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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi all, this is a quick drive-by to wish all my Yankee sisters and brothers a Happy 4th!

And also....I really hope the lack of FJ's presence means the li'l jackaroo is on his way!

I bought a thermometer today, so I can start measuring my temperature every 60 minutes like some Howard Hughesian character. I promise I will take myself to the ER if it goes up even a nanodegree.

Gotta run, organicgirl is coming over shortly! I bought fresh cherries, baklava, and cider...a strange combination, maybe, but WTF, it's summer, so anything goes.

Mmmm, baklava.....

*flings red, white, and blue glitter confetti all over Okayland and sneaks out the back door*
Hello everyone.

Tree, I was thinking the same thing, it's almost July 7. Haven't heard from him at all, surprise surprise. Good to hear that work is going well.

Doodle, enjoy the product from organic girl!

Well, I'm exhausted, didn't sleep to well last night, took houndish to the park, no workout tonight, just good solid sleep.

Later all!

Holy crap! I dunno if you all are fans of Keith Olbermann, but you HAVE to see this blistering commentary on the Shrub. I have the utmost respect for this journalist and his ability and BALLS (in a world full of seemingly impotent reporting) to address King George and call him out for the theocrat and dictator that he is.

Olbermann Commentary on King George

Big labor waves for Ms. Falljackets. May you have a trifecta by Friday, you saucy tart. BTW, does anyone have their address so that I can send them a pressie? Could someone PM it to me?

Minxlette's birfday party is going to be this Sunday. If anyone wants the invite to come, just say AYE!

Garden porn for the day:
great minds minx! i posted that video in the 'your favorite youtube' thread a few hours ago. i want to have olbermann's babies. happy.gif and i love your garden porn.

poodle, sucky on the poodlepad delay, but good reason. have you checked any further into any of your back-up options?

doodle, you're fabulous. i've said it before and i'll say it again: i so want to be you when i grow up. how's dorothy treating you? has the bitch backed off? and when are pics of the porcupine rebels jamming going to show up in the say cheese thread? cause i'd so like to see that.

pk, glad to hear el guapo is feeling better.

turbo, sucky about the bike, but free gear rocks. and i hear ya on the bikeshop boys! which reminds me, i need a lame excuse to stop by and see mine this week.

tree, glad to hear work's going good, and you're no longer working in the *shudder* dead pony room.

(((((kelkel))))) boy problems suck ass.

ch, if we hear nothing further from you come sunday, well, i will just have to assume that you've taken that big ride in the mothership. you will be meeced.

lore, i heart you.

no fj's today? it's a little after midnight, i wonder if jack slid in under my deadline? or would that be slid out?

so, my fourth was pretty uneventful. i went into work at six tuesday night and the sadists finally let me go around 7 this morning. could have been worse though, i was originally scheduled to come in at three in the afternoon. went to the momster's, crashed out for a bit while her and c-monkey went to the parade, where c-monkey's pedi was a big hit. we went in this weekend and got our toes painted matching in flag colors for the 4th: dark blue, red and white stripes and little silver stars glued on the big toes. i'll post pics as soon as i wrestle the momster's camera away from her. she has no idea how these things work and thinks if i download the pics they'll be automatically erased from her cam rolleyes.gif the temps hit 105 here today, so after a failed attempt to go see the transformers this afternoon (mofos had already sold out the next three showings by the time we got there), c-monkey and i lounged in the pool all afternoon while the momster napped and recovered from the heat. speaking of eighties cartoons, i downloaded two seasons of jem and the holograms, and have been having myself a mini-marathon. damn, rio was an ass. but a hot ass. seeing it again in all its eighties glory, i totally blame jem for my propensity toward multi-hued hair. after pooltime, we stopped by the store for some ribs and tri-tip from the deli and took our dinner out the pool deck by the complex lake to watch the fireworks show they do at the university. now i'm hanging out on my balcony listening to the traditional 4th of july firetruck chorus and contemplating making a batch of brownies so i can try my new silicone cookware, and i'm thinking i need to cue up the ep of big love i've got waiting so i can see what this creepy scene between alby and sarah's about. but first, brownies!
You know, I'm an atheist, but the phrase "God Bless Keith Olberman" rings in my head. Last night's bedtime story was about the founding fathers and why America desrves a brilliant birthday party. I do love my country, which has the ethos and philosophy and social compact that I have FAITH in, despite those who are "running" the show right now.

Ok, gotta get back to work.
Hello on this Thursday.

Hee hee, grrrl, when I started reading that bit on you not hearing from me, I was thinking; WTF is she talking about?, but then I remember. I haven't heard from him, big surprise. I'm actually happy about that.

Ohhhh, garden porn! Minx it is lovely!

Hi Mox!

So last night I took houndish to the park, came home, I had a doughnut at work at it made me scik, thus reaffirming why I can't eat stuff like that. *spanks self* It's my own damn fault. Then I got my ass down to the pet store and bought the fish some pellets as he doesn't eat flakes. I have a finicky fish. The dog makes up for that given she eats, well, everything!

Then this moring on the way to work I saw the remnants of an ugly ugly car accident. There is a main road that trafic can merge onto, anyways, this person had a stalled vehicle and a car rammed into it, then the truck behind it rammed into the car. There was pretty much nothing left of the car and it stunk like gasoline, ambulance and fire fighters were there. It was aweful. Thing is that it happened going east bound and the sun shines in your eyes. I gues the moral is, drive carefully!

Well, that's my story. The end!

Later all!

Minx, thanks for posting that video! It's great!
Good Morning!

CH, I hate seeing accidents on the road. I am already pretty paranoid about friends and family getting into wrecks. I hope the people were ok in the one you saw today. sad.gif

Poodles, so sorry about the bad inspection. You definitely did the right thing & I am sure you will find a new poodle pad really soon!

((Kel)) That stinks about friendboy.

Minx! I am loving the garden porn! I also like your new avatar!

Hi tree, grrl, lore, doodle, jenn, faerie, and everyone else!!

I am feeling good after the holiday. I worked at home Tuesday, so I feel like I got 2 days off, though I did have to go to my internship Tuesday night. I had a lovely 4th. I got up around 8:30, drank coffee, watched tv, read, walked the dog. I went to my mom's around 1 and hung there for the rest of the day. It was really relaxing. Mr K and Yuki are coming back to town today, yay! Me & Paco have had a good time alone too though.

So, I just found out some baaaad news.....They are moving everyone's cubicles around here. I am going to be in an office now with *gulp* Mr. Talky from next door!!! Nooooooo!!!!! And one other person. So not looking forward to it, that guy grates on my last fucking nerve. I am going to buy some heavy duty headphones, that is for sure.

Sweet! Glad you all liked the video link. Minxman sent me that last night as his token of patriotism. That is also Minxman and Minxlette in my avatar--ain't they just cute as the bee's knees?

Okay, I have got to get motivated to get out of here and over to Minxman's to pick and shell some peas and go to the park and do laundry.
Hi Faerie!

Kari, I was just going to suggest that you invest in an ipod or sometihng so you don't have to listen to blabbermouth. I'm sorry about the work situation. I don't know about that accident, I mean the car that hit the stall and got schmucked by a truck was in rough shape, and the speed limit in this road is 80km/h, hold on I'll see what that is in mph...

*Scampers off to find conversion*

It's about 50 mph. So think of hitting that dead on and then getting hit from behind. The whole road was a glassy, oily, peices of car mess. The problem here is that you get people who don't merge or drive slow in a passing lane on the highway. Having learned how to drive on the highway, I'm not afriad of my speed, I'm afraid of people cutting infront at random and so forth.

Hey Minx! The mr and bebe are wonderful!

Well, that's my deal thus far.

Later all!
yo tootsies.

nope. no firecracker baby. i thought for sure he was going to come yesterday but nope. he's been contracting me a bit and making me generally uncomfortable and anxious and now i've officially moved into poopy-pants territory. i'm a big grumpster.

but, i have a doc appointment in an hour and a half, so we'll see. maybe i'm just one of those uber-lucky bitches that doesn't realize she's in labor until it's practically over and i'll walk out with a baby later. hm. one can dream, right?

i'm reading up on the archives.

sorry about the house, poods. but you'll find another great opportunity soon!

kel, just focus on that fantastic magnetic personality you have. it's no wonder mortals fall in love with you. and you are not at fault or in any way accountable for how others feel about you. no guilt allowed!!

kari, NOOO! not mr talky! that sucks! yes, can you bring an ipod?

grrrrl, when do you find out about the job promotion? i'm sure it's yours!

i hope diva got her refund!

minx, i'm loving the garden porn. hehe. new avie is pretty awesome too.

doodle, how are you feeling?

rv, i perved your pic over in kvetch. you and sheff are adorable in front of cinderella's castle.

hi tree! i'm sort of holding out for 7/7/7 too, but today is mrfj's mom's bday so that would be cool as well.

culture, speaking of 777, what a freak. i guess he's reaching the end of his abstinence spell and wants a sure thing? what a douche...

ok, i'm out for now. hoping to have a good report later.

Come on JACK!!! ~*~*~*~*~pain free birthy birth vibes for FJ~*~*~*~*~*~

That's all, later kats!
Here are some official ~~$~~smile.gif~~$~~ Come-On-Down Price-Is-Right style vibes for the Jackeroo ~~$~~smile.gif~~$~~
~~~~~~ soothing for FJs bod & nerves & the whole bit ~~~~~~~ Here's hoping the doc has good news.
And thanks for the compliement on the pic in Kvetch! I also took some fabulous pics while on Jekyll Island in Georgia. I might have to post some of those, too.

Oberman for prez! Thanks for the link, Minx. And thanks for the continued garden porn. My only potted plant on the back deck died while we were gone. Oh well.
[I originally typed "Oberman for pez". Hee. I'd kinda like to have a Keith Oberman pez dispenser]

Wouldn't it be hilarious is Mr. 777 called on Saturday for a booty call? "Hey ... so, uh .... did you happen to notice what day it is? [insert Butthead-style laughter here]". rolleyes.gif

CH, that's scary about the wreck. Back in 2002 I totaled my car in a wreck when the sun got in my eyes. There was a car stopped in the road, trying to make a left turn, but they were blinded by the sun, too. I swerved as soon as I could. Luckily, all the people were safe. Just the cars were damaged.

Kari, so sorry to hear about Mr. Talky! Bleh! Is there no possible way you could request to stay in the other room? And when you make the request, could you please tell the supervisor why? Maybe at the very least that can get him to quiet down.

ETA: Forgot to talk about me! wink.gif
Independence Day for us consisted of ...
1. Sleeping in (I didn't get up until 11am! That's astoundingly late for me)
2. HBI wink.gif
3. Eddie Izzard marathon on BBC America
4. Butter chicken for dinner
5. Dr. Who on DVD. We're going to watch the last two seasons before season 3 starts airing on the Sci Fi channel later this month.
Good times.
Hi, peeps!

Poodle, sorry about the house falling through. Better to know that sooner than later though, huh? What else do you have in mind?

RV, that's great about Sheff's vacation! A whole week without work.... a girl can dream.

Jenn, you waited around for over 4 hours? My Maud, you're patient. I was just thinking earlier that you have the sexiest legs in all of Okayland, what with the 25 miles of biking you do daily.

So this Harry Potter stuff is a big deal, huh? ; ) I've never read one, and probably won't. The giant's got his on preorder. I have, however, seen all the movies.

Grrl, any word on the promotion yet?

Kel, that suck about friendman. You're really not a part of this, he needs to get his internal dialogue in check. If he values you as a friend, he'll figure things out.

Minx, congrats on the re-cert. I love your garden porn, too. Makes me jealous 'cause I ain't got no green thumb, I just kill stuff.

((((((((baby vibes for Jackaroo's mommy))))))) My bet was for 7/7/07, but I just want him to come as soon as possible so you can be comfortable again.

Kari, that blows about having to share an office with that guy. I suppose that is one advantage of the cubicle, since it feels more open. Can you tape his mouth shut during business hours?

CH, that sounds like one hell of an accident! Anyone die?

Hi, Moxie and Tree and PK and Lore!

My 4th was pretty decent. We didn't do a damn thing except watch I don't know how many hours of Wimbledon (the giant's really into tennis - used to be the best in his school), so now I know how tennis works, and even how to keep score. It beats watching golf (that was last weekend) or football or the freaking Braves. We made steak dinner and just hung around. No fireworks or anything, just a lazy day at home. I did manage to finish the book I was reading by Jimmy Carter, and put some laundry away, but that was the extent of my productivity.

Today's been a great day so far. It started off awful, but it did a complete 180. My refund finally came through Tuesday night, but that didn't take care of the 6 overdrafts. So when I got to work, I called my bank and some bitch girl wouldn't do a damn thing about it because "it was an authorized purchase" without really listening to what I said. That left me steaming mad, heart pounding, red in the face. So then I called EZ-Up to yell at them, but couldn't get through to anyone so I hung up. Then I re-filed my claim with the BBB. After I calmed down a bit, I called my bank again, because I thought maybe if I talked to someone else there, they'd be more sympathetic, and I'm SO glad I did. I actually got to explain the whole thing, and the guy got his superviser to reverse 7 overdrafts, instead of just the 6 I asked for (I'd have been happy with 5, since the 6th would have given me a real overdraft, so I wouldn't have pushed the issue). I find I get better service from them when I talk to men, and I'm not sure why. He was the nicest man, very patient and didn't let me stay on hold forever not knowing what was going on. In fact, I was so impressed with him that I put in a good word for him with his supervisor, which I don't do often. I'll have all my money back in my account by tomorrow morning, and I won't have to worry about my rent check bouncing. Life doesn't suck anymore. Yay!
Diva, yay! I am so glad the bank helped you out!! I know it will be a huge relief to have all the money back in your account. Woo hoo!

hahaha! maybe I can tape his mouth shut, yes. I can definitely bring an Ipod. I listen to internet radio & I have headphones. I was talking to one of the admin ladies here today about the situation, she was consulted on the whole moving people around thing. She told me she told them that this dude talks too much & will drive anyone crazy. He also plays music all day. So, at least they are already informed & if I have to complain, they will take action. He is just a know it all and is so annoying. Oh well, I guess it could be worse.

Minx, yes, minxman and minxlette are adorable!!

((FJ)) Girl, I would be grouchy too. For real. You have every right to be grumpy. COME ON LITTLE JACKAROO!!!! Give your mama some relief!

Hi, Rose! I am glad Sheff is getting some time off at the end of the month! Whatcha gonna do with it?

CH, that wreck does sound bad. sad.gif

Well, I think I'm gonna go to the library for my lunch break. I finished my book last night, need a new one.
Diva, that is so great that everything worked out!

Kari, I really hope that things work out at work.

Well, I don't anymore info about taht accident, it will be on the news tonight I imagine.

Well, I must go and do some work now.

Later all!

P.S. I found this while fucking around online.
Kari, your situation sounds like a setup for a Saturday Night Live skit or something, where Mr. blab-guy is unbelievably annoying. I dunno, maybe try to start stuff off on the right foot and offer him some kind of munchie, like a macaroon or coconut taffy or something else that keeps you from being able to talk for a while. Anyway, good luck smile.gif

*FJ good birthing vibes* EeeeeeeeeeeeeeWaaaaaaaaaah! wink.gif

Diva, I'm really glad you preservered until you got the right bank guy on the phone. Don't you hate it when the people who are supposed to be in a position to help people, I mean as the FOCUS OF THEIR JOB, are too lazy and thus greeeeedy to help people? Really, their thought process must be, "Oh, crap! Someone wants me to help them, but that would require me to lift a finger. I'll jump on the first chance to end the help session to leave them screwed out of time, effort, money, and any shred of belief in their fellow (wo)man just so I don't have to actually do my job for another few seconds... Hey, I wonder why my day is dragging by?" I remember asking someone where to find a book at Barnes & Nobles back when I was doing research papers and tutoring foreign students. The guy was just chatting with his workmate at the 'help' desk, openly ignoring my waiting for his help. Then he basically refused to check the computer to see if the book was in, which section it might be in, or really any sort of help at all. I ended up talking to his manager about him, especially pointing out that he's at a HELP DESK, and I am someone who helped people for a living, myself, and I really did my best every time to make sure that people were actually helped in some way, by me or by being referred to someone who could help. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

*Grrrl promotion & appreciation vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee -$$k'ching$$-

*Extra-minty Oberman Pez for Rosiev (with Retsin!)*

*waves at Minx, Moxie, Culture, Faeries, Doodle, Tree, and anyone hiding under the couch.*

My 4th was really nice! Goaty and I went on a great hike up to a couple of tiny lakes in the mountain, plus some awesome views. The weather was perfect, and all the trail mud was dried. We ran into what might have been a really charming interracial lesbian couple up there. One was a handsome Mulatto girl with a deep, really cool voice, and the other was perhaps Chinese, but tall and lanky. Both striking, really, in that they weren't stereotypically pretty or feminine or characteristic of their race(s), but just beautifully comfortable about themselves. I guess I didn't have any REAL reason to pin them as a couple, other than how perfect that would be. I wish they were neighbors of ours or something. They seemed like people I could hang out with. Contrast them to this doctor guy who was at the 4th of July dinner with us at Goaty's uncle's house. He looked like the top .01% of California, was a year younger than me, was very successful and confident, and I couldn't generate a single thing to talk about with him that would be interesting. I'm sure he's a really nice guy, but give me friends who are hiking the ridge between being accepted and rejected by society any day!

ETA cool LEGO, Culture! smile.gif I love both LEGO & Escher!
Hi hi everyone!!

Kari, office ettiquette is SO important - I hope you really start making noise if you feel even more frustrated with talkyman...but really, if I were you, I'd refuse to move in with that dude, and demand to stay in a cube, if it came to that.

(((((smooth birthin' vibes for FJ)))) I'm so excited awaiting news of jackarooooooo!!!!

So, I got hit by another car on my ride home from work today. Fuckers. There was a bottle neck of 3 buses, all in a row, needing to stop at all the same stops every single block, and thank cod I was only going about 5mph...but the asshole behind me in his volvo obviously didn't notice the slow-down in time, and I got thrown. I don't think I'm seriously hurt, at least I got my feet out of the clips before I hit ground, but I was thrown pretty good, and my shoulder is a bit cranked out.

BUT, I got my new bike!!! And she is a purty one!!! They got the gears all straightened out, and I'll take it for a good run tomorrow! Diva, much like poodle's got a thing for rockabilly boys, I've got a thing for rugged bike boys...especially the mechanics, so, really, it wasn't toooo bad hanging with the boys for a few hours. wink.gif

Minxy, was that blueberry porn? *is so very jealous*

Hi hi CH, moxie, doodle, poodle, and lore!!!

ETA: Diva, that ROCKS about the nice banker who helped you out today!! It so often pays to be persistent, and understanding as you deal with customer service. Good for you for getting all those overdraft fees refunded! Its a solution that doesn't cost the bank much, AND creates more customer like all the freebies I got on the new bike - its a smart business move.
Hello hello all!

Lore, sounds like you had a really really great 4th! He he, lego and escher, ahhh things you find when you are bored!

Turbo, are you okay?!?!?!?!?! Did the fucker at least apologize???? I almost hit a cyclist once, it was at night and there were no street lights, I felt just horrible. After the incident (which was about 3 weeks ago) I give cyclists as much room as I am able. The ones tha run stop signs and red lights I still curse at.

Well I took houndish to the park and worked out, yet again. I feel like my posts are turning Groundhog Day-esque. This is also how I feel about my life. Well, I'm in need of some food.

Later all!
I haven't finished reading yet, but I had to stop and post so I could say....

....good lordessa, turbo!!! That's some crazy shit! Are you sure you're okay? Did you get the license number?? You should totally report the driver! And sue for physical and emotional damage! OMG! ohmy.gif mad.gif

*dusts turbo off, checks for scrapes and bruises, hands over an ice pack and a stiff 'rita*

Okay, back to reading...

...but heavens, what a scare!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, I'm finished reading! Hi everyone! Hi diva, poodle, turbo, moxie, lore, kari, RV, FJ, minx, faerietails, grrrl, tree, and all the many I'm sure I'm missing.

FJ - WHAT!? No baby YET! Bah! Little bugger. Tell him we're all waiting to meet him!! (By the way, do you read the comic Stone Soup? One of the characters has just gone into labour, hee! I keep thinking of you when I read it!)

poodle, I'm sorry the house deal fell through, but lucky you caught that issue now!

diva, yay for getting the bank stuff sorted out! Hurrah for helpful staff!

kari, oh no.......talky officemates make me nuts, too! Yearrrrrrrrgh!

lore, you and goatiegirl should totally drive up to BC for a long weekend and stay with me! I'll connect you guys up, and we all can play music all night long!

grrrl - funny you should mention, there ARE a couple of photos of The Porcupine Rebels at Canada Day, but I don't have e-copies yet! I have to wait for guitarboy to go back and show his mom how to attach them and e-mail them to me. I also want us to stage a photo like the cover of Abbey Road. (And what makes you think I'm grown up?? biggrin.gif)

And everyone who asks, yes, I'm feeling okay. My temperature is staying normal. I think maybe the sick feeling was from a combination of nerves, heat, and not eating properly (while waiting for my benefits cheque). I feel fine right now, and there's lots o' healthy food in the fridge again. wink.gif (I only saw the boys briefly yesterday, as they were helping a friend move...but the timing was perfect for guitarboy to carry my groceries up the stairs. Unasked. Yeah. Such a nice boy.)

I am making yummy potato soup right now! I've got to put the bacon in soon, though, or I'm going to wind up nibbling most of it into oblivion.

It's hot as Hades out, so I'm shut up inside, sitting in my underwear with the A/C on. (There is a sarong hanging on the back of the door in case of sudden neighbourly visits.) The gay ex-priest was here earlier today - an always fascinating discussion about religion, politics, sociology, psychology, and fibromyalgia. happy.gif organicgirl and I had a nice, long, boy-free visit yesterday, too, which was kind of nice for a change! We talked about everything from patriarchal religion to feminist political strategies....I wound up loaning her a couple of Alice Walker books that changed my life.

It sure is weird - I went from spending days on end VERY happily alone, giving out my fuck off vibes, and now I've got company pretty much every's a lot to get used to! But I guess it must be good for me, or I'd be discouraging it....

Doodle - I'm glad you're enjoying your daily company. I just finished reading "The Temple of My Familiar" and it was *a*w*e*s*o*m*e*!

Turbo - Holy shit, duder! Are you sure you're OK? That's scary and sounds hurty.

Poodle - sorry about the house, but like everyone else said, smart move on your part. I can't wait to hear about what else you find.

I love the garden porn, too. I do not have a green thumb. More like a brown thumb.

*~*~*~jackeroo~*~*come out come out come out~*~*~*~*~*

kari - good luck with Mr. Talkypants. Internet radio sounds like a great alternative.

The tea tree oil is still working well to tame my stinky-toe disease. Yayayay!

El Guapo and I went out with Morticia and a friend of Guapo's last night. It seems that El Guapo wanted to hook up Morticia with his friend. But Morticia is not interested in dating right now, and I told this to El Guapo several times. The friend really liked Morticia, so he is a little heartbroken today. Ah well. I warned, and El Guapo didn't listen.

He's on his way to pick me up right now, and I am very glad because I'm STARVING to death!

I spent today playing with the little girl who is staying with us right now. We went swimming, read books, put makeup on each other, and played with dolls. Then her mom made her unwind for a while and go to bed. She's such a sweet little girl. She's 5.

OK - I think El Guapo is almost here. Smell ya later!
Ah! PK, The Temple of My Familiar is the Alice Walker book that changed my life! I first read it when I was 23, and I was a christian right up until I processed that book...but there were lots of other things I took away, too, over time and multiple reads. I loaned that and Possessing the Secret of Joy to organicgirl. It was our religion discussions that prompted me to dig TTMF out for her, but we'd also been talking about race, gender, history, and a whole lot of other stuff Alice Walker writes about so well. What did you like best about it?

I was right to have the sarong at the ready - the boys stopped by just after I finished my last post, and I didn't get them out till midnight! neighbourboy picked up a Stevie Ray Vaughan DVD today - and guitarboy knows my SRV-worship wub.gif runs deep - so they brought it over to watch with me. I got to regale an awestruck guitarboy ("SRV is a god.") with my true tale of seeing SRV in concert when I was 14. Heh. cool.gif

I'm soooooooooo tired........must be the heat......


*floats away on a cloud of ether*

(Apologies to non-Bugs Bunny fans who are scratching their heads right now.)

(ETA: I forgot to mention...organicgirl has a friend who records his own music on his laptop, so she's going to find out what I need to do that....just one step closer to getting The Porcupine Rebels online for y'all to hear! biggrin.gif)
Good Morning on this Friday, and thank goodness it's Friday!

Doodle, I know exactly which Bugs Bunny you are talking about! I love love love bugs bunny, I adore the transylvania episode with the vampire that runs into a bar, an umpire, a bat with glasses, etc. And I also like the episode withe the bull where Bugs takes on the roll of matador! "quit steamin' up my tail, what are you trying to do, wrinkle it?" Anyways...sounds like things are going well for you, and I'm glad to hear that you are in good health!

PK, that is really great that things are going with with you and El Guapo.

I've got not much else going on, I'm afraid to say. I slept after I did my last post here yesterday, and I slept so well!

That is all.

Later all!
WHOOT! Happy fucking Friday...and since it IS Friday, I give you:

holy goodness! CORN PORN!

Now, we can only hope little jackaroo makes his appearance on such an asture day as CORN PORN day! smile.gif
corn porn! I love it. Mmm corntastique!
Happy Friday, you cock-munchers!!

Holy crap, Turbo!!! What an awful ordeal. And the worst part is..."I got hit by another car..." Another car! As if one weren't bad enough!

I heart corn porn. The corn is au naturel, shaving.

Jackaroo???? Come out come out wherever you are! Jackarooooo??????

Doodle, I'm a huge SRV fan, as well. I cried when he died.

RV, what is butter chicken?

Diva, that's fantastic about the bank guy. I had someone help me like that once, and I was forever grateful. Bank people can be such wankers. I'm glad you found a good one.

PK, I'm glad your stinky feet issues are working out. It's an embarrassing problem, don't I know it!

Hi Lore, Culture, Mox, Kari, and everyone!

Life for me is interesting. I went to Baltimore for the 4th where it rained buckets but we had a blast anyway. I got sort of sloppy drunk and ended up messing around with some cute boy. It was fun, but the next morning was sort of awkward...but not too bad. However, being in Baltimore with my friends always convinces me that moving there next year would be a good move for me. It's just hard to pull up my roots and leave town. I moved so much in the past (lived in 20 places in 33 years) that I get paralyzed with fear at the idea of moving to a new place.

I've taken a break from hanging out with Friendboy. It's hurt his feelings a little, but I know my limitations. He was getting too moony-faced for me. He's vowed that he will hold his feelings inside better, but I honestly don't think he's capable. A break is just what I need, and I'm more concerned for me than I am for him. That sounds callous, but I need to take care of me right now.

Cock munchers! bwahahahaha! That's a good one Kel.

Good Morning! I can't think of a good insult right now. Will work on it.

JENN! I can't believe that happened! Are you alright?? ((JENN)) Geez, that's rough. I am really glad you were able to get your feet out of the clips in time.

I love the corn porn too!

Kel, it sounds like you had a mighty fun 4th! I think your decision about friendboy sounds smart. Let things cool off a bit.

((Doodle)) Are you feeling ok?

Hi Lore! It does sound like an SNL skit, doesn't it? Sometimes all you can do about bad situations is laugh. Mr K said I needed to get some Bose (sp?) earphones. Perhaps I will do that.

Firday came so quick this week! Love it. I had a chiropractic appt this AM, so I got to sleep in a bit too, which was really nice. What's everyone up to this weekend?

What a shit ass boring day, this one is dragging big time! Bah.

Kel, do what is right for you, I'd rather someone tell me the turth than string me along, in the lond run I'd resent them for stringing me along.

Kari, oh fun about sleeping in!

I want this work day to be OVER! Soon, I guess.

Later all.
Thanks, Doooodle! wub.gif A free backstage pass? REALLY?!?

Actually, I'm not really sure how to get Goaty-Girl up there. She's not actually much of a tokenator, and she's more conservative than she likes to think of herself as. I'll run by, "So this cool online friend of mine invited us to visit her and her bandmates in Canada and smoke out a little. Yeah, she's a BUSTie, and... no, not 'busty' like that, I mean... no, she hasn't shown me her... please put the kitchen knife down... AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Actually, I bet she'd like you guys smile.gif She does get nervous about meeting my friends, though. I'll keep you posted, and thanks plenty for the invite smile.gif Hanging out would be super-duper cool.

Turbo, I've been hit by cars on my bike a bunch of times, too, at least thrice. I've never been hurt very badly by it, since they've always been a tad slow by the time we hit, and I'm just super lucky. Good thing it wasn't your brand new bike that got hit! That would have sucked! Glad you're not broken, either wink.gif

Kari, what kinda office do you work at? Awesome that you can listen to your own music there smile.gif

PuppyK, That sounded like a wonderful kid-date! Then a date-date right after? Perfect! smile.gif

Hello anybody I missed! (ya audible labia-clappers!) wink.gif
Bwaaaaaahahahahaha labia clappers!

Like I said, I heart your posts!
Hi, peeps!

Jenn, that sucks! Are you sure you're okay? I wonder if the driver's insurance would cover any of your injuries, or the bike's. Just another reason that we need more bike lanes in our cities.

Lore, you're absolutely right about good customer service people. Granted, I was asking the bank to fix something that wasn't their fault, and they probably didn't have to, but it does so much for customer loyalty. I like my bank so much I'd probably even pay for checking, if they asked. It just seems that so many people try to find reasons not to help you (like the first person I talked to) than to go a little out of their way.

Kari, that's good that your office knows about Mr. Talky. I just hope he either shuts up or you get to move somewhere not near him. Maybe he should just get his own cube (not office, that would be rewarding him for being annoying).

Hi, Kel, Minx, Moxie, Doodle, CH, and all!

Last night, we just hung out and watched more Wimbledon. Whoever would've thought that I'd be at all interested in professional (or any kind) of tennis? I wait around for the Williams sisters to play. I guess that's what happens when the fat artsy girl goes out with the athletic guy.

No weekend plans yet. Since I got all my money back (yee-haw!!!), I'm itching to go to IKEA, but it's supposed to be 96 degrees tomorrow and maybe a little cooler on Sunday. I'm going to give my brother a call later to see if he wants to go out for dinner tonight, but that's it. I'm so glad Pride is over with so I can just chill out and not have an agenda to accomplish.

I wish Poodle would come back from her vacation. Wah! I wanna drink margaritas!
Lore, Labia Clappers is my new band name, just so you know!

CH, hope your day goes by quick!! Any fun plans for the weekend?

Diva, I'm hopelessly addicted to IKEA, but luckily the nearest one is just over two hours away. And I'm a "I have to see it first" shopper, so I don't abuse the catalog. Sidebar about the catalog...Friendboy's best friend is the "voice of IKEA." His is the voice you hear when you call the catalog. I thought that was pretty cool.

My copy of Photoshop Elements came today! Now I gotta learn how to use the damned thing.

Had a long, hot walk in the park. Feel good...motivated enough to clean my gnarly kitchen!!

Kari, I looooove going to the chiropractor. I had to quit because I couldn't afford it anymore, but man, that guy could work out the kinks.

Hi it's me again!

Can you tell what kind of work day it's been? It's hot out there again today, lucky me though, I took it up a notch and I saw me some hot cops! *drools* Ahhhh CH is back! As usual, I get thrown for a curve ball sometimes, but I'm feelingh comfortable again.

Diva, I hve no IKEA near me, there is not one inWinnipeg, Winnipeggers are cultish about ikea too!

Hey Kel! How's it going?

Well, it's still rather quiet here. I'm doing some work, I better get back to it!

Later all!

I used to be so weird about going to IKEA. When they first opened, I went on the opening weekend and spent $500 on shit. I'd only ever been to the one in California before (LA area) with my BFF, and was enthralled by it. It sucked, though, because I could only ever get small stuff, and never more than I could lug home on the plane. I got a round mirror like Doodle's, only mine's blue/green/purple. Anyway, since they've opened, I only go there once every couple of months, or whenever someone else suggests it. I like the ambience, which is why I want to go tomorrow.

I think all this European simplicity and properness on Wimbledon is starting to affect me. That's what gave me the jones to go IKEA shopping.

Kel, he's seriously "The Voice of IKEA"? Wow!

So I've finally decided what gym I'm going to join, and it's not the boxing gym. The boxing gym is so large and open (converted warehouse space) that it kind of intimidates me. Also, there are only 3 treadmills, which are very important to me. It doesn't really seem like the place to go unless you're going specifically to become a boxer, which is cool and all, but I don't know if I've got it in me quite yet. Another gym just opened up a few weeks ago that's maybe 8 blocks from my house, so I'm going to go for that one instead. The hours are better (24 hrs/day instead of earlier closing times for the boxing gym), and the monthly fee is significantly less. As soon as I've got a couple hundred bucks to spare, I'm joining up, which will probably be next month since I've got a class to pay off and a gas bill that needs some attention, but I'll be paying those both off next Friday, so I'll be flush after that.
Yay Diva! I am so happy you got your money back! Sweetness.

I wish we had an Ikea here. The closest one is Atlanta, which is several hours away. I went with my mom & sisters a few months back. I need to go back with all my measurements.

Ch, glad you got to see some hot cops at lunchtime. That cheered up your Friday, didn't it?

I have a crush on this guy who works at the hospital. I talked to him last night for a while. Sigh....he is so cute.

Audible labia clappers! Lore, you are hilarious! I work at a state office. It's a small research commission that does intergovernmental research.

It looks like we're gonna play poker tonight. Wish me luck! Mama could use some new shoes.
hey, anyone else notice the visible LACK of the FJ's today? Hmmmm...? Jackaroo, come home! (safe and easy birth vibes)
I sure noticed the lack of FJ today, and I hope I hope I hope it's because jackeroo is finally out in the world! What a lucky baby to have the FJ's as parents.

Yesterday, my friend texted me from Ikea in Phoenix, and I texted her back that I hope she finds the "perfect Flyggentorp". Hee hee. I wish I could do umlauts on my phone. That would have been funnier.

This morning, El Guapo asked me if I thought there would be a chance between Morticia and his friend. I told him that it was a definite "NO". I said Morticia didn't even think his friend was that cute. El Guapo became confused, then asked, "What is cute? I thought "cute" was when a man help old ladies or something." I told him that when we are talking about guys, "cute" simply means "good-looking", but that "cute" can also describe bunny rabbits, babies, and little furry animals. That made him laugh. He was like, "OK - if you say so."

It's so funny, the quirks of the English language. One doesn't even notice them until speaking with someone like El Guapo.

El Guapo and I have been reading together every night that I am at his place. We are reading "Dying to Cross" by Jorge Ramos. Ramos is a famous Mexican journalist from Univision. El Guapo knows who this guy is from TV. Anyway, the book is horrible - I mean, the subject matter is very brutal and sad and horrifying. It's about a group of 80 or so migrants locked in the trailer of a semi, being transported from the border to Houston with no AC. Nineteen of them died. It's so awful, but El Guapo is interested in the Mexican names and locations, and about the workings of the people smuggling business in the U.S. and Mexico. It's good that he is reading to me, so he can work on his pronunciation and his vocabulary.

OK - I gotta go to work. Smell ya later!
Pk, that story about you explaining "cute" to El Guapo is really funny!! Cute does have a lot of meanings. That's sweet that you two are reading together. smile.gif're right! No FJs today! Hmmm.....It is the due date, isn't it?
I noticed no FJs, today, too! I hope they've got a baby boy right now, and that one of them would come in and tell us what's up so we don't have to wonder.

PK, that's sweet that you and El Guapo read together. I hope his friend gives up on your friend. You don't need to be in the middle of that.

I wish I weren't an idiot and remembered to keep my brother's phone number at work. I want to know if we have plans or not tonight.
(((((safe birthin' vibes for FJ and jackaroo))))

WoW - a day with "corn porn" and "audible labia clappers" all in one - I sure do love you guys!! And of course as soon as I saw labia clappers, I *knew* Kel was going to make it her band name! ...and you didn't disappoint! smile.gif hee!

Thanks for all the vibes, ya'll...I'm not hurt at all, my hip is pretty sore, and my elbow is scraped up, but that's about it. Everyone else is certainly more concerned about it than I get pretty jaded riding in traffic, everyday, I think, and like lore, I've been pretty damned lucky in my bike accidents, and haven't needed anything more than a couple of chiro appointments to set me straight. I didn't get the license info on this guy, I think he was far more freaked out than I was, apologized profusely, ran into traffic to help pick up my work bra and cell phone and junk that was strewn in the street. Mostly, I think I was proud of how "good" I fell that time - getting unclipped in time, and I was thankful for the padding I have on my hips.

I rode the new bike today, and its still not right, and I'm kind of over it at this point. Turbomann's going to call me when he's 20 minutes from home and just meet me at the bike shop, I don't want the bike back until its really and truly fixed this time. Its really taking the excitement out of the new ride.

Doodle! I'm glad you've been feeling okay these last few days, and that your blooming social life is agreeing with you - the same thing is happening to me right now...but I figure its because my progressive sun sign is moving from Cancer to Leo, and Leos can be much more social than the introverted Cancer...maybe your sun sign is shifting too.

Diva, that's awesome about the gym you've decided to join - proximity to home or work is a big factor - which is why I currently need to break up with my old gym - its close to the old job, and I never go up there anymore.

hi hi PK and lore and kari!!!
I'm having vibes for FJ and jackaroo tooo!!!

And I'm glad you're okay, Turbo, how scary, to get hit by a car! I'm glad at least that the driver stopped and tried to help you out.

So, I'm having an irrational, or maybe not so irrational sad night. I wrote a letter in the letters thread, even. Gah. sad.gif I just hate work, lately. And it sucks because I love the kind of work I do, I just hate the politics and the managment where I work. I wish I could my. job.

Why do I have to deal with co-workers and supervisors? Gah.

I am being removed from refrigeration, just when I felt like I was grasping it and starting to be "good"....and holding my own...and I've been placed on a stupid boring stupid job...and I've been told that most people who get on this detail, it's a lifetime thing, you start with one converter, work your way through the campus and then go to the first one again. You know, it wouldn't be so bad if they just worked us in shifts, maybe one person does it for three months or something and then it switches...but, of course, that would make sense and be fair, so they don't do it. One person gets it and then they are in "no man's land"...and they get stuck in it forever. That'd be me, yours truly.

Please shoot me.

Gah....if it weren't for the money and my condo I'd quit.
Hello on this Friday evening everyone!

Diva, congrats on joining the gym, and yay, again, for the money situation!!!!

~*~*~*winning vibes for kari~*~*~*~

Turbo, I'm glad that you are okay, and I'm glad the driver stopped and helped you!

(((tree))) I'm sorry to hear about your work situation.

PK, that's a sweet story.

Hey Mox!

I hope FJ's doing okay.

I worked out and took hound to the park, I'm contemplating another walk, but I've got the blues, again. *le sigh* I'm not too sure what's going on. There was a ladies night at a bar near where I used to work and they had Fire fighters serving drinks. I opted not to go, because if I'm going to meet one, I'm not going to do it while salivating and competing with five hunderd other women, besides, I think I'm more attracted to the fantasy of FF's. Not a big deal. My goal right now is getting more toned, I'm losing weight, but I don't think I've got enough definition. The muscle is there...

Well, I hope that everyone is having an okay evening, and has an enjoyable weekend. Or try to at least.

Ladies, I just found my first grey hair.

I immediately yanked it out of my head.

I am totally traumatized.

Fuck, I wish I had money for hair dye.

That is all.
Noooooo! Don't enter the evil life-long dye cycle!

*Is a huge fan of salt-n-pepper*

Of course, I'm a big hypocrite, too. I pluck white hairs out when I have to wait in the car.
Happy Saturday Okayers!

I hope that FJ is in full labor mode soon to be completed. It's too damned hot to do anything else anyway *smirk*

Alrighty, Minxlette and I baked her birthday cake this morning, which is a good thing because it's already 93F out, and I can't stand anymore heat in this apartment. So let's commence with the garden porn:

Russian Garlic Porn

and Bloody Butcher Tomato Porn
Hey, everyone. We're in the delivery room. FJs water just broke. Nashville Skyline is playing softly. They expect her to push this grub out in the next few hours. She'd update you all but she's kinda busy at the moment.

Be back later....
Holy crap!! Jackeroo's on his way!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!! How exciting!

[slips into cheerleader outfit & grabs pom-poms]
Push 'im out! Shove 'im out! Waaaaaaaaay out!
Push' im out! Shove 'im out! Waaaaaaaaay out!
Come on, FJ, you can do it!
Put a little power to it!

Feel free to scream & yank on my pony tails if ya need to, hon. biggrin.gif
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