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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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oh wow! KARI! that's fabulous! good for you! yayyy! how much longer do you think you'll be working there?

grr, bad news with the ac! the compressor is bad and he said since it's such an old unit, we should replace the whole thing. but he did say he would be able to get it wholesale at more than half the cost i was quoted before. we have to get a 4 ton unit. sheesh. why didn't we just stay in an apartment!?!? we will have to pay out about $2500 for the unit and labor (he said he'd charge about $800 for installation of the outdoor and indoor units, does that sound fair?). the quote we got last year was 5K just for the unit. UGH! we are maxxed out where credit is concerned so it looks like we're going to have to dip into mrfj's 401k on this. which sucks ass big time. but i can't have my boy sweating his balls off this summer. it's only june for crying out loud.

so that's that!

wow, all those piercings are for ladies with much greater constitutions than mine. i'll stick with the easy one and go back and get my belly ring put back in when i get my tummy back.

ok, i'm cleaning this house up. 'rents eta is 5pm, so i want the house to look decent when they get here. it's mostly laundry that i'm doing right now. but i'm going to make a kick ass baked ziti that will take their attention away from any visible cathair on the floor. tongue.gif

happy friday!
Hellooooooo everyone!

Pugs, I was researching corset piercings ages ago. Thing is, they have a high rejection rate because you aren't piercing anthing protruding from the body, per se. It's the same thing with web piercings, they also have high rejection rates, being on the hands and all.

Kari, that is great about your raise!!!!

Minx cool tattoos! I will never get my tongue pierced. I'm not messing with perfection when it comes to my oral skillz! Not even going to risk it.

FJ, that sucks ass about the AC.

Well there is only about three hours left in the day, and my mother is again asking me to pick her up. Listen, if you don't want to take the bus home then drive to work, I'm getting sick and tired of being a chaffeur. I need a car as a condition of my employment, and unless you are intending on chipping in for my gas, keep your ass on the bus.


She's driving me bonkers.
((FJs)) Sooooo sorry to hear about your AC! sad.gif I fear stuff like that, being a new homeowner. Ugh. So so sorry. I have no idea on prices, so I don't have any input as to whether that is fair.

FJ, what's up with your job? Haven't heard you mention it in a while. Are you still doing it?

That ziti sounds delish!

How much longer will I be working here? Hard to say. At least til December, maybe til Feb. Or until I find a decent paying job in the mental health field. A task, to be sure.

The piercing talk gives me the willies! I am so sqeamish.

Fj, is your shower this weekend?
Drive students gave me a surprise birthday party today (b-day is Sunday...33). It was so fucking cute! Balloons, cake, cupcakes, the works. I was so touched!!
FJ- that blows about the AC. have you thought about maybe getting a couple of window units to tide through the summer? We have one in our BR, one in the kitchen and one in moxette's BR. I know FL is a whole other ball of wax, but $2500 blows chunks.

ok, bebe choices are...nap myself or do ironing...hmmm...both involve being in my BR. maybe i'll just do both?
fj...what exactly do you have, in terms of heating and cooling. Is this a heat pump or just an A/C? Do you have a seperate furnace for heating in the winter, or is this unit doing both? What is the brand, model number, and serial number of what you have?

And, why do you now need a four ton instead of a three ton? Was there an addition to your house? I mean, the heat gain should be the same. Unless you have more house than there used to be.

Hopefully I can help you.

Hey peepers!!

Congrats on the raise kari!! 15%?! Holy shitballs!!

Damn, that corset piercing looks scary!!

(((minx and minxlette))) What an asshat.

FJ, that sucks about the AC. Expensivo.

I'm seriously hungry right now. I barely ate anything today because I was concentrating on my work.

I'm gonna go home, nap, and clean because my BFF is coming up tonight. She wants to do some heavy drinking, but I'm not in the mood for that really. Maybe later.

So what does everyone have planned for the weekend?
Happy fuckin' Friday, you freaks! biggrin.gif
Yeah, so it's a weak insult. I know. Waddaya gonna do, ya know? [shrug]

CONGRATS, Kari! That's fabulous!!!

FJ, I hope things work out for you. Florida is the summer is killer. Even window units can't cut it. ~~~~~~~ coool breezes for Family FJ ~~~~~~~~

No tattoos for me. I just can't think of an image that I would want permanently attached to my body. Guess I'm too picky!

I saw a quiz that made me think of the Okayers, so I had to drop in to post this.
Quiz: What Font Are You?
I am Arial, unfortunately. But I took it a second time & changed only one answer & got Lucinda. So who knows!

For the extra geeky among you, here's another one.
Quiz: Arial or Helvetica?
I really sucked at this one.
oh. dear. maude. the afternoon i've had. first of all, i had to stay an extra three hours at work, because someone screwed up the scheduling and if i didn't stay, someone else was going to have to put in like, six hours of overtime. i was already tired and cranky and looking forward to getting off at my scheduled time, so this did not make for a happy grrrl. so i finally get off, grab my bike, drop my undone lock into my backpack as usual, and head off for the bank to cash my paycheck. i lock my bike up outside, go in and do my thing, and come back out to fucking. keys. my aunt's already on her way with c-monkey, so once they get there, we hop in the car and retrace my route home. all ten miles of it. block by block, street by street. my keys are lost and gone forever. but this is where getting in good with mechanics at work pays off. i was able to borrow a set of bolt cutters. which took me and a couple of concerned citizens who thought i was stealing my own bike about 20 minutes to finally get through that lock. so my bike was free, but i still have no housekeys, and the roomie's out of town. i give her a call to find out if she has a spare hidden outside or something, and she informs me that she's on her way home and will be here in a couple of hours. so c-monkey and i head over to the house, and i make a pathetic attempt to climb up to our balcony, cause the sliding door's never locked. finally c-monkey says "i can climb it mommy!", and because i really have to pee by this time and the nearest restroom is at the carls jr. two blocks away (a perfectly reasonable excuse to boost your child atop a five foot fence to shimmy up to a balcony atop another four foot pole), i told her to go for it. well, let us not say that i don't know how to nickname my spawn. ten seconds later she was at the front door asking if she could do it again. rolleyes.gif um, no. so that was my day, and now i'm waiting for the melatonin to kick in and knock her out so i can go to bed. night bitches.
Ladies, we have just encountered shy boy eye contact.

What am I doing?

Got to go, this is a quick break.
Ya still got it, hot stuff wink.gif
Okay, I don't know if I should call it "shy boy" eye contact. It's more like we were playing guitar together, and maybe some singing was involved on and off, and for the first time in our playing together, guitarboy kept staring my face quite openly, so I'd let him hold my gaze and we'd end up doing the eye-lock thing. That's what it was more like. (Hence the somewhat flustered "What am I doing?" in my last post.)

I'm not telling you anymore. That's the most to tell, anyway.

I told doodlemama about the car breaking down, and she offered to help me out with the money for a newer 2nd-hand car. I never asked, never hinted, never remotely even had it in mind to ask her until I was working again and could pay it back. But I expressed my gratitude quite profusely, and said I'll start looking around. I just have to give her two weeks notice so she can get access to the money. I really do want to keep the car parked and de-insured for a couple of months, though - it's just too expensive for me right now. But knowing I don't have to worry is so amazing - I can't believe it.

I can't believe a lot of things lately.

Speculate away. Good night, all.

PS - Just to make this little soap opera a touch more interesting for y'all wink.gif ...guitarboy's (younger) sister apparently hangs out with one of BFFdottirs.
Doodle, sounds like you are riding a wave of attraction right now...attracting good friends, family, and monetary help. Fantastic! It sounds like you are having so much fun with the boys.

Okay, so I've been in a great mood. I mentioned my students gave me a surprise birthday party, which just made my day. Then daisy came over last night and all we did was sit on my sofa and chill and talk and listen to music and it was WONDERFUL. Of course, there was a little action (ahem, red-blooded woman here), but we had some great discussions about where things are going. They seem to be going more and more forward. I mean, I think he might be my boyfriend. Weird and wonderful.

(((Grrrl))) sounds like you need a hug after a day like yesterday!

Kari, that's fantastic about the raise. I got a nice one this year, too, but not nearly as nice as yours! Whatcha gonna do with all that money?

~~~~~~~~~~~air conditioning vibes for FJ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi Tree, Poodle, Culture, Minx, Mox, RV, and everyone!!

Going to a big bonfire tonight with bff. Seeing some people I haven't seen in years. Ex-asshat might be there, but it will just drive him crazy to see me and won't affect me to see him. I heart that.

Good morning, everyone!!

Mmmm, good stuff in here - Kel and Doodle are attracting good people in their lives - LOVE IT!!!

And Doodle, the play-by-play soap SO satisfying! And you deserve all of the good things coming to you now!! Ride the wave, sister!

Grrrl, that rocks that c-monkey was able to shimmy up so that you could get into your house! And I'm sure it was the thrill of her week, and she'll be telling all her friends how bad-ass she is!

I fell asleep on the couch last night at 9pm, hence my absence yesterday....but I got up early and walked the pupper, and then went to the farmer's market, and I bought a whole flat of strawberries - YUM. Most of them are headed to the freezer for smoothies in the winter.

Hi Poodle, RV, Tree!

Grrrl, that really sucks. I hope things work out with your keys.

Doodle! tell more!!!!! I am living through you. That is really awesome that doodlemomma helped you out!

Turbo, I also crashed early last night and had weird dreams. Bizzare...

Kel that is great about your kids, and fantastic about things with Daisy!

Well, I don't have much going on here. Took pupper to the park and cleaned, now I have to finish cleaning the bedroom. Ugh, on the way home from the park. I think I saw him yesterday. Erg.

Later all.
Hello, turbo, kel, and CH!

That whole eye-locking thing is honestly the most to tell in "that area." (Which I think is quite a lot to disclose! I almost didn't post anything.) Everything else is friendship or speculation at this point - it's wayyyyy too soon for anything else, anyway, if it's going there.

Last night the three of us pulled a bunch of old Elvis songs out of our hats. That was FUN! guitarboy is working tonight, and I've decided to not be home if neighbourboy comes over. I do find neighbourboy's almost-daily companionship a little more exhausting - he's one of the more lost, needy boys. (I also suspect he is developing a crush, which is unrequited on my part....could make this whole thing even more soap opera-esque.) But hopefully, his need to be here will recede when he can get some more positive energy from his own home. Oh, and in that vein....the demon seed roommate who is preventing guitarboy from becoming my legal neighbour is leaving on the 15th instead of the 30th.

Oh, and I discovered last night guitarboy won't be twenty-one for two more months.

Seriously. WTF am I doing? And did that blue moon have anything to do with this?

In other news, I am holding a small solstice gathering here. It will be the same day but after the women's society's AGM (21st), and my/organicgirl's friend who is travelling in NZ will have just arrived home then. organicgirl is going to bring her boyfriend and I'm bringing "the band." Actually, I think everyone plays something - organicgirl's BF is a even rapper, apparently (he's black, from L.A. - it ain't suburban white boy rap). So we're going to bring in summer, in my living room - or perhaps on the lawn - with music, wine, and weed.

After that, I need to get more serious about looking for a job. *sigh* This poverty might be good for my soul right now, but it's not good for my bills.
Good evening...uhhh...Doodle!

I see that it is really quiet in here tonight.

Doodle, I agree about needing the break, and so far you are only friends. Not like you are getting portions. Yet. Oh I mean... smile.gif

Well, I'm headed out with a friend I haven't hung with in ages, and we are in my end of town, so that's good. Going to make it an easy night, only 2 or 3 bevies tonight, going shopping tomorrow!

Well I hope everyone is having a good weekend and a so forth.

Later all.
*sweeps crickets out of thread*


Well, anyhoo, hi CH, Turbo, and Doodle!

Just got back from a beach bonfire with friends I haven't seen in YEARS. It was fun. I'm getting old...33 as of an hour and half ago, actually. I had one drink and then water. Had to drive. Plus, I think my partying hard days are just getting fewer and fewer. I don't mind. I talked with my bff about this sort of thing, and we both agree that our thirties are the time when we finally began feeling a bit wiser and finally started accepting ourselves for who we are. It's not so bad, really.

I'm soooo tired. Gonna go collapse.
happy birthday kel! smile.gif
Hello hello.

Where has everyone been, I've established I haven't scared everyone off with armpit smell, so what's the deal? Oh well.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRFDAY KEL!!!! Here's to some Birfday portions! While I just came home from the bar, I'll say that one of the drinks I had was for your birthday.

Hi Faerie!

Well, that is all. BAr was quiet, and this bar is so fun to go to, I came home sober! I tend to get a little crazy when I go there. But, not tonight. Today I am going shopping when shit opens. Why? Becuase I can.

Have a good rest of the weekend everyone, I'll see you later!

*tiptoes into thread so as not to wake any sleeping okayers*



Anyone around?

Well, just wanted to say a quick goodmorning to you all. My sister stayed the night last night so we are going to church together then out to breakfast. Mr. Pug is curled up in bed with the puppies. He looks so cute.

Just wanted to sa hi.


*closes door lightly upon exit*
*stumbles into thread with a coffee cup..where's the coffee?



Ugh, it's been a long weekend. Friday night I went out for lunch with my co-workers (the last one I'll have where I don't have to go back to WORK afterward) so anyway, I got feeling restless and wanted to go out to a night club.

Madison doesn't have a lot in terms of just a regular straightforward nightclub if you don't want to go downtown...which I didn't. The Inferno looked too scary on Friday (it's sort of a goth-fetish club, more so on some nights, and Friday was definitely a "more so" night), the Dry Bean is full of macho-cowboy wanna bes, and the other option is the gay nightclub, which was where I ended up going...but it was really slow, cause Milwaukee's Pride fest was this weekend.

But, anyway, yesterday I spent the day on the north side of town helping a friend put linoleum down in his kitchen/dining room/entryway. It looks good. So we went to the tavern in the evening and met two other friends who were celebrating a birthday and had been drinking shots ALL day..omg, what a circus...but anyway we then went to the Inferno which I thought seemed pretty cool, actually I wouldn't mind going there again. And bear's all, "you're enjoying this place a little too much and you are scary sometimes..." hehe

Anyway, that's about the most going-out I've done in a year, all crammed into this weekend.

*waves to Pugs

Doodlebug, my suggestion to you is just roll with it. Don't overanalyze it. Enjoy is too short for you to be imposing age-related restrictions on yourself. You're going to have plenty of years to be "old" and "responsible". Although, yes, a job might be a good idea..hehe

But, be careful about de-insuring your car. You may want to keep some form of minimal insurance on it. I dunno how it works in Canada, but once, I was very, very poor and my car broke and I couldn't afford to fix it, so I parked it in a parking lot across the street and let the insurance lapse on it for a couple months. But, then when I got a better job and was able to fix the car, I went to re-instate my insurance and they placed me on HIGH RISK insurance...even though I had a perfect driving record, because of that lapse...high risk insurance is like ten times more expensive.

YAY for c-monkey being able to shimmy! And, yeah, I think turbo's got it right when she's gonna be able to brag about being a badass now. Heh.

Good Morning Tree and Pugs.

Tree, sounds like you had a good weekend. The uber nice thing about public insurance, which B.C., Saskatchewan, and Manitoba have, is that it goes on your driving record, age and type of vehicle, at least here it is. In Manitoba is I want to cancel my insurance I can, then if I want to reinsure, and nothing has happened while I've been driving in those past few months, then the amount of the insurance would remain the same. Here you get merits on your drivers liscence, and the more merits, the better, thing is you top out at five, but you can also get demerits (from car accidents, speeding tickets,DUI's, that is after they yank your liscence), which top out at 21! What sucks though is that is costs a fortune to insure your motorcycle, because here there are two types of riders. The punks who have crotch rockets and drive like maniacs and thus effect the second kind, the responsible ones.

Hi Poodle!

Wel I have nothing more to add. I'm going to take the bandit out for a walk while it is still coolish.

Later all.
Mornin' everybody!!!

Sounds like everyone is having a pretty good weekend 'round here! The weather has been absolutely perfect this weekend - 70 degrees, sunny, no wind, no humidity, so we've been out and about enjoying that. Last night we went out with out pug owning neighbors to our favorite pub with a gorgeous beer garden and had some amazing burgers, and a couple pitchers of sangria. It was really a perfectly relaxing evening, and it makes me really appreciate that public transit is so good here, 'cause no one had to drive.

I did get into it a little with this old dude on the train who wanted to stop the train and call the train driver because of a "disturbance" in the train car. I expressed that the emergency call button should be used for real emergencies, as the conductor will have to inspect every train car before we proceed....and we were 4 stops from the end of the line. Dude said there was someone playing loud music...I couldn't hear it. I recommended that he change cars at the next stop if it bothered him. He didn't listen to me, called the conductor, who told him the same thing - change cars. Asshat. Public transit requires tolerance of behaviors of others, and late on a Saturday night - someone with headphone music leakage is among the tamer annoyances that may occur.

Tree, it does indeed sound like you're having a great weekend! So, are you back to work this week? Take care of your arm as best you can!

Culture, I thing motorcycle insurance should be exceptionally high, for exactly the reasons you state - crazy riders...but also because even being a responsible rider bears a much higher inherent risk of injury, should you get into an accident, and with universal healthcare - that's higher burden of medical costs for the state to bear.

Anyway, I've got a pile of groceries that need to be dealt with and produce cleaned, so I'll be back later....

Turbo, I agree. When you are on a motorcycle there is nothing surrounding you. But in the same breath, if someone in a mustang drives likes a wanker, it doesn't have a huge effect on my car insurance, when someone on a motorcylce does it effects motorcycle insurance. There are just a whole lot of crazies, well not just on motorcycles, but on the road in general. There is never any winning.

I recall one time, while on a group ride, we were goint 120 km and hour, this kid on a crotch rocket boots past all of us and keeps on going and pulling away. That's not responsible riding. You want to drive really fast then become a racer of some sort, don't take me out with you, whether that be in a car or on a bike. *shudders*

With that said, it sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I've taken the black bandit out today and squeezed in a workout before I go shopping with my mom.
Looks like everyone went out and enjoyed the amazing weather today! cool.gif Minxlette and I went to Hidden Beach with a couple of our friends. It was awesome, and I hate to be a vain ninny, but DAYUM do I like getting some color in my blotchy-assed white skin!! Even my legs...heh. By the way, for you all in the cities, it is going to be 90F tomorrow. *melts at the thought of her third floor classroom with no AC in the courtyard with no breeze*
hey you guys... i've been dealing with family, baby showers and no ac all weekend, so i hope you'll forgive me for skimming the archives. i promise to get back to each of you!

tree, i made a mistake before - we've always needed a 4 ton. that didn't change. i just thought it was a 3. we currently have a heat pump, so it takes care of our a/c and heat in one unit. we currently have a "sun dial" brand but i don't know the serial or model #. as i said before, it's 22 years old. i don't even know if that company is in business anymore. so, he's recommended that we switch out the inside and outside units, at $2000 total, plus $800 labor. considering that the home depot guy that gave us an estimate on a trane unit told us it would be between 4 and 5K just for the parts, we're inclined to want to go with this guy. what do you think?

btw, jackaroo and i made out like a bandit in the baby shower!! wink.gif
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEL!!!!!!! Hope you're having a good time today!

Hooray for the FJs gettin' tons of free baby stuff!

Glad to hear so many of you have gotten out this weekend. I went out on Saturday with a new gal pal and the HEAT! Oh my god, the heat! It was at least 95F here. And of course it was only made worse by the fact that I have to wear sunscreen. Is it just me or does sunscreen make muggy weather feel even muggier? Bleh. But we still had a good time. She's new in town, so I drove her around & showed her some sites & finished the day with a trip to the dairy for fresh banana ice cream (made from real bananas & everything). It was lovely. And I did not get burned, so it's all good. biggrin.gif

Tonight I'm watching the Tony awards. It's kinda hard because it's reminding me how much I miss being on stage, but it's still good.
Kel, OMG, I totally forgot to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you've had an absolutely joyous day!!!

90F tomorrow, minxy. *gulp*....that means it'll be headed our way too. I hope you have a fan in your classroom, though cod - how can you teach OR expect students to pay attention in that kind of heat. oof.

Rosie, that ice cream sounds amazing - and YAY for new friends!!!

*passes out warm bowls of strawberry-rhubarb crisp with scoops of vanilla goat-ice cream on top to all okayers*

FJ - that's awesome that you guys got all kinds of swag today - and I hope you made mr fj attend the shower too - I'm all in favor of equal opportunity shower-torture! tongue.gif

((((new AC unit vibes for the FJs))))

Okay, time to say farewell to the Sopranos. *sniff*
Thanks for all the b-day wishes! I'm such a dork about my birthday. All I need is one of those buttons that say "It's My Birthday!" and the dorkdom would be complete. I had a great birthday. Last night I went to a bonfire on the beach and saw so many people I haven't seen in years. This morning my bff took me out for coffee and then we hung out at my place for a while. Then over to mom's for the most amazing dinner: tilapia, tequila lime turkey loin, grilled corn on the cob and potatoes, squash with tomatoes, and caprice salad on bread. It was heaven!!!! AC in your classroom? That is horrific. I taught for six years like that, and I don't know how I managed. They used to let school out half day sometimes for the heat.

Culture, sounds like a nice low key night for you. Sometimes those are fun, too.

Turbo, daisy is a Sopranos fanatic. He is making steak and calimari tonight for the finale. Just him, his steak, and his Tony.

RV, you used to be on stage? College? Professional? What sort of roles? I love theatre and can sing, but I can't act my way out of a paper bag. I envy those who have that talent!

FJ, what sort of loot did you and Jackaroo get? Details!

I should go to sleep early, but I probably won't. My b-day gift to myself was season 2 of the American version of The Office. I love the Brit version dearly, but the American version hit a good stride in season 2, I think. I think I'll go catch a couple of epis before bed. Have a great night, all!!
fj....I just called a friend of mine who lives in louisiana, since we have no heat pumps here (too cold, they don't work) and I know NOTHING about the typical cost, etc. He says 2800.00 is an ungodly cheap price for installing one...and that the guy who installs it will be earning next to nothing for it. He also says to make sure you watch and make sure he really does replace both the inside AND the outside units, and that you get the warranty information. But, yeah, 2800 is about the cheapest price you will get for that kind of work.

Bob also said to me, "that guy must be hungry or something".

Bob knows I am a steamfitter..he is also one, so we are both "in the know" in terms of that stuff.

oooo, hot weather=overtime for me! Yay! More $$!

~*~*hot weather coping vibes for those who need it*~*~

Yup, I am back to work tomorrow! Yikes! It's weird when I think about it...but I've been mostly off work since JANUARY. Wow...

ETA: x-post with kel! *waves...happy birthday, babe!
aren'ty baby showers great fj? i don't think i had to really had to buy any of the basics, like diapers and baby shampoo, til c-monkey was at least a year old.

happy birthday kelkel! and yay on things still going good with the daisy.

rv, i wanna know about this secret past glamorous life on stage too!

~*~*~cool breezes for all the busties in hot weather~*~*~ although i'm tempted to, i'm gona say it. y'all are a bunch of pussies (which i say with the greatest of lurve). we've got triple digits before ten am most summer days here, and that's in the valley where it's supposed to be mariginally cooler than down south where they irregated the desert. you guys wouldn't last a week out here. of course, you guys could probably say the same about me and your cold weather and wind, so i'ma shut up now. tongue.gif

c-monkey and i had a better weekend than it started on friday. saturday we went out to lunch, then we saw surf's up (which totally reinspired me to head down to san diego for the surf camp i've been waffling on for a while), and then we got some ice cream and walked around some galleries downtown while we waited for our bus back. this morning we did our usual quiet time with the paper and bike ride, then we stopped for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool. c-monkey is so excited that she's "getting brown like momma now", and i love teasing her about her "little white girl tan lines". it's awesome, we had a lot of fun.

anyway, i'm off back to the pool for some grown-up time and drinks now that c-monkey's back at my aunt's, and possible portions with a hot guy i met poolside this afternoon. details later, if there are any.
The shows I wanted to win won! Yay! I'm going to have "Bitch of Living" playing in my head for days. And David Hyde Pierce won his first Tony which was soooo freakin' sweet. I tell ya, he looked like he was going to pass out. I got misty-eyed just watching him. smile.gif

So yes, I've done a fair bit of stage acting. Twelve whole years. My BA is in theatre & business, which is an interesting combo. smile.gif Lordy, I have been in more plays than I can count ... can't even remember half of them now. It all becomes a blur! Some of my favorite shows that I did are "Impossible Marriage" (a little known play, but a fabulous part!), " Twelfth Night" (I played Olivia, the countess), and "The Vagina Monologues" (I got to perform Reclaiming Cunt which was FAAAAABulous!). I've been in one indy film, but it's nothing anyone would have seen. I've done some professional stage stuff (repertory) & happily had an equity card, but it's super expensive to stay in the union when you aren't working so I let my membership drop. I've never been into it for attention or "fame" or whatever so that's why I haven't followed the masses to New York. I just loooove telling stories. And I love exploring characters. And I love the collaborative art that is theatre. It's an incredible high.

Anyway, since we moved here over a year ago, my theatre career has died. In fact, I've only attended two plays in the last 14 months! Terrible! I need to get back into it, but things are different here. Plus, I was pretty spoiled back home because I was so established in the theatre community. I was well known & got nearly every part I wanted. But here? Well, here I'm nobody. Here I have to start from the bottom all over again. It's scary & I'm not sure where to start. I've been looking into it, though. So we'll see ...

I wonder if Doodle had any more fun with the neighbors today. biggrin.gif
Monday, monday bitches. Feh. I want a day at home to RELAX from the high-paced weekend we had. TONS of housework at my house and my parent's abode, and I'm pooped. My house and yard look spectacular, thanks entirely to my MIL, who is a force of nature when it comes to yardwork. I don't know if we ever would have put a lot of effort into sprucing it up, but she called us on thursday and said "Well, FIL and BIL are avaliable on SUnday. We're coming over." Normally, this would be intrusive, but she knows both of us well enough to know that we NEEDED the "We're coming" push. Now, I just need to think of something appropriate to thank her. I made them cookies...i guess that's a piddly start. Seriously, I wish I had a "before" and "after" shot. At my folks, they're having a garage sale/moving sale in 2 weeks, with 15 years worth of CRAP to sort, store, sell. That's what moxette (well, she was playing) and I were doing while yard "while you were out" was going on at my place!

RV, I WISH i had the stamina to get back into theatre. I've done community theatre since I was a kidlet, with some notable breaks (college and motherhood!). Still, though, the thought of working full time, and taking 6-8 weeks additional time away from moxette seems unbearable. So, I wait until the time seems right. Maybe you could just investigate a local community theater in which you could WOW them with your prowess?

OK, lassies, I've got to work. Work. Right.

ETA: Ok, I know this isn't the right place, but i'm asking anyway. Where in goodness sakes do I change my avatar? i clicked on my own name, and looked all around...I'm sure I'm just missing a preference thingy. cripes.
Mornin' babes!!

That's awesome that you guys got some house/yardwork done, mox, even if it was grueling. That's so nice of your IL's to help out.

I'm impressed by your theater history, roseviolet!! I've never been the theater type, but I've been in many choirs and, of course, I don't mind getting up on stage with a karaoke mic. smile.gif

Happy birfday, kel!! Yay for nice boys!!

Ugh, turbo, that is so true about having to put up with strange behavior on public transportation. I really like sitting there reading and listening to music on my trip home, but there are always people who manage to make the ride slightly unpleasant. Fortunately, my ride is short, so I don't have to put up with annoying people for very long.

That's so sweet of your ma to help you out with a car, doodle!!

Hi culture, tree, grrrl, FJ, and minx!!

This weekend was decent. BFF came over on Friday night and we took it easy and talked about her difficult situation. I worked out on Saturday afternoon and went to see Knocked Up with my mom later on. Wow!! That movie's a total Freaks and Geeks reunion show!! It's funny that the guy who played Bill Haverchuck in F&G's is a bearded stoner in this movie. I think it's also funny that they use their real names. It was really hard for me to get over all of those guys (including Seth Rogen) being from Freaks and Geeks. I didn't realize that the movie was made by the F&G executive producer until I did some research yesterday. Anyway, it's a cute movie. Very graphic. Actually, my mom liked it more than I did!!
Poods, I totally just read your liner thing as "OKAYland booty!"

That works too!!
Happy B-Day, Kel!

Rocks that C-Monkey is a climber! Rocks that you gave her ability a chance to make a difference smile.gif

Doodle, at 20, I was dating a 42yo. Did me some good. Increased the range of who I'm comfortable just hanging out with.

Fond hello of all BUSTies! Once again, I'm forced to split for work all too soon sad.gif
Good Morning!

It sounds like everyone had really good weekends.

Poodles, I love Freaks & Geeks and really want to see that movie. Got to get to the theater.

Grrrl, sounds like your weekend with c-monkey was lovely. That would be so badass to learn to surf! So sweet that C-monkey wants to be dark like you. smile.gif

Happy Belated Birthday Kel!!!! That meal at your mom's sounds amazing. Yum! It sounds like you had a really nice birthday. I know what you mean about going out. I feel like that, am waiting for my friends to catch up so I don't feel so lame. I was out Saturday night, for instance w/ 2 friends. I had a tall boy beer earlier, a glass of wine at dinner, and a beer at a bar. It was around midnight, I was ready to go home & did. My two friends went out to another bar til 3AM. I just can't do it anymore, nor do I want to. I'll be 32 this summer.....oye.

DOODLE!!! Oooh! You and shy boy are flirting with the eyes! So fun!

Rose, that is so cool that you used to do theatre! I have zero talent acting or singing, I am so envious of those that do.

Hi Jenn, CH, Tree (Have a good day back at work!), Lore, Moxie, Minx, and everyone else!

I had a really nice weekend also. Friday night I had dinner with the fam, saw my sis that is in town. After that I met up with two friends for some drinks. Mr K got home around 1:30AM, I got home about the same time. Saturday morning my family & I took family photos at a park. Mr K came along and brought the dogs. I made a quick change of clothes, then we took a hike. Saturday night I went to see the Roller Derby and for sushi. Yesterday was half lazy, half productive. Did some light yard work, laid around, went out to lunch. All in all, a good weekend.
Good Morning Good Morning everyone. Although it is Monday, feh. dry.gif

Minx, I could not work without AC, it's bad enough that I have to make the commute home without the AC in my car working, but having to work in the heat! I feel really bad for you. Seriously. My hat goes off to you for being able to do it. You are a stronger woman than I.

FJ! That is great that you and Jackaroo did will at le bebe shower. And good news from Tree on the AC too!

RV! Mmmm real banana ice cream! Ick for heat! but cool about performing!

Hi Turbo! Mmm rhubarb crisp!

Kel, that sounds like a wonderful birfday you had!

Tree, that is really great that you are back at work! I hope that your arm does well!

Grrrl, that is hot! But yay for possible portions! Good to hear you had a good weekend.

Mox, that is so great that ye olde inlaws were there to help with the yard work, but that is a busy weekend you had. No good.

Hi Poodle! Love the avi! What a good weekend.

Hi Lore!

Hey Kari! Also sounding like you had a good weekend.

Well, my Sunday evening consisted of resting. I had a busy afternoon running around in the hear, had a delish dinner of roasted chicken with mom. Then it got all dark and horrid outside with a tornado warning. It was ugly and dark outside the house. They were swirling, and here was all excited for a violent storm, it poured, some claps of thunder, some lightning. And that's it. Nothing bad. *pouts* I was so in the mood for something bad, excpet a tornado, y'know. Then I past out at 6:30 and slept until 6 this morning. I was exhuasted from the heat!

Speaking of heat, it's too hot for all of us. It's going to be 37 with the humidity. I don't know what that is in Farenheit, but I can't tell you it's too f-in' hot! Ugh.

Well, that is all for know.
37C?!??!! Holy crap, that's hot. That's gotta be around 100F, right?

[dashes off to do temp conversion]

That's 99F! In early June! Geez, that is so wrong.
~~~~~~~~ cool breezes for CH ~~~~~~~~

I was going to say more, but that totally blew my mind. I'll have to come back later. smile.gif
mornin' chicas! no portions for me, but a very hot make-out sesh in the spa. all that bubbling water can hide a lot you know. *leers exaggeratedly* it was fun, and we're getting together after work tonight. right now i'm heading down to the post office to bust some heads. ever since i moved and changed my address, i've been getting some of my mom's stuff forwarded here too. we've already been down to the local post office i don't know how many times trying to get it straightened out. anyway, my mom put her mail on hold for while she was on vacation, and since my dsl package isn't here yet, and i haven't gotten any of my mom's mail for at least a week, and the last item didn't even bother with the forwarding sicker but just had my mom's name and my address, i'm guessing they fucked up yet again, and i've got mail, including my dsl shit, sitting down at the p.o. because mom asked for hers to be held. so not fucking cool. anyway, they're getting ready to gopen, so i gott get there. later gators.
RV, I did the conversion and it is 99F, and it's going to be hot here all freakin' week! I can't stand this, I HATE this heat. In the winter it's also bloody fucking cold. The only time it's not too much is for about an hour in spring and two weeks in autumn. Hee.

Naaa, it's not always bad, but July and August are hot times. At least the house has AC.

Grrrl, that is great about a make out session.

Well, the sun is blaring in my office windon and there isn't a cloud in the sky. Not happy about that, but weather like this is purrrrrrrfect for a thunderstorm. Manitoba is right at the end of Tornado Alley, Winnipeg hasn't had a bog tornado in a long time, and we're due for one. But it seems that every place is due for some sort of disaster of epic proportions. Le Sigh. Sorry to be a downer.

I will dance now to make it up!

*swings cane and top hat. Pasties rotate*
Hi, peepses!

Happy birfday, Kel!

So, David Hyde Pierce won a Tony? I think he's officially gay now. smile.gif

FJ, what did you get at your shower? It's amazing how much stuff a tiny little baby needs!

I wanna go see Knocked Up at some point, and I want to see The Waitress, but those will probalby have to wait until after Pride. Evenings/weekends are prime working hours.

CH, we've been getting weather like that, it looks like it's going to rain, but then we get nothing. I really just wish it would rain a good storm and be done with it already. Maybe I should get my car washed, that always seems to bring the rain.

It's 90 degrees up here. Blech. I'd rather freeze than sweat any day, and I have to go out in it for lunch. I hate feeling grimy, which is exactly what this heat does to me. I'm all about dry and clean and cool.

Grrl, that's cool about how the c-monkey saved the day. Kids rule in their adventurousness.

Hi, Kari, Doodle, Lore, Poodle, and all!

I guess I had kind of a productive weekend. The giant and I went out for subs on Friday then hung out at B&N for a couple hours. I didn't buy anything there except a coffee. I'm boycotting the new issue of Bust because I can't freaking stand Chloe Sevigny, so I read the only article I cared to, then put it back.

I didn't leave the house for the whole rest of the weekend. I mosaiced some glass vases with pieces of colored glass I got ages ago at Pottery Barn. They're looking really cool, I just hope the rubber cement holds them on. I'm doing a new grout technique that I can't believe I haven't thought of before - piping it into the crevices like frosting by putting the grout in a ziplock bag, cutting off a corner, then going to town. This way, the grout really gets in the uneven edges instead of just sitting on top. Anyway, I have one large vase and 2 small ones like that, and they're going to be gorgeous. I made 4 more rings (I've got my time down to under 20 minutes per ring), and started in on purses. I've not quite got the outside of one done, but that's because I was printing pictures IN THE PRIVACY OF MY OWN HOME, NOT AT KINKO'S. I'm so happy to have a printer/scanner/copier at home now, I just wish the print quality was better. The pinks look yellow on a normal setting, or everything's a tad too dark on the darker setting. Oh, well. By mixing them up right, it's really hard to tell.

I was thinking about going home early today, but nah. My chest above my boobs is giving me problems and feels best when I'm laying down. I think it's from not wearing a bra all weekend and my sizeable boobs pulling on my upper chest. It really hurts when I cough.

Okay, time to venture out in this heat and get me some lunch. I'm starving.

Hello Hello All.

Ugh, Diva, that's hot. I know how you feel. I went out to buy a book at lunch, and it's only 3 or 4 blocks from work, and I'm pooped now. This eat just sucks all the life out of you and makes you stinky, sweaty and sticky. I remember Lewis Black saying in a routine, that you know ti's too hot when you walk outside and you think "man, I should've put some deoderant on my balls" I was thinking I could use some deoderant on the vag. What a productive weekend!

Y'all did stuff and I sat around like a slug.

I hope that everyone stays cool, I'm going to head back to work soon. I've got a headache from this heat. I just want to be at home!

Later all.
CH, that Lewis Black quote is hilarious. I love him. It's actually not too hot here today, it's better than it has been. The humidity is down, which makes a huge difference.

Diva, you DID have a productive weekend! 20 minutes per ring? That's rad! Sorry about your chest hurting. (diva)

grrl, I hope you had some luck at the PO. Stuff like that is such a pain in the ass!

Ok, officially ready for the workday to end. I am going to my mom's tonight, they are grilling out. Kebabs I think.

I just found out my bff and her daughter are going to be staying at my place for a weekend in about 2 weeks. There is so much I want/need to do to the guest room before they come! I might be painting this weekend.

finally caught up on the archives.

KEL! i'm sorry i was such a lump and didn't tell you happy birthday yesterday! sounds like you had a great weekend! woohoo!! and daisy sounds better and better every time you talk about him!

doodle, i tend to agree with treehugger... who gives a flying eff about the age thing. you guys have an attraction. whether it goes anywhere or not, enjoy the hell out of it for right now and live it up! it's funny, when mrfj and i play and sing together, we always wind up with this awesome eyelock thing that makes our friends comment on how awesome we are together. rolleyes.gif

hi grrl! did you get your key situation fixed up yet? what a pain in the arse! how's your piercing healing up?

culture, there is a lot of talk about the potential for hurricanes here this year. we've been pretty lucky over the last few years and only got a few close calls. i really don't want anything major to happen here. i think i'd be happy with a mighty rainstorm right about now though, just to break this farkin' heat.

ac still out, so i'm sweating my boobs off. my poor animals are all melty too. the dude hasn't gotten back to me today since i sent him an email last night requesting references and an eta if we could get him the money immediately. mrfj's rents will loan it to us until he can get some cash from his 401k. we think we're just going to do a loan, which should prevent us from having to be anally raped without even guacamole for lubrication when tax time comes around next year.

ooh! it's starting to sprinkle here!

kari, you asked about my job: well i'm sort of taking it one day at a time. this is currently my only means of making money, so i'm trying to work as much as i can and do the best i can. i am now being paid for shows, which should totally be motivating me because i can get people to show. but as per the usual game with this gig, my motivation hit a wall this morning.last weekend (the 2nd) i have two really solid sets that i was SURE would show to the office and they came up as no shows on my computer. well, i spoke to one of them this morning and she actually HAD been there but there wasn't a matchmaker there to meet her. i'm not sure what happened. and the owners (my "friends") are in greece getting married this week, along with the director that would normally help me figure out what is up with this. i should be able to count on getting paid for this lady that showed, and i have a really strong feeling that my other person showed that day, although she's not called me back to confirm that she was there. it really makes me so lackluster about this job and i'm trying to be good and just make some calls and do my best to get people to show up. i've completely lost faith in their ability to sell them, however. in order to make a decent amount on my paycheck (ie, the amount they'd agreed as a guarantee before changing the pay plan for everyone in the company) , i need about 12 shows per pay period. i currently have 5, so i need to get on the phone and make some more sets so i can count on those shows!

long story short: i'm biding my time until i've had the boy and i can start applying for other jobs. i need to find something that i can count on, even if it means putting him in daycare. sad.gif i have to do what's best for my little family.

and yes, the shower went very well. we got our carseat, some crib bedding, tons of adorable onesies and outfits (two that say "automatic sprinkler on them, hehe), a cool activity center, a diaper genie and a wipe warmer(!), bigs and diapers and cutsie stuff that i can't wait to play with, myself! we're pretty set except i don't have a bath yet (my sister is getting it) or a diaper bag. but i got a couple of duplicates and will be taking it back and making a trade.

now i just need a baby!!!!

Hey there Okayland! Just popping in to say a quick hi! I feel weird for not being around much and then posting self-centred posts....but I know some of you need your Classic Y&R updates. tongue.gif I AM reading and keeping up, I swear to goddess.

Yesterday guitarboy and I jammed for a short while in the morning, but he broke a string and then had to spend the rest of the day with his mama anyway - today he is working. neighbourboy was off helping a friend move - don't know where he is now, and not really interested, either! wink.gif I spent yesterday tidying up some crap I had let go during the last 2 crazy weeks of musicmaking - cleaned out the fridge, hauled out the old newspapers, etc. Went back to working on the mandala for awhile, learned a couple of new songs, took a very long walk (for me), had a nap on the sofa, and saw the boys for awhile at the end of the day, before kicking them out at 11:45.

My guitar-playing has improved dramatically since I met this child. And my voice has opened right up - I could pull off anything, I think. It's like, "Holy fuck, I can REALLY sing!" I almost can't believe it myself. I can totally pull off blues. I think I could pull off jazz with a little more time. I think my voice was already on it's way there over the last couple of months, but it's amazing to be able to hang out with another musician and be able to experiment and "go for it." Turns out guitarboy is the one with huge stage fright, so now it's my turn to do the persuading. There is a blues jam on Sundays here in town, and I'm working on him to go up there with me - if we learn a few blues classics and practise them, then hopefully he will feel more confident, and then all the old guys will be blown away by "the kid," which should also help with the stage fright. I feel totally fearless about singing in front of people - for the first time in my life - and if nothing else ever comes out of this, I owe the boy that much. (And also for bar chords. Still haven't got that wobbly F yet, though - he says it was the hardest one for him, too.)

No more eye-locking yet (I know you were wondering), but we haven't spent much time together since Friday. I'm going to lie low for awhile and give it all some space, I think.

On an unrelated note, I think I'm going to try and paint my bathroom before the solstice. I have the paint, the tape, the rollers - everything I need. I've just been lazy. So I guess that means I'm not staying on long, 'cause I need to shower and hunt down the caretaker so I can get a ladder.

ETA: here is the painted bookshelf (the mama and child painting is doodlemama's; the blues singer one is mine):

(And here is the before pic.)

ETA again: SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! I just learned Blue Rodeo will be back at the theatre under the stars in Vancouver this summer, and I have no money and no car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tickets go on sale to fans Thursday - I'm fucked. There's no way I can buy them, even if I was going to have a car and a job by then....*weeps softly*
Hi ya'll!!

What a gorgeous day we've had here in chicagoland! 74 degrees, sunny, no humidity! Had an awesome ride downtown and back today, and the day just whizzed by! OH, and I got my new computer at work! Now, I can actually have InDesign AND Photoshop open at one time - wheeee! Seriously, though, its a pretty sweet machine - not quite as fast as the G5 Mac I had at the old job, but it has some other really nice hardware that will be very handy.

Diva - you are getting a TON done on making stuff for pride - keep it up!! ((((soothing for the boobies)))

Poodle, my friend Todd at work went to see Knocked Up this weekend too, and he said he ended up sitting next to two very elderly folk, and he said it was almost as funny to see them so clueless about the humor in the movie as it was to watch...the just didn't get the language at all. heh.

Hi hi FJ! ((((cooling winds for the FJ house))) I hope you can get your AC fixed soon - that is no fun, especially lugging jackaroo around too....I bet he's a little furnace in there.

Kari - sounds like you had a sweet weekend - and your sis is in town for awhile, right?

Doodle - you are SO freakin' talented, I'm just in awe...the decor, the paintings, doodlemama's painting...and your muscial are in such a good place right now - its awesome to get the daily doodle update these days!!

Well, time to turn the laundry over and take the pupper out.
*stretches arms up and cracks knuckles....I actually LOVE the heat, it means money for me, usually.

Sooo....a *terrific* (sarcastically) first day back to work, actually. First thing, I get a call from Muscle Biology; their "viscera" room has been down since, oh, Thursday or so. They started noticing a stench on Friday.

It's this little room full of fifty gallon drums of GUTS. And the refrigeration quit. All.....weekend. And even before the weekend. Aah, got to start my return to work hosing millions of maggots off the floor and seeing buckets of guts so swollen I thought they'd explode. Oh, yes, the refrigeration queen indeed.

Although, I actually don't mind those jobs too much...I have mentholatum at work for those situations...and I've long found that the stinkier or the more dangerous the job, the more they are willing to pay to get it fixed. I think this one's worth two days at least. Maybe three.

The ENTIRE building smelled, when I walked in there this morning...not just THAT room. Hee. Nothing like that kind-o-situation to be appreciated!

*waves to Okayers, gotta run...bear's over for dinner!
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