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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Morning!

Poodle! I love your house! It is so nice, even with Myrtle's furnishings. You're gonna make it rad, I know it. I'd say first order of bidness: paint! That changes everything. SO excited for you!!

((Minx)) so sorry about the confusion with minxman! Do you feel his parents' upcoming visit prompted his feelings of not being sure about things? How are you feeling about things?

PK! That dessert sounds so f-ing good. YUM! I hope El Guapo is ok.

Hi doodle, moxie, tree, MOUSE!, jenn, and CH!

I'm doin' alright today. I am pretty tired & my belly's not really feeling 100% for some reason. Toying with leaving early. I decided I am definitely playing hookie tomorrow. In fact, I've already booked myself a massage. smile.gif

Oh, hi hi Kari!!!! I missed you on my post! Yay for your massage!
hey Kel! I know, I seem to have cross posted with a few of you!
That chili sounds goooooood. You will have to post some pics you take with your new camera. I mean, not pictures of chili.

Yes, I have decided tomorrow is Kari day. My annual longevity bonus goes into my acct tonight. I need to do constructive things with part of the money, but I'm definitely using part of it on pampering. I think tomorrow I'll go get a pedicure, take myself out to lunch, and then get the massage at 2. How 'bout them apples?
Kari, them apples sound delightful.
Just driving by to say...

Congrats Poodle!!! Nice house!
*skips into okayland*

traalalala! I'm in a decent mood today! I guess this working out thing is really, working out for me. Hee.

Kel, that sounds yummy! boourns on the heat, we're getting a break here. I have a hint for those BUSTies who don't have AC. Take damp towels and put them up in your windows, it cools the air down. I don't know if it works, but I heard it does.

Hey Polly!

Kari, I hope yer tummy feels better! Enjoy your day off tomorrow. I'm jealous!

Well, I don't have much going on since last time I checked in. I am now going to play with camera, but not at this exact moment, later today and this weekend I will. Woohoo!

That's all for now, later all!
I'll have to try that towel trick. I'm seriously dying up in here. It's not fair. The rest of the apartment (including my roommates' rooms) is nowhere NEAR as gross as it is in my room. I dyed my hair last night, and when I started pouring the dye on, the dye (which had been sitting unopened on my floor) was all hot. Everything in my room is hot. My face cream, everything! It's gross and my feet feel like they're burning, and I'm breathing out hot air. Nasty!!!

It doesn't help that 2 of my 4 walls are basically all window. I need to cover them up with something to keep all the light out. Then maybe it'll cool down in here.
Faerie I remember when I went camping and it was too hot, I'd get myself a big bucket of cold cold cold water and sok my feet, it also kept me nice and cool.
hi hi hi!

happy thursday!

just got back from my weekly doctors appointment and... NO CHANGE! argh! actually, my blood pressure is slightly increased and they told me to be careful about that, if i get headaches to call them and let them know. of course, i woke up with a headache and told her about it, but she said just to let her know if it gets worse or if i still have it tomorrow. i guess they'd consider inducing me if my pressure gets too high. so i guess that means i needs to relax...

oooh! i just saw that my appointment showed up today AND she bought a big contract. so, i'm not as much of a loser as i thought i was. tongue.gif YAY! how awesome!!

last night was actually really nice. my inlaws are the best that i could ask for. in fact, mil asked me this morning if i'd gotten myself any nursing bras yet and when i said no, said she was going to kohls today and would buy me a couple. she is so generous and good to me. and yes, this is the first grandbaby for her and fil, so they're totally STOKED about this kiddo. they actually went out and bought a stroller/carrier/carseat combo for themselves because they plan to take him for weekends, at least once per month. i shouldn't have complained but i did want my me time. i think it's the nesting instinct - i just want to be here at home. i have my bff coming over tonight.

kari, that sounds like a great plan! good for you for taking time off AND getting a massage. i envy you. i think i'll have to treat myself with one after the birth.

still jumping up and down over the new poodlepad. so, spill it, chica! when do you get to move in? we need deets!!!

glad you seem to be in a better mood today, ch! we're getting closer to the full moon, maybe it's full moon mania? i seem to have it too!

um, kari, did MRG ever show?

eta:x-post with FJ- HI!!! I SO highly reccomend letting the grandparents have "time" with baby! Its saved our sanity. And our sex. Because, honestly, who wants to scream so loud a baby wakes up? Not me. moxette's first stay with her grandparents for a couple hours was at 1 week old, and her first over-nighter was at 6 weeks. She just thinks that gramma and papa's house is her house. same at the in-laws. Its good.
Oh! Yes, moxie. MRG definitely showed. Believe me, if she hadn't, I'd be one stressed out lady. I seriously think my stomach is hurting b/c I am so exhausted. Do you ever get that? So tired you feel almost ill?

FJ, no change yet eh? Hmm. Shan't be long! Your inlaws sound really sweet. That is so fortunate.

Congrats on the big sale today! sorry about the heat!
Good afternoon, all!

FJ! That jackaroo is determined not to get here until daddy can be there for the whole thing, I'm sure of it!

Oh fuck, what else was I going to post? I forget! I'm kind of nervous about performing tonight. But the sky is gray, wind is kicking up a storm - I hope it doesn't rain!!

I'm going to be sick. No not really, but I was sick yesterday, literally throwing up in the morning and weak all day. I think it was from too much sun and not enough food the day before, though, and the MRG (my anemia) - BUT I'm a little worried it might be Dorothy, 'cause it was the same kind of "sick" from when I actually was sick. PLEASE send your vibes that Dorothy is NOT going to behave badly, at least not before our gig on Sunday!

That all aside, I'm actually surprised by how much of my own stage fright I've gotten over, as long as I know I'll have guitarboy there with me. But the funny thing is, my own confidence in public performing seems to grow from wanting to bring HIM out of his OWN self! Weird, huh? But he's so fucking gifted, I want him to get over his brain damage.

(I have actually had to go so far as banning "self-talk" in my apartment/the rehearsal space, but that goes for all of us Porcupine Rebels. Fuck, it should just go for everybody. I'm going to paint a "NO Self-Talk" sign for the front door.)

Sorry for this MEpost - I know, I know. I blame nerves. *feigns sheepish look*
Hi it's me again.

FJ, that is really great the yer inlaws are being so great! And I am in a much better mood, statring to get a little tired, but the work day is winding down now, so that explains it. And hurray on the big sale!!!!

Hey mox! and Kari!

~*~*~*~*~*~*anti dorothy vibes for doodle*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Well, I want this work day to be over, and that is all. No FF's at lunch, boo, maybe tomorrow. I have to do dishes when I get home, then take hound to the park, then work out, then maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to relax!!!

that's all for now, later all!
~*~*~*Dorothy, settle down~*~*~don't hurt Doodle~*~*~*~*

Hi hi!

El Guapo is feeling much better. He says he is at about 80%.

My feet stink really really really a lot. Rank. I can't describe it. It's an odor that invades every room in the house. I don't know what to do about it. I washed my feet, but everytime I take my shoes off, it's horribly stinky. Two pairs of my shoes have to live outside now because the roomies can smell them in their bedroom, in the hallway, and in the living room.

Last night, I stayed at El Guapo's apartment. I took my shoes off, and left them in his room for about ten minutes before he decided to put them outside. Later that night, his roommate told him that my shoes were making the whole apartment smell bad. And they were outside. Either the smell was still lingering, or my feet themselves were emanating the foul odor. I washed my feet in the bathtub, but I was so embarrassed. El Guapo told me about it in a very sensitive manner, and he kept asking me if I was mad at him. I felt like a stinky-toe dum-dum. How embarrassing.

Poodle! I love your new Myrtle home! I can't wait to hear about how you're going to fix it up! Don't go *too* too crazy at Ikea, otherwise your place will look all generic-Swedish. But Ikea is the perfect place to start, I say. Ikea is fun! I love their funky lamps. And they have rugs and curtains for cheap.


Last night, Chiffon and I went to the fancy expensive Mexican restaurant downtown where El Guapo is a busser. We had a couple of cocktails and chatted and watched him work. He was very professional. But he managed to sneak in a comment on how beautiful I looked. *blush* hee hee. Chiffon likes him, and asked him if he wanted to go sometime to the tequila bar for a tasting. She really wants to become a tequila expert (as do I, and also Morticia), but we can't afford to buy the tequilas by the bottle. Expensive! So, at the big resort where I used to work, there is a tequila bar where you can get flights of tequilas. Sounds fun.

Where's Tart? I have a question about Troentorp kitchen clogs, and I think she has had them before. I want a pair, I think.

Heikki and Mr. PK went to the movies last night. They saw 1408. Don't know how they liked it, but I will give them a call soon. Isn't that a scary one?

culture - the work day's almost over! (for you guys, anyway) You can make it! I'm leaving for work in about 10 minutes. BOO!
~*~*~*~*~*~anti-dorothy vibes for doodle~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~!~!~!~!~!~!~go away nerves and bring on clear skies vibes for the porcupine rebels~!~!~~!~!~!~!~

i can't wait to hear how well you guys rock it tonight. you BETTER come in and update us immediately. or. or. or i'll spank you!

i am really fighting the urge to just stop working right now...
(((((porcupine rebel ROCK vibes)))))

Go get 'em doodle! (((((((super laser-powered anti-dorothy vibes))))))

POODLE!!! Congrats on the house!!! It looks super cute, and just the right poodlepad! And that YARD! OMG, you could have the most kickin' garden there, and nice loungey BBQs....awesome!! Now, I'm with FJ, give up the deets!

Sorry for my absence last night - I got home and we were dashed into the cable/internet/voip we sat on the balcony and read books all evening, which was really lovely, but I meeced ya'll!!! And I missed poodle's big announcement!

Kari, I totally need to get a massage too - its been over a year. I need to look up the school nearby my office, and make an appointment there. And I am SO with you on the angry MRG! Damn, I had lower back pain this morning, and riding my bike to work this morning, was *not* fun.

PK, get thee some tea tree oil and rub it on your feets before shift. If you have a LUSH shop in town, go pick up some T for Toes foot powder - it has tea tree oil and lime in it, and it totally de-funkified turbomann's feet!

Hi hi mox!
Hey everyone!

PK I used to get really bad smelly feet, it's because I spent so much time oin my feet at work, but since I stopped working on my feet, smell be gone. What kind of socks are you wearing? I also suggest tha you put baking soda in your shoes, in addition to what Turbo suggested.

Hey FJ! I say stop working! That's just me though.

Hello Turbo! That sounds like a divine evening.

Well, I took hound to the park, and was there for an hour and half, I decided to for go the workout as my muscles are just getting really sore today, I'll do it tomorrow.

I am going to head off to bed now and I'll chat later all!

PK, you're going to get lots of smelly feet suggestions, mine included. Back when I was married, my husband had the stinkiest feet EVAH. I mean, if he took off his shoes you could smell them on the other side of the house. It'd gag a maggot. Anyway, we were both vegetarians at the time. I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian (dairy and eggs), and he was a lacto-vegetarian (dairy) We decided to try to go vegan, giving up dairy (and he never ate eggs anyway)...but, anyway, when he gave up dairy products his smelly feet vanished! I remember picking up a pair of his socks off the living room floor and going to put them back in the dresser, thinking they were clean, and he stopped me and said, "actually I wore those all day." the dairy definitely made my hubby's feet stink. We went back to eating dairy (we both got too skinny), and the smelly feet came back.

Anyway, if it's not a huge thing to you, maybe consider giving up dairy for a couple weeks and see what happens. We were VERY strict when we did it, reading food labels, eating only dark chocolate, etc. No dairy or no dairy by-products.

Grrl, I agree with you, it was creepy and sad to see the ponies. I'm glad I was in the microscopes-and-rocks room again today. I am tempted to take a picture of the piping set-up I am creating, it is pretty...well, as far as piping can go.

~*~*~no dorothy~*~*~ vibes for doodlebug, I hope you don't get sick again! And ~*~*anti-butterfly vibes*~*~ for the porcupine rebels!

Well, fj, if there is no change, does that mean jacko's not coming yet? Am I going to lose the wager? Heh. Anyway, Jackaroo is going to arrive whenever the powers that be, decide he's coming! I'm going to suggest portions. Lots of them.

Poodle, I'm psyched about your house too! I love living vicariously through Busties! Oh, and I've been to that Ikea. It's an evil place, I can spend SO much money there. Heh. Lurve it.

HIhiHIhiHI everyone! I am only just barely home, changed and washed! Having just scarfed down a bowl of cereal, I came right in here! Pardon me in advance for what I am sure is going to be a MEpost, but I know y'all want the latest update on "Rockstar: Porcupine Rebels." wink.gif

BFF is an amazing manager, and we all agree! Wow, she totally took care of us. And she totally encouraged us to smoke weed, even though she doesn't - what a badass. biggrin.gif She took care of everything - we never had to deal with one person if we didn't want to! She drove us there, got us likker, got us organized with where to play, and just schmoozed right into that party like she'd been one of them the whole time! (I think she was about to take over the barbecue at one point.) Damn. And I hate schmoozing. That alone makes me want her to manage us. All I had to say when people started talking to me was, "That's our manager over there." HEE!!! tongue.gif But seriously, now I understand why the whole artist/manager relationship exists.

(You know what pisses me off, though...people who start talking to you while you're singing/playing. LOTS of them! Just because they know you, I think. One woman - a colleague from my time in the women's community - actually came up to me and said, "Can you talk while you're singing?" I shook my head no, and kept singing...and she went on to start telling me about some upcoming event she wanted me to come do radical feminist stuff at. While I'm singing!!! Hello? Can you not wait three minutes for the song to be over, just because YOU have to leave? Have a little respect! I was pretty annoyed - and I'm sure not going to do any radical feminist stuff at her event, even though it's the kind of stuff I would totally do otherwise. I'm going to have to get BFF/manageress to start sidelining those kind of people.)

There was a 2nd "band" there when we arrived - they were obviously for the older crowd - and they were one of those awful cruise ship three-piece thingies. Literally, they are a cruise ship act. "Fly Me to the Moon" and that sort of shit. Plus, that band was crappy to us when we arrived, treating us like weird hippie drop-ins, rebel competition or some shit, and they were trying to tune up (WITH their PA system) while we were playing, so it was obvious they were being territorial. I kept referring to them as "wankers" in my not-necessarily-quiet voice. Later, guitarboy told me how impressively gutsy that was, but honestly, I was just pissed off at the time and I didn't even think about it. smile.gif

Anyway, BFF/manageress got us moved to a better location, and later on we got to play inside, sitting on the hearth. We were very good, but guitarboy started out totally psyched by the cruise ship band. (At one point, he just fixed me with this big stare, like, "Oh, help.") Everybody loved it! As I knew they would. I mean, for starters, the NDP is fucking ecstatic to have "young people" there...and I seem to get lumped in to that, which is fine, I suppose. smile.gif But everybody was digging it, lots of big, happy smiles and a little dancing around. I got tons of compliments on my voice, but of course, I keep telling people I couldn't do it without the guys. Which is true. We stayed on to entertain the clean-up crew while they worked, which was long after the cruise ship "act" had packed it up. And since I've been on the clean-up crews, I know how much that meant!

I'm absolutely certain we'll be asked again. Especially if a federal election is called soon!

We also met a cool old hippie guitarist who asked to sit in with us. Since I was playing guitarboy's guitar at the time, guitarboy handed him mine, and hippiedude put it all out of tune! But his playing was the shit. Unfortunately, they soon called us in for the speeches, or we would have gone on longer. I'd just got him started on my favourite Los Lobos song, too. *sulks*

I definitely swore too much tonight - too much boy influence, I think! Have to watch that when there's kids around. Especially because the boys are still young enough to censor themselves like their mamas trained them, but I'm just like a foul-mouthed old sailor or something! (Mind you, my inability to care what other people think of me seems to impress guitarboy on several levels, so what else can I say about that? wink.gif)

The guys and I went back to their apartment afterwards, where I was initiated into smoking honey oil, which is made from weed. (The boys are now proud of having corrupted me so fully.) And also we debriefed the evening's events (which is not dirty like it sounds). We agree that we all feel more confident about performing now. Plus the boys decided that they actually like the NDP. Then I finally reverted to the responsible adult and remembered guitarboy has to get up for work at 5:30.

Sorry this is long and TOTALLY about me and my day, but I hope you all enjoy it anyway!
DOODLE!!!!! ROCK ON! I don't think there is anything else we can say!
Yay for doodle and the porcupine rebels!!!!!!!! I'm glad you guys had fun!!

"'Fly Me to the Moon' and that sort of shit." Hey, what's wrong with Fly Me to the Moon?!! I love that shit!!

I'm sick. sad.gif I also ran out of coffee.

Thanks for the house kudos everyone!! I'll close at the end of July and start moving in then. I have 2 months left in this place.

poodle, it was kind of the way they did the song, too. All their songs. Like...I a three-piece cruise ship act that is wholly dependent on their synthesizer to do way too many things. wink.gif

Thanks for the cheers, mox and poods!!!!!!!!

I'm fucking exhausted. I gotta go back to bed...
Happy Friday everyone!

Doodle, yay on the gig!!!! That rawks!

Poodle, I hope you feel better soon!

Hey Mox!

Hi Tree! I'm glad to hear that your ot in the headless horse room!

Well it's Friday, I don't want to be here and I'm out of the office this afternoon and Monday is a holiday! So, all is well in the aspect. I have nothing else.

Later everyone!
Hey all, I don't really post in this thread - but I thought I would poke my head in and say hi!

Doodle your night sounded awesome - you mention it was for the NDP, I'm also Canadian, what kind of event was it? I used to live right in Olivia Chow's riding so I used to see her a lot - she gave me my Christmas lights! I went to a tree lighting ceremony in my little neighbourhood and she was there and gave out free LED christmas lights - awesome!

I don't think I have any stinky feet suggestions. I have really crap, fake leather work shoes that were especially sticky during the two really humid days we had this week. JoyBoy was standing beside me just after I came home from work and had taken my shoes off - I was sitting on an armchair with my feet flung over the side and he stops what he is saying and says, "is that your feet? The smell just hit me!" And then we both laughed - ah the fun of being in a long, comfortable relationship. I maintain he can't complain about my feet so long as he keeps taking his socks off and either a. leaving them on our side table or b. throwing them at my head.
Hi missjoy!!! Who is the puppers in your avatar?!! SOOO CUTE!!!
Hello everyone, it is I wonder CH. I've decided to become a superhero, I hope y'all don't mind.

Missjoy is that your houndish in your avi? I ask this because you always talk about houndish in the CBC and puppy threads. Anyways, welcome!

Hey Poodle!

Well, I only have a wee bit longer today, then I can go meet with my supervisor then go home! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

That is all. Later everyone!
Unfortunately, it is not my hound in the pic - I do have a basset hound but could not find a pic of her to use as my avatar. I will have to find one when I get home. This pic is one I found on a basset hound forum I frequent.

I'm the only one in my office today and I reeeeeeeally want to go get some take out indian food for lunch but I'm afraid my boss will call while I'm out. I'm craving channa masala and a samosa.

And, since I'm the only one here, no one can complain about the smell (I think my office mate is not very "foreign" food tolerant).

Being the dazed person I can sometimes be I made a batch of cupcakes (thankfully uniced) on my kitchen table yesterday. Today the hound is sleeping and I go upstairs to get dressed. Come downstairs and she is chewing with cupcake crumbs around her! I counted and I think she only got one or two, but I hope that doesn't come back to haunt her puppysitter!

ETA: love the Calvin pic in your avitar - wish they still made that comic
Hi, peeps!

Poodle, that house is cute! And such a huge yard! I love the shelving in the living room, too. I think you should do the walls in really bright colors and hang up a whole bunch of b&w pictures. If you need any light purple paint, I've got a couple gallons left we aren't going to use.

I got no advice on the stinky feet. I should probably be looking for advice myself. I've got a couple pairs of sandals that I can't really wear anymore because they stink - and one of them I just got late last summer. The damn canvas sole and whatever's in it absorbs sweat/odor and just leaves it there to get rank. And I thought Clarks were supposed to be good shoes. I've never had any problems with leather soles, though.

PK, I'm glad your guy is feeling better. You've inspired me to do some baking this weekend, probably some fancy new cupcake or flourless chocolate torte with ganache icing.

FJ hasn't been on yet this morning... I wonder if she popped?

Sounds like you had a very nice evening last night, Doodle. Congrats.

Hi, Tree and CH and all!

I'm looking for someone in my office that has a membership to the Science Museum that is basically next door. It's near impossible to find anyone. I want to go see their Pompeii exhibit tomorrow with the giant, but without a membership, it'd cost $52 for us, which is far too much. I might just end up buying a membership and getting the ticket discount (only $7 apiece with membership) and hope that I remember to go again a couple times over the next year to make it worth it. Anyone in the TC know anyone who could get me some tickets today?

What've you all got planned for the weekend?

We're going to the exhibit tomorrow right before we see the Roger Waters concert, which I've been looking forward to for months. We've got really decent seats - lower level, 14 rows back, freaking $90 apiece, but it's so worth it. That was my treat from my tax return. On Sunday, we're going to the giant's mom's to help rip out her deck. I don't know why she can't just wait until the giant's brother gets back from Iraq in a few weeks, it's not like he's not used to extreme heat or anything, and it's his house, too. Oh, I forgot to mention on Tuesday's Good Things that the giant's brother is all done running missions in Iraq, so no more fear of roadside bombs. He leaves the country on July 9, then to Kuwait for a few days for debriefing, then somewhere else in the U.S. for a few days, then home. It's about freaking time. It'll be really nice not to have to worry about him anymore.

Anyone watch the Democratic candidate forum last night?


Congratulations on the new digs Poodles!!!!

I'm on my way to delaware today. I'm going to hand deliver some of my demo packages to a few stations while I'm there. I found out a good friend of mine in the business is gunna be the big dawg for the "other" rock station in town. I may have finally got my break...either way is fine with me. I'm thisclose to leaving the biz all together.

Speaking of my trip, I've got my set list ready with Tom Jones, AcDc, Beatles, Johnny Cash, Geto boyz, and even the chairman of the board of the dead himself Frank Sinatra .

Some day, when I'm awfully lowwwww,
When the worrrrld is cold,
I will feel a glow just thinking offfffffffffffff you...
And the way you look to-night.

nope, no baby yet!!! still sitting on hurry up and wait!! i slept in this morning because i was up from 4am to 7am and just could not sleep. i was having some strange pains that i hesitate to call contractions (more like moderate menstrual cramps that came about every ten to twenty minutes), but something is definitely happening in there. and (tmi!) i've got a bit of spotting that i think could be the mucus plug coming out (google it). i don't have the pains so much today since i got up and jackaroo-y is not as active as usual this morning but not enough to worry me. he's still squirming around here and there. i feel like we might have a baby coming before the end of the weekend. but then again, it could all be wishful thinking.

last night was nice. just hung out with bff and her son, who was being a bratface for much of the night. i kept asking him if he's trying to set an example of what NOT to do for the jackster. argh! am i really going to one day have a seven year old that acts like that? of course, around 11pm we peeked in on him in the guest room and he was passed out in his little spiderman underoos and his little wifebeater tanktop looking so cute and sweet. little red haired devil that he is. hehe

oh, and we had molten chocolate cake with caramel and ice cream. so that was good.

and oh oh, i decided to stop working for the rest of this period and for the next two weeks. i'm still feeling pangs of guilt though, and i really hope that goes away soon. i messaged the director last night to tell her that i couldn't work anymore, that my back was just killing me and she ignored me. i don't know wtf that was all about. so now i haven't actually TOLD her i'm not working but fuck her. i am so tired of being ignored. maybe i'm just sensitive and it's that whole part of me that is afraid to disappoint and all that but i feel like i'm being judged for wanting to take some time off to prepare for my BABY! grr.


doodle, i'm so happy that the gig went well for you guys. you def sound like you've got yourself a good manager with bff too! it's so cool that you guys grooved so much. i know just what you mean about people walking up and talking to you while you're singing too. what is up with that? um hello! i'm performing! of course, you don't want to be all diva on them either, but still. and cool that guitarboy kept eyelock on you and used you as his "rock" to keep him steady. and now i want to hear more about honey oil. i've never heard of that. hehe, you canadians and your newfangled weed habits!

speaking of canadians, one of mrfj's clients sent us a baby gift of a t-shirt and hoodie with the word ROOTS across the chest. what is the significance? they're adorable little pieces, especially the hoodie. i can't wait to get him all cute in it when the winter comes. anyway, i guess i should google it to see what's the story.

shawnboy, your mix sounds awesome. and i love what you've done to poodle's place! BWAHAHAHA. nice flamingo! smile.gif oh, and doodle, i had the same reaction as poodle - hey! i like fly me to the moon! but i know what you mean. if it was just a bunch of old standards done in the same old standard way, that could make for a stuffy event.

my brain is all over the place right now. i have to go put jack's cradle sheets back on. yes, i've had his bed ready for weeks now but i just decided that i should wash them again. and now the dryer is beeping at me that they're ready. my sister gets here tonight with her 12yo and i need to clean the bathroom before she gets here too. and put away some other laundry that's been sitting in my bedroom floor for weeks now. but i'll be in and out for most of the day today and try to check in as much as possible over the course of the weekend and next week. if anything happens, i'll be sure to have mrfj pop in and let you all know!
FJ, those most definitely are contractions. The spaced far apart mild kind can last days on and off, though. My neighbor, who is due any second now, was sent home with a "false alarm" yesterday...she was spotting, having contractions like you described, and is 4CM dialated! But, the contractions stopped, so they sent her home. Her first birth was very fast, though, so she's a little concerned about getting back to the hosp. in time. At any rate, i read something over in the pregnancy thread that made me thinki of you. Something about scrubbing floors on your hands and knees bringing contractions on. I bet its the combo of physical activity and gravity bringing bebe down further. So, how did you decorate Jack's nursery?

Mr.FJ comes home when?

ok, back to work. *Mwah*
thanks moxie. yeah, i figured they were contractions but i guess i didn't want to alert/alarm anyone since they're so far apart and they're really sort of weak. mrfj gets home either on sunday afternoon or within two hours of when i call him to tell him to GET HERE!! smile.gif he told me this morning that he really feels funny, like he's in the wrong place right now. he wants to be here with me. i told him just to do his job and sis will be here soon to take care of me. honestly i'm sort of enjoying the silence right now.

i will take some pics of the nursery soon. it's not quite complete. but we painted the walls a bright lime-y/froggy green, and his furniture is all black modern-y stuff. right now, we have the cradle still in there, but it will come to our room when he arrives. we've also got the crib, diaper changing table and a rocking chair in there. i've bought some 3ft long black bracketless shelves to hang on one wall and plan to put bright blue, orange and dark blue containers on them to store his stuff in. mrfj will hang those when he gets back. and, we bought a cool floor lamp last weekend with primary-colored (plus green and purple) globes that really adds a punch of color to the room. i still haven't bought the letters J-A-C-K to go above his bed, nor have we purchased his first poster yet. so while we have everything in place really, we still have a few little odds and ends to finish up with before i'll be ready to call his room "complete". but i figure he won't care too much. tongue.gif
Fuck work, FJ!! You're gonna pop any day now, so they don't really matter. You shouldn't feel guilty at all. That's so cute that jackaroo's bed is already made!!

HAHAHA!! Shawn, you are so goofy!! That playlist sounds awesome. Have a safe trip!!

That's so awesome that you get to be up so close for Roger, diva!! Fun times. That's so great that the giant's bro is coming home soon. It's about time!! If only the rest of 'em could come home.

Hi moxie!!

Ugh, my eyes are so red right now. I look stoned, but I'm really just sick. I feel like a snot factory. I just really want to go home. I wish my boss would leave, because I don't feel like asking her if I can go home.

Yayayay for the Procupine Rebels - and we all knew Doodlebug before she was a rock goddess!

Just talked to Heikki and Mr. PK in Chicago. Last night they went to see a play - I think it's called "500 Clown MacBeth". Anyway, Heikki found it hilarious. Which I am happy about. I'm glad he enjoys a little bit of culture now and then.

I'm making my Scandinavian Summer Tart as a special, running this weekend at the restaurant. I made an Orange-Honey Sauce to go with it. The sauce consists of a little bit of orange juice, brought to a simmer with some sliced fresh ginger in it to steep. It steeps for a while, honey is added, and the mixture is reduced to a syrup. Then I added some Grand Marnier and cooked it another minute. Yum!

I plated one of the tarts and showed it to my executive chef, who said it looked great. He told me he would like to see the berries on top of the tart glazed with apricot glaze to make them shiny, and then a sprig of mint on top of the tart to finish it off. Sounds good to me!

Has anyone ever seen the Animal Planet show called, "It's Me or The Dog!"? Just wondering. That show has some naughty dogs on it, but one dog in particular it etched in my memory forever. His name is Teddy Pom Pom. I can't get over the name. It's too funny, so I say it a lot whenever I can. Teddy Pom Pom was a very bad dog. Did anyone see that one?

I want - NEED - tea tree oil for my feet! Thank you for all the suggestions! If this keeps up, I just might go vegan. It's a severe case. Thanks, guys!

Poodle, we're not actually going to be that close to Roger. There's a whole group of floor seats, I don't know how many rows, that we'll be behind. I can't do floor seats unless they're in the first few rows because I can never see anything, so I got us the best lower-level tickets I could afford. It should be an incredible show - last time he played for 2.5 hours, no opening band, no bullshit, and only played maybe 4 songs from his solo work. The rest was all Floyd, baby!

Shawn, I like what you did to Poodle's place, gaudy, and yet tasteful. smile.gif

FJ, fuck work! You're going to pop any day now, work should be the least of your concerns. And if they don't like it, screw 'em! The baby's room sounds really nice. I can't wait to see pics!

The strangest thing just happened at work. Well, maybe no strange, but something. Today is someone's last day in the office and she sent out her "goodbye" email, and the last line of it was, and I shit you not, "God bless President George W. Bush." Gag me.

PK, that tart sounds delicious!

Speaking of delicious, I got myself an extra special treat - 3 truffles from Chocolat Celeste. These are the best truffles of all time. The flavors are vibrant and rich, but not so rich that you can't finish (they're the size of golf balls). The bastards are $3.50 apiece, but SO worth it. That's the place I'm going to try to get a part-time job at for the holidays.

Hi, Moxie!

heh...well I have a funny story for the Okayers. Funny at my expense...hehe

So I'm working on this ultracold. These are good jobs because they are worth eight hours each, so if you fix them quick, you've got an easy rest of the day. So I found a refrigerant leak and fixed it, evacuated the system, and put new refrigerant in. Mind you, I was the only one in the refrigeration shop at the time (and I'm kinda new and ultracolds are kinda technical)...but I charged it up and plugged it in. Well, the fans started but the compressor didn't! I got out my electrical meter and there is no power going to the compressor. So, I call my senior partner, the ultracold specialist, on his cell. This is the conversation that follows:

Me: "hey, I got that -80 charged up, plugged 'er in and the compressor's not doing squat. I put a meter on it and there's no power to it."

He: "did you turn the switch on?"

Me:"...............ohhhh yeah...that might help, wouldn't it? oops"

He: (spoken really slow and carefully) miiiight...

Yup, the lamp doesn't get bright if the switch isn't turned on! hehe! At least he's got a sense of humor.

There's still something wrong with it, but we squared away the first stage compressor issue, anyway. rolleyes.gif

I was hoping to make it a quick job and use it to screw off today. Well, I screwed off, anyway, so I better fix it quick on Monday!

And I'm a little tipsy right now....I will post later..or tomorrow! I just thought the story'd be entertaining!
Hi hi everybody!!

Doodle, I am SO glad to hear that you not only ROCKED the gig, but that you really had fun, and that people enjoyed your music! And hooray for BFF - that's so awesome that she's so great on the logistical schmoozing end!

PK, do get thee some tea tree oil!! When I worked in restaurants and was on my feet all day in closed toe shoes, I definitely had stankers too...just comes with the territory, I think. You should take a poll of your co-workers and see what they do for their stanky dogs. smile.gif

Diva, I'm drooling over those truffles. And I'm so glad to hear that giant's bro is coming home. good news.

Today was one of those very annoying days in the office....I was in meetings for 4 hours today - YUCK! That's really the downside of the new job...and most of them are conference calls, as our staff are spread out all over the state. I don't like conference calls - too easy to not pay attention.

Someone in here....and its not CH for a change, really made me want Indian food tonight. I'm gonna say it....Mmmmm.....SAMOSAS!

((((((poodle feel better))))

The brand new poodlepad countdown has begun - woot!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that we're on the road to a new kitchen and bath too!! Hooray! One of my friends who came to my birfday party last week - her husband has a kitchen/bath reno company, and he's gonna do the work for us, and he has great ideas - we're gonna knock down a wall, baby!

Tree, I'm a little buzzy already too...heh. Got home and poured myself a stiff 'rita...guess I should go stumble around the block with the dog.
Hello everyone!

Diva, that science museum sounds fun! Sounds like you have a good few days coming up too!

Hey Shawnboy!!

FJ! I also, again, say to hell with work, and jackaroo, just stay put for three more days, at least okay?!

Poodle I hope that you feel better soon!

PK, that sounds so good!!

Hee, tree's got a buzz going! Mmmm, drinkies.

Hey Turbo! Funny you mention Indian food, but before I took houndish to the park, I had some samosas!!! Hee.

Well, I've had a lovely relazing work day, went and met with my supervisor at her office, that took most of the afternoon, then said to hell with it and came home, then took puppers out to the park, and now I am relazing at home. Well I was, but my mother wants my help moving something, I hate rearranging furniture, I finds it to be a massive pain in my ass. I'm supposed to be going out tonight as well, and I was *trying* to nap, but the woman was clopping around the house. grrrrr.

Well, I should go help before she starts witht he nag-fu.

Later all.
Howdy all!

FJ, screw those asshats at your work. You have an entire ecosystem working in your body right now. You don't have time for their freakin' crap.

CH, yay for relaxing days! Nothing but time to dream of hot firefighters! *drool*

Diva, the museum plus Waters sounds like a rootin' tootin' good time. I hope you have a blast!

Poodle, I think Shawnboy definitely has the right idea for the outdoor paint job on the new poodle pad.

Turbo, congrats on the new renovations!! What do you have planned?

Tree, that sounds like something I would do. I'm sort of a flibbertigibbet that way.

PK, I used Gold Bond medicated foot powder. It helps tremendously. I sprinkle in my shoes after I wear them and smooth in on my feet, too. It's a miracle worker. I sound like a commercial.

Welcome, MissJoy!!

Doodle, that's brilliant about your gig. What a rush that must have been. I love performing and getting applause. But, duh, who doesn't love getting applause?

Speaking of applause, my friends and I went out for some cheesy karaoke last night. I sang "All That Jazz" and brought the house down. I have one of those great, big, belt-them-out sort of voices. We had so much fun.

Gay boyfriend just left. I did a photoshoot of him with my new camera...he is so gloriously handsome. It makes me a little ill almost.

Hope every Okayer is, well, okay!

Okay all...The Talk went a lot better than I had initially projected. Actually, it went from "we need to break this off and move our own directions" to "well, do we necessarily need to follow a proscribed relationship pattern here?" Yeah. So, no moving in with each other. We just ain't ready for that direction. So, I am pleased to offer a picture or three of what we've been doing these last few weeks:

The Garden

Our Loon

And a little lovin'

It's all good in the hood...time to shower and go to a graduation party. At the Old Country Buffet. Kill me now. wink.gif
Well, Minx, things look good. I'm glad!

Where the hell is everyone?
Hi Kel, I'm here, I've been lurking most of the day.

Plus I went out last night and didn't get home until 4 then was up at 7. Needless to say I'm exhausted. And I'm not impressed with people I'm friends with, I'm thinking of just fucking off from them, I've got other good friends. I loooooooooove this reevaluating crud.

I bought myself a betta fish today, I've named him Eugene, and Emily is sitting next to me with this snake toy. So, last night guess who I ran into? The ex man. Boy2 has also apologized for his behaviour, telling me that he was going to call me and have a chat with me. Him and I actually had a decent conversation today about some stuff I had going on. The ex man was concenred about me (ummm, right) and texted me a few times last night in the bar wondering where I was and wanting to talk to me. I'm in no mood for any of this, so I think I'm turning my phone off so I can sleep tonight.

Kel, it sounds like you've had a lovely weekend so far.

Minx, I'm glad things are going well! That is a lovely garden as well!

I am going to rest now, my mom is making us dinner tonight. I've had a good day with her.

Hi, CH. I call reevaluating my friend set "thinning the herd." Sometimes it needs to be done. I just recently got rid of a friend I've had for 10 years. He isn't the same guy anymore; I don't like who he has become. It's painful, but necessary. Sounds like you had a looong night. I was up until 2:30. My natural rhythm in the summer is to be up very late. But Soji still wakes me up at 8 to go outside. Usually, once I'm up, I'm up. I took a long nap, however.

Very conflicted over here in Kel-land. Friendboy. Very conflicted about Friendboy. *sigh*

I had a nap, just not long enough.

thinning the herd, I like that. I think I'm just going to step back for a while and see what happens.

What is going on with friendboy?
Hello everyone! Oh lordessa, I'm so exhausted, I've only just skimmed. Please forgive me!

Tomorrow is the big day. The guys are freaking a bit. Their families are going to be there. But I'm going to talk them up so big to their families, they won't know what hit them. Oh, also, guitarboy and I decided we're swapping guitars tomorrow, which should make it extra interesting, because they both play quite differently! (In an "improved sound" sort of way. Although he always puts my guitar out of tune with his string-bending ways.) BFF/manageress has arranged for a local radio guy to come hear us tomorrow, because if we're good enough, he's going to bump another act from an upcoming music-in-the-park thing for us. YIKES! I am NOT giving the guys warning! Likely they won't recognize him anyway, and I don't want them running for cover before we even get there.

I am still a bit nervous about the kidney. I'm still feeling a bit sick-ish, and I don't think it's nerves, so I'm worried now....the doc said any pain or fever and I'm to go straight back to the ER. I think I'm going to buy a thermometer on Monday so I can start measuring my temperature! (Or is that a step towards Howard Hughes-esque hypochondria?) Also, all my clothes are too big again, even my "new" jeans. I think it's the medication, which means it's working it's magic on my diseased ovaries....but still, GRRRRRRR, because I have ZERO money for wardrobe right now!!!

Okay, sorry for this VERY hurried post, and also for the MEpost again! I've got a whole bunch of things to do before I can sleep. (Like showering. I've been silently blaming the boys for the foot-stink smell all evening...but I just realized it's ME!) And I've GOT to sleep SOON!!!!!!!!!

The Porcupine Rebels perform at 11:00 and 3:30 Pacific time tomorrow. Think of us then!
Sorry for the double post - I remembered there were questions!

missjoy, it was a fundraiser for the BC NDP (I'm a party member). Basically $50/ticket BBQed burgers and smokies at kind of a posh house in the hills. Carole James, the provincial NDP Opposition Leader, was the guest of honour, and our local federal candidate was also there. (And I hope you will get to know his amazing brilliance after the next election, when he becomes our MP. YES! Because he will. I have zero doubt, and I'm not even saying that as a member of the party.)

FJ, I asked how honey oil was made, and apparently it has something to do with putting the herb in pure alcohol, and then burning off the alcohol until you get super-concentrated "honey oil" (named for it's colour). It can be dangerous to do, but it's apparently safe if you let the alcohol burn off in the sun, rather than using another heat source, like a stove or a flame. (YIKES!) Apparently it takes a LOT of herb to make, though.
CH, the Friendboy situation is complicated. He has an admittedly massive crush on me. I sort of have one on him too. However, we've discussed it and we both are in no place in our lives to start anything new with anybody. So we decided to be friends. And our friendship is growing very strong, very quickly, which is a good thing. But there's this part of me that would want to knock the teeth out of any girl who touched him. Then there's the other part of me that knows that I tend to hurt nice guys like him. Any guy who's too nice to me is asking to have their heart broken. Seriously. I do the stupid thing that so many women do...pick inappropriate men, probably because there's no real fear of having to commit. Nice guys freak me out. Plus, for some reason, they never seem to be as good in bed (after the last guy, that's become a complex for me). I don't want to train some sweet boy on how to be in bed, you know?

I dunno. Last night we hung out and talked and he asked if he made me uncomfortable. I giggled and said of course not. He said he was a little uncomfortable around me. I asked why. He said, "You know why." I asked if it's because he likes me so much, and he said yes. I went on to be blatantly honest and tell him how much I value his friendship and any relationship between us would be doomed because I would just fuck it up and break his heart. He said he didn't care. I told him he should definitely care. So. We are still friends. It's just getting weird.

Memememe! Sorry.
Hello on the Canada Day all!

Doodle DOODLE! You'll do amazing today! ~*~*~*~*~*playing well vibes and dorothy stay gone vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Kel, I see what you mean. All will be fine!

I slept like a motherfucker yesterday, Eugene the Betta is doing well, he's a happy fish. I'm off to run some errands later. I hope everyone is doing well!

Happy Canada Day! I swear I thought it was July 2. Hm. Sorry for my dumb-ass amercian-ness.

We're having a lovely day here in moxieland. Miss moxette is out for almost 3 hours! And, I found shoes for the wedding i'm standing up in! Yeah!

Hope all is well!

pssst...I have a feeling jackaroo is coming...just a feeling, though.
i have to admit... i'm getting homesick for the okay thread. :x
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