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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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*drags ass into okayland and flops down on couch*

Doodle, that looks great. I'm sorry that you can't go to Blue Rodeo. I'd get you tickets if I could.

Kari, that's fun that you're BFF is coming!

Turbo, yay on the new hardware at work! I'm jealous that is so cool in chicagoland, it is still baking here, a too hot 29 degrees, 36 with the humidity. That's be 96.8F! Way too hot.

Tree, that is really great that work is going well. Aside from the smell that is.

Oh dear, I can't even take the dog out yet, little black dog with so much heat equals one bad idea. I'll take her out around 8. It's 6:30 now, I'm sure she can hold out.

Well le dinner is ready. Later.

Calm the hell down vibes needed.

FJ- Daycare is actually pretty cool, IMO. I miss moxette during the day sometimes, but I swear, she loves school, she loves her buddies, and I love grown-up time. Plus, we all really enjoy our family time in the morning and evening about 110%. The only downside is the abundance of infant illness...but my ped firmly assures me that as she ages, she'll have superhuman immunity. Its not so bad, I swear. And, it beats sweating boobs and balls off, i'll tell you that!

Ok, i'm off for cookies and some light reading. i'm wayyy too pooped to party.
Kel! Calm the fuck down (sweetie) if you don't, there may be thwacking with a rubber chicken.

Moxie, I hear you on that. I'm also done.

I took the dog for a walk, and it was waaaaaaaaaaaay too hot forthe both of us. It's 8 in the evening and it's still close to 30 degrees. Ugh. I need food now.

Later all.
hahaha, moxie, you're cute. and you are encouraging. in fact, it's some of the stuff you've said here and in the hip momma thread that have made me feel like you are right about daycare. we're going to be ok, i'm sure. i just want to spend as much time with him before sending him off as i can.

tree! ewwwwwwwwwwwww! when you said viscera room, i knew there was going to be trouble!! thank you again for the info you got for me about the ac. i still haven't heard back from the guy, but he sends emails at night and i don't know if he'd gotten mine last night so i'm going to be patient and just wait to call him in the morning.

turbo! i meeeece you during the day! i am so glad you're still enjoying your job though. that is the best!

doodle! i love the painted furniture. you have such cool ideas. and i love the billie-esque painting! and i'm so proud to hear that you've become so confident in your voice. just wait until you actually get up onstage and sing again. i mean really, woman, it's no wonder to me that your neighbors have crushes on you.

calm the fuck down, kel.

hi culture! hi diva! hi poodle!!!!!

Oh my god, Tree! How disgusting! As I read your post, I couldn't help but say "ew!" and "blech!", which aroused Sheff's curiosity, so he had me read it aloud to him. laugh.gif

~~~~~~~~~ soothing for the FJs ~~~~~~~~~~~
Hope you hear back from the AC guy super-soon.

Kel. Sweetie. Darling. Calm the fuck down. Seriously, doll.

Doodle, love the paint job! What color are you going to put in the bathroom?

Diva, ya know, I think David Hyde Pierce thanked his "partner" Robert or Roger or something during his acceptance speech. So yeah, I think you're on to something there. wink.gif

Because of the Tony Awards, I've been obsessed with "Spring Awakening" today. I've been trolling the internet looking for videos and listening to music from the show. So now in addition to "Bitch of Living", I have "Totally Fucked" playing in my head. And that's a good thing 'cause I likes me some musicals, I do.
*raises hand and admits to reading tree's post to turbomann too*

Seriously, tree, MAJOR props for you tackling such a nasty job on your first day back...did they save that one up special for you? ICK!!

Awww, FJ, I meece ya'll too, during the day - so many times, during the day, I just want to pop on and say hello, or dish about the emerging political landscape at the new job....but, I must be a good kid at this job. Checking my home email is about as wild as I get nowadays.

((((AC repair vibes for the FJs))))

~*~*~*~*~*~*calming vibes for Kel~*~*~*~*~ Let it ride, my dear - you deserve all the good that you have in your life...and, SCHOOL'S ALMOST OUT!!!!

And I am definitely with CH and mox - this monday business has really worn me out!

RV, thanks for the news that David Hyde Pierce finally got his Tony - he is such an amazing actor, and deserves to be recognized.

Oh, and I do think everyone should come to Chicago on Friday - all the busties are gathering in honor of MOUSE being in town! Squeeee!
hehe....turbo, frighteningly enough, I could have got out of it...but I volunteered to go. May as well start my tenure back "with a splash"! Actually, I can usually manage it if I can mask the smell. As long as I don't have to *touch* anything squishy or crawling or warm, I'm okay. And the guys have new (regained) respect for me right off the bat...hehe

And it's good for many hours of time....the building managers are so grateful to ANYBODY who will go in a room with that...that they don't care. It is time that I don't have to worry about billing. Some jobs, suck in terms of billing, but stinky or dangerous ones are good.

This actually is BOTH because the refrigerant used in the system is dangerous.

And it will be worse TOMORROW...cause it still ain't fixed! Oh, yeah, baby. Biofreeze or mentholatum smeared under the nose, safety glasses to keep the flies out of one's eyes...yup. It's a big mess.

Glad for the raise, I am.

Sorry for being self-absorbed...
tree, can i just say...EEEEWWWWWW!!!! i'm working the evisceration line all week, cause the regular lady is off enjoying her new grandbaby, and everything in there is squishy and warm, but thankfully not crawling. i actually have pretty minimal product contact, considering. but i find i actually like getting in there and getting my hands dirty, and the people on the line are much amused by my attempts to do their jobs and grateful when i get it right. laugh.gif i was harvesting hearts and livers today between checks, and i caught the bile duct on one of the birds and accidently squirted the lady next to me with, well, bile. that stuff's actually kinda cool looking when it's not on me, kinda like a more viscous nyquil.

doodle, you rock. i'm sorry you won't make it to blue rodeo (maybe, i'm sending you massive "unexpected windfall" vibes), but i think it's so awesome you're exploring your own musical talents and having such a good time doing it. i think i wanna be you when i grow up. but not in a creepy single white female way.

turbo, yay for good rides to work and loving the job! how is the political landscape at work shaping up?

fj, hee, just a couple more weeks! i can't wait til jack gets here.

kelkel my dear, you are beautiful and smart and funny and sweet and amazing, and you've found someone who appreciates you for you. don't go freaking out now, you're doing great. just flow with the good, and if any negative thoughts try to intrude, punch 'em in the neck and tell 'em to shove off.

and didn't the thing about david hyde pierce being gay come out last week or something? i could have sworn i read on some blog or somewhere "david hyde pierce comes out: color us shocked", muy sarcastico of course.

*waves hi to ch and poodle and diva and moxie and minx and pk and gt and tes and everyone else that i know i've missed*

oh, i almost forgot! my dsl shit was here when i got home. *does the happy dance* i've been waiting so long i thought i'd set it up as soon as it got here, but i know if i do it tonight i'll be up way too late looking for shit to download. ooh, the new tudors episodes should be out now! eep, see what i'm talking about? and i need to do some pre-set-up stuff anyway, like find my powerstrip, because all the outlets in this place are wierdly loose, and i wanted to do some rearranging of the furniture to better accomodate the new set up. and i've got a ton of rebate forms and info to go over. so i'll rearrange and dig and fill stuff out tonight, and then when i get home tomorrow night, it'll be playtime.
You all should know that you are only encouraging me to sink further into the depths of depravity.

And thank you for the bookcase/decor/art/music kudos! I like the bookcase much better now. I feel like I'm finally satisfied with the living room - even the urge to paint the work table isn't as strong anymore. I probably still will eventually, but I'm okay with it for now.

I just finished taping off the original "racing stripe" in my bathroom. It's the one thing I want to preserve. I still need to tape off around everything else before I can prime and paint. The new wall colour is, yes, another shade of soft green. But it was really tricky to find one that would work with the green and purple that's already in the stripe. And it really does have to be green - I'm convinced it's the varying shades of green that make this place look so much bigger than the other's boundary-blurring.

I asked neighbourboy for loan of a box so I could empty out my bathroom. He said he'd look, and came over with a box and a joint. Of course, I was in "get stuff done" mode by then (which only gets stronger when I smoke weed) - I was already pulling shit off the walls and hauling paint cans out of the closet. So since he wanted company, he had to hang around the bathroom while I climbed up and down the ladder, scraping old paint, washing walls, and filling holes. I made him useful as a gopher. I also apparently have him trained at automatically re-filling the water jug on the work table. I think I might be right about the crush.

Had the gay ex-priest in for tea this afternoon as well, after obtaining the ladder from him. Always fascinating.

Tomorrow I see my specialist and find out if Dorothy has left the Oz of my kidney.
*waves to culture*

doodle - nice bookshelf, Mr. Pug and my's bedroom needs to be painted. However, we keep telling ourselves that we are too poor to paint it when in all honesty we are too lazy. Friend of mine just painted her living room this odd tan color. when the light poors in it warms the walls and they almost look light peach. It's such a pretty room. I'd love to go that color.

grrrl - we had dsl for a long time. it's great. very fast. when we moved into our townhouse verizon started offering fios. fiberobtic internet conection. it's the shit. so fucking fast.

treehugger - ewwww *pinches nose* on the smelly job. *holds breath then claps* for good pay and raise. *pinches nose again*

fj - (((((find a good daycare vibes))))) how are you feeling also? you getting enough sleep? not to uncomfortable are you?

going into school early today. have a lot of math homework to do. might stop and get a coffee on my way to motivate myself into doing some real work.

(((((good day vibes to the okayers)))))
hello hello!

Hi FJ! I had a dream about you and the mr last night. smile.gif Hope you hear from the AC man soon! ~*~*~*cooling vibes~*~*~*~

Hey RV! How's the house going for you?

Hi Turbo! I'm still uber jealous of your cool weather.

Tree, I still love that story! But good for you for, er, diving right in! I couldn't do it. My hat goes off to you.

Grrrl yay for DSL! Boo for the work thing.

Doodle, that is so awesome about your bathroom, and I'm still standing firm on portions. I hope all goes well with your appointment.

Hi Pugs! Ugh, homework. If there is one thing I don't miss about university it was the homework. I didn't mind papers, but some of that other crap work, such as math (which I only had to take once) what the craps.

It is too hot here again! It is 8 in the morning and the temperature is already, hold on I must go look, it is 29 celsius with the humidity, that would make it, according to this handy dandy converter, 84F. And it's only going to get HOTTER here today, I can't wait until that noon day sun comes out. *rolls eyes*

Well, I should appear to be busy at work.

Later all, and stay cool.

Mornin' peepers!!

Love the shelves, doodle!! And those paintings are gorgeous, too!!

Eeeewww...guts...I remember the guts barrel from biology class. Strangely, it wasn't that gross at the time. You get used to that stuff.

I'm amazed that my AC unit is still kickin' it. It seems so much more effective this year. I guess it has to do with the ex-RB and all of his shit being outta there. The circulation is better or something. I also don't have to turn it on as much.

Diva, I'm with you on the most recent issue of BUST. You can tell that they're trying to expand their readership by focusing on more mainstream stuff. I just really wish they'd interview Dolly Parton or, better yet, JANE RUSSELL. She's one of the only silver screen sirens still alive. She stays out of the public eye though. I want to hear from people who have some experience and insight on women's issues.

~*~*~*~anti-chest pain vibes for diva~*~*~*~ Heh, that just reminded me of the Life Alert ad with the guy who says, "I'm having...uuggh...chest pains!!" and the woman who says, "Help!! I've fallen and I can't get up!!" laugh.gif

Good Things Tuesday:
1. I sorta figured out how to do pin-curls, although I haven't tried it yet.
2. I have money
3. My friend's band, "Al's Rockabilly Quartet" is playing at Peavey Plaza around 5:30 (right down the street from here, by my gym).
4. Office meddler called in sick

wow, we just had a really awesome yet slightly scary thunderstorm! yikes! in fact, miss grover is in the closet right now, huddling behind the karaoke machine. poor little pupper!

hey rv! have you decided on a kitchen color yet? i saw your pic in kvetch and was thinking that a really light yellowy-green might be nice in there - with the windows looking out over the trees, it would sort of carry the natural view indoors, and would go nicely with the yellow you have elsewhere downstairs. just a thought!

pugs, you should def tackle painting your bedroom. paint is really inexpensive compared to other home improvement projects. depending on the size of your room, you could paint the whole thing for well under $50, including all the supplies like brushes, rollers and drop cloths! and you would be amazed at what a difference it would make, as well as the sense of accomplishment you'll have!! oh, and i am starting to get pretty uncomfortable at night especially. it's not too bad though. i could do without the hourly bathroom wakeups though. but i think this is nature's way of getting me ready for the hourly baby wakings, so i'd better not complain.

turbo, i didn't have mrfj go to the shower with me because he was here with his dad and my dad tiling our bathroom. or rather, starting the process. it already looks great in there but he ran into a couple of issues and wasn't able to finish on sunday. he made a silly mistake and it took him a couple hours to fix it. but he won't be making that mistake again, i assure you. and the bathroom is going to look 100% better when we get it all done. i cannot wait! yes, there will be pics to follow. smile.gif

oh man! i'm so jealous that you get to meet our dear MOUSE!!!! dang!!!

poodle, that's cool that your friend's band is playing near you! oh, and have you arranged for the afterparty for the vibrochamps yet? you should totally do that considering the circumstances. did you get your hot-ass outfits in the mail yet?? i think we're gonna need to see some pics!

i met the pediatrician this morning. her office staff is incredibly friendly and i felt comfortable and at ease with her immediately. the office is within ten minutes of my house. i think she'll be my choice for the jackaroo, as long as he seems to like her. smile.gif so that's ONE more thing to cross off the list, which is actually a huge accomplishment in itself.

ok, good things:

1) pediatrician? CHECK!
2) the storm is keeping the temperatures down in the 70s today so i'm sitting here quite comfortable in my tank and yoga capris.
3) treated myself to a bagel with sausage from mcfatty's this morning and i am NOT feeling guilty over it in the least
4) pretty solid appointment set for 12:30, so i see money in my future today
5) really nice portions last night that, while didn't provide actual hbi were quite satisfying, indeed! rawr!!!

Hi, peeps!

Tree, you are a woman of greater constitution than I. Wow, actual guts? I wonder what from? I don't think I'd be able to do your job without getting very sick. I'm okay with blood, but everything else, no way.

Poodle, thank you for not liking the new Bust, too. I don't know how Chloe Sevigny got to be the poster child for all that is "indie" just by dressing really badly and having a snide look on her face. I wish they'd catch up with the old-timers, too. You see so many pictures of them from back in the day, but then they kind of get lost if they don't do commercials for Arby's or something. At least pro wrestling brings The Fabulous Moolah back from time to time.

RV, I'm with FJ on the yellow. I looooove yellow in a house, so bright and airy and enough color to not be beige.

I'm jealous that you Chicago people get to meet Mouse, too. That would be so much fun!

Hellos to CH, FJ, Doodle, Jenn, Kel, et al!

Today's supposed to be another hot one, but I'm going outside anyway because I'm craving a smoothie and I told someone at work I'd bring one back for her, so now I really have to go. Maybe there'll be a breeze like yesterday and it'll be bearable. I just hope the heat lets up by Pride weekend. We'll be under a shade canopy, but I still don't want to roast.

I had another semi-productive night last night. I wanted to get more done than I did, but oh well. I finished off a flower necklace, which took longer than it should have because I had to rebuild the centerpiece with sterling pins that would actually stay where I positioned them. Then I finished off another easy necklace that just needed a clasp, then finished decoupaging the purse I started the night before, but never got around to doing another one like I'd intended. Hell's Kitchen was on and I wanted to watch. I did get my homework done, though, so I don't have to worry about that tonight. I've foregone the mosaiced vases because I just don't have the time to put into them to make them sellable, so I think I'm going to just keep them for myself. The glass is broken all jagged, so I can't get clean grout lines, so it looks a little amateur. The flower pots are way better because I break the tiles myself and their surfaces and edges are 100% smooth. But even then, the time required to make those is really worth a lot more than I can justifiably sell them for.

Anyway, enough talk about all the shit I still need to do in the next week and a half. I need to quit stressing about it and move on.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) I had a meeting with my boss and the other people I work directly with, and they're taking some work off me that I never had time for in the first place.
2) I did a Pink Floyd themed crossword puzzle on Friday, and that still makes me happy
3) Smoothie for lunch
4) Getting paid in 3 days, and a happy hour thing on Friday night
5) Don't need to worry about homework tonight
6) Seeing Sam on Sunday
7) The day's gone super fast so far because of meetings and junk, and none of them were too boring
Good afternoon everyone.

FJ I'm jealous of your storm, it be nothing but a bloody tease here. Ugh. I want rain! And thunder and lightning. No hail though, and no tornados or funnel clouds. CH wouldn't be so okay with that.

Diva, that is really great that they are thinking of taking some work off of your plate.

It's hot as hell out here, the temperature has gone from "gee I should've put deoderant on my balls" to "what the fuck have I done to deserve this and I miss the snow and windchill!"

While I don't miss the snow, I certainly don't miss this heat every summer. ugh.

Well I've returned all my phone calls, and almost all the repots! Now I must go.

Later all!

ETA: I just checked how hot it was it is actually only 29 degrees, but with the humidity it is 39!!!! That would be 102F!
ch, i meant to ask about this dream you had! was it naughty? hehe wub.gif

hey diva! wow, you are one busy lady! i'm so proud of you!

ok, i got my show in today, so that's good. it would be nice if she actually bought but honestly, at this point it really doesn't matter to me. i know i should have a better attitude about it but i don't.

i just ate a handful of soft batch cookies and i got chocolate on the couch from somewhere. i can't find it anywhere on my hands or arms. i wonder if it's on my ass. hehe

fil just arrived to finish cutting the tiles to fit in the bathroom. that way, mrfj can just put some mortar down and put them in place. i really hope he doesn't slice off a finger or something while it's just me here. i say that because he's quite accident prone and it wouldn't be the first time. eeek!

ok, need to find something good to eat. i think i'm going to eat some vegetable soup. and yes, the kind with alphabet pasta. smile.gif
Ahhh at home at last. In the house where it is cool. The drive home was way too hot.

FJ I hope you are staying cool!

I hope that everyone else has a good day!

Later all.

Good things Tuesday:

~I got a reprive today! The valve that was broken that fed that room actually was in a production area, and they were "producing" today so I couldn't work in there. Back there, tomorrow. And, leaving that room open to the outside has helped a it's not as concentrated. Still quite maggoty though.

~I fixed two a/cs today. Nice work. I got pretty dirty was over fifty years old.

We actually have quite a bit of buildings here at the U that don't have any a/c. They're too old...sometimes people have window units.

The worst ones are the ones that have steam radiators where the valves are broken and nobody wants to pay to have them the radiators are hot ALL. YEAR. Even when it's 90 degrees outside. I'm amazed the people will work in those conditions rather than pay me to come fix it.

See, I lurve hot weather. I hate the cold...and because I want to reserve the right to complain for when it's cold, you will never hear me complain about heat...hehe. Even when I went to new orleans in august, once. Although the steam tunnels on campus can get pretty hot...anywhere from 125 to 150 or so fahrenheit. When the sweat trickles down your nose and you aren't even know it's hot.

FJ, I've always wanted to star in a naughty dream..hehe...and what I've always wanted to do in one of those steamy hot summer days when you get a torrential downpour but the rain is kinda warm, is go out on my balcony, lay down naked and just let the rain, uh, do it's thing. You posting about the storm reminded me.

Divala, I think it was cow and pig guts.

Doodle, isn't it great when you finally get that crowning touch done in your room, and you can just sit back and enjoy it? I was totally unsatisfied with my living room until I found the *perfect* lights.

I dunno what I want to do for supper. Maybe just drink beer, I dunno. I'd like to take a salt bath, soak the piercing a bit, and set my hair, maybe give myself a facial. I'm gonna see what's on tv.
Hey ya'll!!

Tree, I am glad that you got a reprieve today, and that the room got aired out a little!

Oooh, the FJs are gonna have a whole new bathroom soon - WOOT! And a jackaroo!!! Wheeeee!

Not much going on work, gorgeous bike rides today, though. I decided to sprint to work as fast as I could this morning, but then, on my way home....I had no juice left in my legs, and had 20mph winds against was a long slog home, and I'll definitely be heading to the bath with a face mask on, like tree.

Diva - sounds like you are getting LOTS done for Pride!!

(((calming vibes for kel)))))
Okay, I'm late on the massive props to Tree for dealing with a big room full of stinky guts (I accidentally typed guys the first time...think it's a Freudian slip?). Blech. I love, Tree, that you are such a beautiful woman who does such typically "guy" work. It's a fantastic contrast, and I'm all about contrast. Hot chicks wielding wrenches???? Hell yeah!

And Grrl, did you say evisceration room? Yikes.

Doodle, I'm so jealous of your apartment. It is glorious. And I love that you have trained neighborboy to be your beck and call boy. I need one of those!

Hi Culture, FJ, Turbo, Minx (are you outta school yet? Today was my last day), Mox, Diva, RV, Poodle, and everyone!

Thanks for the calm down vibes, guys. I know I'm a bit prone to flip out. You should have seen me a year ago. I was a thousand times worse.

Oh, can I get vibes for my Dad? He's in the hospital with a kidney infection and possibly something else. They are running tests. I'm just starting a relationship with him, and I'm worried for him.

Good things Tuesday:
1. Summer vacation has started (but it's bittersweet because I will MISS these kids so much)
2. Coffee and CD shopping with bff
3. Good therapy session
4. Date with daisy tomorrow.
5. Found an old friend on Saturday and getting together on Friday.
6. Good music on my iTunes

Hi everyone!!!

Tree, the U of MN is a lot like that too, with the majority of the buildings not having AC. The biology buildings had it though, thankfully. God, I remember being in highschool when the bio-kids would dissect cats and fetal pigs (including me--pigs only though). We had a cold-war era, windowless building that would never be constructed today because of it's air quality (or lack thereof) characteristics. It's no wonder that I got so many headaches back then.

Kel, I'm so jealous of your summer vacay and blossoming relationship!!! Enjoy!!!

Oh god, you guys, I have the greatest story (well, not really). So, after work, I walked down the street to see my friend's band at Peavey Plaza. Several of my rockabilly pals attended, so it was lots of fun. Most of the rockabilly peeps I know are guys, and they always have little "betties" at their sides, usually for long periods of time. Of course, I'm always lookin' out for my guys and I'm really comfortable around them because I've known them for a long time. I try to befriend their girls, too, and it's usually okay. My friend, Trev (who diva knows), has been dating a girl for at least a year who is an uber petite glam princess. I've seen her a couple times and I've always been nice to her, despite negative reviews from most of his friends, etc. So, anyway, I was play-flirting with Trev, and she says to me, "You're like the 'fat bar bitch,' aren't you?" WHAT?!!!! So I went and got a couple beers (you know, to fatten myself up) and I came back and said to her "I may be fat and I may be a bitch, but I am NOT a 'fat bar bitch'." I wish I woulda dumped my beer on her fucking betty bangs and red bandana. Fucking skank. I told Trev that she's on my permanent shit-list. I almost can't wait to see her again so I can walk up to her and say, "hey, you're like the scrawny, titless bar bitch, aren't you!!" Next time she says anything bitchy to me, she's getting a cheap drink in her face, and I'm looking forward to it, and I've got a lot of people to back me up. Skank ass ho.
Poodle, that little bitch gets a triple neck punch from me. What a bag of assholes.
Dorothy has not left the building.

I'm going to have to have shock wave litho...latho...something....some kind of sonic blasting of the kidney stone to break it up into smaller, passable pieces. I have to go to Vancouver for it. I told the specialist to try and get a slot for late summer/early fall, 'cause I ain't goin' anywhere right now unless I'm hitching. But it means if I get any kind of fever, or pain in my side, I have to go back to the ER.


My kidney was swollen the last time I saw the "pictures" of it, but now it has shrunk to less than what it was originally, because of the infection. It's not serious, supposedly - it's apparently a "healthy kidney." Also, I have some kind of tumor in my kidney, but it's supposed to be benign, probably residual something-or-other from the infection.

I just want this to all be over.

Also, I hauled my ass up the steepest 6-block hill downtown today, thinking his office was up that particular avenue, and I was wrong (directionally challenged on foot, I guess), and had to go back down. Wearing slides, no socks. FUCK I miss my car.

~*~*~*~*~keldad vibes~*~*~*~*~ Been there, survived the kidney infection....good luck to your dad!

That is all. Going to go work on the bathroom some more.

ETA: I'm glad I'm helping the boys decorate their apartment - it's making de-cluttering decisions so much easier! Four metres of red velour that I have to admit I'm never going to do anything with? Hmm...don't they have a red vintage sofa, and aren't we planning on doing floor pillows for them? Yes. Yay! (Wait till I tell them the fabric is leftover from our last production of The Vagina Monologues.) I've also gotten rid of a wall hanging rescued from the women's centre, a cat bed nobody uses, a cat tunnel that's just one too many for me, a pair of weird pillow forms doodlemama de-cluttered to me, two pieces of cheap pottery that I've come close to tossing about 86 times, and a mop bucket doodlemama bought for some reason while I was in hospital (I have a Swiffer WetJet, a big Rubbermaid bucket, and NO mop, so I'm not sure what was going on there), by simply walking them across the hall.

And - NOBODY LAUGH OR EVERYBODY DIES - I'm painting the frame of a small round mirror I remembered I had in a cupboard.....for guitarboy, so the Leo can gaze at himself. Heh. I've given it a black underbase, and a metallic purple, gold, copper, and bronze finish. Very regal and Leonine, don't you think? (Seriously though, I've never seen anyone enjoy my apartment's mirrors so much. I even called him on it - he just laughed and agreed that I have "cool mirrors." rolleyes.gif )

It's the least I could do for smoking so much of their weed!

By the way, for the record wink.gif, sex with neighbourboy is not on for me, whatever kind of crush he might have. 1) Too lost and needy. 2) Has long distance girlfriend. But even if all that changes: 3) He's a Taurus. I'm a Sagittarius. I'm holding out for the Leo. cool.gif
The Leo sounds way better anyway, Doodle. So sorry to hear about Dorothy! Sonic blasting of kidney stones? That's sounds almost Star Trekkian to me.
Good Morning Good Morning!

Tree, people are nuts! Leaving heat on in hot weather! At least that means busy for you, and ergo cash for you! A room full of guts eh? Ha Kel, I also wrote guys at first! That's pretty raunch.

Turbo, my hat goes off to you as well for biking to work every day. I would fear for my life, I've seen what people to do cyclists in this city (myself included with asshat cyclists only. LIke the ones who run stop signs...grrrrrr). Anyways, I hopes you enjoyed your bath and masque, you deserve it.

Hi Kel, ~*~*~*~vibes for Kel's daddy-o~*~*~*~ I hope you have fun on your date! That's cool that you are meeting up with an old friend.

Poodle, what a fucking bitch! I would've said something to her at that moment. I would say something the next time you see her. Something along the lines of being the skanky whore bar slut who is actually a bad lay.

Doodle. Ugh, sorry to hear about Dorothy. I didn't laugh about your story. I am, however, in awe of your designing skillz. I think that you need to take a trip here, I'll get you really fucking baked, feed you and take you for a tour, hell I'd even pay for the ticket, so I could get your aid in doing a fabulous room reno! smile.gif

Well it's cool here today, rainy, and most important not hot as hell. i got my letter of offer for work, which is really great. I got a raise as well, so that's all good. I'm feeling kind of blah today, I've got cramps and I'm slightly off because of ye olde period. Well, I hope that everyone else is doing well.

Later kats!
Good Morning, Chicas!

((Kel dad)) I hope your dad is ok, kel. How worrisome. How is he today?

(doodle) Ugh! Dorothy is still with you? That's got to be frustrating. I hope it is ok until you can have the procedure. I LOVE that piece of furniture that you painted. That looks fabulous! The green is beautiful. What shade and brand is it? I think it is very sweet that you are painting something for guitar boy.

Poodle! OMG! I cannot believe that girl said that to you! WTF??? Where does she get off? I want to smack her. ((poodle))

Hi Tree, FJ, Moxie, minx, CH and anyone one I have forgotten.

Fj, it sounds like your line of thinking regarding your job is smart. Just take it as it comes, with a different job on the horizon after jackaroo is born. I am really glad you are getting paid for shows now though, that seems much more fair. I don't blame you for having a less than rosy attitude! Props to Mr FJ for laying that tile. We need to repair some grout this weekend actually.

I am sorta grumpy today, but not quite sure why. I think I might be pre-menstrual. Do you ever have days where everything just seems overwhelming & like it takes too much effort? I'm having one of those days. It'll be alright, I just hope nobody pisses me off. tongue.gif
happy hump day busties!

kel, i hope your dad is ok. good that you guys are rebuilding your relationship. ~*~*~*~get better keldad!~*~*~*~*

doodle! when i first read your post, i thought you said that dorothy had LEFT the building and i was so happy but then i re-read it and now i see that it's not great news. sorry girl. hopefully this procedure will work out though. very cool about helping the neighbors redecorate their place. you should absolutely take some before and after pics of your work. i think you should really make this natural penchant for decor into your new JOB. maybe you can be an organizer/decorator, where you take things from people's closets/basements/attics and turn them into treasures! i think you would be awesome at that. shit, you already ARE!

poodle, what the fuck was her problem? what kind of person says something like that? holy shit! she obviously has some insecurity issues if she has to talk to people like that. i'm in awe of your decorum for holding it together and not smacking her. was her guy standing there when she said it? what was his reaction? if mrfj heard me be flat out mean like that to someone, especially someone that he was friendly with, i think he'd lose some respect for me at the very least. but then again, that's just not the kind of thing i would do. unprovoked, i mean.

tree, it's funny but i'm usually just like you when it comes to heat. i would SO much rather be hot than cold. cold makes me angry and hurty. heat just makes me tired. i guess it's the extra 35 lbs or so that i'm carrying that is making me more miserable than usual. actually, the past couple days haven't been bad. it was in the upper 90s over the weekend, but the temps have dropped back down in the 80s now and it's much more bearable.

but, we fiiiinally heard back from the ac guy and we are moving forward with getting the new unit. i never thought i'd be this excited about getting an ac that i can't afford. tongue.gif

doodle, boo on dorothy, yay on designing for neighborboys

~*~*~vibes for kel's daddy-o~*~*~

poodle, i would have punched the bitch. or kicked her in the uterus. you have far more restraint than i do.

tree, yay for reprieves! how's the piercing doing? and for everyone that's inquired about mine, it's been all healed up and ready to play for a couple weeks now. and i have been playing. wink.gif

*looks sheepish* okay, i'm an asshat, i run stop signs all the time. but only when there's no cars around, and i'm familiar enough with my route to not be caught off guard. and i have absolutely no qualms about running a red light for a left turn when it's like 4 or 5 am and there are no cars to trip the signal for me. i think they should have cyclist buttons planted in the street at the far left of any given lane, maybe a bit under street level so the cyclist would have to use the toe of their shoe to press it and cars wouldn't be randomly tripping it. that way if there are no cars around to trip the signal, the cyclist doesn't have to sit there waiting forever or go over and press the pedestrian button (if there even is one) and get back out to the street. do they make those, has anyone else thought of that yet? i could be sitting on a gold mine here.

okay, i missed good things tuesday cause i was busy playing with my new dsl, so i'm doing it now.

1. new dsl. i was able to download my new episode of the tudors in no time flat, and i've got the first season of big love going right now, and it's already at 15% since i started it before going to bed. it would have been maybe maybe 2% by now with my old connection

2. work got done super early last night, which gave me time to get everything ready to go for today, so all i have to do when i get there is clock in

3. it was a perfect night for a bike ride: warm, but not too hot to worry about the good clean sweat you're working up. if i hadn't had work in the morning, i could have ridden for miles. you know, it's getting to where i don't even like walking anymore if i'm outside. if i'm on the street, i have to be on my bike. using my feet feels wierd

*waves hi to kari and turbo and everyone*

eta: total x-post with jack's mama! hi fj, jack *rubs tummy*
Mornin' chickadees!!

Ugh, I stayed up too late and drank too much beer. Fortunately nobody was here when I dragged my late ass into the office.

~*~*~*~healthy kidney vibes for kel's dad and doodle~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~stay cool vibes for the FJ's~*~*~*~

Doodle, I had a dream that my mom visited you pad and came back with rave reviews!! Oh, and I think you're wise about not bumpin' uglies with your neighbor, because you gotta see him pretty much everyday and it would be weird.

Yay for culture's raise!

Yeah, I shoulda said something to that soulless skank right there, but it took me by surprise. Her man was just silent. I'm sure he said something to her when I left. Heh, my other friend kept telling me that I should kick her ass. It would be too damn easy. I'm amazed that those two are still together. I guess they fight all the time. Somebody called the cops on them earlier in the week because they were fighting so loudly.

ETA- X-post!! Hi grrrl!!
Good lord, it's quiet in here today.

Hi all! Talked to my dad today. He's still in the hospital, but they think they are going to release him today. Turns out it wasn't his kidneys but some kind of infection that he can't remember the name of that they think he got from a tick bite (but not lyme disease). Dad isn't always the brightest crayon in the box, so he couldn't remember what they said. But the good news is he sounds great and feels much better, so thanks for the vibes!

Poodle, that little skank will get her come-uppance one day. I so wish I could punch her in the neck.

Yay for FJ's AC progress!

~~~~~~~~~Anti-PMS vibes for Kari!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yay for Culture's raise!

I need the Okayer's opinions....My bff gave my phone number to a guy I've known for years. We've always had a mild flirtation going on, but nothing ever came of it. Saw him at the beach party on Saturday for the first time in years and we talked for a long time. He's got some issues...bipolar, unemployed, 8 years sober. Supernice, supersmart. Anyhoo, he called my bff at her work and asked for my number. And she gave it to him because she was flustered. She told me again and again she was sorry and should have asked me first but was put on the spot. She did mention to him I was dating someone. He called and asked to hang out. I said sure, but I'm dating someone. He said he had to admit he was disappointed about that, but he'd like to hang out anyway. Okay, what do I do about this? I would love to be his friend, but I'm afraid someone with his mental health issues may not take boundaries very seriously. What do you think?

yeah, it's been pretty quiet for the past couple of days now.

i'm here, lurking about. i just got up from a nap. i was feeling really optimistic about the two guys i had set up for appointments this afternoon but the bastids decided not to show, or call. i called both and laid a pretty thick guilt trip. so i'm hoping they'll actually listen to the messages and call me back. i have one other appointment later tonight and i feel good about him since he called me this afternoon and asked for the directions again, but you never know.

meanwhile, i'm sitting here eating way too many tiny sweet-tarts shaped like pacifiers that came from baby shower favor bags. seriously. this much sugar should be illegal. but i couldn't stop until they were all gone. two little favor bags full. eek!

also found out today that my friend's cancer has spread to her other breast. poor thing has already had one breast removed and has undergone several rounds of chemo. i'm not sure what she is going to do. she's the type of person that doesn't always tell you when things are going bad for her. she works with mrfj and he said she asked each person in the office to come outside with her individually today so she could tell them. the fact that she did that scares the crap out of me and makes me think it might be even worse. i'm afraid to call her. i only saw her saturday at my shower.

glad to hear that your dad is ok, kel. sorry about the infection, but at least he's getting released.

hm. is there any way your friend could come along when you and the guy go out? i think you're right - someone in his position may not be the most respectful of boundaries, regardless of his good intentions. putting a third wheel in there makes it a little more difficult for him to give himself the wrong idea.
Actually most bicyclists probably aren't bad...but I'm a little, uh, tired, just cause of having to drive around the campus during a class change. 49,000 students all hitting the streets at the same time, every two hours, bicycles, mopeds, and better not be in a hurry to go ANYWHERE. You can't really blame them, though...but I've seen some NUTS the ones who go hurtling down the SIDEWALK, in an area where there are alleyways, I've almost creamed them. And we have special bike lanes with their own stop-and-go lights just for the bikes, but many of them run their red lights, and I've almost creamed a couple of them too. They can go the "wrong" way down a one way street on those bike lanes, so you don't expect to have to look to the left, when all the traffic's coming from the right, and you have the green light, you don't expect to start out into the intersection watching to the right cause it's a one way street, and have a bike almost slam into the left side of your service van. It's just WRONG.

Actually I'd like to see dedicated overpasses at major intersections for bicycles. Grrl, your toe-pusher thing sounds kewl, but it'd make it awfully hard for the asphalt people to do the street repairs...but, keep thinking, you'll come up with a winner!

Back to the muscle biology building today. That job is turning into a nightmare. It's ammonia refrigeration, (I bet grrl knows about that) but everything is so rotten and old that it's breaking as I take it apart to repair it. And it'll take a LONG time to get parts if we have to order any. And the muscle biology department is pretty poor, moneywise, it's not as glamorous as the biotechnology departments are. So they don't get as many grants and stuff. I feel bad, but this bill is going to add WAY up. The viscera room isn't gonna be operational anytime soon. sad.gif

kel, I'm glad your dad's feeling better. I dunno about your friend. Oh, and thank you for the sweet comment yesterday, it made my day.

FJ, I'm glad your a/c's on track to get replaced! Yeah, I bet if I were eight months pregnant, the heat'd be bothering me tooooo...and even if you are afraid to, I think you should call your friend. Everybody else is probably afraid to, as well, which makes her pretty alone.

Poodle, I'm sending a mental HEX on that skank. And I wanna read one day about you throwing a cheap drink into her face. Heh. Skank.

CH, congrats on the raise!! Yay!

Grrl, the piercing is well as can be expected. I haven't been able to keep bear at bay and we've been playing, but only with dental dams and condoms, and not really touching the area, although he licks it through the dental dam...also being back to work I had to switch back to my higher waisted jeans (I don't need to show no plumber butt when I'm bent into a refrigerator cabinet)...and they seem to irritate the piercing a little. I dunno why, it's not like I'm walking around with cameltoe or anything. But, anyway, it's been a little sore, sometimes, since I've been back to work, and secreting some clear liquid. I don't suspect an infection though, the color's okay and it doesn't feel hot to the touch or anything.

Doodle, I'm sorry to hear about dorothy. sad.gif There's no buses to vancouver? Because knowing that it is there, I know that the Okayers will be worried about you until we know she has left for good!

~*~*anti PMS vibes for kari*~*~

So I made myself some pasta salad for supper last night, will have leftovers tonight. Yum! And the buses were all free because we're having an Ozone Action Day...I didn't think it was THAT hot, usually those days are the worst of summer, high temperatures and humidity and no wind. 'twasn't too bad today, I didn't think.

Good afternoon all! Just got back from the grocery store....I WALKED. Ugh. Actually, it's not so bad - this metformin must be doing something; I feel stronger than I've felt in a long time. Also, my pores are shrinking and my skin is less oily....but I hope that doesn't mean I'm going to start getting all wrinkly now! (It's an essential boost to my ego when people say, "You don't look anywhere near thirty-eight!") (Whatever thirty-eight is supposed to look like.)

Thanks again everyone, for your support and also kudos. What on earth would we do without Okayland????? The possibility is too horrible to even contemplate.

kel - IF your old friend has been in a program of sobriety, i.e., A.A. or a counselling program, then his relation to boundaries may have changed and evolved. Eight years is a lot of sober time. Also, if he's medicated for his bipolarism, it might be okay. I'm not telling you to go for it or anything, but I'm just hoping to alleviate some concerns. (And I can't say anything about him being unemployed....because I am too!) So glad to hear it's not a kidney infection your dad has. That's a dangerous thing to have - as I now know!!! By the way, happy birfday, belatedly!

FJ! I'm TOTALLY going to photodocument the boys' decorating process! And I'm also going to be helping the gay ex-priest de-clutter his apartment, so I think I'll photodocument that, too. I think I might have a gimmick for developing a self-help program, actually, using the whole "home = self" metaphor. Heh. Promise you'll buy my book. wink.gif

poodle, now everytime I answer the door, I'm going to be expecting your ma. What does she look like? wink.gif I'm not going to sleep with neighbourboy, but I still haven't ruled out guitarboy, who is also going to be my neighbour. I know, I know. But IF the possibility is truly there, I promise I won't jump into anything quickly or casually.

kari, I wish I could tell you the paint colour on the bookcase, but I wound up inventing it myself. The paint I bought (Behr) turned out too lime-ish, so I mixed some of my craft acrylics in it, until I got a colour I could live with. (Which is probably why a small section of it blistered in the sun....but it's all encased in three coats of polyurethane now, which is the furniture equivalent of being fossilized in amber.) Thank goodness I learned something about mixing paint colours from making art, or I could have really effed that up!!! How is your practicum going these days?

culture, if you decide to get a place of your own, I'll come out to Winterpeg and help you decorate that!

treehugger, I love how you can go from talking about cow and pig guts to finding the perfect lamps for your living room. wink.gif There are buses to Vancouver, but a return ticket is still almost $200 CAD. I just do not have the money at the moment.

Hi also to grrrl, turbo, minx, diva, polly, octinoxate, pugs, rose, moxie, PK, lorewolf, and anyone I'm missing!

Well, I got the bathroom taped and primed last night - WHAT a pain in the ass! Especially behind the toilet. Now I'm going to play Tom Petty CDs loudly and go slap the first coat of paint up, then play my guitar while it dries.
Ooooo, doodle, I can help you with that!

To paint behind the toilet, get a big garbage bag and drape it over the tank and tape it in place...then go to town with a skinny roller!
hop by! i've been half-assedly lurking, i just don't spend much time online at the moment

can i get jobbity vibes? i find out tomorrow if i get a job at that coffee chain that i'm sure you all can guess where i had an interview. that place that has pictures of paul mccartney doing the 'blue steel' in the window

i'm sure i'll be a more regular lurking posting thinger in a while. i just go through phases, you know?
Culture need food. Be back when belly full.

*scratches self*
HiHi ya'll!!!

Tyg, I think you need to think carefully about whether you can stand to spend a summer with Paul McCartney and Wilco on endless loop...I, for one, could not take it. That, and my body and all of my clothes smelling like coffee - that smell sticks. A friend of mine has moonlighted at starfucks for the last 6 years, and I can't sit next to her after she's worked a shift. woof. Their pay and benefits certainly are decent for food service, though, so there's that.

Doodle, I am SO sorry to hear that Dorothy is still in residence. Booooooo! Any chance you can find some small org somewhere to help you with travel expenses - does the hospital have some kind of foundation or something? I'd hate to see you have to wait until fall for this. Dorothy needs to be evicted PRONTO!!

Grrrl, I am so with you on feeling like walking is too slooooow. I am the same way this time of year, and the thought of taking the train to work is torturous. I will certainly roll through a stop sign - I DO slow down, look both ways...I do NOT ride the wrong way down one way streets - that is so not right. And if there's a stoplight - I do stop and wait...traffic can come up on you way too quick. I'm seriously hankering for a new bike again, though...I just can't go fast enough on my current ride. Gonna have to start putting some pennies aside.

Tree, sounds like the viscera project is getting more complicated by the minute! I hear you on feeling bad about the billing...that's pretty much why I'm lousy at freelancing...I can't get myself to charge what I should.

FJ, I'm sorry to hear about your there to support her if she asks. Offer to help in any way you can - cooking, driving to treatments or doc appointments, and help keep her spirits up with visits with your little jackaroo when he comes! ((((FJs friend))))

We went to our favorite taqueria for dinner for some spicy pork and griddled onion tacos....sooooo goooooo.
Evenin' okayers!!

Ah, FJ, I'm so sorry about your friend. I'm impressed by her composure. I hope she doesn't feel like people don't want to listen to her. ~*~*~*~health vibes for FJ's friend~*~*~*~

That's great that your dad's okay, kel!! I'm not sure about the guy thing either. I would probably go out with him and casually mention it to daisy. When you're hanging out with him, make sure to talk about daisy.

~*~*~*~job vibes for tyg~*~*~*~

Doodle, that is kinda strange, because my mom is out of town this week. Hmmm...

Hi tree and culture!!

This is funny. I got a call from a friend's girlfriend and she consoled me for last night's encounter with bitch-girl. She told me that she refuses to go out with those guys if bitch-girl's gonna be there. I guess bitch-girl has said mean things to all of her friends and even sent her a mean email once. She also stalks Trev and throws fits in public if he's hanging out with female friends from work, etc. It gets worse. Last night, those guys went to the C.C. Club and everything was cool until bitch-girl came back to the table after playing video games and then punched Trev in the face 3 times and left!! She called later and told him that she filed a police report and that he better not come back home. WTF?! He stayed at a friend's house last night. I guess they're on the verge of breaking up, but it probably won't stick because she's psycho and she forces her way back into his life everytime. I wish he would grow some balls. Now I'm almost excited to see her again so that I can provoke her.

ETA- Oops!! X-post!! Hi turbo!!
Good evening everyone.

Kari, I hope that you are feeling better now. But if you need to feel grumpy, then by all means do so. Sometimes it feels good to be grumpy.

FJ, that is so great that you are going to be the proud owners of a new AC, among other things! smile.gif I'm really sorry to hear about your friend.

Grrrl, I imagine that when you are in traffic you obey traffic laws. I mean I've ssen cyclist just kind of invent their own traffic laws. Ummm, now we are getting into safety issues. I'm not a cyclist hater, don't get me wrong! I am more than happy to share the road, but cyclists and drivers have to remember that one is bigger than the other! Just becausese you're driving some big stinkin' SUV or minivan doesn't mean you can bowl someone over. Ugh. How are you finding the play anyway?

Poodle, that is fucked up that someone called the cops. You know your fighting isn't healthy when... That girl (and she is a girl if she does that shit) sounds like she has some learning to do. I'm glad I ain't dating her.

Kel, If you aren't comfortable, then you have to say so.

Ugh Tree. *tips hat* good for you for being able to deal with that. As for the discharge, I'm not too sure, I never had that. I'd call the piercer just to make sure though. I would rinse off the piercing after you go to the washroom. Use some warm water.

Doodle! Still craptastic about the lack of the car, but that's good that you are feeling strong now! I'd lurveth it if you came to Winterpeg! It's not so bad in the summer, just hot and humid. Not all the time. It was actually very nice today.

Turbo, you and Grrrl are the responsible safety conscious cyclists! YAY! That makes me happy. I also want your dinner.

Tyger I'm with Turbo on this one, but again, do what you feel is best for you.

Well, I worked out for 45 minutes on the elipitical trainer, and I feel like I hardly worked out, must be all the period uglies I have going on. It's so much cooler today, and will stay cool for the rest of the week. I really don't have much else to add, I'm feeling rather introverted.

Later everyone.
Poods, are you watching So You Think You Can Dance? You know I am. Best part is - its on tomorrow too! Wheeee!

Kel, I think you can trust yourself with boundaries, if you choose to meet up with that guy...but trust your instincts, whatever they are.

Poodle, I do have to say that your sassy avvie photo du jour is my makes me smile everytime I see it, you sexy chica! Good thing Kel's taken care of the skank with her patented neck punches!
yes, i can deal with zoolander man and smelling like coffee and a shorter bus ride to work and working with my friends. can i have my job vibes now, please? tongue.gif

~*~*~dorothy get your butt out of oz and back to kansas~*~*~

me and my friends are gathering for watching the first season of the muppet show this eveing. it should be awesomely fun
Kel, it sounds like you are uncomfortable with the situation. Remember with taking care of yourself, also means being able to say no. I think it is ok to just say no to the whole situation. Don't put yourself in a situation you don't want to be in.

i will go back to lurking...
Awww...shucks. Thanks, turb. I wish the picture had slightly better resolution/definition on this page. It's a lot cooler in its original size.

Crap!! I missed SYTYCD!! I'll have to watch tomorrow. I need my dancing fix!!

These bracelets are so darn cute. I bought this one. I thought about getting the "bra ads" one, but I wanted something more colorful.
Good evening, fair citizens of Okayland!

Thanks for your thoughts about the kidney thing.

And turbo, I've been thinking about ways of going to Vancouver sooner, but the more I think about it....honestly, I'd rather wait. It would completely fuck with my head if I had to travel and have a big phooey medical procedure right now, and all that entails, and especially, in this case, a temporary loss of independence, after fighting so hard to regain it. I feel like I'm just STARTING to get "myself" back right now, and that goes back years. I'd rather wait, I think, even if money wasn't the issue.

treehugger, thanks for the painting tip! It's much better now! Sadly, not quite perfect...whomever installed the toilet installed it crooked, so I still couldn't quite reach everything without...I dunno, a hundred pixies, maybe, all with tiny paintbrushes. I. Don't. Care. Anymore. I just want it done!!!

I'm going to be able to get the second coat of green paint up in my bathroom before bed tonight. YAY!

I am writing a song. Yes. I am. I just started messing around tonight and trying different things - it wasn't divinely inspired or anything. This is what I have so far - NOBODY LAUGH OR EVERYBODY DIES:

I live here
In this crazy house
The jungle's taking over
A panther's on the prowl

And the tiger's on the sofa
And the garden's on the wall
You could step through the mirrors
But would you want to leave at all

I also have the melody for a chorus or a bridge, I think, but no more words yet.

Also I am wearing my sunglasses right now (and also while song-tinkering). Indoors. At night. Because....why not?

And on that note, so I must go.
Doodle, I promise, I did not laugh. I like what you have so far.

FJ, that sucks about your friend. ~~~~vibes for FJ's friend~~~~

Tree, no problem. I give compliments and I'm available for bar mitzvahs and weddings.

~~~~~~~job vibes for Tyger~~~~~~~~~~~

Poodle, that girl, as they say around my neck of the woods, ain't right in the head, is she? Good lord.

Turbo, your dinner sounds divine.

I'm in a funk. Had a date with daisy. It was fine. Stuff happened (read between the lines). It was okay. I wanted it to be great, not okay. Now I'm all all feels weird now. Aaargh.
kel...sometimes I feel that way too! It's like you build up the expectations (and/or anxieties!) in your head, and then poof! WTF was that? And it's not just sex. wink.gif more song-tinkering tonight. Finished painting the bathroom and got all the tape off the walls. Then I started scrubbing all the fixtures and the tiles nice and shiny. But once I started trying to clean the floor....I looked around and realized I could no longer live with the floor. It's yucky. Not to mention that it has a fucking rectangular-shaped orange stain on it, from where I dropped a nicotine patch face down on the floor and didn't know it was spending several days under the nice humid bathmat. And I quit smoking in 2000. Not one more minute could I look at it.

Anyway, my point WAS yucky. I had another box of vinyl tiles purposely stashed away for just this moment, same as the kitchen floor doodlemama and I put down. Heh. So I actually started that tonight. Should be done by tomorrow bedtime, unless other distractions manifest themselves. It's going to look eight thousand times better when it's done. I wish I could rip up the carpets, too. I might if I'm here long enough. I'd get BFF to help me do the whole place in bamboo-coloured wood laminate. I'd learn how to use bigger power tools, too. Heh.

And I'm sorry, I didn't get "before photos" of the doodlebiffy. I couldn't bear even waiting to charge up the camera batteries. All of a sudden on Monday morning, I just had to do the thing. (That's probably a sign that I'm about ready to go back into the working world, huh?) Both the boys saw the "before," though, and I can't wait to show them "the reveal," and prove the swift power of my home improvement skilz! They'll be like putty in my hands when we're working on their place. Heh heh heh....

Now it's very late (but who cares, 'cause I don't have to go anywhere!), and I'm very looking forward to my bed. Good night!
Good morning.

Hi Turbo! You haven't been telling us about the yummies you've been cooking lately, and since i enjoy living through you in regards to your uber fab cooking, I am going through Turbo food withdrawl. Aside from that, how are things going with you? Work is?

~*~*~*~*job vibes for Tyger~*~*~*~*~*~ I also have season one of the muppets on DVD.

Hi Star!!!!! how are you doing?

Poodle, those are really fun funky bracelets! I think they are fab! Love the bad girl one you are getting!

hey Doodle, I promise I didn't laugh. I am in awe of your craftiness, and also highly highly envious, as my craft skills are a little below that of a gorilla, I think that an ape of some sort would have better skills than I.

Kel, sometimes it happens. Both parties are so nervous the first time that sometimes the sex is less than mind blowing. You build up all this anticipation, then that's it. I know that things will improve.

Well, here it is Thursday. Ugh. It's cloudy here, but at least it's not crazy hot. I'm almost caught up at work, now I'm going to need to create some work for myself, I'll go through my files. All things said, I want it to be the end of the work day. Good thing, I'm getting highly bored with facebook, the novelty has worn off. Addiction beat!

Hey, does anyone have any recommendations for some good beatnik jazz? I don't want Kenny G type jazz, I want that cool jazz, and I'm fresh out of ideas.

I hope that everything is going well so far.



Poodle, I love the bracelet you bought! Verrrrrry nice! Bitch girl sounds nutz. Seriously. Punching Trev in the face?? LOCO!

Doodle, a-ha! No wonder that green shade is so pretty, it's a doodle original. It's really nice. I love the idea of redoing your bathroom floor. What did you use on the kitchen floor? I really want to re-do our kitchen floor. It is terrible.

((KEL)) Like doodles said, sometimes we expect too much. I mean, was everything ok? Just not what you thought? Regarding hanging out with the other dude, I'd say if you have any reservations, just don't do it. Seems like there may be more risk than more to gain.

((FJ friend)) That is really sad. I hope she is ok.

Props to you for working out, CH. I have scheduled myself for a spin class at lunch, but I just don't know if I can deal with it today. For me, it seems however my week starts off w/ workouts is how it continues. Last week I got to the gym on Monday, which led to a good week of working out. This week I didn't, and have yet to hit the gym once.

I am really tired today. Wednesdays & Thursdays are my hell days. Work from 7AM-3:30PM, internship from 4PM-8ish. I got home around 9 last night. Oye.
what up bitches?

wow, kari, that is a crazy schedule! i'm tired just looking at it!! but, it's thursday so at least you only have one more day of it!!

poodle, yeah, that chick sounds like she's got some MAJOR issues. and trevor sounds like he might be co-dependent himself! i don't get why people stick in relationships that way. and then i remember that i was in a relationship exactly like that for oh, nine years. blink.gif i guess he will just have to reach a breaking point before realizing he should kick her to the curb.

kel, don't worry. now that the ice is broken, you guys will be great next time. first times are often really awkward. next time, you two will just get drunk and nasty. heheh.

culture, i'll have to check out some of our compilation cds for some good jazz. i'll get back to you on it! (unless mrfj reads this and then he can offer some suggestions since he probably knows them better than me.)

thanks for the vibes about my friend. she's a tough lady and doesn't like to share her feelings. she knows we all care about her and love her dearly and she's been dealing with this now for about five years on and off. i think talking about it makes her feel weak, as wrong as that is. so when she does it on her own terms it's because she wants to. we've offered to bring her dinners and stuff before but she never takes us up on it. actually, she let mrfj smoke her up once or twice so that might be a good option. i wish i could go over and get super stoneded with her and just be silly. she let me live with her when i left the asshat. she didn't have to do that.

ok, off to yet another doc appointment. i guess this time we'll see if i've dilated anymore. EEEP!
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