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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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FJ- how far along are you? If jackaroo is fully baked, get thee on with some portions...supposedly manjuice gets the bebe's out! smile.gif
Moxie, I love you....if jackaroo is fully baked...manjuice....hahaha! You are funny.

FJ, good luck at your appt!! That is really rough about your friend. I worry about those that try to do it all on their own. I know it works for some people, but for most, it just makes it harder on them. sad.gif

I just emailed mr k to see if he could have lunch. I feel like I haven't seen that man in days.
doodle, when i read how you had your sunglasses on at night...i started thinking of the corey hart song. lame i know. rolleyes.gif oh, and i really love your place. i want my own place.

hey culture! i'm doing ok. i miss having my own apartment. my folks drive me insane sometimes. i did get a place outside of boston. now, i just need a car.

kari, man, i sure don't miss those days of school. i hated those crazy schedules. hang in there. are you almost done?

FJ, wow. i hope the baby has moved some more!

kel, aw, that stinks. i'm sure nerves played a role in it. happens sometimes. and not just for men too.

turbo, did everything go ok with the elliptical??

ok. time to go catch some rays....

Hey all!

Kari, that is a crazy schedule, I can't say I blame you for not working out. I only can because I do have the time, when I was a student and worked two jobs, forget that! but I'm feeling good, and today I shall do it again. I hope you can see Mr. K soon.

FJ! Oh my, it's coming right up soon! I'm excited for you. Thanks for checkin' out some good jazz for me, now that I don't listen to the radio, and hence, the jazz station (which was playing wuss jazz anyways) I'm stuck.

Moxie, bwaaaaaahahahahahaha your post made me laugh.

Star, I'm glad to hear that things are going pseudo okay, but nurts on the parents.

It's hot out again, this is horrible, I want cool weather. Because of this, I can't take the black bandit out. Ick.

Later all.
Erm, without getting too TMI...Um, things down below are pretty small for him. He's good with his hands, which is a plus. But the whole experience just left me feeling sort of...ugh. He was sooooo quiet. It was like doing it with a mime. I couldn't even tell when he'd finished. Any Sex and the City fan will remember Carrie and Berger's first couple of tries??? And he didn't ask me to stay the night. I couldn't have anyway because I have a dog at home to take care of, but still. He said he's only been with one other person since his exwife and when she stayed, he had horrible nightmares of the exwife all night long. He thinks the "cure" is staying over at my house first. Sounds a little nutty to me. I don't know. I sent him an email because he made me a birthday dinner, bought me a cake, and wrote a really sweet card, so I sent him a message saying thanks and how sweet it was of him to do and that I'd talk to him later. It just all feels so sullied now. I have to keep the mindset that things will get better. They have to.

Sorry for the me me me.
I still always chalk things up to nerves. He sounds really lovely, I'd just go with it.

No worries about the me me me kel!

Gaaa, almost lunch. Culture need food. *grunts*
Kel...Hmmm. I think it does sound a little nutty, but sex is nutty sometimes. I would say if you guys stay over at your house & everything moves on from there, great. If not, well, that is concerning. It sounds like he still has some feelings he's trying to work through regarding the divorce & the exwife. Perhaps he slept with the other person too soon after the divorce & that's made him associate sex & staying over with negative feelings. Hopefully after you guys get your thing on, he stays w/ you, you stay with him, that will abate. I think it's good to have patience, but you don't want to get into the position where he's working out his issues and it hurts you. You know?

Well, Mr K called & he's already had lunch. Poo. That's alright, I'll just go out by my lonesome. I ditched my workout. I just am not feeling it. Must go tomorrow!

Star, it's good to see you in here! I am almost done with school. I've got internship til December, and that'll be it. SWEET!
Mornin' babes!!

I actually really like Thursdays. The farmer's market is outside and I feel anticipation for the weekend.

Kel, I'm with everybody else on the sex thing. Don't worry 'bout it.

FJ, it sounds like you have a great friend. That's sweet of mr. FJ to get her stoned.

Damn, kari!! That's some schedule!! Hang in there!! I've always kept things light because I just can't handle that much stuff going on in my life.

Culture, the first musician that comes to mind is Dave Brubeck. Take Five is your classic beatnik jazz song.

You're so goofy, mox!!

Stargazer, I had successfully erased that song from my memory but now it's back!! AHHH!!! *bangs head on desk*

Doodle, I'm SO impressed in general. You rock.

Nothin' much going on here. I crawled into work late today because I slept through my alarm clock. I was so tired last night. I went to the co-op last night and bought all sorts of fresh goodies for healthy cooking this weekend. I think I'm gonna make some more gazpacho because it's just such a refreshing lunch (with a little bit of bread). I'm gonna try turbo's tomato-peeling technique this time.

One of the cats knocked a plant off of my tall console/shelving thinger and now there's dirt on the floor. Of course, Oscar has to roll around in it and drag it around the apartment. I didn't have time to clean it up, so I'm sure it'll be all over the living room by the time I get home. I just hope that Oscar doesn't decide to pee in it. Gus already chewed up the leaves, so the plant looks like crap (spider plant). Fortunately, there are some "babies" that I might be able to salvage. Bad kitties.
Hi, peeps!

Poodle, I so want to find that bitch, sneak up behind here, grab her by her stupid Betty bangs, yank her down backwards, and break her back over my knee (that's my pro wrestling move). What a fucking bitch! Trevor has become a really decent guy, always was, actually, but now he's less odd. I've always had a little crush on him, but knew it could never be. He doesn't deserve someone like her. At least nobody else likes her, either. People like her will get their due, count on it. When she really needs someone, there will be nobody there for her.

Kel, give it a few more tries with the Daisy and see how it goes. He seems like a really incredible guy otherwise, and first times can be a letdown. Once you get more comfortable being naked with each other, things should get better. At least give it another shot before you write him off.

I get confused with bikers on the roads. I really do try my best to respect their space, if they're being respectful of the rules of the roads. I can't stand when they go through red lights or stop signs - wheels are wheels and it doesn't matter if they're attached to a motor. I'm just scared to death of hitting someone, so I try to stay in the lane farthest away. I wish more of the major roads in town had specifically labeled bike lanes. It'd make it less confusing for everyone and safer for the people on bikes.

(((((((((FJ's friend)))))))) She sounds very strong. I hope she lets you guys help her.

(((((((((job vibes for Tyger))))))))) I hear Starfucks is actually a really decent place to work. I've thought about getting a part-time job there myself at times. I wouldn't mind smelling like coffee at all, I love that smell.

Kari, your schedule is making me tired, too! It's got to be mentally draining, going from a full day of work to counseling for 4 hours, then your whole evening is eaten up by the time you get home. At least you can see the end of it.

((((((((((Doodle)))))))))) Dorothy still hasn't left Oz yet, huh? Could your mom come and get you for your procedure? You're so ambitious with your apartment. That painting in your bathroom sound like it'll be really cool, but a huge pain in the ass.

Hi, CH, Turbo, Moxie, Tree, and everyone!

I played hooke yesterday, but for the best reason EVER. My very best friend in the whole wide world, the one I visit in California, got stuck with her husband in Minneapolis on Tuesday night because there were storms out on the east coast, so their plane couldn't make the trip, so they stayed with me. Yay! I only get to see her maybe once a year, so this was an unexpected treat. Their plane didn't even leave until late yesterday afternoon, so we had much of the day to spend together, just hanging out. It was really cool that it was unplanned, so they didn't have to find time to see anyone else, just me. We played Guitar Hero, BFF and I talked about crafts (she got me into all this stuff I do), we went to Hell's Kitchen for brunch (I'm so glad The Modern wasn't open yet, I'd rather go to Hell's Kitchen any day), then hung out in Uptown before I had to drop them off. It was the BEST. DAY. EVER.

I got some extra time for making bags last night, so I did. I've got 3 ready to put liners in and make handles for, which is easy. I just need to do 7 more, which is a lot more than it sounds like. If I can keep at doing one or maybe two a day, I'll be done with a little time to spare. I was even very proactive this morning and remembered to bring stuff to work to put polymer clay on votive holders, so I'm going to do that now. They go really quick and I can charge a decent amount for them.

Anyone watch the new Top Chef last night?

um, kel, i had to laugh when you wrote it was like having sex with a mime. sorry. i just had a funny mental image. the silent partner....hhhmmm. of course, me being ms. nosey pants wants to know the details of his relationship with his exwife etc etc etc. hopefully you can work out the kinks. go to the sex threads and/or the dating advice threads too!

poodle, kitties are bad sometimes. my folks cats were fighting like they were in the WWF. without the costumes. plus, the one cat who is diabetic will get all crazy and try to get whatever he can. we can't leave meat to thaw out cause kitty started eating the raw meat. ghetto cats!
Hi diva!!

I wondered what happened to you!! That's super cool that you got to spend the day with BFF and it was totally unplanned. She's such a sweety. I like Hell's Kitchen. It's right by my work and whenever I have the choice, I force my co-workers to go there. It's one of the few places down here where I can get something other than a salad and bread. There's a gorgeous waiter there that I enjoy ogling every so often.

Yeah, Trev is actually a very decent guy. He always dates the meanest girls. I'm pretty sure that he really wants to settle down and make things work with women. He actually proposed to a girl a couple years ago and she laughed at him and dumped him right there. I've told him a zillion times that he needs to find a different type of girl, but it's hard to break a habit, I guess.

Heh, star, the "mime" thing cracked me up, too. I'm imagining the guy fake-grabbing her boob.
i have been kinda lurking and reading backwards.

tyger, good luck with the barista job. I work for the sister company of that company, and its not bad. I work part time and I can tune out the music(which at first does suck hearing the same thing over and over)and the about the coffee smell.....umm.... just take a shower before you go out. But it is fun and you meet interesting people. But i have a new hatred for those f*@kers who dont tip, especially when you have to practically coach them through the ordering process, you feel like screaming I just spent 20 minutes explaining our menu with you and then you ordered something from Star B's which is not even remotly close to any of the drinks that i have just given you the recipe for! Wow I got a little bit off track there.

but good luck all the same!
Hi bettie!! I totally couldn't handle working at a coffee shop. I'd probably strangle someone. I'm amazed that people don't feel ashamed for ordering drinks that have, say, more than 4 specs involved. My boss always orders a grande iced half-skim/half-2% decaf latte and then she wants me to give them some stupid number so she can get a discount. I flat out refuse to get them for her. I'm too embarrassed, especially because of the piddly discount thing. Actually, I gave shit to a woman at Starbucks once for ordering such a specific drink. I told her that I'd be afraid of someone spitting in my drink if I put in an order that lengthy.
Sometimes they force you into the many-worded orders, though. Today, I ordered off the menu, and my order was still 8 words long (grande iced non-fat dulce de leche latte) and there was nothing weird about it (I don't consider asking for skim milk to be special, especially since it doesn't even have to go in the steamer). Sometimes it feels like it'd be easier to write my order out than remember to say all the words.

But if someone wants a discount on a lousy $3-$4 order, they should go get it their own damn self.

I think Trevor needs to just realize that he can't spend his life with someone like this and unless one of them puts their foot down, nothing's going to happen. I feel sorry for people like that, but at the same time, it's their fault for letting themselves be sucked in.

I'm going to see if my boss is gone so I can start working on my votive holder again. I can get it done by the time I'm off if he isn't around to catch me.
QUOTE(Divala @ Jun 14 2007, 04:10 PM) *
Sometimes they force you into the many-worded orders, though. Today, I ordered off the menu, and my order was still 8 words long (grande iced non-fat dulce de leche latte) and there was nothing weird about it (I don't consider asking for skim milk to be special, especially since it doesn't even have to go in the steamer). Sometimes it feels like it'd be easier to write my order out than remember to say all the words.

I feel the same way at some places, diva. There's a sandwich place in the city where treehugger lives....can't remember the name, some reference to Communism (those wacky college kids!) and they have a counter when you walk in with pads of their order forms. You check off the bread, condiments, veggies, meats, cheeses, etc., noting any special requests and hand it to the person at the next counter. Then your sandwich comes up a few minutes later. It's a little impersonal, but it's better than repeating your order 18 times to the clueless dolt behind the counter. Plus, everything's in writing, so there's no arguing about what you told them you wanted.

Hi everybody! ("Hi, Doctor Nick!")
polly, there's a coffee place that does sandwich orders like that by my old highschool and i loooove them so much. there's a lady who works there that still remembers if my mom and i come in together that we want a pot of tea and two chocolate chip cookies.

i got the job. wheeee! it pays an itsy bit less than my current one ( 35 cents an hour, though by sept it'd be 70 cents with the august raise we all get). but it's easier to get to, i have friends who work at every location except one, and my manager and assistant manager are totally sweet (they did my first interview, and it was the asst. manager's first time doing one, so i made a show of assuring her she'd do fine and had nothing to worry about and i was sure she'd get the job, and they thought it was rather entertaining). I have to give notice at my bakery job, which all of a sudden i feel bad about. i'm going to write my boss a little letter and give it to her today if she's still working when i go and check my schedule, and if not i'll hand it in tomorrow when i work. quitting is so....awkward. like, i like my job (for all the complaining i do about it), and i like most of the people i work with, but the skills i got there basically transfer to working at another grocery store bakery doing my exact job, and it's not really my dream part-time making it through school job. plus, free coffee. i get a pound a week (or a box of tea). i promise once my stockpile builds up i can send out okayland care packages of tyger's free coffeestuffs.

kel, if you're comfortable with it, playing miss noseypants might really help the sexing situation. i had to do that to the boything (his problem happened to be a raging erection unless penis-in-vagina sex was on the menu, and then it deflated like a balloon). it took, like, a week or two of me making him talk about it (to start with he said it was that he was tired, and then it was that he was self-conscious because i had make an offhand remark about how the first time wasn't fireworks and rollercoasters, but it'd get there at some point). turns out the one other girl he'd slept with had a penchant for telling him he was always bad in bed. perhaps daisy's ex used to mock the noises he made?

urgh. i now have to write my ''i'm quitting now, bye!'' letter. anything i should say other than the basic i really liked working here but now i'm leaving, thanks for being a good boss stuff?
Hey diva, look what tieboy finally posted on his website!!

I still have that wig. I should wear it again one of these days.

Congrats on the job, tyg!!
Poodle, you're hot!!!!
Thanks!! That's diva to the right, too!!
*runs into thread, panting, and a little buzzed*

Hihi ya'll...I did read everything, its so hard to keep up when I dash in late!

Diva & Poods, you gals are so beautiful!!! Love the wig and propaganda T-shirts!

Star, we got the elliptical! It was a little complicated on delivery - we had to leave it in our storage area for a couple days, as it didn't fit in the elevator, but it was simple to dismantle and re-assemble. The guys from the shop were really sweet. I have to admit having a little crush on the bike mechanic there - he delivered it, and I have been back there twice for repairs. unsure.gif

CH, I have to admit that I have not been cooking nearly as much since taking the new job - being out of the house for 11-12 hours a day kind of bites. We're doing alot of salads and grilled veggies and such since the farmers market is on. But, on Tuesday night I grilled up some skirt steak that I marinated in sherry, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger and scallions. It was awesome. But mostly, this time of year, its salads, and quick stuff since I have less time.

Kel, I'm sorry you're first experience wasn't all you hoped, but I think it bears giving it another fair shot or've had a wonderful time so far, no reason it should stop - just means more exploring!

And I don't really like going to most food places where many decisions are required...even some of the salad places I go to for lunch, they need six rapid-fire decisions, and it gets to be a little overwhelming.
Hi hi, guys!

Sorry I have been absent for so long. I've been jumping into bed right after I get home from work, reading a little bit before I fall asleep. It seems like I have missed a lot!!!!! I've read a little bit, and I'll read more later on.

I had yesterday and today off from work. I spent the days beadind little forget-me-nots out of seed beads and wire, and trying to figure out how to attach them to the earring hooks I bought. My roomie did one, which looks pretty good, but I can't figure out how she did it to do the matching earring.

Today, my friend picked me up and we went to a coffee shop and beaded and chatted over coffee (for me) and an Arnold Palmer (for her).

I talked to my gramma on the phone today. She is in the early stages of Alzheimer's, but I can't really tell much. She takes Aricept to slow the progression on the disease. She is the sweetest lady ever. I miss her so much.

Heikki is in Nebraska right now, visiting his father's family, and from there he will fly to Chicago to visit my sister and Mr. PK. Mr. PK is driving my sis and Heikki up to International Falls on Wednesday to visit my family. Then the next day, or perhaps the day after, Mr. PK is driving back to Chicago. My BIL will drive up to the Falls later to pick them up and take them back to Chicago. Heikki is really excited to go fishing and swimming in the lake. I wish I could go, too, but I am so broke right now. After he returns to Colorado, I'm going to see if I can fly him down here for a few days.

Heikki really wants to play football this year, but he is not even close to meeting the minimum weight requirement for his age. He's just a skinny little duder. He's pretty anxious and upset. His dad wants to check out lacrosse for him.

So, Culture - I didn't read far enough back, but it seems like you are looking for jazz recommendations. I don't listen to a lot of jazz, except on NPR after 7:00 PM in my car. However, I do like a few groups. One of them is called E.S.T., and it stands for Engborg Svenson Trio. (I think). They are from Sweden, and I like them a lot. I also like Medeski, Martin, and Wood. And The Jazz Mandolin Project.

This isn't pure jazz, but there is a CD by Bobby McFerrin called "Beyond Words" that is really good. I swear, I like every single song on that CD. The songs have no words, but they all feature his vocals. Does that make sense? Some of the songs are pretty jazzy. I recommend that highly.

Tyger - congratulations on the job! When I left the Marriott, I wrote my pastry chef a short letter that went something like this: "After much consideration, I have decided to accept a position at (name of restaurant). Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work in such a warm, supportive, and well-organized kitchen. The experience I gained at the Marriott will serve as a foundation for continued learning and professional development at (restaurant)."

Just be really kind, and thank them for giving you the experience you got, etc. I'm sure they will appreciate it. It's not like people work at that place their whole lives. I'm sure they will understand.

kelkello - I agree with everyone else when they said that first times with someone can be weird. It could get better, and if you like everything else about him, give the guy a break. Also, I will respond to your PM that you sent me a while back.

Same for you, Culture.

So, MRG came today. I've been expecting that crotchety old biddy because this month, my face has broken out like crazy. It hasn't been this bad in several months, or maybe even a year. My face is destroyed. Hopefully, it will clear up soon.

I've been seeing a new guy. He is pretty sweet, and when he does something I don't like, I am honest with him and we talk about it. He seems pretty open. I have only been seeing him for two or three weeks, and we don't connect every single day or anything. He's got two jobs right now, and he wants to go to school to improve his English (what? Did you think this one *wouldn't* be a Latino guy?). He's a sweet, funny guy, but he also comes on a little too strong sometimes. He wants to be bf/gf, and I don't think I am ready for that.

OK - back to the archives.
Hey gang, QUICK post....haven't read yet, but will later on....trying to finish up the bathroom floor while I can still play the music at a respectable volume! Around the toilet is the nit-pickiest. Almost done, though - it's going to look great.

Also, I realized I am more upset than I thought I was about Dorothy - took a long walk earlier this evening - so I called up organicgirl to come and commisserate (sp?) with me tomorrow afternoon.

Anyway, I'll check back in a little later - maybe with pics! (Not of my kidney.)
It feels so weird to post pictures of one's bathroom. So I'm posting links to pics. Nobody needs to open up the thread and see a toilet anyway. wink.gif

Walking In (no flash)
Shelves (no flash)
Looking Out from the Shower
Sink (no flash)
The Floor *

(* Sorry about the pic of the toilet, but I worked very carefully to get those tiles perfectly fitted and caulked!)

It's hard to do much with standard issue apartment bathrooms, without making them look all cluttery. If it had a window, I'd just fill the whole room with all different kinds of ferns. *sigh* The Racing Stripe was the first thing I ever did in the apartment, probably 10 years ago, so I had to save it. I think at the time, I was trying to break up that horrible "tallsmall" white apartment bathroom feel it had, without doing a typical boring border. The new paler green colour on the walls/ceiling is a bit brighter/warmer/greener than it looks in the pictures (the flash really washes it out).....the colour you see on the door IS actually different from the colour on the wall, but you can't really tell in the pic. Oh, and that purple in the racing stripe is an iris purple, by the way - and also an exact match to my once-beloved (still mourned) metalflake-painted Puegeot 10-speed racer.

I'm so glad it's done - I had lost the will to clean the bathroom! tongue.gif

I am thinking of painting a quote or something on the wall above the toilet. Don't know what. Something funny or just plain nuts.....would an Izzard quote be going too far? (I can imagine 65% of my guests going, "WTF?" and scratching their heads.) Or...what else is funny on the wall in the bathroom? Or something funny/sexy? Stick figures? Monkeys with guns?? Ideas anyone???? I'm open to anything. The stripe is a little quirky, but not quirky enough for me anymore, now that even gas station bathrooms are doing them - the room could use a little more loosening up!

Ok, I'm going to read the archives now and then slip into bed!
Doodle, I think you should put one of Eddie Izzard's names for Englebert Humperdink up there. "Slut Benwalla" comes to mind because it makes me snort beverages out of my nose. And it certainly would have the "what the fuck" effect on your guests.
Happy fucking friday, you pube encrusted toilet seats!!

Hi PK!! That's cool that you've been hanging out with a new boy!! Those guys are driving from Chicago to I-Falls? Damn. I gotta say that I'm a little jealous because I haven't been "up north" in ages.

(((PK gramma)))

Cute bathroom, doodle!! Those stripes remind me of something, but I can't quite remember. I think it looks great without extra words or images, but I know what you mean about wanting something funkier. I'm thinking that Sherman Williams needs to come up with a color named "Doodlebug Green."

Yay!! It's Friday!! My boss will be gone today, so that means I'm wearing flip-flops to work and probably leaving a little early. Tonight I'm going to see Hot Rod Hearse and Wayne "The Train" Hancock at Lee's Liquor Lounge. Hot Rod Hearse is Trev's band, so it'll be interesting to see if bitch-girl is there. If she's there, she's likely to get a drink in her face. If she's not, it's likely that those two are breaking up, which is also good.

Hey all you panty stained cum drinkers. Thank goodness it's friday. The only thing that would improve this is if it was payday, but alas, it is what it is.

Kari, that blows that you couldn't do lunch with the mister.

Poodle, mmm gazpacho! You and Diva sure are pertty! Can I ask what you were in the picture? I see that you are cheerleaders of sorts, but what is the connection with Kerry and Edwards? One of my coworkers had a cat that also destroyed most of her spider plant. And YAY about boss being out of office.

Diva, hookie! Much deserved I say! If I could do that, I'd be all over that like flies on shit.

Hey again Star! Hi Bettie! Hi Polly! Polly your Dr Nick thing reminds when he advertises for the bargain surgery. "Call 1-600-DOCTORB! The B is for bargain!"

I'm going to agree on the coffee shop thing, I couldn't work there or any food place again for that matter, I did it, I will never go back, but I guess this government thing is with me for a while. Tyger, congratulations on the new job!!!!!

Turbo, I kind of thought that was why. I just have to go and eat some samosa's smile.gif Hee. Sorry, I couldn't resist, because that steak sounds delish!

PK, cool about the new guy, nothing wrong with being honest. I've had some "issues" before, and I'm not always upfront about them, but sometimes, well it depends on the man.

Doodle, I love the bathroom! It looks great!

Kel, that was so funny! Bwwaaahahahahaha, I had forgotten about the Eddy Izzard thing. Hee.

Well, I have one more week at this particular office and I'm not too upset about moving on, I'm kind of sick of dealing with these clients. I adore it here, but these people are making me want to bang my head against a wall. That large explding sound you all will here from Canada, less Doodle who will hear the sound from East of her, is my head exploding. Bah.

Well, I'm finally seeing boy 2 tonight, tomorrow I think I'm going to lay low as Sunday is fathers day and I'm taking pappy out to lunch then a movie, so I don't want to waste the fundage on drinking, nor do I want to be hungover and/or tired, PLUS I'm finally get the AC in my car recharged on Monday! Thank goodness.

So I downloaded this great album last night from a torrent search engine, (why use itunes when you can get something for, errrr, free....hee) it's damn fucking good. This one will be playing on ye olde iPod for a while.

Now if only it was 4 today!

What kind of plans does everyone have this weekend?
doodlebug- your bathroom looks great! I like the racing stripe. I love that circular mirror you have up, I want it. wink.gif

Congrats tyger!

I dont mind lots of choices or long worded orders but this is almost exactly how it went:

Crazycoffeeman:I would like a venti caramel macchiato.

Me:*laughs* Sorry, we dont have that on the menu, but I could make you something similar if you would like.

CM: Well what do you have then.

(at this point I star naming everything on the menu that has caramel in it)

CM: no none of that sounds good, but i do feel like something how is the fruity drink made?

i explain whats in the fruity beverage and add that all of the other ones up there are made the same way but with a different flavor.

CM: how about the orange one?

this goes on for like 10 min. and what he finally ordered was this: a large hot caramel mocha, but made with white chocolate and only half the amount of caramel as we would normally use and a shot of cinn. to spice it up made with skim milk and a little bit of half and half. Poured over a little bit of ice to make it room temp, but no so much as to water it down or make it cold.

The only reason I can laugh this stuff off and let it go is because I work there only 2 nights a week as my part-time job. I give credit to anyone who works more hours than i do at any place like that.
and pinkpoodle I love fridays too! my bosses are out of the office and I am left here all alone, its a good way to start the weekend!
Happy Friday!

Sorry, I'm not in an insult mood. smile.gif

Doodle, I LOVE the racing stripe in your bathroom! That is very cool. The floor looks wonderful! wow!

I think any job where you have to deal with the general public and follow their whims is really tough. Waiting tables, retail, coffee joint....ugh. I've definitely had my share of that.

But! Congrats on the job tyger! I hope what I said above didn't rain on your parade. I think those jobs have a lot of fun aspects also.

Poodle, I really hope crazy bitch girl isn't there tonight.

Hi Bettie!

Ch, what album did you download?

hey Jenn! How's work?

Hi, Pk! A new love interest, hmmm?

Things here are pretty good today. Sooooo glad it's Friday. Woo hoo! I don't really have a lot of weekend plans. Hoping to spend some time with mr K. Tonight I think he, myself, & my sister are going to a show. There is this group of musicians here who put on shows where they play an entire album. Tonight they are doing Ziggy Stardust. Tomorrow I have to take Paco to get his rabies shot & meet with my teacher to review the video of one of my sessions I taped last night. Other than that, my weekend is open.

I think I may work with the crankiest, most complaint ridden woman ever. Seriously.
Bettie, my hat goes off to you for not strangling that man. I don't have the patience for that kind of thing.

Kari, I downloaded some stuff by Gabriel and Dresden, one I got from torrentz and the EP of remixes I got from iTunes, it was only 4 dollars, and it's an album of the same song, but the remixes, it's a full length album too. Scored a good deal on that one.

Oh and thanks for all the beatnik jazz recommendations, if you think of anything else let me know!

*drags ass back to work*
Hi, peeps!

Today's Friday! And payday! Wheeee!!! And my check is already going to be almost gone by the time I get home tonight! Yippeeee!

PK, that doesn't surpise me about there being a good jazz band out of Sweden. I'm all about the Swedish music lately. Except for Meshuggah, who suck, everything I've heard from there is great. And, they are the land of IKEA. Gotta love that.

I wanna be a Swede.

CH, that picture was from Halloween a couple years ago, which was right before the 2004 elections here. Poodle and I were Satanic Cheerleaders for Kerry-Edwards (the Democratic candidates for president/vice-president).

Poodle, I hope bitch girl is there and that you kick her ass. What I really wish is that I could go and kick her ass myself. I was thinking more about what she said to you yesterday and it made me madder and madder. Don't people have "edit" buttons in their heads?

PK, I wanna see the earrings you're making. That's cool about the new guy. Too bad you can't go up north and see your family, but Mr. PK is so incredibly sweet to bring him up there. He sounds like a really decent guy.

Doodle, I love that stripe and the floor around the toilet looks really good.

Hi, Kel, BettyB, and Kari!

I got another bag finished last night, at least the decoupage part, and I like it so much I almost don't want it to sell. It's not a cigar box, but a regular wooden box with protuding edges that's pretty deep. I decoupaged it with lots of flower pictures, many with larger flowers cut out of their backgrounds. It looks like a really lush garden, and there's even a frog, lizard, and a couple butterflies on it. It's really nice. I've even got enough pictures left over to make at least another one or two.

My weekend is going to be pretty busy. I'm going out for happy hour with an old friend who used to work with me and a bunch of other work peeps. After that, the giant and I need to go grocery shopping. I'm going to have some time to myself tomorrow, but that'll be spent shopping at a fixtures store for a large metal grid and brackets to hang bags from so I can get them off the table and displayed better, and some jewelry display stuff, then to the craft store for a new piece of fabric for my table and other odds and ends I need (nothing to actually make stuff, just to package and price it). Then I can finally work on stuff at home. We're going up to my parents' place on Sunday for Father's Day, where I'll get to play with Sam, but hopefully not stay out too late because I got shit to get done.

Happy Friday you pasty-morning-breath-having-tartlets!

Culture, I sure as hell hope I don't hear the explosion. Your head is too pretty to have hanging in bits and pieces all about Canada. I hope the new office helps with keeping the head together. Trust me, I know the feeling.

Doodle, the bathroom looks great. I'm so impressed with anyone who can effectively lay tile! I'm sort of useless at that stuff unless I have someone right there guiding me through. Although I am painting my mom's living room tomorrow. I'm good at painting walls.

Poodle, I can't decide if I want crazy bitch girl to be there so she can get a drink in the face or if I want her gone so you can enjoy your night without dealing with a nasty skank. Do keep us informed! And if you look as hot tonight as you did in that pic, she really is off her fucking rocker for saying what she did!

Kari, I think I work with that woman. Seriously. I can't stand her.

Bettie, I used to get something similiar when I worked in the bookstore. It would go something like this:

Me: Hi, can I help you?
Dimwitted Idiot: I'm looking a for a book.
Me: Yes, good, as this is a bookstore. What book?
DI: Well, I don't know the title or the author. But it's blue.
Me: Oh, well thank god we categorize all our books by color, sir. Let me show you where we keep our blue books.

AAAAAARRRGH! But the sick thing was, after about a month there, I could find that damned blue book for him.

Hi PK! I hope things are going better for you since your PM. It sounds like things are going great right now. Focus on that!

So, the daisy situation. Talked to him last night. Not good. He was in a BAD mood which he swore up and down had nothing to do with me. I asked him if he was trying to convince himself of that, but he swore that "last night was great, my bad mood has nothing to do with you." I told him I would choose to believe him but if something was on his mind and it pertained to me, I would trust that he would tell me. I don't know ladies...I'm taking the attitude of whatever happens is what is supposed to happen. If it works out, fine. If it doesn't, I will be fine. I always am. The universe is protecting me and knows what is best for me. That's the attitude I need to have right now.
Bwaaaaaahahahahahaha Kel! I used to work at a book store and got the same thing all the time. *blushes about nice compliment*

THe other thing that made me want to hit a customer with a book was when people absolutely knew that The Da Vinci Code was out in paperback, when it wasn't, but they saw it at the competition, which was impossible because it didn't exist! Bah.

Or when someone would say they saw the book on a table, about 2 years ago. Same thing with Oprah's picks. Faulkner became a bestselling author again. I wonder how many mini driving parents would read Faulkner if Oprah didn't recommend it. Grrrr.


Well, I should go now. I'll be back.
Dude, I'm impressed too, bettie. I guess I have a lot of pet peeves mostly because I'm so impatient. One of my PP's is when people are inefficient and indecisive when it comes to ordering food, etc. It's one thing to ask what the soup of the day is, but to ask about every single fruit drink and caramel drink is just plain annoying. It bugs the shit outta me mostly because I always know what I want when it comes to food/drink. I hate ordering food, etc., with my mom because she just can't articulate it to the person behind the counter.

Yeah, I can't decide whether or not I want bitch-girl to be there tonight. Wax, the girl who called me, said we should all gang up on her in an alley. I like the idea of that. smile.gif
ch, Sounds like you did get some good deals on music. I haven't heard of those groups, what kind of stuff is it?

Diva, I'm in the same boat. Get paid today, but it is almost all spoken for. I hate pay periods like that. Booooooo.

Kel, I think you are right. You gotta just let it happen, whatever may happen. What makes you think his bad mood had something to do with you?

I am so hungry. Want to eat now, but it's too early. All I have here for a snack is this disgusting gluten free bar. As hungry as I am, I can't even choke it down. Ick. It looks like birdseed.

Poodle, I say knock that beeyotch flat on her ass.

Kari, I know how you feel, I'm drinking this smoothie thing and it's supposed to be blue goodness, with apple, banana and berry but it's mostly banane. Ugh.

almost lunch time! YAY! And then the work day is almost done.
I actually should have plenty of money, but the gas people are threatening me, so a fairly large chunk is going to them, and it's my turn to pay for groceries. It had to happen sometime. I guess I'll just pay more on my school balance next time.

*fingers crossed that I make lots of money next weekend*

Can I also get some quick delivery vibes from everyone? I just ordered my new tent/canopy for my booth, and since I'm not willing to pay $72 shipping (that's more than half what the damn thing cost me!), I'm hoping standard UPS shipping gets it to me by next Friday. It'll suck so hard to not have shade over us and get sunstroke and skin cancer (I'm serious about that last one, that's what the giant's dad died of).

Kari, I totally feel ya on the health/energy bar thingies. Sometimes just the sight and smell of them makes me gag. Is yours made of actual food product, or is it smooshed powder like Atkins bars?

I wanna see the chic fight in the alley!
~*~*~*~quick delivery vibes for Diva~*~*~*~*~

I hope that everyone is surviving thier Friday.
Blah...I have an hour and a half before I get to leave. I'm getting my haircut at 3:00.
~8@speedy delivery for diva@8~

I hate it when people wait in line for forever and then still dont know what they want when they get to the counter. But the whole experience of working there has made me a very efficient orderer! In print it looks like I am very patient, but the minute that guy left I cursed his name like there was no tomorrow!

I actually like the energy bar things, especially the really chewy ones. mmmmm yep, i want one.

I feel like my friday is dragging by! I hope it is going quick for everyone else.
Mmmm...the energy bar discussion is making me crave one of my special berry smoothies with craploads of soy protein powder mixed in. I just love the stuff. I don't know why.
~~~~~~~~~delivery vibes!!~~~~~~~~~~ I hope it gets here on time!!

I actually like most energy bars too. Power bars, luna bars, cliff 'em all. This particular one is gross though. You know those things you put in birdcages for birds to peck on? Made of sesame seeds and other junk stuck together? That is what this bar looks like. I guess for it to be gluten free, it's got to be made of seeds and nuts.

Well, busties. I made it to the gym for the first time this week. *pats self on the back*

Poodle, happy hair cut!! That's a fun thing to do on a Friday afternoon. Bonus that you get to leave work early for it too!

Mr K called me & said he left Paco inside, but forgot to feed him. And could I water the plants b/c they look like they are struggling. I wanted to ask why he didn't do it this AM. I need to have a talk w/ him about helping around the house. He is usually receptive to that, does better for a while, but then it seems like he forgets. It's hard w/ my schedule right now and it's making me pissy.

End Rant.

Sorry, I feel like I am a big complainer today.

Let's think of some GOOD THINGS!
2. I'm meeting up with my sis tonight
3. I can sleep in tomorrow
4. I have a bar of dark chocolate
Only a little while left in the day,

Mmm still thinking about those cutie firefighters I feasted my eyes on at lumch.

Kari may I suggest a thwacking with a rubber chicken if he doesn't smarten up!

Bettie, I'd freak out if I encountered someone like that.

Poodle, yay on the haircut!

well, I think I'm going to go on a walk for break.

Later everyone.
I sometimes forget to do little stuff around the house, but I would never forget to feed my cats!! They'd attack me with their ravenous fangs when I returned!!

Yeah, I'm gonna get my hair cut and then I'm gonna go to the beauty supply place to get some setting lotion and curling pins.

heh, yeah, he might need a whack with a rubber chicken, CH!
i'm so glad to hear things worked out turbo! oh, and i think i know which worker you are talking about. wink.gif he is hawt.

kel, oh well. i know you will be ok if things don't work out. you know, makes me think of a guy i dated for a little while. terrible kisser. no passion in it. it was like i took an instant cold shower. our conversations were awesome, but his kissing sucked egg. too mechanical. just plain bad. so, while it is not sex...but i can relate being disappointed in that way. boo.

diva and poodle, so cute!! what was the occasion for that you gals got dressed up??

hey doodle, CH, puppykitty, and betty!!

man, i waited forever at planned parenthood for my checkup. i'm kinda sleepy. i think i'm gonna take a nap before i meet up with the other busties tonight!

Hi hi everybustie!! I'm here in the afternoon, because I'm at HOME!! I got to take a half day today, since I'm working a Relay for Life event tomorrow night. So, I scooted out of work, and got turbo a new dog license, since the farking bike cops have been harassing all of the dog owners in the neighborhood this week. asshats. I want to tell them, "oh, that heroin dealer over there has my dog license, maybe you should ask him to see it." Seriously, I know I should keep my dog tags up to date, but there's a lot more serious issues in this neighborhood that the cops should be attending to.

Oh, and turbo seems to hate the jingle of the new tag, he keeps slipping his collar off, funny dog. Guess I'll coat it in clear tape for him.

PK, I am SO glad to see you in here, I was riding to work this morning, thinking we hadn't seen you, and I was hoping you were ok...sounds like you're taking life a little slower these days, and getting more rest, which is great to hear. And a new boy too - nice!

Kari, I am still loving my job - thanks for asking! Its insanely busy, and sometimes hard what to know to work on first, but its good. Having a good boss really makes a world of difference. And its really amazing how quickly my life has shifted to be centered around the downtown center of the city - I love it. I rarely ever even go back up to Evanston where I used to work, and would spend most of my spare time and $$ up there too. I'm a city girl now!

Kel, you are one smart woman, and you are exactly right, that whatever is meant to happen with daisy, will. And come what may, you will be absolutely, 100% OKAY. *mwah*

Hi star - can't wait to see you tonight!
Diva - as soon as I figure out a good way to attach the flower to the earring hook, I'll post a picture of it. My roomie made one earring, and it seemed very difficult for her. We have to remember how she did it to make the matching earring.

So, the new guy. He is from Guaymas, Sonora, which is close to the ocean - I think the Sea of Cortes. I haven't looked for it on a map yet. I spent the night at his place last night, which was nice. No HBI, we just snuggled up and fell asleep, then slept in this morning. Today I asked him to kiss me more than he does. He doesn't kiss me enough.

I have to work today. Bleh.

Tyger - are you here? How went the quitting of the job?

((((kelkello)))) I hope things work out. Either way it goes, it sounds like you will be OK. It's just too bad he's being so flaky now. Maybe he will come around.

I got a FaceBook account so I can see Mr. PK's production photos for his plays. It was fun setting it up. I made a photo album with pictures of Heikki. Let me know if you want to see any pics of Heikki. I don't know how to post them on here yet. It seems complicated, and I'm not very computer literate. This is funny, as I was a computer programmer in the Air Force for 4 years.

I'll try to figure out how to post a photo. I want you guys to see Heikki.

I really really really want to go to International Falls with Heikki and my sister. Sheesh. Lucky bummers.
Hi PK - have a good night at work - and may the shift pass swiftly!

Doodle, I'm so sorry, I totally forgot to comment on your gorgeous bathroom! And I think the toilet photo really was the one that impressed me most - you did an *excellent* job fitting the tile and sealing it! I wonder if you added something to your racing stripes to make them more organic and fluid, if that would loosen up the feel of the room.
I am a rock star.

The viscera room is up and running! Yay! Annnnd, also got over to one of the university delis because their freezer died. BOTH got done today. I am a happy woman.

Especially about the viscera room. Granted, it's only a temporary solution as I used a LOT of rebuilt parts that won't last. But they WILL last long enough to order new parts. They are happy. They gave me two porterhouse steaks. I am happy.

And tired. I think it's going to be a REALLY early night.

Did somebody say gazpacho?

Doodle, I'm going to check out your pics as soon as I have enough energy to look at them without my eyes glazing over. I'm seriously beat here. But I'm sure you did a wonderful job! I'm especially looking forward to seeing that tile.
Evenin' ladies!!

Damn!! I got my hair cut short!! Well, actually, it's about chin length now with lots of layers. It's nice to have all of that hair off my neck. This girl is great because she spends a lot of time thinning out my unruly head of hair. The last girl (who cost 2X more) didn't bother to thin out my hair or frame my face. She's a good colorist though. Anyway, the front of my head is in curlers right now. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

PK, I don't even know where Sonora is, or the Sea of Cortez, for that matter!! I'm such an American. Hey, I know where Djibouti is!! That makes me a little more worldly, right?

Yay for no more rotting flesh in the viscera room!! I bet you're glad that that job is over!!

Turbo, that is soooo lame about the dog license thing. Seriously, what is Chicago doing worrying about that? They wouldn't even bother with that here in lil' ol' Minneapolis. Right now, the crackdown is on panhandling which, as a downtown worker, I'm very pleased about.

So what busties are getting together this evening?
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