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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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D'oh! I NEVER double-post!

But I do Cross-post! Heya Turbo!

*Brings the guac*

hello okayers!

turbo, that so sucks about turbomann's workplace. mad.gif

rose, my heart goes out to you. i hope things work out for your fav. **sending out job vibes for rose and sheff**

i hope everyone is having a good friday. looks like the weather should cooperate for turbo's bday celebration tomorrow. hopefully the rain will hit us in the night and morning to clear up for the evening. please send turbo some good bday vibes!!

ok. i was gonna meet an old friend for drinks, but i'm feelin' pooped. maybe coffee tomorrow.

laters okayers!!
Hi everyone!!

I just returned from my old roomie's party and I'm all sweaty from dancing to Prince and 2 Live Crew. He's selling his house, so he threw one last hoorah. That place used to be the party pad. Twas glorious fun tonight!! I need to get my ass to sleep though so I can deal with more real estate bizness tomorrow. This home-boying stuff is so exhausting.

Lore has guac!! Bwahahaha!! That "Haymaker" sounds awesome!!

~*~*~*~workplace vibes for turbomann and good weather vibes for tomorrow's bbq~*~*~*~

Hi culture, tree, and FJ!!

Alrighty, it's time for me to be a good girl and go to bed. 'Night all!!

Sisters, brothers, and groupies, I give you....

The Porcupine Rebels.

The Porcupine Rebels ROCK!!!!!

[dances around drunkenly, strips off shirt, and tosses it on stage]
Hi, peeps!

Sorry, no time to catch up with things. Pride starts today and we'll be heading out the door in a few minutes.

For anyone in the TC that's planning to go, my booth is called Die Trying Handmades, and it's near the tennis courts in Loring Park, booth # 4129. We'll be there all day today and tomorrow.

Hope to see some of you there!
*tosses huge maternity bra onstage at the porcupine rebels*

woohooo! so that means you guys are really gonna do it! that is SO awesome! i know you are going to have SO MUCH FUN, doodle!!!!


Hello everyone!

What a tease last night was, sky grew dark and nothing really severe. mad.gif

HAPPY BIRFDAY TURBO!!!!!!!!! I sorry about mr.turbo and work.

Hey Diva, FJ, and RV!

Tree, how was your session? I also got super high last night, and had a cheesecake blizzard!

Lore that sounds so wonderful!

Poodle I'm so happy for you about the mortgage!!!!

Doodle, I love it! That is so fun!

Well, its supposed to be severe weather again tonight. We'll see about that.

I hope that everyone having a good day so far!
EEEEEeeeeeeeee! *runs into thread panting*

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!! I'm hoping the weather will hold out today, its nice and cool...I'd love some sunshine, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Oh well. I've been running around doing stuff since 7am this morning - throwing parties is hard work! Turbomann has been a huge help cleaning the house whilst I do all the shopping and cooking. We just gotta run out and get ice now, and run by and donate a bunch of stuff to charity.

And I LOVE the name "Porcupine Rebels."

I hope my friends like Newfoundland Sea Shanties, as that's the music I'm in the mood for today. heh. smile.gif

Okay, gotta run....there may be some drunk posties this evening....stay tuned.
HAPPY BIRFDAY TURBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're such a big girl!!!!!!!! ~*~*~*~more bbq-friendly weather vibes~*~*~*~

Porcupine Rebels sounds like such a jam band name!! I like it!! I'm still partial towards Buttsex for Guac. That reminds me, I almost forgot about the 10,000 Lakes Festival. I had dreams last night about missing my chance to see Bob Weir (of Grateful Dead), so I better get me some tickets. I'm a total sucker for jam bands, and I'm not ashamed of that!! Hey, at least I don't wear patchwork dresses and I haven't rubbed patchouli on my skin since '98 (even though I still like it).

~*~*~*~sale vibes for diva~*~*~*~ I totally forgot about Pride until I noticed an abnormal number of gay male couples heading north in my 'hood!! Shit, I'd love to go, but I'm in house-hunting mode. I looked at the house this morning with my realtor, and then I drove by a bunch of other stuff. It turns out that I can pull off a lot more financially than I thought I could!! I also drove past some other houses in areas that I hadn't really considered, and they ain't bad!! I'm looking at a couple houses tomorrow and I'm gonna drive by some more houses today. She told me that I've hit the perfect "low" in the market and that I should definitely take advantage of it.

I feel like such a good feminist because I'm working with a female realtor and a female mortage broker. It's a woman's world, dammit!!!!!! I am so blessed to have a good realtor friend, too. She's worked with both my parents and my sister, so I know she's awesome. No worries there. I can't believe how fast this is going. Being in a "buyer's market" is so great, because I know I can negotiate down. No bidding wars!! It rocks. My sister and parents purchased their houses back in the crazy days and I don't feel nearly the pressure that they did. I definitely have the upper hand here. I am so lucky that things have flattened here. I never thought I'd have a snowball's chance in hell of ever buying a house, but I'm feeling good now. We'll see what happens.
Turbo, happy birthday!
Hello Poodle and tree!

Turbo I hope you are having a wonderful birthday evening!

I have some mean ass indigestion, I must go now.

Later all! Hope the weekend is going well.
*runs into thread with a paddle* where's the birfday girl?

happy house hunting poodle! that's so cool that things are going to your advantage. i'm sure you'll find someting that's just perfect for you

~*~*~pride sales vibes for diva~*~*~

rose, do you guys know anything more about sheff's job outlook? i sure hope things work out for you guys

doodle, when the porcupine rebels become huge rockstars, and you and guitarboy are the hot "it" couple that make people say posh and becks/demi and ashton/brangelina who?, will you still come visit us in okayland?

lore, i am so loving you and the crazy cheezilator/teryaki burger-making/groovin in the park boy vibes you're bringing to the thread right now. you're awesome

*kisses fj's tummy* jack, you can come out now. come on, i'm going nuts wondering what you look like in there

yay, gt graduated! this means more bust time, yes?
tree, i gladly took you up on your invitation to laugh my ass off at your head bouncing between the pipe and the valve like a pinball. that was some awesome imagery. and karma totally kicked my ass. i was leaning over an ilapak in tray pack last night, trying to help the operator untangle some film that had gotten caught. except the operator didn't know i was there and totally shut the top of it on me. corner of the lid, straight to top of my head. i suppose i should have gone to the nurse's office, but she wasn't there anyway, and i already know the drill, so i grabbed my own bag of ice from one of the icemakers on the floor and sat down with it for twenty minutes. the nurse finally showed and asked "what did you do to yourself this time j?" to which i cheerfully replied, "oh, nothing, just lost a fight with an ilapak. you know how all the machinery in this place is constantly starting shit with me"

and that was just the beginning of a loooong night that ended at 4 am this morning. we had another person out on vacation yesterday, so from about six pm until boning finished up at ten-thirty, i was juggling four departments plus cooler and sanitation checks, getting samples and running fats in the lab, releasing product in shipping, and dealing with a crisis in bagging that required putting the last hour's worth of production on hold and recalling a trailer. *le sigh* motherfuckers better give me this job.
i managed a few hours of sleep, and then c-monkey and the momster and i went to see the nancy drew movie. it was cute, and has given c-monkey a whole new series of books to glom onto, though i'm wondering if they might be a little bit old for her. i dunno, it's been a while since i read one, but my gramma had the old fifties ones, and then the revamp that came out in the late eighties; those two versions of te series are the ones i remember. anyway, i ate nothing but a large tub of extra-buttery movie theater popcorn all day, and now i'm lying here being totally miserable while c-monkey takes her bath and (please for the love of baby jebus) winds down for the night. i think i'm going to go in search of some pepto. later gators!
Grrrlyou: Awwww, shucks! *toes ground* You're awesome too... for fuck's sake! smile.gif

*Tummy-Better Vibes for Culture* Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............

Happy Birthday, Turbo-chan! smile.gif *sings the traditional NorthEastern Birthday Shantie*

Doodle, I need a Porcupine Rebels shirt! Do you have any poster art sketched up? Though I was imaginging what it would be like for someone coming up to the mic., and saying, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I must say that we make a lovely audience... Just gorgeous! If eveybody is settled in with champagne, the NDP is proud to give you Buttsex for Guac!!!" And you three jump onstage off of hidden mini-trampolines. "Are you ready to ROCK!?!?!"

Heya Rosiev, FJ, Tree, GT, Diva, Lurv, Puppy-K, Poods, Minx, Kari, Kel, and anyone I've missed!
Ooooh!!! I'm almost but not quite too late in the day to say



*throws sparkly purple and orange confetti all around Okayland*

I'll come back and edit this post in a few minutes to say more, but I wanted to say it before midnight PST!!!

[edited to add]

Wow, thanks for all the Porcupine Rebels enthusiasm, y'all! It's not a "stage" event, though...I imagine we'll just be out on the paved terrace part of the backyard. Still, it's a reasonably posh place (in an "old people" sort of way). I had to tell the boys, no marijuana leaf gear. Funnily enough, we were just joking around tonight about drawing a logo of little badass porcupines in sunglasses.

I can't believe I am going to do this.

I think Buttsex for Guac should be saved for the FJs' band. And then I want to be there when they explain to their kid that they named the band after something they did while they were pregnant with him. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Turns out guitarboy has amazing rhythm on the drum, too! Better than neighbourboy, though I wouldn't ever say so, of course. The drumming brings something totally different out in my voice. We are doing Folsom Prison with him on the drum - it's like a totally new way to sing the song was invented. I dunno what it is, but that boy definitely draws me out......musically speaking of course! wink.gif I just have to put on my sunglasses to feel like we are totally a Los Lobos kind of cool, whatever we play together. cool.gif tongue.gif

diva, I hope you are doing well at Pride this weekend!!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~bigtime profit vibes for diva~*~*~*~*~*~

YAY for poodle on the HOUSE!!!! WOW, that's a HUGE DEAL!!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~also, safe jobby-job vibes for everyone who needs 'em!~*~*~*~*~*~*~

There's all kinds of great energy flowing through Okayland right now, so I know it will transfer on to everyone!!
*shamefully walks into thread a morning too late*
TURBO- HOW WAS THE BIRFDAY?? Party on, sista!

LONG weekend...and not in the good way. Ok, off to start sunday.
(((((soothing sunday vibes for mox))))

Mornin' ya'll, and thanks for all the fabulous birfday wishes! I had a *perfect* birthday party - the weather was very cool and windy, so we got everything set-up outside on the lakeside patio, and then decided that we were all too cold, so moved it all back upstairs - but many arms made it easy to do. We had about 20 people show up throughout the night, and it was a great mix of folks. And Polly and LeBoy, avaadore, stargazer and Janinane came too - which was so lovely, and my bustie girls, as usual, took care of organizing and managing all food/bevvie items and were sweet enough to stay to help clean-up after. New friends from the new job came, and got to meet my old friends from the old job, so that was really nice - introducing new/old work best friends to each other. Anyway, I'm rambling, but the point is that I had the most perfect 30th birthday you could ask for.

Now, I think I need to wake turbomann up, as I think we're going to go downtown for the big Pride parade here, as it is always a good time, and let's face it - Chicago can use a little glam silliness once in awhile!

Doodle, I wish I could come to your Porcupine Rebels show - I just know you guys are gonna be awesome, and your rendition of Folsum sounds amazing!

Good Morning BUSTies!

Grrrl, are you alright? I can see you just sitting there on the floor, like WTF next look on your face.

Hey Lore!! How's it going?

Doodle, that is great about the band! It's getting better and better!

Mox what's going on? Is everything okay?

Well, yesterday I finally entered the 21st century and bought myself a digital camera, it's a canon and it's FUN! I'm looking forward to playing with it! Then that indigestion made me feel cruddy, but some maalox helped that out. Went to bed and was awoken by a rather severe thunderstorm, as has been happening lately. On Friday there were two tornadoes which touched down in town's in very close proximity to the city. But last night there was hail and everthing, I'm glad I covered up my tomato plants with a tarp.

I have to go to a baby shower today, and I really don't want to. My friend had a baby and she's a changed woman, I adore her and all, it just makes me sad. I guess that happens to new moms.

I'm feeling a little down and have some slight anxiety. I haven't had this for ages, not a good thing. Le Sigh, I guess I'll go work out and forget about it.

ETA! Cross posted to the minute with TURBO!!!! It sounds like you had such a wonderful birthday! I'm so gald to hear, I only wish I could be there! Enjoy the rest of your day!
Happy Sunday everyone!!

Turbo, your birthday celebration sounds like it was excellent!! I wish a coulda been there!!

(((grrrl's head))) Damn, so many head injuries around here lately!!

"And you three jump onstage off of hidden mini-trampolines." Hahaha!! And don't forget to throw in a David Lee Roth air-splits during the show!!

Now I'm imagining the FJ's as that SNL skit with Will Farrell and Ana Gastire(sp) as the musical couple. "I'm FJ and this is mr. FJ, and we're gonna play some songs for you today." Then they start playing "Annie's Song" by John Denver.

I'm so jealous of your digi camera, culture!!

House-hunting update: Okay, so now I've got my sights set on a couple houses in more "urban" neighborhoods. They're a little bigger and I could take in a roommate or two, which would make my living costs uber cheap and allow me to do more updates.
Oh, nothing's wrong per se, but with my folk's garage sale this weekend and a meeting with our financial planner, and re-doing our budget adn a crankly baby this morning, it's just been a LONG weekend. We had all sorts of grand plans to go downtown to the River festival this afternoon, but after careful consideration, we're either gonna hang out in the sprinkler or go to the zoo instead. The low-key day that today has been is very refreshing, actually.
*wants Culture to feel better* Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I'm off to Shane Co. to see if I can get a good ring to set a diamond into. Goatie-Girl was given a diamond pendant from her Grandmother who passed away a few years ago, and she's afraid to wear it. She'll like it better as a ring for her birthday.
happy sunday okayers. my upset tummy's gone, so i'm stuffing myself on some tortilla-crusted tilapia with lime and chipotle i picked up at costco with the momster yesterday. i also picked up a couple 24-pack flats of rockstar, cause i go through that shit like water lately, and a pepperidge farms variety pack of goldfish, milanos, mini-nanuckets, and extra cheddar-blasted goldfish for shnacky treats while c-monkey's in residence and uh, you know, any other situation where having a ready supply of munchies might come in handy. i've got a ton of laundry to do, so i'm wading through that, and later on we're going out to tarjay for some other grocery stuff, and we're going to stop by the pet store to check out the adoptions they do every sunday, cause the momster promised c-monkey a kitten when she got back from her vacation. just low-key all around today.
Hello everyone!

Lore, I'm feeling much better now! THat workout real helped, I also took houndish to the park. How are you doing?

Poodle, I hope the house hunting goes well.

Mox, I hope that everything is better now!

So, I went to the shower and it was nice, but while everyone was cooing over the baby, I was thinking, oh she is beautiful, but it's a baby! My mom then went into this speech about how babies are miracles and so forth, but I just don't see it that way, and my friend is looking forward to the day that i have children (eeep!) I knew this would happen if I went. It was a nice time though.

So speaking of tornadoes, here are some photos, and here it is the MB link. Elie and Carmen are very close to Winnipeg. This was the Friday night action here. Since tornadoes don't happen that often people are still buzzing.

Well, I'm having steak for din din with some potato salad, and in the slow cooker is sweet and sour chicken. Mmmm, and right now I am sipping on a Labatt Light, I'm beat, so it'll be early to bed for me tonight. And and and I'll be able to post pics of me soon! I've also decided that I'm going to get my labia minora pierced next! I'l go and see the piercer to see what she thinks.

I hope that everyone is having a lovely weekend!

Glad to hear, Culture smile.gif I'm having a nice, mellow day. It looks like getting the ring done will be around $300, so I'm thinking of doing it at a locally-owned place. Still, it made for a jamming solo roadtrip since I found a small CD zippercase that I forgot about, and it had some nice CDs in it, particularly Fatboy Slim's Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars.

GrrrlYouWant, yikes! Those taurine drinks are super-addictive. I remember the first 3 I had felt like I was having an allergic reaction, and my heart raced. I kept thinking, "Nah! I can do without this." Still, I tended to buy them again and again, and now they're like sodas. It freaked me out a bit. (Sorry, don't mean to be preachy, but that was what I was thinking.) Oh, and KITTEN!!!! smile.gif Yaaaaay!!!!!

Hope alla youse is having a good evening smile.gif
TURBO!! HAPPY BELATED BIRFDAY!! In honor of your birfday, I give you the GuacMan:

And the Gay:

And Chipotle's most excellent contribution to the 2007 Pride Parade:

I'm totally bummed that I didn't get to see Diva's Digs at the Pride Festival this weekend. This is, like, the third freaking year in a row that I have missed her. I had to run after the parade, however, because me and my friends were taking the kids to Hidden Beach.
HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That's such an awesome banner!!

I'm gonna have nightmares about GuacMan now.

I'm so jealous of your Hidden Beach visit, minx!! Lemme guess--there were people playing bongos and smoking pot, right?

That's so cool about the ring, lore. Sounds like it'll be gorgeous!!

(((mox))) I hope the craziness is over!!

Culture, my mom gave me that speech a while back when I wasn't creaming my pants over my niece's birth. I got peaved once because my sister brought niecoid along when I planned to do some serious clothes shopping. She could have left niecoid at home with my bro-in-law, but she wanted to be with her and we ended up having to feed and change diapers every 5 freakin' minutes. I got the "don't be a baby-hater" lecture later that evening.

Grrrl, you guys should check out petfinder, too.

My brother recently bought a golden retriever puppy from a breeder and I'm sorta pissed off at him about it. I loooove puppies and all, but I could never buy one because of all of the great puppers out there who need homes. The puppy hasn't arrived yet, but it should be lots of fun. I'm just gonna have to keep my mouth shut. He already knows how I feel about it.

I looked at houses yesterday and there's a great little one-bedroom near the very southern edge of Minneapolis that I'm interested in. It's right by the light-rail, which would be awesome for work. It would be a little bit of a stretch, financially, but I could pull it off. I'd just have to stop buying stupid shit online.

Ann Coulter is on TV!! EEEEEEEWWWWW!!!!!

Oh, things settled down nicely on Sunday. Friday and Saturday were just BUSY and not in a fun way, and moxette woke up early sunday, when I was really wanting 1/2 hour to drink coffee alone. We ended up doing a whole bunch of fun family things yesterday, including chasing bunny rabbits and splashing in a fountain. Really, what more could a mom ask than seeing her kidlet chase a bunny and splash in a fountain on a sunday afternoon?

Pride looks to have been a great success! I love GuacMan. he should be our OKAYland mascot!

Speaking of buttsex for guac...Doodle, when is your gig? I still think you should have gone with the BfG band moniker.

Okeydokey...I've got a TON of work to catch up on, plus insurance shit to deal with today. Its Monday, y'all.

Eta: Poods...I LOVE that you're househunting! Rock on with your bad self!! smile.gif
Mornin' babes.

Happy belated birthday Jenn!!! Sounds like your BBQ was a lot of fun! That's really cool that all of your work peeps came.

Taurine drinks...they are addictive.

Poodle! This is so exciting about the house! You're looking at some others? ooooh! Can't wait to hear. I love that you are working with the women power team of mortgage & realtor. Excellent!

Yeah, I wanna know how Diva's weekend at Pride went. I hope she sold a lot!

Lore, did you find a ring setting?

((CH)) Sorry you are feeling down & anxious. sad.gif Do you know the cause? Is there anything we can do?

I had a pretty good weekend. I did have the sushi & wine on Friday. It was deeelicious. I went home after that & conked out on the couch. Saturday I chilled at home during the day & went to my mom's at night. Mom & I went out for Mexican & stopped by my grandmother's house. Yesterday I went to brunch with some friends & then Mr K & I did some stuff in our house. Finally got the broken grout in the bathroom repaired, but discovered we got the wrong color grout. doh! Don't know what we're gonna do about that. I took a small tumble down our stairs this weekend too. They are wood. Fortunately, I only went about 1/2 way down. Bruised my arm & elbow, but that was about it, thankfully. I must be more careful.

Ok, need some bustie vibes PLEASE! MRG vibes! Come on MRG!!

MRG! Listen, lady. We know you are mean. But to torture poor Kari with wondering when you're gonna visit? Seriously. COME NOW.

And little jackaroo, the same goes for you, young man!

Hello on this Monday, crappy, shitty morning.

It sure has been quiet in here lately.

Lore, I love it when I find treasures like that, especially because you think someone stole them or they are gone into the vortex that is your closet or someat like that.

Minx, those are great pictures, my personal favourite is the homo estas one! Hee.

Poodle, continued ~*~*~*~*house vibes~*~*~*~ and ann coulter could give small children nightmares, hell she gives me nightmares. That would irritate me about ahving a baby along while doing seriuos shopping, craptastic.

So, Saturday night there was another round of tornadoes southern manitoba, one ripped through a camping ground, and what do we have going on here today? More thunderstorms, and there were more through late last night. It's cloudy and shitty and rainy outside. My ass and legs hurts from squats and working out and and and I didn't sleep for shit last night. On the broght side, I'm going to try and take pictures of lightning, obviuosly not from outside!

So those tornadoes were F4's which is pretty powerful, I'm trying to find more, there were a few really big ones in Southeasten manitoba as well, it's rather amazing that no one was killed in all of this. .

Well, I'm going to get to work here, hope everyone is doing well, and if there is bad weather, stay safe all.


ETA: Hi Kari! All is well now, I just went and had a good sweaty work out. Doesn't happen so often anymore but all is well now! ~*~*~*vibes for Kari~*~*~*~*

Hey Mox!
Hi it's me again.

I found this on my daily prowling of the mental_floss website. Anyways, I thought it neato and wanted to share.

That is all.

later all.

p.s. can someone please post so I'm not talking to myself. Again.
Thanks for the vibes, moxie!! I appreciate it. I think everything is Ok, *knock knock knock on wood*, but it sure is an extra long cycle.

CH, glad you are feeling better. A workout always helps, doesn't it? I am going at lunch today. I think I will jog. There is a new class I would like to try, but it starts at 11:15, and I can't bear to take my lunch that early, it makes the afternoon feel like an eternity.

I wish we would have a thunderstorm here. We are in a drought, like much of the US. It was overcast yesterday, but we got very little rain. I like rainy days sometimes.

That pic is neat, CH. Very cool.
ello, ello!

happy monday to all. err, nope. didn't work. i'm still not happy that it's monday, regardless of how chipper i pretend to be.

actually, moxie, i'd prefer one more week before jackaroo gets here. i mean, i am READY but mrfj is leaving on wednesday for orlando and he'll be gone for five days until sunday. orlando is only a couple hours away, and everyone is on standby that if he gets a call from me, he's on his way back here. but i want him to be here for the whole thing. besides, my sister is coming on friday and she's a labor and delivery nurse, so i'm hoping she'll be able to be here for the birth as well, to act as an extra coach for me! so, anytime after friday really would be ok because that would give mrfj time to schmooze with all the clients he will need to schmooze, sis will be here and i'll be ready.

of course, with our luck, it'll happen on wednesday night while i'm here by myself!! eek! still, i can't imagine that i'll need to rush off to the hospital right away at the first sign of a contraction. i'm sure i'll be fine.

culture, sorry your friend went all wonky after having her baby. i am really hoping that i do not become one of those types and can still maintain my cool factor while still being a kickass mommy. i think i'll do ok. i mean, obviously things are going to change in my life while i get used to the new little guy depending on me and stuff. i have no delusions that it won't change me.

@*@*@*@*@bloody vibes for kari@*@*@*@*@*@ (i still always want to call you karianne too, and i might still do it without realizing)

oh, speaking of those taurine drinks: anyone ever try sparks? oh wow... they're energy/alcohol drinks and they rock my world. well, not my CURRENT world, but they're pretty great to drink at parties because they give you that little kick with a little buzz! yumm!

ok, i had more to say and now it just all disappeared from my mind. i'll be back!

Hi, peeps.

I haven't read archives yet, but I skimmed enough to know that Poodle's looking at getting her own house and the FJ's haven't popped yet. And (((((((((bleed vibes))))))))) for Kari.

What I wouldn't do to get those 5 days of my life back! Pride wasn't good, but it wasn't nearly as bad as last year. This time I came $1 from breaking even on my booth fee (still not enough to begin to pay for my fixtures and supplies). At least I could pay the giant back for helping me out a couple weeks ago with the gas bill. I can't believe that I wasted so damn much time making shit that nobody wanted. For the stuff that I actually did sell, I could have done it all in a day and not had to take 3 days of vacation time for it. Anyway...

Good things
1) it didn't rain
2) I got to see some friends I haven't seen in years
3) the cheapie tent I bought worked like a dream
4) I didn't actually lose money like I did last year ($1 short doesn't count, I sold something for a dollar less than it was marked because I'd rather do that than trust people to remember to come back - I'm all about the impulse purchase)
5) my booth space was good, and our neighbors to our left were very nice
6) I've got tons of inventory ready for the holiday shows

Bad things
1) I still have no money and now my bank account is fucked - more on that later
2) drained emotionally at working so hard and making so little, and waiting for SO DAMN MANY people to come back for stuff they were all excited about buying, and then never showed
3) watching people buy really stupid crap like gaudy fake designer sunglasses and farie wings, and yet they don't have money for things they might actually be able to use beyond that same day (who the fuck wears farie wings?)
4) tons and tons of compliments from people doesn't pay the bills. The only words I want to hear are "I'd like this, please"
5) all the idiots who think I want to talk to them about how they can make their own bags/frames/jewelry and where to get all the same pictures. Yeah, please rip off all my ideas, that's what I'm here for!

So anyway, never order a portable shelter from E-Z Up It's been 10 days since I cancelled my order (they neglected to say on their website that the item I wanted was backordered), and I've still yet to receive my refund. The tent never shipped out, so I'm left to wonder what right these people think they have to my money for this long. No decent business I've ever ordered from has charged me before the item has actually shipped. So now I have all kinds of overdrafts because of this and my bank account is WAY in the hole, so much so that if it doesn't get fixed before Friday, I'll still be in the hole after I pay rent and the gas bill so I don't get threatened with stut-off notices again. I filed a fraud claim with my bank and a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about this company, so I'm expecting to get some resolution pretty quick.

I just want to know why this all has to be so goddamn hard and why people have no respect for people who actually try to make beautiful things with their own two hands and would rather buy cheap plastic mall shit that can never be used again and looks stupid anyway.

So, to feel a little better, I made the giant take me to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner last night where I got a little drunk. I think I put down my first mojito in about 5 gulps, and my next one almost as fast. In the hour that we were there, I had a lot of liquor. Sometimes a girl just needs a goddamn drink.
Oh diva. ((Diva)) sad.gif I am sorry you feel so cruddy about Pride. I think that would be incredibly difficult-to put so much time into making such cool stuff & then not sell a lot of it. If it makes you feel any better, I've got mad admiration for you for doing all that. You put so much time, effort, and money into it. The general public buys a lot of shitty stuff, I wish ppl had better taste.

I think the blood vibes are working, I feel some rumblin' down below. smile.gif smile.gif

~~~~one more week vibes for Jackaroo!~~~~~~~~ Stay in there little dude. FJ, you know you're going to be a cool ass mom!

Oh, you guys can totally still call me karianne. I just had to re-register, so I shortened it.
diva- word. i am your twin, and now I am sure of it. tonight, i have a whole g.d. bottle of Relax wine waiting for me. I know things will get better. And i have the most incredibly supportive partner a girl could want...even when i fuck up.
((((diva)))) I'm so sorry sweetie.
Anywhoo, I've decided that I will not be returning to the Pride festival, at least as a vendor. It's just not worth the hassle and heartache. I wonder how the others like mine did. All us artsy vendors were in the same area, which can be good or bad. There was a lady a few spaces down who also made all sorts of beautiful jewelry, the stuff I'd like to make if I could afford the materials. This was her first year at Pride, so I wonder how she did. Such a lovely lady, but I doubt she made a whole lot since her price point would have to be high to recoup her costs. I should have tried to trade with her. I like to do that at these things.

I read through the archives, so...

Happy Birfday Turbojenn!!! Welcome to your 30s! They're great! My twenties mostly blew, but 30+ has been great.

Happy 40th, Lurv!

(((((((((vibes for Kel's trip to see her dad))))))))))

((((((((performance vibes for Doodle))))))))))

((((((((((keep your job vibes for all who need them))))))))

Congrats on making it through your class, GT!

Tree, it's amazing how you can get your head boggled in a tube, burned with solder, and work in evisceration rooms and still have a sense of humor and just shrug it off. I know I wouldn't be able to.

(((((((((promotion vibes for Grrl))))))))

Moxie, enjoy your wine. I might drink the rest of a very cold bottle of reisling I've got in my fridge. I haven't had a chance to read that article, but congrats on the mention.

Hi, Kari, CH, FJ, and all!

I wish time would move faster. I'm still groggy and don't feel like I've fully woken up from this morning. My eyes aren't open as wide as usual and I keep needing to stretch. I'm thinking of going to bed around 9:00 tonight.

Hi hi ya'll! Diva, I'm sorry Pride sucked financially...ours has been going the same way here - much less handmade wares, and I am certainly not going to buy some machine made shit at a festival.

Oh, shit. I see the skateboard punks are skating on our private patio again. Fuckers. I don't care if they skateboard really, but the last thing we need is some kid cracking his head open on our pavement. be right back, must kick asshats off patio.

Okay, they've been thoroughly reprimanded.

Minxy! Thanks for Guac Man...strangely enough, he looks strikingly like my BIL! *shudders* But, I can rest in knowing that no one in turbomann's family would voluntarily touch an avocado willingly.

Work was boring today, I didn't want to be there, and couldn't solve the problems I had at hand. Oh well. Now, I'm sipping a 'rita and waiting for the laundry machines downstairs to open up, so I can do laundry.

*raises a glass to all the hard workin' busties out there*

kari, I am with you in awaiting the MRG...I had cramps soooo bad last night - twas not fun. It was probably because my body was pickled from tequila and eating sausages all weekend. MRG does not appreciate that. oh, no.
Hello y'all. Yep, I've been in Tennessee, can you tell?

The visit was good. Weird, but good. Dad must have inherited a shit ton of money when his wife died because he spends it like water. We were walking through a mall and I saw my dream camera, the Nikon D40 and said, "Oh, there's my camera." He asked if I had it, and I said, no, I was dreaming aloud. Long story short, he bought me the thing! I kept trying to refuse, but he wouldn't hear it. He spent over $700 on this thing and accessories for it. I think he doesn't know how to show love any other way. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this camera, but I would have been just as happy hanging out with him.

His girlfriend is nice. Very Tennessee. I saw my stepbrother, who is not so bad after all. His fiance and kid are cool. It was a short visit, but a good one. I think some healing is definitely taking place.

Poodle, congrats on the house situation! That's so exciting!

Doodle, I'm so happy about your band! These are very splendiferous times in Doodle-land.

Diva, that sucks about Pride. I'm sorry it turned out so bad.

Turbo, Happy LATE Birthday! I'm glad you had a good 30th. I think you will find your thirties to be rather awesome. I do!

Kari, I didn't even see your message about calling you until today! Doh! I'll be coming back again for a longer visit...I'll let you know when!

GirlTrouble, Yay for finishing the program!!!!!

FJ, I hope jackeroo is aware of the schedule and sticks to it! The little guy needs to do what mama wants!

Hi Culture, Lore, Mox, Minx, and everyone else!
Evening everyone.

Hey Turbo! Mmm margarita! YUM! Boo on the booooring work day.

Diva, I wish I could help.

Kel, I'm so happy to hear that your trip went well. I was thinking, while I was making popcorn, I wonder how Kel's trip went.

Bah! I'm sleepy, it was an okay work day, but just major tired. I was up when we had another thinderstorm last night. *shrugs* oh well. I'm going to go and watch the hour now. Later all!

*a lonely gust of wind howls through Okayland*
Good evening Okaylanders! Sorry I have been too swept up with band practice (tee hee!!!) lately to be posting much these days. I am having a blast, anyway, if it matters! Seems I see the boys every day now, though I never get to see guitarboy without neighbourboy anymore, since we are supposed to be practicing and not just jamming. *sigh* Oh well. Who cares? I'm in a band! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif


Made ya look! ph34r.gif Okay, I have non-obstructed photos, but I'm not ready to post them.

moxie, we are performing on Thursday evening, not sure what time yet.

This is the guest of honour.


There is a jobby-job ad for an office assistant (with a mining company) in the paper today. I think I'm going to e-mail my resume tomorrow. It feels like kind of a come-down, so I guess that's why I'm hesitating. But this is what I wanted for now, right?? Right. OTOH, I am worried they might not want ME, because I'm perceived as a "political radical" (and my resume doesn't help matters!)....but if I make it to the interview, I've decided I'm just going to tell them I'm too busy with my band right now to investigate their mining and labour practices. tongue.gif

guitarboy offered to get me on with his employer (inventory auditing) - which would be hilariously fun to do with guitarboy for a summer - but the pay is pretty..."meh." I'm holding it in my back pocket, though.

diva, that sucks that Pride didn't cough up more profit for you. That's just pissy, and you put in so much work. GRRRR!! mad.gif

FJ! Gosh, I totally can't believe Jackaroo is almost here, even though we all keep saying it! Here's hoping Mr FJ will be there when it all happens...

~*~*~*~*~MRG vibes for kari~*~*~*~*~

And turbo!

Are we all synched or something? I had "weird moody brain" all weekend, and cramps this morning, which means MRG is imminent here. [edited] dry.gif

Hi also poodle, kel, moxie, diva, lorewolf, CH, rose, grrrl, minx, and....anyone else!

guitarboy's guitar obsession (since I've known him, anyway) is "I'd Love to Change the World" (Ten Years After) he made me learn it this weekend....and now I'm obsessed with it, too! I have a blister on my thumb. He keeps saying, "I can't believe you learned that so fast," but I think I was trying to prove myself or something. Heh. This evening, I changed the key the song is played in, and totally fucked with his mind. tongue.gif

The boys just left for the 2nd time tonight. We are going to try our hands at BUSKING!!! It was guitarboy's idea, but I was all, "I'm in! When? Where?" (That's the Leo-Sagittarius dynamic in action, you see.) According to plan, we're going to hit the library steps downtown tomorrow morning, maybe for an hour (since we don't have a permit!). We figured we'll try to get over our performance nerves, and maybe make some weed money, too. wink.gif

(We should have called ourselves Will Play for Weed.)


I told guitarboy this would be like a big adventure for me - he just totally grinned like that alone made him want to do it. tongue.gif

This is becoming all so How Doodlebug Got Her Groove Back.
OMG Doodle! It just now struck me like a load of bricks how spectacularly awesome you sound. Compared to this time last year, you give me HOPE that life works itself out. A BAND! maybe a job. but life that makes you HAPPY. What a joy to read your exploits every day!

In that vein, I wlll do a Good Things Tuesday, the early edition.

1. Moxette woke a little early, which is giving me time to BUST before the day really gets going.
2. Moxieman has an interview/meeting with the Ex.VP of his department to present a new organizational chart...BIG shit!
3. New, fresh coffee
4. I'm going down to the Riverdays festitival at lunch today. River, lunch of "festival" foods (read: bad, tasty corndog anyone?) and my sister.
5. Its not yesterday anymore, and I've got my head back on properly.
I think maybe we ARE getting synched, cause MRG is here for me. Although, she's getting so irregular that it's probably just for this cycle, for me. I totally wasn't expecting her for at least a week. Meh. I have cramps. Major ones.

I'm sorry Pride wasn't more lucrative for you, diva. sad.gif

Good luck...busking?? I never heard that phrase before, Doodle. Lots of people do that downtown here, on State St.

Kel, I'm glad you had a good time. Congrats on the camera! Did you happen to make it to Memphis? I just lurve Beale Street.

Minx, thanks for the pics! I'm hungry for guac now. heh. That may be my dinner tonight.

ooooh, I can't drink wine in quantity. Just reading about people finishing off a whole bottle, makes me want to vomit. Me and wine don't get along.

So, my boss has been irritating me. I don't know why he won't give me any work orders! I mean, the other guys from the refrigeration shop have so many they are kind of overwhelmed and so they pawn some of theirs off on me and that's how I get jobs to do. He is a "new" boss, and my old one was much better. I miss him. He could be a vindictive ass, but he did all right by me. He left me alone and gave me plenty of work orders. Nice, relaxed, low-key ones.

So, now the people who are getting the nice, relaxed, low-key jobs are getting kind of *lazy* (yes, I have to be blunt about it) and they maybe do one in a day, and they're literally at least twenty jobs behind. But, do you think he'd turn any of them over to ME? I'd kill for a nice low-key job!

Anyway, the pony room at the veterinary medicine building went down yesterday...and it was one of the guys at the refrigeration shop that called me, NOT my boss. I mean, they were hung up on another job so they couldn't go. Today, I'll be junking out old refrigerators. They had RADIOACTIVE stuff in them. And they're farking HEAVY. Yippie.

I'm not all that fond of refrigeration, sometimes. I don't like refrigerants. And the valves are weird.

But, it's gonna be hot today, maybe I'll get lucky and they will have some building emergencies. I could use some overtime, and building situations are, it sounds weird, but they are more low-key in terms of money...a building budget is much higher than a departmental budget, so people aren't nit-picking over $60 bucks. When a building the size of a city block goes down, they're willing to pay a little to get it fixed.
Good Morning everyone.

I don't have much to say, beyond pissed off right now.

I have no good things Tuesday.

I'm going to smash things in the virtual fight cllub thread.
good morning okayers!

having a good day here so far, but seeings how all i've really done is make a bowl of almond oat cereal with sliced banana and a cup of coffee, well... i guess it would be hard to have a BAD day. tongue.gif

doodle! i wholeheartedly agree with moxie and think it is WONDERFUL that you are enjoying your life so much right now. you really are having such a positive cycle in your life and there is no one that deserves it more than you. i'm so happy that you get to perform in front of those same women that saw you so stressed and troubled all those months ago. it'll be good for them to see you feeling great and enjoying yourself.

((((culture))))), i'm sorry you're having a shitty day. i hope it gets better for you. i stalked some of your other posts this morning and if you wanna vent, feel free to PM me. i'm nothing but here. smile.gif

kel, i'm so glad your trip to visit your father went well. i'm happy it seems productive. mrfj's family tree is a bit splintered in places and it sucks to see it. so i'm glad you and your stepbrother and father can get along and maybe move forward to a new relationship. and while i guess it sucks that your dad doesn't know how to express his love except through things, well... fuck yea on the camera! hehe!

oh, and diva, i'm sorry about pride being a bust. that sucks ass. are there other festivals that might be more lucrative? or maybe now that you have the inventory all made, you can sell pieces at other venues? didn't you at one time have some of your stuff in boutiques or am i thinking wrong?

ok, i should make a few calls.
Hi, peeps!

CH, what's the matter?

Doodle, you sound like you're really having fun right now. Weren't you thinking of doing some admin work for your union? That'll be good to see all your old peeps again, but don't let them rope you into any responsibility at all.

Kel, that sounds like your visit was really nice. That camera must be awesome, too, for $700. Let me know if you need any accessories since the giant does payroll for a really good local camera company and can get anything at cost.

Tree, have you talked to your supervisor about giving you more work? If the guys you work with trust you to take over some of their stuff, your boss should trust you enough to take that kind of work in the first place.

FJ, nope, I don't have any of my stuff in boutiques. I've thought about it, but I'm really not sure, sort of leaning against it because I'd be lucky to get half my asking price for this stuff, which barely even covers the cost of materials. Since I'm not in a huge rush to get rid of anything (though I'd like the money, but only the kind of money that turns me a little profit - I don't do labor for free), I'd rather just hang onto them and sell them at festivals, or possibly online. I'm pretty confident in my stuff, especially the bags, since they're worlds better than anything I've seen at the malls or even online. There will be at least 3 shows I'll do for the holidays, probably more. I've got my fingers crossed to get into No Coast again - that was a really, really good show.

Hi, Moxie, Jenn, and everyone else!

Anyway, the giant and I had the nicest, most lazy evening possible. We watched TV and ate cheesecake and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, then went to bed at 9:30. I finally feel awake today.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) Just 4 days until I get to see Roger Waters! Yay! I've been looking forward to this for months
2) making the giant go with me to the Pompei exhibit at the Science Museum before the concert
3) Pride is over and done with and I'm never doing it again!
4) I checked my grade on the test I took last week, and I got the highest grade in the class (tied with a couple other people, I think, but still I got the highest grade)! It feels good to be starting this on a strong note.

Weird Things Tuesday:
1) saw icky IT guy from my building running this morning without a shirt on. Ew.
2) one of my favorite wrestlers, Chris Benoit, is dead, along with the rest of his family. Possibly a murder/suicide. He's the last person I ever would have thought to go this way as far as wrestlers are concerned. He had his head screwed on better than most, or at least I thought he did.

Hey all, very quick post - we are on our way downtown shortly! We are waiting for guitarboy to get ready. I wonder how long it takes these Leos to pry themselves from their mirrors, anyway? wink.gif

Thanks for all your thoughts and words!!
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