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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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ooh, oooh! that is awesome poodle!!!! ~$~$~$~$~$~ real estate vibes~$~$~$~$~$~ that DOES sound like a great investment opportunity! you're right, a little sweat equity goes a LONG way.

hi turbo!! oh wow! i didn't realize your b-day was coming up so soon! woohoo! when is it officially? YAY for birthdays!!

mmm, just finished my turkey sammich and it was mm mm mm mm good!
Hi FJ! My birfday is actually ON Saturday - how cool is that?! We're having a big BBQ on our lakeside patio/beach...should be fun, so long as the thunderstorms clear out by then. And I'm rolling over to 30 this year - YAY!! And really, truly, I couldn't be happier or 20s were really a tough roller coaster ride, and just in the last few months, things have really come together, and I *know* my 30s are going to be fabulous!
Okay, okay, okay, please forgive me for posting without reading first, but I think you soap opera fans might appreciate it.

organicgirl popped by this afternoon...and asked if me and "the band" wanted to play at a political event next week. BWAH! It's a fundraiser for the NDP in a private home, and the provincial NDP Opposition Leader is going to be there, and probably about 50 or so other people. It's one of those bbq/open bar affairs, and I hate schmoozing, but I do know some of the people who'd be there, including the party Leader - and what a way to say "hello" again after leaving the women's centre! "Yeah, I'm with the band." Heh. I'd wear my sunglasses all night. cool.gif

neighbourboy is on the fence about the idea, leaning towards yes, which means it's all up to guitarboy, who wasn't home from work yet when organicgirl and I went over to talk to them about it. Oh god, I wonder how bad guitarboy's stage fright really is? I totally want to do this! I've decided that my political contribution from now on will be to entertain the troops. But I can't even imagine having the nerve myself, without guitarboy there.

Three Cheers for Early Midlife Crises!!!

Okay, I'm gonna try and read now, if I can keep myself from rolling on the floor in uproarious laughter.
Good evening everyone.

I took a page from lore's book and smoked some.

I am quite high. Now; to travel backwards through time.

That is all!

Later everyone.
Hahaha!! Culture is high!! Drunk/high posts are so great!!

DOODLE, you should totally do that!!!!!! Practice, practice, practice!!!! Try to get about 5 songs down. Oh, and I should say that Wild Horses isn't really "depressing" for me. It's more of a bittersweet song. It makes my heart hurt in a good way. You should listen to the Flying Burrito Brothers version of that song. I heart Gram Parsons.

Yeah, turbo, I really want a place to have a puppers someday. Maybe not in a small house like this with two kitties (one of which is very sensitive), but someday. Really, Gus is sorta like a dog in that he needs the space to release his energy. He's the fat, older one, but he's definitely more playful and "wild," so I know that having a yard would be heaven for him. That's why I was looking at duplexes a while back. Gawd, watching him stare out the window at the communist housing next door just kills me. He does it just in case a bird drops by. He's doing it right now. Po' wild baby.

ETA- Doodle, some of the Indigo Girls songs are really easy to play and fun to sing. Joking and Shame on You are lively and easy!! My token drunkard bonfire song is Romeo & Juliet, which is actually a Dire Straits song, but I prefer the Indigo girls version. That song has some serious F's in it though, but I've played it so much that it's second nature to me. Of course, I've only played it in front of a small drunken audience of friends and family!!
Doodle, I'm *sure* you can persuade guitarboy to the cause! wink.gif But seriously, perhaps the stagefright won't be as bad since you're so comfortable jamming together...I think it sounds like a perfect performance debut - and, it could be a good networking opportunity for you on the employment front...

Wow, busties 'round here are gettin' on with a Wacky Weed Wednesday! Speaking of the Dr. Seuss book, Wacky Wednesday, it was always my favorite book as a kid, because there's a line about "the seven Sutherland Sisters" in there. smile.gif

I think turbodoggie has reached his limit on the guest doggie front - it always happens the last night they're here, like he KNOWS they're going home tomorrow night. He's spending the evening sulking, begging attention (which he never does), and pacing from room to room. Poor turbo, he's tired of sharing. I don't blame him.

ETA: Well, poodle, I now totally have to go listen to some Indigo Girls, as Joking is rattling around in my head, but I totally agree on those being fun songs to play....I know nothing of difficulty, but I'd sing along.

Poodle, with a smaller house like that, you *know* what you need - a greyhound!! ....But then, you knew I'd say that.

I'm dyeing my hair right now. Yippeee! The fumes are making my eyes tear up.

Last night, the hookah lounge was fun. I went with Morticia and my two roomies. The new guy even showed up after I called him, and got along great with my friends! He's such a sweetheart. Oh, and yes, I do speak Spanish, but the new guy wants to speak English as much as he can so he can practice and get better.

Poodle - that's so exciting about the house. Wow. I couldn't even dream of being a homeowner in my present position in life. I hope you find something that will allow your furbabies some outside roaming time, and also allows you to get a doggie-dog. Maybe this house is the one - sounds like you have some good ideas for putting your personal touch on the property and increasing its value. It is always exciting and fun looking at real estate and dreaming (or making actual plans!)

Doodle - Yeah, dude! You guys should rock the house together! I hope you do it. ~*~*guitarboy anti-stagefright vibes~*~*~*

Turbo - I can't believe you ride your bike 20 miles in one day. You are a superhero.

OK - gotta go rinse the dye out of my hair.

Smell me later.
*Listening to "Ride the Lightening"*

The thingie with MB is a wee bit weird, so I apologize for any confusion. Our mutual friends tried hooking us back up. Basically, we have been talking a lot and hanging out here and there. Nothing sexual...not in the least, but after this flounce I am really not interested at all. I wasn't all that interested to begin with, and I didn't see any harm in just hanging out. I think that his whole not dating anyone in nearly a decade retarded him as far as the dating scene goes...either that, or he's very black and white. I'm okay with ambiguities here and there.

Minxman and I are on. Very on. It's a little strange now that we are going on nearly two years with the honeymoon period worn off...don't get me wrong, the HBIs and whatnot are still hot and happening, but that nervous bullshit is over. We are kind of sliding into a nice rhythm, and my being on break right now is very ideal. He has never gotten to see me relaxed before, plus I get to spend a lot of time gardening and settling in. I cleaned my apartment for most of today, went over to his house for a lovely fettucini with red sauce and meatball dinner, hung out with an old teacher buddy of mine that I haven't gotten to see since December, got the poke 'n' scrape and my gay doctor says that everything is operational but would I PLEASE start doing a regular BSE and quit smoking? smile.gif

I am kinda bummed, though. Minxlette called me today right as I was being called into the exam room and they were leaving to go camping. I haven't talked to her since Thursday morning. sad.gif I have so missed my little bunny rabbit. I won't see her until Saturday or Sunday morning. Cripes. Gimme my bunny rabbit back.
"PK, do you speak Spanish? Or do you and your new guy just get by in the present tense?" He he! Talk about living in-the-now! smile.gif
Wacky Wendesday, BUSTies all! I would loove to go to a hookah lounge, especially with somebody that people refer to as 'Morticia' Yesplease! I think I would have to buy me a fez.

Turbo, the peeing-on-another-dog story made me crack up! That is just toooo funny! Any greyhound I see reminds me of you and yours smile.gif Oh, and you're soooooo young! Your 30's shall rock for sure!

Poods, Gus sounds like a cool kitty smile.gif It's a bummer that the Goatie Girl is allergic to cats, or I'd love to have one.

Culture toked herself outa the space-time continuum! Wooooooooooo! Fun, ain't it? Please tell me what you did with your high. I basically cooked, listened to SomaFM's Secret Agent channel, and played Half-Life.

Doodle! Your band is already one of the coolest EVAR! I would like to officially claim 'groupie' status before your first gig even starts. I need to know that band name sometime. Until then, I might just be a Doodle-Head. *guitarboy anti-stagefright vibes* VVVVVVEEEEEeeeeeEEE!

FallJackets, I hope you get more props from work there! I'm feeling under-appreciated at my work, too. I'm presently working directly under two people. One's nice, and the other is a cock-bonger. He basically sets me up to look stupid just so he can act disappointed in me. He always acts frustrated that I can't read his mind as to what he wants me to do next, like i'm dumb for not knowing, but it's because I don't have years and years of experience in the field. Or, more likely, because he just likes to bong dick. I sure hope the people at your work are appreciating you more than you feel like they are. You sure are trying hard. *props vibes for FJ* YEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Heya Minx, Moxie, Kari, & Kel! My Goatie-Girl is in the land of siestas as we speak. She went to Spain to visit friends and as a 30th Birthday treat. I really do wish we had siesta over here.

Much fondness to all posters and lurkers (except for YOU, you perv!)
*Sniffs PuppyKitty* Mmm Hmmm... carry on...

*good camping vibes for Minxlette* Eeeeeeeeeeeee! Hooo hooo hooo hoooooo! Grawwwwwk! Awoooooooo! Chirp Chirp!
YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! guitarboy is IN!

OMFG, we have our first "gig!" laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

I don't think we're going to learn any new songs, so much as work on a few we've already played together. Although I am being forced to learn to play Jumpin' Jack Flash. And I did suggest learning Won't Back Down, for the sake of the NDP. We figure we'll just give 'em a bunch of classic songs. I know they'll be happy enough just to have entertainment! Our as-yet-undecided list has, so far: JJF, Blue Suede Shoes, Folsom Prison Blues, Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, Big Yellow Taxi, the Boxer, Harvest Moon, 16 Tons, and this instrumental blues thing we made up, which guitarboy calls Dirty Blues. Maybe I'll get them to try some more Elvis - we always have a blast playing it, and people love Elvis songs.

We also brainstormed band names (tee hee!) on paper, but haven't chosen anything yet. We will ask the solstice group tomorrow for their thoughts. I'll let you know!

guitarboy started off enthused, but he's getting nervous as he thinks about it. I'm going to probably start freaking out soon, too. But I have actually visualized playing at NDP events (but never playing by myself, even in the visualizing!), so maybe I won't freak out too badly. Honestly, it's probably one of the safest crowds it could be - even if we sucked (which we don't), they'd be so grateful. Still, I think we're all going to need a lot of weed to get through it! (Especially me, if I'm going to pull off wearing my sunglasses all night. cool.gif )

And turbo, YES, I had been contemplating the potential employment-schmoozing possibilities! You are just so darned psychic sometimes.

HA HA HA HA HA! I'm gonna have to make time for "band practice!" HA HA HA HA HA!

*wipes tears*

Seriously, I can't remember the last time I was this entertained by my own life. I'm sorry for all these Me Posts, but honestly....

....I'm in a band, man.

huh.gif blink.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif
Doodle, you ROCK! More COWBELL!!!
Doodle, there's always "Buttsex for Guac"!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Mornin' peeps!!

I can't type until I've had my coffee.
Ok gals, I know I shouldn't be a braggart. BUT, this finally really seriously glowing article about the D's renewal has me all feeling warm and fuzzy. You see, I worked on at least three seperate projects listed in this article.

Being a significant part of the redevelopment of my hometown (via our environmental engineering firm) is probably my greatest professional accomplishment, and I'm just thrilled to see even our local paper heralding it!
Doodle, I say go back to the original Okayland band name: Vulva Tiara. Who cares if two guys are in the band? Your vulva is royalty and deserves a tiara and they should celebrate that. Dammit.
Good Morning!

So much happy news in here today!

Props, moxie on the projects and the article! That's wonderful!

DOODLE!!! You are in a band! Squeeee! That is like, the radest thing ever! I love all the songs you listed as possibilities. How long a set do you guys get?

Lore, "cock bonger" hahahaha! That's a hilarious phrase, one I haven't heard before. I may have to add it to my lexicon.
Sorry you are feeling unappreciated at your job. That one dude sounds like a real ass. Get a life, dude!

Poodle, that house sounds nice! 130 is a great price! Are you considering calling to see the inside?

Minx, I'm glad you and minxman are getting some time to just chill. Sorry you are missing minxlette so much. I know from other women friends of mine who have to share time with their exes that those weeks are really tough. (minx)

FJ, That's super that they are paying you for those times that they weren't in the office to meet your clients. A 90% show rate is impressive!! GO FJ!

~~~~~stay in that office vibes for CH~~~~~~ when will you find out, CH?

Jenn, you're gonna join us 30 somethings? Excellent!! You guys are having a party at your place? How fun! My b-day is coming up this summer. 32, I can't believe it. I can't complain though. Like you said, 30's are better than the 20's, in my book.

Things here are pretty good today. I'm totally beat b/c did not get home from the hospital til 9 last night, but it was a good night. Had a really good session. Tonight I will be doing my first solo family session. Wish me luck! Actually, I feel comfortable with it, b/c the client and I had such a good one on one session last night. Mr K is off work tonight, which is cool, b/c he's gonna make dinner. It will be so nice to come home to food already ready. AND, I have a dr appt tomorrow at 8:40, meaning I get to sleep in some.

Officemate is out today & possibly tomorrow, thank you sweet gods.

Vulva Tiara...bwahahahaha! I'd forgotten about that!

Or you could go with Cooter Pop.
Hellooooooooooo everyone!!!!

I'm in a good mood today, and the drive to work went well. I didn't work out last night, but I figured I've been going pretty hard core lately, plus I took the houndish to the park, and now I have mosquito bites on my feet and I got a fish fly in the mouth yesterday, it was gross.


Turbo, I would suggest a bath for the knees and you could always use a heating blanket or something like that. I don't like using so much water myself so I try and find alternatives. It sounds like you are going to have such a get birfday!!!!!

poodle, do you for sure want a house or could you go the route of condo? I was also verrrrrry high when I wrote that post, which is why I kept it short, sometimes I have the tendancy to ramble. Hee.

FJ, I'm totally into firefighters right now. Just a phase I suppose, but I would like to be the middle in a firefighter sammich! Hee.

Doodle, that is so fucking COOL! i love it!

PK, do we have a name for the boy? He sounds lovely.

Awwww (((minx))) at least everything else is going fairly well.

Lore my thing when I smoke is that I do clean, I also blast the iPod and get completely sucked into whatever it is I am listening to. It's not unusual for me to get to the point of the time-spce continuum, as this stuff I have is rediculously potent. Wow. Don't smoke to often anymore, but yesterday was one of those days! I will also put on the cafe del mar music series and lie down, that's when things get really spacey! I also heart eating dill pickle popcorn when I am stoned.

Moxie, I love that SNL sketch, the first time I saw it I was crying it was so funny! Then I couldn't listen to that song for the longest time because I would start laughing out loud because I would think of the sketch! That is great about work!

Kari, in terms of work, I should have known two days ago, but still nothing, I'm going to call the woman today and ask her what is going on! I can't wait until tomorrow, that doesn't give me enough time to prepare and clean things up. Ugh.

Well, not much else is new with me. Going out for lunch, well a walk to get me staring at some men for lunch, and that is all. Hope everyone is doing well!


Guess who just left me a message?!!! LURVPAINT!!! Holy Holly Hobby in a Handbasket! Girl, if you're reading this, I am totally getting back to you today, but I had a rash of (seriously) seven incoming phonecalls within one hour.


I went to SA to get some cigarettes last night and the chick who was the attendant looks at my idea with this expression of abject shock, so I ask her what's wrong. Attendachick tells me that she can't believe I'm 33. I laughed and asked her if this was a good or a bad thing. She says, "You just look so amazing for being THAT OLD!"

I nearly died laughing, but then I strutted my 33-year-old ass back to the pump with a smarmy grin on my face going "Oh yeah" and humming "I'm Hot" by Missy Elliot. WHOOT!

Lore, it's so nice to see you around these parts again. I want you to be my surferdude brother on the coast...even if you don't surf, that's the way I picture you.

Oof...I just got an additional 13 clock hours for my next paycheck!! WHOOT! WHOOTY-WHOOT!
*tumbleweed blows by*

where is everyone today? everyone must be being productive.

Minx, I'll bet that comment from the attendant made you feel like a million bucks! I love stuff like that. I am glad that Lurv called, you'll have to give us the update when you talk to her. I miss the lurv!

Ch, did you see any hot mens at lunch?

I'm about to leave for the day in about 15 mins, so I probably won't be back in today. And I may play hookey tomorrow. tongue.gif
Yay for minx's hot ass!!

Congrats on your work, moxie!!

Damn, kari, you're still so busy!! I'd go crazy.

Nothing much to report this afternoon. I'm going to see the inside of the house today. I really wish I could leave work now.
Hello All!

I've actually been mildly busy today, not too bad, but next week will be insane. I'm staying at this office until July, then there is a staffing change so hopefully I'll stay here for longer! Thanks for the vibes all! They worked!

Hi Minx, shake your boot-ay!!!!!

Kari I did indeed, no FF's though. Le Sigh, but men in suits are just as fuckin' HOT!!!! Mmmm *drools*

Hey Poodle! I know how you feel! It is almost home time for me though.

Well, not much else going down, going to work out and take houndish to the park tonight, then I think I'm going to purchase some make up and something for these evil footy mosquito bites. Ugh.

Later all!

Minx, I am also 33, and people always tell me how great I look for being 33. WTF? Am I supposed to be using a walker? Should I look like a wrinkly old gramma? Perhaps one of those dried out apples that they use for old lady heads (I'm referring to a craft from the 70's or 80's, I think). I'm not that freeging old!!!

I do think it's funny, though, and it kinda makes me feel good, too.

The new guy is also 33. His birfday is in February, and mine is in April, so I am finally dating an older man!

Culture - it has always been easy for me to name my RL people, but for some reason, I can't think of a good name for this guy. He's Mexican, tall, handsome, and his real name is a Hebrew name because his gramma is Israeli, so it's pretty unusual. I could call him Fernando Fleischman or some shit. Just kidding.

Poodle - what do you think about the house? Are you going to keep looking, or do you think this deal is too good to pass up?

kari - I still want to call you karianne! How are you handling your busy schedule lately?

OK - off to worky-work. Smell ya later.
33? you're still a sweet young thing! in less than a week I will reach the ultimate in sex-ay.... 40 years old. I feel like that Molly Shannon character. You know the one. I'm 50!!!!

Moxie! that article is great! Are you hanging with Grace Lee Boggs down there in Detroit? She's my newest hero. HERO

Love to all y'all. Kari baby thanks for the shout out.

did that FJ finish cookin' up that baby yet?


PK! CH! Kelkello!

I got your message, and I'm totally interested! Call me tonight when you have a moment, m'kay? biggrin.gif
mmmk! I'm 50!!!!!!
OMG, a Lurv sighting!!! *BIG ol' booby squishin' hugs for Lurv!*

I got home early today because I went to a marketing conference today that SUCKED ASS. Seriously, it was making me so angry that this instructor was so bad, and by lunchtime, it was getting bad - the hostages were revolting, and I thought this one guy was going to hurt the instructor. I got a little rude, myself, after lunch, as it was SO clear that this guy didn't know his head from his ass about web/email marketing, and he was spewing all kinds of wrong stuff. Gah. A waste of a day - but I did get home early, even after hitting the kosher butcher on my way home for some more garlic hot dogs for the BBQ on saturday.

And, then, I found a note from the dog walker that one of the guest doggies, Badger BadAss, picked up the neighbor's dog and bit him, as Badger was coming out of the elevator...and its hard to wrangle the three dogs when they're all jostling to get out of the elevator. The dog's not hurt, and I honestly really don't feel bad. I TOLD the neighbor that I had these dogs this week, and not to let her poodles run around the hallways....but, she did. It still sucks, and it makes neighborly relations challenging.

(((good house vibes for poodle)))) I can't wait to hear how your visit goes!

*whistles at the uber hott minxy*

Thanks for clearing up the relationship confusion, my dear!

Mox - that's an awesome article - congrats on your city's new rebirth!
Heya Hot-ass Minx! (redundant, actually) I'll be your Surfer Bro! I even do surf, or at least did. I even surfed in waikiki while none other than The Beeach Boys were playing live!!! Later, thoug, I mostly did bodysurfing at Sandies Beach. It's like playing with a big, rough, older brother who may actually hurt you... or when stoned, it's as close as it comes to flying like Superman. (Well, a close tie is when my friends and I teathered an inflatable boat in 25ft deep water, dove down in snorkeling gear to pick up big rocks, and than toked, and then rode the weight of the rocks down as far as we could like Superman, then dropped our rocks to bouy back up like flying in slow-mo.) And wooot for extra cashola in the paycheck smile.gif

Mox, I'm impressed! I grew up being trained to be a superhero, so improving one's community is mucho impressivo! Way to reclaim!

Oh, and Lurvvv, I'm 2nding the 40 props!

Oh, and somebody mentioned way back down there about females being able to fertilize each other. -A- Wouldn't they only have daughters that way? Nothing but X chromizimes. and -B- Can you imagine the social situations? I can picture women wondering, "Is she just a friend, or is she wanting children from this relationship? WHY IS EVERYBODY TRYING TO IMPREGNATE MEEE!"

*House luck for Poods* Meeeeeep!

Culture, I abstained last night, but I'm planning to puff away tonight smile.gif I think I'll put the Cheezilator away after this weekend, though. I'm not sure how long my present employment will last, and I want to be able to take a drug test for whatever job is next. But tonight, I shall hooookah! Hoooooooooooooooooookuh! kuh! kuh! kaaaaa! cool.gif

Kari, after posting "Cock-Bonger", I felt kinda guilty that maybe I was putting down people who are nice to penises. I'm just glad you weren't offended. Actually, the image that came to mind was the use of a beer funnel and... um... a schlong. Still, that doesn't make one a jerk.
hi okayers!

I'm a little too tired to read through the archives and here's some ~*~*generic vibes*~*~ for anybody who needs them!

I actually just popped by to share a funny visual with you all. Well, funny to VISUALIZE,...not so funny for ME at least right when it happened.

I was stuck in a tight place working on this stupid thing, and my head was in an even tighter area...a pipe on one side with a valve hanging off it, and the wall on the other side...well, I cracked my head on the valve, and as instinct would go, jerked my head the other direction and, of course smacked it on the wall. Which resulted in the equally instinctive reaction, to jerk the head back toward the initial offensive valve. Three or four times. My poor head must have looked like a pinball! Hee!

Other than making my eyes water and giving me about three knots on my head and giving me a headache for about an hour, I'm okay, though. But I thought y'all'd enjoy the visual.
hi tree! you poor thing! i just thought i'd stop in because of kari's chiding, and to say hi to the lovely okayers. today was the last day of welding school... now it's about getting a job... ok, now i nap. later okayers!
GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! *pounces on gt!!!! Hi!!! how's it going. *blushes* hee, sorry 'bout that. Congratulations on finishing school! How did you do?

Hello everyone! I so happy to be here, I just finished working out and now I tired.

Turbo, I hate shit meetings/conferences/seminars, when they are poorly run makes it even WORSE! Gaaa.

Hi lurv!!!!

PK, what could we name him? I don't know honestly.

Lore, I also feel like shhhhmoking, but I think I'll take a breather. Have some for me!

Ugh Tree! Sorry about that work day.

Well, I'm staying at the office I'm currently at, I don't if I said that before, but I saying it again. Took houndish to the park, then came home, now I need food. Later all!


Howdy, OkayLand! How y'all doing?!

Doodle, I vote "Buttsex for Guac" for the band name!

And speaking of the above, I hope FJ is doing okay & that she'd happily luxuriating in air-conditioned bliss. I was thinking of her today while planning our trip down to Florida. smile.gif

Poods, that is so cool that you found a house! Sounds like a real diamond in the rough & I'm sure you could make it shine.

TJ, somebody needed to punch that guy in the neck. Or slap him across the head. Or stand up and say, "Hey, Captain Clueless. Take a seat & let me learn ya a lil somethin', mkay?" Geez.

GT!!!!!!! Hiya, honey!!!! Congrats on finishing school! Was there some sort of cheesy graduation ceremony? biggrin.gif


~~~~~~~ soothing for Tree's noggin ~~~~~~~~ Yeah, that was kinda funny, but I feel so guilty giggling at the image!

((((((((((Minx & CH & PK & Lore & ever'body )))))))))))

I've missed you all sooooooo much lately. I've been spending this week with the Mum-In-Law and it's been kinda dull. Things will definitely pick up when we arrive at Disney World on Sunday & meet up with the rest of the family. There will be 16 of us there! To be honest, I've been dreading this trip for months, but I'm kinda sorta starting to look forward to it. It's been a decade since I was last at Disney World, so today the MIL and I went to a bookstore to look for travel guides. It was so overwhelming! I didn't know what to do. But then fate stepped in and I met a guy who was a travel agent until recently. He gave me some great advice, told me to ignore the big, thick, scary books, and showed me some smaller, helpful guides. He was great. Too bad I didn't catch his name!

Other than that, life has had its ups and downs. As of today we have owned the house for one solid month! Hooray! That's a good thing. But some scary news was announced at Sheff's workplace. I posted about it over in Kvetch, so forgive me for just pasting the same info here.
Serious kvetch: Okay, kids. It's time for a family meeting. Gather 'round.
[deep sigh]
Sheff got some ... news at work. The company he works for has been purchased by a corporation based out of Japan. On the surface, this may sound like it isn't a big deal. Or it may sound like a good thing. And who knows, maybe it will prove to be a good thing in time.
But the problem is that this industry that Sheff works in - video game production - has developed a vicious cycle industry-wide. Here's how it goes.
1. Independent Studio opens. Hires employees. Sells some games. Grows.
2. For whatever reason, the people who own Independent Studio gets bought out by Big International Corporation.
3. Big International Corporation promises employees of Independent Studio that nooooothing bad is going to happen. Instead, it's going to be better! They will hire more people! The studio will grow! Everyone will be more secure and make more money! Hooray!
4. Within 6 months, the lay-offs begin.

We are at Defcon level 3. Is it guaranteed that lay-offs are in the future? Who knows. Big International Corporation assures everyone that no jobs are in danger, but that's just what they always say. UUuuuuuuuuuuugh.

And did I mention that we bought a house one month ago? Yeah. We can't exactly afford for Sheff to get laid off. But then again, who can afford to get laid off, right?

I'm just so pissed off with the original owners of this studio. The whole reason why they opened their doors was because they'd been through this exact same scenario multiple times (Sheff has, too), and they were sick and tired of the vicious cycle of buy-outs and lay-offs. But then they made some RIDICULOUSLY stupid decisions, made the company vulnerable, and now the asshole vultures from Japan have flown in. Sheff says not to let it worry me, but when you've seen this happen over and over again in this industry, it's hard to believe that things might turn out differently.

The thing is we know the owners - or rather, the previous owners - of the company. We'd been invited to their homes. Eaten with them. When they met me, they were genuinely interested in whether I was happy living in this new area because they knew that, as the spouse of their employee, my happiness was important. I appreciated that. But now? Now Sheff's boss is some faceless stranger on the whole other side of the planet. Why should he care whether we're happy or not?

hola oy busties! major doings in grrrl-land. a few months ago we had an opening for a permanent qc position. a few other people within the company applied, but everybody pretty much thought the job would go straight to me, becase after almost a year and a couple other permanent positions that i didn't get (they went to other back-ups with seniority both in the company and the qc department, which i kind of expected and didn't mind at all), i was the last backup standing. but i didn't get it, and neither did any of the other people within the company; they decided to hire someone from outside the company. and oh, let me tell you, it was galling having to train this new person for the job that everyone thought should have rightfully been mine. so this new person was okay for a while, but then they decided they didn't need all the overtime (which everyone who applied for the position was told there would be), which led to a lot of shuffling around of me to cover this person's department so they could go home after their eight hours. flash forward to monday, and new person has been going through their sick time and vacation time like crazy, once again leaving me to cover, and they decide "fuck this, i'm quitting". so she's been calling in sick all week, i've been covering, and even though next week is supposed to be her last, i doubt she'll bother coming back. i've got several things working in my favor this time:
our new manager is one that was training for the position when i started and started about a month before i did, so she knows what it's like to be the new kid just waiting for an opportunity, and she's always liked me. the buzz around the plant is that i got screwed when they hired the person that's quitting now and it would be just wrong not to give me her job when i've been doing it this whole time, and i get along really well with the production people. i've got a proven track record of reliability, any time, any department, i always say "sure, when and where do you need me?". my boss and the department head have told me numerous times that my ability and willingness to step in at a moment's notice have saved their asses too many times to count. and i'm not frivolous with my sick time. the only times i've been out my entire time i've been with the company have been the day i got sideswiped by an suv on my bike earlier this year, and a couple months ago when i got stung by a bee (i'm allergic), and even then i was back the next day (for the car) and stayed until the benadryl (literally) knocked me on my ass 4 hours later (for the bee sting). so, i really really want this position, i know i deserve it, and i could use some major bustie vibes. the posting went up yesterday, i put in my notice to apply tonight, and i'm putting in another 12-hour shift in that department tomorrow night. vibe hard, my pretties, vibe hard. and now i'm off to read the archives.
~*~*jobby vibes for grrl you want*~*~ it sounds like you really deserve it and they should be punched in the neck for overlooking you in the first place. How insulting to have them go outside the company!

~*~*jobby vibes for girltrouble*~*~ i am sure that you could weld circles around me now! When we move to Pittsburgh, I'll be YOUR assistant.

~*~*continued employment for rosev and sheff*~*~

ugh, turbojenn, that sounds like a seriously frustrating and boring day! I hope you have a better day today.

Happy smoking, Lore! I'm having to abstain myself, cause my allergies are irritating enough to my throat right now. Allergy season blows.

~*~*house vibes for Poodle*~*~ let me know if you need anything, k?

minx, yay for being a hot mama! A similar thing happened to me...I got carded at a gas station a couple years ago, and pulled out the ID and the clerk went googly eyed when he saw the DL...he said I was the OLDEST person he had ever carded. I was 37. It's getting to the point now, though, that I am rather surprised when I get carded. I'm starting to get a little wrinkly around the eyes. At least they're the smiley happy wrinkles instead of the furrowed brow, worried looking wrinkles.

Lurv, I'm confused...are you 40 or 50? *waves to Lurv

Mox, congrats on the article!!!

Hey, ya all, I just wanted to re-iterate that you DO have my permission to laugh at the visual. I actually had a pretty good day yesterday aside from that 30 seconds or so. And it's a rare day at work when I don't bump something or pinch something or smash something or scrape or cut or burn something. For instance I also burned my arm on a piece of silver solder and it blistered...but it's all in a days work, for me. For all of us. We laugh off injuries unless they are serious enough to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance...myself and all the guys at our shop. We DO worry about THOSE injuries.

I just thought my pinball head visual was pretty hilarious! Hee!
Hi bitches, that's all I've got in me, as I only want it to be the end of the work day.

((((RV)))) ~*~*~*~*~jobbity vibes for RV and Shef~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~work vibes for grrl~*~*~*~*~*~

Hey Tree! How's the VCH treating you? I've decided that my next piercing is going to be my labia! I just have to put aside the cash, maybe I'll wait for my GST refund, then get it done!

Well, I didn't do much last night, took houndish to the park and saw Emily's former owners there, and I was walking with another woman and I told her that those were her former fuck with owners who lied about looking for her and locked her in the basement. I'm thinking, yah, this is what you do when you own a dog. You take it for walks, just like what you're doing. Morons.

Then I worked out and then lazed around and was online. I don't know if i want to do anything tonight, one of my so-called good friends I have talked to since the May long weekend! I'm pretty pissed at him, I've called him, texted him and nothing. So I'm not too impressed with that, he can go and fuck off.

Sorry CH is not impressed with the workd today. Do you all ever get sick of your regualr group of friends? I'm rather bored with pretty much everyone I know. One of my good friends just had a baby, and now she's a completely different person, that figures. I don't know what's up. *frowns*

Well I hope everyone has a good day.


Hello you snot-nosed punks! Happy Friday.

This is a driveby as I'm getting ready to drive 2 hours to the airport, hop on a plane and go see my dad in Nashville. Wish me luck! I'll catch up on Monday. I shudder to think of the archives I'll have to catch up on!

Have fantabulicious weekend, Okayers!
where mah hos at?

ok, i'll be the first to raise my hand and admit to laughing at tree's visual. of course, i took the liberty of adding some audio so you sounded a bit like homer j. simpson. DOH! DOH! DOH! DOH! hehe. good thing you can laugh about it. hope the gooseeggs don't hurt too much today. smile.gif

and YAYYYYYY for girltrouble! that is so awesome that you are finished with the welding program! you rock!

CRAP! i have to run! just got off the phone with a client and i've gotta get my ass in gear to go meet mrfj!

i'll be back to catch up with the rest later!

oh, and DOODLE!!! one word: JEALOUS!!!!! smile.gif
Hello everyone!

I got out of my bad mood by veiwing this. Which is far too addictings. Seriously there are fun things on here!

Kel, good luck this weekend!!

Hi Fj!!! When I don't see you in here in a day I always wonder if you've had jackaroo!

Well, I think I'll maybe do some work.

Later all!

What's up bitches & hos!

Lurv!! It's so good to see you!! I'm 50! I love that skit.

Tree, I am really happy you gave us permission to laugh at the image of your head like a ping pong ball. I admit, the way you described it made me giggle.

GT! I didn't mean to chide you, but if it got you to pop in and say hi, I'm happy I did!

~~~~vibes for grrrllll!~~~~~ GOOD LUCK lady!

((Rose)) How stressful. And that cyle is maddening! ~~~~~keep job vibes for sheff!~~~~~~~~

Hi pk, lore, poodle, minx, jenn, moxie, and doodle!

Have a great trip, Kel! I know you're probably super busy while you're here, since you're just here for the weekend. If you have any extra time, PM me for my phone number.

I'm doing pretty good today. Got to sleep in b/c I had a dr. appt. Amazing what a little extra sleep can do for you! I got my back cracked at the chiropractor & it's feeling good.

Work is ok today except that this one lady at my work is really pissing me off. She's gotten big for her britches lately. We're both the same position, but she recently finished her PhD & thinks she is hot shit now or something. Our boss emailed both of us & said he could take one of us to a conference in Denver & did we have any interest. She had written him back & said "I'd like to go. I'll make sure my scheudle is clear." No mention of "oh, Kari, did you want to go? Let's work this out." Nope, she just butted on in. It is aggravating.

Anyhow, I'll stop my complaining now. I am so so so happy it is Friday! What's everyone doing this weekend?

I'm meeting with a mortgage lender at 1:00 to see what I qualify for. She said my credit was "great," so we'll see. I saw the inside of the house yesterday and it really doesn't feel that small. It actually feels bigger than my apartment, and the kitchen rocks for a house of that size/age. If I qualify for a decent loan, then the next step is contacting our family realtor friend. I need your vibes!! See y'all later!!
~*~*~*~*vibes for poodle*~*~*~*~

Kari, ugh that sucks.

My day is half done and and and I got two pay cheques today, which was fantastic! It was waaaaaaay more than I was expecting, so I was able to bank a fair bit.

Fark, I want it to be 4 already!!!!

No plans for the weekend, yet.

Later all!
Ooooh, Poodles, that is really exciting!!! ~~~~~VIBES~~~~~~~~

Ch, congrats on the 2 checks! That's super sweet. I hope you are able to get a little something special for yourself.

At lunch I went in this new Mod store they opened downtown. They have some cool stuff in there & shockingly, it is well priced. I got a friend a birthday gift, I think she'll like it.

I am meeting up with a friend for sushi & wine right after work. Happy Hour! Yeah! I haven't done that in I don't know how long.

Sure is quiet in here!

I hope that everyone is having a lovely day. Suddenly is is very hot here, ugh, no walky at the parky for a while. Houndish gets warm easily.

Kari enjoy your evening!

My work day is almost done, only 11 more minutes.

Later all!
Hola chickadees!!

D'oh!! That sucks about the pinball head, tree!! That totally sounds like something I would do.

~*~*~*~employment and job security vibes for all who need 'em~*~*~*~

LURV!!! It's so good to see you!! I now have a visual of you hiking your pants up to show off your camel toe as you assert that you are 40!!

Nice to see you girltrouble!! We meeced you!! And rose, it's been a while since we've seen you 'round, too!! So many people visiting the lounge!! Yay!!

~*~*~*~safe travel vibes for kel~*~*~*~

That's lame of Ph.D. girl, kari. Should I leave a flaming bag of dog poo on her office chair?

CH, if I were you, I woulda walked up to Emily's ex-asshats and punched em' in the neck, or at least made them feel really guilty. I have no tolerance or sympathy for stupid pet owners and I make sure that know it.

Boo for turbo's stupid neighbor!! Why does she let the dogs roam in the hallway? One of my neighbors allows her cat to wander around and I spent 15 precious minutes of my life trying to figure out where the cat came from. "Oh, that's my cat! I let him out a lot and he always comes back, eventually!!" ARRRGH!!

Today is an excellent day in poodleland. I am pre-qualified and almost pre-approved for a mortgage. I'm meeting with our family realtor lady tomorrow morning and we're gonna go through the house again. The payments for me would be a lot lower than I expected because of the 1st-time-buyer program that I qualify for. Plus, I'm able to get out of my apartment lease with little trouble. To top it all off, I finally received my pencil skirt and tops in the mail, and they fit awesome!!
Hmm...I think I am going to make love to Mary Jane tonight. T'would be a nice way to relax. Hmmm...better make sure I've got plenty o' munchies!

FJ...the audio woulda been more like, "GAH! sonofabitch....ooooh, what a headache..shiiiit)((squinting eyes) that f*****g HURT!"...hehe...and I have to agree with CH, every time you go missing for more than, oh, say, twelve hours or so, I wonder to myself if Jackaroo's here or not. Or, on his way. I'm so excited for you!

I'm feeling fine today. As long as I don't bump my head..heh.

And, yes, you totally have my permission, again, to laugh at said visual.

Poodle! I'm excited for you!

GT, I'm glad you popped in! I know it's hard to keep up with it all, especially with other things pressing your mind, but don't worry about it, we love to hear about what's going on with YOU.

kari, so very kewl about the Mod store! Are they a chain and can I hope for them to arrive in Madison one day?

Kel, I know it's too late, but here's some ~*~*good weekend vibes*~*~ for ya...hope you enjoy Nashville!

It's supposed to get hot here again next week....I hope it gets me some overtime! One thing about my job...extreme temperatures either direction makes me BUSY!

Fly by all, I need to turn the lap top, tornado warnings and bad weather and such, when things quiet down I'll be back.

Not concerned, just rainy and thundery all!

Later, I promise I'll check in later!

Wooo! Mary Jane is gonna get some! (and a blonde ale too? Why not?)

Woo hoo Poods! Hope the mortgage turns out great smile.gif

Good luck in Nashville, Kel!

Kari, Sushi & wine sound like a great Friday night! Mmmmm! What kind of wine do you like with Sushi? Have you tried the block-o-tofu with shredded ginger and soy sauce with leeks? It's about the best way ever to have tofu. Very Japanese, as well.

*energy for FJ & the little Jackster!* EeEeEeEeEeEeEe! Hope he comes out happy smile.gif

Fondness to BUSTies, all! I think I'll turn in 3 circles and nap out on the floor for a few.
good evening all!

WOW! poodle, i am SO incredibly excited for you! this is so cool! i love it when things just sort of happen when you least expect them! what coolness! ~*~*~*~realestate vibes~*~*~*~*~

yeah, ch and tree, i figured you guys might think that the jackaroo has arrived if i disappear for long. i will try to hop on here if only for a moment over the next couple days/weeks until he actually does make his appearance!

rv, i'm sorry about the potential bad news at sheff's office! try not to get too discouraged though unless you know for sure that layoffs are eminent. ~*~*~job vibes for sheff~*~*~*~ and oooo! you get to go to disneyworld!?! i'm super jealous. i can't help it. i love that place. i can't wait to take my boy there!! how old must a child be to truly enjoy the place, i wonder. i know i was in a stroller the first time i went, but i had an older sister and the trip was more for her than for me.

i hope kel is traveling safely to keldad's house right now! good health vibes for keldad!

~$~$~$$~$~~pride sales vibes for diva~~$~$$~$~$~

lore, i hope you've found a nice comfy spot to lie down and rest your head! i wish i could par"toke" with you!! i'll get mine soon enough though...
HI!! SQUEEEeeeeeee!! for poodle's pre-approval and potential house! This is SO exciting, poodle!

It is an especially exciting time in okayland right now - poodle's buying a pad, jackaroo's about to arrive, and doodle's got a simmering soap opera on her hands!

Kari, I think Kel needs to go give your snotty co-worker the official okayland neck punch!

We just got back from sushi dinner ourselves...yum. I should be cleaning the house, BUT, I'm clearly not, and soon I'm going to tuck into a bath, and hit the hay early, so hopefully I'll have the energy I need to power through shopping and cleaning before the bbq tomorrow. Weather is predicted to be shitty, though, so can I get some vibes for some sunshine and no rain tomorrow?!

(((((stable jobby job vibes for RV)))) We're in the same boat as you, my dear, and its our third go-round with layoffs in the uncertain future. Turbomann's new company hasn't been sold *yet,* but rumors are flying, and he's the newest guy, so its a little weird. At the same time, if I know one thing, its that we'll be okay, whatever happens, and things will unfold exactly as they're supposed to.

Lore, its so good to have you back in here - we've been missing our boys, and now you and Shawn have returned in the same week? Were you two hiding out in some secretive corner of okayland trading guac for buttsex? biggrin.gif

And WOOT! for CH's double paycheck wonder!!
Yaaah! I've toked just a teensy bite-o-cheez, and I grilled myself a juicy hamburger with teriaki sauce and pineapple and cheddar and garlic and onions smile.gif Yummmm! And drinking a citrussy pale ale 'Haymaker'. Friday. Is. ON! Maybe I should find out what live concerts are happening this weekend locally. I wanna groooove!

Hope you're all having a groovy weekend! smile.gif
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