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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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~*~*~*smooth, easy delivery vibes falljackets~*~*~*~

woo-hoo, I'm so excited for you, hunny! Jackaroo looks like he's going to be born on 07/07/07 - SCORE!!!

I LOVE that mr FJ updated the okayers from the delivery room!
~*~*~*smooth delivery vibes for the FJ's~*~*~*

You could name him Seven, like George Costanza wanted to! tongue.gif
Hello everyone!

YAY FJ!!!!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*smooth delivery vibes for FJ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ I'm also with bunny, it's awesome that Mr. FJ let us know from the delivery room! Let us know how things are going!

Doodle, all will be okay!!!

Hey Lore!

Hey Minx! I love the tomato porn! I have little flowers, no tomatoes yet! Your garden is lovely!

Hi Kel, RV and Bunny!

Well, it's hot as hell here, again. Severe Thunderstorm warning as usual, the sky has been kinda dark all day though. Eugene is swimmin in his tank. I went out last night, but was home early, then was up at 7:45 and took houndish to the park. I've just been lounging around home for the rest of the day.

Later all!

ETA: X posted wth polly! Hi!
Oh, YAY!!! Happy birfday, Jackaroo!!!!
Hey, I was right!! I said he'd be born on 7/7/7!! I win. I'll take my case of Mr. Clean now please!
Happy Birthday Jackson!!!

*hands kelkello a year's supply of Rice-a-Roni*

Now he'll share a birthday with Robert A. Heinlein, Shelly Duvall, and Michelle Kwan!


OMG, Mr. FJ, if you read this again soon, please give FJ all our love and support and pain-free vibes!

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This news just made my day!
Congrats FJs! I want a pic of the newborn!

Hot DAYUM! That is just so fucking cool!!!
We need an update!!!!!
Ahhhhhhhh! I'm offline all day to come home to Jackaroo's birfday - how cool is that!!!

I sure hope the birthin' part is over now. (((((rest, recovery, and smooth birthin vibes)))))

EEeeeeeeeeee! I am so excited for the FJs! And how SWEET is mr fj for updating us from the delivery room!!

*hugs and kisses to all the fjs*

*paces around okayland, waiting for an update*

Okay, so my news of a brand new kitchen remodel scheduled for August is not such exciting news this evening. smile.gif I'm so totally cool with that.

all those weeks of "is it baby time yet?" and he's finally here! fj, mr. fj, i am so happy for you guys! congratulations!!!! eee, i can't stop talking in exclamation points!!! i had a rather eventful day, but like turbo, am more than happy to let it take a backseat to this wonderful news! man, this is so fucking awesome!!

Wow! I'm so excited for the FJ's! That was so great of Mr. FJ to give us the update from the delivery room. And I hope the three are able to relax now. I can't wait to see pictures of the widdle beebee!

I just got home from work. Pretty uneventful day. I'm waiting for El Guapo to get off work so maybe (if he's not too tired) we can see each other.

I have to get new tags for my car on Monday, and I can't afford it. But they have been expired for quite some time now. Sheesh. Stupid laws.

I appreciate the garden porn, and now I'm going to look at some porn of my own: "Martha's Stewart's Christmas". Why am I reading about Christmas in July?
OMIGOD CONGRATULATIONS FJS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wub.gif
So here's Jackson, everyone. Gooey details and story to follow. Many people to catch up with for now.. smile.gif


Omigawd, I am in tears. He is simply gorgeous.
Oh holy god, that is one gorgeous bebe. And mama too! She just birthed a baby and *still* looks glorious!

Congratulations, FJ's!

Welcome to the world, Jackson!!!
FJ's you have a beautiful baby! Congratulations!!!!!
Congratulations FJs!!!! Jackaroo is soooo gorgeous!!! And FJ, you are a glowing momma!!! I can't wait to hear all about jackaroo's big entrance! Rest up ya'll!!
oh my goodness - how gorgeous are they?!

CONGRATULATIONS to the proud mama and papa and welcome to the world jackaroo!

*exits okayland, beaming ear to ear*
Wow georgeous pics of momma and baby! Yeah for Jackson's birth!
well, i have to say fj's, you guys made yourself one beautiful baby. and mama looks way too good to have just given birth. as a friend of mine said after i was back to fighting trim two weeks after c-monkey, "oh, you're one of those bitches!" laugh.gif

can't wait for the gooey details and story! biggrin.gif
Wow...what a positively ANGELIC looking bebe! And, what's amazing to me is he's less than 24 hours old and he looks HUMAN already!


And mama looks wonderful too! Congrats to all of you!
What a cute baby and mama! Congrats!
Cute baby!! So adorable! Congrats again!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! What a lovely baby! I'm so happy for all three of you! Good job, Mommy! Good job, Daddy! Good job, Jackson!

I can't wait for the whole story but please, take your time and rest up! Yippee! A baby!
YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! What a great time to return to the thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations FJ's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the world, jackaroo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loooove fuzzy-headed babies!!!! Is it just me, or does jack look a lot like mr. FJ?

Busties, I need your real estate vibes. I'm in somewhat of a bidding war, but I think I can kick these peep's asses because I'm non-contingent. I'm also the 2nd bidder, which is good and bad. I just hope the owners haven't accepted the first deal yet. This house is a smidge smaller, but it suits my needs a lot more than the one I backed out of.

Okay, I'm gonna go reads me some archives now.

Once again: Hurray for the FJ's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*tosses confetti on way out*
CONGRATULATIONS, FallJacket Family!!!!!!!
And what a beautiful family it is, too. Seriously, that is one amazingly beautiful child! And FJ is just as stunning as ever. Can't you just feel the joy in that pic? Now I'm getting all misty-eyed! It's just so wonderful!!!!!
~~~~~~~ soothing vibes for FJ ~~~~~~~~~

/ / / blue cigars for Mr. FJ / / / (although those look a bit skinny to be cigars, but ya know what I mean wink.gif )

Wow! Just ... WOW!!!!

~~$$~~$$~~ super-dee-dooper offer-acceptance vibes for Poods ~~$$~~$$~~
Oh lordy, I remember how HORRENDOUS it was to wait on that offer on our house! I couldn't get dressed & could barely eat. I hope you're faring better than that, Poods. ((((((((Poodle))))))))
YAYAYAY! for The FallJackets and for little Jackeroo!!!!

Aww. He looks like s snuggler. I wanna rub my nose on his fuzzy little head. And FJ looks like it was just no problemo. Pretty mommy.

I'm so excited for the FJ's!!!!

I am leaving for work in a few minutes. I just wanted to share something that happened at work last night.

This dishwasher, Jorge, has a crush on me, I think. He's always asking me if I want to go out dancing, and stuff. He doesn't speak English. Anyway, last night, he asked me to take off my glasses for a second. I slid my glasses over my nose so he could look at my eyes. He exclaimed, "Your eyes are so pretty!" He happened to be holding a dirty pair of tongs and a butter knife, which he raised up, clacked a couple of times, and said, "Can I have them?"

Hee hee! I laughed so hard before I ran away from him yelling, "No no no! They're mine!" And he followed me with the tongs saying, "Give me those pretty eyes!" I thought it was so cute.

There are a mom and a little girl staying with us right now. Their doggie, Oreo, too. He's a Springer Spaniel. Nice, nice boy. The little girl and mom are African-American, but the little girl has big bluish-green eyes! She's so cute. We swam yesterday and pretended that the pool was full of hot lava in some places. It was very dangerous, but she got us some ice cubes to protect us.

OK - again CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FJ's!!!! We lurve you all!

And ~*~*home-buying vibes for poodle~*~*~good luck~*~*~*~*
~*~*~*~*~*~*home buying real estate vibes for poodle~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Well, the drama is over now and the family has all left us to our hospital room so I'll take a few minutes while fj sleeps to tell you how it went down.

She woke me at 5:30 yesterday morning to tell me that her contractions were becoming more frequent and by 6:30 they were about 6 minutes apart. They became less frequent for the next few hours but her sister, a delivery nurse, encouraged us to go in to the hospital anyway. So about 1pm FJ was admitted and told she would deliver in the next 5 hours. That was somewhat optimistic. She did everything in her power to deliver that baby vaginally but her back, being fused and screwed together, hurt her too much to push as hard as it would have required to shove Jack's 14-inch head past her pubic bone. That, and Jack wanted to come out sideways and it wasn't until somewhere after 11pm that the doctor could turn him around at which point FJ was simply exhausted. But she insisted on trying it vaginally. A little before midnight, though, the doctor told her she was going to perform a c-section. FJ was so brave and dealt with so much pain. It was miserable at times watching her have to deal with it. It was actually a relief to know it was going to end soon even if it had to be done by cesarean. So they sliced FJ open and pulled Jackson from within her and we were astonished at how beautiful a thing he was. He was quiet and peaceful and took to his mother immediately. And I sort of cried (a little... don't tell anyone). Our families screamed and ooo'd and ahh'd and cried when we brought him out and that pretty has continued until this afternoon which has been the first moment's peace we've had since yesterday morning.

Thank you so much for the up-date, Mr. FJ. I didn't want to say so earlier, but I could tell that Jackson was delivered by c-section just by looking at his pic, so it was such a relief to see that FJ was looking so good in her pic, too. Poor thing.
~~~~~~ continued soothing and healing for FJ ~~~~~~
Enjoy your evening together! And feel free to post more pics! biggrin.gif
squeee! congratulations FJ and Mr FJ and welcome to the world Jackson! ((((fj family)))) ***quickhealing FJ***
I'm very glad to hear that everything went well, and that mum and bebe are doing well. and MrFJ I don't no one man who hasn't cried at the birth of thier child. smile.gif
AWwwwww, thanks for the sweet update mr fj!! So glad to hear that FJ is doing so well, and that Jackaroo is doing good too. Sounds like the delivery was rough, but I'm so glad that baby and momma made it through safely....and yeah, FJ looks gorgeous, as always!!

Seriously, those pics of him look SO much like you, mr fj!! I can't wait to hear more about the further adventures of jackaroo and his parents! (((((swift recovery vibes for FJ))))
(((((((FJ))))) Sista, I hear you on the hard birth, and knowing you did what you could. I could tell, too, as i recognized the post-op blanketing of mama. Honestly, you THREE are a lucky-ducky family to have each other. And BOY-o, mrfj, does your SON look like you! Take it easy, rest up, let the nurses nurse you three.

GAH, so glad you're all well and happy and beautiful! And Mrfj, don't ever, ever for a moment be sad or feel guilty that you were glad it was gonna be over. Safe and healthy makes a GOOD BIRTH.

Loves to you all!
WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!! FJ Babies!!!!!

He is beautiful. I am so happy that everyone came through healthy. laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

Congratulations, FJs!!! FJ, amazing work, sister! And what a beautiful little one!

I cried too when I saw the first pics!!!

I'm so happy for the FJs!

*hands Mr FJ a very "special" cigar*

*hands FJ a magical very "special" cigar that has no impact on breast milk*


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~house vibes for poodle!!!!!!!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
thanks for the update mr. fj! sounds like it was rough, but i'm glad mama and baby (and you!) came through it okay. i had a rough labor and emergency c-section with c-monkey, so i feel for you. bit of post-c-section advice for fj: you might feel more comfortable sleeping semi-propped on the arm of the couch the first couple nights home away from the hospital bed that so conveniently moves you up and down without straining your abs. the first afternoon i had c-monkey home, i put her down for a nap and laid down flat on my back as usual. when she started crying, i bolted straight up without a thought other than "what does the baby need?". my abs were not thanking me; i'm surprised i didn't end up ripping something. long story short, don't forget you have stitches babe, or you might get a painful reminder when you least expect it.
Yaaaaaaaay! A new BUSTling!!!! wub.gif
What is the time of birth? I want to figure out Jackson's astrological chart!
and weight and length! i forgot to ask.

i finally got my hands on my mom's sd card this morning, so here's the fourth of july pedi pic i promised. also, we got new kittens this weekend, which is nowhere near as exciting as a new fj. laugh.gif but there are more pics in the say cheese thread. happy.gif

CUTE toes! I wholeheartedly agree with grrrl...crash on the sofa for a week, minumum...stairs are not your friend. And use your arms to pull up from laying down... Hey, ya! what are jack's stats?
Congrats to the FJs and welcome to little Jack FJ!!! You both look beautiful and so happy!!

*ongoing house vibes to poodle*
Congrats to FJ and family.
Good Morning everyone,

Grrrl, cute toes!

I feel like ass today, I think I'm getting sick. I think it's from too much AC and going from hot to cold and so forth. Must go get better now.

I hope that the FJ's are doing well!

Later all.

much much love & heartfelt best wishes to (((mr & ms FJ and jackie))).
you have one seriously adorable little dood there!
and i gotta say, for all her hard work and pain, FJ looks fanfuckingtastic.

such a happy ending, after such an emotional rollercoaster. i'm a little teary now too.

delurking to say congratulations to the whole falljackets family!

Glad to hear that you're all doing okay!
He's beautiful! Aww... welcome to the world, Jackson!

(I need to stop now or I'm going to start crying right here at work)

Oh yeah, and do I win something for picking 7/7/07, too?

ETA: (((((((((((((((( real estate vibes for Poodle ))))))))))))))))))
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