy! I remember how calm the newborn is. Enjoy him and each other!

ok, so i was inspired by jackson's vid...this one of moxette is OLD, but I think moxieman will have a new one up soon.

Last night, we had pizza, salad and chocholate ice cream for dinner at my parent's house. Then, played in the sprinkler's with the neighbors. Is there any better way to spend a summer evening? With kids, i mean. wink.gif
Hello on this Tuesday!

Well, here I am.

Awwww babies, and I'm not normally a fan of babies, but jackson and moxette are so darned cute! Bespell my cold balck heart.


Doodle, that's neato stuff!

Hi pugs! How's it going?

Minx, ooooooh not fun a month before bm's got back in order? Yowza. That's great garden porn!!!!

Good Things Tuesday!

1. The birth of Jackson!!!!
2. It's not Monday
3. It's not hot here, it's cloudy and rainy, and I'm fine with that.
4. Feeling significantly better (yesterday I didn't even take the dog to the park! And I've taken her when there have been funnel clouds spotted!)
5. I can take the dog to the park today.

Well, that's all I got for now.

Later all!
Awwww...cuteness. I'm not usually that into infants either, but I'm a total sucker for fuzzy-headed babies. As usual, our little moxette is looking adorable!! Bustie babies are extra cute.

Glad you're feeling better, culture!!

Minx, I'm lovin' these garden pictures!!

Real Estate B.S. update:
The realtor on the other side is cock-blocking my offer on his clients' house. There's another girl who wants to put in an offer and my peeps suspect that the realtor is trying to represent her so that he can collect double the commission. It's called "hogging," I guess. Anyway, I want to punch this guy in the throat. Sometimes I wish this kind of stuff took place in person. He certainly wouldn't get away with this crap if I was in his face.

Okay, I better go to work now. sad.gif
Awww, congrats FJ and MrFJ!! What an adorable baby! smile.gif
Hi, peeps!

I'm not much of an infant person, either (didn't even like Sam that much until he could move himself around and talk a little), but that child is CUTE! I'll have to watch the video when I get home since my dumb work computer won't access that stuff.

Poodle, that blows about the house. Do you have any others in mind? What area is this one in?

PK, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa. I'd have yelled at my mom, too, if she hadn't called right away. My parents are lousy about telling us that stuff. Does this at least mean you'll get to go up to Int'l Falls and see your family?

CH, sorry to hear about the cold, but I'm glad you're feeling better.

I love all these close-up pictures, Minx. Did Minxlette wake up yet?

Hello, Doodle, Kari, Moxie, Grrl, and everyone!

I'm getting a little peeved at my professor. It's been weeks since he's had my assignments, but hasn't even told me he got them yet. The stupid computer system to submit them online only uses Word 2007, which is bullshit. Who needs that kind of program on a home computer? Isn't the $600 I shelled out out-of-pocket enough? And now my professor hasn't emailed me back yet about this. I'm getting a little pissed off about it.


Good Things Tuesday, Deluxe Edition:
1) THE GIANT'S BROTHER IS OUT OF IRAQ AND WILL BE IN WISCONSIN BY TOMORROW!!! They're going to hold him there for 5-7 days for debriefing/reacclimation, but no more roadside bombs in the desert on the other side of the world for him. Yay!
2) leaving work at 1:00 for a dentist's appointment, then doing a little shopping on my own, which I've been looking forward to for the last week (except the dentist part, my mouth always hurts for a week afterward)
3) New babies!
4) I finally got the giant to watch The Sound of Music, so now that massive hole in his knowledge of pop culture has been filled and he'll actually catch on to all the references to it in every musical episode of every show, Kia commercials, etc. It's like me not knowing what Star Wars is and not understanding references, which seem to come up daily.
5) Pride is still over with. I'm probably going to say that every Tuesday for the next year.
6) they took the red Starbursts out of my bag, but the replacement, Disco Berry, doesn't suck.
YAY for the giant's brother!!!!!! Pooh on slacker professors and expensive software!!!

Mmmmm....disco berry sounds good.

Okay, well I've chilled out a little bit because my realtor says she talked to the guy and things are looking good for me. My offer is in and now all I have to do is wait. Diva, this house is near 39th St E and 30th Ave S, just west of Hiawatha.

Good things tuesday:
1. House deal is okay for now
2. Our office is going out to lunch

That's all I can come up with right now.
oh! Diva, that's WONDERFUL!!! YEAH!!!!

Now, if we can only figure out how to get the rest of the 150K troops home...
Poodle, if you get this house, you'd be 8 blocks from my aunt's place. I know the area well. Good luck with it!

These Starbursts are making my tummy hurt, like they always do. I should stop eating them now so my dentist doesn't see all kinds of brightly colored little plasticy bits in my mouth. I should probably floss, too.

Disco Berry is a standard wildberry flavor. I like it because there's a little grape flavoring, so it's juicy (or as juicy as solidified high fructose corn syrup gets).
I'm gonna have to try this "Disco Berry" you speak of. Yeah, Starburst is kinda plasticy, isn't it? Mmmmm....plastic.... *homer simpson drool*

We're going out to Mission for lunch in a few minutes. I've been there once before and I don't remember having a bad experience. It's a pretty forgettable place.

This house is about a block south of The Cardinal, which has some great karaoke nights (so I hear). It's a meaty place though.

OOooh!! Time to eat!! Ciao!!
I LOVE the Cardinal. Me and the ex-fiance used to go there all of the time. They have pretty okay pool tables and a nice jukebox, to my recollection.

Minxlette woke up around 7:30 WAY excited! She loves the here's to hoping that she is coordinated enough to handle riding it without breaking everything in her body!

Okay, gotta run...I am so happy that the Falljackets are all safe and ridiculously blissful. Good stuff.

FJ's!!!!! I'm so happy. That is the best news and I really need all the good news I can get.

Love to Busties!

Any Okayer's in Indianapolis by chance?
OMG....the little jackaroo is SO precious, and so are the FJs!!! mr FJ, you are just the most adorable talkin' to your little guy! And jackaroo has one gorgeous, strong momma, too!!

Ugh, PK, I am SO glad you threw the book at your mom - what an assface thing to do - not telling you that your grandfather passed. ((((PK & family))))

I woke up this morning feeling like crap, and thought I was having a bad allergy attack, but no, I think its a full blown cold now. Bah. No sicktime at the new job, too, so I'm gonna go be a biohazard employee tomorrow. Stupid fucking benefits. I'll be damned if I'm going to use a precious vacation day to be sick. I'm sure riding home in a terrible thunderstorm last night did not help me one bit. It really pisses me off that the largest health organization in the country doesn't provide sick time - just 15 days of PTO per year. I'd much rather take an unpaid day as sick time, but of course they won't do that, either. Okay, I'm done ranting for the day.

$~$~$~$~$~$~real estate vibes for poodle~$~$~$~$~$~$~$

Minxy, you are such a tease with all your porn....making me more jealous everyday with your bounty!

Diva, that is total crap about your professor and the stupid Word 07 requirements - who the frell upgrades their Word software? I'm running 2000, and its just fine for me, thankyouverymuch.

Lurv, you know where I'm at - a measly 3 hours from Indy.... smile.gif
Hello and good evening (almost) all!

~*~*~*~*~*~anti-sickness vibes for turbo and CH~*~*~*~*~*~

I've spent the afternoon helping the gay ex-priest with his cluttered apartment. And I broke this huge piece of glass on a poster while trying to take the frame apart to clean it. I told him I'd replace the glass, and he wasn't upset or anything, but damn, that's not going to be's like 27 X 39 inches or something.

I need to go look at moxette's vid...
Hi lurv!! You headin' out to Indie?

Awwww...minxlette has wheels. Cute.


Bust vibes are magical. The sellers accepted my offer!! Weeeee!!! Here's some house pics:

ETA- X-POSTS!!!! Hi turbo and doodle!!! (((turbo))) No sick days?!! WTF??!!!


Cute, cute, cute!!! I'm so happy for you!

And I missed that part about turbo not getting sick days...WTF? And you work for the Cancer Society??? I don't get it....

Oh, hey....anybody remember me bitching about the "women's" pink toolkit? Guess what I just found in the Bust Boobtique??? HA HA HA HA HA!!!

I swear I am the only person in my building who DOESN'T have my apartment closed up with the A/C on. What is wrong with these wimpsters?

ETA: moxette = cute! But she's gonna be pissed forever over the naked vids. tongue.gif
Thanks!! The interior pictures don't really do it justice. The kitchen floor is actually this newer composite tile meant to look a little like slate. The kitchen definitely looks better in person. I think I might actually leave the paint in place, except for in the bathroom. I kinda like the red bedroom!!
CONGRATS POODLE!!!!!! *throws confetti and pours champagne all around*

Poodle, that house is so totally cute!! I, too, like the red, and the kitchen is very cute - and once you convert it into your poodlepad, I know it'll rock!! And I think I spied a dishwasher in there too - SCORE!

doodle, I have totally converted to AC wimpsterism. Its 82 degrees here, which isn't offensive in itself, but its really I've got the air on. And I can't have the three hounds roasting, now can I?

Yep, we're a three hound house again...2 weeks this time. Ugh. Good thing I really love their mommies. I wouldn't do this for just anyone. Or maybe I would. smile.gif

((((feel better CH))))

I'm feeling a bit better now, after having some dinner. A bath will definitely be on deck tonight.
Mmm, I'll take some of that champagne!

*snatches the bottle and starts guzzling*

Heh. wink.gif

poodle, that red colour struck me right away, too! Though I wonder if it would be hard to relax in a red bedroom...? I dunno, I've never slept in one! I guess you'll find out! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

*shakes up champagne bottle and sprays poodle*

Having a breakfast bar is pretty cool, too....I'd love something like that, to sit at with morning coffee and the paper, and maybe the laptop, too.

turbo, I totally understand on the greyhounds and A/C...and also being sick and A/C! Seriously. I was just kind of surprised this afternoon when I was out, b/c it didn't seem that hot...but I'm sure I'd feel totally different if I were coming home from work or other semi-stressful things. Right now, a warm summer seems kind of like a blissful vacation....

I am actually avoiding the door tonight...yes, I admit it! I was going to take some time for myself Friday night, but I answered the boys' knocking. I came close again on Saturday (ignored the door the first time), but they came knocking later, mere minutes after I turned the music on! (There's no pretending one isn't home when the "Sympathy for the Devil" bongos are oozing out 'neath one's apartment door.) Then again last night - I was exhausted, all was quiet, and I almost didn't answer...almost. I think I just need some space to myself. And I already spent my afternoon with the gay ex-priest! (Practising my anti-clutter psychology techniques.) So tonight...well, the boys have knocked twice already! And I'm still sitting quietly alone in my underwear....

Maybe I need a signal on the, if there's a sock on the door knob, don't come a-knockin'.... tongue.gif
*swigs champagne*

I finally turned the air off this evening. I use my cats' behavior as gauge for the use of AC. They're running around and getting into trouble right now, so it's all good.

I used to have a red room in highschool and I loved it!! Red is a very sexy bedroom color.
poodle, please tell me that you got to lose your virginity in a red bedroom.

Yes, the cats usually are good measure of needing the A/C. I try not to let them suffer. But ya know...usually when I get that A/C going, George slinks off to the un-A/Ced bedroom, goes into the warm closet (where the freezer makes it even warmer), and takes a long nap in his woollen sweater-lined bed (on top of the freezer)....

I wonder if that's the result of Georgie spending the first half of his first summer on that bastard's sweltering balcony?
I lost my virginity on Friday the 13th! That was almost 11 years ago and so far nothing terrible has happened. Think I'm in the clear yet?


Awww, congratulations to the FJ family! The story, the pictures, the video (!) all made me teary-eyed and my heart a-flutter. What a blessing! He is beautiful. xoxo

And Minx, I'm totally groovin' on your garden porn.
Good morning!

FJs, I LOVE Jackson's video!! Thank you thank you for posting it. Mr FJ you're gonna be one great daddy.

((PK)) I am really sorry to hear about your grandpa. Also about the family drama. sad.gif Why do people insist on making a bad situation worse?

POODLESSSSS!!!!! CONGRATS! So exciting!! Love the house, it's so nice! I can't wait til you move in. Poodle Pad!

Diva, that f-ing blows about your professor and the Word 07. WTF?? Sometimes I think teachers just can't get their heads around the fact that students have lives that don't revolve around school & making things convenient for their teachers. Ugh. But! I am really happy about the giant's brother!! That's really wonderful!

Minx, I have serious garden envy. You grow everything! Those raspberries look scrumptious.

Doodle, girl, I don't blame you. Everyone needs time alone. That's difficult that they live right by you so you have no escape. I think you should definitely institute the sock on the handle!

((CH)) and ((Jenn)) So sorry you both are sick. Bah. *hands CH & Jenn each a mug of hot ginger tea with honey and pulls covers up around them* Get better soon.

Things with me are pretty good today. No complaints to report. I worked at home yesterday, met a friend for lunch, and was talked into going for some afternoon shopping. Bad kari! I bought a really nice dress on sale for $30 though from Ann Taylor loft. It's very sexy. That store is hit & miss, most of the stuff is too conservative for me, but some of their stuff is really nice. Good quality too. After that I went to the hospital, the evening went well. I was able to video one of my sessions, which is good b/c I have to have the video ready for my teacher tomorrow.
Good Morning Good Morning

Diva, that blows about your prof. But thank goodness the Giant's bro is out of Iraq safe!!! Did you get anything fun in your shopping trip?

Minx, those raspberries look divine! *drools* and *drools more*

Hi Lurv, raisin, and faerie!

Turbo, I'm glad you are feeling better. But no sick time? That's fucked up.

Kari, that's a great deal on a dress!

POODLE!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, HR fucked up on my paycheques. They have $500.00 worth of deductions to take off. So, the woman from payroll is not only horribly sorry, but she's working it out so it doesn't come off all at once, but for the rest of the year. So, that's not so bad, but I'll still be some money short this next payday. *frowns* Oh well, thank goodness for a paid off credit card and savings account, if it is needed. PLus GST came in so I've got an extra $90.00 to toss around...and ye olde coin jar. I guess it's not so bad, I could always be on the other side of the counter.

I'm still not feeling up to par, but still feeling better, took houndish out to the park yesterday for a nice long walk, still no working out, need better health yet.

Well, I hope everyone is having a good day! and and and only a few more days until Harry Potter 7 comes out (I'm very excited, what can I say! Hee)
Mornin' babes!!

Alas, I did not lose my virginity in the red bedroom, although I do recall temptation. My mom watched that room like a hawk when I had guys up there, especially shawnboy!!

I don't know, pugs...keep your legs crossed just in case!!! laugh.gif Sorry for the bad pun. I couldn't resist.

Not much going on today. I have to go in a little early to make sure that the office meddler doesn't screw up this little report we're doing. She doesn't do a very good job of putting two and two together sometimes. She can't improvise or solve problems on her own. I am so impatient with people who give up and don't even attempt to figure shit out on their own. I'm cool with people asking questions, but I think that your learn shit through trial and error. I'm especially irritated when people use search engines and expect for everything to show up for them on the first try. Then they come to me. Figure it out!!!!!!!!! /rant

ETA- X-POSTS!!! Hi kari and culture!!!!!
Poodle, that house ROCKS! It inspired me to do a search of my own, even though I know we can't move for another couple years. Our house is just right for our needs now, and probably for another couple years. *hrumphs and waits out bad market*

Not much to report here. I'm just hoping for a cooler day, so that we can play outside tonight after dinner. We'tre all getting a little stir crazy!
Hi mox!!

Yeah, I feel like a rockstar for buying a house right now while things are "slow." There was some competition for this house though, so I wasn't able to lowball them. I paid the asking price (which had come down $10,000 a week or so ago), but I think it was a fair price. I thought I was for sure gonna have to give them a higher offer. I like this house way more than the one I backed out of. It's more centrally located, closer to public transit (light rail), bars/restaurants, and it HAS A DISHWASHER, which is huge for me. I despise doing dishes. It's a wee bit smaller, but the floorplan makes more sense and there are 2 bedrooms instead of one, so I can maybe squeeze in a friend and get some $ out of the deal. There's also a finished room in the basement that I can use as an office or whatever. God, I hope the inspection goes okay. *crosses fingers (and legs)*

I know what you mean about getting stir-crazy. Me and the fur boys were starting to go nuts with the lack of fresh air.

~*~*~*~financial and feel-better vibes for culture~*~*~*~

I'm jealous of your Ann Taylor score, kari!! When I could fit in their stuff, I couldn't afford it, and now that I can afford it, I can't fit in it!! I couldn't do the Loft thing because all of the 14's and 16's would disappear before being marked down.'d think that they would observe that trend and respond by carrying larger sizes, but NOOOOOO. Clothing stores/manufacturer's seem to be in total denial that 14 is the average female clothing size.
Hi CH! Glad you are feeling somewhat better, even if you're still under the weather. Sorry to hear about the paycheck mishap. Glad you've got a little extra to carry you through though.

Hi Moxie! ~~cooler vibes~~ I hope you are able to get outside this evening.

Poodles, I was just talking with my friend last night about the same problem with Target. I'm not a buxom lady, I've got small boobahs. Target seems to only order a couple small and medium shirts. Those sell out and by the time the stuff is on sale (or even sometimes when it's still full price) all that's left are XLs. I can't figure out why they don't order more of the other sizes. It is annoying.

That is SWEET that your new pad has a dishwasher!! I was so glad to get one of those myself.
pinkpoodle: your home looks just adorable, major congrats.
Hi, peeps!

Congrats, Poodle!!! I love that red color on the walls, and that other one (living room?) that looks like it's been dry-brushed or texturized. Very cool. And I'd kill for a dishwasher. Nice yard, too! *crosses all parts for good inspection*

Moxie, I hear ya on the stir-crazy. It's nicer up here, but for awhile, I didn't want to leave the house. A/C has spoiled me forever.

I'm jealous of your Ann Taylor trip, too, Kari. I wish I could fit in their stuff, but the best I can do is Talbot's, and they're just a little too suburban soccer mom conservative for me.

I did score a really cool shirt yesterday, though. It's this awesome swirly Pucci-esque print on a button-down short sleeved top in black/white/purples. There's some rouching on it by the boobs that makes my tummy looks like it sticks out more than it does, but it's not awful. Whenever I can get anything in this cool of a print, I grab it and run. What's really bugging me, though, is how Lane Bryant puts a damn sash on every. single. shirt. this. season. I'm serious, there's one on everything except the t-shirts. Why would a woman who shops there want to cinch her shirt so it accentuates her gut even more?

Hi, Doodle. I think the sock idea is a very good one. You're entitled to your space and your neighbors should learn to understand that.

Jenn, seriously, no sick days at the Cancer Society? That sounds a bit hypocritical. And only 3 weeks off without sick days is kind of a ripoff. I get 3 weeks in vacation time, plus more than that in sick time, not to mention the minor government holidays we take off.

Hi, CH. Sorry about your deductions being messed up. You sound so financially responsible, with a real savings account and everything.

Not much going on around here. The gay boyfriend is picking me up for lunch in an hour so I can notarize some domestic partner benefits papers for him and That Republican Weirdo He Insists On Being With. We're gonna get some Cossetta's, since it's been awhile and it's cheap. My dentist appointment went fine yesterday, just 2 very small cavities I need to get filled next Thursday. After that, I treated myself to some french onion soup and a coffee, got my shirt, hung out at Borders for a bit, then had to pick up some groceries. The giant got a little peeved at me because I told him to put the groceries away. When he asked why, I told him because I bought them. Was that awful of me? I'd think it would be the fair thing to do. He's so sensitive. Then I couldn't sleep at.all. last night, so I feel like shit today. I didn't even bother with a shower this morning. I got to my morning meeting really late because my computer wouldn't boot itself quickly and I wasn't sure of where the meeting even was, so I didn't want to wander around like some fool on the lawyer-y floor that's intimidating if I didn't need to (and that was totally where I needed to go anyway). At least I remembered to bring some fresh veggies to snack on. So I think I'm going to go do that now. : )

Hi Hi Hi! It's me again.

Poodle, I hear your pain with people who give up or do half assed work. I hope that your hope inspection goes well!!! *~*~*~*home inspection vibes for poodle*~*~*~*~*

Hey Mox!

I agree with you all on the size thing. what I've been finding is not that I'm working out regularly, I'm loosing weight (yay, but not all of my motivation), clothes fit funny now. Quads have a curve to them so you find something that's too big in the waist and tight in the legs. Bah. Don't even get me started on shirts, stuff doesn't fit over my boobs, and I'm only a 36C, uhhhh WTF!!!! Not everyone is a fucking size negative 2 okay!!!


Hey Kari!

Diva, I only just became fiscally responsible. I do still have two lines of credit to pay off (albeit small ones), I used to live off of credit. Good to hear that your dentist appointment went fairly well. Boo on cavities...

i'm feeling better now, went and picked up a few things at lunch, so the walk and fresh air helped, plus it's cool here today, which makes things much better. I've got a new suitor who is attempting (very hard) to be my play thing, but, not so interested. I'll see what happens.

not much going on here.

I'll talk to you all later! Hope that everyone is surviving today.

Hey Diva! I think that was fair about the groceries. Sorry to hear about your bad night of sleep. That always makes the next day unpleasant. Your new shirt sounds nice! Boo on the cavities. I am going to the dentist Monday actually. I have one new cavity to be filled & one old one they want to replace. Yuck. Dreading it, I hate the dentist.

CH, a new suitor, huh? I am glad you are feeling a bit better after your lunch break.
Indeed a new suitor, he's been trying for a week now, and he's trying sooooo hard. I told him straight up that I'm a challenge. He's the type of man who expects it right away. He's got no idea what is in store for him. I've informed him that another man I know has been trying for around 5 or 6 months to get with me. Hee hee.

Kari, I am also not a fan of dentists. It's mostly the needles, everything I can handle.

I want this day to be over. I bought the movie Labyrinth yesterday! That and the Dark Crystal! I'm excited. I like 'em both, and I haven't seen Labyrinth in years!
Kari, I think the giant was offended because I said "because I paid for them" or "because I bought them." I don't really get it, but whatever. I didn't even know he was low on cash at the moment, either, so it's not like I was trying to belittle him.

I've got 2 cavities in the same tooth, but they're fairly new, so it should be an easy fix. I don't use anesthesia if I can help it, since the novicane shot hurts more for me than the damn drill, and I HATE the way it feels when it wears off. At least without it, when the procedure is done, it's done, no residual feelings, except from the thing she lodges in my jaw to keep my mouth open. That screws up my mouth for a couple days. Then next month sometime, I'm going in to get a few of my back teeth sealed. I'd do it now, but it's not covered by insurance, and I don't have that much cash on me, what with wanting to have a decent anniversary trip in the next couple weeks. It's only about $40/tooth, which isn't bad at all. I'm so afraid of losing my teeth, even though I have no reason to be. It's mostly a vanity issue. My teeth are one of my best features, and I'd like to keep them that way.

I just checked my test score from our second exam last week, and I got another 'A'! I tied for the top score again, which dumbfounds me since I never do more than just read over the chapters once. I don't see how I won't end up with an 'A' overall for the class, since there's only one test and 2 assignments left, and nothing's been hard yet.

I want this day to be done with, too. Just 3 more hours before I can go home and veg out. Is it weird that I look so forward to doing nothing? I don't even really need to clean - I did the stove yesterday (it had baklava sauce all over from when it boiled over the pot), and the giant took out the trash and did the recycling. All that's left is to purge the cupboard and wash the floor, which can just as easily be done tomorrow. I should probably start working on some higher-end jewelry since my application for the No Coast craft fair is due by the end of the month, and they need pictures.
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