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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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*grabs the rubber chicken and uses it's extremities to stir her coffee and cream*

Holy hell in a chapstick factory! I am thoroughly exhausted. Luckily enough, my really serious committments at school were completed yesterday when my arts kids put on their play that they wrote, directed, and performed all by themselves. It was a joint effort with the Illusion Theater here in the Twin Cities. I gotta tell ya, I am so happy to have community partners. I mean, they aren't doing it for free, but they sure as hell aren't getting paid what they are worth. Anyhoo, my babies were just knock-outs, and I was WORRIED about it being The Suck. Seriously, most of the vingettes were simply tragic, and then all of a sudden here they are kicking ass and taking names. I guess they really just need an audience. laugh.gif

So we have T-4 days left. I need to write my final, finish up some grading, and then pack my room up. Come next Wednesday, the only thing you are going to see at 3PM is my fucking dust and cigarette trail. Minxlette will be going to her donor's house for ten days, and I am going to sleep for two days, clean for two more, and then drink myself silly for a day or two. I think that I'm going to catch margaritas at Bar Abeliene and a midnight movie at the Uptown next Saturday; they are playing "Dead Alive" which is a silly scream of grossness. WHOOT! My favorite part is when this thing explodes on this chick's face and winds up in her soup, wherein she eats said thing. Oh yeah, and the dead priest getting it on with the nurse with a flip-top head. biggrin.gif Yeah, I know...I've got issues.

Personal life is all bizarre, and I'm not at liberty to comment upon it much. Unlike my normal modus, I am keeping tight lips until I see the horizon, or a reasonable facsimile of one.

Oh yeah, and the donor (exasshat) is throwing a shitfit because I told him that I would not be having Minxlette in daycamp this summer. I don't need childcare and I'd kinda like to spend the summer with her. I think that some of the kids she hangs out with at school and daycamp are alright, but I want her to spend her summer around kids that are of her weirdness caliber and intelligence. It's difficult in the public school systems to find other children who will throw a huge shitfit if they can't put their shirt on correctly the first time, but know how to use words like "metamorphosis" and the like. Seriously, this jackass told me that the daycamp will do a better job than me raising my kid. I can't make this shit up. He ran it up the flagpole to the parenting consultant to the tune of $175 an hour. Asshole. I called my lawyer for a consultation, and he has advised me of how to deal with said asshattery. cool.gif Who in the fuck is going to tell a mom that she cannot spend the summer with her only child? Donors and Asshats. Feh. Boy, when I fuck up and get depressed I fuck up good. wink.gif I got Minxlette out of the whole ordeal, so it's all good.

I miss you all very much. Kel, I teach 11th grade language arts. Poodle, I can totally see "Nile" in a nice double-breasted suit. Doodle, I am following your story like "The Young and the Restless" back in 1985. FJ, I am super-excited to hear about Jackeroo!! Kari--you rock. Tell me more about what you are doing!! Tree, the next time I come to Madison, we need to go to Paul's Club or one of those other State Street bars for a drinkiepoo. CH, I have to laugh because it's like reliving two years ago for me hearing all of your sexscapades. Moxie, I hear you on the airconditioning pains with wee ones. When Minxlette was born, we had the hottest summer ever up here with temps of up to 115F. I thought that I was gonna die.

Hey all, Happy Fucking Thursday. wub.gif
Minx...there's LOTS of great bars and restaurants on and near State Street. Hawk's has the Best. Salads. Ever. Quinton's has great sandwiches. The Vintage is a fun place and has awesome, huge food portions. An order of nachos would feed three people, easy, and they're quality nachos...I even think the chips are home-made.

Irish Pub is a nice, dark, down-homey bar with seats in the window so you can watch the goings-on outside. Oooo, and State Street Brats has a pretty cool upstairs where it's fun to tuck away...but lousy chili.

Yeah, i gotta stop...but, yes, Minx, I'd entertain you for sure!

and, congrats on the school year being almost done!!!
"Doodle, I am following your story like 'The Young and the Restless' back in 1985." Hahaha!!! Totally.

I don't have a lot to say this morning, but I wanted to stop in and say hello. Y'all have been busy since last night!! I need to do a little more reading and I'll be back.
do you think you can get Mr.FJ to tell us his experiences too?

My part of it is done, really. After I pulled my drawers up I didn't bother myself with any of the details that followed. I can describe how that went though, if you like.

Actually, I'll be happy to throw my version of the birthstory out here. We're both pretty amped about this. Flattered, really, that you asked. smile.gif
*strolls into thread with yummies, coffee, and liquor and weed should you want*

Kari, that is really great that your sister is coming in for a while!

Minx, what a prick! I can't believe he would even say that you couldn't spend your summer with your own daughter. Sheesh. Not like you are operating a bawdy house or something. Fucker. But at least the school is almost done!

tree, you are going to love playing with the peircing! I'm thinking of getting some other work done. They have a princess albertina, and some other things, I'll post the link when I get home, as it is blocked at work. sad.gif Not okay with that, but since it is pictures of vagina, it's considered porn. Whatevs.

Hi Poodle!

Mr. FJ, I'd love to hear your birthstory! I can't believe that jackaroo is almost here!

Well, things are still pretty quiet, and now I'm just groovin' away listening to a song called urban minds by Pacjam on ye olde iPod, it's pretty damn good song, i've got so much stuff on here, that I forget what is on here.

I've decided that I am, finally, going to purchase a digital camera! I am also going to buy an external harddrive. No point in upgrading an 2 year old lap top when it's fine, and I can just put all my junk of the external drive. I'm not obsessed with getting the "newest" stuff. Except for phones. I heart them.

I also must talk about my facebook addictions, it's getting better, not as bad. I just want more friends, it's rather amusing. Oh well.

I should go now though.

Later all.

what's with all the rubber chickens in here!?!? damn, did i miss a party, or WHAT?

i did read the archives yesterday, though i didn't check in (did i?).

moxie, i'm right with you with a lack of central air, and yesterday was the first 93 degree day we've had. we have had the windows open until now and when we turned on the ac yesterday morning it wasn't cooling. if i had balls, i would have sweated them off. i already nearly sweated my tits off, since i now actually have large enough boobs that they make a crease beneath them. good lordessa! anyway, mrfj cleaned the ac last night and while the air flow increased dramatically, we're afraid it's low on freon. booooo! so i'm trying to find someone that will come out and give us a refill without charging us an assload.

hey tree: i found a guy on craigslist that was going to do a cleaning plus up to 2lbs of freon for $125. i emailed and asked him what he would charge for just the freon and he said depending on the size of the unit, he'd charge between 95 and 150. we have a 3ton unit. how many lbs of freon would go in our unit if it were practically empty? i don't want to get cheated by this dude.

i was wondering how the piercings were too, tree and grrrl!?

mrfj is silly. i can't wait to actually HAVE a birthstory! i'm getting more and more ready for this young'un to show his face! i have a doc appointment today at 2pm and they're going to take some measurements and see if there is any action going on down there! eeek!

i also have a lunch date with a lady that i met at the art walk. i think i might have found a mentor. i'm not going to let her talk me into any half-assed "get rich quick" schemes, but she quite literally wrote the book on how to get the job you are made for and use your own skills and personality to really become the person you want to be. i didn't know she lived in my town. but i'm going to go talk to her today. she really seems like such an awesome person and she's got some fantastic credentials (aside from an acclaimed book). i feel like i need to talk to her and gain some encouragement if nothing else.

anyway, i'm off to the showers! i'll be back!!
*smacks FJ with a chicken*

I have to say I feel your pain, sort of, without air. The AC in my car is not working, needs to be recharged. Ugh.

FJ good luck with the work situation!

On a completely different note, this is entirely too cool!

Crud, is it 4 on Friday yet?
*drops in to steal culture's weed*

i'm soooooooo sad. i tried to buy tickets to the sole franz ferdinand nyc show next week the second they went on sale, and they sold out! *cries*

hands sno-cones out to the air-conditionless. believe me, i feel your pain!

GAH!!!!!!!!! My ipod is running out of charge!!! What is a poodle to do?!

ETA- When I look out my office window, I can see Prince's gigantic head staring at me. There's a giant billboard on the Target Center for his upcoming concert. Really, it's freaky to feel Prince's lustful eyes on me while I'm sitting at my computer.
FJ...this may not be good news...but the money he is quoting isn't so much for the freon, it's for his time. I'm presuming that your unit has R-22, which was common in A/C units up until pretty recently, and you've said yours was older.

R-22 currently sells for like $4.00 per pound. And that's a high price, actually, people who buy it in bulk get a break. Typical contractor mark-up is 100%, so a customer can expect to pay about $8.00 per pound to a service tech.

The part that is expensive for you is that to comply with the law, he has to *find* the leak in your unit, and fix it, because of the ozone depletion issue.

And, then, if he/she is a GOOD service tech, he will put a vacuum pump on the system, draw it down into a vacuum for at LEAST a couple hours, and THEN charge the system with entirely new refrigerant, and re-leak check it. And, to be really, really good, if your system was just about empty, he/she'd also put a new filter/dryer in it.

But, I'm digressing. I don't know the "amount" as a rule of thumb, because when I'm charging a system it is running and I have gauges on it and I'm actually watching operating pressures, more so, than amounts. But...if you are lucky, there should be a tag somewhere near the compressor, in the outside part, maybe on the inside of the cover, maybe right on the compressor, that will have specs...and it will list the type of refrigerant and the initial charge. I could be way off base, but I can't imagine it'd be more than four pounds. I'd be more apt to guess in the range of two or three.

I know that when I get sent on a service call, my time costs $80.00 per I'm betting that most of his quote is actually for "time".

Unfortunately, the price for an airline ticket is higher than THAT, or I'd come down and do it for the cost of the refrigerant. And a good meal. smile.gif

But, yeah, a couple hours of time isn't unreasonable, if he/she does a good job. If he's unscrupulous and just throws some refrigerant in there without fixing the leak, well, that can be done in about fifteen minutes.
CH...I googled "princess albertina" out of curiosity. You're WAY braver than I am! smile.gif
Poodle, that blows about your iPod, I've been there, I can't stand being without it, I plug it in when I am driving, that is how much I hate radio. I can't even turn the radio on, it makes me insane with anger. Hurray for iPods! boo for low batteries.

Faerie, thanks for the sno cone! Although it's bloody cold here and I don't need my AC. Oh well. *eats sno cone happily*

Tree, I don't know if I'll get that done, but there are a few other things, that was one of the few that I could remember. I'll look when I get home, after the walk with the bandit.

My day is almost done, thank goodness! Hope everyone is doing well! Later!

Damn. You'ze some hardcore bitches with all of these lady parts piercings 'n' shit!! I'm glad your piercing is happy so far, tree.

Holy shit!! It is hot out!! My poor fur babies are gonna be sprawled out on the floor when I get home. I didn't think it was gonna be so warm, so I didn't turn the air on. The boys show signs of misery when the temp gets up to the high 70's.

So I did a little shopping, and I bought a couple of these items. I got the plain black perfect skirt and leopard print and plain red peasant tops. I want to look like Dorothy Dandridge in Carmen Jones. Although, then I'd have to get red skirt and a black top. Ah well, close enough. I think red or leopard would be more effective at drawing attention to my boobahs. The only problem is that I don't know if I should buy a strapless bra or a bustier. How am I supposed to hoist the girls up so that they look truly boobalicious?
Good afternoon all...

I have had the most crap tacular week of my career and I'm just about broken and ready to walk away from it. First I decided to give my 2 week notice in hopes of getting my boss off the dime to decide what my "role" is supposed to be and what I could do to get airtime so today i decided to swallow my pride and took a low-totem pole position in the company and have lost nearly all I ever had going for me. That's not to say it's all bleak and dark and full of pain. I figure it's better to have a shitty radio job than to not have a radio job at all. Plus it's easier to get another radio gig if I'm still employed.

So in celebration of my not being all-the-way fired, and a tribute to my fav ladee of all time Ms. Poodles...This one goes out to you!!!

U got to not talk dirty, baby
If u wanna impress me
U can’t be 2 flirty, mama
I know how 2 undress me (yeah)
I want 2 be your fantasy
Maybe u could be mine
U just leave it all up to me
We could have a good time

U don’t have 2 be rich
2 be my girl
U don’t have 2 be cool
2 rule my world
Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with
I just want your extra time and your

holy shit, ch. i just googled it too. i'm in awe of anyone that would do that. there is NO way i could. hardcore INDEED!!

i had a hard enough time today having my cervix checked!! hehe! and for those that are paying attention, doc said i have at least two more weeks in his expert opinion. so YAY! i'll take it!

*wolf whistles at poodle's new cothes* damn! i LOVE that site. i've gone on there several times and threatened to buy something and just haven't yet. you will look amazing in those outfits. i wish i could help you with the boobah issue, but until recently i've not had anything to worry about in that department. the lady i talked to today told me that when she was preggers she went from an a cup to a ee!! right after her baby was born. holy crap! talk about extremes!

tree, thanks for the ac advice. you are truly awesome. i am going to call him now and see what he says about sticking around to make sure there is no leak. i guess that will show if he's on the up and up or if he's just some dude trying to make a buck! btw, it says he is HVAC certified, but that he doesn't have a license. does that type of work require a license if he has the certification? my exasshat used to do ac work and he even trained/certified people in hvac. i know he didn't have a license... but he wasn't exactly a fine, upstanding citizen either!! wink.gif

eta: hi shawnboy! sorry you're having a craptacular career day. we can be craptacular career week friends, though, ok? i've got the worst job i've ever had and am trapped in it for the remainder of my pregnancy plus a little longer. but you've got skills and you've got passion for the job - plus you ENJOY it! so you're going to roll outta this just fine.

and oooh, i love your musical selection!!

QUOTE(falljackets @ Jun 7 2007, 03:50 PM) *
tree, thanks for the ac advice. you are truly awesome. i am going to call him now and see what he says about sticking around to make sure there is no leak. i guess that will show if he's on the up and up or if he's just some dude trying to make a buck! btw, it says he is HVAC certified, but that he doesn't have a license. does that type of work require a license if he has the certification? my exasshat used to do ac work and he even trained/certified people in hvac. i know he didn't have a license... but he wasn't exactly a fine, upstanding citizen either!! wink.gif

Licensing is a state by state thing. Wisconsin doesn't have a "license" per se, but if you get a universal certification (which is what I have), you can pay the state $20.00 and they'll give you a "state" certification. But, no, anyway, I don't have a license. IMHO, the best way to find out if this guy's on the up-and-up, is to ask him exactly what's entailed in the service he's going to perform. If he talks about leak checking, repairing, evacuating, charging the system, etc...he's being somewhat thorough. I'd be even happier too, the icing on the cake, if he mentions replacing that filter/dryer...once a system runs out of refrigerant it is replaced by air...air contains moisture~humidity and impurities that ruin the filter/dryer is just what any conscientious service tech would do. IMO, anyway. But, I may not live in the real world..working for the state..hehe

And if he talks down to you...I'd tell him to take a hike. Either that or use some of the terminology I'm telling you, to call his bluff.

I was buying a car once and the AC didn't have any refrigerant in in negotiations I specified that the a/c be charged up and the leak repaired AND to make sure they didn't just top off the refrigerant, I also specified that I wanted a two year guarantee on the refrigerant....the salesman tried to waffle me by saying he couldn't guarantee the refrigerant because "it goes bad in the wintertime"...

and then I pulled out my refrigerant handling certification...hehe

OOOooo, poodle, sexy clothes! If it were me I'd go with the bustier. Although I'm thinking that's cause I need some tummy control.


you, my dear treehugger, are a rock star!

thank you. i just called and left him a message peppered with some of your terminology and am awaiting his response. smile.gif
Hi, peeps!

Would you believe I just finished reading archives? I've been piddling around a lot today.

I played hookey yesterday, since I haven't had a day off except government holidays for over a month, and damn, was it nice. I gave myself a facial, read some Vogue, cleaned the bedroom and switched out all my sweaters for summer shirts, and made 3 watches, 5 rings, and a necklace. I even watched Dreamgirls and ran errands, too. Jennifer Hudson is a WAY better singer than Beyonce.

Sam and I just had the nicest little conversation. He and my brother found a turtle on the road in front of my parents' house, so they picked it up and brought it to the yard. It went around the back of the house, dug a hole, and laid eggs, and Sam watched the whole thing. My mom just told him that the mothers don't come back for the babies, and he was SO sad, so he's going to raise them in an aquarium. Now they just have to figure out how to keep the eggs safe until they hatch, especially with all the rabbits/squirrels/crows/other random woodland creatures that lurk around their yard. He told me about how his Nana (other grandma) is going to go to the Vatican. I asked him if the pope is waiting for them, but Sam said no, the pope doesn't have a cell phone to call them. I told him that the pope may not speak English, and he said "that's okay, he speaks Catholic." I love that kid.

I missed Good Things on Tuesday, so here's my Thursday edition:
1) lovely lunch today with gay boyfriend
2) fun conversation with Sam
3) it's nice out so far, and the wind is cutting the humidity. I sure hope we get a good storm tonight, but no hail because I don't want it to damage my car
4) things for Pride are coming along just as they should

I had my first day of school on Tuesday. I realized that I've grown up since I was last in school, and here's how I know: I was actually kind of angry that class let out early and I didn't learn anything, so it was a waste of about $50. All the professor did was read the syllabus and tell us how to use the online system for group discussions (I guess they all happen online, which I'm not such a fan of) and hand in homework. I paid $50 for that?! No way. At least I got that evening to myself because the giant went to go play with his little Star Wars friends. I love when he does that, partly for time to myself, partly so I can make fun of him for being such a dork.

Jenn, your kids know gang members? Scary. Who would want to go outside and watch the action when people are waving guns around?

Kari, that's great that your sister's visiting.

Poodle, those clothes sound really cool. I couldn't see them, though, because the county blocks that site for some reason. It's really weird what they decide to filter and not filter. You and Nile should totally go see the show, but it would be a date. Suits will be worn and drinks will be imbibed in at a scheduled time. That's a date.

Just 2 more weeks, FJ? Wow! I'll bet you'll be happy to meet the little guy and have your body back. Sorry about the a/c sitch.

Doodle, congrats on getting the boys to think about decorating. I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to, your home is hopefully where you spend the most time, so it should look nice.

(((((((((Moxette get better)))))))))))

Hellos to everyone else!

I've about run myself out of time. See ya's later!

Poodle, those clothes are smokin' hot!!! And you will look fabulous! I gotta send that site to BFF - she is a leopard print fiend! I'd go bustier too, for the tummy factor, BUT, in the summer...that would be sweat city for me, so in that case - strapless bra.

Yeah, diva, unfortunately, all the kids in the neighborhood can certainly identify the gang members by looks, and many know the "players" by name/rep. And the kids I work with are the good ones, otherwise, why would they spend 3 hours in a computer lab every day after school, but they still are enamored with the bling, gang machismo, and the idea that someone would 'protect' them. We had a big session after the incident to defuse the kids, and talk about why gangs aren't a good thing.

Minxy, we meeeeeeece you darling! I can't wait for you to have more time to play with us! And sperm donor is SUCH an asshole...but we all know that already.

2 weeks until jackaroo - yikes, time is flying!

(((((jobby job vibes for shawn))))

We've got tree's 60mph winds here too - the lake is insanely wavy, and we've got tornado, large hail and thunderstorm warnings for tonight. I predict a restless night of sleep with Mr. Swampmouth (aka turbo) panting in my face all night.

Speaking of which, I suppose I should go out there in the heat and walk the dog. I'll be back later!
Awwwww....diva's first day of school!!! That's awesome, even if it was cut a little short. I hate it when they use the entire class to read the syllabus instead of touching on the basics and getting started on the material.

Did you ride your bike in the wind, turbo? It's actually not that bad right here at the moment. That probably won't last long. Actually, I'd kind of like a good storm.

Yeah, I'm really excited for those clothes. I bought 2 different sizes of the black skirts and different sizes in the tops, so I'm gonna end up sending some stuff back. I don't think I can do the strapless bra thing because the girls are D's. I'll probably end up getting a bustier, even if it is a little hot. I also want to wear back-seamed stockings, so if I buy the bustier, I can do the whole garter thing and dance around my apartment like Madonna in the Open Your Heart video.

God, I used to dress up every weekend back when there were more rockabilly shows and I was about 50 lbs. lighter than I am now. I have a bunch of great vintage dresses, but they don't fit right now. I've never gone for the whole "rockabilly girl" look with the betty bangs, etc. There are so many girls who dress like that and I try to do my own thing. I'm sick of the pin-up look. I've always aimed for the trashy pulp book cover look with extreme cleavage and wavy, unkempt hair. Heh, and then my partner in crime, Billie Jo, would wear vinyl dresses and go-go boots!! It was sort of our way of making fun of the "scene" while still having fun and looking cool. God, Billie would wear the weirdest shit. It was always fun to meet up with her just to see what strange ensemble she would be wearing that night. Ahhh...the good ol' days.
((((((ShawnBoy))))))) That is Teh Suck. Bleh. But I hope you're right about the remaining-employed thing and that a fabulous radio position turns up for you soon. In the mean time, thanks for the music break. "Think I bettah dance now" wink.gif

Tree, your story about the car salesman was one of the most beautiful things I've read in quite some time. Bravo, baby! That deserves to appear on the BustLine!

Divala, you did more on your day off than I usually do in a whole week! Wowza! Glad to hear you're enjoying the mini-anvil.

"That's okay. He speaks Catholic." Priceless!

~~~~ soothing for Moxette ~~~~

(((((((((((((snuggles for the whole gang))))))))))))))))))

I have oodles of archives to read & ya know what? I don't have time to read 'em. But you understand, right? Of course you do. biggrin.gif

So we're getting settled into our new house! I really like it here. The view out to our backyard is so gorgeous it's insane. Soooooo many trees. And we have oodles of birds of all kinds here, as well as squirrels & even cotton-tailed rabbits. And it's nice and quiet, too. All this within a mile of the interstate & a mall. Astounding.

My big problem is picking a paint color for the kitchen & breakfast nook. Right now that space is painted this dark, flat midnight blue that sucks up all the light. It's ridiculous. The room feels really dark,despite the fact that it has oodles of windows (including a skylight). So we MUST fix that. But with what? There are just too many colors to chose from!!!

Sheff met our neighbors to the west last night (they're moving in right now, too). They're lesbians with a baby (we haven't seen the baby yet, but we've seen the stroller & other acoutrements). Is it weird that it made us really really happy to hear tha we live next to lesbians? I don't know how to describe it, but this pleases me. It reminds me of when I was on my flight home from Seattle. We were loading the plane & I saw a kinda young guy in a hoodie with a huge piercing through his nose & other piercings in his ears & I thought, "I really hope he sits next to me. Because I bet most everyone else on this plane would be scared of him, but he reminds me of my friends back home." And what do you know, he was assigned to the seat next to mine! We ended up talking a little bit and, just as I suspected, he was sweet as can be. ANYway, that's the feeling I have about the lesbians next door. Hope that doesn't make me weird! blink.gif
Yay!! Rose is here!! Don't even bother to read the archives. Way too much time has gone by and nothing devastating or outrageous has happened. Let's see...moxette is sick, doodle has awesome neighborboys, FJ is almost ready to pop, culture has a busy sex life, shawn has a gay phoneline career ahead of him, diva has a new anvil, turbo's enjoying her new job and elliptical, kel has a dateboy, tree's piercing is okay, kari has a new puppers, and there's a lot more that I'm missing, but everything's basically cool in okayland. Oh, and I groped Nile yesterday.

That's so awesome that you have birds and lesbian neighbors 'n' shit!! I don't think it's weird to be happy about the lesbian neighbors (unless they're asshats). It's nice to have some diversity in your 'hood!! I don't know if you and sheff have ever toyed with the idea of having kiddos, but exposing a child to a "different" type of family would be very healthy.

Diva always does more in one day than I do in a week.

Where in the frell is girltrouble???

My BFF is coming up this weekend with more guy trouble. This time it's bad though. I'm getting her drunk tomorrow night. Sigh....I'm so happy to be single right now.

ETA- Well, FUCK!! I just found out that The Vibro Champs show at the end of the month will basically be their last show for pretty much EVER!! The bassist is moving to Sweden!! Shit, I'm glad I ordered those clothes, because I definitely need to look hot for their last show. I know it sounds stupid, but my life sorta revolved around this band for most of my early-mid 20's. Damn, I need to coordinate some kind of after-party.
HI hi rosie!!! I'm so glad to hear that you're loving your new home and the neighbors!! In my experience, gay/lesbian folk have made very good neighbors...the two gay couples on our street are both very good friends of ours now, and one couple even has 2 greyhounds, so of *course* we're close to them!

Poodle, I do cut off my biking insanity at 20mph winds (which is pretty normal around here)...but seriously, tonight, it was hard to just walk home from the train - there was some major wind resistance - and it kept blowing my skirt up. I'm sure someone in the 'hood enjoyed that. wink.gif

Diva - sounds like you are making some major headway in stocking up before Pride! Nice!

I'm excited tonight because So You Think You Can Dance is on again. Cod, I love watching dancing of any variety - and some of these kids are so crazy talented.
Geez, I miss one day and I miss out on a rubber chicken smacking contest??? *Retroactively swats random okayers with a rubber chicken*

I read everything, I swear to maude, but I can't remember anything because I got interrupted by a daisy call. I love that he calls when he says he will. We are seeing each other again tomorrow. We had a great time last night...went out on the boat again, and he made me dinner. Serious makeout session again...the point of no return seems to be rapidly approaching. I think we both want to take things slowly, but it's tough.

Okay, so I do remember that Doodle's getting some curly hair growth and having a blast with adorable neighbor boys.

And Poodle bought some hot new clothes.

And Jackaroo is almost ready to show his adorable face to the world.

And RV is here!!

And CH owns a real rubber chicken which makes me love her all the more. And she saw boy 2 and got what she needed.

And like me, Minx is damned ready for the school year to be over.

And Pugs, I still pray my rosary sometimes for the same meditative reasons. I've let go of almost every Catholic belief I had, but I still love the Mary thing.

And Shawnboy is taking matters into his own hands whilst quoting Prince. Kiss.

And I'm not gonna pierce that!!!

And Kari has a new doggy dog.

And Turbo loves the job but is now suffering my fate....the late night okay catch-up. It's worth every minute, though, isn't it?

Ladies (and boys) have a lovely night!

Good evening everyone!

Poodel, that is a smokin' outfit! And yay on groping!

(((Shawnboy))) I hope you feel better soon and things improve.

FJ and tree, there are a few things I am still contemplating doing, but I'm not too sure yet, I know that I'll never get my outer labia done, too much pain. Gaaaa!

Tree, I love that you know all about AC and stuff, that is freakin' cool!

Diva, you totally deserve a day like that! Nice and productive too.

RV, that is so great that things are working out in the new digs.

Hi turbo!!!

Well, I took the hound for a nice long walk and play at the park, then I worked out, now I'm relaxing all nicely and so forth. I'm pooped, and getting a little sick and tired of this freakin' rain!!! Gaaa, this is getting really depressing.

I'm hunry, I need food.

Later all.

ETA! Hi Kel! I'll update the blog soon! Been so busy. Things sound like they are progressing nicely with Daisy! YAY!
*flips channels* I'm with you on the dance thing, turbo!! I'm a total Dancing with the Stars addict, but that's over now. I love watching people do competitive dance. You always hear people sing and so on, but you don't see a lot of dancing out there unless you go out to see it. Whenever I watch Dancing with the Stars, I'm blown away with the shit they can do. The whole time, you're just praying that they don't screw up. It's like watching figure skating. Apolo Anton Ohno won DWTS this year and he is damn good and SUPER HOT. I hope he and his dance partner are screwing like monkeys now, 'cause they were a seriously hot couple on the dance floor.

ETA- Holy cross-posts, Batman!!! Kel, that is soooo cool that daisy calls when he says he will!!! And he cooks?!! I'm so happy for you!! Keep taking deep breaths!!

I need to find a boy who likes to cook. I enjoy cooking on occasion, but I need someone to feed me on a regular basis--preferably hot beef!!

Culture, if anyone needs a piercing, it's you!! Why are outer labia piercings the most painful? Heh, I have a highschool friend who managed a goth store/piercing shop and he was always flipping open his "gallery" and trying to convince me to get hood piercings and such. That's just not gonna happen. Although, I've never had an orgasm through intercourse, so it might be interesting with a barbell down there.
*drools at the mere thought of Apolo Ohno's very supple ass* Mmmmm....I'd totally hit that. heh.

CH, I forgot to add earlier, that I, too, am a proud rubber chicken owner. I knew I liked you! Ours was actually a Christmas gift from turbomann's mom - how cool is that? She was always one to surprise you with silly stuff.

Oh, I'm glad you're a dance lover too addiction also extends to Dance movies, particularly of the High School variety. Its probably a little sick, the number of times I've watched Take the Lead on HBO - its by no means a great movie (I far prefer Save the Last Dance or Shall We Dance), but to watch Antonio Banderas dance, and be a leader....DAMN! That man is HOTT. I'd hit that too. wink.gif

Kellllllll!! How exciting that school is almost out! Whatcha gonna do with your summer? I'll live vicariously through you!
Heh, I suspect that kel has a busy summer ahead of her!!

Oh yeah...Apolo Anton Ohno...I'd be afraid of crushing him!!

I needs to watch me some of these dance movies, turbo. I haven't really ventured beyond the safe--Dirty Dancing. Ah shit, I think I need to rent Dirty Dancing for my BFF's visit tomorrow night.
Oh, Poodle, I so hope so. *evil grin*

I don't have a lot planned...a small trip to NYC with the gay boyfriend, maybe go out to see the family in Cincinnati. I have a week long workshop for integrating the arts into my curriculum. I might go see my dad in Tennessee. This is the first summer where I haven't either worked or gone overseas for an extended period of time. It's like a gift to myself. I'm a bit worried...I get antsy with too much down time. But I'll be able to Bust during the day! Yay!
Drive-by for the Classic Y&R fans....

guitarboy has been here for the last 2.5 hours....he knocked on my door to smoke up and I said, "Go get your guitar!" I made him jasmine green tea while he played along to some of my playlist, and then we played some other songs and jammed. We are just taking a break b/c neighbourboy came home. His guitar is still here.

Oh my GOD. Yes.

Posting before I delete this...
Doodle - these boys are turning into big fans of yours, I can feel it! And how FUN for you - do you FEEL yourself manifesting the things you've really wanted?! I do! First Jamming friends, and next....the perfect, low-stress job for fair compensation!

Kel, your summer sounds awesome! And, yeah, I think poodle's right - you may have plenty of entertainment. wink.gif

Poodle, I command you to put Save the Last Dance in your netflix queue right now!

Well, I gotta hop on the elliptical here soon - need to work off the corndog and fries I ate for dinner. Dirty, dirty good food.
Hi doodle!! How many times have I said that I love your neighbors???!! Well, I'm gonna say it again---they rock!! No more bongo boy!!! *tosses confetti*

So, kel, what does daisy look like?

ETA- Well shit!! It's busy in here tonight!! Save the Last Dance. I will be sure to queue that, turbo. I'm working out vicariously through you tonight!! I woulda loved to see Nile again tonight, but I was too lazy. Shit, that man is responsible for about 10 lbs. of my weight loss thus far. Mmmmm....LUNCHMEAT....

ETAA- Crap again!! Shawn, I'm such an ass. Thank you so much for your loving lyrics!! You don't have to be rich to be my boy!!
Okay, Poodle....Daisy's looks....About my height (5'10"), great build (he works out...has a little belly though, which is cute. Great arms and chest). Sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, not much chin. Cute, definitely cute. Freckles. Very pale, like me (Irish folk). Has this amazing deep voice. He tells me I'm sexy and have a great butt. Nice to hear that!!

Love the new avatar!! This is you, I'm assuming? Super hot.
Shit, is it ever busy in here.

Poodle, I've said it before best piercing EVAH! I do have the itch, like I said, maybe I'll get another hole put in my head, I was thinking of cartilage. Hard to believe, but I don't have that done! I'm thinking because it's so fleshy that it would hurt, they have to take clamps and stretch the skin out, and fuck, that sounds like too much, even for me. *labia recoil in potential pain*

Awww thanks turbo! Great minds think alike. My rubber chicked obsession started, I think 10 years ago, when there was a Garfield strip (of all things) wher garfield smacked John with a ruibber chicken. I thought it was by far one of the funniest things I had ever seen. Then I was obsesses. It resurfaced when I hit Navy boy with a dead fish in the virtual fight club thread. I thought, why not hit someone with a rubber chicken. That is my story. The end.

Kel, that sounds like a really great summer. I'm going to have to jump on the jealousy boat here. I haven't got any vacation time, yet.

Doodle smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif that is all. I'm not saying anything, I've just got a grin on ym face right now. I'm sure you know what i'm thinking. Hee.

Well, I'm going to go and fart around in the lounge and go on Facebook more. Is anyone addicted as much as I am? Have to add, I never got into the Dancing with the Stars thing. I think it's because The Hour is on at the same time, and I want to fuck the shit out of George Strombolopolous.

ETA: Hi again Kel. Awww, Daisy!
Oooh...daisy sounds cute!! I don't mind a little belly either, as long as there're some meat on the shoulders, arms, and chest. I'm a total sucker for shoulders.

And yeah, that's me on the avatar!! My neighbor took that picture a while back (except his version is red and super high-resolution). My neighbor also did a series of pop-art photos of me that I need to have framed. For you illustration nerds out there, the photos are sort of a Nagel meets Warhol look. It's sort of obnoxious to put four pop-art pictures of yourself on your own wall, but I don't care. They're cool pictures and I fucking paid for them!!

"rubber chicken obsession" Bwahahaha!!!

I haven't had any non-ear piercings and I'm tattoo-free. I've considered a tattoo before, but I can't make up my mind on anything. I'm the type of person with many different tastes that fluctuate from week to week (hell, day to day), so I need to be true to myself. My first tattoo would have to be really special, but I'm not sure what to go for. The main theme that comes to mind is "beer." laugh.gif My ex has awesome tattoos because he was basically a test subject for one of his friends. His best tattoo is a photorealistic picture of Marlene Dietrich on his forearm. It's a B&W picture of her leaning to the side in an evening gown with a cigarette. Gorgeous. He also has a bunch of cliche rockabilly tattoos, but the "experimental" ones are the best. *googles ex* sucks that "hotness" has an inverse correlation with sanity, at least in my case. Ahhh...he was the type of guy who would finish a drum set and then head back to the darkest corner of the bar and literally push everyone out of the way to give you a gigantic hug. Alas, he was also the type that would freak out every 2 weeks.
And chest hair!! I loooooove me some chest hair! Give me the meaty and hirsuite!

I have several tattoos, although it's been ages since I've had any work done what with the montly asshattery that costs me too much fucking money. Jackass is making it hard for me to get ink.

I went to Mayslack's tonight with MB. Good times. wink.gif
Ooooh...Mayslacks!! I haven't been there for ages!! Actually, the last time I was there was with our resident bustie, taloo, and her metro-sexual husband and pals!! Good times. Heh, nobody beats Mayslack's meat!!!

I likes me some chest hair too. Once, I had a boyfriend with perfect chest hair that I would just lay there stroking...

So what do you have for tattoos, Ms. Minx????

ETA- If I got a tattoo, it would definitely involve some kind of Okayland reference. Anything else wouldn't be "true" to le poodle. I thought about getting a pink poodle tattoo, but then I noticed that my friend (same guy who tries to get me to pierce hood) has both pink and blue poodle tattoos on his legs. I yelled at him when I noticed the pink poodle tattoo. The pink poodle thing wasn't nearly as ubiquitous when I chose my username. Maybe I could morph my name into something else. Argh...I guess I'll always be poodle.

ETAA- I just googled myself as "abbasmurf" and, sure enough, I'm the only person that shows up. I use Abbasmurf as an alternate name. That's what my uncle calls me for some reason. If a dingo eats my username and Abbasmurf shows up, then you know it's me.
Minx, you reminded me that today while flipping through some junk mail from Bed Bath & Beyond, I was assaulted by this image:

It's called "The Mangroomer". It's an electric shaver on an adjustable pole. They're charging $39.99 for that baby at BB&B. And that's ... well ... hmmm. That's really all I can say about that.

Oh yeah. It's also WRONG!!!!!! But anyway ...

CH, you will be happy to learn that I always carry a mini rubber chicken with me when I leave the house. It was a gift from my BestGalPal. I keep it in my purse. I kinda think of it as a talisman.

[winks mischieviously at Doodle]

I'm gonna have to go back in the archives so I can read up on Poodle's groping incident! Gotta check out the hotttt outfit, too.

Hey, you! Jackeroo! Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, buddy. Just stay put, alright? Just a wee widdle bit longer. At least until the baby shower is over. Good boy. wink.gif

Poodles & Jenn, thanks for reassuring me. 'Preciate it.

Bed time! Night night, all!
Hahahaha!!! That sounds like something that the ex-RB could use!!
Treehugger –

I love isometric drawings as well. CAD brings out my inner nerd. My major is Computer Aided Engineering Drafting & Design (CAD). I love, love, love it. It’s like I finally found my purpose in life. To create drawings in CAD. I don’t know what I want to do with it I just know I want to build things using CAD. I know that sounds very vague but it’s just how I feel. I asked my teacher the same question about doing two standard views then converting it to iso and he said, “Sorry it’s not that good. You still have to draw the iso view. It’s cool cause when you do it you change the grid and the plane and your curser changes so that it looks like it’s on whatever side of the object you’re drawing. Hard to explain but it’s really neat.

Culture –

I want a Christina piercing. It’s my favorite. It’s considered a surface piercing. It supposedly has a high rejection rate but so do nipple piercings and mine are doing just fine. I’d have to really build up the nerve to get it done though. I’m scared of that one. But hey, I was scared to get my nips done too but I’ve been there and done that.

Kelkello -

You are going to shit yourself when I tell you that I still occasionally go to confession. I have a very good priest at my local parish. I’m actually going to go either this weekend or next. Many of my friends know that I’m Catholic but they don’t know that I go to church regularly, pray my rosary and go to confession. I don’t even tell Mr. Pug most of the time. I guess I’m a little ashamed of asserting my faith since Catholicism has such a bad rep. I love being Catholic and it makes me feel good to partake in the sacraments. I figure it makes me happy so I do it. I too love praying to Mary. She’s the mother I’ve always wanted. She just listens and doesn’t pass judgment on me. I have abandoned hope on the church updating its “rules”. For example, my cousin just got married and her local priest wouldn’t marry her because she lived with her husband while they were engaged. I live with Mr. Pug but my church doesn’t know. I just left that out when I registered there. It’s a shame that it has to be that way. I think it makes people mad that I continue to attend a Catholic church even though my lifestyle is unaccepted. My one friend constantly makes comments about “Catholics” being all high and mighty. She’s a Methodist. Tell me…how Christian is it to talk shit on another religion? She acts like she’s so much better. Then she’ll say something like, “Hey no offense I know you’re catholic and all.” None taken bitch. I’m not perfect and I don’t claim to be. I pray and I do my best. That’s all.

Sorry for the downer…

Can I ask if we have a period thread on bust? Just a thread to talk about products to use, cramp relief strategies, symptoms, general bitching about it and so on and so forth? If you all aren’t sure then I’ll post it in the Community Forum instead. Just curious?

Today, I had terrible cramps so I spent a lot of the day lying around with a heating pad trying to alleviate some of the pain. They were terrible. What makes no sense is that it’s day four. Shouldn’t they be at their worse on day one or two? Drives me crazy. I preemptively took Advil on day one two and three. Today I figured I was almost over so I didn’t take anything. Then they really hit me hard. I had plans to go to school early and work on Math homework and had to cancel to stay home and baby myself.

Feel much better and was able to go to class. GOT A 90% ON MY FIRST ALGEBRA/TRIG TEST!!! Better then the 63% I got last semester.

Alrighty all, I’m off to bed.

Culture -

Also, have you seen the Nefertiti piercing? Careful cause the link has pictures. Not safe for work. Another one of my favorites.
just a late night fly-by bustarinos! i can't believe i'm even still up when i have my alarm set for 4:30 am for work tomorrow. it sucks big hairy donkey balls, but i have to be off by five tomorrow to pick up c-monkey. surf's up comes out tomorrow, and i am nothing if not a sucker for penguin movies, so that's what we'll be doing saturday. meantime i picked up a bag of tostinos scoops and as i was scarfing them down with guacamole, i thought, hey these are the perfect little taco bowl shapes. so i went back for some cheese, refried beans, and sour cream. i'm thinking i'll put em in the oven with the bean and cheese then top em with guacamole and sour cream when they come out. i'd experiment tonight, but early morning, and turbo (damn you!) just made it so i can't go to bed without popping in take the lead and watching the tango scenes, the one with antonio and the snotty bitch from dance school and the one at the end with some other guy and girl and the cute asian boy from hook. oh, and my dsl shit should be here tomorrow, so yay for high-speed once again! later gators.
Hello, dear Okayers. I know you are breathlessly awaiting your soap opera update. wink.gif

I kicked the boys out at 10.

I really like that guitarboy. I can make him a cup of tea and he's so grateful. For a cup of tea. And he makes it seem like it's the best cup of tea he's ever had.

His guitar playing blows me away, and I mean that without any haze of attraction, honestly. He will get me to make up some rhythm pattern of chords, and then he'll just play away, coming up with these complicated licks and solos. blink.gif I love it - I'll usually keep going till my thumb falls off, just to hear him play. He's trying to get me to be more spontaneous of a musician, and doesn't let me get out of at least trying. Sometimes I just put the guitar aside and sort of "jam" with my voice - I'm getting braver that way especially. It's really amazing to make that connection with another musician. I feel like I'm improving musically every day. But I think I may be exploiting his talents a little too hard - since he met me, he's had to start using my Krazy GlueTM on his fingertips. tongue.gif

I wish we could play for you all. We sound so cool. I might recruit him into a life of entertaining activists at political rallies or something. cool.gif

The downside of all this is that I have to wear my bra all the time now. I never know when one of these boys is going to pop over, and, well....hell....I am thirty-eight.

Are you all entertained? I hope so. That's all you're getting for now. Tune in for the next installment....

Pugs, we do have a period thread....bloody grrrls

So, doodle, when ya gonna do the open mic? And I'm sure guitarboy's got a crush on you. (snork on having to wear the bra)...hehe


grrl, that sounds tasty, with the mini tacos! I've had those scoops before, but that sounds like a nice elegant way to have them. Sort of like hand-held nachos, or something.

hehe on the mangroomer. My ex-hubby would have been suited to that.

I have a tattoo, just under my collarbone. It's chinese calligraphy for "strong woman". And, I shall soon be getting another one...the design is yet to be created. I dunno where to place it, though.

Yeah, I think a diverse neighborhood is a good thing, rosev. That's one of the things I love about Madison, especially some of the older neighborhoods with the victorian houses...the diversity. You might have a blue collar couple living next to a single professional living next to a gay couple living next to a religious bi-racial couple...and they all get along!

Done right, it's a really nice living situation. And from the pictures I've seen of your place, it looks like a wonderful area!

CH, one of the little stores on State Street, I seem to remember them having rubber chicken key rings. heh.

Daisy sounds adorable! I loves me some broad shoulders, myself.

So my eyes started freaking me out and I went to urgent care yesterday. Apparently, I have allergies. I've never had them before! Ugh. I don't know what to expect. I have to start Googling, I guess.
Good Morning all!

Poodle, I love the avi! Nothing wrong with anything Warholesque on your home.

Minx, what are your tattoos?

RV that is the strangest thing I have ever seen. Reminds me of some sort of self harm dohickey. I love that you have a rubber chicken!

Pugs, I can't access the picture as I am at work, I'll check it out when I get home tonight. I also think that corset piercings are really fucking cool. But I won't be going that route.

Doodle, that is fun that you are having good times with ze boys! I would lurveth to hear you play!

Grrrl that sounds yummtastic!

Tree, that sounds like a cool tat!

Oh thank goodness it's friday, I think I'm actually going to turn my phone off tonight and ignore the world. I just want some me time, so it's been lately. Oh well, do what you have to do to maintain sanity. I don't have much else going on, later kats!


poodle, the clothes on that site are hot! You must must post some pics of you in your outfit, when you get it.

Doodle, I think it is so cool that you are hanging w/ neighbor boy & guitar boy.

Rose, so glad that you and sheff are enjoying your new house! I hear you on the paint. I had a room like that, it had to be reapainted, pronto. I am about to paint my guest bedroom. I've been wanting to do it for a while, but now I found out that BFF & her baby will be staying with me for a weekend at the end of the month. That definitely motivates me to get it all ready.

Hi minx, jenn, moxie, tree, pugs, ch, and everyone else!

It is hotter than hell here today. Well, more humid than hell I should say. Seriously, like a sauna. It is gross. Only 2 more days til Mr K gets home! smile.gif

My first tattoo (19) is of a pixie in the center of an iris on my right ankle. Ya know, freedom and mischief. wink.gif

The second is a phoenix (20), and is located in the small of my back. I got these first two at Steve's on Willy Street. smile.gif

The third was a dragon that horseshoes the bottom of the phoenix by my tailbone and bum over my hips(think: Sinead O'Conner's "Troy").

The fourth was a salamander the size of a softball holding onto it's tail on my right thigh.

The fifth was some flamework around the phoenix which blows large ass, soo...

The sixth was some fractal work to cover up the disaster and never got finished because I got knocked up and the artist moved to Missouri.

And on the seventh day smile.gif I got Minxlette's birthsign with her name in cyrillic surrounding it on my left forearm.

I should take some pictures of those sometime. Hmmm...and I've had a few piercings, but nothing on the netherlips. My tonguepost was quite enough, and boys still freak out (in a good way) about my bellybutton barbell which is weird. I just think boys like the opportunity to fetishize something other than T 'n' A...not that I mind a little T 'n' A worship, mind you. I wouldn't mind some tonight, actually.

Grrr...I have soooo been letting the exasshat get to me. I snarked at Minxlette this morning because we were running late again (and by late, I mean only by MINUTES) and every time we're late I get a nastygram from that asshole about how I need to become a RESPONSIBLE ADULT. Fucking kill me. She knows that he gets pissy about it and told me, "I''ll tell him it was my fault, momma" which made me want to cry (it was her fault, but she's five and easily distracted and who the fuck cares if you are two minutes late for kindergarten?!!!). Right, she really needs to feel more guilty and inadequate. Anyhoo, I told her on the ride to school that today I would work on patience, and she said that she would work on kindness. I love that girl. wub.gif
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jun 8 2007, 08:53 AM) *
Pugs, I can't access the picture as I am at work, I'll check it out when I get home tonight. I also think that corset piercings are really fucking cool. But I won't be going that route.

Culture -

Oh I too love the corset piercings. I look at them all the time. However, I can't help but wonder if they just walk around with the ribbon in 24/7 or do they only put in in on special occasions. I can see my dog jumping on my back and ripping every single one of those babies out. That would suck. They are so beautiful though.

image one

image two

image three

imagg four
Those corset piercings look painful. All that pulling. Eek.

Minx, your tats all sound really cool. I have one small one myself, in a place where it cannot be seen.

Asshat really needs to get a grip. Or a life. Sheesh.

I found out some GOOD news this morning...I am getting a raise! Woo hoo! Boss said he's been very pleased with my work over the 4 years I've been here. He gave me a 15% raise. Unbelievable.
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