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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi hi!!!

First, CH, this one's for you. For dinner this evening, I reproduced the recipe I saw my hero, Rick Bayless, cook yesterday. I made a sauce out of toasted and reconstituted ancho chiles - pureed with a can of tomatoes, cumin, mexican oregano, salt and a dash of sugar, with a little water thrown in...oh and a dollop of chipotle in adobo. Strained all of that, put in big saute pan with 2 cups of pinto beans that I cooked yesterday. Next, I grilled up some sliced onions and a nice piece of skirt steak, while the sauce simmered on the stove and thickened. Then, I diced the grilled meat and onions and folded it in with the sauce. Topped it all off with some diced avocado and cilantro, and oh cod, was it Delicious!!!

Doodle, I think some kind of purple scheme in the bathroom could work - maybe with some kind of teal accent? And I LOVE that you're having so much fun with guitarboy, and that he comes over when he's lonely!

FJ's about to pop - SQUEEEEEE!!!! My neighbors down the hall are bringing their brand new bebe home tomorrow! Soon, it'll be the FJs and jackaroo!

Kari, if I have more than one thing planned in a given weekend, I start to feel a little overwhelmed...we all get so little time off work, I need as much of my weekend as possible to recharge.

Wow, Diva - Pride is this weekend already? Time flies! I wish you cool breezes and bevvies as you rack up those sales!!

Oh, and we're going to return the new bike tomorrow night. Its time to really go for my dream bike, especially with the nice discount!
Oh my goodness, Turbo, that sounds divine!


That is all.

*scurries off to find something tasty*
I broke it off with daisy. He took it well. It wasn't right for me. I wanted it to be, but it wasn't. I was a nervous wreck, I wasn't eating. I know myself well enough to know when something isn't right, and that wasn't right. I couldn't try to make it as perfect as it seemed. I'm sad, but only in the way when you wish things could be different but know that they can't.
*wipes CH's drool off the screen*

Kel, good for you. You know what you want and need in a relationship and you're not about to accept less! And even though daisy didn't work out, you had some fun times, and got a few dates in, so that's a good thing after coming off such a long term relationship.

Okay, time for me to hop on the elliptical before bedtime!
((((kel)))) It sounds like you handled it well.

Turbo, that meal sounds so impressive. Damn.

I gave the cats catnip, so they're all weird now. It's so cute--Gus took Oscar's box, so Oscar was forced to find a new place to relax. I was looking all over for him and he was laying in my underwear drawer. Sooooo cute!!
Good evening, all!

I totally laughed at FJ tricking Grover.

And I totally want an Okayland Wine 'n' Weed Jamboree.

(((((kel))))) Good for you for knowing yourself and following through!!!

*pours champagne*

poodle, why do you find Wild Horses depressing?

Thanks for all the thoughts on the pink bathroom dilemna! I'm still thinking that one through, but I think maybe I'm putting together something in my head. My theory is this: I think whatever colours are used, it's all going to have to be totally wild and over the top, to make the pink fixtures fade into the background, because there is just no other getting around a pink toilet in a boys' bathroom. I'm leaning towards orange/purple/red(or raspberry) (plus bright white) because they are close to the pink on the colour wheel, and therefore might also help force the pink into the background by incorporating it as a duller, quieter version of red.....BUT the design should be kind of....mod or psychedelic, to keep the colour scheme from being too "girlie." Does that makes sense? It's all a theory at this point! I'm open to other theories and ideas about how to handle the pink! Anyway I sprung the idea on the boys this evening, and they seemed to take to it. guitarboy especially, who always seems to vote for wildness and purpleness. wink.gif

Cripes, I thought my harvest gold bathtub was a curse.

After I got home from errand-running, guitarboy came over for a few hours with the guitar (finally re-strung as of today!). Wild Horses kinda kicked ass, even though I hadn't had time to even try the guitar parts yet. Also, I played him my songwriting effort, and he dug it! (Or he was kind enough to pretend. wink.gif) And then he asked, "Am I the 'tiger on the sofa?'" (He's a Leo, and born Year of the Tiger.) I replied that I'd been thinking of my tabby, Carmella (true), but that he could be the tiger on the sofa, if he wanted to be. (Though in retrospect, I can think of a few other suitable locations for tigerishness.) Later on, neighbourboy joined us for awhile, with the djembe. And I educated them both about Take Back the Night.

Are you all sick of this yet? Sorry. These are such entertaining times for me. Isn't that part of an old Chinese curse? No, no, wait. It was: "May you live in interesting times."

(turbo, I sent you a PM! Speaking of interesting times....)

(ETA: I was showing guitarboy a few old pics from my photobox today, and I found one of my mom from about 1958. guitarboy said my mom looked like Elizabeth Taylor......seriously, come on, what's NOT to adore about this guy?? tongue.gif)
doodle, I had one thought when you said over the top and psychedelic..tie dye. Make the wall look like it's tie-dyed. I'm actually visualizing this tie dye sarong that I have that has deep, almost eggplant purple, yellow, turquoise blue, green, and black in it, all very bright colors. Your eye would be so drawn to the wall that you wouldn't even see the pink fixtures!

Turbo, you are making me want to move to chicago! I mean, Madison's great but the mass transportation isn't so great. On the weekends especially. And my neighborhood isn't all that diverse, it's somewhat, uh, yuppie-ish. I wonder what steamfitters earn over there?

~*~*pride money vibes for divala*~*~...and divala, I'd be glad to stay for a while and help you on a house, when you get one! I just require food and beer. Hee. Just don't make the same mistake I did, and buy something that's so decrepit it's literally ready to be plowed under. I've inhaled enough mouse turds and plaster dust for a lifetime. And foundation work sucks. I should invest in a scanner so I can post some horror photos.

(((kel))) good for you knowing what to do for yourself. I'm glad he took it well.

FJ, YAY on the a/c! And little jackaroo's almost knocking at the door, isn't he! I'm excited for you. smile.gif

Poodle, that is so evil of Mall-Fart. Have you ever read "nickel and dimed"? The woman who wrote it took a bunch of low-paying jobs and wrote about living hand-to-mouth...and she had a job at Mall-Fart for a while, and while she was working there she couldn't even afford to shop there. Unless something was super-low-on clearance. They are absolutely a blight on humanity.

PK I am drooling about that dessert. Yumsters.

Yes, the jobs are ridiculous! When I was hurt and wondering if my body could handle working in my current occupation, I realized just how LUCKY I am...because it seriously sucks out there. I've decided that I am getting paid for working a dangerous, physically abusive, skilled job. Yahoo. I'm actually not exaggerating when I say I think I may be crippled or disfigured by the time I'm 55. Capitalism sucks, sometimes. Actually, most of the time, unless you're one of the "elite".

Minx, I am jealous of your garden! I have never, in my entire life, been able to keep a tomato plant alive long enough to get maters. I dunno why. That sucks about the ex-asshat. Fie on him.

Sooo...I worked unexpected overtime yesterday. The asshats. This one department...the building is being TORN DOWN in three months and we gave them a temporary a/c, cause it's run WELL up into the tens of thousands to fix what they had. But, nooooo, their temporary one drips on the floor. SO. FRIGGING WHAT? The building's being TORN DOWN! And they're in the BASEMENT. It's not like it's going to run through walls and hit electric wires or anything!

But, anyway, they insisted on a total repair of the other one. Kewl. Moneymoneymoney. I just have to decide this morning if I'm going to take it on my check, or if I'm gonna take it as comp time, being as I had to use up all my sick time and vaycay time. I think I just decided. Comp time it is.

It's chilly in here and I had a berry smoothie.

Nice to see you tree!! That's strange that they wanted the drip fixed. WTF? That's great that you'll get a little extra dough out of it though.

Doodle, I would totally go over the top with pink fixtures. I would paint the walls light aqua though and decorate the room with all sorts of vintage campy/kitschy crap, just to be obnoxious.

Shawnboy, I was watching Drew Carey this morning and he accidentally ordered a KISS casket for his dead father!! So I googled it and it turns out that it's REAL and the dude from Pantera was buried in one!! You probably knew that already. smile.gif

Good Morning all!

(((kel))) You know what you want and won't accept less. That is fabulous. How are you doing today?

Turbo, how is the elliptical treating you anyway? I heart mine. I must be a glutton for punishment as I went on it last night even though my ass and thighs hurt. Today my ass is okay, but my thighs still hurt. Le Sigh.

Poodle, your cats are far too cute! And that casket is fuckin' awesome!

Doodle, guitarboy is very cool, I like him, even though I've never met him he's fun.

Tree, I agree on the decorating idea. and yay for money! How bizarre that they want to fix it, but not my money.

Ugh, it's only Tuesday. How boring. It's been quiet and I have no work, of course I don't know where I'll be next week, at month end, once again thrust into a case load at month end. Hurrah. Oh well, pays the bills.

Someone I haven't seen in easily 10 years has put in a friend request for me. I am beginning to hate FB again. Grrrr. Oh well.

Good things Tuesday;

1. It's not monday

That's all I can think of.
Hi culture!! Wait, 10 years? FB request?

God, my cats are so damn lazy. By the time I left this morning, the were both asleep on the couch. I guess eating really takes it out of them.

I actually like butt and leg ache after a good workout. I love doing leg stuff. I did arm stuff last night though and I'm not a huge fan of that. I'm trying to sculpt my shoulders a little more so they look nice when I'm wearing my fitted strapless shirt thinger (which hasn't arrived yet, by the way). I've never been a fan of ellipticals. I always feel like I'm running through a swamp.

Good Things Tuesday:
1. It's not as hot out today so I was able to open my apartment windows.
2. I didn't have time to pack a lunch, so I have a good excuse to go to Jimmy John's.
3. I do legs today instead of arms.
4. I had a yummy, healthy smoothie for breakfast.
5. I curled my new hair and it looks pretty cute.
Poodle, I agree on the lovely coolness, I'll add that to my list.

Fb, the evil facebook. I "dated" this guy in junior high. I say "date" because you don't date in junior high, you hold hands and that's it. It was in grade 9, and I was in grade 9 in 96-97. Oh my, I remember it like it was yesterday. I don't if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Once again, the evils of facebook.

What a shit boring day, although I am going out for lunch with the dadster today, in lieu of fathers day.

Well I need to do some paper work and rsvp to a baby shower.

Later all!

Good Morning!

((Kel)) Girl, it sounds like you made the right decision. Are you alright?

Diva, you had to pay the gas company 400 bucks? DAMN! That really blows. It also really blows about your tent. Geez. I'm sorry. sad.gif
How is school going?

Jenn, I too am drooooling over that meal you cooked. That sounds so delicious.

Doodle, I think the idea of a mod theme is perfect. That seems to be one of the few 'manly' ways to use pink. I mean, not that mod is manly, but it's at least unisex. I am really really glad you are hanging w/ guitar boy and your neighbor. I think it's great.

I know, I am starting to realize how lucky I am with my job even though I don't love it. I don't hate it either though. I'm really worried that I won't be able to find a counseling job that pays well. Though I like that field so much better. I often wonder, "why can't my passion be financial investing? or law? or something that makes money?" Hmpf. If I really applied myself, I could probably get fairly far in this field, but I don't have the passion for it.

That KISS coffin is crazy! Would it not creep you out to have your face on someone's coffin? It would me.

Yay for the overtime money Tree! How's work going? Is your wrist feeling alright?

FJ! I can't believe you are due so soon! OMG!


Good Things
1. I got all of my stuff for this morning ready last night (coffee set up, clothes ironed), so my morning this morning was less stressful.
2. I ate a delicious breakfast of oatmeal, cottage cheese, a peach, and brown sugar all mixed up together.
3. I think Yuki is finally warming up to Paco
4. I am going to work out today. Not a good thing really, in terms of wanting to do it, but I really need to do it. Will feel better after.

ok, i've absolutely become uninterested in work. i don't want to make phone calls. i want to fold baby laundry and sleep on the couch. i have got to get some motivation!! or is this completely normal?

kel, i'm sorry that you had to break up with him, but at the same time it's good for you to know what is right for you and when to cut it off if it's not. like i said yesterday, chalk this relationship up to moving forward and gaining experience. nothing wrong with that at all!

poodle and ch, good for you guys for working out and feeling the burn! the most i've done in weeks is take a walk down the street. i plan to do that again today though. as soon as grover decides to get her sweet ass out of bed. she's been wandering down the stairs later and later each day, sometimes not until noon. i swear when i hear about turbodogg waking jenn up at 5am, it makes me laugh. grover is the closest thing to a cat while still being a big smelly dog. hehe.

and poodle, that made me laugh about your cats needing to rest after the task of eating. mine are exactly the same.

hahahaha, mall-fart. that's awesome, tree. and yes, wal-mart sucks ass. it's funny because we were just talking about those stupid blue vests the other day.

doodle, i'm so happy that you are enjoying yourself with the neighbors. and i think the funky design you're marinating on sounds great. i dig the tie-dye idea that tree slung out there too! oh, and i hate cross-pollenating the threads, but i read that article and the letter you wrote to salon from the CBC thread. i thought it was a great article and your letter was perfect!

good things tuesday:

1) freshly-washed sweet-smelling baby clothes on the couch
2) got a cute colorful lamp set up in the nursery, so it's slowly coming along
3) mrfj's office invited me in on friday to present me with the stroller i want
4) i'm ready for my boy to join our family and i don't care that i've become slightly (read: completely) consumed by it

oh, look who decided to join us today! well, hello ms. grover! hehehe

Hello all, it's me. Again.

Kari, I nkow how you feel about the counselling thing, good for you for having that as your passion. I've ahd it with this counselling thing. Gaaa. If you further your education, there are palces which pay well and allow you to counsel.

FJ, I can't believe that you are almost due! That is really exciting.

From today's Globe and Mail. oh dear, it's pretty amusing, which is why I posted it here.
Hi Guys. Taking a break while the primer dries so I can paint Mom's windows. I feel like this job is never going to get done!

FJ, of course you are uninterested in work! You are about to pop out a baby. It's going to consume every thought you have. I don't know how you've been able to keep your focus this long, girl! Oh, I had guacamole on Friday and I had to giggle like a little school girl and thought of you and Mr. FJ.

Culture, I get friend requests on myspace from idiots I never even SPOKE to in high school. One guy was practically stalking me, telling me how hot he thought I was. He was a cretin. I had to finally block him from contacting me.

Kari, start envisioning that perfect job and send out that frequency to the universe. Envision already having the job. It will come to you. The universe is sort of perfect that way if you are willing to believe. I know that sounds hokey, but it works. I'm very lucky to like my job. I actually miss not working this summer. That's why I'm painting up a storm at mom's!

Poodle, I need to take a cue from you and get myself to a gym. I'm happy with the size of my body for the most part, but none of it is remotely toned at all. And my cat is one of the laziest creatures on the planet, too.

Doodle, I love hearing your stories about the boys. I live vicariously through them at this point!

Hi everyone!

The guy my BFF gave my number to has been hanging out lately. Last night he told me he really liked me. I like him too, but I told him we should just work right now at establishing a friendship and the rest will work itself out in time if it needs to. I'm not in any hurry to rush into anything at all with anyone. I need this summer to work on myself. He can be around, but I think I need friends right now. As for the daisy situation, I feel fine about it. I'm sad because it did seem so wonderful and perfect at first. But I might have just been trying to convince myself of that. The ill fated portions, combined with the fact that he kicked me out afterwards, and became distant afterwards was enough for me. I need to be with someone supportive. I told him about my dad being in the hospital, and his response was, "uh huh." What the hell? I don't need to sob on someone's shoulder, but some input, some words would be good. This was the right decision for me. I just wish it could have worked, but wishes are folly.
FJ- I can't wait for little jackaroo to join OUR whole family! I actually said to a daycare mom yesterday (we were talking abuot new bebes): "Oh, my friend in FL is due any day..." hehe. Moxieman is convinced the "ok, free rent period is up kiddo" feeling is the first step in the biological imparative to push the sucker out. I think he has a point.

Ok, on a roll here at work...going back to writing.

But First, Good Things Tuesday:

1. Doesn't look like moxette re-cought the sinus infection...its just a cold!
2. She is LOVING her new classroom
3. Its finally raining here in the D!
4. Jackaroo is coming! WHOO HOO!
5. Chicken Shwarma sandwhich for lunch.
Hello hello.

This day is almost done! Sweetness, I got busy for about 30 minutes. How fun. Now I'm back to do fuck all again.

Kel, I hear ya about weirdo's, that's why I have a very restricted profile. You can't access my friends, or see my profile unless you are a friend of mine. Most of the people on there are people I work(ed) with and went to school with, when it's someone I don't know who requests or sends a message I just ignore it. It also helps that I have an incredible generic last name.

Mox good to hear that moxette is doing well and is better!

Bah, I want to be working out, not at work. Ick.
Hi, peeps!

Good Things Tuesday:
1) Today's my Friday, since I have the next 3 days off to get ready for Pride
2) I have a pretty, crisp new piece of fabric for my table, lavender linen, or something linen-like
3) I've at least read all the chapters for my test tonight in class. Let's see how much of it I can actually remember.
4) Got to play with Sam on Sunday. That makes my whole week. He and the giant had a lot of fun kicking the soccer ball and playing catch - kind of made me a little jealous.
5) It's gorgeous out, too bad I was stuck inside studying and I'm not going to have any time to enjoy it before it's dark out
6) I have a 5-day weekend ahead of me!

I'm wary about my friends on MySpace, too. If I don't know you personally, you're not getting in. I've got several bands and a couple annoying people on my friends list (one of them is a guy, who I didn't realize until later on doesn't have a single friend listed on his page with a penis - SMARMY!). I should just take my damn page down, it's worthless anyway. At least not so many creeps have asked to be my friend or sent me messages since I marked that I'm in a relationship.

Kel, good for you for doing what you needed to. It sounds like it was pretty uncomplicated and painless.

Kari, school's going okay. Today will only be the second class session, but if we don't actually get taught something, I'm going to be really unsatisfied. I'm not paying $465 plus parking and the cost of my book to take a glorified correspondence course. I had a friend who used to work with me who went into counseling. I think she got her Master's. Anyway, last I heard, she's still looking for work. I hear ya on why something lucrative can't be your passion. I'm the same way. But then again, "dream jobs" aren't dream jobs if they don't pay the bills.

Hello, Tree, Doodle, CH, Poodle, Moxie, Turbo, and everyone!

I'm ready for today to be over. I should be home by 7:30, then I just want to eat steak and veg out.

Hello hello!

The day is almost done, thank goodness!

I now feel like talking like a pirate. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr maties. How be everyone on this lovely day? Ye all be sea wenches. I feel like wearrrrrrring me a jaunty eye patch. Thar be trouble on the horizon. That's all I got going. Can you tell this day is really starrrrrrting to get to me.


Must go now.

Time for my weekend to start! Yippeee!
stop rubbing it in, diva!!! smile.gif

man, i ate some french bread pizza at 3 and laid down after to take a nap and i am completely zapped still. i do not want to do anything today! but i must work. i have to!

hehe, ch is talking like a pirate.

more good things: i had a show this morning. she didn't buy, but what the fuck. i still get paid for it.
Good afternoon all! Is it Tuesday? Okay, good things! I haven't done this in a long time.

1) Having a beautiful day outside.
2) Sitting on the balcony with my feet up on the railing, playing the guitar in the sunshine.
3) Actually striving not to be quite such a pale redhead this year (sorry mom - no more lectures, please).
4) Actually picking up the songs "Wild Horses" and "Boots or Hearts" (old Tragically Hip song) with a little balcony-based practice.
5) While wearing a lacy camisole and a watered silk sarong (hiked up for leg-tanning).
6) Also catching up on some mending while I was out there.
7) Having a lovely crush on a sweet, beautiful, green-eyed guitarboy who is far too young for me.
8) Having the aforementioned sweet, beautiful, green-eyed guitarboy bring me a carefully-rolled joint just to smoke all by myself on the anniversary of my dad's passing (today).
9) No longer caring if the sweet, beautiful, green-eyed guitarboy is too young for me.

CH, I read that article - shocking! How terribly un-Canadian. And it's fascinating that the Quebecois have the highest % of evolution supporters, considering the province is so Catholic. (Nice to know BC is the second-highest, though. Must be the BC bud.)

treehugger, the tie-dye idea is cool, and I'll bet the boys'd love it! Do you have any ideas about HOW to do it? I'm sorry your job is so brutal on your body. The next time we play 16 Tons, I will dedicate it to you. wink.gif

poodle, that casket is creepy. Now I want to be buried instead of cremated. (Kidding!)

Shit....I started this post and then I started digging through my photo box, looking at pics of my dad and me....sorry, I can't remember what else I was going to post!!!!!!
(((((doodle))))) i'm glad you're having a good day today. i am glad that you spent your day on yourself and wow, what a crush we're all developing on guitarboy right with you. how sweet of him to remember your father's passing today and to bring you an offering. i'm really hoping that your last "good thing" was right and that you put that whole age thing out of your mind for good. he sounds like such a sweet guy.

oh, and i meant to thank you moxie, for making me smile. i can't wait for jack to be a part of all of our family either!
Hiii...quick flyby, cause "house" is almost on! Well, I think it actually started. But, doodle, I'd suggest, making an ACTUAL tie-dye, and turning it into a pattern.

Oh, and the song playing in my ipod right now is "give peace a chance" hippie is THAT? hehe

ETA: I just had another thought, doodle. You could actually do a huge tie dye out of cheap fabric and stick it up to the wall using starch. It seems to me I've read you can do that....cornstarch and water, soak the cloth in it, stick it up on the wall...non permanent and non damaging if you want to remove it later, great for apartment dwellers.
alohohoha, my hawaiian hoochies!

go doodle! guitarboy sounds rather awesometacular indeeds

so, i just finished my first shift at fivebucks, and i looove it. everyone is awesome and friendly and nice, and the 8 hours flew by like nothing. but now i have to go shower, as i managed to keep my white shirt pristine until 2 minutes afer i got off work, at which point i spilled strawberry lemonade down my front
Hi peeps!!

Doodle and guitarboy sitting in a tree!! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!

Oh my god. I'm watching America's Got Talent right now and it's friggin' hilarious!! There was one act, "Boy Shakira," who stole the show in my opinion. How can you not love a little latino tranny prancing around and shakin' her goods?!! It'll probably be on YouTube tomorrow.

Not much to report tonight. I went to the gym and now I'm feeling the "good" burn in my calves.

That's great that your first day went smoothly, tyg!!
Hi hi guys!

Wow! Doodle is having a blast with her naighbors! They sound so cool, and guitarboy was a sweetheart to remember the day of your father's passing. Young, Schmoung. Wait. Young, Schmung. Oh well. Whatever.

I'm also excited about what you are going to do with their bathroom. Sorry I have no input. I'm a home decorating moron. I know nothing. I'm a blank slate.

Kelkello - Sounds like you've got a good head on your shoulders about this Daisy thing. I'm glad you feel secure in your decision, and I know (and you do as well) that the right guy will come along. Until that happens, good times await.

I hung out with the new guy last night and today. I spent the night at his place and got a couple of nice HBI's. He's so great. We talked a lot today, and he is so sensitive and understanding. He is a really smart guy. He wants me to help him with his English. Right now, he gets by, but the poor guy has no past or future. He's stuck in the present.

I think Morticia and I are going to go to the Hookah lounge later. At least, that's what I want to do. She wants coffee, and the place serves Turkish coffee. Maybe the new guy will meet us there. He's so cute. I need a name for him. He is Mexican, but his name is a Hebrew name. His grandmother is Israeli. Hmmmm.

OK - Morticia is here! Yayayay! Smell ya later.
*yawns and stretches*

Yikes, guys - 10pm, and I've just had a chance to read the archives and sit down - sheesh! The new schedule really bites for bust time!

CH, I love having the elliptical - I only use it when I take the train to work, though - as my legs don't need anymore work after commuting. I love that I can watch tv or listen to an audio book, and then hop straight into the shower or bath.

Diva, I am so jealous of your time off - even though you'll be working your arse off. ((((mondo sales vibes for diva))))

FJ, I think it is TOTALLY normal to not be interested in work right now - your whole family is about to change, and its exciting, and so you want to get the home ready for least you don't have to go into an office everyday and pretend to be interested.

Doodle, if the opportunity presents itself, I totally expect you to pounce on guitarboy....he sounds like quite a fine man, indeed!

Well, I took the bike back to REI problems there at all, and I can't wait until my dream bike arrives at the good bike shop - wheee!

Hi hi PK!!!

Kari, I second the motion that if you truly want to work in counseling, you will find a job that will support you, and be fulfilling, just keep visioning it for yourself!

Tree, of COURSE you should move to Chicago, silly! Come on down anytime....I'm sure there's plenty of steamfitting here, and pretty strong unions too...we could definitely use your skillz in this town, and then you could hang out with all the chicago busties!

Okay, time for bed for me. See you tomorrow night!

PS - turbo peed on the head of one of the guest doggies tonight. Funny as hell...guest doggie didn't really do anything to move either - he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, though. smile.gif
The Society for Creative Anachronism is sword-fighting on the back lawn. In full costume.
What I love about summer vacation: watching epis of ER for 24 hours--I'm not shitting you. I took a 3.5 hour nap somewhere inbetween, but that was it. I'm so out of it and just really don't care. I'm considering having a cup of coffee and watching the Godfather. Kel--you are so right. We can convince ourselves of just about anything. Just keep on keeping on. Those scabs will heal over.

Jenn--saw a lovely greyhound around Lake Como the other day and totally thought of you and Turbo.

MB actually went bitchy on me today. His OCD kicked in about some crap at school, and I must not have responded correctly to him or SOMETHING, but the fucker actually hung up on me, right in the middle of me saying, "Wow, I'm really sorry that happened..." CLICK!! Weirdness. Whatever. One of my teacher/harpy friends was over tonight and reminded me that most men need to wear helmets. I agree. My perspective on relationships is getting really Darwinian, though, and I cannot be trusted smile.gif

FJ--yeah, being completely out-of-it and tired all the time is part of the game at this point. My hips were in such pain that I could barely walk down the block. To this day I have no stinkin' idea how I finished my master's thesis. I feel like I got away with something really grand. Enjoy your quiet time, however, and try to get as much rest as possible.
Heya Bustaaars!

I'm just totally fond of yous all! smile.gif And I'm pleasently stoned for the first time in yeaaars!

Sorry for not keeping up with you all in a consistant-like manner. You guys sure do make me happier in general.

Hey Minx! Your Primus lyrics are cool! smile.gif It's funnier to me because my friends and I refer to pot as 'cheese'. We're not sure if that was what Primus was thinking.

Doodle, there's a whole bunch of people who somewhat regularly do some padded swordfighting in a park near where I live. I don't think thay are the SCA, though. I think they're from a more fantasy-related spinoff. They don't wear armor like the SCA does. They're awfully geeky, but I can relate. I even made a padded sword of my own, partially because I like making stuff. Partially, though, because deep inside me, I want to let people freak freely or geek freely and not feel inhibited. I'd love to see "recess-time" become a reality for adults. Wouldn't it be cool if we all had an hour off around 2PM when everyone is supposed to stop working and just play? Maybe an hour for us to pretend stuff, play tag, or climb play equipment? It would strike 2:00, and everybody would leave their work behind. Someone would drag out a duffle bag full of dodgeballs... It's too bad that the people at the park in my town don't try particularly hard when they're swordfighting.

I think I need someone to dare me to bring my sword down and ask if I can play...
Mornin' peepers!!

Hi lore!! I toootally agree that adults need some recess time!!

"most men need to wear helmets." HAHAHA!! I'm with you on the Darwinian approach, minx. Many of the females of certain fish species are now being born with male accessory organs and they are able to fertilize themselves and other females. I think only the coolest and strongest men will survive.

That's hilarious about the sword-fighters, doodle!! Geekfest at doodle's house!!

Turbodog just lifted his leg and peed on another dog?! That's so damn funny!! God, animals never cease to crack me up.

Hi everyone!!

I suppose I should get my ass in the shower.
Good Morning on this Wednesday!

Diva enjoy your five day weekend!

FJ, mmmm french bread pizza! *rubs belly* Indeed, I ws terribly bored, hence the pirate talk.

Doodle, yup, nice article. and a creationist museum in Kentucky, who ever would have thought! And it sounds like you had a divine day! That is also far too cool that there are sword fights going on on the back yard!

Hi Tree! How is work going? How's the arm/elbow feeling?

Tyger good to hear your first shift when well!

Hey Poodle! Ahhhh that loverly burn. I also felt it yesterday, now my muscles are no longer tight so I can work my legs tonight.

PK sounds like things are going really well! I hope you enjoyed your evening.

Hey Turbo! I heart the elliptical trainer I have at home. I can't say I blame you for not doing it after you boke to and from work, I'd probably say you were a glutton for punishment, but I also am. smile.gif

Minx, that sounds like a great day! And how bizarre about MB.

Lore! I hope you had a great high!!!!! It's been a little while since I smoked. Mmmm weed. Now I want to have some!

Well, I have no messages at work and this is bizarre, I hope I don't get fucked next week, next week being insanely busy. Still don't know where I am going for my next assignment, I should know by now. Good to see everyone is getting right on that. Bah.

Well, I'm going to go and appear busy at work.

Later all!

ETA: Hi Poodle!

Yeah, still haven't heard from MB. And the reality? I don't give a shit anymore. It's moments like these when you learn about how people deal with stress.

Uh, he don't. Whatever. Go back to playing your videogames. Run along now.

Okay, I have to get showered and ready for my annual Poke 'n' Scrape.

Hey Lorewolf!! Hey Poodle!! Hey Culture!!
*bangs head againt wall*

Is it Friday yet? I've got nothing to do!!! Gaaaaaaaaaaa.
what's up mah bitches!

Minx, that really stinks that MB freaked on you. I think your attitude about it is right on though. I am glad you're enjoying your summer vaca!!

Poodle, I watched America's Got Talent too, loved the Indian dude that danced towards the end. He was awesome! Like a real life Napolean Dynamite.

((Doodle)) that was awfully sweet of guitar boy to bring you a J for your dad's passing anniversary.

Thanks for the job encouragement, guys. Last night my supervisor was actually talking to myself and another intern about the 3 of us opening a private practice. I thought that was a little nutty, as we've only worked with her for a month or so, and she kind of talks loosely, but it did give me a glimmer of hope about the future. Perhaps I can find some other students or ppl to do that with one day. That would be the ideal sitch.

Nothing much special happening here today.

Tyger, I am really glad you liked your first day of work!

Diva, how was your test last night?

you can make some calls for me, ch!! smile.gif i'm not wanting to do it myself today. again. thanks for the words of encouragement that i'm normal in this. at least i've made several phone calls this morning. even with my feeling like this yesterday, i still managed to get about 95 calls in. so that's not so bad.

minx, that is so odd about mb. i thought he was somewhat normal. your comment about men needing helmets made me laugh. i love your way with words. it makes me thing of that sketch on SNL where mike myers is a spastic kid. you know what though, i think most PEOPLE in general need to wear helmets. at least most people i've met. and heee, poke 'n scrape. good luck with that!

hi hi puppykitty!! ooh, i wanna go to a hookah lounge. we went with a friend of ours about a year and a half ago and it was really fun. that was the first time i tried baba ganoush. did you guys have fun?

hehe, doodle has a renn-fair going on in her backyard. call the geeksquad!!

lorewolf, your posts always make me happy! i'm glad you check in when you do! and yes, adult recess would be the best! i wanna go play on the monkeybars! (ok ok, this is all fantasy because i obviously could not get my ass up on monkeybars right now if my life depended on it!!!).

and turbo peed on his houseguest! hahaha! that is so funny! i wonder what message he was sending with that! haha!

hi hi everyone else. i think i'm going to go wash some baby blankets. i realized last night that i have so much more that i must wash!!

FJ- the feeling of sloth is SO normal just before the bebe comes. Your body, and especially with your back issues, gets worn out by gestation...think about it. You're carrying around a 7-8 lbs person without the use of your arms or shoulders. Your body is working the systems of 2 full human beings...cardio, plumonary, immuno, etc. Its an energy zapper. I think that just means Jackaroo should COME OUT.

OK, i need to think about what I'm gonna do for lunch. Hmmm...

With that said, those fucking windows need at least one more coat. Damn my mother and her pale choice of trim color. Even primer didn't help.

Minx, sorry MB is being an asshat. I'm very cynical about relationships these days. Mmm...maybe not cynical. Maybe just not into it.

Doodle, I'm so glad you had a nice day yesterday, particularly since it was the anniversary of your father passing. What better way to honor him than to have a wonderful day? And of course, to watch sword fighting on your lawn. I used to date one of those guys. Egad. And I think you should just jump on guitarboy. He sounds positively delightful.

Culture, you wanna come paint? This is day five, and I'm about out of steam. Mom is on her own from here.

FJ, I don't know how you are even able to get anywhere near 95 calls with how you are feeling. You get a trophy from me.

Lore, in Spain they do something like that. Around 3 pm the country shuts down and everyone goes home to eat with their families and relax. And then they go back to work for a few hours. It's lovely. I think, however, in the bigger cities, they are phasing that out in the name of progress. I don't really consider that progress for the human condition, though.

PK, do you speak Spanish? Or do you and your new guy just get by in the present tense? He sounds very sweet.

Okay, so the old friend my bff gave my number to (who shall now be called FriendBoy) is getting very kelkello-centric. FriendBoy is a great guy, and I think in another space and time, he'd be perfect. But this is here and now. I've made it clear to him where my head is and that I will be his friend. Friend. Friendly-like. I really think I just need time to be me, alone right now. If he wants to hang out sometimes, that is fine, but he can't go developing a big ol' crush on me because it's just not the time.
Quiet day in here.

FJ, 95 calls? Wow! That is a lot of calling, lady. You get a trophy from me as well. I think it is so exciting that you are washing all the bebe stuff!

Kel, I hope friendboy gets the message soon & eases up. I think your plan sounds very good. You need some time for yourself. 5 days of painting? Wowzers. You have stamina!

I just got back from lunch. Met up with a friend, that was fun. Now am back in the office for 2 more hrs, then it's off to the hosptial.

Ugh. Relationships are just so much work. *yawns*

I'm draggin' along here, too. I have stuff to do, but it's soooo boring.

Yeah, diva, how was your test?

"it makes me thing of that sketch on SNL where mike myers is a spastic kid." Hahahaha!! Now I'm totally imagining the Math Baron tethered to a jungle gym!!

I'm gonna check out a house with my dad tonight. We're just gonna do a drive-by. It's a teeny-weeny house south of Lake Nokomis (in MPLS). It's not too far from the airport, but I've lived in that neighborhood and it's not that bad. I'm already used to living in a neighborhood with loud drunks, trashdiggers, sirens, car alarms, firecrackers, cars, and so on. No biggie. It's a very small house (about the same size as my apartment) and it's situated to the back of the lot, so the front yard is huge. There's a concrete parking spot and a shed, but no garage. The main appeal of this house is its extremely good condition (lots of new and refinished stuff) and efficient size (low heating costs). Plus, I can afford it. In my professional opinion, it is a good property, but just needs some landscaping and exterior adornment to give it more curb appeal. It has a lot of potential. The goal would be to change it from a matchbox house to a cute cottage. Oh, and erecting a garage would increase it's value quite a bit. Heh...I said "erecting."
Kari, was lunch good? I had cold pizza. Whatever you had probably beats that!

Poodle, good luck with the house! Sounds like a good opportunity. I should consider buying something. But I'm also considering moving to Baltimore next year, so buying something is not in my stars now.

Going to see my niece and nephew in a few. Yay!
Poodle, that house does sound like a good property. In my neighborhood, there are lots of small houses that people have updated. It's amazing what things like new shutters, new columns, and landscaping do for the appearance of a house. I want to get some stuff like that done on mine this year.

Kel, I had food from home too, so it was ok, not great. Leftover taco salad, but not with all the good stuff. Mine had a few chips, lettuce, beef, and sour cream. No cheese, no tomatoes, no avocado. That would have been much better!

I just had to go to starfucks for a latte. Ugh. Hate spending money on that, but it was a necessity this afternoon. Yes, yes it was. I gotta perk up.

Good afternoon okayers!!!!

Kari, that's good that you are feeling better about your work.

Kel, I would help you! Cool about FriendBoy too!

FJ I'd help you too! How are you feeling today?

Poodle, I am excited about your prospective house!!!! That is really great!!!

I went for a walk at lunch, and I cuaght some firefighters staring, so I smiled and stared back then shook my ass at them. My mom had a good laugh when I told her what I did. Hee.

I've had a few phone calls today, not much going on, still don't know where I am going next, can I get some stay at this office vibes? Thanks all!

It's warmed up a fair bit here, I think that I am going to take hound to the park then work out and then smoke some! I'm in the mood to get high! Hee. Well I hope that everyone is having a great day so far. I hope that Diva tells us how things went and I hope that she is enjoying her vacay so far!

Later all!

Kari, you've inspired me to eat burritos again tonight. I got some good healthy veggies in my fridge right now. Yuuummm!!

Yeah, I'm not gonna get too excited about the house, but I think it's worth looking into. We'll see. Sigh....I would love to have a yard for drunken bbq's and so that Gus would have a place to run free and kill bugs. I know it sounds dorky, but I really want that for my cats (or at least Gus). I would also like a dog at some point.

~*~*~*~stay in office vibes for culture~*~*~*~

Have fun with your niecoid and nephie, kel!!

I bought myself some beer for this evening. It's just sitting in my office. I suppose I should put it in the fridge. I just don't want anyone to give me crap for it. Ah well, the only person who would say something about it is the meddler, and she's out for the week. Yay!!
good evening busties!

thanks for the props on making the calls. i am getting started on the phone tonight. i made about 25 calls so far this morning, so i have a good start but now i'm just not getting anyone good on the phone that wants to set an appointment with me! tonight i am getting people that sent in profiles over a year ago, which completely sucks. you'd think since they know i can get people in the door, they'd give me some new leads to work with.

oh, on the conf call for work yesterday, the director had to admit that i have a 90% show rate. muah-ha-ha-ha-ha. for some reason, i just get the idea that it pained her to have to admit it. it's better than anyone else's, by FAR. but my number of sets is smaller and she said i just need to make more appointments, which is totally true. but still, others are setting 20 and 30 appointments and getting the same number or less actual shows than i am, so i still feel like i'm doing ok. i reminded them all that i'm beyond 9mo pregnant and made a genuine, but maybe a little over the top, promise that i'm trying to "pull my weight" still. i feel like there is so much animosity toward me in that office and i can't figure out if i'm just imagining it or what. but i also found out that they are paying me for my shows from a couple weeks ago when my people showed up and there was no one there to meet them. rolleyes.gif

mmmm, mexican food sounds good. i just asked mrfj to stop and get me a turkey bacon guacamole (hehe) sammich from quiznos though. and some vinegar chips. mmmm.

now i'm super hungry and can't concentrate on anything!!

poodle, that sounds really cool that you're looking at a house. the fact that you're not committed and seriously seeking a house will probably mean that you'll fall in love with it and get it! i hope it turns out to be a cool deal. that is very exciting that you could be a homeowner at your age! rock on!

ch, you're such a firefighter-whore! you are so gonna get you summadat!

Hi hi everyone!! I was supposed to go shopping tonight after work for a b-day giftie for my SIL, whose birfday is Friday, but I just couldn't get inspired to do it. I'm feeling jammed in with crap that needs doing before my 30th b-day party on Satuday, and I just want a little time to C H I L L.

Poodle - good luck with the house! With your experience in real estate and some fatherly fix-it eyes, I'm sure you'll find the perfect new poodle-pad! I can't wait to hear how your house-hunting goes!

FJ, seriously, you are a ROCK STAR for making all those mox describes the free-weight experience of carrying a bebe...I'm tired just thinking about it. *tucks FJ in for a snooze on the okayland sofa*

At least this is the last night with the extra puppers - they're well behaved, but they ruined my morning zen this morning with their desire to get after turbo's food. It got intense, and it pissed me off. When I get home tomorrow, I'll be back down to one pupper. And yeah, turbo was sniffing a tree, hoisted the leg and let fly....and Badger was sniffing the same spot right under his leg. I could not stop laughing. I think that aptly sums up turbo's feelings for Badger, who is a little too much of an enthusiastic extrovert for my calm, cool, aloof turbodoggie. smile.gif

Minxy, I am confuddled....are you dating MB? You mentioned minxman a few days ago, and now I'm just please?

I do LOVE the thought that most people should wear helmets - too true!!

Oh, and have I mentioned how GREAT it is to work downtown? Today, I went down to sit on the plaza in front of our building for lunch, and there was a jazz percussion quartet playing all afternoon - they were REALLY good, and it was so cool to watch and listen as I sat in the sun and ate lunch. And, the filming of the next Batman movie fucked up my ride home - traffic was all foo-barred from re-routing. Glad I could maneuver through it a bit faster.

Yeah, CH, I'm just going to pass on ellipticizing on bike riding days...20 miles on my bike a day leaves my knees a bit sore as it is...which means - I should be taking more baths, right?!

((((good office vibes for CH))))

Kari, I'm glad you're already getting positive feeback on your work!! I'm sure you will not only be able to find a job, but a good one that will be fulfilling and continue your professional growth.
Hi everyone!!

FJ, good for you for telling it like it is!! You definitely deserve props for carrying your load even when you're uber preggers!! My god, 25 calls is a lot. I can't even imagine doing 95!!

Turbo, I love being downtown, too. Granted, it's not downtown Chicago, but it's still pretty active on the main drag. Oh, and I think it's totally reasonable not to do the elliptical on bike days. Doing both would be crazy!!

Yeah, minx, I'm confused about the MB, too. What happened to minxman and how did MB end up back in the picture?

So I looked at the house and it's exactly what I was expecting, which is good!! Since there's no one living there, we were able to peek through the windows. The interior looks great and the kitchen and bedroom appear to be the same size as my current ones. The living room is smaller than mine. The overall house is smaller than my apartment, but there's a basement. The front yard is huge (there's really no back yard). There is barely any landscaping, which makes the house a little stark. I see that as a good thing though, because I could earn some sweat equity just by gardening. There are no apparent structural or mechanical issues to deal with.

The house is listed at $130,000 which is pretty much the max I can afford right now. Every other house I've seen at that price is located in uber shitty neighborhoods and/or needs more complicated repairs. This house ain't much, but it's a good start for someone like me. If I bought the house, then main things I would work on are landscaping, building a "carport" over the parking spot, and adding a deck in front to make the place look bigger. It definitely has the potential to be a cute cottage someday. I'm meeting up with the realtor tomorrow.

The main thing I would be sacrificing is location. Right now, I'm so close to downtown and local bars, shops, etc. It would be hard to give up the young, urban feel of my 'hood and the proximity to work.
Poodle, that is AWESOME about the house!!! I'm sure if you let the thought of this house, or any house, settle in with you for a bit, weigh the pros and cons, you'll come up with whether the house is right for you. But the yard sounds awesome, and just *think* of all the projects you could do to really increase the value of your home - and the pets issue was certainly a factor for us too, as I'd been wanting a dog for-ever, and once we bought our place, we got turbo.

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