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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Georgie is SO cute! Turbo doesn't slay much of anything around here....if he could reach the ceiling, I'd love him to take care of the spiders....we're overrun by them in the summer here, 'cause the fish flies swarm on our balconies, and the spiders know where the eatin's good.

I have had the most fun this afternoon putzing around and making a banner for diva's PRIDE booth....check your email, babe. ;)

And in a few moments, some friends from the 'hood are coming over for dinner - lamburgers on the grill - YUM!
Hi everyone. Hope everyone is having a good Sunday, obviously keeping busy.

Kitten, if you want heat, I'll send you some. Right now it's about 110 outside and dry as a bone. Thank goodness for air conditioning and cold beer.

Bryln, I hope things are okay out there. Hopefully it was just fireworks.

Yea for Sir George.

This week has been okay. I'm taking an accelerated Spanish course in the mornings, so that's eating up most of my time. I want to get a decent grade in the class, so that's why I'm parked in front of the computer and studying today. I cleaned a little bit as well and read, slept in and it felt really good.

Work's the same, but we had a staff meeting that left a bad taste in my mouth. My department got a new manager and she seemed to be interested in knowing how many of us were serious about staying there, or if this was an in-between gig. About 3/4 of my shift said it was in-between (myself included), and we're the best people they have. However, she has a reputation for firing random people and for being mean, which was something she was trying to deny the entire time. I've started sending out resumes to be on the safe side; also, I'm tired of the job and I'm not going anywhere with it.

Well, homework calls. I started burning some incense that smells like pine trees and AZ Guy said it reminded him of church. It just reminds me of forests. See you all later.
hi everyone!
did everyone have a good weekend? i did. friday included much queer as folk, and yesterday was full of dancing goodness. one of my friends dances like an uncoordinated lesbian, which i find really amusing, since she's not lesbitronic. i bought a rainbow one of those rubber bracelets everyone has that i don't get, but since i'm not just wearing one 'cause they're 'cool' i figure it's okay.

my first day in the bakery was today. basically, i used a bread slicer/bagger machine for four hours, starting at 7am, and i had, like, 2 or 3 hours of sleep, but it was okay. i just slept away the afternoon.

so, the restaurant owner is a total evil bitchmonster. ever since i started looking for a second job, i was very, very clear with her that if she would give me a static schedule for the rest of the summer, i would work around whatever she wanted me to work. i asked *repeatedly* for this, as i didn't want any problems, but she insisted that she would just work around any second job i got. great, fine, whatever. so, there were 4 of 13 shifts that i couldn't work this week (today dinner, one weekday lunch, and lunch and dinner saturday, because i had work in the morning and a dinner party at night). i go in today to check my schedule, and she said that since i had asked for three days off she just didn't put me on the schedule for the week. 3 of 7 days, and 4 of 13 shifts, and she won't give me ANY work. she never said anything like 'i need you to be able to work x number of days', or 'if you ask for x days off in any week you just won't be on the schedule'. no, she said she'd work around a second job, and i thought that 3 days there and 4 days at the restaurant would be perfectly reasonable. and if it's going to be like this i'm totally fucked for finding another job, because i've already filled out my availability as unrestricted, and you have to wait a month before changing availability at the grocery store. i took two jobs because i need the money, and i still do, because i only have enough money to pay for next year of school, my savings will be gone by the end of next year, and i'll still have to pay for third and fourth year, and i'm not even eligible for student loans because i live at home and they look at my dad's income, which isn't very shabby at all. i just want to cry, i'm so frustrated. i guess i'll go in after i know my schedule for next week, and just say to her 'look, you said you'd do this, and i wanted to let you tell me which days you wanted me to work and you said no, here's when i can work next week, and i need to know if we're going to have any more problems with my schedule. i only took a second job after i talked with you about schedules/availability, and i took the second job because i need to save up money to pay for my education. i really like working here, but i have to know how things are going to work for the rest of the summer'. but i'll give it a few days so i'm not tempted to agree with the boy's life lesson du year, which is 'arson solves everything'. fucking people. is it really that hard to just say what you want and not be a passive agressive bitchface??

i'm sorry, that was all 'mememe', but i'm really frustrated and upset right now. i have all fucking week free next week except for thursday, so i promise i'll be a better okay-er then
(((((tyger))))) I hope it works out for you, sweetie. Sounds like you've planned just the right way to bring up your issues with your boss...

turbo, you told me that having a greyhound would be like having a cat! What do you mean turbodog doesn't chase bugs? Pest control is pretty Georgie's job around here! :-) (Carmella's job is to keep George on his toes.)

kittenb...wait till you are my age and you discover the killer morning-after effects of a mere two glasses of red wine. Ugh.

lilac, I hope your boss doesn't go on a firing spree!! EEP! Good luck...

Well, I've spent the weekend working on my bedroom. Of course, the rest of my apartment is a mess. There are shelves drying in between coats of paint in the entrance hall, cans of paint and other painting acoutrements on the dining table, boxes FROM the bedroom in the living room, a pile of art and other shit in the hallway, and more paint and painting acoutrements in the bathroom. Eek! AND I just spilled an entire jug of iced tea all over the kitchen floor, so now all the towels I own are wet and I can't have a shower. (Luckily it was sugar-free iced least it wasn't sticky!)

I did colour my hair again though. :-)

I've been colouring my hair since I was 25. How am I ever going to know if I'm going grey?
Hi guys!

I just got off work, and I can't sleep. I slept until three o'clock this afternoon - so I'm all off kilter.

Tonight was a pretty boring night in the bar. I got a server ID for the computer and checked out what drinks we have and stuff. The bartender went over everything with me, and it was a lot to remember. In fact, I think I have forgotten some the info already. Thursday I will start serving. I'm excited and a little bit nervous, too. Not nervous about the guests - more nervous about the bartenders yelling at me or sometihng.

(((tyger))) That sucks about your restaurant job. I hope you can work something out with your boss.

doodle - I have been dying my hair for years. My natural hair color is dishwater blonde, and I just lighten a few shades. A few years ago, I let it grow out, but the roots weren't that visible - it wasn't a dramatic change. But I got my hair cut short and when I got home I looked in the mirror and noticed a lot of pure silver strands of hair! Yikes! So I lightened it again and haven't stopped. Sometimes I check out my roots in the mirror and can see the silver hairs. When I keep my hair blonde, the grays aren't noticeable.

I know this is totally stupid, but this kind of hot Mexican guy came into the bar last week with some friends and gave me his card and asked me to call him. He also asked me to meet him and his friends at a nearby bar (that I go to a lot anyway) after I got off work. I told him I didn't know if I would do that and he was very persistent so I said that I would.

I didn't end up getting off work until after the bar closed, so I called him to tell him that I didn't go because I had just got off work. Since then (last Monday) he has called me every single day, sometimes multiple times. I haven't seen him since then, but he keeps calling and asking me to visit him in Phoenix.

Ayayay. I don't know if I want to get something going with this guy. He's pretty persistent, and it seems like if I start seeing him I will instantly become his girlfriend or something. I mean, he's not bad. He's 35, divorced with two kids, owns a property management company and teaches business management at a community college. So - I dunno. I don't know what to do. I shouldn't have called him in the first place.

OK - I hope you all are having sweet dreams and a pleasant morning.
mornin' ya'll! *waves to pk*

((((((tyg)))) Just breathe, darlin' - you'll figure something out. Just don't get upset AT your restaurant boss if you want to work something out there...I hate to say it, but restaurant managers pull this kind of shit all the time, in my experience. BUT, it can be disarmed if you go at them with total honey-sweet ass kissing, and just explain that you need this job as much as your bakery job, that one is not more important than the other, and that you would *really* appreciate any shifts they can work in for you. The key is demonstrating your need for the job, and being a reliable employee. When they see that you show up for every shift on time, and never call in, I bet they'll consistently give you shifts.

I'll be away from all you hotties all day today - I've got to go work a golf tournament fundraiser all day/night today. The weather looks gorgeous, so it should be a fine day, if long.
Happy Monday!!

I AM happy cause I'm digging my job-- I got a big tough project from a big tough bigwig-- and the new apartment is being cushy and I got out of there early today. Whammyman cooking breakfast consistently does not hurt either!!

Today we get some house stuff and an air conditioner and drop off big bags of extra clothes to be washed cause we're just too busy.

Glad you all had good weekends!! Tyger-- bummer. The worst thing about working your way through school is that people assume you're a rich, flakey student who doesn't need the money and isn't going to try. And then if your parents DONT chip in it really stinks. Things will get better if you're over 24 and living in your own place. But hope they will get better before that. turbos' advice sounds good. Yeah, I could please the customers, I could please the COOKS, but look out for management and fellow staff. Ow.

It freaking rained Saturday!! Cold, blustery, penetrating damp, constant pouring, wrestling with umbrella rain. ARRRVCHJ!!!!

so, gay pride had no craft booths and the near nekkid men were all wearing nylon gym clothes -- akk. We left after a short tiime.

Luckily the next day was the Dragon Boat festival and sunny! 27th one in Boston! Kind of a pan-asian regatta festival thing; They have sculls with little dragon heads and corporate teams in a race, then the children perform traditional karate and dance, and they have the big Japanese DRUMS teh awesome-- no opera this year but sometimes they do-- and lots of FUNKY WEIRD FOOD and mango lassi. mmmmmm

doodle: You mean, bamboo shades are not supposed to swoop across the windows in dramatic diagonals? ;-)
Good Morning, peeps.

How are you guys today?

I read some of the archives, so I see what some of you did. What about everyone else?

Doodle, I am constantly impressed by your work in your apartment.

Tyger, I agree with Jenn. In every restaurant I've ever worked, they try to do that sort of thing to employees. It is unfortunate, but it's true. They seem to think that the restaurant should be everyone's life focus. I think you should talk to her, like Jenn said (in a respectful manner), but don't put up with any shit.

I am a bit grumpy today. My sinuses are making my head hurt hurt hurt. And officemate just came in and is doing her regular complaining. I don't think I can handle it today. Really.
Good morning everybody.
I just cannot imagine a gay pride day w/o nearly naked men. I mean, what's the point? Unfortunetly, I will be working on Chicago's pride day, so no partying for me. That's okay, though. It can be a little intense for me some years.
Chicago is sponsoring the Gay Games. That promises to be a sight. I might be doing volunteer massage at one of the days, but I am not sure yet. I might have family in town.
karianne - you and your sinuses have all my sympathies. My health has been a little loopy these days. I need to get back on vitamins. A friend who knows herbalism gave me a bad of what looked like tree bark to boil and drink. She says it will help. Okay, I'll get right on that! I belive it will work but these herbs have the most distinct smell...
tyg - ditto on what Turbo said. It sucks and you are working so hard people should be easier on you. Good luck with all of that.
Hi, kiddos!

Karianne, I'm sorry your officemate is so irritating. I'd give you my iPod to drown her out with if I could.

Whammy, they wouldn't let us sit down during the shows, either! Maud, that sucked! But there was this one guy who always sat anyway and somehow didn't get caught. He always whined if we didn't want to do things exactly as he wanted them done because his little schedule couldn't be disrupted. Jackass. But for being an easy temp gig, the pay was awesome. I might do it again sometime. They come here every 2 years.

((((((((Tyger))))))))) I'm so bad at those situations, so I've got nothing to offer other than that Turbo has some very good advice.

Hi, PK!

Hey, I forgot to tell y'all that Miss Shuggah got married on Saturday! I wish she'd come in sometime and tell us all about it. Damn her stupid work blocking Bust from her.

Turbo, thank you so so so much for doing my banner for me. You're so incredibly awesome.

My back is hurting something awful today. I spent probably 10 or 11 hours sitting on the hardwood floor in our dining room yesterday mosaicing a planter for my parents. It's looking awesome, but my left thumb is hacked up and it hurts to move. I've got about 3/4 of the first one done, minus grouting. Just another whole one to do after that. I'm taking tomorrow and Wednesday off to work on it and other stuff for Pride.

This weekend was a pretty good one. The giant and I went out for dinner on Friday. We were also going to see "The Breakup," but by the time we got done with dinner, it was too late, so we just went home. I hung out with Poodle on Saturday and saw "A Prairie Home Companion." It was a very distinct okay. It's not a great movie by any means, just average and kind of cute/quaint. I also got more beading stuff and picked up the tiles I painted and worked some overtime. I went to this bead store that I was waiting for half a week to open up after remodeling and ended up leaving with nothing because I was so frustrated that EVERYthing I wanted was way overpriced and they didn't have half of what I needed. I just left my tray on a display case and walked out, I was so pissed off. But then Poodle and I went to another bead shop and I found everything that I needed, with her expert eye. She found a bunch of stuff for me I couldn't see. And she also gave me pictures to make bags out of, so I should be set. Yep, it'll be 2 very full days of crafting for me this week, and whatever else I can squeeze in.

Okay, time to take some drugs and hope this back pain goes away. I'm not optimistic, though.
Good Monday chickapoos!!

Guess what....I got my turntable and receiver yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was frustrating to set up at first, but that only made the first note of Freebird sound sweeter than ever before. I'm gonna bring it to the Needle Doctor to have them do a little work on the belt and the arm. I think it's due for a new needle, too. The receiver is totally bitchin.' I listened to a little Aretha, Elton John, and Allman Bros. I think I'm gonna have to bust out my Back in Black LP tonight. Wahoooooo!!!

((((tyg)))) Stupid bosses are the worst!

((((diva's back))))

Yay for shug!!

Hmmm...maybe I should fake sick so I can play with my new electronics.
poodes, that is awesome that you got a turntable & receiver! nice!

diva, sorry to hear about your back. I hope it gets to feeling better. I wanted to see Prairie Home Companion, maybe I will just wait for the DVD though. I just joined Netflix, actually. Do any of you guys do that? I have been wanting to, but I just keep thinking "one more monthly expense." I did the one that is $14.99/month.

My head is feeling a bit better. Took Tylenol & Sudafed. Offiemate has simmered down also, so that is good. I contemplated leaving work, but I think I can stick it out.
we Netflix and i love it. some months i don't think i get my money's worth and other months i'm movie crazy. my queue has over 200 dvds on it. who knows how many of those i'll actually see. anytime a movie sounds interesting, i put it in my queue.

i hope your head starts feeling even better, Karianne. and Diva, i hope your back starts feeling better.

yay for Poodle and her record stuff! :-)

tyger, i've had that kind of thing happen to me. the summer after my freshmen yr of college when i moved back home, i got a job where they told me i would get 30-40hr/wk. i was excited cuz i didn't want to go back to my high school job. anyway, the entire month of june i think i got 30 hours total. i was so pissed. i ended up having to go back to my high school job.

one of TB's friends is getting married in August in Charleston, WV (not the good charleston we all know of). anyway, we're talking about road-tripping it. anyone know of anything fun along the way? the trip looks like it will go chicago ->indianapolis->ohio->charleston. i'm not familiar with that area of the country at all. we need to do this cheap but i want to have fun. i thought about a day or two in chicago but i don't think that's what TB has in mind.
i netflix as well. i feel like if you watch a lot of movies, it's worth the money. i think of it this way. blockbuster and its competitors charge what, $5 per rental? if i do the $15 per month netflix, i have to watch 3 movies a month to get my money's worth. which i generally do, and more. if i were to stick to blockbuster i would either not be able to afford to watch all the movies i wanted, or i'd be racking up $50 a month in rentals. in which case i might as well get cable.
bklynhermit, see that's my problem-we do have cable. Plus we pay the extra $12/month for HBO. sigh....however, I try to justify it to myself in that that is our only technological splurge. We don't have a home phone or internet. Hmmm. I hate budgeting!

catsoup, I wish I had some suggestions for you...I don't know that area of the country either.
kari-we LOVE netflix. we use it almost exclusivly for old TV shows that we either never saw or want to revisit. It makes tv fun again!
I'm considering joining Netflix, too. The giant never wants to rent videos, and there are a lot of things I want to see that he doesn't and I'm sick of waiting for them to come on cable. He thinks that DVDs should only be bought, even if you don't know if you're going to like them.

Poodle, I'm glad you got the turntable up and working. I'm going to have to check that out soon.

Sorry, Catsoup, I've got no ideas of stuff to do in those parts.

I need to find stuff to do for an hour because I don't want to take lunch yet because I'm stuck here for 6 1/2 more hours today. Hmmm...
morning lassies~

mondays blow monkey balls.

friday was fun. hung out with S and her boyfriend Stud. it was fun, except i had far too much to drink. honestly, i didn't think i had had that much but i guess i've lowered my tolerance a bit lately by not drinking very much. i bet the clove cigarettes didn't help either. i woke up with a raging headache, but that went away before i got back home from her place. but then, i started vomiting on and off for the next five hours. oh, lovely. my plan for saturday (leisurely clean, nap, read, garden, etc) didn't quite happen the way i had planned. eh. so, kitten you can count me in on the getting older and can't quite party like i used to group. poopers.

mrfj FINALLY got back from his trip on sunday afternoon. i couldn't wait to see him. and his homecoming was just as i had hoped, right from a romantic film: he came in and we embraced and kissed for what seemed like hours and began tearing at each others clothes until we moved along to the bedroom (never removing our lips from each other) and having a fantastic romp leaving us both sweaty and winded.

then we went to our favorite little place down the road and got cheeseburgers and pizza. it was perfection.

karianne, we also netflix and like catsoup said, sometimes we feel like we're getting our money's worth and other times, not so much. the best advice i can give you is to keep track of your queue and when you send something in, make sure you're ready to watch the next one coming to you or change the order. we've let it get away from us lately because we've had the magnificent universe, junebug and new york stories for months now and just haven't felt like watching them. so, while mrfj was gone, i watched junebug and then last night we both watched ny stories and we've decided just to turn in the other one (which is basically a NOVA special) and maybe put it back in our queue for when we're in the mood to watch it. i've got the aristocrats coming to us next. i've heard good things about that movie.

i don't know if i'll make it to pride this year. i went last year with my SIL and her wifey, but i don't know that they're going this year. they really suck here in our neck of the woods. no real parade, no real booths in fact. just sort of unorganized and because our city is practically owned by the first baptist bank, i mean church, it's just not given the attention that it should. i don't know. maybe that's all the more reason to attend again this year. maybe i'll take grover the wonderdog and get her a cute rainbow collar. or maybe we'll go to the one in gainesville. with UF being there, you'd think it would be a bigger contingent.

yay for poodle's new electronics! yay for diva's mosaic! yay for doodle's bamboo blinds!

hi turbo: we miss you!!!

tyger, i hope you can get what you want from the meanie bossy boss! follow turbo's sage advice and i'm sure you will!

moxie, ooh lala! ;) glad to hear that your lovelife is just as exciting as your new role as momma.

hi minx!! didya get those papers graded?
I'm still working on those fucking papers. Since I am putting in the final exam grades during the next two days, I will have a better idea as to where these kids are sitting (a lot are failing) so I may just do some creative grading for some of the work packets. They will still be graded accurately, but not every single page and it will still be within about 5-8 points of where they would actually be if I did them completely and save me in excess of about 10 hours of grading. I don't worry about it too much because the ones who got it, definately got it, and the ones who didn't...well, not to be a dick or anything, but when you get to a "D", who in the fuck cares if it's a high D or a low D--they don't make any distinction in total GPA. There may just be a lot of D's this quarter.

We had our seniors graduate last night, and apparently some short time after I left, someone whipped out a gun and shot off a few rounds. This was outside the convention center and nobody got hurt, but boy howdy am I glad that I RAN out of the graduation center as soon as I said my goodbyes, lit me cigarette and went SPRINTING out of the door for my promised beer and HBI.

I didn't get much sleep last night, but I had a blast. I went riding out in my car on the highway wearing my Master's pagentry--it was gorgeous. I am such a costume whore. WHOOOOOOO-AR!

Okay, I am officially quite tired now and the cherry coke isn't helping yet. I am thinking about taking the minxlette to a movie this early evening. Maybe over to Block E to see "Cars" or that "Over the Hedge" one. Who knows...maybe tomorrow night--I am just effin' exhausted.

But I got a really good HBI last night and drank beer and stuff. Even tradeoff, I say.
minx - that's crazy. The same thing happened in some Chicago neighborhood about a week ago. Only someone got killed. I am glad that all were safe at your graduation.
yes! netflix good! cheap movies, sophisticated selection and not jerks to deal with!

~*~*~*~diva thumb and back~*~~*
and good weather for YOUR pride! I missed the crafters :-(
It was seriously too much winddriven cold rain for them to bother.

Oooh poodle moocho awesomeness.

we havent set up our turntable stereo thingie yet, the boy is dying to, he went out and bought special cable and is thinking excitedly about where to place speakers in the new place.

bcuz as woody allen said, the ear can be fooled into thinking it's a nose with improper placement of speakers...
thanks for hugs and vibes, you guys! turbo, your advice sounds quite level-headed, but what i'm going to do is *pretend* i'm not mad, but if i can get another job i'm going to drop the restaurant deal in a flash. i don't need to put up with being misled and treated badly by a passive-aggressive boss.

i don't think i watch enough movies to justify netflix. really, my favourite way to watch movies is to look through the reject bin and buy interesting looking movies that cost less than it does to rent one. i've got two of my fave movies that way, lumumba and betty fischer et autres histoires (i'm thinking maybe they were so cheap 'cause they were french vhs movies, but they're awesome)

yay for turntables!
yikes, minx! that's scary. someone in my school district (but another town) fired a gun on a schoolbus the other week. this kind of stuff should not be happening.
yay for frisky homecomings!

i'm not sure what pride is like in my city. other than our mayor has *never* recognized pride. oh, one year he declared it 'community pride' and worded it so it was a week to recognize all our city and community had to be proud of. bastard. i think he meant 'proud of anything except the GLBT community in this conservative hick town' but this year it's in july before i leave town instead of labour day weekend, so i shall be going to things and doing of stuff.

i have to go to a funeral now, though. one of my mom's friends from church who was friends with our old awesome neighbor died, and i'm gonna go help make coffee and stuff. which means i should go change out of my matching baby blue towel and ugg slipper ensemble and get real clothes on. be back later, laydeez!
tyg, i was thinking to suggest the verys ame thing: if you've already got he cash for next year's school costs, a couple more weeks of searching for a second job shouldn't put that much of a dent in things.

i'm in a terrible mood today. i'm all "fuckit" and i really cannot afford to be this way.

i have things to do, but don't want to do them. i have a book to read for a presentation on FRIDAY and haven't read it. not a little book either. boring two-hundred page company success type book. booo.

plus, i have the normal weekly report, plus the new progress report that my manager just decided she wants us to start doing. i'm so over it with a capital OVER IT.

i'm feeling like a good cry and i hate to even say that because all in all my life is pretty great. i just don't like my job and it's bringing me down because i spend sooo much time working. i have GOT to get out of this place.

tyger, can i come work with you at the restaurant? better yet, i wonder if they need a fry chick at mcdonalds. you know, take this job and shove it american beauty style.
Hello all! I have only been able to skim a little bit, but wanted to post and say Hi!!! before half of you are gone for the day...
whew....guys, that was a *long* day. Just got home from the frelling golf tournament. Made a veritable shitload of money for our programs, but twas a nice 13 hour day. And maude knows what shite is waiting for me at the office tomorrow.

fj...I shall join you on the "gotta get outta here" vibe...I just happen to be a little bored with my job currently, mostly I do like it, but the feeling of wanting to move on is imminent.

tyg, I like your style. Glad you're going to ignore it, and search for greener pastures.

Ok, time to walk the dog. le sigh.

and then it's off to teaching summerschool next Monday. Ah well, it's a ceremonial blitzkrieg. I cannot say that most of my students did exceptionally well, but we can work on that next year. Spring makes teenagers go retarded. :-)
No more pencils, no more books
No more students' confused looks!


*tosses huge pile of loose leaf paper in the air*

Hi turbo and minx, and everyone else!
my dears, I am seriously dragging this morning...something about working 12 hours in the sun, and not eating very well or drinking enough water, and I am *beat* today. I wish I could have called in sick, but we've got another big fundaiser in 2 weeks, and a shitload of work to do to prep for no time to waste. bah.

Turbo, I can't believe how much fundraising your org does. It's incredible. Our org really doesn't do much which is annoying.

FJ and Turbo, I'm right with you with the need to move on to some other work. We just found out we got a big grant to start a new program and we'll have to hire someone to do the program. It's so stupid - rather than look for money so maybe the current staff could get paid a little more, our ED looks for new money for new programs for new staff. Blech.

I have a fun day ahead of me - a therapy appointment this morning and then this afternoon a pelvic exam for the HPV vaccine research study I'm a part of (it's not the one that was just FDA-approved, this is the other one). The upside is I'm not going to work because of all the appointments.

I have a cough that will not die. It's super annoying.

Good Things Tuesday --
*No work today
*It's getting hot again (and sunny!)
*I have yummy strawberries, whipped cream, and angel food cake in my kitchen
ok, this is a cross post from the hip-mama thread, but i am so incredibly incensed, that i have to spew.

i'm sorry in advance for this rant. I understand the tremendous benefits of breastfeeding, and I tried it in the hospital. But say, for women like me, who had 4 days of hard labor and emergency surgury, breast feeding was just too hard. And, my daughter's bloodsurgar was LOW because of the 4 days of no real food, and she needed to eat, etc. And, not to mention women who have to go RIGHT back to work, etc. The NYT just published this very invective and incindary article, that just pisses me off. So, yes, part of my rant must be because i'm killing my child (i expect, as the article implies, she'll be dead before i get home today), but a large part is because of the rabid, ineffectual, irresponsible journalism displayed in the piece, that I have to post it here. Oh, and did i mention my daughter is THRIVING, meeting every developmental milestone, loves life and hasn't had one cold yet?!? ogin&adxnnlx=1150204678-Axd6qOYStu3SC0i5kF+27w

//end rant.

THanks. Grrr...
Yep, mox, that is effed up. No question. Just goes to show you not only the lame state of journalism, but that your private life is open to everyone for criticism, whether it be your choice to have kids, not to have them, pregnancy advice, and parenting mandates. All a buncha hooey, if you ask me. All we can do is make the best choices for ourselves, right?
aw, moxie, what the fuck! that is really fucked up. i'm sorry. it's as though some of these "researchers" never take into account that some women really WANT to breast feed, but simply can't for one reason or another. sure, there is evidence that it could be better for our babies than formula. but how they could POSSIBLY equate smoking, drinking and other hazardous behaviors while pregnant to not breastfeeding once the child is born is beyond me.

so, my job situation is getting even worse. i had a crying fit last night and started a big fight with mrfj. i'm afraid to make a move right now and it's becoming a big circlejerk of inaction. (i think he said something to that effect, which made me really made because it was true. don't you just hate that??)

plus, i'm having pelvic pain and i'm starting to get concerned that it could be PID, which could explain my infertility all these months. i am currently on an antibiotic suppository, so now i'm just waiting for the inevitable yeasties to take over. yay. this is just awesome.

hope you're feeling better, turbo!
Whats up, ma beotches!!!

after a horrible run in with the dairy fairy, i am back to normal.

birthday weekend was nice...lots of wine, chocolate guinness cake and drunk cranium.

yesterday we got assigned stations on the senior floor(woot!) and now we are doing theory all...FREAKING...DAY...LONG...ugh.

mox, i am with sis couldn't nurse for 2 of her 4 kids cuz of inverted nipples. yet she still got flack for it. WTF?! i say, at least you are feeding and loving and caring for the bebe...some moms can't get that thru their heads.

yay for school ending..oh wait...that doesn't include me...dammit.

hi turbo, moxie, minx, catsoup, doodle, poodle, diva, tyger, and anyone else i may have missed...

on a side of our 'friends' is having a cow over the guys in our 'group' not wanting to go see a sweaty rob thomas perform cuz they would rather be boating. she's super miffed and has decided to blame mr. gb for this infraction. any suggestions? those of you with a myspace acct...if you want to read her blog for yourself, send me a message and i will copy paste it to you. is really ticked off, didn't eat last nite cuz he was fuming mad(which is HUGE) and has prepared a return "screw you" letter. Last nite i had to talk him out of moving out of state yi yi. anyways, lemme know what you think.
moxie -- funny, cause I was just thinking about you and how heart-warming your post about your child was.

And, trust me, I am usually someone who vomits when hearing the term "heart-warming"


~*~*~good vibeage to all~*~*~*~

I am having so much fun fussing over my house

Last night we bought the air conditioner with remote for the bedroom and some cleaning supplies at Target -- silly stufff like an extendo feather duster to dust the top of the mouldings and we were chortling with dorky fussbot glee.

If you realized how slobberiffic we were before, you would have laughed to see us. But my boy has a certain anal side. We had been just putting the toilet paper on the tank in the old place, the new one had a wall-mounted toilet paper holder, and in the midst of our hellacious moving in I found a roll lovingly installed -- as if for his whole life he had a secret unresolved yearning for a toilet paper holder.


msgoof-- theory?! "Curly hair can be traced to the ancient abyssinians who believed it denoted fertility among the vernal crops"

ha ha
LOL whammy...alas, we are learning about ways to give orgasmic shampoos. Nice, eh? half the girls are like, "what?" and the other half are volunteering like mad to be a model "me! me! me!"

the guy droned on about scissors, his career, answering questions from our annoying classmate who asks stupid questions...for 3 hours!!! bah.

mmm, orgasmic shampoos. i needs me some a dat!
wow, and I thought that herbal essence ad was just hype. What do I know? ;-)

I'm just creepiing back to say it's not as if we were UNSANITARY or anything. The food and the bathroom and all were handled well, we shower every day and dress nicely and eat good healthy food and all that -- but, as far as dusting and clutter we were both busy and poor and the place was kind of old and well ...

also I had lived with so many guys and whiny roommates I was not going to be the maid or the nag. But in a new place that's nice with just the two of us -- well, we've got all kinds of little fussy things. We almost feel like we're living in someone else's house and they might return momentarily -- we haven't been walking around naked as much.

I bought furniture polish and chamois dustrags and whammy man wants to use his moms china and silver and polish it with silver polish and have people over for dinner. we need a stepladder and a TABLE and a couch - new!

We're using a marble-topped end table of his mom's to eat from -- it's round and about as big as an LP record 12 inch.

He's so cute...
Good morning all!

moxie, eff that article. It's just yet ANOTHER example of mother-blaming in our culture. Don't you know it's always the mother's fault for everything that happens to a person for the rest of his/her entire life? My mom couldn't breast feed, and she was made to feel incredible guilt over it (and that was in the '60s). But we turned out ok. So screw that b.s.

(((((turbo))))) I hope you feel better. I hope turbomann is pre-warned that he needs to make you a nice dinner and then tuck you into bed when you finish work today.

(((((FJ))))) Wish there was something I could do, hon.

miz goof, drunken Cranium sounds really fun, I'm going to have to try that some time! But what on earth is chocolate guinness cake?

'soup, your post just TOTALLY made me crave strawberry shortcake. Mmm, strawberry shortcake.

whammy, I have this image of you standing in a cloud of dust, like Linus from Peanuts.

Hi everyone else!!!!!!!!

I had, like, 4 hours sleep last night, 'cause I had insomnia. Now I wish I were home in bed.
thanks girls. i'm not particularly angry (well, any more than usual) over the BF nazi propaganda machine, but rather that the NYT has devolved into becomming part of it. I'm perfectly happy with our life, my daughter, and the descisions we've made thus far.

Anyway, FJ- this certainly sounds like a rough week. I hate it when moxieman points things out that i don't want to admit. Somehow, my ego gets offended. Its ok. Things WILL get better.
msgoof-friends who do that are just useless. I think that had the right idea. I know that causes more drama, but he was right to be pissed. Use the "no drama" angle, though?


msgoof - I will vouch for the skill of a trained shampoo artiste!! Gah, the intern from the hair school that's next door to the salon I go to....not only is he delectably handsome....he gives evah. Seriously, I almost propositioned him. MMmmmmm.

I am feeling better - thanks for the vibes!!! A good lunch in my belly and 30minutes of sunshine, and I'm feeling nearly human. Turboman making dinner - hah! But he is very good at take-out. I owe him for yesterday, though, 'cause I had to take the car, which adds an hour to his commute time, and he did both dog walks last night. Good man, my husband. I think I just need to slip into a bubbly bath.

((((fj))))) take it easy, my dear, breathe, and send some good vibes to all your girly bits....and get thee some acidophilus bifudus, pronto!!!
Hello ladies! Today is such a blah day. I had the same problem last night, doodle, though not quite as bad. I called in to work this morning and told the meddler that I wasn't feeling well but I would probably come in later. I'm at work now. I'm about to leave pretty soon for a blood test (seizure med thing).


That breastfeeding article is so lame. Researchers get bored and have to make use of their grant money, so they come up with this "bad for your health" crap all the time. Then they change their minds 2 years later. The media also needs crap to talk about, so they report that junk. Plenty of people were fed formula and they're fine. Considering that today's formula is even more nutritious, I'm sure any difference from breast milk is minimal. Stupid, stupid people. It seems that these people should focus more on the negative mental/emotional effects on children raised in biblical fundamentalist households.

Good things Tuesday:
1. I get to leave early because of my blood test
2. My old speakers seem to work well with my "new" receiver
3. The resident boy's PC had a spyware attack while my Mac continued to function beautifully. Take that resident boy!
4. I have Lucky Charms at home.

Bad thing: My AC/DC Back in Black record is warped for some reason. It almost looks like it was up against some heat source. :-(

Alright! I'm off to have my blood sucked!


doodle, guinness chocolate cake is a wonderful fudgy beer-chocolate thing....omg so good. i think she pulled it from totally makes homemade rock my world.

good luck poodle on your blood test things...i always get light headed if they tell me about them, and then they make me wait, causing me to freak out about it..and then i get a sucker cuz i get the 'you don't look good' from the nurse. hee. bah. i wish they would just say, "surprise! blood draw time!" then it would be so much easier.

ok i ranted in the letters thread about the whole issue with mr. gb and the 'friends'--he likes it but now he wants feed back from y'all. lol.

keeces to all my busties.... muah.
Hi, kids!

((((Moxie)))) You're a great mom. Your child is thriving and loves you and you're doing everything just fine. If formula were bad for infants, they wouldn't sell it. Both of my brothers and I were formula babies, and we all turned out just fine. These health articles are so fickle anyway, just like Poodle said. Just keep doing what you know is right.

Turbo, wow, 12 hours at a fundraiser? My Maud! They should have given you the day off today, or at least let you work from home.

((((FJ)))) I wish there were something I could do for you. Being stuck in a job you don't want to be in really sucks. I should know.

Yay for MsGoofball playing at the big kids table! So when do you start cutting real people's hair?

Poodle, I hope they figure out your meds really soon.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) I'm at home working on jewelry and mosaic and I'm going to try to make a handbag. So far, I've made a pair of earrings and a necklace and I've busted up (hopefully) all the rest of the tiles I'm going to need for this project. I'm going to start caulking them on as soon as I finish this post. I hope I didn't scare my landlord upstairs with all the hammer banging and breaking tile sounds.
2) The windows are open
3) I have "Millions" on the DVR, just waiting for me to hit play
4) I've got tomorrow off, too. Yay!
hi divalla!

oh yeah...

good things tuesday:
-mr. gb is taking me to lunch...sweet!
-i picked out polished concrete for the barn project and LOVES it!
-i am this much closer to having actual clients in my chair. yay!
-i just organized my purse and now i feel like a small clutter bug has gotten off my back--now i just gotta do that at home!
doodle-- I believe you mean "PigPen" :-)


poodle-- good luck with that stuff! You are such a hella tough old viking to go through all these health problems and still be so good at your job and having fun in your personal life.

FJ -- courage!! The baybay will be yours
Hey ladies!!!

My lab visit only took a 10 or so minutes, so I walked home in the nice weather and now I'm chillin' in my pad and listenin' to Hot for Teacher as we speak.

Diva, I'm gonna "prep" some stuff tonight, but I'm gonna need some of those pics back at some point so I can do the collage part. Be sure to save the kitchen/food pics for moi. I also have a vintage-circus-themed box started, so save some of those for me (but also feel free to use them because I have more saved on my 'puter at work)

Msgoofball, I read your letter and posts here, but I'm still a bit confused. Send me the url for that person's myspace thing. Of course, I'll automatically side with you guys. :-) PS- I'm so happy that you've made so much progress so fast and that you're on your way to real clients! It's cool to hear what you're doing each week. Keep up the good work!

Hi whammy!

A perfect example of how trivial the breast-feeding vs. formula thing is: diva and myself. I was boob-fed and diva was formula-fed. Both of us are equally brainy and skilled. BUT, I have the seizure crap, the gall bladder thingie, depression, etc. I'm not saying that breast-feeding caused this, or that I'm plagued by health problems (I'm actually quite lucky, still), or that diva is free of health issues (I don't know). All I'm saying is that there are a buttload of other factors that come into play, and what you were fed as a baby is almost insignificant (unless your parents fed you lead paint chips).

Heh...I just saw a listing on ebay for an "invisible t-shirt." According to the seller, the shirt comes in all sizes. It has 2 bidders and it's up to $.07!!! :-)
Ack! whammy, I thought I might have it wrong, but I really don't pay much attention to Peanuts, so...oops!

Hi poodley-noodley!!!!!

Hi diva!!!!!

turbo, whaddaya mean he doesn't cook? Hmmm...I think we should all chip in for cooking lessons for turbomann.

miz goof, that cake sounds yummers!

Hey moxie...why don't you write a letter to the editor? Give 'em shit.

Heh. Speaking of that, my brother (age 41) just wrote his first letter to the editor, and he was completely and utterly tickled that they published it. I didn't have the heart to tell him I got my first letter to the editor published when I was 15. In a much bigger paper. Heh.
Awww...doodle - how sweet, your bro has finally found his voice! I love that! Yeah, I had a column in the town paper when I was 15, I was supposed to be the voice of the high school. But they always edited my topics down to banal shit that I didn't care about. They didn't go in for the debate tournament, or chemistry club exhibits....go figure.

Yeah, mox - write and tell the NYT what asses they are!

turboman can make mac & cheese, grill meat products, and make chili. I suppose his lack of kitchenry prowess is more a function of my deranged need to be in control of the menu and kitchen, than anything else. That, and I get home from work at 4:30 and he gets home at 7pm at the earliest. So, that's how it works out. BUT....he is my sexy errand boy, procuring whatever my heart desires, since he drives to work.
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