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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Poodle, I can't hear "Djibouti" without thinking of "da booty." Heh. I bet your hair is awesome. Get some pics and post 'em, chica!

Tree, I hereby hand you the "Golden Wrench" award for your awesome work not only with the viscera room, but also in the deli. Eat that steak and go to bed a happy woman!!

Turbo, I couldn't believe my eyes to see you on so early! Yay for half days and getting things accomplished!

Okay, can I get some "Everything is going to be just fine" vibes? I just really need them right now. Big thanks!

Have a b-day party to go to tonight and I am determined to have a GREAT time!
Be zen, kel. You are truly cool, so just relax and project that coolness. No worries, young grasshopper. Zennnnn.....

So whose birthday is it? I take it that daisy will be there. The worst thing you can do is pretend like nothing happened. Stay down-to-earth with him.

It's hard to go out on the same day that you just received a drastic haircut. The most important curl (on the top) didn't turn out as hoped. I'm gonna have to tackle this with the curling iron. Curlers aren't all that great unless you have a while for them to set. Right now I'm thinking that I should just put on my red wig with devil horns!! laugh.gif Seriously though, I know this haircut will be good once I do a little experimenting and settle into a routine. I love my hairdresser. It takes us a lot longer than normal to cut my hair though because we're always laughing so hard. She was trying to come up with good strategies for messing with bitch-girl tonight (if she's there). She thinks that I should try to "out-psycho" her by showing her pictures of my cats, etc. She's such a goofy girl.
Poodle, no daisy will not be there. He's going to his cabin in WV to paint it this weekend. This is the birthday of the friend I was fretting about earlier this week. The one I saw for the first time last weekend and he called my BFF for my phone number. However, BFF is coming with me out of debt for giving this guy my number without permission.

And I say, go for that hot red wig, sista! I'd totally do you, and I ain't even gay. smile.gif

I just curled my hair with the iron and it's looking fab just like she promised. I sent her a quick email saying that $30 isn't nearly enough for her haircuts. Hell, I feel bad tipping her only 20% because I love her so much. From now on, when it comes to the cuts, it's only her, and I'm tipping her a lot more than 20%. It's still cheaper than I would expect to pay. I'm still gonna go to the Aveda girl for my coloring though. Aveda specializes in color and I've always loved the results. Haircuts? Meh.

Relax, kel. You know what's going on in your life and you have control over it!! Just enjoy the company and let it be!! Don't worry 'bout that guy. Like doodle said, he's been sober for a long ass time. He probably just wants to talk to you as a "reformed" person. It doesn't have to be weird. You just stick to your guns. I don't think that you'll even have to be uber assertive about this. ~*~*~*~stay cool vibes for kel~*~*~*~HAVE FUN!!!! BFF will be there, after all!!! She'll look out for ya if things get strange.

ETA- Must. Stop. Bidding. For. Shit. On. Ebay. I go through phases when it comes to "stuff" and right now I'm really into bakelite jewelry. I do not need any more bangles or earrings, because I don't even wear that stuff that often. Must. Stop. Fortunately, I know when I'm bidding/paying too much (most of the time), but it's still hard. My friend Billie used to be addicted (seriously) to buying shit on ebay. Her bedroom was filled with stuff she bought on ebay. I'm sure there's a term for that out there...ebayaholic, maybe?? I remember yelling at her a couple times because she would show me all of this vintage clothing that she bought on ebay and she would never wear it. She was broke as hell at the time, too. I'm sure she charged it all.

ETAA- Stargazer, that picture of diva and myself is actually from Halloween 2004. My friend, tieboy, always puts Halloween party pictures on his website, but he neglected it for sooooo long. It took him 3 years to post the shit. Anyway, he finally did, and that's our picture!! I just had to share the "Satanic Cheerleaders for Kerry" pictures with my fellow busties, even if it is 3 years too late!!! BTW, diva's luscious boobah makes me look curvier than I actually am (notice the yin-yang-like formation)!! Shit, I've gained about 30 lbs. since then. Ah well, nuthin' stops me from gettin' busy. *cues humpty dance bass line* Heh, that's the year that diva met "Ken." This was pre-giant. Yes, Ken was very special. I dunno...I think Ken sorta set a standard for Ms. Diva. She can tell y'all 'bout that though. Oooooh KEN!!! He was super cool.

Fuck tieboy for never calling me back after I have him my number and told him to call me because I knew he had a crush on me. Ah well, I'll always love tieboy, no matter what. He always bought me drinks, and never the cheap stuff.

I don't think he'll ever buy drinks for me again though, after I told him that I'm a L*mewire enthusiast, and he told me that he now works for Apple. I fer sure told him that I was very unsatisfied with the battery life of ipood though. He attributed the problem to my L*mewire use, but I think he's just full of shit. An mp3 is and mp3, and I'm even a friggin' Mac user, so fuck tieboy....mmm....yeah, fuck tieboy.

Shit, that picture is even pre-XRB, which explains the smile on my face.
Oh my!! I need to do my makeup so that I look better than bitch-girl while I'm smearing her model face against the vomit and piss-encrusted Near-N MPLS pavement!!
I hope that by now, bitch-face has been dutifully doused with likker by our dear poodle!!

I just got back from the bustie dinner gathering in honor of Mouse being in town. Mouse is just as sweet, kind and awesome as you would expect her to be. We were all pulling hard to get her to move to Chicago. heh. And, we got to meet Avaadore, who just moved here like a week ago, and already, feels like she's been a part of our group forever - I love it when that happens.

YAY for poodle's sexy new haircut...there is nothing so divine as a great haircut - and I love the experimentation with a dramatic cut. And short is definitely the way to go in our hot, humid summers!

(((((calm the fuck down vibes for kel))))) You know how to handle yourself, my dear....we know you will be absolutely fine, and true to yourself.

Well, it is past my bedtime, so I suppose I should get to bed. zzzzzz....g'night all.
Happy Friday, all ye cloven-hooved sisters of the apocalypse!

Sorry, that was the best I could do. wink.gif

I love poodle, she's going all Laverne De Fazio on some skank ass!

Thanks for the bathroom kudos, all! I showed it off to organicgirl, neighbourboy, guitarboy, and the gay ex-priest today, too! That was fun. (guitarboy: "Holy fuck!" Heh.)

The vinyl peel and stick tiles are HONESTLY so easy to put down. Anybody could do it. Go ON, people, I DARE you! Even if you screw it up, you just blast the tile with the hairdryer and lift it back up. The hardest part was around the toilet, but I just made paper templates.

turbo: I wish I could mess around with the border, but I don't have those particular paints anymore - after 10 years! It's funny you mentioned that, because in retrospect, I almost wished I'd painted over the whole thing and started fresh, made it larger than life around the room! But anyway...sentimental value, eh?

bettie (and someone else who asked???): the mirror is from Ikea (the "mirror glass" one), as is the standing TP holder (can't find a link, but it was very cheap - ten bucks or something).

All hail Ikea: purveyor of cheap, funky, not-made-in-a-sweatshop-or-prison things!

Today I saw my hair genius to get my bangs trimmed - she says there are all kinds of little hairs growing back in! Hoo-ray! And then I met organicgirl back here for cheesecake and sympathy over Dorothy. She persuaded me that we should go invite the boys over to smoke a doob, and as we opened my door, guitarboy was coming out of his apartment to go meet his mom....but we persuaded him to ditch her! Actually, come to think of it, it was his idea to ditch his mom. Heh. neighbourboy came over as well. But I kicked them all out early because I really felt the need for some space tonight. However, I spent the time watching Howard's End, which, I swear to god, is The Most Boring Movie on the Planet.

Oh, guitarboy really likes the painted mirror! Heh. doodlebug knows the Leos. Oh yes.

Annnnnnnd....the demon seed roommate preventing guitarboy from becoming my legal neighbour is OUT on Sunday. WOOT!

Now I'm exhausted for some reason, and must sleep. Good night!
Hi on this Saturday, I hope that everyone is enjoying this wonderful weather.

I am sleepy, was up early this morning took hound to the park, then did some cleaning. I need a nap.

Later all.

I read later.
*tucks CH into the okayland community napping bed, in the perfectly air-conditioned lounge*

Afternoon, ya'll! Its 90 degrees here today, and pretty steamy...of course, this is the day that I have to attend a Relay for Life event this afternoon...oh well, it doesn't start until 6pm, so the worst of the heat will have passed. And on our way, we're going to stop at REI, where *maybe,* if I'm lucky, I may buy myself a new bike for my birfday! They've got what I want in stock, in 3 frame sizes, so I hope I like the bike.

Otherwise, its been a quiet Saturday morning here - just a trip to the farmers market, where I bought another flat of strawberries to freeze for smoothies in the wintertime, and they are *perfect* this week! So deep in flavor and very sweet.

YAY for doodle's hair growing back in!! And for cool neighbors who recognize the skillz of our doodle!
Hi Turbojenn! Hi CultureHandy!

Hihi guys!

I'm leaving for work in a few minutes. Last night was all right. I was worried that I would be extra slow getting the desserts out because it was my first night working with a new menu. But I was fine. The real test is going to be tonight - I think it's going to be very busy.

Turbo- I love REI. I go there for my trail runners, winter gear, stuff like that. There is no REI in Tucson, so I had to mail order my new shoes for hiking in the desert. Which bike are you looking at? Mr. PK got his bike at REI, too, and I wished he would get the Buzz. I thought it was so cool.

Doodle - that's funny that you got the guy to ditch his ma. I like your little community that you have discovered.

Culture - Take a nappy. It's OK.

Oh - BTW - Sonora is the Mexican state that borders Arizona. The new guy is from there, from the west coast. That's all I know. Don't know where the Sea od Cortes is. Somewhere on the west coast.

All righty - smell you later.
Hi PK!!!

I feel like an idiot, but not too much of one. Turbomann and I were going to attend a Relay for Life tonight for my work, and we get up to the high school where its supposed to be, Relay. I called the 800 number for ACS, and talked to some very kind and helpful people - they do an awesome job on the hotline, but their info said the same thing I saw - that the Relay was supposed to be tonight. Finally, she drilled down into some deeper data, and saw that the event was last night until this morning....but the public website said it was tonight. BAD data management. So at least its not my fault.

BUT, I did go get my new bike!! It is soooo nice - and you called it, PK, I got the Novara Big Buzz bike, and I think it will suit me nicely, and was far less than the Cannondale I was previously coveting. I talked to one of my bike geek in the guy's second bedroom in his condo is the bike room, storing 15 bikes...its crazy. But he knows everything about bikes, rides in a club, and he recommended this particular bike for me - so YAY! I can't wait to get out and ride it tomorrow!

PK, I hope your night goes smoothly tonight - knock 'em dead with the new menu!
Good evening everyone.

I have to catch up from yesterday!

Kari, did you talk to mr or did he get the thwacking with ye olde tyme rubber chicken?

Star how was your evening last night?

Turbo, that is so lovely that you got the afternoon off yesterday. Boo on not being able to go to the walk for life, you'd think that people would double check these things! Nice that they are cracking down on the crime in and around your digs.

PK are you addicted to facebook? I am getting over my addiction, but I still like it! Hee. BUST even has a group on facebook. Yay on the new boy. My ex's mom was from Sonora, also from Guimas.

Tree you do rock! Congratulations on the awesome work!

Kel, how was the partay?

Poodle, what's goingon with bitchface, did you smack her or put her skank ass in place?

Doodle yay on hair growing back in!!!!

I worked out crazy hard, and after dinner (of steak!) I feel asleep. At 5:30, and now I am up, but still pooped. It'll be early to bed for CH tonight, I'm not doing anything. I am looking forward to spending tomorrow with the dadster.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Good evening everyone!

TURBO!!!!! Congratulations on the new BIKE!!! WOW!!! YAY!!! I'm so happy you went and got one for yourself! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif I can't open the link, but my internets are doing funny things tonight, so I'll try later. I wonder how you'll find the ride to work now?

Where is poodle? I wonder what happened last night? Could poodle be in jail? Oh no, now I'll worry!

Hi also to CH, PK, RV, moxie, FJs, kel, tree, star, diva, kari, and the lurkers!

Today I gardened! Yay! I love gardening, especially in this weather, where I can take everything out on the balcony. Lots done: watering, feeding, potting, "haircuts," rooting of cuttings, etc. And....I am attempting to sprout the special herb seeds neighbourboy brought over a couple of weeks ago. (I doubt they will germinate, but you never know.) And ditto his catnip seeds, and also my own cat grass. My fingernails are still dirty. YAY!

neighbourboy came over for awhile, so I shared a joint with him and pressed him into gopher service again. But I kicked him out just before I came online. I don't want him to get used to spending his lonesome evenings here! guitarboy did sort of warn me that neighbourboy doesn't like to be alone. dry.gif guitarboy is working today, and then overnighting out of town at his dad's - he told his boss he would quit if he was expected to work on Father's Day. Aw, what a sweet boy. wink.gif

By the way, organicgirl was once my practicum student at the women's centre, if that amuses you all further! Hee hee! And no, we didn't smoke weed together back then. It would have been fun, but way inappropriate. Too was an election year, and we probably both could have used it! tongue.gif

I'm gonna go cook some supper...and also put some olive oil on my head, and do whatever else it takes to make my scalp happy enough to keep growing new hair. The bra is off and I'm not answering the door again.
Hey, gang! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I am enjoying a nice, quiet, boring night at home.

Doodle, your decorating prowess continues to impress me. I love what you did with the bathroom!

TJ, that looks like a great bike! It's far more professional than my Townie. wink.gif What color is yours?

PK, I wish I could eat some of your desserts. Just imagining you working in the kitchen makes my mouth water!

(((((snuggles for Kel just 'cause))))))

So, does FJ have air conditioning yet? I hope it gets fixed soon because it's supposed to get hot around here again this week.

And as for you people who never have AC, I don't know how you survive! It makes me think of my old car which didn't have air conditioning. Just driving that thing for 30 minutes was hellish during the summer months. You have my sympathies!

((((((Tree & CH & Poods & Moxie & Divala & Kari & Star & ever'body)))))))

I have been embarassingly lazy tonight. For dinner I made pigs-in-a-blanket and I didn't even make the biscuit dough from scratch. But I figure that I'm going to have to make tons of nice food all next week while the mum-in-law is in town, so it's okay for me to be a bit lazy.

Yup, Sheff's dear mummy will be arriving on Monday & will be at our house for about a week. My only real concern is that she can't eat dairy or any food that contains dairy and she can't tolerate tomatoes or other acidic foods. And of course, I'm in the mood to make tons of Italian dishes with piles of mozzarella & plum tomatoes! Bah! If any of you have some meal suggestions for me, I am all ears. biggrin.gif
oh rose, i'm just as boring as you! i decided to stay home tonight to veg. it felt good. i felt i SHOULD be doing something, but being a couch potato just seemed right.

last night was tons o' fun. mouse's name fits her to a T. very cute. the weather was lovely. the sangria was flowing. oh, and we got to meet another chicago bustie, avaadore, too. good night.

Hey Turbo, PK, Doodle, and Culture and everyone else!!

ok. i'm tired from working out very hard today. the one good thing about working out is that i sleep WAY better than before. tomorrow, i'm gonna do yoga in the park. should be exciting.

Happy Sunday, y'all!!!

No bitch-girl at Friday's event. I guess that's a good thing!!

I love the bike, turbo!! I'm jealous!!

I'm also jealous of the bustie get-together!!

Hi everyone!!

I don't have a whole lot to say this morning. I just wanted to check in. I'm gonna try to clean today and make gazpacho later on.

I hope everyone is having a great day so far!!
Mornin' ya'll!! I woke up at 5:30am this morning, wide awake, but that's okay. Its so fucking hot here already, I figured 5:30am was going to be the best time for dog walking for the day, so turbo got a nice 2 hour walk. Then grocery shopping, and now, like poodle, I'm cleaning. I can't take the dirty floors and cluttered counters anymore.

And I treated myself this morning to a trip to the Romanian Kosher butcher - they have the very best meat, its just pricey. But they have Garlic Hotdogs, so I got some of those, some chicken for jerk-marinating, and some of their awesome onion challah sausage rolls....I am excited for dinner tonight!

Thanks for all the props on the new ride - its that same mustard color as in the picture, its very cute. I need to run to the bike shop today to have them swap the pedals out to my clip pedals...I think tree's gorilla people put the pedals on the bike, neither turbomann and I could get them off. I'm sure its all a matter of having the right wrench, but I'll be damned if I'm going to buy a $30 pedal wrench that I'll only use once, everytime I upgrade my bike.

RV - we didn't really have AC until last year - we had a 40 year old AC unit in our bedroom that barely put out any cool air, but now, I don't know what we were doing without AC...I've got it cooling the whole house today.
Hey Turbo, great bike! And it must be nice to live in a real city with things like Romanian Kosher butchers! In my town, we've go the supermarket for meat and that be it.

Poodle, as much as I'd love to have heard about a drink thrown in bitch girl's face, it's probably for the best she wasn't there.

RV, thanks for the snuggles. I can always use them. MIL can't eat any dairy??? And no acidic foods...I don't have any recommendations there....that's a tough one. I think Turbo is better suited to this conundrum.

Doodle, I'm so glad your hair is growing back. That must be a huge relief. And it's so cute that your neighbors adore you so much, but it's good when you know you need your private time, too.

As for AC, I have a small window unit I use when it get unbearable. It keeps my living room cool, and that's enough. On really bad days, I just park it on the sofa.

Okay, I need ideas for things to do to keep busy. The busier I am, the more my mind is off the stuff that haunts me. The things must be cheap and not require a lot of equipment. Any ideas???

I too, dodged a bullet this weekend. I found out that a guy I can't stand who can't stand me right back was going to be at the party I went to on Friday, but he didn't show. Yay for that. The party was fun. I didn't know everyone, but I knew enough to be comfortable. Last night my friends and I went to karaoke, but the DJ was terrible, so we left and came back to my place for a bit to hang out.

I've been very nervous lately and trying to calm down. Just going through some stuff in my brain. I'm doing a lot of talking to the bad thoughts. It helps a lot, but not always.

I helped my mom paint her living room yesterday and am going back today to finish the job. It's looking really pretty...sort of a dusty lavender color. She's pretty girly, so it suits her well.

Hi Star, FJ, Mox, Minx, CH, PK, tree, and everyone! (((hugs)))

Good Moring everyone.

Doodle, I hope you had a lovely evening!

RV there is nothing wrong with veing lazy! I was last night, but I was also horribly exhausted. I have no suggestions on what you could make for dinner for MIL.

Star, don't you ust love the sleeps you get after working out? I'm looking forward to working out today. Good to hear that you had a lovely time with Chicago area BUSTies. I think everyone needs to come up to Manitoba for a good ol' trip to Canada. Plus I'm here. Hee.

Hi Poodle!

Turbo, that rawks about the bike and 5:30! Shit, that's early! And a two hour walk! Nice!

Kel, it sounds like you had a good weekend, less the fuckwit who you thought may make an appearance.

Blah, so my Dad and I are postponing today, it will be chaos, plus there is a marathon here today. And the fnish is in my neck of the woods, so two major routes are blocked off to traffic. Ugh. Plus he has no desire to see any movies that are out right now.

I'm going to go and shower and get ready as I have to pick up some groceries.

Later all!


Hey Kel! I'm glad you're still talking to those bad thoughts and helping them move on along and away from you!

Yeah, every weekend when I do my shopping, I'm just so thankful for my diverse neighborhood - on Saturdays, I've got the farmers market, and Sunday mornings, I get up early to hit the hispanic produce market, a stop at the Kosher Butcher, and that's all within 10 blocks of our house...gotta love it. As crazy and borderline as our 'hood can be sometimes, we have got amazing food options close by, and I love it.

RV - does your MIL eat meat? If so, I'd grill some stuff up, with some nice seasoning, and just keep it simple because its summer - salads, asparagus, snap peas, fresh fruit. Don't let dairy-free daunt you, its not that hard if you really keep it simple and fresh. Maybe get some hummus and veg and pita chips for snackies, for breakfast, if she likes cereal or granola, just get some Almond milk to serve with it. If you need any other suggestions, just let me know.

My floors are cleaned, kitchen cleaned, and now I have 3 greyhounds lounging around the living room napping. so sweet. We've got the trio until Thursday evening.

RV - Don't make a big, cheesy pizza for your mum-in-law. We'll figure something out. TurboJenn had some good ideas. Hummus and Babagannouj (sp?) are always good for munching. Also, do you think your mil would like Indian food? It's usually non-dairy. I have a zillion recipes from this book called "Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian".

One thing that we are serving here, at the restaurant, is seared ahi with avocado salsa (no tomatoes in it), and lemon/truffle vinaigrette. It's so easy to make, and it tastes really good. Well, I'm not the hugest fan of truffle oil, but a lot of people like it.

I wish I had more ideas, RV. I'm not at my best before my coffee.

So - Turbo got the Big Buzz! Sweet! I loved that bike so much when I saw it! Happy riding!

Last night, at the end of the night, I was putting my desserts in the freezer when I accidentally ran my hand into a raspberry mousse dome. It was ruined. So I ate it. And it was DEEEEE-LISH!!! It is raspberry mousse surrounding a lemon curd center. Coating the outside of the dome is a Raspberry Mirror Glaze, which is red and shiny and tastes like raspberry jam (without seeds). And I'm not a huge fan of raspberry, but I do love fruity desserts.

OK - I'll check in later. Smell ya.
Hello all! Quick post! Feeling the need to get out for a walk shortly, but came online to fill out my regularly scheduled unemployment claim. I love the internets.

I'm so glad our dear poodle's not in jail for kicking skank ass!

I hope you are all having a good day! I imagine a lot of you are with your dads, or doing dad-related things, at least. I'm a little envious of those who still have a dad around, so I hope you at least called, if it's not too toxic!!! wink.gif

Are there any fathers in the thread? OOH, there is Mr. FJ! Happy Father's Day, Mr. FJ! This time next year, you'll have some war wounds to tell us about....
I've painted my ass off at mom's house, and I still have to go back tomorrow and do the trim. Mom is useless with painting. It's not her fault...she's short. She can't get the roller from floor to ceiling in one stroke like I can, so her walls end up streaky and I have to redo them. And she can't do the masking tape because her eyes are bad and it takes her forever. I put her to work painting the radiators and touching up things. It should be done tomorrow, with any luck at all. The trim is going to take forever because it's a dark color and I am going over it with a light color. Plus, there's a ton of windows and doors to mask. Blurg. But it's keeping me busy.

PK, I want some raspberry mousse! And a raspberry mouse, for that matter.

I'm supposed to fly out and see my dad this weekend, with any luck at all. I found a decent fare online, so I'll call him to confirm tomorrow. He actually said something yesterday that absolutely floored me. He finally, for the first time ever, admitted that he did a poor job of raising me and being in my life. I couldn't believe it. It's the one thing I've been waiting to hear for so long. I feel like I can really move forward in my relationship with him.
rosev, there are TONS of things you can do sans milk (is she allergic or lactose intolerant? i'm allergic and can't have any milk, but my mom's lactose intolerant and can stomach milk in not too big amounts, yogurt, and butter. so make sure you have the specifics) if it's an allergy remember milk gets hidden *everywhere* in stuff (most margarines, cookies, crackers, potato chips, soup mix, etc. it's ridiculous). i have oodles of milk-free recipies, so if you pm me with a list of the sorts of things you want to make/like eating i can hook you up with milk-free stuffs for the most part.

...i haven't even been lurking, i just saw a question about the evil moojuice and thought i'd butt in with a helpful offer since i'm so pro at avoiding it
Greetings again, Earthlings! Earth Babes. Or something like that.

guitarboy is still at his dad's, so neighbourboy came by AGAIN. Eventually I hauled him up off my sofa so we could go re-arrange his post-roommate furniture, then handed him a huge stack of decorating magazines and told him to contemplate the changes in the room for awhile. That was entertaining.

guitarboy has not brought any furniture yet, nor much of anything else except clothes, but he HAS moved in two electric guitars, in addition to the acoustic...and an amplifier as well. (Priorities, priorities.) I think I might have to buy some fresh strings for my own electric and maybe ask for his help fixing it up and making it playable again....yes? (I could probably figure out how to fix it myself, but where's the fun in that? wink.gif)

Anyway, I can't stay here, as I promised my old board chair I'd write a report this evening for the annual general meeting, on my last bit of work at the women's centre. I have no idea what to write - it's all a blur to me now! I think I'll just wind up talking about how wonderful the board is, onward and upward, good luck to ya, or some shit like that....

ETA: oh yeah, I forgot that I have a SURVEY for all you Okaylanders. What would you do with a bathroom that has pink fixtures (tub, toilet)? Imagining it is an apartment bathroom that a pair of 20/21-year old boys are stuck with. Which it actually is, so you don't even have to imagine it. What to do?? If it were girls, I'd just go with a pink/black poodles 'n' Paris theme or something, but I don't think that kind of whimsy will go over very well in this case.
Hi Everyone!!
I've been hibernating for a week but I had to roll out and stetch my legs a bit....

Hey Poodles, I've been reading your posts and I know i'm a day late and a few dollars short but don't let some little lindsay hilton wanna be hootchie c---slut ruffle your feathers...Your a GODDESS and don't ever forget it!!!! I worship at the alter of poodlism!!!

Johhny Cash sung it best :
You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God'll cut you down
Sooner or later God'll cut you down

Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler,
The gambler,
The back biter
Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down
Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down

By the way....No pics of the new hairdo??
Seriously.....Reading your posts are the only highlight of my day...LOL

What can i say....I'm a poodleholic...
I know it's prolly a bit strange to even respond or react to such flattery, but feel free to soak it all in. LOL

Before I go back into hiding, I wanna give a holla to all da okayerz in tha housssee..Diva, turbo, FJ, mouse, kel, tyger, culture, doodle and anyone I left out....

Oh diva, I got me a limited edition Dr. Rockso T-Shirt..Only 50 made...KUH-KUH-KUHl YEAH BABY!!!!

Doodle, now you know exactly what to do with a bathroom with pink fixtures - GREEN! We have a pink tub and toilet too, and we went with a green towel and curtain - somewhere between a mint and sage green, with rugs to match...walls are white, as there are no windows anywhere, and the lighting is kinda bad.

Well, off to work for me today....I'm having buyers remorse on the bike...I may return it. I couldn't get the pedals off yesterday to put my clip pedals on, so I took it into my local bike shop, and they had to take sledge hammers to get them off, the cranks were pretty well shot, as the original pedals were not installed correctly, and now the local is offering me my dream bike at high discount, because this bike isn't what it should be....I'm gonna mull it over, for sure.

Oh, and I got to see Rick Bayless do a demo yesterday, up close and personal - SQUEE!!! I'll report more on that this evening....
I get busy over the weekend, and SO MUCH happens! Sounds like a productive, steamy weekend was had by all. We helped my folks prepare for their major garage sale on Saturday. As we were hauling stuff from the family room to the garage, moxieman kept finding stuff he wanted for our house! So, gratis, we got on saturday the following bounty: Picture frames, Christmas lights, fondue set, "leg" pillow (the memory foamy kind), and some other stiuff that seemed to fill our car but was nondescript enough for me not to notice. Score!

Then, Saturday night, we went to the couples shower for my college roomie who is getting married this July. Met the whole bridal party (well, those from MI...the out of towners weren't there), which was nice. I tought it was a good idea to get everyone together to hang out informally before the wedding, esp. for the "spouses." It turns out the wife of a groomsman is an old friend of mine from high school! Total 6 degrees.

Sunday, we had a great breakfast at our favorite diner. There were 3 other 15 month old babies in the joint, and all 4 were totally distracted from eating by each other. It was FUNNY. Then, the normal sunday activity of Costo and playing outside. My family joined us for BBQ for father's day, and we had a great time. Overall, the weekend was a blast, a very FULL blast.

Our next project is painting/redecorating the bathroom. Doodle...what kind of paint brush/roller did you use to get behind the toilet?
Good Morning, even for a Monday.

Turbo, I just heart your food ideas. And that's shitty about the bike, but SWEET that they are offering you your dream one at much discounted price! Sweetness.

PK, raspberry mousse with lemon. mmmmm *drools*

Doodle I'm with Turbo, green. I agree with you on that whole poddles n' paris thing probably woudn't go over with 20 somethings.

Hi Shawn!

Kel I would also be floored in your situation. How are things with you and Daisy going?

Moxie what a busy, but fun weekend! X posted with you!

I took the hound for 3 hour long walks at the park yesterday and worked out for another hour yesterday. Did some stuff around the house. My Sunday was a good one. And here we are on Monday. Again. But, I'm getting my AC fixed today! Sweet!

Well I pop in later.

ETA: Okay, so I found this and aside from two rude comments, it is actually very funny.

Good morning peeper!!'re so sweet, shawn, but I'm really not all that cool!!

Turbo, that's so cool that you have a butcher in your neighborhood and a little mercado and stuff.

Yeah, dairy-free cooking is actually pretty easy. I was vegan for a year, and I didn't really think about it. Actually, just yesterday, I was thinking that I should go back to being vegan, or at least quasi-vegan. I don't really eat a whole lot of dairy or eggs to begin with. It kinda creeps me out.

Wow, kel, that's pretty extreme that your dad said that, especially on father's day!! I hope that it strengthens your relationship with him.

Doodle, check out some of these retro pink pillow fabrics for possible colors. I see some nice greens and, surprisingly, browns in there.

Hi PK, tyg, culture, and mox!!

ETA- Hahaha!! Culture, I love Cracked!! I totally forgot about Out of This World!! Oh god, and Bosom Buddies!! I think you and I share the same love of cheeseball obscure pop culture/trivia.
Bah, this Monday is going by slowly, what a shit boring day so far. Of course this could change, me getting the AC done today, here's hoping it's nothing humungo. Ugh.

At least I'll be away from work for a while.

I think I'll leave early and stop by home, then go to the mechanic, as I live close by.

I hope everyone is having a fab day.
happy monday!

just finished reading all the archives since thursday afternoon. i've been MIA, due mostly to laziness. wink.gif

damn, that mousse sounds awesome, pk. my favorite is key lime with raspberry sauce. gah! that sounds SOOOO yummy right now! i'm also glad to hear from you. i hope you're taking some good time for yourself.

shawnboy, i've been singing that johnny cash song all weekend. we've got the video on our on-demand right now. all my fellow johnny depp lovers should check it out, as our boy makes an appearance in it, in all his glorious hotness. actually, the video has a ton of other cool peeps in it too, but mr depp just sort of sticks out in memory.

poodle, i was sort of hoping that bitch-girl would be at the show, but i'm glad you had a good time otherwise. did you get those new outfits yet? i wanna see some pics!!

turbo, i was gonna give you a HOORAY for the new bike, but i'm gonna hold on to it for a while now... hehe, but super glad you're still digging your job and your new life in the BIG CITY. speaking of, i'm SO uber-jealous that you and the other chicago busties got to meet mouse! i miss our mouse and wish she'd post in here every once in a while. (hint hint)

oh, and i really miss tes too. anyone heard from her lately? and all of a sudden her bustie name escapes me, but what about our other california girl? i miss her craziness!! ah, she'll be back. they always come back.

diva, i still want to see pics of your bags. they sound so awesome!

oh, and i'm happy to say that i DO have ac!!! yay! and i'm really wondering if our old ac worked even last year! the airflow through our vents is so much stronger now (in fact, until yesterday, i didn't think the vents were even hooked up in our office because there was never any airflow coming through them, but here i am sitting under it with a nice little breeze!). i am pretty sure we had a 3 1/2 ton unit before, but we really needed a 4 ton because our house is around 1900 sf. so the old one just wasn't big enough to handle cooling the whole house. i talked to a neighbor on friday that said that every one of the previous owners of this house were always trying to cut corners. that's why we are saddled with all these home improvements now. BUT! it will be worth it because when it's time to sell this house in a few years, it'll be great to be able to put that it's a brand new ac! AND! mrfj is almost finished putting ceramic tiles in the upstairs bathroom!!! yay! and it looks fantastic! there are a few areas that you can tell are not professionally done, but it looks SO much better than the tiny little brown tiles that were in there before. we still have a lot of work in there (tub surround, painting the wall, buying a vanity, sink and side table, lighting and plumbing fixtures) but it's going to look so awesome when we're done.

sorry, got off on a tangent there. smile.gif

this weekend was nice. friday, i had a mani and pedi that MIL had booked for me, so that was super nice. my toes are still all twinkly. then, i picked her up and we went to babies r us and got a few essentials like a diaper bag and the boy's coming home from the hospital outfit. it's a-DOR-able!! soft blue with little embroidered bugs on it and a little matching cap and pointelle sockies! mrfj and i took it easy on saturday. went to target and exchanged some duplicate stuff from my registry and got $60 in store credit. so i bought a couple more outfits for jackaroo and some thank you cards and will save the rest for when he is here and we know more about what we need. hell, it might all go to diapers! hehe. sils came over on saturday night and i watched them all smoke up and we watched raiders of the lost ark. hehe. it was actually really really nice just hanging out. they're very excited about the baby and can't wait to be doting aunties. yesterday was father's day dinner at mil's house, which was nice because we didn't have to go fight any crowds for dinner.

now i'm just trying to get myself in gear for the day. i've only made a few phone calls but i'll get busy this evening.
Hi FJ!! New AC! Mani/pedi! Cute baby clothes! That sounds like a great weekend!! God, I can't believe you guys went so long without AC. I'm sure your pets are relieved, too.

It's raining here today, which is a pretty good thing. It'll cool stuff off and give us some much needed moisture.

I got my "dangerous women" jellie joolz bracelet today and it's soooo cute!! It cost me way too much, but what the hell. I really like it. The quality is great, too.
Mornin'. Or afternoon, rather now I suppose.

Yay for having AC, FJ!

Kel, that is a wonderful development with your dad. I am really glad that he said that to you. Did you say he lives in Columbia, TN?

doodle-pink fixtures? oh my. I have NO idea what to do with that, esp in a boys' bathroom. Like you said, if it were a ladies' it would be so much easier.

Poodle, no bitchgirl this weekend? Hmm. That's good, but yeah, my evil side kinda wishes you'd seen that harlot.

Hi Jenn, tyger, shawn boy, CH, and PK!!

Things here are good. I had a nice weekend. I felt kinda bad b/c I felt like I was turning everyone down for all plans. I just couldn't bear to fill the weekend up, you know? Seriously needed some down time. And I am happy to say that I got it. smile.gif Hung at my mom's Saturday night, which was really nice. Had brunch with the fam on Sunday morning, took a looooong nap, kicked some ass at poker last night. Good all-in-all. This week's a doozy though.
Hi hi! I'm still painting at mom's house. Her trim is going to take at least three coats. Gah!! I'll be painting for days.

Culture (and everyone), I think the days of daisy are numbered. It's just been too weird since last week's ill fated portions encounter. Things are starting to surface...he's very distant, we don't have as much in common as it originally seemed, I can't imagine him hanging out with my friends. Plus I have terror about my other issue from the our bodies our hells thread. Even though he's well-informed, I just can't get past it. I think it's all too soon for me after Kelman. Daisy seemed perfect, but even daisies lose their petals. Sorry for the horrific metaphor. I don't want to hurt anyone, but I know this isn't going to work for me.

I hope everyone's Monday is great!

Yay for FJ's AC!

Kari, glad you got some you-time. It's a necessity. Saying no is a hard thing to do.

Doodle, I'm thinking and some other raging color. Although right now I'm so sick of paint, I could just cry.

Hi Shawn, Mox, Turbo, everyone! (((hugs)))

Hello everyone! The day is half done, and I've been out of office since 10! Only a little while longer!

Poodle I totally agree! Mental_Floss, useless knowledge, pop culture. I'm reading a book right now called what a way to go. it's about death and stuff, but it's really interesting, and there are fun facts about leaders of many moons ago. It's very entertaining!

FJ, so glad to hear you have AC! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Kari, there is nothing wrong with taking some down time! I'm all for that.

(((kel))) I remember the first few men I got involved with after the ex, I used them. And I still am. You'll be okay!

Well, I got the AC recharged and I now have cool air, of course it's not that hot hear today and it won't be for a while. But at least I know it's there. I need to get a new compressor, but I think that I'll be the owner of a new car by that time and someone else can worry about that.

Well, I should get to work here.

Later all!

Kel, it sounds like you're making a well thought out choice. Sometimes it just doesn't work out, does it? You gotta do what's necessary.

Me time is essential! Guess what movie I watched on Saturday? The Sandlot. Has anyone seen it? Fun movie, I used to love it when I was a bit younger.

yay for AC, Culture!
(((kel))) Sucks, dude. Don't stress too much right now--just see how things go.

Kari, you should NOT feel bad about telling people "no." Sometimes you just need some low-key time to relax and watch The Sandlot!!

Culture, you should check out the retrocrush website. That's sorta fun.

poodle, it's funny but we actually had to physically FORCE the kitters to come inside and enjoy the ac on saturday. they love just curling up outside on the deck in the sunshine, even when it's 90 degrees outside. big sillies!!

kel, you just do what you feel is best for you. daisy has seemed pretty cool so far, but it has to fire on all cylinders. if he's being weird and it doesn't work out, consider it practice for next time. how was the bday party, btw?
I am wearing the most incredibly comfortable top ever, but it looks like maternity wear. And no offence, FJ. I sat and thought about how weird our culture is...that it is irregular for most folks to NOT wear fitted clothing. Hell's bells..I'm just going to enjoy it.

Kinda like the HBI I got last night. wink.gif

Anyhoo, Poodle, I was thinking about you on Friday night. I went out with Minxman to a bowling alley that has the most KICK BUTT songlist evah! I no longer have your phone number because my last phone fucking died, so you need to email that to me so that I can drunken dial you. I really wanted to hear you sing me "LAY-DAAAAAAAAAY! OF THE MOOOORNING!!!"

I am so loving not teaching right now. Unfortunately, the Donor is still being a dick about me keeping Minxlette at home this summer citing that I cannot provide her what she needs with respect to structure. Yeah. Fuck you, Charlie. I have spent so much retarded money placating this's shameful. I could have had a new wardrobe with the amount of cash I've spent in his antics. HELL, I could have gotten Minxlette the most kickass stereo so that she could listen to The Who and duets by Johnny and June Carter Cash (she adores "If I Were a Carpenter").

I did a whole bunch of gardening this weekend and summarily burnt the shit out of my back. Stupid move, Minxy. You ain't 13 anymore. Harumph. Anyhoo, our first blueberries ever are beginning to turn purple, which is very exciting. The corn is all nearly waist high, the peas are getting fat, his lovely cucumbers are climbing and getting flowers, and our raspberries are getting heavy with flowers. Hell, that's only half of it...we have about 15 tomato plants and 3 tomatillos, peppers, name it. So if any of you need produce this summer, just ring me up.

Kisses. Hey, yeah...where in the hell is Tessie??
Good afternoon, everyone! Hi turbo, poodle, minx, kari, kel, CH, FJ, moxie and shawnboy!

((((kel)))) I hear you, honestly...if it ain't workin' for ya, it ain't workin'!

poods, thanks for the link!

I'm not really sure about green with pink, because the green would make the pink look...more pink. (Because they are opposites on the colour wheel.) I dunno...I think my ideas are probably all too girly. I was thinking of some pink/orange/purple/red weird retro-mod thing, but I don't know if they can handle that, either! Maybe I need to get them to do some acid or something before I explain the idea...which is not yet fully-formed in my mind anyway. (And would love y'all's input on how to make a pink/red/orange/purple retro-mod theme look not-too-feminine.)

Last night guitarboy came home early from his dad's...and knocked on my door 'cause HE was lonesome. (But that one is most welcome to spend HIS lonesome evenings here. Heh.) But after awhile, neighbourboy came home and figured out where guitarboy was, so he came over, too. *sigh* Oh well. Even if I have to share his company, I do like that guitarboy and I always wind up with a big dopey smile on my face after I see him. NOBODY LAUGH OR EVERYBODY DIES. wink.gif Anyway, I finally kicked them out a little after 1:00 AM. Heh.

guitarboy has decided I am to learn the Stones' song, "Wild Horses." Last night we tried a couple of times with just me singing and him playing the guitar - and it was fucking awesome! He also got me to write down the chords, so I guess I will try it out a little later on today.

On that note, I must bid you adieu! Got some errands to run, and since I am on foot these days, it all takes just a little bit longer now....

Ooh, I almost forgot - moxie, I took treehugger's advice on the behind-the-toilet painting. Slip a garbage back over the toilet, tape it into place, and "go to town" with the skinniest roller you have! I have these small foam rollers about 4 inches long and an inch or so in diameter - I think you can usually find them in places like Home Depot pretty cheaply...mine have yellow rollers and red plastic handles.
Gaaaahhh!!! Minx, I'm so jealous of your gardening 'n' stuff!!! That sucks about the asshat though. Boooo!!!

I'll PM you my digits.

I was just curious, so I did a little job searching and I can't get over how ridiculous wages and benefits are in this friggin' place. It's like employers expect you to resurrect Jesus for a whole $9/hr!! How is someone supposed to survive on $9/hr (at least here in the TC)?!!! To top it off, 80-90% of those places don't even have basic health insurance benefits. Nope!! Sorry, you're gonna have to pay for that urgent care visit with your last paycheck!! Anyway, I know I'm not saying anything new here. It just makes me laugh in a really pissed off, crazy way. It sucks enough working in a professional, full-time position with benefits. I can't imagine it sucking anymore. Work sucks big hairy balls.

Sigh...I just don't think I'm cut out for this whole "work" thing. I mean, at least I tried it like everyone told me to. Now I need to come up with something new to do with my time.

ETA- Hi doodle!! That's sweet that guitarboy was lonely. Sigh...Wild Horses always depresses the hell outta me.
Hey Everyone!

Hi Kari! and FJ, awww kitties.

Poodle, I'll check it out when I go home. Word on your post about work.

Doodle, your post about guitar boy made me smile, NOT laugh. I think it's great.

Minx, what an asshole. Mmm Gardening.

This day is almost done! YAY! of course it's cruddy outside, but not a big deal, better than being too hot. My case load has been quiet today, very quiet. I scared, I hear a fire truck. Mmm firefighters. *drools* I know they are sluts, but I don't plan on dating one! Hee.

Is it getting hot in here now? *fans self*
ooh, doodle, i love singing wild horses. i just need to learn all the words correctly, hehe. might i suggest that you listen to the sundays version of it? seriously. check it out. i bet guitarboy would LOVE it as well. gah! i wish we could all get together and have a big singalong. complete with dope and dopey smiles!!!

poodle, i've been checking out jobs too and it's the same thing here. what kills me even more though is that every job advertisement goes overboard with the "are you ready to live your dreams" bullshit. maybe i've just become so jaded with this job and the way it didn't live up to my expectations but jeebus! can an ad just honestly tell me how much money i'm going to be able to make, how much work is actually involved and what the expectations will be? please?? argh!

oh, and while i'm at it... can people just please STOP encouraging robin williams? please? dude is so fucking annoying he makes me cringe.

argh. argh! sorry, i guess that's what i get for watching extra! on my break.

but i also took a walk. i only went about a quarter of the way i normally do and had to turn around and come home. i've heard that walks can bring on contractions and well, i think it did. it wasn't bad or anything and it was only one, but i was afraid to make the complete loop around the neighborhood and just came back home. grover didn't want to turn around but i tricked her by walking to the other side of the street so she had new stuff to sniff.

oooh, i'm jealous of minx's gardening too! i didn't plant any veggies this year, just herbs. funny, while i was writing that last sentence, my neighbor just came over and gave me a bag of tomatoes from her backyard! sweet!! we're having a taco casserole thingy tonight, so that will come in handy! yum!

speaking of YUM, ch, go get yourself a firefighter!!
Hi, peeps!

Poodle, that sucks that you didn't get to kick any ass on Friday night. I wanna see these hot new clothes, too, but my work computer won't let me into that site.

Shawnboy, they seriously made Dr. Rockso t-shirts? That's either incredibly kick-ass or kinda scary. I like that episode where Toki befriended him and nobody could stand it. I DO COCAINE!!! I think there are going to be new episodes out next month.

Kel, if it's not working for you and you don't forsee that changing, then just let the boy go. It only gets worse the longer you wait.

Ah, Ken. I totally would've gone out with him if I hadn't just gotten back with bikerboy. Oy, bikerboy. I'll be happy never to see him again, though he's not really a bad guy, just so incredibly wrong for me. Things turned out okay, though. I've got the giant, and that's all I want.

Kari, I forgot to congratulate you on your huge-ass raise, so congrats!

PK, that dessert sounds wonderful. I love mousse and lemon curd. When I get more time on my hands next week, and if I have enough money, I may try making some different fruit curds, like passionfruit. Yum.

CH, that link was hilarious! Bosom Buddies was one of my favorite shows back in the day. What ever happened to Peter Scolari?

Maybe I should be a teacher so I can get my summers off, too. I'm so jealous of you teacher-types not having to work right now.

Tree, you're amazing. You're in Wisconsin, right? When I buy a house, I'm totally going to put you up for a week so you can help us fix it up.

Yay for FJ's AC! I don't know how you survived without. I get freaky mad when I'm not cooled enough.

(((((((((may you find the bike of your dreams vibes for Jenn)))))))

Doodle, for that bathroom, could you get a curtain that hangs outside of the shower and colored light bulbs so the color gets obscured?

Poodle, I don't even try looking for jobs anymore. It's depressing what little I'd make with my skill set if I left my job for something similar, which is the biggest reason I'm going into business for myself. I want to get out of the whole working for someone else game. I'm not great at sales and I'm not a computer whiz, and I can't afford to take an entry-level job anywhere, so I'm getting out of the whole thing.

Oy, the day is almost over for most of you, but I've still got almost 2 hours left. It won't be so bad because I'm going to study after everyone leaves in about 30 minutes for my test tomorrow. I'm way behind and need all the extra time I can get. At least next week everything will be a great deal calmer because Pride will be done. So far, I feel like I'm on track with getting stuff done.

Thanks for all those delivery vibes, but it ain't going to happen. I called the company to see which day it would ship, and they informed me that my tent is on backorder and there's no way I'd get it on time, so I cancelled it. I'm going to just buy a cheap piece of crap at a sporting goods place (I found one for $60, cheaply made, but it would cost me that much to rent one, and that might not even be anything better).

Anyway, I'm kind of pissed right now. Remember how excited I was that it was payday? Now I've got a whole $4 to my name, plus the money the giant is loaning me until I make some money this weekend. Stupid fucking gas company threatened to shut off if I didn't pay them $406 right that minute. That completely cleaned me out. Goddamn them. I just hope I make a lot of money this weekend so I won't have to struggle next week, and basically until I pay off the rest of the bill and my class. Feh.

FJ is like a huge pimple ready to burst any moment now!! *squeezes FJ's belly*

LIVE YOUR DREAMS!! Be a night shift manager at Wal-Mart for $8.00/hr!! WOOHOO!!! The money doesn't matter, because the job is so fulfilling!!

Wal-Mart is so damn sneaky. I heard on the news this morning that they're getting rid of their blue vests and starting a dress code of blue polos and khaki pants. Their logic is that it will give the store a classier, modern feel. Fine, but you know that it's one of their little cost-cutting measures. Now their employees are solely responsible for the expenses of their work clothing. PLUS--the employees will most likely buy those new clothes, get this, FROM WAL-MART!!! Slimey bastards.

I needs me some herbs--specifically, basil and cilantro. I hate buying those little plastic packs of herbs. I'm able to find cilantro in big bunches, but I don't need anywhere near that much cilantro. All I want is a couple sprigs. I'll have to look for some potted herbs at the farmer's market on thursday.

You and those firefighters, culture! Funny!

Ugh, I don't know why I'm so crabby today. It's probably a combination of allergies, lack of exercise in the past week, medication changes, and possible PMS. I'm hoping that a good workout and a nutritious dinner will turn things around. Maybe I'll even do the turbo thing and treat myself to a bath.

Okay, I'm off to see the Pal-Italian Stallion!! Ciao!!

ETA- (X-post) Hi diva!!!

D'oh!! That sucks about the money. It's like, "Um...lemme check my wallet. Sure, I have $406 sitting right here!!"

~*~*~*~study vibes for diva~*~*~*~
FJ, I love Robin Williams, but I'm starting to feel the same way. He's great in stand-up, awful in movies.

Wow, contractions?! You've only got a couple weeks left, right? That's so amazing!

I'm starting to look forward to joining a gym. There's the boxing gym by my house, but there's another gym opening soon that's really close, too. A good hard workout would feel really good right now, too bad I don't have the time.

Well, pretty much everyone is gone and I've got the beginnings of a sugar rush, so I should take advantage and study for an hour.
*plops self down*

I'm beat today. Just bloody exhausted.

Poodle and FJ firefighters have become my obsession. I just don't know what to say. I'm such a chicken shit, unless I've been drinking of course. Blah.

Well, I need to rest now.

Later all.

P.S. what a half assed post. I'll come back later to redeem myself.
Mmmmmm....beans + tortilla + veggies = fiesta in my mouth

I feel much better now that I worked out. Plus, I got to see Nile and he always brightens my day.

That boxing gym sounds kickass, diva!! Pun-intended!! Hahahaha!!! I'll have to come along with you one of these days.

ETA- Now THAT was a half assed post. I'll come back later, too. *yawn*
Okay I'm back again, to post better this time.

Poodle wal-mart is pure evil. I'm ever so craving your fiesta. mmmm.

Diva that is so cool about joining the gym!

I'm still tired, my ass hurts and so do my thighs and hamstrings. So what do I do to make me feel better. I go and freakin' work out. I am truly a glutton for punishment. Now I am hungry.

I hope that everyone is having a lovely evening.

Later all!
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