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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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If my sweat glisten is blinding you, just throw me a friggin' towel.

My poor brother called me this morning to tell me that he was working on a roof with temps around 90F and a dewpoint of 70%. Now THAT'S some narstiness. Minxlette is at her school program for a couple of hours, and then we are off to her swimming lessons, and THEN I think that we are going to hit the library. Anything to stay cool. The apartment is fine, but it gets kinda boring and cooped up feeling.


I spent the bulk of last night watching YouTube videos of tornados. It was sickly fascinating. I remember back in 1985 when a real doozy hit a neighboring town--the fucker was an F5 and decimated the village.

Oh yeah, the summer reading list has commenced with Dr. Richard Dawkin's The God Delusion. Great fun. I need to get motivated to start exercising, though. Perhaps I can borrow some books on CD from the library or something and go to the Y.

Doodle, you ROCK and ROLL. Nicely done, chica.
*saunters into thread*

Well all I'm feeling better, what happened is that I was totally not into boy2 anymore, so I was trying to get a hold of him and tell him that things weren't going so well. No success, so I get a text from him this morning, bright and early just as I was dealing with some work things, and it was the nature of his text, it was rude, it said, "lost interest, sorry" ummm, you are 37 years old and you couldn't maybe, just maybe let me know in a nicer way. It was so rude, that's why I was pissed. i had no romantic feelings for him, as he is a bit of a fuck wit. Bah.

Doodle, I'm really glad that your band is doing well! I'm very excited for you.

Hey mox! Hi FJ! how's Jackaroo doing?

Tree, sorry to hear about the asshat boss, but that's good that your coworkers are sending stuff your way. and RADIOACTIVE!!! Fuck shit damn.

Diva, mmmm cheesecake, I had a blueberry cheesecake blizzard on Friday, I went and got it then came home got high and had my ice cream, it was lovely.

Minx, I'm also fascinated with weather, especially since there were 8 tornadoes in areas around the city over the weekend! Not something we get very often, the biggest one was an F4. I also have a copy of The God Delusion, and I suspect that my copy of God is not Great will be waiting for me at home. Sounds like you are having a lovely day!

They are doing construction outside the office, and I keep on hearing a jack hammer. Ugh. and no cuties today at lunch. Crud.

I hope that everyone is doing well today.

diva, i was JUST getting on here to break the beniot story. it IS weird.

I am sweating like, well, alot. Just went to the Riverdays festival with my sister. God Damn! I was SO impressed with the Riverwalk, and we had a great time. But, its HOT. I'm both kinda glad and sad we didn't take moxette on sunday...

ok, gotta work. although, youtube of disasters does sound fun...
Moxie, I guess it's still speculation at this point, but I've heard 2 stories:

1) his wife killed their child, he killed her, then hung himself
2) he killed both over two days and then himself

It's just so weird because I've always thought of him as a no-bullshit respectable performer/athlete who wasn't into the 'roids and had a normal life. Guess that was all completely wrong, huh? His matches were usually kind of dull, partly because he was so proficient at what he did and never messed up (though the flying headbutt move was pretty cool - he reminded me of a flying squirrel). But he was no-nonsense and didn't showboat himself like so many others, and that's why I liked him.

They did a 3-hour tribute to him on Raw last night (haven't watched it yet), but that was probably before they found out he's a murderer. I wonder if they would have done the same, knowing what they do now.
I read about it on the CBC website. Police were making mutterings about steroids.
Hi hi!

Culture! I'm so sorry that assface texted you that message. What a frelling shitoon. I know you had no romantic feelings for him, but the way he texted you just sucks. (((culturehandy)))

diva - congrats on your high test score! Too bad about Pride, though. Sorry. I would love to get my hands on one of your bags. Around how much do they run, if you don't mind my asking? Also, when I saw the headline about Chris Benoit (even though I have never heard of him), I thought of you and quickly got into the thread to see if you knew. And you did. That's a sad story - I guess the details are still fuzzy, but it is still sad.

doodle - You guys are going busking? WTF is busking? I took from the context of your post that it means playing music out in public for tips? Is that what it means? You guys are so cool. I love seeing you so happy and excited. I bet this will do wonders for your health, too, don't you think?

treehugger - your new boss - is this the one who wouldn't let you be a building inspector? Or is that the old boss? This new person sounds like an asshole. Why do you think he's not giving you work orders? Because of your injury? Or maybe because you are a woman? Are you the only woman on the team? It sounds fishy to me.

falljackets - when, exactly, is jackeroo due to come? Any day, now, right? I've heard that a lot of sex will induce labor. Also bumpy car rides. I'm sure you've all heard this as well. I'm so excited to find out who is in there!! I remember when Heikki was born. I had this vague idea of a baby boy being inside my body, moving around in there. When he was finally born and they placed him in my arms, I was so shocked to see a distinctive face on this tiny little person. I thought all newborns were just little weird looking aliens before, but *my* baby was beautiful. I could see that he had my eyes and his father's nose and lips. He had hair that was exactly the same color as mine. I was so shocked to see a distinct individual - I just thought, "That was *you* the whole time???"

Anyway, I just find it interesting - meeting your baby for the first time. I can't wait until you meet your jackeroo.

I am the oldest of five. I have three sisters, one brother. The sister I grew up with in the same house, who is 30, is due in September. She's the one who had all the miscarriages. She's having a boy, and he is named after our grandfather who died in December. Another one of my sisters, who is 25 and grew up with my father in Wisconsin, is also pregnant and due in August. She is also having a boy. I haven't talked to her in a while to see if she has chosen a name. My sisters are due about three weeks apart. I will be an Auntie, and Heikki will finally have cousins, although one will live in Chicago and the other will live in Wisconsin.

New guy was very sick yesterday. He woke up with stomach cramps and he said he felt like his stomach was boiling. He complained of pain in his stomach all day long. When I spoke to him before he went to bed, he said the pain was preventing him from sleeping, even though he was very tired. He also said his abdomen was distended, and he couldn't go to the bathroom or pass gas. Poor guy. I haven't talked to him yet today, but I hope he is feeling better.

I think I will name the new guy El Guapo. What do you think? He is definitely very guapo - which is Spanish for handsome. I think it is also the name of a character from "The Three Amigos", right? Anyway, I thought it was funny and appropriate.

Last night, I came home from work and chilled out with my roommates. I had a few glasses of my favorite kind of wine - gewurtztraminer - and baked a frozen pizza.

I bought a new book the other day - "Not Enough Indians" by Harry Shearer. It's supposed to be funny. I hope so. I haven't started it yet.

I went to the doc the other day, and she said I have a big bunion on my foot. She gave me a referral to a podiatrist to have it removed. Anybody know what this entails? Will I be able to walk? Will I be able to work?

OK - I have more news, but this post is getting long. Sorry. I have the day off today, which is nice.

Smell ya later.

PK, post to your hearts content.

I have 44 minutes left in this work day and I just want it to be over. I'm sick and tired of it today. Bah.

I don't really have much more to add.

Later all.
Hi hi again.

I just called the podiatrist and made an appointment for July 11 so the doctor can look at it and figure out what to do about the bunion. The receptionist was so nice - I asked her a million questions about what exactly bunions are, and what the doctor is going to do. She said that generally the surgery entails drilling the bone. AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! But, she reassured me that I would be in good hands, and I would be under anesthesia.

I also asked her about after the surgery, what would happen. She said I would need to take time off work (shit!) and that I would need a special shoe to walk on after that (frankenstein shoe).

I am trying to find a time for Heikki to come visit me, so maybe I can schedule the surgery for right before he comes. Then I would be off work anyway, and I can hobble around with him.

Diva - I wanted to tell you about the weird little dessert I made last night. I had a lot of time on my hands, as it was very slow. I have mentioned this dessert in the past, but last night I made it for everyone to try. I creamed 3 ounces of cream cheese in the mixer until soft. I added 1 cup of sour cream, and beat those two together. In another mixer, I whipped two egg whites and two tablespoons of sugar until it was at medium peak. Then I folded the meringue into the sour cream/cream cheese mixture.

It came out like a pure white mousse. It was very slightly sweet, and very tangy. I spooned it into mini martini glasses and topped it with berries and passed it out to the cooks, dishwashers, servers, and night cleaners to try. Most people liked that it wasn't very sweet, and the berries added enough sweetness to it. The berries were very brightly colored against the pure white mousse. A few people asked for it without berries, and they liked it as well.

Anyway, it was quick and easy and beautiful. I put some of the mousse into mini tart shells, too. They were cute.

I tried to call El Guapo, but he didn't answer. Maybe he feels better and is working. Or maybe he feels horrible and can't answer the phone. I can't wait until he calls me. I'm so worried about him.

I think El Guapo's roommate is jealous. I work with his roomie, Chilango, at the restaurant. He's a server. A couple of months ago, Chilango told me I was cute, and he always called me "Linda", which means pretty or cute or something like that. One night, he asked me what kinds of things I like to do outside of work, and I thought for sure he was getting ready to ask me out. A couple weeks later, I met El Guapo, and went to his place and saw that he lived with Chilango (small world, huh?). Lately, Chilango has been being very short with me, and saying things about El Guapo that are meant to make him look bad in my eyes. He's being a big baby.

OK - going to Walgreens now. I'll be back.
AHHHHH!!!!! Holy fuck, you guys, this band stuff is all happening so FAST!

I phoned BFF this morning to tell her we'd be busking, because she's dying to hear us but is allergic to pot smoke so can never just "hang" with us when we're jamming. So anyway...

...while we were doing our band thing this morning, BFF went to see a mutual connection of mine and hers, who happens to be one of the main organizers of the local Canada Day (July 1) festivities (_THE_ huge annual art-in-the-park event)...

...and got us a fucking gig on Canada Day in the park...

...even though applications (with audition CDs!) had to be in months ago. Two time slots, not on a stage, 20 minutes each. We won't get paid (only because of the timing) and we can't take donations (city regs.), but half the city will be there and we can hand out cards and literature. (Very conveniently, neighbourboy's mom owns a commercial printer.)

We are all stunned. Butterflies-in-tummy time. I just left the boys at their place. BFF thought they didn't look very excited, but I explained that she had stunned them, basically. And oh yeah, that was how BFF introduced herself to guitarboy and neighbourboy by the way - by tracking us down and telling us all this.

Busking (yes, playing in public for tips) was not quite so successful. Security man at the library kicked us off the steps, even though people were digging it. BFF later phoned the city and found out it was illegal for him to do that, and we DON'T need a permit, either. (I think we're gonna have to make BFF our manager.) Anyway guitarboy got psyched out - he says he hears voices telling him he sucks (which I'm trying to get him to replace with a mental track of my own voice, promoting his fabulousness). So we went and played in a dugout at an empty baseball diamond for awhile, till he worked it back up. Then we went to the park and played some more, and people liked it, but it wasn't a great location for tippage.

We made four dollars.

But I had an AWESOME time! Shit, I couldn't stop saying it: "I am having so much fun, you guys!" They have corrupted me completely, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

guitarboy has to go see his gramma this afternoon, and I am going to make dinner this evening. I just invited organicgirl, too, and told her to bring her tambourine.

Shit, this is all so hilariously awesome, you guys.

And now I have to go, because if I don't fill out (belatedly) the performer's information sheet and e-mail it before 4:00, I'm dead meat.
Thanks for the wishes. I actually know the story behind my lack of work's a long, very, very complex story that actually doesn't really reflect on me, as much as it does, my boss. And, my boss knows I will take on the high stress jobs...and other people just, are not used to hauling butt and running and getting things done under the gun. I suppose it's a compliment that he won't give me any easy stuff. And...

I got a reprieve in gutting out the radioactive refrigerators, cause the a/c AT OUR SHOP crapped out! Yay! Nothing like the boss-man sweating to give you a pri.or.ity service call, up on the roof, in 90+ weather...but it was okay. I'm kin with Minx's brother, I guess. Hot, yes, sweat trickling down my back, all the way down between my butt cheeks, even, but better than laying on my stomach cutting the compressors out of these nasty-assed fridges. And a guy who gets easy work orders that have bottomless funds, felt pity on me today, too, so he let me go with him to fix a heating valve...gawd, I'd kill for such easy work on a regular basis! <drool> But I still have to gut out the radioactive refrigerators, probably tomorrow. It wouldn't be so bad, but I have to take the doors off them. I don't really want to open them.

But, yeah, we do get into some nasty stuff. The pony room yesterday had dead ponies hanging from hooks, cadavers for the vet med students to dissect. They were beheaded. It looked like a macabre merry-go-round. I nearly lost my lunch.

But, yeah, I do sort of feel cheated, cause I was in a nice niche with the old boss, he had set me up and I was getting into programming and digital controls work, very, very nice work, and great, cause I got to be on a computer which I love. I should use it as leverage once the new fiscal year comes around to get a service vehicle, cause it bites to walk all over, when you're under the gun all the time.


I'm thinking Okayland should take bets on when Jackaroo arrives! I'm betting on June 30. At 3:00 AM. Heh. I can't believe nobody's thought of this before.

Ooooh, doodle, I'm excited for you! A Bustie in a BAND! Yay!

PK, ouchie on the bunion! But, yummm on the dessert. ~*~*foot soothing vibes for pk*~*~ Oh, and I personally decided against the building inspector prospect...well, cause I'm greedy, money wise, and I can't afford this condo on building inspector'd be a SERIOUS cut in pay. I know, it sucks to be materialistic...but I've grown accustomed to my income.

CH, that was so rude of the asshat! I hope you're feeling better now. sad.gif

Okay, I must read the archives.
Wow, doodle! I'm so excited for you! Porcupine Rebels RAWK!!!!! Your busking adventure sounds like great fun. You even got hassled by "The Man". Fuck The Man, man. Fuck him.

Tree - holy shit - I am going to have nightmares about that pony fridge. Poor ponies.

I just talked to El Guapo, and he is feeling a bit better today, but not 100%. He needs to have his car looked at because it won't start. He thinks it is the battery, but he's having his mechanic friends look at it. It really sucks, his not having a running car, because we haven't seen each other in almost a week.

He said that if he gets his car running, he will come and get me this evening. Yayayayay! Gee, I really really hope he gets his car running, because I miss him terribly. I want to snuggle with him and comfort him. I know he is sick, so HBI probably isn't on the menu, but I just want to see him.

Mr. PK went to the Indigo Girls show at Ravinia (north of Chicago) last night. He had a great time.

Heikki and my sister and bil are on their way back from Minnesota to Chicago. Heikki will be staying with Mr. PK until Saturday, when he returns to Colorado. He had a lot of fun in Minnesota, visiting my family. He went fishing and target shooting, and even mowed my parents' lawn with the riding lawn mower. That's always fun when you only have to do it once.

I got a text from Octi this morning. She is going to call me later so we can chit-chat and catch up. I also got a message from Miss Shuggah on Facebook, which I need to respond to. I miss that girl.
Hi hi everybody!!

PK! You do know that El Guapo was the bad guy in Three Amigos, right? And he was muy feo.....oh, the irony. But your El Guapo sounds like a good catch.

((((PK's feet))))

Tree, you are a brave woman indeed...I continue to be completely impressed by the work that you do!
*shudders at the thought of the pony fridge*

I hereby decree that Jackaroo is going to join us on July 3, 5:45 a.m.!

Dooooodle!! You are totally rocking the casbah! I'm so thrilled to hear about your busking and gigs and BFF rightly acting as your agent! Truly, it is beyond awesome to hear you so happy.

Oh, and don't go work for a mining company. Admin work may be a good break, but you still have core values, and I'm not sure that's going to measure up. Besides, I'm still thinking that something fabulous is going to happen for you with the networking you'll be doing at the NDP fundraiser. wink.gif

I had an insane ride home today...we had a torrential thunderstorm right before I left work - it looked like the dead of night out there briefly, but basically the whole damn city was flooded. Cars stalled out everywhere, no one could get on or off the Lake Shore Drive - I had to get very creative in seeking enough higher ground to get myself home. The exit ramps and pedestrian underpasses were all closed because of flooding - of course some assholes thought they were special enough to drive through, and they ended up submerged up to their was crazy. But, I made it home just fine, and it was crazy to just look at how much a little water stopped the city.
Yelloooow everyone.

PK, that's good that El Guapo is feeling better. I hope that your foot gets better soon.

Doodle, keep on rockin! I'm so thrilled that things are going so well!

Tree, I would have lost my lunch. No AC, can't do it, my hat goes off, again, to you.

Hey Turbo! That is a wild ride home!

Well I heard from him, big surprise, he said he wanted to talk about it. I'm thinking what else could he possibly have to say. *shrugs shoulders* on the bright side I saw some cutie fire fighters at the firehall down the street from me. *le sigh* would you believe that I am completely incapable of striking up a conversation with a man. I'm so afraid that he's thinking "what the fuck are you talking to me for" bah.

Well, I need some CH time, I'm going to go now.

Later all.

Oh, CH, I meant to tell you that my co-workers and I are hatching a plot to make the firestation across the street from our office a "Hot Pink Spot" to help promote our Breast Cancer Walk in October! We're creating some "Real Men Wear Pink" stuff to take them, but mostly...we wanna meet the guys, and see how we can work together. My friend's hubby is a firefighter there, so I have an "in" to help get us in the door! .....I'll be sure to keep you posted. wink.gif

And fuggedabout that lousy boy... communicatively challenged boys need not apply to worship our CH!
Why are firefighters so hot? Maybe El Guapo should become a firefighter. Hee hee.

He told me to call him at 8:00. Hopefully his car will be fixed and we can see each other. I'm having withdrawals!!!

DOODLE = MY HERO!!!!! What park is that, again? And when is Canada Day?
The rest of you are merely Superstars.

That is all....
quick drive-by good things tuesday before the clock hits midnight:

1. the girl that is quitting came in tonight, but she decided that tonight is going to be her last night. good for a couple reasons: a) i was scheduled for 8 am tomorrow, and now i don't have to come in til 4 pm. yay for sleeping in! b ) it once again gives me the opportunity to step into the job i want to be in permanently and makes me out to be the big damn hero i am c) when she called my boss to tell her she wouldn't be coming back after tonight, she told her "i don't know why you're going through the motions of posting the position. everyone in this whole damn plant knows that there's no one who deserves it more than j [that would be me]. she's the one who's been here this whole time covering my ass and helping you guys out, it's about time you payed her what she's worth". squee! truthfully, i've always thought of her as "that bitch that stole my job" and while i never let that on to her, i haven't gone out of my way to be friendly to her either, so that kind of ringing endorsement was really unexpected and nice to hear. now how far it will go coming from a screw-up who's burned every damned bridge behind her, i don't know, but it was good that my boss got to hear it from someone other than me.

2. when i got home tonight, the roomie was on her way out the door for an out of state trip with her family and won't be back til saturday, so i've got the place to myself. and best of all she took her dog with her

3. i made really good guacamole tonight

that is all, off to read archives
Grrl - that's great that she went to bat for you (even though she's a burnout) and your boss got to hear it. Yayay! I hope you get the position and pay you deserve, dagnabbit!

I want some guacamole. And that doesn't mean anything other than: I want some guacamole.

I'm so hungry right now, and all I have are some frozen pizzas. I eat those every night. I'm getting sick of 'em. But, I guess it'll have to do tonight, as I can't go anywhere for food at this hour.

El Guapo didn't get his car fixed today. Harrummph! I'm pouting. I really wanted to see him tonight, but he said he still doesn't feel good, so tonight wouldn't be a good night anyway. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm going with my friend to his restaurant tomorrow night so we can visit him for a minute and so she can meet him. Plus, I just like his restaurant. I was going to surprise him, but I thought I would just tell him so he wouldn't be nervous and caught off guard. He gets nervous when he meets my friends.

Hi Lorewolf!!

Ah ha...I am too tired to post anything coherent! I feel a screenplay coming on, though.

So for you soap opera fans, a snippet of the day's film in my head. Being driven around by guitarboy in his MOM'S car (a big ol' tan-coloured boat, don't even remember what). guitarboy looking very youthfully sexy in big sunglasses, black hoodie, and funky thrifted men's woollen trousers...probably a warm-ish choice, in this weather, but sexy nonetheless. (No recollection of what neighbourboy, in the back, wore.) Listening to Jefferson Airplane. On our way to busk for weed money.

I am fucking totally corrupted now. I'm going to hell and I can't stop laughing.
Hello on this Wednesday!

Turbo, you are too kind, thanks! *blushes* and I think I need to take a trip down to see you for your fundraiser! Oh and some firefighters. I was thinking of a good line to use, besides just staring and gawking to get their attention! It works every other time, but as I said before, I don't know what to say. Unless I've had liquor of course. Oh and there is a firestation across the street! *drools*

Grrrl, that is really cool of that woman to say that to your boss!

PK, I think some of the ppeal about firefighters is not only their uniform, but they run into bnurning buidlings, and I wan't to say that's hot, but such a pun. Anyway, the uniform, the whole heroics things perhaps, the youngs ones are aesthetically pleasing and in shape. Maybe the macho thing? I hope you get to see El Guapo soon!

Hey Lore!

Doodle! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif that's all I'm saying!

Well, I'm so not inthe mood to be here today, I don't know what I want to do, but I know it's not this. I'm a little stressed because I haven't talked to someone I am good friends with in over a month, I'ver tried getting in contact with him, but all of this rejection business is making me feel a little down and I'm taking it personally. There it's out in the open. *pouts*

That and, do any of you ever get sick of hanging out with your friends? I have to be honest that I am very bored with people right now and I don't know why. This happened last summer shortly after the break up and all I did was sleep. a lot. Speaking of break ups and so forth, it has been over one year since that whole fiasco. Shit. Wow. I'm impressed.

Anyways, I've some messages to pull and that is all, maybe I won't go to work. Hee.

Hope that everyone is having a good day.

Good Morning!

Doodle, I am so so happy that you are having such a blast. You deserve it more than most people I know. It makes me happy to hear the pure joy in your posts. Oh, and from the pic you posted of guitarboy, he looks verrry cute, even with his face blocked.

((CH)) It sounds like you're having a rough time lately. Is everything just coming down on you at the same time? That's sort of what it sounds like. So sorry for Boy #2's rude text. Geez, dude.

PK, you have to get a bunion removed? Ouch! You'll feel better after though, I am sure of it.

Kel, I knew you had a short trip here & would be busy. Next time you come to town, you've got to call me! I am glad you & your dad had a good visit. I know you said you'd have had just a good of a time w/o him buying you the camera, but SCORE! That's sweet!

((Tree)) Girl, I am sorry for your work woes.

Grrl, yay! For being able to work another day in the coveted position. And double yay for your roomie & her dog being gone til Saturday!

Diva, eating cheesecake & PBJs sounds heavenly.

Hi minx, moxie, jenn, Lore & everyone else I've forgotten!

Things with me are pretty good today. I was able to work at home yesterday, which was really nice. I went to the hospital in the evening & that went well. I did a family session that I think was successful. I cut all of my hair off yesterday, I am so much happier. I am not meant to have longer hair, I have decided. My hair doesn't like to cooperate when it's longer.

Belated Good Things Tuesday
1. I don't have to work at the hospital tomorrow night.
2. Mr K is off work tonight & I think he's gonna cook dinner
3. Payday is approaching, finally!
4. Weekend plans taking shape
5. New haircut
"I'm going to hell and I can't stop laughing." Sounds like a good refrain.

Hellow PuppyKitty! *waves* smile.gif

Rock on, Grrrlyouwant! Nice to get didyerjob props. I might be raising a level this week in training, but when I'm back to work, I'll have to work with a jerk who'll never give me props for anything. I'm just glad that I don't always have to work with that guy.

*wishes he could have a beer with Culture* yeah, the GoatieGirl and I have both been in close friend withdrawl. We have some people that we hang out with occasionally in this town, but they aren't really the close friends that we miss that are miles and even oceans away. I kinda made good friends with this one guy pretty recently, but we get to hang out maybe every other weekend, and we don't do the phone chat thing. I'm feeling kinda unmotivated without close friends around, too.

*Happiness vibes for all* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

*edit* Cross-posted with Kari. Heyooo!
Hello! It's me again.

PK, indeed you are right, seems that things get dumped on me at once. That's the way life is I suppose.

Lore I would love to have a drink and/or shmoke with you! It'd be fun!

On the bright side, I got my expense claim cheque! YAY! I was waiting for that! Now I don't have to go to the bank! Well I do to cash the cheque, but otherwise nope! Woot!

Lore, you're posts also always make me happy, I love them. In fact I heart coming here!

well off to work again!
it's so. hot...can't. take it...i swear my room is the hottest in the whole apartment. i went to sleep at 4 and woke up at around 9 because it was just too hot to be in bed. i wonder how much an AC would affect our electric bill. this place is unbearable.

culture, i get bored with people all the time, especially if i've been hanging out with them a lot lately.

what color do you think my blue hair will come out if i dye it dark brown? i have an interview tomorrow at a conservative place. gotta get rid of the blue. wah! sad.gif

happy hump day, everyone!
*runs into thread leaping for joy*

I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*runs out of thread*
holy shit! that's awesome!!!!! go, poodle, go!! tell us all about it!!!!
HOLY SHEEP SHIT, POODLE!!!! That is so farking rad!!!!!

Hi, peeps!

Holy crap, Poodle bought a house!!! That's amazing! Show us some pics of YOUR NEW HOUSE!

I'm holding out for 7/7/07 for FJackette to arrive - at 7:00 am.

Tree, really, headless ponies? That's the stuff of nightmares, like Bambi getting his head chopped off and it ending up in a mafioso's bed.

PK, that dessert sounds pretty good, especially with the berries, kind of like a deconstructed cheesecake. Sorry about El Guapo. If he's really feeling as awful as you say, shouldn't he see a doctor? I'm a little worried about him.

I've never been much into firefighters. Uniforms are the biggest turn-off for me. The giant's dad was one, but he died when the giant was little, so now thinking about them makes me sad.

Doodle, a gig already? Are you sure you guys are ready for it? It sounds like a pretty big deal.

I'm kind of the same way about my friends, Lore. My very best friend lives in California, and I live in Minnesota. By sheer luck, I got to spend the day with her and her husband a couple weeks ago, but I'm lucky to see them once a year. I feel so much more grounded when I'm with her. We've been friends for about 10 years now. It doesn't sound like much in comparison to people who keep up with their childhood friends, but I don't, so this is the next best thing.

CH, that sucks about that text. How were you going to go about dropping things with him before he did that?

Woot for the props, Grrl. I hope your boss takes notice and puts you right in where you should be.

Kari, how short is your hair? I'm thinking of getting mine chopped in a long bob. I'm getting tired of this long layered look, but I can't pull off short hair for the life of me.

Hi, Jenn, Moxie, FJ, Minx, and all!

We had a pretty low-key night again last night, just watched the Chris Benoit tribute that aired on Monday, then compared it to what aired tonight (there's another WWE show on Tuesdays). It was really weird how on Monday they were all about the praise, then on Tuesday they vowed to not say his name at all except in a very brief, terse introduction. Yeah, it's horrible that he killed his family and then himself, but that doesn't erase the man that he was before that. People aren't so black-and-white. Anyway, we had BLTs, watched the tube, then went to bed early again. I'm so happy for normalcy.

I can't wait for lunch today. Gay boyfriend is taking me out to a new Thai place we haven't tried yet, and I haven't seen him for a few weeks, so I'm excited.

yay POODLES!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! smile.gif This is exciting news! Can't wait to hear more!

Faire...hmm. I would guess it will come out dark brown if you dye it. ? Good luck at your interview!

Diva, I got my hair cut to about my chin. Well, the longest pieces are at my chin. It's a long bob. I will try to snap a picture of it. I am very jealous of your upcoming Thai lunch. Yum.

CH, I am happy you got your check! That's gotta help your day, no?

Hey Lore!

The Chris Benoit situation is really sad. Tragic.

Do you guys ever have days where you email a bunch of people & nobody writes back? Maybe everyone is playing hookie today.
this day is going be soooooooo slooooooooooooowly!

Diva, my plan was to get together with him then tell him that I didn't things were working out, I was going to say I was interested in portions with him eloquently. I also see why uniforms just don't do it for you. I'd be in the same boat.

I did end up talking to him last night and he told me that he wanted to call me and talk about it, I then told him that I wasn't a mind reader and how was I supposed to know. I have no issues with the fact that I'm not sleeping with him, it was the mode of delivery! Oh well, what's done is done, and that is all.

Well, the contents of my bag have exploded on my desek, so I should go and clean it now and do some work, caught someone lying big time, so I must go and discuss the next course of action.

Later all!

p.s. thanks for the support all, it means so much to me!
gah! this day is sucking.

i have had a terrible pay period so far, with only ONE show. i can't seem to set an appointment to save my life this week and the one that i did have just cancelled on me. fucker! she told me she has just joined a dating site and has a lot of responses to her profile and wants to check those out. i was like, didn't you tell me that online dating hasn't worked in the past and that you wanted to try something different? but i'm just not aggressive enough right now. mrfj told me not to worry about it, that i just need to relax and take it easy and just focus on having a baby, but i still feel like a loser because i won't be contributing much this pay period. ah well, i'll be contributing a BABY. tongue.gif

speaking of, mrfj's mom called me this morning and pretty much insisted that either i stay at their house tonight or that she was going to stay at mine. i was sort of looking forward to an evening to myself just to get things prepared for my sister's visit this weekend but she wasn't having it. i know she is just thinking of me and wants to make sure that i'm ok should anything happen tonight. but it sort of makes me feel like i can't take care of myself. feh. i gave in pretty easily though. the good thing is that i know i'll be taken completely care of while i'm there. won't have to lift a finger, which is nice sometimes. i'll bring my laptop and try to get some work done too. or at least BUSTing. tongue.gif

oh man! treehugger! i had the same thought as diva re: the pony room. ick! where ARE all the pony heads??? nevermind! i don't want to know!

kari, i've definitely had days in which it seemed NO ONE emailed me back. but then again, i've been guilty of not emailing back because of laziness before, so i try not to get mad about it.

ummmmmmmmm, ok that's it for now. i have a few things i have to do before shuffling over to MILs.
Poods!!! You bought a farging house?!?!? Holio Shit! That's aweskum! You'll have to tell us all about it when you run back in here! I'm so excited for you - we need pictures. Congratulations!

FJ - Sorry about your poopy pay period. That stinks. Are you not getting the good leads? I think Mr FJ is right - you should relax and not worry about it. Your mil sounds sweet. I don't think I've ever heard you talk about Mr FJ's mom before - have I? I know you hang out with his sister and her partner, right? Or am I confused? Just trying to figure out your family.

culture - hope the rest of your day flies by. I hate watching the clock.

kari - I spent yesterday e-mailing everyone I know, and got two responses. No one else replied. But I did end up talking on the phone with a friend I haven't seen in almost two years.

My class reunion in going on up in International Falls. Of course, I had no idea. I move around so much, they can never find me to invite me. I found out from a friend from Int'l Falls who lives in San Francisco now. She called me last night to see if I was going.

El Guapo is working a double today. I haven't spoken with him yet today, but I hope he is feeling better. Yesterday, he still had some stomach pain, but not as bad as the day before. He was tired, from not sleeping the night before, and felt weak. He said he was going to bed early last night.

Hopefully he got his car fixed, too. I asked my friend, Chiffon, if she wanted to go to his restaurant tonight for a couple of drinks, just so she can meet him. I gotta warn him later today.

Another friend is coming to pick me up at 2:00, and we are going to go to a coffee shop to bead. I'm still doing flowers, and she makes funky bracelets. I still haven't figured out how to mount my flowers onto the earring hooks.

Diva - the mousse stuff was a teeny bit like cheesecake, but mostly sour and tangy with a hint of sweetness. My roomie had some for breakfast that she drizzled with some honey first. Also, it set up very nicely. I put some of it into small tart shells, and after they sat in the fridge overnight, we cut into one, and it made nice, clean cuts. Nice. Would make a great tart, especially since it's pure white. Sliced strawberries on top would be gorgeous.

Oh! Diva - I got the recipe from "The Great Scandinavian Baking Book" by Beatrice Ojakangas. This lady is of Finnish descent, and has traveled all over Scandinavia, collecting recipes. She lives in Duluth, and she is super nice. I interviewed her for a project I had to do in culinary school. Anyway, the recipe I used was called the "Summer Skyr Tart" and is from Iceland.

I recommend that book for some great ideas. I love it. I use it all the time.

Did I tell you about the cake I made last week? It was a cardamom cream cake, in the shape of a mini bundt. Inside the hole in the middle of the cake, I filled it with a Captain Morgan zabaglione (or sabayon), and threw some berries in the sauce. IT was so cute! And tasty, too! I just need to tweak a few things with the cake recipe (it was a little dry and dense), and I don't think the sauce is altogether right. The sommelier at work thought Captin Morgan rum would complement the cardamom, but we could barely taste it in the sauce. I was wondering if an almond flavored sauce might be better - or perhaps a red currant sauce. I dunno.

OK - I wonder how many people I have cross-posted with so far?

Hee hee.
Wow! Poodle's a homeowner! Did you actually close on it this quick? Or do you have an accepted offer? I miss so much not being able to BUST during the day!!! Do you have central air, chica? Do you need help with anything?

FJ, yes, I'd agree, a baby is a pretty big contribution to make during this pay period!

CH, that's nice about getting your check, finally! Extra cash is always a good thing!

Faerietails, I feel your pain...I don't care if the rest of the house is hot, as long as the bedroom's cool. Tossing and turning sucks. You could try sprinkling talcum powder on your sheets, I used to do that when I was living with my parents and they didn't have air. Or just look into getting a small window unit for the bedroom...even if it might not be big enough to totally cool the room down, it'll get the humidity out which will make it feel a lot better. A ceiling fan might help, and they're easy to put up, if you have an overhead light in there already. If you have double hung windows, they're actually made to ventilate by lowering the top half, about halfway, and raising the bottom half, about halfway, you'll get inductive ventilation that way, the warm air will tend to flow out the top and cooler air will come in the bottom. Is the theory, anyway.

PK, you sound so food/dessert gifted! Your desserts make me hoongry! And, I think you and Divala should go into business together.

Kari, your hair sounds really cute!!!

ooooh, divala, thai food sounds divine! And, uniforms would make me sad too, if me or bear had that history.

grrl, how do you make your guacamole? Cause I just made some with a mix, a powdered envelope thingy. Do you have any suggestions? Do you tweak it?

So, I had a very nice day today. I was working in a nice clean lab, no disemboweled animals, no decapitated ponies, no guts. Just microscopes and rocks. I was hooking up a filtered water system. OMG. I just love that kind of work! I just started going on it at about 9:45 this morning and time got away from me and all of a sudden at about 2:45 my diva cup started LEAKING, big time, and I couldn't find a bathroom!!! laugh.gif So I'm walking so very very carefully (cause it's a BAD leak) down the hallway and...come. to. a. flight of stairs. Needless to say, that was the most stressful part of my day. But at least the diva cup DID tell me that it was almost quitting time. I worked right through lunch and my afternoon break!

But I love those jobs that just make the time fly, cause they're so laid back and easy. It's even worth forgetting about your breaks!
Dude, I LOVE guacamole. I usually use two avocados, a good handful of cilantro, a half of lime, some onion, and salt 'n' pepper.

I can't wait to see photos of Poodle's house. Hell, I wanna be her roomie. biggrin.gif

I'm seconding Tree on the desserts by PK...she is constantly raising my cholesterol levels by the sheer mention of them.

Yeah, hey FJ--make sure you get some alone time these last few days and enjoy them. That was so huge for me being a lover of solitude. MWAH!
Hi everyone!!! Here are some pics!! As you can see, it has grandma-like decor right now (a woman named "Myrtle" owned it), but that will all change once I get my hands on it.


Backyard and garage:

Living room and entry:

Dining room (open to living room):


Okay, I made it about half-way through the archives, so I have to do a little more reading. Sorry for the self-absorbed post--I just couldn't wait!! I'll be back!!
Thanks, mox!!

For the Minnesnowtans: I'll be located in the very southeastern part of the city down by the veteran's hospital. There ain't shit to do down there (no bars to stumble home from), but it's nice and quiet and safe. Plus it's 2-3 blocks from a light rail station, which means that getting to work won't be a total pain in the ass. There is a problem though--Ikea and a brand new Super Target are within less than a mile of the place. It's gonna be hard to resist buying stuff I don't need!!

I need your ideas!!! How do I transform this from a grandma house into a poodle house?
poodle, that's a perfect little starter home for you! i love it!!! how cute is that!?! you are gonna turn that into one happening poodlepad for sure!!!!! i can't wait to see what you do with the place!! is that a mudroom on the front? i've always wanted a little sunroom/mudroom.

pk, yes, my mil is a very sweet lady. she really is. both of his parents are, in fact. i guess i just wanted some me time tonight. i'm going to go for it tomorrow though, even if it means fibbing that my bff will be hanging out with me. honestly i would be ok if i were just at my own home with bff with me. i just didn't feel like "entertaining" mil at my house. if she were there, i'd feel like i had to take care of her or make sure she was ok or something. either that or worry that she was doing my laundry or cleaning my bathroom. i mean, i will take some help but i don't want her doing that much. i don't know, i think i was just super emotional today because mrfj was leaving today and well, i am chock full of hormones. i cried for a while after my appointment canceled and then when it was time to leave to come over here, grover wouldn't take a poop, missus abigail boots wouldn't come inside the house, and i couldn't find a decent shirt to wear that would cover my belly and still look CUTE!

mil made a great roast beef dinner and i'm sitting here making calls right now. or at least i was. i've made over 100 and didn't get any sets today. i have lost confidence and focus and just feel like it's all shitty right now. i should just hang it up and take the rest of the week off, as well as next pay period and then start fresh at the start of the next one. but i just keep remembering that i will have a tiny little newborn at that point and that's not going to make my life any easier!! hehe

meh. i'm sure tomorrow will be a better day.

sorry this went all mememememe wonky!
oh shit, poodle! it's right by a super target AND an ikea? damn! it's even better now... wink.gif

you know what doodle and i will say: PAINT PAINT PAINT!!!!
poodle, this is soooooooo a drive-by (I am meant to be watching the Woodstock DVD with the boys *rolls eyes*), but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks CUTE!!!! And yes, PAINT!!!!
Good evening all *tips hat*

Mmmm Kari, cake.

Tree, so glad you had a good day with no dead animals!

FJ, I'd do the same, I'd want to make sure you were okay, with your due date so close and all. Every day I wonder "is this the day FJ gives birth". That's very sweet of MIL. I can't blame you for wanting you time though.

Hey mox and minx!

Poodle, what a great house! I'm so happy for you! Once again , congratulations my dear, you so deserve this!

Well, I took houndish to the park for 90 minutes and then worked out for an hour, I just finished eating some cheerios, and I am now BUSTing and watching the daily show with Jon Stewart. Not much else going on.

I hope that everyone has had a lovely day!

ETA: Cross posted with Doodle! Hey!

That house is bitchin', Poods. Nice score. I'm having a shitty week. Along with some other bullshit going on, Minxman wants to have a talk on Friday...yep, we're "there" again. His parents are coming up to visit in less than two weeks, and all of a sudden he is having second thoughts about our future. I won't even go into the details, but I'm miserable tonight. I commiserated with BFF for a little while tonight. He was just talking about us moving in together and we moved a bunch of my stuff into his attic this last weekend. Color me confused. sad.gif
holy crap, i check in to see if fj's popped out her bean yet and find that poodle bought a freaking house and doodle is in a band with cute boys???? man, i don't know what you all are doing, but PLEASE keep doing it.

minx, are you sure its a "bad" talk? hang in there. You've made hella good choices so far! And, is minxlette home? Have an extra hug. That always helps me when I'm down.

MOUSE! where have you been, sista?!? Good to see you!

Ok, I guess I'm back to work today. Right now, though, i'm counting minutes until i won't feel guilty for waking moxieman for an hbi. mama needs some love!
nope, no packages in my guacamole, tree! last night i used an avacado, a small tomato, juice of half a lime, a few cloves of garlic, a bit (too much) of red curry pepper to give it the required spiciness, and a dollop of sour cream, cause no matter how quick and delightfully chunky it comes out for the guy on the magic bullet infomercial, if you want your ingredients mixed at all well in real life, it needs a little help. it was a little too spicy last night, so when i got home, i added another avacado, some cilantro and green onion the roomie told me to use up while she's gone, little more lime juice, little more sour cream since i overstuffed the bullet again, and it came out perfect and i am now enjoying even better guac than i made last night. i think next time i do it though, i'm going to hold back some tomato and avacado chunks to add in after the blending so it's not just this uniform green paste. by the way, who ever posted the guac man pic, i hate you. now whenever i go out for mexican, i'm going to picture some reedy bespectacled geek with a pencil 'stache back in the kitchen with his hands all up in my guac, and not in a good buttsecks for guac way neither. my grandma had an avacado tree in her backyard that we'd all pretty much given up for barren, and the one year it prodigiously decided to produce and drop 10 to 15 ripe fruits a day, i went to her house after school everyday and made ranch-amole: avacados mashed together with ranch dressing, bacon bits, and cut up cherry tomatos. it was good.

so, now that i'm doing being mememe,

poodle, you bought a house! a cute little house, with a yard and a garage and everything! and how wierd that it belonged to an old lady named myrtle, cause that was my grandma's name.

fj, boo on sucky pay periods! you shouldn't have to be worrying about that shit right now. you just relax and get ready for jackaroo. cause i'm telling you, little dude's gonna be here by wednesday, total fourth of july baby. *whispers to fj's belly* pssst, kid! there's a cool five percent in it for ya if i win the pool! it's nice that your mil wants to help and be useful, so try to bear with her. is jackaroo going to be the first grandbaby?

pk, your mousse cheesecake thingy sounds delish. is el guapo felling better?

tree, your headless pony room makes me sad, and creeped out. you totally win the icky things on the job contest

(((((minx))))) i'm sorry you're having a shitty week hon

diva, sorry pride didn't go better for you. i hope you can sell lots of your stuff elsewhere and at least make back your investment

ch, i have a fireman for you! go here, click on 'enter the livingroom', then select the third product from the left, and 'see more side effects'. convoluted i know, but its totally worth it. wink.gif ignore the porn-y-voiced woman doing the talking.

hi moxie, mouse, kari, kelkel, doodle, gt and anyone else i missed
Good Morning, it's thursday and this makes me verrrrrrrrrrrrry happy indeed. One more day until Friday then then then it's Canada Day, so it's a long weekend! Woohoo!!!!!!

Grrrl, that was lovely, I didn't have to listen to the woman as my volume is always muted. But thanks for the delish firefighters! They were, well, delish! I don't really like guac, not to say that I don't like butt sex, but even your guac sounded good! Mmmm!

Hey Mox! Hey Mouse! It's good to see you here!

Minx, I agree with Mox! (((minx))) I hope you feel better soon sweetie.

Well, I don't have much to add, I slept last night, that is all. It's going to be nice here today, only 21! That's a lovely day for me, at lunch is the usual walk to find some eye candy, maybe a new play thing?! Hee. Well I hope that everyone has a lovely day!

later all.
Holy crap, I know I'm late on this, but CONGRATULATIONS POODLE on your house! It looks great. I'm in agreement about painting. And how freaking cool are those shelves in the living room?

Doodle, it's so wonderful to see all the fun you are having with the boys. Friendboy is trying to convince me to sing with his buddies. I know nothing about music, but I have a set of pipes that can wail. I just don't think I'm "fronting a band" material.

PK, you are making me hungry with all these delicious dessert descriptions! If I had your job I'd gain 30 pounds in the first couple of months. I wouldn't be able to resist dipping in the bowl.

The guacamole discussion is making me crave it desperately. Everyone has their own version, and I've never had a bad version yet. I like the one I make, but I'm not competitive about it. Guac is guac. If I have a bad experience, I might change that, but until then....YUM.

Culture, I'm late on this too, but that guy sounds like a real asshat. *Punches said asshat in the neck*

*Delivers retroactive punches to necks of asshats other Okayers are dealing with.*

Tree, I've never use the Diva cup. How do you like it? And yay for work that goes by like it's nothing!

FJ, I'm betting Jackaroo shows up on July 7...around 7p.m. Lucky sevens.

((((((Minx))))) You want I should punch his neck?

Faerie, I'm melting here too. I have a little window unit that keeps the worst of the heat at bay, but barely. If I do anything remotely active, I'm sweating like a madwoman. Today is cleaning day...the sweat is dripping. Maybe you could turn it on low just during the day. I only run mine on low and turn it off at night and use a fan. My bill doesn't go up very much at all.

Well, let's see, what's happening in Kelkello-land? Gay boyfriend came into town Tuesday night. We went to the beach yesterday. Despite my best efforts, the tops of my thighs burned, front and back. I used sunblock 45!!!! The rest of me is fine, but my not my thighs. Thighs of Fire would be a good band name.

I've been playing with my new camera. Gay boyfriend is GORGEOUS, so he is the perfect starting point. I took some amazing pics of him last night. He LOVES having his pic taken. He really should be a Leo as much as he likes to look at himself.

Tonight is Cincinnati chili night at Casa Kel. If you've never had Cincinnati chili, it's soooooooo good and unlike any chili you will ever eat. First of all, it has no beans. The spices are completely different...cinnamon, cardamom, cumin to name a few. Odd stuff. But it's absolutely delicious! You eat it on spaghetti with cheddar cheese on top. That is called a "three way" (insert sexual innuendo here). Or you eat it on a hotdog with cheddar cheese on top and that is called a "coney." YUM. I can't wait. My friends have never had it because it's pretty much exclusive the Cincinnati tri-state area, so I'm excited to turn them on to it!

Hi Mox, Mouse (!!!), Diva, Lore, and everyone!!!!
Poodle, that house is adorable. It's just a perfect size and seems to be in great shape. I don't seem to have that urge that other people have to buy the biggest house they can, and not just because there are no children in my future. It's just more stuff to clean, decorate, etc. and I don't have the need for it. But I can't wait to have a backyard and a garage. /living vicariously through poodle!

It was lovely to meet you, too, mouse- thanks for those pictures! You need to make Chicago part of your 5-year plan!!! We'd love to have you!

((Hugs to all))
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