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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hello?!?!?! Where is every one today?

Moxie, no worries!

I think I'm going to figure out my digi camer and what it can do. I'm going to let you in on a secret, I'd love to be a photographer.

That is all.
hey you guys... no jackaroo yet! BAH on that full moon theory! we're doing fine, just waiting....

check back in later! smile.gif
Shugga!!!! COme back darlin' - we meece you too!!! There's always a spot for ya on the okayland sofa!!

Good weekend all around here too...drank a wee bit too much last night at my friends' BBQ, thank cod for public transit....but it was super fun to hang with all my ex-coworkers and we had a blast with all their spouses too. Today, turbomann paintballed, and I laid around the house reading Harry Potter...I'm just starting the series, and yes, I'm way late to the fad, but I'm enjoying them so, light reading. Oh, and I went to a meditation group this afternoon with the shaman I work with - it was awesome, and I'm so glad I went.

FJ, thanks for checking in with the jackaroo update - is mr fj home now?

Hi CH!! Glad you got some good sleep last night!

Kel, give the friendboy thing some time...who knows, maybe something good could come out of it relationship-wise, in need to hurry or anything, just see how your feelings settle in time.
Hi all! I just got home a short time ago, and I'm exhausted! neighbourboy is spending the night camping with his family, and guitarboy went off with his ma for awhile, and I'm exactly where I want to be: alone, at home, at last! I'm going to luxuriate in the opportunity that has presented itself....for a LONG SLEEP!

And now, your latest "Rockstar: Porcupine Rebels" update:

We kinda bagged it during the morning set, we felt, but people liked it. We were very tense and neighbourboy and I had an argument afterwards (now resolved...but totally why I can't date Tauruses). In the afternoon they gave us a mic, and we had much more confidence by then, and we were fucking awesome...seriously awesome. We actually got to play for a half hour each set - we did Don't Be Cruel, Folsom Prison, Big Yellow Taxi, Harvest Moon, 16 Tons, Blue Suede Shoes, and a couple of instrumental pieces. (I played the drum on a funk one!) You know it's good when little kids start dancing around in front of you. (Or will they dance to basically anything?)

Of course, in between sets, we felt shitty about our first performance, and needed to re-group after the argument, so we went to practice (and smoke!) on a partially-secluded grassy area.....and other musicians started coming up to us and jamming for awhile, and we all shared our weed (fucking lit candles everywhere), and some would move on and more would come was totally the coolest thing ever! So by our second set, we were total pros: "Okay, let's do it." And we totally kicked it. Plus the second set is the one all our families showed up at (guitarboy's mom, neighbourboy's stepdad, and BFFdottirs, who had us on the cell phone so BFF - who schmoozed her own gig as an MC at the other stage, apparently - could hear us).

I think the best, best, best feeling in the world is seeing the shine in another musician's eyes when they admire your skill with your instrument - in my case, my voice. I can't believe where I took my singing during that jam. Fuck. I am astonished at myself. I felt like Janis Joplin (only not raspy or totally wrecked) for a few minutes there, because I was so free with my vocals. (Considering my whole body used to shake when I'd sing for other people, I'd say this is progress.) We still haven't had a chance for a proper de-brief, but we all agree we have to start playing with more musicians.

FJ! What, no baby!? I was convinced that little one would be born on Canada Day. BWAH!

HIhiHIhiHI shuggah!!! So good to see you!!!

Hi also turbo, kel, moxie, and CH!


doodle. rock. no cowbell needed for you, lassie! WHOOT!!!

Poop, I was really hoping for jackaroo, too. OUr neighbor has not yet had her girl, either. The whole block in rather on pins and needles.

We had a lovely family evening last night. Went to the park, had a great dinner, played outside. Then moxieman and I cuddled on the sofa and watched "Rent" on TV. Do y'all remember we got engaged after seeing a performance of Rent? And, the reading Turbo did at our wedding was the "Life Mantra." So, we were all cuddly and lovey, and still wayyyy too pooped to properly party. Sometimes, the kids are serious cock-blockers. Oh well. We had such great lovin saturday, that i think it kinda carried us through. Sorry, probably TMI.

Turbo, When I started Harry Potter, I read the first 4 books in a week, straight. Granted, I was home from work with bronchitis or some such thing, but they are ADDICTIVE. I'm re-reading No. 6 in anticipation of No. 7's release in 3 weeks!
Good Morning Babes!

Doodles, it sounds like you guys did indeed rock! I wish I could hear your singing. Woot, sister!! Sorry about your argument with neighbor boy, but glad it got resolved.

Minx, I love your garden! It's huge! What are you growing? Ours has really taken off in the last few weeks. We've got squash & peppers coming out of our ears.

Jackaroo is coming sooooon! So exciting!! How are you feeling, FJ?

Shugga!! It is so good to see you! Come back & hang with us, lady. We miss you.

Diva, how was the concert??

Hi moxie, PK, poodle, jenn,, CH, tree, missjoy, and anyone I've forgotten!

I am back at work after a 3-day weekend. I played hookie on Friday, it was awesome. Got a wonderful massage. That night I hung out with my BFF who was in town for the weekend. Mr K was off all weekend too, so that was nice. His brother was in town part of the time, so the 3 of us hung out. They are leaving today for Virginia. They're having their family reunion. Me & Paco are staying home, I'm just too busy this year. Though I probably could really use the time away. In any case, this week shouldn't be too bad. I work at home tomorrow & then we're off Wednesday. smile.gif
Hi, peeps!

Wow, what a weekend! I think Saturday was the most Pink Floyd-y day a person could have. The concert was incredible, but different than when I saw him in 2000 (I can't believe it's been that long since he's toured). He did the giant inflatables that Pink Floyd is known for, especially the pig from Animals, only on it there was all kinds of anti-Bush grafitti. I'm so glad Roger Waters is a liberal, and he's not afraid to say it. He did some of the more obscure Floyd stuff, plus the hits, and a few of his own solo songs (he's had the best solo albums of any member of the band), then the complete Dark Side of the Moon. Yay! He played for over 2 hours, not including the intermission. I even got to hear my most favoritest song in the whole world, Wish You Were Here. I had to yell at the people in front of us to sit their asses down because I wasn't going to let some pot-smoking assholes ruin my happy moment by blocking my view. Anyway, it was amazing. We went to the Pompeii exhibit before that, which is also a Floyd-ish thing to do since they recorded an album there, "Live at Pompeii," and then the bar we went to to eat before the concert was playing only Floyd songs. It was a lovely day. smile.gif

We didn't end up having to tear down the giant's mom's deck. She came to her senses and is going to decide what she wants to put in it's place before we tear it down, and she's going to wait for the giant's brother to get home, they're estimating on the 19th or so. We grilled out and played with the giant's neices, not much of anything else.

I made baklava yesterday. I think it turned out all right, but I need to master cutting it. The giant's scared of it because it has pistachios in it, and they're green. Stupid boy.


How's Dorothy doing, Doodle? Still giving you pain?

Kel, it sounds like you're doing things right with your friend. I hope he can get over his uncomfortableness so you can hang out without pretense.

Kari, your Friday sounds perfect. Are the dogs getting along better?

Hi, Shug!

Moxie, I wish I could get the giant to watch Rent. I've always wanted to see it, but he's anti-musical. I don't know how I ever got him to watch The Producers, but now he's wary of all plays on DVD.

Hi, Jenn!

Hi, CH!

Hi, Poodle!

Hi, Tree!

Time to bust my ass on some work. I've gotten rid of one case so far, now just 10 left. My boss isn't around, so it's hard to motivate myself, but today's my long day since I have to take off early for class tomorrow.

That bastard EZ-Up company STILL has not refunded me, so now I'm filing a fraud thing with my bank. I want all my damn money back by Friday, dammit! It's been 2 whole weeks since I asked for my money back, so I don't understand what the holdup is. With any luck, my bank will make everything right (or at least forgive the 6 overdrafts at $34 apiece this has created) and I'll be able to pay my rent and have some money for gas next week. Oy.

'Allo everyone,

I'm just lazing around home today, hve the day off in lieu of Canada day, which is very nice.

Doodle, I'm glad that everything went well!

FJ, no jackaroo yet? *pouts* soon, though, and Mr. FJ is back now is he not?

Hey Turbo! You will LOVE Harry Potter! Come join us in the HP thread when you read book 7! It's 50% off on Amazon!

Hey Mox! What a lovely weekend! Kari, you too!

Diva, I hope your refund situation gets resolved soon. There is a Canada company which makes really good tents, it's Mountain Equipment Coop, they have rally good product, if you're in the market, still, you could check out their website.

Well, I have nothing going on, go caught in the rain yesterday after taking houndish out to the park, myself and a friend were 3/4's of the waydown, so it wasn't so bad. The ex man texted me again yesterday, telling me he hasn't forgotten about me and he'll call me when he gets back into town. *vomits into garbage* I am in no mood for any sort of romance. Seriously. Meh. Well, I'm going to go and shower, I guess, I don't have anything to do today and I don't want to work out yet as I just had a yummy omelet with salsa on top.

Later all.

hey you guys. i've read the archives but don't have tons of time to post.

no baby still. i'm trying to remember that he isn't due officially until friday. but COME ON! hehe

mrfj got home saturday night, a little earlier than planned so that made me happy. i've just been spending quality time with my sister and niece, going to the beach and the mall - trying to figure out ways to get this little boy outta me!!!

i will return, hopefully with more news!
Hey gang! Dropping by to say we made it home from Disney World okay. I thought of you while we were at Leu Gardens, FJ! Glad to see I didn't miss Jackeroo's birthday. biggrin.gif

Must wash clothes & buy groceries & stuff. Hopefully I'll have more time to post in a day or so.

[blows kisses & skips away]
Fj, That has got to be so hard to wait!! Lil' Jack, you've got 4 days to appear, my man. There are many people who want to meet you!

Diva, I am so glad you enjoyed seeing Roger Waters as much as you did. That sounds like it was a lot of fun. I cannot believe that company hasn't given you your money back yet! What fuckers! Seriously. I hope your bank fixes everything with the overdraft charges.

Hey, CH. Sorry Exman is bugging you. I hope he gets the point real soon.

Diva, yes, the dogs are getting along much better. Thank goodness! Yuki's learned to tolerate Paco, I think she's come to understand that he doesn't mean any harm. He's begun to come out of his shell a bit too, he's wagging his tail a lot more lately.

Well, I believe I have finished updating these profiles for work finally. It has taken some time. Gonna check them, I hope they are pulling all the correct information so I can turn 'em in.
Hi everyone!!!

Hi shug!!!!!!!!! We meeced you!!!!!!!!!!

~*~*~*~jackaroo arrival vibes for FJ~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~healthy kidney vibes for doodle~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~refund vibes for diva~*~*~*~

Heh, just yesterday, I was telling a couple guy friends about how Pink Floyd freaks me out sometimes. The Pig thing...scary. I'm reminded of seizures when I hear some of their stuff. I'm glad you had fun, diva!!! That's so cute about the giant being afraid of pistachios. Mmmmm....I love baklava.

Hi culture, kari, kel, minxoid, and mox!!

I had an excellent weekend. I hung out with my 'rents on Friday. On saturday, I put on my tramp outfit and went to The Vibro Champs' last show (for another 3 plus years). Yesterday, I went to Psycho Suzi's with the drummer and his fiance, who are good friends of mine, and a bunch of their friends. We drank delicious tiki beverages and chain-smoked for about 4 hours. I wish they didn't live in Pittsburgh.

My boss is gone today and tomorrow!! Yayayayay!!!

I could totally see the more obscure Floyd inducing seizures, especially with the graphics they used at the concert. Some of that music scares me a little, but that was back more in their drug days when Syd Barrett was doing most of the writing (and shortly thereafter got kicked out for being on a constant acid trip). There was a floating pig and an astronaut. I've never seen the astronaut before, but the flying pig is a big Floyd image. They're the only band you can rock out to that makes you think about the military industrial complex and it's validity and use to society. Makes you really want to get out of the whole rat race.

There must've been 4 separate instances of Bush hate, which was awesome.

Kari, that's good that the dogs are getting along better. I wonder if, when the giant and I get our own house, if we should get both of our dogs at the same time, or wait a few months in between.

I hope the bank will fix this for me today. It's totally not their job to have to do this, but I'm glad they are. I don't think I've ever been so satisfied with a bank before, and it's one of the big institution banks. My BBB complaint to EZ-Up should be to EZ-Up no later than Wednesday, so we'll see if this whole thing can't be resolved by Friday. I refuse to believe it takes 3 weeks to get a refund on an online order when nothing was ever shipped out. Never once has this happened to me before.

Poodle, I'm jealous of your Psycho Suzi's visit. We still need to go out for margaritas one of these days when it's not threatening to rain or god-awfully hot. You're more fun to go out drinking with than the giant.

Hi, RV!

FJ, is the Mr. going to be home until the baby is delivered? I can't believe you're going to pop this week! Squeeee! Sometimes I check in here and lurk just to see if he's here yet. Are you really going to name him Jack, or something else?
Ooh yes!! I haven't been to Bar Abilene forever!! They have the best mojitos...and guac!!
When my bank stuff gets figured out, hopefully by Friday, we should go.
I'll be gone all week, including the weekend, so we'll have to do it the next weekend or something.

So it was Nile's birthday last week and he said that nobody gave him a gift, including his lady friends. I want to get him something. Oooh!! I know!! I'll buy him a cigar and make him a copy of Dean Martin: Italian Love Songs. Alright. That problem is solved.

I'm thinking about skipping out of here early today and maybe even taking tomorrow off. There's absolutely nothing to do here and I still feel a little crappy because of my cold.

hola bustarinos! busy weekend this week. i spent friday and saturday working, 12-hour shifts from four to four both days. the posting for the job is officially closed, so whatever applicants they have now are it, my competition. i checked out the schedule for the next few weeks, and i'm going to continue working this shift for the next three weeks. it's hard as hell, 10-hour days minimum, quite often weekends, and i'm lucky if i have time for anything but sleeping and working. i'm working this shift that i applied for right now becase there is literally no one else who can do it, i'm just the most logical choice. but i swear to maude, if they hand the job to someone else after this...
i did manage to catch a few hours awake enough to go see ratatouille with the momster, c-monkey, aunt j and my cousin's three kids. they are so awesome! jj's growing a mohawk and thinks he's all bad-ass, but he still wanted a booster seat and later wanted to sit in my lap. too-tall's just about ready to top out over me with those long legs of hers. and the quiet one had her nose buried in a book most of the time, just like i used to at that age. and then it was back to work. dry.gif
Poodles, that is a great gift! I vote for taking off early today and tomorrow, esp if you are still feeling cruddy. Rest up!

Grrrl, those shifts sound absolutely grueling! You're one tough chica. I will be crossing my fingers & toes for you to get the position! Sounds like you were able to fit in some fun in your off hours. Kid mohawks are too cool.

I took a long lunch so I gotta hang around here about 25 mins longer than normal this afternoon. Bah.

Hello everyone!

Oh FJ, I'm so nervous and excited for you!

Hey RV!

Hey Kari, how is work and stuff going?

Poodle, that sounds like a really great weekend, take the day off tomorrow if you aren't well. I like the gift for Nile, that's really great.

Diva, I hope your financial situation gets dealt with soon.

Grrrl, ~*~*~*~*job calling vibes*~*~*~*~*~*~

well, I've not done a whole lot today, it's going to be a lovely short work week, and I'm having garlic salmon for dinner! YUM!

Later all!
I'm such an idiot. I locked myself out of the computer system I need to use to do all my work, and I've still got an hour left in the day. Dammit!

I talked to the bank, and they've dropped the whole thing, which wasn't much of a surprise. It's not like I was claiming someone stole my card and used it, it's a complaint between me and that awful business. It would have been nice if they could forgive some of my overdrafts right away, but I see why they can't. If I don't get my refund by Friday, heads are going to ROLL. I won't be able to pay my rent if it doesn't come through.
~*~*~*~refund vibes for diva~*~*~*~ Sucks, dude.

Damn, those are some grueling shifts, grrrl!!

Hi kari and culture!! It sounds like everyone's having a pretty slow day today.

I have to listen to the CD first to make sure it doesn't skip. I've listened to it so many times that it's in rough shape. Ah yes, I looove Dean Martin.
Hi ya'll, its a late check in here tonight. Just got home from having dinner with our friend from college who's in town this week. We went to a southern creole place near my office....sooooo goooooood.

((((((grrl jobby job promotion vibes)))) How was Ratatouille?

FJ, just so you know, Jackaroo is due to arrive tomorrow morning at 5:45am. wink.gif

Yeah, mox, I am trying to power through the Potters in time for the big release party at the feminist bookstore near here. The whole neighborhood is getting into the act, with bars having drink specials, and costume parties - should be fun. I'm late to the Potter fan club, but its very fun to read them all on a binge like this.

Kari, I hope you enjoy your quiet week, and get some good relaxing time with Yuki & Paco - you've been maintaining a grueling pace for a long time here.

((((diva refundage vibes))))

Poodle, sounds like you had a superfun weekend! Any chance of piccies in your fancy new duds?

Dooooodle! I'm so glad you rocked another gig, and that you impressed yourself and everyone else with your golden pipes!!

So, I'm watching this Discovery Channel show on OnDemand right now - Ice Road Truckers....these guys drive across a 300 mile ice road to deliver stuff to a diamond mine....these guys are insane...its stressing me out just watching. compelling, though.
Good evening all! I haven't been online all day - I spent pretty much the day with guitarboy (, yesterday, I a statutory holiday in Canada), so I'm sure you'll forgive me for not being caught up yet! wink.gif

I knocked on the door this afternoon to return something guitarboy left here last night (did I mention he stopped by last night when he got home?), and he invited me to watch a Freaks and Geeks DVD mini-marathon (a show I'd never seen). I also got to watch him clean the apartment at the same time. Very well done, very thorough - I'm filing it away in my brain. And yes, he does windows! tongue.gif After cleaning, guitarboy fed me mac and cheese, and then he fell asleep on the sofa while we were watching a Doors concert video.

I got a burning urge to sketch guitarboy sleeping, but fetching my sketchbook would have woken him up, so I wound up using the materials I found at hand: a purple ballpoint pen and a magazine page without too much on it already! It was pretty decent, if I do say so myself, except the nose was a hair too big....but impossible to correct because of the medium. He says I made him look like John Bonham, which is a good thing, apparently. Anyway, he hung it on the fridge! cool.gif

I came home while he was still sleeping, but after he woke up, he invited me back over to jam. I think it was a ruse to keep him company, though, since we only did 2 songs before he turned into a little chatterbox. rolleyes.gif We just finished watching Rebel Without a Cause at 12:30....I only JUST got back in my own door.


And my cats are pissed.

Funny. (work safe)

Right, so, I'm going to read now and catch up!
Good Morning on this Tuesday!

~*~*~*~*refund vibes for Diva*~*~*~*~*~* If I lived closer to you, I'd give you the cash.

Hey Poodle!

Turbo, sounds like a good evening, and I'm glad you're into the HP thing!!!! Only 18 more days!!!!! Have you had any success in getting the Fire Fighters to wear pink for your breast cancer fund raiser?

Doodle, what a rockin' good eveing, and I read that non sequiter in the paper on Saturday, I loved it.

Good Things Tuesday
1. No monday work day as yesterday was a holiday.
2. Short work week because of aforementioned holiday.
3. Eugene the Betta is doing well.
4. CH is looking hot and feeling good fom working out!
5. Ummm, hmmmm, it's just a fairly good day.

Well, I don't have much going on, ex boy hasn't called, which is a good thing, of course he was the one who kept on coming after me on Friday. Figures. Blah, I figured I'd have so much to do, but I really don't yet. Impressive, but that can always change.

Later all!

Hey peepers!!

"He says I made him look like John Bonham" Ha!! I'd certainly be flattered if I were him!! That creation cartoon is super cute and makes far more sense than the biblical version.

Hi culture and turbo!!

So jackaroo is due today? I thought it was friday. Huh?

Good things Tuesday:
1. half-day and then the rest of the week is vacation!!!
2. Arms feel good and sore from working out last night
3. Good playlist
4. Semi-clean bedroom (no more heaps of clothing)
5. I ain't got shit to do, so I'm gonna look for decorating ideas online

Where is everyone this morning?

Get up, get up, get up, get up
Let's make love tonight
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
'Cause you do it right!!
Hi, peeps!

Today is one of those days I really hate my job and wish I were elsewhere. Most days are like that, but today especially. This new work I got stuck with really does lend credence to the phrase "no good deed goes unpunished." I'm feeling punished - big time. Everyone I could ask for help is off for the holiday week and my boss isn't around to yell at.

CH, is this the 7/7/07 mothership guy again? Puh-leeze. That ship has sailed.

Thanks for the vibes, everyone, but the issue is more about the $204 in overdrafts that this problem has caused, which is more than the damn tent even cost in the first place. I should have $354 back in my account by the end of the week, but I'm growing very, very impatient.
hey all...

turbo, just so you know, you were wrong. jackaroo didn't arrive yet. argh! he'd better get here by saturday. (he is due friday actually, but my sis is here through sat). he just BETTER! mrfj and i tried sex last night to get things moving and i DID feel a couple contractions after. so this morning, after he left, i went for some, uh, self-stimulation to see what would happen and again got some contractions. so that's something. he gets home from work early today at 1:30, while my sis is out with a friend for lunch, so we might just try again. hehe. all in the name of delivering a bebe, of course!

the visit is going well. my niece is a huge bookworm. in fact, they're in the other room arguing because my sis wants her to get dressed and the bookworm wants to "finish a few more pages" before getting in the shower. i bought her a gift card for her bday for the new harry potter when it comes out and she was psyched! i had planned to buy some sort of coming of age type thing for her, as she just turned twelve, but i obviously couldn't have done better with anything else.

diva, i feel you on the overdrafts. i'm so sorry about that. we had an issue when my paycheck didn't come as planned a few weeks ago and it got us in a hole. we had about $300 in fees, all caused by it. i actually contacted the bank and they looked at my history and took pity on me, dropping the fees by 20%. but it was still a lot of fees. hope it all works out!

oh, and we are actually naming him jackson but will most likely call him jack. at least we're 99% sure it'll be jackson. hehe. i like it but have seen an awful lot of kids named that lately. but i think giving him the name jackson will allow him to either be called jack or jackson or jacks or whatever he chooses. he'll just have more options. we're going with the middle name of foster, as that was my mom's maiden name.

doodle, i love that you and guitarboy are getting along so well. he sounds like a really sweet guy. i dig him. i really hope you get yourself to a doc though. i am worried about you! don't wait too long to get checked out.

ok, i'm about ot go make a huge pot of marinera so i can make two pans of lasagna, one for dinner and one for the freezer. i'll check back soon!!

oh, and poodle, we are clean room twins! i just finally got rid of a pile of clothes that had been plaguing my room for weeks. maybe i was nesting last night, because i also cleaned out my spice cabinet and my pantry.
***sending contraction vibes for fj***

keep doin' what ya gotta do for the little one! oh a cancer baby. they are so cuddly those cancers. i'll keep all of my parts crossed the bebe comes soon, fj!!
FJ, I'm sorry that jackaroo didn't heed my deadline. smile.gif I do hope the little guy comes around soon!

I got off work at 11:30am today - hooray!! So I rode on home, hit the mercado for some grillin' supplies for tomorrow, and shortly, I'm going to ride on up to the bike shop to hopefully pick up my NEW BIKE!!! Whee!

Doodle, when I first scanned your post, my eye immediately picked out the word "statutory"...and I was not thinking holiday. wink.gif Leave it to me, right?! I'm so glad to hear you having so much fun with guitarboy, and expressing your creativity in new ways!

((((prosperity vibes for diva)))) I'm so sorry about your shitty financial sitch...I hope it gets cleared up soon!

Have a great vacation poodle - we'll meeece you! Maybe jackaroo will be here when you get back!
I know how the overdraft thing goes, too. Ugh. I'd help you out, but I just bought a house.

~*~*~*~jack arrival vibes~*~*~*~ I hope the "agitation" hurries things along!!

Oooh!! Turbo gets her new bike today!! How exciting!! You should get a little basket for the front.

I'm home now. I'm going to my house later on for the inspection. I hope everything turns out alright.

Yellow everyone!!!!

I've been going through files today, hence why I haven't been in here.


Poodle, I'm uber jealous of your holidays! And I hope all goes well with yer home inspection!!!

Diva, the 7/7/07 mothership guy!!!!!!!!! Bwaaaaaaaahahahahaha, I had forgotten all about that! Indeed it is him. He's obviuosly still thinking about me, but had he not screwed up well, that'd be different. But, I'm also not into dating, so bye bye exboy.

Oh FJ! I like the name jackson, and I say fuck your brains out to bring on bebe!

Hi Star!!

Turbo, yay on the new bike and awesome about being off work early.

well, it's hot as hell here today, and it's sooooo uncomfortable, but at least I got my hands on the new mental_floss. That is all. I hope everyone is havnig a lovely day.

Later all!
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Well, after spending 4.5 hours standing in the bike shop, endlessly test riding the new bike after adjustments, part swapping, etc...I have no new bike yet. I just wish I had my Harry Potter with me - I could have cruised through a couple hundred pages in that time! What a waste of a half-day off. Its a damned good thing that those bike mechanics are so cute and wasn't SO bad spending the afternoon with them, swapping hairy biking stories, making fun of bad customers. Hopefully the bike will be ready for me thursday night, and likely with even nicer components. heh. Oh, and I already got a free, really nice bike helmet from them, kick stand and rack, for being so patient. They DO want me as a customer, afterall.

Poodle, there will be no front basket - this is a road bike! I've got a rear rack, and several pannier packs that I use to schlep all my stuff to and fro work.

((((good house inspection vibes for poodle)))) I can't wait to follow along with poodle's moving/decorating process!

bwahahaha - 777 guy tries to return!!!! Good for you for continuing to shut the door on this one!

Aw, Turbo. Too bad you couldn't take your new bike home tonight. That stinks - but hopefully Thursday you'll be cruisin'!

I have three days off work this week, which is bad for the paycheck, but good good good for me! Last night, I spent the evening with El Guapo. We had an English lesson for a while, where he read a book out loud and I helped him with pronunciation and vocabulary. Then we went to IHOP for some pancakes, and know the rest.

I have been using Tea Tree oil on my feet, and so far so good. El Guapo has been commenting on how proud he is of my non-foul-smelling feet. Yes, very very good.

I'm all showered and dressed up, and have no place to go. Boo. But my roomie should be home soon, so maybe we can go get something to eat and keep each other company. El Guapo is at his mom's house right now, visiting his sister who is up here from Mexico.

OK - smell ya later.
FUCK MCFUCKITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll make a long story short:
-huge concrete separation along south foundation wall that wasn't noticed during first visit (plus bowing in wall)
-inspector advising me to bring in a contractor
-poodle backs out of deal with support of realtor!!!!!!!!!!!

The search continues....

Sorry 'bout your bike, turbo!!!

~*~*~*~stay cool vibes for culture~*~*~*~ Did somebody say "new mental_floss?!" Weeeeee!!! I was just looking for it on Friday. Yay!! It's here!!

Hi PK!!! I'm glad the tea tree oil is working!!
Sorry about the bump in the road, Poods. Solid choice, however. You just don't want to fuck around with those type of things. I still marvel that Minxman bought the house he lives in. It's been an eight-year project for him thus far, with at least three years of heavy-duty renovations left...hell, he had to jack up the floor on the porch last fall. That was wild. Anyhoo, good luck with the newly continued search for the perfect Poodle Abode.

I got "The Omen" in the mail today. WHOOT! I know what I'm going to do when Minxlette goes to sleep tonight. smile.gif

Another Cancer baby for the Okayers. Nice. Minxlette's birthday is coming up in a week from today. She's quite the drama queen; tonight she has been belting out "These Boots Are Made for Walking" in the bathtub.

Oh yeah, and I FINALLY got my relicensure approved. WHOOT! I get to piss off parents, students, and admin for another five years!!

Damn...I'm gonna have to get me some tea tree oil now. My dogs are ALWAYS barking.

Okay, here's the daily garden porn:

Boys are stupid.
Bad night Kel?
You don't know the half of it. God, why can't anything be simple? Friendboy. Why does he have to like me so much? It's just so transparent. I've told him we can't be anything else, yet there it is, that big old heart on his sleeve. And collar, and front and back of the whole damned shirt. One big heart for me to break.
((((((Kel))))))) God, that sucks. I feel for ya, hon.

Minx, that pic is gorgeous! I love morning glories. I may have to find a place to plant some of those next year.

Poods, sorry to hear the house was a dud. Onwards and upwards, right?

FJ, maybe the jackeroo will decalre his independence from the umbilical cord tomorrrow, hmm? Fingers crossed!

Jenn, that sucks about the bike. How annoying!

Okay, I am totally blanking on the importance of 7/7/07 for this guy from CH's recent past. But I was suffering from Real Estate Madness at the time he was in the picture, so I think I can be forgiven. biggrin.gif

Good things Tuesday:
1. Sleeping in my own bed. Mmmmmm.
2. Just me and Sheff and no one else in the house. After being surrounded by family for two weeks, we're reeeeeeally appreciating our private time. Yum! wink.gif
3. Sheff doesn't have to work tomorrow & since we saw our fill of fireworks at Disney World, we're staying home, cuddling, & eating Indian food.
4. Sheff just finished up a big project at work and as a reward, they gave him a whole week off! The problem is he cannot chose when to use that time; he has to take the final week of July off from work. But still! A whole week of paid vacation! Wee!
Sorry Girlie...I hate it when people are that honest, as well. Sometimes. MB made me feel that way a lot of the time. Mostly it was because I was not in the emotional space to appreciate it. There is a weird feeling of obligation and guilt that surrounds those sorts of crushes. You might do well to consider telling him that you really are not in the space right now to fully appreciate a friendship with him because of how you are feeling. It is something to consider, at any rate. But yeah, nothing is fucking simple. Not really, mostly because humans are rarely simple machines. But remember that you are a beautifully complicated machine, Kel. We loves ya. wub.gif

Rosie! Glad you liked the picture. Even more glad that you are "coming back to the fold".
Good morning good morning, and Happy Independence Day to the American BUSTies!

Turbo, that stinks that you didn't get your bike, but yay on getting it Thursday and getting free stuff too!

PK, mmmm pancakes and stuff! That is really great that the foot smell is gone. and awesome about the vacay!

(((Poodle))) I'm sorry to hear about your house, but at least you didn't buy it then find out you needed to do all the mondo expensive repairs. Im sure you'll find something. Indeed the new mental_floss! I was so excited! I think I'm going to start purchasing back issues, because I heart the magazine.

Minx, what pertty flowers.

(((kel))) boys are stupid, I'm going through the same thing with one of my friends.

RV, this was a guy I dated who wanted to wait for portions until 777, it was bizarre, so I said bye bye, and it was Diva who coined something about me going to the mothership. Hee. So that's what that's about. And that is so wonderful that you have your house to yourself.

Well I worked out last night and took houndish to the park, as per usual, I've come to the conclusion that I don't live a very intersting life. I did shake things up and have a rootbeer float. Exciting huh? Uhhhhh, no. Hee.

Well I've got messages to pull and that is all.

Later all.

RV, time alone with your boy sounds divine! And free vacation time? How freaking cool is that?'

Poodle, that's so disappointing about the Almost-Poodle-Pad. Just envision better things coming, and they will. Thank cod you caught it early.

Culture, this always happens to me. Sweet, adorable friendboys fall for me and I am incapable of giving back to them. Usually because I have an impenetrable fortress around my heart. Anyone who might actually be nice to my heart??? Doesn't stand a damn chance. I'm discovering that I'm very emotionally stunted insided.

Minx, thanks for your words. They were very helpful. I love your morning glory. Garden porn....hehe.

So, anyway, I dunno what to do with Friendboy. He's just too available, too transparent, too sweet, too....too.
((((poodle))) I'm so sorry about the fall through on the house..but you made the right decision, and you KNOW the perfect house is out there waiting for you, and you have more time to really refine what you want in a house, how much you want to spend, and where your ideal location is.

((((kel)))) I'm sorry - the friendboy situation is tough...but, I hope that in time, that hard exterior protecting your heart might soften enough to heal and allow someone like friendboy to be a good partner for you.

So, this morning, I slept in until 8am (a miracle for me), and went out with turbodoggie, and there's a possibly homeless/drunk guy sleeping on our private patio downstairs...he's gone now, so I hope he's okay. 4th of July always attracts more strange happenings around our 'hood.

Turbodoggie made it safely through the first night of fireworks, though. I got him some more Rescue Remedy last night, and it really helps take the edge off his anxiety...and we close all the windows and run fans and the air conditioner. Tonight, I know, will be the worse night, but we'll just plan his bedtime walk to be much earlier.

RV!!! Welcome back, darlin'! WOOT for unexpected vacay time! That's so awesome.

Minxy, your garden is truly wonderful - I am totally coveting. smile.gif And the new avvie is so freakin' cute!
Hello Kel and Turbo!

Kel, I hope your situation gets better, but you can't force something that isn't there, but it still isn't easy, especially when you enjoy the friendship.

Turbo, I hope your night goes well with houndish.

I can't seem to locate the HP hardcover special super edition on the canadian version of amazon, and I saw it in an e-newsletter, I want it. Hopefully customer service will be able to help me track it down. Wait, I never thought og another Canadian bookseller! YAY! Anyways,

that is all.
Heeey all!

For Americans: Happy independance from our maple-scented oppressors in the North! No longer shall they dominate us with their curling, lax marijuana laws, and peaceful ways! Abuse a beaver if you can, my patriotic friends, in the name of freedom!!!

For Canadians: Are you sure you couldn't just make us one big Southern Territory? Your medical system could take us in, right? Oh, and most of us didn't vote for that troublesome war-loving guy... ummm... Blair.

for Poods: Bummer that the house didn't pan out! It's frustrating to invest time, work, and hope into something like that, but at least now you're better at home-hunting? Went like that with our car-hunting, anyway. I hope you find the dream house!

for Kel: *sigh* yeah, I've been in a similar situation from the friendboy side, and her telling me, "LOOK! Ain't gonna happen! Friends only, or go away!" actually lifted a weight off of me after I got over the initial hurt. I just focused the crush-energy elsewhere and kept being good friends with her. You just need to be resolute about how you feel. Then again, if you've got semi-crush on him, that's different. Turbo & the other BUSTies probably have better advice. Still, rootin' for ya, Kel!

for Trubo: Scary about the homeless dude! I hope he doesn't come back. All I can think of is installing a motion-activated light there to discourage campers? It might freak you out if neighborhood cats trip it off all the time, though. Homeless peeps are tricky to deal with. Good luck with Turbo-Doggie!

for Al Qaeda: New cel training plans, peeps! From the desk of Big Al himself, you are ordered to spend at least 5 hours a day in 'virtual' training on the computer. Your shopping list of training computer games to play are as follows: #1- Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas to give you all mad carjacking skillz. The Great Satan won't be able to function if you steal their cars, then pimp their rides out a bit to make them better for escaping the cops. #2 Alien -vs- Predator Online because if you can defeat a bunch of acid-blooded aliens controlled by Full Throttle energy drink-blooded teenagers, you can take on the Pentagon, easily! #3- Tetris, because it is made up of various blocks, just as WE are made up of various cels. We need to learn to fit together and work together in tight ways, using quick thinking and planning several steps ahead. Otherwise, things will come too quickly, and we'll drop stuff in places we don't intend to, and we won't be blowing stuff up. When we don't blow stuff up fast enough, we reach the top of the screen, and well, you know... Game over, mang! Game over!

for Minx: Re-licensure? What kinda? Congrats!

Lore I heart your posts!
Awwww.... wub.gif Where are you at, Culture? Weather's beautiful over here in Bellingham, WA. Good luck Harry-huntin'!
I'm in Winnipeg, and it's lovely here, there is a wind and it's cloudy, but still comfortable. I found the series sold by a Canadian book seller, so I'm happy! Yay!

How's everyone's afternoon going?
Wow, turbo, you slept till 8???? blink.gif You'd think me being mostly deaf, if I put the covers over me I could sleep as late as I wanted. NOT. Mojo decides at about, oh, the crack of 5:00 AM that he's hungry and he knows I don't hear him if he wails so he takes to walking back and forth across my stomach. And sometimes jumping on it. Heh. Stinker.

*calm turbodoggie *~*~*vibes*~*~* cause I know how fireworks affect puppers. My poor dog Lady (half cocker spaniel, half black lab ~yeah, I know~)...just had a horrid time when I was living in the shack because they set off fireworks darned near RIGHT THERE. I mean, I had front row seating at the fireworks display. Poor puppers. At least Mojo doesn't really seem to be affected one way or the other.

Poodle, I'm sorry that the house didn't pan out but I'm so glad the problem was caught! Trust me, listen to the voice of experience here, foundation issues SUCK. Here's to finding the perfect PoodlePad soon!

FJ, now that my personal jackaroo arrival date prediction has expired, I'm going to root for him having a 7/7/7 birfdate...that would be uber cool.

Although now that it's been more than 12 hours or so since I've seen a post from you I have no other choice but to believe that jackaroo's on his way right now!

RV, yay for weeks off!!!

CH, I'm glad your weather's been better. And (snork) on the 777 guy wanting back in...hehe, I guess he figured the time was coming up now????

What a douche.

(((kelkello)))) just cause. I dunno what to say about friendboy...but you'll find your way in the end, truly. Just be honest with yourself and with him.

Sooo....I'm really starting to feel like I'm starting to (almost) grasp some of this ultracold refrigeration stuff. I mean, I went out to put a new main circuit board on one at the end of the day yesterday and when it fired up it was acting goofy so I called my partner (thank Goddess for him!!) and he AGREED with my *speculative* diagnosis! This is BIG...for me, anyway. I'm happy! smile.gif
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